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Vol ume 8 Issue31 November 10-24, 2017

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LUCIO Keyboard Warriors do make a dif f erence Here's a little story.


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In the olden days, the only way for people to somewhat get to know a candidate was to listen to what the candidate had to say through the media or attend debates to get general idea of what the person was like. This, however, gave a limited view of the candidate's persona. All one had to do to fool the masses was stay on their best behaviour, shake hands, be polite and give the performance of a lifetime. Today, things are different. With social media, a candidate can easily be put under public scrutiny. Ever aspect of their life is on display, for the world to see and mistakes of the past trail behind for all to evaluate and judge. There is true power in knowledge. Last Tuesday, people in Massena, went to the polls. Some days before the elections, one of the candidates running for office posted a racially charged and divisive comment on his private facebook page. An American Citizen who owns property in NY State, but now lives in Canada shared the post on a facebook page he owns from back in the day, when he used to

live in Massena. The candidate's comment was very much relevant to the municipal elections and the citizen felt the residents of Massena had the right to see what kind of statements their beloved town supervisor was sharing. Very quickly, the post was deleted and instead of apologizing to his constituents for his offensive comments, the town supervisor made a really big deal about it. He went into full defense and attack mode, trying to salvage his image, dragging the good name of the American citizen, also a veteran, in the dirt. He cried "outside interference" and dismissed the citizen's concerns as a "political effort on his part to kind of discredit" him. He spoke to the newspapers, even called for a news conference to address the issue, minimizing the value of the citizen's input because he "now lives in Canada". The Concerned citizen would not have it. He would not allow lies to be spread about him and the town supervisor to play victim for political gain so he responded to the accusations in a video that went viral for the area. It was a direct address, a manifesto that 3000 local people viewed in less than 24 hours. Do you think it made a difference to the results of the elections? One can only speculate, but in a town where only a little over 2000 votes came in, I can imagine it did, even if only a little. So yes, keyboard warriors DO make a difference. They may not always be out and about at conventions, rallies or door to door, but they DO reach people, perhaps even more than we can imagine. As citizens, when we see things that are questionable coming from our representatives, we have a duty to let others know. When you stay quiet, you end up with a buffoon like Trump at the helm.

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THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 31 - November 10 - pg. 2 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Trunk Sal e at Marl in Orchards


We visited the popular Trunk Sale which took place November 4th and 5th. Some 100 vendors were present and offered items from clothing, to food, to jewelry, kick starting the Christmas Season. The event doubled as a fundraiser for Rachel's Kids.

Mrs B. Meet s Mrs C. Mrs. B held her Christmas open house last Saturday and filled the place with shoppers eager to see what this year's Christmas lineup looked like. Mrs. Christmas was on site as well, welcoming patrons with open arms and hot chocolate!

Living A Beautiful Life... One day At A Time


Out and about With the Seeker Chicks



It 's A Famil y Tradit ion " If I get stoned and drink all night long -it's a family tradition." --Hank Williams Jr. If you have ever listened to Hank William's Jr's song entitled " Family Tradition" you get a glimpse into the heart and soul of a musician speaking of his Daddy's alcoholic dilemma, and begin to understand the trans-generational nature of the disease, and it's affects on the family. Some say we are products of our environment, nature vs. nurture arguments ensue, faulty wiring and predispositions are blamed, and we question what makes an alcoholic drink?

Being married to a self-admitted alcoholic, I can tell you the answer is it's none of my business. After decades and countless attempts to make the alcoholic quit drinking, I learned to surrender to the fact that I was powerless over alcoholism and that my chronic obsession with his drinking made my life completely unmanageable. I spent years focusing on the alcoholic's drinking, enabling, controlling and saving the alcoholic from the consequences of "his" choices. It kept me busy. Busy ignoring my life, my hopes, my dreams, my own short-comings but most it kept me from looking at me and how I was contributing to the chaos. I stayed busy for a very long time, protecting him from himself. " I thought I was helping", I'd exclaim to those who knew more than I. I have since learned there is another term for that sort of helping, it's a more accurate description of what was truly going on, it was a new term to me, I didn't really like it at first but have

The good ol'Hockey game, is t he best game you can name More than 1,500 fans came out to the rink on Saturday night for the Nationals home opener. They didn?t go home disappointed. Cornwall thumped Watertown 5-2 in front of 1,508 fans in an entertaining game at the Civic Complex. Maxime Guyon had a five-point night for the Nationals, picking up two goals and three assists. The Seeker Chicks were happy to sit in their own Section, Section N, and cheer on the team !

come to accept that it is much closer to the truth of what I actually doing. It's called enabling. Enabling is supporting dysfunctional behaviors, and protecting someone from the consequences of their own choices. It robs the alcoholic from his own integrity, and responsibilities, but most importantly it delays sobriety. It is counter-productive to recovery. In fact enabling prolongs the disease, and actually hurts the alcoholic more than it's helps. It's harmful to both partners stuck in the merry-go-round called denial. Denial is where addiction and disease thrive and live. I commonly refer to those days as " we were two ticks without a dog" , living, breeding and feeding off of each other. His problem was alcohol, my problem was I was addicted to him, and all of the drama and crisis surrounding his drinking. It kept me busy, having to be so "helpful" all the time. I was always on call! Calls from detox, rehab, hospitals and eventually prisons. He kept me very busy, and I was a willing participant. My constant focus on the alcoholic provided a great delay and relief from not having to look at the core issue, the real problem was me. It was much easier to take his inventory rather than my own. I became down right righteous and martyr like for some time.. I GIFT SHOP & RESTAURANT held on to it as long as I could. It was my true raison d'etre, or the most important reason for my being. I began to feel sick from stress and worry. I couldn't understand how "his drinking" was making me ill. I found a spiritual program that helped explain the nature and progression of the disease of alcoholism and the affects on the family. The alcoholic is not the only person that suffers from his/ her own drinking. That is why we call it a family disease, or as Hank Williams Jr referred to it, " Family Tradition" Breaking the cycle of addiction can only begin when we are willing to find the courage to change the destructive patterns in our own life, and keep the focus on ourselves. For me that meant attending my own recovery program - that helped families of alcoholics. I was welcomed with understanding, encouragement and loving compassion from fellow members who had once been where I was now. I drew from their experience, strength and hope, and held tightly onto the handrails of the program by practicing simple little slogans until I could take my first step. One day At A Time, Live and Let Live, This Too Shall Pass, Keep it Simple and How Important is It? Little words to live by, that helped ease the disease. Simple phrases that could save me from myself in times of great crisis and pain. I learned to love them, they held me up, when it felt as though my world was crashing down around me, I hold onto them this day. They help deal with daily living, one minute at a time and make living with an alcoholic a bit more manageable, one day at a time. Thanks f or l et t ing me share! Keep Coming Back!

