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MARCH 2020

CO NG RATULATIO NS Terry Muir - Citizen of the Year seen here wit h his wif e Wendy and daught ersKat y and Robby

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Sunday, March 15 Cornwal lCivicCompl ex- 10amt o 4pm

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Terry Muir crowned Citizen of the Year Terry Muir enriches his community through his numerous volunteer activities. Never one to spend time in the spotlight, he launched the Cornwall Ribfest and served as chair of both the Cornwall Santa Claus Parade and the Children?s Christmas Basket Fund. His involvement in other events over the past seven years has brought joy to many. He is a recipient of the Governor General?s Sovereign?s Medal for Volunteers, he has been named Optimist of the Year, received the 2018 Seekers Choice Award volunteer of the year, and has volunteered on several boards, clubs and agencies. He is always there for his family and friends. Although he is the busiest man many people will encounter, he always makes time for the people he cares about. Terry is always ready to help a friend in need or volunteer for a great cause or even to simply lend a listening ear when somebody needs to talk. He rarely says no to a worthy project and always jumps at the opportunity to make the community better while maintaining wonderful family values and taking care of loved ones. Congratulations to all the winners at the Chamber Awards more on page 12

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MARCH 2020



by Ne w s . . . p re se nt e d SEEKER SNIPPETS - Yo ur Lo ca l Co mmuni t y

Ja so n M ARCH 2020

SETNYK Urban-Chic Apparel In Downtown Cornwall Pursuing another one of his passions, Tony Lacroix has recently opened The Kingslea, a boutique featuring a trendy mix of customized, unique urban-chic apparel and accessories. ?The Kingslea is more than a traditional clothing store,? explained Mr. Lacroix. ?I have recognized that consumers are looking for originality, while still having access to standard pieces. My formula is simple, do I know anyone who would wear this garment? If not, there is a big chance I don?t carry it. The emphasis is on style over brands. We have paid extra attention to avoid products that are already offered in other stores in the area. What is important is that we add to the already amazing mix of retailers in Cornwall.? The Kingslea is located at 145 Pitt Street and is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10am to 5pm, Thursday 10am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. The boutique can be reached at 613-933-8585 or online at

Folk m u sician Jesse Fer gu son r eleases a n ew albu m Cornwall-based folk musician Jesse Ferguson has just released his sixth studio album, titled The Sally Gardens. Ferguson is passionate about keeping the folk music tradition alive, a tradition that has been a big part of Cornwall and area history. He goes by the nickname ?The Bard of Cornwall? on his popular YouTube channel, which now has reached almost 8 million views and over 20,000 subscribers. The CD is three years in the making, and the original album art is by Scottish


getting busier,? explains Miss Legault.

?We took the leap of faith and opened Com plet e St or ies on ou r Websit e: w w w.t h eseek er .ca shop in St. Andrews in a certified

illustrator Alana Bell. ?My CDs are a real labour of love,? says Ferguson. ?I like to control all aspects of the recording and mastering, as well as performing all the music,? he adds. His albums, including The Sally Gardens, are available digitally on iTunes and Amazon, as well as in hard copy at Th e Car ibbean Gem of Cor n w all Flavours from the Caribbean are now available at The Spicy Pearl Restaurant in downtown Cornwall. Lee Theodore and Roger Caron, co-owners of the Spicy Pearl, have spent the past couple of months updating one of Cornwall?s oldest buildings into a warm and inviting bistro. The 1200 sq/ft restaurant is set to open this week and will offer a variety of Caribbean dishes at modest prices. The business concept started more than five years ago with a discussion at a Boys and Girls Club Annual General Meeting. ?A room full of good people gave us our push into a wonderful running start and I am forever grateful,? said Mr. Theodore. Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Asian, Creole, Cajun, European, and Latin American cooking, amongst others. Over time, these influences created styles that are unique to the region. The Spicy Pearl has a diverse menu that ranges from fish dishes to curry chicken and goat, along with Tchaka, a hearty Haitian stew. The Spicy Pearl is located at 9 First Street E, in Cornwall (Courtsey of Choose Cornwall).

commercial kitchen in April 2016. Things continued to grow to the point that we required more space, which brings us to where we are today, here in Cornwall.? Don?t let the name fool you. Cold Platter Catering offers more than cold platters. Choose from a full range of hot and cold options: hot buffets, take out lunches, homemade soups, bread, pies, cookies, tarts, as well as a variety of grilled sandwiches, including the signature St. Alberts triple-decker grilled cheese. Everything is made from scratch, ensuring the food you eat is freshly made by the order. The new 800 square foot location on Campbell Street offers the catering business the space needed to accommodate the growth it?s experienced this past year. (Courtesy of In m em or y of Bob Tu r n er - The experienCity Project (TeP) will collect monetary donations for the creation of a large outdoor art mural in downtown Cornwall dedicated to the memory of Bob Turner, a pioneer who changed the landscape of sports in our city. As a former player for both the Harlem Globetrotters and Chicago White Sox, Turner brought his enthusiasm for sports into his work as Canada?s first black municipal recreation director. When he died unexpectedly at the age of 35, Cornwall paid tribute to his leadership by renaming a new recreation complex after him. The Bob Turner Memorial Centre quickly became a hub for ice sports teams and family activities. ?The Bob?, as many citizens referred to it, also housed many local arts organizations, displaying art through the facility. With the demolition of the Centre in 2013, there no longer exists a place of honour for Bob Turner. This art mural project will help fill that need. A goal of $5,000 has been set. ?I am very interested in helping our community find a fitting and creative way of honouring the memory and spirit of Bob Turner,? said Mayor Bernadette Clement. ?It is remarkable that this city elected the first Jewish Mayor in Canada, and also hired the first black Recreation Manager. It says something powerful about our community. We need to be reminded of Bob Turner ?s story and it will honour us all to make sure there is a fitting tribute.? For more information or to make a donation, visit

Cold Plat t er Cat er in g Expan ds in Cor n w all - Following three years of steady growth in St. Andrews, Cold Platter Catering has grown into a new location in Cornwall. What started as a hobby in 2016 for owners Brenda and Gilles Legault has grown into a successful full-time, full-service catering business. ?The business started as a hobby while I was home from long haul trucking. I started taking orders from For more snippets, visit friends and family and it just kept

MARCH 2020





Chamber Poster

Jo hn God

Li ves LISTER I n si de W hat or w ho is God? W her e is God? These questions have been in people's m inds since hum an life began. M any believe God m ay only be per ceived thr ough a specific r eligion or belief. Other s think God is ever yw her e and alw ays available for our pr ayer s. Som e think God is punishing them , w hile other s feel He is r ew ar ding, testing, or other w ise affecting their lives. As for w her e, som e feel God lives w ithin them , w hile other s believe he is som ew her e 'up ther e', or sitting in a m an-m ade chur ch.

