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"Happy Thanksgiving" from Linda and her Staff

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Vol ume 8 Issue 28 Sept ember 29, 2017

Pi cuk pt h en e xi ssu t oefTh e Se e koenrFr i d ay, Oct ober 13t h

THE Fo u n d e d b y Ju lia Lu cio a n d M a i- Liis Re n a u d Published by Local Seeker Media Group All rights reserved The Seeker does not accept responsibility for errors, misprints or inaccuracies published within. The opinions and statements of our columnists are not to be presumed as the statements and opinions of The Seeker


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LUCIO What a worl d we l ive in! I don't know about you, but lately, I've been terrified about the future.



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With North Korea being presumably so close to having the means to deliver a nuclear weapon to USA mainland, and with Canada possibly being in the crossfire, it is a wonder how we sleep at night. This game of "mine is bigger than yours" being played by President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un seems downright childish, like two toddlers arguing about who's daddy is stronger. But contrarily to the latter, where toddlers arguing is basically harmless, these two's words have the potential to become a massive, unstoppable snowball that will annihilate everything in its path..

With every new rocket launched, with every missile tried, good ol' Kim is testing the world's patience. With every response, every comment and every tweet, Trump is poking the bear, taunting the madman. But really... Should you engage a madman? North Korea has been a problem for many, many years, a problem that was tabled by most previous administrations, as if ignoring it would make it go away. In fact, didn't the entire world sort of delegated the issue for the United States to handle? It's not Obama, or Bush, or Reagan's fault. No. The world is guilty of inaction. Didn't we learn all about standing

Idle during World War II? Don't we know first hand what happens when we allow evil to take root? There is a reason North Korea is choosing NOW to rev up their experimentation. Like many , they clearly don't take the United States very seriously anymore. They are defiant, increasingly empowered and probably backed up by countries pretending to be allies, but who share the same goal and want the same outcome as North Korea: the destruction of America. Who do you think that is? Which country or countries fit the bill? What happens if the USA preemptively attacks North Korea? How does China responds? How about Japan? Or Russia? Does Russia seize the opportunity and under false pretense, attacks in retaliation, in a preemptive strike as well? See? That is the problem with preemptive strikes... Everybody can do it. The US is not a well liked country, let's be honest. With so many ill feelings towards America, I can, in a way, understand why the President has to talk tough. Unfortunately, when it comes to Trump, the tougher the talk, the more ridiculous he sounds. With Twitter being his preferred means to express his opinion, unscripted, unprompted, uncensored, and with serious issues being overshadowed by trivial deflective tactics such as his criticism of the NFL, it's no wonder America is the laughing stock of the world. Speaking of deflective tactics, is this all just a genius way to turn a blind eye as to what's happening domestically in the country? The KKK getting stronger, Obamacare being repealed, DACA... While the public is busy fearing North Korea, they are not paying attention to what's happening right under their noses. Is America simply imploding? As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said, "A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny. "

Pr et t y Co o l ! Reco r d s p r esen t s fo u r l o cal b an d s at La M ai so n o n Oct 7 t h Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk Cor nw all Ontar io ? Local r ecor d label Pr etty Cool! Recor ds is hosting another event, this tim e at La M aison Taver n in the east-end of Cor nw all. The concer t, w hich featur es punk r ock and m or e, takes place Satur day, October 7th. ?Com e out and suppor t not one but four local bands. You hear d m e, r ight? Four up and com ing bands fr om r ight her e in Cor nw all,? pr om oter and r ecor d label ow ner Chad Colem an said. Those four bands ar e Second Shot , A Year In Review , M achetty Betty, and D~Com poser s. Each ar e going to be supplying the soundtr ack to the night. They r epr esent a var iety of styles r anging fr om skate punk, to pop punk, to r ockabilly and exper im ental. ?It is so aw esom e to have all of these bands together on one bill. Cor nw all is having a r esur gence of local or iginal m usic and it is gr eat to have our concer t and the bands and m usicians be par t of that. M ake sur e to com e out and suppor t all of these gr eat m usicians and enjoy a fun event,? Chad Colem an added. Adm ission on October 7th is only $5 at the door. Door s for the show open at 8pm and the concer t r uns till closing tim e. La M aison Taver n is located at 900 M ontr eal Rd. For m or e infor m ation check out the Pr etty Cool Recor ds w ebsite. h t t p://w w et t ycool r ecor /

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The Seeker Chicks' FIND OF THE WEEK WE ALSO DISCOVERED THESE GEM S - right here at 8 1 2 Pi t t St r eet



Every Friday, you will find The Seeker Chicks, Julia and Mai-Liis, somewhere in our community as they search for their "Find of the Week" - one of the many Gems that Cornwall and area has to offer. Places that our readers may not always know about. When the Gem is found, the Chicks uncover it's secrets via a Facebook Live interview which can be listened to on The Seeker's facebook group. This week our "Seeker Chick's Find of the Week" is Marrow and Spice and we got to chat with the two owners, Mike Merriam and Roger Caron, who together work on "Bringing the highest quality local produce to your family's table." Here are our 5 Questions:

Quest ion # 1. What exact l y is Marrow and Spice? Marrow and Spice is Cornwall?s Local Food Store, Restaurant, and Catering company.

Quest ion # 2. How did t his business st art ? Mike was searching for a location that could replace the Roadapple Ranch farm market booth and have a kitchen so that time in between customers was more productive. In that search he was fortunate to meet Roger!

Quest ion # 3. What makes Marrow and Spice dif f erent ? The unique combination of Mike?s contacts with local producers and Roger?s wealth of knowledge about international cuisines leads to a store where you can access the highest quality ingredients and expert advice on how they can be prepared.

Quest ion # 4. Where do you see t his business going in t he f ut ure?

LOVEYOURWIN E.GUARAN TEED 812 Pit t St r eet Cor n w all,ON K6J5R3 Tel: 613-938-0125 Fax: 613-938-1669 COM E AN D SEE M ARC FOR YOUR WIN ES

We are currently seeking larger premises, as our kitchen has a hard time keeping up with demand! We are anxious to have the space to create more frozen entrees, pro-biotic condiments, and spice combinations.

Team Appar el Cor por at eWear Cu st omEm br oi der y

Quest ion # 5. If peopl e want t o cont act you, how woul d t hey do t hat ? 613-933-3330,

and your l ocat ion address? Unit 40, 812 Pitt Street Cornwall Ontario K6J 5R1 Websit e?

M ar r o w an d Sp i ce will be one of the many Local Exhibitors at the WEDDING EXPO M ik ean d Roger will be demonstratingtheir In t er n at ion al an dCan adian Cat er in gFlair ! Be sure t o visit wit ht hem!

"For All Your EmbroideryNeeds" 812 Pi t t St . Un i t 51 Ow n er :An gel oSan sev er i n o Cor n w al l ,ON K6J5R1 Em ai l :aj spor t s@cogeco.n et Tel : 613-935-7118

812 Pit t St . Un it 2 Cor n w all, ON K6J 5R1

Gai l an d Poapst , CLU,CH.F.C.,RHU Insurance & Financial Advisor

t . 613.932.3137 c: 613.551.3137 Toll Fr ee: 888.476.2778 f : 613.936.0907 gailan dp01@gm

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a HAPPENING since our last

Congratulations to FSgt Brendan McDonald, who earned his Glider Pilot Wings through the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. FSgt McDonald, a member with 325 Cornwall Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron was one of several selected across the country to receive a scholarship and training through the Department of National Defense.




