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Happy New Year!


The new year is alwaysan opportunityto start fresh. It's a clean slate, a blank sheet of paper ready for a brand new story.


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I began my year with a major milestone.

at www.t h eseek er .ca and as such, only 10 make the list each year. I would like to also take the time to acknowledge Jason Setnyk, who in 2017, has landed several outstanding names to interview for you. Here are Jason Top 17 music interviews of 2017. Here is the list: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

After hearing time and again about the # MeToo movement,and after thinking long and hard about it, I put my story of sexual assault down on paper and hit the "publish" button.


It was terrifying. For 30 years, I have kept this secret. What would people think?


It was a way for me to proclaim that I would no longer be ashamed of somethingbeyond my control that happenedto me years ago. It was a way for me to give hope and courage to other women who have experiencedthe pain and sufferingin silence from being a victim. If you are interested,you can read my story at http:/ / This blog is my new beginning. Not my actual beginning as I was born many moons ago, but the start of the rest of my life.

And for the rest of my life, I don?t want to hide. I want to become exponentially me. I have spent too many years trying to be the person everybody else wanted me to be. I almost lost myself in the process. But I am who I am and if you don?t like it, take a hike.

9. 10.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

This is my safe zone, this is my space. If you don?t like what you read, feel free to go ahead and tell me, but keep it classy, my friends. # Respect


Top 10 and ot her l ist s

16. 17.

In this issue, you will find our yearly top 10 citizens of the year. These individuals have been selected carefully by our team. This is not to say that others are not well deserving of the honour, but unfortunately, it's a top 10


In 2017, Jason Setnyk interviewed many musicians, now here is a list of his top 17 other interviews. This list includes athletes, actors, artists, comedians, and more. Here is the list:

I will use these pages to jot down thoughts on life and parenting? On being a woman in a man?s world and on politics? On love and relationships? I will put here all the things that do not quite fit in a positive newspaper, things that may or may not be perceived as controversial. Things that matter to me.

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14. 15.


Thank you Jason for a great year and looking forward to reading even bigger names in 2018 For a compl et e l ist , visit our websit e at ht t p:/ / t

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Th e

SEEKER KICKS THE YEAR INTO GEAR and wishes you all a


By John Lister

percent of people report being successful in achieving their goals. However, there are other studies saying that people are ten times more likely to succeed at life changes when made as a New Year resolution, compared to those made at any other time of the year.

Most people think nothing of making New Year's Resolutions near the start of every year. But why do we do it? Where did the tradition start from?

For the answer, we must go back to Babylon, where the new year began in the spring. Four thousand years ago, at the start of each new year, Babylonians would make promises to pay debts and return borrowed objects. They believed they would have the favour of the gods if they kept their promises.

In ancient Rome, a practice began after Julius Caesar made January 1 the beginning of the new year. The god Janus, who inhabited arches and doorways, was thought to have two 'faces'. It was believed that Janus looked back on the old year, and forward into the new one, and so the Romans made promises to Janus of good conduct for the coming year. By the way, the month 'January' is named after Janus. In the Medieval Era, knights took the 'peacock vow' to re-commit to being chivalrous. This vow was taken shortly after Christmas. During Judaism's New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah, people are to reflect upon their wrongdoings and seek forgiveness, as well as

forgiving those who may have wronged them. For early Christians, it was John Wesley who began watch night services, where people would pray and make resolutions for the coming year. At the end of the Great Depression, nearly a quarter of American adults created New Year's resolutions. Today, most people are not making promises to the gods, but to themselves. It is a time when most people focus on self-improvement, despite the fact that in recent studies, only 8


Wishing you all a Happy 2018

So, whether you make New Year's resolutions or not, nearly half of the people you meet will be doing so. It is not such a bad idea to reflect over one's life and see if there are areas that would benefit from improvement. Making a commitment at the start of a new year also feels like it could be successful, as it is a new year after all. Just know that with only 8 percent of people succeeding, you are not alone if you find yourself unable to fulfill your own promises. Writing down goals is a good way to stay mindful of them, and you can check them off the list as you achieve them. I'm sure if most of us had a list we made five or ten years ago, we'd see some things that we've accomplished, and perhaps a few we still need to work on. Either way, don't be hard on yourself if you try and fail. At least you tried. There is always next year!


Y ear!


Ji m M cDon el l M PP Stor m ont-Dundas-South Glengar r y 120 Second Str eet West Tim e Squar e,Cor nw all ON Sat el l i t e Of f i ces: M or r isbur g and W inchester

4 (613) 933-6513 w w w .j i m m cdon el l m

KI CK THE YEAR I NTO GEAR Th e Seeker 's Lat est Pu blicat ion Will be ou t Jan u ar y 23r d!

Ther e is still TIM E to r eser ve your SPOT cal l u s at 6 1 3 -9 3 5 -3 7 6 3 o r em ai l i n fo @t h eseek er .ca THE SEEKER Vol.9 Issue 1 - January 12 - 26 - pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Brain & Body Empowerment

Lo rra ine

DRISCO LL Avoid Diet ing Disast ers in 2018 The motivation of your New Year?s resolution to lose weight may be running strong, but to make it sustainable when that initial determination fizzles away, practice the principles of eating psychology. This requires tuning into your body?s unique needs as well as understanding how your psychology affects your relationship to food. Avoid dieting dysfunction by following the tips below: 1.Traditional dieting exasperates restriction and binging rather than addressing the root cause of emotional eating. Learn to identify triggers and develop coping strategies to navigate vulnerabilities such as social situations. 2.Everyone has a unique genetic make-up which causes them to respond to food in vastly different ways. Most diets don?t consider bio-individuality. Don?t get discouraged if you are not experiencing the same results as your friend.Be prepared to explore and experiment.

3.Diets often teach you to ignore your body's signals and instead follow the rules of a program. Certain diets can be therapeutic but following a program without first learning to tune in to your body?s wisdom can be detrimental. 4.Simplified meal planning and prep must be learned to make healthy eating sustainable. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.Explore why you may have resistance to planning and prep; seek help if necessary. 5.Diets focused on calories and rapid weight-loss are based on outdated science rather than building a healthy metabolism. Many of my clients suffer from a damaged metabolism due to a calorie restrictive diet that was later followed by hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Eat real, unprocessed food with healthy amounts of fat to heal your metabolism. 6.Individuals who maintain healthy eating do not rely on willpower? though to outsiders it appears that way. They developed habits and strategies that eliminates an uphill battle with food. Dieting leaves you relying on willpower which only exists in finite amounts each day. Understanding the psychology of willpower and howskillpowercan eliminate the need to rely on willpower can be a game-changer. To learn more about eating psychology & weight-loss in 2018, contact me today.Lorraine Driscoll,M.S.T., R.H.N.

