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E v e nt s, H a p p e nin g s a nd Y o ur M uc h N eed ed D o se of P o sit iv e N ew s





Ar e yo u READY fo r t h e CHALLENGE?

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Vol ume 9 Issue 7 April 6 - 20, 2018


Wh at Ch al l en g e, ask ye?

t h e CHARITY CHILI CHALLENGE fo r Ho sp i ce o f co u r se ...

SAVE THE DATE Saturday April 14, 2018 at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church 1509 Second St. W. Cornwall - 4-7pm plus Crafters Tables & Silent Auction JasonSetnyk's interviews with:


Article and Photo by: Mai-Liis Renaud

The Challenge is co-hosted by St. Matthew's Lutheran Church and the Swinging Bs. The Team is all ready! Pictured here from L to R are - Town Crier Wes Libbey, Ken Brewin of St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Chili Judge Troy Vaillancourt of Century 21, Helen MacCallum of the Swinging Bs, Sandy Collette, Fundraising Co-ordinator of Carefor Hospice Cornwall and Chef Bob Schwartz. Chilis will be judged in categories ranging from mild to hot & including a class of vegetarian and a class for ?Professionals?. The judging by our cel ebrit ies wil l occur f rom 3:30 t o 4:00 pm t hat day. Dine on t he Best Chil i in Town f rom 4:00 t o 7:00 pm, including all the fixin?s at a toppings bar for your chili . Then, cool it off with a ?Create Your Own? Ice Cream Sundae! Tickets are - $10 Adults, $5 Children 12 & Under, or for $25 Family Rate. They are available at Hospice Cornwall 1507 Second St West, or by calling Helen MacCallum 613-933-4052. Tickets also available at the door on Saturday, April 14th. Anyone interested in entering a Chili - please call Helen for info.

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St rangerThings act orandCAPE guestRandy Havensp.16

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Yesterday,I volunteeredsome of my time answeringphonesat the Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon with my Optimist Family.



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It was my first time, so I had a ton of questionsand Bill Halman,program director at Corus,was just the right guy to answer them. "We just want to raise as much money as we can," said Halman. "We don't set a number,but we almost alwaysreach over $100,000. This communityis amazing." The Radiothonis a Big Deal, every year raising essential money which in turn, translatesinto funding for much needed equipment,servicesor even buildings! Over the last 12 years,The Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon has helped amass over $1.2 million to support our Community Hospital. That is no small number. But t his is very special because it 's real l y al l about heart s, young and ol d. Caring Heart s and caring FOR heart s.

inf o@t www.t Of f i ce Hour s 327 2ND STREETE. CORNWALL,ONTARIO Monday to Friday 10am to 5:30pm Closed : 1-1:30pmfor lunch


A Wat erproof Fet al Monit oring Syst em f or CCH's Birt hing Suit es: This system monitors the fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, blood pressure and uterine activity. The waterproof features allow for use in birthing tubs. Bedside Cardiac Monit ors f or pat ient s in t he Crit ical Care Unit : They measure the patients respiration rate, oxygen in blood and cardiac rhythm. They monitor patients across many ailments whose cardiac functioning may be at risk.

By 4pm, t he t al l y was up t o $56,143 and by t he t ime al l was said and done? $105,554 ! The Seeker fundraises several times a year. We know first hand how much work stands behind every dollar given. I am in awe at how much Corus really cares. I want to congratulate everybody at Corus and CCHF for putting this event together and giving me this wonderful opportunity to give back to my community. And thank you to every single one of you who donated as well. Together, we save lives.


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This year, donations received will help support CCH's most vulnerable patients by purchasing:


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A Very Posit ive Move ? Local School Boards Exchange Propert iesin Cornwal l .


Subm i t Your Vi deo Audi t i on

on our w ebsi t e at

cor nw al l r i bf est .com / r i bf est i dol Must be bet w een 0-18 Vi deo m ust cont ai n cont act i nf o Must be av ai l abl e t o per f or m Jul y 26 Article and Photo by: Mai-Liis Renaud The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) and the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) have successfully concluded discussions, resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding to exchange properties in Cornwall and on Thursday, March 29th this Memorandum of Understanding was signed by both school boards as seen in the photo above (taken by Mai-Liis Renaud). Pictured from left to right: are UCDSB Director of Education Stephen Sliwa, UCDSB Chair Jeff McMillan, CDSBEO Chair Todd Lalonde, and CDSBEO Director of Education John Cameron. What does this mean? The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) will be purchasing the site of the former General Vanier Secondary School from the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) and the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) will be purchasing Immaculate Conception Catholic School from The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO). ?This exchange is a great example of school boards working together to ensure that the best programming is available for all students while remaining fiscally responsible,? noted CDSBEO Chair and Trustee for the City of Cornwall and Glengarry County, Todd Lalonde. Since the 1990?s,The CDSBEO and UCDSB have shared a common site located at 1500 Cumberland Street. (namely the former GV (General Vanier) building. The facility has been the location of St. Joseph?s Catholic Secondary School (CDSBEO) and the primary program site for TR Leger School for Adult, Alternative, and Continuing Education (UCDSB). In January, the Ministry of Education announced that it would fund the CDSBEO?s acquisition of the former General Vanier Secondary School from the UCDSB. The former GV building will accommodate a new consolidated JK-6 Catholic school for Sacred Heart and St. Columban?s, (both schools that are being closed) as well as a grade 7/ 8 program for St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School. The new 7/ 8 program would accommodate all grade 7 and 8 students from Bishop Macdonell, St. Anne, and the consolidated Sacred Heart and St. Columban?s Catholic Schools. The Ministry is also funding 2.2 million dollars to make changes such as adding four new kindergarten classrooms, new washrooms and a new bus loop, a fenced kindergarten play area, a large spacious green space for the Grade 1 to 6 students, as well as many additional classroom and washroom upgrades. The renovations are schedule to start this upcoming May. In June 2017, the Upper Canada District School Board received word that the Ministry of Education would fund the building of a new public high school (grades 7-12) for Cornwall, consolidating the current Cornwall

Collegiate and Vocational School with St. Lawrence Secondary School. The Ministry announced it would commit $39 million for this project. Immaculate Conception will be the new home for T.R, Leger which will continue operations at GV till the end of June and will open in it?s new location in September 2018. UCDSB Chair Jeff McMillan added that ?the integration of educational services in these facilities will help to address the immediate needs for program space that suits our current requirements. This is both a practical and a timely solution for our respective needs to serve students in the best way possible.?

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From Shar y n's Pant r y

The m ost im por tant ingr edient for these beans is to use only GREAT NORTHERN BEANS. We sell them in my stor e, Shar yn's Pantr y. They ar e tw ice the size of a plain navy bean, even w hen dr y. They ar e m or e m ealy, and for som e r eason take less tim e to boil and bake com par ed to a navy bean. They ar e 100% better than any navy bean. Just tr y them once and you w ill agr ee w ith m e. They ar e the ONLY bean I use for my baked beans.






2 lb. of Gr eat Nor ther n Beans 2 lar ge onions, chopped 1 cup (or m or e) of pur e local m aple syr up (If your budget can't suppor t pur e m aple syr up, use a com bination of 1/2 c. br ow n sugar and 1 c.m olasses or to your taste. ) 1/3 cup ketchup 1/3 cup of any zippy flavour ed bar beque sauce 2 tsp. of dr y m ustar d 1/2 to 1 cup (or m or e) leftover cooked baked ham , chopped up 4 bacon slices, cooked and cut up (r eser ve 2 tsp. of the bacon fat to add into the pot of beans) salt and pepper to taste apple slices to lay on top (Only in the last hour of baking the beans.) if you w ish, spr inkle dr ied m aple flakes over top of the apple slices (This is dehydr ated m aple syr up in flakes. Delicious! We car r y this.)

M ETHOD: -Fir st, buy your beans at Shar yn's Pantr y. -Check that ther e ar e no field stones along w ith the beans in the bag. -Using a sieve or colander , em pty the beans fr om the plastic bag and r inse the beans under cold r unning w ater. Place them in a lar ge heavy pot.

NOTE 1: Any extr a ba ked bea ns will fr eeze beautifully in fr eezer ba gs. Just cool completely befor e ba gging. La bel a nd date. NOTE 2: I f your budget doesn't a llow for ma ple syr up, use mola sses a nd br own suga r a s most of our gr a ndpa r ents would have used just br own suga r a nd mola sses. We couldn't a ffor d pur e ma ple syr up when I wa s gr owing up. I have a 2lb. bean pot that w as my Gr andpa's. On the bottom of the pot is w r itten 25 cents.I think of him each tim e that I have used his ver y old bean pot and send a silent pr ayer his w ay.He used to be a cam p cook in m ining tow ns in Quebec. I also have a 1lb. bean pot I bought fr om my fr iend M yr na at one of her yar d sales. I often use both w hen baking a big batch of beans. Enjoy!

