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Vol ume 9 Issue 3 February 9 - 23, 2018

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I want to take a moment to acknowledgesomeonewho has had a significant impact on how my businessesand I have thrived in Cornwall.


Business Ads: ext 1 Cl assif ieds: ext 2 Edit or (Jul ia Lucio) ext 101 Design & Sal es (Mai-Liis Renaud) ext 102 Sal es (Col l een Whit e) ext 103 EMAIL:

inf o@t www.t Of f i ce Hour s 327 2ND STREETE. CORNWALL,ONTARIO Monday to Friday 10am to 5:30pm Closed : 1-1:30pmfor lunch


Your one st op shopf or...

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When I moved here 12 years ago, I knew nobody. Well, I knew my real estate agent,but that was it. Shortly after the relocationfrom Montreal,I saw an ad in the WelcomeWagon for Kooler Timez. My water cooler was smelling mouldy,and the ad stated "Let us remove the slime" so I called and booked an appointment. Little did I know,this was singlehandedlythe best businessmove I could have made. Let me explain. Kim Dolan showed up at my door.

She cleaned out our cooler and chatted with us for a while. She was in no rush, educated us on our cooler and water and general and treated us like old friends. She was a beam of positivity. She spoke highly about this City, about all the things there are to see and do in and around, and about owning a businessin the area. She also told me about Women Entrepreneurs. Before even consideringmoving here, I had done my homework,and Women Entrepreneurswas one of the resourcesI had every intent of joining,but lack of time, and, well, fear, preventedme for taking the step. It's funny how one can have been in businessfor years and still feel intimidatedby meeting new people in a new city. After my talk with Kim, however,I had someoneand attendinga meeting wasn't going to feel so awkward anymore. So I gave it a try. I joined the organisationin 2006. The welcomewas overwhelming;the support,unmatchable. I picked up all my clientsfrom WEinitially. Then, as word of mouth started

Mission Statement







THANK YOU to the many volunteers who contribute to this paper and make it a success...


at www.t h eseek er .ca doing its thing, my reach expanded. I sat on the board of directorsfor the year 2007-2008,which had Kim as Chairperson. 2008 was WE's 10th year and boy, did we have a BIG year. We honoured the founderswith a 10th AnniversaryGala, we had VictoriaLabalme come and speak,we held the "Power of Women" trade show,and we had a whopping150 members. Some say even more. It was EPIC! After that year, I was on and off as a member. Personal issues kept me at bay. I came back to serve on the board of directorsin 2016-2017. By the end of 2017, the organisation,now 20, had drawn all that it could from the variousexecutivesthat led it. With nobody willing to drive it into the future,it was scheduledto close. That's when the three remainingdirectors,who wished to save WEfrom its impendingdoom,contacted me. The four of us sat down and debated options. We looked at all the possibilitiesand recourses availablefor us to keep this institution for Women in businessafloat. WEis, after all, ingrained in the fabric of our communityand has helped paved the way for so many of us... It is funny how life happens sometimes. I have alwayshad a soft spot for Women Entrepreneurs. I met so many wonderful ladies through this group,one being especiallyimportant to me: Mai-Liis,the co-owner of this paper. Had it not been for WE, who knows,there probably wouldn't be a Seeker. To be asked to become part of the group'snew direction meant so much to me. My Cornwall Roots lay in WE, saving it seemed like a no-brainer. Because at some point, WEsaved me. WEwas my support system. WEws my gateway to success. As for Kim, I found a true friend in her. She is alwaysthere to listen when I need an ear. We don't see or talk to each other much,we both have busy lives, but I know she's there. I hope she knows I'm here too. She is still in business,still out there educatingpeople on safe water drinking. If you own a water cooler,you should give her a call!

To shinea positivelight on our community;To bringa positivespin on news? To providetop qualityadvertisingand exposureto small businessownersso they can promotetheir productor serviceat affordablerates;To givea strongvoiceto the artsand culturecommunity;To spreadthe wordabout all the great eventstakingplacein Cornwalland Area. TheSeekeristheonlylocallyownedandoperatednewspaper?It ispublished? By LocalPeople - For LocalPeople - AboutLocalPeople - SupportingLocalPeople We trulyaim at beinga real communitynewspaper,an outletwho reallycaresand nurturesthe peopleit promotes and workswith.Over the past 7 years,The Seekerhasgivenover $40,000in monetarydonationsand in-kind servicesto variouscharitableorganizationsand we continueto supportpeopleand causeswith everypublication.

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 2 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Cornwall Ontario ? Last month Liam Lascelle was recognized for becoming the Cornwall Colts franchise leader in wins, saves, and games played as a goaltender. With his junior career coming to an end soon, Liam Lascelle is pleased to have left his mark. ?Being in the league full time for the past three years, it feels good to have left a bit of a mark. My junior career is coming to an end within the next couple months, so this will definitely be something I can look back on and be proud of myself for,? Liam Lascelle replied

helped prepare him for Jr. A hockey, like it helped prepare his older sisters for NCAA hockey.

In t er vi ew wi t h Li am Lascel l e wh o brok e t h r ee Co r n wal l Co l t s Jr . A r eco r d s

?Our team in Minor Midget finished last place. However, the following season in Major Midget we finished first. Which just goes to show the improvement OHA had on me. With the help of my coaches and parents, OHA helped me to make my Junior A goal reachable,? Liam Lascelle explained.

Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk

So far this season Liam Lascelle has 21 wins, two shut-outs, a 2.97 GAA, and a 0.920 SV% . These are impressive stats for the amount of rubber he has seen over the course of the season. This includes a 41 save performance last week when the Cornwall Colts upset The Jr. Senators 2-1 in Ottawa. ?Got to be a little lucky to be good, and the hockey gods were on my side that night. I got a couple of good bounces, and the guys in front of me had some big blocks and cleared some crucial rebounds which really helped,? Liam Lascelle said. What was Liam Lascelle?s biggest accomplishment as a Cornwall Colts player? ?Probably between my first win and also last seasons winning streak. I won my first game when I was 16 years old, and we won 2-1 in a shootout. As well as last season, when we went on a streak of 25 wins, 2 loses, and 3 overtime losses,? Liam Lascelle reminisced. What was it like playing that first Jr. A hockey game at the age of 16, winning it in a shootout, and being named the games first star?

?To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement, one of the goalies got hurt and the other was suspended so I got the nod. They scored on their 4th shot of the game, and it was kind of a weak goal, so I?m sure many thought it was going to be a long night, but once I got more comfortable in the net and got rid of the nerves the game slowed down and I felt a lot better,? Liam Lascelle said. When Liam Lascelle was 16 years old, he was a student athlete at the Ontario Hockey Academy, a school run by his parents Giles and Kim Lascelle. Hockey runs in the Lascelle family. His father Giles Lascelle played college hockey at Concordia University in Canada, and he also played professionally in Olofstrom, Sweden. His oldest sister Kayla Lascelle is an NCAA Div 3 National Champion with Norwich University, while his second oldest sister Jenna Lascelle played four seasons of NCAA Div I at the University of New Hampshire, and his younger sister Tia is currently a student athlete at OHA. According to Liam Lascelle, his time at the Ontario Hockey Academy was well spent. It

However, Liam Lascelle faced adversity before playing Junior A full-time. He was sent down to play Junior B. He stuck with the game, earned a spot with the Cornwall Colts, and now holds three Colts Jr. A franchise records. His tenacity and patience payed off. ?Getting sent down from Jr.A to Jr. B was disappointing. I even considered quitting hockey and going to school. However, I continued to work hard and waited for my next opportunity to play Jr. A. Playing Jr. B definitely helped the transition from midget to junior hockey,? Liam Lascelle recalled. Now both school and a higher level of hockey are just around the corner for Liam Lascelle. He is eyeing an opportunity to play NCAA next season. ?I plan on playing NCAA next year, I have been trying to narrow down schools. My goal is to play as many NCAA games as possible, they only play about 30 regular season games, so I will continue to work hard so I can get as much playing time as possible,? Liam Lascelle concluded.

You've sa id yes to the big question ...

Congratulations! you're getting married. W hat ha ppens next? A visit to the Br ida l Show on Sunday,Febr ua r y 18th of cour se ...

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What a gr eat GIFT IDEA to give to y our Valentine for a Special Date N ight!

