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Being a Wo man in a Man's Wo r l d


Get your t icket s t o t he women's day show t o part icipat e in our discussion panel which incl udes Mayor Bernadet t e Cl ement and Special Const abl e Krist in Gendron See page 16 f or show inf o.

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Unionscan be a wonderful thing. They can also be a terrible thing. Somebodyrecently asked me what I thought of the whole teachers' strike ordeal,and quite frankly,I haven't been paying as much attention to it as I probably should. I don't believe in strikes,so I tend to ignore anythingrelated to them... But we're talking about education here, and my kids are part of that educationsystem,so I decided to dig into it. So what is this fight really about?

1. Money. Of course,it's always about money. There is a part of this fight that has to do with teachers' salaries,of course. But teachers make an average of $87,000 in Ontario so why do they want more? Well, for one, inflation is a real thing, ya know. Prices go up on everything.What teachersare asking is a raise equal to the increase in the cost of living. OK, so far, so good. That's a reasonabledemand in my books. However,they already make way more than what is required to make ends meet, and high salaries,protected by unions, sometimesresult in comfortableindividuals who are not really passionateabout what they do. Don't get me wrong,I've seen wonderful teachersin my years of dealing with schools,but I've also seen mean teacherswho hate their jobs and shouldn't be


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teaching. Still, I believe a well-paid teacher is a happy teacher who probably will do a better job. 2. Educat ionFunding.We all know the governmenthas said they want to cut funding to educationto help balance the budget. Still, they will spend more this year than ever before,but the bulk of the increase is not for schools,but rather for a child care tax credit being implemented. The total amount being put towardseducationmay have increased;however,the per-pupil funding has gone down. I can support this one. 3. Cl ass sizes. The governmentwants to increase class sizes. Teacherswant to decreasethem. No-brainerhere. To succeed,kids need more attention,not less. 4. Migrat ing some cl assesonl ine. The governmenthas moved to implement the mandatorycompletionof 2 high school coursesonline. I have mixed feelingsabout this one. Being proficient in technologyis essential,but it's not innate in everyone.I feel this would work well with studentswho are autonomousand resourceful but not so much with those who require close monitoring. Teacherswant this to be optional,not mandatory. I can agree. 5-Special Educat ionFunding.The union wants to renew a clause that expired with the last contract. This funding goes to helping high-needsstudents. This potentiallycould mean restoringover 1200 jobs that were cut, mainly educational assistants. It's a sad reality,but there is such a wide amount of kids who have a variety of ailmentsthat requiresspecial education. As a society,we absolutelyneed to get behind this. Ultimately,I have to trust teachershave students' best interestsat heart and I have to believe unions are not tainted and have teachers' best interestsat heart. I hope they find common ground.One thing our kids definitely don't need is less school time.

To shinea positivelight on our com m unity;To br inga positivespin on new s? Topr ovide topqualityadver tising andexposurto e sm allbusiness ow ner so s theycanpr om ote theirpr oductor ser viceat affor dable r ates;Togivea str ongvoiceto thear tsandcultur e com m unity; Tospr eadthew or daboutall thegr eateventstakingplacein Cor nw all andAr ea. TheSeekeristheonlyloca llyowneda ndoper ated newspa per ?I t is published? By Loca l People - For Loca lPeople - AboutLoca l People - Suppor tingLoca lPeople

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Ja so n FEBRUARY 2020

SETNYK Th e Har lem Globet r ot t er s Bou n ce in t o Cor n w all - The Original Harlem Globetrotters are a worldwide icon, synonymous with one-of-a-kind family entertainment and mesmerizing basketball skills. The All-New Pushing the Limits World Tour will be at the Cornwall Civic Complex in the Ed Lumley Arena on Monday, March 30, 2020, at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Tickets for the March 30th event are priced in the stands at $27.35, $42.35, $52.35, $69.35 and $99.35 for front row tickets on the floor. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 20th, 2019 at 10:00 AM. They can be purchased online at w w w.t icket pr o.ca by phone at 1 (888) 655-9090, or in person at the Cornwall Civic Complex box-office or call us at (613) 938-9400. The ?Ambassadors of Goodwill? TM have dazzled and dunked their way into the hears of over 148 million fans worldwide, performing in 124 countries and territories in their illustrious history. The Globetrotters?spectacular live show is unrivaled in the world of family entertainment, and they are coming to Cornwall! Put a whole new spin on family time with the Harlem Globetrotters. Volu n t eer Adm in ist r at or s Net w or k t o Lau n ch Febr u ar y 5t h - A new network for administrators, managers, and coordinators of volunteers for the SDG, Cornwall, and Akwesasne region is launching on February 5th. The purpose of the network is to provide support to volunteer administrators through the sharing of knowledge and best practices. ?Our objective is to enhance volunteer experiences in SDGCA, foster volunteer engagement to improve retention in our organizations, collaborate as a network to bridge volunteer gaps, and to share best practices and strategies on volunteer recruitment and on-boarding,? says Carilyne HĂŠbert, Executive Director of the Social Development Council(SDC). The network is being formed and supported under the SDC?s umbrella. The Volunteer


meetings with

Professors & Com plet e St or ies on ou r Coordinators from Websit e: w w w.t h eseek er .ca the St. Lawrence

Administrators Network (VAN) will meet 8 times a year. These meetings will each focus on an important topic in the volunteer world such as volunteer recruitment, retention, recognition and much more along with an opportunity for members to network. The first meeting taking place on February 5th at 9:30 am at the Benson Center will focus on the impact of criminal record checks on volunteer recruitment. Representatives from both the Cornwall Police and the OPP will be speaking to the matter. Membership to the network is free. To get your ticket for this inaugural meeting please visit h t t ps:/ / van m eet in g.even t br it e.ca Tou r ism Developm en t Fu n d Pr ovides Sign if ican t Su ppor t t o Local Even t s - The Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall (TDCC) is pleased to announce a stellar inaugural year of funding tourism initiatives in Cornwall and area. The total of $141,900 was invested in the community from the Tourism Development Fund, allowing businesses and event organizers to increase marketing outside the City as well as improve the overall tourist experience. The net result is increased tourism activity leading to a greater positive impact on the local economy, with the potential of generating more repeat visitors. ?We are very pleased with the success of the Tourism Development Fund so far and we are encouraged by the excellent quality of applications received to date,? says Etienne Saint ? Aubin, Vice-Chair of the TDCC. The TDCC received 30 requests for funding in 2019 and was able to fund 19 of those applications. The Tourism Development Fund is generated from the proceeds of the Municipal Accommodation Tax. The expected amount of funding available for 2020 is estimated at $300,000 and the intake of applications has already begun. Applications are first reviewed by a committee of industry experts with final decisions made by the TDCC Board. Eligibility for funding is outlined on w w w.Cor n w allTou r ism .com and interested parties can contact Amy Malyon, Tourism Coordinator for further assistance with the application process if required. Applicants are required to submit their application at least three months in advance of their project date. Un it ed Way par t n er s w it h St . Law r en ce College - Over the past several months the United Way/Centraide of S.D.& G. has held


