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GET REA DY FOR Feat uring: Gourmet Food Trucks and Local Rest aurant s compet ing f or ?Best St reet Food 2018? Kinsmen Famil y Zone wit h special act ivit ies


Ent ert ainment Tent (l icensed) wit h l ive music al l day Your TV Cogeco Communit y St age wit h l ive ent ert ainment al l day Local Art isans and vendors f or your shopping pl easure in Vendors Al l ey Downt own merchant s wit h on st reet and in st ore special s! and more!

I t?s Cornw al l ?s Bi ggest Bl ock Party! Saturday, A ugust 18 Dow ntow n, Cornw al l AUGUST Cal endar of Event s on Pages 8-10

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- Cornwall's own Joel Derouin - Tim McIl rat h - Rise Against Frontman

- Sebast ian Bach - original voice of Skid Row THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP

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Th e r ace got in t er est in g I love elections. It's such an exciting time.



EntrepreneursDinner Meeting. She took a genuine interest in me and my business, wanted to know why my family and I chose Cornwall as our home and how we thought the city could improve to attract more out-of-towners.







PHOTO JOURNALIST: Jason Setnyk THANK YOU to the many volunteers who contribute to this paper and make it a success...


I always have admired people who run for office. It is such a thanklessjob. No matter what you do, you get very little money for, and get loads of criticism in the process. A politician is continually hoveringin "damned if you do and damned if you don't" territory. It takes a particular kind of person to want to subject themselvesto this public scrutiny.

This is even truer for women. Women politicianshave so much more to prove,it seems. We've come a long way, but society still shows itself to be somewhat sexist when it comes to electing public officials. Which brings me to BernadetteClement. I've known Bernadettefor many years. When I moved here in 2006, it was smack in the middle of the campaign. I was quickly thrown into the political frenzy,with all these candidateslooking for my vote. But Bernadettestood out. I rememberspeakingwith her at a Women

There were talks of an Art Center then, as there is still today. There were concernsabout Cornwall becominga retirement community,as there is still today. There were worries about jobs, as there is still today. Another election,more of the same. But Bernadettegives me hope. Hope that things WILL change. Hope that I, not only as a woman, but as a Francophone,as an Artist, as a Cornwallite,will have a voice on council. ?It is time,? she said in front of a large crowd at the RCAFA on Friday July 20th. ?I have worked diligently as a councilor for twelve years. I have worked diligently in this community for 27 years, and I?m ready to run for mayor.? As of print time, two others will join Clement?s name on the ballot: David Murphy, who also has been a long time city councilor, and Nicole Spahich, who ran for mayor in 2010. Mayor O?Shaugnessy had not yet confirmed if he was seeking re-election or not. By the time you pick up this publication, we will have a complete list. Look at it. Evaluate it. Learn as much as you can about each candidate. Attend debates. Do your homework. And please vote.


ADS & COLUM NS: The 17th of every month at 5pm EVENTS: The 20th of every month at 5pm - Paid Even t Ads - the 17th TO PRINT: 23rd of every month - IN CIRCULATION: 1st of every month AUGUST 2018



Out and about With the Seeker Chicks Happy Birt hday t o El sie Kyer who cel ebrat ed t urning 100 years "Young" on Sat urday, Jul y 21st at t he Legion.



(Her actual Birthday being the 22nd.) What keeps Elsie so young? "Coming to the all the Legion events to listen to music and singing karaoke when Brian Graham plays. Also playing darts and having her quart of beer of course!" says Heather Janne-Judd of the Legion. "Plus a few times a month coming out to volunteer". "On behalf of the branch we wish Elsie a happy 100th birthday and may she continue to have an active and healthy life", says Hugh Primeau, President of the Legion, Branch #297.

Local s in t he Loupe Mary Geof f rion? Ninet y Years Young By Vivianne Panizzon, Cornwall Scrabble Director Many popular and prominent ladies with the name Mary have left their mark in history and in the entertainment world: Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Pickford, Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Martin, Mary Higgins Clark, Marie Curie? only to name a few.. and all fine ladies notable of distinction. Mary Geoffrion, a member of the Cornwall Scrabble Club, is also notable of distinction. Mary has just recently celebrated her ninetieth birthday. Incredible!

Open Hou se at t h e Fu t u r e Ar t Cen t r e Thur sday, July 26, w as a fir st chance for the people of Cor nw all to visit the space destined to becom e The Cor nw all Centr e for the Ar ts. At 159 Pitt Str eet citizens w er e invited to tour the building of the for m er Bank of M ontr eal pur chased by the city in June 2018.

Her vitality and zest for life transpires into everything that she does. She volunteers regularly at the Tuck Shop at St. Joseph?s Villa as well as at the Friends of the Library Book Store at the Cornwall Public Library. In her spare time, this retired Parks Canada employee takes pleasure in reading a To know you, Mary, is indeed a pleasure You?re a special lady, which is something to treasure good book and in working complicated jigsaw puzzles which she so often If it was not for Scrabble, we would not have met. shares with others with similar interests. I?m so happy that this was not the case She also enjoys travelling, taking As each week I see your smiling face. excursions to places of interest, nearby Like others I play, with you I learn and far away. New words I can use when it is my turn. I wish you all the best for your special day Scrabble is one of her main passions in With many more birthdays to come. which she takes pride in suggesting As you celebrate with family and friends words that can be ?high pointers?. May there be no rain, may you be in the sun Playing Scrabble against Mary is a Partying, and having lots of fun ?learning experience? which we all look

Poem to Mary

Mission Statement


The opening occur r ed dur ing Ar t Walk, a new event held dow ntow n ever y 3r d forward to. Seldom does she miss a Always your Scrabble friend, Moya Sweet Thur sday of the m onth dur ing the sum m er. Scrabble session and we all miss Mary M any r estaur ants and businesses on Pitt when she happens to be absent. and Second str eets hosted ar tists and m usicians, w hile sever al studios For all of these reasons, the members of the Cornwall opened their door s to the public. Scrabble Club opted to celebrate Mary?s birthday on The open house at the futur e Centr e allow ed citizens to visit the site w her e Thursday, June 28th, during the last session of the pr oposed alter ations w er e m ounted for public view ing; visitor s w er e invited to year. offer ideas on how the space could be used. Before the official games, she was presented with a A panor am ic photogr aph of the bank w ith a m ultitude of ar tists and patr ons in the birthday card, signed by all the players. (See pic) for efr ont w as taken at 4pm . The pictur e (unavailable at pr ess tim e) w ill becom e a Moya Sweet read a poem that she composed in her poster for the upcom ing fundr aising to r enovate the building into an ar t centr e. honour. (see poem). Sylvie ThĂŠoret shared a delicious The next open house will be held Thur sday August 23r d, 4 to 6pm, dur ing Ar t strawberry ?birthday pie? that she had baked. Wa lk. In our eyes, Mary is another popular and prominent Send in your COMMUNITY SNIPPETS - a story or a paragraph with a lady notable of distinction. She is a role model who has mastered the art of living a long time without photo or photos to: growing old. We love hearing from our readers!

To shinea positivelight on our community;To bringa positivespin on news? To providetopqualityadvertising andexposure to smallbusiness ownersso theycanpromote theirproductor serviceat affordable rates;To give a strongvoiceto theartsandculturecommunity; To spreadthewordaboutallthegreateventstakingplacein Cornwall andArea. TheSeekeristheonlylocallyownedandoperated newspaper?It is published? By LocalPeople - For LocalPeople - AboutLocalPeople - SupportingLocalPeople We trulyaim at beinga real communitynewspaper,an outletwho reallycaresand nurturesthe peopleit promotesand works with.Over the past 7 years,The Seekerhas given over $40,000in monetarydonationsand in-kindservicesto variouscharitable organizationsand we continueto supportpeopleand causeswith everypublication.