Yuk Yuks comedy show set t o l aunch at Cornwal l Bost on Pizza - Feb. 11t h Cornwall Ontario ? Valentine?s Day is approaching and a comedy show

could be the perfect date night. Yuk Yuks Launching Pad comes to Boston Pizza, in Cornwall Ontario, on Wednesday February 11th. The show is booked by Yuk Yuks co-founder and Ottawa General Manager Howard Wagman who has been a booking shows for over 30 years. Yuk Yuks has had many successful alumni over the decades including superstars like Russell Peters, Norm MacDonald, Jeremy Hotz and Tom Green to name a few. ?A Yuk Yuk?s Launching Pad show is a collection of the brightest newcomers on the verge of breaking out on the hot Ottawa comedy scene,? says Wagman. ?See them now at this low price,? he adds. Yuk Yuks has been a familiar brand in Cornwall since the days of Freddy?s where comics had audiences in stitches week after week and now this trend will continue at Boston Pizza with some of the best up and coming talents that grace the Ottawa Club. ?Our New Talent Showcase is one of the finest in the country or anywhere. Each comic must first watch a New Talent Night to see the level of what they are getting into. They must sign up a month ahead as spots are at a premium. Each act is watched not ignored and given guidance. It?s a marathon not a sprint,? Wagman stated. The show includes local talent Mark Vincent, retired NFL player Mark Hatfield, former Yuk Yuks summer Competition winner Greg Schroeder, and Tim Riel who performed at Cracking up the Capital! ?I?m happy to be performing again in my hometown, and at the Yuk Yuks Launching Pad. It?s going to be a funny night. This is a great lineup of talent. It?s going to be the perfect Valentines date,? Mark Vincent concluded.


Tickets are on sale now at Boston Pizza for $15, and the show February 11th starts at 5pm. Cornwall?s Boston Pizza is located at 1234 Brookdale Ave.

Congr atulationsto a ll Cor nwa ll M otor Speedway 2017 Cha mpions w ho w er e honour ed at the Cor nw all M otor Speedw ay Aw ar ds Banquet last Satur day night, Febr uar y 3r d, w ith over 240 guests in attendance. Left to Right ar e Cham pions, M ar c Dagen ai s(M ini Stock ) Ch r i s Raabe (M odified) Ju st i n Lal an cet t e (Spor tsm an)and Geor ge Ren au d. (Pr o Stock) Photo by : r ickatther M ike Ladouceur r eceived the M itch Jock Aw ar d for his suppor t in the dir t r acing in gener al at Cor nw all Speedw ay. Steve M or r is w on the Ron M or in Aw ar d as he?s been a gr eat contr ibutor at the speedw ay in the last few season especially w ith all his effor t w ith the Race for the Cur e Ser ies. For m or e tr ack info visit w w w.cor n w al l speedw and for m or e photos of the banquet visit the galler y of w w w.r i ck at t h er

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

COM E OU T an d su p p o r t t h e Ar t s!

Volunteer s help keep our com m unity vibr ant by pr oviding donated labour to m any activities in the ar ea and in m any cases pr oviding the necessar y funding to oper ate pr ogr am s such as cam ps, spor ts and outdoor s activities, build par ks and r ecr eational facilities, and a lot m or e. Volunteer s have w or ked together over the year s to r aise m illions of dollar s for the item s such as Rotar y Eco Gar dens, Optim ist Par k, Cor nw all Lions Club Bandshell, the Legion Ball Fields and events such as the Santa Claus Par ade and m any, m any m or e. These gr eat plans, pr ogr am s and events w ould never com e to fr uition w ithout volunteer s. All of these item s r equir e one com m on elem ent: people to w or k together to for m ulate a plan and w or k tow ar ds a com m on goal. The m ain or ganiser s ar e the faces w e typically see in the m edia. The people w e r ar ely see ar e the ones that ar e ther e to car r y item s, put up fences, set up, clean up and w hatever else is r equir ed to get the job com pleted. Som eone that know s how to get the job done is Ca r l M a jor . Car l is either out ther e selling tickets for an event, giving a hand to set up for an event or clean up, helping at a bar beque, Car l doesn't like to stand still ver y long but he w ill get the job done no m atter w hat you ask of him . Usually you don't even need to ask, Car l w ill just jum p up and do w hat needs to be done. Car l is an exam ple of volunteer w illing to do w hatever it takes to help an event be successful. Thank you for all you do Car l w hether it is for the Knights of Colum bus, the Optim ist Club or any of the m any other tasks you offer to help w ith.


Breakf ast , Project l aunch, Raf f l e Le pet it déjeuner, Lancement de projet , Tombol a Tuesday, February 13, 2018, f rom 7:30 a.m. Mardi, l e 13 f évrier, 2018 de 7h30 The Royal Canadian Legion 415 Second St reet West , Cornwal l Ticket s : $15.00 each / Bil l et s : 15,00$ chacun Avail abl e at / Disponibl e à: Banque Scot ia Bank and Cent re Benson Cent re, At t he door/ À l a port e Host ed by t he Cent re f or t he Art s Col l ect ive Le Col l ect if pour un cent re des art s We h ave t h e ar t s; n ow l et ?s bu i l d t h em a h om e! Nou s avon s l es ar t s; t r ou von s-l eu r u n t oi t !

SUPPORTI NG THE ARTS ? A Benefit Br eakfast w ill be held on Febr uar y 13, at the Royal Canadian Legion w ith pr oceeds going to the new Cor nw all and Ar ea Hall of Fam e for the Ar ts. The Hall of Fam e gr ew out of the popular m ovem ent for a bilingual, m unicipal ar ts and cultur e centr e. Given the long and r ich histor y of the Ar ts in the ar ea, it seem s tim ely to enshr ine the past and pr esent m em ber s of the local ar ts com m unity as the cor ner stone of a futur e centr e. The Hall of Fam e saw its fir st five m em ber s inducted in 2015 and in 2016. Beginning this year , nom inated candidates w ill be selected by a Hall of Fam e Com m ittee and inducted annually. The official launch w ill be m ade at the br eakfast, pr oviding patr ons w ith a fir st-hand view of the digital Hall of Fam e and the nom ination pr ocess.Guests enjoy a seasonal br eakfast of pancakes w ith r eal m aple syr up, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and bever ages. The br eakfast also pr ovides an oppor tunity to go hom e w ith one of m any pieces of local ar t to be r affled dur ing the event. Tickets ar e $15.00 per per son and available at Scotia Bank and at the Benson Centr e. ?Today we have the Ha ll of Fa me for the a r ts; tomor r ow, we sha ll have a centr e for the a r ts.?

613-897-1850 in f o@m illen n ialcon t r act in

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Sauve What 's new f or 2017? There are more changes than outlined below, but these highlight the most popular: -The complete elimination of the federal education and textbook amount. The elimination of the provincial tuition amount as of Sep 1, 2017. There have been no changes to the federal or provincial tuition amounts.This means that students still need to provide their T2202A from their college or university to file their taxes or transfer their

tuition to a parent, spouse or grandparent. -For all those who thought they missed out on the infertility treatments or thought there was an additional credit available, CRA has simply added a new clause that if you had infertility treatments (or in vitro) for reasons other than medical (i.e. these were elective procedures) - you can now claim it on your taxes (going back 10 years).If you have already claimed these treatments, you are not required to resubmit and make adjustments to your tax return. -The Public Transit Amount has been eliminated as of July 1, 2017 (you can still claim Jan 1 to June 30, 2017 but the rules have changed). Bus tickets can no longer be claimed - it must be a monthly bus pass. -The Children's Art Amount has been eliminated for 2017 -The Children's Fitness Amount has been eliminated for 2017

CRA will begin processing 2017 tax returns on February 26, 2018. STS will resume regular business hours Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM as of Monday February 12th until April 30th, 2018. For more tax tips and tax related frequently asked questions, visit my website at

From Shar y n's Pant r y A SPECIAL






You know the saying: 'nothing says loving like something from the oven'. Well, in cooking, you can't show your love anymore, than making that special someone some creme brulee. I followed a new recipe for this delectable dessert last Sunday. Oh my! The custard is so silky smooth and creamy! A sprinkling of turbinado sugar on top just before serving, once torched, gives the tops a sweet crackling of crisp sweetness. The custards will keep refrigerated for 4 days if you want to make them this Sunday for St. Valentine's Day. You have to try this recipe!!!! The recipe came form 'America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook'.


to sit for 15 minutes.


-While this is sitting for 15 minutes, separate the egg yolks and place them in a large bowl. Whisk well. (I used all of the egg whites to make an angel food cake.)


