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LUCIO The only thing missing from the COVID-19 response is a clear message Here we are, week 32 of the pandemic, and I am still confused as heck with the messaging coming out of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, The Ontario Government and the Canadian Government. From the get go, we've been receiving ever changing information, and I understand that. This is a novel virus, so the information is bound to change as we navigate these uncharted territories. For example, at first, masks were not recommended. Now, as scientific evidence undeniably shows their benefits, they are mandatory. I have no issue with that.

Where I do have an issue is the conflicting information that we are bombarded with that seems to be in direct oppositions to other guidance given. Case in point: the latest guidance from the EOHU on Thanksgiving and Halloween. How many of you know that the province has walked back the "bubbles". On the website, the EOHU stipulates: "As of October 2, 2020, you should limit close contact to people living in your own household and keep two metres physical distance from everyone else. If you live alone, you can consider having close contact with one other household you trust. You must keep 2 metres from people outside of your household."

following question. Do you trust that people won't mingle with other households? Can you be sure that hands will be sanitized, masks properly worn, social distance maintained? For me, when I know we have people in our community who are firm believers that the whole mask mandate is nothing but a Machiavellian tool the government is using to control the masses, and those same people choose to travel to various red zones in Quebec and Ontario to protest said mandates, it's hard to feel safe. I do my part to stay safe, but I can't do their part. I go out and see people using masks improperly all the time. For the record, people, your nose is attached to your mouth and your mask should go over both. I also know of people, even in my own entourage, who do not self-isolate or quarantine when they are specifically told to. I've seen this from people who are awaiting a Covid Test result or who have returned from a trip to the US. In my opinion, that's partly because the messaging is not strong enough. The way things get said come across more like suggestions than anything else. It shouldn't. It should be clear, concise and leave no room for ambiguity. And it should be repeated over and over again. Especially because it is ever changing. Covid-19 is not an illness, it's a disease, and a disease we know very little about. As Nick Seebruch of the Seaway News recently said in a recent opinion piece, "If you are tired of the pandemic, if you want things to go back to normal, then do your part."



w i t hSe e ke rChi ck

M AI- LIIS So whatdidI do in the pa stmonthof October ? Well I got to Congratulate Cornwall Native Helena-Alexis Seymour for Winning BEST LEAD ACTRESS AT THE VEGAS FILM AWARDS for ?Chronicles of Jessica Wu?.

I do have to add that I have known this young lady since she was born and I remember when her mother, Angie Seymour, owner of Angie's Models and Images now in Ottawa, convinced me to enter my oldest son Kristian into the Baby Contest at the Ramada Inn where Helena was also a contestant. Well that was Kristian's first and last contest but Helena, you certainly started your modeling and acting career there and now look at where you are. The Cornwall Seeker is so very proud of you! As for my OUT an d ABOUT - I started my SHOP LOCAL Ch r ist m as Sh oppin g - and where do you think I've been so far? t h eseeker .ca is where you can find more of my travels ...

Remember to SHOP LOCAL and

If we forego traditional Halloween, maybe, just maybe we can have a Christmas that somewhat resembles normal. Isn't that worth the sacrifice?


For thanksgiving, the EOHU released guidance that was in line with this October 2nd directive. It hurt, but we complied. But then, In a press release sent October 16th about Halloween guidance, they "strongly advised" against Trick or Treating. They offered alternatives, but then proceeded to give tips on staying safe while handing out candy and/ or Trick or Treating. If you are recommending against, why give the option? It's like seeing a stop sign that says STOP but GO! Should you Trick or Treat? I guess the answer lies in the






Chri st i ne

LAVO IE M Ed., C.Hyp.

Hi there again, fellow Seekers! I was talking to Julia and Mai-Liis on the Monday Morning Motivation last week, about how best to cope within these changing times. This year Thanksgiving holiday traditions took a backseat to safety, leaving us feeling loss and sorrow for those cherished opportunities to connect with extended family and friends. These losses are profound and very real. For many of us, regardless of which culture we live in and what we name those holidays, they mark the passing of time, the seasons and the years, and give us the memories with which we find meaning in our lives. Without them we may feel cut adrift, ungrounded, not sure of which way the wind is blowing, or how to sail our ship.

So how do we cope? Well, fact is, if you?ve been on this planet longer than half an hour you?ve developed coping strategies for dealing with the stuff life throws your way! As humans we have a marvelous ability to adapt. Everyone has a ?toolkit? of ways to cope with stress and uncertainty. Some examples are: exercising, eating chocolate, sleeping a lot, sleeping a little, smoking, drinking alcohol, meditating, yoga, talking with a friend, talking with a spiritual advisor or counselor, listening to music, playing with a pet, walking in nature, gardening, dancing, arguing with your partner, having a family games night, etc. etc. In fact, there are almost as many different coping mechanisms as there are different people! Many of us adopted the coping mechanisms our parents used the same way we adopted their values: unconsciously and without really thinking about it. This is why, for example, you?re much likely to be a smoker if your parent was a smoker. The same is true for alcohol consumption and exercising. Like many things, your parents are the first source of tools for your coping toolkit. And since we?re little, we just adopt these tools automatically, without thinking. Regardless of where you learned your coping tools, at some point you may find that they?ve become outdated, are no longer useful, or simply not working for you in your current situation. Good news! Change is possible. You can up your coping game at any time by learning new tools, and possibly discarding those that don?t work for you anymore. In the coming months as winter approaches, our holiday traditions continue to change and we face the unknown together, I?ll be writing about this more. Just remember to get the help and support you need to make those changes. You?re worth it! Happy sailing! I invite you to submit your health-related questions (physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual health) to me at: ch r ist in elavoiecon su lt in g@gm ail.com No need to include your name; all published questions will be anonymous. I?d love to hear from you! Ch r ist in e





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Members of Members of t he t heSal tTherapyWorl d Hal ot herapy Associat ion Associat ion

DI D YOU KNOW ? The City of Cor nw all?sbag lim it is changing! As of October 5, householdsm ay set out only four bags OR tw o container sof tr ash per w eek .

Cor n w all's Fir st Salt Room Memberof:Sout hSt ormontChamber of Commerce

Didyouknowthat Halotherapy canhelp protectyoufrom COVID-19?

HALOsalt therapycan alleviateor eliminatethe symptomsof asthma,allergies,acne,anxiety, bronchitis,cold,cough,flu,COPD,cysticfibrosis, depression,dermatitis,ear infections,eczema, emphysema, fatigue,Hayfever,migraines, psoriasis,rhinitis,rosacea,sinusitis,smokers cough,snoring,sleepapnea,stressand wheezing.

Our salt roomclientscan attestto the benefitsthey experiencedfrom sessionsin our salt room: "HALOsalt therapyhas changedandenhancedmy life. I watchedmyfatherworkthrougha months worthof treatment,he wasa newman.He couldbarelymusterup enoughoxygento take out the garbageandafterhistreatment,I watchedhimmowthe grassof hisentiredouble lot withoutissue.Asan asthmaticwithmany severeallergies,it wasmyturnto giveit a try.

