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by Br endaNor ma nof Kozr oots a ndM a r ketM a na ger


Choices haveConsequences There. I said it. you can hateon me all you want,factsare facts: choiceshaveconsequences. Sometimes,thoseconsequencesaffect only the personmakingthe choice,but other times,they affectotherpeople. I try to make choicesthat don't land otherpeoplein the cross-hairof my consequences. It's ironic. Thosewho were100% against the "my body,my choice"stancewhenit cameto abortion,are suddenlyall for it. Theywant to chooseto get vaccinatedor not,but unlikean abortion,whichaffectsstrictlythe mother, the fetusand potentiallythe father,the act of not gettingvaccinated,especiallyif the personworksin healthcareor education,can and will affectthe masses,especiallywith the Deltavariant.

Someschoolboards,hospitals,businesses and governmentshavestartedto implement regulationsrequiringtheir staff to be fully vaccinatedor faceunemployment. Othersare pushingfor a vaccinepassportthat will allow only vaccinatedpeopleto do non-essential things.Is it harsh? Yesit is. Is it fair?No it isn't,but who promisedyou life wouldbe fair anyways?In this case,the well beingof humanityas a wholesurely shouldsupersedeselfishindividualchoices,don't you think? Why shouldsmall businessessufferand end up in a fourthtotal shutdown,becauseof peoplewho chosenot to get vaccinated? We are in a healthcrisis,one that hastakenmorethan four and a half millionlives. Onemightthinkthat beingofferedan ultimatumsuchas "thejab or the job" is not muchof a choiceat all,but I wouldargueit is. Because,remember.The thingaboutchoicesis that everybodyhasone,includingemployers. It is perfectlyacceptableand reasonable,not to mentionlegal,for themto enact measuresthey feel will keeptheir patronsand employeessafe.I could evenarguethat it is actuallymoreof a responsibility. If the pandemicworsens,will we start seeing more drasticregulations,thingslike hospitalsaskingfor vaccinationstatusbeforeadmittingsomeonefor Covidcare,for example?You thinkit's far fetched?A leakedmemofroma Dallashospitalshowedthat this wasactuallyrecentlybeingconsidered."If NorthTexas startsrunningout of ICUbeds,doctorsmayhaveto considercoronavirusvaccinationstatusasa factorin whogetsprioritycare." Whenyou thinkabout it, why wouldn'tthey? Why wouldthey givepriorityto someonewho actuallythoughtthispandemicwasa hoax?

Again,it's all aboutchoices.And consequences. Thereisonlyonebasichumanright,therighttodoas youdamnwellplease.Andwithit comestheonly basichumanduty,thedutytotakethe consequences. P. J. O'Rourke


Behind the scenes of the Cor nw all Water fr ont Water fr ont Far m er s' M ar ket, (CW FM ) ther e have been four youth w ho have m ade it possible to br ing this essential ser vice to life. Thr ough Kozr oots Com m unity Em pow er m ent Pr ojects and Canada Sum m er Youth Jobs the follow ing young people have filled r oles on local far m s as Agr ifood Appr entices and also been leader s at the CW FM each w eek . The goal of this pr oject is to engage, educate and encour age young people to lear n about and encour age them to consider being par t of the tr end and entr epr eneur ial exper ience of far m ing or pr oducing food. We do this by m atching youth w ith far m er s w ho teach and pass dow n their skills, stor ies, histor y and know how to the youth thr ough exper iential lear ning. This year w ith the CW FM being pr oduced as an essential ser vice all of the youth took on leader ship r oles at the m ar ket. Ta ke the time to come down to the ma r ket a nd see them in a ction a nd give them a little tha nks for helping us thr ough these tough times. Her e is an bio of each of these ter r ific young people. M y n am e i s Kat el yn (left in photo) and I am the Cor nw all Water fr ont Far m er s' M ar ket Coor dinator and Super visor befor e r etur ning to Queen's Univer sity m ajor ing in Envir onm ental Geology. Wor king w ith the far m er s m ar ket has pr esented m e w ith m any oppor tunities; I've gr ow n connections w ith lots of local far m er s, m any of w hom have passed dow n som e of their know ledge that com es w ith year s of exper ience, and m ost im por tantly I had the chance to see a com m unity com e together to suppor t the local! I have a passion for sustainable living and that includes far m ing, I w as honour ed to w or k w ith the ver y lovely Cor ner stone Or ganics far m and enjoyed my tim e w or king and lear ning about the ins and outs of or ganic far m ing! M y n am e i s Jam es Cow an (Right in photo above) and I am the On Site Far m er s' M ar ket M anager. M y m ain duty at the m ar ket is to lead by exam ple, car r ying out all the tasks for setting up and str iking dow n the m ar ket w ith the team . I am a str ong leader and also take initiative and know that w e have built som ething gr eat for the far m er s and consum er s in the local food com m unity. M y w or k also included w or king at Kozr oots Gar lic & Her b Far m and Str athm or e Or char ds and Tr ee Far m giving m e an oppor tunity to lear n fr om the ow ner s and r ecor d their far m histor y thr ough stor ies. I believe in str engthening the agr ifood com m unity and w ith this valued exper ience I w ill car r y for w ar d my lear ning. I w ill be r etur ning to school for my last year and I w ill continue to w or k at the m ar ket m ost Sundays for the r est of the season. M y n am e i s Wen del l yn Boyce-Gagn on , I live on a far m called Fleder m aus Far m w her e I r aise my ow n anim als including goats. I love gar dening and tr aining my baby goat. In my r ole as the Water fr ont Cafe M anager I enjoy m anaging all sales of absent pr oducer s pr oducts at the Ever ything Local M ar ket table and super vising the cafe. I m ake my ow n baked goods for the m ar ket like chocolate chip cookies. Wor king w ith Kozr oots has given m e a chance to w or k on my ow n far m this sum m er and on sever al other s w ith our team . As I r etur n to school I w ill continue to be at the m ar ket ever y Sunday until the end of the season, be sur e to com e by the Water fr ont Cafe and say hello! M y n am e i s Ti m ot hy Rober t son and I am the onsite assistant m ar ket m anager. I have r eally appr eciated w or king together w ith my team and Kozr oots over the sum m er. We have cr eated a far m er s' m ar ket dur ing a tim e w her e ever ything seem ed im possible and I am honour ed and pr oud to have been par t m aking this happen. I got to w or k at Cor ner stone Or ganics and on a few other far m s for special pr ojects w her e I lear ned a lot of new skills. This exper ience w as tr uly one of the best of my life. I w ill be attending St Law r ence College in the w elding pr ogr am , and continue to w or k at the m ar ket ever y Sunday. For m or e i n f o on t h e m ar k et , v i si t cor n w al l w at er f r on t f ar m er sm ar k et .ca




Bobba-Loo "When we were young, my mom enrolled us in ceramics classes through the winter to help pass the time, and although much of it was gifted through the years, those times together are rich with memories."

gifted it to Art & Sylvia. I?d gazed at him the whole night before, memorizing every little detail. At the train station I was overcome as Sylvia stood for a long time on her bad knee,


I mentioned about my gift of Tom to her parents in the summer of ?79, and learned how my aunt had kept him safe all those years on the TV table beside her. I cried hard, as those memories came flooding back. How do any of us know our value until we stop and ask the simple questions?

The other day when I stepped into the humidity of the morning, I smelled my mother?s hand cream on my skin.

A few months ago, I?d happened to share a beautiful verse with my sister Janice written by the poet, Ken Smith. She liked it so much that I offered to purchase and mail her a copy of his works. Off it went into the world when just two weeks later I received a small padded envelope in the mail from Nancy. Inside was a small card with a butterfly and ladybug on a leaf. Suddenly that card felt very heavy, as on the day we purchased our home, I?d seen the same butterfly and ladybug in the yard here.

In the summer of my 17th year, my parents made plans for me to travel back to Windsor with my aunt Sylvia & uncle Art, who were down visiting. My mom had put us in a ceramics class the previous fall, where I?d made cookie jars, a Mary Madonna for my cousin Pauline and a Tom Sawyer-like figurine. I will never forget that first night at my uncle?s house, as they had one of those cubby doors that opened both in and outside the house for the milk man. They had a built-in laundry chute and a TV room with lime-green wraparound seating. In those days, everyone had an orchard in their backyard with lemon, lime, peach, nectarine or plum trees. It was heaven on earth. That night, Sylvia made the biggest meat loaf smothered in ketchup that I?d ever seen. The next day she and I went through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and had lunch on the 73rd floor of the Renaissance Centre. As the jewel of 1977 Detroit, this revolving restaurant hosted 360 degree views of two spectacular waterfronts. On the way home, I asked my aunt if she remembered us going to Bob-Lo amusement park (pronounced Bobba-Loo) to ride on the swan boats. https:/ / news/ 2018/ 09/ the_haunting_remnants_of _boblo.html I was six years old and could recall the seasickness feeling of the ferry boat that took us over and how close the water?s edge came to the soles of my sneakers. On the last day of my visit, I took little Tom from his suitcase hiding place and


Unfolding the contents, I found an old tea towel imprinted with a likeness of my little Tom on the linen that Nancy had kept for over 40 years as a reminder of the figurine lost in time. I laid the towel against me and wept as my sister Janice had just received her own special package in the post, that same day. smiling up at me. She packed me a lunch and I was torn of wanting to run back into her arms and pushing the train onward to get my aunt off her feet and resting in her tiny little car. I sealed the moment forever. The colors of the sky, her practical skirt and silver hair, and the way her lips turned up when she smiled. It was the first time I was ever that far from home yet I was safe and protected. The distance traveled may have been far, but matters of the heart are like a fire with those we love. When Sylvia passed away in 2016, I reached out to her daughter - my cousin Nancy, and talked about the?Gray Visits?of yesteryear.


I imagined those two packages brushing up against each other in transit. It?s been a year since Janice moved to London and I call her more now than when she was in Kanata. She enjoys my collection of kooky experiences, and the stories that I send. For when I was very young ? and she a new wife ? I missed her terribly and was very sad that she went so far away, and here we are these many years later, holding steady to the legacy of memory. Lisa Gray, Story for Writers, Copyright © July, 2020 - I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at



Be t t y

discer nm ent as to w hat is your s to ow n, is key to the entir e issue of w or k-life balance. People bur n out because they take on too m uch, they have few or no boundar ies and they fail to take car e of num ber one.

-I feel r esponsible for things that ar e com pletely outside my contr ol.

-If other s ask you to take on r esponsibility that you know is not your s to ow n, pass it back to them . You can ask, ?how can I suppor t you??


Tr icia continued and explained that it w as now tim e for m e to exam ine my r elationship w ith r esponsibility, it w as tim e to let go of m any things as they no longer ser ved m e. She M Ed., CAPP w as absolutely r ight, and follow ing her advice I em bar ked on a jour ney Respon si bi l i t y to sever ties w ith som e people and plenty of tasks and obligations that I am a no longer gave m e joy. I began the pr ocess r ecover ing of declutter ing my life. I cut back on w or k, responsibleaholic. You ar e r ight, Jim and I sold our county hom e, I lear ned to this is not r eally a w or d, I am ask for help w ith fam ily tasks, I stepped inventing it. And as you guessed, I aw ay fr om a few volunteer activities? you have been in the past, and get the pictur e. Yes indeed, I w as cur ed! continue to be, addicted to r esponsibility. Her e ar e a few of the No I w asn?t! Addiction, w hatever it is, sym ptom s: alw ays lives w ith you. You ar e alw ays in r ecover y. -W hile I know my boundar ies in r egar d to taking on r esponsibilities for other s and Recently I found myself in the thr oes of a their issues, I am challenged constantly to fam iliar stor y for m e, taking on say ?NO?. r esponsibility w hich m ay or m ay not have been m ine to assum e. A fr iend of m ine has -I fundam entally believe that I am been facing a life alter ing illness and r esponsible for ever yone and ever ything. w ithout the suppor t of fam ily m em ber s, I -I have know n r esponsibility since an ear ly offer ed to step in. W ith my health car e backgr ound, I felt I could help her navigate age and see this sim ply as a w ay of life. the w ater s of a challenging m edical -I have difficulty asking for help and/or landscape, help her m ake appr opr iate shar ing the load. decisions.


-I am often over w helm ed by, you guessed it, ?all this r esponsibility?. Enough said. W ho am ong you w ould also like to r aise your hand? This is not to say that I am not lear ning how to m anage my responsibleaholism, I am . Recover y how ever , is a lifelong jour ney. Those of us w ho exper ience this addiction lear n it fr om a ver y young age thr ough the expectations of par ents, teacher s, pr eacher s and fam ily m em ber s. Thr ee year s ago, tir ed of the bur den, I sought out the help of a Sham anic Healer. You m ight say, ?w hat??Tr icia (not her r eal nam e) w as a for m er healthcar e pr ofessional and longtim e healer. I knew I needed to explor e differ ent channels to under stand w hy r esponsibility continued to plague m e. (Please under stand, I don?t see being r esponsible as a bad thing, it is sim ply not healthy in excessive am ounts and cer tainly not healthy if this is how you lear n to define your self.)

