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Vol ume 8 Issue 11 March 17, 2017


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Gender Gap. Myt h or Real it y?


International women's day has come and gone.

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On that day, I witnessed much discussion by both men and women and wondering what is the big deal with gender equality. I didn't get involved. Many seem to wrongfully think that if a woman is pushing for the narrowing of the gender gap, she is a feminist of the worst kind, calling for male castration and men-kind annihilation when in fact, all she wants is to be valued at the same level as a man, for the same work performed. We?re not asking for Tim Hortons female employees to be paid the same as a skilled construction worker. We?re asking for female construction workers to be paid the same as their male counterparts AND for the opportunity to become construction workers in the first place!

I?m using Tim Hortons as an example because I?ve seen people say they know people, both male and female, who are cashiers at the famous coffee chain and know for a fact they are getting the same salary for the same job, therefore destroying the argument that there is, in fact, a gap. Of course they are paid the same! The issue is NOT with minimum wage jobs. The issue is with higher paying jobs, promotions and seniority. Many are quick to label the issue a ?simple mainstream media hype?, forgetting that facts point to otherwise and that numbers don?t lie.

Women in Canada: Report-2010)




Fact : A woman working full-time in Canada makes 73.5 cents for every dollar a man makes (Updated Statistics Canada income data produced for The Globe and Mail-2017)

Fact : 70% of all high paying jobs go to men. Fact : 60% of minimum wage workers are women. (Huffington Post) The problem is not all black and white and many factors influence the data, which is why we need not a salary raise, but a whole restructuring of our society as to how it sees women and their roles. We are socially programmed to use gender as a status marker and female tends to mean ?not as excellent?. This needs to change. As I stated, women are oftentimes directed toward jobs that are stereotypically female, such as early childhood educators, who make around $25,000 a year, rather than being directed toward male typical, higher paying jobs, such as truck drivers for example, who make $45,000 a year. There is also a widespread belief that a woman will have to pause her career to have children and while it is true that only women can HAVE children, the fact is that guys can RAISE children too! More and more men take the ?maternity? leave, allowing women to get back to work earlier. But still, when applying for a promotion, women have to deal with the stigma of motherhood.

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It is easy to dismiss the whole issue, stick our heads in the sand and pretend it?s not there. Denial won?t make it go away. Have a look at the sunshine list (http:/ / ). Here at home, in Cornwall, in 2016, out the 103 names found on the list as being employed by the City, only 16 were women. Isn?t that gender imbalance? What do you think? Is gender inequality just a big hype or is it a real issue? I welcome your comments.

Fact : In Ontario, the average woman makes $31,600 while the average man makes $48,600. (stat. Can.

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SEEKER SNIPPETS - Yo ur Lo ca l Co mmunity Ne w s

Cel ebrat ing St . Pat t y's Day Earl y! On M ar ch 5th, The Sw inging B?s of Cor nw all, M oder n Squar e & Round Dance Club hosted a St. Patr ick?s dance. In attendance w er e num er ous squar e dance clubs fr om Ontar io, Quebec & New Yor k . Over 100 dancer s kicked up their heels for som e fun, laughter & gr eat dancing in an alcohol and dr ug fr ee envir onm ent. Don M oger w as the caller for the day?s event. Tr aditionally celebr ated on M ar ch 17th, Saint Patr ick's Day com m em or ates the patr on saint of Ir eland and w as m ade an official feast day in the ear ly 17th centur y. The event also acknow ledges the her itage and cultur e of the Ir ish in gener al and the w ear ing of gr een attir e or sham r ocks. Discover a gr eat dancing exper ience! Tw o fr ee sessions of Intr oduction to M oder n Squar e Dancing ar e given ever y Septem ber. For m or e info: sw ingingbs.squar edance@gm View the lively Squar e Dance Song: https://w w w. /w atch?v=Nw S2n_kYiUs

March Break Paint Day at t he Library

lot m or e than a m er e snow stor m to keep these childr en aw ay fr om the libr ar y as ever y par ticipant show ed up for Tuesday's paint event at the libr ar y. Judging by their sm iles and som etim es ser ious concentr ation, it w as a huge success. A second sold out pr ogr am w ill be had on Thur sday, again at the libr ar y.

Painted sm iles and painted canvases. It takes a w hole

In the pictur e below you see br other and sister s Abby, Jacob and Savannah show ing off their ar tw or k and (photo left) a happy Joelle m aster ing her new found cr aft.

Children using the brand new skipping ropes. Left to right: Nirveash Rajkumar, Kishori Rajkumar, Izzabell Martell.

Skipping t o keep t heir heart s heal t hy! The Tri-County Literacy Council?s Community Homework and After-school Program (CHAP) was proud to have Lynn Kenney, the area manager for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, in to present to the children about keeping their hearts healthy. This was part of CHAP?s Healthy Living, Healthy Eating week, as a healthy lifestyle is one of the topics CHAP is required to cover according to their grant from the RBC, which generously funds the program. The kids were very engaged by Lynn?s presentation and had many questions for her afterwards. Five brand new skipping ropes were donated to the program to be used during outside activity time, which will be occurring more often as temperatures continue to rise.