Back row: J-P Laperle, Ralph Brunton, Terry Muir, Eugene Desrosiers Front row: Wendy Muir, Annie Laperle, Kathryn Brunton, Marolyn Desrosiers Missing from picture is Lusia Jasiewicz Our special guests, Mark and Tony

Past President ?s Dinner honours Opt imist of t he Year and wel comes new execut ives by Julia Lucio On September 26, the Optimist Club of Cornwall held it?s annual Past President?s Dinner. President Ralph Brunton took us on a year in review tour highlighting every achievement of the Club in 2016-2017. We are glad to report that The Optimist Club donated more than $20,000 to worthy causes over the past months. They truly made a difference in our community. Terry Muir was declared Optimist of the Year. Terry has donated over 190 hours of his time and was behind crucial fundraisers such as Ribfest, and helped renovate the Club House. The new executives were welcomed and introduced by Marc Lalonde, Lt Governor, Zone 10, Central Ontario District.

PLACE issue ...

A beaut if ul weekend f or t he 26t h Annual Appl es & Art St udio Tour! by Mai-Liis Renaud The Apples & Art Studiotook place last weekend, Saturday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 24th with over 68 artists dotted in studios throughout Cornwall and SDG area. What better way to spend a beautiful sunny weekend visiting artists and artisans displaying their work ranging from Photography, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Metal, Wood, Aquarelle, Pottery, Glass, Pen and Oil while enjoying a beautiful drive through our scenic area, watching the Fall landscape coming to life with its beautiful colours. Here are some photos of artists who I visited on Sunday afternoon. To find out more about our talented artists and artisans you can visit

PHOTO CREDIT: REBECCA BESNER Jacqu el i n e M i l n er Photogr aphy, Acr ylic, Char coal, Pastel & Water colour



Here is to another wonderful year!

Above: Rox an n e Del age M ulti M edia & Textile Tr acy Cr ox al l -Dav i es Acr ylic & M ixed M edia M ar c Car r i er e Stained Glass & Paintings Left: Joan n e Qu i ck Acr ylic, Textile and Wood

Above: Vi r gi n i a Lak e Ink & Colour ed M ar ker Right: Jan e M acm i l l an Water colour & Pen and Ink

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Sha ry n

THO M PSO N I just baked these delectable, tender flavourful muffins for our breakfast this morning. They are loaded with some of the raspberries I picked yesterday along with fresh blueberries. The batch makes 3 dozen, perfect to tuck some away in the freezer for another day. I hope that your will try the recipe, it's a keeper.

Oct ober 1st marks 37 years t hat we have been in business. It seems only yesterday that we opened our store. Over the years, my customers have become good friends and I truly thank you for your support and friendship over the years. Hopefully I will have many more to serve you. We started with our 3 daughters helping us and now, I still have one daughter, Tammy and a grandson Jacob working with Gary and I. Some of our customers tell me that their Moms brought them shopping when they were just babies and now they come in with babies of their own. Time sure does fly by! Thank you all again for your friendship, loyalty and patronage. It has been and will be our pleasure to help and serve you. FRESH RASPBERRY AND BLUEBERRY MUFFINS






1 cup of soft butter 2 cups white sugar 4 extra large eggs 2 tsp. pure vanilla 1 cup of milk (I used 1/ 4 cup of skim milk powder with warm tap water to measure 1 cup) 1 lemon zested (don't grate into the bitter white part under the yellow zest called the 'pith'.) 4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour 4 rounded tsp. baking powder 1/ 2 tsp. fine salt

1/ 3 cup white sugar zest of 1 lemon









1 rounded tsp. ground cinnamon 1 rounded tsp. ground nutmeg 1- 1/ 2 cups fresh raspberries 1- 1/ 2 cups fresh blueberries 2 tsp. flour





-Set your oven to 350 degrees F. Line 3 trays of muffin tins with paper muffin liners. You will be making 36 muffins. -In a large bowl, cream the soft butter, sugar and eggs together. -Add in the vanilla and lemon zest. Mix well. -Stir in the milk. Mix well. -Sift the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon and nutmeg. -Add most of this into the creamed mixture. Allow some of the flour mixture to still be sitting on top of the creamed mixture. -Add the raspberries and blueberries and sprinkle the 2 tsp. of flour over the top of the berries. -Very gently, fold the fruit into the muffin batter. Mix just to combine everything. -Using a scoop, measure out the muffin batter into the paper muffin liners in the muffin tins. -Sprinkle the tops of all of the muffins with the sugar and lemon zest mixture. -Bake the muffins for 20 minutes in the pre-heated 350 degree F. oven. ENJOY!!!

Ask abou t ou r BUNDLE UP SPECIAL Call 613-935-3763 Ext 1 (sales)

SHARYNTHOMPSONOwner , of SHARYN'SPANTRY a family-run business for 36 years. 812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 OPEN: Monday to Saturday - 9 to 5

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M a rle ne

butterflies. We were given pkgs that contained six plastic sticks, each with a chrysalis hanging from it, and one by one, a beautiful Monarch butterfly would emerge, until we would set them free outdoors. Because we had so many, I decided to give two of them to two very "Special Ladies" (Patricia Sawatis Merpaw and Kim MacLennan) in my life who have each survived life threatening, health matters. It was so special, knowing that each caterpillar spun it's own little (cocoon) coffin, and was for all intents and purposes, dead to the world. The "Real Miracle" is when the sixteen-legged caterpillar comes back to life to emerge from its wrapping, a six-legged butterfly appears, complete with a long black


Hi There To All Of Whom Have Decided To Pick Up A "Real Paper" To Read About The Positive & Informative News In The Cornwall and the S.D. & G. Area This Week. I have been kept rather busy over these past few months with family matters, friendly gatherings and other major things that may be "Life Changing" for me in the next little while. I have my fingers, eyes, knees and even my toes crossed on this coming to fruition in the near future. TIP OF THE WEEK: "Positive Thinking" does not mean that we are to keep our heads in the sand and Ignore Life's "Less Pleasant Situations." Positive Thinking just means that we are to approach UnPleasantness in a more "Positive and Productive Way". We are to think the Best is going to happen, NOT the Worst. Here is a little something else to add to this comment. If we all have a Positive Attitude and we constantly strive to give our Best Effort, eventually we will overcome our Immediate Problems and find that we are ready for GREATER CHALLENGES!!! Over the past months I have had the chance to celebrate some more of my family's birthdays. I have come to realize that as we grow older on how fast the years really do go by. When we are younger we seem to have plenty of time in a day. But when we get older we start to realize on how the years pass by much more quickly. It seems like it was just a couple of years ago that I turned the BIG 50...That was 7 years ago...My eldest grandson, Lincoln (now 19) graduated high school in June and his sister, my eldest granddaughter, Abigail (14) just entered high school this month. Their mother, my eldest daughter, Melinda is 3 years shy of turning the BIG 40!!! MY! They Are Getting OLD!!! had a wonderful experience this week when Johnny was asked to photograph some