Fir st of all, it is my per sonal belief that God or divinity or the univer se (title is not im por tant) is in all living things. Ever y blade of gr ass is divine, ever y per son, ever y beast. All ar e the expr ession, and the actually constr uction of life, of love, and ther efor e of God. Suppose you believe that the ocean is God. You ar e at the seashor e and w atching w aves cr ash against the r ocks. As they do, dr ops of w ater fly into the air , and fall back into the ocean. W hen the dr op is in the air , is it still a par t of the ocean? Of cour se it is, yet it is tem por ar ily a single dr op of w ater. We ar e ver y sim ilar , as w e live our lifetim e on ear th, aw ay fr om the aw ar eness of our eter nity, yet w e ar e still eter nal beings. Next, if w e ar e eter nal beings living tem por ar ily as fr agile hum ans, how can w e find God? Well, w e ARE gods, or a par t of w hat m akes up God. If this is tr ue, w e should also be able to cr eate things and m ake things happen. It has been show n that focusing on som ething does give it pow er. The per son w ho hates a cer tain thing and alw ays w or r ies about encounter ing it w ill attr act it. Sim ilar ly, if w e focus on w hat w e desir e, w e w ill attr act that too. Those w ho ar e gr ateful for w hat they have w ill have m or e, w hile those w ho ar e selfish and gr eedy w ill be less happy, and w ill actually w ind up w ith less. Recent studies have pr oven that the 90% of our DNA know n as 'junk DNA' is actually able to change our bodies depending on w hat w e focus our ener gies on. If w e w ant health, and w e tell people w e ar e w or king tow ar ds it, w e actually m odify our bodies to be healthier. Som e people use a vision boar d to post im ages of things they w ant, and they expr ess gr atitude tow ar ds these things until . . . they actually appear. I'm not saying ever yone should be a m illionair e w ith per fect health and happiness, but m any w ho ar e got ther e thr ough this m ethod. Our m inds ar e pow er ful. W hy? Is it because of the cells, and chem icals and electr icity that m akes them w or k? Per haps it is because our m inds ar e able to cr eate things. Could our desir es be the things w e ar e able to obtain, once w e choose to lear n how ? I had no desir e to ever be a doctor , or to play spor ts, but I did w ant to play m usical instr um ents and be in love. Today, I ow n a m usic studio and am extr em ely happily m ar r ied. We hold the keys to our happiness, our 'fate' w hich is actually w hat w e 'can' attain, but not necessar ily w ill obtain. M any becom e bitter , give up, tur n to dr ink or another addiction and lose their joy. Other s hang in, continue to believe and be gr ateful for w hat they have in the pr esent m om ent. W hich one ar e you? One honor s the divine w ithin, w hile the other tur ns aw ay fr om it. The choice is w ith each one of us. We cr eate this life w e lead, one thought at a tim e. W hat do you think about your life? For mor e infor mation, plea se visit w w w.thehigher


MARCH 2020



Owner Stuart Gordon and his partner Marc Philippe. Established in the 1940's, owner Stuart Gordon purchased the business in 1982 and takes pride in offering quality products and personalized bilingual service that focuses on honesty and integrity. In addition to an out st anding range of engagement rings and wedding bands that suit all price points, Gordon Jewellers also has an extensive range of ladies' and gents' jewellery, beautiful timepieces for your wrist or mantel and timeless giftware for weddings and all occasions. All purchases come with free warranty and layaway is available. From quality ring sizing, jewellery and clock repairs and battery changing, to an appraisal of a treasured jewel, Gordon jewellers is your one-stop shop. Still situated in its original location in downtown Cornwall, there is plenty of parking and easy access for your shopping convenience

Pictured in photo (l-r) Emmett R. Fraser, Mary Gadbois (Gadbois Jewellers, 108 Pitt St. A fire in the late 1940,s gutted the store); young lady name unknown; D.A. (Mickey) MacPherson; Vince Lemire (later opened Lemire Jewellers on Montreal Rd.); Kay MacDonald (sales lady).

You'r e mor e tha n a customer at Gor don Jeweller s, you'r e a fr iend! 13 Second Str eet West, Cor nw all 613-932-8714 w w w.gor donjew eller Follow us on Facebook and Instagr am Layaw ays available


MARCH 2020



Article by Jason Setnyk, Submitted Photo

Hotz wrote for South Park.

Cornwall, Ontario ? Comedy fans can rejoice because the actors of Kenny vs. Spenny will be performing live in Cornwall at the Port Theatre on March 26th.

?South Park was insane to work on. I love those guys, and I basically lived with Matt (Stone) for ages. I miss those days, but I?ll live an extra 20 years because I left Los Angeles,? Kenny noted.

Kenny vs. Spenny was a Gemini Award-nominated Canadian television show that originally aired on MTV, then the USA Network, later CBC, and finally Showcase and Comedy Central. The show stars Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, two frenemies that compete in various competitions, in which the loser must perform an act of humiliation selected by the winner.

What would Kenny like to say to fans in advance of the Cornwall event?

In t er v i ew w i t hKen n vy sSpen nact y oran d f or m er Sou t hPar kw r i t erKen n Hot y z

When Kenny Hotz started his career, he was a photojournalist and filmmaker. He never had dreams or aspirations of becoming a comedian and actor. ?I never wanted to be on camera or thought I could be, but after we made our feature ?pitch?we watched audiences around the globe laugh at our misfortunes. So, I figured, might as well abuse Spenny on the screen! People like it, and it worked,? said Kenny with a chuckle.

him,? Kenny went on. What was Kenny?s favourite episode of Kenny vs. Spenny, and what was his favourite humiliation after a competition? ?I love almost all of the episodes. Who can Blow the Biggest Fart, Who can Eat more Meat, Who can stay Naked the longest? They are all gold. My favorite humiliation is ?Single White Spenny.? He?s way better at humiliating himself them I am,? Kenny added. In addition to Kenny vs. Spenny, Kenny

?I love you, Spenny hates you? (and fans) can expect to lose their hard-earned money,? Kenny answered.

After the comedy tour, what is next for Kenny Hotz? ?COVID-19,? Kenny concluded. The Diamond Mine Agency presents the brand-new Kenny & Spenny Comedy Show live in Cornwall, Ontario, at the Port Theatre on Thursday, March 26th, 2020. Doors are at 7 pm, the show starts at 8 pm, and the event is 16+. Tickets are $30 each. Tickets are available at, and at the Port Theatre located at 132 Montreal Road.

Recently, Kenny Hotz dabbled in journalism again, working with Vice on a documentary during the 2016 US election. ?I prefer doing solo docs, but it?s so much work. I care too much about the shit I do, so it would kill me if I did something shitty,? Hotz said. Kenny Hotz also explains why he?s working with Spenny once again. ?I?m way better without Spenny, but it?s much harder to do, also if I didn?t help him, his kids would starve, he?s basically a hobo without me,? Kenny replied. According to Kenny, his relationship on camera with Spenny is authentic and the same as off-camera. ?It?s 100% the same. He?s a slimeball and a mess, and that?s why I abuse


MARCH 2020



Kathleen Morris, R.M.T. with

Give t he Gif t of Massage and Rel axat ion

305 Baldwin Ave., Suite 1 Cornwall,Ontario - 613-935-3330


M a rl e ne

insectsat this tim eof year.

I w ill be tur ning60 in a few m onthsand I havedecidedto LIVEmy Life to the ver y fullest. W hen I w asa younggir l, I had dr eam edthat I w ouldgr ow up to be a gir lfr iendto som ekind boy,fir st,and then Hellother eto all of fall in love to becom ea lovingw ife and then you w ho have decidedto r ead this eventuallya m other livingin a beautifulhom e. Been Ther e!Done,Just That! But, I am onto m onth'sSeeker m agazineand to the another path,now..The last leg of my "Life's Jour ney"..I had been a gir lfr iendto John for over m uch aw aitedm onthof M ARCH. I 9 year sand then a fiancee(for near lya m onth intendto M ARCHr ight into it w ith a sm ileon my face and a skip and a hop to and a half..Johnnyr eally w antedto m ar r ym e.) Then on Febr uar y12th,2018,I becam ehis loving my step. Thisis the m onth that SPRING occur sand BOY! Am I lookingfor w ar dto and devotedw ifeto live togetherHappilyEver it this year. Johnnyand I plan to put in a After. I am a lovingm other to 7 childr en(4 daughter sand 3 sons) as w ell as I am a flow er box under our pictur ew indow gr andm otherof 9 that is locatedin our fr ont yar d,along gr andchildr en(7 gr andsons w ith a lovely pond filled w ith fishiesand and 2 gr and-daughter s)and w ater lilliesin our backyar d. We also on Januar y9th, 2020,I intendto hangm or ebir d feeder sand becam ea lovely hangingplantsall ar oundthe GREAT-Gr andm other to a houseand to finallyput up my tw o beautifulbaby boy,nam ed antiquehum m ingbir dfeeder sthat I had W ilder. Thisis so m uch m or e, pur chasedm any year sago. SPRINGis a then I had ever dr eam edof.. tim eof r enew al..It is w hen M other Natur eaw akensfr om her long,W inter yslum ber STEAL OF A DEAL: to star t her beautifultapestr yof livingthings.. I pur chasedthislovely glass Such as the r etur n of the Canadiangeesefr om item m any year sago at Value their vacationfr om dow n South..the r etur n of Villagefor less then $10.00. It the gr een leaveson the bushesand tr ees,and of is an antiqueHum m ingbir d cour sethe beautifular r ay of m ulti-colour ed feeder that I intendto hangin flow er sthat gr aceour gr een cover edlaw ns, my backyar dhopingto catch bushesand even on the fr uit tr eesat thistim eof a glim pseone day of one of year. M y favor iteseason of all.. Well,I do love thesetiny beautiesof natur e. Sum m er ,too.