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 6 - April 6 - 20 pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

a family-run business for 37 years


812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998

Ever yone just ma de them with a bit of this a nd a bit of that. I ha d to r ea lly sea r ch thr ough my columns a nd fina lly found this pr inted in M a r ch of 2003 for my column in the Sta nda r d Fr eeholder . Even in my cookbook I wr ote for ea ch of my thr ee daughter s, I didn't have a ba ked bea n r ecipe. Now we a ll will have one! This column is so M r . La Roche ca n ba ke his bea ns in his br a nd new bea n pot. I hope we will have this spr ing's loca l ma ple syr up fr om Ga r y a nd Jea n I vens in my stor e this week. Have a gr eat week a nd maybe ma ke some ba ked bea ns!


W ith ma ple syr up being boiled r ight a s I wr ite this column, it is a per fect time to sha r e my favour ite 'wr itten down' r ecipe for ba ked bea ns. I usua lly don't follow a ny specific r ecipe when I ma ke ba ked bea ns. I believe most la dies will a gr ee. A couple of weeks a go, in my stor e, M r . J.P. La Roche wa s a sking me for my r ecipe for ba ked bea ns. He ha d a sked ma ny la dies for their r ecipe but to no ava il.

-Cover the beans w ith cold w ater about 6" above the top level of the dr y beans in the pot. Place the lid on the pot. . -Allow the beans to soak for 8 to 12 hour s in a cool place. -Next day, br ing the beans to a boil, using the sam e w ater they soaked in. -As the beans begin to boil. a scum w ill for m natur ally. Just keep skim m ing off this scum and discar d it. After a few m inutes, ther e w ill be no m or e scum to skim off. -Tur n the heat dow n to a sim m er , par tially cover the pot and allow the beans to boil for about an hour or until they ar e com pletely tender. NOTE: Beans m ust be com pletely tender fr om boiling, befor e they bake, as they w ill not get any m or e tender w hen they bake. -Reser ve the bean w ater that the beans w er e boiled in. -Using a slotted spoon, lift the beans fr om the cooking w ater and place them in your bean pot or heavy r oasting pan. -Add all of the other ingr edients (except the apple slices) r ight into your bean pot w ith the beans. The ketchup, BBQ sauce, m aple syr up, dr y m ustar d, salt and pepper , onions, ham and bacon and the bacon fat. Stir to com bine w ell. -Pour in enough of the bean cooking w ater into the bean pot to cover the beans by about 1" or 2" or so. Keep the bean w ater handy. You m ay need to add m or e as the beans bake and their liquid evapor ates. -Place the bean pot in a pr e-heated 300 degr ee F. oven and allow to bake for 5 to 6 hour s or even longer.OR You could do 250 to 275 degr ees F. over night (about 8 hour s). -Occasionally, lift the bean pot lid and check the level of liquid. Add in a bit m or e if necessar y. Other w ise, your beans w ill be dr y. -About the last hour of baking the beans. lift the lid and place your apple slices over the top of the beans. Either spr inkle w ith the m aple flakes or pour over a bit m or e pur e m aple syr up on top of the apple slices or even a bit of dar k br ow n sugar w ill w or k fine her e as w ell. Continue baking the beans. -Take off the lid for the last few m inutes of baking to allow the top to br ow n a bit m or e. -I w ould ser ve these w onder ful beans w ith som e hom em ade buns or biscuits for a ver y tasty m eal.



Introducing the Newest Member of the Seeker Team ... Gilbert the Beagle!

wh o don 't seem to m ak e th eir m in d u p as to wh er e th e h eck th ey wan t to go! A n ice str an ger fou n d m e an d took m e to th e Potsdam H u m an e Society wh er e I stayed for a sh or t wh il e.

Gabbing with Gilbert

I didn 't qu ite k n ow wh at to m ak e of th e pl ace. It was LOUD in th er e! Th er e was big dogs an d sm al l dogs, cats, r abbits an d fer r ets... Th e sou n ds an d th e scen ts wer e distu r bin g an d I didn 't k n ow wh y I was k ept in a sm al l con fin ed ar ea. Ever y day,peopl e cam e to l ook at al l of u s. Ever y day,I waited for m y own er. H e didn 't com e. I su r e do m iss h im !

I 've ha d a heck of a m ont h! I'm a r eal h ou n d so wh en m y best fr ien d u n l eash ed m e wh il e tak in g m e on m y m or n in g wal k , m y n ose took over m y wil l power an d I got r u n n in g l ik e a l u n atic. I k ept wan tin g to tu r n ar ou n d an d r u n back to m y own er , bu t ever y sin gl e tim e, a n ew scen t h it m y n ostr il s, gu idin g m e fu r th er an d fu r th er away. I'm ver y cu r iou s, you see. I wan der ed ar ou n d for a few days. It got col d an d I was scar ed. It's a m ir acl e I didn 't get h it by on e of th ose m etal boxes with fou r wh eel s

M an y tim es, peopl e visited with m e an d tr ied to m ak e m e do stu ff I didn 't wan t to do l ik e sit, r ol l over or fetch a bal l . W h en th ey saw I didn 't do as th ey said, th ey l eft. W h at can I say? I'm a fr ee spir it! I don 't l ik e wh en two-l egged cr eatu r es th at I don 't k n ow tr y to con tr ol m y ever y m ove! I tr ied to tel l th em , tr ied to sh ow th em th at I h ave m an y oth er qu al ities, bu t th ey ju st wou l dn 't l isten . Th en on e day,a n ice fam il y with a l ittl e boy an d a l ittl e gir l cam e in . Th ey wer e n ice. Th ey pl ayed with m e an d gave m e bel l y r u bs. I Loooooove bel l y r u bs!

Th ey took m e to th eir h om e. I was con fu sed. I l ook ed ar ou n d. W as th is m y n ew h om e? Th ey said it was, so I got com for tabl e. I l ik ed m y n ew h u m an s. Th ey gave m e food, water ,toys, l ove... Bu t th ey got r eal l y m ad ever y tim e I wen t to th e bath r oom . I don 't get it? I wou l d be ver y r espectfu l an d get away fr om th em , fin d a n ice spot an d do m y bu sin ess. Th ey'd com e r u n n in g with a l ou d NO, an d ban ish m e ou t of th e h ou se for h ou r s! Oth er tim es, I'd poop an d th ey 'd give m e a tr eat! H u m an s! It's r eal l y h ar d to k n ow h ow to pl ease th em . Th e l ast tim e I saw th em , th e m an , wh o was ver y tal l an d ver y im posin g, cam e r u n n in g at m e wavin g h is ar m s in al l dir ection s! I star ted bar k in g. H e bar k ed back . I bar k ed l ou der. An d gr owl ed. W h at? I was afr aid! I don 't qu ite k n ow wh at to do wh en I'm scar ed. Th ey took m e back to th e sh el ter. I h ad given u p h ope, m aybe I was th e pr obl em ? W ou l d an yon e ever wan t to give m e a for ever h om e? An d th en m y an swer cam e. Cue t he Luci os.

Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk Submitted Photo

m em or able, for m e at least. I didn?t w ant to just be the guy handing a par chm ent to som ebody. I sent D&D an e-m ail saying I w ould like a bloody death and they said that w as exactly w hat they?d had in m ind for m e. So r eally it w or ked out gr eat for ever yone?, Steve Love r eplied.

Cor nw all, Ontar io ? Br a ce your self; gr eat comedy is coming to Cor nwa ll. Fa ns of the hit TV ser ies Ga me of Thr ones will r ecognize comedia n Steve Love fr om Sea son 6 of the iconic ser ies.

Next, Steve Love flew to Nor ther n Ir eland to be on set for Gam e of Thr ones. He w ould appear in season six, episode eight titled ?No One?.

Steve Love w ent fr om m aking Gam e of Thr one im pr essions videos on Youtube, to becom ing a guest on Jim my Kim m el dur ing a segm ent w ith Kit Har ington, to getting a r ole on Gam e of Thr ones in the span of just a few shor t year s. Now the 27 year old Ottaw a-based com edian is scheduled to do a pair of com edy show s in Cor nw all as a par t of the Second Annual Com edy Fundr aiser. Th e f i r st sh ow t ak es pl ace Fr i day, Apr i l 27t h at t h e Cor n w al l Gol f an d Cou n t r y Cl u b, an d t h e secon d sh ow h appen s on Sat u r day, Apr i l 28t h at t h e Agor a Cen t r e. It?s going to be an exciting night of laughter and fun, and it?s also for a good cause! Par tial pr oceeds fr om both show s ar e being donated to local char ities.

?It w as the gr eatest exper ience of my life. Ever yone I w or ked w ith w as incr edibly cool and kind, and I basically got a discounted Eur opean vacation to go w ith it?, Steve Love noted.

Int erview wit h Game of Thrones act or and comedian St eve Love - Perf orming at Second Annual Comedy Fundraiser in Cornwal l , April 27 & 28t h

Steve Love, w ho star ted doing im pr essions at 12 year s old, w as the funny kid at school. ?I thought it w ould help m e get gir ls. I w as w r ong,? Steve Love said w ith a sm ir k . His spot-on talented im pr essions have been view ed by m illions on YouTube. ?I star ted the Youtube channel to pr ofit fr om my w eir d talent. I enjoy the show and w anted to exploit its popular ity. I w ould say I w as pleasantly sur pr ised but not entir ely shocked at my channel?s success?, Steve Love r esponded. The popular ity of his Youtube channel, w hich now has over 4 m illions video view s, gar ner ed the attention of Jim my Kim m el. W hen actor Kit Har ington, w ho plays Jon Snow w as a guest, Steve Love w as invited to be a par t of the show. ?The pr oducer s asked us to find som e household item s to r ead the instr uctions as Jon Snow. Given the char acter ?s pr oclivity tow ar d am azing hair , I figur ed a sham poo bottle w ould be per fect,? Steve Love r eflected.