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Sha ry n

THO M PSO N My beloved Irish Nanny always reminded me to wear something green on Saint Patrick's Day. I still do this with happy memories of my sweet Nanny. All the years our daughters were growing up. they would wear something green to school as well. I know that I am much like my Nanny with my interests in gardening and cooking and preserving. My recipe for this special day even has green veggies in it along with the beef. So happy Saint Patrick's Day to those of you who are Irish and those that wish they were!








1- strip loin steak - 12 oz. give or take (Just out of the freezer for a bit. You want it to be nearly frozen so you can thinly slice it with ease.) 3 tbsp. soya sauce 1 tbsp. minced garlic 1 tbsp. minced ginger root (either fresh or from a jar) 1 tsp. sugar 2 tbsp. Crisco oil 2 heads of broccoli with the stems 8 oz. button or cremini mushrooms, sliced 1 sweet yellow pepper 1/ 2 Spanish onion, sliced lengthwise 3 green onions 2 tbsp. soya sauce 1 tbsp. minced garlic 1 tbsp. Crisco oil

METHOD -The secret to a successful stir fry is to have everything cleaned, sliced or chopped before any cooking begins. Once all this is done, your whole stir fry will take only about 10 minutes to cook. -I also now started cooking some brown Basmati rice in my handy rice cooker to have with the stir fry. That takes 38 minutes to complete. -Have your steak still nearly completely frozen. When you slice it thinly on the bias, the meat will slice up very safely, easily and thinly. -In a medium sized bowl, combine the 3 tbsp. soya sauce, 1 tbsp. minced garlic, 1 tbsp. minced ginger and the 1 tsp. of sugar. Add the slices of steak to this and set aside for now. -Rinse the broccoli and cut off the florets. Break or cut them into smaller bite-sized pieces and thinly slice the broccoli stems on the bias. -Slice the mushrooms.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY -Remove the core and seeds from the yellow pepper, then slice it into strips. -Peel the Spanish onion and slice it into strips lengthwise. -Cut the root ends off the green onions and cut them into 1- 1/ 2" pieces on the bias. -Now you are ready to cook! -First, heat the 2 tbsp. of Crisco oil in a wok or deep frying pan. Add the beef strips with the soya sauce mixture to the hot oil. Stir fry the meat until no pink remains. This will take just a few minutes. Lift the meat from the pan and set it aside. -To the hot wok, add the next 2 tbsp. of Crisco oil. (I set my electric wok to 375 degrees F.) -Add the broccoli, mushrooms, yellow pepper and both onions with the next amount of soya sauce and minced garlic, and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. -Add the beef and soy sauce mixture back into the pan and just cook for a minute to heat the beef strips. -I served this alongside some nice hot brown Basmati rice for a satisfying supper. Extras re-heat beautifully. ENJOY!

SHARYNTHOMPSON Ownerof SHARYN'SPANTRYa family-run business for 36 years. 812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 OPEN: Monday to Saturday - 9 to 5

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REM EM BER- If t h e

Rack is Em pt yr ead u s on lin e@w w w.t h eseek er .ca

Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk | Submitted Photo St. Louis, M issour i bor n actor Sean Gunn, fam ous for his r oles in the television show Gilm or e Gir ls and the m ovie Guar dians of the Galaxy, w ill be a special guest at The Cor nw all & Ar ea Pop Event (CAPE) this Apr il 22nd and 23r d, 2017.

In t er vi ew wi t h Sean Gu n n - Gi l m o r e Gi r l s an d Gu ar d i an s o f t h e Gal ax y

Sean Gunn?s big br eak happened w hen he w as cast to play the quir ky char acter of Kir k Gleason on Gilm or e Gir ls. Is Sean quir ky like his char acter of Kir k? ?Well, I essentially cr eated the r ole myself. W hen I w as cast on the show or iginally, it w as just for a one-day costar r ole as the ?DSL Installer ?. Amy Sher m an Palladino, the cr eator of the show , liked w hat I did enough to keep asking m e back and eventually it tur ned into a r egular job. As for w hether I?m a quir ky per son in r eal life, I have no idea. Isn?t ever yone? I guess I can say that I don?t think Kir k I ar e ter r ibly sim ilar , even though he does com e out of my psyche som ehow , so ther e?s that,? said Sean Gunn. The actor w as happy to r epr ise his r ole in the 2016 four -par t Netflix ser ies ?Gilm or e Gir ls: A Year in the Life?. Five m inutes into the fir st episode the char acter of Kir k intr oduces the w or ld to his Ooober taxi ser vice (not to be confused w ith Uber ). ?I liked the new ser ies a gr eat deal. As an actor , to be able to per for m r eally w ell-w r itten scr ipts is r ar e, and it?s a gift. So I?m gr ateful. I r eally enjoy playing Kir k, and it w as nice to slip into that skin again. Seeing all the actor s, m any of w hom I?d not seen in a w hile, w as one of the best par ts of the exper ience,? Sean Gunn disclosed. Sean Gunn also played the char acter of Kr aglin in Guar dians of the Galaxy, and he w ill be r epr ising that r ole in the sequel w hich com es out on Apr il 25th. The or iginal film star s Chr is Pr att, Vin Diesel, and Br adley Cooper. The m ovie is about a gr oup of inter galactic cr im inals w ho m ust w or k together to save the Univer se. Sean Gunn descr ibes his favour ite scene in the m ovie as Kr aglin. ?M y favor ite scene w as w hen I got to shout ?Cap?ns gotta teach stuff!? to the r est of the Ravager cr ew. I?m ver y excited to shar e the second m ovie w ith an audience. I know it?s going to be gr eat, and I have an expanded r ole as w ell,? Sean Gunn stated. In addition to Guar dians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Sean Gunn?s char acter of Kr aglin is also scheduled to appear in the 2018 r elease ?Avenger s: Infinity War ?. Sean Gunn?s r esum e also includes r oles on TV show s like Bones, Glee, Angel, and Thir d Rock fr om the Sun; as w ell as m ovies like Super and Pear l Har bor.

