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Erin Lee how t his l ocal k in der gar t en t each er t u r n ed h er passion f or t each in g in t o au t h or in gk ids book s. Read story on page 5

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Misinf ormat ion: EOHU'smain probl ems All right Dr. Paul.For a year and a half,I've sat in your mediabriefings. I've seenyou struggle.I've seenyou beingevasive whenyou don't want to tacklea certaintopicand redirectthe discussionin an attemptto controlthe narrative.I've sympathizedwith your situation, mainlybecauseI knowwe'reall navigating unchartedterritoryand thingsare constantly changing.But I thinkyou havea seriousissue,Dr. Paul.



w i t hSe e ke rChi ck and w hat did I do


dur ingthe m onth of October ?

Well, Septemberwa s a r ough monthfor me a nd October wa s even r ougher ...Inthe October Seeker I w r oteabout how I steppedaw ay fr om thingsfor a w hiledue to my par ents both havingsom ehealth issuesand how m ost of the m onth of Septem berw as spent w ith my dad in Ottaw a in hospitaland my m other her e in Cor nw alland my sister and I going betw eenthe tw o w ith our laptopssettingup Zoom m eetingsso that they could see one another.How I w ish w e could tur n back the clock now to that tim e... I w as happy w hen m um and dad both got hom e,on the sam eday in fact. M y par entsdid ever ythingtogether (goinginto the hospitalat the sam etim e, com inghom eon the sam eday and in fact for the fir st 8 year sof the Seeker , they w er eour "Wonder fulSeeker Deliver yTeam ",out deliver ingthe Seeker together ever y Fr iday.

I knowyou can't be everywhereat once. You have beenfightinga pandemicof misinformationfrom M y m other got better ,but sadly my father ,on October 3r d, continuedhis the very beginning,mainlybecausepeoplehave jour neybut this tim e alone,w ithoutmy m other.Dad w as ill for 2 1/2 year s beenallowedto say whateverthey want without w ith M ultipleM ylenom a(Cancer of the blood)and battledit like a tr ooper ever facingrepercussions.Thisis not freespeech. but w hen he found out that ther ew as now a secondar ycancer pr esent,he seem ed It's endangerment.But you sharepart of the to give up and decidedthat at the age og 89, he had had a w onder fullife, but now it responsibility... w as tim e for him to leaveus. He w as never in any pain and I think he w antedto passon befor epain began.Right up until the end he w as his positiveself and m ade Peopleare confused.Theyhear you say things, sur e that ever ythingw as in or der for us, m uch like he had done all of his life. thensee the opposite.How do you expectthe publicto followguidelineswhenthey witness We ar e so thankfulthat dad didn't suffer and passed quicklyas he w antedto. So peoplegettingawaywith flauntingdefiance? thankfulfor our w onder fulCor nw allHospiceand the com passionand car e of the Whenthey see businessownersand health nur singstaff ther ew ho not only looked after my father but also my m other ,sister workers,even,all of whichfall underyour and myself.We ar e so thankfulfor Dr. Raj M enon for her m any hom evisitsand jurisdiction,not enforceyour regulations suppor tand also for Patr ick and Sher r y fr om The Nur seNext Door. thoroughly?It sendsthe wrongmessage,Dr. Paul. I still can't believethat my Father is gone. He has been in my life for 61 year s.The I wasat the AlexandriaHospitalrecently.There,as I was m an w ho I alw aysw ent to for advice,w ho w as so excitedto hear about how our waitingto be triaged,I witnessedthe greeterwelcome Tiny Housew as com ingalong(as dad w as a contr actorback in England),my bestest Casinobuddy w ho alw aysexcitedlytalked about his new est w inningsystem !!!Now four differentindividualswho werewearingtheir masks his chair sits em pty (except w hen Kitty sleepsin it) and my m other is com pletely undertheir noses,and not ask one singleone of themto put it on properlybeforeentering.In a HOSPITAL!I saw a lost w ithouther best fr iend of 66 year s. womancoughingher lungsout walkingup and downthe This has been such a r eality check on how life is so shor t and pr eciousand how corridors,spreadingher germseverywhere,and not being som eonecan be her e one day and gone the next. Rem em berto tr easur eever y askedto sit still or beingisolatedawayfromothers. And m inuteof ever y day and tr easur eever yonew ho is in your life as w e all cr osseach socialdistancingwasnonexistent. other spathsfor a r eason.Don't take anythingfor gr antedand r em em berto say "I I went to eat at a local restaurantand walkedout whenthe love you" often. serverfailedto ask for proof of vaccination,proudly I just r ead som ethingby john m . sw eeneythat sum sthingsup w ell statingthat I had to providemine"onlyif I wantedto", "Timepa ssesquickly,you liter a llydo not even noticeit until it beginsto show. unapologetically. So, don't wa it to use the good china ,go on the tr ip, eat the ca ke, watch the late I wasat the movieswith a friend.We wereplacedright movie,r ea d your favour itebook. Ta kea cha ncein life, the timeis now. Don't next to anotherindividual,shoulderto shoulder,and told live pa ssively,live pa ssionatelywhilether eis still time. Tomor r owis never not to move.Therewasampleroomin the theaterto space pr omisedto a nyone. peopleout,no excusefor the lack of distancing.Granted, SO I SAY .... GO ON AND PURCHASE A TI CKET FOR ... the patronwasscreenedand vaccinated,but he didn't weara mask--theyare not mandatory.I wasthankfulfor my N95. Addingto the confusionare the anti-maskers,anti-vaxxers and groupslike the newlyfounded"EasternOntarioHealth Alliance",whoseblatantattemptto spreadmisinformation throughan advertisementpurchasedin our local daily newspaperwasso damagingthat our local doctorsfelt the needto counterby takingtheir own ad,at their own cost. Whenthingslike thishappen,you you can't simplyjust ask for a retraction,Dr. Paul. No.You haveto get angryand pushback. God I hopeyou pushback. Thereis nothingmoredangerousthan a groupof misguided lunatics,backedup by moneyand politicalambition. It isquitepossiblethat someoneisinsaneandtheythink theyhavea chance.Not insanein theclinicalsense,but theymayhavesucha strongpoliticalambitionthat they blindthemselvesto reality. --DavyCrockett


Ticket savail abl eat :NewFor YouThrif tSt ore& YourCreditUnion(WestBranch)




Marvin Plumadore "During the interview for this year's Veterans story about Marvin Plumadore, he asked several times if I knew of anyone else - perhaps someone more deserving than he, to take this place of honour, yet meeting for the first time a few weeks ago, I could see from his expression that the honour was all mine."

The Grove

Pouring hockey rinks into the wee hours of the morning and playing ball with his kids, Lloyd was an illustrious dad with a heart of gold. Poor but rich in spirit, Lloyd?s motto of ?Help when you can?inspired his children to volunteer at early ages. Instilling the idea of never looking down on anybody - because one day you could be him ? stands as true today as when it was first spoken. Mentors like this don?t come along every day but they sure have

and youth at risk. During his first year with the Children?s Christmas Fund, Marvin?s heart knew no bounds. He was finally able to give for the right reasons. From that early start to present day, Marvin and many thousand volunteers like him bring the child out in all of us each Christmas at the Cornwall Armories, handing out food and toys to needy families, where the energy of emotion is so palpable it?s hard to know the kids from the adults.

With sage advice from his older self, Marvin Plumadore is a self-made man. Known as the Karmic Law of Connection, Sagittarians with the soul # of 6, hold special missions in life, whereby the seemingly least important things are tied inexplicably to everything else, for in this extraordinary journey that is Marvin?s life, things did not always come easy. Known as the best mom anywhere, Marvin?s mother Stella is a cancer survivor and fiercely independent woman who enjoys a good laugh as much as anybody. Taking pride in being a homemaker, Stella could bake 15 loaves of bread a day in her heyday. Teaching her kids to respect their elders, she?s also known for reminding the boys to compliment their girlfriends or wives. Marvin hears his mom?s voice in his head all the time, as he makes sure to call everyday no matter the time ? even though as the oldest, Stella spoils him but don?t tell anyone. As a young Veteran, Marvin?s father Lloyd rented a small home in the tiny hamlet of Moulinette, Ontario, in which he would raise his family. Accepting change like a passing breeze, the young couple relocated when the Seaway was flooded, finding friends around every corner in the sheltered grove of Cornwall?s west end. In homes on King, Hickory and Smith Streets, Lloyd was a five minute walk from Howard Smiths where he worked as a shipper-checker. On weekends, he tended bar for tips at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch # 297 and began volunteering on the side. One can only imagine the sheer number of stories and friendships built back in the day.


