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Vol ume 9 Issue 5 March 9 - March 23, 2018

KATHY SM ART - Gu est Speaker at t h e WOM EN'S DAY SHOW

Ou r Cor n w all Gir l GONE BIG ... St or y an d Pi cs on Pages 4 an d 5


GI Joe and Wol verine comic book art ist Larry Hama and DashboardConf essional

musicianChrisCarrabbabothon P16

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THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 2 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

changed. They believe in the dream ? in the symbol, and they know that all people have the power to succeed. Now it is not a piece of wood and fire. Now it has power to change a life the way it changed my mother?s life and my life.?


?When I left home to join the tour I thought I knew what it was to work hard but I was wrong,? PL says. ?On the tour I met people who defined professionalism. Every day they pushed you to do things you thought were too great. But we represented the Olympic Flame and Canada. Success was our only option. So no matter how hard it looked, you tried and you achieved. And when you achieved you then pushed harder and achieved something even greater. The Olympics taught me how much I could succeed when I worked hard just like our athletes.?

A Leader of Posit ive Change Art icl e by Jane McLaren - provided phot o

Pierre Luc (PL)SimĂŠon may be Cornwall?s biggest Olympic fan. PL grew up on the ice dreaming of playing hockey. As a child he fondly recalls his mother talking about Nadia Comaneci?s perfect 10 in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, encouraging him saying ?if that little girl can do that, you can do anything!? The Olympics became PL?s inspiration. So when PL had the chance to join the 2010 VANOC Olympic Torch Relay, he did!


h ave t h e ar t s And that is the message of the Olympics PL No w l et 's Simeon continues to share. Today you will find still on t hhimem athe ice acting as a leader of

b uild

For 6 months PL toured Canada as a Torchbearer Host, living on the road, sleeping in rooms filled with torches and meeting famous people including Sydney Crosby. His job was to greet teams of torchbearers and prepare them to go out on the relay. But PL will tell you that his greatest memory is not the famous people or sights. It was witnessing the power of the Flame to change peoples? lives, including his own.

?My vision that I shared with torchbeares was deep inside. You see if you don?t believe in the symbol of the Olympic flame it is only a piece of wood and fire. But if you believe, it is the biggest peace symbol ever. And when you take that symbol through the streets and people see others stopping traffic and celebrating then they ask ?what is this??and they?ll go watch the Olympics. There they see some athlete, a nobody, make a super score and win gold and suddenly people are

positive change for future generations, coaching with OHA. He now teaches others to believe in themselves and in the value of hard work. He shares the lessons of professionalism and success he learned on the Relay, and he shares the vision of the flame ? that all people have the power to succeed. If you see him around Cornwall stop and talk to him.Ask him about the relay and what the flame means to him.Who knows, maybe the flame will change you too.


IT'S THAT TIM E OF THE YEAR AGAIN! THE CORNWALL OPTIM IST M INOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE is gear in g u p f or an ot h er season of sof t ball f or boys an d gir ls ages 4 t o 17 year s of age


Reser ve you r spot !

Th u r sday M ar ch 8 | Su n day M ar ch 18 6:30 to 8:30 pm

12:00 to 2:00 pm

$250 f or 4 days

Th u r sday Apr il 5 | Su n day Apr il 15 6:30 to 8:30 pm

12:00 to 2:00 pm

cor n w allr ibf est .com


For m or e in f o call Rick Dor e at 613-360-7116

IT'S$80 THAT TIM E OF THE YEAR AGAIN! Mini/ Major - $100 Bant am/ Peewee


We accept cash , cheque , visa, debit After these dates there will be a late registration charge of 10$ added to the registration fee.




Starting with the 2016 tax year, individuals who sell their principal residence have to report it on their tax returns. Reporting will be required for sales that occur on or after January 1, 2016. If this was your principal residence the entire time you owned it, capital gains will not apply. Regardless, if you sold your home on or after January 1, 2016 you must advise your tax preparer of the acquisition date and the price you sold it for (minus legal & real estate fees). Failure to do so may result in very heavy penalties (up to $8,000 for simply not reporting the sale of your own home!!).

sold your property and if: a) you rented your home (or a portion) to tenants (i.e. duplex, triplex etc.) b) it was not your principal residence (i.e. cottage) c) your home was attained as part of an estate If a), b) or c) applies to you, you will have to work closely with your tax preparer so forms can be completed to ascertain which part might be subject to capital gains. Regardless of any of the above, if you sold a property on or after January 1 2016, you must advise your tax preparer.Failure to do so may result in very hefty penalties! For more t ax t ips and t ax rel at ed f requent l y asked quest ions, visit my websit e atwww.sauvet

In certain cases, you may have to pay taxes on capital gains if you

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

I n t er v i ew w i t h com edi an an d f or m er NFL f oot bal l pl ayer M ar k Hat f i el d

The Seeker Team had such a gr eat day celebr ating the Wom en of our Com m unity this past Sunday at the Cor nw all 2018 Inter national Wom en's Day Show that w e hosted and w e ar e so happy being able to donate $1000 to SASS for Wom en and a $1,000 to M aison Baldw in House. (To date the Seeker has given over $40,000 in m onetar y donations and in-kind ser vices to var ious char itable or ganizations). Ther e w as so m uch netw or king, listening to w onder ful speaker s, our guest speaker being Kathy Sm ar t, our ver y ow n ?Cor nw all Gir l Gone Big!? Kathy is now a M ulti-Aw ar d W inning Nutr itionist, Best-Selling Author , Keynote Speaker , Huffington Post Wr iter , Healthy Body Im age Advocate and TV Per sonality, w ho has never for gotten her Cor nw all Roots - We ar e so pr oud of you Kathy! A big thank you to ever yone w ho cam e out in the snow y w eather , to our exhibitor s and to our team of volunteer s. Looking for wa r d to next yea r 's show!

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

A t hank you t o our


Th e "QU EENFOR A DAY" p ack ag ei n cl u d es: Breakfast at Harvest Rest aurant Lunch at Scores Supper at St omping Grounds Bist ro and Caf e A Day at the Spa at Above and Beyond A 1 month Ultra Deluxe Gym Package at Physical Limit s A "Tycoon" Necklace from Pommier Jewel l ers Flowers from Fl oral Expressions A nights stay with breakfast at Ramada Cornwal l 3 months of Kick-Fit from SD&G TaeKwon Do Concert tickets from Al kal ine Ent ert ainment Kitchen Hacks from Five N Under Chocolates from Fairy Sweet and Dip Me In Chocol at e A Tiara and Wine from The Seeker

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

From Shar y n's Pant r y TRY THESE MARVELOUS


From an old Robin Hood Flour Cookbook dated 1947, they described a muffin as 'Not a cake, not a biscuit, but a happy combination of both'. That just about sums it up. Muffins are so quick to make and bake. Great for breakfast, or to take along for lunches or snacks. I really love my lemon and blueberry muffins made with frozen wild blueberries. Actually, I'm eating one as I write my column. So Good! Try them!