Breat he

Bag lim its w ill be r educed to 2 bags or 1 can on Apr il 5, 2021.

BYAPPOINTM ENT: Monday,Wednesday,Friday- 12-8pm Tuesday,Thursdayand Saturday- 10-5pm

Si ze an d w ei gh t l i m i t Container sshould be no lar ger than 136 litr es or 30 gallons,w eigh less than 27 kilogr am sor 60 pounds, and have tw o handles. Bags should be no lar ger than 106 cm by 120 cm , and w eigh less than 27 kilogr am sor 60 pounds. I t ypi cal l y set ou t m or e t h an f ou r bags of t r ash . W h at can I do t o r edu ce w h at I set ou t ? 1.

We are now offeringprivateindividual,familyor groupsessionsfor up to 5 people,whilestill socialdistancing.


We understandthat somepeoplecannotor prefernot to leavetheir homesat thistime,so we are now offeringin-homesessionswith one of our effective,easyto use,portable halogenerators.

3. 4.

Nowyou can enjoya 50 minutesalt sessionin the comfortof your own home. We can dropoff a readyto use, sanitizedmachineto your front door and pick it up an hour later.You,your familyand even your fur babiescan enjoya salt sessionwithoutleavingthe house.

Also,if you are recovering from Covidyou know,or have heardthat it is a longpainful process.Halotherapyhasbeen usedto drasticallyspeedup recoverytime!

NOW? - I sleepfull nightsandI actuallyfeel rested whenmyalarmgoesoff. - I haven'ttouchedmyinhalerin weeks. - Myskinhasclearedup (I get quitea few pimples)

In orderto help morepeople,we are now offeringextendedhoursas follows:

I am oneof onlya few CertifiedHalotherapists in Ontario.HALOsalt therapyis a memberof and followsthe treatmentprotocolsof TheSalt TherapyAssociation.We are still overallthe least expensiveSalt Roomin Ontario.Theselower ratesand specialpackagesallowsyour salt room visitsto be affordablefor individualsand families.Be assured,we are followingall safety protocols.

It can.Oneof the benefitsof Halotherapyis a strengthened immunesystem.It is also used worldwideto help with a varietyof respiratory conditions.Thisis veryimportantright now for all of us becauseof Covidand the upcoming 'cold'season.

Aftermyfirst session,I felt an immediate difference.I couldbreathea deeperandfuller breathandI sleptlikea babythat night.

I HIGHLYrecommendtryingthe salt roomif you sufferfrombreathingissues,allergiesetc.It will literallychangeyourlife."SaraL.

The City w ill not enfor ce this lim it until Febr uar y 1, 2021. Householdsm ay continue to set out six bags or thr ee container sper w eek until then, but these householdsw ill be contacted by City staff to discusshow they can m eet the upcom ingfour -baglim it.

ATTENTIONall h ealt hcar e w or k er san d f ir st r espon der s! ThankYou.As a thankyou for your tirelesshardworkthrough thesetryingtimeswe are now offeringyou $10 off any of our sessionpackageprices.

Star t w ith your shoppinghabits. Consider buying less or buying item s that can be r ecycled. Incr easeyour r ecyclingeffor ts ? chancesar e, ther e ar e r ecyclablesin your tr ash. Use the Recycle Coach app to check w hether your w aste is r ecyclable. Consider backyar d com posting. Be aw ar e of item s that m ust go dir ectly to the landfill ? such as household hazar dousw aste item s, and bulky item s.

How i s t h e Ci t y su ppor t i n gr esi den t sas bag l i m i t s ar e r edu ced? -



The City has phased in bag lim its, star ting w ith a 6-bag lim it in Apr il 2019. The City is investigatinga com post collection (gr een bin) pr ogr am . The City is investigatinga bag tag pr ogr am (for additional bags), and a user -pay ser vice for the collection of lar ge item s. The City is continuingits effor ts to encour ager esidentsto r ecycle. The City w ill connect dir ectly w ith r esidentsw ho set out m or e than four bags a w eek dur ing the October 5 to Febr uar y 1 gr ace per iod. Bag tags w ill be m ade availablein the com ing m onths. If r esidentshave m or e than four bags of gar bage after the tags becom e available,they can use tags (sold at $1.50 each) to set out additional bags..

PRICING: Singlesession-$35- 3 sessionpkg-$75 5 sessionpkg-$95- 12 sessionmthlypkg-$190 unlimitedmthlypkg-$250 Childunder14 freewith a paying/accompanying W hy does w ast e r edu ct i on m at t er ? adult. As the landfill near s the end of its life, it?s m or e im por tant than ever that w e ar e car eful If anythingyou havereadherehasyou thinking w hat w e thr ow aw ay. Closing the we couldhelp you or someoneyou know,please about landfill ? and potentially opening a new one ? giveus a call for a w ill be costly. Together ,w e can m ake the m ost FREECONSULTATION 613-662-9933. of this pr eciousr esour ce. Visit u s on f acebook HALO : salt t h er apy W h er e can I pu r ch asea r ecycl i n gbi n ? Let'sall stayhappyandhealthy! Recyclingbins ar e sold at cost ($5.80) at City Hall, and ar e also availableat har dw ar e stor es thr oughout the com m unity.City Hall is located at 360 Pitt Str eet and is open w eekdaysfr om 9 a.m . to 3 p.m . Residentsm ay also use r eusablecontainer sor car dboar d boxes to set out their r ecycling.

Terry & Aldea

in Wel l ness.

Cal l us t oday!

17349 Cornwal l Cent re Rd., Cornwal l ON - 613-662-9933





5 QUESTIONS with Bar b,ow n er of

M r s.B?s abou t h er even t ?BYOB? Br in gYou r Ow n Bu bblet o M r s.Bs by Mai-Liis Renaud Barbara Leduc, owner of Mrs. B?s Gifts & Home Decor has come up with an interesting idea to keep her customers and staff safe during this scary time. It is called BYOB and no it doesn?t mean you can Bring Your Own Booze to Mrs. B?s.!!! So what exactly does it mean? Well I caught up with Barb and asked her The Seeker-Style 5 questions about this event and this is what I found out. 1. Wh at is t h is even t an d h ow did it com e abou t ? BYOB (Bring Your Own Bubble) where small businesses can offer some safer and private shopping time for those who

For the foreseeable future, we will be fighting this virus. Most small businesses are suffering. This model of serving customers could be used even beyond a pandemic. 3. How does t h is even t m ake t h is com m u n it y a bet t er place? Keeping staff and customers safe is my number one priority. Screening will be done prior to store entry during this time.

favourite local business and they can set up their own BYOB too. Wh at is t h e con t act in f o f or t h is even t ? Mrs.B's Gifts & Home Decor 608 Pitt St. Cornwall ON - 613-937-0222 Email: mrsbsgifts@gmail.com www.mrsbsgifts.com

NOVEM BERPr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

It is our goal to help stop the spread of Covid 19 and remain available where possible. Make no mistake, if it is deemed that we have to close again, we will do so. I closed the store in March before the province mandated it. 4. Wh at is u n iqu e abou t t h is even t ? Shopping before or after store hours in not exactly unique, but the idea that it will be offered on a regular basis is. may have health issues or just a fear of visiting stores. As it gets colder outside, it can also be a way of avoiding long line ups in the cold. The idea came about because we cannot allow as many people in the store as we usually do in the last quarter of the year, it will be necessary to find a way to accommodate people as safe as possible. 2. Wh at is t h is even t in su ppor t of an d does it r eoccu r ever y year ?


