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Congratulations Eric Duncan for winning the riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry in the last Federal Elections! Here's to much success! -The Seeker Phot o by MAI-LIIS

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Syrians meet this criteria. Definitely not why Trudeau stayed in power.

We wil l be just f ine

Jacob brought God into the equation. He posted a lamentation on his wall: "GOD, why have you forsaken us!" as if God had anything to do with it. He also posted end of the world references. "We're DOOMED!"

Panic has taken

Take it easy Jacob! We'll be just fine!

over Canada!

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After October's elections, the country has been incredibly tense. Voters from all sides are on edge, ready to explode. One would think that having exercised our democratic duties would have settled people down, but no. Tuesday morning came and Canadians were nastier than ever. Among these voters, was Jacob. Jacob comes from a proud Conservative family. Jacob is white, lives in the suburbs, goes to church every Sunday and is actively pro-life. Jacob was not happy to see the Liberals stay in power. And Jacob took his anger to Social Media. Jacob blames immigrants for Trudeau staying in power. He feels that "all the Syrian refugees Trudeau let in four years ago are the reason he kept his seat as Prime Minister." Jacob is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Most people know that permanent residents don't have the right to vote and that before you can apply for Canadian citizenship , you have to have lived here for more than five years. None of the

Justin Trudeau is not the Antichrist. The country will survive. You will still get free healthcare. Just bear in mind, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Liberals, Conservatives or other, all we do is replace one evil for another in the hopes they will fix each other's mistakes and do it over, and over, and over, every 4 years. Wait a minute. Isn't that the literal definition of insanity? This election, I didn't vote for the Liberals. I didn't vote Conservative either. But in all honesty, if Canadians are not ready for real change, after seeking what Ford is doing to this province, I'm happy to stick with the devil we know. I also am happy and thankful that we live in a country where I can freely express my discontentment, without fear of getting beat down or murdered. And where Jacob also can express his narrow minded opinions, even though they are racist and ignorant. I wish he was more tolerant but hey, we can't have it both ways. Free speech is free speech. Even for Jacob. I want to take a moment to congratulate Eric Duncan for getting elected in our riding and thank all the candidates for giving this race their all.

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by Ne w s ... p re se nte d SEEKER SNIPPETS - Yo ur Lo ca l Co mmunity

Ja so n NOVEM BER 2019

situations right here in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.?

SETNYK Meal s on Wheel s adds f rozen meal s t o program - This new service has been introduced to better meet the needs of clients and seniors in the community. Frozen meals will supplement the current daily hot meal program. ?We are so pleased to be able to offer frozen meals to our clients,? said Andree-Anne Morin, Meals on Wheels Coordinator. ?The program will be a great alternative for those who wish to have more options and choice in their meal selection, as well as those who are active and are unable to wait for daily deliveries. It will also help our current hot meal clients for weekends when we do not deliver.? The expansion to include frozen meals comes on the heels of a recent price reduction of the hot meal program in celebration of Meals on Wheels? upcoming 50th Anniversary in 2020. ?It is exciting to see Cornwall?s Meals on Wheels program growing. We?ve come a long way since the start of the service in our community in 1970,? said Morin. Clients can choose to purchase both daily hot meals and frozen meals (delivered twice monthly), or choose between the two services. To place an order of hot or frozen meals, call 613-933-3384 ext.4263 or visit our website at mealsonwheels Orange Shirt Day 2019 - CDSBEO Orange Shirt Day was an opportunity for the board to honour the ?Calls to Action? of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in a meaningful, age-appropriate way that is respectful to both survivors, intergenerationally traumatized students and to the truth of Canadian history. For the second year during the month of September, schools from across the CDSBEO unpacked curriculum to learn about the impact of residential schools in Canada, while making connections to the Board theme which focuses on kindness, love, and empathy. Marian Lawson MacDonald and Scott Stoqua, Indigenous Education Leads with the Board, presented information on how Orange Shirt Day was recognized in CDSBEO schools. September 30, 2019 marked the 7th Annual Orange Shirt Day in Canada. The orange shirt represents the story of Phyllis Webstad, who had her new orange shirt taken from her when she arrived at a residential school. ?Phyllis Webstad is just one person; however, she represents thousands of children who went to residential schools,? began Lawson MacDonald. ?We tell her story as a way of capturing the injustice of our Canadian history as well as the need for all of us to work toward reconciliation.? ?Although this is technically one day, we spend the month of September providing support for schools to honour this day in a meaningful way. We began by offering two workshops about Orange Shirt


Pol io Event - The Rotary

Club of Cornwall Sunrise Com plet e St or ies on ou r hosted a dinner for Day at the Learning Fair in August, and Websit e: wtowparticipants,? w.t h eseek er .ca Rotarians and friends to by distributing t-shirts noted Stoqua. Saf el y St oring Edibl e Cannabis Product s - The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) is advising the public that manufacturers can now legally make the request to Health Canada to start producing new types of cannabis products. Seeing as edible cannabis products can look like food or candy, they may be attractive to children and youth. Individuals who purchase or make their own edible cannabis products should therefore take precautions by storing them in child-proof containers, labeling the products to ensure others know what they contain, and storing them out of sight and out of reach, preferably in a locked area to keep them out of the hands of children or unsuspecting adults. ?We?re taking this opportunity to remind the public that if they purchase or make cannabis edibles, they must pay close attention to where and how they store them,? says Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Medical Officer of Health at the EOHU. ?Food or candy that contains cannabis can be very dangerous for children and pets.? Publ ic Saf et y Radio Net work - On October 17, 2019, Premier Doug Ford announced a key step forward in the government?s commitment to supporting the work of frontline and first responders who keep communities safe across the province. Bell Mobility Radio / Motorola Solutions Inc. was the successful bidder to reconstruct Ontario?s Public Safety Radio Network (PSRN). ?This historic modernization project is vital to community safety and long overdue ? today we are building for the future,? said Premier Ford ?This major investment will ensure our provincial frontline and emergency responders can rely on the modern communications network to do what they do best and keep our families and communities safe.? The contract, valued at $765 million, will involve reconstructing core infrastructure, replacing outdated equipment and maintaining the new radio network. Ontario?s Public Safety Radio Network is one of the largest and most complex public safety networks on the continent, connecting more than 38,000 frontline and emergency responders across 750,000 square kilometres of land, lakes and rivers. The PSRN was last upgraded over 20 years ago. Look at your smartphone now and think about how far mobile technology has advanced since 1998. ?Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry?s brave frontline and emergency personnel depend on reliable and uninterrupted communication when responding to an emergency. Our government will not put the people of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry or our first responders at risk with an unreliable public safety radio network,? said Member of Provincial Parliament Jim McDonell. ?This investment in public safety and emergency response will enable quick and effective responses in emergency


mark the historic progress that has been made toward a polio-free world. This will be a time to urge the community to become aware of the lasting effects of this paralyzing disease and the need to remain vigilant in order to completely eradicate this terrible disease from the world. This polio awareness event took place on October 16th, 2019 at Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge. World Polio Day is held on October 24 each year to raise both awareness of the risks presented by the wild polio virus and to raise funds to help rid the world of polio. As a highly contagious disease, the virus is only a plane ride away until the disease is completely eradicated! When Rotary and its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative more than three decades ago, polio paralyzed 1,000 children every day. We?ve made great progress against the disease since then. Polio cases have dropped by 99.9 percent, from 350,000 cases in 1988 in 125 countries to 33 cases of wild poliovirus in 2018 in just two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan. We remain committed to the end. With polio nearly eradicated, Rotary and its partners must sustain this progress and continue to reach every child with the polio vaccine. Without full funding and political commitment, this paralyzing disease could return to polio-free countries, putting children everywhere at risk. Rotary has committed to raising US$50 million each year to support global polio eradication efforts. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged to match that 2-to-1, for a total yearly contribution of $150 million. East ern Ont ario Local Food Conf erence (from ? Program details have been finalized for the Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference, and organizers are now focusing on registration. With a theme of Growing Communities Together, the conference will explore exciting local food initiatives in the region. The program features prominent entrepreneurs, municipalities, and organizations, all sharing how their innovations create economic opportunities. Program details for the conference, which takes place Wednesday, November 13th and Thursday, November 14th at the NAV Centre in Cornwall, are now available on the conference website. The Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference attracts over 200 local food producers, processors, consumers, rural economic development officers, NGOs and others who directly impact local food. It is being organized by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in partnership with the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry (SDG). ?We are proud to be partnering with this year?s local hosts to offer the Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference,? said Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. ?The conference supports our mission to grow Ontario?s agri-food sector and support rural communities, helping to create a stronger economy for the province.?

