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The measles outbreak has everybody, even anti-vaxers, questioning their position on vaccination. When it comes to shots, everybody has an opinion. Some are absolutely for it and others dead against it. I sit somewhere in between. There is no doubt in my mind that vaccines, historically speaking, have helped control infectious diseases.

There is also no doubt in my mind, that at some point in time, vaccines became a way to make money for Big Pharma. And can you trust something that has the ultimate goal of making money? It gets tricky to really know which vaccine is essential and which isn't. My children and I have all had our early childhood vaccines. Measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, I thought it was best for them to be protected against all that, as did I. But the flu vaccine, I stay away from. The reason I prefer not to get that one is simple: I am not convinced of its effectiveness on healthy

people. I don't doubt that it is a good option for the elderly, although I have seen my mother-in-law, who got her shot every year, catch pneumonia in the hospital and eventually die this past January, and incidentally, the last time I ever had the flu was the only year that I gave into the hype and got the vaccine, but nonetheless, I give it the benefit of the doubt. And I won't stop my husband from getting it. It's a personal choice. I do wish there was more clear and concise research data to guide us along the way. We shouldn't have to rely on instinct when considering the best options for our health, when debating if we should submit our kids to these external means of controlling disease. Researching the topic is nothing but confusing and frustrating. There is evidence that proves and disproves everything. You can find credible case studies from both sides stating some kids have died from getting a vaccine that other kids have died from failing to get. It's confusing and emotional. A quick look onto discussion boards, or facebook threads will show you how nasty both sides can get when trying to get the other side to see the light. So what do we do? Is it ok not to vaccinate? Are we putting others' lives at risk if we don't? And is there anywhere to get reliable information?

To shinea positivelight on our com m unity;To br inga positivespin on new s? Topr ovide topqualityadver tising andexposurto e sm allbusiness ow ner so s theycanpr om ote theirpr oductor ser viceat affor dable r ates;Togivea str ongvoiceto thear tsandcultur e com m unity; Tospr eadthew or daboutall thegr eateventstakingplacein Cor nw all andAr ea. TheSeekeristheonlyloca llyowneda ndoper ated newspa per ?I t is published? By Loca l People - For Loca lPeople - AboutLoca l People - Suppor tingLoca lPeople

I M PORTANTNOTI CE- I M PORTANTNOTI CE- I M PORTANTNOTI CE Each issueof the Seeker com esout betw eenthe fir st and the eighthof the m onthand cover sa span of tw o m onths. The Calendarof eventsfor the cur r entm onthover lapsthe calendarof the pr evious issue. Deliver yby CanadaPost can takeup to the 12th of each m onth.