LEMON AND WILD BLUEBERRY MUFFINS Why wild blueberries? They have tons more flavour compared to fresh cultivated blueberries. Buy them off season in the frozen food section of any store or fresh picked in late summer. INGREDIENTS: In a smal l bowl : 3/ 4 cup of milk 1 egg 1/ 3 cup of melted butter, cooled to room temperature In a l arge bowl :

-Set your oven to 350 degrees F. Oven rack second from the bottom. Line 12 paper muffin cups in you muffin tin.

-Using a scoop, fill each paper lined muffin tin. You will have 12 muffins.

-Combine the milk, egg and melted butter in a small bowl. -In a large bowl, sift or whisk the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar and nutmeg. Add the dried lemon zest. -To the dry ingredients, gently stir in the frozen wild blueberries. -Carefully, stir in the wet ingredients. Stir only to

-Combine the topping ingredients and using a spoon, sprinkle an equal amount over top of each muffin. -Bake the muffins for 20 to 21 minutes. Makes 12. ENJOY! -Serve warm with HONEY BUTTER. This is just an equal mixture of liquid unpasteurized honey and soft butter. It makes a perfect spread for any muffin. Neither too sweet or to buttery.

Ar ticle by M ike M er r ia m Local equestr ian athlete, Kim Woolley, Co-ow ner of M ar r ow and Spice, could not m ake it to the Wom an?s Day show this past Sunday to help at the M ar r ow and Spice booth, as she w as in W illiston Flor ida, com peting at an Inter national Equestr ian event. Kim and her Ar abian m ar e, Schakka Khan (aka ?Ziggy?) placed 5th in a field of 33 star ter s.

a family-run business for 37 years

combine. Your muffins will be tough not tender if you over mix the batter.


METHOD: -Melt the butter. Set aside to cool.


TOPPING: 3 tbsp. white sugar grated zest from 1 lemon

812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998

1- 1/ 2 cups of unbleached all purpose flour 2- 1/ 2 rounded tsp. of baking powder 1/ 4 tsp. fine salt 1/ 2 cup of white sugar 1- 1/ 2 tsp. ground nutmeg 2 tsp. dried lemon zest (I used dried lemon zest here as I only had 1 lemon and I needed the zest from that one for the topping.) (If you have extra lemons, you can used 2 tbsp. grated zest of a fresh lemon.) 1- 1/ 2 cups wild frozen blueberries (frozen not thawed)

long-listed for the Canadian Endur ance Team for W EG 2018. Equestr ian Canada has r ecently nam ed Kim as 1 of only 3 r ider s selected to r epr esent Canada at the W EG 2018 test event in Tr yon Nor th Car olina in Apr il. This is an invitation only event held pr ior to the Gam es in or der to test the tr ail and facilities to be used in for the event.

Kim lives in Finch, Ontar io and has been com peting in Endur ance hor se r aces for over a decade, slow ly building her exper ience and exper tise in the spor t. Over the past tw o year s she has been actively cam paigning in an attem pt to be selected for the Canadian Team for the Wor ld Equestr ian Gam es 2018 this fall in Nor th Car olina. Her success at the event in W illiston has ear ned her and Ziggy the necessar y qualifications for selection to Team Canada.

If you w ant to com e out to find out m or e about this spor t, ther e ar e thr ee local distance r iding events happening this sum m er : Su n day Ju l y 15t h i n Bou r get (Lar ose For est) m anaged by Kelsa Staffa; Sat u r day & Su n day Sept em ber 1 & 2 i n Cal abogi e, m anaged by Pauline Flem ing; Sat u r day & Su n day Sept 15-16 i n Per t h , m anaged by Elaine Steele. For m or e infor m ation on these local events and distance r iding in Ontar io, please visit: w w w.OCTRA.ON.CA For m or e infor m ation on this spor t in Canada and inter nationally, visit: h t t ps://w w w.equ est r i an .ca/spor t /en du r an ce

Con gr at u lat ion sKim an d Ziggy!

Kim ?s entir e oper ation is local. Her Cr ew Chief, Denise Blanchet, lives in Cor nw all, Ontar io. M ike M er r iam (Finch), and M ar cel Dufr esne (Cor nw all) m ake up the r est of the team . Kim buys her feed locally at Finch Feed & Seed, and tr ains and conditions on the local tr ails in the War w ick For est m anaged by South Nation Conser vation

Author ity. Kim is a nationally cer tified equestr ian coach and actively suppor ts new par ticipants in the spor t of distance r iding. In inter national com petitions, the endur ance r ace takes place over 160km of tr ail in a single day, w ith the hor se taking 5 or 6 m andator y br eaks for food, w ater , r est and veter inar y inspections. Kim and Ziggy, w ith the help of their cr ew , ended 2017 as the thir d highest inter nationally r anked Canadian endur ance com bination and ar e

Feel fr ee to show your suppor t for Kim on the M ar r ow and Spice Facebook page. Photocredit,VictoriaBoydof OrdinaryRipplePhotography (photographerbasedin EasternOntario- Elgin- Gananoque - Kingston- SmithsFalls-Brockville- Ottawa)

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 6 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796 www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

Cor n w al l Gen er al Hospi t al ?Dow n M em or y Lan e?Pr oj ect On -t r ack Shir ley Heagle, CGH RNA gr aduate and r esident of The Car e Centr e coor dinated a successful fundr aiser w ith a Basket Dr aw. M or e than $1,000. w as r aised tow ar ds the CGH, Dow n M em or y Lane Pr oject. The CGH RN and RNA Alum ni, Doctor s, for m er em ployees, volunteer s and fr iends of CGH ar e gr ateful for continuing donations tow ar ds our goal. The pr oject is m oving for w ar d and the planned hir ing of a local pr ofessional, to com plete the vision, is im m inent. A note of encour agem ent w as r ecently r eceived fr om M .P. Guy Lauzon.


Par t n er sh i p an d Fu n dr ai si n g Su ccess

MARCH BREAK AND BEYOND ... AT CORNWALL PUBLIC LIBRARY Improve your chess skills with our week-long CHESS CAMP. March 12 to 16?9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Cost is $20 upon registration. Contact Cliff Labre of Au Diapasonat 613-930-2355.

The Januar y 31st episode of I Begg Your Pardon w ith host Ron Begg, pr ofiled the pr oject by inviting team m em ber s Shar on Por ter (Nur ses Alum ni) and Don Sm ith (Cor nw all Com m unity M useum ) on air to discuss the vision and the im por tant r ole that the hospital played in the life of the com m unity.

Her i t age Fai r Unable to obtain our ow n booth at the Febr uar y 24th capacity event, our com m unity par tner , the Cor nw all Com m unity M useum , w elcom ed us to shar e its booth to pr om ote aw ar eness. Pictur ed betw een com m ittee m em ber s Cather ine Poir ier and Shir ley Heagle is Ir m a Cook (Class of 1951); Car ol M atheson (Class of 1952) took the photo.

PAWS?N BOOKS (Ages 4 and up) Saturdays, March 3 to March 24 - 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Reading to a dog is ?Pawsome.?

POSITIVE PARENTING CAFÉ - Toil et Training. March 12 - 11:00 a.m. to Noon. Discuss and learn about solutions to common parenting problems.