I NTERESTI NGFACTS:"Spr ingFever "is for r eal. W hen the tem per atur er isesdur inga w ar m per iodafter a long W inter ,ther eis a dilationin our blood vesselsso that blood can be car r iedto our outer body w her ethe heat can be lost quickly.We, then exper iencean "Ener getic Feeling"w hen thisoccur s.Som eof the fir st Spr ingflow er sar e daffodils,dandelions,lilies, tulips,ir is and lilacsto nam e but a few. Dandelionsar e the fir st food for beesand other


cir cum stances,and situationsw ith w hich to answ er Life'sOne Im por tantQuestion,"W hoAm I?" HaveYou Decided?Yes, I havedecided. I, w ho w ashiddenfr om LIFEfor so m any year s.. closed up in a sleepy cocoon..Now ,I have Em er ged& Aw a beautifulbutter fly.. to ALL that LIFEhas to offer M E...I AM FINALLY FREE..READYTO FLY..I Am Tr uly Happyw ith M YSELF!THISIS W HOI HAVEALWAYSWANTED & NEEDEDTO BE.. M E! TI P OF THEM ONTH:All w e haveto do is be our selvesand live the stor y that no one else can live. The stor y of our ow n UniqueLives.1.Be Pr oud.2.Be Confidentand m ost of all.. 3.Be Positiveand Happy. I hopethat you havethe chanceto becom ethe per sonthat you w er em eant to be. Find w hat is callingout to you and go for it. I need you to do this! We all havea pur posein your livesthat only YOU can fulfill.You ar e all Phenom enal, Beautiful,Handsom eand Aw esom e.Your talents ar e unique,com pellingand ar e m uch neededby the w or ld ar oundyou. FAM I LYNEW S:M y lovely niece,Am andafr om Yellow knifew ill be tur ning41 on M ar ch 10th.M y stepfatherw ouldhavebeen 86 on the sam eday. HappyBir thdayDad in Heaven.

COM M UNI TYNEW S:We spent a ver y enjoyable 'Valever sar y'at the Best Wester nand highly r ecom m endthem to anyonew ishingto get aw ay for an hour or a day. Im peccablem eals,r oom , and ser vice!... If you ar e lookingfor a NEW fur babyor w antingto donatem oneyor your tim e to a gr eat cause. Pleasecontact:TiffanySar ault sar ault53@gm of SecondLife Cat. Thisis You see.. Dr eam ingis BelievingW hen You Believe w her eI got my handsom e,M axi fr om . In Your self. I had Faith,Hopeand I tr uly believed UNTI L NEXTM ONTH:Ther ear e four im por tant in myself m any year sago,but I didn't havethe r ight per sonto help m e, to do so. I, then m et John w or dsin life that w e shouldall follow. They ar e TRUTH,LOVE,HONESTYAND RESPECT. We have in 2009 and ever ythingchangedfor m e. I had, nothingw ithoutthesein our lives.PleasePay It had a vision to w or k har d and thr ougha lot of deter m inationand dedicationw asable to achieve For w ar dIn Som eSm all Way..Even,If, It Is By Shar ingYour Handsom e& Pr etty SM ILES! all of these"Wonder fulThings"in my life that I now haveand hold so dear ly.The Univer sew as M a r leneLister of w w w.fa shionogr a & conspir ingin my favor it seem s. It w asplacing w w w.lister befor em e all of the r ight and per fectpeople,

MARCH 2020





country. One can only imagine a life cut short at 21 years of age but for those who remember them ? their lives are eternal. Their likes and dislikes, their passions and hobbies and footprint upon the hearts of those left behind, has to mean more than a head-stone in a far away country.

GRAY "One often wonders, what drives a person to reach back in time, uncovering lost answers to old mysteries. To have such passion for another's struggle, without losing sight of a goal takes great courage and determination; all things easily developed on the basis of love".

Th e Righ t Pat h

In case you?re wondering, the largest generation of Canadians today are the Millennials. Comprised of those born between 1981-1996, over 7 million Millennials will overtake the Baby Boomers as the largest percentage of the population since the ?50?s. For people like Sara Lauzon, the term Gen Y hits right between the eyes as someone born into the electronic age. Growing up on Cumberland Street in Cornwall, Ontario, Sara has a life path number of six, which easily explains her kinship toward the underdog and heartfelt, selfless desire to seek justice for the past.

And yet, isn?t it curious that the whole time Linda was pregnant with Sara, that the chatter and daily grind of hospital life, would intrigue and change the lives of so many people? When she was just a kid, Sara was a truth seeker wanting answers to big questions. She became passionate about the building where her mother worked and what it served as years ago and those questions led to more and better stories that got people talking. That?s what a Traditional Storyteller is known for and that?s when things really started to happen. One rainy afternoon in 2010, Sara met Thom Racine. A sight to behold, she came dressed in a pair of kid?s rubber boots with a Spiderman backpack slung over one shoulder. Seemingly frustrated, Sara soon had a mentor in Thom, who taught her to focus on workable goals. Within four years, Thom and other members of this community helped Sara change history by giving voice to 906 residents of Cornwall?s House of Refuge. In the summer of her 26thyear, 29 of those people were honored with a monument paid for through walking tours, yard sales and the making of countless Christmas ornaments that dressed the trees in many homes across the city. It is incredible to believe how one person could bring people together in such a simple way as remembrance.

Sara?s father Marc is a jack of all trades, sort of person. His ability to instill life lessons into the every-day is the gleam in Sara?s eye. His youthful summers at the family cottage and fishing trips with friends, embodied the best that life could offer to the storyteller in our midst. Sara?s mother Linda has worked most of her life as a dietary aide. Raised in a family of 13 children, Linda has been the shoulder for many in her large family. Weekends at the country cabin with best friends and good times, has been the order of the day for many years. As a matter of fact, this story may never have been written if it wasn?t for Sara?s grandfather, Archie Latour who came to Cornwall in 1954 to help build the Seaway International Bridge. Needing a place to stay, he found a rooming house on Sydney Street - run by Rolande Seguin - the woman who would go on to become his wife. Archie came from Mattawa, Ontario. To the Algonquin people, Mattawa means ?meeting of the waters?. With over 29 language tribes practicing theMidewiwin(the right path) philosophy, the Algonquin see themselves as part of the natural world living in harmony with everyone along the path. Sara?s grandfather had a brother named Ambrose. He was a Private in the 1stBattalion, Perth Regiment of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps (R.C.I.C.) which landed in Italy in November of 1943. He was killed in action two months later in a small town called Aeillo. His grieving parents received just 18 dollars for their son?s service to

a ve H u o D o Y r Ti c k e t Y o u Fo r

Sara keeps her youthful enthusiasm by visiting places like Mattawa and celebrating her great-uncle Ambrose, whose name is engraved on the cenotaph there. The trip itself, with country roads lined with blueberry stands and Springsteen on the radio is what feeds her soul. The best things in Sara?s life so far have been receiving three research degrees, meeting her fiancĂŠ Francis and being in the crowd, cheering her team at a Leaf ?s game. It?s a great thing - bumping into The Little Historian out and about town - whose fervent wish was to have had many more days to chat with her grandfather Archie. With her mom?s support and her dad?s wacky sense of humor, Sara has learned to calm her anxious - excitable nature, give people a good warm & fuzzy - and keep telling their stories. Li sa Gr ay ... St or y f or M ar ch 2020, Copyr i gh t @ Novem ber 2019

I would like to have feedback from my stories ... Please email me: Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15 pm. For more info. about this, or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.




onl y advance t icket s have a chance TO WIN t he "QU EEN FOR A DAY" (prize val ue $1,000) PLUS Door Prize FLASH DRAWS every 10 minut es



Ti ck et savai l ab l at e :t h eseek er .ca ORcal l6 1 3 -9 3 5 -8 1 0 1

MARCH 2020





O ' BYRNE Don't mind me if I get a little choked up while I write this. As of March 3rd, 2020, Bud's Records will be one year old. I took a step back a few times through out the past year to fully take in the "It's actually working" feeling and I'm happier then a fat man with record shop, haha. But seriously folks, you'll be able to tell by misspelled words and spuratik ink smudges through out the article, how much you all mean to me. I can't explain in words how much I appreciate the support of the people I've met along the way.

