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Since when is "I didn't know" an adequat edef ense?

On August 5th, the media received a formal apology from Mayor Glen Grant for sending an email from his city email addressand computer announcinghis intent to run for the upcomingmayoral election. While this may not sound like a big deal, sending communicationfrom an official mayoral email address when seeking election or re-electiongives weight to one?s missive.It can be construedas ?pull?or ?endorsement?. While this letter was sent only to the media and not to the general public,a complaint was filed and an investigation was nonethelessundertaken.A subsequent report from municipal integrity commissionerTony Fleming was presentedto city council and it included recommendations for mild disciplinaryaction. ?In all of the circumstanceswe recommendthat Council suspend the Mayor?spay for a period of two weeks and requestsa public apology.? The report found that the mayor?sactionsand consequenceswere ?relativelyminor?,but still, the commissionerwas of the opinion that the penalty should be enforced to preservepublic confidence. It wasn?t.

The apology had pre-emptivelybeen sent by Grant,so council didn?t have to vote on that, but with the exception of Bergeron and Towndale,all voted against the recommendationto cut pay, citing it to be ?severe?. Grant,in his apology,expressedthat he ?didn?t realize at the time that he was breachingthe Code of Conduct.?I guess that was good enough an explanationfor most of those sitting around the council table. I would love to see how far I?d get if I appeared in court to contest a speedingticket with ?sorry your honour,I didn?t realize I was speeding!?What do you think would happen?Would I get the same leniency?And shouldn?t elected officialsbe held to a higher standard?



w i t hSe e ke Chi r ckSo what did I

do during the month of August?


Well the m onth of August star ted off on quite a sad note w ith the unexplaineddisappear ance of one of my oldest son, Kr istian'sfr iends,Paul Bellem or e.He w as last seen on July 29th and has still not been found. I have asked Kr istian to help guide Paul hom e safely because Paul is not one to suddenly leave w ithout letting anyone know w her e he is. So if anyone has any infor m ation about Paul's w her eabaouts,please contact the Cor nw all Police at 613-932-2110and ask for Officer Nesson. His fam ily is w or r ied sick - let's help br ing Paul hom e. I w as ver y lucky to have my daughter Katr ina and her par tner Zach, my youngest son Kr istofer ,my gr andson'sGr ayson and Row an, Peyton and Jer om hom e visiting fr om Calgar y for a few w eeks and w hile they w er e her e w e got to enjoy a Seeker guided tour called "If Walls Could Speak"given by our ver y ow n Seeker contr ibutor Ian Bow er ing.This w as a w alking tour show casing21 histor ic dow ntow n buildingsand it took place on August 19th dur ing Ar t Walk . Thank you to our tour sponsor Pom m ier Jew eller s.M y kids and Katr ina'sfr iend Dusty Leigh w er e ver y im pr essed by Ian's know ledgeand pr esentation.Even though they ar e all fr om Cor nw all (except for their fr iend Jer om w ho w as exper iencingCor nw all for the fir st tim e) they all said that they lear ned inter estingfacts about buildingsthat they had seen so m any tim es. For instancedo you know that one of our dow ntow n buildings has 2 Gar goylesper ched on each side of the r oof. W hich one is it - w ell you w ill just have to pick up the August Seeker and follow the tour on pages 10 to 12 or join the Seeker for the next guided tour w ith Ian Bow er ing.Stay tuned to see wher e a nd when it will be ...

As the person holding the highest municipal office,it is Mr. Grant?s job to know the procedures.In the same apology,he proclaimsto have a reputationfor followingprocedures.As a veteran councilman for just about 15 years,one would assume he would know the rules of the Municipal ElectionsAct like the back of his hand. Grant doesn?t strike me as an ignorant individual,but even if he was, ignoranceis not, and should not be, a defence in a political matter. It?s certainly not a defence outside of politics. Yes, people are human and humansmake mistakes.I have no problem with honest mistakesso I will give Grant the benefit of the doubt about his ignorance,but my confidencein him was shaken when he recently decided to run for office,walking back his own statement that he would retire after this term. Grant was appointedas interim mayor by his peers in June of 2021 when Clement became Senator.The vote went 6-2 in his favour. Council membershad no reason to doubt their fellow councilman, but recently Grant had a change of heart.

Her e is the tour gr oup stoppingto visit Yafa's at the Cor nw all Ar t Hive booth w ith our Tour Guide, Ian Bow er ingon the r ight. Btw - does anyone know w ho the gentlem an peeking in the back is?

A change of heart about somethingis not inherentlybad, but in politics,especiallywhen decisionsare made on the premise of one?s word, if your word isn?t your bond, what is?

Fam ily is so im por tant and spendingtim e w ith m ine w as w onder ful so please help find Paul Bellem or eand r eunite him w ith his fam ily w ho m iss him and ar e so w or r ied about him .





If elected,howwillyouensurepeopleof all agesandabilitiesinyourmunicipalityare providedwithsafe,accessible,affordable andattractivetransportation options includingactivemodes(e.g.,walking, ridinga bicycle)andtransitallyearlong?


from MunicipalElection2022 ? MakingCommunities Stronger

GreeningMunicipalities? focusedon greenspaceand trees. Thecurrentminimumrecommended municipaltreecanopycoverageisat 40%.

ByJohnTowndrow,Chair, TransitionCornwall+ In the2018Municipalelection, TransitionCornwall+posedfour questionsand invitedall thearea candidatesto respondon-line. Most of thecandidatestooktimeto answerthequestionsand overthelast fouryearsmanymunicipalities havetakenaction on climatechange,activetransportation, treecanopy,waste managementand foodsecurity. In preparationfor the2022municipalelectionTransition Cornwall+haspreparedfournewquestionsfor candidatesin theCityof Cornwalland thesix municipalities in theCountiesof Stormont,Dundas,and Glengarry.

TransitionCornwall+supportsall local/regionalcommunitiesin facingthechallengesposedby theclimatecrisis,therisingcost of energyand foodand financialuncertainty.Thegroupbelieves that by workingtogetherwecan createa moreaffordable,caring,healthy and securefuturefor all. Asa grassroots,community-ledgroupour aim is to inspireeveryonein our regionto worktogetherto increaseour communities'capacityto not just survivebut thrivein thefaceof these challenges. Duringthis2022municipalelectionwearereachingout to all municipal candidatesto gaina betterunderstandingof theirvisionand actionplan relatedto sustainabilityand communityvibrancy,uniqueto their municipality.Weplanto sharetheirresponsesso that voterscan makean informeddecisionaboutwhotheywant to governoverthenext four years. Thesurveyiscomprisedof fourquestions.In fillingout thesurvey candidatesaregivingtheirimpliedconsentto TransitionCornwall+to publishand sharetheirresponsesviavariouscommunications channels. Responseswill bepostedon theTransitionCornwall+website;sharedon Facebookpage;andviaour mailinglist.

If elected,howwillyoupreventfurther deforestationand ensurethemunicipal treecanopyis protectedand increasedtomeet orexceedthe minimum recommended level?Forthosein ruralareas,how willyouworkwith theagricultural communitytodothis? Wastemanagement? focusedon reduction and diversion. All municipalities are facingtheneedto increasediversionto extendlandfills' lifespanasmuchas possible. If elected,whatwastemanagementactionswouldyoucommittoreducing waste,increasingwastediversion,andwhattargetswouldyouset foryour municipality? FoodSecurity?focusedon locallygrown food.Accessto fresh,affordablefoodisa fundamentalhumanright.

QuestionsFor Candidates

If elected,whatactionwouldyoutaketohelp support,promoteandincreasetheproduction anduse,byyourcommunity,ofsustainableand environmentally sound,locallygrownfood?

Activeand ConnectedMunicipalities? Focusedon sustainable transportation. Municipaltransportationsystemshavethepotentialto contributeto lifesatisfactionand overallhealthand wellbeing.

OnOctober24th, besuretonotonlyvote, but beaninformedvoter! Checkout candidatesanswersthat will posted at and on Facebook.

No w Bo o k i n g 2 0 2 3 an d 2 0 2 4


www.d j sh el l sh o ck .ca


Em ai l : t h eg r ap h i cd esi g n er 1 3 @g m ai l .co m








of Carol Sauve "Bumping into Carol Sauve's positivity is like an out of body experience. I've wanted to interrupt mid-sentence & find out how she does it - but you know - maybe she's born with it"

Do It Now Minolta?s founder Kazuo Tashima, was best known for producing affordable cameras with the amateur in mind. Pursuing his ideal turned countless dreams into reality for this generation?s light-workers. Carol Sauve?s knack for synchronicity is mind boggling when locating dimes and seeing hearts in everyday objects. For her 10th birthday, Carol?s dad George Dumond, purchased a set of aquamarine earrings she wore for years. But it all began with his gift of a 10 mm instamatic camera. There was never a job too big for George, whose work ethic ran marathons on par with any athlete. Wise beyond his years, he was an astute people watcher. For many, George was a shoulder to lean on. He loved talking to his grandson, watching old movies, did a bit of gambling & had a love affair with food. Although Carol?s mom Simone was born into a musical family, she?s been a homemaker for most of her life. In younger days she was a dynamo who loved to walk everywhere, and could not sit still. A quick study; Simone taught her girls home-style values, and that fun didn?t have to cost a fortune. When Carol was 13 she and her dad went to see Footloose. Despite the film winning various awards including a hit song, Carol?s best memories were times spent together with her family. A couple of years later, she met Randy Sauve at the comic-book store. He was steady on his feet & introverted like her mom ? Carol?s complete opposite, and yet she admired his business sense and knowledge of comic books.