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Christmas is fast approaching. We have Gift Cards available. Piercings and many other Great Gift ideas.


A Hu g e Sel ect i o n o f U n i q u e Cl o t h i n g


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The Import ance of SHOPPING LOCAL By Barbara Leduc Owner of Mrs. B's Gifts & Home Decor It troubles me with how many times I hear ?I ordered this online?. Don't get me wrong, online shopping serves a great purpose. The choices! The convenience! The prices! Wow! But that is where some of the problem(s) arise. Can you trust the site? How much is shipping? Is it duty free? What is the quality of the product? Will it fit? How do I return something? Who pays for the return shipping? Now you have to box it up, make a trip to the post office and wait for your refund (hopefully). Many people use the why bother attitude; it is too much hassle to return it. It just ends up in the garbage.




If a price is too good to be true, then there is probably a reason. Don't chose the cheapest site. Several things that myself and close family members have ordered, turned out to be ?duds? even after checking out the reviews, using a reputable site and researching the product. When possible, go to a store, talk to the salesperson, and check out the item by touching and examining it. If it is still what you want then buy it from a store. You are supporting that salesperson, helping to pay to keep the lights on, the rent, etc. You are supporting the drivers that deliver boxes to the store. You are supporting local charities that the store supports. So much is happening behind the scenes that probably have never crossed your mind. Be mindful, if you do most of your shopping online, local stores will disappear. They all need your support constantly. At Mrs. B's we are very thankful that we have a dedicated group of repeat customers and a constant flow of new ones. It is a pleasure to make new friends and share a few of life's experiences. We hear wonderful stories of marriages, new grandchildren and new pets. When extended family come to visit, they are brought to Mrs. B's! We also share a tear or two when someone passes away. We are human too and the grief that our friends experience stays with us for some time after they leave. You can't get that encounter online. So, get out of your pajamas and visit your local stores. Make contact with another human. Who knows, you might like it!






Members of Members of t he t heSal tTherapy Worl dHal ot herapy Associat ion Associat ion

Cor n w all's Fir stSaltRoom Memberof:Sout hSt ormontChamberof Commerce

At HALO salt therapy, you simply relax and breathe our proven therapeutic air in a controlled dry salt environment. Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free. It?s proven ? it works.

Wh at is HALO salt t h er apy Cor n w all all abou t ? Halotherapy originated as Speleotherapy over a 100 years ago in Eastern Europe for the therapeutic wellness of respiratory diseases. Speleotherapy has evolved into modern-day dry salt aerosol therapy or Halotherapy to provide natural symptom relief for a variety of respiratory and skin diseases. The technique is commonly used today throughout the world with documented and consistently positive results. Halotherapy has been recognized in Europe for over 50 years for the treatment of breathing and skin conditions. In the United States, Halotherapy is a natural alternative therapy and not a medical treatment. Halotherapy optimizes proven therapeutic benefits by using a clinically proven dry salt aerosol therapy. Standards require 100% pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (salt) to be heated, evaporating all moisture and maximizing the salt?s bactericide, muco-kinetic, hydrophilic and anti-inflammatory properties. Heat removes all moisture so when the salt is crushed and ground into micro-particles and inhaled the therapeutic benefits are most effective and will reach the entire respiratory tract. Next, the therapeutic parameters (salt particle concentration, size, and speed of aerosol) are tailored to a client?s individual wellness goals using a Halogenerator. These therapeutic parameters are preset, controlled and maintained by the Halogenerator. A low concentration of aerosol salt is dispersed into the therapy environment. There?s nothing to ingest and no invasive procedures. With Halotherapy you simply relax and the micro- particles are inhaled during sessions that last between 20 and 45 minutes. The particles penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli, coats the upper respiratory and sinuses and is absorbed by the skin.

States suffer from Asthma and Allergies The prevalence of asthma has been increasing since the early 1980?s across all age, sex and racial groups - Asthma is the most common chronic condition among children. Immune Boost & Respiratory Cleanse: Five (5) therapy sessions to be completed over a two week period. The number of sessions will be determined by client?s wellness goals. Strengthen the immune

system against Colds, Cough, Allergies, Hay Fever, and Sinusitis while cleansing the entire respiratory system. Frequency and length of therapy session is based on symptoms and severity of conditions and overall wellness goals. Recommended prior to the start of cold/flu, allergy, hay fever and sinus season. Complete 5 sessions, 1-2 weeks prior to season, mid-way and at the end for total health. Session length is 20 minutes (equipment), 45 minutes (room). Frequency is 2-3 times per week and can be increased or decreased based on client?s wellness goals. Skin conditions require more frequent sessions at a higher concentration level. Three to four times the first week, then back down to 2-3 times a week until you find what maintenance looks like for you

Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, and its available daily, right here in Cornwall. Dry Salt Aerosol Inhalation has been researched since 1973 and is proven in Europe to be a safe alternative and compliments other treatments to produce sustainable results. Halotherapy improves quality of life, naturally. Many people with respiratory conditions, ranging from seasonal allergies to asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD, suffer from intrusive Wh at con dit ion s does Salt Th er apy h elp? Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy symptoms that impede their daily activities. While not a medical for Lungs/Nasal: Halotherapy provides symptomatic relief for adults treatment, dry salt aerosol is a proven therapy that reduces and children with a variety of respiratory conditions including: Allergies inflammation, clears mucous from airway passages and eliminates (mold, pollen, ragweed) , Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchial Infections, allergens, thereby minimizing respiratory symptoms that make COPD, Cold and Flu, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pneumonia, Rhinitis, breathing difficult. As a result, adults and children exposed to this Sinusitis, Smoker ?s Cough, and Wheezing. therapy gain the kind of natural, practical relief that improves daily living. Skin: Provides symptomatic relief for adults and children with a variety of skin conditions including: Acne, Dermatitis, Dry & Flaky Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Rosacea, Skin Aging, and Skin Inflammation. Fitness: Recreational, Competitive and Professional athletes seeking to breathe easier during exercise or enhance their athletic performance, endurance and recovery time through increased strength, lung function and oxygen saturation.

Th er e ar e n o special clot h es, t h er e?s n ot h in g t o in gest an d n o in vasive pr ocedu r es. At HALO salt therapy , you simply relax and breathe our proven therapeutic air in a controlled dry salt environment. Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free.

Call now for your free consultation, and to book your HALO salt therapy session today.

Terry & Aldea Breat he in Wel l ness. Cal l us t oday!