So, Here are just a few of those people that come to mind... Chris R, Joe B, Brad+Joanna G, Cam F, Derek J, Pat B, Shawn V, Alan C, Emily, Robert B, Clay R, Rene M, Josh J, Ruth TL, Kevin E, Odile D+Brian T, R Caron, Melanie F, Don S, Dave K, Dave P, Denis C,Thelma F+Katie, Shaun+Chris T, Jason S, Shane L, Julia+Mai Liis from THE SEEKER, Adam B, Matt D, Ron B, Matt L, Sarah G, Floyd+Ashley, Brandon B, Matt V, Scott Mc, Robert+Dylan L, Nick U, Chris B, Adam S+Pride R, Angie, Arlo+Fergus, Whiteknucklerz RC, Larry+Ann B ...and the list goes on and on. Thank you for all of your help and being a friend. (listed or not, you know who you are) There's one day in March when everybody and their uncle are ready to baptise themselves in green beer and sing drinking songs till the cows come home. So, here's a list of some of my favourite punk rock anthems to blast on ST. PATRICK'S DAY! 1..."I'm Shipping up to Boston" Dropkick Murphys. 2..."Bottle of Smoke" The Pogues. 3..."Drunken Lullabies" Flogging Molly. 4..."Uncle Tommy" The Rumjacks 5..."Drink Some More" The Real McKenzies 6..."Abandon Ship" Seaside Rebels" 7..."Witches Wrath" Bridge City Sinners. This Month, there is only one album being released that matters...March 6th is the day that BODY COUNT "CARNIVORE" is unleashed on the public. Keep in mind that Ice T is 61 years old and this album is heavier than a hippo riding an elephant dipped in cement. Highly recommended. I'm working on getting a few copies for the shop. I'll keep you posted. I'll leave you with few pics of the night that Jason Lavoie and I put 67 coats of black paint on the record bin, February 2019, one month before opening day. It literally just finished drying a few months ago lol. See you all soon and thanks again.

Visit Bud's Records at: 375 11th St. E. Cornwall ON and on Facebook Call: (613) 936-BUDS (2837)


MARCH 2020



Ar t icle by Jason Set n yk , Ph ot o by Br an don Ar t is

Chuck also worked with Bad Brains. Chuck also has a history of being a talented musician, not just on drums, but any instrument. He?s worked with a lot of artists we are familiar with in Toronto, Canada, and around the world,? Eon went on.

Ottawa, Ontario ? On Friday, February 21st, 2020, the Bedouin Soundclash played the Bronson Centre in Ottawa. The duo is also promoting their latest album ?Mass,? which is their first full-length release after a nine-year hiatus. The new album was partially recorded in New Orleans, so Jay and Eon could work with the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

In t er v i ew w i t hBedou iSou n n dcl ash bassi st EonSi n cl ai r

?We ended up doing two sessions in New Orleans, and one in Vancouver after that. I?ve been friends with Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall Jazz Band for several years. When we started writing, Jay was writing a lot of stuff that had horn sections on it. We thought it would be great to reach out to them. Also, we were able to record the song ?Edges of the Night? live from Preservation Hall in New Orleans which was a special and unique opportunity. There is spiritual energy and I think everyone was feeling it, and after the session, everyone was feeling high,? Eon recalled.

several singles were released including ?Salt-Water ?, ?Born into Bad Times?, ?When We?re Gone?, ?and ?They Gutted This City.? Eon discusses his favourite song off the album, and his favourite new song to play live.

The title of the album ?Mass? can mean a gathering of people, but the name also has spiritual connotations as well.

?For this record, ?Holy? is one song I love lyrically and the synthesis of genres on it; there are beautiful strings, and the choir is on it too. For live, we have a song called ?St. Jude of the Floors? on the record. It blends a lot of familiar sounds we wanted to have together for a long time. It?s fun, and people are responding to it the way we hoped,? Eon replied.

?That?s a cool reading of it. The coming together of all these people is the most literal meaning we attributed to it. We called the album Mass, but the name has so many different connotations to it, one of them being spiritual. This is something Jay and I feel strongly about. We?re both very spiritual people,? Eon noted.

There are some notable collaborations on the new Bedouin Soundclash album. In addition to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and several choirs, the band also worked with Bad Brains drummer Chuck Treece. This is not the first time Bedouin Soundclash worked with members of the Bad Brains.

Prior to the release of the new album,

?We met Chuck through King and that

2020 is FI LLI NG FA ST Callus todayBUT HURRY Li mi ted Dates A v ai l abl e! www.djshel l THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP

MARCH 2020

In addition to sharing the stage with the Bad Brains, Bedouin Soundclash have played major festivals, were on Warped Tour, and opened for No Doubt. Also, their song ?12:59 Lullaby? was featured in an episode of Grey?s Anatomy.

Furthermore, Bedouin Soundclash is an award-winning band. In 2006 they won a Juno for Best New Group. While in 2007, they were nominated for Music Video of the Year for ?Walls Fall Down? and ?Pop Album of the Year ? for Street Gospels. For Pop Album of the year, the other nominees were Celine Dion, Michael BublĂŠ, and Anne Murray, while Feist was the winner. ?It?s a special moment getting recognized by a larger industry body. With our music, it isn?t common. There isn?t a proven pathway to success for people using reggae as a foundation for their music. It?s not something that usually gets a lot of attention. In 2006, being nominated for Best New Group and getting the Juno was an incredible honour. It was a cool and humbling event. The nomination for ?Pop Album of the Year ? along with Celine Dion and other heavy hitters. To get to that kind of echelon on your second record was another humbling vote of confidence. It indicates there is a place for the music we?re making,? Eon concluded.

www.invit at PAGE 10


OW? N K U O Y D DI o u t ... f act s


fr om Lisa Dupr au Executive Dir ector

w w w .agapecentr



Th e FOOD BANK Total people ser ved - 1,039 Total visits - 1,526 Childr en ser ved - 435

Th e SOUP KI TCHEN Total m eals ser ved - 2,802

2019 STATS Individuals ser ved in the FOOD BANK - 3,546 Total visits to the FOOD BANK - 14,985 The SOUP KITCHEN ser ved - 31,340 m eals W h en you sh op at t h e " New For You Th r i f t St or e" at the Agapè Centr e in Cor nw all (40 Fifth St. W.) you ar e helping r aise m uch needed funds for the Food Bank and Soup Kitchen. The Agape Centr e r elies solely on the gener osity and donationsfr om the com m unity and our fundr aising events. One of these events is our 2n d an n u al Spr i n g Fl i n g h appen i n gM ar ch 28, 2020. info on pa ge 13 team bring home the ULU Trophy. After a full day and eight games of Scrabble energy, scores were calculated according to a well defined point system. As in all games and By Cor n w al l Scr abbl e Di r ect or , Vi v i an n e Pan i zzon

For most people, the ULU trophy is but a 5 in. mini sculpture that resembles an Inuksuk, but for an Ottawa or Montreal Scrabbler, the ULU Trophy is a symbol that represents triumph. On Saturday, Feb. 1st 2020, the Cornwall Scrabble Club hosted the Ottawa-Montreal Challenge. Thirty-seven Scrabblers, 18 playing for the Ottawa Scrabble Club and 19 playing for the Montreal Scrabble Club, (including 2 Cornwall Scrabble members and myself), invaded the Cornwall Public Library in order to participate in the Ottawa-Montreal Challenge. All were determined to put their best strategies to work and their best words forward, in an attempt to have their

a ve H u o D o Y r Ti c k e t Y o u Fo r

tournaments, there is a losing team and a winning team. For the second consecutive year, the Ottawa Scrabble Club came out victorious and triumphant? .54 points for Ottawa, 50 points for Montreal. To view complete results, go to