Gu est Appear an ce on You r TV Cor n w al l

YOGA YOUTH (Ages 6-16) Saturdays, March 10 & 17-10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.Yoga helps to increase focus, self-esteem and reduce anxiety, as well as increase physical strength and flexibility.

Celebrate Leprechauns with St . PATRICK'S DAY CRAFTS. March 17 ? 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.Drop-in Craft stations for all ages.


Som e m em ber s of Cor nw all Com for t Quilts, w ho m eet m ultiple tim es a w eek at The Car e Centr e, w er e on hand for the Febr uar y 28th dr aw at the Car e Centr e. Flanked by Car e Centr e co-ow ner Dan Or r and the Cor nw all Com m unity M useum ?s M anager / Associate Cur ator Don Sm ith, r affle or ganizer Shir ley Heagle dr ew the w inning ticket belonging to CGH RNA gr ad Paul Blanchar d, w hile the quilter s w atched in anticipation.



LEGO MEGA BUILDERS March 12 to 16?3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. Afternoons of free play with LEGO. Work independently or together to build a massive week-long project. Come and go as you please.

LITTLE BUILDERS March 12 ? 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.Kids are natural engineers, so join us for a morning of play-based learning that gives little ones a chance to build, build, build. POPSICLE STICK ENGINEERING (Ages 6 to 13) March 13 ? 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.Drop-in for a morning of engineering as we explore the innocuous and ubiquitous popsicle stick. SUGAR BUILDERS March 13 ? 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Which makes a taller tower or a stronger bridge: jelly beans or marshmallows? Find out for yourself as we build with sweets and toothpicks. L?HEURE DU CONTE FAMILIAL (de 3 à 5 ans ) 15 mars, de 10 h à 10 h 45 MINI-PUTT @ THE LIBRARY (Ages 6 to 12) March 15 ? 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Build your own course and traps in the library, then challenge yourself to getting a hole in one! POM-POM DROP! & 3D DESIGNS (Ages 5 to 7) March 16?10:00to 11 Build your own Pom-Pom Drop! Learn to think and design in 3D with paper, straws and pipe cleaners. GUEST AUTHORS

Apr i l Ex h i bi t at Cor n w al l Pu bl i c Li br ar y

Local author and illustrator MISSY HARRISON will be joining us for a reading of her new book, The Fallen Star. March 14 ? 10:00 a.m. t o 10:30 a.m. (All Ages)

Pu bl i c Par t i ci pat i on i s Wel com e Anyone w ishing to help pr eser ve the m em or y of the CGH School of Nur sing (1899-1969), the subsequent RNA tr aining centr e (1968-1989) and the ser vice of all CGH fr iends is invited to contr ibute finances or other r esour ces by contacting the com m ittee. A high r esolution photo of the r otunda/fish pond is being sought. Donations can be E-tr ansfer r ed to the Pr oject Account via shar onellenpor ter @gm Cheques can be m ailed to the Attention of Shar on Por ter , The Car e Centr e, 510 Second Str eet East, Cor nw all, ON K6H 1Z6.


For the m onth of Apr il a r elevant display w ill be featur ed in a display case at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y.

Local author JIM DESSON will be joining us for a reading of his book, Little Guy with the Big Heart. March 17 - 10:00 a.m. t o 10:30 a.m. (Ages 8 to 12)

For More Info about the Library, Visit:

Have a Happy and Saf e March Break!

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G


He re

is.. The

e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll

w ith Ra che lle And re


For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.

MARCH 9 Friday The AC/ DC Show - Cornwall PM·La Maison Tavern / The House·Cornwall

MARCH 10 - Sat LIVE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT@ Old Town Hall @ 3:00 pm TrevorCleffs Swing into Spring!@ Georgian House@ 6:00 pm ? 10:00 pm Float like a PunkerFly! Sting like A Grungebee!@ Lola's Pub and Grub@ 10:00 pm

MARCH 11 -Sun Start your spring break with PAWtrol@ Boston Pizza (Cornwall) 11:00 am ? 2:00 pm Menopause The Musical Cornwall@ Aultsville Theatre @ 2:00 pm ? 5:00 pm Dave Allen. Live @ Lola?s.@ Lola's Pub and Grub @ 3:00 pm ? 6:00 pm Annual Irish Stew Supper@ Knox-St.Paul @ 5:30 pm

MARCH 12 - Mon March Break Fun@ OPG - St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre 10:00 am ? 12:30 pm


Bo re d

March Break Acting/ Music Camp This fun camp will run the Monday to Wednesday (March 12th, 13th ,14th) It will be at the city complex . Call today to be part of this great experience! Cost is only $75 Call (613) 932-3510 Or

MARCH 13 - Tue Sensory Sensitivity Day ? Linking Hands EXPO@ Maple Ridge Centre

Mar 13 @ 12:00 pm ? 3:00 pm

MARCH 17 - Sat urday St-Patrick?s Day at the Glengarrian Pub & Restaurant@ all-day BBQ Block Party@ 614 St-Lawrence St @ 10:00 am ? 3:00 pm Priests Mill Glassworks ? Drop-In Saturdays@ Priests Mill Glassworks Alexandria@ 10:00 am ? 3:00 pm

The Pretty Cool Records Radio Show Season 3 Episode 17

Seedy Saturday Cornwall ? 4th Annual@ Benson Centre @ 10:00 am ? 3:00 pm

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

TEENAGE HEAD - Let's Shake The Vejtables - Hide Yourself The The Rolling Stones - Think The Cichlids - Did you ever? Arnold Corns - Hang On To Yourself 6. Napoleon Solo 7. Eater - Waiting For The Man 8. Beef Boys - Melt It Like A Witch 9. The Eyes - Disneyland 10. Budgie - Breadfan 11. Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs Little Red Riding Hood 12. Reignwolf - Are You Satisfied 13. Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog 14. Black Fire Pistol - Bad Blood 15. Wah Wah Watson - Goo Goo Wah Wah 16. Wishbone Ash - Jail Bait 17. Screeching Weasel - Super Market Fantasy 18. State Radio - Waitress 19. The The Sadies - Feed Her Candy 20. SmashMouth - Padrino 21. Trench Town Oddities - End Up Here

Rogers Hometown Hockey ? Cornwall@ Cornwall Civic Complex Mar 17 @ 12:00 pm ? Mar 18 @ 10:30 pm St-Patrick?s Day Party@ Cornwall Knights of Columbus Hall @ 7:00 pm ? Mar 18 @ 1:00 am Tribute to The Eagles, One Of These Nights@ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm

MARCH 19 -Monday Say it With PowerPoint ? FREE 4 Week Training@ 101 2nd St. West @

MARCH 20 - Tuesday Recording 101 Free Clinic With Ray Wilson@ Melody Music Centre @ 6:30 pm

MARCH 23 - Friday Cornwalls Got Talent@ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

MARCH 24 - Sat urday Rotary Club of Cornwall Annual Pancake Breakfast@ St John's Presbyterian Church @ 7:00 am ? 12:00 pm

The Pret t y Cool ! Records Radio Show airs weekl y f rom 6:00 t o 8:00PM wit h host Chad Col eman & Greg MacDonal d. Onl y on DCN!