This concept could be used for almost any business where the customers attend in person, example: dining, salons, doctor appointments, etc. 5. How can people par t icipat e or m ak e t h is even t a su ccess? Participation is very simple, just call the store and arrangements can be made for a time that works for both parties. Perhaps suggest the idea to your




cyclist amongst us points out should be rectified. That is certainly something to ponder. Upon approaching the entrance building I notice park officials roaming about; one is speaking to a vehicle driver and another checking the barrier to the beach.Walkers and cyclists are waved through, but sections of land cordoned off to discourage gatherings are a stark reminder of the times. Sadly, hot spots such as Mille Roches campground, Lock 21, Hoople Island, as well as the picnic areas and beaches are all closed this season.

BIG BERTHA By Sylvie O?Rou r k e

I enjoy cycling here.The parkway with its rich history is a seamless route to island hopping from one bit of protruding land to another courtesy of the 1958 flooding which created the St. Lawrence Seaway. Despite having lived in this area most of my life, I still find myself discovering remnants of this era from time to time during my various excursions by land or water.

?Let?s go!? From the Guindon Park cross-country ski parking lot, our lucky group of seven kicks off for a ride along the Waterfront Trail which, in my opinion, is one of our area?s greatest assets. Our journey will take us to the Long Sault Parkway and then up to McLaren Park in Ingleside and back. We begin cycling through a wooded section before emerging onto the mostly wide-open area parallel to Highway 2. Pedalling at a leisurely yet consistent pace we take the time to admire our surroundings until we spot ?Big Bertha?, as the dreaded hill is known to many of our members.No one remembers where the nickname originated but it has somehow stuck, and strangely enough when we mention it to locals, they seem to know exactly what we are referring to. We grow silent now intent on building up sufficient momentum for the climb. Some of us stand for a more powerful push, an effort to conquer the summit more rapidly. My ascent complete, I grab my water bottle grateful for a refreshing gulp of liquid. With this obstacle out of the way, we ride along merrily past the deserted play structures near Trillium Drive and the Lost Village Museum ducking back into the woods for a moment and then out again in time to glimpse a few sailboats cruising on the St. Lawrence River.I am not surprised to see them out today as it is a gorgeous albeit windy day.

We reach our turnaround point at McLaren Campground at Kilometer 17. We take a short break as other cyclists continue to whiz by us. It will be easier on the return trip with the wind at our backs and the recompense of coasting down the nameless hill, not to mention Big Bertha who will be appear much less intimidating this time around. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club visit www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.

Once we have turned onto the Parkway, we are confronted with another large hill, a popular sledding spot in the winter when the river below is frozen. As far as I know, this hill remains unnamed; a fact a





Ar ticle by: Ja son Setnyk Photo by: M a r cus Robinson London, England - I n 1976, The Da mned ma de music histor y r elea singthe fir st-ever UK punk single titled "New Rose" a bout five weeks befor e The Sex Pistols r elea sed their single "Ana r chy in the UK." Ea r ly in their ca r eer , The Da mned quickly beca me fa n favor itesa nd sha r ed the sta ge with gr oupslike The Cla sh, Johnny Thunder s& The Hea r tbr ea ker s, a nd The Sex Pistols.


New vint agef ashionshop opensin Downt ownCornwal l

In t er v i ew w i t hTh eDam n ed gu i t ar i st By Kevin Lajoie choosecornwal l .ca Cornwall has a Capt aiSen n si bl e new home for

In 1980-1981,The Dam ned pr oduced som e of their gr eatest m usical m om entsat Rockfield Studiosfor a ser ies of sessionsthat eventually becam e The Black Album , the Str aw ber r iesLP, and The Fr iday 13th EP. In 2019, The Dam ned r etur ned to Rockfield studiosto r ecor d their fir st new m usic since 2018's Evil Spir its album , w hich r anked #7 on the UK Char ts. The Dam ned r eleased their new EP "The Rockfield Files" via Spinefar m Recor dson October 16th, 2020. The line-up for the new EP included thr ee out of the four Dam ned m em ber sthat w er e at the or iginal sessions? David Vanian (vocals), Captain Sensible(guitar ),and Paul Gr ay (bass). They w er e also joined by M onty Oxym or on (keyboar ds)and Pinch (dr um s). "I don't know w hy w e didn't go back sooner because it w as such a cr eative place for us. W hen w e r ecor ded The Black Album in 1980, it helped br ing in the goth m ovem ent.Obviously,The Black Album is pr etty dar k stuff, and nobody w as doing it at the tim e. We alw ays pushed the envelopein Rockfield.The atm ospher ecan be descr ibed as this; it's a far m in the m iddle of now her e.This bloke nam ed Kingsley War d r uns it and lets you do w hatever you w ant, r eally. The things w e got up to ther e back in the day, not ever y studio w ould have appr oved of it," Captain Sensibler em inisced. Unbeknow n to the band, this w as to be the last r ecor dingsw ith the long-tim edr um m er Andr ew "Pinch" Pinching,w ho depar ted The Dam ned after their legendar y show at The London Palladium ,last Hallow een. "For the EP, Pinch w as the dr um m er , and he quit after those sessions. This is a tr ibute to him , r eally. The bloke w as absolutely im m ense,and the stuff he had to put up w ith dealing w ith