When she was old enough, Carol got a job at the Hotel Dieu Hospital as Ward Secretary and served as a weekend Operating Room porter. She also worked the summers at Amoco, and on Thursday nights, she?d work cash at her ?uncle?Denny?s smoke shop on Montreal Road. While friendships and

As kindred spirits go, Carol met hers some 25 years ago. Drawn to each other?s energies, the pair began helping others in the community through fundraisers, silent auctions or on the spot donations. Whether tipping a waitress or thanking people for their service, this do it now philosophy, comes straight from comedian Robin Williams, who believed in teaching future generations the importance of their own value. Crediting an incredible support system, Carol is most attuned to the universe & its messages such as the recurrence of # s 10 and 22.

jobs piled up, the world watched in awe. On her 16th birthday, Carol visited GL Photos, and with her own money, purchased an X70 Minolta camera worth $500 ? case and all. Like Tashima, whose fascination with the midnight skies became the dreams of a child, Carol?s aspirations of using the camera to her advantage proved a powerhouse overnight. Through mentoring she received from a teacher at La Citadelle, Carol took night courses in Office Administration at Saint Lawrence College. She did so well in fact, Carol proceeded to earn four additional diplomas in medical, legal and executive secretarial duties; allowing her to work in any capacity, any-where. Just four years after her dad passed away, she formed a side-gig in the formation of Carol Grant Productions; doing wedding photography and family portraits ? smiling all the way. After work one afternoon in November of 2021, Carol survived a stroke while sitting on her living room couch.


Fascinated with what her kids are getting up to, there is always time for a bit of gambling. On June 22nd of this year, Carol visited her grandfather?s grave after 10 years away. It was a beauty of a day, celebrating his birthday out there in the sunshine, when a prayer cast upon the wind helped Carol win $6900 at the Charity Bingo. As electrifying as that experience was, a truer lesson in humility finds us imagining being a kid once more. Of not being in any hurry to grow up and taking life as it comes. To slow down, get away with stuff, and emulate your musical heroes of Motown. The world would be a much poorer place would it not be for Carol?s presence in it, but for Randy?s perseverance at the now infamous summer party where they met all those years ago. Although we?ll never know for certain, the kid in all of us has much to be thankful for as the creators of CAPE set course on releasing their inner child, making the world a better place for everyone. Lisa Gray, Copyright © August 2022 -To Kindred Spirit s! I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at




Iva n

LABELLE Th e ar t of con ver sat ion an d it s in f lu en ce on r elat ion sh ips

Years ago, I read a book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. One of those agreements is the following: "Say what you mean, mean what you say and honor your word". That has become the motto of our men?s?group. Honoring your word is everything. Think about it. If you say that you will be on time and you are, life is simple. If you say you are going to take out the garbage and do it, no problem. When you mean what you say, you are honest and precise with the word. When you say what you mean, you are integral. And when you honor your word, you are trustworthy. Now, who doesn?t want that in a relationship? Honor is a relationship savior, do the right thing. Again, years ago in my previous career, I asked the Psychologist at work "what is the best advice you can give," to which he replied, "always make decisions you can live with". Now, imagine dying with no regrets. Wouldn't that be great? If we think before acting, and ask ourselves that question, we can save a lot of grief.

Ar t i cl e an d Ph ot o by Jason Set n yk Cor nw all, Ontar io - Tony ?Lightning? Luis held a pr ess confer ence at 4 pm on August 12th, 2022, on the steps of the Civic Com plex to announce his r etir em ent. A cr ow d of over 50 people gather ed including his coach and father Jor ge Luis.

The problem is that conversations with people we know well are sometimes tainted by experience. When we speak to someone, there is lots going on? What we think we said, what they heard, what message we thought we sent, what message they thought they received, what they thought we meant, what they perceived we meant and so on, so forth. Those of you in relationships might have heard once or twice "that's not what I said" or "you know what I meant" or "I said that, but you know I didn?t mean it." Combined with cadence, tone and of course non-verbal behavior which is the biggest part of communicating. Maybe you have experienced the look, at the same time as hearing the words "Go ahead. Do what you want," knowing full well, yup, I better not !

In a speech Tony Luis shar ed stor ies and anecdotes about his tr aining and boxing car eer highlights including successes, adver sity, injur ies, and fam ily.

Other things that are important in conversation are asking for what you want. The Aladdin factor, a book written by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson--you might know these guys from the chicken soup for the soul series-- remind us that to get what you want, you ask for it. Imagine walking into a restaurant and have waiter guess what you want? It would get complicated right? So, in your relationships, personal, work, or other it is important be clear on what you want and expect.

Boxing saved my life at that tim e. I follow ed my dr eam ... but I'm tir ed. Last w eekend I lost to a good fighter , but som eone I could have beat a few year s ear lier. I w on't let the spor t r etir e m e. I w ill r etir e fr om the spor t," Luis added.

And finally, a little acronym that helps keep gossip down (a not so good form of communication) Before you speak T.H.I.N.K. = ask yourself -is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary and is it Kind? If you do all of this, your ability to communicate clearly should improve. Give it a try!


Ton y ?Ligh t n in g? Lu is an n ou n ces r et ir em en t

"M y opponents w ould laugh that I w as fr om Cor nw all. They don't laugh anym or e. Cor nw all is on the m ap," Tony Luis stated. "I have no r egr ets... The spor t har dens you but teaches you com passion. M y dad taught m e that, he taught m e a lot of things. And thank you M om for the letter (befor e passing).

Tony Luis is a for m er W BA-NABA Cham pion and tw o-tim e W BC Continental Am er icas Cham pion. His r ecor d is 29-5 w ith 10 KO's. His m atches have been br oadcast on TSN, ESPN2's Fr iday Night Fights, and on UFC Fight Pass. He is a husband, father , w as a youth addictions counselor , and now secur ity at the Ontar io Pow er Gener ation. Tony Luis w ill continue to w or k in boxing in other r oles such as m entor ship at Cham ps Eastside Boxing, colour com m entar y, and per haps as a r efer ee, official, or judge. The staff of The Seeker w ould like to w ish Tony Luis all the best in his futur e endeavor s.




The ART SEEKER EVENTS & HAPPENINGS from the Cornwall and Area Arts Community ... 4 Acr ost ic

St or ies

- con t r ibu t edby m em ber sof 2022seasonof Th e Cor n w allWr it er sGr ou p

a nd what is a n Acr ostic ? As per Google, an acrostic simplified is a poem or other composition where the first letter of each line follows the alphabet, creating 26 sentences. Brian Hubelit?s work includes the Z word (and so on) from the last letter of the intervening reverse alphabet, equaling 52 sentences.

#1 - On t h e Road

#2 - Fam i l y Reu n i on by © Linda Kuno

August is the m onth w hen Jane decided she needed a holiday. Befor e she left she m ade sur e all her w or k w as up to date. Cer tainly this w asn?t her fir st holiday but it felt like it for a ver y good r eason. Dr iving her new Har ley Davidson m otor cyclew as scar y, but it w as also an exciting adventur e. Exper iencinga few pangs of w or r y she finally packed her bike and pr epar ed to leave. Finally - on the r oad. Going along the m ajor highw ay w as a new exper iencebut she needed to m ake good tim ing to get out to Vancouver for a fr iend?sw edding. Happily pur r ing along the Tr ans Canada she becam e aw ar e of a str ange noise com ing fr om her bike...dam n. Instead of panickingshe figur ed she w ould pull over and appr aisethe situation. Just then she hear d the hum of another m otor cycleappr oaching. Knightsin shining ar m or w er e not on her agenda. Leaving the highw ay in fr ont of her w as a huge Har ley r idden by a fier ce looking dude. M eander inghis w ay back to w her e Jane stood beside her bike w as the scar iest m an she had ever seen. Nobody else w as ar ound on this lonely str etch of the Tr ans Canada. Oh, oh Jane thought - I could be in tr ouble. Pr obably not, as the biker asked her kindly if she knew w hat the pr oblem w as. Questionslike that alw ays thr ew Jane for she knew ver y little about the w or kingsof a Har ley. ?Roger ?smy nam e?, he infor m ed Jane. Sur ely you have a cell phone? ?Thanks?,Jane said. ?I do but ther e is no ser vice in this spot - I tr ied?. Under nor m al cir cum stancesJane w ould be scar ed, but she felt safe for som e str ange r eason. Vir tually in no tim e he discover ed the pr oblem and even better - m anaged to fix it. ?W her e ar e you going?, he asked. Xr ay vision cam e close to descr ibingthe look he gave her.