Big Art Come Back@ Jean Pigott Place, in Ottawa City Hall @ 5:30 pm ? 8:30 pm

House @ 9:00 pm

Bob Marley Experience MTL ? Live at La Maison March 24@ La Maison Tavern / The

The Beatdown @ Lola?s@ Lola's Pub and Grub @ 10:00 pm ? Mar 25 @ 2:00 am

CORNWALL, ON ? We w er e t h r i l l ed t o br i n g ou r Ven t u r e Dem o Day t o Al ex an dr i a f or t h e f i r st t i m e an d w or k w i t h par t n er s t o h el p gr ow i n n ovat i ve oppor t u n i t i es i n SD& G Cou n t i es. Tw o ven t u r es pi t ch ed t h ei r i deas t o t h e r ev i ew pan el m ade u p of

r egi on al bu si n ess pr of essi on al s i n cl u di n gRose D?Am at o (Sen i or Accou n t M an ager , Acqu i si t i on , BDC);Tar a Ki r k pat r i ck (Econ om i c Devel opm en t & Com m u n i cat i on s Of f i cer , Nor t h Gl en gar r y); an d Sebast i en M an i gat (Fou n der , Bast i on Hospi t al i t y). Th e su ccessf u l or ?gr een ? r at ed ven t u r e i s: -

Bi g Rock M ou n t ai n I n c., aon e st op sh op f or m i n i n g

an d aggr egat es w ar e par t s. Th ey desi gn i n n ovat i ve t ech n ol ogy f or t h e m i n i n g an d i n du st r i al sect or s.Th e ven t u r e cu r r en t l y oper at es ou t of Gr eel y, On t ar i o. W i t h t h e addi t i on of Bi g Rock M ou n t ai n , t h e CI C?s Lead To W i n pr ogr am , m odel ed af t er Car l et on Un i ver si t y?s aw ar d-w i n n i n g pr ogr am , n ow h as a t ot al of 12 ven t u r es oper at i n g u n der i t s w i n g.

PLACE yo u r EVENT i n THIS CALENDAR, It i s FAST,CONVENIENTAND FREE! Go t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er YOU Reven t ! Let us help you advertise

all your happenings!

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 4 - March 9 - 23 - pg. 8 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Don't f or get t o SPRING FORWARD Su n day M ar ch 11 at 2:00 am Don't forget to change the batteries of your smoke detectors too!

HAS MOVED TO: 421 MARLBOROUGH ST, Cornwal l ON (613) 933-7878 KAYLA SAYS: "STAY TUNED - We

are GROWING BIGGER with more amazing things to come to Doggie Styles Day Spa!"

M ARCHBREAKat Dat e: Wednesday March 14t h Times: 9:30 am ? 12:30 pm 1pm ? 5:30pm and 6pm ? 8pm Locat ion: First l evel , Ol d Sears Act ivit y: 3-D Thril l Rider (FREE)

LET?S TALK SCIENCE ? Universit y of Ot t awa

Dat e: Sunday March 18t h Times: 11:00 am ? 12:30pm 1pm ? 5:30pm Locat ion: First l evel , Ol d Sears Act ivit y: 3-D Thril l Rider ($3.00 per person per ride)

Dat e & Time: Monday, March 12t h - 10am-2pm Locat ion: Cent re Court Act ivit y: Chil drens Science Demonst rat ions

·Riders must be a minimum of 48? · Medical stipulations apply to riders ·An adult must accompany children. · Ride will accommodate 6 riders at one time. ·Rides are approximately 4 to 5 minutes. long.

- Recommended for ages 3-12 - Children must be a accompanied by an adult


m or e

in f o

on eit h er

even t


w w w.cor n w allsqu ar

or call


1 Wat er St r eet East ,Cor n w all ON (acr ossf r om t h e Aqu at icCen t r e)- M on -Fr i- 9:30 am t o 9 pm - Sat - 9:30 am t o 5:30 pm - Su n - 11 am t o 5 pm

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M a rie

M O RRELL Generat ion gap af f ect s t he way you communicat e. A generation gap is the difference of opinions between one generation and another. It encompasses beliefs, values, politics and use of technology? which affects interpersonal communication. The term also often refers to a perceived gap between grandparents, parents and younger people. Face-to-face communication is less and less common since it has moved to computer-mediated communication (CMC). CMC is mostly used by younger people? called Generation Y born in the 1980s and 1990s who are more comfortable with it.

On the other hand, the Baby Boomers born after World War II and generation X of the early 1960s to late 1970s, values face-to-face communication and still like sending cards for all occasions and long handwritten letters. As a result, these different ways of communication cause conflicts between the two generations. Just try to imagine the impact of Generation Z born in the 2000s. How can the generational communication gap be closed to allow everyone to have meaningful interpersonal communication? A research in the domain came to the conclusion that the meaning of messages is often compromised in CMC due to the lack of nonverbal hints and social presence. Rather than not verbally communicating,people communicate via digital media to meet someone in their circle.

Reaching out to dr aw in m or e local vendor s, Ri bf est intr oduces a new ar ea: Ar t i san s Al l ey/Far m er s M ar k et . For near ly half the pr ice, you m ay be able to get a booth. Pr ice: ONLY $250 for all 4 days of Ribfest 2018. You ar e str ongly encour aged to r egister im m ediately. Contact John Lucio at to get a spot.

While communicating Generation Y prefers looking atonly one peace of the puzzle at the time. Baby Boomers look at the whole picture to ensure the pieces are in the right place right from the beginning. The analogy: looking at the whole table of contents of a book instead of looking at one chapter in mo particular order. This is not saying, these approaches are wrong; it is just using a different approach to achieve the same goal. It is important for all generations to talk about this issue face to face to work together to close the gap. Stating that both sides must use tolerance and respect is an understatement. The gap is a result of the difference in the language used.It does not make one group more efficient than the other. As reported by the Daily Mail, "Speaking various languages makes a person smarter." Internet is changing the way you think American writer Nicholas Carr's claim that "The Internet is not only shaping our lives but physically altering our brains which has sparked a lively and ongoing debate", says John Naughton. Short Message Service (SMS) language is commonly referred to as texting language? an abbreviated language and slang encouraging users to use abbreviations. E-mail is used for many different purposes: contacting friends, professors and supervisors, requesting information of all kinds. Once SMS became popular, it took on a life of its own. It was often used outside its original context consequently introducingsome challenges for writers. Miscommunicationcan easily occur when people have different expectations about the E-mails they send and receive. Depending on the purposes, the messages you send will differ in their formality, intended audience, and desired outcome. Writers are challenged to make their E-mail stand apart from 'spam' and to grab and hold the attention of their audience. So how do you know an E-mail is the most effective way of getting your message across? You will have the answer by taking a class on the use of this way of communicating. Until Baby Boomers and Generation X understand the various purposes of e-mails, Generation Y should also learn the value other communication techniques? languages. Bottom line tolerance and respect is the only way to move forward. Remember when using a language, dozens of synonyms come in to play to interpret in the way of thinking ofthe person who sends/ receives an E-mail. If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

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This is the second stor y a bout the tea cher s in our lives.