I adm it, par t of m e w as delighted to step up as follow ing the pandem ic dr ought I w as happy to be engaged and to be of ser vice. And as com plications ar ose, and new r esponsibilities appear ed, I suddenly r ealized that her e I w as again. I had fallen r ight back in the r abbit hole, taking things on and not even r ecognizing w hat w as happening. And w hile I have no plans to change w hat I have r ecently assum ed; I am sitting w ith the lesson. I am lear ning. Responsibility. W hen is it your s to ow n and w hen is it not? W hat r eally belongs to you; w hat belongs to other s? W hat ar e you, at the absolute cor e, tr uly r esponsible for ? Such im por tant questions. The assum ption of r esponsibility and the

Her e is my saving gr ace ? I dedicate tim e to taking car e of myself. I eat w ell, exer cise, take naps, sleep the m inim um am ount daily, get m assages, seek out advice and ask for help. Ther ein lies the balance. This how ever evolved only after m any challenging lessons. Full disclosur e, I am a r ecover ing responsibleaholic. I suspect I am not alone. A few closing w or ds of advice. -Consider and answ er the questions I posed above. -Clar ify your boundar ies: w hat ar e you pr epar ed to say NO to and w hat do you w ant to say YES to? -Alw ays r em em ber to consider w hat gives you joy. -Rem em ber r esponsibility, and assum ing it, does not define your w or th. You ar e w or thy just as you ar e.

-Befor e you take on anything, pause. Ask if this r esponsibility ser ves you? W hat ar e the long-ter m im plications? -M ake sur e you have at least 15 m inutes of daily M E FIRST tim e to look after you. Rem em ber your fir st r esponsibility is to your self. Until next tim e, Betty Hea ley, M Ed., CAPP Your thoughts and str ategies ar e alw ays w elcom e and if you car e to shar e you can r each m e at: bet t y@r oadsi gn

Tr icia spent a couple hour s w ith m e, fir st asking m e questions and listening deeply, secondly facilitating a sham anic jour ney w ith m e, and finally offer ing m e feedback and suggestions. Her fir st w or ds w er e ?You have been r esponsible for your self and ever ything ar ound you fr om your ear liest m em or y?. She did not glean this fr om our opening conver sation,r esponsibility had nothing to do w ith w hy I actually w ent to see her , or so I thought. I w as floor ed as the tr uth of those w or ds str uck m e at the cor e of my being. Tr uth hits hom e. Fr om my ear liest m em or ies, I w as a latch-key kid. As I opened that door and explor ed, I began to under stand the r oots of this addiction. It w as for m e sim ply a w ay of life; it ser ved m e w ell, until it no longer did.





Co on





25 & 26 - 10am t o 4pm - APPLES & ART






t he 2 days!


Ya f a




Today I am writing about the importanceof having and providingoutlets and places for local artists to communicate their different "Forms of Art." I see that social developmentis taking place in the souls of the world and this appears in how they approach and practice the arts. Art, no matter what form it is in, is a global language of communicationand helps bring people together to connect,accept each other and live in harmony! Just like there are different forms of art (and we may not like or understandthem all) there are many different kinds of people. Art feeds the soul as it is a way of expressing oneself and that is why art comes in so many forms (as do people ). What is it that makes us rich?It is the connection that we have with one another and most times that connection comes through some form of art!


An exampleof people connectingwas at Art Walkon August27th wheremany formsof Art broughtyoung As we note the lack of places and galleriesin and old together our community,we must thank all the on Pitt Street. businessowners who are opening their doors Checkout Art to host local artists and their work. In particular - I Walkon would like to thank Facebookfor photosand keep an eye on Yafa Artsand Crafts - Tilly 's Eat er y & Delicat essen(101 Pitt Street, Facebookpagefor art relatedeventsand happenings Cornwall ON -- 613-875-7819) - Sch n it zelsEu r opean Flavou r s (158 Pitt Street, Cornwall ON - www.schnitzels.ca613-938-8844) - M oder n Pr im it ive Cor n w all Squ ar e (Upstairs- 1 Water Street East, Cornwall ON 613-286-5581) for giving our Local Artists this opportunityand for their belief that art is important. In our local community,I am finding that providingplaces for artists to display their arts and providingan opportunityfor the public to see works of art is somethingthat is very important,especially in these difficult times that everyone is going through.

In collaborationwith Yaf a Ar t s an d Cr af t s, Modern Primitive will start hosting art events as well as the drummingcircles that they already hold. On the last Monday and Tuesday of each month, different artists will be displayingtheir art and you will have a chance to meet and chat with each artist. Mandy Prevost will be September,Brett DesrosiersOctober,myself Yafa Goawily in November and Jane Macmillan in December. I hope to see many places open their doors for artists and artistic performancesin the near future.Yes we are workingon an ArtsCentre,but it is importantto haveplacesnow wherepeoplecan connectwith each other.

Ea+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PAGE 7 THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP AUGUST 2021 THESEEKER.CA

Book Review

, Flood, b y : Lo ui se Drought Fire: How Climate

Change Cont ributes M IG NAULT to Catast rophes

is a timely and highly researched book that illustrates the effects of climate change. It lays bare, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where we are with current global warming, where we are going and includes a very credible timeline of impending catastrophes if we don?t rapidly and radically scale back our carbon based emissions. An internationally renowned climate hazards scientist, Chris Funk works as the Director of the Climate Hazards Center (CHC) at University of California, Santa Barbara.

high school and up science classes that focus on climate change, this would be excellent reference material. Certainly the information in this book should be required reading for all government policy makers. I am a non-scientific person who failed chemistry a long time ago and I found the copious data a bit hard to follow. A basic understanding of science/chemistry/math would help one to appreciate the richness of information that is provided in this book. With the publisher?s permission we are /have donated it to the Cornwall Public Library. More information on Chris Funk and his work can be found at

A great deal of effort was put into this book. It is well written and well laid out into distinct categories that depict climate change repercussions on human and animal populations. Specifically: drought and its impacts on farming and global food production; fire and it?s effects on forests and air quality as well as its catastrophic effects on human and animal habitat and the destructive power of floods and storm events. There are two big things that stood out for me. One is that the cumulative effect of global warming results in the ?whole being greater than the sum of its parts?; each catastrophe adds to the others causing even more damage and destruction. The other is the lumpiness of global warming. We tend to think of climate change as a steady drift towards a gradually warming planet. But in fact it is an uneven process whereby climate variations concentrate their energy in different parts of the world and then move around. The result is we are finding our weather extremes becoming more acute. According to Mr. Funk, (and I believe him), our climate will keep warming for several years (if not decades) even if we stop adding to the global emissions load. He warns that it is imperative that we sharply reduce our emissions so that our children and grandchildren do not inherit a planet that cannot comfortably sustain life in 30 years. The goal is to not only stop climate change but to reverse it and understanding the problem is one key to change. If you still have doubts that climate change exists and is already contributing to the destruction of our habitable home then please read this book. If you are seeking greater understanding of the workings of climate change and you want a data rich reading experience then this is a must for you. If you teach a




ut o b a s t c a f

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f JU LY, 2 0 2 1 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-outMeals - 1812 Food Hampers- 747 New Referrals- 30 Individualsserved - 1419 The Agape Centr e held tw o vaccine clinics in the m onth of July. We ar e pr oud to be par tner ing w ith the Easter n Ontar io Health Unit to pr ovide this valuables ser vice for our com m unity. The Kibble Kupboar d w as busy this m onth. We w er e able to distr ibute 40 bags of dog food, 53 bags of cat food and 37 boxes of litter. We w er e for tunate in secur ing funding for tw o sum m er students thr ough the Canada Sum m er Jobs Pr ogr am . The students have been busy w or king in the food bank, posting on-line auctions, w or king in the New For You thr ift shoppe and m anaging our social m edia page. The soup kitchen continues to be busy w ith take-out m eals as w e look at var ious options to r e-opening our dining r oom . Our goal is to be open again in the ver y near futur e! No one shouldever go hungr y- I f you need help - conta ctus at 613-938-9297 OR cometo the centr eat: 40 Fifth Str eet West,Cor nwa ll,Onta r io





werelikerabbits..Jumping.. jumping and morejumpingwent on throughouttheday.Theywereso tiredafterwards.These,and many moretimes spentwith themaremomentsthat I want Sampsonand Williamto remember and to cherishfor the rest of theirlives. FUNFACTS: Septemberisgraced withhavingtwo differentkindsof birth flowers.Thetwo flowersarethevibrant Asterand thebeautiful, yet resilientMorning Glory.Thesignificance of thesetwoflowersare actuallyverysimilar, withtheAsterrepresentinglove,whilethe MorningGloryrepresentsaffection.September onlyhasonebirthstone,and witha stonelike thiswhoneedsanother?ThestoneI am referringto isthevividSapphirewithitsdeep bluetones.Thispreciousstoneissaid to representthe"Wisdomof theGods",Purity,and Trust.Sapphireswereoncewornlongagoto protectthewearerfrombothpoisoningand otherunknownevils.I havemy veryown personalSapphire..Johnny. TIPOFTHEMONTH:Hereare(4) important lawsof Growth:1. SPEAKLESS.Let yourresults talkfor yourselves.2. LISTENMORE.Wecan not LEARN,if wedo not listen.Wecan not GROWif wedonnot LEARN.3. REACTLESS. Thelesswereact thebetterwecan respond.4. OBSERVEMORE.Themore weobserve,theclearerthesituation. Theclearerthesituation,thebetterour reactions.Thebetterour reactions,the bettertheRESULTS! FAMILYNEWS:Myyoungestdaughter, Victoriahad her beautiful,babyboy, Hudson Samuel Raymondat theend of July.He weighed 6.48lbs.and was51 cms. long.Whata lovelygift to receivefor my61st birthdaythisyear.I wishher and Paulall theverybest on beingfirst timeparents.Thismonthsbirthdays includemyeldestgranddaughter, Abigailturning18 on the10thand my belovedhusband,John'son the30th, whenhewill be turning816.(months) teeheehee!Mayyou bothhavean awesomedayspentcelebratingit with familyand friends.All theverybest for

M a rl e ne

LISTER Hellothereto everyonethat hasdecidedto pickup this month's

Seekermagazine. WOW!Whata wonderfullyfun filled monthAugustwasfor me,up at the EnchantmentFrontiercamping groundsnearHavelock,Quebec.I havebeenenjoyingtimewell spent withmy eldestdaughter,Melinda and her 2 sons,Sampson& William. Wehaveenjoyedswimmingat least twicea dayin theirfreshwaterpool, paddleboatingon theirman-made lake.Wehavealsobeenlovingthefreshair and sunshineon thedaysspentby thebeautiful waterfallthat isonlyabouta 15 minutewalk fromour lot.Wehavealsobeenenjoying cookinghot dogs,sausages,and evensome burgerson a grill by the campfireon most of theevenings.Oh yes,I cannotforgetaboutthe toastedmarshmallows. I had to teachtheboys howto cookthemuntiltheyweregolden brown..andNOTBURNT!Everythingtastedso goooood.Theboyshavebeenhelpingwiththe fireby gatheringwoodand pineconeseach night.Theyhavealsobeenweenedoff their "electronicdevices"and areenjoyinglifein the greatoutdoorsfromearlymorninguntil nightfall.Thereisn't muchof a problemgetting themto go to bed eacheveningastheyareso TIRED!!!To add to theirenjoyment,weboughta usedtrampoline.(Moreaboutthat for Dealof theMonth.)I reallyhavebeenlovingmy time withmy grandsonsshowingthemthat ismore to lifethensittingin theirroomson theirpads. It tookawhile,but after2 monthsof camping theyhavecomearoundto enjoybeingthere.I am alsolovingthe"qualitytime"I havespent withMelindaaswell. Wewill neverrememberthe"ordinary days"wespent,but whenwe experiencesomethingspecial,the memoryof it staysfor yearsto come.I can remembera dayof kayakingyears ago,but not sittingat my desk.The ordinarydaysarea blur,but thespecial daysstandout.To havea happierand morepositivelifefilledwithmore wonderfulmemories,simplycut down on theordinarydays,and makesome extraordinarydaysinstead. DEALOFTHEMONTH:A trampolineisthis month'sdeal.Thepeoplewereasking$100and weofferedthem$80aswehad to drivean hour and a half towardsMontrealto pickit up.The boys,Melindaand I helpeddismantleit. The man,whowasveryFrench,helpedasmuchas hecould.Weset it up thenext dayand theboys


theupcomingyear.I boughtJohnan original paintingthat wasdoneon vintagemusicpaper by JasonSauve,whoisa verytalentedartist fromCornwall.Weareproudlyhangingit in John'smusicroom. COMMUNITYNEWS:Myever,so talentedJohnnyisbackto offering musicstudiosessionsthismonth.If you or anyoneelseyou knowwants to learna tune,singa songor playan instrument(anyinstrument)please contactJohnListerat has over50 yearsexperienceand isa uniquemusicianwhonot onlyplays instruments,but writesand composesoringinalsaswell.For my recentbirthday,Johnwroteand producedan originalsongfor me called,"YourFace".I wasvery surprisedand touchedby this gesture.So,If youhavea songand youneedmusicaddedto it..Johnisyourman for all of your"musicneedsand desires." TRIVIAOFTHEMONTH:WalterSummerford wasstruckby lightningin 1918.Six years afterwardhewasstruckagain,and six years afterthat,struckoncemore.Afterhisdeath, lightningstruckhisgrave,in 1936.Andyou thoughtyou had a roughlife! UNTILNEXTMONTH:STRENGTHdoesnot comefromwhatwecan do.It comesfrom overcomingthethingsweoncethoughtwe couldn't.PleasePayIt ForwardIn SomeSmall Way,Even,If, It IsBy SharingYourHandsome and PrettySMILES! MarleneListerof &