It?s proven ? it works. Did you k n ow ? According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - More Americans than ever before say they are suffering from asthma. It is one of this country?s most common and costly diseases - 60 million people (1 out of 5 people) in the United



613-662-9933 17349 Cornwal l Cent re Rd., Cornwal l ON

HALOsal tt herapy




M a rle ne


Hello There One & All of whom have decided to pick up the most positive magazine in Cornwall, Ont. You know that I have always loved the energies and have always enjoyed the changing colours at this time of year (October & November). Halloween is a time to honour and lay rest to all the many things that we have experienced and have needed to let go of over the past year. This time of year is about celebrating the "Cycle of Death and Rebirth". We do this with ourselves as we travel along the Journey of Life by taking the time to release, honour and lay to rest all that we have achieved throughout this past year. It is a time to consciously make an effort to let go of lower emotional energies tied to old patterns, fears, anxieties, thoughts and past situations. It is the time for rebirth by taking this opportunity to tap into the power and energies of the cycle of life just by creating New Ideas, New Patterns, New Thoughts and much, much more. It is a kind of clarity that courses through our veins when we have finally found our "Love of Self" and revel in the wonder that we can be anything we want to be. I want to be Happy. How about you?

sitting in a lovely room at her piano. You see, I had to get something special for Johnny's 66th birthday and this was it. But there was a problem.. I hadn't brought much money with me.. as it was an improptu visit with my son and his wife and their 2 friends. TIP OF THE MONTH: Happiness is not about getting what we want all So what to do? Well, I ask my son, Luke to lend me the money until I of the time. It is about loving what we have and being grateful for got back home. Sadly, He didn't have it, so he asked his friend, Mark all of it. So instead of complaining and wanting more.. Why not of which he said yes. The price was down from $85.00 and I got it start by being happy with the things that we already have. We hold at a "Steal of a Deal" for ONLY $35.00!!! Johnny just loves it and the the key to our own Happiness... We just have to turn the "Lock of print sits on our music room's wall above his head where he sits to Life" open to see the "Bountyful of Blessings." work everyday. I knew of a successful lady that I wanted her to share her "Secret of COMMUNITY NEWS: The Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has Success" with me. She smiled and told me that she started welcomed ten(10) New Doctors recently. CCH had spent years on succeeding when she started leaving small fights for small fighters. many different initiatives that were aimed to boost recruitment of She stopped fighting those who gossiped about her.. She stopped New Doctors to Cornwall and is now seeing those efforts realized. fighting with her in laws.. She stopped fighting for attention.. She These New Doctors that have joined CCH are coming from across stopped fighting to meet other peoples expectations of her.. She Canada.. all the way from Vancouver to Prince Edwards Island, and stopped fighting for her rights with inconsiderate people.. She there is even one doctor from the United States. They also have an stopped fighting to please everyone.. She stopped fighting to prove equally wide range of specialties, including Surgery, Anesthesia, that they were wrong about her and she left such fights for those Psychiatry, Radiology, and Ophthalmology. Five of the New Doctors who have nothing else to fight. She also started fighting for her will be working in the Emergency Room, which means that CCH has Vision, her Dreams, her Ideas and her own Destiny. She said to me, all the different shifts in that department covered. This is such great "The day that she gave up on "small fights" is the day she started news for a department that has been criticized in the past for not becoming Successful and so much more Content with her life. You having enough doctors to handle staffing during peak periods. see there are some fights that are not worth any of our time. So, Thank you CCH for the wonderful work on getting more doctors into Please choose what to fight for wisely. Cornwall to take care of so many of our patients needs. FUN FACTS: Here is something that happened in the month of FAMILY NEWS: Well, Well, Well, Do I have some NEWS to Share. In November. On November 14th 1889 a New York World reporter, the first week of January 2020, I will be becoming a Nellie Bly set sail from New York city all because she wanted to put GREAT-GRANDMOTHER to a GREAT GRANDSON. Thanks to my Jules Verne?s 1873 novel, Around the World in Eighty Days to the eldest grandson, Lincoln, and his lovely gf, Hailey for making this test. Mz. Bly completed this astonishing trip "Around The World" in possible. I am in a bit of SHOCK, but I will be so very happy to meet the record time of 72 days, six hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds. the NEWEST Family Member. I also wanted to Nellie had made use of many different kinds of transport that wish my youngest sister, Kym and my ranged from Chinese junks to humpty- backed camels. What a youngest brother, Wayne and one of my fantastic feat for a woman to do grandsons. Odin a very Happy Birthday. May in the late 1800's. Way To Go you all have an Awesome kind of birthday Nellie! celebrating it with the rest of your families and your friends. All the very best in 2020. DEAL OF THE MONTH: This month Love Marlene/ Nana I have choosen something special that I purchased at McCaffies Flea UNTIL NEXT MONTH: Our SMILES are our Market in Morrisburg Ont. It isn't Logos, Our PERSONALITIES are our Business a pair of shoes or boots or even a Cards and How we leave others feeling after fancy or funky purse this time ..It an experience with us becomes our very TRADEMARK! Do make is a beautiful print in a wooden your lives count and remember that this statement will help you glass frame that caught my eye to have a more Positive and Happy Life for the rest of your lives. as I walked on by a lady vender's Marlene Lister of & table. It is of a pretty, young lady






In honorof RemembranceDay, Lisa "this Veteran'sstoryisaboutthe


BoomercommunitywhereI grew up. Mr Hart wasmorethanour neighbor.Hewasrenownedand reveredin our house,for hismanycontributionsto the DomtarFamily"

NorthernHeights LeonardHart wasborn July 21,1919,on BedfordStreet in Cornwall,Ontario.He wasonlyten yearsold whenhis fatherCorybecamethecaptainof thesteamshipBritannicawhichran the LongueSault rapids.Hisuncleon hismother?ssidecaptainedtheRapids Princeso it is no wonderLeonard?slifelongpassionrevolvedaroundwater. Hishappiestmemorieswerespent on theBritannica.Thestorieshisfather told of far off placesand thepeople he?d met alongtheway,becamethe dreamsof a youngman.

Leonardjoinedtheswimteamand built muscle,fightingthestrong currentsdownat theSaint Lawrencepier. Whilehisfather?sworktookhim awayfrom home,hismother,Lydia,convincedLen to takea job on land.Her great examplegave Leonarda workethicthat saw him through life and explainedwhyhe washiredat HowardSmith?sPaperMill at only15. EverySaturdaynight,Leonardwoulddrivehis new car downFirst Street,to seeoneof the Cashiongirls.Impeccablydressed,theymade quitethecouplelightingup thedancefloor weekafter week,at Pearson?sDanceHall. Althoughhisfather?sfamilywereland owners, Leonardrememberedhishomehavingfew closets? withstill fewerclothesinsidethem? aSundaysuit and weeklyworkwear, madehim just likeeveryotherfamilywhenhe enlistedwith 1939. Whilestationedin Bagotville,Quebec,Len wasdiagnosedwith a congenitalbirth defect whichkept him fromservingoverseasand,althoughhe jokinglycalledit ?a fly on hislung? ,he alwaysfelt cheatedsomehow.Determinedto servehis country,Len becamean ambulanceattendantat theair basein Tignish,P.E.I., and by 1942,had marriedhishigh schoolsweetheart? Doris Cashion. Afterthewar,Len returnedto themill and in 1952,beganworkon a small bungalowin CornwallTownship?snewestsubdivision,NorthernHeights.As part of theVeteran?sLand Association,low interestloansand 35-year mortgageswereofferedto retiredservicepersonnel. No longerseparatedfromhisloveof thewater,Len wouldhavethe neighborhoodsfirst in-groundswimmingpool,hostingmany,manyparties throughtheyears.It wasa solid 20?x40?designthat filled a goodchunkof the backyard,that satisfiedhischildhooddreamof finallyhavingit all. Asa runnerof Number7 papermachine,Len nevermisseda day?sworkin 48 years.Ashead of theunion,Len wasableto gleanknowledgefrom hisfather?s generationto convincethemen,both youngand old,of theimportanceof havinga pension.Alwayson thego,Len wasdeeplyinvolvedin the establishmentof both theHowardSmithCredit Unionand BlessedSacrament Parish.He held key rolesin the Knightsof Columbus,waspart of theplanning boardof the RoyalCanadianLegionand wasPresidentof theR.C.A.F. AssociationWing424. AlthoughLen?sdreamof servingwith hiscomradeswasneverfullyrealized,he wasmost proudof livingin a veteran?scommunity.A communitybuilt on soldiers,boys and theghostsof themen that were.Men,who becamethefathersand grandparents, of theboomergeneration.Len wasa simplehero to hischildrenJudi,Terry& Lisa,who recall hisstoriesof beingspoiledrottenby hismother. Monthsbeforehisretirementat Domtar,Len lost a fingerin a fan.Themen serenaded that he wasnow ?A TruePaperMaker? .In retirementLen stayedcuriousby tinkeringin hisworkshopand read voraciously.He lovedfishingand wasa goodlistener.He kept a family-firstcirclewith hisgrandchildrenfor all his95 years,(oneof whomnow carries hismonikerwith pride).WhenLen lost hiswifeDoris,he kept hismorningroutineof lapsin thepool,got a computerand beganattendinglive theatre? includinga trip to Ottawato seeCirquedu Soleil.