METHOD: *If you want this for your dessert tonight, start this in the morning to allow time for chilling. -Prepare a baking pan, with sides, by placing a thin tea towel over the base of the baking pan. Place the ramekins needed on top of the tea towel. Set a kettle of water to boil. Adjust your oven rack to the lower middle position.Set your oven to 300 degrees F. -In a heavy saucepan, combine the first 2 cups of heavy cream with the 2/ 3 cup of white sugar and salt. -Cut the vanilla bean in half lenghwise and scrape out all of the soft centre and seeds with the back of a paring knife. Add the vanilla bean pod and the vanilla scrapings to the saucepan of cream and sugar and salt. -Bring this to a boil over medium heat. Allow this to simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Stir occasionally during this time. Then remove from the heat and place a tight fitting lid on the saucepan. Allow

-Strain the custard through a fine sieve into a pourable jug or an 8 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup. -Now you can pour the custard mixture into the ramekins, filling nearly to the top. -Carefully, carry this to your oven, once on the oven rack, then and only then, carefully pour boiling water around the ramekins, not getting any water into the custards. Fill the water to 2/ 3 up the sides of the custard in the ramekins. -Bake the custardsis shallow ramekins for 25 to 30 minutes and for deeper ramekins 30 to 35 minutes. Bake them until the custard is just barely set and not sloshy. -Carefully, lift each ramekin from the water and place them to cool at room temperature on a wire cooling rack. I used kitchen tongs to lift the ramekins. -Now, place the ramekins on a baking pan, cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours. -When you wish to serve them, if there is any condensation on top of the baked custard, gently dab with a paper towel. Then sprinkle about 1- 1/ 2 tsp. of turbinado sugar over the surface of each custard. Gently, tip to even out the sugar ove the surface. -Use a kitchen torch to carmelize the sugar. Keep the flame 2" from the surface. Keep the flame moving back and forth until the sugar turns a deep golden brown and is bubbling. The carmelized sugar forms a crisp crackling topping over the silky smooth custard. Serve and ENJOY!!!

a family-run business for 37 years


2 cups of cold heavy cream (this is 35% whipping cream) 2/ 3 cup white sugar 1 vanilla bean, cut in half lenghwise(Vanilla beans are back in stock, so hard to find. Our store has been out of them for several months.We just received beautiful soft Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans at my store, Sharyn's Pantry.) 1/ 4 tsp. fine salt 2morecups of cold heavy cream (this is 35% whipping cream) 10 egg yolks (I used extra large eggs, they asked for large sized eggs.) 1/ 4 cup or so of turbinado sugar (we carry this at Sharyn's Pantry)

-Slowly, add 1 cup of this mixture into the beaten egg yolks, tempering this to not scramble the egg yolks, stirring constantly. Whisk in the remaining cream mixture until thoroughly combined.

812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998


-Now, stir in the remaining 2 cups of cold heavy cream into the first cream mixture.


(This recipe makes 8 ramekins.) (1 hour and 10 minutes cooking time plus 6 hours of chilling time.) (My ramekins were smaller and I got 13 ramekins)


Tips from the Tax Mam


THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 6 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


Befor e m aking a pr om ise, m ake sur e you do your hom ew or k . You cannot contr ol ever ything. Think about the outcom e if you can?t deliver on the pr om ise. Does it honestly m atter to you?

M any pr om ises ar e often m ade at the dr op of a hat w ith no r eal intention of keeping them . This casual attitude can have r eal consequences since it usually com es back to haunt you. W hen you br eak a pr om ise, no m atter how sm all it m ay seem to you, it can dam age a r elationship or your r eputation. Think about it; people m ight never tr ust you again. Often, liar s believe they ar e invincible or have little chance of getting caught because of their status in a political, com m er cial or r eligious context. In their case, lying can becom e a habit. Liar s spend pr ecious tim e and ener gy keeping their stor ies str aight. Once people lear n about the lies, m ost people w on?t for get.

Do you h ave a dr eam ? Often, the pr oblem about r ealizing a dr eam is that people don?t necessar ily w ant to do w hat it takes to achieve it. As an exam ple, pr etend you dr eam to be a w r iter. If you add 'som eday' at the end of that sentence, r em em ber this. Ther e ar e seven days in a w eek ; som eday isn?t one of them . Since 'You Ar e W hat You Do', in the case of a w r iter , this m ight m ean w aking up ever y day an hour ear ly just to w r ite. It is easy to do this; the r eality is that until you m ake a living at it, you ar en?t r eally a w r iter.

M ov i n g t ow ar d you r goal W hen you decide to take positive actions ever y single day tow ar d your goal, you instantly becom e w hat you w ish to becom e. The m or e actions you take, the closer you ar e to achieving success. The secr et: your goal?is ?to m atch your skills, passion and per sonality. Suddenly your car eer becom es a per fect fit. Thr ough a dr eam car eer , you enjoy ever y second; it no longer seem s like w or k anym or e. Once you tr uly know your self, you w ill find that dr eam car eer.

@ the

W hat m akes a pr om ise binding is the expectation it cr eates. It is m or ally w r ong to disappoint w ho you ar e m aking the pr om ise to w hether it is to an individual or a w hole com m unity.


Th e pr om i ses you m ak e

www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

Cornwal l Publ ic Library is OPEN ON FAMILY DAY, Monday, February 19. Special hours f rom 9:30 a.m. t o 5 p.m. OUR FAMILY DAY ACTIVITIES: Join us for Toddler Adventures, Family Tree Craft, Lego Club, and 2 free Family Movies. Come celebrate Family Day with us. PROFESSIONNAL DEVELOPMENT DAY Cornwall Public Library will close Monday, March 5, 2018 to permit all staff an opportunity to participate in its Professional Development Day. The book-return chute, online catalogue and eLibrary services, including digital magazines, books, movies, and music will remain available. FREE DANCE AND DRUMS WORKSHOP Join us on Sat urday, February 17 @ 2:30 p.m. f or a Bl ack Hist ory Dance and Drum Workshop. For kids 0 to 14. Great fun. Register right now for free. Special Bl ack Hist ory Mont h movie present at ions, Feb 13-23.


Ther e ar e m any angles to this lesson. Let's look at a couple of these differ ent facets.

45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796


You ar e w h at you do



M a rie

Moonlight, Queen of Katwe, Hidden Figures, The Jackie Robinson Story, The Princess and the Frog. Check library website for details. HOMEOPATHY PROGRAM Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that will show you the way how to live your life without drugs. Find out about the amazing power of this alternative medicine by giving the explanation how it works with presentation of cases, proves and accuracy. Regist rat ion is required by phone at 613-932-4796 or in person at t he l ibrary. FREE PROGRAM. DITCH THE DIET A Talk on Losing Weight with Eating Psychology Learn how you can develop a mindful eating practice, skill power and strategies that address individual needs are at the root of a healthy relationship to food. March6 at 6:30 p.m.Freeprogram,regist rat ionrequired. Check the library?swebsitefor moredetailson these programsand more. 613-932-4796

Know ing w ho you ar e w ill not be easy. Infor m ation is pour ing into your life at ever y tur n m aking it ver y har d to step back and r eflect. You m ust m ake tim e to disconnect to think about those defining passions that m ake you, YOU.? Keeping in m ind you ar e w hat you r epeatedly do, you m ight be stuck in a specific thinking patter n that you have difficulty to change. At the beginning of any lear ning cur ve, you find your self bur dened w ith details. After a w hile you find your self doing the tasks per fectly w ithout thinking. Your br ain changes accor ding to w hat you do. Consequently, you ar e w hat you think not just w hat you do.

Becom i n g t h e r eal 'You ' The m or e you use a negative thinking patter n the m or e likely it w ill becom e a par t of you. The good new s is that this patter n can be r ever sed. Once you star t acting br avely, confidently and dum ped your negative thinking, your br ain str uctur e w ill be changed, and you w ill becom e a differ ent per son.

So h ow can you do t h i s su ccessf u l l y? Take tim e to do an activity just by your self or sit alone quietly. Silence your phone; block out all the noise of the outside so you can think and focus on your self. Think about your w or k and ask your self ?W hat par ts about that did I enjoy m ost?? M any tim es you feel unm otivated in w hat you ar e doing or w hile str uggling to find a fit. Ask your self 'W hy?'. Eventually, your w or k and your per sonal goals w ill begin to align. Str ive To M ake The Right Choices, Since You W ill Be W hat You Do.

If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G


He re

is.. The

e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll

w ith Ra che lle And re


For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.