H ome and G arde n Business Bucket ck et ! Get in t he b u -3 7 6 3 Cal l 6 1 3 -9 3 5

Find everything you need to make your house a home

Ro b er t Cam p eau

As l ow as $25/ mont h


In st allat ion Tapin g Pain t in g Plast er in g Repair s - Decor at ed Ceilin gs

onl ine incl uded

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Gabbing with Gilbert

I v e seen i t al l n ow ! On e day, I was tak in g m y br eak ou tside, as I n or m al l y do on a su n n y day. I was r eady to go back in side, so I star ted h owl in g m y sign atu r e h owl . Th en , som e l ady com es in to m y yar d an d gives m e water an d a M il k Bon e.

n osy. I'm n ot n osy! I m ean , its n ot l ik e we wer e gon n a die if we stayed ou tside for a l ittl e l on ger ! Th e Goof an d I n eed a br eak fr om th at obn oxiou s fam il y som etim es an d con ven ien tl y,ou tside is th e per fect pl ace for th at br eak . Th er e's fr esh air , l ots of gr een space an d we can do th in gs with ou t h avin g ch il dr en su r r ou n din g u s!

I won der wh y th ey do th at, th e k ids? I won der h ow th ey wou l d feel if I was con stan tl y sh ou tin g th eir n am es for ever y l ittl e th in g th ey do. Som etim es, I ju st wan n a eat tr ash , som etim es, I ju st wan n a get l ou d an d oth er tim es, I ju st n eed to l et ou t a l oad

Cal l Mai-Liis at 613-935-3763 ext 102 or Jul ia at 613-935-3763 ext 101

in th e din in g r oom . Bu t with th e Lu cios, I'm n ot abl e to do an yth in g! Al l th at to say,I don 't th in k som e r an dom l ady sh ou l d be abl e to tr espass in to M Y yar d an d th en tr y to pu t m e back in a dog sh el ter. I k n ow fr om fir st h an d exper ien ce th at th ose pl aces ar e n o fu n ! W h en I was at th e on e in Potsdam , m y n eigh bou r was a H u sk y th at wou l d n ever sh u t u p. Im agin e th e Goof, bu t 10 tim es m or e an n oyin g.! An yways, I gotta go, I'm du e to l et off a doodoo. W h er e wil l it be th is tim e? Fet ch you la t er !

I k n ow th at M il k Bon es can give m e seizu r es, bu t it was ju st too h ar d to pass u p on . I m ean , if you wer e offer ed a tasty sn ack , wou l d you tu r n it down ? Th e Goof al so took a M il k Bon e. Th at seem ed to sh u t h im u p for a wh il e! Th en , l ik e a bat ou t of h el l , th e Boss l ady cam e ou tside to get u s. Appar en tl y, th e Tr eat l ady th r eaten ed to cal l th e OSPCA becau se we wer e ou tside for 10 m in u tes... Ok , m aybe 20. I won der wh y peopl e ar e so






M a rle ne

Choosing happiness also leads to better Health, and a Longer Life. Happiness pr otects our hear ts, str engthens our im m une system s, com bats str ess and even im pr oves long-ter m conditions of disease and disability. Finally, happy people tend to have m or e success in life, per haps because they look for the positive.

LISTER Hi Ther e to all of my avid r eader s deciding to pick up a copy of the new "Seeker 2 in 1 flip" M agazine" to r ead all about w hat is going on in the Cor nw all and the S. D. & G. ar ea for the m onth of August. I sur ely hope that you all have been enjoying the Sum m er of 2018 thus far. I know that w e have had som e ~HEAT~ Waves~, but Hey, Isn't It Better Than Ice & Snow ? John and I have been feeling a lot better and happier over the past few w eeks. That M OVE of our s sur ely took a toll on these old bones and m uscles of our s.

Johnny and I ar e all m oved into our For ever Hom e that w e have been w or king on for the past 2 m onths. It not only looks beautiful inside and out, but it feels beautiful and r eally hom ey, too. Thanks to all of the har d w or k that John and I have been putting into our Hom e to m ake it so inviting. TI P OF THE W EEK: W hy Not Str ive To Be A Kinder and Better Per son This Week/M onth/Year ? Her e is How you can: 1. Live w ith KINDNESS, INTEGRITY & SPIRITUALITY. 2. COM FORT your selves w ith GRACE Under Pr essur e. 3. Do Not Hur t Anyone Or Anything. 4. Be an asset in the lives of other s. 5. Alw ays put People befor e Things and Live fr om your hear ts. 6. Be Intelligent, but alw ays know that it is better to be KIND than SM ART! 7. Be a PEACE KEEPER w ho values PEACE and takes PEACE ever yw her e you m ay go. Did you know ther e a r e benefits to being ha ppy, other tha n enjoying being ha ppy? Her e ar e just som e of them : Ser otonin, a neur otr ansm itter helps r egulate lear ning, m ood, sleep, sexuality and appetite, and is com m only found in TURKEY! (Not the countr y, the Bir d!) Dopam ine, another neur otr ansm itter , helps r egulate the br ain's r ew ar d and pleasur e center s, m ovem ent and em otional r esponses. Dopam ine can be incr eased by eating poultr y, fish, m ilk and bananas. Just 20 m inutes a day spent in good, sunny w eather boosts our Positive m ood, br oadens our thinking and im pr oves our m em or ies. Just add a bit of exer cise for that 20 m inutes, and w e w ill r elease pr oteins and endor phins that m ake us feel even happier. M ar r ied people ar e gener ally 10 per cent m or e happier than unm ar r ied people. We, hum ans ar e happiest at 57 degr ees Fahr enheit and getting enough sleep at night helps us to r em em ber Positive Events m or e and Negative ones less. By having a higher incom e has been pr oven to incr ease happiness. By us having a str ong r elationship w ith anyone also incr eases happiness. People ar e happier w hen they value tim e m or e than m oney. Stopping to sm ell the r oses incr eases happiness, no m atter w her e you m ay find beauty. Acts of kindness w ill backfir e beautifully and m ake us happier , as does taking and m aking tim e for FUN!


FUN FACTS: People w ith GREEN EYES m ake up less than 2% of the Wor ld's Population. They ar e the only "Eye Colour " that changes colour s.. m or e blue, m or e gr ey or m or e gr eener depending on the w eather and or m ood. I w oke up the other m or ning w ith som ething that I had r em em ber ed w hilst dr eam ing.. "That Happiness Is Only An Ar m 's Length Aw ay." How can w e be happy? We sim ply choose it. Instead of 'Oh Dar n, it's M onday again'!" W hy not r eplace it w ith 'Oh Good, I w oke up again!' w ith a sincer e sense of gr atitude and joy? Life is about balance. We each exper ience good and bad thr oughout our lives. But w e get to choose w hich to focus on, w hich to think about, and ther efor e, w hich to attr act m or e of. In the song, "Soak up the Sun" by Sher yl Cr ow , she sings about having "Diddly squat", and then goes on to say, "It's not getting w hat you w ant, it's w anting w hat you've got" This is so pr ofound. So m any people have a goal of w anting m or e and m or e, but never seem satisfied. W hat about enjoying w her e you ar e now ? It m ay be sitting in your yar d for an hour over coffee. No tim e? Then do it for 5 m inutes, but M AKE the tim e to do it. Find Peace. CHOOSE IT! How ? Her e a r e some ea sy methods: Li st en t o Happy M u si c. It has been pr oven to m ake us feel happier. Slow dow n for the POSITIVE AND PRECIOUS m om ents. They happen ever y day. Slow dow n and linger on them , soak them in, they ar e your s to enjoy! Di r ect you r t h ou gh t s. This m ay be full blow n sessions of m editation, or br ief m om ents of joy w hen you hear a bir d sing, or see som ething beautiful. Don 't j u st dr i n k you r cof f ee, sm el l i t f i r st an d en j oy t h e ar om a. Ther e ar e thousands of positive things in a day that m ost of us m iss. Sm i l e m or e. No, not the fake plastic, Hollyw ood sm ile, but one based on som e of the "New Things" that you ar e appr eciating in your lives. Not only w ill you feel happier , but so w ill those ar ound you. Be gr at ef u l f or t h e l i t t l e t h i n gs i n you r l i f e. Show com passion and em pathy tow ar ds other s. Be Kind. Last , bu t n ot l east , ALLOW You r sel ves To Be Happy. Som e people think they don't deser ve to be happy, or they m ust som ehow ear n it, or the feeling w ill com e w hen it is r eady. The feeling is w aiting for YOU to be r eady, so find things to be happy about and em br ace them as your ow n. I TEM OF THE W EEK: This w eek I have chosen another lovely piece that John bought at the ~Restor e~ on Vincent M assey Dr ive