August is the m onth for our fam ily r eunions,but it cam e to be too m uch w or k for one fam ily m em ber to host, so w e m oved it to a cam psite. Backyar d BBQs ar e now a thing of the past, since the fam ily got so big. Cutting the gr ass w as passed on dow n to the kids as the par entsgot older ,but that only w or ked for a few year s. Dunk Tank Char lie w as happy to set up a tank for us; he even supplied the w ater and his r ental pr ices w er e r easonable. Eveningsof m aking s?m or es,w as the highlight for the kids. For m ingthe childr en into a line for their tur n w asn?t an easy task . Gigantic m ar shm allow sand the r est of the fixings ar e placed on the picnic tables. Handy long for ks ar e each loaded w ith a m ar shm allow.Ir idescent flam es toast the m ar shm allow sto golden br ow n, black if you'r e not car eful. Jum pingexcited childr en alm ost lose their m ar shm allow in the fir e. Keeping the childr en supplied w ith s?m or esseem ed endless. Last but not least the adults got their fill too. M en w ander ed off to play glow in the dar k hor seshoes. Natur ally the night sky dar kened fr om its vibr ant r ed setting of the sun. On the oppositehor izon,the dar kness lightly glow ed fr om the city lights off in the distance. Pr otr udingm oonlight w as cr esting the r iver and pr eview ingthe calm nessof the w ater. Quietnessof the night settled in, song bir ds slow ly quit singing, ow ls began to hoot, cr icketscalled out, fr ogs cr oaked and fir efliesput on a tw inklingshow. Rustlingleaves high in the tr ees w er e fr om bats flying over. Slow ly the childr en began to get tir ed. Totes of food and dishes w er e packed back into the car s they cam e fr om . Unplanned gather ingfor next August w as quickly thr ow n together. Vehiclesw er e loaded w ith childr en,toys and pets. Waggingtails, m ixed w ith w aving hands filled the w indow sw hile cheer s of goodbyesfilled the air. Xciting Cam psitew as the fam ily'sfavour ite.Year ly they gather ed,som e fr om pr ovincesaw ay and other s differ ent countr ies;keeping the tr adition no one w anted to br eak . Zipping acr oss the sky a falling star w ished them all a good night.

?Yonder ?,w as all she could m anage to say and pointed dow n the highw ay. THE END

Zany as it m ay seem , she alm ost hoped he w ould follow her. Lor na For ema n ©












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spaceto synthesizemy thoughts,my values,w ith thoseof ancient peoples.Realizingthat I put into pr acticethosethoughtsim por tantto ?A ugustis the m onthw hen our gover nm entr eassessesar chaeological m e, just as the ear ly Aztecsw er em otivatedby their thoughts,I w as pr ojects,?Car m enstar tedthe conver sation.?Z acatecansitesM USTtake hum bled.I flew in an air cr aftto explor emy fascinationw ith ancient buildings;they got a few fellow stogether ,at the biddingsof leader s, pr ior itythisyear !?the tw o Ar r iosibr other salm ostshouted!Battlelines and put togetherm illionsof tonsof stoneto honour? appease? satisfy w er ebeingdr aw near ly,Car m ennoted,but she had dealt w ith the ? w ho know s? Ar r iosisbefor e;she knew how to handlethem !?Y ou m ust havelost sight of the fact that Zacatecansitesw er egener ouslydealt w ith last So I descended,slow er than ascendingbecausether eis nothingbut year ,Gentlem en!?Car m enspoke,br istling.Car m enflexedher spacebefor eyou;I w asdeep in thought.H er eI w as,tr eadingancient shoulder s;it w asgoingto be one of thosem eetings.X avier ,the elder of stepsplacedcentur iesago,pr eciselyso I COULDascendand descend the tw o far m er s,w asa ver y im patientm an;his youngerbr otherw as the pyr am id.T hesestepsthem selves,it seem ed,w er em uch in dem and m uch easier dealt w ith.D ar io,beingyounger ,w asobviouslym or eat on the black m ar ket.Gr eedm ust havebeen the only m otive? how safe easew ith ladiesbeingin author ity!?W e?r eper m itting? even w ouldit be to br agabout stonestepsstolen fr om Teotihuacan? encour aging,m en a nd w om ento clim b the m ightyTeotihuacan!? Dar io exclaim ed,touchingone finger tipr ever entiallyto his cheek .?Even you, U nfor tunately, the local Club M ed Ar chaeologicacam eunder fir e yet m uchacho,m ust know w hat r evenuethat br ingsto the sitio!?his again,for attr actingtour istsand their dollar s!For decades,conflicts br otherhastilyexclaim ed.V oicesr oseand fell thr oughoutthe haver agedbetw eenthosepr ofitingfr om the r evenuesand thosew ho cham ber ;disputesar oser epeatedly,defining,r edefiningthe futur eof car efor the vast pyr am idsand other buildings.V iew ingthe Pyr am idof ancientAztecbuildings. the Sun fr om the Pyr am idof the M oon,one is im pr essedby the layout of the city of Teotihuacan.Ever ylover of antiquities(plusa w illing Fifty m ilesfur therEast,sim ilar debatesdecidedthe fate of M ayan par tner !)deser vesto visit,in per son,thisgr eat city. W e cannotknow buildingsat ChichenItza. Unusualcontour sw er eappear ingar oundthe w hat it w ill look like in a thousandyear s.D iffer entpeoplew ill have per ipher yof the ?Car acol?Obsevator y;concer nsw er edevelopingas to r esponsibilityfor it. X avier M endosaw ill m akedecisionshis w ay, the m asonr y?ssoundness. M ir andaDesconsolataher s.Consulatesand Com m issionsm ake decisions,pullingthisw ay and that.Yet,w e hopethat the m ajestiesof Gener alopinionw asthat the Ball Cour t w asthe m or eim por tant Teotihuacanw ill alw aysbe r espected.By disr especting,w e fail to buildingto deal w ith - som eenthusiastictypesw antedto establisha r espectour ow n past. pair of poc-ta-pocteam sr ight ther ein ChichenItza! T hepotential upr oar over that cir culatedthr oughoutthe Yucatan! Z oologydealsw ith life?sw onder s.A r chaeologydealsw ith ever ything Sayil,Kabah,and Labnar em ainedquiet,beingsm all sitesnot heavily w hichcom esafter !

#3 - An Au gu stDou bl eRever sedAcr ost i cAdven t u r e!

visited.I ndividualpyr am idsitesw er enot necessar ilyquiet thr oughout © Br ia nHubelit the peninsula.Relativelyr em otesitessuch as Cobahad been attr acting tour istattention,but ther ew ascontr over syr egar dingthe har dships gettingto the pyr am idand the difficultyand danger in clim bingthe #4 - Au gu sti s f or U M com pletelyunr estor edpyr am id.Jur isdictionsin M exicoar e tr ickyto follow.Questionsw hichshouldbe easily answ er edar e not! K eeping tr ack of a letter or em ail becom esan exer cisein futility! Augustis the m onthknow nin the tow n of New svillefor Unsolved M ur der sso a Canadianr epor ter ,Peter Boysbr idgew asquestioning Potentialhiker sto Coba,takehear t!L aceup your boots,hear tyfolks, the sher iff. but keep an eye out for snakes? I m et one clim bingCoba!Onething Befor ethe countyof Flam bor oughw asknow nas a ver y peaceful that?sinter estingat Cobais that the pyr am idis ver y steep-backed? like com m unityuntil the fir st per sonw asm ur der edseven year sago the M ayanpyr am idsin Guatem ala? w her ether ehasbeen m uch and it hasnow been r epeatedeach August. buildingr estor ation.

M y apologies,dear w r iter fr iends,for M ultiplyingmy m entionof buildings!N o Centr alAm er icanbuildingis gr eaterthan the ponder ous Pyr am idof the Sun at Teotihuacan!N o clim bin the hot M exicansun

?Can you suggestthe m otivationfor theseappar entlyunr elated m ur der s,?he askedthe countr ypoliceofficer in char geof the investigations.

ever yieldedso gr eat a thr ill as clim bingthosestepsand ar r ivingat the top platfor mhigh abovethe valley.

?Deviantbehavouris r ar eher eaboutsdespitethisstr ingof m ur der sso w e suspectan out-of-tow noffenderpr obablya tour ist, r epliedM att Locke.

M y thoughtsw er ever y differ entfr om the m any br ash,r udecom m ents hear dar oundm e ? ?Oh,Otis,thisisn?t as high as . . .?. ?Well the steps ar en?tas . . .?. Odor ifer ous,foul cigar ettesw er elit, r ender ingthe air high abovethe plain quitefoul.L eaguesof peoplehad tr od thosesteps w ith thoughtsfar lessnoblethan thoseancestor sof the Aztecs,w hose nam ein their language,Nahuatl,m eant?Bir thplaceof the Gods?.

?Even the local cr im inalsar e r ar elyviolentand our last pr evious hom icidew asfifteenyear sago.