Would the char acter of Jon Snow laugh at Steve Love?s im pr essions? ?Jon Snow is too br ooding to laugh at my shtick . I did, how ever , m ake actor Kit Har ington laugh, w hich w as cool I guess,? Steve Love said. At the end of the segm ent each of the thr ee im pr essionist on the show gave their best im pr ession of ?W inter is Com ing?, then the lights dim m ed, and a spotlight w ent on Kit Har ington w ho deliver ed the line next. ?It w as a ver y w eir d and ver y fun exper ience. It w as cool to say ?W inter is com ing? until he upstaged us all. Ther e w asn?t a dr y panty in the house?, Steve Love r em inisced. Soon after Steve Love?s appear ance on Jim my Kim m el, Gam e of Thr ones cr eator s Dan Weiss and David Benioff asked Steve Love to be on the show. ?I w as on my w ay to the cottage w hen I saw the e-m ail. It w as a par ty fr om that point. Lots of toasts to D&D?s health?, Steve Love r ecalled. Steve Love em ailed Dan Weiss and David Benioff back, hoping that he could be killed on the show. ?Yes, I w anted my scene to be som ew hat

He m et actor Ror y M cCanna w ho play the char acter of Sandor The Hound off-cam er a, and on cam er a he had sever al lines befor e m eeting The Hound?s axe.

?Ror y M cCann is the gr eatest of all tim e. Super nice guy, am azing actor , car r ies a flip phone and has a sailboat. Really hope I get to w or k or hang out w ith him again som eday. As for the death scene, it w as a ver y clean death com par ed to Ricky Cham p (Gatins) w ho took the axe betw een the legs?, Steve Love suggested. Soon after being on Jim my Kim m el and Gam e of Thr ones, Steve Love had inter view s and ar ticles on CBC, Business Insider , Vultur e, Ottaw a Citizen, and m or e. Cor nw all com edy fans w ill be able to see Steve Love on Apr il 27th at the Cor nw all Golf and Countr y Club and Apr il 28th at the Agor a Centr e. Both com edy events also featur e Gino Dur ante (Just for Laughs and Zoofest), Neil Janna (per for m ed for Pr ince Char les), Wafik Nasr alla (Com edy Now ), and Alastair M calastair (CTV Ottaw a Host). This is a non-pr ofit event w her e funds help w ill help local char ities and com m unity gr oups like Big Br other s Big Sister s, The Dave Paupst Snow suit Fund, Cor nw all Blazer s, Seaw ay Academy of M ar tial Ar ts, as w ell as a w om en?s gr oup in Uganda. The events a r e or ga nized a nd pr omoted by M a r k Vincent of Off Your Rocker Pr oductions a nd by Roger Lee. Tickets a r e $25 ea ch, a nd the showtimes a r e at 8pm.

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 6 - April 6 - 20 pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


M a rle ne

PRICE!!! The lady w anted $30.00 for them as they w er e Br and NEW. I BOLDly asked if she w ould take $20.00 for them . The daughter w ho w as selling them said her M om , Sue Laponsee, w ouldn't accept that am ount. I then offer ed her $25.00 and she took my offer. I had my Johnny go fetch them for m e (A Valentine's gift) The BOOTS fit m e like a glove (but m or e like a sock on a foot..Teeheehee) and w er e sooo nice and com for table to boot. Now , W hen? and W her e could I w ear these beautiful looking booties? I put together a Fabulous outfit to go dance the night aw ay at ~The Glengar r ian~ w ith som e of my dear fr iends. They (The Boots) w er e cer tainly noticed by m any a glancing and r oving eye that night. Even, the ever so w atchful eyes of the pr evious ow ner , Sue w as looking at my feet that night. We eventually m et outside... We chitted & chatted, and laughed & laughed at the odds of us m eeting that night w ith m e w ear ing HER BOOTS!!! She w as faking that she w as m ad at m e.. She told m e that she w as tr uly m ad and a bit sad that w hen they ar r ived in the m ail they w er e the w r ong size. Socks To Be Her ! * W ink* * W ink* I Love W hen Happenstances Like This Occur to M e!!!


Hello Ther e and Welcom e to SPRING ever yone of you that is r eading the ever so popular and positive filled paper , ~ The Seeker ~ this w eek . Tis the season that is so longed for...Especially for w e Canadians. As the last of the snow m elts aw ay by the SPRING r ain and then m oves elsew her e, it allow s the w ar m and life-giving r ays of the SPRING SUN to shine for th upon the ear th. It gladly br ings for th the sleepy buds on the bounty of tr ees and bushes. The sun bellow s to the fir st SPRING flow er s to poke their noses up thr ough the dar k, w et soil to bloom again for yet another New Season of SPRING. The ever fam iliar sight of the V for m ations of the Canadian Geese r etur ning fr om their W inter vacation fr om dow n South m akes us, Canadians sm ile w ith glee. Cher r y and Apple blossom s ar e a par t of SPRING her e in Canada and in m any par ts of the w or ld. For the Japanese the fir st opening of the Cher r y blossom , (Japanís National flow er ) in M ar ch or Apr il signals the star t of their SPRING. They ar e a sym bol of Renew al and the ever so M agical Natur e of Life. One day w e see the beautiful blossom s and then it seem s.. in a Blink of an eye.. They ar e gone.. Until Next Year. M ay all of us be thankful and r eally appr eciative of all of M other Natur e's M ir acles in our daily jour neys, even w hen ever ything is not as w e alw ays w ant it to be. M ake New Plans... Change the "Old w ays" of doing things, Discover New Hobbies and M ake New Fr iends in each NEW season. Ever y M om ent Is Tr uly A Gift To Us. This is the tim e of year w her e ever ything in Natur e is star ting ANEW ! How About You, You & Yes, Even You??? TI P OF THE W EEK: THE * M AGIC* OF HUGS: The aver age length of a HUG betw een tw o people is ar ound 3 seconds. Resear cher s have lear ned that som ething r eally fantastic happens w hen w e HUG. W hen a HUG lasts up to 20 seconds or m or e, ther e is a "Ther apeutic Effect" on our bodies and on our m inds. The r easoning for this they say is that a sincer e em br ace can pr oduce a hor m one called "Oxytocin", w hich is also know n as the "Love Hor m one". This has m any benefits in our physical and in our m ental health. HUGGING can help us w ith these tw o things along w ith helping w ith being able to r elax, or to feel safe, and it can even calm our fear s and our anxiety levels. This w onder ful and natur al tr anquilizer is "Fr ee of Char ge" ever y tim e w e have a baby cr adled in our ar m s, or w hen w e hold our fur r -babies, or even w hen w e ar e dancing w ith a par tner , or sim ply by HUGGING the shoulder s of dear fam ily m em ber s and our loving fr iends. EM BRACE, HUG OR SQUEEZE The Health into Your Loved Ones!!! They W ill Thank You As M uch As You Can Thank Them ... By HUGGING Som e M or e!!! I TEM OF THE W EEK: A few w eeks ago I bought myself a beautiful pair of r ed and black suede boots off of a selling gr oup on Facebook for a GREAT

FUN FACTS: Did you know that SPRING w as called "Lent" in Old English tim es? It star ted in the 14th centuar y (1500's) that at this par ticular tim e of year they r efer r ed to it as ìSpr inging Tim e." This is because the var ious plants w er e ìSpr ingingî for th fr om the ear th. In the 15th centuar y (1600's) this got shor tened to " Spr ing-Tim e" and then it w as fur ther shor tened in the 16th centuar y (1700's) to just "Spr ing"! Som e of the ver y fir st Spr ing flow er s that show their faces ar e the w ell know n Cr ocuses, the Dandelions, the differ ent colour s of lovely Lilacs, the yellow and w hite Daffodils (my fav.), and of cour se the pr ecious Ir is and the m ulti- colour ed Tulips that ar e such a delight to behold at the ~Tulip Festival~ held In Ottaw a, Ontar io each year in the Spr ing. W hat Would You Choose? Would you r ather sit naked in a r oom full of your fam ily m em ber s? OR Would you choose to sit naked w ith people you didn't know at all? It's Your Choice! Ask Other s? Please Keep The "Ar t Of Conver sation", Alive!!! TALK, DON'T TEXT!!! FAM I LY NEW S: I w ould like to w ish my loving fam ily m em ber s a "Happy Bir thday" this m onth. Ther e ar e a her e it goes... M y dear , w ee W illiam , w ho isn't so w ee any longer is tur ning SIX on Apr il 10th. Along w ith his eldest br other , Lincoln w ho tur ns TW ENTY on the 20th... follow ed by his Aunt Ella Rose w ho w ill be 35 on the 24th.