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PC CANDI DATE 1 - Pl ease gi ve u s a br i ef bi ogr aphy / t el l t h e r eader s abou t you r sel f . (e.g. w or k , f am i l y, edu cat i on , ex per i en ce) I am a 33 year old r esident of the Cotton M ills in Cor nw all,and am pr oud to have been bor n and r aised in the r iding. Befor e ser ving in my cur r ent r ole as M em ber of Par liam ent,I ser ved 12 year s on m unicipal Council in SD&G as Councillor (age 18) and then M ayor of Nor th Dundas(age 22), and War den of SD&G (age 25). I also had the honour of w or king as ExecutiveAssistant to my pr edecessor Guy Lauzon for 9 year s in both Ottaw a and in the r iding. I have a w ide r ange of com m unity exper ienceas a volunteer and Boar d m em ber of num er ousor ganizations.I have a str ong r ecor d of w or king together w ith Canadiansof all backgr oundsto m ake our com m unity and our countr y a better place to live and w or k . 2 ? W h at m ak es you t h e best ch oi ce t o be ou r M em ber of Par l i am en t ? I have loved the past 22 m onthsas our com m unity'sM em ber of Par liam ent.M ost of that tim e has been focused on the pandem ic, and advocatingfor both incom e and business suppor t pr ogr am s.As w e near the end, w e need to r efocuson Canada'sr ecover y and get our economy fir ing on all cylinder sagain. We also need str ong local leader ship to addr ess local feder al issues such as the futur e of the Tr anspor t Canada lands along the St. Law r enceRiver , m aintainingand gr ow ing our VIA tr ain ser vice in Cor nw all,and getting our fair shar e of funding to tackle im por tant infr astr uctur epr ojectsto gr ow our city and r egion. 3 ? W h at i s t h e m ost i m por t an t Feder al i ssu e af f ect i n gpeopl e h er e i n t h e r i di n g of SDSG? How w i l l you r par t y addr ess t h i s i ssu e? The m ost im por tant issue locally is having a detailed r ecover y plan to get Canadians w or kingagain and get our sm all businesses back at 100% capacity. We r eleased a full platfor m ,Canada'sRecover y Plan, on Day 2 that explainshow a Conser vative gover nm ent w ould cr eate 1 m illion jobs w ith bold incentives,tackle our housing cr isis by building1 m illion hom es in 3 year s and banning for eign buyer s. Our cost of living and inflation is at 20-year highs as a r esult of unsustainablespendinglevels. Our platfor m addr essesall of those m ain issues that I believe ar e top pr ior itiesin SDSG. 4 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son Can ada's h an dl i n gof t h e COVI D-19pan dem i c?W h at i s you r par t y's pl an t o addr ess t h e pan dem i cm ov i n g f or w ar d? Conser vativesw er e ther e to suppor t pr ogr am sthat helped Canadiansw ho lost their jobs, and businessesw ho w er e for ced to shut dow n. We constr uctivelyoffer ed im pr ovem ents,like im pr ovingthe w age


subsidy fr om 10% to 70% and expanding eligibility for the em er gency businessloans. We also show ed leader ship by exposing cor r uptionsand scandalslike the W E Char ity scandal and sole-sour cecontr actsto Liber al insider s. The cor e of our platfor m is a 5-point to secur e our futur e:

w h at i s t h e best cou r se of act i on ? Canada m ust not ignor e the r eality of clim ate change. It is alr eady affectingour ecosystem s,hur ting our com m unities,and dam agingour infr astr uctur e.Ever y single tar get that Justin Tr udeau and the Liber als have set for Canada-they have failed to m eet.

SECUREJOBSby r ecover ingthe 1 m illion jobs As the w or ld continuesto m obilizeto m eet lost dur ing the pandem icw ithin one year. this challenge,it w ill inevitably lead to change. This w ill pr esent challengesfor SECUREACCOUNTABILITYby enactinga new Canada but also oppor tunitiesif w e ar e Anti-Cor r uptionlaw to clean up the m ess in sm ar t. If w e ar e to secur e our futur e, w e Ottaw a. m ust be pr epar ed for both. SECUREM ENTAL HEALTH thr ough our Incr easingly,the w or ld w ill be dem anding Canada M ental Health Action Plan. cleaner pr oducts,and investor sw ill be SECURETHE COUNTRYby cr eating a str ategic dem andingto see r eal effor ts to low er em issions.For tunately,Canada is w ell-placed stockpileof essential pr oductsand building to com petein this w or ld. All it needs is a the capacity to m anufactur evaccinesat gover nm ent that is focused on helping hom e. Canadianssucceed in ever y sector and in ever y r egion of the countr y. SECUREOUR ECONOM Yby balancingthe budget over the next decade. We w ill fight clim ate change and pr otect the envir onm ent,but w e w on?t do it on the backs 5 - W h at ar e t h e best w ays t o su ppor t of w or king Canadiansor by hur ting the econ om i cr ecover y af t er a pan dem i c? economy. Canadianscan?t affor d Justin W h at w i l l you r par t y do t o su ppor t sm al l Tr udeau?scar bon tax hike. bu si n esses? Our top pr ior ity is getting as m any people back to w or k in good jobs, in ever y par t of Canada,in ever y sector ,as quickly as possible. We w ill do w hatever it takes to get people w or king and get the economy back on tr ack . Canada?sConser vativesgot us out of the last r ecession? w e?llget us out of this one, too. Our plan w ill also incr easelong-ter m econom icgr ow th. To cr eate m or e good jobs and put our gover nm ent financeson a stable footing, w e can no longer accept the slow gr ow th of the last few year s. Canada?sConser vativesw ill pr otect the Canadian social contr act. That m eans jobs and gr ow th in ever y sector in ever y par t of the countr y. Ther e ar e m any w or king Canadiansw ho haven?t kept up w ith the econom icgr ow th and pr osper ity enjoyed by other s for year s. Canada?sConser vatives w on?t allow ar eas or sector s to be left behind. Our detailed plan to get Canadiansback to w or k includesw ill four m ajor initiativesto cr eate jobs: - Canada Job Sur ge Plan: paying up to 50% of the salar y of new hir es for six m onths follow ingthe end of CEWS. - Canada Investm ent Acceler ator :getting com paniesspendingm oney and cr eating jobs by pr ovidinga 5% investm ent tax cr edit for any capital investm ent m ade in 2022 and 2023, w ith the fir st $25,000 to be r efundable for sm all business. - Rebuild M ain Str eet Tax Cr edit: pr ovidinga 25% tax cr edit on am ountsof up to $100,000 that Canadiansper sonally invest in a sm all businessover the next tw o year s, to get m oney flow ing into m ain str eet businesses and cr eate jobs. - M ain Str eet BusinessLoan: pr ovidingloans of up to $200,000 to help sm all and m edium businessesin hospitality,r etail, and tour ism get back on their feet, w ith up to 25% for given. 6 - W h at i s you r r eact i on t o t h e UN cl i m at e r epor t ? Does Can ada h ave a r espon si bi l i t y t o r edu ce car bon em i ssi on s,an d i f yes,


Canada?sConser vativesw ill m eet our Par is clim ate com m itm entand r educe em issions by 2030, but w ithout the gover nm ent taxing w or king Canadiansand dr iving jobs and investm ent out of the countr y. We r ecognize that the m ost efficient w ay to r educe our em issionsis to use pr icing m echanism s. How ever ,having a m ar ket-basedappr oach m eans that w e cannot ignor e the fact that our integr ated Nor th Am er ican par tner - the United States - does not yet have a national car bon pr icing system . Fur ther ,the pr esent state of global tr ade allow s som e of the w or ld?sw or st polluter sto becom e fr ee r ider s to the detr im ent of Canadian w or ker s. Any ser iousplan has to r ecognizethese r ealities. Car bon pr icing should not r esult in Canadianssending billionsof dollar s of new tax r evenue to the gover nm ent - r evenue w hich it w ill be incr easinglytem pted to spend. To r each our goal, w e?ll w or k w ith the pr ovincesto give Canada the best chance to be a leader in clim ate action. We?ll br ing the pr ovincestogether to discussthe next steps in clim ate action and how w e can w or k together to m eet Canada?sgoal. This is the plan w e w ill put to the pr ovincesas a feder al par tner. 7 - Tr agi c di scover i esh ave been m ade at Resi den t i al sch ool s. W h at sh ou l d t h e Feder al Gover n m en t do t o addr ess t h i s an d ot h er i ssu es i m pact i n gAbor i gi n al s (e.g., l an d cl ai m s, cl ean dr i n k i n g w at er , et c.)? Indigenouspeoplesand all Canadiansshould expect their gover nm ent to r ecognize Indigenousand tr eaty r ights and to w or k together w ith Indigenouspeoplesas nation-to-nationpar tner sto r esolve long-standingchallenges.Recent events have illustr ated the scale of the obstaclesthat Indigenouspeopleshave faced thr oughout Canada?shistor y,and Canadiansar e m or e deter m inedto m ove for w ar d w ith r econciliationthan ever befor e. At this singular m om ent in Canada?shistor y, it is cr ucial that our effor ts ar e focused on dur able solutionsthat m ake a r eal and m eaningful im pact on the quality of life of



h t he upcoming FEDERAL ontSEPTEMBER 20t h ... TheWit Seeker invit ed each partELECTIONS y t o answer he same quest ions... Indigenouspeoples. Recent r epor ts, including the Tr uth and ReconciliationCom m ission and the National Inquir y into M issing and M ur der ed IndigenousWom en and Gir ls, have identified significant gaps in oppor tunity and outcom ebetw een Indigenousand non-Indigenouspeople.

r esour cesto educateCanadiansof all ageson the tr agichistor yof r esidentialschoolsin Canada. - Build a nationalm onum entin Ottaw athat honour sr esidentialschoolsur vivor sand all the childr enw ho w er elost.

Instead,they havehad m ajor gaffes,br oken pandem icpr otocolsand r ules,and had to changepositionson m ajor issuesnum er ous tim es.

All levelsof gover nm entneed to engagew ith Indigenouspeoplesto m akem eaningful pr ogr essin closingthesegaps.Canada?s Conser vativesbelievein buildinga tr ue par tner shipto ensur ea just and secur eplace for thr iving,self-deter m ining Indigenous nationsw ithinthe fabr icof Canada.That star ts w ith m akingthe r ecognitionof Indigenous r ightsa top pr ior ityand that is the lensthr ough w hichw e w ill appr oachall Indigenousissues.It also beginsw ith m akingser iouseffor tsto listen, lear n,under stand,and dem onstr ateour endur ingcom m itm entthr oughour actions.

8 - Can adaban n edbl ood don at i on sf r om gay m en si n ce1992.Si n ce2013,t h er eh avebeen on goi n gr est r i ct i on s.Do you su ppor tl i f t i n g t h e r em ai n i n gr est r i ct i on s?W hy or w hy n ot ?

Sim plyput: the Liber alsar e out of ideas,ar e out of touch,and I believew e need a steady, com petentgover nm entin Ottaw athat can m atur elylead Canada'seconom icr ecover y fr om thispandem ic.

I am pr oudof my w or k on Par liam entHill to r aiseaw ar enessof the discr im inator yblood ban and callingout the Liber algover nm ent's br okenpr om iseof 6.5 year sto end it. Conser vativesw ill get the job doneby safely changingthe questionnair efr om a sexual or ientation-based to behavior -based. It keeps the bloodsupplysafe,and allow sm or epeople to safelydonate.

Specificallyon addr essingour tr agicResidential 9 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son t h e Tr u deau schoolshistor y,Canada?sConser vativesw ill: gover n m en t ?M ost si gn i f i can t accom pl i sh m enan t d/or bi ggestf ai l u r es? - Developa com pr ehensive plan to im plem ent TRCCallsto Action71 thr ough76. Justin Tr udeauand the Liber alscalledan - Fund the investigationat all for m er r esidential unnecessar y$600m illionelectionin the m idst schoolsin Canadaw her eunm ar kedgr avesm ay of a 4th w ave,BCw ildfir es,the cr isisin Afghanistan,and other challengesthat deser ved exist,includingthe sitesw her echildr enhave their full attention. alr eadybeen discover ed. - Ensur ethat pr oper r esour cesar e allocatedfor I am not an over tlypar tisanper son,but their per for m ancesincethe cam paignbegan is a com m unitiesto r einter ,com m em or ate, and honourany individualsdiscover edthr oughthe good sum m ar yof my thoughtson their conduct. investigation,accor dingto the w ishesof their They w er ear r ogantand unpr epar ed.Justin next of kin. Tr udeauand Liber alinsider ssim plyexpected Canadiansto quicklygivethem a m ajor ity - Developa detailedand thor oughset of

gover nm entw ith lessaccountabilityin the Houseof Com m ons.

10 - W h i chpol i t i call eader i s t h e best ch oi ce f or Pr i m eM i n i st eran d w hy? Er in O'Toolew ill m akea fantasticPr im e M inisterof Canada.I havehad the pleasur eto w or k alongsidehim in Ottaw athe past 10 m onthsand got to see w hat Canadianshave com eto w itnessthe fir st few w eeksof the electioncam paign. He is sm ar t,com passionate, w ell spoken, ar ticulate,and actuallyansw er squestions askedof him . We didn't call thisunnecessar y$600m illion election,but Er in and our team hasshow nw e ar e r eady.We had a fully-costedand detailed platfor mon Day 2. Canadiansar e gettingto see m or eof Er in O'Toolew ith m or eequal cover agetakingplace dur ingthe cam paign.He hasser vedas countr y w ell in our CanadianAr m edFor ces,and I believehe w ouldm akeus pr oudas Pr im e M inisterof Canada.