Peoplear e just people,I r em indedmyself.K now ledgecan add valueto life. Quantity,how ever does , not ensur equality.Just slow lydescending

?Gener ally,people w er e initially hor r ified but the m ur der shave actually caused a significant upsw ingin tour ism ,?r esponded detectiveLocke. Continued on next pa ge

thosemyr iadsteps,cut in stonem any centur iesago,gavem e m ental



?For the citizensof New svillethism ust be an em bar r assing r eputationto have,?com m entedthe r epor ter.



The ART SEEKER ?How the m ur der er has continued to m ur der after the second year w hen the entir e population w as aw ar e and w atchingever yw her eis the m ost sur pr isingaspect of this case.? ?In fact,?the nar r ator continues,?the stor y had r ecently m ade national new s so this year sever al national new s netw or kshad sent r epor ter sto cover the stor y. Justice for victim gr oups w er e highlightingthe ar ea and sending r epr esentativesto lobby for m or e assistance. Killer tr acking online gr oups w er e also flocking to the ar ea this year to do their ow n investigations. Lately the inquir ingtour istsfr equently stayed after August to follow up their investigations. M any local r esidentshow ever decided to vacation elsew her ein August and actually m ade m oney r enting their houses to tour ists. No one adm itted it openly but this cr isis had r ecently m ade New svillea popular tour ist destination. Out of tow ner sw er e w illing to pay pr em ium pr ices for accom m odationand m eals to give them the oppor tunityto talk to local citizensabout the m ur der s. Plenty of sm all businessesw er e cr eated to handle the extr em einter est such as bus tour s of the m ur der sites and a sm all m useum dedicated to the per sonal histor y of the var iousvictim s. Questionsabout asking outside police ser vicesfor specializationassistancew er e lately dom inatingpublic discussions. Rew ar dsof huge am ountsof cash plus chancesfor fam e w er e offer ed as the m onth of August appr oachedeach year. Scheduled bus tour s br ingingtour istsfr om near by cities w as becom inga r egular occur r ence. The for eign pr ess finally discover ed the stor y w hich led to an influx of for eign tour ists. Unknow n to the local police, one of the victim ?sfam ilies hir ed a pr ivate detectiveto seek out the culpr it and he w as successful. Ver ifyingsom e m inor details of the investigationsby the police established som e new facts leading to the final solution. W hen it w as finally discover ed that the culpr it w as actually w ife of the head of the local businessim pr ovem ent counsel,it w as assum ed she had com m itted the m ur der sin or der to incr easetour ism in tow n. Xenophobiahad r ained befor e this announcem entw ith assum ptionsit had to be a for eigner pr obably fr om Eur ope. Yet the discover y of the m ur der er cr eated a new sensation for tour ism . Zealotsw ould continueto com e ever y year especially in August. Ter r y M cDona ld © August 2022


Cline House Gallery to Launch Woven Woods Exhibit in September Cline House Gallery is pleased to present Woven Woods: A Journey through the Forest Floor by scientist turned textile artist, Lorraine Roy. As part of a Canada-wide tour, her unique exhibition of 12 oversized quilted wall hangings will make its Eastern Ontario debut in Cornwall on September 8, 2022, and will run until October 29. ?We are delighted to host Lorraine and her work in Cornwall,?says Emily MacLeod, Visual Arts Coordinator, Cline House. ?Her incredibly intricate pieces truly put the spotlight on nature?s wonders.? Through Woven Woods, Roy explores the interconnectedness of art, science, and nature using raw edge machine appliqué techniques and embroidery. With a B.Sc. in Horticultural Sciences and decades of exploration in art textiles, the Dundas, Ontario artist spent five years realizing her vision and approached the unique series with an eye toward what lies beneath the surface of the forest floor. The results are beautiful, oversized, and infused with the symbolism of trees and their communication patterns. ?My intention is to arouse emotional connection by shining a warm light on nature?s unforeseen forces,?says Roy. Roy?s exhibit will also be complemented by the work of esteemed artist Carmella Karijo Rother. The Gatineau, Quebec artist has been creating simple and sophisticated organically shaped vessels of rope and other textiles for more than two decades. Her Affinities exhibit will highlight both previously produced and new works. Roy and Rother will be present at Cline House during the Apples and Art Studio Tour weekend running from September 24 and 25, 2022. The event is being made possible through the assistance of the Cornwall Tourism Development Fund. About Cline House With elegant architecture and rich history, the Cline House? once recognized as ?one of the finest homes in all of Cornwall?? provides gallery space for local and visiting artists and also supports visual arts programming opportunities for all. It is located at 204 Second Street East, in Cornwall, Ontario and you can visit them at or on Facebook.




CORNWALL ART WALK - t r an sf or m ed dow n t ow n Cor n w all in t o an Ar t

Dist r ict on Fr iday, Au gu st 19t h . Ph ot os by Jason Set n yk . For lot s m or e ph ot os visit Th e Seek er Facebook Page.





By Julia Lucio


- Oxygen Spray Treat ment

Your f ace wil l never have f el t so cl ean!

Gently mists the skin while depositing spa oils packed with nutrients to moisturize the skin rapidly- leaving the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

capillary function and fine inter cellular lymph flow which helps to transport nutrients to the cells needed for blood vessels, promote metabolism, and to assist with the flow of lymph to maintain healthy skin.

Next in my transformation process, we are taking care of my face.

- Three Pol ar Radio Frequency

- Skin Scrubber

Sometimes referred to as "hydra-dermabrasion" for its similarity to microdermabrasion, a hydra facial combines exfoliation and hydrating serums.

Used advanced technology to heat the deepest layers of the skin, resulting in a natural healing response that increases new production of collagen- resulting in tighter overall appearance of skin and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasonic scrubber behind s new generation of aesthetic soft peeling using the high performance of ultrasounds. This step is safe, painless and perfects physiological skin regeneration by removing the superficial scaly layers of the skinevening out texture, removing sun damage and addressing problematic skin concerns.

The relaxing, noninvasive procedure involves seven steps s taking a total of about an hour. The steps involve deep-cleaning, exfoliating, regenerating and hydrating. This type of facial may help improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, caused by various conditions such as acne, rosacea and wrinkes and is customized to your skin type.

What doestheHydraFacial processentail?

- High Frequency Urges the eqidermal cell necrosiswhich can instantaneously eliminate spots on the skins surface such as; aging spots, freckled, granules and moles with no bleeding or scaring. - Ul t rasonic Technol ogy Frequency of 1-3 million times per second are absorbed in the face with ultrasonic waves that are converted into thermal energy. This promoted

- LED Light Therapy A skincare treatment that used varying wavelengths of light to penetrate deep into the skin to target your greatest skin concerns. It treats various skin conditions such as acne, fine lines and psoriasis.


- Hydrodermabrasion The latest in skin care technology

Each treatment ends with a powerful nutrient filled facial mask, oils and serums according to your skin concerns as well as a facial massage. PLEASE NOTE: due t o past covid rest rict ions and st af f short ages, St udio 101 isn't accept ing new hair cl ient s at t his t ime.

It utilizes the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard crystals or abrasives. It has a vortex patented technology to vacuum black heads, dirt and debris from the skin.

Studio 101 Medi Spa is located at 127 Augustus Street, Cornwall 613-938-1319 http:/ /

BEFORE Det ails: CornwallEvent | CornwallPublicLibrary| 2nd Floor | 1-3pm| SaturdaySept 10th Even t Sch edu le: - Passportto hope(CommunityPartners) BoothDisplay - WellnessActivity/Word of Welcome - LivingWorksCommunityImpactAward(GMHI) - Wellnessbasket(Draw)value$75.00 - Guest Speaker(Testimonial) Regist er : or by phone 613-551-9253





Seaw ay Valley Wr est lin g A Seaway Valley Wrestling event occurred at Guindon Park on July 31, 2022 Wr est lin g

Resu lt s:

1 - Hotstepper Macrae Martin defeated Cecil Nyx 2 - Ryan Donavon defeated Letteur Mathis 3 - Fear the Beards defeated Karl Jepson and Zak Patterson in a hardcore tag team match

Cor n w all BM X Clu b hosting the Provincial Qualifier at Guindon Park on July 31, 2022. For both events Photos by Jason Setnyk.