body and the amazing orange white and black wings. To learn more about Monarchs, please visit ITEM OF THE WEEK: I have chosen the beautiful, Monarch Butterfly this week. I Must Say, "THIS CERTAINLY WAS THE DEAL OF ALL DEALS... EXPERIENCING LIFE CHANGING FORM RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES!!!" To Me This Experience Was PRICELESS!!! Not Once Did I Feel, "Oh, Well, Another Monarch To Let Free"... Each And Everytime Was SPECIAL!!! I certainly will want to do this again next year. You can get more information on how to get your very own Monarch butterfly (when in season of course) in a small, paper butterfly cage from Butterfly Ontario. COMMUNITY NEWS: Hey Everyone, I have a friend of mine who's name is Darla (darla n kent savardthacker on Facebook) and she has four young daughters. She is wanting to spend precious time with them doing something more productive rather then seeing them all playing on their electronic devices or being bored every day. She was hoping that someone here in the Cornwall or in the S.D. & G area may have a simple working sewing machine that they could donate. A very kind woman, Dianna Dupuis has

donated a sewing machine to them. Darla and her four girls are looking to start making some Memory Bears, Pillows and Other Precious Things For Others For FREE. They want to make them out of used baby clothes that babies have out grown, or an article or two of clothing from a lost loved one. Perhaps having someting made just as a "Keepsake" to remember your little ones when they were babies or your lost loved ones. They will even try to make clothes that is if anyone wants them to. They have a lot of "Creative Minds" in their family and she wants to put that all to good use. They are also looking for donations of stuffing as well. So, if anyone has these things that they are willing to part with, they will make sure to make good use of it all. THEY PROMISE!!! Darla also wanted to add that they want to do this for "FREE" for anyone who wants something made by them. You could go ahead and mention to your family and friends that they are willing to make these things for anyone who wants them at "No Charge!!! They all love their city of Cornwall and they would like to help out, even if, it is by a silly thing, like making a bear or a pillow for someone who needs a HUG!!! Once again they are not very good or experienced, but with practice and all of the great ideas in their family, they could do great and wonderful things. This gives them precious "Time Together" doing something creative and kind for others here in our community. By doing these kinds of projects they can give folks something to hold onto when they are in need of a HUG or some LOVING!!! Thank you so very much in advanced from Darla and her four pretty daughters and Me, Positively Marlene Baker. MORE COMMUNITY NEWS: You can catch me back on " THE COUCH" on the internet radio station every SUNDAY BETWEEN 2:30 TO 3:00. UNTIL NEXT WEEK: ATTRACT What You EXPECT! REFLECT What You DESIRE! BECOME WHAT YOUR RESPECT AND WHAT YOU DESIRE!!! THAT'S HOW EASY IT IS...THAT'S, IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT!!! Marlene Baker of & OUR EXHIBITORS: - Claude?s Wedding Cakes - Above & Beyond Medi, Wellness & Beauty Spa - Juliannah?s Dress & Bridal - Sewing & Creations - Luscious Lips by Debbie, LipSense Independent Distributor #266408 by SeneGence - The Jewellery Factory - The Travel Agent Next Door - Moore?s Clothing for Men - Strength Through Speaking - PartyTime Entertainment - Photo Booth - Mary Kay - Kelly?s Floral Design - Carol Grant Productions - Midnight Confetti Events - Marrow & Spice Catering - DJShellshock - Invitations and More by Mai-Liis - - Rodan + Fields - Costco Wholesale - Pure Romance - Ramada Inn & Conference Centre - Bridal?s Dream - Arbonne - Fairy Sweet - Hotel Plaza Valleyfield - Stella & Dot - Dip me in Chocolate - Centre Holidays - Tammy Jette Photography - Tocara Jewellery - The Soap Shop Check The Wedding Expo Facebook Page for more

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t h eSEEKERS KEEPER even tns'm o r SECTIO e 45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796

@ the


www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

The l ibrary wil l be cl osed on Monday, Oct ober 10 f or Thanksgiving! Our Fal l Programming f or Kids is now avail abl e on our website at www.l ibrary.cornwal l or pick up your copy at the library. GIANT USED BOOK SALE OCTOBER 20 & 21 During library opening hours

Sat urday, Sept ember 30, Oct ober 7,


Drop In Famil y St oryt ime 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Yoga Yout h - (Ages 4 and up) 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Paws'n Books (Ages 4 and up) 11 a.m. - 12 noon Sat urday Science / Samedi scient if ique 2:30 p.m. - 3:30

Sunday, Oct ober 1


Famil y Sunday Cinema -"Cars 3" 1:30 p.m.

Monday, Oct ober 2, 9 Toddl er's Advent ures (Ages 18 mont hs t o 3 years ol d) 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Monday Lego Lundi 4 p.m.- 5 p.m. Mahjongg (Pl ay) 6:30 - 8:30

Tuesday, Oct ober 3


Mahjongg (Pl ay) 10 a.m.-12 noon CINEMATIC BOOK CLUB ?Books Movie Club 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct ober 4, 11 "The Forum - Physical & Spirit ual Heal t h" 9:30 a.m. - 12 noon Apprendre en jouant , (âge de 0 à 6 ans) 9 h 30 - 11 h 30

Adul t Friendl y Bridge Cl ub (Play) 6 p.m.


Dungeons and Dragons (Play) 7 p.m. - 8:15

Thursday, Oct ober 5,12 St oryt ime (Ages 3 to 5 years old) 10 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. Baby Tal es (0 to 18 months) 10 a.m.- 10:30 & 10:45 to 11:15 Scrabbl e (play) 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Af t erschool Drop-in Program (Ages 8-12) 6 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Sat urday, Oct ober 7 Engl ish Corner - Learn conversational English 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Fun (Ages 6 to 10) 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G He re

is.. The

Bo re d


w ith Ra che lle And re


e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.






















QU ESTION: Wh y i s yo u r EVENT NOT IN t h i s CALENDAR? ANSWER:Becau seYo u d i d n 't k n o w i t i s FREE? Yo u d i d n 't g o t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er yo u r even t ?Wecan't help you advertise your event ifwedon't know about it!!!

THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 28 - September 29 - pg. 8 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2









WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Al-Anon is an organization that helps families & friends of alcoholics. Meetings in Cornwall, Lancaster, Morrisburg, Winchester area. Fo r i n fo cal l 6 1 3 -9 3 7 -4 8 8 0

HAPPEN IN G THIS SATURDAY, Sept . 30 - Do you have your tickets?


THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 28 - September 29 - pg. 9 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


is always



TH AN K YOU, Ti p Top Vet er an ?s Tax i !


W e ar e so ap p r eci at i v e of t h e su p p or t w e r ecei v e f r om ou r f r i en d s at Ti p Top Vet er an ?s Tax i , y ear af t er y ear . Recen t l y , w e w er e p r esen t ed w i t h an i n cr ed i bl e $1000 d on at i on af t er d r i v er s an d d i sp at ch er s h ost ed a BBQ an d car w ash i n su p p or t of t h e n ew Com m u n i t y Ad d i ct i on an d M en t al H eal t h Cen t r e.



