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Vol ume 8 Issue 24 August 4, 2017

Co m e t o St .An d r ews West 's U LTIM ATE BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Sat u r d ay Au g u st 1 9 Su n d ay Au g u st 2 0 at St . An d r ews West Sp o r t s Fi el d Read

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IRON MAIDEN FORMER LEAD SINGER Bl aze Bayl ey on Worl d Tour


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Have yo u fo u n d yo u r sel f i n fr o n t o f an em p t y r ack ? The SEEKERcan sometimesbe hard to find and the standstend to be emptyby Sunday.WHY?you ask ...b ecau seo u r "M u ch Need edDo se o f Po si t i veNews"i s a Ho t It em sar o u n d To wn !!! Ou r r ead er scan 't g et en o u g h ! If the rack is emptyand you havemissedyour copy- don't worry- you can still r ead u s o n l i n eat www.t h eseek er .ca - Wealsohavea Ho m eDel i ver yo p t i o n- It 's easy- cal l6 1 3 -9 3 5 -3 7 6ex 3 t5

Dea r Editor ... Is ther e any doubt, in anyone's m ind, that the incr ease in m inim um w age is to buy votes ? Nothing m or e, nothing less (does gas-plant closur es com e to m ind)? But w as ther e any thought put into Bill 148, "The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017," that r aises the m inim um w age, pays par t-tim e w or ker s the sam e as full tim e w or ker s, paid sick days for ever yone, paid vacation tim e for ever yone, and m ake em ployee scheduling fair er ? Ser iously?!? Face it, the m ajor ity of em ployer s w ant people to pr osper , it's just good business sense. But gover nm ent is effectively destr oying business, and the ever yday per son w ith this r ash incr ease. The r epor t "M inim um Wage Incr eases, Wages, and Low -Wage Em ploym ent: Evidence fr om Seattle," by the U.S. National Bur eau of Econom ic Resear ch, is a pr im e exam ple of gover nm ent inter fer ence, w ith pr ivate sector w ages, putting business and w or ker s at r isk . Ther e ar e var ious gr oups, in Ontar io, telling people to go out to local bar beques and speak w ith their M PPs about this, but is that actually going to assist sm all business? No, because an M PP w ill be in fear they w on't get elected. They w ill pay lip ser vice to sm all businesses; they w ill pay differ ent lip ser vice to special inter est gr oups w ho ar e looking for this incr ease ? but w ill anyone tell the people that an incr ease to $14 in 6 m onths, and then another incr ease to $15, w ithin a year , is going to put people out of w or k and r uin the economy? And w hat about using som e r eason, som e com m on sense and looking at the r eality of life in Ontar io? Obviously gover nm ent hasn't used any, or gover nm ent w ouldn't be out ther e pr om ising subsidies to sm all business because they w ant to buy votes. Question ? w hat about Canada's inter national tr ade deals? Ar en't subsidies in violation of those tr ade deals? Oh, and don't for get NAFTA ? How ar e the Am er icans going to deal w ith these subsidies? Businesses w ill have to lay people off; they w ill close; or they w ill have to incr ease pr ices by over 31%. So w hat happened to that incr ease in pay? You w on't be able to affor d anything because the pr ices ar e too high. You'll be w or king less hour s because your em ployer can't affor d it. Co-w or ker s ar e gone ? laid off because of the costs. And taxes w ill go up because of the subsidies gover nm ent w ill pay to select businesses to stay in business. The m oney has to com e fr om som ew her e, doesn't it? Add onto that, the pr ice of electr icity, after those subsidies r un out; the car bon tax, etc., and ther e w ill be ver y few businesses left in Ontar io for anyone to w or k at. That's the New -Dem o-Pr ogr essive-Con-Liber al Par ty for you ? no sense, no r eason and not in the best inter est of Ontar ians? sham e, sham e, sham e.

SU M M ER ENTERTAINM ENT co n t i n u es wi t h

Cel ebrat ingour 32nd year of Art s in t he Park. The Depart ment of Pl anning, Devel opment & Recreat ion is proud t o bring you an excit ing summer f est ival f ul l of FREE l ive music, t wo out door movies and a special Shakespeare in t he Park perf ormance. Come out t o see some of your f avourit e musiciansand bands as t hey t ake t he st age at t he Lion?s Cl ub Bandshel l in beaut if ul LamoureuxPark. *Al l shows are weat her permit t ingand begin at 7:00pm,unl essot herwisepost ed.*

Lam ou r eu xPar k - Li on 'sCu b Ban dsh el l - Cor n w al l


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Introduction? - Secretary ? Canadian Justice Review Board - Legal Research ? Green and Associates Law Offices, etc., - Legislative Researcher ? M Ps, M PPs, M unicipal Councillors, - President All Rights Research Ltd., - Steering Committee ? International Property Rights Association I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice. Any information relayed is for informational purposes only. Please contact a lawyer.

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tr ue, to play in the big leagues, it w as an am azing exper ience. Those ar e the tim es you w ill r em em ber for the r est of your life,? Rober to Alom ar r eflected.

Ar ticle a nd Photo by Ja son Setnyk Cor nw all Ontar io ? Tor onto Blue Jays a lumni Rober to Aloma r a nd Roger s both hit a home r un on Satur day a fter noon r a ising money for the Childr en?s Tr eatment Centr e in Cor nwa ll. His visit to Cor nw all br ought back a lot of gr eat m em or ies for Blue Jays fans. In 1990 the Tor onto Blue Jays r ocked the baseball w or ld by tr ading Fr ed M cGr iff and Tony Fer nandez to the San Diego Padr es in exchange for Rober to Alom ar and Joe Car ter. Both player s w ould becom e instr um ental for the Tor onto Blue Jays w ho w on back to back Wor ld Ser ies Cham pionships in 1992 and 1993. In Gam e 6 of the 1992 Wor ld Ser ies Rober to Alm oar scor ed w hat w ould becom e the w inning r un of the Wor ld Ser ies off a tw o-r un double by Dave W infield in the 11th inning. The Tor onto Blue Jays m ade histor y becom ing the fir st Canadian team to ever w in the Wor ld Ser ies.

Rober to Alom ar ?s love and dedication to the gam e of baseball is obvious. Even after his r etir em ent as a player , he stays close to the gam e. Rober to Alom ar is happy to be affiliated w ith Roger s, a com pany that gener ously donated $10 for ever y autogr aph he signed to the the Childr en?s Tr eatm ent Centr e in Cor nw all. ?I alw ays like to be affiliated w ith the Roger s fam ily. They ar e a gr eat or ganization, they have som e gr eat pr ogr am s, and I?m so glad to be apar t of the pr ogr am s,? Rober to Alom ar added.

Int erview wit h Toront o Bl ue Jays Al umni Robert o Al omar

W hat m ade the 1992 and 1993 Blue Jays so special? Accor ding to Rober to Alom ar , the answ er is sim ple, the fans and the player s. ?I think the fans m ade it special. We had a gr eat team and gr eat ball player s ? and I think w e played the gam e the r ight w ay,? said Rober to Alom ar. Rober to Alom ar , w ho w or e #12 on his jer sey, w as a 12 tim e All-Star. He also w on 10 Golden Gloves, m or e than any other second basem an in M ajor League Baseball histor y. It?s no sur pr ise that Rober to Alom ar w as inducted to the M LB Hall of Fam e soon after he w as eligible.