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G O AW IL Today I am going to teach you how to m ake a "Zine Book". W h at ar e zi n e book s? A zine is m ost com m only a sm all cir culation publication of or iginal or appr opr iated texts and im ages. M or e br oadly, the ter m encom passes any self-published unique w or k of m inor ity inter est, usually r epr oduced via photocopier W hy i s i t cal l ed a zi n e? Zines w er e fir st cr eated in the science fiction fandom s of the 1930s, t ak i n g t h ei r n am e f r om f an zi n e, w h i ch i s sh or t f or ?f an m agazi n e.?Long befor e the advent of the Inter net, zines allow ed fans to cr eate netw or ks, shar e ideas and analyses and collabor ate on w r iting and ar tw or k

I per sonally got acquainted w ith this type of ar t a few m onths ago and fell in love w ith it I am cur r ently m aking my ow n books and I do shar e this love in my w or kshops and ar t sessions - I see that this type of ar t - pr ovides the oppor tunity for individuality and independent expr ession of oneself - pr ovides the oppor tunity for ar tistic independence - and fr ee expr ession I w ill m ake and cr eate ar ts dur ing the next w or kshop - in cooper ation w ith: Social Developm ent Council of Cor nw all and Ar ea and https://w w w.facebook .com /libr ar ycor nw allontar io/ At my upcom ing w or kshop at the Libr ar y ar e taking place Tuesday Septem ber 20th, 27th, October 4th and 11th fr om 6pm to 7pm - Only $10 per session. Register at : YafaAr tWor kshop.eventbr w atch my Video on my page https://w w w.facebook .com /yafacr afts cr eating a Zine book: https://fb.w atch/f4DlW l9tUh/ How do you m ak e a zi n e book ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Step 1: Fold your sheet of paper in half. Step 2: Open your paper so that it is folded in half. Step 3: Fold your paper lengthw ise (along the cr ease that has the slit). Step 4: Now it's tim e for you to fill in your blank booklet and tur n it into a zine! Step 5: And that's it!

Yaf f a Goaw i l y| Ar t Specialist/ Yaf a Ar t s & Cr af t s https://w w





Cor n w all'sNigh t M ar k et . Therewereover 50 vendorsand thousandswerein attendance on Friday,August12, 2022at Cornwall'sNight Market.Photos by Jason Setnyktakenat the start of the event.













Be t t y


W hat do you do w hen given a diagnosislike this? The jour neyunfolded m uch too quickly.On Sunday,August 2nd w e fr iendsand fam ily MEd.,CAPP invited fr om ar oundthe w or ld to join us in a pr ayer cir cle. No M or e We gather edonce again, Hesi t at i n g Kir sty?sTeam as w e had now com eto think of our selves.We One of my favor ite pr ayed together ,w e r eceived m usiciansand song w r iter sis Jason the lovingintentionsthat M r az,a genuinetr oubadourw hose ever yonesent us fr om afar , lyr icsalw aysinspir eand uplift.Tw o then w e celebr ated,laughed w eeksago, July 28th,w e had the and sang. Thisw as the fir st oppor tunityto see him per for min tim e that w e sang together. Ottaw a.W hat an evening,w ith his Thr oughoutthe r em aining ?gir l band?RainingJanes,a m agical w eeks,the singingnever eveningof joyful song,hum our and love stopped. unfolded. Our anthem becam e,I?m Your s One of my favor itesongs,I?m Your s,w hich I by Jason M r az,the chor us?I fir st hear d the sum m er of 2009,has specific w on?t hesitateno m or e,no m eaningto m e. It becam ethe anthem for a m or e?belted out, r em indingus gr oup of kindr edspir itsas w e jour neyed that life can changein an thr oughthe final daysof my fr iend Kir sty?s instant,and today,now ,is the life. It w as a sum m er that left an indelible tim e to live. M usicbecam eour im pr essionon m e, the m em or yof w hich gr eat healer ,the w or dsour r evisitsm e ever y tim e I hear the song. The anthem and Kir sty our teacher. linesof the chor usar e w hat tr uly r esonate, even today: Hesi t at i on Ther ear e so m any r easonsw hy So I w on 't h esi t at en o m or e,n o m or e w e hesitate,fear of m akingthe I t can n ot w ai t , I 'm su r e w r ongdecision,a desir enot to Th er e'sn o n eed t o com pl i cat e take r isks,per fectionism a, lack Ou r t i m e i s sh or t self-confidence,the opinionsof Th i s i s ou r f at e, I 'm you r s other s,to nam eoff a few. Ther e A Jou r n eyof Heal i n g ar e cer tainlylife m om ents w hen lookingbefor eyou leap is An Ada ptedExcer ptfr om the r oa dSI GNS w ar r anted,allow ingyou to e-Letter wr ittenSept. 2009 m akem indfuldecisions.In contr astther ear e m any tim es Our jour neybegan the eveningof July 16th. w hen oppor tunitiesar e The gr oup,seven in all, five am azingw om en beckoningyou and you fail to plus Jim and myself.Thr ougha M E FIRST seize that m om ent. Pr ogr amoffer edthe w inter of 2008-09,w e had m et fr equently.As the m onthspassed by, The sum m er of 2009,the and the w or k deepened,w e all cam eto know am azingm agicaland one another ,seeingthe tr uth of each per son m ir aculousjour neyseven of us behindthe m asksw e so often w ear in public. shar ed,ser ved as a r em inder Am ongus, this bond has been clean, that w hen oppor tunityappear s, unw aver ingand unconditional.We had at least be cur iousenough to becom edeeply com m ittedfr iends.W hat w e explor eit. Hesitationleadsto didn?t know on the eveningof July 16th w as r egr et,especiallyw hen you that our bond w as about to be tested. know in your hear t that an Our gr oup had gather edfor an eveningof fun oppor tunityis r ight for you. and cr eativity,yet som ethingw as am iss. Kir sty?steam m et ever y Kir sty,our Gar den Ar tist and landscape evening.W hen the w eather designer ,w asn?t feelingw ell. She did not eat allow ed,w e gather edin the supper ,just quietly sipped on som etea. I Pavilionoutsidethe palliative knew it w as m or ethan a flu and w hen I car e unit at the Cor nw all asked,she said she had not been w ell for Com m unityHospital.As w e sever al days. The follow ingday,w ith our sang together ,w heneverthe encour agem ent,she w ent to the local lyr ics?So I w on't hesitateno Em er gencyRoom . m or e,no m or e?cam ear ound,Kir sty w ould look each of us in the eyes,engageus, and The call cam em id-after noon.Fr ancine, w ag her finger at us as if to say ?Don?t you Kir sty?sdear est fr iend,w as on the line. ?Bad dar e w astethis life that is beinggiven to you ? new s?,she said, ?Her e?sKir sty.?In a soft no m or ehesitating.I m ay be leavingmy tr em ulousvoiceKir sty shar ed the r esultsof hum an existencebut I w ill be w atching?. her ER visit, ?M y liver is enlar gedso they did an ultr asound.The test show ednum er ous M aybew e all need a Kir sty Consciencein our lesionson my liver. They did som eblood life, a r em inderto gr ab the br assr ingsthat w or k too. I have to go back tom or r owfor the ar e offer edon this life?sm er r y-go-r ound. r esults.W ill you com ew ith m e?? W heneverI am in doubt,that song and those lyr icsshow up. If I am tem ptedto hesitate,I All of us have thosem om entsw hen it feels ask myself this question,?If not now ,w hen?? like a fist has slam m edinto our solar plexus com pletelystealingour br eath.?Oh my God!? Epi l ogu e I thoughtto myself as I r eassur edKir sty that I w ould be ther ew ith her for w hatevershe In the ear ly hour sof a quiet hospitalnight, needed.W hat w e discover edis that her SundaySeptem ber13th,2009,our fr iend M alignantM elanom a,successfullytr eatedten Kir sty left her body to r etur n to Sour ce.Tw o year spr eviously,had r etur nedand w ith a m em ber sof our cir clew er e w ith her ,and as vengeance.A subsequentvisit w ith her she left her favor itesong by Jason M r az,I?m oncologistbr okethe new s- ther ew as no Your s,bellow edout of the CD Player.Spir it tr eatm ent. offer edher peace,she chosenot to hesitate




?no m or e?,and tr ansitionedinto the light. On Septem ber15th our cir clegather edat the ?M eetingPlace?at the W illiam stow nFair. Thesegr oundshave over one hundr edyear s of histor y and the gar densw hich fr am ethe entr ancew ay w er ecr eatedby Kir sty.It w as her w ish to have a gar den par ty in lieu of a tr aditionalw ake.We could havehesitated,it w as a dauntingtask, but w e had lear nedand dove in to deliver her dr eam .We tur nedthe M eetingPlace,a bar n,into an indoor gar den. The effect r eflectedthe m agicand m ir aclesof Kir sty?sspir it and the sum m er w e had shar ed. Thanksfor tr avellingdow n m em or ylane w ith m e. Rem em ber ,no m or ehesitating! Until Next Tim e, Betty Healey Your thoughtsa nd str ategiesa r e a lways welcomea nd if you ca r e to sha r e you ca n r ea ch me at: betty@r oa








Jo hn

to the Executor. A Qualified Appraiser is usually called in on the request of the Notary / Lawyer or Executor, to ensure the estate value is properly determined. This is done, where there are questions on the value of the contents, or if there are specific items

G RO W Our mortality is not infinite. Sadly the circle of life which starts at birth, does end. ?In this world,n ot h in g is cer t ain except deat h an d t axes.? Ch r ist oph er Bu llock 1716 (English Actor) On an estate of a deceased individual, which is a loss to all, please accept my sincerest condolences. May you be spared further sorrow. An estate can have various assets, real estate, private property, a business, financial or intellectual property. For this article, our focus is on personal property.