College ? Cornwall Campus discussing a way that we could come together as a community, to give students a glimpse of our partnered agencies and help them make a link between their area of study and our many agencies in the region. The outcome ?SHOW ME THE WAY.? On Wednesday, January 22nd representatives from our partnered agencies and community ?HERO? volunteers will be holding a half-day -series of workshops at St. Lawrence College, designed to think outside of the box. ?By outside the box, I mean that someone in the Police Foundations, for example, could volunteer at Boys and Girls, and actually be working towards crime reduction. The students do not automatically understand that they do not actually have to volunteer at the police station to gain the ?right? kind of experience and knowledge so as to become better police officers.? says Juliette Labossiere- Executive Director. The event will start at 11:30 am with a mini kiosk area outside the Aultsville Theatre that will host partnered agencies that students can visit and find out more about that specific agency. ?At 1 pm we would like to invite the community to join us and our special guest Mayor Bernadette Clement and Eileen De Courcy ? Sr. Vice President, Academic St. Lawrence College- Brockville, Cornwall & Kingston as we kick off ? SHOW ME THE WAY,? this new partnership with St. Lawrence College,? says Stephanie Lalonde ? Campaign and Communication Co-ordinator. Students will participate in workshops that focus on topics ranging from mental health awareness, isolation, and community connections. M ak in g it Easier f or Bu sin esses t o Fin d Sk illed Wor ker s - The Ontario Government is helping businesses in small and rural communities attract and retain skilled workers through a new Regional Immigration Pilot program. Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, Chatham-Kent and Belleville/Quinte West were selected to participate in an effort to fulfill labour needs that are not currently being met locally. ?By welcoming newcomers to Cornwall, we are helping our job creators grow their businesses and boost our local economy,? said Jim McDonell, MPP Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry. ?Through the Regional Immigration Pilot, and with the infrastructure in place to assist newcomers in getting settled, we ?

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SEEKER SNIPPETS - co ntinue d

will help solve skilled labour challenges for our Francophone and Anglophone communities.? The Regional Immigration Pilot ? which is part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) ? will be an opportunity for businesses in the three communities to fill talent gaps and support economic growth and a pathway for skilled foreign workers to become permanent residents. In a recent letter, Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade also called on the federal government to work in collaboration to further develop Ontario?s immigration strategy and give the province more choice and autonomy over the selection of economic immigrants. ?Our government is committed to growing economic immigration and connecting job creators in small and rural communities with the talent they need to expand and succeed,? said Fedeli. ?Through the Regional Immigration Pilot, businesses in Cornwall, Chatham-Kent, and Belleville/Quinte West, now have the ability to meet their employment requirements and create even more good jobs.? Love an d Lee Open s Door s t o Br idal Bou t iqu e - (From Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre) Following her achievement of winning the Win This Space competition in September, Kelsey Lee, owner of Love and Lee Bridal Boutique, continues to build on her business success in 2019. With all renovations now complete, Ms. Lee and her team look forward to creating memorable experiences for brides while they say yes to the dress in her lavish new space. ?We created this space to be open, inclusive and fun for brides and their families,? says Ms. Lee. ?We believe that the wedding dress shopping experience deserves to be treated like a milestone in a bride?s life, and plan to do so. Our goal was to also create a one-stop-shop for women and brides alike and are pleased to offer a wide variety of apparel and gifts for all kinds of occasions!? Love and Lee will offer brides-to-be a unique experience, customized to their needs, right here in Cornwall. The bridal boutique will feature designer dresses with a list of exclusive options you would have difficulty finding anywhere else. Brides will also be treated to the entire bridal studio to themselves and their entourage for their appointment. No need to compete for attention from a consultant or to worry about a crowded space and unwanted interruptions throughout your appointment. ?We want our brides to feel welcome and comfortable which is why we only take one appointment per hour within our shop,? says Ms. Lee. ?Our relaxing space will enable you & your squad to chill out and relax while you ?wow?them dress by dress.? For more snippets, visit www.theseeker.ca





Peruvian Fl avour I don't know about you, but I usually associate South American food with hot peppers and Tabasco sauce. I was a frequent flyer at Tampicos and enjoy the heat, so when Mai-Liis asked me to go try El Tumbao with her, I thought she was crazy. See, she usually stays away from spicy food, so I warned her, but she assured me the owner told her it was mild, so I thought, why not. She was right! El Tumbao offers a variety of authentic Peruvian specialties that are big on taste but won't trigger heartburn, but the tropical atmosphere will warm your heart. We had the Lomo Saltado (beef) and the Alas de Pollo (chicken wings) over lunch. My only regret is that we didn't try a wider variety of Ă la carte items. I will definitely be back to sample the sea food. Ceviche is, after all, an original Peruvian delicacy, and one of my favourite food of all times. The beef was very tender, not chewy at all, and full of bold flavour. You could tell they use only the best cut. No fat, no veins. The wings were well cooked and crispy and were served alongside a house dipping sauce made with saltine crackers among other things. Surprising huh? Both dish came with fries which were some of the best I've tasted around here. The menu is selective, but on point. Ceviche (fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices) and Charcoal grilled meats are definitely the stars of the show. Breakfast and Lunch menus offer a good selection, at a price point below $15. Family portions also available.

It's a definite must-try. El Tumbao - 25 Second St E, Cornwall, ON, (613) 935-3181

NOW? K U O Y D I D t f act s ab ou fr om Lisa Dupr au Executive Dir ector

w w w .agapecentr e.ca Th i s past Decem ber 2019 Th e FOOD BANK h el ped 1156 people total 376 w er e childr en

Th e SOUP KI TCHEN ser ved 2069 people total 73 w er e childr en We also distr ibuted 26 cr isis bags thr oughout the m onth of Decem ber that helped 32 adults and 14 childr en. W hen you shop at the "New For You Thr ift Stor e" at the Agapè Centr e in Cor nw all (40 Fifth St. W.) you ar e helping r aise m uch needed funds for the Food Bank and Soup Kitchen. The Agape Centr e r elies solely on the gener osity and donations fr om the com m unity and our fundr aising events. One of these events is our 2nd annual Spr ing Fling happening M ar ch 28, 2020. (see page 18 for info.)





Article by Jason Setnyk Photo by Seth Olenick

Mandalorian which is really great. As a Star Wars nerd, I don't love everything that they've done. I kind of famously went after them over the prequels hard, but I love what they're doing now, especially with that show. So, to be a part of the canon as a Star Wars nerd is insane. I've gone to the Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. I feel like I should charge, hey I'm in this, and stand there in my costume, taking pictures with people," Brian Posehn said with a laugh.

Sacramento, California Brian Posehn is probably best known for his recurring role of Bert on the Emmy-winning television series The Big Bang Theory. He has also recently appeared in the new Star Wars television show The Mandalorian on Disney+. Now he has a comedy metal album coming out titled "Grandpa Metal", scheduled for release on February 13th via Megaforce Records. The new album shows that Brian Posehn "has friends in metal places". It features many guests including members of Guns N Roses, Slipknot, Anthrax, Slayer, Fall Out Boy, and Soundgarden. Legendary music comedian "Weird Al" Yankovic also makes a cameo appearance on the new record.

In t er v i ew w i t hTh eBi gBan gTh eor an y dSt arWar sWould Brian Poshen be willing to revise the role of Th eM an dal or iact an orBr i anPoseh n

geologist Bert Kibbler on The Big Bang Theory if the show ever had a re-boot in 10 or 20 years? "Whenever. If it's two years now, twenty years from now, I had a blast. Not everybody loves sitcoms, and even, in particular, that sitcom. I did, I had a great experience doing The Big Bang Theory. I love that style of comedy. I love a lot of different types of comedy, but the sitcom format is so classic. I feel like it can still be funny. I enjoyed doing that show. I would do that show or shows like it again," Brian Posehn replied.