r eflected. W hen Sean Gunn pr epar es for a new r oles, he focuses on lear ning the lines fir st w ith no per for m ance attached to it. ?W hen I pr epar e for a new r ole I begin by lear ning my lines cold, in a neutr al fashion w ith no per for m ance added on. Then I slow ly constr uct the cir cum stances fr om my char acter ?s point of view ?w her e is he com ing fr om , w her e is he going, w hy is he ther e. I like to know w hat he?s thinking about w hen he?s not speaking. Once I feel like I?m thinking in char acter , the lines flow natur ally,? Sean Gunn r ecalled. In 1999 and 2000 Sean Gunn played tw o differ ent char acter s on the television show Angel ? a spin-off of Buffy the Vam pir e Slayer. His lasting m em or y of appear ing on that show w as the gr ueling m ake-up sessions. ?Gosh, that w as som e tim e ago. I r em em ber that m akeup took a long w hile?at least 3 hour s. And I had to w ear contacts, w hich I?d never done. It w as w hir lw ind. The second tim e I did the show the m ain thing I r em em ber is that I had cut myself shaving?badly?a couple of days befor e w e shot and I had an ugly scab over my lip. It w as em bar r assing and took a lot of m akeup to cover ,? Sean Gunn r em inisced. Angel?s cr eator Joss W hedon nam ed one of his char acter s on the show Gunn after w or king w ith both Sean Gunn and his br other Jam es Gunn. The show Angel star r ed David Bor eanaz, w ho also star r ed in another television pr ogr am that Sean Gunn w ould later w or k on. In 2014 Sean Gunn played the char acter of Dr. How ar d Fitch on the hit television show Bones. After his appear ance on Angel, Sean Gunn appear ed on the beloved com edy Thir d Rock w ith the Sun in 2001 along side legendar y actor John Lithgr ow. It w as a gr eat lear ning exper ience for a young Sean Gunn w atching John Lithgr ow in his elem ent.

In 1996 Sean Gunn com pleted his education at DePaul Univer sity w her e he ear ned his Bachelor of Fine Ar ts in Acting.

?The m ain thing anyone w ould say about John Lithgow is that he is unbelievably kind and gener ous. He clear ly took so m uch joy fr om the pr ofession of acting and I em ulate that. I r em em ber that the year that I guest-star r ed I got a Chr istm as car d fr om John, w hich I found quite touching,? said Sean Gunn.

?I have pr etty m uch alw ays been an actor. Fr om the tim e I w as old enough to know w hat a pr ofession w as, it w as the one I w anted. M y w hole life has been gear ed tow ar d it,? Sean Gunn

That sam e year Sean Gunn appear ed in the blockbuster m ovie Pear l Har bour dir ected by M ichael Bay and star r ing Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, and Josh Har tnett. The film gr ossed

about $200 m illion dollar s. Sean Gunn didn?t get a histor y lesson w or king on Pear l Har bour but he did enjoy the quality of food w hile w or king on the high budget film . ?Ha! I didn?t lear n anything fr om w or king on the m ovie other than that the food is gr eat on m ovies w ith a high budget. But I?d like to think I?m r easonably w ell-r ead, and I knew a little bit fr om school,? Sean Gunn stated. In 2010 Sean Gunn played the char acter of Toby in the m ovie Super w hich star r ed Rainn W ilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler. It w as dir ected and w r itten by his br other Jam es Gunn.

In 2012 Sean Gunn also appear ed on Season 4 of the television show Glee. ?Well, my scene w as cut w ay dow n, as w er e all my lines. That?s never fun. But I enjoyed w or king w ith the cast and cr ew ,? said Sean Gunn w ho som etim es does kar aoke. ?M y favor ite song to sing w hen I do kar aoke is ?Gentle On M y M ind?, Sean Gunn added. Sean Gunn has done over 20 com ic conventions, and he r ecalls his m ost inter esting exper ience at a Con. ?I?ve now done over 20 Com ic Cons, and it is alw ays a joyful exper ience for m e to m eet fans. As an actor , I do w hat I do so that my w or k w ill be seen and appr eciated by people. So to have dir ect contact w ith those people is gr atifying. M y m ost inter esting exper ience w as pr obably attending a Star War s w edding in a confer ence r oom dur ing a Con,? said Sean Gunn. Last year ?s CAPE featur ed a visually stunning w edding w hen or ganizer s Car ol and Randy Sauve tied the knot. Sean Gunn is looking for w ar d to m eeting the fans in Cor nw all at CAPE days befor e the sequel of Guar dians of the Galaxy hits m ovie theatr es. ?To the fans in Cor nw all I w ant to say that I can?t w ait to m eet you and check out your excellent city! I have alw ays had a gr eat tim e w ith Canadian people and enjoyed their fr iendliness and hospitality. We?r e going to have a gr eat tim e!,? Sean Gunn concluded. Other guest attending CAPE 2017 include Yanic Tr uesdale (Gilm or e Gir ls), Chr is Sullivan (Guar dians of the Galaxy, Str anger Things, This is Us), Kim ber ly Leem ans (Walking Dead, Am er ica?s Next Top M odel), zom bie backgr ound actor M ichael Koske (The Walking Dead and The Or iginals), and zom bie backgr ound actor Don Teem s (The Walking Dead and The Vam pir e Diar ies). CAPE 2017 ta kes pla ce Apr il 22nd a nd 23r d 2017 at the Benson Centr e. For mor e infor mation a bout the event, including vendor s, exhibits, a nd tickets, visit their website. The deluxe a dmission pa cka ge, the weekend pa ss, a nd individua l day pa sses a r e on sa le now. For those shar ing this ar ticle on social m edia r em em ber to use the follow ing hashtag: #GetYour CapeOn