I 'd a lways knew this day would come, wher e M r s. Chisholm would be fr ont a nd center once a ga in. I n my minds eye she's still at the bla ckboa r d widely pr a cticing her cur sive. On a side note to her daughter Kathy, when I ca me down today I stopped shor t a nd r emember ed, r a n ba ck a nd spr ayed the Ta bu a nd felt the wa r mest pr esence...a nd I don't think I mentioned but ever y per fume your mother wor e, is on my dr esser ...

You r W i n dson g St ays on M y M i n d

Did you know that the colognes of the 60?s continue to be popular even after 50 year s? Nam es like Em er aude and Lily of the Valley, Tabu and Char lie, Patchouli and all that Jovan m usk in spr ays or oils w hose tw isty caps pull m e back to M ur iel Chisholm ?s gr ade one class. The 9 am bell shr ills its alar m at the nor th entr ance of St. M ar y?s School in Eam er s Cor ner s. Thir ty-tw o scr aw ny kids stum ble into tw o r ow s w ho m ar ch one by one to the only r oom w ith full sun and open w indow s. Red pen in hand, M ur iel glances her e and ther e for one of us to br eak the line...until w e?r e all settled in at last. Despite all outw ar d appear ances M ur iel w as a sm all and m ighty for ce w ho at 5?2? w as a pow er house of a teacher , a w ife and m other of thr ee childr en. She w as the m iddle child of M ar tin and Ter esa M aloney w ho far m ed cattle over in Str athm or e, south of M onkland and w ho knew a har d day?s w or k befor e m ost of us w er e up for our m or ning coffee.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Gr ow ing up, Ter esa w anted her gir ls to have a pr ofession and be independent despite the gener ation they w er e m atur ing into, because it w as som ething she w as never able to do in her s. M aybe this explains M ur iel?s quiet deter m ination that all her students get to the top of the list at least once a w eek because in the left hand dr aw er of her desk she hid little r olls of silver , r ed and gold star s. Am id the extr a er aser s and pencil shavings scatter ed about, w er e photogr aphs of her childr en tucked ther e outside their fr am es. Dur ing study per iods she w as know n to take them out and tr ace her finger ar ound their little faces, tilt her head and sm ile. Ever y Fr iday she?d line us up at the clipboar d hanging at the door w her e my fellow classm ates w er e listed off as r ed, silver and gold star students of the w eek . All those glitter ing, shim m er ing star s ar e gone now but I?ll never for get the feeling of being #1 in M r s. Chisholm ?s books. I m et her once m or e in my 30?s at the m all. I?d sent a letter to the editor about a fellow student w hose sudden death at 40 year s, both shocked and saddened m e because as childr en w e w er e never told the tr uth about her health. It w as an ode to a fr iend, an apology, a r em inder of taking extr a car e of tender hear ts and w hen M ur iel spotted m e, she gr abbed my ar m telling m e to keep w r iting. It w as a gold star m om ent. We sat and talked a spell and I couldn?t stop sm iling because she looked like a m illion bucks. M y hear t w as so full that I had to close my eyes for a m inute. Of cour se she sm elled fantastic. How did she m anage to color and style her hair the sam e after all those year s, r ight dow n to thegold* star , w ir e r im m ed glasses...and the clothes-don?t get m e star ted...she w as a pictur e w ith no need of a fr am e! I?ve since found out a few idiosyncr asies of the M r s. that m ight?ve taken the shine off the glass had I know n befor being that she w as ter r ified of air planes, but loved to tr avel and once took the bus all the w ay to Flor ida. She w as a good spor t w ho liked to laugh and absolutely loved those day tr ips and shopping to the States w ith her husband Joe. They called St. Andr ew s hom e for 32 year s and after w or king at six ar ea schools, M ur iel felt the countr y schools-countr y kids w er e the best inside and out because of their sense of com m unity. She w as a good cook, an aw esom e Gr andm other w ho taught constantly, especially w hen the Gr ands w er e hom e sick fr om school. Using gam es like Scr abble and cr ossw or ds, she m ade lear ning fun. W hen I fir st spoke w ith M ur iel?s daughter Kathy about this stor y, I asked w hat the m agic per fum e w as that her m other w or e but she w asn?t sur e...ther e w er e so m any of them lined up thr ough the year s. And as I got into the m eat and potatoes of the stor y I lear ned m or e about her style and gr ace, Cr abtr ee and Evelyn, her tr em endous faith and I r ealized that it didn?t m atter that I?d never know the answ er s to som e of my questions. Because w hen you?r e in the pr esence of a Lady ever ything else goes out the w indow. Li sa Gr ay Copyr i gh t @ 2018




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w w w.ver sacor et ech design

Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library, on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about this or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.

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and about With the Seeker Chicks

M O RIN Some of the greatest movies of all time are based on books: Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, The Exorcist, and The Wizard of Oz to name a few. This past Sunday, March 4th, marked the 90th Academy Awards, and amidst the glamour and pageantry five more incredible movies based on books were nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.Call Me by Your Name was awarded the Oscar, but all five movies are worth watching, and all five books they were inspired by worth reading.

Cal l Me By Your Name - James Ivory became the oldest winner ever of an Academy Award for his work on Call Me By Your Name. The 89-year-old adapted the movie from the book of the same name, written by André Aciman and published in 2007. The coming-of-age story follows a life-changing summer romance between the intellectually precocious Elio and visiting scholar Oliver, played by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer in the movie. A powerful and moving portrayal of first love, this is not one to miss. The Disast er Art ist - Brothers James and Dave Franco adapted their quirky and heartfelt film from the non-fiction book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made. Published in 2013, the book was written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell and details the difficult production and development of the 2003 cult film The Room. Sestero ends the book with a compelling meditation on the power, and danger, of unconditional belief in one's dreams. Logan- Reviewers and audiences alike raved over this western-inspired dark superhero movie. It is considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, and is the first live-action superhero film to receive a Best Screenplay nomination. The movie was inspired by Marvel Comics character Old Man Logan, an alternative version of Wolverine set in a world where super villians overthrew the superheroes. This dystopia-style story follows the aging Logan and Professor X as they attempt to defend a young mutant from their dangerous world. Mol l y's Game- Supremely talented writer and director Aaron Sorkin adapted his movie, starring Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba, from the 2014 non-fiction book by Molly Bloom,Molly's Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.Bloom reveals how she built one of the most successful and secretive poker games ever attended by celebrities, business moguls, and millionaires - and how this dangerous and glamorous life eventually came crashing down. Mudbound- This period drama film, featuring singer Mary J. Blige who became the first woman to receive simultaneous Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song, is adapted from the debut novel by author Hillary Jordan. This bestseller is based in 1946 and follows couple Henry and Laura as they move to a remote cotton farm in Mississippi, and the struggles of two celebrated WWII soldiers as they return home and must deal with what they have seen and done on the battlefield.