The Remembr a nce Day Pa r a de sta r ts at 10:50 a m fr om the Roya l Ca na dia n Legion (415 Second St. W.) to the Cenota ph at 11a m

If you find such folly amongst the trees,worry not, for the spirit of the man hasgrown wingsand flown. Lisa Gray...Storyfor November2019...Copyright@June2019 I would love to have feedbackfrom my stories...Pleaseemail me:

Lisa is a memberof the Cornwall Writer Society,a group that As a legend born of the highest order,it is of no consequencethen to find a sky-blue meetsat the CornwallPublicLibrary,on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about thisor any housewith a western exposurealightingthe night,with crystallinewaveslapping programat the Librarypleasecall 613-932-4796. abreast of the northernwind.





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LISTER Deat h W hat is death? Is the end of all life? M any cultur es believe it is not, but r ather it is a cur tain w e m er ely pass thr ough on our longer jour ney. In Nor th Am er ica, m ost of us ar e taught that ther e ar e tw o or thr ee options aw aiting us after death, Heaven, Hell and som etim es Pur gator y. But m illions m or e have another belief.

Could it be that w e live for ever , that w e alw ays w er e and alw ays w ill be? Could it be that w e ar e m ade of star -stuff, or spir it, a for m of ener gy that can never be extinguished? Could it be that w e give our selves a challenge by com ing to ear th in hum an for m and solve som e puzzles until w e r etur n? Per haps w e choose our life's path ahead of tim e, but by being hum an, w e for get for a tim e w hat w e ar e m ade of, and have to face the puzzles of life w ithout that know ledge. Per haps w hen w e follow the r ight path, w e gr ow and advance our eter nal natur e. M aybe it's like a video gam e w her e w e tr y to w in, but som etim es fail and get another life and star t again, this tim e a little m or e aw ar e of the challenges.

OCTOBER Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

Ther e have been m any cases of people r ecalling events fr om past lives, w hile other s have 'deja vu' m om ents w her e they r ecall details about som ething they ar e seeing for the fir st tim e. Those w ho have had near -death exper iences often talk about the jour ney to another place of peace and love, w her e they som etim es m eet their loved ones. This is no fair y-tale of angels w ith w ings playing on har ps, it is a ver y r eal exper ience to those w ho have gone thr ough it. M any have floated above their body w hile being r ushed to a hospital, only to be dr aw n back into it once the 'dead' body is r evived again. W hile clinically dead, m any have pr ovided details about the pr ocedur es done, the layout of the hospital, and other facts that they 'saw ' w hile dead. So do w e r eally ever die? I don't believe w e can, as the 'spar k of life' in all living things is eter nal in its natur e. No m atter how or w her e w e ar e bor n, w e ar e all given a path, one w hich w e m ay have chosen befor e com ing back to live another hum an life. This path w ill challenge us, som etim es shake us to the cor e, but it is of our choosing because it w ill m ake us a better and str onger soul. Do w e fail and star t over w ith a new life, or do w e per sever e and m ake the r ight choices, even if they ar e difficult? The choice is alw ays our s to m ake. In m any cultur es, it is believed that w e eventually r each per fection and don't need to r etur n as another incar nation. But w e'r e her e, w hich m eans w e can choose kind or har sh, honest or deceitful, br ave or cow ar dly. Death itself is just a door w ay, and w e only visit the m ater ial w or ld to face challenges of our ow n m aking, befor e r etur ning to the other side. So live fully, w ithout r egr ets, and die in peace w hen that day com es, know ing you ar e not r eally dying, just passing ar ound a cor ner. And never for get those you love ar e just ar ound that ver y sam e cor ner. For mor e infor mation, plea se visit w w w.thehigher For mor e infor mation, plea se visit w w w.thehigher





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Relaxing atmosphere Offering relaxation massage Therapeutic massage 305 Baldwin Ave , Cornwall ON 613-330-5339 http:/ /




Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo San Francisco, California ? California rock band Third Eye Blind, famous for their song "Semi-Charmed Life" released their new album titled ?Screamer?on October 18th via Megaforce Records. It?s the band?s first album in four years, and it features guests such as Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells, Ryan Olson of Marijuana Death Squad and Poliรงa, and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

In t er v i ew w i t h Th i r d Ey e Bl i n d f r on t m an St eph an Jen k i n s

moments on that tour. Also, we had a pancake chef backstage on the final night of the tour and that was fun,? Stephan Jenkins recalled. ?Also, I love when the lights go out, being on stage, and starting to play. The band is very connected to each other,? Stephan Jenkins added. Third Eye Blind consists of Stephan Jenkins, Brad Hargreaves, Kryz Reid, Colin CreeV, and Alex LeCavalier. Stephan and Brad have been playing together in Third Eye Blind since 1995.

Stephan Jenkins explains the band?s open-door policy on the upcoming album ?Screamer?. ?I?ve been thinking about it for a while. I?ve at a point where I?m always producing everything myself. I remember Jack White once said he liked that moment when everyone takes off their hat ? whatever hat that may be as producer, guitarist, engineer, or whatever else. I wanted that, so I thought, let us open it up,?Stephan Jenkins replied. Two years ago, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan said on MTV that Third Eye Blind was his favorite band. Now he is collaborating with Third Eye Blind on their new album Screamer. ?We saw each other backstage at the Forum at the KROQ Christmas show. We had a good chat, and he invited me over to play some of my songs for him, so I did. He went over it and really helped with the arrangements. It was very cool. The most important song he worked on with us was ?Light it Up?where he wrote part of it, and it was nice. He worked on other songs too, like ?Who Am I,?Stephan Jenkins explained. Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells is featured on the album?s title track and appears in the music video for ?Screamer?that came out on October 4th. ?Working with Alexis was great. We hit it off and became pals. The song Screamer about owning your voice and owning your identity. It?s about putting it out there and not being subverted and nullified by these mind-numbingly bizarre times that we?re living in. I feel like people with healthy moral psychologies have been gaslighted, so this is

a rallying cry against gaslighting. The song is about using your voice, so it?s very positive. There is an element of escapism too. We?re living in this weird autocratic time, so we need music for escapism, but we also need it to inspire passion,?Stephan Jenkins explained. Escapism is exactly what Stephan Jenkins provided to hospital patients at a recent visit to St. David?s South Austin Medical Center in Texas. He played music for them in cooperation with the non-profit group Musicians on Call. ?Music heals minds. Music brings to life the muse and makes those feelings we have rise up and be manageable and cathartic. When we share music, we realize we have these common feelings, and that we?re not alone. That?s why we?ve been building amphitheaters for 10,000 years, and that?s why bands go on tour every summer,?Stephan Jenkins replied. This summer Third Eye Blind co-headlined a North American tour with Jimmy Eat World called the Summer Gods Tour 2019. The band has also been working to reduce their carbon emissions while touring. ?There was a great moment at the end of the tour where we presented a tree to ClimeCo, and we donated our carbon footprint to them. It was a great moment, and there were a lot of great

?Clearly, we love it. We are close like brothers, have deep regard, and a strong state of trust. We?ve been in it since the beginning (Brad and I). All the time I?ve known him, we?ve never had words, and he?s an amazing guy,?Stephan Jenkins went on. Perhaps the best song on the album is ?The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)?. The song was influenced by the Parkland student activists who spoke up and rallied against gun violence in America after a tragic school shooting. ?That song is my favorite song on the record. What influenced me was what happened after the Parkland School shooting in the United States ? it produced young teenage activists. They really inspired me because they were unafraid to really use their voice in a way our political leaders can?t seem to manage. They influenced people like Greta Thunberg. When the rift for this came up, I was in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and I sang it in one take. When I heard the mix of it, when it came back, I felt like I was really comprehended. It had that energy, vibe, and glorious rage when a good track comes to me,?Stephan Jenkins said. Members of Third Eye Blind look forward to going back on tour and playing their new songs. ?I?m looking forward to being able to play new songs for people and watching how the new songs are reflected in people?s eyes. I think that?s exciting,? Stephan Jenkins concluded.