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Pl us Many More Savings! See in st ore f or det ail s

from March 1 to March 31, 2017

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Jo se e





t his Year!

If you have children, the 2016 tax year might prove to be a taxing year yet again. The elimination of the Child Amount credit of $2,000 per child in 2015 meant that parents did not receive $300 refund per child as they had in past years. Added to that, was the taxable Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) that parents received for every child also wreaking havoc on family?s taxes by adding an additional $300 per child tax burden. The elimination of the Family Tax Cut for the 2016 Taxation year is going to impact a lot families. The Tax Cut gave families as much as $2,000 in additional refund when one parent earned a significant higher income than their spouse. Added to this is half a year of taxable UCCB benefits which were thankfully eliminated in July of 2016 and replaced with a non-taxable supplement to the Child Tax Benefit.

On top of all this, the children?s arts credit was clawed back to $250 of qualifying expenses in 2016 and the children?s fitness tax credit was also clawed back to $500 of qualifying expenses in 2016 ? for children under 18. Both credits have been completely eliminated for the 2017 taxation year. A family that received a refund of over $2,000 in 2016 for the 2015 taxation year may receive nothing in 2017 for the 2016 taxation year. This is will disappointing to a lot of families who expect similar refunds year after year and often count on that money. And it doesn?t end there! Do you have children in College or University? Starting in 2017, students will no longer be entitled to claim the education & textbook credits that have been in place for over 25 years. They will still be able to claim their tuition, but will no longer get credits for textbooks, computers & equipment they purchased to go to school. However, unused education and textbook credit amounts carried forward from years prior to 2017 will remain available to be claimed in 2017 and subsequent years, so they won?t be lost.

... an d Cor n w al l Cel ebr at es Can ada's 150t h mini featur e by Don Smith Because of its age (w e pr e-date the pr ovince of Ontar io as w ell as the nation of Canada) and due to our geogr aphic location (location, location, location), Cor nw all can boast of a gr eat m any "fir sts". Her e ar e a few fir sts fr om Cor n w al l 's Fi f t h decade w ithin the nation of Canada.

Decade 1907 1908 1911 1912 1913

1914 1915



Cornwall?s 1st cadet corps is formed at Cornwall High School Children?s Aid Society is formed Cornwall's 1st taxi service is launched House of Refuge on Glebe Road opens Cornwall Centre Womens?Institute if formed 1st electric piano-player is sold in Cornwall VON is organized in Cornwall Peanut Line is created Local Daughters of the Daughters of the Empire organize 1st ladies hockey match is played at the Victoria Arena Murdoch Munroe is 1st Cornwall man to be killed in the WWI 154th Bn is authorized to be raised in the United Counties 154th Bn receives their colours

Brought to you by your Cornwall Community Museum

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no obl igat ions no credit card needed

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t h eSEEKERS KEEPERS even tns'm o r SECTION e



@ the



We ar n ow OPEN e Su 1 p .m . t o 5 n d ay s p .m .

45 SecondStreetE.


www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook:l ibrarycornwal l ont ario

VISIT MODERN CORNWALL PUBLIC LIBRARY 45 Second St. East., corner of Sydney. Free evening and weekend parking in adjacent city parking lot. Buses stop at the front of the library.

SATURDAY, MARCH 18 YOGA YOUTH - 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PAWS'N BOOKS - Read to dogs. They love a good story too! 11 a.m. to 12 noon. CHESS - 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 23 SCRABBLE - Fun & Challenging - Every Thursday at 1:30 p.m. BROWN BAG BOOK CLUB - 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. SORBET ? TEEN GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB - Teens- 7 p.m.

MONDAY, MARCH 20 MAHJONGG 6:30 p.m. Writ er?s Cl ub - Love to write for fun? Join us. 6:30 p.m.



MAHJONGG 10:00 a.m. St . Lawrence Int ernat ional St amp Cl ub Monthly meeting. 7 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 THE FORUM - Explore new ideas. Guests & discussion. 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. APPRENDRE EN JOUANT - 10 h 30 à 12 h Une session porte-ouverte à tous les parents qui désirent participer à des activités complètement en français.

Bu st i n g a M o ve

Beat Central Dance Company (BCDC) dancers were at the library on Wednesday, March 15 showing a few dance moves to an enthusiastic group of kids as parents looked on. BCDC makes its home in Cornwall and offer dancers a variety of styles at all levels of training.