Tr u e Roots Brain & Body Sol ut ions Phone:613-330-9254

OHA al umni and SENS draf t pick Drake Bat herson wins gol d at WJC Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Cor nw all Ontar io ? For m er Ontar io Hockey Academy student athlete Dr ake Bather son, w ho w as dr afted by the Ottaw a Senator s in 2017, has w on gold w ith Team Canada at the 2018 Wor ld Junior s Cham pionship on Fr iday night in Buffalo, New Yor k . Canada and Sw eden w er e tied 1-1 late in the thir d per iod of the final. W ith less than tw o m inutes left in the gam e, Dr ake Bather son helped set up Tyler Steenber gen?s gam e w inning goal. Team Canada w ould add an em pty netter to w in 3-1 and take hom e the gold. The 19 year old Nova Scotian w as the leading goal scor er in the Quebec M ajor Junior Hockey League pr ior to the Wor ld Junior s, and he lead Team Canada in the tour nam ent w ith 7 goals including a hat tr ick in the sem ifinal gam e against the Czech Republic on Thur sday. Since that per for m ance he has been m aking headlines in publications like CBC, Spor tsnet, Ottaw a Sun, and National Post. For exam ple: ?Dr ake Bather son w asn?t a household nam e befor e this tour nam ent star ted. But w ith a tour nam ent-leading seven goals in six gam es ? including a hat tr ick in Thur sday?s 7-2 sem ifinal w in against the Czech Republic ? that?s about to change? ? National Post. Also: ?Bather son finished tied for second w ith Czech Republic center Filip Zadina for the tour nam ent lead w ith seven goals. He led Canada w ith four pow er -play goals, and led the tour nam ent w ith thr ee gam e-w inning

Sat urday,


goals? ? . Dur ing the 2013-2014 season Dr ake Bather son tr ained and played AAA for the Ontar io Hockey Academy her e in Cor nw all aver aging about a point a gam e. His coach w hile attending the Ontar io Hockey Academy w as for m er M ontr eal Canadiens and Ottaw a Senator s player Yves Sar ault. Dr ake Bather son got the call up to play Jr. A w ith the Valley W ildcats, and he got the call up again in 2015-2016 to play w ith the Cape Br eton Scr eam ing Eagles of the QM JHL. In 2016-2017 he w as the QM JHL r ookie leader in goals, assists, and points. NHL scouts took notice. In 2017, Dr ake Bather son becam e the fir st Ontar io Hockey Academy alum ni to get dr afted to the NHL. He w as dr afted by the Ottaw a Senator s in the 4th r ound, and 121st over all. He is also the second OHA alum ni to ear n an entr y level NHL contr act, and the four th to play at an NHL all-r ookie cam p. Dr ake Bather son is also the fir st OHA alum ni to play for Team Canada at the Wor ld Junior s, the fir st to lead Team Canada in goal scor ing at the Wor ld Junior s, and the fir st to w in a gold m edal at the W JC.

Januar y


13t h is w it h Caydence

Come help Caydence Andre (seen here with Karen Torrie-Racine of the MS Society in Cornwall) celebrate her 11th

birthday and help her raise funds for the MS Society. WHEN: Saturday January 13th WHAT TIM E: 2pm to 5:30pm WHERE? Trinity Anglican Church Hall - 105 Second Street West. Come and meet Sparky the fire dog, The Colts mascot Slapshot, the Seeker Chicks Julia and Mai-Liis and Shannon and Erica from DCN's "The Couch". There will be Zumba with Jasmine and Adele, photo booth with Carol Sauve, Seaway Slot Car Racing and of course lots of music to dance to. Enjoy snow cones and cotton candy, a bake sale and a silent auction. Everything at the event is by donation. Come on out and have a great time celebrating Caydence's 11th Birthday and help raise money for a great cause.

The Seeker Chicks, Julia and Mai-Liis will be there and we hope to see you all tomorrow - Rain, Snow or Shine - WE WILL BE CELEBRATING! CAYDENCE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL HER FRIENDS AS WELL!

THE SEEKER Vol.9 Issue 1 - January 12 - 26 - pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

THE 2017 TOP TEN CITIZENS OF THE YEAR Cornwall Ontario ? Here are the Seeker?s Top Ten Citizens of the Year for 2017. We have many outstanding citizens that deserve acknowledgement, more than a Top 10 list?s worth. We hope this list puts a spot light on at least some of the people who make this community amazing. In no particular order here is our list: 1 -TONY LUIS, who brought professional boxing back to Cornwall with 3 stellar events, and won the North American Boxing Association Lightweight title in front of approximately 4000 fans at the Civic Complex. Way to go Tony! 2 -GILES AND KIM LASCELLE, owners of the Ontario Hockey Academy, who are celebrating 10 years in business. After a devastating fire a year and a half ago, they didn't give up, and they rebuilt. OHA and it's students do volunteer work within the community including the Trick or Treat for Agape Fundraiser, and the Sparky Toy Drive. Soon, 7 OHA alumni are expected to participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea. Also, a current OHA student is Harvard University bound. Way to go Giles and Kim on creating such a successful program! 3 - Magician DAVID JANS has had an incredible year, from playing live on CTV Ottawa Morning Live television program, to performing at Pommier Jewelers 80th anniversary party, plus many sold out rooms including NYE at La Maison Tavern. He also performed street magic in downtown Montreal at the Canada Grand Prix, as well as in downtown Cornwall for Food Fest. He was also featured in Cornwall Living Magazine. Furthermore, as an actor he played an extra on the Jean Beliveau biography mini series that aired on the French History Channel. Way to go David! 4 - KELLY BERGERON, who is the founder of Code Heroes and also part-time Executive Director The Cornwall Innovation Centre, has

been making a huge splash in Cornwall. Her leadership role in both entrepreneurship and technological education is commendable and noteworthy. She also participated in the Hack to the Future event that featured Keynote guest speaker Sage Franch from Microsoft. Way to go Kelly! 5 - Local filmmaker ADAM KIRKEY had his film ?Sir John A. And the Curse Of The Anti-Quenched? premiere at The Kingston Canadian Film Festival this past March. The movie features John Dunsworth (famously known as Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys), Spencer Rice (of Kenny vs Spenny), Paul Spence (?The Deaner?from the cult classic Fubar), and Cornwall born actor Brock Terriah. It was an excellent movie, and a great accomplishment! Way to go Adam! 6 - HEATHER SMITH, a member of 325 Cornwall Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadets, was awarded the gold standard for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which was present by Prince Harry at a ceremony in Toronto. Heather is now a graduate of Queen?s University with a Bachelor of Music and has opted to continue her graduate studies abroad in Germany at the University of Heidelberg. Way to go Heather! 7 - SEBASTIEN MANIGAT, who is the festival director of The Seaway Summer Beer Fest . Despite, the rain over 2500 people attended the beer festival which included Juno Award winning and platinum album selling headliner Classified. His other work with the Seaway Food Festival includes Cornwall Restaurant Week, and the Cornwall editions of La Poutine Week and Le Burger Week. Way to go Sebastien! 8 - RYAN LEGER is the drummer of Hundred Suns. Their 2017 album The Prestaliis ranked # 133 on the Billboard Top 200, # 10 for Hard Music,

# 14 for Heatseekers, # 25 for Hard Rock, # 40 for current rock, and # 85 for Rock. Ryan Leger, who?s resume includes Every Time I Die, Dead and Divine, The Salads, and Skye Sweetnam, has joined forces with Norma Jean?s Cory Brandan and Dead and Divine?s Chris LeMasters to form Hundred Suns. The band also had a successful North American tour in 2017 playing many sold out shows. Way to go Ryan! 9 - JEFF BRUNET of Alkaline Entertainment booked approximately 20 concerts in 2017 keeping music alive in this city. He booked acts such as Lukas Rossi at La Maison Tavern. He also worked with Jason Mitchell and Davey Bedard as a booking agent for Cornwall Music Fest which featured Michel Pagliaro, Barstool Prophets, The Box, and Darby Mills of the Headpins. Way to go Jeff! 10 - DAN ALLAIRE, for his work on the radio, as well as community volunteering. Highlights of 2017 include a charity boxing match vs. David Murphy, being jailed for a Beyond 21 fundraiser, and a Celebrity Chopped fundraiser for Baldwin House, and the United Way Changing Lives fundraiser. Way to go Dan! _____ The Seeker Lif e Time Achievement Recognit ion AwardCity Councillor ANDRE RIVETTE, who is retiring in 2018, and has served the City of Cornwall for over 18 years. His work ethic, and his willingness to help ordinary people with municipal issues, has been a credit to the local City Council. Way to go Andre! Honourabl e Ment ion - Paul DesLauriers and The Paul DesLauriers Band who won four awards at The Twentieth Annual Maple Blues Awards ceremony took place at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto Ontario. Paul DesLauriers is one of the most successful and decorated musicians to ever come from Cornwall. Way to go Paul!