Powerless Patty THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 31 - November 10 - pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

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Int erview wit h t he Barenaked Ladies ? New al bum Fake Nudes Art icl e by Jason Set nyk | Submit t ed Phot o

Ottaw a Ontar io ? The Ba r ena ked La dies a r e playing the Nationa l Ar ts Centr e in Ottawa on Wednesday, November 29th. The Juno Aw ar d w inning and Gr am my nom inated band has sold over 14 m illion album s w or ldw ide. They w r ote hit songs such as ?If I had $1,000,000?, ?One Week?, ?Shoe Box?, and ?Pinch M e?. They ar e back w ith their 15th studio album titled ?Fake Nudes?. The album title is a play on the ter m fake new s and also a long r unning joke concer ning the band?s nam e. ?It?s a tw o level joke. One is based on fake new s and doing the w or d play w ith the title fake nudes. But the r eason w e like it is for all of our car eer w e hear d this joke w her e people say ?you guys ar e called Bar enaked Ladies?, but you?r e just a bunch of dudes and you?r e w ear ing clothes?. We never capitalized on that or paid it m uch attention, but it w as too har d to r esist w ith the w or d play w ith the fake new s and you hear it so often these days. It just w or ks. It?s som ething Ed cam e up w ith ear ly on in our r ecor ding pr ocess. It fit like a glove and that?s the w ay w e w ent w ith it,? Bar enaked Ladies keyboar dist Kevin Hear n said. The opening tr ack on ?Fake Nudes? is titled ?Canada Dr y? and that song in par ticular captur es that old school Bar enaked Ladies sound. ?It show s differ ent qualities in Ed?s song w r iting, because he has his countr y influence but also other songs w her e w e like to explor e a m or e contem por ar y appr oach like in songs ?Lookin?Up? and ?Br inging It Hom e?. I agr ee w ith you, that song ?Canada Dr y?, as soon as I hear d it r em inded m e of old Bar enaked Ladies sor t of acoustic r oots songs. We em br aced it on that one, w e didn?t w ant to m ess w ith it. We just w anted to play the song,? Kevin Hear n r esponded. The song lyr ics ar e authentically Canadian,

and it?s only fitting because the Bar enaked Ladies have close r oots to this countr y. ?We have all chosen to live in Canada, and stay her e, and w e?r e ver y pr oud of it. Things com e to m ind, like hanging out w ith Neil Young at his house w hen w e w er e doing The Br idge School benefit, that felt good. Wor king on the Blue Dot cam paign w ith David Suzuki to r aise aw ar eness for the r ight of ever y per son to have clear air and clean w ater and to have it w r itten in to law. We built a giant w all out of pancakes, w hich w as pr etty Canadian ? and w ith r eal m aple syr up,? Kevin Hear n r ecollected. Kevin Hear n?s favour ite song off the new album is his m ost per sonal, and one that he w r ote for his daughter. ?I w r ote one for my daughter called ?Flying Dr eam s?, that?s my favour ite. M y m ost per sonal song,? Kevin Hear n disclosed. The gener ation that gr ew up listening to the Bar enaked Ladies in the 1990s ar e now adults, and like Kevin Hear n m any have childr en of their ow n. A hit television show has helped expose the next gener ation of youth to their m usic. The hit CBS com edy Big Bang Theor y, w hich begun it?s eleventh season, star ts w ith the them e song that w as w r itten and per for m ed by the Bar enaked Ladies. At it?s peak the show w as aver aging about 20 m illion view er s a w eek . This helped expose the band to a new er and younger audience. ?Soon after that show becam e popular w e star ted getting m or e bookings at colleges and festivals that cater ed to a younger gener ation. We r eally noticed it and it w as a w onder ful w elcom e br eathe of fr esh air. It?s inter esting because this band star ted playing in colleges and that?s w her e w e sor t of built our audience. We have our old fans w ho saw us in college br inging their kids to our show s.

And if they ar e in their teens they know us and like us fr om the Big Bang Theor y. If they ar e younger they m ight even enjoy us for our Snacktim e! r ecor d so ther e is a bit of som ething for ever yone. It?s fun in the show s that w e can addr ess those differ ent er as. The kids r eally get off on us being silly and m aking up stupid songs and m or e than anyone they get it,? Kevin Hear n noted. On a final note: Kevin Hear n is a sur vivour of leukem ia, and he w as also in a band w ith Gor d Dow nie, about a year befor e the lead singer of the Tr agically Hip passed aw ay fr om br ain cancer. ?I w as in Gor d?s band for all his Secr et Path show s, so I spent a lot of tim e w ith Gor d. I connected w ith him m usically, but I also connected w ith him inspir ed by his m ission to pr om ote tr uth and r econciliation and to tell the stor y of Chanie Wenjack . I w as also able to connect w ith him as som eone w ho exper ienced cancer , and som eone w ho has faced his m or tality, and know how it can effect one?s cr eative self too. I r eally love Gor d, he w as a dear fr iend. It?s a devastating loss, but he?s left us a beautiful body of w or k, but also inspir ed m any people to car r y on his good w or k . One thing I tell people w ho ar e facing cancer , in the sam e sense w her e w e star ted this conver sation, it?s im por tant to be hopefully, and not lose hope in the face of doom and gloom . The sam e applies in my view w hen you?r e fighting cancer , is that you have to keep thinking positive because your body needs that. They ar e connected, and your body needs your m ind to keep positive and believe you can get thr ough this,? Kevin Hear n concluded. The Ottawa concer t ta kes pla ce at the Nationa l Ar ts Centr e on Wednesday, November 29th. The show begins at 8pm a nd tickets ca n be pur cha sed via Ticketma ster online.

THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 31 - November 10 - pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

No uve lle s CFEO - EO TB Ne w s

Yo u m i g h t q u al i fy fo r t h e

If yo u ar e - UNEMPLOYED or UNDEREMPLOYED - NOT in receipt of EI (now or in the last 5 years)

An d i f yo u ar e Less t han 30 years of age and have a barrier t o empl oyment such as not having graduat ed f rom high-school

Ashl ey Ait ken I 613.932.0210 I ashl ey@eot b-cf eo.o


for more info.

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t h eSEEKERS KEEPER even tns'm o r SECTIO e 45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796


www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario






CHECK-MATES ?2 p.m. PAWS'N BOOKS ?11 a.m.Nov. 18 ENGLISH CORNER - Every second Saturday-Nov. 18-1 p.m. Learn conversational English



ADULT DUNGEONS & DRAGONS -1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Every second Sunday? Next: Nov. 12 CINร‰MA DU DIMANCHE ?12 nov. Version franรงaise de "Captain Underpants" Auditoire : Famille - 13 h 30 MONDAYS TODDLER'S ADVENTURES - 10 a.m. (Ages 18 months to 3 years old)


AFTER SCHOOL MONDAYS MONDAYLEGO LUNDI-4 p.m. Create, build, play. (Ages 6 to 12)


THURSDAY NOV 16 TRANSITION CORNWALL WASTE REDUCTION GROUP MEETING - 6:00 p.m. Learn how you can reduce your garbage footprint



PA DAY @ t he Library - Children?s programs 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. &2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

AUTHOR VISITS BOOK SIGNING by STEPHEN COGHLAN Saturday, Nov.18 - 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. BOOK LAUNCH with Susanne Matthews Sunday, November 19 at 2 p.m. BOOK LAUNCH with author Leah Linderman Sunday, November 26 at 2 p.m.

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W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G


He re

is.. The

Bo re d


w ith Ra che lle And re

For more information on events and entertainment in the Cornwall and surrounding area, please visit us on Facebook at Things To Do in Cornwall Ontario and SD&G. Shopping Trip@ Knox- St. Paul?s United Church Annual Bus Trip to Ottawa Nov 18all-day Free Microsof t Word Course@ Breakf ast Wit h Sant a@ Cornwall Civic Tri-County Literacy Council Complex Oct 30 @ 9:00 am ? Nov 30 @ 12:00 pm Nov 18 @ 8:30 am Free Heal t h Care Support Worker FANTASY REALM present s Just ice Training@ Tri-County Literacy Council League Day 2017@ FANTASY REALM Nov 6 @ 1:00 pm ? Dec 14 @ 4:00 pm Nov 18 @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm COTTON M ILL Mini Mast erpiece Hol iday Event @ Cailuan Gallery Nov 18 @ 10:00 am ? 6:00 pm It Runs in t he Famil y (Seaway Val l ey Museum Fest ive Market @ Glengarry, Theat re Company)@ École secondaire NorWesters & Loyalist Museum publique L?Héritage Nov 18 @ 10:00 am ? 8:00 pm Nov 10 @ 7:30 pm Cornwal l Sant a Parade 2017@ Starting at St-Lawrence Intermediate School Nov 18 @ 5:00 pm Eddy & The St ingrays@ Army, Navy & It Runs in t he Famil y (Seaway Val l ey Air Force Club Theat reHALL Company)@ École secondaire CITY Nov 18 @ 7:00 pm ? 11:00 pm publique L?Héritage It Runs in t he Famil y (Seaway Val l ey Nov 11 @ 7:30 pm Theat re Company)@ École secondaire publique L?Héritage Nov 18 @ 7:30 pm Rush t ribut e Archives pl aying Moving Pict ures!@ La Maison Tavern / The Second Annual Empt y Bowl s House Fundraiser@ Knights of Columbus Nov 18 @ 9:00 pm ? Nov 19 @ 1:00 am Nov 12 @ 12:00 pm ? 1:30 pm

e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


NOVEMBER 10 - Friday



NOVEMBER 15 -Wed A Training Day f or Home Chil d Care Providers@ Ontario Early Years Centre Nov 15 @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm


NOVEMBER 16 -Thur Wast e Reduct ion Launch Event @ Cornwall Public Library Nov 16 @ 6:00 pm ? 8:00 pm


NOVEMBER 17 - Fri It Runs in t he Famil y (Seaway Val l ey Theat re Company)@ École secondaire publique L?Héritage Nov 17 @ 7:30 pm


NOVEMBER 19 -Sun The very big Christ mas Show@ Cornwal l Civic Compl ex Nov 19 @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm It Runs in the Family (Seaway Valley Theatre Company)@ École secondaire publique L?Héritage Nov 19 @ 1:30 pm

123 MATH MAGIC - 6t h Sem i Annual Mat h Cont est & Team Problem Solving Challenge NOV, 18 @ St . Law rence HS Det ails w w w .123m at hm

BEREAVED FAMILIES MEMORY TREE LIGHTING 2017 Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall presents its 21st MEMORY TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY on Sunday, November 26t h at 1:00 p.m. at t he Cornwal l Square. With Special Guests: The Centennial Choir. Memory tags will be available from our volunteers beginning at 12:00 noon. For information, please call 613-936-1455.

NOVEMBER 20 - Mon CORNWALL QUILTERS GUILD monthly meeting@ St-Matthews Lutheran Church hall, Nov 20all-day

NOVEMBER 24 - Thur It Runs in the Family (Seaway Valley Theatre Company)@ École secondaire publique L?Héritage Nov 24 @ 7:30 pm

Paint f or Paws wit h Roy and Cher?s Rescue Farm@ Knights of Columbus Hall Nov 18all-day

QU ESTION: Wh y i s yo u r EVENT NOT IN t h i s CALENDAR? ANSWER:Becau seYo u d i d n 't k n o w i t i s FREE? Yo u d i d n 't g o t o www.t h eseek er .ca t o en t er yo u r even t ?Wecan't help you advertise your event ifwedon't know about it!!!