The inspiration for the title "Grandpa Metal" came from his bandmate Scott Ian. "The song is written about Scott Ian, my bandmate and close friend. That's what I call him, Grandpa Metal, that's what I've called him for a long time. He hasn't liked any new music since that band The Refused came out, and that was in the 90s. That was the last new band he liked. It's busting his balls, but it's a personal song too, because I also call myself Grandpa Metal, and I know a bunch of other Grandpa metals too," Brian Posehn said. The album was produced by Jay Ruston (Anthrax), and features Anthrax?s Scott Ian. Gary Holt of Exodus, and who joined Slayer a few years ago, contributed a guitar solo on the second song "Satan is kind of a dick". "The way the whole record came together is insane. Gary Holt is not underappreciated, well maybe he is, but now since he's gotten to play with Slayer, I think more people know just what a badass he is. The first time I saw him with them, I thought they were heavier. To say that about Slayer, that they could get heavier is kind of insane, but he's one of those players whose picking hand is amazing but he's also a badass shredder. He doesn't get as much credit as I think he should." Brian Posehn went on.

THE BIG BANG THEORY, on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS. Š2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lastly, Brian Poshen hopes to write more Deadpool comics for Marvel before the end of this year.

going to play the Weird Al parodies of famous songs to my kid before I played him the originals. So, if he heard "Beat It" he would go what the hell - why is this Michael Jackson guy ripping off Weird Al because it sounds exactly like "Eat It". I essentially did that. I wrote that joke first, and then with my son, I raised him like that. The first time we were in a grocery store, and he heard "Lola" instead of "Yoda" he wanted to know what was happening. I was like, oh yeah, I should have told you. That "Yoda" song is based on a very famous song," Brian Posehn recalled.

Another guest on the album is "Weird Al" Yankovic. He makes a cameo on the sixth track titled ?My Phone Call with Weird Al?. Brian Posehn is a long-time fan of Weird Al.

Talking about Yoda, Brian Posehn appears on the new Star Wars television show The Mandalorian on Disney+ with features Baby Yoda. In the first episode, he is a speeder pilot who says the infamous line ?Stay off the Ice?to the main character in the second scene of the opening sequence. Posehn is a long-time Star Wars fan and is proud to be a part of the official canon.

"In my stand up I do a joke about how I was

"I can't even believe it, and to be in The



"For Marvel, I'm going to go back to Deadpool. I want to do some more Deadpool stuff because I had such a blast with that character. When it ended, it ended kind of organically for me, but I miss writing there. I did a one-pager for the Marvel 80th Anniversary. I wrote it with Scott Koblish, who did some of the Deadpool art for some of my favorite issues. My favorite stuff with Deadpool is the ones that have less story and straight-up comedy. I love the storytelling too. The ones where we went joke, joke, joke, joke, joke - those were so fun! I want to do more of that," Brian Posehn concluded. Brian Posehn has also appeared in several films including Rob Zombie?s ?The Devil?s Rejects,?he starred in Comedy Central?s ?The Sarah Silverman Program,?and he appeared in episodes of "Seinfeld", "Everybody Loves Raymond", and "Californication". He was also a voice actor in "Clerks: The Animated Series, "American Dad!", "Bob's Burgers", and "The Simpsons".



?LoveI n ?at t h e Ar t Cen t r e Article submitted by Rose Desnoyers

Fr iday, Febr uar y 14th - Valentine?s Day - a tim e of love and car e for fam ily, fr iends and com m unity. To celebr ate, the Centr e for the Ar ts? Collective and m ayor Ber nadette Clem ent w elcom e you to the futur e site of the Ar t Centr e at 159 Pitt Str eet. The after school event (4 to 7pm ) includes a sing-along w ith local m usicians, tr eats, ar ts and cr afts and pr om ises to be a ver y good tim e. Bring the family and meet your neighbours. Bienvenue Ă tous. See poster on pa ge 13 for full deta ils. The Collective is pleased also to announce that the Ar t Centr e fundr aising has r eached $570,000.00, sur passing the half w ay m ar k . City adm inistr ator s ar e in the pr ocess of selecting an ar chitectur al fir m that w ill help plan the r epur posing and r efur bishing of the classical BM O building.

a temporary reprieve from the whirlwind that is our lives. We stand silently, our welcoming hands stretched out in hopeful anticipation, willing our feathered friends to come.These social creatures flutter about spreading their contagious light-heartedness from one palm to another. Just listening to their exuberant symphony brings a smile to my lips and an appreciation for the simpler things in life. Chickadees are spunky little puffballs with acute vision.I watch with amazement as they zoom in on the mixed seeds I am holding and, in the blink of an eye much like skilled magicians, snatch the peanuts leaving the darker seeds behind.Flying back to the branches up above with their heist they add to their winter cache preparing for leaner days.Taking my cue from them, I replace the mixed seeds with a batch of unsalted peanuts.

A Bi r dIn Th eHan d By Sylvie O?Rou r k e I dare you not to smile.If I were a betting woman, I would win this wager the moment the pitter-patter of tiny feet landed ever so lightly on the palm of your hand.I know I am right because I have done this many times.There is something infectious about close encounters with adorable little birds.Somehow, it is both a calming activity and one that can make you giddy. We are at the Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary walking in the woods with pockets full of seeds, listening gleefully to the chatter of the chickadees fluttering around us.Their perky and nimble friends, the nuthatches are hanging around too, mostly scrambling down the surrounding trees head first as they forage for insects in the bark.Every once in a while one of them darts over for a visit and I hear a human chuckle of pure delight. Today is not about pushing our physical boundaries or burning calories.It is about slowing down and communing with nature. Gaining the trust of these fluttering creatures brings a sense of contentment and a chance to appreciate the miracles around us.The simple action of sharing a moment with these aerial wonders offers us


Trying to photograph these hyperactive cuties can be quite a challenge because for every successful capture there are half a dozen pictures of empty-handed friends with upturned noses standing around like frozen statues.For me this is all part of the fun, almost a sport it itself. Thank goodness photography has gone digital or it would be an expensive endeavour. As we walk out of the forest towards the parking lot, I look back at our group and sure enough, even the most stoic among us has the hint of a smile on his lips.In fact, I think he might actually be humming.What did I tell you?Those chickadees have a knack for making even the dullest of days brighter. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air visitwww.cornwalloutdoorclub.caor like us on Facebook.






GRAY "Linda 's stor y is a n incr edible exa mple of the silver thr ea d of continuity. W hat a r e the odds that we should meet at that time - just a s Linda wa s cr eating the Her on for the Ar ts Ga la , a nd how does a nyoner ea llyknowtheir pla ce in the wor ld, or what their lega cy will be..."

M oveabl e Feast

Know n as The Valley of the Sw ans,Cr eston, Br itish Colum bia held a population of 1,600 people, w hen Linda Lou Phillips w as bor n. Its w ide flat valleys set into sm all ter r aces, w her e pine, w illow and m ock-or ange lay sur r ounded by cr ops, or char ds and m ountains, is a beautiful place for the obser vant tr aveler exper iencing life along the Koontenays. Linda?s m other Peggy w as hugely involved in her com m unity, leading sever al com m ittees w her e her influence cam e easily. She lived a long life w hen at 60 year s of age - found yet m or e to lear n fr om her littlest descendents by acceptingtheir offer ing, thr ough spoils of love and life.