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W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G w ith Ra che lle And re He re is.. The Bo re d BO ARD


e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G.

Royal Can adian Legion

Au lt sville Th eat er

Fou n t ain gat e Ch r ist ian Assem bly

Cor n w all Squ ar e

La M aison Taver n

Ben son Cen t r e

St .M at t h ew 's Lu t h er an Ch u r ch

Ben son Cen t r e Pad 1

Royal Can adian Legion

Cor n w all Civic Com plex

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Ch est er ville Legion

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QU ESTION: Wh at 's Th e Ch eap est way t o ad ver t i se Yo u r Even t ? ANSWER: Wit h AN EVENTAD of cou r se!

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FRIDAY, M ARCH 2 4 TH Cor n w all?s n ew est sem i-pr o h ock ey t eam ! Th e on ly Can adian t eam in t h e Feder al Hock ey Leagu e (FHL)

VS THE PUCK ac t ion h oc k ey, gr eat

f or t h e w h ole f am ily

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F ast


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Je nni

M a cDO NAL What Do These Changes Mean t o Me ? Part 4

Credit Scores and Document at ion: Again, in 2008, lenders were required to be more diligent proving a borrower?s ability to make mortgage payments. Documentation requirements became almost painful. Clients often lament about the lender wanting everything except their first born? . As consumer debt in Canada continues to increase, the government will continue to change lending rules to protect both the lender and the borrower. Credit scores are your only real power when it comes to borrowing. If you aren?t sure how to build your score, please contact me for a free consultation and we can put together a plan to make your credit score solid! Maximum Ref inance Amount s: In 2012, the maximum loan to value for a refinance changed from 85% to 80% of the value of your home. Lenders were finding that consumers were using their homes as an ATM machine. The concern was that Canada would have a generation of retirees with no equity in their homes and no pensions to pay their debts. This continues to be an area of interest and may undergo changes in the future. Qual if ying payment s on credit cards and l ines of credit : Probably the most influential change that I have seen is the 2013 decision to require 3% of the outstanding balance on credit cards and unsecured lines of credit to be added to the total debt to qualify for a mortgage. Prior to this change, you could use the required minimum monthly payment on your credit card or line of credit as your monthly debt. Now, we use 3% . He?s an example? . You have an unsecured line of credit for $30,000. You pay the minimum monthly payment and maybe a little extra when you have the funds. Let?s say $200 per month. When you apply for a mortgage was have to use 3% of the balance owing as your monthly requirement: In this case, $900 per month. That?s an extra $700 per month that gets added to your debts even though, in real life, you are only paying $200! If you are in the middle of purchasing or refinancing your home, please contact me and we can go over your particular situation to see if this change will affect your ability to get the mortgage you are looking for.

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Jenni MacDonald 613-551-0639 Mortgage Broker Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source

Raising Awareness ...

On M ar ch 5 , 2017 at the Inter national Wom en's Day the W hite Knuckler z RC w er e Raising Aw ar eness for Local Sick Childr en like * Chloe* -w ho has Cystic Fibr osis and * Tai* -w ho has Br ain Stem Gliom a. The W hite Knuckler z RC w ould like to thank the com m unity for all their suppor t. If you w ould like m or e infor m ation please go to FaceBook under W hite Knuckler z RC ; also under Events for July 29, 2017.

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Ka thle e n

M O RRIS,RM T When we hear of sports injuries, most people think of the knee. The knee is comprised of many ligaments that provide stability to the knee (which has the most load bearing stress in the body). The femur (thigh bone) articulates with the tibia and fibula (shin bones) and the joint is protected by the patella (kneecap). The anterior (ACL) and posterior (PCL) cruciate ligaments are like elastic bands within the knee joint, and they control the movement of the knee as it moves front to back. The menisci are pieces of cartilage that keep the femur and tibia from making contact when they move.

The most common knee injuries that we hear of are cruciate ligament and meniscal injuries. There are different degrees of injury. A grade one sprain means that the ligament has been overstretched but stability is still possible. A grade two sprain means the ligament has been overstretched and is loose. There may be microtearing in the ligament. A grade three sprain (which is the most common) is also referred to as a ruptured ligament. This means the ligament has been split into two and the joint will not be stable. Many people with a grade two or three sprain will wear a brace until they either recover or have surgery.

above, as well as keep scar tissue from adhering to the tissue, which ends up limiting movement as the body heals. Massage therapy is also a wonderful adjunct to physiotherapy and chiropractic care while in recovery for knee injuries. If you aren?t already receiving massage therapy while recovering from your knee injury, call your Registered Massage Therapist and schedule an appointment. You?ll feel so much stronger and more mobile after your appointment. or give me a call! Kathleen M or r is, RM T 305 Ba ldwin Ave., Suite 5, Cor nwa ll, On K6H 4J6 Ema il: kmkathleenmor r is@gma (613) 662-5549

Lo o kaft erYOU RHEALTH in 2017! Gi veYo u r selTHE f GIFTOFRel ax at i o n !