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In Fl anders Fiel ds The World?s Most Famous WAR MEMORIAL POEM By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

Photo By striatic underCC BY License

This poem was composed at the battlefront on M ay 3, 1915 during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium, the day after his close friend and former student, Alexis Helmer, was killed by a German shell.

In Fl anders

Fiel ds

In Fl anders f iel ds t he poppies bl ow Bet ween t he crosses, row on row, That mark our pl ace; and in t he sky The l arks, st il l bravel y singing, f l y Scarce heard amid t he guns bel ow. We are t he Dead. Short days ago We l ived, f el t dawn, saw sunset gl ow, Loved and were l oved, and now we l ie, In Fl anders f iel ds. Take up our quarrel wit h t he f oe: To you f rom f ail ing hands we t hrow The t orch; be yours t o hol d it high. If ye break f ait h wit h us who die We shal l not sl eep, t hough poppies grow In Fl anders f iel ds.


we for get


Th i s Rem em br an ce Day, Let us Honour a nd Remember a ll those men a nd women who have ser ved a nd continue to ser ve our Countr y.

Hon ou r i n g Ou r Vet er an s Hon or er n os an ci en s com bat t an t s

Ji m M cDon el l M PP Stor m ont-Dundas-South Glengar r y

120 Second Str eet West Tim e Squar e, Cor nw all ON

fr om the M ayor a nd City Council

Sat el l i t e Of f i ces: M or r isbur g and W inchester

(613)933-6513w w w .j i m m cdon el l m THE SEEKER Vol. 8 Issue 31 - November 10 - pg. 9 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2



Ste p he n


The Connected Home

M y w ife r ecently saw a com m er cial for the Google Hom e pr oduct and decided that she w anted one for our house. This bit of technology is a W iFi connected device that is voice activated and can be used as a hom e assistant to m ake telephone calls, contr ol audio and video equipm ent, household appliances, adjust lighting and envir onm ental contr ols, and even pr ovide answ er s to a lot of com m on questions. M or e advanced functions ar e available, allow ing cer tain functions to be gr oup pr ogr am m ed. For instance, a voice pr om pt to the Google Hom e device could tur n on the lights, star t the coffee br ew ing, and pr ovide a ver bal listing of the top new s stor ies. Ther e ar e thr ee Hom e devices; the Hom e, Hom e M ini, and Hom e M ax. Am azon has their Echo line of equipm ent that offer s m or e devices than Google. The Echo devices do m uch the sam e thing; pr ovide the hom e w ith a per sonal assistant and allow for hom e autom ation functions. That is to say, your hom e's functions ar e connected to the Inter net. That could never be a bad thing, r ight?

our lights, locks and ther m ostat all contr olled fr om the device. I could see that she w as im pr essed by this little device's capabilities. Then I told her how m uch it w ould cost to fully setup our house to be fully connected. It took her less than 5 m inutes to com e to the conclusion that a connected hom e w as far too expensive a luxur y for any nor m al fam ily to have. It seem s that to have a pr oper im plem entation, w e w ould have to buy another M ini plus a r egular Google Hom e, in addition to a w ide assor tm ent of light bulbs, sw itches, plugs, lighting str ips, a ther m ostat contr ol, and door locks. All this could cost at least $3,000 - and likely m or e - but w e only have a 875 squar e foot hom e. She r ealized that getting up off the couch and w alking less than 10 feet to tur n a light on or off or adjust the ther m ostat w as not in need of autom ation. We have m ultiple com puter s and cell phones; w e can use Google to find our answ er s quite easily. And having the hom e's functions connected to the Inter net? Well, as m any secur ity exper ts have w ar ned, the connected hom e m ay not be the safe hom e. The Google M ini and tw o contr ol m odules w er e r etur ned, unopened, to the local r etailer the ver y next day. Our hom e w ill r em ain happily unconnected.

I pur chased a Hom e M ini and tw o contr oller s - one for the audio system and one for the TV for $200 and br ought it hom e to my w ife. She w as happily sur pr ised to see it and asked m e how it all w or ked. I explained how the setup pr ocess w or ked and also m entioned that w e could have

Novem ber 18 - 19, Ot t aw a Com i ccon Hol i day Edi t i on at t h e EY Cen t r e: Adm i ssi on i s f r ee. Com e su ppor t l ocal ar t i st s an d cr af t er s. Have a gr eat weekend!

M a rle ne

sur pr ised to see him self on our cur r ency. Rober t w r ote a book at age 80, and I r ecom m end anyone w anting a fir st hand account of w hat our soldier s w ent thr ough, to pick up a copy.


Hi Ther e to all of you w ho have decided to pick up The Seeker this w eek . This is the one paper that deliver s a w hole lot of positive new s. W ith Hallow een behind us, and Rem em ber ance Day on the door step, w e ar e finally enter ing into a colder par t of the year. Despite w hat the calendar is saying, sm all flow er s continue to blossom in the gar dens and m any tr ees have m anaged to hang onto near ly all of their leaves. I'll happily gaze at the lush, gr een law ns and w atch color ful leaves continue to fall. This m ust be the longest autum n I can ever r em em ber , w ith balmy tem per atur es and lots of color. W hen the snow does ar r ive, please r em em ber to slow dow n and dr ive accor dingly. It seem s that the fir st snow fall of each year r esults in a lot of unnecessar y fender -bender s, as though people have for gotten how to dr ive in the w inter. Since the last issue, Johnny and I took par t in the Wedding Expo, held on Oct 29th at the Ram ada. It w as ver y w ell-attended, and w e w ill w ait and see how m any w edding photogr aphy bookings w e w ill get fr om taking par t in this. It w as an enjoyable tim e, w ith lots of sm iles and people inquir ing about our ser vices. M any couples expr essed inter est w hile at our booth, and it seem ed like all of the vendor s also kept people inter ested, r ather than having them just r ush past. It looked as if the br ides took their tim e to r eally lear n about the var ious businesses r epr esented, com par ed to other year s. Pl ease t ak e a m om en t t o st op an d r em em ber ou r vet er an s. Tom or r ow is Rem em ber ance Day, and w e all ought to take a m inute of silence at 11 m inutes past 11 in the m or ning as a gestur e of r espect for those w ho fought and the m any w ho lost their lives fighting for our fr eedom . You m ay also see veter ans w ith the tr aditional r ed poppies at var ious outlets. Please do suppor t them , as ther e ar e not m any veter ans still living. We m ust never for get w hat they did for our countr y. One veter an nam ed Rober t M etcalfe passed aw ay just last m onth. He w as 90. One day, he r eceived a call fr om the gover nm ent, r equesting that he go dow ntow n to get his photo taken. They didn't tell him w hy, and he didn't ask . But his photo appear s at the ver y far r ight of our paper ten dollar bill, standing at the Ottaw a War M em or ial. He m ust have been