Doyouneeda ChristmasPartyDJ?Call today- weonlyhavea few openingsleft!

www.djshel l THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP


www.invit at




Th e 2019 In du ct ees t o t h e Ar t s Hall of Fam e

Cor nw all, Ontar io ? The star s of this year ?s Inaugur ation gala w er e Louise-Andr ée Bar il, M ichèle Chauvin-Bour don, Br ad Bonapar te (1962-2010), Noella Cotnam , Rick For r ester (1932-2003), Janet Ir w in, Nicole Labelle, Roger Levac, Ver onica M aguir e, Duncan M cIntosh, Jam es Fagan Tait, and Focus Ar t Association. These tw elve lum inar ies w er e inducted on Fr iday, October 18th, at the Best Wester n Par kw ay Inn. They ar e all natives of Cor nw all and ar ea, bor n, r aised and educated her e befor e going aw ay for the studies and tr aining that launched their extr aor dinar y car eer s. All the w or ld is their stage: Louise-Andr ée conquer ed New Yor k and Eur ope ear ly on and her album s continue to flour ish. In addition to her m usic and chor al w or k, M ichèle is instr um ental in the concer t ser ies on the fam ous Casavant or gan in Nativity chur ch. Br ad Bonapar te, a M ohaw k cultur e activist and ar tist fr om Akw esasne left an inestim able legacy. Noella Cotnam , ar tist and m entor to other ar tists continues to leave her m ar k in the city, the counties and all over the continent. Rick For r ester w as the founder of Glen Pr oductions and the builder of Glen Theatr e. Janet Ir w in is a star in the Ottaw a theatr e w or ld, fr equently dir ecting at NAC, and Nicole Labelle, a founder of L?Am algam e is a cham pion of fr ancophone theatr e and liter atur e. Roger Levac is an acclaim ed w r iter , scholar , and painter. Ver onica M aguir e com es hom e for the gala fr om Vancouver after a tour in Spain and Duncan M cIntosh is com ing in fr om PEI, w her e he anchor s the Pr ince Edw ar d Island conser vator y and Water m ar k Theatr e. Duncan has Lic. 702828 ser ved as ar tistic dir ector in gr eat theatr es acr oss Canada. Jam es Fagan Tait is the only living inductee w ho is unable to attend. Based in Vancouver , he is in gr eat dem and thr oughout his ow n pr ovince but has also per for m ed in London, Par is, Edinbur gh. Jim my?s absence w ill be com pensated for by Nov 24-26 Turning Stone Resort l?Association Focus Ar t Association. $475 Dbl. Casino $70 Casino slot play Occ.$615 This is the fir st or ganization to be $45 meal credit Shopping at Single Occ Destiny Mall inducted and m any of its m em ber ar tists w ill be on hand to celebr ate the Feb. 02-16 Western Caribbean 14 days m entor ing and netw or king 2020 onboard Norwegian Bliss $2175 Dbl. Gratuity and Beverage achievem ents of this ar tists? occ Inside package included - Call for association. Cabin$2900 more details Dbl. occ It's tim e to star t thinking of w ho you Outside w ould like to nom inate for the 2020 Inductees to the Ar ts Hall of Fam e.


Escort ed out of Cornwal l by Bev. Roy 613-360-4248





Pr epar ing KIDS not only

f or school but al so f or l if e!

Classes Every Day! 251 Pit t St reet Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3P8

(613) 362-9445

Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk

Disotell-Dunsmore added. She is also a Grade 12 honour roll student from Cornwall, Ontario attending the academy.

Cornwall Ontario ? Once again, hockey players wearing the colours maroon, gold, and white knocked door to door canvassing neighborhoods on Halloween night.

The Agape Centre relies 100% on the donations of time, food, money, clothing, and other household items from the community to help families that access the services.

Students from the Ontario Hockey Academy, including Tanya Disotell-Dunsmore and Gabi Davidson Adams pictured here, collected non-perishable food for the Agape Centre . This is the ninth consecutive year students at the hockey high school participated in this wonderful community activity. There are approximately 140 students from over 25 different countries attending the local academy.

Each year the Ontario Hockey Academy collects thousands of pounds of food during their Trick or Treat for the Agape food drive.

OHA Tr ick or Tr eat ed f or Agape Food Ban k t h is Hallow een 2019

Eight hockey teams visited several different Cornwall neighborhoods, including Riverdale, Brookdale to Cumberland, the subdivision behind OHA, St. Josephs Secondary School area, North End Wellington East/Northwood area, Sunrise Acres, and the East Ridge area.

?It?s for a good cause, and it is the least we can do,?forward Gabi Davidson Adams said. She is a Grade 12 honour roll student from Cornwall, Ontario attending the Ontario Hockey Academy.

Student-athletes engaged in this activity had the opportunity to volunteer and learn more about civic responsibility.

?This is my third year participating in this event. It?s something I look forward to doing every Halloween,?goalie Tanya


?The Agape Centre plays such an important role in providing support in the Cornwall community. We are truly happy that we can play a role in ensuring the center can continue to meet our city?s needs?, Principal Jesse Ferguson said.


?This year marks our 12th year of operation, and we wanted to commemorate the event by giving back to our community in a big way!? Ferguson added.



n ov


From Cradle to Grave Language Confere @ Ramada Inn Nov 1 ? Nov 2 all-day

No thing ???

Freestore @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church2 @ 1:00 pm ? 3:00 pm

Come Stamp with Me ? Get Creative Weekend Retreat Fall 2019 @ Nav Centre Nov 1 @ 8:00 am ? Nov 3 @ 4:00 pm

Messy on Purpose @ OBO Studio @ 1:00 pm

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

50?s Bowling Bash @ Nativity Bowling @ 6:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

Board Game Night @ Simply Jennifer @ 5:00 pm

Dinner and Comedy Package Questionable Comedians at McCloskey?s @ McCloskey's @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Open Mic @ Love Love Food @ 6:30 pm Les Soirées Juste pour rire à Cornwall @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 8:00 pm

W ho sa y s The re 's To Do in Co rnw a ll

Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

Cornwall Prowlers Halloween Game! @ Benson Centre @ 7:30 pm

n ov

n ov

4 M ON

FREE 6-Week Training: Communication Counts @ Tri-County Literacy Council

Free Communication Counts Course @ Tri-County Litteracy @ 9:00 am Hoarding Disorder Research & Ethics Related to Treatment @ Ramada Hotel Nov 4 @ 9:00 am ? Nov 5 @ 4:00 pm Scrubs Uniforms SALE UP to 70% OFF @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 10:00 am Line-Up Wednesdays: Free Line Dancing @ The Brass Buckle

Applied Suicide

Tribute to the Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers @ The Port Theatre @ 7:30 pm

Board games at Jet Set at the NAV Centre with MeepleMobile @ Jet Set Pub @ 5:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) @ St. Lawrence College Nov 2 ? Nov 3 all-day

Green River Revival @ Aultsville Theatre @ 8:00 pm

Intro to FAT Paint Artisan Chalk Style Paint @ Simply Rewritten @ 6:00 pm

Halloween Hangover @ Hangover Bar @ 9:00 pm

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

n ov


Turkey Supper @ Turkey Supper, Williamstown, ON @ 4:30 pm ? 7:30 pm

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G

Initiation à la formation écriture humoristique @ Centre Charles Emile Claude Nov 2 ? Nov 3 all-day Steve Mellios ? 100 reasons to run @ Seaway Hyundai Nov 2 ? Nov 3 all-day Trunk Sale @ Marlin Orchards Nov 2 ? Nov 3 all-day