The Cornwall Scrabble Club is a recreational Club registered with NASPA. (North American Scrabble Players Association)To play in a rated tournament such as the Ottawa-Montreal Challenge, a player must be a registered member with this Scrabble association. So far, three players have joined, Doris Bourbonnais, Derry Loucks and myself; consequently all three of us were eligible to play in this tournament. Many thanks to the Cornwall Public Library for enabling The Cornwall Scrabble Club to host this prestigious event at the Library. Many thanks to Sonja Irving, Pierre Dufour and to all staff members for going out of their way to make this a most successful and pleasant day. To join the Cornwall Scrabble Club at the Cornwall Public Library, communicate with Vivianne Panizzon - 613 931 1792




onl y advance t icket s have a chance TO WIN t he "QU EEN FOR A DAY" (prize val ue $1,000) PLUS Door Prize FLASH DRAWS every 10 minut es



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MARCH 2020



O UT AND ABO UT w i t h Seek er

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On Satur day, Febr uar y22ndI attendedtheCor nw alland Ar ea Cham berof Com m er ce BusinessExcellence & Citizen of theYear Banquetw hichw asheldat theCor nw all CivicCom plex.SeekerChickJuliaw assupposedto be "mydatefor theevening"but unfor tunately shew asn't ableto attendso I hadSheldonGr ant(mylifepar tner ) attendw ithm e. It is w onder fulto besur r ounded by so m anyfam iliar facesm anyof w hoar enom inated for theaw ar dsthat ar epr esenteddur ingtheevening.Of cour seit is excitingasno onehasanyideaw how ill bethew inner s ... Them eal(cater edby Pr estigeCater ing)w assupertasty, accom panied asalw aysby r ed andw hitew ine. Over220attendees celebr atedninebusinesses andthis year ?sCitizenof theYear dur ingthe2020Cor nw all Cham berof Com m er ce annualBusinessExcellence Aw ar dsGalaheldon Febr uar y22ndat theCor nw all CivicCom plex. ?Thisyear ?sbusinessw inner sar ea r eflectionof the str engthanddiver sityof theCor nw allbusiness com m unity,? saidtheCham ber ?pr s esidentShannon Lebr un.?Ter r yM uiris an exam pleto usall andis r epr esentative of Cor nw all?gener s ousspir it,?Lebr un saidof the2020Citizenof theYear w inner.(Infoabout Ter r yis on page2) Thisyea r ?swinner sa r ea sfollows: Br eak t h r ou gh Aw ar d ? W i nTh i sSpace- Cor nw all?s Dow ntow nBusiness Im pr ovem ent Ar ea(DBIA)is lookingfor entr epr eneurthat s w ishto kickstar an t exciting car eeras a sm allbusinessow ner ? andw antsto helpthemget star ted.Aspar tof itsW INTHIS SPACEinitiativetheDBIAw ill chooseup to 25 candidates, one of w homw ill w in $1,000a m onth for an entir eyear to cover r ent/lease paym ents aftersettingup a business dow ntow n. Tw oexcitingbusinesses, Fair ySw eetandLoveandLee, havew onthefir sttw oW TSevents. TheDBIAr ealizesstar tinga businessis difficultw or k . It?sa r isk andinvolvesplentyof blood,sw eatandtear s to tur na gr eatideaintoa pr ofitable enter pr ise. That?s w hyit haspar tner edw iththeCor nw allBusiness Enter pr ise Centr eto offerclassesthatw ill ar m finalists w ithknow ledge on how to builda businessplan, m ar kettheirbusinessandnavigatethecom plicated w aterof establishing a new business.Andthebestpar t is ? it?sall fr ee.Candidates ar epar eddow nto five finalistsw how ill pr esenttheirbusinessideasto a panelof localjudgesr epr esenting theDBIAw how ill choosea w innerin a Dr agon?sDen-typeeventthatis br oadcastby YourTV. Sm al lBu si n essof t h eYear ? Gl en gar r yFi n eCh eese Glengar r yFineCheeseis situated on thefar mof M ar gar et Peter s-M or r is? fam ilyancestr al landsin thecor nerof South Glengar r yTow nshipon theshor es of theSt. Law r ence River.Theland w hichis far m edby thePeter s fam ilyis pr ovidingthequalityhay, gr assandgr ainsw hichthe Holsteinher dis fed eachyear.The dair yis acr ossther oadfr omthecheesefactor y,the m ilkthatgoesin thequalityar tisancheesebeginsat the fam ilyfar m . M ar gar etbeganm akingcheesefr omthefar mm ilk backin theear ly1990?s.Wear eof Dutchher itage ther efor e, goudaw asalw aysthenum beronechoiceof cheeseto bem ade.Theover allloveof cheesein our fam ilypr opelledM ar gar et?inter s estto addm or e var ietiesto ther eper toir e w ithtr ipsabr oadto lear n m or eaboutfar m steadCheesem aking andeventually


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Con gr at u l at i on s t o al l t h e Ch am ber Aw ar ds W i n n er s

developing r ecipesthatar ethebasisof thetypes pr oducedin theplanttoday.To havean ar tisanplant w asM ar gar et?dr s eamandis now her life?svocation,to beon a far mm akingcheesein thecountyw her eshe gr ewup. It hasr eceivedaw ar dsfor itsFen Slab,Lankaaster? GoudaStyle,CelticBlueandLankaasterCum in Flavour ed, in a var ietyof categor ies. Bu si n essof t h eYear ? Cor n w alNi l ssan- Established in 2002,Cor nw allNISSANhasgr ow n to becom ea pr em ierNISSANauto dealerin theEaster nOntar io r egion.Thr oughout itstenur e,it hasstr ivedto includethebest possiblecustom erser vicew ith top-notchr epair /m aintenance w or kandcom pr ehensive new and usedcar ,tr uck,m inivanandSUV inventor ies.

baker ytheyar eknow nfor fr eshbaked br ead,cookies, cakes,piesandothertr eats,it?stheirw or kat the lunch-hourthathascr eateda Cor nw alllegend.M assive sandw iches w ithfist-sizedfr eshcut m eatsandcheeses, asw ellas hom em ade soupsandsalads,m eansyou can skipsupper. Riley?sEur opeanBaker yis a Cor nw allinstitutionthat hasbeenar oundsince1905. Peopleflockto thelittlebaker yon Pitt Str eetever yday at lunchtim e for a sandw ich, or oneof them anyother deliciousgoodson offer ,r angingfr omthehum ble doughnutto theelegantcannoli. In itstim e,Riley?shasbeenow nedby thr eediffer ent fam ilies,but thecur r entow ner s,RobandAnaCur r an, w hoalsow er eSeeker sChoiceAw ar dW inner s.r ecently r eachedtheir30thanniver sar ryunningthebaker y.