FEBRUARY 9 Friday Grade 7 & 8 Teen Dance@ École secondaire catholique La Citadelle 6:30 pm ? 9:30 pm Moonfruits/ Billy Love Band@ Palais des Sports d'Alexandria @ 8:00 pm

@ 4:30 pm ? 6:30 pm Glengarrian Pub Pre-Valentine?s Comedy Show@ Glengarrian Pub & Restaurant @ 7:30 pm Heart for Art BREAKFAST@ the Royal Canadian Legion 13 @ 7:30 AM ? 9:30AM

14 - Wed FEBRUARY 10 - Sat COTTONFEBRUARY M ILL Beginners Landscape Painting Course@ Cailuan Gallery @ 10:00 am ? 11:00 am


Winter Cheerleading Competition@ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 10:30 am ? 5:00 pm

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

2018 Year of the Dog@ OBO Studios @ 1:30 pm ? 3:30 pm Year of the Dog 2018 Workshop@ OBO studios 44 Pitt St @ 1:30 pm ? 3:30 pm A Girls Night Out@ Agora Centre @ 4:00 pm ? 1:00 am Valentine Dinner and Dance@ Royal Canadian Legion @ 4:30 pm ? 11:00 pm Glengarry Valentine?s Day Western Gala@ Bonnie Glen Pavilion @ 6:00 pm Valentines Day Relationship Comedy Night@ Cornwall Golf & Country Club @ 6:00 pm ? 11:30 pm

Tributes to Limp Bizkit & Eminem ? Feb 10th ? La Maison Tavern@ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm ? 10:00 pm Come ride the 3D Thrill Rider@ Benson Centre @ 10:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

FEBRUARY 11 -Sun Little Ladies & Gents Dance@ CCVS Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School @ 1:00 pm ? 3:00 pm


FEBRUARY 12 - Mon FREE 4-Week Training: Email 101 @ 9:00 am ? 12:00 pm

FEBRUARY 13 - Tue Homestead Organics ? Let?s celebrate Canada Agriculture day@ Homestead Organics @ 10:00 am ? 2:00 pm Shrove Tuesday Annual Pancake Dinner@ Trinity Anglican Church Hall

The Pretty Cool! Records Radio Show Season 3 Episode14 1.

Valentine?s Day Vendor Shopping Spree@ Morrisburg Legion @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm

Sean McCann LIVE@ The Old Town Hall @ 7:00 pm ? 10:00 pm


Bo re d

FEBRUARY 15 - Thur FanSaves Launch Party@ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

FEBRUARY 16 - Friday February Mandala Workshop with Monica@ OBO studios 44 Pitt St @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm SVTC presents ?Disney?s Beauty and the Beast?16 @ 7:30 pm ? Feb 24 @ 10:00 pm Freddy?s Reunion with Yuk Yuk?s Comedy Show@ The Hangover Bar @ 8:00 pm

FEBRUARY17 -Sat 2018 Cornwall Pond Hockey Classic ~ Heart & Stroke Fundraiser@ Benson Centre @ 7:00 am ? Feb 19 @ 5:00 pm Priests Mill Glassworks ? Drop-In Saturdays@ Priests Mill Glassworks Alexandria @ 10:00 am ? 3:00 pm

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

The Leather Uppers - Purple Nurple. Thee Commons - Elotero Spaceman Shannon And The Clams- The Rat House Dany Laj -Till The Darkness Goes Crow - Evil Woman The Who - The Good's Gone Yabby You - Conquering Lion Club Wow - What's With You Ryan Sams & The Magic Charms Velvet Wave George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself Ramones- Poison Heart Ty Seagall - My Sunshine Bronx Sniper-Mister Heavenly The Meters - Cissy Strut Jimi Hendrix - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp Grateful Dead- Friend Of The Devil Them Crooked Vultures-Scumbag Blues Johnny Winters- Mean town Blues

The Pret t y Cool ! Records Radio Show airs weekl y f rom 6:00 t o 8:00PM wit h host Chad Col eman. Onl y on DCN!!!!!!! the East Pointers@ Upper Canada@ 7:00 pm

Snowshoeing & Lunch Meet and Greet@ Gray's Creek Conservation Area @ 11:30 am ? 2:30 pm Let them eat CAKE! Painting workshop@ OBO studios 44 Pitt St @ 1:00 pm ? 5:00 pm Seaway Slot Car Racing presents Indoors Slot Car & R/ C Car Racing@ Trinity Anglican Church Hall @ 2:00 pm ? 6:00 pm

Lost Boyz the 80?s return@ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 8:00 pm

Cornwal l & Area Bridal Show@ Cornwal l Civic Compl ex

The Vagina Monologues for SASS@ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

12:30 pm ? 4:30 pm

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your event.

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 8 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

M on d ay , F ebr u ar y 19 t h i s FA M I L Y


OPEN ON FAM ILY DAY Special hours f rom 9:30 a.m. t o 5 p.m.


Com e r ace - 1/ 32 scale digit al slot car s an d 1/ 24 an d 1/ 16 scale r adio con t r olled car s on a 20 x 16f t Foam Tr ack ! Sat u r day, Febr u ar y 17t h - 2-6pm @ t h e Tr in it y An glican Ch u r ch Hall 105 Second St. W. Cornwall FREE PARKING in back - FREE ADMISSION Fun for all ages 4 & up! For more info call: 613-861-9099 Donationsto the Paradeof Nationsfor the Developmentally Challenged

Toddl er Advent ures (Ages 19 months to 35 months) Famil y Tree Craf t , - Celebrate Family ? (Ages 4 to 13) 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Lego Cl ub (Ages 6 to 12) - 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. - Create, build, play.

Fam i l y M o vi es. Au d i en ce: G Cat s and Dogs: The Revenge of Kit t y Gal ore. 11 a.m. The Princess and t he Frog: 2 p.m.

45 SecondStreetE. - 613-932-4796www.l ibrarycornwal l

- 10 ACTIVITY STATIONS - DRAWS - SNACKS - BEVERAGES $5 per per son $20 per f am ily of 5 613-936-1455 m or e in f o. M on day, Feb 19 - 11 am -4 pm Kn ox St -Pau l's Un it ed Ch u r ch - 800 Tw elf t h St . East , Cor n w all

"Skating in the forest, snowshoeing, hot chocolate and lots more! Plan a Family Day" 16495 Sixth Road, Moose Creek, Ontario 614-857-4550 Facebook: countryside adventures

Expect ing t he Unexpect ed

w e have been suffer ingfr om an acute case of cabin fever.The oppor tunityto explor e fr esh snow -cover edtr ails in the pr oxim ity of som eone?sw ar m hom e along w ith the pr om ise of hot dr inks after w ar dsis enough for nine of us to bundle up in our w ar m est layer s and head out the door. The sledding dogs in the yar d announceour ar r ival.Nothing gets past them !Our hosts have been busy br eakingthe tr ails dur ing the days pr ior to our ar r ival and Expr ess,the r esident llam a is ther e to see us off.The air is cr isp and the sun is shining br ightly thr ough the tr ees.Despitethe cold I am gr inningunder my balaclava.I love these spur of the m om ent outings.Once again, the household chor es have been abor ted for som ething m or e am using.I tur n ar ound to take a photo of the people behind m e only to see tw o other cam er aspointing in my dir ection.Her eI am taking a pictur e of them taking a pictur e of m e.Too funny!

We notice that our fr iend, Tr ail Napper is lagging behind and w e decide to w ait for him to catch up.Befor eus lies a lar ge field of untouched snow.A sudden inspir ation causes m e to say out loud:?Thisw ould be a gr eat spot to m ake a labyr inth.?Nosooner ar e the w or ds out of my m outh than our leader takes off to for m a cir cular path w ith four other people tr ailing behind her.As w e snow shoear ound and ar ound,the par allel cir cles get pr ogr essivelysm aller until w e finally r each the hear t.Ther eis now her eelse to go but out.To save tim e w e hop car efully fr om one indentation to the next until w e have exited the lar gest of the cir cles.Thisis a gr eat team effor t and a w onder ful w ay to keep w ar m w hile cr eating a cool piece of ar t.Unlikea m aze w hich is full of confusingdead ends, a labyr inth follow sa single pur poseful r oute.Sym bolically,it r epr esentsthe jour ney to our On the m or ningof Decem ber 31st my M essenger App dings.I am r eceivingan ow n centr e and then back out to the w or ld.Wear e just out to have fun, but I can invitation to go out to snow shoein the after noon.Ther ear e no Outdoor Club events cer tainly see how one can find solace w alking this cir cular path.It does have a scheduled but that doesn?t m ean ther e isn?t a m em ber out ther e som ew her elooking hypnotizingeffect. for som ethingto do.Beingpar t of a gr oup m eans inter actingw ith people, m aking We take off again to com pleteour loop w hich connectsto a snow m obiletr ail, then new acquaintancesand fr iends.Som ecom e and go w hile other s tur n into lasting to the site of an old abandoned r ailw ay bed, and finally to our destination w her e fr iendships.Itis natur al to for m bonds w ith people w ho shar e sim ilar inter ests.Oftenthis w ill r esult in off-scheduleoutings.Sur pr isingly,these unplanned hot dr inks aw ait.W hat a gr eat w ay to end 2017!Beinga par t of this club, I have lear ned to expect the unexpected,and I know that befor e long I w ill be hear ing the events can m ake som e of the best m em or ies. ding of my M essenger App inviting m e to ditch my chor es once again. On this par ticular occasion,M usher Bob and his lovely w ife, Ener gizer Bunny ar e hosting an im pr om ptu snow shoeexcur sion in the for est sur r oundingtheir countr y For mor e infor mationa bout the Cor nwa ll Outdoor Club de Plein a ir visit our website atw w w.cor nwa llour door orlike us on Fa cebook. hom e.Dueto the r ecor d-br eakingcold tem per atur ew ith its ar tic w ind chill factor ,