Then Lincoln's m other , M elinda, (my eldest) tur ns 38 this year on the 28th. This also is the "Due date" of "Baby S" (Ella Rose's & Steven Slack's son- to- be.) I am ver y excited along w ith Steven's m other , Judy, as this is her ver y FIRST GRANDCHILD!!! This w ill be my NINTH!!! WOW !!! SEVEN Gr andsons + TWO Gr anddaughter s. I HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED W ITH HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL & HANDSOM E CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN!!! COM M UNI TY NEW S: TUNE IN to DCN at w w the DUNET INTERNET RADIO STATION for ~ THE COUCH~ pr ogr am m e this Sunday fr om 1:00 until 3:00 pm w ith Shannon, Er ica and M e, Positively M ar lene and of cour se any other Special Guests that m ay be gr acing the studio. PLEASE TUNE IN, LISTEN IN, OR PHONE IN 613-935-6790 To ASK Any ?'s & Or Get Answ er s to anything you'd like to ask us. You m ay even be in to W IN A PRIZE!!! Alain M enar d, a local song w r iter and per for m er , w ill be in to talk about his "M usical Stor y" and How after so m any year s of w aiting, that ~ Finger m an Studios~ (oper ated by the ever so talented, John Lister ) helped him to m ake his * M usical Dr eam s* com e to fr uition by putting his (Alain's) or ginal songs to m usic that John cr eated and per for m ed for each or iginal song that he had w r itten. UNTI L NEXT W EEK: Know ing "TRUE HAPPINESS" Is W HEN W hat We THINK...W hat We SAY And W hat We DO ARE ALL IN HARM ONY W ITH EACH OTHER!!! That Is Tr ue Happiness. M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister & of w w w.fa shionogr a

Vagabond Theat re's spring product ion - The Ladies Foursome by Norm Fost er Vagabond Theatr e of Cor nw all pr esentsthe com edy The Ladies Four som eby Canadian playw r ight Nor m Foster on Apr il 20,21,27,28at 7:30 pm and on Sunday Apr il 22 at 1:30 pm . The per for m ancesw ill take place at St. John's Pr esbyter ianChur ch Hall, 28 Second Str eet East, Cor nw all. The play is dir ected by Katie Bur ke and pr oduced by Dan Youm elle. The cast m em ber sinclude Yvonne Lor tie, Patr icia Lloyd, Laur ie M anzer and Laur ie M cRae-Bingley.Bur ke stated that Nor m Foster has w r itten over 50 plays and has been the m ost pr oduced playw r ight in Canada ever y year for the past tw enty year s. Bur ke explained:" 'The Ladies Four som e' is set on a golf cour se w her e four w om en ar e playing a r ound of golf in m em or y of their fr iend, Cather ine. Over the cour se of the play, it is r evealed that although a

w eekly golf gam e has been going on for four teen year s, ther e is m uch that they do not know about each other. Connie has never lost a gam e and com es face-to-facew ith Dor y w ho has m uch m or e golf exper iencethan Connie suspectsand the challengeis on. M ar go and Tate play on cour ageously,know ing that they w ill never w in but hoping that because they ar e playing best ball, ther e is a good chance of being on the w inning team ! This com edy is r ollicking good fun - for golfer s and non-golfer salike." Ticketsat $20 ar e availableat Scotiabank or at w w w.vagabon dt h eat r ecor n w al l .caContact Dan Youm elleat 613-938-1930for m or e info. In photo LtoR: Laur ie M a nzer , Laur ie M cRa e-Bingley, Yvonne Lor tie, & Patr icia Lloyd.

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45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796


www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario




THE BOOK STORE Visit the library bookstore located inside the library for bargain prices on gently used books, CDs, DVDs, Puzzles and Magazines. Open every day of the week from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Kids! Sign up for great NEW spring programs at the library. Registrations have begun. All programs are free.



FAMILY STORYTIME / HEURE DU CONTE FAMILIALE (for children and their parents) Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. YOGA YOUTH (Ages 6-16) Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Yoga helps to increase focus, self-esteem and reduce anxiety, as well as increase physical strength and flexibility. PAWS?N BOOKS (Ages 4 and up) Saturdays 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Reading to a dog is ?Pawsome.? BIKES VS CARS - Document ary SUNDAY APRIL 8, 1:30 P.M. Hosted by Transition Cornwall+, a working group with the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area. A HEALING WORKSHOP Presented in partnership with Heather Lindquist. What is it? It is about learning and practicing a variety of techniques for self-healing. April 20, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Free to register.


OVERCOMING READING STRUGGLES AND ADHD. This program will help you better understand and deal with these disorders. Program offered on Tuesday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the library. Free registration required. Join us for MAHJONGG every Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. NEW KNITTING GROUP meets at the library every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8:15.

You r


Do you h ave a KIDZ Ser vice or Bu sin ess? KIDZ FIRST Th eSEEKER'S NEXTM AGAZINE w ill be ou t at t h e En d of Apr il

please! r elat ed

DEADLIN E IS Fr i day , Apr i l 13 @ 5pm

Call M ai-Liis TODAY 613-935-3763 Ext 102 t o place you r KIDZ r elat ed ad or ar t icle

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W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


He re

is.. The


w ith Ra che lle And re

For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.

APRIL 6 Friday

TC+ Winter Film Series - 4 Part Series Sun 1:30 PM · Cornwall Public Library

Weekend Hours (March&April @ Above Board 2:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

Glen Walter Firefighters 34th Annual Pancake Breakfast 8 AM · Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Limelight Open Mic Night @ Limelight Music Academy @7:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Children's Meditation Sun 10:30 AM · Healing Wishes

Woodsmoke 2018 @ NAV Centre NAV @ 7:00 pm @ 11:00 pm

APRIL 7 - Sat

APRIL 9 - Mon Overeaters Anonymous@ Wesleyan church r 9 @ 6:30 pm ? Apr 30 @ 7:30 pm

Kids Clay Camp @ Creation Workshop @ 9:00 am ? 11:00 am

Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch 6 PM · Cornwall Public Library

Amazing Race Cornwall @ 100 Water St E @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm

Pub quiz at the glengarrian 7 PM Glengarrian Pub & Restaurant

Saturday ? Glass Art Classes @ Priest's Mill Arts Centre @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm

Closing Bospiel 2018 Apr 9 - Apr 13 Cornwall Curling Centre

Weekend Hours (March&April) @ Above Board 2:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

Intro to Clay@ Creation Workshop @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Suzanne Mondoux - Book Signing 10 AM · Coles Cornwall Square · Cornwall, Ontario

Drum Healing Meditation 6 PM · Healing Wishes

Flow, Yin & Yoga Wall 11 AM · Love Yoga: Creative Movement Studio

Youth Services 7 PM · Harvest Christian

APRIL 8 -Sun

Support & Share Night 7 PM · Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall

13. 14. 15. 16.


Television - Marquee Moon The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms The Congos - Can't Come In The Woolies - Who Do You Love ? The Doors - I Looked At You The Allah-lahs - Tell Me What's On Your Mind. Sonic Youth - Kool Thing Suicide - Ghost Rider Pixies - Alec Eifel The Heavy - Sixteen Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil Bob Dylan - One Too Many Mornings The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack King Dude - I Wanna Die At 69 The Sword - Night City Link Wray - The Rise And Fall Of Johnny Stokes Barry McGuire - The Eve Of Destruction Big Brother And The Holding Company - Ball And Chain .

The Pret t y Cool ! Records Radio Show airs weekl y f rom 6:00 t o 8:00PM wit h host Chad Col eman & Greg MacDonal d. Onl y on DCN!

Bingo, every Wednesday 7 PM · Cornwall Bingo center Sketching @ The Grand Hotel Resto/Bar 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm

Paint with L - LIGHT HOUSE Sun 1 PM · Deke & Squeaks Sports and Grill

PLACE yo u r EVENT i n THIS CALENDAR, It i s FAST,CONVENIENT AND FREE! Ju st Go t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er YOU Reven t ! us help you advertise all your happenings!


APRIL 11 - Wed Triple P Group (0-12 years) 10 AM · Early On Child and Family Centre SD&G


7. 8. 9. 10. 11.