As a r esult of thispandem icCanada?s w or kfor ceis changing.M any com paniesar e givingtheir em ployeesthe optionsof w or king fr om hom es,ther ear e pr otocolsbeingput into LI BERAL placefor com paniesthat need per sonnelin CANDI DATE their officesw e ar e m ovinginto a blendedtype 1 - Pl easegi ve u s a 3 - W h at i s t h e m ost i m por t an tFeder ali ssu e w or kfor ce.We ar e also findingthat m any br i ef bi ogr aphy/ af f ect i n gpeopl eh er ei n t h e r i di n gof SDSG? em ployeesar e lookingfor new challenges.The t el l t h e r eader s gover nm enthasto assist in tr ainingof A num berof constituentshaveexpr essed abou t you r sel f . em ployeeslookingat changeand thosethat ar e (e.g. w or k ,f am i l y, concer nsabout the envir onm ent,healthcar e tr yingto find that fir st job. It doesnot m atter and uncer taintycausedby thispandem ic.I edu cat i on , believethe Liber alpar ty hasacted r esponsibly the sizeof the businessthe gover nm enthasa ex per i en ce) in addr essingm anyof theseconcer ns,but ther e r oleto play in helpingCanadiansto find w or k . I w asbor n and is m or eto do and I w ant to be ableto expr ess We m ust also r em em berthat w e ar e facinga r aisedin the city of theseconcer nsin Ottaw aand ensur ethat w e skilledw or kershor tageas m anyof the baby Cor nw all.M y w ife ar e par t of the Liber alactionsin r esolving boom er ?sgener ationar e now m ovingfr om Elaineand I have3 them . em ploym entinto r etir em entleavingcountless childr enand 5 gr andchildr en.Over the span of jobsvacant. 45 year s,I enjoyeda car eer in policing,secur ity 4 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son Can ada?s h an dl i n gof t h e COVI D-19Pan dem i c?W h at i s and investigationsboth dom esticand for eign. 6 - W h at i s you r r eact i ont o t h e UN Cl i m at e M y hobbiesincludespor ts,and live car r acing. you r par t y?spl an t o addr esst h e pan dem i c r epor t ?DoesCan adah avea r espon si bi l i t yt o m ov i n gf or w ar d? r edu cecar bonem i ssi on s,an d i f yes, w h at i s Som eof the highlightsfr om my car eer ar e Fr om the star t of thispandem ic,no one saw it Cor nw allPoliceSer vicefr om 1976-2001and t h e best cou r seof act i on ? com ingor tr uly under stoodw hat w as r etir edas a ser geant. happening.We havebeen ableto w or k w ith the As m entionedin an ear lier r esponse,m any constituentshaveexpr essedconcer nover the 2001-2003ExecutiveDir ectorof Com m unity m edicaland scientificcom m unityto develop Agenciesof Stor m ontDundasand Glengar r y vaccinesand better under standthe pandem ic. envir onm entthe UnitedNationshascor r ectly statedthat all countr iesm ust w or k togetherto We ar e m akingpr ogr essin er adicatingit.We 2003-2006,Counciloron Cor nw allCity Council. haveall been affectedby the pandem icand that addr essglobalw ar m ing.Our Liber al gover nm enthasoutlinedactionin a num berof is w hy thiselectionis so im por tant,w e m ust July -Novem ber2007investigator /secur ity in ar eas,such as clean and r enew ableener gy, havethe suppor tof Canadiansin m oving South Afr icafor a M ontr eallaw fir m . ener gyefficiencyin hom esand businesses, for w ar don the econom icr ecover yfr om the M adein Canadaclean technologies,electr ic 2008to pr esentsecur ityM anagerfor a lar ge pandem icand ensur ethat w e havethe tools vehiclechar gingstationsand alter nativefuel officecom plexin Ottaw athat hassever al and exper tisenecessar yto battleany futur e infr astr uctur e,publictr ansit,investm entsin em bassiesas tenants. pandem ics. indigenous,r ur al and r em otecom m unitiesto I also have25 plusyear sinvolvem entat 5 - W h at ar e t h e best w ayst o su ppor t tr ansitionto cleanerener gysour ces,and Cor nw allM otor Speedw ay. suppor tfor com m unitiesto adapt to a changing econ om i cr ecover yaf t er a pan dem i c?W h at clim ate. w i l l you r par t ydo t o su ppor tsm al l 2 - W h at M ak esyou t h e best ch oi cet o be ou t bu si n esses? M em berof Par l i am en t ?



I?m a gr assr ootsper sonw ith leader shipskills that w antsto help m akea differ encein the w ell-beingof all our constituents.I believeit is im por tantto be a good listenerto under standa per son?spr oblem sor concer nsand then r each out to assist them in the best w ay possible.




Here Witare h tthe heir upcoming answers,and FEDERAL wheretELECTIONS heyst andonon issues SEPTEMBER t hat mat t er20t t o SDSG... h ... 7. - Tr agi cdi scover i esh avebeen m adeat Resi den t i alsch ool s.W h at sh ou l dt h e Feder al Gover n m en tdo t o addr esst h i s an d ot h er i ssu esi m pact i n gAbor i gi n al s(e.g.,l an d cl ai m s,cl ean dr i n k i n gw at er ,et c.)? Likem anyother CanadiansI w asshockedand saddenedto hear of the discover iesat the ResidentialSchools.It is a par t of our histor y that w e ar e not aw ar eof and m ust com eto ter m sw ith.We m ust acceptthe m any r ecom m endations of the Tr uth and ReconciliationCom m issionas a guidelineof how to m ovefor w ar dw ith our Fir st Nations com m unitiesand r ecognizetheir ancestr al claim s,and honourour tr eatycom m itm ents and r ecognizeour r esponsibilities and m ake good on them . 8 - Can adaban n edbl ood don at i on sf r om gay m en si n ce1992.Si n ce2013,t h er eh avebeen

on goi n gr est r i ct i on s.Do you su ppor tl i f t i n g m ovedfor w ar dw ith a str ongvaccination t h e r em ai n i n gr est r i ct i on s?W hy or w hy n ot ? pr ogr amand the gover nm enthasassisted Canadiansin accor dancew ith their needs.The If the scienceis in placeto categor icallyconfir m challengenow is to dem onstr ateto Canadians that such blooddonationsdo not posea thr eat that w e ar e pr epar edto m ovefor w ar dw ith a to anyone?shealth,then I see no r easonw hy r ecover yplan that w ill addr essthe healthand ther eshouldbe any r estr ictions.Ther ear e som e safetyof all Canadiansand r estor eem ploym ent defer r alr ulescur r entlyin placew hichnow and pr osper ityin our economy. stand at 3 m onthsbut ther ear e som e indicationsthat thisdefer r alr ulecould be 10.- W h i chpol i t i call eader i s t h e best ch oi ce lifted. f or Pr i m eM i n i st eran d w hy? 9 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son t h e Tr u deau gover n m en t ?M ost si gn i f i can t accom pl i sh m enan t d/or bi ggestf ai l u r es? Pr im eM inisterTr udeauhasshow ngr eat str engthand r esolvein addr essingthe COVID pandem ic.Thishaspossiblybeen his gr eatest successto date.Ther ew asso littleknow nabout the pandem icw hen it hit and yet Canadahas

Pr im eM inisterTr udeau,peoplem ightnot like his style,but he hasdem onstr atedthat he hasa vision for Canadaand is m ovingfor w ar dw ith that vision,w hetherit be on the econom icfr ont, pandem ic,envir onm ent,Fir st NationRelations, social issues,justicehe is actingin the inter ests of all Canadians.

r ise in tem per atur eto 1.5 degr ees.But Canada,per per son,is the secondlar gest JEANI E addr h essing clim ate changew ill also pr ovide em itterofELECTIONS C02 in the w or ldand one top Wit t he upcoming FEDERAL onof the SEPTEM WARNOCK m anynew oppor tunitiesin the gr een economy, ten em itter sin the w or lddespiteits low includingr etr ofittingexistingbuildingsand ser vicingclean technology.We can elect an M P fr om a par ty w hosem em ber shipdeniesclim ate changeand w ho focuseson tax clinicsfor 1 - Pl easegi ve u s a senior s.Or w e can havean M Pthat w ill help br i ef bi ogr aphy/ ensur ethat Cor nw all?sw or ker s? w hoar e too often tr appedin low -paying,unskilled t el l t h e r eader s jobs? havefundingand accessto the specialized abou t you r sel f . (e.g. w or k ,f am i l y, tr ainingpr ogr am sthat w ill allow them to com petesuccessfullyfor thesew ell-payingjobs edu cat i on , in the new gr een economy. ex per i en ce) GREENPARTY CANDI DATE

A long-tim e r esidentof Avonm or e,nor th of Cor nw all,I live on a sm all far m w ith my fam ily,hor sesand dogs.Gr ow ingup on my fam ily?sbeef and sugar bush far m in West Quebec,I w asthe secondyoungestof ten childr en? thefir st gir l of the fam ily--andI lear ntear ly the valueof har d w or k,fair ness, and per sistence.After w e m ovedto Nor th Stor m ont,I w or kedas a r idinginstr uctorand hor setr ainer w hileobtaininga English Liter atur e(2000).As w ell as beinga sessional lectur erat the Univer sityof Ottaw a,I?ve w or ked as volunteerESL teacherfor youth,a Big Sister , a hum aneeducatorw ith the Hum aneSociety, and for Wor ldVision. 2 ? W h at m ak esyou t h e best ch oi cet o be ou r M em berof Par l i am en t ? I am a non-par tisan,intelligentper sonw ho w ouldbr ingan evidence-basedyet com passionateappr oachto gover nm ent.I have spent my w holeadult life w or kingw ith childr en and youth:as an educatorfor 20 yr s at Uottaw a, a childr en?sr idinginstr uctor a, volunteerw ith or ganizationsdedicatedto childr en,and a m otherand aunt.As your M P,I w ouldput clim atechangeand the w ell-beingof our childr enand youth at the top of my agenda. Post-pandem icfundingfor youth m entalhealth issues;developm entof m or especialized tr ainingpr ogr am s;and takingim m ediate, ur gentactionon clim atechangew ouldbe my pr ior ities.

4 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son Can ada's h an dl i n gof t h e COVI D-19pan dem i c?W h at i s you r par t y'spl an t o addr esst h e pan dem i c m ov i n gf or w ar d? Canadaw assuccessfulw ith its pandem ic r esponsebecause,unlikein the U.S,w e didn?t questionthe scientificevidenceand w e let the exper tslead.Thisthoughtfulr esponseis testim onyto Canada?sexcellenteducation systemand com m unityspir it.M ovingfor w ar d, w e shouldcontinueto r efr ainfr om politicizing the issue,listen to the publichealthexper ts,and w or k togetherto pr otecteach other.We also need to listen to the psychologistsand exper ts w ho under linethe need of our childr ento r etur nto in-per sonschoolingand accessall the social and healthbenefitsthat com ew ith it. 5 - W h at ar e t h e best w ayst o su ppor t econ om i cr ecover yaf t er a pan dem i c?W h at w i l l you r par t ydo t o su ppor tsm al l bu si n esses?

populationdensity.So w e need to takeactionto low er em issions,par ticular lyfor heatingand tr anspor tation.The Gr een Par ty hascom m itted to cr eatingm illionsof new ,w ell-paidjobsin the tr adesby r etr ofittingever y buildingin Canada-r esidential, com m er cialand institution? tobe car bonneutr alby 2030.We also plan to r edir ectsubsidiesfr om the fossil fuel industr yto acceler atethe sw itchto electr ic and hybr idvehicles.Finally,w e plan to develop a nationalelectr icitycor r idorthat w ouldallow r enew ableener gyto be tr ansm ittedfr om one pr ovinceto another. 7 - Tr agi cdi scover i esh avebeen m adeat Resi den t i alsch ool s.W h at sh ou l dt h e Feder al Gover n m en tdo t o addr esst h i s an d ot h er i ssu esi m pact i n gAbor i gi n al s(e.g.,l an d cl ai m s,cl ean dr i n k i n gw at er ,et c.) ?

Our childr enlear n in kinder gar tenthat an apologyhasto be accom paniedby actionfor it to be m eaningful.As w e w or k on the plan for the Cor nw allw ater fr ontin par tner shipw ith the M ohaw ksof Akw esasne,w e shouldensur ethat the final pr oductcontainssuch thingsas pr om inentuse of their languageon new buildingsand signage;str uctur e(s)that w ill displayor incor por atetheir histor y,cultur e,and tr aditions;and acknow ledgem ent of their tr aditionallandsin the St. Law r enceRiver Valleyar ea.