W hat m ay be Geor ge Connatty?s best gift to his young daughter , w as the shar ed stor y of a fam ily dow n the r oad w ho hadn?t a tr ee, a gift or a dinner on Chr istm as Day. Com ing up the w alkw ay w ith tw o sm all tr ees, Geor ge asked Linda w hich tr ee she w anted to donate and going one step fur ther , asked if she could give up the package that her gr andm other had chosen just for her. As a Pisces, Linda?s spir it r epr esents tr ansfor m ation andconstant m ovem ent. It?s a belief that?s tr aveled far as the sim plest things becom e m ost extr aor dinar y, w hen only the w ise see them . Henr y sees Linda?sgener osity and altr uism as a m oveable feast that no m atter w her e one has tr avelled or lived befor e, it can never be lost. Koontenay tr ibes believe the Blue Her on br ing m essages of self-deter m ination and self-r eliance, r em aining stable despite their long thin legs. Having innate w isdom to m anoeuvr e thr ough life and cr eate their ow n cir cum stances, Blues know that w hatever they do cr eates a r ipple effect in the envir onm ent. And so it w ent that in1947-48 the M unr o Study of Gr eat Blue Her ons show ed 40 pair s living in the Cr eston Valley. Over the next 30 year s that num ber w ould fluctuate gr eatly. In 1996, independent m em ber s ofCastlegar , Br itish Colum bia, and Fr iends of Par ks r eclaim ed their histor icalher itage to pr otect the Blue Her ons. Know n as the Waldie Island Her on Reser ve,after the Waldie fam ily saw m ill w hich r an along the Colum bia River for over 30 year s. Looking back, Linda w ould say thr ough sm iles and outstr etched ar m s, how pr oud she is of giving back w hat w as given. And r ight her e - r ight now Linda?s childhood gift is finally opened and the Waldie Blue Her on becom es the her o of this stor y. For theincredibletw ist is Linda?s cr eation thr oughout the sum m er of a 5?Gr eat Blue Her on m ade of w ir e and papier -m âchÊ, cover ed in painted blue cotton w hich gr eetedallw ho BELIEVED, at the door of the Hall of Fam e for the Ar ts Dinner & Gala, held in October of 2019.

Linda?s father Geor ge w as a Lance Cor por al in the w ar. Upon his r etur n fr om over seas, he found balance and str ength w or king as a car penter. Building over 50 houses in his lifetim e, Geor ge Connatty w as a good m an. His sense of altr uism and char ity, despite his ow n penur ious str uggles, follow ed like a silver thr ead thr ough Linda?s life and onto ever y-thing she w ould ever touch. Fr om an ear ly age, Linda knew em pathically that she w as m eant for gr eat things. M entor ed at the age of five by the incr edible Jim Waldie, Linda w on 1st Place in an ar t show for a color ed sketch of a w hite leghor n r ooster , at the Pacific National Exhibit in Vancouver. An ar t teacher like no other , Jim ?s attentiveness and belief in one so young, instilled a sense of pur pose in Linda. W hen she gr aduated fr om Pr ince Char les Secondar y, Linda star ted a gr aphic design business w ith the encour agem ent of her second ar ts teacher , John Gr igor uk .

Li sa Gr ay ... St or y f or Febr u ar y 2020, Copyr i gh t @ Sept em ber 2019

I would like to have feedback from my stories ... Please email me: Averlegrace4062@gmail.com Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15 pm. For more info. about this, or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.

Thr ough the countless pair s of outstr etched hands, Linda w as guided along life?s path. At 23, she becam e a social w or ker and m et Henr y Phillips at a single par ents suppor t gr oup w her e they ar gued about ever ything under the sun, except their love for each another. M ar r ied for over 41 year s, the couple have lived in over eleven com m unities, spr inkling m agic w her ever they go.

Team-Buil ding Event s Birt hday Part ies Bridal Showers Bachel or Part ies Fundraisers and more!

Ow ning a gr aphic ar ts com pany in Ottaw a and Or leans, Linda?s fr iends have long adm ir ed her str ong deter m ination and ar tistic ability to cr eate lar ger than life, childr en?s them ed m ur als at Chr istm as. Linda?s faith in God and ability to tr ead softly w ith those exper iencing har dship, is her tr uest vir tue. M oving to Cor nw all five year s ago, Linda becam e the m ain decor ator for the annual Chr istm as dinner at the Agor a Centr e on M cConnell Avenue, in Cor nw all. Cr eated six year s ago by Dar lene Br abant and suppor ted by volunteer s of all faiths, the centr e ser ves over 400 people each year w ho ar e alone on Chr istm as Day.


MEEPL EMOBIL E.CA Cal l 613-363-5124 email : jon@meepl emobil e.ca




LISTER As w e pr ogr ess far ther into 2020,I thoughtI'd devotethis colum nto our vision. W hat better year to chooseto use 2020 vision to for seethosethings w e w ant,the goalsw e'vebeen puttingoff, and the m or e satisfyinglife w e can lead - if only w e 'see' it so that w e m ight believeit. Let'scall it our per sonalm issionstatem ent.

But befor ew e get star ted,her e ar e som equestionsto ask your self.W h at i s m y l i f e'sm ai n goal , or cal l i n g?How do I k eep m y dr eam sal i vean d k eep bel i ev i n gi n m ysel f ?The easiest w ay to show you,is to use myself as an exam ple.I've split the exer ciseinto sectionsto m akeit even easier for you to pr ovideyour ow n Per sonalM ission Statem ent. 1. Def i n eW h o You Ar e: As I am about to tur n 60, I r ealizethat one of my goalsas a gir l w asto be som eone'sgir lfr iend,then a w ifeand lovingm other.Been ther e,done that. I had 4 beautifuldaughter sand 3 handsom esons.I now have9 gr andchildr en,and r ecentlyw elcom edmy fir st GREATgr andchildinto my life. M y ear ly definitionof beinga w ifeand m other has com eand playedout its r ole for the m ost par t. A new book w asopened11 year sago w hen I m et John her ein Cor nw all,and again I w as'som eone's gir lfr iend'and now his w ife. 2. Def i n eW h o You Wan t To Be: I cam eto Cor nw allto help one of my daughter sin her hom e.But sincethat tim e,I havem ade m any social contacts,fr iends,business contactsand m any other connections.John and I havepets,and w e ow n a house,and w e haveplansand goalsfor our futur e.I am valuedby m any of the peoplew ho know m e closely,and loveto spend tim e w ith other s- especiallyw hen I can shar e my love,my joy and w isdomto hopefully inspir ethem in som ew ay. Thisis w ho I havebecom eand I see it continuingas I gr ow older. 3. Eval u at eYou r Pr esen tSi t u at i on :I find myself in a ver y happy place.M y m ar r iage is w onder ful,w e love our hom e,our life, and thingsar e goingw ell as w e gr adually plod alonginto the older year s.But if I w er elackingin an ar ea,I w ouldtake steps tow ar dsfixingit, or findingoppor tunities that m ight be beneficialto w hat I m ight be needing.

ther enow. Again,w hen you 'see' w hat you w ant,it is m uch easier to cr eateit. Even the necessar ym oneyw ill often m ater ializefr om sour cesyou never thoughtof.