THE SEEKER Vol.9 Issue 1 - January 12 - 26 - pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


M a rle ne

BAKER Hey There, Welcome To Another New Year, Everyone.

I do hope that you all had a most enjoyable Christmas and New Year's Holidays with your loving family and friends. I Sure Did!!! John and I along with three other couples ( Maryanne & Scott, Patricia & Ken, & Chantal & Her Dad, Andy) went to yet another of ~Cape's New Year's Eve~ Parties together to enjoy LIVE MUSIC from one of Cornwall's Best Band's, ~Radio Nova~. and also DJ Shellshock. We all had a wonderful time dancing along to the "dancy tunes" and eating a delicious cold and hot buffet along with celebrating with a kiss at the stroke of Midnight. But there was something else in store for me. John had set up with the organizers of ~Cape~, Carol & Randy Sauve, a little surprise. When John and I walked into the ~Agora Centre~ we were given 2 tickets (# 's 03,04). Randy announced shortly after midnight that they were drawing for another prize. I was saying over and over in my head # 3.. # 3...# 3 was called!!! I jumped up and down and squealed a little, too. John joined me as I walked up on stage to get whatever I had won. But nothing was given to me, but John was being given a microphone for some reason. Well, I soon found John went down on one knee...He proposed to me right there.. on stage at 12:12. By you all knowing me by now, I couldn't say," Yes." right away... I took the mic. and Hmmmed for a bit and then said, "Always Keep Your Men Waiting Girls!!!" Hmmmmm. YES. JOHN, I WILL!!! Then We Kissed! What a Special way to start off the New Year!!! John and I will be getting married this year.. Sometime.. Somewhere...How Exciting For John & I & My Friends To Plan A Wedding!!!


FAMILY NEWS: A HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ goes out to my newest son-in-law, Steven.( Jan.10th)


May you have an awesome kind of birthday by celebrating it with your beautiful wife, Ella Rose along with your family and friends. MAY MORE OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IN 2018!!! All the very best in becoming a Father in the Springtime. I know you must be so excited as much as your dear Mother and I am. This being her first and my ninth. Love Always Mom.

8. BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS. 9. LAUGH A WHOLE LOT MORE. 10. SPOIL YOURSELVES. 11. GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY. 12. PAY IT FORWARD. 13. TAKE "TIME OFF" TO REFLECT. 14. GET MORE IN TOUCH WITH NATURE. 15. GET GROUNDED. 16. LOVE MORE. 17. BE KINDER TO ONE ANOTHER. 18. BE MORE POSITIVE. Now, that should get you started for a Wonderful & Happy New Year That Lies Before Us. May you all have the very Best in Health, Wealth & Pure Happiness in 2018!!! Looking Forward: As the New Year provides a New Chapter in all of our lives, I would like to share some thoughts. It is the beginning of a New Year, and hopefully a chance to Start Over and a chance to let go of different parts of our Past. Another chance to Focus on who we really want to be, and what kind of life we want to lead. The Next Chapter of our lives is in our hearts. It is time for our hearts to Heal. It is time to take it back from the ones who broke it for us, and time to pick up all the misplaced pieces we lost between the people who could not handle our hearts and our love. It is time to make it whole again because our hearts are still strong, it beats for us, and everything that we believe in. Our hearts have to remember with our help how to love again. This is the year when "My Love" will be rewarded with marrying the man that I love after 9 long years, and with purchasing a home where John and I will "Live Happily Ever After"... Right here in Cornwall, Ont. DREAMS DO COME TRUE... JOHN & I ARE LIVING PROOF!!! ITEM OF THE WEEK:

I had a wonderful week spent with my eldest daughter and her 4 children in Alexandria. We had a lovely Christmas morning opening up gifts in which the children had chosen for each other. I received a box filled with all kinds of earrings and an awesome gift that my two grandsons, Sampson & William chose for me, a Queenly, Tiara. What a lucky Nana, I am to have received such a gorgeous gift!!! We had lots of fun watching movies, playing games and eating a delicious Christmas dinner, together. I had the joys of watching the 2 younger boys and Abigail along with Daisy, the English bulldog when Melinda went on a road trip for a few days. After the week of eating leftover turkey dinner, we decided to have take -out Hawaiian pizza from ~Alexandria Pizza~ to celebrate our week together. Oh,The Joys Of Nanahood!!! Oh, So Tiring, But, Oh, So Rewarding!!!

I have chosen a Xmas gift that I received from a dear friend of mine, Patricia. She was my Secret Santa and luckily, I was her S.S. It is a pair of stunning, silver high-heels that made my mouth drop open when I first laid my eyes upon them. Now, I will have to put together an awesome outfit to go with these TIP OF THE WEEK: HERE ARE SOME GOALS FOR YOUR 2018: FIRSTLY, STOP MAKING NEW YEAR'S silver beautays. They make me a good five RESOLUTIONS!!! JUST START DOING, BEING AND inches taller which is a bonus when it comes time to kiss my Johnny and to reach for things SHARING IN ALL OF LIFE'S ADVENTURES & on high shelves or on the top of the fridge. VENTURES THIS YEAR!!! 1. BE EVER SO HUMBLE. 2. BE VERY GRATEFUL. 3. BE MORE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. 4. BE MORE PATIENT WITH OTHERS. 5. READ MORE.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that left handed people are wired in the "Artistic Part" of the brain, which makes them creative, surprising, imaginative, exasperating, witty, emotional, obsessive, delightful, original and never, ever dull. Now, You Know, If You Hadn't Known Already!!! CHEERS To All Of The Lefthanders reading ~The Seeker~ this week.

Today, Jan.12th is my 4th daughter, Victoria's Birthday. May you have a most delightful kind of birthday with your loving husband, Paul and anyone else that cares to help celebrate your 33rd Birthday. May this New Year be filled with more exciting moments and more fun-filled Skydiving... That was so awesome that you finally jumped out of a plane, Victoria. WOW! That was an Awesome Feat to have achieved last year!!! Perhaps "Bungee Jumping" is on your "To Do List," this year, my dear? May you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Love Always Mom COMMUNITY NEWS: The internet radio program ~The Couch~ on DCN is back for yet another awesome year of fun topics and excited guests. Shannon, Erica and I will be at our first event of the year.