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Not every person with a menisus or cruciate ligament injury is a candidate for surgery, which means those people will need to find a therapy to rehabilitate the damaged knee. Through manipulation of the muscles and mobilizations of the knee joint, RMT?s can relieve pressure on the injured area, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, increase joint mobility, and manage pain. If someone has surgery to repair the meniscus or ACL/ PCL, massage has proven to be very beneficial. Post surgery massage will provide the same benefits listed

Open House at Bait un Nasir Mosque in Cornwal l Open house at Baitun Nasir M osque in Cor nw all w as held on Sunday 5th of M ar ch, 2017 by the Ahm adiyya M uslim Jam a?at of Cor nw all at their com m unity center located at 341 Balm or al Ave. People star ted to ar r ive at the m osque even befor e the scheduled tim e of 2:00 PM . A str eam of w ell w isher s and old fr iends continued to dr op by until the end of the scheduled tim e of 6:00 PM . Som e guests w ho had seen the Ad in the local new spaper s had dr opped in to take up the oppor tunity to see the sim plicity of the m osque and ask questions about Islam , the beliefs and the pr actices. M any w er e given the guided tour of the place and their questions answ er ed. Liter atur e w as on display to satisfy the cur iosity and thus a better under standing w as achieved and m isconceptions r em oved. Rt. Hon. Jim M cDonnel, M PP for Stor m ont-Dundas-South-Glengar r y,

Kathleen Morris, RMT 305 BaldwinAve., Suite 5, Cornwall,On - ( 613) 662-5549 Email:

w ho has visited us befor e, spent tim e w ith us asking per tinent details about the com m unity. Other m inister s of the chur ches also show ed inter est and felt that it w as good to have such an open house w her e public can com e in the place and ask questions fr eely. Other fr iends w er e happy to talk about the faith her e for w hich they w er e r eluctant to talk at any other venue. This w as the objective of this Open House w hich w as achieved handsom ely. M em ber s of the Ahm adiyya M uslim Youth Association w ho officially launched a unique nationw ide cam paign to pr ovide Canadians an oppor tunity to lear n about the tr ue teachings of Islam w er e also on hand after they had done canvassing in the city ear lier in the m or ning. Their national cam paign entitled ?Islam Under stood? endeavor s to build br idges of under standing by show ing Canadians the tr ue face of it?s faith. The youth will a lso be holding a n I sla m Under stood Open House this Satur day, M a r ch 18, 2017 fr om 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y.

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M a rle ne

Hello there to all of you wonderful people reading ~The Seeker~ this week. I, for one, certainly hope Mother Nature is going to kick Old Man Winter's butt to the curb, after the snow we received earlier this week. The good news is that we're back to the above zero temperatures, and will have a nice gradual warm-up, so all that snow doesn't melt at one time and cause flooding. Last time I checked, there were crocuses and other signs of life popping up from the ground. The snow won't stop them, and before you know it, we'll be enjoying the first flowers of the season.


TIP OF THE WEEK: With springtime almost upon us, why not start some physical activity such as walking, gardening or cycling? Remember to warm up and stretch before and after activity, so you don't overdo it. Start drinking a lot more water. How about going to bed earlier, so you can wake up earlier to enjoy the mornings? Perhaps you could watch the sun rise, or at least water the garden before you start your daily routine. Take your car to a car wash to get rid of the accumulated salt that may be eating at your car. Find local produce to replace frozen or heavier foods you may have been eating over the winter. And always, pay attention to the small things, such as the first summer birds, the first flowers, any sign of life that nature will show you. Nature is not separate from us, as we are each a part of it, so it makes sense to enjoy the changes spring can bring. ITEM OF THE WEEK: Johnny found this lovely pair of Rachel Roy 'snakeys' at Value Village last week. They are faux snake-skin high heels and I'm sure I'll find something to wear with them. Now that has me thinking, just where do the shoe-makers find those faux snakes to make these lovely shoes out of? The other photo is of my Irish Shillelagh, but more about that bit later.


FUN FACTS: The name 'Easter' originates from Eastra, the goddess of spring. It is sometimes also known as Ostara or Oester. It is celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring. This is because it celebrates new life, and the awakening of the earth. In Germanic mythology, Ostara healed a wounded bird by changing it into a hare. The hare showed its gratitude by laying eggs as gifts. Ancient Egyptians and Persians colored and ate eggs during their spring festival. Whether you celebrate Easter as a Christian holiday, or wish to enjoy the older traditions of giving eggs as gifts, the holiday is directly tied in with the coming of a new season. The spring equinox is when darkness and light last for equal amounts of time, and marks the first day of spring, when the sunshine will soon last a lot longer than the nighttime. DID YOU ALSO KNOW that daylight savings time is responsible for a higher number of car accidents in the days after we change our clocks? Also, there is an increase in the number of heart attacks once daylight savings time has begun. The change has also been known to trigger