myself and M r. Vanian, w e ar e a couple of eccentr icold gits if the tr uth is know n. Pinch is ten or so year s younger than us. He w as in a thr ash punk band called The English Dogs. For him to join us, it is like an eccentr icgentlem en'sclub but on the r oad. It m ust have been so difficult for him . The bloke w as an im m ense dr um m er.It's a gr eat tr ibute and send off for him ," Captain Sensiblenoted. The Dam ned ar e looking for w ar d to playing concer tsagain after the pandem ic.Captain Sensible know s w hat song he w ould like to play live fir st. "The fir st song I w ould like to play again live is "Neat Neat Neat." The r ift is a tip of the hat to Eddie Cochr an. It is just a fantasticr ift to jam ar ound. Ever y gig is differ ent,and w e have done so m any ver sionsof "Neat Neat Neat." Som etim esw e take it to places, and you do not know how to com e back fr om it. It goes into this dr ifty psychedelicthing, or other tim es it takes a life of its ow n. It is a gr eat tune to noodle too, a gr eat tune to dance to. Thank you, Eddie," Captain Sensible pr ofessed. Also, Captain Sensiblesays he is gr ateful to have played in the 1970s, exper iencingthe end of the r ock and r oll er a. "I'm gr ateful to have been playing the guitar at the tim e that I did. Regar dlessof punk r ock, I feel w e caught the tail end of a golden per iod for r ock and r oll. W her e a r ecor d w as a r ecor d, a physical thing. A label w ould put you in the studio for thr ee w eeks w ith a pr oducer ,and let you get on w ith it and m ake the album that you w anted to m ake. They w ouldn't be br eathingover your shoulder about specific things you needed to do," Captain Sensible adm itted. "The Rockfield Files" EP by The Dam ned is availableto str eam on iTunes, Spotify,and Google Play. Fans can or der the r ecor d in either black vinyl or lim ited-editionpsychedelic sw ir l vinyl online. Rea d the full a r ticle on theseeker .ca


those in search of that one-of-a-kind fashion vintage fashion item. dg vintage officially opened its doors this on Saturday, October 24th at 5 First Street East, providinga new spot to seek out quality vintage items at affordableprices. The businessitself is not new, however the leap to a storefront location represents the next step in a lifelong passion project for owner Dayna Gunn. ?I grew up thrifting and antiquingwith my dad,?she recalls.?I?ve alwaysloved going into vintage shops and thrift stores and I always wanted to have my own store.? The Cornwall native recently returned to her hometown and before long, an ideal retail space became available in DowntownCornwall.Call it a case of perfect timing. ?This space is perfect for me,?she added. ?It all kind of just fell into place.? The beautifully-decoratedspace featuresa wide assortment of women?s and unisex items ? mostly from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s ? that have been carefully selected and curated by Ms. Gunn. Beyond providing great threadsat a great price, it?s also part of a larger philosophyto promotequality and recyclingof garmentsover ?fast fashion?? a term Ms. Gunn uses to describe newer items that are made quickly and are less durable. ?Vintage stuff is going to last you forever,?she said. ?I handpick every single piece (of clothing).? The young entrepreneuris excited to be part of DowntownCornwall with its growing mix of retail shops and restaurants.She?s also been heartenedwith the level of support she?s seen from the community. This summer,she opened for two days at the Downtownpop-up containersand the responsewas great. ?The communityis super supportiveand it feels like they really want to support local,?she said. In addition to her one-of-a-kinditems,dg vintage also sells scrunchiesfrom Fringe by Meg.



Cenot aphs of

By Ian Bowering

t he Region

To commemorate the tragic toll World War I, World II, the Korean War and conflict in Afghanistan took on the men and women of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, more than 40 cenotaphs have been erected here. The following photographs only touch the surface people have shown in honouring those who served. In World War I more than 700 men and women went to Europe, primarily in the 2 nd, 21 st , 38 thand 154 thbattalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and others,winning lasting distinction.One woman, Miss Edith Rayside of S. Lancaster became Matron-in-Chief of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.


Due to the fact that men from the United Counties served in numerous military units, there is no exact count of the number killed, however, by my count of the numbers listed on the various monuments it is not less than 335 including nurses. INGLESIDE ? OSNABRUCK TOWNSHIP:W.W. I-6 W.W. II ? 35 DIED - KOREA- 1 DIED


Local men fought at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Ypres, Passchendaele, Amiens , and in the Pursuit to Mons to name some of the more famous engagements.Sergeant Claude Nunney, V.C. D.C.M., M.M.,of the 38 th(Ottawa Battalion), was post humously awarded the Victoria Cross ?For conspicuous braveryduring operations against the Drocourt-Queant Line, September, 1 st and 2 nd, 1918.A Home Child, who grew up in Lancaster Township, he is the only man from the Counties to be awarded a Victoria Cross.

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 297 415 Second St . W. Cornwal l ON 613-933-4965 www.l egion-cornwal l .com

I n Fl an der s Fi el ds by Joh n M cCr ae In Flander s fields the poppies blow Betw een the cr osses, r ow on r ow , That m ar k our place; and in the sky The lar ks, still br avely singing, fly Scar ce hear d am id the guns below. We ar e the Dead. Shor t days ago We lived, felt daw n, saw sunset glow , Loved and w er e loved, and now w e lie, In Flander s fields. Take up our quar r el w ith the foe: To you fr om failing hands w e thr ow The tor ch; be your s to hold it high. If ye br eak faith w ith us w ho die We shall not sleep, though poppies gr ow In Flander s fields.




"It is withdeepregretthat The RoyalCanadian Legion,JohnMcMartinMemorialBranch297 must adviseour Comradesthat dueto continuedsafetyconcernswe will not be holdingour annualRemembranceDinnerto honorour localVeterans. We holdour veteransin the highestesteemand must considertheirsafetyat all times. We do lookforwardto hostingour Veteransat a later date."



During World War II, the S.D. & G. Highlanders went to Britain in 1941, and took part in the Normandy Invasion.Of the 3,342 officers and men who served with the Highlanders, 278 were killed.(The Highlanders had men from other parts of Canada.)Of the 4,000 Cornwallites who served throughout the War, 183 died;ten sailors; 109 soldiers and 64 airmen. Altogether the United Counties lost at least 489 men and women. LANCASTER ? W.W. I ? C.J.P. Nunney, Victoria Cross, DCM., MM. AFGANISTAN ? Sgt. M.D. Leger


Mountain - World War I, Battle for Hill 70 ? 1,505 Canadians DIED.

Hist orian Ian Bowering worked at t he Canadian War Museum in Iroquois and Matilda Township, memorial, Ot t awa and t he Bl ack Wat ch Iroquois.W.W. I ? 32 DIED & W.W. II ? 36 DIED (RHR) Canada Museum in Morrsiburg W.W. I Memorial ? 19 Killed; a second Memorial Mont real bef ore coming t o adjacent to this is dedicated to the memory of the 17 men killed Cornwal l . in W.W. II -->

Lest WeForget Hon ou r i n gOu r Vet er an s Hon or ern os an ci en scom bat t an t s





On the suggestion of his Navy buddies, Roland joined the Model Air Aeronautics Association (MAAC). Building and flying model planes for over 60 years was more than just a winter hobby for having to white knuckle it every day crossing the Mercier Bridge. Well into his eighth decade, Roland?s family looked upon their dad as somewhat of a god for staying curious about life and wherever it led him.

"One of the last times I visited my aunt Ruthie was at a seafood place. Just before we took our seats, she announced to the packed restaurant that 'The Grays' were in the house. Everyone laughed, but this was how she saw us - her legacy."