her e in Cor nw all. It is an antique floor lam p that has a beautifully etched glass shade and the body is m ade of br ass. We needed one for our living r oom so Johnny ventur ed to now , our favor ite stor e, and found one for ONLY $45.00!!! "YOU LIGHT UP M Y LIFE." FAM I LY NEW S: M y 2nd eldest daughter , Sar ah tur ns 37 on August 1ST. M y tw in sister , Dar lene and I tur n 58 this year on July 30th. That m eans w e ar e ONLY 2 year s shy of tur ning the BIG 6 0!!! COM M UNI TY NEW S: Shannon Cham pagne, the ow ner of ~A Lil'Pole Fitness~ w as asked to be a "M aster Tr ainer " for the ~Canadian Pole Fitness Association~, w hich m eans that she w ill be 1 out of 4 M aster Tr ainer s in all of Canada. It w as not a position that they had people apply for , Shannon w as per sonally asked.. W hich is such an honor for her. I felt that this w as pr etty BIG NEWS for Cor nw all! Shan' Lil Dancer is helping to do her par t to put our city on the m ap! She w ill be r eceiving the official title and cer tification in August in Tor onto! WAY TO GO SHAN! UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: Success is getting w hat you w ant..w hilst happiness is w anting w hat you get!!! M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister photos & w w w.fa shionogr a



Cornwall, Ontario ? Joel Derouin, who was born in Cornwall, Ontario would become one of the most accomplished violinists in the world. His music credits are extensive: He?s done violin work for Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey. He toured with Eric Clapton, Rush, and Sheryl Crow. He played both the Grammy Awards and MTV Unplugged with Alanis Morrisette. His violin work was heard backing Pink when she sang the national anthem at the 2018 Super Bowl.

artist and the quality of the tour management that made me want to tour. I couldn?t turn down Rush, because I grew up here, and I was a big Rush fan. I thought that was a great opportunity for me, and it was. The music is great. David Campbell wrote all the string arrangements for that tour. I couldn?t miss out on that opportunity,? Derouin said. Joel Derouin also played The Grammy Awards on several occasions, but his most notable performance was with legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morisette.

Joel Derouin was also concertmaster of the television show American Idol. His movie music credits include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the 2009 Star Trek reboot, Austin Powers, Finding Dory, Up, Cars, and Ice Age; while his television music credits include The Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad. He?s also played incredible string arranger, and he is Beck?s Broadway, and his music was heard at Cirque father, the artist Beck. I worked a lot for David. du Soleil. This only begins to scratch the We did a lot of the string charts that you hear surface of a stunningly successful music in rock and roll in the 90s and early 2000?s. career spanning over 40 years. Songs like ?Uninvited? by Alanis Morrisette,

?The Grammy?s was a lot of fun. I?ve done quite a few of those. The most notable was when I played ?Uninvited? with Alanis Morissette. Again, that was one of the epic David Campbell arrangements. That?s when the Grammy?s were done out of The Shrine Auditorium before they moved over to The Staples Center. Everything was more intimate. It was shot really well, and I think it was a great moment in TV rock and roll,? Derouin remarked.

From Paul McCart ney t o American Idol ? Int erview wit h viol inist Joel Derouin

Joel Derouin is a family guy (pun intended). His wife Narda is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and they have two daughters named Carmen and Camille. The journey of Joel Derouin from New York to Los Angeles started right here in Cornwall Ontario. He began playing the violin at just four years old. He was taught by violinist Rosemonde Laberge who founded the Riverdale School of Music. Notable graduates from the Riverdale School of Music include Angela Rudden, Gisèle Dalbec-Szczesniak, and Thérèse Motard. While attending Le Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec Joel Derouin studied with Otto Joachim, and later while attending Julliard in New York, he studied with Dorothy Delay. Both were accomplished teachers and musicians. Otto Joachim was honoured as a Knight of the National Order of Quebec, while Dorothy Delay received the National Medal of Arts. One of the biggest highlights of Joel Derouin?s music career was working in a session with Paul McCartney and then getting a photo with the former singer and bassist of The Beatles. Joel Derouin was a part of the string quartet along with David Campbell, Matt Funes, and Larry Corbett for the song ?Your Loving Flame? on the 2001 Paul McCartney album titled Driving Rain. Joel Derouin got the call from David Campbell, a legendary music composer, and conductor, who has worked on approximately 500 platinum and gold albums. ?I got a call from David Campbell who is an


?Iris? by the Goo Goo Dolls, a lot of rock and roll records that had strings. We played with a lot of artists, and David was the person to hire because he was able to write these great string charts that matched the rock and roll,? Derouin stated. ?He called me to do a Paul McCartney session. I was excited; I had never worked for him yet. I?ve worked with him several times since. I?m not the kind of person to be forceful about taking photos; I always respect the artist and their privacy. I did have a camera in the violin case, in case a photo op came up. We played the song ?Your Loving Flame,? it was a Beatle-esque song with a string quartet. He came in, he was lovely, very great to work with and very personable as expected. After the session was over, he came in and thanked us. The second engineer came in and said, Paul do you mind if I take a photo with you, and he said of course not. All of us had cameras in our violin cases. All a sudden all the cameras came out, and we started shooting some great shots. It was a fun opportunity. That was my first foray into the Paul McCartney world,? Derouin recalled. Joel Derouin has also toured with Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, and Rush. ?It seems I tour every seven years, and the only circumstances that will make me go on the road is the artist. In 1998 I toured with Eric Clapton, in 2005 I toured with Sheryl Crow, and in 2012 I toured with Rush. I can?t tour for 2 or 3 years at a time. The tours I went on were always 2-3 months, then some time off, and then another couple of months. It was the


Joel Derouin has performed at The Oscars, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Dancing with Stars, and The X Factor. He?s also played live on television with bands like No Doubt and Limp Bizkit. Live television is his favourite medium to play. He was concertmaster of the television program American Idol for six seasons from 2004 to 2010. ?You?re asking really good questions. TV is a great medium, and live TV is my favourite job if you can call it that. It has the elements of live performance, with the live audience feedback, and you get that adrenaline. One of my favourite jobs was when I was concertmaster of American Idol. That was one of the most fun jobs for me because at any given time you had to go out and perform with one of the artists on stage, and everything was live, a lot of it was improvised, and just before the show there could be a key change ? you had all that stuff to deal with. That kind of energy and stimulus is a lot of fun for me,? Derouin explained. What?s next for Joel Derouin? ?I?m here till the second week of August, and I?m on the third season of America Has Talent. I got on board with that show when Simon returned to the show. The show was done in New York when Howard Stern was on it. When Simon came back, the show returned to Los Angeles. We do all the music at Capitol Studios, so I?m going back to do that. The TV season starts again in September. I?m not sure what?s on the horizon for Motion Pictures this year, but something will come up, and hopefully I?ll be playing on some fun movies again this year,? Derouin concluded. Special thanks to Allan McGimpsey for helping to set up the interview. Read the full interview online at



45 SecondStreet E. 613-932-4796


w w w.libr ar ycor n w all.on .ca Facebook : libr ar ycor n w allon t ar io

In The "Ol d" Days About 10 years ago, you could refinance your home all the way back up to 95% of its current value. Many borrowers could basically use their home as a giant ATM machine and pull out equity easily and quickly. The problem with using all the equity in a home is that sometimes the real estate markets will decline. Sellers can not sell their property for the amount that they owed. Many home owners were stuck either living in their current houses, keeping it as a rental or taking a loss on the sale and finding new money for a down payment on a new property. That rule changed so that you could get up to 85% of value and is now at 80% of the appraised value available for a refinance. This was hard to get used to but, in the long run, is better for home owners. Until January, 2018, lenders were insured by the government for the new refinanced mortgages. The Banks and monoline lenders were happy to refinance clients to 80% of the value of their properties. January 1, 2018, this all changed. Welcome to 2018 and today you can still refinance your home to 80% . However, the government not insure a refinanced mortgage now.

Third, to add to this extra cost, the new rules of qualifying at 2% over the interest rate you will pay (stress test), applies to refinancing.


Secondly, because refinancing is no longer insured by the government, lenders have made the criteria harder to qualify. My experience in the last few months has been that Beacon scores have to be above 700. Also, many lenders are no longer refinancing clients that have had a bankruptcy discharged in the last 6 years .