Nationally,w e need educationand r estitution. Educationso Canadianscan lear n of the cultur e and contr ibutionsof Fir st Nations,M etis,and Our local economysuffer sbecauseit is cheaper Inuit,as w ell as the devastationof the to ship in food and poor lym adem er chandise r esidentialschools.Restitutionto ensur ea fr om Chinathan to buy a quality,local pr oduct better educationand incr easedaccessto But Covid,and the shor tagesthat accom panied investm entcapitalfor Indigenous it, haveshow nus the danger sof a systembased entr epr eneur s,am ongother things. on shippingcom m oditiesacr ossthe globe.We need to use post-pandem icfundingto w or k w ith 8 - Can adaban n edbl ood don at i on sf r om gay the pr ovinceto im pr ovelocal food secur ityand m en si n ce1992.Si n ce2013,t h er eh avebeen to r estor elocal pr ocessingand distr ibution on goi n gr est r i ct i on s.Do you su ppor tl i f t i n g netw or ks.As w ell,Gr een post-pandem ic t h e r em ai n i n gr est r i ct i on s?W hy or w hy n ot ? stim ulusspendingand job cr eationw ouldfocus on m ovingus tow ar dsan zer o car bonfutur e, I believeall par tiesshouldfollow the pr ovidingtr ainingand oppor tunitiesfor w or k r ecom m endations of m edicalscienceas to w hat 3 ? W h at i s t h e m ost i m por t an tFeder ali ssu e in clean and gr een tech. r estr ictionsshouldbe placedon blooddonor s. af f ect i n gpeopl eh er ei n t h e r i di n gof SDSG? Oneof the gr eat str engthsof Canadiansocietyis How w i l l you r par t y addr esst h i s i ssu e? 6 - W h at i s you r r eact i ont o t h e UN cl i m at e that w e do not engagein the so-calledcultur e r epor t ?DoesCan adah avea r espon si bi l i t yt o w ar sthat w e see tear ingthe U.S. apar t.We?r e The extr em eheat,w ildfir es,and dr oughtin B.C r edu cecar bonem i ssi on s,an d i f yes, w h at i s sm ar t enoughas a societyand car ingenoughto show us the futur eif w e do not takeur gent t h e best cou r seof act i on ? follow scientificadviceon best pr actices.Let?s actionon clim atechangeand keep the pr ojected keep it that w ay!





and hel pyou t o underst andt heir pl at f ormsbet t er. 9 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son t h e Tr u deau gover n m en t ?M ost si gn i f i can t accom pl i sh m enan t d/or bi ggestf ai l u r es?

into an entir elyunnecessar yelectionjust as w e ar e tr yingto safelyr e-openour schools.And he sw or eto m akeour dem ocr aticsystemw or k better by intr oducingpr opor tional r epr esentation? system a in w hichever yone?s votecounts,not just the votesof the w inning par ty.But he backeddow n. As w ith so m uch of Tr udeau?stalk,he doesn?thavethe w ill to im plem entit.

f or Pr i m eM i n i st eran d w hy?

I ur geyou to voteNDPbecauseyou deser ve better. 3 ? W h at i s t h e m ost i m por t an tFeder ali ssu e af f ect i n gpeopl eh er ei n t h e r i di n gof SDSG? How w i l l you r par t y addr esst h i s i ssu e?

so they can pr otectpublichealthand be r eady w ith sur gecapacityin the event of a cr isis.

Tr udeaulet m edicalhealthexper tslead on the pandem ic.Consequently, w e had lesslossof life and ar e r ecover ingfaster than our neighbour s to the south.But Tr udeaudoesnot deliver on his pr om ises.He pr om isesa tr ansitionto clean ener gybut buysa pipeline.He talksabout the danger sof the pandem ic,but for cesour countr y 10 - W h i chpol i t i call eader i s t h e best ch oi ce

TREVOR KENNEDY NDP CANDI DATE 1 - Pl easegi ve u s a br i ef bi ogr aphy/ t el l t h e r eader s abou t you r sel f . (e.g. w or k ,f am i l y, edu cat i on , ex per i en ce) Bor n in 2001to far m ingpar ents, m uch of my life is definedby an entr enchm entin r ur al living. Havingspent alm ostall of my life on a pr im ar ily beef far m ,I havecom eto know the beautyand r ew ar dsof agr icultur e,tendingnot only a healthyher d of Lim ousincattle,but also sheep, poultr y,and m anygar densof fr esh fr uit and vegetables.M y par ents,Cr aigand M ichelle,both w or k in education,and the far m is a par t-tim e affair for the w holefam ily,w ith plentyof w or k for my tw o sister sand I as w ell. I gr aduatedas an honour sstudentfr om I.E. WeldonSecondar ySchoolin 2019,And headed im m ediatelyto the Univer sityof Guelph.Ther e, I studiedSociologyand Anthr opology, being nam edto the dean'slist in both of my fir st sem ester s.Takinga year off of schooldueto covid,I w or k as a finisherand labour erfor a concr etecontr actorin the Peter bor oughar ea, doingfloor sand finishedsur facesin r esidential constr uction.Now ,I havem adea pathw ay changeand w ill be star tingstudiesat Dur ham Collegein the Industr ialM echanic-M illw r ight pr e-appr enticeship pr ogr am ,w ith hopesto w or k in industr ialm aintenancein the futur e. I considermyselfa dedicated,r eliable, adaptableindividual,w ith a str ongw or k ethic gather edthr oughmy m anydiffer ent exper iences.In my fr eetim e,I can usuallybe foundw or kingon m otor cycles,takingcar eof the far m ,fishing,or w r iting.Playingm usic, cooking,and spor tsr oundsout my list of per sonalinter ests. 2 ? W h at m ak esyou t h e best ch oi cet o be ou r M em berof Par l i am en t ? Today,fam iliesin our com m unitiesar e w or r ied about jobs,the healthof our lovedones,and the publicser vicesthat ever yonecountson. But the past 18 m onthshaveshow nthat Canadianscan confr ontany challenge? w hen w e haveto, w hen w e chooseto, and w hen w e com e together.It?s also show nus that thanksto the decisionsof Liber aland Conser vative gover nm ents,m anyof the suppor tsthat w e r ely on just ar en?tther ew hen w e need them . If w e w ant differ entr esults,w e need to m ake differ entchoices.Jagm eetSingh and the NDP w ill continueto fight for you. On Septem ber20,


Cor nw allm adehistor yw hen it becam ethe fir st city in Ontar ioto choosea black w om anas m ayor.TheGr een Par ty of Canadam adehistor y w hen it electedAnnam iePaul to be the fir st back fem aleleader of a nationalpar ty.Now , let?sm akehistor yagain by electinga Gr een M P in Ontar io!.

Canadaneedsto havethe capacityto pr oduce vaccinesfor publichealthem er gencies,a capacitythat w e lost under Liber aland Conser vativegover nm ents.New Dem ocr atsw ill establisha cr ow ncor por ationchar gedw ith dom esticvaccinepr oductionso that Canadians ar e never again at the back of the line.

Decadesof Conser vativecutsand Liber al inactionhavehar m edthe ser vicesw e count on ? and Canadiansar e left str uggling.They can?t accesshealthcar e,m edication,m entalhealth car e,or hom ecar ethat they or their lovedones To pr otectm edicalper sonnel,patientsand need.This,I believeis an absolutelycr itical essentialw or ker s,w e?ll ensur ethat Canada issuein thiscam paign. m aintainsan adequateand stockpileof per sonal New Dem ocr atsbelievew e all benefitw hen w e r esponsibly-m anaged pr otectiveequipm ent,w ith an em phasison live longer ,healthierlives? and w e?r e com m ittedto a futur ew her ew e takebetter car e suppor tingdom esticpr oduction. of one another ,so ever yonebenefits.After Finally,Canadais a leader in innovativehealth decadesof pr om ises,the Liber alshaveonce r esear ch,a field that is m or eim por tantthan again failedto m akesur eever yCanadiancan ever.We w ill w or k w ith univer sitiesand health affor dthe m edicationsthey need.We?ll investin pr ofessionalsto m akesur ethat publicr esear ch healthcar eand expandit to include on cr iticalhealthissuescontinuesto flour ish. phar m acar ethat cover sever yone? and w or k New Dem ocr atsw ill r ever sethe Liber als? tow ar dsexpandingit even fur ther. r ecklessm oveto w eakenthe GlobalPublic Under our system ,ever yoneshouldhaveaccess HealthIntelligenceNetw or k,w hichpr ovides to qualityhealthcar eno m atter w her ethey live. sur veillanceand ear ly w ar ningsthat ar e cr itical for m anaginginter nationalpublichealth But too often,Canadiansar e gettingdiffer ent car edependingon their pr ovinceof r esidence? em er gencieslike pandem ics. a pr oblemm adew or seby a lack of feder al 5 - W h at ar e t h e best w ayst o su ppor t leader shipunder successiveLiber aland econ om i cr ecover yaf t er a pan dem i c?W h at Conser vativegover nm ents.New Dem ocr ats w i l l you r par t ydo t o su ppor tsm al l believethat the feder algover nm enthasa bu si n esses? cr iticalr oleto play in upholdingand enfor cing The pandem icchangedthe w ay m anyof us the CanadaHealthAct,especiallyagainstthe w or k .Over night,m illionsof jobsdisappear ed. cr eepingthr eatof pr ivatizationand user fees. w ho could w or k fr om hom escr am bled We w ill also act im m ediatelyto pr eventthe sale People jugglew or k and fam ilyr esponsibilities. of bloodpr oducts,and to m akesur ethat people to ents? m ostlyw om en- w ithoutchildcar e can accesssafeabor tionser vicesin all r egions. Par w er efor cedto leavetheir jobs.Essential A New Dem ocr atgover nm entw ill w or k w ith the w or ker sstayedon the job ? m any w ithout decentw ages,pr otectionfr om COVID-19or sick pr ovincesand ter r itor iesto tacklew ait tim es days.Fr ontlinew or ker s? especiallyin health and im pr oveaccessto pr im ar ycar eacr ossthe car e? w er eher oes. countr y? and w e?ll w or k w ith the pr ovincesto developpublicinfr astr uctur efor secur e, The gr ow thof low -paid,insecur ew or k is the accessiblevir tualhealthcar e.We w ill identify r esult of decadesof decisionsby Liber aland com inggapsin healthhum anr esour cesand Conser vativegover nm ents? fr om scr appingthe m akea plan to r ecr uitand r etainthe doctor s, feder alm inim umw agein the 1990sto telling nur sesand other healthpr ofessionals Canadiansto ?get used to?shor t-ter m , Canadiansneed.New Dem ocr atsw ill also w or k pr ecar iousw or k . w ith the pr ovincesand ter r itor iesto expand and im pr oveaccessto palliativecar eacr ossthe New Dem ocr atsar e differ ent? becausew e ar e w or kingpeople.For our w holehistor y,w e have countr y. foughtfor better w or kingconditionsand 4 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son Can ada's standar dsthat lift ever yoneup. We know that h an dl i n gof t h e COVI D-19pan dem i c?W h at i s good jobsthat tr eat peoplefair ly m akea r eal you r par t y'spl an t o addr esst h e pan dem i c differ enceto Canadianfam ilies? and that m ov i n gf or w ar d? settingCanadiansup for successin the w or k w or ldof the futur ebenefitsus all. The COVID-19pandem ichasexposedser ious Sm all businessesar e one of the enginesof job w eaknessesin Canada?spandem ic cr eationin Canada,and an im por tantpar t of pr epar ednessand r esponsecapacities.New Dem ocr atsw ill str engthenthesesystem sso that ever y com m unityacr ossthe countr y.Local shopskeep our com m unitiesr unning,and they Canadais never again unpr epar edand left need our suppor tnow m or ethan ever. behindin a global pandem ic.We believethe gover nm entshouldim m ediatelytakea leader shipr olein a feder alvaccinationstr ategy Too m any m ain str eet sm all and m edium -sized businesseshavebeen hit har d by the COVID-19 to ensur eall Canadianscan be vaccinated. M ovingfor w ar d,w e?ll pr ovidestable,long-ter m pandem ic.Sm all businessesneed a gover nm ent fundingfor the PublicHealthAgencyof Canada that helpsthem accessthe ser vicesand infr astr uctur ethey need to r ecover ,thr iveand




Happy PLEASE Vot VOTE ingin t he upcomingFEDERALELECTIONSon SEPTEMBER20t h... expand,w hileinvestingin a healthyand talentedw or kfor ce.