This heraldry of everyday heroes saw Marvin become a Legion Executive. Whether painting & wallpapering the big hall, catering weddings, working the Poppy drives or Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Marvin knows it takes at least 50 Volunteers including the Ladies Auxiliary to keep the Legion running smooth. 2021 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Remembrance Day Poppy in Canada. Even with Marvin?s dad and uncles in the Service, it?s interesting to realize that any generational Canadian whose relative served their country can hold an Associate Legion Membership, so get out there and sign up!

inspired the most sacred relationships. However long the journey through our stories, Marvin losing his dad at 22 led him to find Credo in the ideals of John Wayne, loud music and hard work. When a thread makes its way to you, holding fast is the only answer, so getting right to it, Marvin cut lawns, chopped wood, started a professional painting business and worked as an orderly at the Sanatorium while tending bar at the Legion when he could. When he was 31, Marvin was introduced to Peter Morgan and Gerry Grant. Seemingly handpicked from heaven, the two worked as a tag-team in both the Kinsmen and Optimist Service Clubs, bringing Marvin under their wings. Gerry was a decorated war Veteran, and together with Peter, worked hard for the city serving Vets


?Considered too important or valuable to be interfered with, Canadians respect for and honor of its Veterans in two minutes of silence on November 11th, reflects the freedoms our Veterans sacrificed for us.? https:/ / join-us From a long standing grove of lush green trees deep within the forest of friendship, we see Marvin?s 38 years of Service to the Legion through the eyes of its members. Of all the happenings historically sacred this year, Marvin?s mom Stella turning 91 in July, holds special reverence. And although Marvin doesn?t think he ever got his chance to prove himself to his dad; legions of families young and old are humbled to follow in his footsteps and remove their caps in his honor. "Lisa Gray, Story for veterans # 5, Copyright © September 2021 - I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at



just have to try somethingnew (maybe more than a few times) to realize that you just might be good at it! Maggie is a magician who learns this (through many failed magic tricks!)

Er in Lee ... - su ch a t alen t ed you n g lady! Interview by Seeker Chick Mai-Liis

Ou t Of Season is also about school issues, but is a completelydifferent story line. This is a story about a girl name Winnie who is the most popular girl in school. Her world turns upside town when her classmatesfind out a deep, dark secret about her. Winnie tries to (comically)change herself in attempt to make her friends like her again. Winnie is forced to make a big decision about who she really wants to be!

Wh en Ju lia an d I began t h e Seek er eleven year s ago, ou r m ission w as t o " Seek ou t t h e Gem s" in Cor n w all an d t h e su r r ou n din gcom m u n it ies,so w h en a Facebook m essage cam e in f r om Er in , t ellin g u s of h er lat est book , I f elt t h at t h is lady w as def in it ely on e of t h e Gem s w e n eeded t o seek ou t . So w h en I visit ed t h e "Ar t isan sin t h e Par k " even t h ost ed by WE3GIRLSon Oct ober 17t h , I w as ver y h appy t o com e acr oss Er in an d h ad a ch an ce t o in t er view h er u sin g t h e Seek er s 5 Qu est ion In t er view St yle. Join m e as w e get t o k n ow abou t t h is ver y t alen t ed, sw eet an d posit ive lady.

I w as so h appy t o f in ally m eet you in per son at t h e Lost Villages M ar ket w h er e you h ad a boot h r igh t n ext t o you r sist er Kelsey, an ot h er ver y t alen t ed you n g lady w h o ow n s ''Love an d Lee'' a Br idal Bou t iqu e in Cor n w all . I w as also excit ed t o pu r ch ase you r lat est book w h ich you also sign ed an d t h e m essage you w r ot e in t h e book "Alw ays be t r u e t o you r self " ,r eson at es so w ell w it h t h e Seeker , an d Ju lia an d m yself , " t h e Seeker Ch ick s" .

1. Tell u s a bit abou t you r self . I am a kindergartenteacher and a published author! I absolutelylove my kindergartensat Central Public and enjoy teaching this age group so much! I graduated from the universityof Ottawa in fine arts, visual arts with a specializationin portrait painting. After that, I got my bachelor of education from the universityof Ottawa. I decided I wanted to become a teacher to spark a love of literacy. I have always been passionateabout writing and reading. Since a young age, I was writing stories and had quite the imagination.After graduation, I got my specialist additional qualificationin teaching kindergartenfrom Queens,as I was so passionateabout kindergarten. After graduation,I moved to England where I taught for a year. I had such an amazing experiencewhere I taught such a wide diversity of students.It was when I moved back home that I started writing my first children?sbook. By then, I was teaching locally and very inspired by the many different children I had met. I was so inspired by my experiencesin the classroom and the issues that occurred within schools: inclusion,acceptance,identity. That?s when I wrote and illustrated Maggie the magnificent. I continue to write about my classroom experiences. 2. How an d w h en did you becom e an au t h or ? It was about six years ago that I wrote Maggie the Magnificent.I spent years trying to get it traditionallypublished,only to get rejected many times. Publishingcompaniesdo not like to take their chance on debut authors. I finally signed my first contract last year (2020). I was so beyond thrilled and proud! This had been an absolute dream since I was a little girl. Coincidentally,Maggie the Magnificent was a story about perseveranceand believing in yourself! 3. Wh er e do you get you r in spir at ion f or you r book s - You r f ir st book " M aggie t h e M agn if icen t " an d n ow you r secon d book " Ou t of Season" ?Also w h at ar e each of t h ese book s abou t ? In September of 2021, I published Out Of Season. Both stories are pulled from my classroom experiences.M aggie t h e M agn if icen t is a story about persevering,no matter how hard it gets. Sometimes,you


4. Can you t ell ou r r eader s w h at you m ean by t h is ph r ase. I strongly believe in the messagesI write in my books to my local readers. In my first book (Maggie),I usually write: always believe in yourself!In my second book, I like to write: ?always be true to yourself ?.I wrote this because I so strongly believe that each of us has a true purpose on this earth. My studentsare all unique individuals.If they only remember one thing I?ve taught them, I hope that they remember to always be true to themselves.I often see people (young and older) who pretend to be someone they are not. We are all special for a reason and I hope this book helps people to realize that. This book is very much based on identity. 5. If som eon e w an t s t o pu blish a book , do you h ave an y advice f or t h em an d h ow w ou ld t h ey go abou t w r it in g an d pu blish in gt h e book ? If you?d like to publish a book, go for your dreams! It?s such a scary thing that seems impossiblein the moment.But, take it one day at a time and I promise it?s not as intimidating. Plu s a bon u s qu est ion / qu est ion s:Wh at is you r con t act in f o? My contact info is: Instagram: My books can be found anywhereonline : Amazon prime,,,Barnes & Noble. Locally, they can be found (signed)at Kids Korner on Pitt Street. Ar e t h er e an y even t s in t h e n ear f u t u r e t h at you m ay be at t en din gw h er e people can com e an d m eet you in per son ? For upcomingevents, I am hoping to have some pop up shops in Cornwall and Ottawa coming up this fall/winter.I am just securing





details now. I encourage everyone to follow me on social media for further announcements and I am just securing details at the moment. I do love t h e w ay you r w ebsit e is laid ou t an d I see t h at you don't on ly h ave you r book s f or sale bu t t h er e ar e also m an y ot h er it em s available. Please t ell u s abou t w h at else you h ave, especially as Ch r ist m as is ju st ah ead an d you h ave m an y gr eat gif t ideas t o of f er . I have collaborated with a lot of local businesses to design unique, one of a kind products! First, we have the ?Winnie Bow? which is a bow that ?Bend and Snap?has created. This is the exact bow that my character, Winnie, wears in the story and a portion of proceeds are donated to support children in need of an education through UNICEF. I?ve also collaborated with ?Peek-a-boo?, another local business, to custom design hats that are based on the exact costume Winnie (from out of season) wears in the book. Next, I am selling the ?Winnie Doll? which is a stuffy that is an exact and adorable replica of my character in the book. I?ve also designed teaching resources to support teachers while they use my books in their classroom! Many of these resources are free and contain engaging math, science and literacy activities that are based on my books! They are available on ? under ?Erin Lee Author ?. I h ave on ly m et you t h is on e t im e bu t I can t ell t h at you h ave a ver y posit ive per son alit y. Th e Seeker w ou ld love t o k n ow if you do an y pu blic speak in g even t s an d if so please give det ails.

I would love to do some public speaking events once Covid enables it again. During the pandemic, I have done many virtual events, meet and greets, and read-alouds with different schools, libraries and groups. I gave many virtual workshops and I would love to bring this into the public once we can have events again!

GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...



VARNAVA Happy fall to you all! My name is Anna and I manage your local Harvest Garden Centre on the corner of Vincent Massey and Power dam road in Cornwall and I'm here to answer your questions.We have a great topic this month so lets jump right in! It's my favourite time of the year with the beautiful fall colours everywhere,the gardeningbooks I get to read to plan for the next spring, and of course planting garlic! Time to find your favourite local type of garlic and plant it!

First, you want to put some compost in and fluff the soil up. Garlic likes loose soil and plenty of food (compost).Yes, you can plant garlic in the spring too, but that garlic won't have a big overall bulb, so I do both. The spring ones, I like to plant near other plants to have a multi-useof it by deterringbugs from going near my floweringand vegetable plants. A good example of that is around my roses, I plant 2-3 cloves. The sulphur present in the garlic will disperse into the soil and be taken up by the rose - making it a less palatable treat for little bugs. There are many homemaderecipes of garlic sprays you can use on your plants too to keep pests at bay. Garlic gets along with most plants, but it should not be grown near asparagus,peas, beans, sage, parsley and strawberries,because it will stunt their growth. Once I have the soil ready, I lay out where I'm going to plant my fall garlic. Always make sure the roots are at the base and the slim tip at the top. I plant them 5-6" apart and make the hole with my finger so that they are only 1-2" deep. First, we eat the yummy garlic scapes that show up in June. I pick them once they shows me a turn or two. This makes the garlic focus its energy on making a bigger bulb rather than making flowers. You can pickle the scapes or use them (not too much because it's very strong) in your omeletteslike I do.

an d f in ally ... Wh at does t h e f u t u r e h old f or you ? An y m or e book s on t h e h or izon ?