Overall, the changes make it tougher to refinance and forces Canadians to seek alternative options to take equity out of their homes. In many cases this will mean looking to the private sector at higher rates (8% - 15% plus fees) when they need that money.

Jenni MacDonald ( is a Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.#10145). She has over 7 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at


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TUM BLE BOOK CLOUD Tumble Book Cloud is an online collection of read-along chapter books for students in late elementary to high school (approximately). Sentences are highlighted as they are narrated aloud. There are approximately 300 books including middle school readers (with high interest/low level books), young adult/teen titles, Shakespeare plays, and classics. FLIPSTER Download our collection of eMagazines to your digital devices. Start reading on your tablet or mobile device today! ROSETTA STONE Click here to start your interactive language-learning journey today with the online Rosetta Stone® solution, available in 30 languages. CANADIAN LITERARY CENTER With a deliberate Canadian focus, this database consists of book and reference content from Essays on Canadian Writing Press (ECW Press).


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... e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll PLACE YO UR AD FO R FREE AT W W W .THESEEKER.CA - o n the Eve nts Pa g e


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LOOK FOR OU R FEATU RED EVEN T AN D YOU COU LD W IN !!! Event s subject t o change - pl ease see current l ist at t

Art s in t he Park - The Hallions 7:30

Au gu st 1 - Wed. THE SEEKER RELAUNCH! Come and celebrate with us ! The Seeker is Changing and updating to version 2.0! 5-7pm @ the Seeker Office.

Win ch est er M eet M e on M ain St r eet @ St. Lawrence Street, Winchester Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Seaw ay Win ds Con cer t Ban d @ Lamoureux Park @ 7:00

Au gu st 2 - Th u r .

Begin n er ?s Glassblow in g every Saturday @ Priest Mill 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm

Su bt le @ Cornwall Golf & Country Club 8 @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Au gu st 8 - Wed.

Reik i Healin g Cir cle @ Healing Wishes @ 1:00 pm

Arts in the Park - The Hallions

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse@ 8:00 pm Hau n t ed Walk @ Upper Canada Village @ 9:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Au gu st 5 - Su n .

St Cornwall On, @ 12:15 pm

Cor n w all Kin sm en Far m er s? M ar k et @ St. Lawrence College 5 all-day

Far m t o Table Din n er @ Avonmore Berry Farm 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Har vest Ch u r ch Picn ic @ Charlotenburgh Park @ 12:00 pm ? 3:00 pm

Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Intrepid and Mike McAnany @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Au gu st 3 - Fr i.

Glen gar r y High lan d Gam es ? Friday, August @ Maxville Fairgrounds Aug 3 ? Aug 4

M on day Nigh t Rot ar y Race @ Floral Dr, Cornwall, ON K0C, Canada @ 3:37 pm

M élan ie Br u lée @ Schnitzels European Flavours @ 5:00 pm

Wh eel/ Han d Bu ild 101 @ Creation Workshop @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

REO Speedw agon @ Franklin County Fair, Malone NY Ru sh Hou r Escapes, 2 rooms to choose from! @ Rush Hour Escapes Cornwall Glen gar r y High lan d Gam es @ Maxville Fair Grounds @ 8:00 am ? 10:00 pm


Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Au gu st 6 - M on . M ix 3 Pit ch Sof t ball Tou r n am en t Fu n dr aiser @ Optimist Park @ 9:00 am ? 6:00 pm

Au gu st 4 - Sat .

Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Ru by Tu esday Dixie Band @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Racin g at Cor n w all M ot or Speedw ay @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

Fr an k lin Cou n t y Fair @ Franklin County Fair, Malone NY Aug 3 ? Aug 12

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00

Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough

Au gu st 9 - Th u r .

Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall 12:15 pm

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Radio Nova @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Au gu st 7 - Tu es. Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall @ 12:15 pm St r ess M an agem en t t h r ou gh m edit at ion with Sandy Banga @ Nav Centre @ 12:30 pm Tim m y ?s Fr ee Sw im Tuesdays @ Chesterville and Winchester Pools @ 1:00 pm NERF Bat t les at the Benson Centre @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm Week ly NA M eet in g @ Knights of Columbus @ 8:00 pm



Feat ure YOUR event f or $10 THESEEKER.CA

Au gu st 10 - Fr i. William st ow n Fair @ Williamstown Fairgrounds 10 @ 10:00 am till Aug 12 @ 6:00 pm Cor n w all BM X Pr ovin cial Qu alif ier Weeken d @ pin Floral Dr, Cornwall, ON K0C, Canada @ 5:30 pm till Aug 12 @ 6:30 pm Cornwall Area Mustang Club All Car Cr u ise Nigh t @ RCAFA Wing 424 @ 6:00 pm ? 10:00 pm Classic Sou l at Jet Set Pub @ Jet Set Pub @ 7:00 pm Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Au gu st 11 - Sat . Ru sh Hou r Escapes, 2 rooms to choose from! @ Rush Hour Escapes Cornwall @ 12:00 am ? Aug 12 @ 11:59 pm Cor n w all Wat er f est Dr agon Boat Races @ Cornwall Canal @ 8:00 am Begin n er ?s Glassblow in g every Saturday @ Priest Mill @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm ?Fu n n y Far m ?(Workshop) @ Cline House Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 5:00 pm

Un it ed Em pir e Loyalist s Plaqu e Re-Dedicat ion @ Cornwall Community Museum @ 1:00 pm ? 2:00 pm 14t h An n u al Con st it u en cy Picn ic Guy Lauzon in @ 1:00 pm ? 3:00 pm Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Pr im it ive Wor ker s Son gbook Live at Lola?s Pub&Grub @ Lola's pub and grub @ 3:00 pm ? 6:00 pm Racin g at Cor n w all M ot or Speedw ay @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

Au g 13 - M on .

Ar t s in t h e Par k ? The Shiners @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Au g 17 - Fr i. 18t h An n u al Alzh eim er Societ y Golf Tou r n am en t @ Cornwall Golf and Country Club @ 11:30 am Th ir d Eye Fr idays @ OBO Studios @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Au g 18 - Sat .

M on day Nigh t Rot ar y Race @ Floral Dr, Cornwall, ON K0C, Canada @ 3:37 pm

Cor n w all Food Fest @ Pitt and Second Cornwall all-day

Wh eel/ Han d Bu ild 101 @ Creation Workshop @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Door s Open Cor n w all @ Various Places all-day

Au g 14 - Tu es.

Ru sh Hou r Escapes, 2 rooms to choose from! @ Rush Hour Escapes Cornwall @ 12:00 am ? Aug 19 @ 11:59 pm

Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall On K6H 3Z7 , @ 12:15 pm

Walk in g on t h e Wild Side (10 am-2 pm) @ OPG all-day

Tim m y ?s Fr ee Sw im Tuesdays @ Chesterville and Winchester Pools@ 1:00 pm

Pw C M S Bike ? Ottawa to Cornwall @ Nav Centre @ 6:30 am

NERF Bat t les at the Benson Centre @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm

M u lt icu lt u r al Fest ival @ Long Sault Arena @ 9:00 am ? 5:00 pm til Aug. 19 @ 3pm

Reik i Healin g Cir cle @ Healing Wishes@ 1:00 pm

Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Mr. C and the Hometown Horns @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Begin n er ?s Glassblow in g every Saturday @ Priest Mill@ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm

Bike Cr u ise Nigh t @ Harvey's @ 6:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Week ly NA M eet in g @ Knights of Columbus @ 8:00 pm

Qu est 2018 St r on gm an Competition @ Quest PTS @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm

Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm Hau n t ed Walk @ Upper Canada Village @ 9:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Au gu st 12 - Su n . Cor n w all Kin sm en Far m er s? M ar ket @ St. Lawrence College all-day Fr ien dsh ip Day at the Native North American Travelling College @ 11:00 am ? 6:00 pm


Au g 15 - Wed. Au Vieux Duluth f u n dr aiser f or Habit at @ Au Vieux Duluth 11:00 am ? 4:00 pm

Au g 16 - Th u r .