Did you know that the opal is the national gem stone of Austr alia? Neither did I, until I r ead up on the stone. Pr ecious opal diffr acts light into all of the color s of the visible spectr um . In the m iddle ages, it w as thought to pr ovide gr eat luck, as it w as believed to posses the vir tues of each gem stone w hose color it r epr esented. If w r apped in a fr esh bay leaf, and held in the hand, it w as said to confer the pow er of invisibility! Kings even included it in their cr ow ns, along w ith the tr aditional diam onds and r ubies. The opal held a high position of good for tune until the author Sir Walter Scott, w r ote a novel in 1829, por tr aying opal as a stone that br ings bad luck . W ithin a year of publication, opal sales fell by 50% and r em ained low for 20 or so year s. Today, opals ar e sought out for their unique beauty and ar e thought to be a stone of sym pathy and com passion, pur e thoughts and confidence. It is also consider ed to be the m ost unpr edictable stone, a sym bol of ever -changing for tune. It w as believed that w ater , fir e and heat ar e enclosed in Opal so it w as a r em edy for m any diseases. W hy do I love opal? Sim ply because of its unique and fier y beauty. TI P OF THE W EEK: Be like an opal! Just as the opal can r efr act all the color s of the r ainbow , tr y to be sensitive to the people in your life, and pr ovide the color that they need. For exam ple, one per son m ay need m otivation, another m ay need sym pathy, and yet another just som eone to talk to. Don't just listen to answ er , listen to hear ! Be the color each per son needs, the fr iend w ho pr ovides that m issing aspect in their life, or the lazy per son w ho m ight just need a bit of inspir ation. You can tr y this w ith fr iends, r elatives or even total str anger s. Just be open, w illing to listen, and kindly offer w hat you feel they m ay need, no m atter w hat 'color ' that m ay be. I TEM OF THE W EEK: M y Johnny bought m e a lovely pair of opal tear dr op ear r ings w ith gold lever back clasps. He found them at Poppy's Paw ns Plus on Pitt St., but John w on't tell m e how m uch he paid for them . They ar e lovely, and opal is a special stone to m e, the w ay it catches the light and shoots out differ ent color s of the r ainbow. In fact, I am so m oved by this stone, that m ost of this w eek's colum n w as inspir ed by it, as I'm sur e you've

noticed by now. We w er e both ver y im pr essed by this paw n shop, and ther e is a good r eason they ar e still oper ating after so m any year s in the business. FAM I LY NEW S: I am off later this w eek to visit my youngest son, M ar cus at his apar tm ent in Ottaw a. It is alw ays a pleasur e to touch base w ith any of my busy childr en, and M ar cus alw ays m akes tim e for my visits and tr eats m e like r oyalty. John and I r ecently spent som e tim e w ith one of my daughter s, Ella-Rose, and had a w onder ful, but shor t, visit w ith her. She is the one w ho w as r ecently m ar r ied and I can har dly believe m or e than a year has alr eady passed. COM M UNI TY NEW S: W hat ar e your plans for New Year 's Eve? It sounds so far off, but it's just next m onth! CAPE is putting on their annual par ty at the Agor a Centr e, featur ing the band, 'Radio Nova', a hot and cold buffet, par ty favor s and m or e! Plus, you can attend in costum e, as this event is held to r aise m oney for CAPE. You don't have to dr ess up, but you can, and I highly r ecom m end it as a w ay to have even m or e fun. Be sur e to ar r ange a designated dr iver , as taxis ar e near ly im possible to find on New Year 's Eve in Cor nw all. Have fun, but be safe! UNTI L NEXT W EEK: Although it m ay sound cr azy, tr y to be thankful for ever ything. That flat tir e m ight have saved you fr om a bad accident. That telem ar keter that w ouldn't take no for an answ er m ight have delayed you just enough to bum p into an old fr iend later on in the day. We never know the r eason for things in our lives, but w hen w e ar e gr ateful and thankful, w e take pow er aw ay fr om our r eactions and can face such things w ith calm ness and happiness. How do w e know w hat deeper blessing m ight be found in w hat appear s to be a negative event. Ther e IS no negative - ther e is only our per ception of things. An old m an on his death bed gave thanks for becom ing ill, because he w ould have died a selfish and m iser able m an. His sickness m ade him w ake up fr om is negative r outine, and even caused long lost fam ily m em ber s to com e to see him . He w as gr ateful that his life w as m ade positive again, that love r etur ned, and that he could w eep tear s of joy, after a lifetim e of gr eed and selfishness. Life is like a tapestr y. We only see the back of it, w ith the chaos of color ed thr eads that m ake no sense. But once w e tur n it over , w e get to see the beautiful w or k that our life cr eated. So per ceive ever ything as positive, and be thankful for all things, you'll be happier and healthier for it, I pr om ise! M ar l en e Bak er of w w w.l i st er ph ot & w w w.f ash i on gr

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Art icl e by Jason Set nyk Submit t ed Phot o Toronto Ontario ? Martin Atkins is a veteran drummer whose resume includes Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Public Image Limited, Pigface, and Killing Joke. He will be playing a DJ set at Indie Week in Toronto tonight, November 10th. In 1979, Martin Atkins joined the band Public Image Ltd (PiL) playing along side John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols). ?I missed an audition when PiL first started and regretted it immediately. I think spent the next 18 months following what was happening with the band. They went through 6 or 7 drummers until I joined in 1979 just in time to play on the album ?Metal Box?. I was 19 at the time, so I didn?t know what to expect,? Martin Atkins said. After Martin Atkins left PiL he had a very successful career as a drummer and as a session drummer for some very prominent bands. In 1989, Martin Atkins appeared in the Nine Inch Nails music video ?Head Like a Hole?. He also contributed to the 1993 Grammy Award winning Nine Inch Nails song ?Wish?.