Happen in g Th is Week -En d Ingleside, On ?The weather forecast looks great for the upcoming Stephanie Grady Memorial Run and Family BBQ which will be held Saturday, September 30th, 2017 starting with the 10km run at 10am at the Stephanie Grady Educational Pavilion at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside. This will be the 3rd annual event to support local causes planned by the Grady and Doyle Families, and will be held on the weekend marking Stephanie?s birthday. Last year?s event drew 200 participants and raised $2,870.42 for Camp Erin Eastern Ontario with an additional $950 collected in donations to support the ?Getting on Board Project? at Upper Canada Migratory Sanctuary. Friends, family and community members are welcome to lace up their sneakers and register for a 10K run, 5K run or 2K walk/ run on the picturesque bike path between the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary and the Ingleside entrance of the Long Sault Parkway. All competitors will receive a t-shirt, a running bib and a medal at the finish line. Stephanie had a passion for running and we welcome runners of all levels to join us to cherish Stephanie?s memory and to help us raise money for Camp Erin Eastern Ontario which provide children with grief support. Following the races, a BBQ will be held near the Stephanie Grady Educational Pavilion at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Any donations for the BBQ are completely optional and will be going towards supporting the ?Getting on Board? project of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission and the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. In order to register for the run, visit Race ID # 14324 or by registering at the Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary beginning at 8:30am the morning of the run. Stephanie?s sister, Crystal Doyle, is hoping this year?s event will be as successful as the 2016 edition. ?I am excited by the community response to this race. This is a wonderful event where you can have fun with a family stroll or get out for a run knowing that you are raising money for two wonderful charities.?

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Mont h,and in order to promote awareness and collect donations for this wonderful cause,Laurie Tremblay Regnier decided to donate her hair! Thank you Laurie,and everybody else who helped further this wonderful cause. To f ind out how you can help,visit htt p:/ /

THI S THANK SGI VI NG WEEK END STAY AWAY FROM DAM S AND HYDRO STATI ONS Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is reminding the public to stay away from hydroelectric stations and dams this Thanksgiving weekend. ?Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to go and enjoy the fall colours with family and friends, but water levels near dams and hydroelectric stations can change quickly and change without notice,? warns Mike Martelli, OPG President Renewable Generation Power Marketing. ?Stay clear, stay safe this long-weekend by obeying all warning signs, buoys, booms and barriers near hydroelectric stations and dams.?

Have You

ATTENTION Regist er ed f or you r ALL FREE In vit at ion BRIDES to

Call 613-932-4812 or em ail: w eddin gexpocor n w all@gm ail.con


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Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk | Submitted Photo Ottaw a Ontar io ? Legenda r y thr a sh meta l ba nd Exodus played a concer t at the Br onson Centr e in Ottawa on Satur day, September 23r d, 2017. The cur r ent lineup of the ba nd featur es Slayer guita r ist Ga r y Holt, plus Steve Souza (voca ls), Lee Altus (guita r ), Ja ck Gibson (ba ss), a nd Tom Hunting (dr ums).

album , and it w as r eleased in 1985.

Guitar ist Kir k Ham m ett and dr um m er Tom Hunting for m ed Exodus in 1980. In 1981 Kir k Ham m ett taught Gar y Holt how to play guitar , and he joined the band soon after that. In 1983 Kir k Ham m ett depar ted fr om Exodus and joined another band called M etallica.

?Both. I am an atheist, and I am anti-Chr istian, although I am w ell aw ar e som e of the people w ho I car e the m ost about ar e believer s. But I get angr y w hen Chr istians talk like ther e?s an assault on the r eligion going on, w hen tr uthfully, you can?t sw ing a dead cat w ithout hitting a chur ch pr etty m uch anyw her e on ear th,? Gar y Holt r eplied.

Guitar ist Gar y Holt, w ho has been a m em ber of Exodus for 36 year s, r ecounts m eeting Kir k Ham m ett in high school. ?We m et in my high school m usic r oom , Exodus played ther e, the other guitar ist w as a student. We ended up going to see Ted Nugent and The Scor pions together , and becam e close fr iend r ight aw ay. Fr om ther e, he m aybe saw som ething in m e, thought I could lear n and be that new guitar ist in the band. Six m onths later , I joined the band ? in 1981 I believe,? Gar y Holt r ecounted. Gar y Holt, w ho joined Exodus at 17 year s of age, discover ed a lot of gr eat m etal m usic dur ing his for m ative year s, and it shaped the per son he becam e. ?I joined at 17 year s. We just had a blast, it w as all about the m usic, and w e discover ed a ton of gr eat m etal together , bands that shaped w ho w e becam e,? Gar y Holt r ecalled. Tell us about your w or king r elationship w ith Exodus dr um m er Tom Hunting. Have you ever w or ked w ith anyone longer in a m usical capacity? ?Not even close, him and I have been playing together since I picked up a guitar to play my fir st song w ith Exodus, and w ill continue to do so until I can no longer play. After all the year s w e?ve been together , you develop your ow n language. And ther e?s only tw o people on ear th w ho tr uly speak it,? Gar y Holt divulged. In a few year s Exodus w ill be celebr ating it?s 40th anniver sar y. Ar e ther e any special plans for that? A new album ? A w or ld tour ? Anything like that? ?All of the above. It?s am azing how long this band has been together , 1979 this thing began! I guess w e just m ade the cut of being a ?70?s? band,? Gar y Holt m used. W hat is your favour ite Exodus album and your favour ite Exodus song ? and w hy? ?Bonded by Blood is my favour ite album of cour se. M y favour ite song w ould m aybe be ?No Love?, ther e?s just so m any killer m usical m ovem ents in that song, and it?s one of the fir st w r itten for Bonded by Blood,? Gar y Holt r esponded. Bonded by Blood w as their fir st studio

Exodus have ten studio album s in total. Their latest album , ?Blood In, Blood Out?, w as r eleased on Nuclear Blast in 2014 and r eached #38 on the Billboar d 200. In your songw r iting, do you consider som e of your lyr ics as being atheist or anti-Chr istian?

In addition to playing guitar w ith Exodus, Gar y Holt has also played w ith Slayer. In 2011, he tem por ar ily filled in for Slayer guitar ist Jeff Hannem a. Of cour se Gar y Holt is a fan of Slayer , but he w asn?t star str uck joining the band. These ar e m usicians that he has know n for m ost of his m usical car eer. ?We?ve been fr iends for m ost of our m usical lives, so it w asn?t a situation of joining a huge m etal band for m e, it w as jam m ing w ith old fr iends,? Gar y Holt pointed out. In 2013, after Jeff Hannem a passed aw ay, Gar y Holt filled in on guitar for Slayer again ? tour ing and also r ecor ding guitar solos on the album Repentless. Recor ding w ith Slayer w as ver y differ ent than r ecor ding w ith Exodus. ?It?s ver y differ ent. W ith Exodus I am pr etty m uch ther e for the entir e pr ocess. W ith Repentless (for Slayer ), I cam e in, did my solos in a day, and w ent hom e, It w as a ver y easy r ecor ding for m e,? Gar y Holt sur m ised. The Slayer album Repentless hit #4 on the Billboar d 200 in 2015. W hat is your favour ite song off the new Slayer album ? ?I like ?You Against You? pr obably the m ost,? Gar y Holt stated. Gar y Holt also endor ses ESP Guitar s, and he uses a signatur e ver sion of the Eclipse m odel. ?Yes I use ESP guitar s exclusively, best guitar s I have ever played or ow ned, bar none,? Gar y Holt pr onounced. In 2008, Gar y Holt r eleased a m usic video titled ?A Lesson In Guitar Violence? that w ent vir al on Youtube. Have you ever consider ed a sequel to that video? ?I am m ost likely going to star t w or k on a new instr uctional DVD later this year ,? Gar y Holt said. ?Be ther e or die,? Gar y Holt concluded.