In 2011, the sam e year he w as inducted to the Hall of Fam e, the Blue Jays r etir ed Rober to Alom ar ?s num ber 12. His long and successful jour ney to back to back Wor ld Ser ies cham pionships and a Hall of Fam e car eer began at hom e. Rober to Alom ar gr ew up in a baseball fam ily. His father ?Sandy? Alom ar , Sr., and his older br other Sandy Jr. also played in the M ajor League. He lear ned a lot about the gam e fr om his father gr ow ing up.

For Rober to Alom ar , being inducted to the Hall of Fam e honour s both his her itage and his hom eland.

?The m ost im por tant lesson I lear ned fr om my father about the gam e of baseball is that if you w ant to succeed in this gam e, you got to love w hat you do ever yday and enjoy w hat you do and you w ill succeed,? Rober to Alom ar explained.

?It?s a dr eam com e tr ue for any player to be inducted into the Hall of Fam e. For myself, com ing fr om a sm all tow n fr om Puer to Rico, it?s an honour. Especially r epr esenting the Lations and the Puer to Ricans and also the Canadians. It w as an honour for

Later , Rober to Alom ar joined his br other Sandy Jr. w hen he w as tr aded to the Cleveland Indians. It w as an am azing exper ience for Rober to Alom ar to play w ith his br other again, this tim e in the M ajor League.

m e,? Rober to Alom ar r em inisced.

?It w as am azing for m e, playing little league w ith my br other , being able to m ake that dr eam com e



M ike

M ERRIAM Celiac disease, also known as coeliac disease is different from Gluten Intolerance. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder caused by gluten intolerance. Gliadin, a protein in wheat, causes the afflicted persons immune system to attack its own bowel tissue. This causes villous atrophy, or the erosion of the nutrient absorbing villi that line the small intestine. Other grains, like barley and rye, have similarly shaped proteins which can cause the same reaction in sensitive individuals. If you experience these symptoms, consult with your medical professional.

Avoiding Gluten can be very difficult, but there are some products that make it easier. At Marrow & Spice, we carry the product line of The Mix Company, a Certified provider of Gluten free mixes for everything from cakes to pizza, sauces to salad dressings. These products have proven to be excellent according to our customers. We also carry Gluten-Free crackers, pasta, and ready-made salad dressings! Come and see us and we will help you eat healthy and delicious meals that do not affect your condition. All of our Local Drug-Free meats are Gluten-Free, as are salads and vegetables. Prepare your own sauce or gravy with a kit from The Mix Company, throw in veggies and a starch, you have a healthy GF meal! Additionally, we can make GF entrees for you and yours as part of our meal plan program. On our meal plan, you sign up for 5 or more meals a week, and we produce them to your specifications. If you just don?t feel like cooking, want to provide meals for someone who isn?t feeling well, or have special dietary needs, Marrow & Spice has portioned delicious meals to offer. We do Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, High Fibre, High Protein, and Vegan every week.

Hundr eds of Blue Jays fans w aited in line at the new Roger s stor e to get an autogr aph. Fans br ought baseballs, spor ts car ds, jer seys, hats, poster s, photos, and other m em or abilia to get signed.

Fans w er e im pr essed by the kindness of Rober to Alom ar , and cour tesy of the Roger s staff. ?Rober to Alom ar and the Roger s Stor e staff w er e extr em ely w elcom ing dur ing the event. M r. Alom ar even m ade an effor t to m ake sm all talk . The ball he signed for m e is a r em inder that anything is possible,? said Blue Jays fan Nick M oise. City Councillor s David M ur phy and Justin Tow ndale w er e also in attendance. ?Having Hall of Fam er , and for m er Blue Jay, Rober to Alom ar visit Cor nw all w as cer tainly a special event for the City. It w as m ade even m or e special by Roger s?gener ous donation of $10 per autogr aph to the Childr en?s Tr eatm ent Centr e,? Justin Tow ndale concluded. Dur ing Rober to Alom ar ?s visit, tw o Star bucks bar istas sur pr ised the cr ow d of people w aiting in line, br inging them fr ee r efr eshing dr inks. The new Roger s stor e is located at 1225 Br ookda le Avenue in Cor nwa ll Onta r io. For com pl et e i n t er v i ew , pl ease v i si t w w w :t h eseek er .ca

"Bringing thehighest quality local produce to your family's table." We do all the work putting together a meal plan that is wholesome, healthy, and easy to prepare. Just reheat and eat! Many of our meal plan customers have commented that they feel better eating Marrow & Spice meals ? whole, fresh ingredients, preservative-free, and tasty. Call ahead at 933-3330 with your special requests or catering needs, we love the challenge. We also offer homemade soups, bone broths, and soup broths in single or family portions! Come into the store and talk to Roger about your meal requirements and let us take the worry and the work out of healthy eating! Don't be swayed by the claims of others that they are Cornwall's only Organic store, visit the original, and savour the difference!

Marrow &Spice (callus- wedoCatering!)

Unit40,812PittStreet 613-933-3330 www.marrowandspice.c Storehours: 10until6 Tuesday thruFriday, and10until4 onSaturday

THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Vendors - Sidewalk Sales - DBIA Draw for$200 Downtown Dollars

SAVE THE DATE - CORN WALL FOODFEST Kinsmen Family Zone - Food Trucks - Local Restaurants - Artisans

Sat u r dayAUG. , 19 - 10am -8pm - f r omFi r stt o Th i r dSt r eet s

http:/ / site/ cornwall-food-fest/ THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Can ad a 1 5 0 Bi r t h d ay Cel eb r at i o n s Taking pl ace August 19t h and 20t h, 2017 in St . Andrews West , Ont ario St . Andrews West is t he pl ace t o be on August 19t h and 20t h . ?That ?s our weekend t o Cel ebrat e Canada?s 150t h Birt hday!? says Ray Beauregard, one of the dozens of volunteers that are administering the Saturday and Sunday fun days. The vast majority of games and activities take place at the rink and on the large field located next to the church. As well as the standard community amusement activities, the locally famous Knights of Columbus ?Beef on a Bun? will be served up. Roast pork on a spit, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and other fare will be fired up by the local volunteer firefighters and food vendors. There will be upwards of sixty other vendors and exhibits offering up many wonderful products and services. Live entertainment will be featured on stage throughout the entire weekend. Local entertainers Kevin and Marc Rivet will round out some of the daily live performances, followed by dancing under the stars to the golden oldies, rockin?country, and latest hits, as they blast out of a state of the art music system. Fireworks will be set at 10pm Saturday night. The children are going to enjoy this great weekend. There will be games galore including bouncy rides, ring toss, bean bag toss and more. They can build bird houses and have their faces painted. The balloon clown will be making, and giving away, free custom made balloons on Sunday. Pony rides will be a featured attraction on each day. A 50/ 50 Bingo will be Past Beef on a Bun sponsored by the St. Andrews Knights of Columbus held on Saturday. Antique cars, hot rods, custom and specialty vehicles will line up in front of St. Andrews Church on Sunday afternoon.