By Syl vie O?Rourke

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 9 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 10 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


YET? - Pu r ch ase

On l i n e

at even t s.t h eseek er .ca

Pr e-p aiTidck etgsetyo unr am en e t er ed i nt h eQu een Fo rTh eDayDr aw PLU Do S oPr r i ze Fl ash Dr aws ever1y 0 -1m 5 inute




This is the beginning of a ser ies a bout the tea cher s in our lives who inspir ed us...believed in us...saw a spa r k a nd lit a fir e under us . W hether we sat in their cla ssr oom or knew them by wor d of mouth, our wor ld wa s cha nged by knowing them.


I wa s given a lot of help to put this one together ...the cold ca lls la st Sunday a fter noon to Dunvega n a nd Alexa ndr ia with nothing but the phone book a nd a bit of guts that someone out ther e could help me. After 17 ca lls, thr ee la dies tr usted me enough to give me the #'s of other tea cher s who sha r ed their memor ies of M a r y Stewa r t in the gener ation that wa s...the per petua lly young at hea r t. Enjoy!

A Legen d i n Her Ow n Ti m e Do you think one year can m ake a differ ence in som eone?s life, let alone tw o? If you asked M ar y Stew ar t, that one year didn?t m ake a hill of beans differ ence. Gr aduating in 1929 fr om CCVS she w as told that 15 year s w as too young an age, to enter M cGill Univer sity...?Com e back in a year or tw o? they said...?w hen you?r e older ?. No challenge w as too gr eat for a br illiant m ind like M ar y?s w ho spent the year s in betw een, im m er sed in Am er ican histor y and its constitution, finding focus and love of all things histor ical. Upon gr aduation fr om teacher s college, M ar y r etur ned to CCVS w her e she taught histor y to thousands of students for close to for ty year s. M a r y in Ottawa dur ing the Believe it or not at one tim e ther e w er e no wa r effor t...cir ca 1939-45, teacher s in guidance counselling r oles. A tir eless go-getter , M ar y took to counselling the on summer br ea k students in her dow n tim e betw een classes and in her off-tim e, w as seen huddling students acr oss the tr ack field behind the school, offer ing her w isdom and concer n to the tenth degr ee. M ar y?s colleagues r ave about her teaching style to this day. Befor e ther e w as Google, ther e w as M ar y Stew ar t. It didn?t m atter w hat school event or m eeting or teacher ?s confer ence...ever yone knew M ar y, w ho w as kind and consider ate to ever yone. Per haps the tr uest for m of flatter y w e can bestow on M ar y w as her innate ability of defending those w ho couldn?t defend them selves. At the beginning of the school year , M ar y handed out assor ted books to all her students-out of pocket, w ith the hope of getting together the follow ing June, to talk about them . She w as an outstanding individual and m aybe that?s w hy M ar y?s students stayed connected w ith her thr oughout their lives. Or w hy they continued cr itiquing the latest album s or author s, shar ed dinner s, w atched ballgam es or talked politics?



Dur ing the w ar year s of 1939-45, M ar y and her boys w r ote hundr eds of letter s back and for th over seas, in fr iendship and em otional suppor t. On Rem em br ance Day she w as know n to r ead these letter s to her students as a r em inder of how ver y for tunate they w er e to have the r ight to attend school in a fr ee countr y. Or that the ver y desk they w er e sitting at w as pr otected to the death by young m en and w om en fighting m an?s w ar. An avid football fan, M ar y?s favor ite team w as the Gr een Bay Packer s w hose head coach for the 1959 season w as Vince Lom bar di. He?d also gr aduated high school at age 15 and fam ously br ought or der and str uctur e to the losing W isconsin team , taking them to five w or ld cham pionships in nine year s and tw o Super -Bow l w ins! In 1999 w hen M ar y w as 85 year s old, she pur chased Vince?s biogr aphy ?W hen Pr ide Still M atter ed?, by David M ar aniss. Such w as her affinity for the m an-the coach-the icon that nobody w as allow ed to visit or call her on gam e day...unless you w er e one of ?her boys?.



6 1 3 -9 3 5 -8 1 0 1 FREE CONSULTATION

w w w.ver sacor et ech design Look i n gForwa rd t o seei n g a l l t h e fu t u reBri d esa t t h e Bri d a l Sh ow - Feb 18t h

A huge lover of m usic, M ar y fam ously stated she never paid for a single album of her huge collection that gr ew exponentially year after year. One of her students w ould pick up the new est r elease and they?d listen to it together on Satur days at the libr ar y. W hen asked w ho her favor ite ar tist w as after the gener ational BOM B of 50?s and 60?s m usic, M ar y w ith a tw inkle in her eye stated it w as none other than Jim i Hendr ix, w ho it tur ns out r eceived his fir st guitar -an acoustic-for $5, w hen h e w as 15 year s old. After being dr ow ned out w ith the acoustic sound, his father picked him up his fir st electr ic guitar -a ?Supr o Ozar k 1560 S?. In the sum m er of 1959 another legend w as bor n. If you r ead the flap of Lom bar di?s bio you?d see a Living Legend. A sym bol for m any of leader ship, discipline, per sever ance and team w or k . That w as M ar y in a nutshell w ho at 15 year s of age knew her destiny-like her fellow her o?s and icons that w er e bent on cr eating their ow n. And ther e?s you and I giving tr ibute to M ar y at the end of her long car eer by continuing to r ead and shar e w hat w e know and buying that extr a book for a child in her honor.

Lisa Gray - Copyright @ 2018 Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library, on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about this or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.



Th e 3D Th r i l l

Ri der

at t h e Br idal Sh ow , Su n day, Febr u ar y 18t h at Cor n w all Civic Com plex - BOOK IT FOR YOUR WEDDING!

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 11 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