I n t er v i ew w i t h Sl ayer an d Ex odu s gu i t ar i st Gar y Hol t

M e la ne e

M O RIN This week's Book Review is: The History of Bees by Maja Lunde The sm allest cr eatur e can often have the biggest im pact, and the pr eser vation of the hum an r ace is inextr icably linked w ith that of bees. W holesale abandonm ent of the hive by w or ker bees is a phenom enon that has been incr easing exponentially in the last decade, nam ed colony collapse disor der in 2006, and has r esulted in the loss of m illions of bees and countless cr ops that w er e not pollinated.

Nor w egian author M aja Lunde uses colony collapse disor der as the backdr op for her inter nationally best-selling fiction novel, The History of Bees. The book com pr ises thr ee separ ate nar r atives that begin to inter tw ine and affect each other the fur ther you r ead. In 1851 England, W illiam is a for m er science pr odigy w ho w as for ced to abandon his r esear ch in or der to r un a seed shop to suppor t his gr ow ing fam ily. W hen w e fir st m eet him he has been im m obilized by a deep depr ession, but his passion for life and science is r einvigor ated by his idea to design a new bee hive. The old basket hives have an or ganic design like a nest, but W illiam "w anted to cr eate som ething else, a constr uction based on civilization, a sm all house for bees, w ith door s, openings, the possibility for inspection." In 2006 Ohio, Geor ge r uns a bee far m w her e he str uggles to m ake a living w hile per sistently adher ing to older , natur al pr actices. Instead of buying pr efabr icated hives in bulk, he builds each by hand and paints them pastel shades, and he notes that "the sight of the color ed hives scatter ed acr oss the landscape, as if a giant had dr opped his sw eets, alw ays gave m e a w ar m feeling inside." His hope for the futur e has alw ays r ested on his son Tom , but Tom 's pr oclivity for w r iting and the incr easing thr eat of colony collapse disor der leaves the futur e uncer tain. Tao lives w ith her husband and son in Distr ict 242 in Sichuan, China. The year is 2098 and the bees have com pletely disappear ed. Citizens ar e co-opted into w or king on the vast agr icultur e far m s at age eight, painstakingly pollinating ever y flow er by hand for tw elve hour s a day. A bee dies w hen its w ings ar e com pletely w or n out, and Lunde notes that the "w or n-out state of her w ings, yes, her death in its entir ety, is a clear sign that she has done w hat she w as put on ear th to do, accom plished an infinite am ount, taking into consider ation her tiny body." Each of the m ain char acter s ar e, in their ow n w ay, tr ying to discover and achieve w hat they w er e m eant to do. And in so doing, they contr ibute to the w hole the w ay a w or ker bee does, ensur ing our sur vival and offer ing lim itless hope. M ela nee's pa ssion for r ea ding bega n at a young a ge, culminating in a M a ster 's degr ee in English Liter atur e fr om the Univer sity of Ottawa a nd a desir e to pr omote liter a cy a nd cultur e, sta r ting her e at Cor nwa ll's loca l The Seeker newspa per . The Book Nook will pr ovide book r eviews of both newly r elea sed novels a bout to hit bookstor es a nd exciting books ca r r ied at The Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y (including loca l author s). I nquir ies a nd comments may be sent to cor nwa llbookr

a nd the Seeker hopes that you wer e a ll ther e a nd enjoyed the show!

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Ot t awa Ont ario ? Calgary punk band Belvedere, along with 88 Fingers Louie, are playing October 6th at The Brass Monkey in Ottawa.

Zero. Between them, and Mute, Adrenalized, and all these bands he had been putting out, it just seemed like a really good family of bands and we wanted to be a part of that,? Steve Rawles reminisced.

Belvedere consists of Steve Rawles (vocals and rhythm guitar), Scott Marshal (lead guitar), Jason Sinclair (bass and vocals), and Casey Lewis (drums).

Belvedere?s latest album is titled ?Revenge of the Fifth?, and yes that is a reference to Star Wars.

?100% it?s a Steve Rawles reference to Star and the rest of Wars. No cryptic Belvedere are message there. excited to be That was a Star playing along Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo Wars theme right side 88 Fingers there. It kind of Louie during the developed over time. Scott had sent me this rift for the song, on May upcoming tour. In his formative years, Steve Rawles use to listen to 5th last year. He titled the rift ?Revenge of the Fifth? because of the bands like 88 Fingers Louie on the old Fat Wreck Chord compilation May the 4th (May the Force) reference, and the name never left. It sort CDs. of developed into the title of the album. That?s a reference and allusion ?I probably first heard 88 Fingers Louie during the first few Fat Wreck to the Star Wars movie,? Steve Rawles disclosed. Chords comps when I was 19 years old, listening to bands like Strung Belvedere are just off the heels of playing their second Rockfest in Out, Good Riddance, Mad Caddies, and 88 Fingers Louie was a part of it. Montebello Quebec, sharing a bill with Queens of the Stone Age, Wu They haven?t been super active in the last twenty years, but it?s good to Tang Clan, Offspring, Rammstein, Iggy Pop, Alexisonfire, and others. see that they are playing again, and putting out some really good music. I?m a fan, and excited to play some shows. Dan, from the band, we sort ?This is our second Rockfest. We did Rockfest in 2013, and it was of known each other for a very long time. I?ve seen him at a few shows, awesome. It was a festival I heard about for a long time. That?s one of and played their hometown of Chicago. He?s someone who came out, the first shows we had with our drummer Casey. We did a Japan tour, checked it out, and we kept in touch. We?ve seen each other at a few and than did that a couple weeks later. It was awesome and slamming festivals here in the last few years. It?ll be great to get together and when we played. It was great to play Rockfest again this year. People hang out for more than just a couple of hours,? Steve Rawles stated. can diverge from the main stage to the side stages to see bands like

Int erview wit h Bel vedere pl aying Ot t awa on Oct ober 6t h

Both Belvedere and 88 Fingers Louie are signed to Bird Attack Records. The record label, run by Garrett Wadford, has been making a huge splash in the punk rock world ? especially since the signing of Guttermouth a few years ago.

ourselves. It?s pretty rare to be on a bill with bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Wu Tang Clan, its pretty crazy. We were in a good spot with Pup and Frenzal Rhomb playing around us. Those were the two bands we were most excited to see,? Steve Rawles added.