All can enjoy viewing the wall of fame, and participate in the unique time capsule activity. ?We have put on an incredible special event for our community, and we invite everyone to join us in celebrating this wonderful occasion!? exclaimed Wayne Read, Grand Knight, Council 10416, St. Andrews West. ?Everyone will have free admission to the grounds if they are wearing their souvenir Canada 150 button. Look for these buttons at many local stores in Cornwall, South Stormont and other local areas. They will also be available at the event for a cost of 150 cents each. All net proceeds of this event will be funneled back to the local community for charitable causes.?


wishes everyone a HAPPY & SAFE Lon g Week en d and remember to visit w w w.t h eseek er .ca regularly ... THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Toronto, Ontario ? Local music f an Ryan Theoret (cent re in phot o above) f ul f il l ed his l if e l ong dream of meet ing l egendary band Met al l ica. Special to The Seeker Newspaper, he shares his experience with us here: ?On Sunday, July 16th, Metallica played to a sold out show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Aside from being their first North American trek since 2009, the band was also offering Experience Packages. Out of the 50,000 fans in attendance, only 12 were lucky enough to buy a Hardwired Experience. I was one of those 12. At a mere $3,300 dollars, instead of back packing through Europe or sitting on a beach in Australia for a week, I decided to fulfill my life long dream of meeting my favourite band and all the experience it had to entail. I started listening to Metallica at the age of 14. By the time I was 15 they were my go to band. What can I say? For myself, there was a song for every occasion, experience and moment of my life. I constantly related to their music. Be it that classic thrashy sound from the 80s, their bluesy hard rock from the mid 90?s or the brutality that is St. Anger, I?ve stuck by this band and still do. Music has always been my greatest passion and for myself, Metallica delivers on all fronts.


Having seen the band live 8 times previously, this show was like no other. It was bigger, louder and of epic proportions. The stage alone took 3 days to set up accompanied by a laser show that took 640 human hours to program. Showcasing 5 songs from their latest

release, the 8 time Grammy award winners relied heavily on their back catalogue that built their fame. Complete with more pyro and fireworks than a Canada 150 celebration, old and new fans were head banging to the likes of ?Master Of Puppets?, ?One? and ?Sad But True?. Playing 18 songs over 2 hours and 15 minutes, the 3 song encore included the deep cut of ?Blackened? and fan favourite ?Nothing Else Matters?. The quartet would end the set with the radio staple ?Enter Sandman?. While the show was phenomenal, it was the behind scene events prior to that contained the true magic. The memorabilia museum featured display cases consisting of hand written lyrics, awards and framed platinum records. However, it was posing with and playing the actual guitars of Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) and James Hetfield (rhythm guitar/ vocals) that was truly spectacular. The only thing that could bring things to the next level would be a one on one with the band. The words to describe meeting one?s idols are far and few in between. I am still speechless on how humble and real the members of Metallica are in person. Fame aside, they are just four guys living life their way. The entire day was certainly a once in a lifetime experience I won?t forget until the day I die. While one might say I?m crazy, the truth is I?ve always been Hardwired for Metallica. Nothing Else Matters?. -Ryan Theoret

M a rle ne

Hi ther e to all of you beautiful and handsom e people picking up the m ost Positive and Infor m ative REAL paper in the Cor nw all and in the S.D. & G. ar ea. I r eally hope that you ar e continuing to enjoy your Sum m er , despite all of the RAIN!!! M other Natur e sur e has been str inging us along w ith her giving and taking of the sum m er -like days and then BANG back into cold nights and r ainy days. Please m ake up your m ind and go w ith the "Sum m er Weather " feeling in this New m onth of August. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!!! I TEM OF THE W EEK: The item that I have chosen to shar e w ith you all is a bir thday pr esent that I r eceived fr om my Johnny. He cer tainly know s w hat I like and w hat I love! He gave m e a beautiful, bejew elled butter fly r ing. I like it so ver y m uch, I have tr ied to w ear it ever y chance I get. Thank you kindly John for thinking of m e and for spoiling m e on my bir thday. (Take a look at my pr ofile pic to see the r ing.)


FAM I LY & FRI ENDS NEW S: The com m unity of Cor nw all, Ontar io is ver y sad on the passing of a beautiful soul on July 28th at the Ottaw a Gener al Hospital. Patr icia Louise Gr odin Sauve (Pat) w as a beloved w aitr ess at the ~M iss Cor nw all Restaur ant~ for over 30 year s and w ent on to


ENTERSANDMAN? Local music f an f ul f il l sdream of meet ingMet al l ica

M e la ne e

M O RIN This week's Book Review is: RICH

PEOPLE PROBLEMS by Kevin Kwan (released May 23, 2017) Ava ila ble at The Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y, Coles in the Cor nwa ll Squa r e, a nd online at Cha pter s a nd Ama zon.

W hat pr oblem s could the incalculably w ealthy Asian tastem aker s and pow er player s possibly have? M or e than you m ight think . For exam ple, "Your regular table at the fabulous restaurant on the exclusive island where you own a beach house is unavailable." Or , "Your airplane is forced to land before you can finish drinking your Dom PĂŠrignon." Rich People Problems is the thir d novel in a ser ies by Kevin Kw an that exam ines the lifestyles of Asia's ultr a-w ealthy. W hile the pr evious tw o novels in the ser ies, Crazy Rich Asians (now being developed into a m ajor m otion pictur e) and China Rich Girlfriend, focused on young bachelor and heir Nick Young and his attem pts to intr oduce his m iddle-class non-VIP gir lfr iend into his extr em ely w ealthy and snobby fam ily, Rich People Problems tur ns the focus tow ar ds Nick's gr andm other , Su Yi. The m atr iar ch and ow ner of Tyer sall Par k - the lar gest pr ivately ow ned piece of land in all of Singapor e - is on her deathbed, and the extended fam ily convenes to w r estle w hat piece of inher itance they can in a m ind-boggling ar r ay of fam ily politics, tr aditions, dr am a, and vying for pr ecedence. Kw an's latest novel r eiter ates his adept handling of both the centr al plot-pr opelling char acter s w ith their per sonal stor ylines and depicting the lar ger w or ld of the ultr a-w ealthy thr ough w hich these char acter s m ove. Rich People Problems pr ovides an enter taining, and at tim es tr oubling, look at the fam ily dynam ics involved w hen the m antle of "head of the fam ily" m ust necessar ily be passed on, w hile giving m iddle-class and Wester n r eader s a glim pse of the gilded excess and consum ption that w ould leave even Fitzger ald's Jay Gatsby agog and dazed. A l i vel y an d en t er t ai n i n g r ead, per f ect f or su m m er l ou n gi n g by t h e beach (a pr i vat e beach , of cou r se). M ela nee's pa ssion for r ea ding bega n at a young a ge, culminating in a M a ster 's degr ee in English Liter atur e fr om the Univer sity of Ottawa a nd a desir e to pr omote liter a cy a nd cultur e, sta r ting her e at Cor nwa ll's loca l The Seeker newspa per . The Book Nook will pr ovide book r eviews of both newly r elea sed novels a bout to hit bookstor es a nd exciting books ca r r ied at The Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y (including loca l author s). I nquir ies a nd comments may be sent to cor nwa llbookr