So if you follow thosefour steps,it m ay help you to developyour ow n '2020vision' and better or chestr atethe life you w ant to live,r ather than coastingalongin the life you havenow. Som eof it is about your goals,and som eof it is about w ho you ar e, but you ar e the one in contr olof both of theseaspectsof your life. In a nutshell,let m e ask you,'W ho ar e you,and w ho w ould you like to be?' and 'W her ear e you now , and w her edo you see your selfheading?' Thesetw o questionssum up the entir e pr ocess.So gr ab a pieceof paper and get star ted!2020 has only just begun,but ther e is still plenty of tim eto develop'2020 vision'and begin seeingpositivechange star t to happen.Just believein your self, becauseyou CAN do it. If you think it enough,you'll believeit, and onceyou believeit enough,it w ill begin to happen. Havefaith.W hat haveyou got to lose? Nothing.. but you haveever ythingto gain if you put your m ind to it. So say yes to PM S! (your Per sonalM issionStatem ent) DEAL OF THEM ONTH:For som ething specialthism onth,I am choosinga new m em berof our fam ily,littleM axi. John and I decidedto get a com panionfor our Ginjacat, and w e w ent to Second ChanceCat Rescue, w hich is r un by TiffanySar ault, w hileLiz'sPier cingr an an adoptionday at her shop on Pitt Str eet.LittleM axi had all the necessar yshotsand w asfixed .. all for $120 .. m uch low er than any vet w ould havechar ged.M axi is now settledin as one of our fam ilym em ber s.I highly r ecom m endyou adoptinga fur baby of your ow n,givinga neededcat a second chance. FAM I LYNEW S:Welcom eto my ver y fir st gr eat-gr andchildw ho w asbor n Jan 9th at 8.4 poundsand 20" tall. His nam eis W ilder W illiamand w as bor n to my eldest gr andson,Lincoln and his pr etty m other ,Hailey.All ar e doingw ell. M y ow n dear m other w ill be tur ning82 on the 10th of Febr uar y,and my youngestson, M ar cus,w ill be tur ning28 on the 28th of Febr uar y.I w ish them both the Happiestof Bir thdays,and I look for w ar dto spending tim ew ith each of them .That w ill be my gift to them both.HappyAnniver sar yto Johnnyand I, celebr atingour 2nd Wedding Anniver sar yon the 12th of Febr uar y. UNTI L NEXTM ONTH,Choosew hich positivethingsyou w ant to believeabout your self.If you don't,nothingw ill change. Either w ay,you w ill havem adea choice.

4. See (an d t ak e act i on on ) W h er eYou 'r e Headi n g:Ther ear e a few thingsI w ould like. One is to visit my m other and other r elativesw ho all live in the Ottaw aar ea m or eoften.For m e, it is a sim plem atter of m akingthesevisitshappen,r ather than lettingthe w eeks,m onthsand year spass by. Anothergoal is to beautifyour yar d M a r leneLister of w ith a sm all pond,and som egar dening & ar eas,includinga Zen gar den,r ather than w w w.fa shionogr a phy.ca just havingthe flat expanseof gr assthat is w w w.lister photos.ca





M a rle ne


O 'BYRN Hi, I'mBud. In Marchof last yearI openedup a littlerecordshop,herein Cornwall.I can nowsay,withoutbeingsarcastic,I'm livingthedream. It'stoughworkbut anythingworthitsweight,is. In everyissueof theSeeker,you'llfind my"TOP7 TUNES"that,for whateverreason,remindmeof that particularmonth.Also,I'll be addinga few notable albumsbeingreleasedthat month,maybea coupon for 20%off a Bud'Records...I'mstill figuringit out. So,withoutfurtherdelay,hereyougo...


Pickingthesesongsshouldhavebeenan easy enoughtask.Thereareso manydifferentgenresof musicand eachhavesomereal gemswhenIt comesto memorablelovesongs. I decidedto go withsongsthat poppedin myheadwhenI thinkaboutmy beautifulwife,whomdisagreedwiththe majorityof thesongsI put on "my"list lol. Shementions,"Thesearestandardlovesongs,whynot add "Satelliteof Love"by VelvetUndergroundor maybeLouReed's "PerfectDay?" I wasreminded,asshespewedout lovesongslikea brothel's jukebox,howmuchI loveher and her opinion...seriously. Jokes aside,herearea few of myfavoritelove songs.(#1isforyou,Angela) 1. MagneticFields-TheBookof love 2. Something-The Beatles 3. WonderfulTonight-EricClapton 4. Let'sGet it on-MarvinGaye 5. Unforgetable-Nat KingCole 6. UnchainedMelody-RighteousBrothers 7. TheFlamingos-Onlyhaveeyesfor you

NOTABLERELEASES...FEBRUARY 2020 1. Sepultura- "Quadra"February7th 2. StoneTemplePilots- "Perdida"February7th 3. Khruangbin+ LeonBridges"TexasSun"February7th 4. TameImpala"TheSlowRush"Feburary14th 5. GuidedBy Voices"SurrenderYourPoppyField" - February20th 6. Grimes"MissAnthropocene"February21st 7. FiveFingerDeathPunch"F8"February28th I wouldlovefor youto comein and checkout theshop sometime.Wesell vinylrecords,compactdiscs,cassettes, recordplayers,rocktshirts,stickers,pinsand otherKoolthings. We'relocatedat 37511thSt. E. in Cornwall,Ontario. You can find uson Facebook.Im alwayspostingpicturesand videosof newarrivalsand dealsthat arehappeningeveryday. Also,you can contactmeat 613-870-3917. Thismonth,mentionthat you saw mein TheSeeker, and I'll giveyou 20% off of yourpurchase. Thanksforreading!I'll seeyouat theshop! HappyValentinesDay!



Ar t icle by Jason Set n yk Su bm it t ed Ph ot o

exercise our democratic muscles.

Ottawa, Ontario - Pittsburg political punk band Anti-Flag are playing The 27 Club in Ottawa on March 11th, 2020. Also, their new album 20/20 Vision comes out today. Lyrically, their album is not just a reaction to the Trump presidency, but a call to action to change society.

"I think Greta like most young people involved in the environmental justice movement, they?re inspirations. All young people have an inherent belief to care about more than just themselves. We must lift up, champion and support this belief. At its core, it?s empathy. The backbone of punk rock" Chris #2 stated.

"It?s about passion and actively choosing optimism over cynicism, in all decisions made," Anti-Flag bassist Chris #2 said. "The issues we?re facing are unprecedented. The number of suicide deaths for lgbtq+ people are up in the hundreds of percentiles. Hate crimes are up as well in places Donald Trump won. He has further marginalized and cast aside the most vulnerable and victimized in our societies. It?s been more painful to be a person of empathy than maybe people anticipated," Chris #2 went on.

On their upcoming tour, Anti-Flag will be sharing the stage with Grade 2. "I?ve only ever heard them on a recording. Can?t wait to tour with them. Doll Skin, also on the bill, we?ve met but also never toured with. Making new relationships, building our community, it?s the goal of every touring experience" Chris #2 replied.

In t er v i ew w i t hAn t i -Fl ag - N ewal bu m20/ 20Vi si onan dUpcom i nTou g r

Last week, Anti-Flag released a music video for the song "The Disease". The video shows how we can see the world from radically different perspectives. Lyrically, Anti-Flag only address issues that they are passionate about, and that creates authenticity for the audience. "We find the things that strike chords within us. We can only speak to issues that we're directly passionate about. If we try to fake knowledge or fake that sincerity people would smell that bullshit from a mile away," Chris #2 explained. Anti-Flag recently collaborated with The Critics Company in Nigeria to make the music

video for "Unbreakable". "I found them on Twitter. Their spirit was supremely rooted in the ethics I believe to be most punk rock. Even though our lifestyles are insanely worlds apart, we found commonality in our struggle to make art and share it, in the face of social norms, economic restrictions, etc. This song is really personal to us, it?s for Justin?s mother who passed away from cancer last year, to find people to tell their personal story with the video was tremendously humbling for us," Chris #2 disclosed. In the music video for "Hate Conquers All", the song begins with a sound byte from Trump. Trump's words are a reminder of how important it is for people to exercise their democratic freedom to rally and protest peacefully.