Chakra and Mala bracelet Workshop Sat 1 PM · Love Yoga: Creative Movement Studio

Primitive Workers Songbook @ Lola?s @ Lola's Pub and Grub @ 3:00 pm ? 6:00 pm

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

APRIL 10 -Tuesday

Brass Buckle Presents: Sandi Skye live at the brass buckle @ The Brass Buckle @ 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Pie In The Face Fundraiser @ Parc Guindon Park @ 3:00 pm ? 5:00 pm

The Pretty Cool Records Radio Show Season 3 Episode 20

Intro to Clay @ Creation Workshop @ 6:00 pm

United Counties Science Fair @ St.Lawrence Secondary School @ 8:30 am ? 5:00 pm

The Riot Police's Album Release Party. Sat 9 PM · La Maison Tavern / The House


Bo re d

You are cordially invited to attend the Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial Day event

Surviving the Holocaust A deepl y moving document ary t hat t el l s t he rivet ing st ory of how a young 13-year-ol d Jewish girl - Irene Fogel Weiss - survived t he horrors of t he Auschwit z ext erminat ion camp. She concl udes by raising crit ical quest ions about humanit y, civil it y, propaganda, and anal yzing inf ormat ion in a search f or t rut h. The selection ramp at Auschwitz-Birkenau Credit: Yad Vashem Photo Archives

at Knox ? St . Paul ?s Unit ed Church - 7 ? 9 pm 800 Twelfth Street E. Cornwall Thursday April 12t h, 2018 Everyone is welcome! ~Discussion to follow~ Refreshments will be served ~ A Cornwal l Int erf ait h Part nership (CIP) Event ~ for more info: 613-938-3875

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Can dogs underst and Engl ish? Can col our af f ect your memory? Want t o know more about magnet ic l evit at ion, vol canoes, drippy diapers, al l ergies, bact eria at school , or soil erosion? These t opics and more wil l be on displ ay

at t he 43rd annual Unit ed Count ies Science Fair t his Sat urday April 7t h, 2018 - 8:30 am t o 5:00pm at St . Lawrence Secondary School 1450 Second St reet East , Cornwal l If you ar e the par ent, aunt, uncle, or gr andpar ent of a child attending any of the schools in the thr ee United Counties or the distr ict of Akw esasne then this fair is of inter est to you. The ?Science on the Wall? categor y w ill show case over 200 science poster s by gr ade 1 to 5 students and the ?Science Fair ? categor y w ill featur e over 96 gr ade 6 to 10 students fr om 17 ar ea schools displaying and explaining their pr ojects. This is an excellent oppor tunity for you and your fam ily to see our budding scientists, engineer s, r esear cher s, and com m unity leader s of the futur e! Public viewing will ta ke pla ce in the school gymna sium fr om 8:30a m to 2:00pm, followed by a Science Specta cula r show fr om 2:30pm to 3:30pm, then the awa r ds pr esentation in the ca feter ia fr om 4:00pm to 5:00pm. We w ill be aw ar ding appr oxim ately $12,000 in pr izes, aw ar ds, scholar ships, and tr ips, including the oppor tunity to r epr esent our r egional fair at the w eek long Canada W ide Science Fair in Ottaw a in M ay! Come out a nd enjoy the science a nd technology on display! Ever yone is welcome!

Chamber Spring Show Has Lot s f or Everyone! Cor nw all, Ontar io ? It?s a w elcom e tr adition for thousands of Cor nw allites as w e w elcom e the w ar m er w eather after a long cold w inter. It?s the annual Spr ing Hom e & Leisur e Show and the Cham ber invites you to the Civic Com plex and Come in to the Outdoors. ?After a long, cold w inter , our Spr ing Show pr om ises to be a w onder ful w ay to leave the cold and snow behind,? r epor ts Lezlie Str asser , the Cham ber ?s Executive M anager. ?Once again w e?ll have close to 100 exhibitor s on hand w ith all of the latest in hom e and gar den pr oducts and ser vices. It pr om ises to be an exciting event for thousands of people acr oss the Cor nw all r egion.? As is the Show ?s tr adition, ther e w ill be m any dem onstr ations and each exhibit w ill have pr ofessionals on hand to answ er questions and offer handy tips for your latest hom e im pr ovem ent pr oject. It?s a gr eat w ay for ar ea consum er s to get a fir st-hand look at ter r ific new pr oducts and ser vices to help them get the m ost out of their law ns and gar dens. Tw o per ennial favour ites at the Spr ing Hom e and Leisur e Show ar e the golf challenge and kids cor ner. The Cham ber is pleased to announce that both of them w ill be back for this year ?s event. Along w ith the exhibits and fun activities ar e the pr izes and once again, som e lucky show visitor w ill w alk aw ay w ith a bonus ? just for visiting. This year ?s gr and pr ize is a spectacular $1,500 Tr aeger Pellet BBQ. It com es w ith a ter r ific accessor y package along w ith a $1,000 gift cer tificate for food pur chases w ith a total value of over $3,000.

The Spr ing Home a nd Leisur e Show kicks off at 4:00 p.m. on Fr iday Apr il 13 a nd continues until Sunday, Apr il 15. Come a nd see us at the show.

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Brain & Body Empowerment


LORRAINE DRISCOLL How Movement Can Re-Organize Your Chil d's Brain It's no coincidence that poor coordination, balance, fine motor skills and low muscle tone occur more frequently in children with learning and behaviour challenges. These kids might be excellent athletes, but have poor hand writing, self-control or body awareness. Meltdowns, sensory overload, learning difficulties and poor attention can all originate in a lower brain that is underdeveloped. Different movements target and stimulate specific areas of the brain and can create changes. Science has found that learning and movement are both processed in the same area of the brain and it all begins in infancy. Children with ADHD and learning difficulties often skip milestones like rolling, creeping or well-developed crawling. These basic movements are critical to developing the lower brain levels so higher brain levels can function optimally. For example, problems with the inner ear have been found to be one of the causative factors with learning difficulties and ADHD. Is it any surprise that rolling and crawling have been found to help improve reading and attention if you consider these activities also stimulate the inner ear or vestibular system? Different movements help to merge the right and left sides of the brain, as well as top to bottom and front to back. When the brain is not working in an interconnected way problems with learning and behaviour result. A whole-brained child learns well, is calm, focused and happy.

If your child walks before they have met these milestones than areas of the brain connected to those movements do not fully develop. These areas can relate to self-control, skills necessary to read, focus and filter out distractions. Movement therapy helps to wake-up areas of the brain that are underdeveloped through exercises that simulates our earliest movements. To prevent missed milestones ensure your baby gets plenty of floor time and spends less time in strollers, walkers and swings. Brain imaging scans show fit children are better able to learn, memorize, focus and regulate emotions. As your child grows, regular exercise helps to maintain healthy brain function and emotional regulation. To learn more schedule a free 20 minute Happy, Healthy Child Breakthrough session today!

In Heal t h & Whol eness,

Tr u e Roots Brain & Body Sol ut ions - Phone: 613-330-9254


Tips from the Tax Mam

April 13t h, 14t h & 15, 2018.

This group is open to grieving adults who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. Our next group is on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11t h (7:00-9:00 p.m.) at 216 Mont real Road. A short presentation on a specific topic related to coping with loss is followed by group sharing. All are welcome.


Sauve TAX TIP # 5 A lot of people think or are told and believe that they can deduct the expenses they incurred during the course of their employment (uniforms, safety boots, First Aid courses, parking etc.). The truth is that none of these can be claimed on your income tax return. Schedule 1 already provides individuals with the Canada Employment Amount in the amount of $1178 which means that if you earned $1178 or more in income, you are already claiming $1178 in Employment Expenses. Transportation Employees (Truckers & Railway workers), Tradespersons who have to buy their own tools and employees required to use their vehicles or a home office as part of their contract may be entitled to claim Employment Expenses. However, in order to claim Employment Expenses, your employer must complete

form TL2 (Claims for Meals & Lodging Expenses) or T2200 (Declaration of Conditions of Employment) attesting to the fact that you do have to pay these expenses as part of your contract and you were not reimbursed for the expenses. Motor Vehicle Expenses are the most popular Employment Expense but there are very strict guidelines that must be followed in order to do so. An employee must keep logs of every single kilometre they claim as an employment expense and MUST be able to provide the names and addresses of their trips (and in the nursing industry, this could present a problem because of privacy issues ? your employer may not allow you to divulge the addresses and names of your clients), keep all receipts (gas, maintenance, insurance, licensing) and must take odometer readings on the first and last day of each year. This is a non-negotiable obligation if you wish to claim Motor Vehicle Expenses. You also must NOT have received reimbursements (or be entitled to receive reimbursements) for the motor vehicle expenses from your employer. For more tax tips and tax related frequently asked questions, visit my website at

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Article by Jason Setnyk Photo by Hristo Shindov

of music fans while in Avenged Sevenfold. He replaced James ?The Rev? Sullivan after his sudden death in 2009. He would tour with the band throughout 2010. He also drummed on the Avenged Sevenfold album ?Nightmare?that debuted at # 1 on the Billboard 200. The album would go on to sell 1 million copies.

Toronto, Ontario ? Legendary drummer Mike Portnoy will be in Toronto for a gig on April 20th at The Opera House with his band Sons of Apollo. Mike Portnoy drummed 25 years for Dream Theater, he also drummed for Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Twisted Sister, and for numerous other bands such as the Winery Dogs. Sons of Apollo is an American metal super group that formed in 2017 and is composed of drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan (ex-The Winery Dogs, ex-David Lee Roth, ex-Mr. Big), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, ex-Alice Cooper), guitarist Ron ?Bumblefoot? Thal (ex-Guns N?Roses), and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey).

?Certainly they have a very different audience than what I had with Dream Theater back in 2010 when I had played with Avenged Sevenfold, I was already in Dream Theater for 25 years. I was with Dream Theater longer than most of the people in the Avenged Sevenfold audience had even been alive. I definitely come from a generation before Avenged Sevenfold. When I started Dream Theater, those guys were still kids. Coming out with Avenged Sevenfold meant getting my name out to a different generation of listeners that were not only younger but maybe coming from a punk rock background or a more metal background. It was an interesting experience, and a great merging. Playing with those guys, it was a strong unit. When I was on stage with those guys it was a really good experience. It felt like something very special, and the people who caught those shows got to see something special?, Mike Portnoy recalled.