Oscar-wort hy Reading




M e la ne e

The White Knucklerz RC for Local Sick Children had the pleasure of attending the 2018 International Women's Day Show on March 4... We Raised Awareness for Alaya (top left) who suffers from Li-Fraumeni Syndrome... She is an Amazing 16 year old and a TRUE Inspiration to ALL Women of Tomorrow because NO Cancer is going to stop her from her dream job of being a Criminologist . The Seeker thanks Laurie-Jade for stepping up at the last minute and speaking about the mission of the White Knucklerz RC.

In photo from left to right are: Carol, Sally, Lucie, Yvonne, Nancy, Jacintha, Maria, Jean, Aleida, and Meghan either baby Nicolas. On March 2nd, St Francis de Sales parish hosted this year's World Day of Prayer ceremony, along with 170 other countries! The motto for this special day is "informed prayer and prayerful action". It is an ecumenical service prepared by the women's inter-church council of Canada. This year, Suriname was the country being celebrated with the theme of "A Heri Grontapu Di Gado Meki Bun Doro, Dòro - All God's creation is very good!" Together we prayed that we may remember that we are only borrowing this earth and to handle His creation with responsibility. We must change our mind and behaviour to continue to recycle, re-use, and reduce waste to preserve the earth for ourselves and those that will come after us. What is your cont ribut ion t o hel p rest ore our environment ?

M ela nee'spa ssionfor r ea dingbega nat a younga ge, culminatingin a M a ster 'sdegr eein EnglishLiter atur efr om the Univer sityof Ottawaa nd a desir eto pr omoteliter a cya nd cultur e,sta r tingher eat Cor nwa ll'sloca Seeker newspa per . TheBookNook pr ovidesbookr eviewsof both newlyr elea sednovelsa bout to hit bookstor esa nd excitingbooksca r r iedat The Cor nwa llPublicLibr a r y (includingloca l author s).I nquir iesa nd commentsmay be sent to cor nwa llbookr

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Mortgage Tips



What Shoul d I Ask Bef ore I Sign Document s f or a New Mort gage? 1. How are t he penal t ies cal cul at ed if I have t o break my mort gage earl y? Specifically, ask what rate they use to calculate the ?interest rate differential? or the 3 months of interest penalty. Typically, if the lender has ?posted rates? they use these to calculate the penalty. If this is the case, the penalty can be 3, 4 or even 5 times higher than a mortgage lender that does not have posted rates to calculate their early payout penalty calculation. This one question could save you thousands of dollars! 2. Is t his a ?col l at eral ? mort gage? Some lenders have recently started putting all of their mortgages into what is called a ?collateral? charge. In the right situation, given significant equity (at least 20% ) in the home, this product can be very useful and advantageous. The disadvantage to this product however, is that you cannot ?switch? it to another lender at maturity. You have to actually discharge this type of mortgage and re-register a new one with a new lender which will cost an average of $1,200 for legal fees and appraisal costs. 3. Can I ?port ? my mort gage if I buy anot her house? Most variable rate mortgages cannot be ?blended?.However, the penalty to break a variable rate mortgage is about 3 months interest so in most cases, the penalty will not be unrealistic. Some lenders have changed their policies (very quietly) ? instead of allowing you to add new money to a mortgage in the event of a new purchase, they require you to pay the full penalty. Some clients have been caught off guard by sneaky lenders who don?t tell them

this until only a few days before close, at which time it?s too late to switch lenders.In all situations, a lender will have to approve the property before they can ?port? any mortgage. 4. What happens t o my mort gage l if e insurance if I swit ch l enders at t he end of my t erm? This is a very commonly overlooked detail by those who take the mortgage insurance offered by their bank or lender. The challenge is that if you want to ?switch? your mortgage to another lender at the end of your term, you have to re-apply for insurance. The downside to this is that you?ll be five years older, and if you have developed any health issues, the premium will increase and you may not qualify for the insurance at all. Getting insurance from a third party can stay in place for the whole time you have your mortgage, no matter who your mortgage lender is. 5. What happens at t he end of t he t erm? Will they offer you the best rate they offer their new clients, or will you have to negotiate for best rates at that time. Most banks know that clients likely won?t make the effort to negotiate the best rates. Working with an independent Mortgage Broker will provide you with the most competitive rates, not only when you buy your home, but when it comes up for renewal each term. Jenni MacDonald ( is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.# 10145). She has over 7 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at

Fire and Ice this com petition is gaining popular ity w ith no less than one hundr ed team s r egister ing to par ticipate this year , and sever al m or e on a w aiting list hoping to get their chance.

By Syl vie O?Rourke The guys, w ith their skates slung acr oss their shoulder s, ar e beginning to fidget, anxious to launch their ice blades onto the w or ld?s longest skating r ink .We have been saunter ing w ith them thr ough Confeder ation Par k to adm ir e the intr icately car ved W inter lude sculptur es, and, I w ill adm it that w e m ight have attem pted to per suade them to push us dow n the canal in those cute little r ental sleighs.Regr etfully, only Sir Textalot is open to the suggestion but he is out-num ber ed.We w ave to them asthey glide aw ay w ithout us, snaking ar ound the cluster s of other skater s.Left behind, w e linger a little w hile longer at the ice sculptur es befor e catching the shuttle to Dow ?s Lake w her e w e w ill be r eunited at the dr agon boat r aces. This is w her e things w ill r eally fir e up! Having been involved w ith Cor nw all Water fest and the dr agon boat r aces in one w ay or another since its inception, I am par ticular ly excited about seeing the ice ver sion of this com petition.These boats ar e shor ter seating ten paddler s as opposed to tw enty on the w ater.To com pensate for their lack of buoyancy the boats sit on four blades and paddler s use sticks w ith spike-laden hooves to jab at the ice for pr opulsion. It looks difficult and the har d sur face lacks the fluidity of tr aditional dr agon boat r acing yet no one seem s deter r ed.Only in its infancy,

It?s an enter taining com petition to w atch.The team spir it is evident in the cheer s, the songs, and the br ightly-colour ed m atching scar ves and dr agonesque hats.I even spot a team spor ting fur r y pur ple onesies! W hen the hor n announces the star t of the heat, five dr agon boats blaze dow n the 250 m eter cour se, their clicking paddles r esounding like out-of-r hythm tap shoes.I cheer for the Chicks w ith Sticks for no other r eason than I like their nam e and br ight pink hats.As the dr um m er s do their best to keep their cr ew in sync, the steer er s w ith their eyes on the finish line, stand at their r udder s doing their utm ost to keep their vessels on tr ack .In a valiant attem pt at unison, the paddler s fur iously str ike the ice again and again to push them selves for w ar d.The com petition is so fier ce that I can alm ost pictur e fir e exhaling fr om the fr ozen dr agons' lungs.It is a good r un but my chosen team loses the heat to the Bytow n Spor tchicks Icycles w ith their neon gr een accessor ies. We w atch a few m or e heats w hile placing fr iendly w ager s am ongst our selves to see w ho can pr edict the w inning team .M y less than scientific m ethod for choosing the victor s pr oves unr eliable.I w ill have to com e up w ith a better system next tim e.But for now , the cold is star ting to get to us and the guys ar e show ing signs of r estlessness once again.This is our cue to bid them goodbye and catch the shuttle to our next r endez-vous w her e w ill shar e som e hot apple cider to end the after noon.W ho knew that fir e and ice w ould pr ove to be such a gr eat com bination?Now about those sleighs? . For mor e infor mation on the Cor nwa ll Outdoor Club de Plein Air , visit: w w w.cor nwa lloutdoor or like us on Fa cebook.