You Have My Word Located just blocks from Boulevard Saint Francis, 1960s Seigniory Park, was a sportsman?s paradise for those living in Chateauguay, Quebec. People from all walks of life traversed its pathways in the arms of a summer?s day, but for someone who?d served almost three years in the United States Navy, the move west from Verdun was like a walk in the country. Roland Lussier was born with an engineer?s mind, in Cornwall, Ontario, to an American father and a Canadian mother. Practical, self-reliant, stoic yet ambitious, Roland was driven to his best along every shore. His down-to-earth character and natural shyness were met with rambunctious laughter when meeting the Gray boys at their family home on McConnell Avenue. An only child, Roland welcomed the noise and camaraderie that only a house full of kids could answer to. A young Anna-Ruthie Gray was smitten by Roland almost immediately. Their difference in ages mattered not, as it seemed they were cut from the same cloth. In 1942, Roland enlisted in the United States Navy. He trained at Navy Training Station Sampson, in New York State and would eventually earn the rank of Petty Officer Third Class - Specialist Control Tower Operator. Control tower operators are well organized people. Assertive decision makers, they are quick with numeric computations. While maintaining composure under pressure, their superior visual memory is considered one of the strictest mental requirements for any profession in the world. In plain English, Roland?s job was to keep the boys and their planes coming back in one piece. Wartime procedures had to be uncomplicated. Pilots had to have complete confidence and trust in their controller. Exhausted and highly stressed, the last thing pilots needed was to decipher unfamiliar instruction. The reality of consequence simplified through the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) saved many lives. When Roland was at Naval Air Station Richmond, in South Florida, he and other officers were encouraged on their days off to ride Airships doing test-flights. The Naval Lighter than Air Station greatly impacted the war effort. The K-type Airships in combination with Civil Air Patrol and Naval convoys reduced enemy torpedo attacks from 114 to less than 4, within a year. Research shows, that Airships cruising at speeds of less than 50 miles per hour, were able to identify torpedo wakes faster than airplanes. Discharged in 1945, Roland and Ruthie married at last and became loving parents to 7 children. Working as a mechanical engineer at Northern Telecom in Montreal, Roland made sure his kids knew how special they really were when the workday was done. Following the trail of screaming kids down to the pool, or dressed up as the seven dwarves at Halloween, Roland revelled in having a house full of inquisitive children.



While Roland built his models, Ruthie made English smocking dresses that filled many a little girl?s closet through the years. Seasonal trips to Cornwall for fun-flies & craft sales, Ruthie and Roland had friends everywhere. When travelling out west to visit family, the way was sometimes made shorter in floatplanes or Cessna?s. Initially terrified, their photos of expressive joy and elation that they?d made it at all, spills over in the brilliance of their smiles. Their imprint on our lives was most significant in greetings. Kisses on both cheeks may be a French thing, but for those with a story to tell, it was everything. Although he received the Victory Medal and American Campaign Medal for serving on six naval bases in the Continental United States and the Caribbean, Roland rarely spoke of his time in the Navy. It?s hard to believe that Roland was afraid of heights, or that he played down much of his younger years, but give the man a pencil and ruler and he could re-finish a basement proper. In 1972, Roland won a small lottery and paid for a new car with cash. Stretching his winnings, the family watched the Rose Bowl on their first coloured television. It was a good year. You have my word. Lisa Gray Š September 2020 Story for Veterans # 4 ? Story for November 2020 Dedication: - Roland & Ruthie Lussier Special Thanks: - Anthony Terrigno - aged 98 years. Petty Officer Third Class, who served at NAS Richmond, South Fl as an Airships Rigger

To reach Lisa, email verlegrace4062@gmail.com

Tha nk You!




Jo hn Gr at it u de

(par t II) LISTER

I wrote about gratitude in my July 2019 article, but this is a more advanced discussion. For starters, it's pretty easy to get into the habit of feeling and expressing gratitude for the good things in our lives. In fact, it's a natural response unless we are so spoiled that we don't really appreciate anything. But what about being grateful for things in our lives that may not look so good?

For example, if we could step back from being human, and view our life from a place of spirit and eternity, the situations in our life would look a lot different. Have you ever looked at the back of a tapestry and seen all of the odd color threads randomly hanging in all directions? It doesn't look very pretty. This is how we see our life from the human side, but the true artistry lives on the other side. Every 'ugly' thread that makes no sense to us, is an important part of an artwork on the other side, and of course the 'other side' is truly who we are, even while here in human form. So it would make sense to be grateful for every thread that makes us the true, unique work of art that we are, regardless of how strange some of those threads may appear to us. For example, let's suppose that we were to become a selfish, hateful old person, but we experience great loss and it brings us back down to earth where we remain kind and generous and appreciative. From the 'human' side, the loss would be nothing to feel grateful for, yet in this case it was a life-changing experience that kept us real and in tune with what matters. The power lies in being grateful for everything including loss. So are we to be thankful about a car accident? Our house burning down? The death of a loved one? The short answer is yes, because there is good and bad to be found in every situation. Finding the good is where the power lies. So we lose a child and give thanks? How twisted is that? Well, it's not, because we are giving thanks for the time we spent with that soul, the privilege of knowing them for the time that we had. Their time was shorter than ours. Who are we to dictate how long a life should be? Instead we express gratitude for the time we had. We lose our job. Our car gets totalled. We get sick. All have a positive element. We may get a better job or start our own business. We get a better car or choose not to drive becuase public transportation is enough and will save us money. The sickness slows down a hectic lifestyle that may have made us even sicker. We learn new habits and regain our health. Or we live with the sickness and perhaps learn patience. The benefits of being grateful for everything, far outweigh those of just being grateful for things we decide are good. All things are good if we are willing to see them that way, and perhaps learn from them. As we become more whole as spirits, we also enjoy our time here more. It's a win-win situation that many people completely miss out on. For more information, please visit www.thehigherpath.ca



is excit ed t o int roduce t he l ocal

f eat uring t he f ol l owing businesses - Ju st a Bit Kn ot t y - De Tr au m er - M ade on M ain - Hogaboam St it ch er y - Sm it h & Sayer Nat u r al Clean in g Pr odu ct s - Ava's Bat h Bou t iqu e - Ser en e Cr eat ion sSt u dio & m or e - JAHB Woodw or k in g

Dropin and get an earlystart on your CHRISTMASSHOPPING! 14812 Cou n t y Rd 43, Fin ch , On - 613-362-8565 w w w.sw eet clover f low er s.ca Ch eck u s ou t on Facebook& In st agr am@sw eet clover f low er s