I have just submitted my third book to my editor. I am very excited for this next one, which portrays a true story about our Canadian culture! This book is set to come out next fall of 2022. The back of the book will contain many fun activities, such as vocabulary, colouring sheets and comprehension questions. I plan to continue to publish books and release products and teaching resources for everyone who enjoys them! I hope to inspire children to love literacy the way I did as a child. Thank you so much Erin for taking the time to chat with us, and Julia and I wish you all the best with your third book in the Fall of 2022. Meanwhile if you are looking for "Positive Character Building" books as Christmas Gifts for your kiddies, you now know who to contact.



Now it will be ready for harvest when the lower leaves start looking dry and turn brown from the tips towards their base. If you would like me to answer one of your questionsnext month you can send your questionto me at info@theseeker.caattentionAsk Anna. and stop by Harvest to say Hi.



Ya f a

G O AW ILY Today I am going to show you how we can make a simpleHalloweendecorationsat home, and in my opinionthe thingsthat we make with our own handstake on a greater meaning and becomeof higher value - becausewe put our energy,time and ourselvesinto it as a part of making it. Halloweenis an appropriatecelebrationto rememberour loved oneswho have left our world but are still in our hearts- and to rememberthat the most important in our life's journey- is the love we leave in the heartsof others. So today we are making a HalloweenLittle Spider.




YesI knowit'sNovemberbut I am writingthiscolumnin October whileI'm still in "Halloween mode.''



ut f act s ab o

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297 Materialsneeded:colored paper - or any paper that can be recycled.Marker,Scissors,Glue or Stapler and you have the choiceto decorateyour spider or just leave it as you see above. Instructionson how to assembleand decorate It's easy to see from the pic how it's assembledORfor instructions,watch the video on the page : BECREATIVE- make yoursinto a ChristmasSpider as Christmasis just around the corner! Here are some FUN FACTSABOUTSPIDERS - Spidersspin websto catch other bugsto eat, but not all spidersmake webs! - Most spidersare not dangerousto humans. - Most spiderslive on land, but a few, like the raft spider, live in and on water.Thesespiderscan ?run?acrossthe water?ssurface. - On average,it takesa spider about 60 minutesto spin a web. - Spidersare just as valuableto the world as larger animals,but most peopledon?t realizeit. Many spiders are becomingendangeredand are disappearingdue to the lossof habitat (home). - The averagehousehas30 spiderswhich meansyou are alwaysthree feet away from a spider. And for peoplewhoare afraidof spiders - REMEMBERSpidersare our friends!


Fo r t h e m o n t h o f SEPTEM BER, 2 0 2 1 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-ou tM eals - 1375 Food Ham per s- 820 New Ref er r als- 15 In dividu alsser ved- 1620(502 Children- 1118Adults The Agape Centr e continues to m eet the needs of those m ost vulner able in our city w ith the suppor t of the str ong par tner ships w e have for m ed w ith businesses in our com m unity. This m onth w e w er e for tunate to once again benefit fr om the gener osity of Seguin Patate ow ner Jason Shoot and his aw esom e team . On their last day of the season all sales w er e donated to the Agape Centr e. Staff selflessly volunteer ed their tim e to m ake this day the huge success that it is ever y year. We ar e pleased to shar e that $2054 w as r aised for the Centr e. Kudos to the entir e Seguin Patate team for their dedication to the w or k w e do. Back to school tim e is often a str essful tim e for fam ilies financially. This year the Agape Centr e par tner ed once again w ith Staples and the Kiw anis Club of Cor nw all. Back packs, lunch bags and school supplies w er e distr ibuted to fam ilies to help w ith the costs of pr epar ing childr en for a new school year. We ar e now heading into our busiest tim e of year w ith food dr ives, fundr aising and pr epar ing for Chr istm as. Our com m unity has consistently show ed their suppor t and gener osity as w e m ake ever y effor t to ensur e that fam ilies in need have a joyous holiday season. Anyone inter ested in holding a food dr ive, volunteer ing or donating can contact the centr e at 613-938-9297 ext 127. No one shouldever go hungr yI f you need help - conta ctus at 613-938-9297OR cometo the centr eat: 40 Fifth Str eet West,Cor nwa ll,Onta r io





LUCIO October Sees Many Hip-Hop Releases ? Bot h Good and Bad This month I?ve listened to primarily Rap albums - many of the most intriguing albums of the month have been hip-hop or heavily inspired by hip-hop. In order of release date, in this month?s article I am reviewing ?Expensive Pain? by Meek Mill?, ? ?Pain Paints Paintings? by Dax, and ?Punk? by Young Thug.

Meek Mill ? Expensive Pain Meek Mill?s fifth studio album is a fun album ? every track is unique and has something interesting to say. Whether he?s rapping fast over a hard beat or speaking from the heart on melodic piano, Meek keeps it fresh on ?Expensive Pain?. This may also be the album?s biggest weak point. At times, Meek sounds really sincere and authentic, and at other times, he sounds like he?s trying to imitate generic hard trap. I don?t have an issue with generic trap itself, but when you?re trying to go for a more serious approach, it?s all or nothing ? don?t half commit. Overall, the album is fun and benefits from Meek solely working with artists that he clearly has strong chemistry with. The standout track, ?We Slide?is so strong because Meek and Young Thug work so well together. ?Expensive Pain? suffers from some thematic issues, but Meek?s rapping talent neutralizes this, allowing the album to still be a fun listen. At 55 minutes, it?s definitely worth at least one listen. I rate this LP a 3/5

Dax - Pain Paint s Paint ings I could say a lot about this album, but I?ll try to keep this month?s article positive and keep this very negative review short. On Dax?s new LP, Pain Paints Paintings, he comes off as incredibly preachy and


I actually enjoy the light-hearted trap tracks. When Dax takes himself less seriously, he can make good music. He fails in trying to say some kind of profound message that?s already been reiterated hundreds of times. Dax can make enjoyable music ? I?d like to see him stick to his strengths in future projects. This project is littered with his weaknesses ? for this reason, I don?t recommend this album. 0.5/5

Young Thug ? Punk I truly believe that Young Thug?s Punk is the Hip-Hop album of the month. Between the consistently incredibly catch choruses that we see on songs like ?Livin It Up?and ?Hate The Game?, and the theme of trying to find happiness that glows in the final track ?Day Before?, featuring the late Mac Miller, the album has a lot to say. This LP does somewhat fail in this regard. The album is over an hour long; a few songs could?ve been cut. This would have made the record less bloated and more on course with the underlying theme. That one change could?ve brought the album from good to great. The album is still so enjoyable though. Most of the songs feature beautifully written guitar/piano instrumentals that I still have stuck in my head. The production of the LP is amazing 90% of the time, and almost all the features are very enjoyable. Young Thug?s ?Punk? is a few steps off of being an instant classic album. Had Thug executed the album a little bit better, I could have seen myself giving the album a 4.5 or even a 5. I still think the positives outweigh the negatives by a mile, and overall recommend the record. 3.5/5

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repetitive. Whether it?s the constant dogwhistles about ?woke? culture or the unoriginal ?I came from nothing? message that he practically became a meme for, Dax disappoints on this album.



Jo hn

Even M or e Basi cs


Last tim e, I discussedthe fact that w e ar e spir its,and ther efor ecapableof cr eating thingsand situationsfr om our thoughtsand em otions.It alm ost sounded too easy,and so I thought I'd shar e a bit of fine-tuningto help m ake it w or k better for you. Thoughtslike, "I w as afr aid that w ould happen",or "I just knew I'd lose my job" ar e evidencethat our thinkinghas not been as positiveas it could be. In fact, it soundsas if negativethinkinghad a dir ect effect on im por tantlife events. But w hat about w hen w e tr y to think positivebut the positivethingsstill don't m ater ialize?It m ay have to do w ith the w or dingof our thoughts.Too often, w e focus on w hat w e don't w ant, r ather on w hat w e do w ant. That sends out a confused m essageand br ingsr esultsw e don't necessar ilyw ant.