Holy Sabbath @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

n ov



Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series @ Marina 200 all-day Aromatherapy & Holistic Healing Services @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00

43rd Heritage Valley Arts & Crafts Christmas Fair @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 9:00 am ? 4:00 pm


Free Seminar on Detecting Scams @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 9:00 am

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

Wine Tasting @ Winexpert @ 9:00 am

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

Learning With Libby (Acrylic Painting) @ Cailuan Gallery @ 10:00 am Amazing Science Center @ Amazing

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

n ov

5 TU E

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am 100 Kids Who Care ? Cornwall & Area @ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre @ 6:00 pm French Conversational Classes @ BTC Learning Centre @ 6:00 pm Fundamental Fielding & Hitting Camp @ St. Lawrence Secondary School @ 6:00 pm



Shop the Block @ Downtown Cornwall all-day Fall Bazaar and Luncheon @ St John's Presbyterian

@ 10:30 am Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre@ 5:00 pm Crafting a Cure @ Nav Centre @ 6:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS @ 6:45 pm C-Way Sound Barbershop Chorus @ Blessed Sacrament Church @ 7:00 pm Line-Up Wednesdays: Line Dancing (7-9 pm) @ The Brass Buckle @ 7:00 pm ? 9:00 pm OPEN MIC ? SEAWAY ROADHOUSE BAR @ SEAWAY ROADHOUSE BAR @ 7:00 pm ? 11:00 pm Wednesday Night Hockey at La Maison Tavern @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 7:00 pm

n ov


Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm


THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm Rurban and Schnitzels Collab Beer Dinner @ Schnitzels @ 6:30 pm Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena @ 7:30 pm




Event s subject t o change - pl ease see Current Event s or pl ace your own event on our websit e at www.t - f or incl usion in print

Freedom Within Cornwall Conference @ Ramada Inn Nov 8 ? Nov 9 all-day Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

n ov



Learning With Libby (Acrylic Painting) @ Cailuan Gallery @ 10:00 am

Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Steak Supper & Basket Auction @ Blessed Sacrament Church @ 5:00 pm An Hypnotic Journey to Your Most Important Past Life! @ The Purple Broomstick @ 6:30 pm Movie night, Joseph @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm George Strait Tribute fundraiser @ South Stormont Community Hall@ 7:00 pm Mothership Led Zepplin Tribute @ The Port Theatre@ 7:00 pm The Lalonde Brothers + One @ La Maison Tavern / The House@ 10:00 pm

n ov

1SU 0 N

Aromatherapy & Holistic Healing Services @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

Lino Block Printing Workshop @ OBO Studio @ 10:00 am Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

Seminar with Stephane Meunier @ Cornwall Ninjutsu @ 1:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

n ov

12 TU E

Board games at Jet Set at the NAV Centre with MeepleMobile @ Jet Set Pub @ 5:00 pm ? 9:00 pm OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes@ 10:00 am Fundamentals Camp for Pitchers & Catchers @ St. Lawrence Secondary School @ 6:00 pm

14 THU R

Starts Today : 2019 Focus Art Juried Show @ Cornwall Square Nov 14 ? Nov 24 all-day

Vital Voices @ Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A @ 11:30 am Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm Community Drum Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena@ 7:30 pm Derek Edwards | Live in Cornwall @ Aultsville Theatre @ 7:30 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

n ov

13 WED

Wednesday Night Hockey at La Maison Tavern @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 7:00 pm

n ov

n ov

11 M ON


Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference @ Nav Centre Nov 13 ? Nov 14 all-day

Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Healing Our Bodies Together with Jill Hodgson @ Cornerstone Organics @ 7:00 pm Line-Up Wednesdays: Line Dancing (7-9 pm) @ The Brass Buckle @ 7:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

n ov

15 FRI

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am Board Game Night @ Simply Jennifer @ 5:00 pm

Rotary Trivia Night @ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre @ 6:00 pm Mini Masterpiece Exhibition @ Cailuan Gallery @ 7:00 pm

PIGS: Canada?s Pink Fl oyd In The Fl esh Tour 2019 @ Aul t svil l e Theat re @ 7:30 pm ? 10:30 pm

n ov

16 SAT

Wobbly Walker Walk-A-Thon by Bob Hardy (Day 1) @ Cornwall Civic Complex - Walking Track- all-day

Santa?s Street Hockey Challenge @ Le Village @ 8:00 am Christmas Market @ Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School - Cornwall @ 9:30 am Learning With Libby (Acrylic Painting) @ Cailuan Gallery@ 10:00 am Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre@ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Virtual Freezer Meal Prep Class @ Chez Renee's Good Eats @ 4:00 pm Santa Claus Parade @ Second Street Cornwall@ 5:00 pm A Tribute 2 Prince, Dean Ford & The Beautiful Ones @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm Derek Falls Trio Returns to Seaway Roadh @ Seaway Roadhouse @ 9:00 pm




18th Annual Julie Bridger Mixed Invitational Bonspie @ Cornwall Curling Centre Nov 8 ? Nov 10 all-day

Encaustic Painting @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm

Jeff?s B Day Bash @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm DTP at Lola?s Pub and Grub @ Lola's pub and grub @ 10:00 pm Susan Aglukark @ Aultsville Theatre 7pm

n ov

17 SU N

The Wobbly Walker Walk-A-Thon (Day 2) @ Cornwall Civic Complex all-day

Aromatherapy & Holistic Healing Services @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am Endless Pawsabilities Craft & Vendor Show @ Royal Canadian Legion Br 297 @ 10:00 am Empty Bowls @ Trinity Anglican Church @ 12:00 pm


n ov

CALL 6 1 3 -9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 fo r info o n ho w to p la ce a PAID EVENT AD.

NOVEM BER CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

Event s subject t o change pl ease see Current Event s at www.t


in Co rnw a ll


NOVEM CALENDAR BER OF EVENTS W h a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o see i n Co r n w a lal n d SD& G Nativité Recitals: Rosemarie Tougas @ Nativité Co-Cathedral @ 2:30 pm

n ov

18 M ON

Free Office Clerk Training @ Tri-County Literacy Free Basic Computer Course @ Tri-County Literacy Council @ 1:00 pm

Board games at Jet Set at the NAV Centre with MeepleMobile @ Jet Set Pub@ 5:00 pm ? 9:00 pm OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

W ho sa y s The re 's

No thing



Rustic World Map Workshop @ Simply Rewritten @ 6:30 pm

n ov

19 TU E

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am Fundamental Fielding & Hitting Camp @ St. Lawrence Secondary School @ 6:00 pm

n ov


Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

n ov

21 THU R

Schneider Job Fair @ Job Zone d'emploi @ 1:30 pm Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes@ 3:00 pm

THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club@ 5:00 pm Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena @ 7:30 Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

n ov

22 FRI

Pet Portrait Painting Workshop @ OBO Studio @ 1:00 pm Hunters Ball ? 25th Year @ Agora centre @ 3:00 pm Murder Mystery ? Vagabond Theatre @ Downtown Cornwall @ 7:30 pm Absolute Comedy Show @ Boston Pizza @ 9:00 pm ShelterValley With Special Guest @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

n ov Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am Christmas Tree Lighting @ City Hall@ 6:00 pm

24 SU N

Aromatherapy & Holistic Healing Services @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

Ladom Ensemble Live at Cornwall @ Aultsville Theatre @ 2:00 pm

Murder Mystery ? Vagabond Theatre @ Downtown Cornwall @ 7:30 pm

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

n ov

23 SAT

Holiday Pet Photos @ OSPCA Cornwall @ 9:00 am ? 3:00 pm

Mens Rec Ice Hockey Tournament @ Benson Centre @ 9:00 am Christmas Vendors Market and Social @ St. Matthew Catholic Secondry School @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm

n ov

25 M ON

1 -g r ab i t 2 -p u l l i t 3 -p i n i t

sect i o n

n ov

27 WED

Cornwall and Area Volunteer Fair @ The City of Cornwall @ 1:00 pm Holiday Train in Finch @ Finch, Ontario @ 2:00 pm