Caydence is cel ebrat ing her 11t h birt hday wit h an M.S. Societ y Fundraiser. She is extending this invitation to everyone in the Cornwall and the S.D. & G. area to come join her in celebrating her birthday and by helping to raise money and awareness for a great cause such as this. We l ook f orward t o seeing everyone t omorrow, Sat urday. Jan. 13t h at 2p.m. unt il 5:30 p.m. at t he ~Trinit y Angl ican Church~ here in Cornwal l , Ont . 105 Second St reet West . UNTIL NEXT WEEK: As long as we feel PAIN...We are still ALIVE. As long as we make MISTAKES ...We are still HUMAN. And as long as we keep TRYING... There Is Always HOPE!!! Please Pay It Forward In Some Small Way... Even, If It Is By Sharing Your SMILES!!! Marlene Baker of & & of ~The Couch~ on DCN.

Con gr at u lat ion s M ar len e on you r en gagem en t t o Joh n (ou r ver y ow n Joh n n y Radar ) from SeekerChicksJulia & Mai-Liisxo

THE SEEKER Vol.9 Issue 1 - January 12 - 26 - pg. 6 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796 www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

Happy New Year! Yoga Yout h? 10 a.m. Check-Mat es? 2 p.m.

SUPER BOWL PARTY! Bu y a squ ar e f or $20 an d get a ch an ce t o w in on e of t h e sever al pr izes dr aw n f or each qu ar t er in clu din g: -Wat ch t h e gam e on t w o 55" BIG SCREEN TVs an d get a ch an ce t o WIN on e of t h em ! -Lim o an d Din n er f or 8 at Rideau Car lt on - Fr am ed Josh Don aldson Pict u r e -Fr am ed Golf Pict u r e


January 13 & 20 Engl ish Corner January 13-1 p.m. t o 3 p.m. Sunday Famil y Cinema - Despicabl e Me 3. January 14 @ 1:30 p.m. Toddl er's Advent ures

100 SQUARES TOTAL Th at 's 1/ 100 ch an ce t o w in ! Best of all, get a f r ee, deliciou s

RIB DINNER at h alf t im e!

(Ages 18 months to 3 years old)

Monday Lego Lundi - Create, build, play. - (Ages 6 to 12) January 15 & 22 p.m. t o 5 p.m.

Pu r ch ase you r t icket s at t h e Win g 424 240 Water St W, Cornwall

Cornwal l & Region Writ ers Societ y - Monthly get-together


January15 @ 6:15 p.m. Mahjongg - 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Jan 15 & 22 January 16 & 23 - 10 a.m. t o 12 noon, Bridge and Chess f or Adul t s


January 17 & 24 - 6:30 p.m. t o 8:30 p.m. St oryt ime (Ages 3 t o 5 years ol d) January 18 & 25 - 10 a.m. t o 10:45 a.m. Baby Tal es (0 t o 18 mont hs) January 18 & 25 - 10 a.m. t o 11:15 a.m. Cornwal l Scrabbl e Pl ay


January 18 & 25 - 1:30 p.m. t o 3:30 p.m. Sat urday Science- Free play with magnets (Ages 3 to 7) January 20 - 2:30 p.m. t o 3:30 p.m. Drop-in Famil y St oryt ime January 20 & 27 - 10 a.m. t o 10:45 a.m. Transit ion Cornwal l Food Group - Presentation January 21 - 1:30 t o 4 p.m. Aut hor Book Signing Event - Stephen Gill January 21 - 1:30 p.m. t o 4:45 p.m.


Adul t Dungeon & Dragons January 21 - 1:30 p.m. t o 4:30 p.m. Hot Cocoa & PJ's St ory Time(Ages 0 to 5 with parents) January 25 - 6 p.m. t o 6:45 p.m. Journée Pédago @ La Bibl io 26 janvier - 10 h à 11 h30


26 janvier - 14 h à 15 h30

THE SEEKER Vol.9 Issue 1 - January 12 - 26 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

ATTENTION: SHOW ISALM OST SOLD OU T - Ho p yo e uh ave yo utri ck et s!


January 15 & 22 -10 a.m. t o 10:30 a.m.


W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G


He re

is.. The


w ith Ra che lle And re

For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.

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Bo re d

JANUARY 19 - Friday

Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Exhibition @ 02:00 pm | Gallery Le Corrid?Art

Italian Night@ Royal Canadian Legion @ 6:00 pm

Third Eye Fridays- Mandala Magic with Moni @ 06:30 pm | OBO Studios

Still Life with Fruit@ OBO Studios @ 1:00 pm ? 5:00 pm

Robbie Burns Dessert Night @ 7 PM · St John's Presbyterian Church

Live Music EVERY Friday from 8-11COTTON PM @ 8 PM·Shoeless Joe's Cornwall


JANUARY 20 - Sat

JANUARY 13 - Sat Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm RIA Keywords for Change:Discussion with the exhibiting artists.@ RIA Project Room @ 2:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Club House Family BBQ @ 5 PM · Glendaler's ATV Club · South Glengarry


Sigil Magick @12 PM · Healing Wishes Pitt Street

Priests Mill Glassworks ? Drop-In Saturdays @ 10:00 am | Priests Mill Glassworks Alexandria RIA Keywords for Change:Discussion with the exhibiting artists @ 02:00 pm | RIA Project Room 15th Annual Seaway International Wine Festival @ 06:00 pm | Ramada Cornwall Dione Taylor and the Backsliderz @ 07:00 pm | Upper Canada Playhouse

My Little Pony The Movie @ The Port Theatre · Cornwall


2nd Annual New Year Toboggan Party @Lamoureux Park

Meet The Author - Stephen Gill @ 01:30 pm | Cornwall Public Library

Children's Meditation 10:30 AM @· Healing Wishes · Pitt Street Cornwall Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

JANUARY 15 - Mon

The show s host Chad Colem an encour ages local acts to please send him songs to play on the show and to infor m him of upcom ing show s, album r eleases etc. The Pr etty Cool! Recor ds Radio Show s for m at is a w ide var iety r anging fr om Gar age Rock, Psych,Punk ,Indie and m or e, but Colem an suppor ts any act of any style w ho sends in m usic. To get your m usic on the show or for a chance to play one of the ?Live Sessions? , send tr acks to pr ettycoolr ecor ds@gm .

Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

JANUARY 16 - Tue @ 2:00

pm ? 7:00 pm

JANUARY 17 - Wed Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Exhibition@ Gallery Le Corrid?Art @ 2:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

The ?Live Sessions? w ill featur e a w ide ar r ay of Local and Tour ing acts of established ar tists to upcom ing m usicians. Along w ith the live per for m ance, host Chad Colem an w ill w eave an inter view thr oughout the show.

Kicking off our ?Live Sessions? w ill be local ar tists A Year In Review , an am azing Pop Punk band w ho ar e quickly m aking a nam e for them selves. This is a band you have got to check out!!!

Children's Reiki Circle 12:00 PM @· Healing Wishes · Pitt Street Cornwall

JANUARY 18 - Thur

On Thur sday Januar y 26th , The Pr etty Cool! Recor ds Radio Show is r olling out a new featur e aka the ?Live Sessions?. The Live Sessions w ill be a special br oadcast of The Pr etty Cool! Recor ds Radio Show , w hich w ill happen the last Thur sday of each m onth. The show w ill be air ing live fr om La M aison ( 7-8PM ) on Cor nw all?s Dunet Com m unications Netw or k (w w La M aison is located at 900 M ontr eal Road.