For exam ple,thinking'I don't ever w ant to get cancer ' sends out a m ixed m essage.The 'I don't' is a negativephr ase,follow ed by the w or d 'cancer ' w hich is a negativew or d and thought.We subconsciously attach negativeem otion to the w or d 'cancer ' and so the entir e thought is center ed about som ethingw e don't w ant, com pletew ith the pow er of em otion attached.The w or d and feelingattached sends out a 'cancer ' m essagew her e w e m ight actually attr act it to our selves.A m uch better thought w ould be 'I alw aysw ant good health'. That thought focuseson 'w ant' and 'health' and car r iespositiveem otions attached to being healthy and ther efor ehappy. Her e is another exam ple:'I don't w ant to get in a car accident'.We can changeit to 'I'm enjoyingsafety w hile dr iving'.It seem sthat in the fir st phr ase,w e feel the em otion ar ound the w or d 'accident',w hile in the second,it center son 'safety',r esultingin a m uch m or e positiveem otion.And w hy does it m atter w hat w e feel about these phr ases? Our em otionsar e like tr ansm ittedsignals. They r each other people,but also seem to tr anscendlogic and r each pow er soutsideof our aw ar eness.By contr ollingour thoughts,w e contr ol our em otions and ther efor econtr ol m any of the thingsthat happen in our lives. Have you ever felt that som eonehas 'good vibes'?Per hapsanother per son gives off vibes that m ake you feel uncom for tablear ound them . These 'vibes' ar e the tr ansm ittedener giesfound in the em otional connectionto the per son'sthoughts. Usually,a patter n of good or bad thoughtsr esultsin this over all good or bad 'vibe' feeling. Som e houses also feel fr iendly and hom ey,w hile other sm ight feel spooky or unsettling,usually becauseof ener giesleft behind by peoplew ho live ther e, or had lived ther e. So tr y to think BEFOREyou think . In other w or ds, don't just think aim lessly,but chooseyour thoughts car efully,and especially your w or ds. Enjoy daydr eam ingand im agininghow it w ould feel if only the thought w er e to com e tr ue. Tr y and changethat to an expectation,so that you feel the thought W ILL com e tr ue, even if you don't yet know how it could happen. As spir its, w e can cr eate thingsout of nothing.And all it takes to star t w ith, is a single, sim ple thought. For mor e infor mation,plea se visit w w w.thehigher








November 11t h is Remembrance Day In 1784, m oder n Cor nw all and SD&G w er e founded by citizen soldier s. Dur ing the War of 1812,Cor nw all w as even occupied by hostile Am er ican for ces for a ver y shor t tim e. Since our founding, local citizens have had to pr epar e to defend their hom es and countr y seven tim es. Tw ice, the selfless acts of local m en and w om en led to the deaths of hundr eds of its people. On Novem ber 11th ever y year their sacr ifice is r em em ber ed at the Cor nw all Cenotaph, along w ith num er ous sim ilar cer em onies thr oughout the United Counties. This year , subscr iber s to Netflix can get a glim pse at the hor r ific and br utal conditions local m en faced in the film ?The For gotten Battle,? the str uggle for the Scheldt Estuar y. A com posite depiction of the m onth long plus battle, w hich r aged over a r elatively lar ge ar ea, the film highlights the significant and decisive r ole Canadian For ces played in the battle. The film , how ever , does not specifically cover the gr ound the SD&G Highlander s fought over , even though the battle claim ed the lives of at least 35 Highlander s, and the Regim ent took m or e than 550 Ger m an pr isoner s. The Cor nw all Cenotaph.

By I a n Bower i ng

out to w itness Canada?s Gover nor Gener al and consor t Lor d and Lady Byng unveil Cor nw all?s Gr eat War M em or ial. To initiate the cer em onies, the vice-r egal couple w as given a tour of the Tow n by M ayor and M r s. Snetsinger , along w ith a gr oup of notables and a 104 m an veter an?s honour guar d and the Cor nw all City Band. After inspecting the honour guar d, the guests w er e taken by m otor cade to inspect the new M ontr eal Road Cour tauld?s plant, w hile the pipe band and guar d m ar ched to the site of the M em or ial. The tour over , Byng w as w elcom ed to the M em or ial by Tow n Cler k, J.G. Har kness. Byng said: ?I have hear d w ith inter est the histor y? of the distr ict and the leader s it has pr oduced; m en w ho displayed the sam e qualities of endur ance and cour age w hich anim ated the m agnificent body of m en w ith w hom I w as so pr oud to be associated dur ing the w ar ? the Canadian Cor ps.(Byng com m anded the Canadian Ar my in Fr ance) I shall? unveil the m onum ent to those m em ber s of that for ce w ho gave all that a m an can give in the cause of r ight, and I ask you to teach your childr en just w hat that m em or ial m eans.? ?It is not a m er e piece of stone to be looked at and passed by.It is a r em inder to all, not only of the her oism displayed by those w ho fell, but that their gallant spir it is just as m uch needed now as it

I nFlandersFields by Joh n M cCr ae

On Fr iday, June 5, 1925 ?Thousands?of Cor nw all?s citizens tur ned

In Flander s fields the poppies blow Betw een the cr osses, r ow on r ow , That m ar k our place; and in the sky The lar ks, still br avely singing, fly Scar ce hear d am id the guns below. We ar e the Dead. Shor t days ago We lived, felt daw n, saw sunset glow , Loved and w er e loved, and now w e lie, In Flander s fields. Take up our quar r el w ith the foe: To you fr om failing hands w e thr ow The tor ch; be your s to hold it high. If ye br eak faith w ith us w ho die We shall not sleep, though poppies gr ow In Flander s fields.



Fr am ing

258 Pitt Street, Cornwall - 613-938-6947





w as then, for w ithout m utual loyalty and sym pathy, the pr oblem s w hich ar e confr onting Canada today can never be solved. See that your childr en lear n this; see that they under stand that this m onum ent r epr esents the ideal of tr ue Canadian citizenship. And if they, in their tur n, gr ow up to be good citizens, those w ho died w ill not have m ade their sacr ifice in vain.? The m essage w as then r epeated in Fr ench, after w hich pr ayer s w er e offer ed by M onsignor G. Cor bet, (St. Colum ban?s) accom panied by the playing of ?Lead Kindly Light.? A second pr ayer w as now offer ed by m ilitar y chaplain Jam es Faulds. M ayor Snetsinger follow ed this by announcing that ther e w er e over 80 nam es on the m onum ent (belonging to m en w ho had ser ved pr im ar ily in the Canadian Expeditionar y For ce?s 2nd, 21st, 38th, and 154th Battalions). The speeches over , Lor d Byng unveiled the m onum ent, w hile bugler Peter Youm elle played the ?Last Post.? Inscr ibed ?er ected by the Citizens of Cor nw all and subur bs in sacr ed m em or y of those w ho gave their lives in the Gr eat War of Liber ty and Justice, 1914 ? 1918,? the closing pr ayer w as offer ed W. Netten, Rector of Tr inity Chur ch.? Ar chitect Em anuel Kahn constr ucted the m onum ent for the Thom pson M onum ent Com pany of Tor onto, at a cost of $10,000. ($156,000 plus today.)

We w i l l r em em ber t h em . Nou s n ou s sou v i en dr on s d?eu x .

The War of 1812 cannons, fr om For t Henr y w er e installed after the dism antling of Hor ovitz Par k . Dur ing the Second Wor ld War , Cor nw all?s per capita contr ibution to the War effor t thr ough the Ar m ed Ser vices, industr ial output and the com m unity, w as one of the highest in Canada. M ilitar ily, the SD&G Highlander s took par t in the invasion of Nor m andy and the cam paign in Fr ance, Belgium and Holland until the end of the conflict. Altogether , 183 local m en died: ten sailor s; 109 soldier s and 64 air m en. The toll for the United Counties w as no less than 489 m en and w om en.

Cit y of Cor n w all Cou n cil

The Kor ean conflict claim ed thr ee local lives. The loss of life w as just as tr agic dur ing Wor ld War I, w hich took the lives of at least 335 m en and w om en thr oughout the United Counties, including 88 fr om Cor nw all and Tow nship.












Jo hn

potential value. There are many sites selling copies of licensed or bootleg versions of jersey's. The signature might be authorized for use, as a original copy or used illegally It's buyer beware. Most of these sites that offer these jersey's are for the fans of the player, and should not be used as an investment vehicle. Enjoy the jersey of your favorite player.

G RO W ?I?ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I?ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I?ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I?ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.? ? Michael Jordan Sport s Memorabil ia Sport Cards

From our earliest years as young boys, our first entry into the world of collecting in sports memorabilia started with bubble gum cards. We all had our favorites. Be it hockey, baseball, football or soccer. The first baseball cards were in packs of cigarettes. We used the cards in playing games, or as sound accessories in our bike spokes. Sadly, many cards or other memorabilia did not survive. We all have stories of how our once valued processions were given away or sold at a garage sale for peanuts. Early cards from the 1900 to the 1950's would garner the highest bids in North American auction houses. There, there are cards that surprise even the most serious card collector. Do you have a Gem Mint 10 rated 1979 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie card? That card sold for 3.75 million US Dollars at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas.

Aut ographs Signatures of players are hot items depending on the player's status, if he or she is living, and the popularity. There is a question if the signature is authentic, where it was signed, on what object was it signed on and is there a photograph of the player signing the object or program. If you are an autograph seeker, its important to have the date, possible photo of the signing, a photo of the player, hopefully with you in the picture and a note of the event where the player signed. For players who are long deceased, the authenticate of the signature becomes important. Signatures are faked, and or copied via digital means. Baseballs are

commonly autographed at events or sport appreciation fairs. If you are getting an autograph, take a photo of the player signing, and ask him for an autograph on an autograph book with the date marked. Buying Autographs can be risky. Due diligence is your responsibility.