?It?s nice to have a Grammy. Trent was a friend so I just showed up and did stuff. It was great to have him sing on the first Pigface album. People think of it one way but at the time he was totally unknown,? Martin Atkins explained. The band Pigface also featured Bill Rieflin of the Revolting Cocks, Lard, and KMFDM. ?Bill and I were opposites in the kit but clicked in the studio. That first incarnation of Pigface was a glorious experiment,? Martin Atkins noted. Atkins also drummed for Killing Joke. ?Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions? was perhaps Killing Jokes most successful album, but Martin Atkins favourite Killing Joke albums are the first few. When he works out he listens to those early albums. ?The album ?Extremities, Dirt and Various

Int erview wit h Nine Inch Nail s f ormer drummer Mart in At kins Repressed Emotions?, I love that album and am very proud of it ? but I?m most fond of the first few Killing Joke albums ? that?s what I work out to,? Martin Atkins reminisced. Atkins would later become the manager for Killing Joke. He learned about management from his father. ?I think my dad prepared me for management. He was in charge of a large factory and always talking about stuff. I just started to see things that I could change (with PiL too) so I just started doing stuff,? Martin Atkins added. Atkins also toured with Ministry for their infamous ?Cage Tour?. His favourite Ministry song to play live was ?Breathe?. ?That tour was crazy ? and it was great to be in the thick of a revolution again after punk. It?s probably why I moved to Chicago. Breathe was pretty insane to play live. Bill and I got to stretch out a bit in the intro,? Martin Atkins recalled.

Atkins is the owner of Invisible Records and Mattress Factory Recording Studios. In addition to being a drummer, he is also a producer, documentary film maker, author, blogger, speaker, teacher, and father. ?I?m dealing with my own 4 kids, teaching and getting ready to start my 4th book. I?m speaking all over the world, spinning and drumming occasionally and coordinating the music industries program at Millikin University,? Martin Atkins replied. What can fans expect at Indie Fest in Toronto on November 10th at Nocturne? ?I spin my mash ups and anything I feel like from 1965 to now,? Martin Atkins concluded. The Little Kicks, nTTx, EinarIndra, and Crisis Ctrl Club are also playing that night along with Atkins. Doors are 8pm, advanced tickets are $8 or $15 at the door, and the event is 19+. Advanced tickets can be purchased

M agi cal Au t u m n By Syl v i e O?Rou r k e

Autum n foliage is undeniably beautiful, but the best w ay to appr eciate this gift of natur e, in my opinion, is fr om a m ountain top.That is the r eason I am standing at the tr ailhead to Jay M ountain w ith my Cor nw all Outdoor Club fr iends, r eady to take on a tw elve kilom eter hike. The gr adual elevation is im m ediately appar ent as w e follow the path thr ough the golden har dw ood tr ees.The sunlight filter ing thr ough their leaves m akes the for est glow.As w e sw ish thr ough a thick car pet of m ulticolor ed leaves w e m ust be car eful not to tr ip on hidden r ocks and r oots.It is unseasonably w ar m for a m id-October day, a balmy 23 degr ees Celsius, and befor e long w e ar e str ipping dow n to our base layer s.The w alk along the zigzagging path teases us, m aking the anticipation build even m or e.These sw itchbacks ar e not m eant to slow dow n our pr ogr ess.They ar e ther e to cut dow n on the elevation to m ake it easier to hike and to pr otect the m ountain and tr ail fr om excessive er osion.All the sam e, they seem inter m inable, a test of per sever ance.

After sever al kilom eter s, w e finally r each the beginning of the cr est.A bluster y w ind w elcom es us.It feels w onder ful and r efr eshing after our exer tion.Our fir st glim pse of the view below is br eathtaking.M ountains and valleys extending to the hor izon char m us w ith their vibr ant m ustar d and pum pkin hues spr inkled her e and ther e w ith a dash of cinnam on. Our hike has shar pened our appetites and w e find a nook, shelter ed fr om the w ind to pause for lunch. Satiated and r ested, w e r etur n to the tr ail and hike thr ough a stand of tr ees and, as if a stage cur tain had suddenly par ted, w e ar e faced w ith a w ondr ous scene of exposed solid bedr ock pr oviding us w ith a clear view of the vastness ar ound us.The tr ail disappear s at this point and w e m ust follow str ategically- placed cair ns to find our w ay.In the distance w e can see a sum m it to the left topped w ith silhouettes of other hiker s, but this one is an illusion, a false sum m it.The tr ue sum m it is fur ther to the r ight and quite a distance aw ay.The m or e eager hiker s decide to continue to

the fir st sum m it for a 360 degr ee view w hile the r est of us ar e content to r em ain on the cr est to r elax.Fr om our vantage point w e can w atch their pr ogr ess up the tr ail until they disappear into a notch of tr ees. The str ong w ind m akes conver sation difficult but I am enjoying just sitting her e looking dow n on a panor am a of r ich shades.I spy a single leaf spir aling in the br eeze over the chasm below.It seem s suspended in the air like a tr ick of levitation pr epar ing for the gr and finale.The enchantm ent of natur e is pr om inent her e.It is in the unobstr ucted r ays of sunshine w ar m ing my uptur ned face.It is in the fr esh m ountain air filling my lungs, and m ost especially, in the vivid vista below m ade up of tr illions of delicate leaves, each one of them unique.Today, on this m ountaintop I can clear my m ind and let myself be sw ept aw ay by the m agic. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.caor like us on Facebook.