Menopause The Musical ? Cornwall @ Aultsville Theatre @ 7:30 pm

28 THU R

Colts Game @ Ed Lumley Arena @ 7:30 pm

n ov Board games at Jet Set at the NAV Centre with MeepleMobile @ Jet Set Pub @ 5:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Paint a Paddle Workshop @ Simply Rewritten@ 6:00 pm OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

n ov

26 TU E


n ov

Cornwall Soirée Mère Ordinaire @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 7:30 pm

April Wine @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 8:00 pm

Th e Seek er


Dart Tournament @ Moose Lodge @ 10:00 am

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall@ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Line-Up Wednesdays: Line Dancing (7-9 pm) @ The Brass Buckle @ 7:00 pm

Learning With Libby (Acrylic Painting) @ Cailuan Gallery @ 10:00 am


This Ability Of Mine @ RCAFA Wing 424 @ 10:00 am

Queen of Wands Tarot @ Healing Wishes @ 10:00 am

Wednesday Night Hockey at La Maison Tavern @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 7:00 pm

Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre@ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

Fundamentals Camp for Pitchers & Catchers @ St. Lawrence Secondary School @ 6:00 pm


Dean Martin Christmas Variety Show @ Royal Canadian Legion Br 297 @ 8:00 pm

Epic Journey Returns to The House @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

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Home for the Holidays ? Christmas House Tour @ Cornwall@ 10:00 am

Free Picture with Santa Event Sat 10 AM @ Cornwall Public Library 10:00 am ? 11:00 am Nov 30 @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Alight at Night @ Upper Canada Village Murder Mystery ? Vagabond Theatre @ Downtown Cornwall0 @ 7:30 pm Trip the Breaker rocks Lola?s Pub! @ Lola's pub and grub @ 9:30 pm

Article by Jason Setnyk | Submitted photo

Life after Three Days Grace has been liberating for Adam Gontier. There is a certain freedom to start a new band.

Peterborough, Ontario ? Rock supergroup Saint Asonia released their second studio album titled "Flawed Design" on October 25, 2019. Saint Asonia is a Canadian-American rock band consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace), lead guitarist Mike Mushok (Staind), bassist and backing vocalist Cale Gontier (Art of Dying), and drummer Sal Giancarelli (Staind). The new Saint Asonia album "Flawed Design" was produced by Brian Sperber. He has previously worked on Staind?s platinum #1 selling album titled ?Chapter V.?

In t er v i ew w i t h Th r ee Day s Gr ace an d Sai n t Ason i a f r on t m an Adam Gon t i er

Additionally, Saint Asonia welcomed an all-star cast of co-writers into the process, including Dustin Bates of Starset, Stevie Aiello of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Sully Erna of Godsmack, and Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin. "When we started the process of writing, Mike and I had a bunch of ideas. That's how we wrote the first record. Mike writes the music, and I add melodies and lyrics. This time around we wanted to add specific elements we didn't have on the first record. We wanted to bridge out and write some songs with other guys who are in bands that aren't too similar to us. Dustin (Bates) from Starset and Stevie (Aiello) of Thirty Seconds To Mars both contributed. Also, "The Hunted" was co-written by Sully Erna of Godsmack. Lastly, Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin co-wrote on the songs "Beast" and "Ghost" which was cool because Keith is a great songwriter. Mike and I were excited to sit down with some other guys and come up with ideas," Adam Gontier reminisced. On a song, called ?The Fallen?, Adam Gontier pays homage to deceased musical icons Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and Gord Downie. The heartfelt song is a tribute to three of the most influential artists of his career.

In 2015 Saint Asonia was awarded Best New Artist by Loudwire Music, and within a few years, Saint Asonia has over 50 million streams on Spotify. The songs ?Better Place?and ?Let Me Live My Life?have over 10 million streams each.

"All of them had a big influence on me when I started writing music. I started when I was 14 years old. At that time, I was really into the Seattle music scene. Also, because I was born and lived in Canada, The Tragically Hip was a huge musical influence on me as well. Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and Gord Downie were all incredible singers, songwriters, and performers. They are three of my all-time favorite artists," Adam Gontier disclosed. The song ?This August Day?reaches an emotional peak with Adam revealing the most intimate narrative of the album. Two years ago, Adam Gontier was in a dark place, relapsing from alcohol and substance abuse. At this same time, across the continent, his son was being born. It was a life-changing day. With the help of family, friends, and attending a treatment centre, Adam was able to find his way back into recovery. "I've always tried to be very transparent when it comes to music. Being able to share the things I went through in my music. It wasn't difficult to share. At the same time, songs aren't always blunt enough that it can only mean one thing. It means something to me, but my hope is it will mean something different to them," Adam Gontier disclosed.

"It creates more freedom this time around, starting a new band, and starting from scratch. It's been a liberating and fun process. It's not easy, the difference there is all the time and effort towards Three Days Grace. That's no longer there, so I'm starting the whole process again with another band, but it's a lot of fun. It's not easy, it's hard work, but it's great. I do enjoy it," Adam Gontier admitted.

?I'm proud and happy with the support from all the fans I had with Three Days Grace. They all stuck around quite some time between records. It's cool that the support is still there. It's easy for people not to care, so it's awesome knowing people are excited about it and excited about this band in general. The plan is to continue playing shows and making records for as long as people want to hear us," Adam Gontier stated. Saint Asonia has toured with amazing bands from Seether, to Breaking Benjamin, to Disturbed, and even rock legends Mรถtley Crue. "The Mรถtley Crue and Alice Cooper tour we did in Europe was a lot of fun. It was awesome! There were three bands, and we were the first band on stage. It was cool sharing the stage with legends every night. We've toured with so many great bands, and have played festivals, but The Mรถtley Crue and Alice Cooper tour is a standout in my mind. It was a blast, and among the best tours we've done," Adam Gontier reflected. "We'll hopefully tour Canada next year," Adam Gontier concluded.

A New Hom e For Th e Lau zon Fam i l y Shane & Ashley Lauzon and their fam ily r eceived the keys to their new hom e last Satur day. The local fam ily has put in m any long hour s and thr ough their labour of love and the help of Habitat for Hum anity and a ver y gener ous com m unity of sponsor s and volunteer s, they ar e finally able to m ove into their new hom e. Ever y year Habitat for Hum anity helps a fam ily m ake their dr eam of ow ning a hom e a r eality. Dozens show ed up to view the hom e and w ish The Lauzons a happy futur e in this beautiful house.






Je nniCAPEFan t asyReal m M a cDo naCom ldi cf est2019 Home Renovat ion Cost s In Your Fut ure? Put Them On Your Mort gage!! Often home buyers find the ?perfect? house but if only it had? a new furnace or a new kitchen or new flooring or? or? or? With a ?Purchase Plus? mortgage product, a buyer can get these costs included in the mortgage!! In fact, there are products available for current home owners that want to improve the house they already own as well.

held its annual event on Satur day, October 26th at the Cor nw all Civic Com plex. The event attr acted m or e than 700 people thr oughout the entir e day. The show featur ed guest Noelle Hannibal, (seen in photo below on left) a dozen vendor s, selected cosplayer s and guest ar tist Jam es Lapier r e along w ith guest author /ar tist Pat Patenaude. Tr eats, a kid?s ar ea and FREE com ics w er e all par t of the fun for kids of all ages. Show n is a gr oup cosplay photo, guest Noelle w ith M iles M or ales cosplay and a tr io of attendees.