Tou r i smEx cel l en ce ? Beer , Bou r bonBBQ, , an dBl u es Fest i val- Hostedon thegr ounds of theNAVCentr eover looking the Cor nw allNISSANw asfoundedin 2002by Aym an St. Law r ence River ,theBeer , Gabr iel.Basedin CORNWALL, Cor nw allNISSANhas Bour bon,BBQandBluesFestival continuedto expandasit now ser vesall of theEaster n givesattendees a chanceto tr y Ontar ioar eaw ithnew andused2019and2020NISSAN incr edible dr inksfr om22 cr aft autom obiles, tr ucksandcom m er cial vehicles. br ew er sand11 distiller s,along w ithm outhw ater ing bar becue Overtheyear s,Cor nw allNISSANhasgr ow nin its cr eations. cur r entlocation,andnow offer sa state-of-the-ar t PaulDeslaur ier s, acknow ledged show r oomPar , ts& Ser viceCentr esanda Finance asoneof thever ybestblues Depar tm ent. guitar ists in Nor thAm er ica,br oughthisaw ar dw inning Econ om i cI m pact? Lecl er cGr ou p bandto theBeer ,Bour bon,BBQandBluesFestivallast year.Deslaur ierheadlined s a jam -packed daythat Lecler cGr oup,a Nor thAm er ican pair eda fantasticar r ayof foodandbever agew ith leaderin thesnackfood top-notchlivem usic. m anufactur ing industr y,has established a new pr oductionplant Cr aftBr ew er ies includingCor nw all?ow s nRur ban in Cor nw all,Ontar io,w ithplansto Br ew er y, alongw ithHum bleBeginnings fr om hir edozensof em ployees. Cassel Lecler c,a thr ivingfam ilycom pany, Ingleside,WoodBr other sfr omGlengar r y, Br ew ingfr omCasselm anandBeau?sfr omVankleekHill m anufactur es cookies,snackbar s w er eon tap. andcr acker sfor distr ibution to You n gPr of essi on al?sCot t on m or ethanthir tycountr iesall over M i l l Reh ab- A new clinichas thew or ld. openedup in thehistor icCotton Lecler cGr ouphascontinually investedin itsCanadian M illdistr ict,andit hasquickly facilities,(tw oin Saint-Augustin-de-Desm aur QC es and established a lar geandloyal onein Haw kesburON), y w ithstate?of?the?ar t custom erbase.Ser vicesand pr oductionequipm ent. W hilethesethr eeplantsar e tr eatm ents at CottonM ill Rehab destinedfor gr ow thin thenearfutur e,ongoing ar eentir elyone-on-one. Clients com panysuccessw ar r antedthepur chaseof a 160,000 spendtheentir etyof theirsession sq.ft.buildingin theCor nw allBusinessPar k . w iththehealthcar epr oviderw, ho can thenofferper sonalized and Thisfutur epr oductionsitew ill behigh-techand pr ivatecar e.Teamm em ber shave devotedto som eof thenichepr oductsLecler cpr oudly advancedtr ainingin num er ous pr epar esfor itsclientele. techniques, includingpelvicfloor physiother apy, concussionther apy,tr eatm entfor En t r epr en euof r t h eYear ver tigo,acupunctur e, gr aston,theWebstertechnique, ? Fai r ySw eet- Dow ntow n cupping,ther apeutic taping,customor thotics,r unning Cor nw allhasbecom ea littlebit andgaitanalysis,functionalm ovem entscr eens,and sw eeterw iththeopeningof Fair y m or e. Sw eetgour m etbaker y. to Fair ySw eetis a popularchocolatier Theteamat CottonM ill Rehabhasstr ongconnections Cor nw all,w iththr eem em ber shavingattendedHoly by cater ingto thesw eettooth Tr inityCatholicSecondar ySchoolat thesam etim e. desir esof r esidentsandvisitor s alike.Thebaker ym akesa w ide Above& Beyon dAw ar d? Jor dan r angeof chocolates, cookiesand an dCh r i sO?Br i enow n er sof Fr esh cheesecakes. Custom erfavour ites Co - Theow ner sof Fr eshCo ? includetur tlebar s,peanutbutter Jor danandChr isO?Br ienseemto cups,Par isianm acar ons and not havethew or dno aspar tof or ganicm aplebutter.Theyevenoffera peanut-fr ee theirvocabular y. peanutbuttercupfor thosew ithaller gies. Spor tsteam s,schools,and Bakedgoodscan bepur chasedindividually or in com m unity gr oupshavecom eto pr e-m adegift bags.A w ider angeof espr essois also r elyon thegener ouscom m unity available.Thetw o-tim eSeeker s spir itto helpw ithfundr aising. ChoiceAw ar dw inningsm all Rar elyis ther ea w eekendendin the businessw asstar tedin 2013asa sum m erw hentheyhavenot m ade hom e-based oper ation. Thenew theirstor efr ontavailablefor gr oupsto r un a BBQ stor efr ontr epr esents a m ajor aiser. Theyactivelyseekout gr oupsto ensur ethe evolutionof thebusinessandw as fundr oppor tunity to r aisem oneyin fr ontof theirbusystor e facilitatedby w inninglast year ?s doesnot go unused.Often,theyhavetakenfoodoff W inthisSpacecom petition. theirshelvesto helpgr oupsthathaver un out of food. Li f et i m eBu si n essAch i evem en t Jor danandChr isar etr ueam bassadorof s theAbove ? Ri l ey?sBak er y- Riley?sBaker y andBeyondAw ar d. hasbeena stapleof dow ntow n Cor nw allfor decades.W hileasa

MARCH 2020



M ARCH CALENDAR OF EVENTS Wh a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o seei n Co r n w a lal n dSD& G Team-Buil ding Event s Birt hday Part ies Bridal Showers Bachel or Part ies Fundraisers and more!

MEEPL EMOBIL E.CA Cal l 613-363-5124 email : jon@meepl emobil


W hosa y sThe re ' s No t hi ngTo Do i n Co rnw a l?l

Remember to enter your events in the EVENT CALENDAR online at www.t by the 19th of each month so they can be put in the following months print issue

m ar ch

m ar ch

1 su n

Lap Dance Certification Course 01:00pm @ A Lil' Pole Fitness

Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm Seaway Roadhouse, 830 second street west

m ar ch Say "no" to GBV by Farrah Khan and Courtney Skye 09:00am - 12:00pm Aultsville Theatre, 2 St. Lawrence Dr

2 m on

No t hi ng ???

Mom & Baby Yoga 10:30am Love Yoga, Cornwall

W ho sa y s The re ' s To Do i n Co rnw a l l

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

m ar ch

3 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am 11:00am 841 Sydney Street

Job Fair 11:00am Cornwall Student Union, Cornwall

m ar ch

4 wed

Bob Ross Paint Nite 06:00pm Cornwall Student Union, Cornwall

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm - 11:00pm The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road, Cornwall

5 thur

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W,

Chorale choeur en fête 04:00pm Paroise Ste-These de Lisieux Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm Civic Complex

m ar ch

6fr i

Cornwall Psychic Fair March 2020 10:00am - Mar 8 04:00pm Best Western Parkway Inn

Dissolve 07:00pm Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Ave, Art Exhibit Opening Night 07:00pm Cailuan Gallery, 225 Pitt Street, Ryan Lalonde - Believably Unbelievable 07:30pm Aultsville Theatre, 2 St. Lawrence Dr

m ar ch

7 sat

Babysitting course 08:00am Benson Centre

Transparent Tarot Readings 10:00am Healing Wishes, 117 Eleventh St W SPAGHETTI NIGHT WITH LIVE MUSIC BY MIKE & GILLES BOUDRIA 05:00pm RCAFA Ladies Night 06:00pm Creation Workshop, 812 Pitt St # 7 After The Goldrush, The Ultimate Neil Young Tribute 07:00pm The

m ar ch

Port Theater Hip Hop Spotlight 09:00pm 113 A Pitt St

m ar ch


su n

Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm Seaway Roadhouse, 830 second street W

m ar ch

9 m on m ar ch

1t u e0

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am - 11:00am 841 Sydney Street,

m ar ch

11 wed

Human Trafficking: A Community Response 04:00pm Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Ave,

Rachel's Kids Home Alone Course 06:00pm Rachel's Kids, 850 Boundary Rd Unit 7, Cornwall Line Up Wednesdays - Line Dancing 06:00pm - 10:00pm The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road Homecoming Queens- Vernissage 07:00pm Cline House, 204 Second St E

12 thur

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

Chorale choeur en fête 04:00pm Paroise Ste-These de Lisieux, Cornwall Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm Civic Complex, Cornwall

m ar ch

13 fr i

The Buthcer Bhoys Live At Shoeless Joe's 08:00pm Shoeless Joe's, 1110 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall

m ar ch

14 sat

Transparent Tarot Readings 10:00am Healing Wishes, 117 Eleventh St W

ANAT Self Defence for Women 01:30pm - 04:30pm Physical Limits, 120 Ninth St E St. Patrick?s Day with The Ceilidh Drovers 03:00pm - 07:00pm Army Navy, 14 Malborough