by Ne w s ... p re se nte d SEEKER SNIPPETS - Yo ur Lo ca l Co mmunity

Ja so n M AY 2019

across the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) celebrated World Down Com plet e St or ies on ou r Day (WDSD) today by ?rocking? Websit e: w w w.t h eseek er .ca Syndrome their mismatched socks. WDSD is a designated UCDSB special recognition McCarthy, will be attending, with day and was first observed in 2006 in Ferguson getting in the ring and many countries around the world. In 2011, pitching. ?It?s exciting to see a Cornwall the United Nations General Assembly company represent Canada on the declared March 21 as the National World world stage,?says Eric Bergeron, Down Syndrome Day. The date symbolizes Executive Director of the the uniqueness of the triplication of the Cornwall Innovation Centre. 21st chromosome that causes Down FanSaves offers discounts on Syndrome. The ?Rock Your Socks?tagline over two dozen Cornwall and symbol of mismatched socks were restaurants, retailers and chosen by Down Syndrome International companies through a partnership to reflect the fact that chromosomes are with Cornwall Tourism. The app is shaped like socks, and people with Down free to download and is currently Syndrome have an extra one. ?This is a day available on the Playstore or App we take special note of in our school Store. (Source: because we do have a student with Down Ch ooseCor n w\ Syndrome and we want her peers to recognize her challenges, as well as Wor k sh op t o Assist everything she has to Local Far m er s an d offer,?says Meadowview Sm all Food Public School Principal Pr odu cer s - St. Dave Corney. Lawrence College (SLC) students in EOHU on Aler t w it h Cornwall hosted a Cu r r en t M easles Case in workshop for local Ot t aw a - Following a farmers and small confirmed case of food producers to measles in Ottawa, the Eastern Ontario help them participate in farmer 's Health Unit (EOHU) has been in contact markets in order to grow their customer with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and will base. The free workshop took place on be communicating with any residents that Saturday, April 13th at the College?s have been identified as potentially having Cornwall campus. The workshop was been exposed. Locally there have been no developed by SLC students in the cases of measles reported, but the EOHU Supply Chain Management and is monitoring the situation. The EOHU is Business programs in collaboration the reminding the public to ensure that they Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas, and and their children are up-to-date with their Glengarry Food and Agriculture measles vaccinations. Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Advisory Council. Attendees will hear Medical Officer of Health at the EOHU, from guest speakers on topics urges residents to keep their vaccinations such as licensing, insurance, safe up-to-date not just to protect themselves, food handling, and financing, and but to protect others who can?t be will receive a workbook created by vaccinated ? including infants. ?Measles is the SLC students as a takeaway. extremely contagious and can be very ?This project was a great learning serious for people who aren?t vaccinated,? experience as it helped me he says. ?It can be especially dangerous for connect to various professionals in infants who are too young to be their industry which resulted in the vaccinated, and for adults who have sharing of knowledge, thoughts, compromised immune systems.?The and opinions,?said Akshay Mehta, vaccine is a safe and effective way to a student in the Supply Chain prevent getting or spreading measles. Management program. The idea Measles vaccine is administered routinely for the workshop was born after the to children at 12 months of age with a Eco Farm Days Convention at the booster between 4 and 6 years old. Infants Ramada Inn in Cornwall this past between 6 and 12 months of age can be February. SLC students were there to vaccinated if they are traveling to outbreak gather information from the industry areas or if they have been exposed to a and worked with faculty Victoria case of measles. However, there is no Workman and Carla change to the current Kingston-Floyd to recommendation for infant develop a workshop immunization as there has not been to help businesses a declared outbreak in our area or reach the local market Ottawa. The measles vaccine is with their produce available free of charge at your and products. healthcare provider ?s office. It is also available by appointment at the UCDSB Rocked t h eir EOHU, by calling 613-933-1375 or 1 Sock s f or Wor ld 800 267-7120 Dow n Syn dr om e Day - Staff and students Formoresnippets,

SETNYK Un it ed Way h as a New Execu t ive Dir ect or - After an intensive search, The United Way of SD&G is pleased to announce the selection of Juliette Labossiere as its new Executive Director.?I am incredibly proud to take on this leadership role within SD&G and would like to thank the Board of Directors who have entrusted me with such an important role. For years I worked in the non-profit sector and can already see how many of the tasks I have done elsewhere will be easily transferred into this position. There is so much possibility in this community, and I am excited to be at the helm of an organization that can incite social change through collaborative community partnerships.?says Juliette Labossière. Juliette?s first official duty will be hosting the United Way of SD&G spring fundraiser ?Handbags for Heroes? Thursday, April 25th, at the Cornwall Civic Complex. This is a great opportunity for our partnered agencies and the community to meet our new Executive Director. Fan Saves t o Repr esen t Can ada in Ger m an y - The Cornwall based business won the Get in the Ring Ottawa pitch competition last Thursday and will represent Canada at the global finals in June. Get in the Ring is a pitch competition that takes place in cities around the world and sees startups go head-to-head in a boxing ring to pitch their business in front of judges and a live audience. This was the first time the international competition held a qualifying round in Ottawa and FanSaves was up against six other startups in the finals, dwindled down from 12 who made the semi-finals. Along with many other prizes, FanSaves has won a free trip to Berlin to pitch their business on a global stage, one of only two startups from Canada. Both co-founders, Shannon Ferguson and Kris





Cor n w al l m u si c f an Ryan Th eor et m eet s KI SS

WOW - What an Experience!

Ar t i cl e by Ryan Th eor et | Su bm i t t ed Ph ot o Ottaw a, Ontar io ? On Wednesday, Apr il 3r d, r ock icons Kiss r olled into Ottaw a dur ing a stop on their End Of The Road tour. Fans of all ages ar r ived at the Canadian Tir e Centr e, w ith m any spor ting the painted faces the band is fam ously know n for. This isn?t the fir st tim e the har d r ock gr oup has been on a so-called far ew ell tour. The or iginal line up of Gene Sim m ons, Paul Stanley, Ace Fr ehley, and Peter Cr iss played 142 dates back in 2000 to 2001. On this new r un, the lineup consists of both Sim m ons and Stanley w ith longtim e dr um m er Er ic Singer and lead guitar ist Tom my Thayer. In just under 2 hour s, the quar tet played an electr ifying hot set filled w ith classics and fan favour ites. Fr om the opener ?Detr oit Rock City? to ?Shout It Out Loud?, fans w er e delighted w ith ?I Was M ade For

Loving You?, ?Calling Dr. Love? and ?I Love It Loud?. Confetti r ained dow n, beach balls dr opped fr om the r after s and str eam er s soar ed thr ough the air as the 20 song set concluded w ith the classic r ock staple ?Rock And Roll All Nite?. The theatr ics w er e tr uly am azing. Packed w ith fir e and plenty of pyr otechnics, the show w as so hot that I am convinced Kiss

m ight actually be the sole cause of global w ar m ing.