SDG ? Open Door s Weekend ? Martintown Mill @ Martintown Mill @ 10:00 am St An dr ew s West Com m u n it y Fest @ St Andrews West, ON K0C 2A0 @ 10:00 am Wood Repair Wor k sh op @ Lost Villages Museum @ 10:00 am

Van k leek Hill Fair @ Vankleek Hill @ 11:00 am ? Aug 19 @ 10:05 am

YACabu sk alooza Downtown Cornwall @ 11:00 am

Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall @ 12:15 pm

Am azin g Rot ar y Rally 2018 @ 329 Pitt Street Cornwall @ 11:30 am



CALL 6 1 3 -9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 fo r info o n ho w to p la ce a p a id EVENT AD.

PLACE YOUR EVENT FOR FREE AT ht t p:/ / t cal endar-4

PLACE YO UR AD FO R FREE AT W W W .THESEEKER.CA - o n the Eve nts Pa g e

CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G


... e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll PLACE YO UR AD FO R FREE AT W W W .THESEEKER.CA - o n the Eve nts Pa g e

CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G PLACE YOUR EVENT FOR FREE AT ht t p:/ / t cal endar-4 Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Reik i Healin g Cir cle @ Healing Wishes @ 1:00 pm Classiqu ?Ar t s SDG 2018 PLUS @ St. Raphael's Ruins · South Glengarry @ 6:00 pm ?Con cer t s at t h e Win er y ? Series @ 6:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Au gu st 22 - Wed

Au gu st 26 - Su n

Pain t f or Cu ddles @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm 58 Pit t St , Cor n w all FEATURED EVENT

Cor n w all Kin sm en Far m er s? M ar ket @ St. Lawrence College all-day

Au gu st 23 - Th u r

Cor n w all Th r iat h lon @ Ecole Secondaire Heritage all-day Ash ley M cLeod & M in i M u sic m aker s @ Martintown Mill @ 11:00 am

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall @ 12:15 pm

Hau n t ed Walk @ Upper Canada Village @ 9:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Ar t Walk @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm start at 1st & Pitt, walking North Ar t s in t h e Par k ? Switchgear @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Au gu st 19 - Su n

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Blu es M at in ee! @ Lola's Pub and Grub @ 3:00 pm ? 6:00 pm

Cor n w all Kin sm en Far m er s? M ar ket @ St. Lawrence College all-day M u lt icu lt u r al Fest ival @ Long Sault Arena @ 9:00 am ? 5:00 pm Sou t h M ou n t ain Fair / East er On t ar io Gar lic Fest ival @ South Mountain Fair @ 9:00 am ? 5:00 pm SDG ? Open Door s Weeken d ? Martintown Mill @ Martintown Mill @ 10:00 am Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Racin g at Cor n w all M ot or Speedw ay @ Cornwall Motor Speedway@ 6:30 pm

Au gu st 20 - M on M on day Nigh t Rot ar y Race @ Floral Dr, Cornwall, ON K0C, Canada @ 3:37 pm

Au gu st 21 - Tu e Bin go @ A.N.A.F. 14 Marlborough St Cornwall On K6H 3Z7 , @ 12:15 pm Tim m y ?s Fr ee Sw im Tu esdays @ Chesterville and Winchester Pools @ 1:00 pm

Racin g at Cor n w all M ot or Speedw ay @ 6:30 pm

Au gu st 24 - Fr i Lee An n Wom ack in Hogan sbu r g, NY @ Akwesasne Mohawk Casino@ 8:00 pm

Th e Gr eat Koosh og Lake Hollis M cCau ley Fish in g Der by @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

9 Cou r se A5 Japan ese Wagyu Din n er Tou r @ Nav Centre @ 6:00 pm

Au gu st 27 - M on

Place you r ad in t h is calen dar f or f r ee at h t t p:/ / t h eseeker .ca

M on day Nigh t Rot ar y Race @ Floral Drive

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm

Au gu st 28 - Tu e

Au gu st 25 - Sat

Adu lt Af t er n oon Su ppor t @ 1:00 pm ? 3:00 pm

Ru sh Hou r Escapes, 2 rooms to choose from! @ Rush Hour Escapes Cornwall @ 12:00 am ? Aug 26 @ 11:59 pm Begin n er ?s Glassblow in g every Saturday @ Priest Mill @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm Ch est er ville Fair @ Chesterville Fairgrounds @ 11:00 am ? Aug 26 @ 6:00 pm Escape t h e Cor n w all Jail @ Cornwall Jail @ 1:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Reik i Healin g Cir cle @ Healing Wishes @ 1:00 pm

NERF Bat t les at t h e Ben son Cen t r e @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm

Par an or m al Even in g Gh ost Hu n t @ Lost Villages @ 8:00 pm

Week ly NA M eet in g @ Knights of Columbus @ 8:00 pm

Plaza Su it e @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 8:00 pm


Lan ds of t h e Lost Villages Bu s Tou r @ 1:00 pm


Tim m y ?s Fr ee Sw im Tu esdays @ Chesterville and Winchester Pools @ 1:00 pm NERF Bat t les at t h e Ben son Cen t r e @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm Week ly NA M eet in g @ Knights of Columbus @ 8:00 pm

Au gu st 29 - Wed Ar t s in t h e Par k St u den t Edit ion ! @ Lamoureux Park, Bandshell @ 7:00 pm

Au gu st 31 - Fr i St or m on t Cou n t y Fair @ 3666 County Road 14, Newington - all-day



loving. Ever y m or ning, once the kids had settled dow n she?d engage in conver sation-allow ingthe childr en tim e to shar e their stor ies and achievem ents. Ther e w er e even tim es, w hen a slip of the tongue sent the kids into hyster ics-w henever she asked them to take their pajam as out of their desks instead of their scr ibbler s. Such w as her easy w ay that nothing w as ever so ser ious, as the funny things people say or do.... Having the w eekends and sum m er s off gave a differ ent kind of fr eedom to Lor r aine, w ho r aised her ow n tw o childr en in her M other ?s tr adition of unconditional play and love w ith a capital ?L?. W hen she r etir ed, Lor r aine m issed the childr en ter r ibly and felt they fed her as sim ply as she w as able to feed their young m inds. Continuing w ith her now -little gar den and all m anner of pr oduce, cr afting, r eading and cr eating have continued to be a staple in yet another young at hear t r etir ed educator. The biggest influence of her life continues to be the suppor t of fam ily and fr iends, som ething her M other w ould sm ile dow n fr om heaven to know. In these last few year s, Lor r aine w as able to achieve a life-long dr eam of visiting the East Coast and seeing if for the fir st tim e, like a second chance. Ther e ar e just so m any things that Lor r aine is know n for am ongst her fr iends. Her ability to keep a cool head in any situation and her vir tue of patience is legendar y. Her soft spoken w ay and how she m akes you feel w hen you visit her house is som ething else! W ith her w isdom and glow ing per sona, Lor r aine has a lot m or e fr iends than she r ealizes. Com ing full-cir cle, Lor r aine is once again living on Guy St. and spr eads her ow n M cGyver ?esque talents to those w ithin the cir cle. W hether it?s the Gladiolus, the Pajam a Gam e m usical or anything w ith m atching jew elr y and vibr ant color s, she is a tr easur e. The bir thstone of Per idot gr een alm ost tells it all-w ith r ejuvenation, good for tune, happiness, and an all encom passing Peace, this teacher continues to m ove and gr ow and soar. Li sa Gr ay Copyr i gh t @ 2018

G RAY "A common theme when

inter viewing for the Tea cher stor ies ha s been how humble a nd ta ken a ba ck ever yone's been in r ega r ds to their life's wor k. I 'd liken it to being a her o in someone's life a nd seeing them on the news a fter , descr ibing their r escue with little fuss or fa nfa r e. I don't know a bout you but I 'm awfully gla d to have kept in touch with some of mine to have found a fr iend or two a long the way."