pur sue her DREAM of opening her ver y ow n r estaur ant know n as "Pat's Hom e Cookin'' on Pitt St. (Now know n as~ Val & Paulie's~) She leaves behind her tw o sons, Randy (Car ol) and Todd (JosĂˆe), and her eight gr andchildr en, M elissa, Scott, Danielle (Tom ), Connor , Evan and Tanner Sauve, Ryan and Bella Gr ant, and one gr eat gr andson, Gr ayson Sauve. She w ill also be m issed by her fur buddy, M uggs. I only knew Patr icia for a ver y shor t w hile, but in this shor t tim e I found that she w as one of the m ost kindest, m ost lovingest and funnest w om en that I had ever know n. I hope to live on and be like this beautiful soul that had to leave us so ear ly. Patr icia m ay you have lots of fun in Heaven w ith your Joey once again and of cour se w ith the m any other s that w ent on befor e you my dear , sw eet fr iend. R.I.P. COM M UNI TY NEW S: M y dear fr iend Kim War d of ~Connections~ is opening up her gar den for a "Gar den Tea Par ty" to help r aise aw ar eness and funds for ~Ber eaved Fam ilies of Cor nw all~, as w ell as in honor and m em or y of her late husband, Tim Boisver t w ho had passed aw ay r ecently. I am asking you to com e and join her , her fam ily and the m any fr iends and aquaintances w ho knew Tim , to show your suppor t to a w om an w ho has given a lot to our com m unity. Ther e w ill be lots of goodies to see and buy as w ell. It is being held this Sat Aug. 5th or Rain Date Aug. 6th at 1209 Leonar d Ave. her e in Cor nw all, Ont. fr om 1 p.m . to 4 p.m . I look for w ar d to seeing you all ther e. Now , W hat should I w ear to this Gar den Tea Par ty??? UNTI L NEXT W EEK: POSITIVE THINKING SEES THE INVISIBLE, FEELS THE INTANGIBLE AND CAN ACHIEVE THE IM POSSIBLE!!! SO START SOM E POSITIVE THINKING, TODAY, AND YOU W ILL NOTICE THE BIG CHANGE IN YOUR LIVES!!! M a r lene Ba ker of w w w.lister & w w imetheatr

THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 6 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


t h eSEEKERS KEEPER even tns'm o r SECTIO e

45 SecondStreetE.


www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook:l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

The l ibrary is cl osed on Monday, August 7 f or t he Civic Hol iday.

GENIUS ? PG A stirring drama about the turbulent friendship between world-renowned editor Maxwell Perkins and the larger-than-life ?genius? Thomas Wolfe. Thursday, August 3 @ 2 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. Friday, August 4 @ 2 p.m. SILENCE ? 14A



The story of two Christian missionaries who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden. Friday, August 11 at 2 p.m. and Monday, August 14 @ 2 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. FOCUS - 14A In the midst of veteran con man Nicky's latest scheme, a woman from his past - now an accomplished femme fatale - shows up and throws his plans for a loop. Friday, August 18 @ 2 p.m. and Monday, August 21 @ 2 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. CHECK-MATES FOR KIDS. Fridays in July & August - 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. MAHJONGG - game play Mondaysat 6:30 p.m. and Tuesdaysat 10:00 a.m. BRIDGE & CHESS FOR ADULTS - game play- Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS


- Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Teen game play. SORBET - Thursday, August 10 at 6:30 p.m. Teen book club ST. LAWRENCE INTERNATIONAL STAMP CLUB - Meeting at 7 p.m. August 15. WRITER?S CLUB Monthly get-together - Monday, August 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Have yo u PICKED U P YOU R TICKETS yet ?




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W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G w ith Ra che lle And re He re is.. The Bo re d BO ARD


e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.





















QU ESTION: Wh y i s yo u r EVENT NOT IN t h i s CALENDAR? ANSWER:Becau seYo u d i d n 't k n o w i t i s FREE? Yo u d i d n 't g o t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er yo u r even t ?Wecan't help you advertise your event ifwedon't know about it!!! THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 8 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Fr esh Pr odu ce i s St r eam i n g I n t o t h e M ar k et Well, w e?ve star ted to exper ience a taste of sum m er w ith the w eather change this past w eekend, hot and dr y. This has r eally helped boost the pr oductivity on our local far m s. Our vendor s stalls ar e teem ing w ith fr esh pr oduce. The fir st field tom atoes should be r eady this w eek, their fam ous par tner cucum ber has been available at the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket these past few w eeks. New potatoes have peeked their eyes out of the patch and they taste absolutely delicious boiled w ith fr esh m int leaves and topped w ith butter , salt and pepper. And, gr een and yellow beans ar e bur sting by the quar t basket. W hy not pick up som e local gar lic to season all these gr eat fr esh m ar ket veggies. Do not w or r y though gr eens and her bs have not left the m ar ket. The BIG new s - CORN. Yes, ther e is cor n now at the m ar ket and w e have at least tw o vendor s selling this sw eet tr eat this w eek . Cor n should be ar ound for the next 3-4 w eeks. Cor n on the cob, cor n fr itter s, cor n chow der and all things cor n. Shar e how you w ill pr epar e and eat the fir st cor n of 2017 on the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket Facebook page. Ther e is gr eat var iety at the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket w ith over 20 vendor s stalls to visit each w eek . Beef, por k, w ild boar and deer pr oducts, local fr esh veggies, honey, m aple pr oducts, M exican and Jam aican pr oducts, handm ade and local bath and beauty pr oducts, pr epar ed soups, or ganically gr ow n pr oduce, fer m ented and paleo pr oducts, baked goods, jam s and jellies, fudge and Thai and M exican m eals. Did you know ther e is a food cour t ar ea to take in and enjoy the bustle of the m ar ket? Indeed ther e is, tw o picnic tables located at the East end of the m ar ket ar e pr ovided to affor d our custom er s a little shade and space to enjoy their goodies pur chased at the m ar ket. So, gr ab som e fr esh food fr om the Thai and M exican food stands or baked goods and a coffee or sneak in the fir st taste of that yum my pr oduce in the food cour t section of the m ar ket. We look for w ar d to seeing you all this w eekend. Do not for get to sign up for the Vendor of the w eek basket dr aw. The vendor of the w eek pr ovides a lovely basket of goodies for the dr aw. The dr aw is fr ee and ballots ar e available at the m ar ket or you can r egister on the Cor nw all Kinsm en Far m er s?M ar ket Facebook page. You do not have to be pr esent at the m ar ket to w in. Good luck . Ta ke the oppor tunity this week to visit the Cor nwa ll Kinsmen Fa r mer s?M a r ket Sunday between 11 a m a nd 3 pm. M eet our vendor s on the Cor nwa ll Kinsmen Fa r mer s?M a r ket Fa cebook pa ge or on our webpa ge w w w.cor nwa llkinsmenfa r mer sma r


IS YACabuskal ooza?