Your event coul d be f eat ured here if you had cal l ed it in! 613-935-3763 You can al so pl ace it onl ine IT'S FREE! www.t




Event s subject t o change - pl ease see Current Event s or pl ace your own event on our websit e at www.t f or incl usion in print

ANAT Self Defence for Women 01:30pm - 04:30pm Physical Limits, 120 Ninth St E PRE - ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARTY WITH LIVE MUSIC BY BOB & DUCKY 04:00pm RCAFA Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm Seaway Roadhouse, 830 second street west Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W

m ar ch

16 m on

Pl ace your ad in The Seeker f or FREE! Visit ht t p:/ / t

m ar ch

17 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am - 11:00am 841 Sydney Street, Cornwall

18 wed m ar ch

19 thur

Chorale choeur en fête 04:00pm Paroise Ste-These de Lisieux Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm Civic Complex

20 fr i

The Seeker NEEDS YOUR EVENTS Remember to enter your events in the EVENT CALENDAR online at

www.t by the 19th of each month so they can be put in the following months print issue

VIP Early Access Cornwall Pop Up Wedding Dress Sale 02:00pm - 09:00pm Best Western Parkway

Inn Seaway Valley Wrestling x Destiny Wrestling presents:Unstoppable 07:00pm Agora Centre, 301 McConnell Ave Tribute to The Eagles, One Of These Night 07:00pm The Port Theater

21 sat

FREE 4-Week Training: Communication Training 01:00pm 01:35pm 101 Second Street West

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

m ar ch

24 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am 11:00am 841 Sydney Street, Cornwall

25 wed m ar ch

26 thu

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm - 10:00pm The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm Civic Complex, Cornwall

m ar ch Transparent Tarot Readings 10:00am Healing Wishes, 117 Eleventh St W

m ar ch

22 su n

23 m on

m ar ch

m ar ch

m ar ch

m ar ch


Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

m ar ch

Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm Seaway Roadhouse, 830 second street west

27 fr i

Pl ace your ad in The Seeker f or FREE! Visit ht t p:/ / t

Make your EVENT stand out! Add COLOUR and BOLD FOR $5

28 sat

Pl ace your ad in The Seeker f or FREE! Visit ht t p:/ / t

m ar ch

29 su n

Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm Seaway Roadhouse, 830 second street west, Cornwall

m ar ch

30 m on

Kitchen Bridge 01:00pm - 04:40pm 434 Second St. W, Cornwall

m ar ch

31 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am 11:00am 841 Sydney Street, Cornwall, Canada

FRIDAY, MARCH 27th Grade 7 & 8 Dance @La Citadelle

Organized & Supervised by Club Octagon 6:30-9:30pm $5 entry Student ID Required


15 su n

Cornwal l 's Int ernat ional Women's Day Show 10:00am 04:00pm Civic Compl ex

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm 10:00pm The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road, Cornwall


m ar ch

m ar ch

CALL 6 1 3 - 9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 f o r i nf o o n ho w t o p l a ce a PAID EVENT AD.

M ARCH CALENDAR OF EVENTS Wh a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

Event s subject t o change pl ease see Current Event s at www.t


1 0 :3 0 am Sel f Defen ce wi t h SDG TAEKWONDO

1 0 :3 0 am YOGA wi t h Pau l a M cDer m i d o f LOVEYOGA

WORKSHOPS 1 1 :3 0 am -


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Wo r k sh o p sar e $5

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIREDFOR WORKSHOPS GETYOU R$5 ADVANCE TICKETt o d ay@ t h eseek er .caOR cal l 6 1 3 -9 3 5 -8 1 0 1Register @ Par t i alp r o ceed sd o n at edt o M AISONBALDWINHOU SE checkour facebookpagefor updateddetails ORCALL613-935-8101

Th e Seek er?New spaper s? CORNWALL AND AREA POP EVENT m ak ea specialappear an cein BY Seeker Chicklet Caydence t h e lat est St . Joe?sM u sical?

Of course now the Seeker is a ?2-in-1 Monthly News Magazine? but the Seeker Chicks are excited to see that copies of our original Weekly Newspapers are being used as props in the latest St. Joseph?s Catholic Secondary School Musical called ?Newsies?. The students are busy in rehearsals for the show. Keep your eyes on the Seeker for more show info but we can let you know that you need to keep the following dates open if you want to attend this musical: April 24 @ 8pm, April 25 @ 8pm, April 26 @ 2 pm, May 1st @ 8pm and May 2nd @ 8pm.

I w ould like to talk about an event I r eally enjoy in Cor nw all ever y year ? The Cor nw all and Ar ea Pop Event also know n as CAPE. This is an event that allow s us to dr ess up in our favor ite costum esand m eet inter estingand also fam ouspeople. It is also an oppor tunity to pur chasesom e har d to find item s w hich I r eally enjoy. Ther e you w ill find guest speaker sand m any vendor sand m uch m or e. Randy and Car ol Sauve have done an am azingjob ever y year and have even thr ow n in a few sur pr isesalong the w ay such as having their w eddingat the event w hich w as enter tainingand ver y nice given this event is a big par t of both of their lives. I have had the pleasur eof inter view ingRandy and this is how it w ent: M e: How m an y peopl e u su al l y v i si t CAPE each year ? Ran dy: We've had var iousnum ber sfor attendance.Our intention is to continueto build upon the popular ity of CAPE and our attendancehas r anged fr om 3,000 to 6,000 visitor sover the five pr eviousevents. M e: Rou gh l y h ow m an y di f f er en t cost u m esh ave you seen at CAPE an d w h i ch on e w as you r f avor i t e? Ran dy: It has been an absolute tr eat w atchingthe cosplay com m unity in Cor nw all gr ow fr om year to year. I'm a

HUGE super her ofan, so all those ar e gr eat, especially Spider -M an. M e: Can you n am e som e of t h e cost u m esyou an d Car ol h ave w or n t o CAPE you r sel ves? Ran dy: I have yet to cosplay at CAPE, but Car ol has been Wonder Wom an and Har ley Quinn. M e: How m an y year s h as CAPE been h appen i n g? Ran dy: We have had 5 events alr eady and ar e ver y excited for the 6th on Apr il 25/26. CAPE w as cr eated to be a fam ily,fun and fr iendly event and the m or e sm iling faces w e see, the bigger a successw e feel it has been. I w ould like to thank Randy for taking the tim e out of his busy scheduleto answ er my questionsand r eally look for w ar d to attendingCAPE on Apr il 25th and 26th this year. Above all this Randy also ow ns Fantasy Realm w hich is one of my favor ite dow ntow n stops to see w hat new and inter estingitem s or com ics I w ill find. Car ol is also a photogr apher and takes par t in m any events in Cor nw all. This ver y busy couple has also br ought one of the busiest events in Cor nw all and have done an excellent job w ith it year after year. I am so excited to see w hat w e can expect at CAPE next year ? what would YOU like to see?

M ARCHPr o g r am m i n g Head l i g h t s


MARCH 2020





has completed annual mandated courses that are required to maintain a license to sell mortgages.