Fans can see Anti-Flag and Grade 2 at The 27 Club in Ottawa on March 11th. The show is promoted by Spectrasonic, doors are at 7:00 pm, and tickets are available online. "At every show, we play, the room is a space to challenge racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry of any and all kind. This show will be no different. We have setlists built that go through the entire catalog of our band, it will be a demonstration of unity and respect. And a ton of fun," Chris #2 concluded.

Youth protestors like Greta Thunberg are inspirations to us all - reminding us to

O UT AND ABO UTw i t h Seek er Ch i ck M ai -Li i s Con gr at u l at i on s t o t h e Pom m i er Jew el l er s Team on pr esenting a cheque for $5,500 (for par tial pr oceeds fr om the sale of the Chr istm as Angel Or nam ent) to Stephanie Lalonde in suppor t of the United Way/Centr aide of Stor m ont, Dundas & Glengar r y. The Pom m ier s ar e alw ays giving back to our com m unity and Andr e's w ife Fr ance show ed m e the w hole collection of Chr istm as Or nam ents w ith the or iginal Polar Bear that Andr e designed back in 2002. In 2003 m any jew eller s contacted Andr e to see if they could piggy-back off his cr eation to r aise m oney for the United Way and so the Chr istm as Angel Or nam ent w as cr eated. The Angel has becom e a Chr istm as Tr adition and each Apr il Andr e com es up w ith a new design idea for the upcom ing Chr istm as Angel, an or nam ent for w hich custom er s star t placing their or der s w ell ahead of Chr istm as each year. A Tr ue Chr istma s Tr a dition of giving ba ck to our community!






Jo hn Spir it

an d LISTER Religion Is there a true religion that is better than the rest?Most of us have pondered this question at some point in time. We've usually been told about God when growing up, and many keep that idea alive in their adult years, regardless of what version they were told. God is usually described as being all-knowing,all-present,and all-powerful.God is usually portrayed as being eternal and non-material.Various religionsgive God various names, based upon their writings. A common thread exists where God is the creator of all things, and the giver of all good things. Many religionsuse 'prayer ' as a means of talking to God, often to make some request.

A common thread exists between most religions.The Cherokee tale talks of two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy,sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity,guilt, resentment,inferiority,lies, false pride, superiorityand ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,humility,kindness,benevolence, empathy,generosity,truth, compassionand faith. The Bible has a passage where Jesus gave a sermon where he says, "The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentlenessand self-control.The acts of the flesh are sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft;hatred, discord, jealousy,fits of rage, selfish ambition,dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness,orgies." Other religions have similar teachings,because humans have both natures within and we can give energy to the one we choose. Most beliefs tell us that we were created with free will, but if we choose evil, we will be punished.Choosinggood will result in reward. But just as in the Cherokee explanation, there appears to be some spark of spirit in us that knows we ought to choose good. The Quran describeshumans as a mix of animal and spirit. The Bible says 'know ye not that ye are gods?', describingour spirit as well. The good and evil wolf also illustratesthat we are temporary,evil creatures,but also eternal,divine spirits. My own belief is that we (humans)make up a divine energy the way drops of salt water make up the oceans. Our temporarynature, subject to wrong choices and death is temporary,while our true authenticnature is eternal, as though we are each a piece of god, yet all of god at the same time. So rather than pray to some unknown god 'out there' somewhere,we can simply use our own minds, our intentionsand actions to create what we want. In this manner,some have created wealth, success and fame for themselves,while others have created much less, or even negative situations.Two impoverishedpeople may be born in the same village, where one is filled with misery and hopelessness,while the other is filled with love and happiness.Each person has created their own reality. In similar ways, we each can also create our own experiences,simply by thinking,expecting, and acting on our desires. This is very different than feeling incapableand asking an eternal spirit to do it for us, which is how most of us were taught to pray. I will get more into the workingsof this in the next installment. For more information, please visit www.thehigherpath.ca


A SEEKER"G o o d Ne w s" SNIPPET Submitted by Karen Boulerice of Royal Lepage. A group of real estate agents from Royal Lepage came together and we hosted our second annual Home for the Holidays Christmas House Tour in support of Maison Baldwin House last November the 30th. We had 6 homes plus the Cline House Gallery on our tour. and we are happy to donate all of our proceeds of $8631 to our local women's shelter, Maison Baldwin House From left to right: Danielle MacNeil (Public Educator & Volunteer Coordinator Baldwin House), Natasha Beaudry (Sales Rep Royal LePage), Debbie Fortier (Executive Director Baldwin House), Jo Ann Langstaff (Sales Rep Royal LePage) , Linda Giroux-Daigle (Sales Rep Royal LePage) , Karen Boulerice(Sales Rep Royal LePage), Johanna Murray(Committee Treasurer) Mary Ann Marleau (Sales Rep Royal LePage). Missing from the photo is committee member Lisa Dupreau Sales Rep Royal LePage) We look forward to hosting the third annual tour and hope you all come out and join us!




Give t he Gif t of Massage & Rel axat ion

Kathleen Morris, R.M.T. 305 Baldwin Ave., Suite 1 Cornwall,Ontario - 613-935-3330 kmkathleenmorris@gmail.com


FEBRU ARYPr o g r am m i n g Head l i g h t s





W hosa y sThe re 'sNo thingTo Do in Co rnw a ? ll

FEBRU CALENDAR ARY OF EVENTS W h a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o seei n Co r n w aal ln dSD& G

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Th e On t ar io SPCA an d Hu m an e Societ y u r ges cau t ion t o k eep pet s saf e in cold w eat h er The Ontar io SPCA and Hum ane Society is r em inding pet ow ner s to take extr a pr ecautions to keep anim als safe and com for table dur ing extr em e cold w eather. W hen the tem per atur e dr ops below fr eezing, pets should not be left outside for extended per iods. Cats, shor t-coated dogs and puppies ar e par ticular ly vulner able in cold tem per atur es. Keep cats indoor s and pr otect your dogs fr om fr ostbite or hypother m ia by taking them outside for shor t per iods dur ing cold w eather. Som e dogs, especially shor t-coated br eeds and puppies, m ay benefit fr om a dog sw eater or coat as an extr a layer of w ar m th. Vehicles can also pose a danger to anim als in the w inter m onths. Anim als should never be left alone in a vehicle dur ing cold w eather. Car s cool dow n quickly and don?t hold in body heat, w hich can lead to anim als fr eezing to death. Be aw ar e of cats seeking w ar m th under vehicle hoods. W hen the vehicle m otor is star ted, the cat can be injur ed or killed by the fan belt. M ake a point of knocking on the hood or sounding the hor n befor e star ting the engine. This w ill w ar n aw ay any cats w ho m ay be hiding in your vehicle. W hile the Ontar io SPCA str ongly r ecom m ends br inging your dog indoor s, dogs that spend tim e outside for long per iods r equir e a dr aft-fr ee doghouse built of w eather pr oof m ater ials. The doghouse should be elevated and insulated, w ell bedded, and the door should face aw ay fr om pr evailing w inds and have a flap. Shelter s m ust be designed for the size of the dog to pr ovide com for t and w ar m th. A shelter that is too sm all w ill pr event the dog fr om str etching out com for tably,w her eas a shelter that is too lar ge m ay not m aintain enough body heat to keep the dog w ar m . For instr uctionson how to build the per fect doghouse visit tontar iospca.ca/doghouse Check your pet?s w ater fr equently to ensur e it?s not fr ozen and use a tip-r esistant plastic or cer am ic bow l. Ther e ar e also heated and/or insulated bow ls available that pr event w ater fr om fr eezing. ?If it?s too cold for you to go outside, it?s too cold for your pet! W inter ?s chill affects anim als, just like it affects people,?says Jennifer Bluhm , Acting Chief, Anim al Pr otection, Ontar io SPCA and Hum ane Society. ?Exposur e to har sh conditions can cause ser ious illness or death to anim als, par ticular ly dur ing per iods of fr eezing r ain and r apid tem per atur e fluctuations.? For m or e w inter pet safety tips, visitontar iospca.ca To r epor t an an i m al i n di st r ess, call1-833-9ANI M AL (1-833-926-4625).

