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The Count ies, Ont ario? The United Counties of SDG, in association with the Friends of the Summerstown Trails (FOTST), held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new parking lot at the Summerstown Forest. This event was held in conjunction with the Official Opening Day Activities at the trails organized by FOTST. SDG continues to take an active role in promoting and enhancing recreational activities at the Summerstown Forest. Recent initiatives include hazardous tree assessment and removal, new and improved signage and the installation of the new parking lot in 2017. SDG, in partnership with the FOTST, relocated and expanded the parking lot which is now located adjacent to County Road 27; improving access, visibility, and safety. The parking lot construction was completed using recycled material; which resulted in a significant cost savings of approximately $17,000.

2 locals soon t o lau n ch an app f or spor t s f an s The duo behind the Cornwall Nationals?extensive marketing throughout the city has created an app that combines their passion for sports and marketing and it?s a game changer. Kris McCarthy and Shannon Ferguson are the founders of FanSaves, a marketplace app that offers fans of professional sports teams deals and discounts from the sponsors of their favourite teams.


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M a cDO NA Keep an eye on your asset mix Asset allocation is the process of investing among different asset classes based on how long you plan to keep the investment, your comfort level with risk, and your investment objectives. In general, these asset classes include: - cash and cash equivalent (e.g. T-bills, deposits in bank accounts), - fixed income (e.g. bonds and Guaranteed Investment Certificates - GICs), and - equities (e.g. stocks).

Each asset class serves a different purpose and has a different level of risk. Cash is considered the safest asset class, but also offers the least return potential. Equities can provide higher returns, but are considered riskier because poor market performance may cause you to lose money. The process involves diversifying or spreading your investments across these asset classes in order to maximize your potential return, while minimizing your investment risk. The asset mix you choose should reflect the level of risk you?re comfortable with, and your financial objectives. Asset allocation helps you create a personalized investment portfolio that manages risk without unnecessarily diminishing returns. It?s important to have your asset allocation strategy in place before you actually make the investment choices for your portfolio. The asset classes you decide to invest in today will determine how your portfolio will perform in the years to come. Keeping an eye on your asset mix Once you have selected an asset allocation strategy that suits your needs, you should monitor your investments over time. You may want to adjust the investments you hold, to reflect your personal circumstances or changes in market performance. The following factors will impact your asset allocation: ¡- your withdrawals, - different rates of return, and - changing circumstances. Your wit hdrawal s One factor that can affect your asset allocation is the frequency and size of any withdrawals. For example, if you hold a number of funds, and you frequently withdraw money from just one fund, over time it will have a significant impact on your asset allocation. Dif f erent rat es of ret urn

?We run into the same dilemma all the time when we?re out selling sponsorships for the Nationals. Businesses need a way to track their return on investment and nothing existed so FanSaves was born? explained McCarthy who is also the Sales & Marketing Director for the Nationals.

Another factor to consider is that each investment will likely earn a different rate of return each year. For example, if a stock fund you own increases by 20 per cent one year and your bond fund returns six per cent, you?ll need to rebalance your portfolio to maintain your target asset mix. This is because the percentage of your portfolio held in stocks will have increased due to the exceptional returns of the equity fund.

Added Ferguson ?Coupons are becoming a thing of the past and we thought that since everyone always has their phone on them an app was the perfect solution?. She is the Nationals Sales & Marketing Manager.

The asset allocation strategy that?s right for your portfolio will change over time. As people age, their investment goals generally change from saving for retirement to drawing an income from their savings.

The app works by allowing sports teams to increase the value of their sales packages and retain sponsorships by giving their sponsors a way to track their return on investment. The fan wins because they receive deals and discounts simply by downloading the app for free and selecting their favourite teams. The co-founders have been bootstrapping their project themselves but recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help complete development of the app, in time for their anticipated mid-February launch. They are hopeful that the community will support them and anyone looking to help them fundraise can do so through this campaign. To find out more about FanSaves you can visit or to help fund this project visit projects/ 2020134317/ fansaves-app. They are also on Facebook as FanSaves.

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I can help you develop a financial plan that can achieve a lifetime of financial security and fits your risk tolerance. Together we?ll regularly review your plan to ensure that it reflects the right mix for you. Sun Life FinancialGICsare issuedby Sun Life FinancialTrust Inc.

If you have any questions regarding the topics in this column, please feel free to contact me. Patrick MacDonald,* B.A. (Hons) Advisor - Sun Life Financial Tel: 613-703-7886 Fax: 613-703-7884 *Mutualfundsdistributedby Sun Life FinancialInvestmentServices(Canada)Inc. Sun Life AssuranceCompanyof Canadais a memberof the Sun Life Financialgroupof companies. Š SunLife AssuranceCompanyof Canada,2017.

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