Ever yone ( over 18 ) is invited to com e dow n and be par t of the studio audience. M ake it out and show your suppor t. The episode w ill be ar chived on the DCN site (under past show s) so you can check it out later . So m ake sur e to sing along or scr eam , your choice!!!


CITY HALLGallery Le Corrid?Art Exhibition@

Look i n g f or an ot h er w ay t o f i n d ou t abou t l ocal m u si c?? Well The Pr etty Cool! Recor ds Radio Show is a good place to star t.

Happy New Year ! see you all on Jan u ar y 26t h

M ake sur e to check out w w ettycoolr ecor !! Not only is it a r adio show but is also a r ecor d label !! Also.w e w ill have copies of The Seeker (our m ain sponsor ) at the show too!!! So gr ab a copy or tw o and find out w hat else is cool that is happening in and ar ound Cor nw all. The Pr etty Cool! Recor ds Radio Show air s w eekly fr om 6:00 to 8:00PM w ith host Chad Colem an. Only on DCN!!!!!!!

PLACE yo u r EVENT i n THIS CALENDAR, It i s FAST,CONVENIENTAND FREE! Go t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er yo u r even t ? Letushelp you advertise your event.

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Nat ional s t o Cel ebrat e Cornwal l Royal s in Upcoming Game The Cornwall Nationals are well aware of the legacy left behind by the Cornwall Royals and they felt it was time to pay tribute. ?We know how loved the Royals are in this city and we wanted to find a way to bring that excitement back to town. We really wanted to celebrate a team that is still so relevant to this day? said Nationals Sales & Marketing manager Shannon Ferguson. And pay tribute they will. At their game on Saturday, January 13thagainst the Watertown Wolves, the Nationals will host Cornwall Royals Night. The players will be wearing replica jerseys which will be auctioned off for Carefor Hospice Cornwall and Royals alumni will be celebrated during an opening ceremony fit for a king. ?It?s important to remember the players and staff that made up such a memorable franchise and we felt like this was a great opportunity to recognize their contributions to the Royals and hockey in Cornwall throughout the years? said Ferguson. The Cornwall Royals were a mainstay in town from 1969-1992, winning Memorial Cups in 1972, 1980 and 1981. The team was part of the QMJHL from its inception until 1982, when it transferred into the OHL. The franchise moved to Newmarket after the 1992 season but many people in Cornwall still keep a place for the team in their hearts. Explained Ferguson ?We wanted to make sure people could come see the Nats play and experience a game where our team was actually wearing Royals jerseys. We wanted to tap into that nostalgia?. Giving back to charity is also a big part of this game, as it is for every game this season. The Nationals mandate includes raising money for a different charitable organization at every game. Choosing Cornwall Royals Night to give back to Carefor Hospice Cornwall was an easy choice. ?Hospice helps so many people and they rely so heavily on fundraising that it was easy for us to choose one of our biggest games of the year to give back to them. Adding in the proceeds we raise through auctioning off the game-worn replica jerseys that night will also drastically increase what we are able to donate? said Ferguson. Puck drop is at 7:30pm at the Cornwall Civic Complex tomorrow night, Saturday, January 13thand tickets are available now at the Civic Complex box office, Shortline Convenience Store and Stinson Gas Station in Glen Walter. Tickets are $13 for adults, $10 for seniors and students and $5 for children under 12.

COLTS USE OVERTIME TO BEAT 73?S 6-5 Cornwall? Benjamin Dirven?s first two CCHL goals were the game tying and game winning goals as the Colts pulled out a 6-5 overtime victory over Kemptville Sunday afternoon at the Ed Lumley Arena. Jack Collins and Tommy Tanner each had a goal and an assist as the Colts improved to 22-15-4-1 (49pts) in the CCHL standings.Troy Quinn and Ethan Grant also scored.Thirteen Colts players had at least one point. Mike Carr stopped 17 of 18 shots in relief of

Liam Lascelle to earn the goaltending victory.Overall, the Colts outshot the 73?s 40-37. The Cornwall Toyota Hardest Working Colts Player was Justin McRae. The Pizza Pizza Three Stars were First Star Benjamin Dirven (COR), Second Star Jack Collins (COR) and Third Star Nicholas Dimitrovic (KPM). The Colts next home game is Thursday, January 11thwhen they host the Ottawa Junior Senators.Game time is 7:30pm at the Ed Lumley Arena.

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MacDonald Credit Scores W hen it com es to getting a good m or tgage, your cr edit scor e is your pow er.M ost Lender s r ely on the ?Equifax? scor e.Equifax calculates a cr edit ?r isk? scor e out of a m axim um scor e of 900.A scor e of 700 or higher is consider ed an excellent scor e and opens the door s to the better inter est r ates. PAYM ENT HI STORYdeter m ines about a thir d of your scor e.Even a one day late paym ent can negatively influence your scor e and show s on your bur eau for 6 year s.It?s m or e im por tant to pay the m inim um paym ent on tim e than to pay a lar ger am ount late.Setting up all of your accounts on pr e-author ized paym ents for the m inim um am ount w ill ensur e that you w ill never have a late paym ent.

The M OST im por tant cr edit advice is to avoid having anything sent toCOLLECTI ONS.No lender w ill pr ovide a m or tgage to som eone w ith an unpaid collection.Each one decr eases your scor e by about 80 points.If you ar e

having a dispute w ith your cell phone or inter net pr ovider , pay the bill and then ar gue about it later !!! AM OUNT OF CREDI T USEDis another lar ge factor in deter m ining your cr edit scor e.The m or e of the cr edit you have used, the low er your scor e w ill be.Keeping your balance under 30% of the total available am ount w ill help your scor e incr ease.If you ar e in a hur r y to im pr ove your scor e, consider calling your cr edit com panies for a lim it incr ease.The secr et to this tr ick is NOT to use the incr ease once it is applied!! The r est of your scor e is calculated by theAGE OF YOUR ACCOUNTS, theTYPE OF CREDI Tyou have and theNUM BER OF ENQUI RI ESon your cr edit in the last 12 m onths.Lender s w ill w ant to see at least 2 differ ent kinds of cr edit established for at least 2 year s for a total lim it of at least $2,500.A com bination of cr edit car ds, loans and lines of cr edit ar e desir able.Num er ous calls looking for cr edit fr om differ ent com panies is a r ed flag for lender s and w ill low er your scor e.If you close an account, your scor e could dr op by alm ost 100 points!!