Déjeuner de la Mairesse 10:00am 12:00pm @ Best Western Parkway Inn

f eb

1 sat

Tribute to the Beatles Help! 07:00pm @ The

Port Theater

f eb Super Bowl Tailgate Party 04:00pm 02:00am @La Maison Tavern The House


su n

W ho sa y s The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll ???

Super Bowl Party Homemade Chili - Prizes. 06:00pm 10:00pm @RCAFA Karaoke Night - 07:00pm - 11:00pm @Seaway Roadhouse

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m on

Professional Day 12:00pm @ Civic Complex

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5 wed

Line Up Wednesdays - Line Dancing 6:00pm - 10:00pm @The Brass Buckle

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6 thur

Is that Kosher? An exploration of Faith and Food - 07:00pm @Knox - St. Paul's United Faith

Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm -Civic Complex Thursty Thursday Karaoke / Dance Party - 09:00pm @ Seaway Roadhouse

f eb

7fr i

125 Pitt Street Studios Show @ Cailuan Gallery 12:00pm - 05:00pm @Cailuan Gallery, 225 Pitt Street

Montreal Canadiens Alumni Game 07:00pm @Civic Complex

f eb Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am 11:00am @841 Sydney Street, Cornwall, Canada

4 tue

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Live Sur Place at Jet Set Pub: NIck Seguin - 07:00pm - 11:00pm @ Nav Centre Habitat for Humanity Casino Night 07:00pm - 02:00am @ Ramada Inn

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8 sat

Winter Blast 10:00am - 05:00pm @ Civic Complex, Cornwall, Canada

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G

Faux Fur Frenzy Workshop 01:00pm @ Giroux Sewing Centre Fierce Tomkins Special Guest Castles - 09:00pm @La Maison Tavern The House, Montreal Road, Cornwall Karaoke Night 07:00pm - 11:00pm @Seaway Roadhouse, Cornwall

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1 0 m on f eb

11 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am - 11:00am @841 Sydney Street, Cornwall

The 3rd Alzheimer Society City-Wide Trivia Night - 06:30pm @Boston Pizza, Cornwall

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12 wed

13 thur

Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm @Civic Complex, Cornwall

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f eb

9 su n

f eb

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm - 10:00pm

The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road, Cornwall

14 fr i

Crosstown Classic 2020 - 10:00am @Benson Centre

125 Pitt Street Studios Show @ Cailuan Gallery 12:00pm - 05:00pm 225 Pitt Street Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance 05:00pm @ Royal Canadian Legion Valentine's Comedy Show 06:00pm @ Cornwall Golf And Country Club Absolute Journey - 07:00pm @ The Port Theater Live Sur Place at Jet Set Pub: Caleb Taylor Duo - 07:00pm - 11:00pm @Nav Centre SVTC presents Mamma Mia! 07:30pm @Aultsville Theatre Almost Cher - 08:00pm @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino, Akwasasne, United States Valentine's Night Dance Party 09:00pm @La Maison Tavern The House, Montreal Road Valentines Day with Bon Jovi Forever - 10:00pm @Lounge 58 Bar and Grill




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Anti-Valentines Day Show - 08:30pm @White Knucklerz RC, 527 Pitt Street Chris Benton And Company 09:00pm @ La Maison Tavern The House, Montreal Road

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16 su n

Nativité Recitals: Jocelyn Lafond 02:30pm @ Nativity Co-Cathedral

Karaoke Night - 07:00pm - 11:00pm @Seaway Roadhouse

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Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 9:30am 11:00am @ 841 Sydney Street, Cornwall, Canada

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19 wed

5@7 Franco 05:00pm 07:00pm @Boston Pizza, Cornwall

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm 10:00pm @The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road, Cornwall

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20 thur

Workshop Series: Foam Roller 04:15pm @Benson Centre

Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm @Civic Complex SVTC presents Mamma Mia! 07:30pm @Aultsville Theatre, Cornwall

f eb

21 fr i

125 Pitt Street Studios Show @ Cailuan Gallery 12:00pm - 05:00pm @ Cailuan Gallery, 225 Pitt Street

Live Sur Place at Jet Set Pub: Chris Strang - 07:00pm @ Jet Set Pub, Cornwall SVTC presents Mamma Mia! 07:30pm @Aultsville Theatre, Cornwall

f eb

22 sat

Eco Farm Day 2020 Feb 22 2020 - Feb 23 Ramada Inn

SVTC presents Mamma Mia! 07:30pm @Aultsville Theatre, Cornwall SpeakEasy - 09:00pm @ La Maison Tavern The House, Montreal Road, Cornwall

f eb

23 su n

Cornwall & Area's 18th Annual Bridal Show 12:30pm @ Best Western Parkway Inn, Cornwall

Karaoke Night - 11:00pm @ Seaway Roadhouse, Cornwall

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24 m on f eb

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings 09:30am 11:00am @841 Sydney Street, Cornwall

f eb

26 wed

125 Pitt Street Studios Show @ Cailuan Gallery fr i 12:00pm - 05:00pm @ Cailuan Gallery, 225 Pitt Street, Cornwall


Design & Paint a Tiny Seaside Cottage - 06:00pm @ Benson Centre, Cornwall Live Sur Place at Jet Set Pub: Acoustic Redemption - 07:00pm 11:00pm @ Jet Set Pub, Cornwall f eb

f eb

25 tue

f eb

Line Up Wednesdays Line Dancing 06:00pm @The Brass Buckle, 17369 Cornwall Center Road, Cornwall

29 sat

2nd Annual Suds & Sap Festival 02:00pm @ Civic Complex, Cornwall

Great Wild Presents Punk Goes Acoustic - 09:00pm @ La Maison Tavern The House, Montreal Road, Cornwall

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28th Grade 7 & 8 Dance @La Citadelle

f eb

27 thur

Col t s Game @ Ed Luml ey Arena 07:00pm - 10:00pm @ Civic Compl ex, Cornwal l

Workshop Series: Core for Women - 10:30am @Nav Centre, Cornwall, Canada Cornwal l and Area Chamber Business Excel l ence Awards & Cit izen of t he Year Banquet @ Civic Compl ex, Cornwal l

Organized & Supervised by Club Octagon 6:30-9:30pm $5 entry Student ID Required


15 sat

f eb SVTC presents Mamma Mia! - 07:30pm @Aultsville Theatre, b


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Lyn n e's pain t in g "Apr il Sh ow er s" is h eadin g t o Par liam en t Hill!