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M O RIN Book Review of The Hidden Life of Trees by Pet er Wohl l eben

Although w e pass by tr ees ever yday and they m ake up a r egular par t of our envir onm ent, w e know ver y little about w hat their lives ar e like and how they function. Do tr ees com m unicate w ith each other ? Do they pr otect and nur tur e their young? Do they for m fr iendships and help each other w hen they ar e sick? As it tur ns out, they do, and so m uch m or e.The Hidden Life of Trees: W hat They Feel, How They Communicate - Discoveries from a Secret Worldis w r itten by Peter Wohlleben, m anager and car etaker of an old gr ow th for est in Ger m any, and gives r eader s a r evelator y view into the little know n w or ld of tr ees. One of the r easons that w e often have difficulty under standing tr ees is that they exist on a com pletely differ ent tim e scale than us. One of the oldest tr ees on ear th is a spr uce in Sw eden that is m or e than 9,500 year s old - 115 tim es longer than the aver age hum an lifespan. Their active m ovem ents, such as unfur ling leaves or gr ow ing new shoots, can take w eeks or even m onths. We view tr ees as static beings, but they ar e in fact a testam ent to the pow er and benefits of living m or e slow ly. Ever y chapter delights w ith new discover ies and com pelling insights into the lives of tr ees. For exam ple, if an anim al begins m unching on the leaves of a tr ee, that tr ee r eleases a chem ical into the air that w ar ns sur r ounding tr ees of the thr eat, and they begin pr oducing toxic chem icals to r epel that par ticular anim al. Tr ees also com m unicate thr ough an under gr ound fungal netw or k that connects the r oots of tr ees in a for est, a "w ood w ide w eb" that allow s them to shar e nutr ients and infor m ation. Entir e for ests exist this w ay, and "Ther e ar e m or e life for m s in a handful of for est soil than ther e ar e people on the planet." Tr ees natur ally function w ithin a for est as a super or ganism , w her e each individual w or ks to suppor t ever y other in a r ecipr ocal r elationship that allow s the w hole to flour ish. This is not tr ue of only tr ees, but plants in gener al. How ever , tr ees planted in for ests for har vesting and cultivated plants on far m s lose their ability to com m unicate both to suppor t each other and defend against thr eats. This is one r eason w hy m oder n agr icultur e uses so m any pesticides, and Wohlleben advocates for far m er s and for ester s to "br eed a little m or e w that they'll be m or e talkative in the futur e."



M e la ne e


THOMPSON Well, what did you do Sha r yn? I fina lly ca me up with a r ecipe for Ca lzone that is a s close to Tr ombino's in M a ssena a s I will ever get. This is the dish I a lways or der when we eat ther e.

It is my absolute favour ite. If you do a bit of planning ahead, my calzone or Gar y's sausage pizza w ill be baked and r eady to eat faster than a fr ozen stor e pizza. You can m ake the dough ahead of tim e and keep it r efr iger ated or fr eeze and thaw the day of your baking. Cook the sausage m eat (squeezed out of the casings) and keep r efr iger ated or fr eeze and thaw the day of. Then to assem ble the pizza you just need to slice or dice onion and sw eet pepper s and m ozzar ella cheese. I t is that simple a nd tr uly delicious! Tr y this!

-Fold over the half of the dough to cover the filling. Pinch to seal.

-Pour a dr izzle of olive oil over the dough and spr inkle w ith som e gr anulated gar lic pow der. -Use a pizza paddle or a cookie sheet w ithout any sides to lift the calzone fr om the counter top. -Car efully, spr inkle som e m or e sem olina over the top of the scr eam ing hot pizza stone. The sem olina w ill stop the calzone fr om sticking on the pizza stone and is not gr itty like cor nm eal. -If you ar e m aking a pizza to go alongside, place the calzone on half of the hot pizza stone, leaving r oom for the pizza to bake along w ith it. -Bake the calzone for 15 m inutes for per fection and deliciousness!



Have: cooked cr um bled Italian sausage m eat (out of the casings)


Silani m ozzar ella cheese ball, sliced into pieces

4 cups unbleached all-pur pose flour + about 1/2 cup m or e to use w hile kneading

dr y r icotta cheese

1/2 tsp. fine salt 1/2 cup gr ated Par m esan cheese 1 -1/2 r ounded tsp. instant yeast (Alw ays get your yeast at Shar yn's Pantr y - it's ALWAYS kept r efr iger ated for the fr eshest and best r esults and 1/2 the gr ocer y stor e pr ice.) 1/4 cup good olive oil (Use Shar yn's Pantr y Sicilian extr a vir gin olive oil for flavour and quality.) 2 cups cold tap w ater M ETHOD: -M easur e the flour , salt and Par m esan cheese into a bow l. -Add the olive oil and cold w ater and stir to com bine. I use my plastic bow l scr aper to incor por ate the w et and dr y ingr edients. We car r y these handy gadgets. -Tur n the dough out onto a flour ed w or k sur face. Spr inkling flour over the counter top and dough, begin to knead for 5 m inutes, adding a bit of flour as necessar y. -Using a knife, cut the dough into 1/4's like a clock: 12 - 3 - 6 and 9.

pizza sauce tor n basil leaves sw eet r ed pepper and r ed onion sliced thinly gr anulated gar lic pow der one of the pizza dough por tions TO ASSEM BLE: -Spr inkle the counter top w ith som e sem olina. Then r oll out the dough as thinly as possible. -Spr ead w ith som e pizza sauce, spr inkle w ith gar lic pow der. -Spr inkle cooked, cr um bled Italian sausage, r ed pepper and onion slices, the tor n basil leaves, bits of r icotta and sliced m ozzar ella cheese. -Use a pizza paddle or a cookie sheet w ithout any sides to car efully lift the pizza fr om the w or k sur face. -Car efully slide off the pizza onto the HOT pizza stone in the oven. -Bake for 14 to 15 m inutes. It's per fect and delicious! ENJOY!