This isn?t the only w ay the band has dr aw n fir e. For m er tour m ates M otley Cr ue, specifically bassist Nikki Sixx, took claim s to social m edia inciting Kiss has copied their tour pr oduction fr om their ver y ow n 2015 far ew ell. The tw o bands shar ed a stage on a 51 date tr ek back in 2012. Paul Stanley has also taken heat w ith allegations of lip syncing. After w itnessing Stanley handle the m ajor ity of the banter in betw een songs, ther e is no denying the r ough voice of the 67-year -old. Faking it on stage? I don?t think so. Per haps it w as your fir st tim e seeing Kiss, or m aybe it w as your second tim e. For som e, cer tainly m or e than that. Out of the 15,000 fans in attendance, those w ho w anted the best w itnessed a legendar y band at the end of their 45-year car eer giving their best. The r est is Kisstor y.

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TO SAY THANK YOU TO YOUR MOM ON M O TH ER'S D AY Giving a gift is fun! It's a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you. And when that someone is your mother, it means even more. Here is a list ten perfect gifts to give to your mother this Mother?s Day. 1) Make somet hing f or her As a child, you probably showered your mum with gifts you made, from picture frames made out of macaroni to a bracelets out of popcorn, they made every occasion special. Nothing stops you, as an adult, to carry on the tradition! Put those art lessons to good and paint a picture, or make a vase out of clay. She'll be delighted knowing you spent precious time doing something special just for her. 2) Treat her t o a spa day A day at the spa is so relaxing. Spoil your mom rotten! Send her for a manicure and pedicure, a massage and a seaweed wrap? Treating your mother spa day is the perfect way to tell her that you have seen how hard she has been working say thank you for all she does. 3) Jewel ry Sure, you can give jewelry, but if you really want to make her day, give mom the gift of her favourite broken piece, repaired. Moms are sentimental and keep jewelry that has special meaning to them, even if when they break. If you can, surprise her with the fix, but if it's impossible, ask her if she has something dear to her that she would like fixed and offer to pay for it. She'll forever be thankful. 4) Pl ant s or Trees Something as simple as a flower can brighten up a woman?s day, especially when she is not expecting it. Of course, every mom is expecting a bouquet on Mother's day so why not make it special? Get something she can transplant. It's the perfect time of the year for it, and as she watches it grow, she'll constantly be reminded of you. 5) Dat e night wit h mom


If you don't live at home, it is probable that you don't spend a lot of time with your mother. She would never say it out loud to you, but she misses you! Call her and ask her on a typical date--dinner, or a play, and a movie. Treat her to a two or three-course meal if you can, and enjoy her company. Put the attention on her, for once. After all, she did spend 18 years putting YOU first! 6) Bat h Accessories Some women like to take long, luxurious baths after a stressful day at work. The perfect gift for these ladies are bath products and bath 6 Second St. E. Cornwall 613-932-4022 accessories. To make it special, create an original little gift basket Press or a Tea Pot for the perfect gift idea. for your mom. Bubble bath, bath bombs, 10) A weekend away towels and washcloths, shampoo and conditioner, bath pillows, loofahs... The Your mother sacrificed a lot to get you possibilities are endless. where you are today: a fine outstanding contributing member of society. Tell you 7) Gif t Cert if icat es or Gif t Cards thank you by sending her away! A Sometimes it is incredibly hard to choose a week-end getaway is always a hit. Send her gift for a woman, especially your on a New York City escapade or a Vegas own mother! Gift certificates are Vacation. There are a lot of deals you can perfect because they allow find online to make this memorable token ther recipient to decide of your appreciation as affordable as what to spend the possible. money on. Make sure Compil at ion by Jul ia Lucio the

certificate comes from your mom's very favourite store or restaurant and gift it with a card and a flower. If she doesn't drive, you can also make taking her there part of the gift! 8) Hobby cl ass Moms need timeout too, and the best way to for mom to disconnect is by trying a new hobby. Learning new things can really build her self confidence as well as she will discover that she can do things she never thought possible. Gift ideas in this category are painting classes, dance lessons, yoga or even cooking! 9) Some expensive cof f ee or t ea Coffee or tea is often a mother?s main source of energy. Don't let your mom drink the cheap stuff! Show you care by treating her to some of the best beans from local organic free trade roasters or find fresh tea leaves from local retailers. Combine with a French





Member of t he Sal t Therapy Associat ion

M AY Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

Cor n w all's Fir stSaltRoom Hello & Happy Spring from HALO Salt Therapy! May is about Spring & celebrating Mothers Day, and in that regard we thought we would try something special, but we need your help.