YACabuskalooza is an event dedicated to showcasing performance art and busking in Cornwall and SD&G. This year's edition features a variety of acts from music and dance to juggling stilt-walkers, interactive visual arts, face-painting, balloon artists, storytelling and much, much more! FREE FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! August 12t h, 2017, Lamoureux Park, 1 - 5 pm. For information contact Richard Salem at 1-888-405-7922 or richard@yourart scouncil .ca

CALL M AI-LIIS AT 613-935-3763 ext 102 TO PLACE YOU R EVENT AD HERE 1/ 8 Page or 1/ 4 Page - at ou r " SUPER DUPER" PRICES! THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 24 - August 4 - pg. 9 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


Sha ry n

THO M PSO N YOUR BEST RICE EVER! few weeks ago, I decided to serve brown basmati alongside some nice rainbow trout. Instead of plain rice, I invented a fruited rice dish that was simply delicious. When we were eating our supper, Gary asked me where I got the recipe for the rice. I said that I invented it. He replied 'Keep inventing, this is the best rice ever!' And isn't even fond of rice at all! So that really says something! The rice would go well with chicken, pork, beef or fish, as well as in any vegetarian meal. This rice dish would be wonderful at Christmastime.I hope that you try it for yourself.





(Al l ingredient s are avail abl e at Sharyn's Pant ry.) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups raw brown basmati rice 2 tsp. 'better than bouillon' roasted chicken base (We are carrying this delicious chicken base flavouring at Sharyn's Pantry now.) 2 tbsp. butter 1/ 3 cup slivered almonds 1/ 3 cup currants 1/ 3 cup dried cranberries 1/ 3 cup golden raisins 1/ 3 cup crystallized ginger, chopped 2 tbsp. 'better than bouillon' roasted chicken base flavouring METHOD: -I used my handy rice cooker to cook the rice. Into the required amount of water I added 2 tsp. of the 'better than bouillon' roasted chicken base flavouring. Then I let the rice cooker cook the rice perfectly. I do recommend getting a rice cooker. They are foolproof with perfect results every time. Mine is just a cheap no-name brand and works perfectly. No need to spend a ton of money on an expensive one. -If you don't have a rice cooker, just add 4- 1/ 2 cups of water to the 2 cups of brown basmati rice in a saucepan. Add the 2 tsp. of 'better than bouillon' roasted chicken base flavouring. Cook the rice for about 40 minutes or Ar ticle a nd Photo by Ja son Setnyk Sydney, Austr alia ? Befor e Bon Scott ther e wa s Dave Eva ns. He wa s the or igina l lea d singer of wor ld r enowned r ock ba nd AC/DC fr om 1973 to 1974. Dave Eva ns, the King of All Ba da sses, is ba ck! In 2017 he r eleased a new album titled ?W ild? w ith Nor w egian r ock band Bar bed W ir e. One of the songs off the new EP is titled ?Sunset Str ip?. It w as dur ing Dave Evans tim e in AC/DC that he or iginally w r ote and played that pr eviously unr ecor ded song w ith AC/DC. ?W hen w e w er e discussing the new EP to be r ecor ded I m entioned that I w ould like to do a good old fashioned 12 bar r ock n r oll tr ack w hich w e all agr eed on and then I r em em ber ed the or iginal tr ack I had w r itten and per for m ed w ith AC/DC all those year s ago ? Sunset Str ip. This w as ver y popular w ith the fans and the har d cor e AC/DC fans w er e quite aw ar e of it w or ldw ide. I decided to r ew or k the ar r angem ent and kept m ost of the or iginal lyr ics and r ecor d the new ver sion of the song for poster ity. The fans w ho have hear d it love it and I w ill be per for m ing it on my upcom ing tour s star ting in August,? Dave Evans stated. How did Dave Evans becom e the fir st lead singer of AC/DC? ?I answ er ed an ad in the Sydney M or ning Her ald new spaper for a heavy r ock singer and M alcolm w as on the other end of the phone line w hen I called. M y band at the tim e, Velvet Under gr ound (not to be confused w ith Lou Reed?s band) had just split up. M alcolm had been in the band ear lier befor e I had joined them so w e both knew of each other. He asked m e to com e for a jam w ith Lar r y and Colin as they w er e for m ing a band. I m et up w ith them and jam m ed and w e then shook hands and said w e had a band! We did not have a nam e yet though. Angus auditioned a w eek later as his band Kentuckee had also split up and then he w as accepted as the fifth m em ber of the yet unnam ed band. We decided on AC/DC a few w eeks later ,? Dave Evans r ecalled. W hat w as it like w or king w ith M alcom Young and Angus Young in 1973? ?We r ehear sed often and w e w er e all totally dedicated to being a sm ash hit

FRUITED BROWN BASMATI RICE until it is tender. Once cooked, fluff the rice with a fork, never stir it with a spoon or you will clump it all together and it won't be fluffy. -In a very large deep frying pan (I used a nonstick pan), melt the 2 tbsp. of butter and let it get nice and bubbly. -To this, add the slivered almonds and stir them around in the butter and let them brown for a couple of minutes. -Now add the currants, golden raisins, dried cranberries and the chopped crystallized ginger pieces to the buttered almonds. Let this mixture sautĂŠ for 5 minutes. -Lastly, add 3 or 4 cups of the cooked brown basmati rice and the 2 tbsp. of 'better than bouillon' roasted chicken base flavouring. Stir to combine and allow to cook for a few minutes. -Try not to keep eating spoonfuls of the rice at this point. I think it must be the crystallized ginger that makes the rice taste so amazingly good. It compliments the raisins and currants so well. -Leftovers were just as good for a couple more meals. ENJOY!

SHARYNTHOMPSONOwner , of SHARYN'SPANTRY a family-run business for 36 years. 812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 OPEN: Monday to Saturday - 9 to 5 fr om the ver y beginning. It w as all positive vibes and a total belief in our selves. The w hole band r ocked har d w ith extr em e enthusiasm ,? Dave Evans r em ar ked. In 2010, Dave Evans and Thunder str uck r ecor ded a tr ibute album to Bon Scott, and the 20th anniver sar y of his passing. How w ell did you know Bon Scott? ?Bon used to hang out w ith us w hen w e w er e tour ing in Adelaide, South Austr alia pr om oting our new hit single, ?Can I Sit Next To You, Gir l?? He w as alw ays cr acking jokes and w as happy to help us one night w hen w e w er e r unning late for a show and the w hole band and Bon pitched in and helped the r oadies unload the gear onto the stage. Nice of him to lend a hand,? Dave Evans r em inisced. AC/DC r ecor ded their ver y fir st album w ith Dave Evans, a 7? r ecor d that is quite r ar e. AC/DC ?Rockin In the Par lour /Can I Sit Next To You, Gir l? 7? Vinyl r ecor d sells for over $1000 on Ebay. Their ver y fir st single hit the char ts. The song ?Can I Sit Next To You, Gir l? r anked at #50 on Austr alia?s Official M usic Char ts (ARIA). Do you think ther e should be a r e-issue of that album to m ake it m or e accessible to the fans that w ant to hear the ear ly histor y of AC/DC? ?For sur e. This w as the fir st r elease that kicked off the band and w as a national hit for us and put the band on its w ay to the top,? said Dave Evans. Their w as also a m usic video shot of ?Can I Sit Next To You, Gir l? w ith Dave Evans as singer of AC/DC. In the video Angus Young has alr eady adopted his school-unifor m stage outfit.