Int erview wit h Sons of Apol l o l egendary drummer Mike Port noy - Al so drummed f or Dream Theat er and Avenged Sevenf ol d

Sons of Apollo recently released an EP album which features different versions of their hit song ?Alive?, including a newly recorded Spanish version of the track. The Spanish version will surely be a hit when the band starts their world tour next week playing stops in Mexico and in South America. ?We?re heading down to Mexico and to South America next week, and that?s the main reason we put this out now. We talked about doing a Spanish version just because Jeff?s second language is Spanish, he comes from a Puerto Rican heritage. We talked about a Spanish version of ?Alive? just because we felt the song really lent itself to that kind of romantic flavour?, Mike Portnoy responded. The credits on Psychotic Symphony say that the album was produced by ?The Del Fuvio Brothers?. That?s a nickname Kevin Shirley gave Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian when they were both in Dream Theater. Kevin Shirley, also nicknamed The Cavemen, has produced and/ or mixed albums for many artists including Iron Maiden, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Dream Theater and countless others. ?We were together in Dream Theater in the mid-90s. Derek and I were always the two members in the band that were kind of the goof balls, silly, and always having a good time, joking around, and being sarcastic. Kevin Shirley was producing the ?Falling into Infinity? album, and he gave Derek and I that nickname.

Any time the two of us were mocking people, or making fun of people, or being sarcastic, or stirring up shit, those were our Del Fuvio personas. Kevin gave us that nickname 20 years ago, and we?re reunited 20 years later?, Mike Portnoy reflected. The time period between 2010 and 2017 was an interesting one for Mike Portnoy, after being the drummer of Dream Theater for 25 years. After that he played and recorded with Avenged Sevenfold, he was in Winery Dogs, Adrenaline Mob, Flying Circus, and he even drummed for Stone Sour and Twisted Sister. The years after Dream Theater were a liberating experience for the legendary drummer. ?The last seven years have been a very freeing experience for me. I have been able to spread my wings and play so many different kinds of music with different musicians ? all of whom I really admire and respect. I never wanted to be just Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, I want to be Mike Portnoy period. I want to have a name for myself as a drummer who has done lots of different things, and not just be in one band for my entire career. It was important for me to branch out and do all these different things with all these different bands. I think those are the pieces of the puzzle that make me who I am?, Mike Portnoy reflected.

Mike Portnoy has won numerous drumming awards including Revolver Magazine?s ?Best Drummer Award? for his work with Avenged Sevenfold. He has also one several awards from Modern Drummer magazine. Now, Mike Portnoy is looking forward to his upcoming world tour with Sons of Apollo, and he?s happy to be returning to Canada for a few dates.

In 2010, Mike Portnoy played for a new generation




AND EASY 6 1 3 -9 3 5 -8 1 0 1 FREE CONSULTATION

w w w.ver sacor et ech design

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I ?m pr etty sur e it wa s a wonder ful Spr ing day that I fir st met I ngr id Snyda l in the ba ck ga r den. I told her a ll a bout the r a bbits a nd pr etty soon they wer e visiting her ya r d too, a nd like ma gic we beca me kindr ed spir its. By vir tue of life?s cir cumsta nces, I ngr id ha s br oa dened her hor izons beyond tea ching by cha nnelling her ener gies into blogging a s well a nd that ha s just str engthened our bond.

G RAY Tw o St ar s an d a W i sh

They say that good fr iends ar e like star don?t alw ays see them but you know w her e they ar e. In this gener ation of teacher s w ho star ted off counseling at sum m er cam ps, day and night cam ps it?s easy to becom e enm eshed in the lives of those young tr ees for deep in the for est of fr iendship is w her e I happened upon Ingr id Snydal. W hose icy blue eyes, cr inkle up to sm ile at the m ention of her little ones. W ho at pr ivate or public schools sees the w or ld thr ough their eyes, m aking an incr edible star t...for w hat a w or ld it is!

The Cornwal l Scrabbl e Cl ub is al ways eager t o recruit new members. Rest assured t hat you are not pl unged int o t his l ight l y compet it ive worl d wit hout having received ?one on one? int roduct ory l essons. To join the Cornwall Scrabble Club at the Cornwall Public Library, communicate with

Vivianne Panizzon: 613 931 1792

and about With the Seeker Chicks



Wh it e Kn u ck ler zRC m ak e Jak ey 'sEast er Happy!

I?d like to know how you hold it together as the co-teacher in a pr ivate school-just hom e fr om Japan w hen the kids w ant a stor y. You play soft m usic and im agine one little r abbit m aking his w ay acr oss the m eadow and over the cour se of a w eek the r abbit goes m issing and you s-t-r -e-t-c-h that stor y out until the ver y last day. W hen one little boy r uns Madame Ingrid...Fairy Godmother tomany up-bar ely to the top of your knees and pleads w ith you to m ake it a happy ending...because no m atter w hat...ther e has to be a happy ending. And your eyes encir cle the little gr oup of JK?s in their tiny little unifor m s and he?s ther e pulling at your sleeve w ith pleading eyes, needing to know and at last the pull in your hear t is too m uch so you bend dow n and tell the boy in a w hisper -that yes!...the r abbit is going to be ok and the next day w hen M adam e tells the class the end of the stor y, he looks over at her and w inks. And doesn?t it happen like all good fair y tales, that four year s later those sam e little kids-now in gr ades one and tw o ar e sitting in the hom e r oom class asking for a ?r eal stor y?w hen in w alks M adam e Ingr id. W ho like all good Fair y Godm other s, gr ants w ishes like giggles and they star t asking for the r abbit stor y, again. After four year s it?s incr edible to have m ade such an im pr ession and ther e at the fr ont desk sits the little boy sm iling up at M adam e as he w alks over to w hisper the m agic w or ds in her ear... ?Don?t w or r y...I?m keeping the secr et?. For w her e does one lear n to find tim e-but fr om their teacher s, their m other s-their father s. And w ho has the tallest tale and values your opinions as the m ost im por tant thing in the w or ld? W hose fear and excitem ent at the beginning of the year falls aw ay in com m unity, w her e ever y voice m atter s and ever y-one belongs, w her e w e lear n it?s ok to ask for help fr om teacher s and each other. And back to the r abbit stor y w hose m ain char acter s ar e knee deep to a gr ass-hopper and w ho value above all else, anything hand deliver ed at their level. W ho com e to believe their value as the year s go by and in a soft, kind voice believe and tr ust you because you value their opinion and then you w ait for that m agic-est of m om ents w hen your little ones begin to inter act w ith their teacher. And the r ew ar d, if ther e is one is that they w ant you all the tim e...doing favor s for , tidying up. In the older gr ades it?s the conver sations and opinions that ar e developed on the cusp of m atur ity. They?r e not shy to expr ess them selves and the fr ont r ow seats ar e taken up by eager teacher s w atching their w or k in pr ogr ess.


And so w e end w ith tw o star s and a w ish, w hich in its sim plicity com es fr om positive thinking and gr atitude. As you know ther e?s good in ever ything you do and Good Seed gr ow s in ever y pocket, for a hear t at r est sees a feast in ever ything.

White Knucklerz RC for Local Sick Children had the pleasure of sponsoring Jakey for Easter ... Jakey was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect ... He underwent 4 open heart surgeries before the age of 5 and also had a Fontan Procedure ... All which were performed at CHEO ... Sadly this will be Jakeys last summer ... the 1 "WoW" item that Jakey wanted was a trampoline... and the White Knucklerz RC got one for him. Here's To You Jakey ...

For at the end of each day, M adam e asks each child w hat their tw o star s and a w ish w ill be. Som etim es, like in the beginning it?s har d for anyone to r ealize the good in things, but w ith pr actice w e?ll all com e along. And one by one, the lists of gr atitude gr ow s r ight dow n to the sm allest thing and ther e in the back of the for est, like in the beginning, w e find our fr iends, our w ishes-our dr eam s...a m editation-a lesson-one azing.

For more info on the White Kucklerz and how they help Sick Kids in our area, visit them on Facebook or contact Laurie-Jade at 613 - 870 - 0917

I would love to have feedba ck fr om my stor ies...Plea se ema il me at: ver legr a ce4062@gma

Send in your COMMUNITY SNIPPETS - a story or a paragraph even with a photo or photos to:

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Li sa Gr ay Copyr i gh t @ 2018

Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library, on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about this or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.

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Mortgage Tips


MacDonald CHIP Mort gages You may have heard about a Reverse Mortgage product called ?CHIP?. There is a lot of misinformation about this great mortgage product because of some reverse mortgage schemes in the United States. This product can be useful for yourself or for your parent. Let me answer some questions about the benefits of the CHIP product offered exclusively through HomEquity Bank.

How much can you get and when can I appl y? Once all owners are over the age of 55, you can apply for a CHIP mortgage. You must have at least 55% of the value of the property available. The funds are tax-free!

What is a reverse mort gage and how does it work? A CHIP is a loan secured against the value of your home. Unlike a traditional Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a second mortgage, you are not required to make monthly mortgage payments for as long as you live in your home. You always maintain ownership and control of your home. The mortgage payments can be added back into the mortgage. The full amount of principal and interest is payable when the home is sold or the homeowner(s) die.