fr om 2005levelsby 2030,r eachingfur ther Successivefeder algover nm entshavedeniedthe w her everpossibleto accountfor Canada?sfair basichum anr ightsof Indigenouspeoples, shar e.We know that r eachingnet-zer oby 2050 stolen childr enfr om their par ents,for ced New Dem ocr atsbelievethat sm all businesses m eanstakingactionnow ,dur ingthe ter m of Indigenouspeoplesoff their hom elandsand shouldhaveaccessto all the suppor tthey need thisnext Par liam ent.We w ill w or k w ith ter r itor ies,and claim edlandsw ithoutconsent to get thr oughthiscr isis,gr ow ,innovateand par tner sto establishm ulti-yearnationaland or com pensation. stay com petitivein Canadaand ar oundthe sector alcar bonbudgetsas a key guiding w or ld.That?sw hy w e havestood up for New Dem ocr atsar e com m ittedto under taking fr am ew or kto developCanada?spath to 2030 em er gencysm all businessaid dur ingCOVID-19, and beyond.And w e w ill cr eateand fund a the im por tantw or k of r econciliationin good low er sm all businesstaxes,opposedunfair faith,and in tr ueand equal par tner shipw ith Clim ateAccountabilityOffice,to pr ovide m er chantfees,and foughtto m akeit easier to Indigenouscom m unitiesacr ossthe countr y.We independentover sightof feder alclim ate passon sm all businessesto the next gener ation. pr ogr ess,to engagethe public,and to m ake believethat the Cr ow n?sr elationshipto Indigenouspeoplesm ust be basedon an r ecom m endations on how to achieve our goals. New Dem ocr atsw ill m akesur ethat sm all acknow ledgem ent of our countr y?scolonial businessesw ageand r ent subsidiescontinue Puttinga pr iceon car bonhasbeen an histor yof genocideand stolen lands? and until sm all businessesar e ableto fully r eopen. im por tanttool in effor tsto dr iveem issions includelegallybindingcom m itm entsto fair and To help sm all businessesget peopleback to r eductions.We w ill continuew ith car bon equitabler edr essgoingfor w ar d. w or k,w e?ll put in placea long-ter mhir ing pr icingw hilem akingit fair er and r ollingback bonusto pay the em ployerpor tionof EI and CPP loopholesthisLiber algover nm enthasgiven to We w ill: for new or r ehir edstaff. big polluter s.But w e also r ecognizethat car bon UpholdIndigenousr ightsand pr icingw on?tbe enoughto tacklethe clim ate New Dem ocr atsw ill keep w or kinghar d for advancingself-deter m ination cr isis. Fur ther action is needed. sm all businessesto tackleissuesthat im pact Investin childr enand end funding their bottomline. As m or eand m or esm all discr im ination Onethingw e w on?tdo is continuedow n the businessesr ely on cr editcar d and vir tual Pr ovidesafe,qualityhousingfor all path that Liber aland Conser vativegover nm ents tr ansactions,w e?ll put an end to gougingby Foster thr ivingand r esilient havechosenw hen it com esto spendingpublic cappinghigh cr edit car d m er chantfeesat a com m unitiesw ith clean w ater and m oneyon oil and gassubsidies.Under Pr im e m axim umof 1%. str ongpublicser vices M inisterTr udeau,the feder algover nm entspent Our plan for public,univer salphar m acar ew ill $18 billionto suppor toil and gas explor ation, 8 - Can adaban n edbl ood don at i on sf r om gay pr oduction,r efining,tr anspor tationand m or e also savebusinessesappr oxim ately$600per m en si n ce1992.Si n ce2013,t h er eh avebeen in 2020alone? and that?son top of pur chasing on goi n gr est r i ct i on s.Do you su ppor tl i f t i n g em ployeew ith extendedhealthbenefitsever y year ? and it m eansthat all sm all businessescan the Kinder -M or ganoil pipeline.New Dem ocr ats t h e r em ai n i n gr est r i ct i on s?W hy or w hy n ot ? feel confidentknow ingthat their em ployeesar e know that publicfundsar e best spent ableto accessthe pr escr iptiondr ugsthey need. suppor tingthe tr ansitionto r enew ableener gy, Theongoingbloodban is discr im inator yand r ather than on pr ofitableoil and gas com panies. anotherbr okenpr om iseby Justin Tr udeau.New To help Canadiansm all businessstep out on the We w ill fulfill Canada?sG-20com m itm entto Dem ocr atshavelongadvocatedfor an end to elim inatethesefossil fuel subsidiesand r edir ect the bloodban becausetechnologiesar e alr eady w or ldstage,a New Dem ocr atgover nm entw ill str eam lineaccessto gover nm entexpor tser vices thesefundsto low car boninitiatives,and m ake in placefor testingof all blood donations.Blood sur ethat futur egover nm entscan?t r ever sethis policiesshouldbe basedon w hat is and m akeit sim plerto br eak into for eign by puttingin placelegislationto ban any futur e scientifically-pr oven m ar kets.We?ll also pr ovidesm all-and to be high r isk,not on oil, gas and pipelinesubsidies. m edium -sizedbusinessesw ith a singlepoint of br oadand outdatedster eotypes,and shouldbe contactto help easer egulator ypr ocessesand consistentlyappliedto all donor s. We?ll w or k w ith the pr ovincesand ter r itor iesto suppor tcom pliance- fr eeingup tim efor m ake Canada an innovation leader on m ethane 9 - W h at ar e you r t h ou gh t son t h e Tr u deau entr epr eneur to s investin gr ow ingtheir r eductionin such ar easas r eal-tim em onitor ing gover n m en t ?M ost si gn i f i can t business. and leakagedetection,ensur ingthat pr ovincial accom pl i sh m enan t d/or bi ggestf ai l u r es? m ethaner egulationsar e genuinelyequivalent Recognizingthat a shor tageof w or ker sis a Canadians fr om coast to coast to coast havetold w ith the feder alr egulations,and incr easingthe m ajor bar r ierfor m anysm all businesses oper atingin r ur al ar eas,w e?ll m akeim por tant am bitionof thosetar getsin the 2025-30per iod. us that their biggestdisappointm entw ith Justin Tr udeauis his insistenceon SAYINGthe r ight new investm entsin tr ainingCanadiansand boost suppor tto tr aditionallyunder em ployed The feder algover nm entcan also m odelchange, saying,but not DOINGthe r ight thing.We no gr oups,ensur ingthat they can accessgood jobs by becom inga tr ail-blazerin ener gyefficiency, longer tr ust him to act in ten inter estsof our clean technologiesand r enew ableener gyuse. fam ilies.W hat w e havew itnessedis an that pay a fair w age. We w ill lead by exam pleand pr ocur efr om ar r oganceand lack of under standingof w hat Canadiancom paniespr oducingclean 6 - W h at i s you r r eact i ont o t h e UN cl i m at e Canadiansar e tr uly exper iencing.He has r epor t ?DoesCan adah avea r espon si bi l i t yt o technology,ensur ethat feder albuildingsuse pr eoccupiedhim selfw ith doingfavour sfor his r enew ableener gy,and m ovethe vehiclefleets r edu cecar bonem i ssi on s,an d i f yes, w h at i s w ell connectedfr iends,w hilem ovingat a of the feder algover nm entto electr icby 2025, t h e best cou r seof act i on ? glacialpacew hen it com esto deliver inghelp to choosingm ade-in-Canada w her everpossible. Canadians. After havingover seenem issionincr easesever y We w ill pr otectCanadianbusinessesw ho ar e singleyear in w hichthey havebeen in pow er , Jagm eetSingh and the NDPunder standthe takingactionto tr ansitionto a low -car bon the Liber alshaveset a tar getthat is not in line needsand pr ior itiesof w or kingfam ilies.We futur ew ith a bor der car bonadjustm entthat w ith w hat the best availablesciencesaysis w ill fight for you. w ill level the playingfield on im por tsfr om needed,and w on?tdo enoughto pr eventthe ar easw ithouta car bonpr ice.And w e w ill 10 - W h i chpol i t i call eader i s t h e best ch oi ce catastr ophicconsequencesof w ar m ingabove appointa Clim ateEm er gencyCom m itteeof f or Pr i m eM i n i st eran d w hy? 1.5 degr ees. Cabinetand establisha str ongClim ate Em er gencySecr etar iatin the PM Oto ensur ea Jagm eetSingh of cour se. Par liam entr ecentlypassedC-12,to put in law w hole-of-gover nm ent appr oachto r espondingto our collectivecom m itm entto r eachingnet-zer o the clim ateem er gency. Her eis Jagm eetin his ow n w or ds:?I?m not em issionsby 2050.New Dem ocr atsar e pr oudof Justin Tr udeau.I?m not like him . I?ve lived a the r olew e haveplayedin gettingher e? fr om 7 - Tr agi cdi scover i esh avebeen m adeat differ entlife. I under standthe pain of being Jack Layton?sadvocacyfor clim ate Resi den t i alsch ool s.W h at sh ou l dt h e Feder al som eonethat?snot valued,not w or thanything. accountabilitylegislationalm ost15 year sago,to Gover n m en tdo t o addr esst h i s an d ot h er And Indigenouspeoplehavebeen m adeto feel our successin ensur ingC-12 included i ssu esi m pact i n gAbor i gi n al s(e.g.,l an d that w ay for so long? AndI pr om iseyou,I?ll be shor t-ter maccountabilitym easur es? m easur es cl ai m s,cl ean dr i n k i n gw at er ,et c.) ? differ ent.? that w ill be so cr iticalin settingCanadaup to Indigenouspeopleshavelived w ith the im pact m eet thosetar gets. Jagm eethasw or kedhar d to sustainhis fam ily and legacyof colonialismfor decades.Their w hen they w er ein a vulner ablesituation.He C-12 w asa step in the r ight dir ection,but it w as r esiliencein the faceof genocideis w hy hasfaced discr im ination.He believesin the not the bill New Dem ocr atsw ouldhavew r itten. Indigenouspeople,languageand cultur e pow er of com m unity.He believesin the New Dem ocr atsar e com m ittedto helping sur vive.Canadiansar e r eckoningw ith the theft str engthof our diver sity. stabilizethe global tem per atur er ise to 1.5 of childr enfr om fam iliesand land fr om degr eesCelsius.To that end w e w ill set a tar get Indigenouscom m unities. On Septem ber20, I ur geyou to voteNDP. of r educingCanada?sem issionsby at least 50%

Al l 5 candidat eswerecont act ed- t heseweret he oneswhorespondedby presst ime- answerswil l al so be post edon : www.t





Ar ticle by Neil M a cmilla n with photos fr om John Towndr ow Cor nw all held its fir st Eco Day on Satur day, August 7, just as the w or ld w as r eceiving advancenotice of the latest Inter gover nm entalPanel on Clim ate Change r epor t that clim ate change is ?w idespr ead,r apid and intensifying.?


Day in Cornwal l

·Fu t u r e Cl i m at e Leader s,an initiativeto stim ulatelocal conver sationsabout clim ate change; ·t h e Rem edi al Act i on Pl an to addr essthe identificationof the St. Law r enceRiver at Cor nw all being an ?ar ea of concer n?w ithin the Gr eat Lakes w ater sheds;

As per Pillar 5 of its Str ategicPr ior itiesfor 2019-22,the City and its r esidentsaim to becom e ?leader sin sustainabilityand clim ate change im pact,?and Eco Day w as conceived as one step in that dir ection.

·the River Institute?seducational pr ogr am s; ·FI NS (Fish IdentificationNear shor eSur vey), another River Institutepr ogr am

The day?s successin or ganizingcr eative displaysat var iouslocationsar ound the city fr om 10 a.m . to 2 p.m . w as clear ly due to the syner gisticeffor ts of the City and other par tner slike the Raisin River Conser vationAuthor ity (RRCA), the St. Law r enceRiver Instituteof Envir onm ental Sciences,Tr ansition Cor nw all+,the Local Fill and Fam ily Ear th.

Accor dingto Yanik Rozon, the Institute?sEco Day coor dinator ,ther e w as a steady flow of visitor sto its booths thr oughout the day despite the location being som ew hat distant fr om the m ain centr e of activitiesin Lam our eux Par k and the adjacent por tion of dow ntow n Cor nw all. SUSTAI NABI LI TYis another big topic these days, and w as r epr esentedby Angela Par ker , the City?s full-tim eSustainabilityPr oject Coor dinator w ho shar ed the spot w ith the RRCA, w her e she engaged people about w hat a sustainablelifestyle looks like w hen living in an ur ban com m unity like Cor nw all.

Accor dingto Kather ineWells, the City?s Str ategic PlanningCoor dinator ,Cor nw all seem s to be m or e am bitiouson the sustainableecosystem fr ont com par ed w ith other sim ilar -sizedcities, The day?s pr ogr am in Cor nw all consisted of cr eative displaysar ound the city, highlightingone or m or e key aspectsof hum anity?scom ing to ter m s w ith a natur al w or ld in cr isis.

FOOD SECURI TYis another topic that is com ing to the for e these days as food supply chains com e under pr essur efr om clim ate change and people ar e being aw ar e of the over all issue of ?food m iles?or the distance food tr avels fr om pr oduction to consum ption.

One key m essageof Eco Day w as the im por tanceof TREESin m aintaining ecological balance.

Ur ban f ar m i n g is one r esponseto this challenge,and w as r epr esentedon the day by the Edible Gar den behind the Lions Club Bandshell in Lam our eux Par k hosted by Tr ansition Cor nw all+?sCar ol Boileau and Kat Rendek (w ho w ear s tw o hats as she is also the pr oject coor dinator for the City?s Econom icDevelopm entDepar tm ent).

For cities, the ideal tr ee canopy is estim ated to be fr om 30 to 40 per cent because tr ees pr ovide m any benefitssuch as r educingcooling and heating costs, filter ing air pollution,pr ovidingshade in sum m er and pr otection fr om w inds in w inter ,offer inghabitat for bir ds and other fauna, r educingstor m w ater r unoff, and adding living beauty to com m unities.

For its par t, the City?s r ecently-established En v i r on m en t alan d Cl i m at e Ch an ge Com m i t t ee(r epr esentedby Jesse Good and Elaine Kennedy) w as on hand at the clock tow er engagingw ith people thr ough a ?dotm ocr acy?exer cisedesigned to r aise aw ar enessabout the var iousim plicationsof accessingnatur e in the city.