Jenni MacDonald ( is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.# 10145). She has over 7 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at

From Shar y n's Pant r y Th i s w eek m ar k s t w o i m por t an t an n i ver sar i es f or m e. I t h as been 20 year s si n ce t h e I ce St or m of '98 an d 25 year s of pr i n t i n g r eci pes each w eek i n a n ew spaper -t h at 's 1300 col u m n s-pr i n t ed each w eek f or you . I f i r st began w i t h t h e St an dar d Fr eeh ol der Jan u ar y 6, 1993, f or abou t 16 year s,t h en t h e Seaw ay New s an d f i n al l y Th e Local Seek er f r om Oct ober 29, 2010. I t h an k t h ose of you w h o h ave sh ar ed you r f r i en dsh i p an d speci al r eci pes w i t h m e. You ar e w h at m ak es m e k eep w r i t i n g. Gar y an d I n ever h ave a bor i n g m eal t o l ook f or w ar d t o. Li k e t h e Ever r eady Bat t er y Bu n n y I j u st k eep on goi n g! Th i s w eek , I t h ou gh t t h at i t w ou l d be f u n t o r e-do a r eci pe f r om t h e i ce st or m col u m n . So yest er day I m ak e m y Au n t El l a's Ch i l i r eci pe w h i ch I h ad pr i n t ed Jan u ar y 14, 1998 i n t h e St an dar d Fr eeh ol der . M y col u m n w r i t t en f or Jan u ar y 7t h , 1998 w as bl an k i n m y r eci pe bi n der . W hy? Th e r eason bei n g w as t h at w e h ad t o h an d del i ver m y col u m n t o t h e n ew spaper as w e h ad n o el ect r i ci t y or f ax m ach i n e r u n n i n g at h om e. So I gave m y on e an d on l y copy t o t h e n ew spaper . Th ey pr i n t ed m y col u m n on t h ei r edi t or i al page. We w er e 23 days w i t h ou t an y el ect r i ci t y or r u n n i n g w at er at h om e. Th at w as a r eal ex per i en ce! Can dl el i gh t su pper s som eh ow l ost t h ei r r om an t i c appeal over t h ose m an y days! Yest er day, I m ade a bat ch of bu n s u si n g m y Ki t ch en ai d m i x er t o m i x an d k n ead t h e dou gh . Al on g w i t h t h e ch i l i , w e h ad a t ast y su pper . Bot h r eci pes ar e w or t h t r yi n g. En j oy a gr eat w eek ! An d t h an k s agai n f or f ol l ow i n g m y r eci pes each w eek . I t i s m y pl easu r e t o sh ar e t h em w i t h you ! Let 's go f or an ot h er 25 year s!


3 or 4 lar ge onions, diced 2 tbsp. vegetable or olive oil 1 or 2 lb. of lean gr ound beef (Iused 2 lb. of Shar yn's Pantr y local lean gr ound beef.) 6 cloves of fr esh gar lic chopped or 3 tsp. dr ied m inced gar lic 5 tbsp. of M exican chili pow der (Tr y Shar yn's Pantr y spices for a r eal flavour differ ence!) a pinch of cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp. Hungar ian papr ika 3 tbsp. dehydr ated sw eet gr een bell pepper s (because I had no fr esh, these w or k per fectly) 1 tsp. Kosher salt 1/2 tsp. gr ound black pepper 1 - 28 oz. can of diced tom atoes 2 cups of hot w ater 1- 19 oz. can of r om ano beans or kidney beans, dr ained and r insed and dr ained again a couple of tbsp. of sugar to cut the acidity of the tom atoes

M ETHOD: -Using a lar ge heavy pot, like a lar ge Le Cr euset pot or a Dutch oven, saute the chopped onions in a couple of tbsp. of oil until they ar e tr anslucent. -Add the gr ound beef and cook until no pink r em ains. Stir in the gar lic and cook for one m inute longer. -Add the r em aining spices and dehydr ated gr een bell pepper and cook for a m inute longer. -Now add the tom atoes, hot w ater and dr ained beans and sugar. Stir to m ix w ell. -Allow the chili to sim m er , cover edon the low est heat setting of your stove for 2 hour s. Stir often. Rem ove the lid dur ing the last 30 m inutes of cooking to allow the chili to thicken up a bit. -I ser ved a bow l of this along w ith w ar m buns r ight out of the oven. YUM ! En j oy!



1- 1/4 cups of w ar m w ater 1/4 cup instant skim m ilk pow der 2 tbsp. packed dar k br ow n sugar 1/4 cup fancy m olasses 2 tbsp. vegetable oil 1- 1/4 tsp. Kosher salt 2- 1/2 cups Shar yn's Pantr y hi r ise w hole w heat flour 1- 3/4 cups unbleached br ead flour (Fr om Shar yn's Pantr y- this flour is sold to baker ies so that is how gr eat the quality of the flour is.) 1- 1/2 tsp. instant yeast (Buy it bulk at Shar yn's Pantr y and save lots of m oney. Alw ays buy and keep it r efr iger ated.)

M ETHOD: -Place all of the above ingr edients in either your m ixer bow l or in the pan of your br ead m achine in the or der listed. -If it's your m ixer , use the dough hook and allow the m ixtur e to m ix and knead until a ball for m s. Continue allow ing it to knead for about 5 m inutes longer. I used about m edium speed. Rem ove the dough hook and cover the bow l of dough w ith a tea tow el. Then allow to dough to r ise to double in size. -If you ar e using your br ead m achine, set it on DOUGH cycle and let it do it's thing. -Either w ay, once r isen, punch dow n and shape into buns. I m ade 16 buns, placing them on par chm ent lined baking sheets. - Cover them w ith a tea tow el and place in a w ar m spot in your kitchen aw ay fr om any cold dr afts. Allow them to r ise to double in size. -Bake the buns in a pr eheated 350 degr ee F. oven for about 10 to 15 m inutes, just until lightly br ow ned. ENJOY!

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a family-run business for 37 years



812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998




M Y AUNT ELLA'S CHI LI ( f r om Jan u ar y 1998 )


Mortgage Tips



M e la ne e

Happy 2018 dear Seeker readers!


The new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate old goals and pursue new dreams. Scott Kelly's Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery is an incredibly inspiring and fascinating read that shows readers that any dream is possible and that it is never too late to discover your true path in life.

Kelly, an American astronaut, is now famous for having completed a record-breaking year-long stay on the International Space Station (ISS) from March 2015 to March 2016. The ISS is a habitable space station orbiting Earth where astronauts live and work in zero-gravity, conducting research and experiments on astronomy, human biology, physics, medicine, and other fields - the results of which could have a profound impact on human life, whether it's a better understanding of the process of aging or of dangerous weather patterns. The ISS is also important as it represents the good that can come from nations of the world working together rather than fighting; the components of the ISS and the astronauts inside are from all over the world, and the ISS is the largest peacetime international project in history. Enduranceis Kelly's record of his time aboard the ISS, as well as a personal biography detailing his middle class childhood and his poor school performance, to his discovery of his passion for difficult and dangerous missions and his determination to achieve his lofty goals of becoming a fighter jet pilot and an astronaut. He covers the strenuous and intimidating interview process at NASA, such as the claustrophobia test where applicants are zipped into a thick rubber bag and shut into a closet for an indeterminate amount of time: with the small spaces in shuttles and the ISS, astronauts can't be afraid of tight spaces.


Kelly volunteered for the year-long mission to the ISS because he wanted to help scientists understand the long-term effects of being in space on the human body. It is worth undertaking such a risky mission for Kelly - the risk of launch, of spacewalks, of living in a metal container orbiting the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour - because the data scientists will receive from this mission will take us that much closer to travelling to Mars someday, and beyond.




By the time you read this, it will be too late. For those with computers that have AMD CPUs, you have no worries. You are safe. And, more than that, your computer's performance is almost 100% likely to not have been affected.