IT'S TIME TO NOMINATE, SPONSOR OR ATTEND On June 9, at the Royal Canadian AFA, we will proudly recognize artists and individuals of our community who have excelled over the last year in their respective disciplines by presenting them with an award. Awards are given to a home business, a new business, an existing business, a woman in business, a musical or performing artist, a visual artist, and a literary artist and also a volunteer, an athlete and our columnist of the year.


Can your est at e owe more t han your home? A CHIP mortgage cannot seek any further compensation from the borrower ? even if the property does not fully cover the full value of the loan upon payout of the mortgage. Therefore, when the last homeowner dies (and the reverse mortgage is due), the estate will never be responsible for paying back more than the fair market value of the home. The estate is fully protected ? this is not the case for almost any other mortgage loan.

Why get a reverse mort gage? Here are some examples of how clients commonly use it: - eliminate debt payments - help a child or grandchild with a down payment on a home - purchase a new home (right-sizing instead of having to downsize the home) - increase cash flow to improve lifestyle (e.g. vacation, new car) - pay healthcare costs so you or your parent can stay in your home - pay for an unexpected expense (e.g. home repairs) - save on taxes by taking out a CHIP mortgage at the beginning of your retirement - take monthly draws to improve monthly cash flow for you or your parent For more information on the CHIP Mortgage for you or your parent, please give me a call. Jenni MacDonald ( is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.# 10145). She has over 7 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at

St . Lawrence Col l ege, Cornwal l is hol ding it s Spring Open House Sat urday, April 7 f rom 9 am t o noon Spring Open House is an event for anyone interested in learning more about St. Lawrence College, including high school students considering a post-secondary education, high school graduates, current SLC applicants, teachers and guidance counsellors, parents and guardians, and individuals wishing to make a career change or upgrade their skills. Open House provides the opportunity for attendees to: · Visit one or more of our full-time program sessions · Speak to College faculty, staff, and current students · Take a tour of our campus, including residence · Connect with our services, including Financial Aid, Counseling and AccessAbility, Career Services, Residence, meal plans, and more

· Take advantage of our on-site Application Station to submit your application on the spot! Event Det ail s : at St. Lawrence College, Cornwall Campus 2 St. Lawrence Drive - 8:30am: Doors open - 9:00am - 12:00pm: Student Life & Services Fair - 10:00am: Program Sessions - 11:00am: Campus Tour (including Residence) To learn more, visit l awrencecol l OpenHouse

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M O RRELL Teaching Life Skills The Most Precious Gift You Can Give A Human Being Definition Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour enabling you? as humans? to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of your daily life, in our constantly changing environment. Life Skills Benefits For All Ages Life skills provide you with new ways of solving problems; help you to recognize the impact of your actions and teaches you to take responsibility for them rather than blame others. They build your confidence and group cooperation.

Most important life skills you need to teach/ learn to pass on to the ones you love or care about. There are so many of these skills and many of us meaning? men and women, children from the time they walk to college/ university to grandparents? do not even realise their importance and sometimes go through life without realizing their existence. 1. Basic housekeeping skills from making your bed to laundry basics, to keeping a tidy house ensuring the health of your family. Keeping organized to find quickly what you need and saving you money so you can all live a good life. 2. Home cooking rather than spending your money on restaurants and take outs while providing you with a healthier life. 3. Basic sewing, which take just minutes to learn. Skills like sewing on a button or fix a hem by hand that can extend the life of your clothes and saves you money. 4. Basic home repairs to help you save big time. You don?t have to shoot for pro-level electrician or plumber here. Just learn how to unclog a toilet or sink among other simple tasks. 5. Use of kitchen appliances, from knowing how to clean your fridge to the tricks to eliminate the need for a bunch of counter-clutter. 6. Use of a calendar and a schedule to organize your time efficiently and set up your priorities. 7. Communications skills. If you are brave, take the plunge and sign yourself up for a speaking opportunity, a talk in church, or an open forum. The more you practice, the better you will become at communicating effectively with everyone including spouse/ partner, children and colleagues at work. 8. Use of all kind of technologies, e.g. backing up files, protecting passwords, doing a research using something other than Google and Wikepedia when you need more in-depth information and using Smartphones, etc. 9. Survival skills meaning how to keep yourself safe, e.g. learning about emergency preparedness, basic first aid, surviving without electricity and reading a map. 10. Basic car repair, including how to fix a flat tire. 11. Money management, i.e., learning to do a budget (managing financial records), investing, avoiding going into or getting out of debt, making major purchases and selecting a tax professional. 12. Self-awareness skills, meaning understanding your calling, purpose, mission and values in this life. How to focus and prioritize so you can consistently move forward. 13. Basic etiquette while travelling, during meetings and events, and how to accept compliments and criticism. 14. Self-care: sleep and hygiene.

Bottom line The earliest you learn and share those skills, the easiest and prosper YOUR life will be while making your community a better place to live.



M a rie

M e la ne e

The Art of Downsizing wit h Pet er Wal sh


With the rising temperatures and sense of renewal, spring is the quintessential time for cleaning and brightening up our homes from our winter hibernation. While a thorough cleaning is always beneficial, one of the most important things you can do to improve the ambiance, organization, and comfort of your home is downsizing your possessions. Peter Walsh is an organizational design expert, TV personality, and bestselling author of organizational books, such as Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight. In his latest book, Let it Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life, Walsh tackles the often emotional and fear-inducing task of downsizing. It is a task that we will all have to complete at some point in our lives, probably several times, and is also important in maintaining your current home, whether it's a 6-bedroom farmhouse or a studio apartment. Throughout the book, Walsh emphasizes that you are not your stuff (or your career or bank account), and freeing yourself from useless or emotionally-laden objects can be a wonderful experience. It's also important to remember that the objects you choose to surround yourself with reflect who you are. If a stranger came to your home, what would they deduce about you from your surroundings? "The way you decorate and fill your home echoes your personality, your desires, and your preferences. These are characteristics that help form your identity. Your home, in turn, has great power to affect your mindset." These objects affect you consciously and unconsciously, so it is important to choose items for your home that reflect the person you are (or want to be) and create the right atmosphere to be your best self. Walsh writes, "It's amazing what happens when you empty a space of physical stuff. With the clutter gone, the vacant area is ready to be filled with an air of peace and calm, a sense of purpose and motivation, and an environment that's welcoming and nurturing." Walsh also offers specific advice for those who are downsizing due to a major life event: moving to a new home, combining two households, seniors moving to smaller homes or assisted living facilities, and cleaning out a parent's home after they have passed away. He details how to decide which objects are worth keeping, how to preserve important memories attached to certain objects, and how to deal with family members in these situations. With many baby boomers now reaching retirement age, Walsh notes that it is important to consider downsizing while you are still able to participate in the process, and that removing all the excess clutter and objects is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children, removing this burden from them when you pass away. This idea echoes the current trend of Swedish death cleaning, the process of cleaning your house before you die - it might sound morbid, but it's actually very liberating and comforting. Check out The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson for more on this topic. When Walsh's own mother died, there were only two boxes of items left of hers at her nursing home, but these items did not represent the sum of her life - the relationships she made, the effect that she had on the world, her bright personality. Walsh notes that a box can't hold your life either, "even a box the size of your home." Let it Go is available at the Cornwall Public Library and online.

If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

M ela nee'spa ssionfor r ea dingbega nat a younga ge, culminatingin a M a ster 'sdegr eein EnglishLiter atur efr om the Univer sityof Ottawa a nd a desir eto pr omoteliter a cya nd cultur e,sta r tingher eat Cor nwa ll'sloca Seeker newspa per . TheBookNook pr ovidesbook r eviewsof both newlyr elea sednovels a boutto hit bookstor esa nd excitingbooksca r r iedat TheCor nwa ll PublicLibr a r y(includingloca l author s).I nquir iesa nd commentsmay be sent to cor nwa llbookr

Happen i n g APRIL 14

APRIL14 - M at h Con t estGr ades1-11 - Tr iviain Team s11am t o 1:30 pm - at St . Law r en ceSecon dar ySch ool- In f o:613-552-1330

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April is underway bringing on singing birds and blooming flowers. But April is also a sure sign that Ribfest is coming! The Optimist Club of Cornwall is working hard to bring you, again this year, the ultimate summer party. As such, they are introducing a ton of new contests and draws that will get YOU to win ribs, prizes and even dollars!

promises to shake, rattle and roll! The main music headliners are a Taylor Swift Tribute for Thursday, Absolute Journey on Friday, Capital Beatles and Carl Dixon sings the Guess Who on Saturday and Practically Petty/ Tom Petty and Road Apples/ Tragically Hip on Sunday. In the mix, many bands from all over the area, the midway and a new vendors area for farmers and artisans. In the main circle, you will find all your favourites such as the Blooming Onions, Twisted Taters, Mini Donuts and Fried Mars Bars. And of course, RIBS!