Sport Jerseys

The worl d of f akes & copies

September 1972 at the Summit Series in Moscow, Paul Henderson scored the final goal with 34 seconds remaining. His jersey which he wore while on the ice sold for $ 1.27 million dollars by Classic Auctions. An original signed jersey of a notable player might be have value. There are many factors that would have to be considered. Condition, event, photo of player wearing or signing the jersey while giving it to the new owner are all points which determine

Unfortunately, where there is a large amounts of money being exchanged for sports memorabilia, there is a chance for forgeries. The most valuable card is the T206 Honus Wagner, which sold for 6.6 million USD. The second most valuable card is the 1952 Mickey Mantle card for 5.2 Million USD. Many of the 100 most valuable cards are copied by experts in forgeries by Asian sources. These cards are copied via digital imaging, and reproduced. The only



way to authenticate an item is to do an analysis of the material & aging of the item. Using a specialized microscope, a trained eye can determine if the print was created via a digital process. Aged paper or card stock can be made and used in the forgeries. It is estimated that 80 % of all sports memorabilia with a supposed signature is a forgery of some sort. Imagine if a player had to sign 5,000 items or photographs. This does not happen. An original item would be signed, then a license to use the signature on certain items is issued. As always the due diligence is on the side of the buyer. Major Sport s Memorabil ia Col l ect or We are completing a major sports memorabilia collection appraisal assignment in a very large collection in Montreal. The project started in 2020 due to the amount of items, and the values to be researched. The collection includes sport cards, signed jerseys with photos of the player signing, autograph photos with the collector, sport programs with autographs. Also sporting items of signed hockey sticks, figurines, signed posters. Over 1400 items to catalog and produce a manifest of value for insurance purposes. Cataloging, photography, note taking and research to produce a written Appraisal Manifest takes time, and money to complete the task. At the end, the client will know the replacement value of his collection, which exceeds his previous value expectations. Next Art icl e: Sel l ing your Treasures, How t o go about it , What t o l ook f or when deciding t o sel l About t he Aut hor John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectables in general. John works with clients worldwide, museums, corporate and government agencies and has been featured on radio and television shows as well as charity appraisal fairs. He is also a public speaker. Suzanne Charlebois, gemologist, specializing in cut & uncut diamonds, gemstones, minerals & meteorites. She also does grading and identification of gemstones from mines. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s email is



York,NorthYorkshire? OnOctober thereand createall day, 1st,criticallyacclaimedBritishrock whichisa wonderfulgift to bandAskingAlexandriareleased havethat timeoff and an theirnewstudioalbumtitled?See escape.Weneverhad time What?sOnTheInside?viaBetter off before,so it wasalmosta NoiseMusic. littlebit welcome.It gaveusa chanceto reset and reflect, AskingAlexandriaconsistsof Danny grow,and learna lot in our Worsnop(vocals),BenBruce(guitar), personallivesand in the CameronLiddell(guitar),Sam business,?Worsnop Bettley(bass),and JamesCassells responded. (drums). AskingAlexandriahasplayed Theirenergeticnewsingle?Alone majormusicfestivalsand Again?hasalreadybeenstreamed headlinedpackedconcerts millionsof times.Thesongis on fivedifferentcontinents. featuredat thestart of thenew Furthermore,theyhave albumand will beplayedat the In t er view w it h Ask in g Alexan dr ia sharedthestagewithsome front of theirplaylistfor liveshows. Ar t icle by Jason Set n yk | Su bm it t ed Ph ot o of theworld?stop rockbands, ?Wehave?AloneAgain?right in front includingGunsN?Roses, of theset,and I thinkit?sfor thesamereasonit?sat thefront of the GreenDay,AvengedSevenfold,AliceIn Chains,and Slipknot. album.Theenergy,suspense,and build-up,thewholecontinuouslift of Thebandhasachievedunprecedentedsuccessfromthreeconsecutive thesong? It feelsgood,it translateswell and makesa lot of senseon the top 10 debutson theBillboardTop 200to twogold-certifiedsingles.The journeythat istheAskingAlexandriacollectionof music? whetherit?sin newAskingAlexandriarecord?SeeWhat?sOn TheInside?isthenewest thecontextof a recordor a show,?vocalistDannyWorsnopreplied. chapterfor thisband Othersongson thealbum,like?SeeWhat?son TheInside,??FadedOut,? ?Regardingthenewalbum,keepenjoyingit, and weappreciatethe and ?NeverGonnaLearn,?add to thisinward-lookingmotifthat isso supportand the47 minutesout of people?sdayusedto takethetimeto prevalentin thesecontemplativelyrics. listento it. Weput a lot of workin,and wehopepeopleget asmuch ?It?sbeena constantin my workoverthepast 7 or 8 years,figuringout enjoymentout of it aswedid to makeit,?Worsnopconcluded. whoI am and whereI belong.I felt likeI lackedthat.It?ssomethingI?ve alwaystriedto figureout.It feelslikeI?m gettingcloser.I think thisalbum,moreso thananyother,definitelyfollowedthat journeybecauseit washappeningasI waswritingit,?Worsnop explained. In additionto genuineand thoughtfullyrics,thewayAsking Alexandriarecorded?SeeWhat?sOn TheInside?furtheraddsto therecord?sauthenticity.In an ageof filesharingand recording partsof songsremotely? AskingAlexandriawentbackto their musicalrootsand influenceswhenrecordingin thestudio. In early2021,all fivemembersof AskingAlexandriafound themselvestogetherin thesamestudioat thesametimefor thefirst timein overa decade.Theyrecordedtheirseventh studioalbumtogetherin a housein Franklin,Tennessee. ?Yes,wedid prettymucheveryotherrecordwithat least an amountof doingit remotely.For thisalbum,wewantedto get backin touchwithour musicianship.Thesameastheconcept withtheartwork,goingbackto our musicalrootsof that 60s, 70s,goingintothe80sprocessof creatingand makingthis music.Everythingon thealbumislive.Withthehelpof our wonderfulstudioengineer,weusedinstrumentsthat were inventedand built-inthat studioto makespecificsoundsversus findingsamplesand doingit digitally.Wewerefocusedon it beinga veryanalogapproach,a veryhands-onand real and authenticin theroomexperience.Hopefully,thistranslatesto thelisteneraswell,?Worsnopadded. Althoughtheglobalpandemicstoppedbandsfromtouring and playingliveconcerts,that too had a silverliningfor Asking Alexandria? it gavethebanda chanceto reset,reflect,and grow. ?(In thepast)I neverenjoyedtouringmuch.I thinka lot of it had to do withnot havinga healthyrelationshipwiththe band?ssuccessand myrelativefame.It isa verydifficult lifestyle,but I thinkI?m in a differentplacenow.So,goingintoit, I?m moreexcitedto re-learnhowto do it. WhenI sat in my studiofor 21 months,I didn?thavemuchof a problemnot beingon tourat all.I havea studioinsidemy house,so I can sit

and hel pyou t o t heir pl at f orms


underst and bet t er.




conferencein Milan,that was a lead-up to COP26,laid out four themes:Youth DrivingAmbition;SustainableRecovery;Non-StateActors? Engagement;and ClimateConsciousSociety.Placeslike Cornwalland area can work with these themeslocally.


from You r Per son al Clim at eSu m m it By John Towndrow Articlewrittenon October22, 2021

You t h Dr ivin gAm bit ion :We have schoolsand collegeswhere studentscan be driversof change? challengingtheir parentsand teachers? asking them face to face what they are doing to addressthe climatecrisis!

Last week,our TransitionCornwall+group met in person.After monthsof meeting virtuallyor not at all it was energizingto be able to meet face to face and see some old friendsand new faces after being so long apart. Our meetingcoincidedwith the leadup to the upcoming ClimateSummit called COP26 to be held in Glasgow,starting October 31, so we had a discussionabout its relevanceto us and to the world.