?Garrett Wadford is the one who runs Bird Attack. We knew each other because he ran this online radio station called Bird Attack Radio. I think I first met him five years ago when Belvedere reunited in 2012. He was up to see our show in Toronto at the Opera House. We always kind of kept in touch. The guy just loves to interview bands, he?s super genuine about what he?s doing. That sort of translated into doing a distribution company, and then they ended up putting out records. He put a lot of albums out in the past, and it just seemed like he wanted to really expand things. We were not necessarily looking for a big label, we were looking for somebody that really had passion and wanted to push the band, and which he did. That?s how we came about being on the label. That was around the same he was putting out the Guttermouth album, and setting up distribution, so I knew he was really going for it. Shortly afterwords, he started talking to Such Gold and now 88 Fingers Louie and Authority

Bel vedere are l ooking f orward t o t heir ret urn t o Ot t awa on Oct ober 6t h wit h 88 Fingers Louie, Such Gol d, and Sl ed, pl aying at t he Brass Monkey (250A Greenbank Rd).

Spa g h et t i Di n n er The Lost Vil l ages Lions Cl ub are serving a del icious Spaghet t i Dinner on t he f irst Wednesday of each mont h (t he f irst one being Oct . 4t h) f rom 4 - 7 pm at t he Sout h St ormont Communit y Hal l at 2 Mil l e Roches Rd, Long Saul t , Ont . Cost is $12 per adul t , chil dren under 6 years $6. Caesar's sal ad, spaghet t i, bun, desert (various pies), t ea/ cof f ee - part of proceeds in support of t he new Sout h St ormont Spl ash Pad project in Ingl eside - t ake-out s avail abl e, al so gif t cert if icat es.

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Laramie, Wyoming ? Iconic American punk rock band Teenage Bottlerocket released a new album, ?Stealing the Covers?, on Friday, July 14th, 2017.

Is continuing with the band a way to pay homage to your brother? ?Yes, of course!?, Ray Carlisle added. The new album ?Under the Covers? was recorded at the Blasting Room with engineer Andrew Berlin who has worked on recording bands like the Descendents and Rise Against

The band consists of Ray Carlisle (guitar, bass and vocals), Kody Templeman (guitar, and vocals) Miguel Chen (bass, backing vocals), and Darren Chewka (drums, backing vocals). The new full length album features 14 cover songs. ?We recorded 16 songs in total. The extra two came out on a 7? the same day as Stealing The Covers,? Ray Carlisle explained.

Int erview wit h Teenage Bot t l erocket New al bum St eal ing t he Covers

?If I had a penny for every time Andrew Berlin clicks the mouse I?m pretty sure I could at least get a number 5 at Taco Bell. Dude eats a lot of snacks at the console, but he?s the best engineer in the world,? said Ray Carlisle with a grin.

Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo The new album marks the bands return to Fat Wreck Chords after a Songs on the album include: ?Shit, successful stint on Rise Records. What F-ck, Goddamn? by Artimus Maximus, does it mean to be back on Fat? ?The Way I know? by the Varsity Weirdos, ?I Kill Butterflies? by Onion Flavored Rings, ?Alien Motion Technology? by the Mugwumps, ?No ?It means we get the Fat logo on the back of the record. It means I get to Hugging No Learning by Head, and ?RoboCop is a Halfbreed Sellout? by bug Chad and Bart at the office. It also means I get to hear the Nofx song, Sprocket Nova. ?You?re on Hold?, said Ray Carlisle with a chuckle. What was t he most chal l enging part about covering ot her band?s songs? Teenage Bottlerocket have toured with Nofx, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and others. ?Finding which key signature to move to. We needed to make sure the song would fit me or Kody?s voice so it was a little challenging moving Do you have a favourite band you toured with, and a favourite memory the key around. Kind of ? not really though. We were all like, ?let?s try it in on the road? A?, ?uhh, that works?. We moved the tempos around a bit too. It wasn?t ?My favorite band I have ever toured with is called Wonk Unit. My very challenging either. To answer your question, the most challenging favorite tour story was the time I bumped into Steve Caballero and Tony part is we didn?t really practice at all and we weren?t prepared,? Ray Alva at the airport in Japan. Legends,? Ray Carlisle reminisced. Carlisle admitted. Why rel ease an al bum of cover songs? ?We have been talking about doing this for a while now. I think Brandon came up with the idea. It just made sense to make this the first recording project without him around,? Ray Carlisle replied.

Both are famous skateboarders, and Tony Alva was one of the original Z-Boys. To promote the new album, Teenage Bottlerocket will be back on the road again.

Ray Carlisle?s brother and Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on November 7th, 2015.

Before touring they coordinate schedules with The Lillingtons, because Kody Templeman of Teenage Bottlerocket is also in The Lillingtons. Ray Carlisle is a big fan of Kody?s other band.

Wil l t here be a t ribut e song f or Brandon?

?They?re fantastic. I love it. His voice, it?s unreal,? said Ray Carlisle.

?It?s impossible to write a song and not think about Brandon. Would Brandon like this? What would Brandon think? In that vein, every song will be a tribute to Brandon. The last song he ever played drums on is on the Ray Rocket record entitled ?First Time?. This song wasn?t meant to be a tribute to Brandon but it turned into that after his untimely death,? Ray Carlisle reflected.

Teenage Bottlerocket toured around the world, including stops in Europe and Australia this past summer.

Ste p he n

BURKE Low Tech Normally I write about advances in computer or electronics technology or how these technologies are used. Well, recent events have inspired this column. I have been visiting several high schools in Ottawa recently and also have a high school co-op student at my office. In speaking with high schools students, it is evident that many of them have no clue about fractions. Seriously. A simple question, what is 1/ 4 + 1/ 8, typically yields a look of total bewilderment. Another question, about buying gas at one time of day vs another yields similar confusion. Mental arithmetic seems to be a weakness. And this is a sentiment that the teachers I have spoken with share. Which confuses me since, well, they are the teachers so why not ensure that more focus is on basic math skills. Well, the curriculum apparently has changed tremendously in the past 30 to 40 years. In 1978, if a wood-shop teacher asked the students to design and build either a pentagonal or hexagonal bird house with an interior volume of 0.65 to 1.1 cubic feet from quarter inch maple, there would be no confusion amongst the students. There would be lot of finished bird houses by the end of the week. This simple project required an ability to conceptualize and design, and then the skill to build. It seems that the traditional shop class,

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming tour? ?Just kicking it on stage with the dudes. Playing music with my best friends. Australia is going to be bad ass, looking forward to good hangs with Frenzal Rhomb and the Decline,? Ray Carlisle concluded.

M ICRO NEW S where you learned wood working, metal working, automotive tech and autobody, electronics and electricity, and drafting is becoming a relic of the past. Yes, computer technology needs to be taught and students should learn industry standard software for design. But they also need to get their hands dirty. They need to be challenged. They need to be taught how to assess a problem, invent a solution, and then design and build it. People often say that they wish they understood computer technology, electronics and 3D design as well as I do. I normally answer that understanding the technology is simple; it just takes some reading and some practice. I also state that it takes real skill to knit a sweater. Seriously. Just think about it: two sticks and some string plus a few days of knitting and you have a sweater. Just because it is low tech or old tech doesn't make it obsolete! Our schools in Canada need to focus on the "old school" basics and encourage students to not only be inventive, but be capable of creating their inventions through the skills learned in traditional shop classes.

Have a great weekend!