An Estate which contains Personal Property can include jewelry, collections, fine art, cars, wine, furniture, stamps, coins, household items & Decorative items to name a few. Hopefully, the person had a will which would name the beneficiaries, and explain how the estate would be divided. The Fair Market value of these items is based on the date of death. No estate is ever the same. The conditions vary, depending on if there was a will, the named executors, if there are any liquidators, the benefactors, and other interested parties. The process of documenting the estate, depends on the wishes of the Executor, and sometimes the Estate Lawyer or Notary. In most cases a manifest of assets, which lists all the assets, and has assigned a valuation that is researched on the date of passing of the individual, is sufficient. This type of list or manifest of values will help the executor in his or her task to make decisions on the distribution or sale of the assets. In some rare cases, an item might have a very high value and a separate appraisal report will have to be done. Potentially, there might be other factors that will affect the overall valuation. The person who is responsible and named as Executor has a duty to the estate to fulfill his or her duties. In most cases the Liquidator 's duties, if not named, might go

which examination and attention is required to insure proper value. Hopefully, it will answer the question of knowing what the estate value is for fair distribution among the benefactors. Having a Qualified Personal Property Appraiser, who is USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant with a current certificate and who is a member of the ?International Society of Appraisers? (ISA) Can adian Ch apt er , is important. The Qualified appraiser will be able to provide a complete report for Fair Market Value, based on the date of death of the deceased. The appraiser will work closely with the Executor, and maybe with the Estate Lawyer. A real estate appraiser who ideally is USPAP compliant with a current certificate and belongs to the ?Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers? or the ?Appraisal Institute of Canada? is also important. These two societies specialize in just real estate, and ensure common standards. Fam ily Con t en t ion in an Est at e happens when a family or other members who are listed as benefactors disagree on the distribution of assets and their value. Rivalry between siblings, economic disparity among beneficiaries, difference in opinion between co-trustees, undue influence, estrangement or disinheritance, blended families, late marriages or advanced benefits to one heir and not to the others are reasons for family

contention. The list can go on. If there is disagreement between the siblings, the lawyer / notary handling the estate might ask for an appraisal report. This is where the impartial qualified appraiser who is not involved in buying or selling any item(s) in their practice is free of any conflict of interest. Per son al Not e: I have been involved with all sizes of estates across Canada. I have seen very large estates in the millions of dollars with fine art, classic cars, wine collections, antique / fine furniture, and much more. And the more familiar and family estate, where there are a few items which were unknown to the family to be very valuable. Doing things the right way, seeking out professional help from an accountant and an estate lawyer will potentially save you money & trouble in the long haul. Yes, their services are not free, having the prospect of being hit with additional estate taxes, contention between siblings, which could result in additional legal expenses down the road. I cannot recommend any estate lawyer, accountant, or notary. I have worked with many, and I have found all to be very professional and responsive to their clients. The SD&G and the counties have wonderful professionals that care for their clients, are ethical, and will provide you with the information that you need. Best possible sit u at ion : While it's always hard to talk about death, knowing the wishes of the person and then recording the wishes in a will with detailed information will prevent any miscommunications, eliminate further grief, time and money. Disclaim er : This article's goal is to inform and give basic information. Every Estate case is different. The reader should seek the services of qualified professionals such as lawyers, notaries, accountants for their situation. No advice is given or implied in this article. Due diligence is the responsibility of the person seeking professional help for their situation. Next Ar t icle: Ou t of Place Object s or Ar t if act s Abou t t h e Au t h or John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectables in general. John works with clients worldwide, museums, corporate, foundations and government agencies and on radio and television shows and charity appraisal fairs. A long time member of the International Society of Appraisers. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s email is Estates Personal Property Appraising©by John H. Grow August 2022





the land they sit on. I wonder what it would be like to spend a weekend retreat in such a place. It certainly is worth pondering, but if I am to keep up to my power-assisted companions, I must snap out of my reverie and focus on pedaling harder. We arrive at our lunch destination, the historic village of Rockport. Our leader has chosen the grounds of St. Brendan?s church as a picnic spot. The church, named after an Irish monk voyager, is perched on a rock cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River which features pleasure crafts and cruise boats loaded with tourists. We find a spot under the shade of a large tree to fortify our bodies with nutritious snacks for the return trip.I am quite happy that my knee has held up so far, especially since I have shortened my breaks along the way to get a head start with my old-reliable-fully-human-powered bicycle.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE By Sylvie O'Rou r k e As time goes by, change is inevitable. This is particularly evident today as I think back to my last bike ride in the Thousand Islands with the Cornwall Outdoor Club. This change is not in the route or the scenery, but in the transportation itself. Nearly half of our cyclists today are riding e-bikes. You might say we have grown older, but I prefer to think that we have simply evolved with the times. I am resisting being one of those cyclists, either out of sheer pride or denial of this whole aging-thing. I tell myself and anyone else who will listen that I am holding off until I can no longer keep up to my younger husband. But when a couple of avid cyclists in the club unexpectedly give in to the lure of turbo-bikes, I can?t help but question my choice.

Break time is over and once again I take off early to avoid being left behind. I envy the ease in which the e-bikes climb those hills. I am overheating in my exertion to ascend them, but my companions look as cool as the ice cream cone I am craving. Change can be progress, and an e-bike is a commendable invention for people of all ages. I?ll admit that I rented one once on a vacation and truly enjoyed the power it gave me, especially on those dreaded hills! On the other hand, I really love my red bicycle. We have been through so much together. Call me stubborn, but when faced with the decision to be or not to be an e-cyclist, my answer is a slightly wavering ?no,?at least for now.

With an inflamed knee, I must admit that I am a little nervous about my ability to keep up. Nevertheless, I am here at Butternut Bay ready to start our 40-kilometer round trip. I enjoy the view of the islands with the elaborate cottages, some of them almost as big as

For moreinformationontheCornwall Outdoor Club, followuson Facebookor visit our websiteat


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Back on our saddles we detour through the small village to catch the Waterfront Trail once more. There is much to see besides the islands, such as the scenic grounds of the Visitor Centre and the homes with beautiful floral landscapes. Thank you to the gardeners for beautifying their properties for everyone to enjoy! At one especially colourful garden, a friend insists on posing in its centre for a photo. I tease him and baptise him the Blue-Eyed Wayne flower.

ANNE BAZINET LALONDE, RRPr - Natural Practitioner




market ing - print ing - web - designs

SEPTEM BERPr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s





CORNWALL CHAOS Photos by Jason Setnyk. The Cornwall Chaos fundraiser for Care for Hospice Cornwall was held on Saturday, August 13, 2022. $3261.05 of donations was raised for the Hospice. The bands that played were: Truthteller Band, J.D. Howard, Homesick, Le Revenant, Spades GT Music, Hellrager, Norescue, Don't Tell Sarah, Salem Trials and Erebos. The Seeker was a proud Media Sponsor





Once you have identified a person in distress, you can take steps to prevent suicide. To begin with, you should ask the person directly if they are thinking about suicide. Talking about suicide will not make them think about taking their life. But if they are seriously thinking about it, they may be relieved to talk to you about it. Find out if they have a plan in place, and then listen to them in an empathetic and non-judgmental way. Don't minimize their feelings and don?t be sworn to secrecy. In fact, you should get support from family and friends and seek professional help if necessary. If they have a plan and are thinking of carrying it out soon, it is important to contact crisis intervention or support services.

Su icide is pr even t able Suicide is a difficult subject to talk about. However, when someone talks about suicide or mentions that they are worried about someone close to them, it is important to act and get help quickly. What is suicide? Suicide means that someone ends their life on purpose. It is important to know that people who die by suicide or attempt suicide do not necessarily want to die. However, they think that suicide is the only solution to deal with difficult feelings or situations.

Wh o is af f ect ed? The World Health Organization estimates that about 700,000 people take their own lives every year and many more attempt to do so. In Canada, an average of 11 people die by suicide every day, bringing the annual total to about 4,000. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24 (the first cause is accidents and preventable injuries.).

Suicide is a serious problem, which is why mental health professionals celebrated when World Suicide Prevention Day was established in 2003. It is now celebrated every year on September 10th. They emphasize that suicide can be prevented with better awareness of the problem and intervention.

Help is available

A family physician can help, as can a mental health professional. When suicide appears imminent, a visit to a hospital emergency room can be a life-saving intervention. There is also a mental health crisis line you can call at 1-866-996-0991. Stay with this person while you call and do not leave until the crisis line staff tells you that you can. Listening and helping this person connect with mental health services are the two most important things you can do to help. If you have identified a person at risk of suicide and need guidance on how to help them, you can sign up for a training program offered by LivingWorks, an Alberta-based social enterprise. You can also check out the resources offered by the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Champlain East.

DO YOU NEED M ORE HELP? Contact a community organization like the Canadian Mental Health Association to learn more about support and resources in your area. The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA, please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site at





Cor n w all Wat er f est Photos by Jason Setnyk. The Cornwall Waterfest Dragon Boat Races took place on Saturday, August 13, 2022. The Seeker was a proud Media Sponsor

Gabe from YourTV gets a celebrity autograph from Kevin who was on the cover of the August 2022 Seeker NewsMagazine. Congratulations Gabe!