Opinionsvaried on the effectivenessof these summits.One view is that they are meaningless,where governmentsset targetsto reduceCO2 and then promptlymiss those targets and then go on to set new targetsat the next conference. Another view is that, over time, they force reluctantcountries to fall in line with global efforts? to kind of shamecountries into acting more quicklythan they otherwisewould.Still another view is that groupslike TransitionCornwall+should not spend much time being concernedabout international conferencesbut stay focused on what can be done at the local level to work directlyon communityinitiativesthat make a differencein our own neighborhoods. This view is highlightedin the recent Y Magazine(OPPI)which observesthat: ?Communitiesin Ontario and the world are comingto termswith the urgencyof climatechange.It?s a global problem. Fortunately,it has local causesand local solutions.Solving climatechangeis essentialto maintaining a high qualityof life, both at home and in the internationalcontext in which we live.? The Tiny Forest@Library is a local initiativein Cornwallthat has many benefitsfor climateand education. Perhapsthe real value of ClimateSummitsis not in the public pronouncementsthat the politiciansmake to the world but in what happensoff to the side and leadingup to the conference? how we can all take responsibility.As the sayinggoes, if we are not part of the solution then we are part of the problem.We all need to take an honest look at how we can be part of the solution. For guidanceon this, one of the most compellinginitiativesis YOUTH4CLIMATE:DRIVING AMBITION. ( This youth


Su st ain ableRecover y:We can learn about interlinkagesbetween nature and climatechange? fight to protect nature,right in our own neighborhoodsinstead of mowingacres of lawn and clear cutting woodlandsto grow biofuels. Non -St at eAct or s?En gagem en t :This is essentiallynot waitingfor governmentsto solve the problem but to look criticallyat our daily approachto food, sports,travel,clothingand the arts to see how our carbon footprintcontributesto the issue and develop our own personalCOP26. Clim at eCon sciou sSociet y:We can share our storiesabout how we are helpingto solve the crisis. We can also offer proposalsfor media to improvenarrativesand communicatethe climateemergency.Call your local radio station or write to your local newspapers.Also,just a reminderthat over the next month the City of Cornwallis asking for your ideas on how you think about climatechange.Just 10% of Cornwall?spopulationwould be 4,700 peopleparticipatingin this survey,so pleasebe part of the solutionat: https:/ / F

Seeker Snapshots: Ravio Cosplay by An n iech ie Design s - Photo by Jason Setnyk


Here is a preview of the Ravio Cosplay by Annie DeRochie of Anniechie Designs. Ravio is a character in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Annie is an award-winning cosplayer who grew up in Summerstown, was the founder of CoTiCon, and graduated from Fanshawe College with a degree in Fashion Design and a post-graduate in Costume Design. Now, she lives in Brockville, and works in the field of sewing and fashion at Bonita Bold.



$2 5 0


Mont real


Rd. Cornwal l


- thebeauteek

Linda & Sant a wil l hel p you pick out t hat Perf ect Christ mas Gif t ... - Ful l yPackedGif tSt ore - Gif tCert if icat es avail abl e - FreeGif tWrapping - Ful l yPackedGrocery& VeggieSt ore - Dail yFreshBakedGoods 2 LOCATIONS: 75CornwalCent l reRoad PLUSVincentMassey Drive& PowerDam - bot hopen8amdail y

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of Canada's f or Trut h

f irst Nat ional and Reconcil iat ion

Ar ticle by Neil M a cmilla n with photos by Ja ne M a cmilla n


even their pet dogs) to silently pay their r espects.

For m any Canadians, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, the discover y of 215 unm ar ked gr aves of childr en at the for m er Kam loops Indian Residential School on the ter r itor y of the Tk'em lúps te Secw épem c people in B.C. w as a w ater shed m om ent of r eckoning. In the sam e w ay that the body of a dr ow ned young Syr ian boy on a Tur kish beach or the gr aphic video of the suffocation of Geor ge Floyd on a M inneapolis str eet galvanized public outr age, the new s fr om Kam loops soon led Par liam ent?s passing of legislation on June 3 to designate Septem ber 30 as Canada?s fir st National Day for Tr uth and Reconciliation. Nor m ally, w e (Jane and Neil M acm illan - seen in photo below ) w ould not tr avel to Ottaw a for such occasions. How ever , follow ing a visit to We Were Children, a stunning exhibition of 215 beaded vam p m occasins, or ganized by Tr acey Thom pson at the Native Nor th Am er ican Tr avelling College (NNATC) on Akw esasne, w e w er e encour aged by NNATC m anager Iakonnikonr iiosta to join her and her staff at the Remember M e pr ogr am of activities at Par liam ent Hill and in Confeder ation Par k in Ottaw a on Septem ber 30 (see w w w.r em em ber -m e-septem ber -30.or g).

M or e sur vivor s fr om differ ent par t of Canada spoke at the after noon pr ogr am in Confeder ation Par k, in w hich the under lying sentim ent w as to r em em ber ?the childr en w ho never cam e hom e.? To date, Canada?s Tr uth and Reconciliation Com m ission has docum ented the deaths of over 4,000 of the appr oxim ately 150,000 Indigenous childr en consigned to r esidential schools over a per iod of w ell over 150 year s but conser vative estim ates put the actual figur e at sever al thousand m or e. One of the after noon speaker s on Septem ber 30 w as a pr om inent Indigenous jour nalist nam ed Doug Geor ge-Kanentiio of Akw esasne, one of the few successful escapees fr om the M ohaw k Institute r esidential school in Br am pton, Ontar io, He had ear lier w r itten a m oving account of his exper ience and the death of a fr iend and fellow escapee, Joey Com m anda, in theWashington Post (see https://w w w.w / outlook/2021/08/27/indegenousm ohaw k-institute-canada-joey-com m anda/). Over the past few m onths back her e in Cor nw all, w e have also par ticipated in var ious events. For exam ple, w e w ent to see the peaceful display of 215 pair s of shoes or ganized by Gina Lazor e, Roger Van Lazor e and Tina Fr ancis outside Saint Colum ban?s Chur ch in Cor nw all and par ticipated w ith sever al hundr ed other people in the subsequent or ange-shir ted m ar ch in honour of the childr en to the Saint Law r ence River w ater fr ont on Satur day, June 5. We also par ticipated in a couple of inter faith pr ayer gather ings to honour of the childr en.

And w e w er e extr em ely happy w e did because w e w er e ver y im pr essed by the poignant dignity and beauty of the pr oceedings or ganized by the Indigenous Ar ts Collective of Canada, an Indigenous w om an-led not-for -pr ofit or ganization.

Although Gr and Chief Abr am Benedict w as pr evented by another engagem ent fr om attending one of these gather ings on Septem ber 30, he sent a m essage that said, in par t: ?I w ant to thank all of you for your com m itm ent to r econciliation and im pr oving our com m unities.?

W hat w as par ticular ly im pr essive about the pr oceedings (w hich included an eagle feather pr esentation to r esidential school sur vivor s and a succession of eloquent speeches and pr esentations), w as the fact ther e w er e no dignitar ies pr esent but r ather just the self-effacing or ganizer s and thousands of or ange-shir ted people w ith their childr en (and

A sim ple and dignified m essage that is just one m or e step of m any on a long-ter m path of healing, r econciliation and fr iendship for all of us.






Be t t y



Are you finding these timeswe are currentlyin challenging?I know I am. When the COVIDPandemicbegan in March 2020,I felt a global shift; a re-unificationof the peoplearound the world as we turned our eyestoward a commonenemy.As restrictionsbegan,it felt like a time out, an opportunityto push the refresh button,a chanceto pause,reflect,re-appraiseand re-thinkthe choiceswe were making. It is true that none of us could have imaginedwhat would follow ? a second,third and now forth wave.And with each wave the energy experiencedat the beginningshifted and re-shapeditself into somethinglessloving,lesscompassionateand certainlylessunifying. Today,despitemoreoptimismand fewer restrictions,it seemslike anger and judgment linger.All of us are guilty as societydivided into the ?pro?and ?anti?camps.And here we linger.Can we stop?Can we heal?Can we once again cometogether? Thispast Friday evening,I attendeda concert.Susan Algukark,a CanadianInuit singer,performed;someoneI have followed since she first becameknown to me in the 1990?s.Her musicand lyricsmoveme. Like many of our indigenouspeople,she has embarkedon a journey of healing and her song lyricsreflect this. One that she shared during the concert is O Siem, the lyricsof which are particularlyrelevant today:

these feelingshave absolutelythrown me for a loop.These are emotionsthat are contraryto my natureand have fueled my own anger and resentment.And I want to stop.Don?t you? Wheredo we begin the healing process? It happensthat I am currentlyinvolved in teachinga programon self-compassion.Yes, life alwaysprovidesopportunityto learn what you need to learn,especiallywhen you are the teacher.And as it turns out, self-compassionis the first step on the healing journey.It allows me to look at that side of me that I dislike,blessher, forgiveher, and moveinto action differently.I am not denyinganything,I am acceptingmyself wartsand all, learning and choosinga new path. Self-compassionseedscompassionand kindnessfor others.One of the aspectsof the self-compassionmodel,developedby Kristin Neff, is commonhumanity.In other words,we are not alone.Most of us have been strugglingwith the same inner demonsand reacting in wayswe had not expectedduring these somewhatchallengingtimes.Everyone is affected,albeit differently.As a result,we need to grow our tolerance for the differencesand begin to forgiveone another. Let?salso be clear.Forgivenessdoesnot mean we suddenlyagree with what otherssay and do. It is, as Ken Blanchardsaid in the One-Minute Manager,judgetheact not theperson.Forgivenessis also a gift we offer to ourselves,perhapseven more than for others.When we forgive,we lift the weight we have been carrying on our shouldersand, in our hearts,we cultivatekindnessand understanding,we may disagreebut we stop judging,we begin to build bridges. Care to join me?