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Ottaw a Ontar io ? The Riptides new a lbum ?Ca na dia n Gr a ffiti? ha s been getting fa nta stic r eviews, including on Punknews.or g, since it?s r elea se ea r lier this month.

?M y favor ite Weasel album to r ecor d w as definitely ?Teen Punks In Heat.? We w er e too anal and nitpicky w hen r ecor ding ?Television City Dr eam ?, and on ?Em o? w e w er en?t anal enough! Plus w e r ehear sed ?Teen Punks? together as a band befor ehand r eally w ell. So w hen the tim e cam e to r ecor d, I knew the songs r eally w ell and knocked all 20 out in one day,? Dan Lum ley r em inisced.

Over the span of their car eer The Riptides have shar ed the stage w ith m any notable punk bands including The Queer s, The Dickies, Subhum ans (UK), Cir cle Jer ks (featur ing the bass player of Bad Religion), Gr oovie Ghoulies, Chixdiggit!, Dw ar ves, The M r. T Exper ience, The Donnas, Fr enzal Rhom b, The M ethadones, and M or al Cr ux. The Riptides consist of Andy Vandal (lead vocals), Bob Goblin (bass, backing vocals), Doug Ver m in (lead guitar , backing vocals), Cor ey Om ega (r hythm guitar ), and Dan Lum ley (dr um s).

Dan Lum ley r ecounts his exper ience w or king along side Ben Weasel in the studio, but he lam ents not going on m or e extensive tour s w ith Scr eeching Weasel dur ing his tim e in the band.

I n t er v i ew w i t h Ri pt i des an d f or m er Scr eech i n g Weasel dr u m m er Dan Lu m l ey

Dan Lum ley is best know n as the for m er dr um m er of Scr eeching Weasel. He also dr um m ed for num er ous other punk bands and notew or thy m usicians. His jour ney to star dom star ted at the age of 13 w hen his par ents bought him his ver y fir st dr um kit. ?M y fir st dr um kit w as a Tam a Sw ingstar that my par ents bought for m e w hen I w as 13. It did not include cym bals, so I saved my m oney fr om my paper r oute and gr adually added cym bals. At the tim e I w as playing along to Kiss and Quiet Riot, cr anking a jam box as loud as it could go and playing along to it. I?m sur e my par ents star ted to r egr et their pur chase quickly,? Dan Lum ley said w ith a sm ile. Although Dan Lum ley is best know n for being a punk r ock dr um m er , gr ow ing up he m ostly listened to m etal m usic. He discover ed punk bands like the Ram ones and M isfits a bit later in life.


?I listened to m ostly m etal gr ow ing up, but I did listen to som e punk too; bands like Toxic Reasons and Zer o Boys. Later I discover ed Ram ones and M isfits, but not as a teenager. The dr um m er s that m ost influenced m e w er e Peter Cr iss, Er ic Car r , Tom my Lee, Char lie Benante, Lar s Ulr ich, Sim Cain, W ill Calhoun, Car m ine Appice, and of cour se I loved Neil Pear t,? Dan Lum ley divulged.

?I never r eally tour ed w ith Weasel, but I did play and handful of show s. I w ish w e had played m or e live w hen I w as in the band, because it Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk | Submitted Photo w as aw esom e to play for huge, appr eciative cr ow ds like that! In the About ten year s ago Dan Lum ley joined the Riptides studio, Ben is m or e easy-going that people pr obably thanks to the suggestion of for m er Scr eeching think . He usually told m e to play w hat I thought w as Weasel band m ate M ass Gior gini. appr opr iate, then if he had any additional ideas, he ?I joined up w ith the Riptides thr ough M ass Gior gini. w ould let m e know. I r em em ber on the song He contacted m e and asked if I?d be inter ested in M olecule, he suggested that stiff, r egim ented dr um r ecor ding w ith them . It sounded like fun, so I ended par t, w hich I w ould not have thought of doing,? Dan up playing on the album ?Tales Fr om Planet Ear th,? Lum ley r ecalled. w hich tur ned out r eally gr eat! M y all-tim e favor ite Riptides song, Dial M For M ur der , is on that album ,? The Scr eeching Weasel song ?Dir ty Needles? w as featur ed on the Fat Wr eck Chor ds com pilation Dan Lum ley r eplied. album ?Shor t M usic For Shor t People?. The album How ever , Dan Lum ley?s favour ite song off the new show cased 101 bands including Nofx, Bad Religion, album is ?Eyes W ide Shut?. Gr een Day, M isfits, Rancid, Black Flag, The Queer s, and m any other s. ?M y favor ite song to play fr om the new album is pr obably Eyes W ide Shut. I like the fast, ballsy ones,? ?I though the ?Shor t M usic? com p w as cool! I did Dan Lum ley noted. notice that som e CD player s and com puter s fr eak The ar tw or k on ?Canadian Gr affiti? w as done by Ar chie Com ics ar tist Dan Par ent w ho also did ar tw or k pr eviously for the Ram ones and Kiss.

out on a CD w ith that m any tr acks, though!,? Dan Lum ley said w ith a chuckle.

In addition to being a punk r ock dr um m er , Dan Lum ley is also an engineer and dr um technician. He ?I think the ar tw or k is gr eat, and I?m honor ed to play on an album that has such an aw esom e cover !,? w or ked at Sonic Iguana Recor ding Studio engineer ing album s fr om Lillingtons, Teen Idols, Dan Lum ley disclosed. Gr oovie Ghoulies, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, and m any Dan Lum ley w as the dr um m er for Scr eeching m or e. Weasel betw een 1997 and 2005. Dur ing his tim e w ith the band they r ecor ded thr ee full length studio Be sur e to str ea m or pur cha se a copy ?Ca na dia n Gr a ffiti? by The Riptides. I t?s a n a ma zing punk album s. His favour ite w as titled ?Teen Punks in r ock a lbum, a nd you won?t be disa ppointed. Heat?.



- Talk to me. We may not speak the same language but just the sound of your voice always brighten up my day.


- Comfort me when I am scared. I'm not used to a lot of noise new things and you make me feel safe.

Did you know that eagles

- Please don't stay angry with me for too long; you have your family and friends to make you happy. I only have you.

Part 7

Never under est imat e t he t eaching of animal s and nat ure - fly alone and at high altitude: Stay away from narrow minded people, those that bring you down. Keep good company. - have an accurate vision. Have a vision and remain focused regardless of the obstacles and you will succeed. - do not eat dead things they feed only from fresh prey. Do not rely on you past accomplishments and keep rolling for new frontiers to conquer. - love the storm. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, they relish them and use them profitably.

- female when meeting a male eagle she tests him for commitment. Whether it is your personal life or professional one, you should test the commitment of people intended for your partnership. - prepare for training. Leave your comfort zone; there is no growth there. - when they grow old they hurt themselves for new feathers to grow. We occasionally need to shed off the old habits, things that burden us, these things should be let go to add value to your life. - This message from dogs about their life can easily be compared to a certain extent to circumstances in your own l if e . - Please don't be annoyed when I jump all over you the second you walk through the door. I have lot less time on this earth and I'm happy when I'm spending that time with you.

- Give me time to understand what you want from me and I promise I'll do my best.