Ar t icle by Todd Lih ou , Heart of the City Co-ordinator The magic wand over at Fairy Sweet in downtown Cornwall has cast another spell of popularity. The downtown bakery and chocolatehot spot is in the midst of securing an agreement with national grocer Sobey?s to create Keto-based productsfor the masses. ?Keto That?will soon be available on grocery shelves, allowing customerswho are already obsessed with the healthier Fairy Sweet treats the opportunityto grab it while food shopping. ?We?re going to be at the forefront,?said Fairy Sweet co-owner Sue-AnneHeitmann.?We?re doing a whole rebranding. Customerswill have the options as far as how they want to get this product.? Ready-madefrozen options will be available,as well as a dry-good mix and a refrigeratedtube. ?For people who want to make it themselvesthey can get dry-good mix and then add their wet ingredients,?said Atkins. ?It?s the same principle as like Quaker Oats mix for muffins. The other option is that it can in a tube like Pillsbury. So you just slice up your cookies and bake it.? The Keto That treats include fudge, brownies,donuts, cookies, butter tarts annnnd? theKeto almond cup. ?People ask us if there is somethingaddictive in that one,? Atkins said with a chuckle. ?People have been coming in and asking us about our productsand saying ?Can you Keto that??So my mom was the one who said ?We have to do that!?? Pictured here are Fairy Sweet's mother and daughter team, Sue and Sue-Anne

2020 is FI LLI NG FA ST Callus todayBUT HURRY Li mi ted Dates A v ai l abl e! www.djshel l shock.ca THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP

Ou t an d Abou t w it h Seeker Ch ick M ai-Liis Thursday, January 9th, was a chilly evening outside but certainly not inside at the Cailuan Gallery at 225 Pitt Street where Lynne Labelle was holding her solo art exhibit and sharing her LOVE of ART with the world. That night was the reception and opening of her show which was hosted by Whimsical Memories and all art sold will support Lynne and her Art journey. In fact while I was at the Gallery that evening, Lynne sold her painting titled "April Showers" to Eric Duncan, our new Member of Parliament. (Eric is seen in the photo above with a very proud Lynne and his new painting). Eric told me that this painting will be going on the wall in his office at Parliament Hill. Congratulations Lynne! The paintings certainly reflect Lynne's passion for art as she excitedly talked about each piece but when asked which was her favourite painting to make, without hesitation she said "all of them". For information about Whimsical Memories visit their Facebook page and for information about Cailuan Gallery (where there is always something going on) please visit www.cailuan.ca and also check out their Facebook page.

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SEEKER "G o o d Ne w s" SNIPPETS Despit et h e st or m ,over 400 Wr est lin gFan scam eou t ...

Ou t an d Abou t w it h Seeker Ch ick M ai-Liis, Ph ot os by Sh eldon Gr an t Hosting an event in the winter months is always scary as one never knows what Mother Nature has in store for us weatherwise and Saturday, January 18th was definitely one of the worst nights to hold an event as Ryan Durocher and Alain Allaire of Seaway Valley Wrestling found out. However, despite the storm that was raging outside, over 400 avid wrestling fans gathered inside at the NAV Centre to watch and cheer pro wrestling hosted by Seaway Valley Wrestling and Destiny Wrestling with exciting 7 wrestling matches. They also got to and see LiL Blay get his Wrestler of the year award at Super Fight! Even our MP Eric Duncan braved the storm and came out that night!

Congrats Ryan and Alain Keep your ears open folks, for info about their next show!


* Kids under 12, one per adult, some conditions apply, at Cornwall location only.

1140-a Br ook dale Ave. Cor n w all ON - 613-933-7000 - w w w.au vieu xdu lu t h .com




I tried my hand at making Hungarian Goulash for the first time to-day. I used our store's lovely local stewing beef and our Hungarian paprika along with peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes and beef broth. After several hours of slow cooking, it turned out beautifully - tender and fragrant. I served it over hot buttered egg noodles with my garden parsley (I picked it just before the first snow started, still vibrant and fresh in my fridge crisper), and freshly grated lemon zest. Gary poured a glass of cold beer to go along with his meal. This is a nice dish to enjoy on a cold winter's night. I hope you will try it. It would make a tasty St. Valentine's supper. Enjoy a great month!

KEEPSA KERECI PE CA RD Serves 5 nicely. I froze extras for another day.




- 2 lb. of stewing beef (Try Sharyn's Pantry local stewing beef - Just like a beef roast cut up with no fat or grizzle.) - 2/3 cup all purpose flour - 3 tbsp. butter with 1 tbsp. olive oil (for the beef) - 1 sweet red pepper - 1 sweet yellow pepper - 4 medium onions - 3 tbsp. butter and 1 tbsp olive oil (second use for the veggies) - 1 tbsp. minced garlic in oil - 2 tbsp. Hungarian paprika - 1 tsp. carraway seeds - 1/2 tsp. Kosher salt - 1 tsp. ground black pepper - 1/2 a 28 oz. can whole tomatoes (use a knife to break up the tomatoes into small pieces) - 2 tbsp. tomato paste - 1 tsp. sugar - 1/2 to 3/4 of a litre carton of beef broth


- about 5 cups of dry broad egg noodles - 1/4 cup butter - 2 tsp. grated fresh lemon zest - 1/3 cup (or more) fresh parsley chopped - 1/4 tsp.ground black pepper

From My Pantry by Sharyn Thompson

M ETHOD: -Prepare the veggies first. Seed and core the peppers and peel the onions. Slice the peppers about 1/8" thick and slice the onions thinly lenghwise. Set this aside until you brown the beef. -Using a heavy bottomed pot (I used my Le Creuset), melt the butter with the oil. -Start with one pound of stewing beef. Place the flour in a ziploc bag and toss the beef in with the flour to coat. Shake off any excess flour and brown the beef in the butter and oil. Remove the browned beef from the hot pot and add a bit more butter if necessary. Toss the remaining beef in the bag with the flour and shake off any excess. Brown this pound of stewing beef. Now remove the meat from the hot pot. -To the empty pot, heat the 3 tbsp. butter and 1 tbsp. oil in the empty hot pot. Saute the red and yellow peppers and onions over medium heat for about 10 minutes. - Now add in the Hungarian paprika and carraway seeds, salt and pepper and minced garlic in oil. Saute over low heat for 2 minutes. Stir constantly.

Owner of Sharyn's Pantry

-Add back the browned stew beef with any juices. -Add the tomato paste, the canned tomatoes with the juice, sugar and beef broth. -Stir well to mix. Heat until bubbly. Then place the casserole pot into a 350 degree F. oven Cover with the lid. Allow to cook for 2 hours. Stir partway through. If necessary you can add more beef broth. -I uncovered my pot about 1-3/4 hours into the oven time to reduce the sauce just a bit. You decide how thick you want it. -About this time, prepare your noodles. -In a large saucepan, heat water to a boil and add about 1 tbsp. of Kosher salt. Add the egg noodles and cook until tender. -Drain the cooked noodles in a colander and to the saucepan, add 1/4 cup of butter and melt it. To this add the grated lemon zest and the drained egg noodles. Toss in the parsley. Mix well. -To serve, place some noodles on your plate and ladle over this the Hungarian goulash. -Garnish with a bit of the chopped parsley. Enjoy!

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