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GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...


Positive thinking will keep us going! By Gladys Kar am

VARNAVA HappySeptembereveryone! Thismonthwe are answeringa great question. ?Whyare my cucumbers misshaped??

In 2019,3AngelsPow er Film Pr oductionInc. w as so pr oud to intr oducea new epic,a m ovieunder the title of ?Chi Ann Blazeof Fur y?w hich r epr esentsthe bir th of another ur ban legend.The stor y has one intentionthat w ill r attlethe com m unity?ssecur ew or ld w ith an unsolvedcase, a par anor m almyster ythat existedfor m any year s.It's sim ply a fr iendlyw ar ning"Fear the onesw ho used to love and tur n to hate".

There'snothinglike a freshcrunchycucumber straightfromthe gardenbut why the weirdshapes?

"Chi Ann Blazeof Fur y?is a ver y uniquem ovie that w ill definethe str ugglebetw eenlove and hate. This m oview ill m ar k a new er a of a w hole new w or ld of r evenge.One questionr em ains,w ill good pr evail or evil get all the glor y. Stay tuned to find out ...

Thereare 4 reasonsthat might causethis.The first reasoncouldbe inconsistentwatering. Cucumbersare 95% waterso they needwater but not too muchthat they will get root rot. Standingwaterwill promotemold/ root rot. Placinga layerof woodchipsor naturalmulch layeron top of the soil will keepit moist for the roots.Thiswill slowlybreakdownand feed your plants,as well as keepthemdampevenif you havea lack of rain.

Our com panyis connectingthe w or ld w ith our film pr ojectsand buildinga better tom or r owfor gener ationsto com e.."Chi Ann Blazeof Fur y" becam ean exper im entalpr oductionand an inter nationalfilm pr oject that w as film ed in Canada,U.S.A,and Egypt.M usicfr om the U.K, U.S.A, Lebanonand Canadaw ill also be featur ed in "Chi Ann Blazeof Fur y" to give talentedm usic ar tistsextr a exposur eand pr oper pr om otion.

The secondreasoncould be makingsureyou give themenoughspaceto grow.Growingthem verticallyalwayshelps with attainingstraighter cucumbers.Doingthat allowsthe plant to get the optimumlight as well as makesit easierfor the pollinatorsto find the flowers.

The thirdcouldbe inconsistentweather conditions.No one likeshot temperatures,including cucumberpollen.Whenthe mercuryrises,the live pollen count dropsbecausehigh heat killspollen.Thus,whena bee carriespollenfromthe maleflowerto the female flower,it may be transportingboth livingand dead pollen.And whilethe pollentransferencemay have occurred,theremay not havebeenenoughviablepollen for the cucumberto be fertilizedproperly.The result will be misshapedcucumbers. Lastly,it couldbe insects.Sap-suckinginsectsin particularcan causecucumbersto curl.Aphids, whiteflies,leafhoppers,squashbugs,leaf-footedbugs, and mealybugscan all causecucumbersto be deformed. Usually,thesepestscan be easilytreatedwith homemadeinsecticidalsoapsand neemoil sprays. Hopefully,thisinformationwill help you grow the perfectcucumber! If youwouldlikemeto answeroneof yourquestions next monthyoucansendyourquestionto meat attentionAskAnna. I hopeeveryonehasa fantasticmonthand be sureto stop by Harveston the corner of VincentMasseyand say hi! ALSOREMEMBER:you can pick up your copy of The Seekereachmonthat HARVEST(on VincentMassey) ORread it onlineon the Seekerwebsiteat: OftenI hear peoplesayingthat they can't find a copy... Thisis becauseit is a HOTITEMaroundtownand gets pickedup REALLYFAST!!! SO MYADVICEto you is - SUBSCRIBETO IT and you will nevermiss"YourMonthlyDoseof PositiveNews"ever againas it will comeSTRAIGHTTO YOURDOOR! Subscribeat www.t ORcal l :613-935-3763 TODAY!



Today,after alm ost 3 year sof absenceand a long bum py r oad filled w ith new r ules and har sh r estr ictions,3 Angels Pow er Film Pr oductionInc. is back in ACTIONon locationfilm ingthe r em ainingscenesof Chi Ann Blazeof Fur y. It w as quitea challengew or king fr om hom edur ing the pandem ic.But the bigger challenge w as to r esum e w or king.Now ,w e'r e happy to say that for the past 3 m onths w e'vebeen taking baby stepsto go back on tr ack and finish w hat w e star ted.


As a sm all independentfilm com pany,w e never give up or give in becausew e believethat w e can m akea differ encethr oughoutour featur epr esentations by spr eadingpositivethoughtsand building str ongself esteem am ongthe com m unity.Our com panybelievesthat ever yonedeser vesto shine and have a spotlight.W ith our cr eativity,pr oper dir ectionand pr ofessionalfilm m akingm any w ill live on scr een for gener ationsto com e. Take a step for w ar dand encour agethe local film scene.Look for the 3 AngelsPow er ,join our jour neyand m akehistor y.Watch our pr evious featur epr esentations(Teenz,Fr anceskaFinger Nailz,Unfit M isfit and Sum m er Rew ind). Subscr ibeto our YouTubechannels,shar e, com m entand em ail us your thoughts.We'll be m or ethan happy to hear fr om you. W hat ar e you w aitingfor ?Our m oviesar e onlinefr ee for all to w atch.w w /3angelspow er Contact: 3angelspow er @gm 3AngelsPow er Film Pr oduction Inc.





al l t hese

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art ist s


& l ocat ions









Bri d e e

A Column dedicated to Witchcraft and Tarot.


Whyarethepentagram and apentacle so misunderstood?

A lot of people pass judgment on symbols without even realizing their true meaning. Often portrayed as a symbolic representation of Satanism, it has been banned in schools, used by horror movies to represent the evil of serial killers and often used in memes and the internet as a symbol of ?The Unholy. ? A pentagram is the shape of a regular five-pointed star polygon, formed from the diagonal line segments of a convex regular pentagon. Drawing a circle around the 5 points creates a similar symbol referred to as the pentacle, which is used widely as a sign of life and connections. In Wiccan terms it?s a symbol of faith, a symbol of the 5 Elements Spirit, Air, Earth, Water and Fire (one for each point), and the circle (the universe) contains and connects them all. It is a symbol of unity and wholeness.

Both were used in many other ancient cultures: India, China, Egypt, Greece, and the Mayans. For the first five hundred years of Christianity, they symbolized the five wounds of Christ, or the five virtues: generosity, purity, fellowship, courtesy and mercy.

In the last few years people are responding to these symbols in a more positive way where American soldiers can now have the pentacle or pentagram put on their tombstones. To finish up, Pentagrams and Pentacles are symbols of balance and protection. They are meant to invoke the elements to protect you and will do absolutely nothing, especially nothing sinister, to a non-practitioner who comes across one. Tarot: In the tarot, the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits and one of the suits is the pentacle. The first published tarot deck to use an actual suit of pentacles was the 1909 Rider?Waite?Smith tarot deck. That deck inspired the creation of subsequent tarot decks which likewise have a suit of pentacles. It corresponds to the Earth element. Earth is a feminine /yin force that energetically relates to our planet. The Pentacles represents everyday matters, money and health. When pentacles appear in a spread it is a sign that financial matters need to be addressed. The people portrayed on the pentacle cards are seen as doing work or enjoying the fruits of their labours. Depending on the cards the suit may suggest a need to focus on practical matters. Or you may be too security-conscious and are putting emphasis on material things at the expense of spiritual, emotional or intellectual considerations. Note: Check the Cornwall Library Facebook Page for information about a Free Tarot Course starting in September. If you have questions please EMAIL me at:


If you are interested in becoming a "Cornwall's authentic witch store with "COLUMN SPONSOR" please contact us at: the best prices in town" 235 GUY ST, CORNWALLON - 613.209.3370 WEDNESDAYto SATURDAY:10am - 6pm




f act s ab out fr om Lisa Dupr auExecutiveDir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297x127

Fo rt h em o n t ho f JU LY,2 0 2 2 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Com m u n it yKit ch enLu n ch es - 2266 Food Ham per s- 1189 New Ref er r als- 46 (73 individuals) In dividu alsser ved- 1958(500 children)

Wiccans view pentagrams and pentacles as protective sigils. They are meant to represent balance and protection and it?s really too bad that this symbol has been used to cause fear and hate when it intended to do the opposite.

Until next time, may Brighid?s mantle enfold you and keep you safe.


Covid 19 has had a dramatic impact on the services we provide. Prior to the pandemic 1200 people were accessing our foodbank program, now we are quickly approaching 2000. The rising costs of rent, food and fuel are making survival nearly impossible. People struggle to keep their rent and utilities paid and there is nothing left for food. We are no longer a supplement of food, we are the grocery store. Monthly appointments do not suffice for many families and we encourage these families to reach out to us and not struggle until their next visit. We are currently processing between 30-50 new referrals each month representing up to 100 people. More and more we are seeing working families that cannot make ends meet. Minimum wage jobs, high rent and increased food costs create an impossible situation for far too many. Our community kitchen has seen numbers as high as 170 people stopping in for a hot lunch. We are truly fortunate to live in an overwhelmingly generous community where private citizens, businesses and service clubs are a network of support for the Agape Centre. These community partnerships are essential to keeping our doors open and the shelves stocked to ensure our most vulnerable citizens have food on the table. We love our community!