- Give me the freedom to be a bit wild and dirty. It makes me happy to be outside having fun with you. - Show me that human can be loving and are not filled with hate. - If you treat me well, I promise to be your best friend for ever. - I love when you teach me new tricks. It gives me the chance to impress you and I love it when you're proud of me. - When I get old, please love me as much as you did when I was young. I might not be a sweet little puppy anymore but I love you as much as I did then. - Please be at my side when I take my final breath. I know it won't be easy but I really need you with me when I take my final breath. I know it won't be easy but I really need you with me when my time on this earth comes to an end. I will be sacred and you are the one person I can trust to be with me. - When I am gone please remember these words. People are born to learn how to lead a good life and be a good person every day. Dogs already know how to do this. That's why they don't need to live so long. Be at t ent ive t o t he t eachings f rom nat ure and animal s; It wil l hel p you l ead a bet t er l if e because l ove is not what you say; it 's what you do. If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

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PARADE OF NATI ONS I S LOOKI NG FOR dedicated volunteer s, fr om our sur r ounding ar eas, for its Boar d of dir ector s com m itted to having people w ith special need, ar tistically inclined, attain gr eater independence and dignity by nour ishing their abilities, and to pr ovide a w ay for them to par ticipate in and contr ibute to the com m unity in w hich they live in a m anner that pr om otes acceptance and com passion in our com m unity for all its m em ber s Please call 613-936-6873 or send an e-m ail to i n f o@par adeof an t i on CORNWALL NEWCOM ERS ALUM NAE CHAPTER (CNAC) w i sh es t o ex t en d an i n v i t at i on t o t h e l adi es of t h e Cor n w al l New com er s Cl u b (CNC). I f you j oi n ed CNC i n 2013 you ar e el i gi bl e t o j oi n t h e Cor n w al l New com er s ALUM NAE Ch apt er . For m or e i n f o con t act Li z at (613) 932-8164.

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PARADE OF NATI ONS I S LOOKI NG FOR Par ade of Nations is looking for Events Com m ittee m em ber s (w ith skills and contacts of all kinds), sponsor s (cash and in-kind) (incom e r eceipts pr ovided), people w anting to r epr esent their ancestr al or igins, ar tisans/ar tists, cr after s to dem onstr ate their ar tw or k skills (benefits pr ovided) for its 2018 Ar t and M ulticultur al Festival (includes a par ade) to be held in Long Sault. Please call 613-936-6873 or send an e-m ail to i n f o@par adeof an t i on

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THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 28 - September 29 - pg. 15 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

pr oduce can be enjoyed by ever yone this Thanksgiving. If you have a gar den and w ant to shar e any extr a pr oduce, you can also br ing it to the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket and dr op it off at the Agapè Centr e?s booth. Non-per ishable item s ar e also w elcom e. Soup and peanut butter ar e som e of the item s m ost in dem and r ight now. Diana Fr eem an, M ar ket M anager states ?as a far m er , I know fir sthand how r ough this year w as to gr ow pr oduce. Not only ar e you shar ing local pr oduce so ever yone can enjoy fr esh local vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner but you ar e also suppor ting your local far m er s.? Diane Plour de, Executive Dir ector of the Agapè Centr e agr ees stating ?it is gr eat to offer a var iety of pr oduce in our soup kitchen and food bank other than our staple item s. We ar e ver y for tunate to have so m any local far m er s w ho ar e w illing to par tner w ith us to ensur e that our clients also get the oppor tunity to enjoy a fr esh har vest m eal.? Also, don?t for get to br ing your appetite. The Cor nw all Kinsm en Club w ill be ser ving hot chili at the

Fal l Sl ow l y Set t l es Upon Us As Does t h e Har vest W ith these past tw o w eeks of no r ain and hot tem per atur es you w ould have never guessed that Fall officially began on Fr iday, Septem ber 22. As w e m ar k the end of Septem ber w e m ove into our Thanksgiving festivities. Ther e is nothing like enjoying Thanksgiving dinner w ith fr esh local vegetables. Sadly, because of r ecor d r ain and cooler tem per atur es, cr ops w er e not as bountiful as usual r esulting in a slight decr ease in fr esh food item s donated to the Agapè Centr e?s food bank and soup kitchen. As a r esult, the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket, the Kinsm en Club of Cor nw all and the Agapè Centr e have par tner ed to host a ?Shar e the Har vest Fr esh Food Dr ive? to fill the Agapè Centr e?s shelves w ith fr esh pr oduce in tim e for Thanksgiving. The ?Shar e the Har vest Fr esh Food Dr ive? w ill take place on Sunday, October 1, fr om 11:00am to 3:00pm at the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket. The Agapè Centr e w ill have a booth and w ill be accepting your donated fr esh pr oduce pur chased fr om the local far m er s. All pr oduce w ill be used in the soup kitchen and to stock the shelves in the food bank so that a var iety of

M ar ket using Seaw ay Soups? chili base and fr esh ingr edients fr om the local far m er s. All pr oceeds w ill be donated to the Agapè Centr e. John Racine, Cor nw all Kinsm en Club Vice-Pr esident, states ?our Kin m otto is ?ser ving the com m unity?s gr eatest needs?. This is a gr eat w ay to suppor t our far m er s and local food bank as w e appr oach Thanksgiving w eekend.? Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s? M ar ket par tner s w ith local com m unity gr oups w ith causes and pr ovides a place to show case them selves. On Sunday, October 1, The Agape Centr e the com m unity table and on Sunday, October 8, The Differ ent Abilities gr oup w ill be at the com m unity table. Com e on dow n and see them . Enjoy the abundance at the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket w ith over 20 vendor s stalls to visit each w eek . Beef, por k, w ild boar and deer pr oducts, local fr esh veggies, honey, m aple pr oducts, M exican and Jam aican pr oducts, handm ade and local bath and beauty pr oducts, pr epar ed soups, or ganically gr ow n pr oduce, fer m ented and paleo pr oducts, baked goods, jam s and jellies, fudge and Thai and M exican m eals. Enjoy the food cour t ar ea and picnic tables located at the East end of the m ar ket. We look for w ar d to seeing you this w eekend. Don?t for get to sign up for the Vendor of the w eek basket dr aw. The dr aw is fr ee and ballots ar e available at the m ar ket or you can r egister on the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket Facebook page by liking and shar ing the vendor of the w eek post. You do not have to be pr esent at the m ar ket to w in. Take the oppor tunity this w eek to visit the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket Sunday betw een 11 am and 3 pm . M eet our vendor s on the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket Facebook page or on our w ebpage w w w.cor n w al l k i n sm en f ar m er sm ar k et .ca

8 0 tAn h n i verPr sar om y ot Offer valid ?til October 14, 2017 - Anniversary Jewel l ery Box Regular $280 on sale for $150 - Pommier Cl ock Tower Regular $200 on sale for $120 - Wat ch bat t eries Regular $12 on sale for $8 - Chain repairs $8 per sol der *See store for details - Rhodium f or whit e gol d rings Regular $60 on sale for $40 - Jewel l ery Appraisal Regular $120 on sale for $80 Ask us about our VIP Event Visit: 6 Second St E, Cornwal l , ON or call: (613) 932-4022

THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 28 - September 29 - pg. 16 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Volume 8 issue 28  
Volume 8 issue 28