You r On ce a Year Day In the sum m er of 1947 the m ovies to see star r ed Gar y Cooper , Paulette Goddar d, Bur t Lancaster and Ella Raines-w ho happened to be the featur e of LIFE m agazine on the w eek of August 13th. Lor r aine Cr ites gr ew up on Guy St., on the thir d block fr om M ontr éal Road w ith her par ents and tw o younger sister s. W hen he w as a young m an, Lor r aine?s Father Walter w or ked along the St. Law r ence River unloading ships and later at Cour taulds. Her m other Yvette taught the gir ls to m ake the house a hom e thr ough pr acticality, stability and love. Lor r aine?s talent of being a quick study saw her im m er sed in books, puzzles, em br oider y and knitting. An ir onic par t of Lor r aine's stor y is the lot that held the gar den acr oss fr om the boathouse along M ontr eal Road. It w as ow ned by tw o of her Uncles and tended for sever al year s and later ow ned by her father. Ever y day after w or k and on w eekends, Walter car r ied pails and pails of w ater up fr om the r iver tow ar ds an upw ar d incline-som e 400 feet all sum m er long. In all this w or k, Walter w as able to feed not only his ow n, but other r elatives of his fam ily w ho str uggled. He also had a w ay w ith figur es, teaching his oldest how to str etch a penny. In the fall, Lor r aine?s M other w as the backbone of the fam ily by pr eser ving and fr eezing the lar ge stor es of food and in this, taught the gir ls to stick together thr ough thick and thin. In close pr oxim ity of the hear t, Lor r aine r em em ber s the picnics out at the gar den w ith her cousins on w eekends, w hen ever yone w or ked together. After her Dad's death the lot w as sold to another Uncle w ho built a house. This w r iter w as sur pr ised to lear n that Lor r aine w ould eventually pur chase that house w her e she planted and sow ed her ow n gar den for tw enty year s. Lor r aine becam e a teacher because of her love of books and lear ning and w as com for table teaching gr ades 3 & 4 in the Fr ench Separ ate Boar d. Each Septem ber she gr ew a ner vous excitem ent w hen classes star ted up again. She loved the countr y schools the m ost by far because the childr en alw ays had little adventur es going on at hom e-w hether it w as the baby chicks, calves or piglets...all w as happy, car efr ee and


I would love to have feedba ck fr om my stor ies...Plea se ema il me at: ver legr a ce4062@gma Lisa is a member of the Cor nwa ll Wr iter Society, a gr oup that meets at the Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y, on the 3r d M onday of ea ch month fr om 6:15 to 8:15pm. For mor e info. a bout this or a ny pr ogr a m at the Libr a r y plea se ca ll 613-932-4796.





M a rie

M O RREL Som et im e In Lif e You Ju st Need A Hu g. No Wor d, No Advice, Ju st A Hu g To M ake You Feel You M at t er . In the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history (Ethimology) two theories exit. The verb hug could related to the · Scandinavian word 'hugga' meaning to comfort, or the · German word 'hegen' meaning to enclose with a hedge to foster or cherish.

Al l it comes down t o is that the simplest human touch when one isn?t expecting it or not can deliver joy and contentment. Many different psychology professionals have come to the conclusion that the more hugs one receives everyday, the better. Unfortunately, many of you don?t meet their daily hug quota. Whether you want to admit it or not, hugging builds stronger bonds with the people you see everyday because it nurtures human relationships, increases confidence and cultivates trust. The bottom line it makes you happier. You never know what is going on in anot her person?s l if e. So when a sincere hug is given, it has the potential to completely alter one?s day just by wrapping your arms around that person. A hug has the capability to stimulate solidarity between total strangers, for example people of our Canadian Armed Forces, coworkers, sport team members, students, friends, family members or an organization's volunteers, etc. The power of a human t ouch is prof ound especially in times of grief; it has the capacity to lift one?s spirit. If you think about it, a hug is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation and acknowledgement of another person. A hug can change t wo l ives. When you see people in pain, most of you respond with a sense of empathy? you feel the wounded person?s pain as if you were in his/ her shoes. As strange as it may seem, you might need a big hug as much as the wounded soul does. Studies have shown that even a brief touch of the hand from someone who cares about you will help put a smile on your face or just feel better. It allows your body to shut down painful memories or any concerns that might have popped up in your life for a few seconds. The nicest part is when you give a hug you al so get one. A human body is made to provide and respond to physical comfort. Hopefully next time you feel as if the world is crumbling around you, open yourself to a hug or offer one to someone in pain. It is not unusual to realize that everyone's healing process may need a human touch and embrace. It could be just that simple. ?A hug is heal ing power wit hout words. Somet imes sil ence, underst anding and a gent l e t ouch is t he best communicat ion. ? ? Sweet dreams I f you have a ny questions, plea se ca ll M a r ie M or r ell at 613-936-6873 or ema il: office@wor kea or visit: w w w.wor kea M a r ie M or r ell?s a dvice comes fr om a life exper ience per spective a nd is in no way intended to r epla ce pr ofessiona l psychologica l a dvice.



Montreal, Quebec ? Rise Against headlined the second annual ?77 Montreal festival that took place Friday, July 27th, 2018 at Parc Jean-Drapeau. The Chicago punk band comprises of Tim McIlrath (vocals and rhythm guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar), Joe Principe (bass) and Brandon Barnes (drums). Rise Against have numerous hit songs include ?Savior,? ?Prayer of the Refugee,? ?Hero of War,? ?The Good Left Undone,? ?Swing Life Away,? and ?Satellite?.

?Donald is a symptom of the same disease that put Bush in office; an unchecked right-wing that not so politely hide racist, sexist and homophobic agendas in most of their policies. We need to point out that Donald is an expression of the worst of American culture, but we also need to realize the problem is bigger than him. Our songs on Wolves reference Donald for sure, but we also talk about something that has existed in American culture for a long time,? McIlrath added.

AFI and Anti-Flag, who are also playing ?77 Montreal, will be hitting the road with Rise Against on the Mourning in Amerika Tour this summer.

With Wolves, Rise Against created an album that inspires fans to rise up during dark times ? to challenge politicians who use bigoted rhetoric, fear, and hate, and to tear down the walls that divide us as human beings.

?We grew up playing with both Anti-Flag and AFI, we have opened for both of these bands at different points in our career. This tour is a long time coming and something that we?ve all talked about for years so in many ways it was just a matter of time. I know our fans enjoy both those bands and I think we have a lot of crossover fans in their world also. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the guys that make up both these bands, as people, as musicians, and as keepers of their legacies. I?ve always looked to these bands as carriers of the torch and as models for how to do it right,? McIlrath emphasized.

Interviewwit hRiseAgainstfront man Tim McIlrat h Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo

The title of the tour, Mourning In Amerika, is a play on a Ronald Reagan campaign slogan ?It?s morning in America?. ?Mourning In Amerika is a song on our most recent album Wolves. It?s a play on Ronald Reagan?s campaign slogan at a time when he was robbing from the poor to give to the rich and selling to middle-America as a good thing using moral issues as a sugarcoated bitter pill. I felt like in 2018 it was a good time to resurrect this sentiment and put a Rise Against spin on it. I feel like it also serves as an umbrella that the three bands can fit under in our own ways,? McIlrath pointed out.

The 2017 album Wolves debuted at number nine on the Billboard 200 albums chart, becoming the fifth straight top ten record for Rise Against. Tim McIlrath and the rest of the band are humbled by the love and admiration Rise Against receives from fans all over the world. ?We are humbled by the love we encounter around the world for this band and these songs. In fact, we just released a photography book called Whereabouts Unknown with rock photographer Rob Fenn so people can see the global family they are a part of. More than music, I think we tapped into an appetite for songs with substance. I think the title track Wolves encapsulates this message,? McIlrath says. Some of the songs off of Wolves reference Donald Trump, but the issues tackled on the album have existed in American culture long before Trump was ever elected. Similar sentiment inspired the Rock Against Bush compilation CD ? an album Rise Against appeared on 15 years earlier.