Int erview wit h AC/ DC original l ead singer Dave Evans - New al bum!

Dave Evans is now keeping busy tour ing and pr om oting the new album w ith Bar bed W ir e. Ar e ther e any plans to r etur n to Canada in 2018? ?I am talking to a pr om oter at the m om ent about a r etur n to Canada for next year. Let?s see w hat he can do,? Dave Evans concluded. To r ea d the complete inter view, plea se visit: w w w.theseeker .ca

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No uve lle s CFEO - EO TB Ne w s



for more info.

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Article by Jason Setnyk | Photo by Terje Johansen Ottawa Ontario ? Metal fans won?t run to the Gatineau Hills when Blaze

Bayley, former lead singer of Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane, brings his ?Endure and Survive?World Tour to Ottawa?sBrass Monkey on August 17th. ?Endure and Survive?, the title of Blaze Bayley?s ninth solo album, was released in March of 2017. It?s the second in the ?Infinite Entanglement? trilogy which tells a creative sci-fi narrative. A music video for the song ?Escape Velocity?, directed by Richard Pembridge, and written by Blaze Bayley, Chris Appleton, Michelle Sciarrotta ? was recorded using Bruce Dickinson?s flight simulator. Of course, Bruce Dickinson was the singer of Iron Maiden before and after Blaze Bayley. ?Well, I got in touch with Bruce Dickinson, and said I got a song that I think would be good in a flight simulator. Can I borrow your flight simulator? He said yes. We went down there, and we made a music video in Bruce Dickinson?s flight simulator. It was absolutely fantastic, with all the different pilots getting trained, and we?re there making a video. It was a lot of fun doing that video? Blaze Bayley exclaimed. Blaze Bayley was the lead singer of Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999, replacing Bruce Dickinson, and later being replaced by Bruce Dickinson. Blaze Bayley recorded two albums with Iron Maiden: ?The X Factor? and ?Virtual XI?. Hit songs during this time period included: ?Man on the Edge?, ?Lord of the Flies?, ?Sign of the Cross, ?The Edge of Darkness?, ?Futureal?, and ?The Clansman?. Hundreds auditions occurred to find the new lead singer of Iron Maiden in 1994, and Bruce Bayley was selected. According to Bruce Bayley himself, he wasn?t the best person for the job. ?I don?t think I was the best person at all. I think a lot of people there were better singers than me. It?s a complete mystery to me why they choose me. My voice is so different to Bruce Dickinson. I did love the band, I was a huge fan of the band before the audition. I knew all the songs, and I also knew all of the drum parts as well, and I could air guitar every single rift of every song, so I think perhaps that helped a little bit. For me, the most important thing about being in Iron Maiden was the music. It?s just fantastic. I loved singing that music, and learning the writing process, and working with Steve Harris, who was like a mentor to me. I really feel like I found my true voice in Iron Maiden, and I carried on with the lessons I learned about song writing and singing since then. That?s what I put into my own solo recordings,? Blaze Bayley reflected. What was Blaze Bayley?s favourite album or song with Iron Maiden? It?s too hard for Blaze Bayley to pick one album or one song, but he really does enjoy performing the song ?Virus? that appeared on ?Best of the Beast?. ?It?s too difficult to choose. There are so many great songs on both albums. You?ve got ?Sign of the Cross?, ?The Clansman?, ?Lord of the Flies?, and ?Virus? on Best of the Beast album which is one of my favourites. I do my own version of ?Virus? in my live set, and it sounds absolutely lovely. Iron Maiden never played ?Virus? live. Both albums are dear to my heart, and I learned so much on the tours that we did together. It was an absolutely fantastic time,? Blaze Bayley replied. Blaze Bayley also sang with iconic metal band Disturbed at UK?s premier music festival Download in 2016 in front of 85,000 fans. He was invited to sing vocals on a cover of ?Baba O?Riley? by The Who.


Int erviewwit hIron Maidenf ormer l ead singerBl azeBayl eyon Worl dTour

w ith

M RS.B Everyone must have heard about salt lamps. Years ago they were very popular but have resurfaced in the past couple of years because of celebrity endorsements.

If you are just a little curious as to how these lamps work, I am afraid that I have no scientific proof that they do indeed work. Having said that, just ask a few of our regular customers who have purchased them and they will tell you how much better they feel with these visually charming lamps in their homes. People suffering from allergies, asthma or respiratory complaints have been known to gain relief. Many sleep best by the ocean and appreciate the freshness and ionisation of air that a small level of salt can bring. Natural salt products can freshen and improve air quality and many see them as a great antidote for improving the atmosphere of a home by reducing the proportion of positively charged ions. The lamps are recommended for smelly and smoky areas, pet areas, bedrooms, around computers, televisions and electronic equipment. Meditation areas, yoga centers, spas and massage centers are all great places to use these salt lamps as well. Regardless of what you believe about salt lamps, the light itself is soothing and creates a beautiful warm ambiance. Also being a natural product, no two lamps are exactly the same. Salt lamps absorb moisture and you should protect your furniture wherever you place them. When not in use, store the lamp in a plastic bag or dry place and to clean them just wipe with a damp cloth. I must admit that I was quite a bit skeptical about the validity of this product when first asked about it, but several devoted customers have convinced me that there is some merit to it. Just studying the shapes and following the crevices within each rock is an interesting means of meditation. We may be far from the coastline here but you can bring some balance and a little bit of the sea right into your home to enjoy for many years to come. Barbara Leduc, Mrs. B'sGifts& HomeDecor 609 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON K6J 3R8 613-937-0222 Facebook page mrsbsgifts

?Yes, I?m friends with John Moyer. (We hung out and) I met David Draiman, and he said, do you want to come on stage with us tomorrow, and sing a song, and I said yeah. That was it. The song we sang was ?Baba O?Riley?. It was a lot of fun because I?m a fan of The Who,? Blaze Bayley added.

Fans of Blaze Bayley can enjoy a more intimate concert at the Brass Monkey on August 17th with a special meet and greet for no extra charge. The concert in Ottawa starts at 7pm, the event is 19+, and admission is $20. Tickets are on sale online at Ticket Zone, or in person at the Brass Monkey or Long & McQuade in Ottawa South. To read the complete interview, please visit:

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Pa trick

M a cDO NA Keeping your cot t age in t he f amil y Do you have fond memories of family summer vacations at the cottage spent swimming in the lake, building sand castles on the beach, or fishing on the dock? Do you envision your children and grand-children making similar memories there for years to come, even after you?re gone? If your wish is to pass on your recreational property to your children (or someone other than your spouse), keep in mind there are tax implications. Half of the capital gains on a cottage or vacation property are included in your income. Depending on the province you live in, the taxable portion could be taxed at up to 50 per cent. You might not be in the highest tax bracket, but the impact can still be significant.