No one should ever go hungry - If you need help - contact us at 613-938-9297 OR come to the centre at: 40 Fifth Street West, Cornwall, Ontario




By Ian Bowering


Strong oral tradition maintains that the two storey brick structure, built in 1856, on the east of side of Sydney and 4th Street has significant elements of Cornwall?s second Grammar School, and was moved to its present location when Cornwall Collegiate was erected in 1877. On the strength of this belief, the Local Architectural Advisory Committee (Heritage Cornwall), designated the building an historic site in 1987. Two years later a committee was formed to see if the building actually was the second Grammar School. Here is what Parks Canada historian Dennis Carter-Edwards discovered. After reading the report?s summary, you can decide whether the building is or isn?t the school! Cornwall?s first Grammar School was built in 1803, ?? on the east side of Augustus between 1st and 2nd Streets? by 1855 this building no longer adequately served the needs of the school population?and in 1856 ?? work started on a one storey brick school house.? The only contemporary description of the building was written in 1857 by Grammar School inspector Thomas Robertston.




equipment middling and the desks worn.? By 1877 the building was in urgent need of replacement. It is at this point that the historical record becomes unclear. Alexander Caldwell, in his history of Cornwall Collegiate stated: ?? in 1877 the school house erected in 1856 was replaced by a larger and better building on the same site? the old building was moved to the west side and converted into a dwelling.?

Anglica n Rever end John Str a cha n opened Cor nwa ll?s fir st school in his home in 1803. I n 1806 the school ha d moved to become one of the fir st, (ma ny people loca lly cla im it to be the FI RST), pr ovincia lly funded gr a mma r schools. Over time, the school pr oved to be ina dequate a nd a second one stor ey br ick school wa s constr ucted on the pr esent site of CCVS. I n tur n this school beca me obsolete a nd either the whole building or pa r ts of it a r e sa id to have been moved to its pr esent location. Designated a n histor ic site, ma ny question whether or not this two stor ey str uctur e is the second school. Do you think this two stor ey br ick building with a n attic bea r s a ny r esembla nce to the one stor ey br ick Cor nwa ll Gr a mma r School? Apa r t fr om the building not meeting the dimensions of the second school, ther e would usua lly be some visible sign that the second floor br ickwor k wa s a later a ddition. I t would a lso be r a r e to see polychr ome br ickwor k on such a utilita r ia n str uctur e a s a gr a mma r school.

?He remarked?that the school ?? is one storey, brick, with porch (hat room?) and small class room. School room about 30 by 25 feet and supplied with good wooden desks and forms. The site is one acre, fenced and there are two privies.? ?

?The Grammar School system was modified by Ontario provincial legislation in 1871 and converted into what we know today as high schools. This conversion would have placed strains on the facility? An inspection for 1876 described the school as follows, ?A small brick building is divided into two rooms by a board partition that reaches about 2/3?s of the way to the ceiling? the



However, another anonymous account contained in the ?Mirror ? (school yearbook) for 1956 states: ?In 1856 a small two room brick building was put on the present 4th St. site. This served as a school until 1877 when it was torn down to make way for the (new) four room building ....The bricks of the discarded two room building were used for the northwest corner of 4th and Sydney Streets.? Thus there are two conflicting accounts as to what happened to the original, that is (the) 1856 building.? Carter-Edwards concludes that ?The general dimensions of the present structure are close to those of the old Grammar School.?

What do you think? Was the one storey two room brick school with a porch moved and then subdivided into four rooms and another storey added, or were scrap bricks from the demolished school house used in the construction of the present two storey structure? If the latter is the case, should it be designated; or should the designation be removed; or should more research be conducted; or does it matter? Please share your thoughts! Ian




Annie (aka AnnieChieDesigns) is one half of Team AnniM ae(a pun of the w or d Anim e), along w ith her good fr iend M eghan (aka M ae-Gw yn cosplay). Over the fir st w eekend of August, they com peted against other skilled cosplay duos in the Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it pr elim inar iesat Otakuthon in M ontr eal,Quebec. To the duo's joy and sur pr ise,they w er e the over all w inner sand ther efor e selected as Team Canada 2023 for the upcom ingsum m it.

"Becauseof the distancebetw een us, ther e w as a lot of dr iving on her end and a line of near -daily com m unicationbetw een us. I studied fashion and costum e,so I have know ledgeof patter n m aking,so I guided M ae-Gw yn thr ough the initial pr ocessand fittingsall vir tually. She had never patter n dr afted fr om scr atch befor e, so this w as a m ajor challenge! We also had r ehear sals since per for m anceis extr em ely im por tant in this com petition.One r ehear sal w as in my kitchen. The second w as in the basem ent of Salem Chur ch in Sum m er stow n,the chur ch my fam ily m em ber sattend. We gr eatly appr eciated the use of the space," DeRochieadded. Accor dingto Annie, the atm ospher ew as fun despite the stakes of the com petition.

The Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it is an inter nationalcosplay event in Nagoya, Japan. They invite countr iesfr om all over the w or ld to par ticipate,and each par ticipatingcountr y has one or a few pr elim inar iesto choose their r epr esentatives.Those r epr esentativesthen go on to Japan for a few days of m ingling activities,then com peteon the w or ld stage and ar e judged on both cr aftsm anshipand per for m ance.The focus is on inter national fr iendshipsand celebr atingJapanesem edia and cultur e w or ldw ide. In an inter view w ith The Seeker M agazine,Annie DeRochie explained her r eaction to w inningthe Canadian pr elim inar ies along w ith M eghan M ueller. "Shock . Happiness.Am azem ent.Disbelief. I am just so thr illed to be chosen as Team Canada w ith my good fr iend M ae-Gw yn,"Annie DeRochiestated. Ever ythingcam e full cir cle for Annie, w ho m et M eghan at Otakuthon in 2014. "M y par tner is M ae-Gw yn cosplay,w ho is Quebecois.She and I m et at Otakuthon 2014, the sam e convention that held the Canadian pr elim inar yfor the Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it," DeRochier em inisced. The duo lives in differ ent pr ovinces,so ther e w as a lot of coor dinationin pr epar ingthe costum esand per for m ance.

"Backstagew as honestly a lot of fun. The other team s w er e fr iendly,and ther e w as an over all gr eat atm ospher edespite the stakes of this par ticular com petition.We had a lot of laughs and w ent thr ough our ner vousjitter s together. Though fun, I w ill adm it w e w er e up against som e stiff com petition.Cosplayer sw ho have been cosplayingfor far longer than M ae-Gw yn and I. Cosplayer sw ho have r epr esentedCanada in this com petition and other inter nationalcom petitionsin the past. And a lot of var iety of skills. In the end, w e had ver y differ ent costum esand per for m ances,and I w as definitely shocked w hen w e took the title. Happy but shocked. It has been my dr eam to be WCS Team Canada since Otakuthon fir st held the fir st Canadian Pr elim inar yin 2014," DeRochier ecalled. After som e w ell-deser vedr est, the next step is to pr epar e for The Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it in Japan. "Fir st, w e r est. Ever ythinghas been a w hir lw ind.We definitely need a bit of a br eak . But going for w ar d,w e plan to w or k on im pr ovingour costum esand per for m ance.Contactingthe judges to get constr uctivecr iticism and feedback and im pr ovingour costum es,pr ops, and skit. We alr eady know a few ar eas could be im pr oved on our costum es,for exam ple. We w ill also have sever al other WCS-r elatedevents dur ing our tim e in Japan, so w e have a few m or e m atchingcostum e sets to plan befor e then," DeRochie concluded. In 2023, Annie DeRochieand M eghan M ueller w ill tr avel to The Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it in Nagoya, Japan, to com petefor the Wor ld Title r epr esentingTeam Canada.

Fol l ow t he Seeker ONFACEBOOK Ju l i a TheSeekerChicks wish you al l a Happy "Back To School " Sept ember! M ai -Li i s

The Seeker isinprintmont hl but y youcan visit dail y at www.t

SE PT EM No " S BE w i t FO EA R 's O W " tim DI A FL e ES Y IP t o M FL " AG IP AZ t o IN t h E" e

M ontr eal,Quebec - Local cosplayer Annie DeRochie(fr om South Glengar r y,Ontar io) and her cosplay par tner M eghan M ueller (fr om Or m stow n,Quebec) w ill be r epr esentingTeam Canada in 2023 at The Wor ld Cosplay Sum m it in Japan.

Local cosplayer An n ie DeRoch ie t o r epr esen t Team Can ada at Th e Wor ld Cosplay Su m m it in Japan

Seeyoua llnextmonth ... mea nwhile, StayPositive!

I n t er v i ew by Jason Set n yk | Ph ot o by Tam Ki eu

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