Several weeks ago the music video ?Megaphone? was posted on the Rise Against Youtube channel. The song is from a 7-inch record titled that came out earlier this summer. The song is about amplifying your voice, and the imagery from the video depicts

vandalism. ?Our video for Megaphone was done illegally by the art activist group Indecline. We couldn?t even convince our label to pay for it for legal reasons. What you are watching is intent-laced vandalism on the highest plane. The song is about not just using your voice but amplifying it. We released this song and another B-side called ?Broadcast[Signal]Frequency? on a seven inch this summer and you can find it streaming as well,? McIlrath said. On July 27th, the same date Rise Against headline ?77 Montreal, the band will also be releasing The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1. It?s an album with acoustic tracks and alternative instrumentation of other songs. It was recorded at the Blasting Room and produced by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, and Chris Beeble. Continued on page 13

Cel ebr at i n g t h e Ar t s an d Ar t i st s October is the m onth w hen the im agination r uns w ild w ith ideas of costum es and m er r im ent. It?s the last hur r ah of sum m er tim e. W hat better tim e for a M ascar ade. Not just any M ascar ade but a Gala designed to celebr ate the ar ts and ar tists. The Centr e for the Ar ts Collective is hosting their annual benefit supper on October 13 at the Ram ada Inn. Dur ing the evening em ceed by tw o popular local leader s ther e w ill be enter tainm ent and the inductions of 12 m em ber s to the Cor nw all and Ar ea Hall of Fam e for the Ar ts. The evening pr om ises to be an exciting one w ith a delicious sit dow n supper , pr izes for best costum es, and m ost of all a celebr ation of ar tists w ho have m ar ked our com m unity or ar e actively w or king in the ar ts today. The Cor nw all and Ar ea Hall of Fam e for the Ar ts w as star ted in 2015 w ith the inaugur ation of five m em ber s. Edith Styles, Tom Thom pson, Lionel Tessier , Andy Tr asuk and Ron Sullivan w er e r ecognized for their im m ense contr ibution to the per for m ance ar ts. Cor nw all and ar ea is r ich in ar ts and cultur e. This year new m em ber s w ill join this cast of star s. Their nom inations have com e fr om the gener al public befor e July 1. On October 13, their inaugur ation w ill celebr ate a lifetim e of giving, enter taining and contr ibuting to the ar t scene. This is an evening not to m iss. Tickets (65.00) ar e available at Eventbr ite on line and at the Civic Com plex box office. Pr oceeds w ill go to the r efur bishing of 159 Pitt Str eet into a Centr e for the Ar ts.





Continuation from page 12 ?Acoustic songs are something that I?ve done with the band since I recorded ?Swing Life Away? during the Revolutions Per Minute sessions at the Blasting Room. We went on to do ?Roadside?, ?Hero of War?, ?People Live Here? and a number of live variations. Acoustic songs became part of our live repertoire and a part of the DNA or our band and our fans have asked us for something like this for years. We had time in our schedule and encouragement from the label, so we stumbled into the studio last January to see what we could pull off,? McIlrath recalls. ?It was a lot of groping around in the dark, it started as just a few songs from Wolves, and snowballed into 10 songs spanning our whole

career. I spent 12 days with our tireless producers (Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin and Chris Beeble) working 12+ hour days to make this happen. Combined with a great string section, ukulele, piano and some collaborative spirit, we pulled off a really cool haunting album and brought some of these songs back to life,? McIlrath reminisced. Six of the last seven albums Rise Against recorded were done at The Blasting Room. ?Bill and Jason and Andrew and Chris at The Blasting Room have been a huge part of the Rise Against story for close to 18 years. Their role in our band cannot be overstated. The Blasting Room is a second home for us, and we?re lucky to work with legends,? McIlrath replied.

Rise Against has had a lot of success in Canada, including four certified platinum albums here. They looked forward to returning to Quebec to play ?77 Montreal. ?I collaborated with Sick Of It All for a song on their new record so I can?t wait to see those guys. What a great fest, our first tour of Quebec was Snojam with bands like Sick Of It All, AFI, and Planet Smashers so this really is a full circle. To be playing with legends like Suicidal (Tendencies) and DOA and great bands like Iron Chic and The Interrupters and so many others will be a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the Mourning In Amerika tour, as this fest is day one,? McIlrath concluded.

Aut omot Pl ive us

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A t imel y book f or t hose seeking empl oyment By Bram D. Eisent hal Well, well, this is certainly a rare happening. I find myself reviewing my own book, Hire Me If You Can. It is my first book, so I wanted to debut with as auspicious an activity as I could. This book is most timely as many people are looking for work. I wanted desperately to let such people know that help in this regard is just a bit of self motivation away. Finding work is easy,? . If, that is, you are prepared to look. You can indeed do anything you wish to do. I did this and I did it easily. I still am in fact. I am 61 and working as a doorman in a condominium building in Montreal. It?s not my dream job, but I had LOTS of those in my younger years. I was a movie publicist for nine years, working on over 60 films and TV series and accumulating stories galore about working with names that many of you salivate over. David Bowie, Marlon Brando, all four of the acting Baldwin brothers, Katie Holmes, Ashley Judd, John LIthgow, Jack Palance, Donald Sutherland, Christopher Plummer. Ellen Burstyn and many more. You can find the people and actors by typing my name into But even this may not have been my most fun job. No, that distinction likely goes to the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.. or CCAC. It did not end well, but for one entire year I took the Giant Colon prop, which I ordered the parts for, around Canada. I visited Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, teaching the Native population about the various pathologies that could cause colorectal cancer. I also went to Sudbury, Timmins and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Edmonton, Montreal and elsewhere with my buddy, which I had to assemble with a group of volunteers, enabling it to fit into a space 40-foot square. But finding work is easy? keeping a job is another story and if you can get by the awful assortment of management out there, you will succeed. Bosses are something I am still trying to solve, but I won?t quit until I take my last breath. Till then, I challenge you to hire me? if you can? Bram Eisenthal is a Montreal writer, publicist, doorman and security guard. You can reach him by e-mail at Or text him at 514-975-7745. The book is available for purchase or download on or


W h en you n eed som eon e t o st ep i n t o t ak e car e of bu si n ess (t h e par t s t h at you ?r e t oo bu sy f or ), w e?r e r eady. We of f er m on t h l y m an aged f i n an ci al su ppor t ser v i ces f or sol e pr opr i et or s, par t n er sh i ps, sm al l cor por at i on s an d n ot -f or -pr of i t or gan i zat i on s.


Monthly Bookkeeping Payroll, CRA Remittances, T4/T4 Summary GST/HST Reporting Financial Statements and Review Personal (T1) and Corporate (T2) Returns Consulting Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Ol d Sch ool Ser v i ce. New Sch ool Sol u t i on s. AUGUST 2018


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I n t er v i ew w i t h

Seb ast i an Bach Th e or i g i n al v oi ce of Sk i d Row Article by Jason Setnyk Submitted Photo

Ottawa, Ontario ? Sebastian Bach, the original voice of Skid Row, was on his Home away from Home Tour. He played Ottawa on Wednesday, June 27th at Barrymore?s. Sebastian Bach achieved international success becoming the vocalist of Skid Row. He remembers his first stadium show vividly. ?That?s a good question, the very first time was in Dallas, Texas at Reunion Arena. It was the first time I played an arena show. I walked out there and shut my eyes because I couldn?t believe this was happening. My technique was to shut my eyes and sing. That?s what I did. I think I opened my eyes for the second arena show we did. Totally true, I remember doing that,? Bach disclosed. Eventually, a young Sebastian Bach?s confidence grew, and when Skid Row opened for Bon Jovi in Chicago, it was the first time he felt like he was a good front man. ?The Bon Jovi show in Chicago was the first time I felt that I was a good front man and somebody who could command 20,000 people. It was after the second or third song, I said everyone get up, and put my hand up towards the crowd, and the whole arena stood up. I turn around to the guys in Skid Row, and said did you see that? It felt incredible. A boy from Peterborough to make it to that point commanding 20,000 people. I remember that feeling,?Bach reminisced.

It?s his side project, and I do shows with him. He?s such a metalhead. He came to my birthday at my house when I turned 50, we played albums all night, and he?s a great guy ? just an awesome dude,? Bach replied. He also appeared in television and movies including Trailer Park Boys, Gilmore Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, Robot Chicken, Californication, and Rock of Ages.

Read the full interview online at ?I get noticed in public by different age groups for different things. Just recently when I was in Vancouver, I was walking down the street and a group of ten-year-old boys, go oh my god, are you on the Trailer Park Boys? I said yes, and they said we love you man. They were freaking out. I said you guys must love rock and roll, and they said no, we?re into hip-hop. They Celebrating our 33rd year of Arts in the go, we love you on that show dude. So, they Park, the Department of Planning and took pictures. These were kids that had no Recreation is proud to bring you an exciting idea about Skid Row or anything to do with that. Gilmore Girls was a whole other Summer Festival full of free live music. demographic too then heavy metal rock and Come out to see some of your favourite roll. I am lucky to do that, and I?m lucky to be musicians and bands as they take the stage busy. I?ve done voice acting on SpongeBob SquarePants and Robot Chicken. On at the Lion's Club Bandshell in beautiful SpongeBob SquarePants I was Triton. My Lamoureux Park. All shows are weather daughter loved that,?Bach mused.

art s in t he park

Sebastian Bach wrote an autobiography titled ?18 and Life on Skid Row?. One excerpt from his rock memoir describes opening for Aerosmith: ?To my shock, horror, and amazement, my face is not covered in tomato juice. My face is completely covered in my own blood. In front of 20,000 people. Opening up for my heroes, Aerosmith?. He uses humour in his storytelling, and he attributes that in part to growing up in Canada watching SCTV.