Good M or ning,to ever yone enjoyingThe Seeker ... We've had m or e w inter snow , but also m or e sunny days. You can even feel the pow er of the sun incr easingas it gets closer. Just look at a car w indshield and you can see the sun m elting the ice and snow w her e it w ar m s the dar ker color s. Befor e long, spr ing w ill be back, and I can har dly w ait to see the fir st baby gr een color s of the com ing season. But w e'r e not ther e yet, ther e is still w inter fun to be had... TI P OF THE W EEK: Don't w ar m your car up too m uch. Only a m inute w ill do, as you m ay be dam agingyour engine by idling for long per iodsin the colder w eather. If your car w on't r un pr oper ly unless it's w ar m , invest in a block heater. Then, use a tim er so you don't w aste electr icity r unningit all night long. You'll need a special tim er to handle the cur r ent of the heater ,but it w ill pay for itself by saving you m oney. FUN FACT: Did you know that epilepsy w as once know n as 'Saint Valentine'sM alady'? It all began in the ear ly Chr istian chur ch, w her e a num ber of m ar tyr shappened to be nam ed Valentine. Legend has it that St. Valentinew r ote a note to his jailer on the night befor e he w as to be executed.It w as signed 'Fr om your Valentine' w hich has r em ained a popular line to be used on Valentinegr eetings.It w as also said that St. Valentinegave hear ts cut out of par chm ent to soldier s'to r em ind them of God's love'. It w as believed that St. Valentinealso w or e an am ethyst r ing w ith an im age of cupid car ved into it. Amythyst is the bir thstoneof Febr uar y and is said to attr act love. W illiam Shakespear er efer r ed to St. Valentine'sDay in his w or k, 'Ham let',and countlessother author shave w r itten about it. In 1847, an Am er ican com pany pr oduced the fir st com m er cial Valentinescar ds, pr inted on paper lace. In 1868 Cadbur y began pr oducinghear t-shapedboxes of chocolate,and so ValentinesDay began to becom e another com m er cial successfor those businessestaking par t in selling Valentinesgifts. ValentinesDay is celebr ated ar ound the w or ld, because w ho isn't in love w ith love? Beginningin the 1700's in England,it becam e an occasion w her e lover s pr esented one another w ith flow er s,candy,and gr eetingcar ds. Today it r em ainsa celebr ation of love for m any w ho take par t in the giving of tr aditional Valentinesgifts. Finally,w e all know som e var iation of this old poem , found in the book, 'Gam m ar Gur ton'sGar land' fr om 1784. "The r ose is r ed, the violet'sblue, The honey'ssw eet, and so ar e you. Thou ar t my love and I am thine; I dr ew thee to my Valentine:The lot w as cast and then I dr ew , And For tune said it shou'd be you." I TEM OF THE W EEK: This w eek, I am featur inga black and pur ple ascot that I bought for John to w ear at our w edding. I am pr etty sur e though, he w ill have it in his suit pocket like a hanky,r ather than ar ound his neck . Either w ay, it w ill be a nice color to blend w ith som e of my ow n color s. Shhhhh ... John doesn't know that I w ill be w ear ing a cr eam color ed w eddingdr ess w ith a touch of pur ple yet. FAM I LY NEW S: Well, this is cer tainly som e Fam ily new s I w ill never for get. On M onday,Feb 12th, I w ill be getting M ARRIED!!! Johnny and I becam e engaged on Januar y 1st, planningto w ed som e tim e this year , m ost likely in the fall. But w e enter ed a contest and w on an all-expensespaid w eddingin Ottaw a! We had only w eeks to pr epar e,but w e ar e as r eady as w e w ill ever be, John w ith a new suit and m e w ith a donated w eddingdr ess that w as r e-designedto som ethingunique, as you know m e - I couldn't be m ar r ied in anythingtoo 'nor m al'. The dr ess w as kindly donated to m e by Rem ington Pecor e w ho hear d my stor y on DCN online r adio and called in to donate it. M y good fr iend Patr icia M er paw has helped m e to r e-design it to fit m e better and also to have som e of that little extr a that you know I have to have. Now , w hat shoes to choose, w hat shoes? So m any choices- so little tim e! So on M onday,w e w ill be heading to Ottaw a to the Cour tyar d Restaur ant w her e I w ill have my hair and m akeup done, a bouquet and boutonnier epr ovided,a w eddingcake, the officiant,m usic for the cer em ony,a cocktail m ini-r eceptionw ith canapes,a studio-stylephotoshoot,and a myster y sw ag bag. Even the Lor d Elgin hotel have offer ed heavily discounted r oom s for the couples. This fabulouspr ize w as offer ed by 'Vendor sfor Vow s' w ith donationsgoing to CHEO. So w e ar e looking for w ar d to a w eek of love, the w edding on M onday,staying at the Lor d Elgin over night,another r om anticgetaw ay near by on Tuesday,then Valentine'sday on Wednesday and finally our local w eddingr eception in Cor nw all on Fr iday the 16th. For the r eception,w e've had a num ber of people step for w ar d to help us. Sue-Ann and her m other fr om Fair y Sw eet ar e m aking us a ver y special w eddingcake as a gift to us, local DJ Jam ie Gibeau of JDL Enter tainm entw ill be our DJ, pr ovidingboth m usic and lighting,in



M a rle ne

M e la ne e

BookReviewof Before YouKnowIt by JohnBargh


We ar e now over a m onthinto the new year ,but how m any of us ar e still follow ingour new year 'sr esolutions?Resear chshow sthat 80% of r esolutionsfail by Febr uar y.W hy is this?Oner easonis that m ost people focuson consciouseffor t to achievetheir goals,believingthat it is sheer for ceof w illpow erthat w ill cr eatethe new you. Thisnar r owfocusis detr im entalto goal achievem entbecauseit ignor esthe pow er ful influenceof the unconsciousm ind on our thoughts,actions,habits,and m or e. In BeforeYou KnowIt: TheUnconsciousReasonsWeDo W hatWeDo, John Bar gh,PhD,the w or ld?sleadingexper ton the unconsciousm ind,exam ineshow the unconsciousaffectsour ever ydaylives,and explainsthat w hen w e better under standthe inter playbetw eenthe consciousand unconsciousoper ationsof our m ind,new oppor tunitiesopen up to us. "Wecan lear n to heal w ounds,br eak habits,over com epr ejudices,r ebuildr elationships,and unear th dor m antcapabilities."

Haveyou ever been w ith a fr iend,and suddenlynoticeyou ar e both seatedthe exact sam ew ay,or that you ar e w alkingin-step w ith each other ?We unconsciouslym ir r or thosear oundus, and the behaviorand em otionsof other sar e contagious.In fact, long-ter mr om anticpar tner send up lookingm or elike each other over tim ebecausethey ar e continually,and unconsciously, m im icking each other ,usingthe sam efacial m usclesand m akingsim ilar expr essions, so they developthe sam em uscleand linepatter nson their faces- be car efulw ho you m ar r y,becauseyou w ill end up lookinglike them !This contagiouseffect doesn'tjust happenin per son,but over social m ediaas w ell;onlineem otionsand behavior sar e contagious,so pay attentionto w ho your Facebookfr iendsar e and w ho you chooseto follow. Our unconsciouscan also be extr em elyhelpfulin m akingdifficultor com plexdecisions,and attainingshor t and long-ter mgoals.W hen faced w ith a com plexdecisioninvolvingm anyfactor s,m or ethan the conscious w or kingm em or ycan hold at one tim e(w hichis about thr eethings),allow the unconsciousto evaluatethe situationfor you by doingsom ethingelse for a w hileor sleepingon it. Them ind continuallyw or kson our pr oblem s,even w hen w e ar en't consciouslythinkingabout them , and often com esup w ith solutionsbeyondthe fr am ew or kof the consciousm ind.Ther eis scientific backingbehindyour m other 'sadviceto sleep on it! Our envir onm entalso autom aticallyinfluencesour unconscious,and thiseffect can be har nessedto achievegoals.Insteadof planningto exer cisem or ein gener al,cr eateimplementation intentions, concr eteplansyou m akeas towhen,where,and how you w ill car r y out the intention:e.g. w hen I get hom efr om w or k,I w ill changeinto my sneaker sand go for a w alk .By cr eatingthisgoal,the unconsciousw ill be autom aticallytr igger edby the event of gettinghom efr om w or k and w ant to go for a w alk .Over tim e,thiscr eatesan autom atichabit that is m or eeffectivethan per iodicallyw illing your selfto exer cise. Bar gh'sbook hasm any other tipsfor w or kingw ith the unconsciousm ind to help you r em em berto-do item s,shop sm ar ter ,sleep better ,and m or e.It is also filled w ith fascinatingfactsbackedby the latest psychologicalr esear ch:our body tem per atur eis affectedby our social inter actions;w e unconsciously pr efer peoplew ho ar e sim ilar to us, even if it is super ficialfactslike the sam einitialsor sam ebir thday; w e autom aticallyr ead som eone'sper sonalityfr om their face,althoughit is often incor r ect ("baby-faced"adultsar e m or elikely to be foundinnocentat tr ial);and,anti-sm okingadsactuallycause peoplew ho ar e sm oker sto sm okem or e. Pick up Bar gh'sbook for an enter tainingand infor m ativer ead,and lear n how to im pr oveyour life by har nessingthe hiddenpow er sof the unconsciousm ind.BeforeYou KnowIt is availableat the Cor nw all PublicLibr ar y,Colesin the Cor nw allSquar e,and online. M ela nee'spa ssionfor r ea dingbega nat a younga ge, culminatingin a M a ster 'sdegr eein English Liter atur efr om the Univer sityof Ottawaa nd a desir eto pr omoteliter a cya nd cultur e,sta r ting her eat Cor nwa ll'sloca Seeker newspa per . TheBookNook pr ovidesbookr eviewsof both newlyr elea sednovelsa boutto hit bookstor esa nd excitingbooksca r r iedat TheCor nwa llPublicLibr a r y(includingloca l author s).I nquir iesa nd commentsmay be sent to cor nwa llbookr ar e either being donated,or tim e in pr epar ingis being donated,so w e ar e doing it all on a shoestr ingbudget and in a r idiculousshor t am ount of tim e! Ever ythingis com ing together nicely though, and the r eception ought to be quite special, especially w ith so m any fr iends and aquaintancespitching in to help. If anyone w ishes to pr ovide a w edding gift, please contact m e via Positively M ar leneon Facebook . It w ill also be my m om 's bir thday on the 11th, the day befor e the w edding! Happy bir thday M om , and I hope you have an am azing day! COM M UNI TYNEW S: Fam ily Day is com ing up a w eek fr om M onday. Ther e w ill be a fund-r aiser for Ber eaved Fam iliesof Cor nw all at Knox, St. Pauls chur ch on the 19th betw een 11 and 4. Only 150 tickets w ill be available,and ther e w ill be 10 activity stations,dr aw s for pr izes, com plim entar ysnacks and bever agesand best of all, Johnny and I w ill be ther e to photogr aph you and your fam ily m em ber s! Pr oceedsgo to Ber eaved Fam iliesw ho pr ovide a ver y necessar y ser vice for those w ho have lost a loved one. As w ith m any ser vices,their funding had been r ecently cut, so they count on fundr aiser ssuch as this to keep oper ating.Let's show them our suppor t by buying a ticket and attendingthis Fam ily Day Extr avaganza! ON ~THE COUCH~: This Sunday I w ill be absent