Why Use a Mort gage Broker? It?s hard to break a habit. We are used to going to our bank for all things mortgage, but it this really the best option when you are searching for a mortgage? Here are some reasons to use the services of a Mortgage Broker:

1. Mortgage Brokers Study Mortgages and are Regulated ? When you visit your local bank branch, you meet with someone that is well versed in all of the products available to your from that branch. Their training includes a broad spectrum of products so that they can offer you the best product for your needs. When you work with a Mortgage Broker, you are working with someone that has studied only mortgages and

2. Saves You Time and Gives You More Options ? Mortgage Brokers have relationships with many lenders. They work with lenders you have heard of and some you probably haven?t. Mortgage Brokers already know most of the products that are out there to choose from so you don?t have to spend the time researching them yourself and wondering if there is something better somewhere else. 3. Saves You Money ? Mortgage Brokers often have access to rate discounts because of a high volume. In many cases, a Mortgage Broker can get you a better rate at your branch than you can. 3. Reduces Your Stress ? A Mortgage Broker makes sure all the paperwork is in place and keeps in good communication with you (often even late nights and weekends!) so that there are no surprises on closing day. 5. Services Are Free and Your Opinion Matters ? Mortgage Brokers are

paid by the lender and not by you (except in cases when the application is challenging and you are advised that a fee will be charged if you continue with the deal). If you, as a client, are happy, you will tell your friends about the service. Mortgage Brokers rely on referrals to succeed in their business so your opinion of their service will always matter. 6. Consider All Situations ? As Mortgage Brokers, we see every scenario out there. Damaged credit, low household income, low net worth might be a deterrent for the bank, but a Mortgage Broker knows lenders that consider all types of unique situations. A plan and strategy are usually suggested to make sure there is a mortgage option available in the future. Rather than putting together your own mortgage, why not try a Mortgage Broker? Jenni MacDonald ( has been an award-winning Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres for over 9 years and has many years of experience in the banking world. She works with over 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at

plunging down vertically into a chasm of swirling water.At this moment I notice that the sun shining through the mist has created a spectrum of colours giving off a rainbow effect.It appears that this marvel of nature was aptly named.Despite its deafening sound, we decide to picnic here to extend our visit.After a few minutes, I decide to wander further up the trail to the top of the cliff to get a different perspective.Now in much closer proximity to raging water, I blissfully embrace its invigorating and cooling spray. To switch things up, we decide to drive down past the next couple of falls and park near the furthest one, Bashford Falls so that we can backtrack on the bicycles we have toted along.The breeze we create while pedalling feels amazing and offers some relief from the humidity clinging to our skin.We reach Sinclair Falls easily as it can be viewed from a bridge on a side road.The most curious amongst us run down the short path to get closer to the action.While more mellow than the other two, this one offers large flat rocks which allow us to wander and explore easily.The water is so clear that I cannot help but reach down to cup it.

Ch asi n g Wat er fal l s By Sylvie O?Rou r k e When a September heat wave hits, the waterfalls beckon.We have the perfect destination today ? Tooley Pond Road in Cranberry Lake.Where else can you find at least eight different waterfalls in a twenty-mile span off a single road?The thirty degree heat and accompanying humidity is a good incentive to test out the theory that much like snowflakes, no two waterfalls are exactly the same.Where there is oppressive heat, let there be water! First on our list is Copper Falls, a lovely hiking spot through the forest.The leaves are just beginning to colour highlighting the cupreous sheen of the rocks.It is these warm hues that strike me immediately.I am even more delighted to spy the first of a series of rapids running over the smooth rocks, giving the water a subdued yet distinct reddish-tone.We continue along the trail to the various lookouts ending with a flatwater pool at the base of a ten-foot fall. Our next stop is Rainbow Falls. This trail starts off through an open field which soon becomes a hardwood forest.As we approach a wooden footbridge set over a small gorge, we can clearly hear the powerful roar of the falls before we even lay eyes on them.This waterfall is a force to be reckoned with and commands respect.From our vantage point, about midway from the top and bottom of the falls, we behold a thunderous volume of water


Back on our saddles we coast mostly downhill all the way to Twin Falls.I would describe this set of falls as fraternal twins of different sizes as they are not really alike, however their close proximity allows us to observe parts of both simultaneously from the side of the road.To properly see the furthest and largest one we must do some rock hopping in a shallow section of the river to cross over to an island.Apparently this is the historic site of a former blast furnace for smelting iron where remnants can still be seen.I will need to come back to investigate this another time. By the time we make it back to our cars the heat has drained us and we opt to skip Bashford Falls, the longest of the hikes, so that we can spend more time at our final destination, Lampson Falls.This one is not situated on Tooley Pond Road, but is just a short car ride away.A popular hang-out spot, Lampson Falls is a jewel with a small sandy beach tucked away at its base.We cheerfully take full advantage of this idyllic setting to cool down, swimming or simply splashing around while gazing up at the wide hundred-foot waterfall above us. Reflecting on the five waterfalls we have visited today, I can agree that no two are alike.Each one seems to have its own personality and individual charm.Suffice to say that they all make a statement: Whether bold and strong, tranquil and therapeutic, or wild and free, each one has something to offer.But just to make sure that this theory is correct, I feel that it is my duty, to happily keep on chasing waterfalls.Do you care to join me? For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air visit or like us on Facebook.

MARCH 2020



HAVE YOU HEARD OF LORNE SAUSAGE? I have said before and I will happily say again, I have the best customers anywhere! Two of these are Rejeanne and Jean Sabourin who shop in my store each week. Rejeanne knits these sweet little dishcloths and will quietly pass a couple over to me as she chats with me at the cash register. All of my family enjoy washing their dishes with her knitting talent and generosity. Now, back to the Lorne sausage! Jean is exploring his Scottish heritage as I am with my maternal grandfather. In doing so, he found a recipe on the internet to make the famous Scottish Lorne Sausage. These sausages are square in shape and are well known and enjoyed in Scotland. Jean and Rejeanne made the recipe and raved about them to me. Of course, I had to make them as well!


We have Ryan, our fourth eldest grandson currently studying in Glasgow Scotland to be a physiotherapist. He will graduate at the end of this year. While he was home for Christmas, he and his sister Lauren came out to our house for breakfast. And guess what I made! Of course, some Lorne Sausages to go with my favourite pancakes.


I have made two batches of these delicious sausages. They are easy to make and freeze very well. Instead of the fuss of make in them a square shape, I just make them into round patties.They are delicious in a hamburger bun as well.

INGREDIENTS: 1 l b. of ground beef (of course, use Sharyn's Pant ry l ocal l ean ground beef )

The picture is of Lauren and Ryan enjoying breakfast with Gary and I. Some happy memories were make that day. I will be mailing Ryan a copy of my Seeker recipe and their picture. He can share our recipe with his Scottish friends.

1 l b. minced ground pork (not t oo l ean or t he sausage wil l be dry)

Enjoy a great month! Thanks to Rejeanne and Jean for caring and sharing. Hopefully winter will soon end and spring will arrive.

6 oz. of f resh breadcrumbs (I used 4 regul ar sized hot dog buns grat ed t o measure 6 oz. in weight and measured 3 cups using a dry ingredient measuring cup) 4 f l uid oz. of ice wat er 1- 1/ 2 t sp. f ine sal t 1- 1/ 2 t sp. ground coriander 1 t sp. ground bl ack pepper 1/ 2 t sp. ground nut meg (you can use f reshl y grat ed nut meg if you wish (we carry t hese at Sharyn's Pant ry)

From My Pantry by Sharyn Thompson

-Place the ground beef and ground pork in a large mixing bowl. Mix to blend well. -Add the freshly grated bread crumbs (Note: 6 oz. measures 3 cups of freshly grated breadcrumbs) -Add the ice water and mix well. Now add the spices. Use your hands to thoroughly mix everything. -You can form them into plain round patties as I did or follow the instructions in Jean's recipe for square shaped Lorne Sausage. Instructions following: -Firmly pack the sausage mixture into a loaf tin or rectangular pan measuring 10"x4"x3". -Place the Lorne Sausage meat block in the freezer until it's stiff enough to slice. -Remove the mixture from the loaf tin and cut it into slices around 1/2" in thickness. -Set aside a few slices for immediate consumption. -Place the remaining slices into freezeer bags with parchment or waxed paper or plastic wrap between each slice. Date and label your bags of sausages and freeze. This recipe makes 14 - 4" to 5" patties.

Owner of Sharyn's Pantry

COOKING: -Allow time to defrost the sausages thoroughly and fry them in a little oil until golden brown and cooked through. Serve hot. -If you want to make them into hamburgers, I have formed them into large thin patties, and fried them. Before serving, I place a couple of extra old cheddar cheese slices on top of one sausage and topped it with another sausage patty. So the cheese melts in between each sausage patty. So good! If you ever meet a Scot who has emigrated or has been working abroad for any length of time, ask them what they miss most about Scotland. I guarantee you that Lorne Sausage will be amongst the first words they utter. So give them a try, but beware, they are truly addictive. I must agree with that statement as I have made 2 batches of these sausage patties. The mixture makes a delicious start to meatloaves as well.

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