With a Purchase Plus mortgage, the buyer collects at least 2 quotes for the work they would like to have done on the new property. The costs should stay less than 10% of the purchase price to a maximum of about $40,000 (Any amounts over that will require you to get a Construction mortgage). This amount is added to the purchase price for Bank purposes. The down payment requirement (minimum 5% ) is based on this new amount and the mortgage makes up the difference. If the file is approved, on Closing day, the funds to purchase are released to the seller and the construction amounts are held back in the lawyer?s trust account. You have about 90 days to prove the renovations are complete (either by paying for an appraisal or by submitting all of the invoices for the work ? each lender requires different proof) and the lawyer releases the funds to you. Home owners can do the work themselves or hire a contractor. Often a contractor will complete the work and wait for payment until the lawyer releases the funds to you. Keep in mind that you are paying mortgage payments on the full amount during this process. The same option is available to home owners that want to do renovations to their existing home with the exception that the maximum amount that is available is 80% of the value of the home after renovations are complete. If you have questions about this product, please feel free to contact me at any time by phone, text or email. Jenni MacDonald ( is an award-winning Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source (Lic.# 10145). She has over 8 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and works with at least 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at





Love an d Lee is in t h e Air By Alyssa McLean

On Sunday, October 20th, Wedding Expo Cornwall (Cornwall's Fall Wedding Show) hosted by Mai-Liis and Sheldon of 3D Creations, took place at the Cornwall Civic Complex. The well attended show saw furure Brides and Grooms visiting with the people who can help plan their "Perfect Wedding Day". Exhibitors including: - FutureMr & Mrs - Moore?sClothingfor men - Invitationsand more by Mai-Liis - FleuristeRoy Florist Ltd. - Sewing & Creations - Royal CanadianLegion - Fairy Sweet - Traiteur La BonneBouffe - Sweet Clover Flowers& Gifts - Jenny Rand F - HeritageGolf & CountryClub - DJShellshock

- Chantal Tremblay The Travel Agent Next Door - Lipsby Kyra - PommierJewellers - Arbonne - Videographyby 3D Creations - Above& Beyond Laser Medi, - Wellnessand BeautySpa - - Balloon Couture - Carol Grant Productions - BijouxFashion Jewellery

Love is in the air in downtown Cornwall. Love and Lee Bridal Boutique is gearing up to open their doors to brides to be.

Kelsey Lee, a native to the SD&G ar ea, is the ow ner of Love and Lee Br idal Boutique. Kelsey has extensive exper ience w ithin br idal and designed dr ess styling in the city of Tor onto. W ith her know ledge and know -how she?s hoping to br ing an individualized exper ience to Cor nw all and SD&G ar ea. Kelsey explains, ?At Love and Lee w e believe that the br idal dr ess shopping exper ience is a m ajor m ilestone in a w om an?s life that deser ves to be celebr ated, and leave her feeling confident, not discour aged; no m atter w hat her size or shape.? Besides offer ing br idal gow ns for sizes 0-22, they also offer br idesm aid dr esses, br idal accessor ies, w edding planning, as w ell as gifts and goodies such as sleep sets, appar el, accessor ies, linger ie, and candles. In Septem ber , Love and Lee w as the w inner of the W in This Space Com petition offer ed by the DBIA (Dow ntow n Business Im pr ovem ent Ar ea). Her space is cur r ently under r enovations and Lee is hoping to open their door s the fir st w eek of Decem ber. Lee explains, ?It?s the per fect tim e to enter the br idal m ar ket in Cor nw all as people in the ar ea ar e for ced to tr avel over 30km to shop for their w edding dr ess and hir e out of tow n w edding planner s.? If you?r e excited about Love and Lee you don?t have to w ait till Decem ber , the boutique w ill be pr esent at M ar lin Or char ds Tr unk Sale on Novem ber 2nd and 3r d as w ell as Ottaw a Br idal M ar ket October 26th and 27th. And if you can?t w ait till then, you can visit them online at w w Kelsey Lee believes that Love and Lee Br idal Boutique w ill br ing together and help pr om ote all of the businesses dow ntow n w ith new clients com ing in fr om both Cor nw all and out of tow n. ?We ar e so excited to open our door s to br ides, br idesm aids, and w om en of all kinds to shop, laugh and feel the love.? Love and Lee Br idal Boutique is located at 111 Pitt Str eet beside the Squir e Shop. Star ting in Decem ber its hour s of oper ation w ill be: -

SUN 11:00-5:00 M ON Closed TUES Closed W ED 10:00-7:00 THURS 10:00-7:00 FRI 10:00-6:00 SAT 10:00-6:00

M ake sur e to visit their w ebsite: w w and their Facebook page: w w w.facebook .com /loveandleebr idal for m or e infor m ation.

t hegraphicdesigner13@gmail - www.invit .com at





IT'S TIME TO START YOUR CHRISTMAS BAKING..... Yes, it's time to start some of your Christmas baking. In November, you can make your Christmas cakes, meat pies, fruit pies and quick loaves. I like to bake cookies and squares in December. Your freezer is your best friend, keeping fresh all of your baking which you have carefully wrapped and labelled and dated. This column I am giving you my favourite recipe for a simple lemon loaf which has a delightful lemony glaze topping it after baking. If you wish to have a different shape loaf, simply save any soup cans after using. These create a cylindrical shape for your quick breads. Be sure to fill them only 2/ 3 full of batter as it will rise above the top resembling a scoop of ice cream above the can top. When serving, just slice it into rounds. I have made this recipe since the early 1970's. It is the best! Try it to-day!


INGREDIENTS: THE LOAF: - 1/ 2 cup butter or shortening at room temperature - 1 cup white sugar - 2 extra large eggs - the grated zest of 1 lemon * (always grate the lemon first, then squeeze for juice last) - *(first place the lemon in your microwave for 1 minute, this will soften the lemon and allow it to release more juice. I also press down and roll the lemon under the palm of my hand on the counter for a few times. This will also give you more juice when you squeeze out the juice.) - 1- 1/ 2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour - 1 rounded tsp. baking powder - 1/ 2 tsp. fine salt - 1/ 2 cup milk - 1/ 4 cup of chopped pecans or walnuts THE GLAZE: - 1/ 4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice - 1/ 4 cup sifted icing sugar (This is important as you will have lumps in the glaze if you don't sift the icing sugar first. Been there, done that! haha!

in 1/ 3's. -Gently stir in the chopped nuts. -Set your oven to 350 degrees F. Use the second from -Spoon or pour the batter into the prepared loaf pan or the bottom oven rack. pans or cans. -Grease your loaf pan with butter and then shake a -Bake the 9" x 5" loaf for about 35 to 40 minutes. Smaller couple of tbsp. of flour around loaves will take about 5 the pan to coat the butter. This minutes less time. The loaves will prevent the loaf from in the soup cans will take sticking to the pan after about the same time as the baking. small loaves. -If you plan to use empty soup -To test for doneness,insert a cans (10 oz. size) which of cake tester into the top centre course have been washed and of the loaf, if it comes out dried thoroughly,grease and clean with no soft batter on it, flour them and place them on the loaf is baked. a baking pan with sides. You will get about 8 soup cans of -While the loaves are baking, lemon loaves. prepare the glaze. Roll the lemon under the palm of your -In a bowl, cream the butter hand on the counter for a few until nice and fluffy. Stir in the times, pressing down. This will sugar and beat again until it is allow the lemon to give more all combined. juice when squeezing. -Microwave the lemon for 1 -Mix the lemon juice with the minute. sifted icing sugar. Be sure that -Grate the zest off of the you have no lumps. lemon, being careful not to grate the bitter white pith which is just under the yellow lemon zest. Also be careful -Turn the hot baked loaves onto a wire cooling rack. I place a piece of waxed paper under the rack to prevent not to grate your knuckles as you are grating. any mess, (less clean-up to do). -Add the zest and the eggs to the sugar and butter -Brush the glaze all over the top and sides of the hot mixture. Mix well. baked loaf. Use all of the lemon glaze by repeatedly -Whisk or sift the flour, baking powder and salt together brushing the glaze over the loaf top. Slice and enjoy! in a small bowl. We like it sliced and slathered with some butter. -Alternately,add the flour, baking powder and salt with SOOOOOGOOD! ENJOY! the milk, stirring after each addition to combine. Do this

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GLA ZED LEM ON LOA F FromMy Pantryby SharynThompsonOwner of Sharyn's Pantry 812 Pitt St. Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 family owned - Celebrating 39 years



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