-If you ar e going to cook your pizza or calzone now , keep som e of the dough out. Other w ise, take a m edium sized ziploc fr eezer bag and spr ay the inside w ith no-stick spr ay. Place one of the pizza pieces in the bag. Seal and either r efr iger ate for up to sever al days or fr eeze. Continue bagging the r em aining dough.

FOR YOUR CALZONE: Have: cooked cr um bled Italian sausage m eat (out of the casings) a ball of Silani M ozzar ella cheese som e dr y r icotta cheese a few fr esh basil leaves tor n into sm all pieces or dr ied r ubbed basil olive oil and gar lic pow der to r ub on top of the folded and sealed calzone

The Hidden Life of Trees(r eleased Sep. 13th, 2016) is available at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y, Coles in the Cor nw all Squar e, and online.

one of the pizza quar ter s

M ela nee's pa ssion for r ea ding bega n at a young a ge, culminating in a M a ster 's degr ee in English Liter atur e fr om the Univer sity of Ottawa a nd a desir e to pr omote liter a cy a nd cultur e, sta r ting her e at Cor nwa ll's loca l The Seeker newspa per .

-Place your pizza stone on the low est oven r ack . Tur n on the oven to 450 degr ees F.

The Book Nook pr ovides book r eviews of both newly r elea sed novels a bout to hit bookstor es a nd exciting books ca r r ied at The Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y (including loca l author s). I nquir ies a nd comments may be sent to cor nwa llbookr

I fi n al l y d i d i t ! Cal zo n e l i k e Tr o m b i n o s.

sem olina to pr event the dough fr om sticking (Buy it at Shar yn's Pantr y.)

-Roll out the dough into a r ound as thin as possible on you counter w hich you have liber ally spr inkled w ith sem olina. The sem olina w ill pr event the dough fr om sticking as you w or k . Over half of the r ound of dough: -Spr inkle w ith som e of the dr y r icotta cheese, then som e Italian sausage and the basil leaves. -Slice, then tear the m ozzar ella cheese and scatter it over the sausage.

PLEASE REM EM BER TOM ORROW I S REM EM BRANCE DAY. A day t o pr ay f or t h ose br ave you n g m en an d w om en w h o gave t h ei r l i ves du r i n g Wor l d War 1 an d 2 an d t h e Kor ean War as w el l as r ecen t con f l i ct s i n Af gh an i st an . Rem em ber f am i l i es w h o l ost h u sban ds, f at h er s, son s an d dau gh t er s. Tha nka Veter a na nd wea r a Poppyto show you ca r e.

SHARYNTHOMPSON, Ownerof SHARYN'SPANTRY a family-run business for 36 years

812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998

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L ook ing F or w ar d t o h elp ing P lan Your S p ec ial D ay!


BRIDES - t ak ea b r eakfr o m Wed d i n Pl g an n i n an g dGi veYo u r sel f THEGIFTOFRel ax at i o n !

Kathleen Morris, RMT 305 BaldwinAve., Suite 5, Cornwall,On - (613) 662-5549 Email:

Sh i n e on You r Speci al Day ... by Wear i n g TOCARA Jew el l er y !

40 - 812 PITT ST., CORNWALL - 613-933-3330


Break away fromboring and make your space uniquely yours Colleen Wh it e


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Ra che lle

M e na rd -Le fe b vre The High Cost of Wait ing


Want to save $1 million dollars by age 67? You'd better get started soon. The longer you wait, the more you'll have to put away each month to reach your retirement goals. 27 years old? You have to put away $214 a month to reach $1 million dollars. Start at age 37, and you're putting away $546 a month to reach your goal. Begin at age 47, and you'd have to put away $1,497 a month. Wait until age 57, and you're putting away a hefty $5,168 a month. Wait until the last minute (age 62) and you'd have to stash $13,258 a month to reach $1 million by age 67. So, the sooner you start saving, the fewer dollars you'll have to put away each month to reach your retirement goals. Don't pay the high cost of waiting!

This example is hypothetical and does not represent an actual investment. This uses a nominal 9% rate of return, compounded monthly. It uses a constant rate of return, unlike actual investments, which will fluctuate in value. It does not include fees and taxes, which will lower results. Rachelle MĂŠnard-Lefebvre is a professionnal, licensed Primerica Financial Services Representative. Rachelle has twenty plus years of experience in helping, advocating and teaching others in reaching their goals whatever size they might be!

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The name Doug Gilmour mentioned around this hockey town will send a flood of memories back to one's mind of an era gone by, when we were young, and serve as witness to a game of hockey redefined in this city, by our own local legend and hometown hero, Doug Gilmour. A hockey player that changed the game of hockey in this town, and re-wrote it's history. " We knew him when... we'd tell others, long before he was famous, he was one of us." We knew greatness when we saw it, and it was in the heart of a player under Cornwall Royals jersey # 9. We'd pack the Cornwall Civic Complex and watched as Gilmour and his teammates would host a on ice clinics for the opposing hockey teams in the league. They left defeated and out-played. He lit us up. He lit up the community, the team and the league. He was a team player, period, that earned our respect. The Cornwall Royals carried us on to win two back to back consecutive President's Cups in 1980 and 1981, providing some of the best hockey ever played in that rink, and arguably will remain true to date and for a long time coming. Doug, one-third of one of the most destructive power line ups in the OHL then gave us "The Sid Line". A stick wielding trio, Steve Driscoll, Ian MacInnes and Doug Gilmour that are responsible for the best hockey memories any little Canadian town could ever hope for... Thanks Woodsie! The SID line would rack up 436 of 932 points of the entire bench's 82-82 season. Numbers at the time that were unrivaled by any other OHL line. We were witnessing history and we knew it, maybe even long before these hockey lads even knew it, how rare and blessed we were to be in the arena during those days, first hand witness to a young man that skated into our hearts and our lives known simply as "Little Gilly", that would later skate out of the building and into the big leagues identified by a different name, we call him "Killer". We knew him first, and this is where his story began. Kil l er: My Lif e In Hockey is in book st ores now.

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Volume 8 issue 31 (1)  
Volume 8 issue 31 (1)