M a rl e ne


Hello to all r eader s of The Seeker and w elcom e to the dar kest tim e of the year. As w e all know , Novem ber is the m onth w her e w e typically 'fall back' fr om Daylight Savings Tim e, and gain an hour of sleep. One m ight think that is a beneficial thing, yet ther e ar e som e adver se effects to disr upting our natur al sleep cycles. For one, our appetite is thr ow n off. Our bodies tend to know w hen m eal tim es ar e appr oaching, and get confused w hen w e gain an extr a hour. Our m oods m ay also be affected, m ostly due to the lack of light in the evenings. We m ay also have less m ental ener gy. Sunlight affects our ser atonin levels, and this 'happy hor m one', ser atonin, also contr ols our sleep patter ns, digestion and m ood. Ther e ar e also typically m or e accidents, both autom otive and w or k-r elated. So do be car eful and allow your self tim e to adjust. W hen that extr a hour com es along, tr y sleeping r ather than staying up. Your body w ill thank you for it, especially if you'r e getting older. Of cour se, w e'r e all getting older , and I r ecently have noticed my eyesight needing som e help. Johnny, too, has been less active and feeling aches and pains that he never had befor e. I r ecall one elder ly gentlem an once telling m e, 'If it doesn't hur t, it pr obably doesn't w or k', w hen asked how he felt. I hope that's not going to be the case w ith m e, and I know ther e is also a cur e for just about anything that ails us, including ageing. All w e need to do is keep m oving. We can go for shor t w alks, or do som e kind of stationer y exer cise at hom e. The tr ick is to elevate the hear t r ate a little, w hile doing som ething easy. Ther e's no need to join a gym , or take up r ock-w all-clim bing. So w henever possible, tr y w alking instead of dr iving, or m aybe par k far ther fr om the door. Enjoy your neighbour hood by going ar ound the block if you can. In a w heelchair ? Do som e ar m -exer cises. Keep that blood cir culating, a little faster than nor m al once in aw hile, and you'll stay healthy. I TEM OF THE M ONTH: This m onth I bid online on a beautiful, hand-m ade, w ooden, hear t-shaped table w hich cam e w ith a sm all pitcher. It's a one-of-a-kind and w ill fit


our decor nicely. M y Johnny had to get up extr a ear ly to bid on it, but he did, and cam e in just befor e the deadline for the sw eet pr ice of just $11. After som e confusion as to w ho the w inner w as, the page adm inistr ator s said w e had w on, so off John w ent to pick it up. I r ecom m end tr ying som e of these online auctions for a num ber of r easons. 1. They ar e COVID-fr iendly. In m any cases you m ay pay for your item via an e-tr ansfer , then pick it up fr om the seller s por ch w ithout having to be face-to-face w ith anyone. 2. They keep m oney her e in the com m unity. You m ay be helping a pensioner or som eone on a fixed incom e to buy m edications or gr ocer ies. 3. You ar e tr uly r e-cycling. It's am azing how m any per fectly good item s w ind up in our landfill sites, and by selling online, item s stay out of the dum p to be r e-enjoyed by som eone new. 4. If you ar e selling, you don't need to haul your item to a consignm ent stor e or other place to sell it. You sell online and the buyer is r esponsible to haul it aw ay. (unless you choose to offer deliver y) All in all, it's a gr eat w ay to keep m oney in Cor nw all and keep our dum p fr om needlessly filling up. I'd like to thank my Johnny too, for being my cour ier dr iver w hen picking up my w innings. BUSI NESS OF THE M ONTH: After having gone year s w ithout an eye test, both Johnny and I w ent to have our eyes exam ined by the optom etr ist at the Walm ar t Vision Center. We w er e both im pr essed by the cour teous and pr ofessional ser vice. We then sat w ith an optician and chose glasses. W ithin tw o w eeks, they ar r ived and w e ar e both delighted by the quality and car e taken to their m anufactur e. M ine ar e tr ansition bi-focals, and the ar eas of focus blend nicely fr om one to the other. In year s past, I had a pair m ade, but they caused dizziness and headaches, because the ar eas w her e the tr ansitions happened w er e w r ong. By taking the extr a car e to exam ine our eye positions, the lenses w er e m ade per fectly for our eyes. I w ould highly r ecom m end anyone needing glasses to visit them . Their pr ices w er e low , but their ser vice level w as high. Equally im por tant in these tim es, their stor e and the w ay they function is ver y COVID fr iendly. M asks, dir ectional ar r ow s, sanitizing of fr am es, and m or e ar e all done to ensur e the safety of their custom er s and staff. FUN FACTS: Did you know that the poppy gr ew in the fields w her e battles took place dur ing w or ld w ar one, in addition to Flander 's Field? It becam e the official


flow er to com m em or ate Rem em ber ance Day for this r eason, and also because the r ed color sym bolizes the blood spilled by allied soldier s. Ther e is a sm all m ovem ent to r eplace the r ed poppy w ith a w hite one, so as not to glam or ize w ar. The fact is that the r ed poppy glam or izes peace, and celebr ates victor y and fr eedom . TI P OF THE M ONTH: Consider these facts about dar kness. 1. Dar kness pr om otes the pr oduction of m elatonin, w hich fights diseases. 2. Sw itching off lights and TVs at night saves ener gy, w hich saves m oney. 3. Skyscr aper s w ith lights on get hit by countless m igr ating bir ds w ho die after being attr acted by the light. Shutting them off saves the lives of these bir ds. 4. Dar ker cities actually enjoy low er levels of cr im e, because cr im inals can't see as w ell. If an unexpected light does com e on, it is m or e likely to be r epor ted to the police. 5. We've r ediscover ed the star s. New er str eetlights aim light dow nw ar ds, and ther e is less light-pollution to block out the heavens. And her e is a tr uly beautiful quote fr om nobel-pr ize w inner , Rabindr anath Tagor e, "Faith is the bir d that feels the light w hen the daw n is still dar k". FAM I LY NEW S: One of my gr andchildr en, Odin, tur ns the big 7 on Novem ber the 7th. Have a w onder ful year at shcool, Odin, love Nana. I also have tw o sister s, Kim and M ar ion and a br other Wayne all having bir thdays in Novem ber. Happy bir thday to all! DI D YOU KNOW ? A plant nam ed Silphium has a seedpod shaped like a hear t. The ancient city of Cyr ene even put the hear t shape on it's cur r ency, after becom ing w ealthy fr om tr ade of the Silphium plant. The plant w as used as m edicine, an aphr odesiac, per fum e and even as a contr aceptive. It's no w onder that w e use the shape to celebr ate Valentine's Day. (M or e on that in the com ing Febr uar y issue of The Seeker ) COM M UNI TY NEW S: As w e know , Novem ber the eleventh is Rem em br ance Day in Nor th Am er ica, com m em or ating the end of the fir st w or ld w ar. Ar m istice w as officially declar ed on Novem ber 11, 1918, at 11 a.m .- on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh m onth. Please visit legion.ca to lear n how to suppor t Rem em ber ance Day fr om hom e. UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: M ake the m ost of the dar ker days, get out and w alk a little, but m ost of all, keep w ear ing those m asks and follow ing pr otocol. This pandem ic w on't last for ever , and w e could m ake pr ogr ess befor e Chr istm as, enabling us to gather w ith loved ones. M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister photos.ca & w w w.fa shionogr a phy.ca




Be t t y



LessoninsResilien ce

As a result, I am learning tolerance,empathy and compassion;I am learning to step away from judging, blaming and shaming others. And yes, it is easy to fall into any of these less than desirable behaviors,often pulling myself back from the brink of anger and remindingmyself that these are unusual times and each of us must find our own unique way of navigatingthese waters. What I know to be true is that resilience,our ability to remain positive,adaptableand open-minded,and emotionallyhealthy are the key to thriving in the upcoming months. So, what are the practiceswe can embrace to build our resilience muscles?

ut f act s ab o

fr om Lisa Dupr au Executive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr e.ca


A seems that infamoussecond surge of COVID is upon us. As restrictionsto normal activity are re-inserted in our life, I have been asking myself, how do I stay calm, safe and healthy. Observingfriends and family membersand their respectivebehavioursover the last few moths has given me additional insight into human behavior.I am sure you have noticed,as I have, that different people respond differentlyto the pandemic,to fear, and to what feels like the best option for them.