Betty Healey, MEd., CAPP Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcomeand if you care to share you can reach me at:

O Siem,we are all family O Siem,we're all the same O Siem,the firesof freedom Dancein the burning flame Siem o siyeya,all peoplerich and poor Siem o siyeya,thosewho do and do not know Siem o siyeya,take the hand of one close by Siem o siyeya,of thosewho know becausethey try And watch the wallscome tumblingdown Siem o siyeya,all peopleof the world Siem o siyeya,it's time to make the turn Siem o siyeya,a chanceto share your heart Siem o siyeya,to make a brand new start And watch the wallscome tumblingdown ?Achanceto shareyouheart,to makea brandnewstart andwatchthewallscometumblingdown?. Susan is a gift, an amazingtroubadourof healing,a messengerfor all of us. Healing and reconciliation,the energy all of us need to embraceto heal ancient woundswith our indigenouspeopleand, if I may suggest,with one another.We need to heal,we need to forgive,we need to once again believein communityand countryand the greater good for all. Most importantlywe all need to wake up, turn off the newsand look acrossthe table at our neighboursand once again have civil, compassionateand loving dialogue. I understandthismay not be easy. I don?t agreewith the actionssome of my friendsand colleagueshave taken during the past months.And yes, I judgesome of these actionsas careless,thoughtless,uninformedand? All





After a short jaunt along the busier highway past Doran Bay, we turn off into the village of Iroquois along the golf course. We stray from the suggested GPS route to follow the new recreational trail towards the Iroquois air strip and beach where we are once more riding along the riverbank. This trail takes us to Boat House Road and the historic Galop Lock 25 originally built in 1847. We take some time to examine the lock remnants and a section of a pre-seaway highway which fades into the St. Lawrence River.There is so much history here!

LOCK U S U P! By Sylvie O'Rou r k e We are at the Morrisburg boat launch for a scenic bike ride. Our destination: The Iroquois Locks. I cannot wait to share my new favorite local ride with others. I know they will be as charmed as I have been with the captivating riverscape along the way. Today?s 33-kilometer bike ride was inspired by the SDG & Cornwall Adventure Club from a ready-made downloadable ?Ride with GPS? map found on the City of Cornwall Tourism website.The selected ?To the Locks? route takes on a scenic waterfront tour. It is overcast and windy as we begin our ride along the shoulder of Lakeshore Drive through Morrisburg and Mariatown. We ride by a mesh of Victorian and Queen Anne homes, twenty-first century architecture, and even some farmland where we see cows, white geese, and a goat. I particularly enjoy the view of the river and it almost makes me forget how hard I am pedaling to lead this group of strong cyclists. We cruise by Flagg Creek, a boat launch, and a campground before stopping to shed a layer. I am happy to relinquish the lead for the rest of the way.


It is time to leave the past behind and head towards the present and active Iroquois Locks. We have arrived just in time to witness the Algoma Hansa ship, a twenty-three-year-old oil and chemical tanker, go through the locks. The entire process of lowering one gate and raising another, filling, and emptying the lock to the proper levels, and then getting through it is a well-synchronized and rehearsed procedure. At the west end of the lock system stands an osprey perch, which I learn was built by the St-Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation to relocate a nest originally built on top of a crane. What is unique about this perch is that it offers an eye-level view from a lookout directly across it, a perspective we don?t usually get from these typically lofty abodes.The ospreys are absent today.They must be off somewhere soaring in the wind. We speed up on the return trip with the blustery breeze at our backs. My quadricep muscles are grateful for the ease in intensity.At times we spot the large tanker from the lock heading towards Montreal. It appears that we have little chance of gaining on it.Despite the wind?s assistance and our best physical manpower, we are no match for this mighty seaway vessel. We make it back to our starting point in time to beat the rain, which I am sure is heading our way.I am so happy to have had the opportunity to share this beautiful ride with others.I hope to cycle to the locks again next summer, but this time with a gentle breeze blowing from the river and ice cream treats from one of the stands conveniently located at either end.. For more informationabout the Cornwall OutdoorClub, visitwww.cornwalloutdoorclub.caor like us on Facebook.




Cornwall,Ontario? ShannonChampagneis an athletewhohasdrive,discipline, self-confidence, focus,strength,andbalance. Sheturnedher polefitnesspassionintoa successfulbusiness,becomingthe founder, owner,andprimaryinstructorat A Lil?Pole Fitness. ShannonChampagne?A s Lil?PoleFitnessstarted with a dreamnearlyten yearsago.Shestarted her businessfrom scratchwith the encouragement, direction,and help of a dear friend,MoniqueRozon,who guidedher in the right direction.Sinceher humblebeginning, ?Wegrewin the sizeof our team,but we have also changedin the fact that we are different than any otherAerialStudio.We are a familyto our members.We are a safeplace,? Champagnestated.

In t er view w it h A Lil'Pole Fit n ess ow n er Sh an n on Ch am pagn e Ar t icle an d Ph ot o by Jason Set n yk

A Lil?PoleFitnessclasseshavebeensuccessful from the start.Classesfull of smiling, encouraging, and supportivepeopleof all differentagesand sizeswho all wantto feel goodaboutthemselvesand their bodies. ?Weare a placewheresomeonegetsto feel beautifulagainin their own skin.A Lil?Pole Fitnessmembersknowthat whentheywalk into the studio,theyare welcomed,accepted, and cherished,? Champagneadded. Shannon?sbusiness,team,and clientalhave grownsignificantly.Since2013,A Lil?PoleFitness grewfrom onecoachto now a team of seven! Theirtalentedteam includesShannon Champagne, LindsayDiehl,MelanieMiller Robinson,JessicaSamson,GabrielleMartel, SabrinaPeacock,and AmberLegacy. Shannondescribesherselfon socialmediaas a ?badassmomof two amazingboysand a CertifiedMasterTrainerfor Polein Canada.? Her certifications includePole,AerialSilksand Hoops,Lap Dance,MasterTrainerfor Poleand Lap Dancein Canada,Gymnastics,Nutrition and Movement.However,for Shannon,her certifications are not her mostsignificant accomplishment; instead,it?s her clients? progress.

for its members.?Weare so thankfulto all our membersand the communityfor all their support,?Champagnesaid. However,A Lil?PoleFitnessalso had to overcomeevenmoreadversitybecauseof senselessvandalismand repeatedbroken windowsat their downtownCornwalllocation. ?Unfortunately, the vandalismhad hurt us financially,to even havingmembersand instructorsscared.Thankfullythe community steppedin, and we had peopleon the lookout; the CornwallPoliceForcewasextremely sympatheticand understanding. The downtown Storesall had our backs.I havean amazingand supportivepartnerwho wouldevenwalk

membersto their cars.Everyonejust seemed to havesteppedup and cometogetheras a community,makingus feel safeduringthat unfortunateand scarytime.For that,I am foreverthankful,? Champagnerecalled. In the past,peopleassociatedpolefitness with the typeof poledancingfoundat erotic nightclubs.Polefitnessinstructors,pole athletes,and polegymshavedramatically changedthat perception.Polefitnesshas overcomestigmato earnrespectand recognitionas a legitimatesportpromoting strength,flexibility,and creativity. From a featurein CornwallLivingMagazine to an OSPCAcalendarfundraiserand more? A Lil?PoleFitnesshashad an impact. Lastly,ShannonChampagnesharesher advicefor anyonethinkingaboutjoiningA Lil?PoleFitness. ?Myadviceto peoplejoiningA Lil?PoleFitness wouldbe that you are in the best hands possible,and you haveto try it. We will be thereto encourageyou,havefun with you, supportyou,and all you haveto do is show up. We will help you with the rest,? Champagneconcluded. A Lil?PoleFitnessoffersa varietyof classes, includingPoleFitness,AerialHoop(Lyra),Aerial Silks,DanceFitness,CurvyPoleFitness,Belly Dancing,BootyBuilder,MightyAbs,Flexibility and Stretch,StrengthTraining,YouthClassesin AerialHoop,PersonalTraining,and Private Classes. For moreinformationon classes,instructors, hoursof operation,andmembership fees,visit A Lil?PoleFitnesswebsiteor call 613-577-1900. A Lil?PoleFitnessis locatedat 8 SecondStreet Westin downtownCornwalljust above FullertonDrugStore.

?Mybiggestaccomplishment regardingA Lil?PoleFitnessand beinga fitnessinstructoris not all the certifications, it?s not the competitions, it wasn?tbecominga Master Trainerfor Canada,it?s honestlyseeingour MembersPersonalGrowth.I?ve seenthe shyest people,havingno self-esteem,no strength,no hope? changeand grow,strengthen,and achieve,to feel beautiful.That,to me,is the best accomplishment,? Champagnereplied. Runninga smallbusinessduringthe pandemic hashad its financialchallenges.Shannon sharesthat the businesstooka financialhit, whereownershipevenpaid out of pocketto keepthe businessgoingduringlockdowns. Notwithstanding this,the team at A Lil?Pole Fitnesskept their moraleup as theycontinued to makementaland physicalhealtha priority