REM EM BER- If t h e

depression, but there are techniques to lessen the effect. The best technique is to adjust gradually, rather than all in one night. During the week leading up to Daylight Savings Time, you may start to gradually get yourself to bed earlier, and wake up earlier too, just ten minutes each day. Your body can process the ten minute adjustments much better than a one hour one. This works in the fall too, when our body's internal clock can become confused. Simply go to bed ten minutes later each night for a week, rather than doing it all at once. That first coffee, or meal of the day, should also be gradually adjusted, as this also will help to adjust your body's internal clock. WITH ST. PATRICK'S DAY U PON U S, IT ALSO SEEM S LIKE A GOOD TIM E TO M ENTION A FEW IRISH TRADITIONS THAT COM PLIM ENT THE DAY. For one, St. Patrick was born in England, not Ireland, but when he was sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish Pirates! (Hmm, I wonder what Irish pirates drink, Rum or Irish Whiskey?) Patrick was a slave, tending mostly to animals, before escaping and returning to Britain, many years later. He then returned to Ireland as a cleric, and as early as the seventh century, he was considered the Patron Saint of Ireland. He often used the clover (three leaves) to illustrate the Trinity, and was seen with shamrocks in his pockets. (the wearing of the green) A common story goes that St. Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland, but science tells us that after the glaciers receded, there were no snakes to be found on the island. It is believed that he died on March the 17th, which is why we honor his memory on this day. The Montreal city flag uses a shamrock in the lower right corner. Montreal has hosted a St. Patrick's Day Parade every year without interruption since 1824. The Irish Shillelagh is a walking stick that doubles as a club. Traditionally made from blackthorn wood, which is very hard, the stick was cured in a chimney, giving it it's black appearance. I happen to own a shorter Shillelagh, which was made for women, and perhaps on more than one occasion, a woman returning home at night might have needed to use it to defend herself. COMMUNITY NEWS: Johnny and I photographed a real Irish wedding last weekend, with people wearing green, and the couple flying to Ireland for their honeymoon. It was the most enjoyable wedding we have ever attended, as everyone was so happy and friendly. (even before the alcohol began to flow) They even had games incorporating rolling a potato along a carpet with the goal of making it stop at a certain point. We've made new friends with the bride and groom as well, and hope to see them after they return from their honeymoon. UNTIL NEXT WEEK: Remember to walk with a spring in your step, and a smile on your face. Doing so will turn your day around, and just may do the same for others you may encounter. It's time for new life, so start living it! The trees are watching, don't let them down!

Marlene Baker of &

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One person?s history is another person?s ? favourite historic shopping centre. The most popular post on the entire Cornwall Community Museum website deals with Woolco and the former Brookdale Mall.

Then& Now by DonSmit h

kl y e e W r u Yo Dose of i st or y ! L oc a l H

Woolco opened at the Brookdale Mall on August 28, 1968 and grew into one of the chain?s most successful stores. The store was acquired by WalMart in 1994. Desiring to split off from the mall, Walmart obtained permission from the mall owners to build a new structure (now the home of Lowe?s) and to demolish the former Woolco section of the mall. Ultimately this led to the demolition of much of the original mall and the transformation of the property into a power centre. Much has changed in the neighbourhood, from the landscaping of the traffic

circle to the increase in nearby development. Many will fondly recall Woolco?s $1.44 Days and the mall?s annual Jelly Jump event. Who wouldn?t want to dive into a swimming pool filled with chilled gelatin in search of a numbered puck ? in front of hundreds of onlookers? The above photo to the left was taken in the stock room of Brookdale Mall?s Shopper?s Drug Mart store in the mid-1980s. Carole Parisien delivered a singing telegram to store receiver, Francois, on his birthday. The singing telegram business was Carole?s sideline; she worked for her parents at the mall?s Parisien Fashions. Some SDM co-workers look on. Aerial photo courtesy of the SD&G Historical Society; interior photos courtesy of Don Smith.

Nat s t o host Skil l s Compet it ion, First Responders Night The Cornwal l Nat ional s wil l host an inaugural Skil l s Compet it ion on Tuesday, March 21 at t he Benson Cent re. The event will begin at 6 p.m. on Pad 1. The Nationals will showcase their talents and will be joined by local first responders from the fire, police, and paramedic hockey teams. Once again, the Federal Hockey League team will take this opportunity to raise funds and awareness for a pair of great charities. The Nationals will support Crohn?s and Colitis Canada as well as Cystic Fibrosis Canada. The event will be free to fans of all ages, with a donation to these two worthy charities. A 50/ 50 draw and raffles will also help supplement the team?s fundraising efforts. More information will soon be available with regards to some very special guests. Events will include: shooting accuracy, shootout, passing challenge, hardest shot as well as fastest skater. FI R S T R E S P O N D E R N I G H T : The Nat ional s wil l be dedicat ing t heir game on Friday, March 24 (vs. Berl in) t o al l l ocal First Responders. This game will help raise awareness to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and raise funds for the Champlain East branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. The game will be dedicated to local police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and even tow truck drivers who selflessly put themselves on the front lines every day to help save lives. Nationals players will be sporting promotional jerseys, which will be auctioned off. There will also be a silent auction as well as the Rotary Club of Cornwall 50/ 50.

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G e ise l

Lind a




except f or empl oyment , real est at e, rent al s and aut omot ive


Ken has alw ays enjoyed cr eative ar t. He tr ied out oil painting in his ear ly teens but set aside his inter ests to pur sue school and car eer. He w or ked as an electr ician and later an Infr ar ed Analyst at the Gener al M otor s plant in Ste. Ther ese, Quebec. Ken r etir ed in ear ly 2000?s and m oved to Cor nw all. He decided to pick up his paint br ushes once again. He w as for tunate to find a teacher in accom plished ar tist and published author Alan Bain, to show him the w or ld of w ater colour. He fell in love w ith the m edium and slow ly developed his ow n style of painting. Ken is a m eticulous ar tist, fr om his detailed sketch to his w ell-or ganized palette, br ush holder and w or k space. His favour ite subjects ar e landscapes, seascapes and old ar chitectur e such as bar ns and old houses. Ken star ted show ing his ar tw or k in the past thr ee year s in the local ar t galler y and FOCUS ART exhibitions. He has sold a num ber of his w or ks and w elcom es pr ivate com m issions. Som e of his w or ks ar e m ade into pr ints and notecar ds for gr eater accessibility to the public. Ken is an avid golfer , photogr apher and an active m em ber of FOCUS ART. He is responsible for organizing the bi-monthly Paint-In at the OPG Centre. See ad on r ight - next Paint In is on M ar ch 23r d.