You can?t avoid capital gains tax by selling your home and making your cottage your primary residence. And selling the cottage to your children for a token amount of $1 won?t help either. But there are things you can do to help minimize taxes on your estate. Here?s one way. Let?s say there?s $50,000 of tax owing from the capital gain on your cottage when your children inherit it. If you had purchased a $50,000 last-to-die life insurance policy with your spouse, your children would get a $50,000 tax-free death benefit after both of you pass away. That money could be used to cover the tax on the capital gain. Another strategy is to buy a life insurance policy, and name a charity as the beneficiary. Because charitable donations can be applied against up to 100 per cent of your net income in the year of death, the donation credit from the death benefit could reduce or even eliminate the tax bill. The end result: your children, as beneficiaries of the estate, would take over the cottage without having to worry about selling it to cover the taxes. These are only two of the options available. As a Sun Life Financial advisor, I can help you decide the best route to take and how much life insurance you need to protect the value of your recreational property. Everyone?s legacy will look different. I can help you tailor your legacy plan to address your unique goals and provide solutions for a tax-efficient transfer of your estate. If you have any questions regarding the topics in this column, please feel free to contact me.

Patrick MacDonald,* B.A. (Hons) Advisor - Sun Life Financial Tel: 613-703-7886 Fax: 613-703-7884 *Mutual funds distributed by Sun Life Financial Investment Services(Canada) Inc. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. Š Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada,2017.



except f or empl oyment , real est at e, rent al s & aut omot ive


Go t o www.t and PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED onl ine VHS TO DVD TRANSFERS Cal l 613-932-4812 AL-ANON - an or gan i zat i on t h at h el ps f am i l i es & f r i en ds of al coh ol i cs. For i n f o an d m eet i n gsi n t h e Cor n w al l ar ea, 613-937-4880 FOR SALE: Kabot a 72" f i n i sh i n gm ow er ,r ear di sch ar gef or r ear m ou n t 3 poi n t h i t ch t r act or . Ru n s w el l . Ask i n g $1,700. Pl ease cal l 613-347-3091 Let u s Capt u r e you r Weddi n g M em or i eson Vi deo - Cal l 613-932-4812 f or t h e best pr i ce i n t ow n ! Ca ll TODAY- only a few openingsleft for 2017 CORNWALL NEWCOM ERS ALUM NAE CHAPTER (CNAC) w i sh es t o ex t en d an i n v i t at i on t o t h e l adi es of t h e Cor n w al l New com er s Cl u b (CNC). I f you j oi n ed CNC i n 2013 you ar e el i gi bl e t o j oi n t h e Cor n w al l New com er s ALUM NAE Ch apt er . For m or e i n f or m at i on con t act Li z at (613)932-8164.

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In theNextIssueof theSeeker,ReadInterviews with M ICHEL PAGLIARO & THE BOX

M a rie

M O RRE OUR HUMAN VALUES DEFINE WHO WE ARE. SO WHAT DO YOU PROJECT? Part 12 BACK TO LESSONS LEARNED Part 3 Daw n For d, w ho w r ites the Senior s Situation Room colum n, shar ed a tr uly hum our istic quote w hich can be used in the context of lessons lear ned ? the defining m om ents that ar e r em em ber ed. Based on an individual's life exper iences, they ar e unique to each per son. Ther efor e, it is Ok to tell your fr iends and fam ily ?Of cour se I talk to myself; som etim es I need exper t advice. ?

Life lessons ar e the m ost im por tant things you can ever benefits fr om anyone of any age and backgr ound, even anim als. So w hen som eone shar es their life exper iences,l i st en ver y car ef u l l y, it could tr uly m ake a differ ence for you w ithout having to go thr ough sim ilar pains and sor r ow s an d pl ease, t h an k t h at per son f or t h i s pr i cel ess gi f t . Som etim es r epeating your self, using a differ ent analogy, helps your audience to get it r ight. That being said, som etim es it is OK to r epeat your self. Never judge a nyoe because you never know how their life is a nd what they?r e going thr ough. Her e is an exam ple: A doctor enter ed the hospital in hur r y after being called in for an ur gent sur ger y. He answ er ed the call ASAP, changed his clothes and w ent dir ectly to the sur ger y block . He found the boy?s father pacing in the hall w aiting for the doctor. On seeing him , the dad yelled: ?W hy did you take all this tim e to com e? Don?t you know that my son?s life is in danger ? Don?t you have any sense of r esponsibility?? The doctor sm iled and said: ?I am sor r y, I w asn?t in the hospital and I cam e as fast as I could after r eceiving the cal. And now , I w ish you?d calm dow n so that I can do my w or k? ?Calm dow n?! W hat if your son w as in this r oom r ight now , w ould you calm dow n? If your ow n son dies now w hat w ill you do?? said the father angr ily. The doctor sm iled again and r eplied: ?I w ill say w hat Job said in the Holy Book ?Fr om dust w e cam e and to dust w e r etur n ...? Doctor s cannot pr olong lives. Go and inter cede for your son, w e w ill do our best.? ?Giving advises w hen w e?r e not concer ned is so easy? m ur m ur ed the father. The sur ger y took som e hour s after w hich the doctor w ent out happy, ?Thank goodness!, your son is saved!? And w ithout w aiting for the father ?s r eply he car r ied on his w ay r unning. ?If you have any questions, ask the nur se!? ?W hy is he so ar r ogant? He couldn?t w ait som e m inutes so that I ask about my son?s state? com m ented the father w hen seeing the nur se m inutes after the doctor left. The nur se answ er ed, tear s com ing dow n her face: ?His son died yester day in a r oad accident, he w as at the bur ial w hen w e called him for your son?s sur ger y. And now that he saved your son?s life, he left r unning to finish his son?s bur ial.?


By Cornwall Scrabble Director, Vivianne Panizzon

N EWS On Thur sday, June 29th 2017, ten m em ber s of the Cor nw all Scr abble Club and four invited guests of the Ottaw a Scr abble Club par ticipated in an in house tour nam ent. Four after noon gam es w er e played so as to deter m ine w ho w ould be the gr and w inner s. This w as their w ay of celebr ating the Seventh Anniver sar y of the Cor nw all Scr abble Club and the 150th Anniver sar y of Canada. A ?Canada? challenge w as pr esented. A special r ecognition w as allotted to the player w ho succeeded in playing the highest scor e w ith a w or d fr om our National Anthem . To ever yone?s astonishm ent, m any pr izes had been donated by gener ous businesses and people of the com m unity. These w er e an additional incentive to spur them on to play at their best. Tw o team s w er e or ganized so as to pr esent an extr a challenge and a bit of fr iendly r ivalr y. Team A: W i n n i n g Team w i t h an aver age of 332 Nor m a For syth, Em ilie Henkelm an, Edith Stur geon, Linda Poir ier , Ted Em er ton-Pr oulx, M oya Sw eet Team B: aver age of 319 Car ol M ur dock, Lucille Fay, Ger da De Vr ies, John De Vr ies, Eeva M acLeod, Sylvie ThĂŠor et, Dor is Bour bonnais AWARDS - And the winner s wer e : Hi gh est Scor e: Vivianne Panizzon 421 pts. Hi gh est Aver age: Dor is Bour bonnais 390 Hi gh est Bi n go: Em ilie Henkelm an 84 pts. (seaters) M ost bi n gos: Dor is Bour bonnais 6

That says it all. People judge based on w hat they feel in a cer tain situation w hich doesn't alw ays coincide w ith r eality. Judgem ent is ver y subjective, and as such is best to keep it to oneself. To put it sim ply,