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End Picky-Eat ing Chal l enges by Addressing t he Cause! The high incidence of picky-eating among children with learning and behaviour disorders is no coincidence and has been reported by researchers since the 1940?s. Both cognitive challenges and picky-eating is rooted in a whole brain-body imbalance that can often be improved through therapeutic nutrition. Below are often overlooked, but common causes.

1. Zinc Def iciency ? Deficiency in this mineral is common among children with learning and behaviour challenges and coincidentally impacts brain health as well as appetite and taste buds. Deficiency can be marked by white spots on finger nails, a reduced ability to smell and food tasting bland. 2. Gut Bact eria - When there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeast in the gut--carb and sugar addiction is present. Your child will likely only desire foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, not knowing it is the bad bacteria that is calling the shots. 3. Food Int ol erance & Addict ion - When digestion is impaired due to bad gut bacteria, insufficient digestive enzymes or stomach acid--foods like wheat and dairy are incorrectly broken down. These foods become converted into compounds that mimic morphine because they target the brain?s opiate receptors. Children become addicted to what I call the ?carb and cheese diet?. They limit their choices to only these foods which have a temporary 'feel good' effect on the brain. 4. Low St omach Acid - Many children develop an aversion to meat because they experience bloating or discomfort after eating meat due to low stomach acid. Address the root cause? protein is a building block of brain health. 5. Processed Food & Chemical Addict ion ? Processed food contains countless chemical preservatives and flavoring which are highly addictive. These foods are designed by food engineers that seek ?return customers?. An addictive cocktail is created by combining addictive foods and chemicals that enhances flavour and fuel cravings. The more processed food your child eats, the more likely their taste buds and food choices are being hijacked.

Schedule a free 20 minuteHappy, Healthy Child Breakthroughsession today!

In Heal t h & Whol eness,


Brain & Body Empowerment


Use Cash Inst ead

Please forgive this rant, but I still can't believe Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have survived this long. Recent crashes have lost people a lot of money. In case you don't know what a cryptocurrency is, the fastest explanation is that it is an imaginary currency that you buy with real money. Imagine that I hold a feather in my hand and I tell you it is worth a million dollars. If enough people believe me, the feather (found on the ground near Pitt & Second) will be valuated at a million dollars. Then I can start selling shares in the feather, and who knows, maybe it will go up in value. Nonsense, isn't it? Well, that feather is more concrete than a cryptocurrency. In this era of hardware (Meltdown) and software exploits, it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency banks and systems are hacked.

It seems that various governments around the world are trying to limit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Finally, some sanity from governments. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated, anonymous, and prone to very wide variation in valuation. The only practical use for cryptocurrencies is to make anonymous transactions. And, really, the only reason to make anonymous transactions is if you are trying to hide the transfer of funds. That is a hallmark of illegal activity. Which logically leads to the realization that cryptocurrencies are only truly useful for criminals. You know, those people who deal in child porn, illegal drugs, weapons, and slave trafficking. So, if you want to support those activities, go ahead and support cryptocurrencies. I will go a step further and say any government that doesn't actively ban cryptocurrencies is as corrupt as those criminals that I have mentioned. If you really want to hide your transactions, use cash and make the purchase in person. Besides, cash transactions help businesses reduce costs that they may pass along to you as a discount. Have a great weekend!


Tr u e Roots Brain & Body Sol ut ions - Phone:613-330-9254

YOUcan m ak e a d i ffer en cei n t h e l i fe o f a sen i o r !


Best of all, you can do this by volunteering from the comfort of your own home! The TelephoneAssuranceprogram is in need of volunteersto make a daily phone call to isolated seniorswithin our community.This phone call providesa safety check,reducessocial isolation and increasestheir well-being.If you are interested, please call the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Outreach Program (613) 933-3384 ext 4250.

Or i gi n s of St . Pat r i ck 's Day

Handmade Satin Pillow Cases in assorted sizes Em ail: ash aver 1957@gm f ollow on Facebook @ Sim ply Sat in s pillow cases Teleph on e: 613-931-3471

Ar ticle by John Lister Saint Patr ick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patr ick, is a r eligious and cultur al celebr ation held ever y year on M ar ch 17th. This date w as believed to be the date of St. Patr ick's death. St. Patr ick w as a Chr istian m issionar y or apostle and is r esponsible for conver ting the people of Ir eland to Chr istianity. He is also consider ed to be

the patr on saint of Ir eland. Inter estingly, he w asn't actually Ir ish, and his nam e w asn't even Patr ick . He w as Br itish and nam ed M aew yn, and taken by Ir ish Pir ates to Ir eland at age 16 to be a slave. At age 22, he escaped Ir eland and becam e a pr iest, then r etur ned to Chr istianize the people of Ir eland. Although he is said to have dr iven out all the snakes in Ir eland, biologists feel that ther e never w er e any snakes in Ir eland. The national flow er or em blem Continued on next pa ge

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St. Patr ick's Day Continued. of Ir eland is the Sham r ock, and it is also said that St. Patr ick used the stem and thr ee leaves to illustr ate the Holy Tr inity. Although he founded m any Catholic chur ches, and convinced m any Ir ish w om en to becom e nuns, the Catholic Chur ch has never officially canonized him as a saint. The Ir ish Rebellion of 1798 involved battles betw een the Br itish Redcoats and the Ir ish. It m ade sense that the Ir ish soldier s w ould w ear gr een, so as not to be confused w ith the enemy, and 'The Wear ing of The Gr een' becam e the song of the day to pr om ote solidar ity. So it all boils dow n to this: St. Patr ick's Day honor s a non-Ir ish non-Saint w hose never r em oved a single snake, and w hose nam e isn't even Patr ick! Even still, it is a ver y popular holiday am ong the dr inker s, w ho like their gr een beer and cr azy hats and glasses. And w hile w e'r e on the topic of Ir eland, let's not for get the shillelagh - a w alking stick that ser ved an extr a pur pose! The shillelagh is a ver y har d stick m ade fr om blackthor n w ood. They w er e dependable w hen w alking, as they w ould not cr ack or br eak . M ost have a heavy knob w hich ser ves as the handle, and som etim es a leather str ap w as attached, to place ar ound the holder 's w r ist. But this is w her e things get inter esting. The shillelagh w as also used as a w eapon! Som etim es the heavy 'hitting' end w as hollow ed out and filled w ith m olten lead, to incr ease its effectiveness as a w eapon. The knob, or handle, could also be used for hitting. The shillelagh w as or iginally used to settle disputes in a gentlem anly m anner , m uch the w ay pistol or sw or d duels w er e used. Today, the shillelagh often sym bolizes Ir ishness, and is used m ostly as a com m em or ative item , r ather than as an actual w eapon. Our ow n Positively M ar lene ow ns a shillelagh to honor her ow n Ir ish backgr ound. She has never used it as a w eapon . . . yet. Th an k s, St . Pat r i ck !