Repr esentingtr ees on Cor nw all?sEco Day pr ogr am w er e the Tiny For est (cr eated outside the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y by Tr ansition Cor nw all+and hosted by Lynn M acdonnel),the Ar bor etum in Lam our eux Par k (hosted by John Tow ndr ow and Bill Car r ier e) and theRotar y Eco Gar densat the w est end of Lam our eux Par k (hosted byRotar iansLinda Eam er and Lee Cassidy). Another key m essageis the im por tanceof WATER, another featur e of our daily life that w e tend to take for gr anted. This them e w as r epr esentedon the pr ogr am by infor m ation booths by the RRCA (at a pop-up shop near Cor nw all Squar e) and the River Institute(at its pr em iseson the St. Law r ence College cam pus). Th e RRCA is one of 36 conser vationauthor itiesin Ontar io, ?dedicated to pr otectingpeople and pr oper ty fr om natur al hazar ds, pr otectingm unicipal dr inkingw ater sour ces,conser vingnatur al r esour cesand pr otected lands w ithin their r espectivew ater sheds.? Based in Glen Walter ,the RRCA is r esponsiblefor ar ound 1,690 km ² of Easter n Ontar io,m ainly South Stor m ont,Nor th Glengar r y,South Glengar r y and Cor nw all itself. For its par t, the River Institutehad five booths on the follow ing them es: ·t h e Gr eat Ri ver Rappor t , ?a science-basedr epor t to assess the


status and health of the Upper St. Law r ence River ,?in close collabor ationw ith the M ohaw k Council of Akw esasne(M CA);

Other featur ed Eco Day displaysincluded one on books about clim ate change and other envir onm entaltopics at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y,one on sw itchingfr om disposable household item s to r eusableones at the Local Fill (hosted by Julie Dennis), and one on helping childr en connect w ith natur e by Fam ily Ear th, an outdoor exper iencecentr e in Ingleside(hosted by RochelleJohnston). Accor dingto Kather ineWells, the Eco Day 2021?s or ganizer sfeel that ?the event w as a huge success and one that w e can definitely build on for next year.? ?Eco Day is just one w ay that the City, par tner or ganizationsand volunteer sar e w or kingtogether ,taking the lead and educatingon these im por tant topics.? In the sam e spir it, the next new com m unity event of this type locally w ill be Cor n w al l ?sGr eat Bi g Li t t er Cl ean u p Days, or ganized by the Canadian Feder ation of Univer sity Wom en on Septem ber 17 and 18 to m ar k Wor ld Cleanup Day on Septem ber 18. Fi n d m or e i n f o at : Cor n w al l .ca







(as many new gardenersare realizing the value and pleasure of growing some of their own food.) CUREA AND DIVERSITYCORNWALLSHINELIGHT ON INEQUITY (that has been even more pronouncedduring the pandemic.Apart from the basic human rights issue, we need the diversity and inclusion of everyone to help solve the climate crisis)



I have always avoided watchingtelevision network news because rather than just giving me a summaryof the key happeningsin Canada and the world, they delve into all the horrible,disturbingthings that are happeningin full colour, to capture a large viewing audience.This is a sure-fire way to feel depressed and give up hope. I believe this drives the cynicism that is so prevalent now. It also takes away our energy to act and imagine a better future. There are so many good news stories out there that are a source of hope but are never in the headlines. A friend recently suggested that we create our own news headlines and I thought,hey, that?s a novel idea! So here are some of the headlinesI created without even having to use my imagination,as these are all happeningright now in our community.

IS RECOGNIZED (as Akwesasro?nonare essential partners in the St. Lawrence River Rapport) LOCALSDISCOVERTHE HEALINGPOWEROF NATURE (as they flock to local forests and nature parks to walk, ski and bicycle during the pandemic.) LOCAL BUSINESSES ADDRESSCLIM ATEISSUES (Family Earth is reconnecting families to nature and the Local Fill is helping to reduce our plastic waste ? there are just a couple of many) LOCAL M ARKETSENJOY A RESURGENCE

CORNWALLBECOM ESAN ENVIRONM ENTALLEADER (by creating the Environmentand Climate Change Committee,setting carbon reduction targets, hiring a coordinator


(as people seek out local food to reduce food miles and to connect with growers they can trust)

(and realize that life can still be wonderful even when they can?t get on a germ-infestedairliner or cruise ship :-)

(We?d love to hear some of your favourite headlines)

and holding an Ecoday.)

RIVER INSTITUTELAUNCHESFUTURECLIM ATELEADERSPROJECT (to engage the citizens in addressingthe climate crisis.)

None of this would have happened without people getting engaged,putting their energy into making a difference,seeing the opportunityto learn from past mistakes and building a better future. That?s what gives me hope!

Top photo: Wild Rose Farm Photo below: Paperboat Farms All Photo credits: Susan Towndrow

A heron at the Eco Gardens a beautiful place to reconnect with nature, right here in our city!


A shot of the canal bike path another great place to enjoy nature!


For more information on Transition Cornwall+ and to connect to our mailing list go to: w w w.t r an sit ion cor n w



line overseen by the Canadian Suicide

SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE Mélanie Brulée lost her father to suicide when she was just 12 years old. Heartbroken, the girl turned to music. ?It has always been an outlet for me,? she says. ?It helps me work things out and move forward. I turned to music to deal with my own feelings, and it snowballed into a larger purpose.? Today, Brulée is an accomplished bilingual singer and songwriter who uses her platform to promote conversation about mental wellness and suicide. The World Health Organization estimates that about 700,000 people take their own lives every year and many more attempt to do so. In Canada, an average of 11 people die by suicide every day, bringing the annual total to about 4,000. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24. (The first cause is accidents and preventable injuries.) Suicide is a serious problem, which is why mental health professionals celebrated when World Suicide Prevention Day was


Prevent ion Service established in 2003. They emphasize that suicide can be prevented with better awareness of the problem and intervention.

Available help Once you have identified someone in distress, you can take steps to prevent suicide. To start, you should ask if they are thinking about suicide. If they are, determine if they have a plan in place then listen to them while showing empathy and withholding judgment. Don?t minimize their feelings and don?t be sworn to secrecy. In fact, you should enlist the support of family and friends and seek help from professionals if necessary. A family doctor could provide assistance as could a mental health professional. When suicide seems imminent, a visit to a hospital emergency room could be lifesaving. There are also services such asone overseen by Suicide Prevention Coalition of Champlain East and a crisis


If you have identified someone at risk of suicide and need guidance to help them, you can sign up for a training program offered by LivingWorks,an Alberta-based social enterprise company. Brulée encourages people to help themselves and others when it comes to suicide prevention - and she plans to continue using her music to spread the word. ?Rather than seeing myself as a victim of suicide loss, I?m seeing what happened as a bizarre gift,? she says. ?I have a platform to help others. It is my life?s purpose now.? The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA, please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site at




Jo hn

spring which had to be cranked in order for the player to work. These disc's are plentiful in every antique or vintage used store. Player's in good working condition are a little harder to find.

G RO W Househol d Treasures Part 2 Personal Propert y

Last article, we briefly touched on some common items that we have in our households. Many of our readers sent pictures of unique items. Comments were replied via email. Discl aimer: We do not buy or sell. We just do written appraisals. It is hard to suggest or recommend a place to sell your items without having detailed information. Remember: Any offer to purchase is not an appraisal. It is what the buyer is willing to offer for your item, regardless of the items true value. The due diligence is the seller's responsibility. In other words, its not the buyer's responsibility to educate the seller of the item.

Records, Wax Cyl inders, 8-Tracks & Casset t e's Wax cylinders were the early version of mass produced music the forerunner to the 72 or 33 ½ speed disc. Recordings were mass produced from a master cylinder. They were sold from the Hudson Bay and Eaton companies. Some larger music stores also sold the cylinders. Recorded speeches of notable persons are more collectable. The first recording of any famous musician of long ago are also sought after. Every house has a box of records, some dating back to the early 1900's. These large disc's were fragile and mass produced in great quantity. The early disc's required players with a large surface area and fast rotation speeds of around 72 rotations per minute. These players did not have any electronics to amplify the sound. The early ones used a


Taking you back to the early 70's, we had 8-track players and 8-track cassette's. You can spot an 8-track cassette by its size. They arelmost the size of a VHS tape. Early car's were equipped with 8-track players. Automotive purists who have a vintage car with 8-track player are looking for music to fit their tastes. The same with cassettes of the mid 70's to 80's. These are mass produced, and if you still have a working stereo component that can play them, enjoy the trip down memory lane. There is no real market for cassette tapes. The rarer and potentially the most valuable are music boxes with a collection of metal disc's. These were the first reproduced music that were played in European made music boxes. The music selection was very poor, and the working music boxes with a collection of metal disc's are sought by collectors. Records from the early 50's to current day are what most people have at home. In the 1960's and 70's every home had a collection of their favorites. Condition, label of record company, sleeve and disc protector are all factors in determining value, along with the artist or group. The list of potential records of value is very large. One web site to look at is: https:/ / en/ vinylrecord-price-guide/

Comics The demand for certain comics is high. The factors that determine value are: Condition, subject matter, publisher, and where they were stored. Comics that are sought after and receive the highest bids are ones that are graded, then sealed in a hard plastic case. Sending the comic to one of the many grading companies can cost $ 40.00 to $ 60.00 US per comic. Not all comics require


grading, unless the potential return increases with proper grading. Appraising a comic takes time, as each page has to examined, many notes & photos on its condition. This is why most collectors specializes in an era. IE: Golden Age, Silver Age, pre-war, Superhero or a series. Comics from the 1940's & 1950's are the most sought after. These are bringing in record highs in the bidding at auction houses. Issues where a character makes their first appearance are sought after as well.

Not es on Researching val ues Start with entering the name of your item into any search engine. Most of the listings appearing will be sites offering to sel lthe same item that you have. This is a first start, but the values are only the asking price. If you see listings from Ebay, use the search criteria of sold or completed auctions. These results are more of an accurate indication of value if the item is the same. For auction houses, you are looking for completed sales. Next Art icl e Unusual or Spooky Items that were appraised About t he Aut hor John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectables in general. John works with clients worldwide, museums, corporate and government agencies and has been featured on radio and television shows as well as charity appraisal fairs. He is also a public speaker. Suzanne Charlebois, gemologist, specializing in cut & uncut diamonds, gemstones, minerals & meteorites. She also does grading and identification of gemstones from mines. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s



Dazzlin gCost u m es- Cor n w all'sver y ow n " Locallyow n ed,All Year Rou n d Cost u m eSh op" ... Articleby Mai-LiisRenaud. Can you believeit... Septemberis alreadyupon us and next comes Octoberand Halloween.HenceI thoughtthis wouldbe a great timeto talk to Monique,ownerof DazzlingCostumes- Cornwall'sLocally owned,All Year RoundCostumeShop!What betterplaceto get your HalloweenCostumefrom and believeme,when you step insidethis place,you will be transportedcompletelyto anotherworldas thereis so muchto discoverMakesureyou comewith a few hoursto spareas you will definitelyneed them!!!So let'sget right intoour chat with Monique... 1 - Tell u s a lit t lebit abou t you r self .How an d w h en did you decidet o open t h is bu sin ess? DazzlingCostumes, Cornwalland Area's largestcostume, balloon& Partystore began35+ yearsago as a smallCornwall homebasedcostume business. Throughoutthe years,I pursuedmy never-endingpassion as it evolvedand 4 yearsago,I purchasedmy present15,000sq. foot buildingat 305 McConnellAvenue. We can trulysay that we are a local businessopenedYEARROUND and lovingeveryminuteof it! 2 - Wh at is you r m issionst at em en t ?Stayingon top of trendsand keep offeringa great varietyof items!We valueour clienteleand thoroughlyenjoyour business.Our dedicatedstaff offersthe best servicepossiblewith utmostexpertise& knowledge. 3 - Wh at is u n iqu eabou t you r bu sin ess?We havethe abilityto personalizespecificitems.For example,if you need a balloonwith a specific"saying"we are your Go To store.Comeand checkout the itemsthat we can personalize! Our store/websitealso offersmanyother productlinessuch as Loungeflyhandbagsand backpacks, Lingerie,Gothicappareland accessories,Bacheloretteand unusual gifts that are generallynot readilyavailablelocally.Itemspostedon


our websiteare alwaysin stockat 305 McConnell Avenue. SHOPOURWEBSITEand WE'LLHAVEYOURORDER READYfor Pick Up in a few hours! 4 - How doesyou r bu sin essim pr oveor ch an get h e com m u n it yat lar ge? Localcharitieshavebenefitedfrom our own fundraisingevents.Many customersare extremelygratefulfor our vast selectionwhichis availableYEARROUNDand allowsthem so stay local and buy local. We trulyenjoyworkingwith our communitymembers. 5. - Def in esu ccess. My personaldefinition:"Beingpassionateand believingin what you do whilerememberingthosewho havecheeredand supportedyou alongthe way." Bon u squ est ion :How h as t h e Covid-19pan dem icaf f ect edyou r bu sin ess?Like so manyother businesses,Covid was very harshfor DazzlingCostumes,but thesecircumstancesempoweredme to becomeeven strongerand better. My devoted& qualifiedstaff are workingharderthan ever to reshape the businessas we reach thesegoals. I will stressthat DazzlingCostumes,Balloons& PartyStoreis super proudto be part of the Cornwall& Areacommunity. We havethe most AMAZINGcustomersthat allow us to give personalizedserviceYEARROUND!And My awesomestaff & family are the BEST! So h ow can peoplecan f in d you ?We are locatedat 305 McConnell CornwallON - 613-935-9356 w w w.dazzlin gcost u m h t t ps:/ / w w w.f acebook .com / gr ou ps/ 621193984671150




Seek er Sn apsh ot : M P Er ic Du n can visit s Tak e t h e Wh eel On t ar io On July 22nd, MP Eric Duncan visited the Take the Wheel Ontario mobile recruitment centre in Morrisburg, Ontario at Pet Valu. Pictured right to left are Eric Duncan, Jason Setnyk, Marc-Andre Roy, and Carolyn Eva. The group discussed the initiative and the need for more truck drivers.

Ar t icle an d Ph ot o(s) by Jason Set n yk

(drums). This lineup is an all-star mix of musicians from various local bands over the past few decades, including Coldrift, Elly May, and The Wilderness Club.

Cornwall, Ontario ? Personally, 22 years is the most prolonged interval I?ve seen a band play twice. The first time I saw The Chesterfields was at a St. Joseph?s Secondary School dance in 1999. Around that time, The Chesterfields had released a professionally produced CD ? a full year before many independent bands started burning CDRs (recordable CDs) at home.