However, according to several technology news sites and independent researchers, the same cannot be said for those with Intel CPUs. As initially reported by The Register, a design flaw in almost all Intel CPUs manufactured in the past decade, or possibly more, has created a chip-level security bug. As inferred in the article, it is conceivable that a computer could be compromised by a bit of JavaScript in a web browser. But don't worry, no malicious code makers would want to hack the average user's computer. No, they will be targeting cloud storage servers, banking systems, crypto currency sites, national security and defense systems. In an attempt to obfuscate the matter and put some positive spin on the situation, Intel issued a statement that grouped two identified threats, termed Meltdown and Spectre. Well, Intel, Meltdown is all yours. AMD, having different internal architecture, is very likely immune to the three identified modes associated with Meltdown. By the way, both of these threats have been known to Intel for at least 6 months. The intense flurry of activity over the past few weeks appears to stem from someone in the tech community leaking the results of testing to the public. Makes me wonder how much longer they would have waited to address the situation if it had not been leaked. Anyway, the big problem with the fix is that it may be worse than the cure, at least for the average computer user. Independent testing has shown that the operating system patch - and I mean ALL operating systems Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc - that run on Intel CPUs will reduce processor throughput by 17% to 23% (according to some researchers) or potentially by as much as 30% .

Endurance is also full of funny and interesting facts about space travel. Kelly talks about operating the first espresso maker in space, tweeting with Obama from the ISS, and how everyday actions work in space, from going to the bathroom to what to wear (Kelly has a favourite black T-shirt he has worn on several space journeys and "has to be one of the most traveled pieces of clothing in the history of clothing."). Endurance is entertaining and inspiring, and a great read to start 2018 with. It is available at the Cornwall Public Library and Coles at the Cornwall Square. M ela nee's pa ssion for r ea ding bega n at a young a ge, culminating in a M a ster 's degr ee in English Liter atur e fr om the Univer sity of Ottawa a nd a desir e to pr omote liter a cy a nd cultur e, sta r ting her e at Cor nwa ll's loca Seeker newspa per . The Book Nook pr ovides book r eviews of both newly r elea sed novels a bout to hit bookstor es a nd exciting books ca r r ied at The Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y (including loca l author s). I nquir ies a nd comments may be sent to cor nwa llbookr

Intel has stated that this decrease in performance is unlikely. Why don't I trust that statement? Hmmm. Woody Leonhard at has an article that sums it up nicely " I?m continuing to recommend that you hold off on applying this month?s ?Early Patch Tuesday? patches. The pieces aren?t all ready yet, and you?re not in a high-risk situation.". You see, the various OS patches may not all work properly with your antivirus software. And, to really make sure your computer is secure, the BIOS will also need to be updated. Again, I am talking about the Meltdown exploit. Spectre is a different beast, and it threatens a much wider range of hardware, it isn't like Meltdown in being Intel-centric. However, Spectre would be tremendously more difficult for a hacker to make use of. It may be an exploit, but being able to make use of it would not be an easy task. If you have not updated your OS - Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc - good. Don't do it! Wait for a few weeks or maybe a couple months to see how everyone else fared. That's what I am going to do. For those of you with AMD systems, congratulations! Have a great weekend!

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M a rie



We al l need Hope! There is no shortfall of hope in our world. There are many businesses around that operates on selling hope and dreams to earn the big buck. The market offers motivational lecture, songs, movies and news reports where justice finally prevails. Then something unexpected happens and darkness turns your live upside down again without any valid reasons. Friends becomes adversaries and adversaries becomes friends. Is there a pattern to this non sense?

The only logical thing is that nothing prepares us for the evil hiding in the good. You often hear phrases denoting the philosophical norms: " Two wrongs make a right" and "To wrongs don't make a right".Actually all that remains is an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest, a concept know as cynicism, making a doubt permanent. On the other hand, hope is like drugsgiving you a temporary high, and reality strikes again leaving you to face the consequences. Some people think hope is a fools' weapon; some agree some don't. Lately while reading or watching the news things seem to be getting worse. All of a sudden you realize you can?t trust or depend on anyone. Individuals you know show facets you would rather not see. These circumstances only weakens the good still going around and also that of hope; the good seems to disappear when you need it most. All that seems to remain is the pain and hatred. You can never predict or claim that if you are fair to people around you, they will be fair with you; that if you do good, you will get good in return.


A short Story by Lisa Gray is a short story writer born and raised in Cornwall whose philosophy on life is much like that of the Seeker Team "live within the boundaries of giving back/ life lessons/ courage and hope.This can definitely be seen this from her stories which come from her own memories and very often from "the child who was". Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library, on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about this or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.

Mom?s big plans of the morning include getting up at sunrise and being eaten alive by swarming insects. Dad says we?ll be in and out by lunchtime and jokingly offers to have lunch on the table before we get home. It?s overcast as our big car bounces over the tracks near St. Felix Church and pulls in behind Rhéal?s Allaire?s big blue sedan. Stepping over swampy loam we can barely make him out over the weeds and scrub grass of this secret forest. Many times over the years, Rhéal has found his bearings in the quiet stillness that surrounds, in search of buried treasure and plentiful blue grapes. With elastics around the ankles of his pants and feet lost in tall rubber boots, he?s free to move amongst the low hanging vines to fill his satchel, for home-made wine that will last through the winter. My Father?s sedan pulls in the yard an hour later with 10 pounds of grapes, two rangy kids and one unhappy wife. Tip-toeing out the back door, he makes his way across the street to watch the workings of that well oiled machine-the garlic picker.

Not everyone believes in karma ?as per its definition, the sum of a person's actions in this world and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences'. However if you kick someone, you can expect the individual to retaliate; if you hug someone, you can?t trust go get the same in return.

Behind the house with ten feet to spare, runs an old rubber hose pouring gallons of water over everything that isn?t nailed down. To the left are two rubber garbage cans half filled with rinse water and turning over and over within, roil thousands of sweet young garlic picked with gentle loving hands. And while the Mrs. calls him in for lunch, we can only wonder at the hours and years it?s taken to get to this, fine point.

Those who believes that human conduct is motivated wholly by self-interests say that hope is a pretty good way of spending the time in between two misfortunes.

From 1950onwards, every home running on Pitt from Tollgate to McDonnell?s Inn held a veteran, a soldier, a man, a father, a son and oftentimes a ghost of the man that was.

So why do we need hope?Would it be to validate fairness? You don?t need hope to validate fairness?this condition of being free from bias or injustice?is probably too profound for us to grasp.

We grew machinists, carpenters, plumbers, janitors, firemen, letter carriers and heroes.

You need hope to keep the boat sailing in the storm until it past, to keep you going until life comes to full circle, as it will; and becauseyou have no opt ion if you want t o survive. Bot t om l ine,don?t give up on hope; it s more precious t han you t hink. Giving it up, wil l make t hings worst t han you envisioned. If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

They came with missing fingers, punctured ear-drums and souls which, over the years were mended with camaraderie, good food and hope. On his 35thbirthday, Rhéal was finally awarded full time hours at the post office. Back and forth every day on the bus allowed for short naps in the porch for charging batteries and changing hats when the workday was done. He pinched pennies along the way doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and became an inspiration to many, with his vegetable garden. Boiled dinner-or ?Bouilli?, was a specialty in every French Canadian household. It was cheap to make, but oh!, so delicious. My sister Debbie describes the day her oldest friend Helené-Rhéal?s daughter, made special her father?s secret recipe of boiled dinner and hand delivered it. She?d just come home from surgery in Ottawa and was baby stepping it to the doorbell and lost her words for the moment...for how best to thank someone for the gift of life through nourishment and memories? To be remembered through our food is one of the true honours we can give any soldier, father, friend. It sets the tradition of picking up and moving forward, whether you?re standing alone in a vibrant forest of blue grapes or

REM EM BER - if t h e SEEKER is Em pt y,r eadu son lin e @w w w.t h eseeker .ca


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The Count ies, Ont ario? The United Counties of SDG, in association with the Friends of the Summerstown Trails (FOTST), held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new parking lot at the Summerstown Forest. This event was held in conjunction with the Official Opening Day Activities at the trails organized by FOTST. SDG continues to take an active role in promoting and enhancing recreational activities at the Summerstown Forest. Recent initiatives include hazardous tree assessment and removal, new and improved signage and the installation of the new parking lot in 2017. SDG, in partnership with the FOTST, relocated and expanded the parking lot which is now located adjacent to County Road 27; improving access, visibility, and safety. The parking lot construction was completed using recycled material; which resulted in a significant cost savings of approximately $17,000.