Ste p he n

BURKE Buy Local It makes sense, doesn't it? Buy local and support your local economy. Two weeks ago, I received a call from someone who was looking for the best laser multifunction printer that would meet both their budget and operational needs. After spending about 10 minutes talking with them, and getting a good idea of what they needed, I said that I would have some options for them the following week. I researched several printers, it took me about half an hour and I picked two appropriate MFP printers. Last Monday, I called them with my findings. They requested the model numbers and our pricing - one of the MFPs was on sale at the time - so I gave them that information. Then they thanked me for the information and said that they would "check the MFPs out online". In total, I had spent about an hour to help the prospect find a $500 MFP. While I certainly don't expect everyone who calls me to buy from me, it really irks me when people abuse local resources by buying on-line. No doubt Amazon or some other on-line retailer will have these printers available at a lower price. I am quite sure that they might even save 1% to 2% by not buying from a local dealer. But I wonder just how fast Amazon will dispatch someone to service the client's printer. I bet Amazon won't send someone to install it. Why? Because these are services that an on-line retailer would have trouble providing. And if they did provide it, the service would cost extra. When you deal with a local, bricks-and-mortar, computer store you deal 1 on 1 with a real person. A person who probably has several years of experience with computers, a person who can support your

FOR SALE : Lazy Boy sofa (sim ilar to Amy Pr em ier style); m ed. gr een; excellent condition $300. Cal l 613-936-2831 FOR SALE: Finch Bir ds w ith cage and all accessor ies.Asking $80.. Cal l 613-938-2245. FOR SALE: Chaleur eux Air Tight Wood Stove; 1 door , clean, new seals, new stove pipe, spar k scr een, tem per atur e gauge, heat shield, fir eplace tools & blow er , $250. Cal l 613-936-2831 FOR RENT: 1 Bedr oom Upstair sApar tm ent at 11 Gulf. AvailableApr il 1. No Fr idge or Stove and No Washer and Dr yer Hookups.1 par king spot. $550 plus utilitiesor $650 utilitiesincluded. Cal l 343-885-8710. FOR SALE: Antique dining r oom set. China cabinet . hutch, table and 6 chair s. Table has a hidden folding leaf in the centr e. Set is Cir ca 1939. In good condition fr om Victor iaville,Quebec. Asking $400 fir m . Cal l 613-931-2373.

VHS TO DVD TRANSFERS- Cal l 613-932-4812 FOR SALE : Stir fr y w ok, new , asking $30. Lar ge cat car r ier ,paid $79, asking $30, holds 2 cats. Double bedspr ead,asking $40. Double m attr ess cover ,New in box, $20. Car pet 6x9 $50 OBO. 613-936-9399 Upcom i n g Even t - SPRI NG RUM M AGE SALE @ Knox-St. Paul?s United Chur ch, 800 -12th St. East (Off M cConnell Nor th), M cConnell #1 Bus . Th u r sday, Apr i l 27t h - 9AM t o 12Noon Gr eat Bar gains ? Clothes, Books, Household Ar ticles FOR SALE: Set of Br ow ningInvector plus chokes for Br ow ningBPS 12 gauge shotgun. Cal l 613-347-3091 VOLUNTEERSNEEDED: Hear t and Str oke ? Volunteer s needed for data entr y, hand w r iting r eceipts and / or w ar m telephone calls. Volunteer your tim e and help cr eate m or e sur vivor s. Please call Val at 613-938-8933. AL-ANON - an or gan i zat i on t h at h el ps f am i l i es& f r i en ds of al coh ol i cs. For i n f o an d m eet i n gsi n t h e Cor n w al l ar ea, 613-937-4880 Th e Cen t en n i al Ch oi r of Cor n w al l ?s 50t h The Alum ni of The Centennial Choir of Cor nw all ar e invited to celebr ate w ith us at our Spr ing Concer t on Fr i. M ay 12th at Aultsville Theatr e and also to join us on Sat. M ay 13th for a Tea to be held at St. John?s Pr esbyter ian Chur ch . For m or e i n f o cal l 613- 936-1131

equipment. And that is what is typically missing from on-line stores. On-site service tends to be superior to even the best telephone support. I did some research last night and found that the savings offered by on-line shops for some very common models of solid state drive, motherboard and video card were not much different than those offered by real computer stores. On about $1000, I would have saved $15. I would much rather spend the extra $15 knowing that the store, only about 2 km away, will provide very attentive and expert service if I encounter any problems. Buying local keeps the cashflow flowing locally. We all benefit. Support your local computer stores so that they can support you when you need it most. Have a great weekend!

See you all n ext w eek !

In t h e m ean t im e...

and H av e Your selv es a S af e and H ap p y S t . P at t y's D ay!

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Volume 8 issue 11  
Volume 8 issue 11