There were over 200 people at The Chesterfields concert ? young and old were dancing. The music played at the park consisted of covers from The Beatles, Joel Plaskett, and many more. Also, there was a scenic view with boats going by the water and cyclists riding the

Th e Ch est er f ieldsr ock ed Ar t s in t h e Par k The second time I saw The Chesterfields was on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at Arts in the Park hosted at The recreational path. Bandshell in Lamoureux Park in downtown Cornwall. Like that first concert I saw 22 years prior, The Chesterfields I can think of many Arts in the Park concerts that drew less were dressed in formal attire, including white dress shirts than 50 people. That makes the turn-out of over 200 people and black ties. The concert was hot, sweaty, and legendary. on Wednesday evening even more impressive. It was a perfect storm of a talented band and a reprise to normalcy The Chesterfields lineup at Arts in the Park consisted of Nick after a long pandemic. Of course, audience members of Seguin (vocals and guitar), Ben Mullin (vocals and guitar), different households maintained social distancing, making it Josh Hofmann (keyboards and backup vocals), Matt safe to unmask outside. Levesque (bass and backup vocals), and Simon Mclinden






VARNAVA Hello everyone!My nameis Anna and I manageyour local Harvest GardenCentreon the cornerof VincentMasseyand Powerdam Road in Cornwalland I'm hereto answeryou're Gardeningquestions.We havea great questionthat I get askedquiteoften this monthso let's get started! ?I see t h esef r u it f liesf lyin gar ou n dm y h ou seplan t s,h ow do I get r id of t h em ?? Unfortunately,it's a good chancethat theseare fungus gnats,but the good newsis that it's treatable! First,you want to know what you'redealingwith.These insectslike to live in the first coupleof inchesof the soil. A good way to preventtheseis to avoid over wateringyour plantsbecausethey preferdampsoil. It takesonly 3 daysfor the eggsto hatch.Theylike to feed on rottingplant matteror decayingrootsin the soil. and they can lay up to 200 eggsduringtheir life. In around2 weekstheseeggsturn into adults,the flying devilsthat theyare.

To deal with them you want to alwayshave stickytrapson hand.The adultsare attractedto the yellowtrapsand they will stay stuckon there.I do this to my houseplantsin the morehumidmonthsjust to keep an eye out for them and to catch them early,beforeit's a problem.Preventionis the key!


GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...


Jo hn

Heal t h& Et er n i t y


Som etim eslife hitsus w ith sickness,or an accident,or other situationthat r esultsin poor health.M any peoplear e diagnosedw ith ser ious illnesses,such as cancer or failingor gans,or other sim ilar situations.In som ecases,the per sonhasa full r ecover y,at the other end of the scale,som epeople die, and m anylive out their livesin a w eakenedstateof illness.But w hy doesthishappen?W hy is it allow ed? Thequestionw e shouldbe askingis 'W hois allow ingit?' Is it fate,or destiny?It is punishm entfor past sins?Ar e w e beingtaken now , becausew e m ay havebecom ea bitter or cr uel per sonlater ,had w e been allow eda full life?No,it's not actuallyany of theser easons.

To under standthisbetter ,w e haveto back up and look at the big pictur e,a m uch bigger pictur ethan w hat w e m ay be used to seeing.For star ter s,r em em berthat w e ar e each an eter nalspir it,passingthr ough a r elativelyshor t hum anlifetim e,and m ost pr obablyr etur ningto r epeatthe adventur em or ethan once.Basicallyw e ar e a pieceof eter nalm agic,dr ivingar oundin thisshell w e call a body,com plete w ith ego and a m ind and other attr ibutes.Thebody is tem por ar y.The spir it is eter nal.As hum ans,w e too often for getabout w ho w e r eally ar e as spir its. So, supposeyou w er eto go on an adventur eas a spir it.You m ightthink it challengingto live in a hum anfor m and for getabout m ost of your spir itual pow er sand capabilities.Alm ostlike goingon a thr ill r ideat an am usem ent par k,w e get scar ed,sur pr ised,fr ightenedand m or e- becauseit's fun and w e havean inner desir efor adventur e.As hum ans,w e cr eatesuspensefuland scar y m ovies,and w e like to tr y and figur eout the stor iesdespiteour fear sin w atchingthem .We m ay chooseto r ead scar y or tr agicbooks,oncem or ebeing gr eatlym ovedby the exper ience.As spir its,each of us havealr eadycom eher e, per hapshavingchosenor plannedour path aheadof tim e,givingus the feeling of fate or destinyonceher e. So her eis w her eit getsinter esting.W hat if our challengew asto facedeath and w ar and other hor r iblethings,yet to continueto be positiveand hopeful?W hat if w e inspir edother sw ith our hope?Wouldthat not be both an adventur eand a challenge?Ther eis a r isk that w e'd becom ebitter and hateful,but w e m ight also exper ienceam azinggr ow thand becom ehappierand str ongerby going thr oughthe exper ience.Our attitude,basedon our fr eew ill,is the deter m ining factor.Now ,insteadof a w ar ,let'sm akeit our ow n m or talitythat is on the line. Thisis w her eillnesscom esinto the stor y.W hat if w e choseto live thishum an life and succum bto an illness,yet w ith our joy intact?Our love,our positivity all intact?W hat an inspir ationthat w ouldbe. We w ouldalso havehad the ultim ateadventur e,and w on the ultim atechallenge.Noneof us get out of her e aliveanyw ay,so if w e ar e cut a bit shor t in tim e,but it br ingsus gr eat eter nal benefit,then its not entir elya bad thing.

If you water your plantsfrom the bottomof the pot this is less likelyto happen.Be sure to let your plantsgo dry in between wateringbecausethe fungus gnatsdon't like layingeggsin dry soil. You can also make applecider vinegartraps. All you need is a shallowglass cup with the bottomfilled with applecider vinegar.Placesome saran wrap on the top and hold it togetherwith a rubberband. Pokea few smallholesso that they can get in but will havea hard time gettingout. This shouldtrap the adults.

Let'sall r em em berw ho w e ar e and w hy w e'r eher e,and hopefullyw e'll live longlivesw hilegr ow ingin love,in patience,in joy and all of the other eter nal things.But if our sor a lovedone'slife is cut shor t,they ar e sim plygoingback to eter nitya bit sooner ,and still ver y m uch alive. For mor einfor mation,plea sevisit w w w.thehigher

Removingthe first inchesof soil is great too and replacewith new soil. A good little trick is to put a thin layer of steel wool on top of the soil,as this will shredwhateverlarvaeare tryingto emergeout of the soil and the adultsdon't find it ideal to lay eggsin. You want to do this for a monthor two to be sure you eradicatethe numberof fungusgnats. If you wouldlike me to answerone of your questionsnext monthyou can sendyour questionto me at attentionAsk Anna.Meanwhile,hope everyonehas a fantasticmonthand be sure to stop by and say.





PRIMESQ UARECO RNW ALL,1811-2021 By I a n Bower i ng

An artist?ssketch of Prime Square,scheduledto open in 2022,on the site of the former King GeorgeHotel.The complex is slated to have 44 affordable residentialunitsand street level commercialspace.(Sketch courtesy,Tri-Star Construction.)

A tower wasadded,owners and political views changedand the American Housebecamethe Balmoral,probablyto invokethoughtsof Queen Victoria?sfavouriteScottish Castle,Balmoral,circa1900.

The four cornersat Pitt and 2nd streetsare the historiccommercialand financial heart of Cornwall. Once hometo several banks,the post office,stores,and the storied King GeorgeHotel,the east side of the four cornerswasreduced to ashes;first by the 1997 Valentine?sDay fire that destroyedthe King George,followedby a second conflagrationin December2010,on the present site of PommierSquare. The recent announcementby Tri-Star Constructionof a mixed commercial/residentialcomplex,named PrimeSquare,to be built next year promisesto return the cornersto their former prominence. The King GeorgeHotel in its day wasone of Cornwall?smost prominent buildings,and served as a concert hall, ballroom,court house,barracks,and hotel.The northeast corner of Pitt and 2nd street first entersmodern historywhen the land wasdeeded under the authorityof Upper Canada?sadministrator,Major-GeneralIsaac Brock, in 1811. In the 1820sDr. Noah Dickinsonbuilt a grand Georgiantown house for his wife, who died beforeit wascompleted.Rather than live in the house,Dickinsonrented it out as the CountyCourt Houseand Gaoler?shomein 1826.In responseto the Upper and Lower Canada Rebellionsof 1837/38the building wasconvertedinto a barracks. After the militaryleft in 1843 the buildingbecamea community centre,until it wasconvertedinto a barracksonce more during the Fenian Troublesof 1866.When the militaryleft it becamethe DominionHouse,and remained a hotel under a variety of names for the next 130 years. PHOTOLEFT:A stylish third floor with a mansardroof saw the original Georgianstyle DominionHouseturned into the AmericanHousearound 1873.

Thispostcardfrom the 1930stracesthe evolution of the hotel from the Balmoral to the King George,named in honour of King GeorgeV, in 1910. The mansardroof and historicfacadewere covered over in the hotel?s last ?improvement."With a careful eye, however,you could find partsof the old roof,while the ?Old Fort? tavern in the basement, could have been lifted out of the 19th century.Never a fort, the tavern gained a certain notorietyfor acceptingCanadianTire money at par for beer during its last years.(Courtesy,?Standard-Freeholder.?) The morningafter the King GeorgeHotel 1997 Valentine?sDay fire, believedto have been the work of an arsonist. (Courtesy,private collection.) Well into the 1970sand early ?80s, the King George wasthe place to go on Friday night after a week of work.The party crowd, however,is fickle and soon new wateringholesand modern hotels opened,and no amount of historycould prevent its steady decline.

Seek er Sn apsh ot : Cosplay in t h e Par k Ph ot osh oot On August 14th, 2021, Fantasy Realm celebrated Comic Book Day and cosplayers joined the party! Here is a photoshoot with Anniechie Designs, Mae-Gwyn Cosplay and Bandit Spurs at Lamoureux Park. Photos by Jason Setnyk





path on its w ay dow n fr om an upper pond. We flip it and it sits ther e unm oving,as if stunned. We let it be w ith the intent of checkingon it later as w e ar e so close to our tur n-ar oundpoint. About tw enty m inuteslater w e ar e happy to note that the tur tle has m oved on, likely to the next pond. Hopefully,it is now hanging out w ith its pals r ecountingits close call.

About an hour in, w e spot our fir st sign of civilization as the path skir ts by far m land w ith an ancient,abandoned silo. Does Bob hail fr om her e? Ther e is no one ar ound to ask . I guess I should not be sur pr ised at the lack of hiker s. The locals undoubtedlyknow better than to hike her e in the blazing after noon sun. Up ahead w e spot som ethingstr ange on the path. Upon fur ther obser vation w e discover that it is a tur tle lying on its back . It is alive but in per il. It appear sto have r olled dow n a steep par t of the

At the beach, w e hur r y to r em ove our hiking socks and boots to w ade into the lake above our ankles. The w ater ,still w aking fr om its w inter deep-fr eeze,is so cold it hur ts, but I stand ther e stoically feeling my over all body tem per atur eslow ly dr opping.W hen w e r etur n later in the season, w e w ill know to br ing our sw im m ing gear for a dip after our hike.I look for w ar d to intr oducingOld Bob to my fr iends. I just know they w ill love him . For more informationabout the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visitwww.cornwalloutdoorclub.caor like us on Facebook.

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It is a beautiful sunny day, and an unseasonablyw ar m one for ear ly M ay. We star t our hike at the Westpor t Beach on Sand Lake and follow the tr ail up the escar pm ent.The path is nar r ow at fir st but w idensonce a tr ee clear ing r evealsa lar ge outcr op. We m ust keep an eye out for tr ail m ar ker sas the path is not so obviousher e. Ther e is no sign of Old Bob so far. In fact, other than the snakes w e encounter basking on the r ocks along the w ay, w e have seen no sign of m ovem ent fr om anyone or anything. Even the w ind seem s r eluctant to blow , but the occasional blissful br eeze sent our w ay is w elcom ed r elief.

heO T Se t O Fo a heS F o d w a ri df LI i e y eor P

Today w e ar e hoping to r un into Old Bob. We have hear d that he hangs out on the escar pm ent above Westpor t,Ontar io,som ew her e along the Rideau Tr ail. We have never m et but I think he w ill have gr eat stor ies to shar e

TI M to E t

By Sylvie O'Rou r k e

Seeyoua llnextmonth ... mea nwhile, StayPositive!

Go o d Ol d Bo b

M idw ay thr ough our r etur n tr ip, w e begin to have vivid visions of w alking into the lake at the end of our jour ney. We ar e tir ing and near ly decide to give up on Bob, but w e spy a blue m ar ker on a tr ee and our cur iosity gets the better of us; Besides,w e still have plenty of w ater to hydr ate. Not only does this new tr ail tur n out to be shor t, but w e have finally located w hat w e have been seeking! It sur pr isesm e to see how healthy he looks despite his advanced age. Bob-The-Lookoutsits on a r ocky clear ing. He has obvioussigns of er osion and is dr essed in a coat of lush and abundant m oss in differ ent shades of gr een, som e soft and spongy,and som e dr y and cr ispy. Given his state, I have the distinct im pr ession that no one has com e to visit him in a w hile. He m ust be lonely as he w astes no tim e in pointing out the beautiful vista ar ound him . He eager ly show s us Sand Lake below and the pr etty village of Westpor t w ith its w hite chur ch spir e and w ater tow er. I am sur e Old Bob has w itnessed m uch w ildlife and hum an inter actionsin his lifetim e. On a cooler day, w e w ould stay longer to chat, but today the lake aw aits. We bid him good day w ith a pr om ise to r etur n soon w ith our fr iends.

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