A l if e l esson t eaches you not t o make t he same mist ake t wice. Successes are al so sources of l essons l earned. If you have any questions, please call Marie Morrell at 613-936-6873 or email: or visit:

Al l Gam es 4/4: Dor is Bour bonnais Hi gh est ?Can ada? w or d: Ger da De Vr ies 26 pts. (God) M em ber s w er e honour ed to have Daw n Kiddell, Head Libr ar ian to gr eet the player s and to launch the gam es. Pier r e Dufour , Com m unity Relations and Pr ogr am coor dinator at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y, handed out the cer tificates of m er it. Pr izes w er e then allotted to ever y m em ber thr ough a dr aw. Ther e w as som ething for one and all. This event w as the last Scr abble session of the season. Cor nw all Scr abble w ill pause for the m onth of July and August but official gam es w ill r esum e on Thur sday, Septem ber 4th. How ever , f r ee Scr abbl e l esson s w i l l be avai l abl e at t h e Cor n w al l Pu bl i c Li br ar y i n Au gu st . Lear n t h e gam e or i m pr ove you r sk i l l s. Con t act Scr abbl e Di r ect or , Vi v i an n e Pan i zzon t o set u p a t i m e & dat e at 613.931.1792 v pan i zzon The Cor nw all Scr abble Club acknow ledges the fact that it is a pr ivilege to be ?a pr ogr am ? at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y. ?Hats off ? to all the staff for the dedicated ser vice that is dir ected tow ar ds us. Also, bushels of gr atitude go out to The Seeker , and to its staff for suppor ting and pr om oting the Cor nw all Scr abble Club as they do for all the ar ts and positive elem ents and activities that m ake up our com m unity. Tha nk you kindly!

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One of Nazar eth?s biggest hits is the song (and album ) ?Hair of the Dog?, better know n as ?Son of a Bitch?. The nam e change ensur ed the album could be sold in Nor th Am er ican stor es like Sear s.

Int erview wit h Nazaret h who pl ayed a sol d-out Ot t awa show

?The song ?Hair of the Dog:, it w as actually called ?Son of a Bitch? as you pr obably know. Ever yone calls it that. Back in 1974-75 w hen w e r ecor ded that. We didn?t know w hen w e w ent to an Am er ican r ecor d com pany, A&M at the tim e, you can?t call it ?Son of a Bitch?. Sear s w on?t sell it. W hat ar e you talking about? It w as a big no-no, it w as consider ed a sw ear w or d w hich w e thought w as ver y funny, because w e hear d John Wayne saying it for godsakes. He w as an icon. It w asn?t an expr ession used in Eur ope. It w as an Am er icanism . No one in the band thought it w as a big deal. It m akes you laugh these days w hen you see w hat?s on a r ecor d w ith the hip hop guys. That w as a big thing at the tim e. It w as a sw ear w or d. Dear y m e! So w e couldn?t call the album ?Son of a Bitch?, because Sear s w ouldn?t sell it. So w e thought w e?d be sm ar t asses and call it ?Heir of the Dog? ? son of a bitch, haha. But after a few dr inks w e changed it to ?Hair of the Dog?. That?s basically w her e it cam e fr om . It?s not the title w e star ted out w ith, and ever yone calls the song ?Son of a Bitch? anyw ays. Now adays it w ould be called ?Son of a Bitch? and nobody w ould even blink their eye,? Pete Agnew sur m ised.

Nazar eth have m illions of fans ar ound the w or ld including including Axl Rose of Guns N?Roses. He w as such a huge fan of Nazar eth that they cover ed ?Hair of the Dog? on ?The Spaghetti Incident?? album . Axl Rose and Dan M cCaffer ty becam e fr iends, and he asked Dan to sing at his w edding. Unfor tunately, Nazar eth w er e in the m iddle of a w or ld tour at the tim e.

Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk | Photo by Biha (W iki Cr eative Commons) Ottaw a Ontar io ? I nter nationa l multi platinum selling r ecor ding a r tists a nd cla ssic r ock ba nd Na za r eth played a sold-out concer t at the Br a ss M onkey in Ottawa on July 31st. Her e is a n inter view that took pla ce days befor e the concer t. Nazar eth w ill be celebr ating it?s 50 anniver sar y next year w ith a new album , and yet another w or ld tour. ?We?r e going to be r ecor ding a new album in Januar y and Febr uar y of next year (2018). We?r e going to be doing that, and ther e is going to be a lot of tour ing. Of cour se ther e is alw ays a lot of tour ing w ith this band. We?ll be doing a long Eur opean 50th anniver sar y tour. It?ll pr obably be a lot of the sam e, but w ith 50th anniver sar y w r itten in fr ont of it,? Nazar eth bass player Pete Agnew explained.

?Axl is a big fan of the band Nazar eth, especially Dan. He and Dan w er e good fr iends. W hen w e played in the ear ly days, w e had six show s in Califor nia, and they cam e out to ever yone of the show s. They w er e just r eally young guys, and big fans. Eventually they becam e huge. Axl w ould have liked Dan to sing ?Love Hur ts? at his w edding. Ther e w er e talks of it, but w e w er e on tour. We w er e in the m iddle of a big w or ld tour , and no w ay. A stor y star ts, and gr ow s legs, that?s one of those stor ies that gr ew big long legs. Axl just kind of m entioned it one tim e to Dan, it w ould be r eally nice if you could com e and sing. Unfor tunately w e w er e in the m iddle of Siber ia or Russia at the tim e. It w as just im possible to be ther e. We?r e still r eally good fr iends. We r ecor ded a couple of year s ago and Guns and Roses w er e playing. We w ent and seen them , and par tied w ith them after. We?r e still good fr iends,? Pete Agnew r eplied. Canada holds a special place in Pete Agnew ?s hear t. It w as the fir st place outside of Eur ope that Nazar eth becam e ver y successful.

"When Words Fail, Music Speaks!"

Th e Bu si n ess Bu ck et

Give your love ones the attention and tim e they deser ve. Contact Kim at 1-613-552-0936 to schedule a r eading appointm ent. Suitable for any age gr oup, fr om kids to the elder ly. A book is a gift you can open again and again. Help them open the pages of their im agination one book at a tim e.

?Canada w as the fir st place outside of Eur ope that w e actually had a hit. It w as in Nor th Am er ica, and it w as in Canada, and that w as alw ays r eally special. The thing is w ith Canada, w e have 8 platinum or gold album s fr om Canada alone. It?s by far the countr y that bought m or e r ecor ds per head than any other countr y in the w or ld, and w e do ver y w ell in other countr ies. Canada just seem ed to take to Nazar eth, and Nazar eth took to Canada in the sam e w ay. It?s alw ays been ver y special for us, and it still is? Pete Agnew concluded.

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and it certainly did last Thursday, July 27th, when the Grind was packed to celebrate Chuck Leclair's life. The local musician who hosted their open Mic Nights for almost 5 years, sadly passed away earlier this year. People came , "remembering him with stories, songs, poems, tears and laughter", exactly the way Chuck would have wanted it. Open Mic Nights will continue at The Grind on the last Thursday of each month, from 7 to 10pm and will now be hosted by Peter Fortin.


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