countriesthroughouttheworld. you loveand cherishasfriends.All theverybest Pleasetakea few minutesto rereadit. in theupcomngyearat workand at school. LoveAlwaysMarlene/Nana P.S.My3rd TIPSOFTHEMONTH:Hereare8 daughter,EllaRosemayhavehad her babyboy thingsto rememberwhenweare beforethiswasprinted.I will giveyou more goingthroughtoughtimes:1. Everythingcan and will change.2. It is informationnext monthaboutmy12th grandchild'sbirth. a learningexperience.3. Wehaveovercome challengesbefore.4. Allowourselvesto have COMMUNITYNEWS:If you or anyoneyou someFUN.5. Otherpeople'snegativityisnot knowwantsor needsfamilyor couplephotos worthworryingabout.6. Not alwaysgetting pleasegiveJohnand I a call @613-935-9719or whatwewant can be a Blessing.7. BeingKind sendan emailto to set up to ourselvesistheBest Medicine.8. Thereis a dateand time.Manyfamiliesat thistimeof alwaysalways,alwayssomethingto bethankful yeardon'tget to seeoneanotherfor holidays and gratefulfor. or familyget togethers..So thenext best thing isto sendfamilyphotosfor themto all enjoy FUNFACTS:Themodernday"orangecarrot" wasnot cultivateduntilthelate16thcenturyby your Dutchgrowers.Theytookmutantstrainsof the family's growth purplecarrotand theygraduallydeveloped themintothesweet,plump,orangevarietythat and happy weall enjoytoday.Beforethischangepretty faces. muchall carrotswerepurplewithdifferent Now mutatedversionsthat weresometimesyellow and evenwhite.I wonder,if youor Bugsbunny whereis my knewthisinformation?Well,at least you now camera? know."Hey,What'sUp Doc?" UNTILNEXTMONTH:Asweget closerto the DEALOFTHEMONTH:I am choosing end of thisyearmaywecontinueto keepthe somethingthat I purchasedfromValueVillage faithand havehopethat theNewYearwill be thismonth.Theyarea pairof chunky-heeled, morepositiveand brighterfor all of us.Wehave black,ankle-highbootswithsparkleson the to acceptbothComplimentsand Criticism.It heels.Theyhappento beGuessbootsthat I takesboththeSun and Rainto makea floweror paidall of $20.00for.Well, Johnnypaidfor themand we treegrow. receivedour seniordiscount MarleneListerof & whichgavemean extra30% off.I suream stylin'with themthis season..Not onlyarethey sharp looking,but, theyarevery Communit yMat t ers comfortableand sturdyto walk in.Hey,Johnny..Let'sgo for a Mondayto Friday- 5:30pm& 10pm walkin thewoods." FAMILYNEWS:Myeldest Cornwal lCol t sHockey- vs Renf rew sister,Marion's66thbirthdayis on November11th,alongwith Thursday,Nov.4th - 7:30pm- LIVE mygrandson,Dylan's6th birthday.Mayyou bothhavea YourTVTel et honf or Hospice FUN-filledand awesomekind of dayspentwiththeonesthat SaturdayNov.6th - 12pm- 6pm- LIVE

M a rl e ne


Welcometo the Newmonthof November, everyonewho hasdecidedto pickup to readthemost positiveand informativemagazinein theCornwall and theS.D.& G. area.Thedaysare gettingshorterand colderasthedays passusby.Pleasetakethetimeto get out and aboutwitha familymember or neighbourto catchthelast of the "changingof theleaves"beforethe rainsand windhavesnatchedthem fromtheirrestingplacesto replace themall aroundto fall peacefullyupon thecold,dampground.Pleaseleave themthereastheymakefor goodhomesfor theforestcreaturesand theymakea blanket coveringto keepyourgrassinsulatedfor next year'sgrowth. Rememberance Day,on November11th, honoursour fallensoldiersand hasbeena yearlytraditionsincetheend of the1st World War.Thewar officiallyendedat the 11thhourof the11thdayof the11th month,whichiswhywetakea momentof silenceat 11 rememberthosewhogavetheirlives for our FREEDOM.TheRoyalCanadian Legionsellspoppiesduringtheearly part of Novemberand usesthismoney to helpveteransin variousways.. whethertheyareLegionmembersor not.So pleasepurchasea poppythis yearknowingthat themoneyisgoing to theveteranswhohelpedkeepour countryFREE!Thankyou fromthebottomof my heartto all of thelivingveteransfrommy familyto all of yours.Weall knowand lovethe poem,In FlandersFieldsby JohnMcCrae.It was first publishedin December1915in England's Punchmagazine.Thispoemwithinmonths cameto symbolizethesacrificesof all whowere fightingin WorldWar1. Today,thepoem continuesto bea part of RemembranceDay ceremoniesin Canadaand in manyother

NOVEM BERPr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

It 's never t oo earl y ... t o st art your Christ mas Shopping! St op in and check us out at ...

Cornwal lCol t sHockey- vs Pembroke Thursday,Nov.25th- 7:30pm- LIVE

227 Pit t St reet , Cornwal l 613-933-7997 GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE





Br idgen d,Wales? Welshheavymetal band Bullet For My Valentinewill be releasingtheir self-titledseventh album on November5th,2021,via SpinefarmRecords.

cameup with a busydrum part that buildsenergy.I?m a fan of Anthraxand Slayer,and I love fast doublekick groves.I liked the opportunityto unleashmy favouritedrummingstyle,?Bowld noted.

and hel pyou t o pl at f ormsbet t er.

?From the artwork,to the redesign of the Bullet For My Valentinelogo, to the videos,it all sharesa thread of the sameimagerywhichties everythingtogether.We wanted Ar t icleby Jason Set n yk| Ph ot oby Fion aGar den the imageryto be consistentto capturethe wholeexperiencefrom the album,to the web,to touring,?Bowlddisclosed.

In t er vieww it h Bu llet For M y Valen t in e

?It?s relenting,pure,brutal,and honest.Althoughwe startedwritingthe album beforethe pandemic,most of it was conceivedduringthe lockdown.The lockdownswerea periodof introspectionto find out who you are as a musicianto createsomethingfrom an honestplace,?Bowld explained. Duringthe lockdowns,we discoveredwho we are morethan ever.The sharedexperiencebroughtus closertogetherand madeus realizehow muchwe want to do this.We love aggressivemusic,we wantedto do an aggressivealbum,and we went for it. I thinkthis is our heaviestalbum. Everytrackis heavybut heavyin a differentway whichis difficultto do,? Bowldadded. The openingtrackon the self-titledalbum is a vicioussongtitled ?Parasite.?The band has startedto open their showswith this new song. ?ThesongParasitewasstraightto the point and one of the most brutal songswe wrote.Not only doesit open the album,but we also open concertswith it. It wasbrilliant,and the messageis we won?tstop,? Bowldstated. The first singleoff the self-titledalbum,?Knives,?is puremetallic adrenalinewith gallopingdrums,seethingvocals,and franticguitar solos. ?ThesongKnivesis one of the busieston the album.It was first conceivedin 2019.Theycheckedmy drum beatsand addedrifts.The middlesectionwasall about the drums,creatingsomethingbold.I

To help bettertie everythingtogether,Bullet For My Valentinehad one creativedirectorfor all their new videosinsteadof hiringdifferent directors. ?For the videos,FionaGardenwas the creativedirector.Normally,we get one directorfor a singleand then get anotherdirectorfor another single.Thistime,we had the samedirector,and we discussedimagery and our vision.For example,the song?Knifes?introducesthe skull whichlater appearsin the ?RainbowVeins?video. For the song ?Shatter,?we filmedourselveson our phones,and Fionacompiledthe footageand createdan effectivevideo,?Bowldsaid. The processof recordingthe new album didn?tchangemuchwith the lockdowns.Instead,the most significantchangewas that everything was writtenbeforeBullet For My Valentineenteredthe studio. ?We normallylay down the tracksseparately,so that part didn?tchange duringthe lockdown.I thinkthe biggestdifferencewas that we had everythingwrittenin advance,so we go in, lay downour parts,give our best conviction,and focuson what we do best,?Bowldsaid. Bullet For My Valentinehas startedto play concertsand tour again. ?I want to say to fans,get out to a show as soon as possible.For music lovers,goingto a concertwill makeus feel normalagain,so we can start livingagain.We appreciatethe support,and the new album is for the fans,?Bowldconcluded. Fanscan pre-orderthe album,whichwill be availableto purchaseand streamon November5th,2021.

Fol l ow t he Seeker ONFACEBOOK M ai -Li i s TheSeekerChicks Ju l i a woul d l ove t o hear f rom you email

us at : inf o@t

The Seeker isinprintmont hl but y youcan visit dail y at www.t

GET READY FOR THE OCTOBER FLIP MAGAZINE "Home For The Hol idays" List ent o"Monday Morning Mot ivat ion wit ht heSeekerChicks"at 10am



PLEASE REMEMBER t he DEADLINE f or submissions is

M heO TO M a n t heS F o v lMy ri d L em eno feor IP be f r

The band has openeda bold new chapterwith their heaviestand fiercestalbum to date.

t he 22nd of each mont h - Art icl es,Ads & Event s ...

TI M to E t

Bullet For My Valentine,consistsof MatthewTuck (lead vocalistand rhythmguitarist),MichaelPaget (lead guitaristand backingvocalist),Jamie Mathias(bassistand backingvocalist), and Jason Bowld(drummer).

The imageryfor the new album was well-thought-outand linked everythingtogether.

Seeyoua llnextmonth ... mea nwhile, StayPositive!

?It wasnot a consciousdecisionto makethis album self-titled.It was an off-the-cuffdecision,and it felt right. We werecomfortablewith the sound, and after two years,this wasa reset for the band?ssound,?drummerJason Bowldreplied.

underst andt heir

everyMondayon t heSeekerFacebookPage



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