Sebastian Bach has been on television many times before including an episode of Saturday Night Live with special guests Nirvana.

?As far as humour goes, I?m a very big fan. I?m a collector of SCTV, and anyone from Canada knows what that is. Growing up in Peterborough and Toronto I worshipped SCTV. I watched it religiously every chance that I got in my life, it?s my favorite show. So, I have a lot of SCTV humour in me. As far as the book goes, all I tried to do was make something that was entertaining to read. My method for writing the book, once I figured out how to do it. How do you do it, do you sit down with pen and paper and write 450 pages? That?s crazy; there must be an easier way to do it. My wife Suzanne got me a Macbook laptop. The speech to text dictation is so advanced now; I figured out the best way for me to do it. I tell a story into my laptop and have it be text. Then I would go back and torture myself to make that text entertaining to read. The highlight of the book is when I go to see KISS as a little kid in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens with my mom and dad, and when I read that part, it gets me so emotional that I cry when I read it. When I experience that level of emotion, I know I?m done. If I feel that strong reading something, I know I?m on to something good. I spent four years writing it,?Bach noted.

?We were guest when Nirvana was on the show, that?s pretty crazy. There is this skit we did with Adam Sandler and Chris Farley (god rest his soul). We didn?t hang out with Nirvana that night, but I have hung out with Dave Grohl many times, and he?s a true rock and roller. Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the Foo Fighters, I?m kind of in a band with him called Chevy Metal.

Sebastian Bach still tours and records albums. He feels fortunate enough to have started in the music industry before streaming. With Skid Row he sold over 20 million records, and Slave To The Grind was the first hard rock album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200.

It was Jon Bon Jovi?s parents that saw Sebastian Bach play a wedding in Toronto, and that eventually lead the Skid Row gig. He met Jon Bon Jovi again by chance when he was in England touring with Guns N?Roses. ?Jon Bon Jovi?s parents did help me. The last time I saw Jon Bon Jovi was in London, England when I was on tour with Guns N?Roses. Axl and I were in the Mandarin hotel, and the waitress says do you know who?s in the corner over there? Who, I ask, and she says Bon Jovi. He was at the same restaurant, so I stood up. I hadn?t seen him in so long, so I walk over to him. He had a look on his face like are you going to be a dick or are you going to be nice. He stood up, and we hugged each other. He came over to our table. It was Jon, Axl, and I. We drank red wine, had a great dinner, and a great time. It was just us three,?Bach recollected.


?I feel fortunate enough to have started in the music industry before the Internet. We were one of the last bands to have platinum records, that doesn?t happen anymore. Skid Row was one of the last bands to sell millions of albums before the Internet took that away from everyone. I?m so happy I got to experience that. Fans had a vested interest in buying a record and owning it as a part of their collection for their whole lives and listened to it all the time. I think that means something to people. I?m a record collector. I don?t know about Ottawa, but in L.A. there are so many record stores, and I think a lot of people are getting back into it. The records I?ve made are a part of everyone?s collections,?Bach said.


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2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour

M ETHOD: -Pr eheat your oven to 425 degr ees F. Line your baking sheet w ith par chm ent paper. Set aside. -In a bow l, sift your flour , baking pow der , salt and sugar together. -Using a pastr y blender , cut in the Cr isco shor tening until it is the size of peas. -Br eak the egg into a m easur ing cup for liquids, beat it w ith a for k and add enough m ilk to m easur e 1 cup of liquid.

-Reser ve a few w hole ber r ies and a few sliced ber r ies for gar nish. -M ash the r em aining ber r ies in a bow l and add enough sugar to sw eeten them to your taste. Set them aside. -W hip the cold cr eam in a chilled bow l. I use a packet of W HIP IT to stabilize the cr eam . Add sugar to taste and a splash of vanilla if you w ish. Or you can use vanilla sugar.* (To m ake this, split a vanilla bean in half lengthw ise and add it to a canister of w hite sugar or fr uit sugar. Stir and allow to sit and absor b the flavour of the vanilla bean. Once I have used a split vanilla bean, in a r ecipe, I r inse it off, allow it to dr y com pletely and then add it into my canister of vanilla sugar. Just add m or e sugar as necessar y.) Refr iger ate the w hipped cr eam until you ar e r eady to ser ve your desser t. -To ser ve, split your shor tcakes in half and place the bottom s on ser ving plates.

-Place a lar ge dollop of the w hipped cr eam over the shor tcake base and a lar ge spoonful of the m ashed ber r ies. Place the tops on the shor tcakes and add another spoonful of w hipped cr eam m or e ber r ies, m or e cr eam and a w hole str aw ber r y on top. I gar nished -Pat out the dough to about 1" in thickness. m ine then w ith a couple of fr esh m int Using a shar p knife, cut the dough into leaves. ENJOY! squar es. Sharyn Thompson, Owner of Sharyn's Pantry -Place the biscuits on the 812 Pitt St. Unit 6, Cornwall, ON par chm ent lined baking 613-936-1998 - family owned for 37 yrs sheet. Bake them until golden br ow n in colour and done in the centr e. -Stir the egg and m ilk into the flour m ixtur e. M ix together quickly and tur n the m ixtur e out onto a lightly flour ed boar d. Knead just a few tim es. DO NOT OVER M IX OR KNEAD.

-Rem ove the tr ay of biscuits fr om your oven and cool them on a w ir e r ack . -Keep the stem s on the

St a y

Pos it

Fol l ow The Seeker

See you next month-September1st! THE SEEKER 2 INis1updated FLIP regularly - keep checking AUGUST it 2018 !

O T H t Yo O he O rS u O su r b L id F rv ac e iv k t F F L in o g sc IR or gu h I P i d oo S e l T

Pick or buy our locally gr ow n fr uits and vegetables and suppor t our har d w or king far m er s in and ar ound our thr ee united counties.


str aw ber r ies, place them in a sieve or colander and r inse them under cold r unning w ater for a m om ent. Now r em ove the stem s or hulls fr om the ber r ies.

Se e

Go out to the Avonm or e Ber r y Far m to pick your ow n str aw ber r ies or buy a basket alr eady picked for you. It is alw ays a pleasur e to chat w ith Pam and David Phillips, the har d w or king ow ner s of the Avonm or e Ber r y Far m . They also sell fr eshly baked m uffins, shor tcake, biscuits, pies and jam s and m any far m vegetables. After choosing my basket of ber r ies, I could har dly w ait to get hom e and m ake our desser t. I am giving you a r ecipe for the shor tcake to bake. Yester day, I just used som e of our br eakfast scones I had baked and split them in half. W ith fluffy w hipped cr eam and lots of juicy str aw ber r ies it w as a delightful desser t.


4 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. fine salt 2 tbsp. white sugar 1/2 cup Crisco shortening 1 egg + enough milk to measure 1 cup liquid 2 quarts (8 cups) of fresh strawberries sugar to taste 2 cups of whipping cream a packet of W hipIt (a stabilizer for whipped cream, we sell this handy product at Sharyn's Pantry.) vanilla to taste or use vanilla sugar*


I decided on ma king a str awber r y shor tca ke for our Sunday desser t. Nothing says a n wonder ful Ca na dia n summer like fr eshly picked r ipe juicy str awber r ies. The white of the shor tca ke a nd whipped cr ea m a nd the br illia nt r ed of the fr eshly picked str awber r ies even match our fla gs colour s. Both str awber r ies a nd r a spber r ies have late bea r ing cr ops now. Tha nk goodness for that! You could va r y this desser t using fr eshly picked r a spber r ies or sliced r ipe pea ches.

i ve!

From Shar y n's Pant r y




seeker august 2018  
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