fr om 'The Couch', the online r adio pr ogr am that I co-host for a half hour each Sunday. The day befor e my w eddingis not a day to be on the air , as som e of you know ,I deal w ith anxiety disor der. Being on the r adio at all is a m ir acle! I'm not about to go on w hen my m ind is full of butter flies.I m ay call in though, so be sur e to tune in to "The Couch" on the DCN netw or k at to listen live. You can also check it out live on Facebook,as the episodesar e on-cam er a w ith str eam inglive video. W OULD YOU CHOOSE: I am intr oducingthis new segm ent to my colum n. Each w eek I'll ask a question w ith tw o choices. Would you choose a shor t but passionatem ar r iage,or a longer but m or e tam e one? Tw enty year s of ok, or one year of WOW ?Think about it and ask your self w hich you w ould pick, if you w er e able to pr edict the futur e. UNTI L NEXT W EEK: Rem em ber to expr esslove to the ones you do love, not just on Valentines Day, but ever y day of the year. A year ly gr eeting car d m ay be quick and easy, but doing little acts of kindness,being slow to anger and quick to for give, these ar e the r eal m essagesof love w e can shar e ever y single day. And for those w ho say 'I don't have to tell her I love her because she know s', I say hogw ash,TELL HER! Even if she know s, she w ill w ant to be told over and over again. M a r leneBa ker of w w w.fa shionogr a of w w w.lister

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Mortgage Tips

Often, an appraisal will already have been obtained in order to determine the Equalization of Assets during a divorce.Unfortunately, in most cases, the same appraisal is not acceptable to a lender unless it was originally ordered by a third party (such as a Mortgage Broker or lender or lawyer) for the dual purpose of Equalization of Assets and Financing.Also, an Appraisal Report is only acceptable for about 90 days (less with some lenders) so if the appraisal was ordered early in the divorce proceedings, another one may be needed by the time the details are settled.If the value changes over that time, the negotiations between parties usually start again to determine payout amounts.


MacDonald Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ? Act ual l y, It ?s Downright Devast at ing!

When life hits us hard, it?s hard to move forward but we pull up our boots and take one step at a time.When couples decide that a divorce (or Break-up) is inevitable, if a house is involved, the question of whether the house has to be sold arises. There are now mortgage products in place so that a spouse, who wants to keep a matrimonial home, can get a mortgage up to 95% of the value of the property in order to payout an amount owing to the other.In the past, if both names were already on the deed and mortgage, the maximum one party could pull from the house was 80% of the value as a refinance. The rules for the 95% mortgage product are quite stringent.There must be a lawyer written signed Separation Agreement, an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between the parties, a full appraisal and the proceeds can only be used to payout the ex-spouse.With this product, CMHC will not allow the funds to payout other debts.Genworth and Canada Guaranty are more flexible in their requirements, but these facts should be kept in mind when the negotiations between parties take place.

If the payout amounts require a mortgage for less than 80% of the value of the home, then the rules are less strict, although a separation agreement and appraisal will, in most cases, be required.With most lenders, other debts can be paid from mortgage proceeds with this product. Including a Mortgage Broker or lender early in the Separation process can help ease you through this horrific experience. Jenni MacDonald ( is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.# 10145). She has over 7 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at

YOU R ATTENTION PLEASE ... Come ride the 3 D Th r i l l Ri d er t o m o r r o w Saturday, February 10th 10:30 am to 7pm at the Benson Centre

That Tastes Expensive!

$3 per person See you there!

Beau t y an d t h e Beast st ar t i n g t h i s w eek

The Seaw ay Valley Theatr e Com pany invites you to the m ajor m usical pr oduction of their 2017-2018 season. ?Disney?s Beauty and the Beast,? based on the 1991 Disney film , w ill be staged in Febr uar y 2018 at Cor nw all?s Aultsville Theatr e. The classic stor y tells of Belle (M elissa Dionne), a young w om an in a pr ovincial tow n, and the Beast (Jim M alyon), w ho is r eally a young pr ince tr apped under the spell of an enchantr ess. If the Beast can lear n to love and be loved, the cur se w ill end and he w ill be tr ansfor m ed into his for m er self. But, tim e is r unning out. If the Beast does not lear n his lesson soon, he and his household w ill be doom ed for all eter nity. This is a fam ily or iented pr oduction w hich is ideal for audiences of all ages. To that end, its r un includes a special Fam ily Day m atinĂŠe, the fir st ever for the SVTC. Dir ector Lesley Ellam has assem bled cast of near ly four dozen of Cor nw all?s best know n stage actor s for the show , w hich pr om ises to be the com pany?s m ost lavish yet. It is pr oduced by Lise Richer and Chr istiane Taylor , and the m usical dir ector is Br ian M cCar tney. ?Disney?s Beauty and the Beast? w ill be staged at the Aultsville Theatr e, 2 St. Law r ence Dr ive, on Febr uar y 16, 17, 23 and 24, 2018 at 7:30 pm . Tw o m atinĂŠes w ill also be per for m ed on Febr uar y 18 and 19, 2018 at 1:30 pm . Tickets ar e $23.00 for adults, $21.00 for students, and $19.00 for childr en under 12. (All adm ission pr ices include a $1.00 Aultsville capital r efur bishm ent fee.) They ar e available in advance at , and can also be bought in per son or by w w w.svtc.theticketw phone at the SD&G United Way/Centr aide office, 405 Four th Str eet West, Cor nw all, 613-932-2051. Office hour s ar e M onday to Fr iday fr om 8:30 am to 4:30 pm . They w ill also be available at the door for one hour befor e each per for m ance. All seats ar e assigned and the theatr e is w heelchair accessible. For m or e infor m ation about the play, visit w w Be sur e to follow the hashtag #SVTCBeautyBeast on social m edia, too.

By Krist in Bl asiak Lazore Good quality, healthy meals that feel expensive but are attainable for the average home cook This week, Homemade Apple Cinnamon Fruit Roll-ups The grocery store can be a confusing place, especially when you have a family to shop for. Let?s talk snacks. It seems as if you have two choices: cheap but unhealthy or expensive but expensive quality ingredients. What?s a parent to do? The answer is simple; make the snacks yourself! A perfect example of an inexpensive, yet healthy snack is a fruit roll-up. Much different from what you see on the shelves, these fruit roll-ups are all-natural and preservative free. They are also quite simple to make and require only four ingredients. Taste-tested and approved by my two children and husband, these snacks are worth the try! Recipe taken from

http:/ / cooking/ recipe-ideas/ recipes/ a55795/ apple-cinnamon-fruit-r Tip: I excluded the sugar and it still tasted fantastic! Editor's Note: I follow Kristin on facebook and her stuff always looks mouth watering! I tried this recipe myself and the kids loved it! I replaced the sugar for stevia and it worked very well. Can't wait to get more recipes from Kristin.