SEPTEM BER NUM BERS: Lunches to go - 824 Food Hampers - 534 Adults served - 912 Children served - 384

The soup kitchen reopened on September 14th providing hot take out meals. We served a hot take-out turkey meal on Thanksgiving Day. Tables were set up outside to allow people the opportunity to sit and enjoy their meal adhering to social distancing protocols. Volunteers and staff made the day a huge success. The Give A Shirt program though the city provided us with 3875 lbs of clothes. The One Bag Challenge brought in 2685 lbs of food in one week. We have a new lunch program for kids. Funding was secured through the Rural Kids Program through Feed Ontario. Lunch bags with school snacks are added to all food hampers with families who have school aged children. This funding will allow us to provide 2500 lunches to children in our community. We also have a fundraiser running currently with Fagan?s Folly Farms. For every pumpkin pie they sell, $1.00 will be donated to the Agape Centre. See Facebook page for details. Tickets are still available for the draw for $10,000 to be drawn on December 18th. You can purchase tickets at New For You and Your Credit Union (West Branch)

First, compassion,for yourself and others. In regard to self, we all have stories running in our heads, often spurred on by our self-critic.If any of you have tuned in recently to the critic?s banter, you will notice that she/he is not very nice. In fact, what the critic has to say to you, you would never say to anyone else. Which brings us to the question,why would we treat ourselvesso badly, especiallyin these times. Learn self-kindness? .confront the self-critic,replace his/her words with an uplifting discourse,and snap him/her off your shoulder and out of range. Second, gratitude.Research has shown that your ability to express gratitude for the small, sometimesinsignificant events in your life increase your resilience dramatically. Why?Gratitude shifts your focus to the positive,and when your focus is held there, little room is left over for the negative.I suggest that everyone have some form of daily gratitude practice which can range from journaling,to forming a gratitude circle daily with other family members. In my view, it is a necessary,healthy and life-saving practice. Finally, third, ME FIRST. Let me be clear, ME FIRST is not selfish. It is selfness,your taking time to be of service to yourself first so as to continue being of service to others. The simplest ME First Practice is gifting yourself 1% of your day, or 15 minutes,to yourself.It is a time out, a time to reflect, pray, journal our gratitude,vision, relax, breathe. Even in these times of restrictions,many of you are busier than ever ? home schoolingkids, caring for seniors with no support,assumingnew responsibilities.And the well runs dry if you do not identify some time and strategiesto replenish it. Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcomeand if your care to share you can reach me at betty@roadsigns.ca


Ticket available: s at NewForYouTh r if tSt or e& You rCr editUn ion(WestBr an ch )

Seek er Self ie: On e-Bag Ch allen ge collect s 2685 lbs of f ood f or t h e AgapeFoodban k ! By Jason Set n yk

Jason Setnyk accepted The Agape Centre One-Bag Challenge! The objective of the challenge is to donate at least one bag of non-perishable food for the Agape Centre food bank, take a selfie, and challenge friends on social media to do the same. Gabriel Rivière-Reid of Cogeco and Natasha Beaudry of Royal LePage Performance Realty both accepted Jason Setnyk's challenge. Congratulations to everyone who participated!




Seeker Chick Mai-Liis is ...



So for those who don't know, Sheldon and I are building the first official Tiny House in South Glengarry. On October 9th we obtained our buildingpermit and have officially started constructionof the Tiny House. So of course,one of the questionswe are being asked is: What do you mean by tiny house.?The picture looks like it is quaint and big enough. Well, it is 671 sq. ft. and we had to apply to council for a minor variance to build this size as the minimum size allowed in South Glengarry is 807 sq. ft. Really we are just building a one bedroom house which will be quite big enough for Sheldon and I and our 3 cat fur babies.His kids will stay over once in a while and of course my 3 kiddieslive in Calgary so they will be visiting with us once a year! Once we got the buildingpermit in our hands, Sheldon started constructing the form for the footing and this was poured on Thursday,October 22nd. It was supposed to be done a week before but alas Mother Nature changed that plan by sending a lot of rain our way. We also got our Civic Number.Next stage is to start building the forms for the Foundationwalls to be poured.You can also follow our journey on facebook.

In M em orof y Cor n w al l Dr u m m er Sh an e Lev ac Ar t i cl e an d Ph ot o by Jason Cor nw all, Ontar io - Sha ne Leva c wa s a father , husba nd, a nd fr iend to so ma ny. For over 25 yea r s he wa s a dr ummer for ma ny Cor nwa ll, Onta r io ba nds, including The Tr ench Down Oddities, Fr eeway, a nd Str uggle. He played ma ny concer ts such a s Cor nwa ll's Lift Off opening for Down with Webster , a nd at M ur phy's I nn opening for ba nds like Belveder e a nd Ra ised Fist. His cousin and fellow m usician Daniel M ar tin star ted a Go Fund M e page. "Shane Levac is a Cor nw all legend! I played in a band w ith Shane for over 25 year s and had the pr ivilege to call him my best fr iend. He never m issed a beat. Liter ally! This is a huge loss for so m any people. He left such a positive im pact on ever yone he m et that you just instantly becam e fr iends. M y hear t goes out to ever yone back hom e. Once this pandem ic is over , w e w ill thr ow one heck of a par ty to celebr ate this extr aor dinar y m an's life," Daniel M ar tin stated. Appr oxim ately $20,000 w as r aised in 2 days in suppor t of his w ife and their 4-and-a-half-m onth old son. Donations ar e w elcom ed and can be m ade her e: https://w w w.gofundm e.com /f/the-lifeof-shane-levac-for -kylie-and-oliver