2018 Part ial Lineup Thursday

community to help you win tons of prizes. Snap a picture with him (or even a picture with his wanted poster) and post it on the Cornwall Ribfest Facebook page and you?ll be automatically entered. Join our mailing list for more benefits! Go to http:/ / newslettersignup. Want to show off your or your kid?s talents? Participate in the first annual ?RIBFEST IDOL?. The contest is open to everybody under 18 and will be judged in three categories: 5 and under, 6-12 and 13-18. You can submit your video audition on the website at http:/ / ribfestidol. Three finalists will be selected to perform at Cornwall Ribfest on July 26 and the Winners will get to perform the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremonies later that day.


Over 400 br eak f ast s w er e ser ved an d h u n dr eds of t oys given at t h e Fir st an n u al Opt im ist East er Egg Hu n t last Sat u r day. Ku dos t o M elin da Su m m er s, or gan izer , on a ver y su ccessf u l even t !

1:00 ? TBA 3:30 ? TBA 4:00 ? Twisted Kilt 5:30 ? Bordertown Catz 7:30 ? Little White Lies


Be on the lookout for our Mascott, Optimist Swine, who will be out in the

4:30 ? Ribfest Idol 5:30 ? Opening Ceremonies 6:00 ? Rez Pony 7:30 ? Soundcheck 9:30 ? Red/ Taylor Swift

Fir st Opt im ist Br eak f ast East er Egg Hu n t a su ccess!


April Showers bring May f l owers? and Jul y RIBS!

Sat urday 12:00 ? Grung Bot 1:30 ? TBA 3:00 ? Radio Nova 4:30 ? Coldrift 6:00 ? Mena Hardy 7:30 ? Capital Beatles 9:30 ? Carl Dixon sings the Guess Who

Sunday 12:30 ? Tba 2:00 ? Kilts, Riffs and Spurs 3:30 ? Practically Petty/ Tom Petty 5:30 ? Road Apples/ Tragically Hip

Th an k you t o all t h e volu n t eer s w h o m ade ever yon e's Sat u r day m or n in g, especially t h e lit t le on es, br igh t er .

So mark your calendars! Ribfest lands on the 26-27-28-29 of July. Take the week off and come party with us!

How about ent ert ainment ? As usual, the week-end will be filled with live entertainment that

CLASSIFIEDS Th e Seek er i s pu t t i n g t oget h er t h e KI DS FI RST M agazi n e (a Di r ect or y of ever yt h i n g r el at ed t o k i ds ages 0 t o 18 an d u p (spor t s, or gan i zat i on s, gr ou ps t o j oi n , bu si n esses w h o sel l pr odu ct s f or k i ds) Pl ease cal l M ai -Li i s at 613-935-3763 Ex t 102 i f you w ou l d l i k e t o pl ace an ar t i cl e or an ad i n t h i s Di r ect or y t h at w i l l be ou t i n Apr i l .

Rem em b er - St ay Po si t i ve! an d We wi l l see yo u al l i n 2 Week s ON FRIDAY Ap r i l 20th

FOR SALE: M other of the Br ide / Gr oom 2 piece light blue long gow n. Size 10/12. M ust be seen. Paid $325, asking $75.M any household item s like pictur e fr am es etc. - Ver y r easonably pr iced. Cal l 613-938-6149.

In t h e m ean t im e

FOR SALE: Electr ic BBQ $85. Wood flam e BBQ $150. Chain saw safety helm et $30. Non insulated cam ouflage cover alls. Size Extr a Lar ge. $45. Also golf balls for sale. Cal l 613-347-3091. FOR SALE: Singer tw in tur bo upr ight vaccuum $45.. 613-938-6149. FOR SALE: Silver plated Com m unity Silver w ar e, 12 place setting, includes12 seafood for ks and lar ge ser ving spoons. Over 60 year s old and in m int condition. They ar e in a good quality w ooden chest and only need cleaning once a year.. Asking $150. Por table Sew ing M achine, Husqvar na. Asking $135. Has all attachm ents for em br oider y, etc. Cal l 613-938-6149.

REM EM BER - if t h e SEEKER

M ai- L iis

J ulia

Rackis Em pt y,r eadu son lin e@w w w.t h eseek er .ca

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 6 - April 6 - 20 pg. 15 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


ON !

Articleby Jason Setnyk| SubmittedPhoto

cartoon show Archer.

Cornwall,Ontario ? The Upside Down is coming t o Cornwal l when St ranger Things act or Randy Havensis a cel ebrit y guest at CAPE(Cornwal l and Area Pop Event ) on April 21st and 22nd, 2018 at t he Benson Cent re. If you see any demongorgonsat CAPE, don?t worry, it ?s probabl y peopl e cospl aying.

Next, Randy Havenshas a role on the upcoming2019 release of Warner Bros. Pictures?and Legendary Pictures?Godzilla:King of the Monsters.However,he can?t disclose anythingabout the movie. ?I can tell you nothing,under penalty of death! I watched all the GODZILLAfilms as a kid, so it was a real treat to get to meet the real Godzilla.Nice guy, actually.Very generousand personable,?Randy Havensjoked with a smile.

Randy Havensresumed his role as science teacher Mr. Clarke for Season 2 of the Emmy Award winning series Stranger Things.He?s appeared in a total of ten episodes, includingthe first episode of Season 2 that garnered over 16 million U.S. viewerson Netflix accordingto Nielsen data. Stranger Things was created by the The Duffer Brothers,who Randy Havens describesas being brilliant.

Int erview wit h STRANGER THINGS act or and CAPE guest Randy Havens

?They?re brilliant.They have such a deep and intricate knowledgeof film and they?re such great communicatorsand collaborators.I feel so lucky to work with them. I love being a part of the show. It?s so special nowadaysto be in a show that hits like this one did. People have a lot of choiceswhen it comes to what they watch on TV so I?m glad they watched our little show,?Randy Havenssaid. The setting of the show takes place in the 1980?s in Hawkins,Indiana.The show successfully createsa 1980?spop culture feel from the use of cars, to the furniture,also the technology,and referencesto Star Wars and Ghostbusters. In addition to a rich setting,the show featuresan amazing cast of charactersincludingWinona Ryder as Joyce; however,the show is best known for it?s younger talent. For example,Millie Bobby Brown who stars as Eleven and Gaten Matarazzo who stars as Dustin.Randy Havenshas worked along side many of the younger cast memberson the show,and he thinks very highly of them. ?They?re very talented and very funny and also very professional.They don?t really act like kids. There was a day when I was walking to set and they were on the playgroundand it clicked for me that they were actually children and I was like ?Oh yeah, they?re totally kids.?There are so many good times on set, it?s hard to pick one; however,filming our scenesfrom ?The Flea and The Acrobat? was definitely one of my favorites,?Randy Havensnoted.

subjectswe were studying.The teachersthat taught me to think for myself and the ones who showed me that it wasn?t all about multiple choice answerson tests,?Randy Havensrecalled. Netflix also aired ?Beyond Stranger Things?,which included in-depth discussionsabout the show by cast members,creators,and guests. Randy Havens appeared on an episode with Bill Nye ?The Science Guy?to talk about the science of the show. ?He was great! Well, I mean I didn?t learn it then but it was definitely reinforced:I am not a smart man,?Randy Havensclaimed. Fans can expect to see Mr. Clarke again in Season 3. Are there any hits as to what Mr. Clarke will be up to next? ?Who knows what season three will bring for Mr. Clarke?Hopefullyhe?ll get involved in the adventures,?Randy Havensreplied. In addition to Stranger Things,Randy Havensalso had a role on AMC?s Halt and Catch Fire playing the role of Stan-an.He also had a voice role on the

Growingup, Randy Havensdidn?t watch a lot of the classic monster movies,but he was a fan of Friday the 13th and Nightmareon Elm Street.

?As far the other classic monsters, not so much. A lot of Jason and Freddy,The Howling,American Werewolf in London.I guess Jason and Freddy were kinda my classic monsters,?Randy Havenssaid. Ari Lehman,who was the very first person to be cast as Jason Voorheesin the Friday the 13th movie franchise,is also a guest at CAPE. Other featured guests at CAPE2018 include Jayson Warner Smith (WalkingDead),Rochelle Davis (The Crow),cosplayer Marie-ClaudeBourbonnais,and more. Randy Havensis looking forward to meeting fans at CAPEin Cornwall and chatting about Stranger Things. ?I love meeting the fans! It?s so cool to get to talk to people that love Stranger Things.I can?t wait to meet you guys! We?re gonna have a blast,?Randy Havensconcluded. For more inf ormat ionon CAPEincl uding exhibit ors,ent ert ainment ,and t icket s, visit t heir websit e.www.cornwal l popevent .com

Mr. Clarke,as a science teacher and head of the A.V. Club, inspireshis studentsat HawkinsMiddle School,and he?s always there to answer their questions.For example, in the episode ?The Flea and The Acrobat?, after Will?s funeral,Mr. Clarke answersthe boys questionsabout the possibilityof travelingto other dimensions(like The Upside Down).He alwayskeeps the curiosity door open for his students? even if the character of Eleven (spoiler alert) needs to close that gate. Randy Havenscan relate to his character, because he had a few Mr. Clarke type teachersthat really inspired him when he was at school. ?Yes, I did. I had a few actually.They were the teachersthat inspired me to look beyond the textbook and to delve deeper into the

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