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M or e M on ey t h an Br ai n s


Well, it looks like Intel's obfuscation effor ts w er e w ell r ew ar ded. Even though the m anufactur er has been pr oducing CPUs w ith a ser ious secur ity flaw M eltdow n - for at least the past decade, their r ecent stock values r ose past expectations. Accor ding to sever al w ell r espected secur ity fir m s, the M eltdow n secur ity flaw is only found in Intel CPUs. Fur ther m or e, the fix for this flaw has been know n to cause com puter s to r andom ly r eboot. Additionally, for com puter s that ar e stable after the fix, ther e is a per for m ance penalty to be paid for a secur ed com puter. It appear s that the aver age loss of per for m ance for an Intel CPU - depending on m odel and oper ating system - is ar ound 20%. A 20% r eduction in CPU per for m ance m ay only tr anslate into a 5% over all system per for m ance decr ease, but AM D based com puter s ar e r epor tedly im m une to M eltdow n. AM D system ow ner s, give your self a pat! But back to that m oney vs br ains situation; technology investor s r ew ar ded Intel instead of punishing the com pany for their decades long design flaw. M or e m oney than br ains, indeed! Speaking of secur ity flaw s, if som eone r andom ly calls you and tells you that they ar e fr om M icr osoft, Apple, or som e other big nam e technology com pany and that they have to access your com puter over the Inter net to fix som e sor t of secur ity pr oblem , just hang up the phone. Ser iously. If som e str anger called you and asked you for all sor ts of per sonal, banking, and investm ent infor m ation, you w ould pr obably tell them to buzz off. Unless you have initiated a suppor t call w ith a softw ar e, har dw ar e, or ser vice fir m they w ill not call you. Som etim es people w ait for hour s on hold to get a pr oblem solved; do you r eally think that these fir m s pr oactively call clients to m ake sur e things ar e r unning? Of cour se not. So don't fall for their tr ap. On a positive note, w inter should be done in about 60 days or so. W hoo hooo! Have a gr eat weekend!

You Say, ?V-Jay-Jay, I say? a Beaver!? We all call ?It?something? And, depending on where you?re from, location can greatly influence such important salutations. Here in Cornwall, some names that have come up are? .(drum roll please) Box, Beaver, Snatch, Nune, V-Jay-Jay, Vagine, and Vage just to merely say a few? You know, it really is quite interesting to sit around and ask the question, ?What do you call it?? Body language changes, some cheeks get flushed, even temperatures rise at the prose.The most wonderful thing though? is the look of almost relief once someone says what they call it. It?s like a whole weight has been lifted and a new opportunity to talk is born. If you have never been to the show you can expect a rainbow of emotions to come through. You may laugh (quite likely), you may cry, and you will be moved.You can expect to empathize and bear witness to an incredible, powerful, raw, emancipating collection of experiences from women and girls around the world.Stories that need to be heard, acknowledged, shared and discussed. The evening will have great food, excellent live entertainment, silent auction and of course The Vagina Monologues.This year we will be featuring a reading by Eve Ensler called, Over It Redux discussing currents affairs and so much more.There will be also male readers taking part in, The Man Prayer.The evening will finish with a talk-back session for the audience and cast/ crew to engage in conversation and continue the sharing.

Brain & Body Empowerment


LORRAINE DRISCOLL The Short Cut to Improving Learning and Behaviour If your child is struggling with learning or behaviour, it does not mean they have a ?bad brain?. Contrary to popular belief, ?star students?are not born? their brains have strong connections in areas of the brain that enable successful learning. School struggles can simply indicate your child?s brain is untrained in the areas of memory, attention and processing speed. There are no bad brains? just ?bad?connections. There are various reasons strong neural connections may be lacking: skipping a developmental milestone, lacking key brain nutrients or brain inflammation due to an unhealthy gut flora. For example, a child with weak auditory processing may have difficulty remembering information for a test, easily forgets words or information on a page or has difficulty following directions because the list of items overtaxes their auditory system. You may notice they have difficulty completing what appears to be simple tasks and they are prone to disorganization? all because poor connections in their auditory system is causing breakdown. Imagine their overwhelm!

Each brain and body is different in terms of how it processes everything from food to information. A brain that is untrained or lacking key brain nutrients will certainly have difficulties functioning optimally.This can be changed with a brain-body approach which involves nourishing and strengthening weak connections. Transf orming l earning and behavior chal l enges st art s wit h: 1. Nut rit ion? Nourishing the brain with the correct nutrition to promote optimal brain function so your child can better learn, process, focus and be more resilient to stress. 2. Learning Therapies? Re-training the brain through learning therapies that focus on changing the way the brain processes, organizes and stores information and reacts to stressors. It?s Not the Brain You Have?It?s the Brain You Create When the right connections are in place learning takes place more naturally and confidence and motivation soars. Targeted nutrition and learning therapies are the starting point in transforming cognitive disorders. To l earn more, cont act me f or a f ree 20 minut e Happy, Healthy Child Breakthrough session!

The Vagina Monologues have been In Heal t h & Whol eness, around for 20 years now and are growing ever more important in a time and climate that boasts transparency and accountability for Brain & Body Sol ut ions all. It is time to show up and let others know, they are no alone in their Phone:613-330-9254 experiences. We are in this together.

Tr u e Roots

Tickets can be bought at Giroux Sewing Centre at 511 Montreal Road, Echo Trends at 54 Pitt Street or through the Sexual Assault Support Services of SDG&A by calling 613-932-1755 ext. 27 or email

Ar ticle by Don Smith Inter est in local histor y is quite high am ong locals and tour ists as w ell. I see it daily on social m edia, at the Cor nw all Com m unity M useum and in so m any w ays. Since 1974, the thir d M onday ever y Febr uar y has been identified as Her itage Day in Canada. In 1985, the Ontar io gover nm ent designated the thir d w eek in Febr uar y as Ontar io Her itage Week, w ith the feder al Her itage Day kicking off the w eek . Ar e you aw ar e that in a few w eeks tim e, m or e than a dozen ar ea gr oups and or ganizations w ill be exhibiting at a fr ee public event at the Cor nw all Squar e? On Sat u r day, Febr u ar y 24 in Centr e Cour t (1st floor ) f r om 9 a.m . u n t i l 4 p.m . These inter esting exhibits staffed by exper ienced and passionate volunteer s ar e not to be m issed. Per haps vintage tr ains dr ive you, or fam ily histor y is r ight up your tr ee! M aybe you like finding your self at the Lost Villages or enjoy pictur ing your self in Cor nw all?s histor ic neighbour hoods. Ther e w ill be plenty to see and talk about as w ell as som e bar gains to be had on local histor y books, and m or e.

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Needa "Scen t -sat i o n al Gi" ft Id eaFo r Yo u rVal en t i n e

Scent sy of f ers a saf er al t ernat ive t o t radit ional candl es.

NO f l ame, NO smoke NO soot , NO l ead ThisconceptusesdecorativeScentsy warmers,whichuse a heatingelement to slowlymelt speciallyformulatedwax, makingyour homesmel l Scent -sat ional. Thiswax is only warmed,so it won't reacha temperaturethat couldcauseinjury. Our wax barsare madefromfood-grade paraffinwax & all productsare gluten,toxic& animalcrueltyfree. We havea wholerangeof products to scent your entireday & worldincluding Skin,Kids,Groom,Clean,Laundry & our gorgeousDiffusers& Oils. LIFETIME WARRANTY againstmanufacturerdefects

Contact: Annie & JP Laperl e, Your IndependentScentsyConsultants

613-361-7814 or 613-361-7757 anniel aperl e@ymail .com www.anniel aperl e.scent

YOUR ATTENTI ON PLEASE ... New Dat e Not i ce ... Because M other Natur e didn?t cooper ate w ith us on Febr uar y 7th, Ak w esasn e Toast m ast er s an d Sm ar t Ci t y Toast m ast er s w ill hold the "club level? Inter national Speech Contest and the Table Topics Speech Contests together on Wedn esday, Febr u ar y 21, 2018. In the Inter national Contest, club contestants vie for fir st place by giving a 5 ? 7-m inute or iginally pr epar ed speech on a topic of their choice. The w inner of the Inter national Speech contest w ill pr ogr ess to the next level, w hich is the Ar ea level, then on to the Division and Distr ict levels, all the w ay to the w or ld cham pion at this year 's Convention in Chicago. In the Table Topics Speech Contest contestants give a 1 ? 2-m inute im pr om ptu speech in r esponse to pr eviously unknow n question. They can pr ogr ess to the Distr ict level.

Wishingyouall a HappyValentines Dayanda HappyandSafeFamilyDay!

Rem em b er - St ay Po si t i ve! an d We wi l l see yo u al l i n 2 Week s ON FRIDAY FEBRU ARY 23rd In t h e m ean t im e

This event w ill be held in the Sm ar t City Toastm aster s m eeting r oom M 3520 St. Law r ence College in Cor nw all star t tim e appr ox. 6:45PM . Fr ee par king and fr ee snacks.

FOR SALE: Electric BBQ $85. Wood Frame BBQ $175. Snow mobile helmet, full face, black, size large $70. Chain Saw Safety Helmet $30. Bottles for making home-made beer. Please call 613-347-3091

REM EM BER - if t h e SEEKER

M ai- L iis

J ulia

Rackis Em pt y,r eadu son lin e@w w w.t h eseeker .ca

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 3 - February 9 - February 23 - pg. 15 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

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Volume 9 issue 3  
Volume 9 issue 3