Those who weren?t here in the 1950s may have wondered about the purpose of a very short road that runs parallel to and immediately west of Pitt Street opposite and north of the CNR overpass near Tollgate Road. [Photo credit:Google] A May 10, 1958 Standard-Freeholder newspaper article sheds some light:?The detour presently being constructed to clear the way for erection of the overpass spanning the CNR tracks on Pitt Street north is nearing completion and is expected to go into service during the week of May 20 ? Railway gates and other warning devices are to be set up at the new crossing being erected a short distance west of the one presently in use. The detour begins near the entrance to Cornwall Drive-in Theatre and parallels Pitt Street a short distance west of Pitt. It joins up with Emma and Eva streets south of the CNR tracks.? This cropped May 20, 1958 Hydro photo shows the view north from the temporary signalled level crossing at the end of Eva, looking towards what was then the Cornwall Drive-in Theatre, which had opened in the 1940s.

truck was then a Hydro warehouse and now houses a retail operation on Pitt alongside the overpass. On the right, from north to south, the bungalow appears to be the house at 5 Eva; even the shape of the eavestrough is the same. The third house matches perfectly with the house on the s.w. corner of Eva and Benny. The large home on the far right matches 29 Eva on the n.w. corner of Eva and Emma. While people tend to credit the St. Lawrence Seaway project with many of the mid to late 1950s changes in the region, the concurrent Power Project necessitated a great deal of the relocations, including small communities, the No. 2 Highway and the C.N.R. roadbed. As such, ?Hydro? was assigned the authority and funding to implement those changes. The St. Lawrence Power Project Construction Progress booklets (Power Authority of the State of NY & The Hydro-electric Commission of Ontario) as well as some the train Regulations provide some interesting glimpses into developments in that area. Regulation 68.12 14/ 03/ 1958 St. Andrews Road 93877 authorized the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario to construct a diversion of St. Andrews Road for a period of one year.

In this cropped Hydro photo taken on the same day, the view to the south is Eva. The houses on the left resemble those there

From the May, 1958 Progress booklet:?Work has been started on the overpass at St. Andrew's Road in the Cornwall area over the Canadian National right-of-way. The diversion road has been completed and is in use. The excavation work is well advanced for the overpass.? [Facebook photo] This ca. 1950 aerial shows the drive-in with the Gallinger farm to the south prior to the railway relocation.

today. The two large brick buildings at the south end of the street are the adjacent apartment buildings on Emma, just beyond Eva.The commercial building on the left behind the



The newest Habitat house is being built near the end of Eva. A Seaway survey marker at the edge of the property commemorates that connection. According to a June 28, 1958 Standard-Freeholder article, a water tower was installed at the new train station at Cornwall.



Ar t icleby Jason Set n yk Ph ot oby St eph anFleet

was even betterthan it could havebeen becauseI had such an incredibleboss who was extremely patientand excited about teachingme new things," Elderbroomwent on.

Toronto,Ontario- The Season 2 finaleof the hit showThe Boysairedlast Fridayon Amazon'sPrimeVideo.Based on a graphicnovel,thisgritty superheroseriestellsthe storyof vigilantestryingto thwartsuperpowered celebritieswhofrequently abusetheir powers.Also,The Boyshasa connectionto Cornwall,Ontario. KimberlyElderbroom,who lived in Cornwallfor 19 of her 28 years,worksin the film and televisionindustry,and she wasthe VisualEffects Assistanton Season2 of The Boys.Her transitionto the film and televisionindustry was unexpectedand life changing.

Alongwith The Mandalorianon Disney+,and StrangerThingson Netflix,The Boyshas quicklybecomeone of the most popular showsavailableon streamingservices.A recentarticleby Forbesmagazine exploresthe colossal successof the series.

In t er v i ew w i t hTh eBoy s "TheForbesarticle probablythe Vi su alEf f ectAssi s st anKit m ber El l yder br oomwas most satisfying

"Gettinginto the film industry was very unexpectedfor me. It was never somethingI ever thoughtabout doing.My stepdadis a TransportCaptainin the industry in New York,and he happenedto know a producershootingin Torontowhen I was lookingfor a job. I took a leap of faith,having no idea what to expect,and it turnedout to be one of the best thingsthat havehappenedto me," Elderbroomrecalled. After five yearsof experiencein the film and televisionindustry,KimberlyElderbroomwas promotedto VisualEffectsAssistantfor Season 2 of The Boys. "I workedas a VisualEffectsAssistanton Season2 of The Boys.It was great becausein the five yearsI've been workingin the industry, I workedin the productionoffice,and although I gaineda lot of knowledgeabout how film productionworks,I never got the on-set experienceuntil The Boys.Not only did I get to experiencethe set, but I got to see a big part of how everythingcomestogether.I attendedthe productionmeetingsand the tech surveys wherewe wouldgo to the locationsbefore shootingto checkout exactlyhow we woulddo it. I'm extremelygratefulfor my experienceon

The Boys,"Elderbroomexplained. Over the next six-months,Kimberly Elderbroomgaineda wealthof experienceand knowledgeworkingon The Boys. "I learnedmorein the six monthsI spent workingon The Boysthan I havein my five yearsin the industry.I learneda lot about differentdepartmentsas well,including camerasand how to shoot certainplatesfor the visualeffectsto be effective.I learneda lot about prostheticsand how they makethem look extremelyrealistic.I got to see somecool specialeffectsand stuntson set as well," Elderbroomsaid. ?I was the personwho oversawthe VFX scanning.Anythingthat has visualeffects, whetherit be a prop,a prosthetic,a location,or a character,I wouldhaveto coordinatewith differentdepartmentsto havethesethings scannedby a scanningcompany,that way,we can recreateit on a computerto add what was needed.I also got to see my bossStephanFleet digitallycreatesceneson his computerso that the crew can understandhow we need to shoot the plates.I thinkthat the experience

feelingin the world. We put a lot of time and work into creatingthat show.It was six monthsof twelveplushour shifts,five and sometimessix daysa week.We experiencedmanyhiccupsalongthe way,but the entirecrew did an incrediblejob. My friendsand familyare extremelysupportive and excitedabout it, as well.I recentlyhad a friendthankme for braggingrightsas he's been able to tell peoplehe knowssomeone who workson The Boys,whichfelt pretty empowering,"Elderbroomreplied. Now,KimberlyElderbroomhas movedto Vancouver,BritishColumbia,whereshe continuesto work in the film and television industry. "I am currentlyworkingin the film industryin Vancouver,but I am tryingsomethingnew. Now I am workingin set decorationon a HallmarkChristmasmovie.I plan to stay in the industry,and my goal is to hopefullyone day be a writer,"Elderbroomconcluded. Both seasonsof The Boysare availableto streamon Amazon'sPrimeVideo.Read the full articleon t h eseeker .ca

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open s in Cor n w all By Jason Set n yk Cornwall, Ontario - Here are Hector and Shelley, co-owners of H. Moise Jr. Feed and Seed, located at 1433 Pitt Street (formerly Gosselin's) in Cornwall, Ontario. They have been open since September 2020. Deer mix is on sale for $12.50/25kg. Also, they have a huge selection of quality bird seed and bird feeders. Plus, there is a large assortment of locally made crafts and home decor. This photo was seen by approximalty 22,000 people on our Facebook page!







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