Rem em b er - St ay Po si t i ve! an d We wi l l see yo u al l i n 2 Week s ON FRIDAY M ar ch 23rd In t h e m ean t im e

FOR SALE: M other of the Br ide / Gr oom 2 piece light blue long gow n. Size 10/12. M ust be seen. Paid $325, asking $75. M any household item s like pictur e fr am es etc. - Ver y r easonably pr iced. Cal l 613-938-6149.

REM EM BER - if t h e SEEKER

M ai- L iis

J ulia

Rackis Em pt y,r eadu son lin e@w w w.t h eseeker .ca

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Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo

201 files. I had no idea that kids would clip them out and save them,? Larry Hama explained.

Cornwall Ontario ? New York based comic book artist Larry Hama is going to be a guest at the Cornwall & Area Pop Event (CAPE) on April 21st and 22nd, 2018 at the Benson Centre in Cornwall.

In addition to GI Joe, Larry Hama also worked extensively on Marvel?s ?Wolverine? in the 1990?s. ?My favorite issue of Wolverine is # 75 ?Fatal Attractions.? It hangs together well with good action and that pesky emotional stuff,? Larry Hama explains.

What is Larry Hama known for? Larry Hama is best known as the writer of Marvel?s ?GI Joe? comics in the 1980?s, and as the writer of Marvel?s ?Wolverine? comics in the 1990?s ? and to quote GI Joe, knowing is half the battle! In comics, Larry Hama has written, edited or drawn for Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Daredevil, Avengers, Venom, Elektra, Star Wars, and dozens more.

That comic book, written by Larry Hama, was one of the first to ever feature a hologram on the cover. Also, according to Marvel Wiki, it is the book that reveals Wolverine?s claws are a part of of his bone structure and not implants.

Int erview wit h GI Joe and Wol verine comic book art ist Larry Hama

Larry Hama?s recent script credits include ?Batman Shadow of the Bat,? and ?Wonder Woman? for DC Convergence, ?GI Origins? and ?GI Joe A Real American Hero? for IDW, as well as ?Call of Duty Black Ops? for Dark Horse. Also, his cartoons and illustrations and cartoons have appeared in publications like Rolling Stone, National Lampoon, Esquire, New York, and others. Ironically, Larry Hama?s big break in the comic industry was with Marvel?s GI Joe, a job no one else really wanted. ?Yes, everybody else turned it down. Licensed comics were bottom rung- only D-list talents worked on them because they paid the lowest rates (licensing fees were taken off the top of the page rate) and older pros told me that if I did a ?toy book? I would never be offered an A list book for the rest of my career. They were actually correct in that regard. I took the job

because it was the only way I could get a foot in the door as a writer. I had been drawing comics since the late ?60s, and I was a full editor at Marvel, and I couldn?t get a single editor to give me any script work. My biggest accomplishment on GI Joe was making it to the next year. It always seemed on the verge of cancellation,? Larry Hama recalled. However, the GI Joe action figures and cartoon show both became a culture phenomenon in the 1980?s, and the comics were a part of that sensation. This is well documented in the new Netflix series ?The Toys that Made Us? in which Larry Hama was interviewed. In addition to writing the comics, Larry Hama also created many of the file cards that children cut out of the back packaging of the toys. ?I haven?t seen the documentary. I try to avoid watching myself on TV. It makes me uncomfortable. I did the file cards originally as notes to myself on the characters. I called them ?dossiers? and they were sort of like military

Article by Jason Setnyk Photo by David Bean

Larry Hama is looking forward to attending CAPE and trying out the local Cornwall cuisine. ?I always try to sample the local cuisine wherever I am, and I?m fairly adventurous. I?d rather eat at the local greasy spoon than at Applebees or PF Changs any day- I mean, PF Changs- really? Where I live in NYC is walking distance from Chinatown,? Larry Hama concluded. For more information on CAPE including entertainment, exhibitors, and tickets, visit: http:/ /

had with his significant other after coming home from being on the road for a while.

Ottawa, Ontario ? Legendary indie rock / emo band Dashboard Confessional are back with a new album, and they have already embarked on a cross Canada tour which included a stop at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018. The new Dashboard Confessional album titled Crooked Shadows was released last month on Dine Alone Records. The previous album on their discography came out eight years earlier. Dashboard Confessional front man Chris Carrabba explains the gap between albums.

Before becoming a full time artist, Larry Hama was also an actor. His resume includes an appearance on the television show M*A*S*H in the episode ?The Korean Surgeon?, and on Saturday Night Live (SNL) for a spoof of Apocalypse Now. More recently, Larry Hama appeared as himself on Seth Green?s television show Robot Chicken. The Family Guy creator contacted him to be on his stop motion animation series.

?Doing what we do is an odd thing. To leave the people you love for long stretches of time ? in and out of your own life. To have a concurrent but very separate life styles is very odd. To have your life on the road which is demanding and rewarding, and your home life which is demanding and rewarding ? they are ever so different. I married somebody who is quite independent. We do very well when we?re apart, and we do very well when we?re together, but when we?re newly apart or newly together, those transition periods are a little bit tough,? Carrabba noted.

Int erviewwit hDashboardConf essional musicianChrisCarrabba

?To understand why there was such an absence between albums, we have to return to the run up of where we stopped. We toured relentlessly about 300 days a year on average for 10 years. We came to a point where we realized we were teetering on the edge of burnout. We didn?t want that to happen, we didn?t want to be burned out. I decided to walk away instead of reaching that point of being burned out. I wasn?t sure if we could ever come back from that,? Carrabba began.

?We spent some time away, and we all did other bands, although we all worked on each others bands. We started touring again about three and a half years ago. The impulse to make a new record was strong, because we were excited to be back together. But I felt unless we had a very cohesive idea of what a new Dashboard Confessional record should be, and unless I stumbled into a place where I thought it was

really pure and powerful, we just weren?t going to make one. We came to grips with the idea that we might never make another record,? Carrabba reflected. However, Dashboard Confessional would find the inspiration to write new music again. ?It was just when I was okay with that, that the inspiration for the album started coming fast. It just so happened to take eight years. That?s a really long time, but we were doing so much with that time, to us it didn?t seem like that long. I was in two other bands, my band mates were in other bands, so for us, it just flew by,? Carrabba stated. The inspiration for the title Crooked Shadows was personal for Chris Carrabba. It came from an emotional and deep seeded experience he

?We live in this small town, and I come home, and we decided to go and get some coffee. It was a little bit overcast. We were walking hand and hand but it honestly didn?t feel like we were together. We were just in the same place. We hadn?t got over the hump of allowing each other to be back in the norms of comfortable day to day life. It was too soon. As we were walking the clouds kind of cleared, and the sun cast a shadow of us hand and hand up a staircase. As it was on a staircase, so our shadow was crooked. I looked at that shadow and thought it was perfect, it was beautiful, and that sums up how strongly I feel about the relationship. The words crooked shadows popped in my mind and just stayed there, and it was the next song I wrote,? Carrabba concluded.

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