2 locals soon t o lau n ch an app f or spor t s f an s The duo behind the Cornwall Nationals?extensive marketing throughout the city has created an app that combines their passion for sports and marketing and it?s a game changer. Kris McCarthy and Shannon Ferguson are the founders of FanSaves, a marketplace app that offers fans of professional sports teams deals and discounts from the sponsors of their favourite teams.


and about With the Seeker Chicks



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M a cDO NA Keep an eye on your asset mix Asset allocation is the process of investing among different asset classes based on how long you plan to keep the investment, your comfort level with risk, and your investment objectives. In general, these asset classes include: - cash and cash equivalent (e.g. T-bills, deposits in bank accounts), - fixed income (e.g. bonds and Guaranteed Investment Certificates - GICs), and - equities (e.g. stocks).

Each asset class serves a different purpose and has a different level of risk. Cash is considered the safest asset class, but also offers the least return potential. Equities can provide higher returns, but are considered riskier because poor market performance may cause you to lose money. The process involves diversifying or spreading your investments across these asset classes in order to maximize your potential return, while minimizing your investment risk. The asset mix you choose should reflect the level of risk you?re comfortable with, and your financial objectives. Asset allocation helps you create a personalized investment portfolio that manages risk without unnecessarily diminishing returns. It?s important to have your asset allocation strategy in place before you actually make the investment choices for your portfolio. The asset classes you decide to invest in today will determine how your portfolio will perform in the years to come. Keeping an eye on your asset mix Once you have selected an asset allocation strategy that suits your needs, you should monitor your investments over time. You may want to adjust the investments you hold, to reflect your personal circumstances or changes in market performance. The following factors will impact your asset allocation: ¡- your withdrawals, - different rates of return, and - changing circumstances. Your wit hdrawal s One factor that can affect your asset allocation is the frequency and size of any withdrawals. For example, if you hold a number of funds, and you frequently withdraw money from just one fund, over time it will have a significant impact on your asset allocation. Dif f erent rat es of ret urn

?We run into the same dilemma all the time when we?re out selling sponsorships for the Nationals. Businesses need a way to track their return on investment and nothing existed so FanSaves was born? explained McCarthy who is also the Sales & Marketing Director for the Nationals.

Another factor to consider is that each investment will likely earn a different rate of return each year. For example, if a stock fund you own increases by 20 per cent one year and your bond fund returns six per cent, you?ll need to rebalance your portfolio to maintain your target asset mix. This is because the percentage of your portfolio held in stocks will have increased due to the exceptional returns of the equity fund.

Added Ferguson ?Coupons are becoming a thing of the past and we thought that since everyone always has their phone on them an app was the perfect solution?. She is the Nationals Sales & Marketing Manager.

The asset allocation strategy that?s right for your portfolio will change over time. As people age, their investment goals generally change from saving for retirement to drawing an income from their savings.

The app works by allowing sports teams to increase the value of their sales packages and retain sponsorships by giving their sponsors a way to track their return on investment. The fan wins because they receive deals and discounts simply by downloading the app for free and selecting their favourite teams. The co-founders have been bootstrapping their project themselves but recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help complete development of the app, in time for their anticipated mid-February launch. They are hopeful that the community will support them and anyone looking to help them fundraise can do so through this campaign. To find out more about FanSaves you can visit or to help fund this project visit projects/ 2020134317/ fansaves-app. They are also on Facebook as FanSaves.

Changing circumst ances

I can help you develop a financial plan that can achieve a lifetime of financial security and fits your risk tolerance. Together we?ll regularly review your plan to ensure that it reflects the right mix for you. Sun Life FinancialGICsare issuedby Sun Life FinancialTrust Inc.

If you have any questions regarding the topics in this column, please feel free to contact me. Patrick MacDonald,* B.A. (Hons) Advisor - Sun Life Financial Tel: 613-703-7886 Fax: 613-703-7884 *Mutualfundsdistributedby Sun Life FinancialInvestmentServices(Canada)Inc. Sun Life AssuranceCompanyof Canadais a memberof the Sun Life Financialgroupof companies. Š SunLife AssuranceCompanyof Canada,2017.

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At The End Of Our Rope

By Syl vie O?Rourke With a pair of gloves tucked safely in my pocket, I am standing in line to register for a hike at la Montagne d?Argent in La Conception, Quebec.This is the site where the National School of Escalade trains its future mountaineers.The steep rock facades are ideal for rock climbing if you are so inclined.There are also numerous hiking trails here boasting spectacular views of the valley for just a little effort. This circuit is not for beginners, hence the gloves; they are a preventative measure against rope burns. At first glance I find myself surrounded by crags, those steep rock cliffs climbers live for.I am a little disappointed to see only one climber today.It is November and off season for them.Still, I had hoped to see some action along the trail.But soon enough I forget about the climbers and immerse myself in my own challenges. When we come to our first obstacle, anchored ropes are ready to assist us up the smooth rock.We use this rope to hoist ourselves up one by one, being careful to give each other space so that we are not all tugging on the rope at the same time.Those on either side of us fling words of encouragement as we climb.I am very happy for the security of this handhold because I know that if I slip I have a better chance of recovery. The unstable terrain makes the hike very technical.Our hiking poles are sometimes more hindrance than help. We pass them on to others or simply throw them below to be recovered later.At the ?Chemin CachĂŠ? (Hidden Road), we must descend into a ravine where little sunlight

penetrates.A high concentration of moss and slippery mud forces us to proceed cautiously to avoid sliding into the person in front us and causing an avalanche of arms and legs. Strategically placed knots in the rope keep our hands from sliding down too far.A hike such as this is both physically and mentally challenging.Every step or hand placement is calculated.A misstep requires readjustment and, at times, we are required to just have a little faith that the rope will hold us.Determination to see this exploit to the end is a strong motivator.We want to finish what we started. I am enjoying the novelty of this hike. It is unlike any other I have done before.The trails are full of unexpected twists and turns along with ups and downs:First a ravine, then a flat section with a view, followed by a descent into a valley supplemented by ropes and steel footholds.It?s like watching a movie with an unpredictable plot line.Who knows where it will lead next? The trail concludes with a long staircase back to the centre.It?s been a great day and I feel exhilarated by this change of pace. There are many other trails to explore here, but it will have to wait for another time.I strip off my gloves and tuck them back into my pocket.They have served me well today. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit or like us on Facebook.




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Volume 9 issue 1  
Volume 9 issue 1