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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

After 18 months of ongoing changes to the seems that the locally film "The Test of a Man" is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The project was Dr. Paul Poirier's brain child and producer Shaun Savard equally saw the value in spreading the awareness of brain cancer as far and as wide as possible through multiple film festivals lined up for the next 18 months. The film has a trailer that can be seen at By pleasant coincidence, the film's narrator, Jethro Tull's founding member and flautist extraordinaire Ian Anderson is presently on a world tour for a revamped version of his classic 1972 album "thick as a brick" and sold out the Place des Arts venue in Montreal last night. Ian, who resides in GARDEN the UK, and Dr. Paul have now been CENTERS collaborating for over 18 months on this project long distance and Ian was gracious enough to set aside 4 tickets Gift Shop & Restaurant 75 Cornwall Centre Rd. Cornwall, ON and backstage passes for Dr. Paul with whom he brought Corus radio personality Kevin Wilson among two other friends. Dr. Paul and Ian initially met last year in New York's broadway and again yesterday morning at Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Montreal's best rock station, CHOM fm studios, to plug the film's upcoming release. The entire interview can be heard at and by scrolling to Terri Cornwall Dimonte's blog. According to Ontario -Dr. Poirier, "Ian did an Hockey awesome job at narrating the players complicated subject of brain wearing the cancer" and Dr. Paul was so colours grateful for his involvement maroon, gold, in the project that he had his and white will biker vest retrofitted to Ian's be knocking size and presented him with door to door it over the air. canvasing several neighbourhoods on Thursday October 31st. However they will not be wearing costumes, instead they will be clad in their hockey jersey's, and they won't be asking for candy, instead they will be asking for non perishable food items.

WELCOME to our “Sea of Orange!”

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OHA to Trick Or Treat for the Agape

Students from the Ontario Hockey Academy, including Catherine Tufts and Ricky Young pictured above, will be collecting food for the Agape Food Bank this Halloween for a third year in a row.

COME TO OUR VENDOR MARKET SATURDAY, OCTOBE R 26TH 10am – 3pm In the Social Hall, Lower Level Everyone Welcome – Free Admission

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Teams will be visiting several different neighbourhoods including Riverdale, Center town, around Home Depot, Sunrise Acres, and around Vincent Massey.

"It's for a good cause, and it is the least we can do," says Catherine Tufts who is the Co-President of the Social Committee at the Ontario Hockey Academy.

Student Athletes engaged in this food collecting activity will have the opportunity to volunteer and learn more about civic responsibility. The Agape Centre relies 100% on the donations of time, food, money, clothing, and other household items from the community to help families that access the services. "The Agape Center plays such an important role in providing support in the Cornwall community. We are truly happy that we can play a role in ensuring the center is able to continue to meet our city’s needs", says Principal Josh Harrison. The Ontario Hockey Academy is pleased to go door to door this Halloween to collect food for such an important charity in our community.

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