If you know a single mom who has a child that could benefit from Halotherapy, but maybe finances are a challenge, we would like you to nominate them on our Facebook Page. We are going to make a draw of the names nominated, and pick 3 winners. The first prize is a one month pass (value $190), second prize is a 3 pack of visits (value $75), and the third prize a single visit ($35 value). The passes will entitle a mother and child (under 14 years of age) to experience the benefits of Halotherapy.

As I've explained in previous articles, the saltroom replicates the micro atmosphere found in a working salt mine. You are surrounded with salt, 3500 lbs of pure halite on the floor and our halogenerator filling the air you breathe. Salt has many beneficial properties, but it is also very grounding & negative energy simply dissolves in these conditions. That's why our saltroom is amazing for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Spring brings pollen and as soon as the snow started melting we started getting busier with people experiencing various breathing problems. More and more we are hearing that people are wanting to get relief naturally, without drugs - which is exactly what we offer here at HALO salt therapy.

Here is what Robert Z. had to say, " Been h avin g issu es w it h br eat h in g an d sh or t n ess of br eat h .I spen t t h e last m on t h To enter please visit our Facebook an d bit t h e h alot h er apy an d f in d m y br eat h in g easier , less page - HALO salt t h er apy and cou gh in g an d I sleep bet t er at nominate the Mom you have in n igh t . It s been an excellen t mind. Our hope is to help children who suffer from asthma, in vest m en t of t im e. I w ill be back again . Def in it ely allergies, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, ear infections, w or t h w h ile." acne, or anxiety to have a better If you are suffering from any of quality of life. This is also a the problems listed above, you chance for Mom to relax and owe it to yourself to give us a try. have a little "Me" time in the We're here to help! tranquility of our saltroom. Indeed we hear from many, many Call 613-662-9933. Happy Mothers Day Moms saying "I signed up for a from Aldea and Terry! month to help my child, but I dreaded the thought of spending 50 minutes in the saltroom every NOM INATE 3 days. But I find myself looking a M OM forward to it. When I go in there, the 300 things that are always running through my head finally quiet down and I can just relax and chill out for a change!"

Breat he in Wel l ness.

Cal l us t oday!

613-662-9933 17349 Cornwal l Cent re Rd., Cornwal l ON HALO sal t t herapy





Th e

Lear n in g

Cen t r e

- Su m m er

Ju l y 2 - Au gu st 23, 2019

(Closed August 5th 2019)

Cam ps

6:30 a.m . ? 6 p.m . Ages 4-12



Br idgew ood Pu blic Sch ool (Cor n w all) [613-551-6597] Lon gu e Sau lt Pu blic Sch ool [613-551-0199] Ir oqu ois Pu blic Sch ool [613-577-1433] Win ch est er Pu blic Sch ool [613-223-0243]


t lcin f ? 613-525-4802 ext . 234

Lisa "W hen I met Lor na

For ema n for the fir st time, I thought she'd lost a n ea r r ing. She seemed jovia l enough-a lways smiling a nd then I wa s intr oduced to her wit a nd love of puns. Yet the co-incidences that led me to Ela ine Heath a nd Lor na , the founder of the Cor nwa ll Wr iter 's Gr oup ha s br ought color to ma ny lives. As the Cor nwa ll Libr a r y's longest r unning pr ogr a m, Lor na ha s pr oven that she's mor e tha n the gir l in a tur quoise dr ess."


I sl an d Gi r l

Bor n in Lachine Quebec in 1939, Lor na For em an w as r aised like a tom -boy by Ir ish and English par ents. Her father star ted in the m ail r oom at Canada Packer s, w or king his w ay to higher m anagem ent. Teaching his only child basic car pentr y helped Lor na over com e the cr ippling shyness that follow ed into her teen-aged year s. Her m other had a w onder ful w ay w ith people-seeing the need in other s, finding passion thr ough sew ing, w r iting and dance.

ar r ival-at the dock w ith a bottle of cham pagne in Schenectady New Yor k, at the end of August. Tr aveling thr ough Dem opolis on the M ississippi in Novem ber and seeing palm tr ees fr om the w ater w as spectacular. In a voyage that changed the cour se of her life, Lor na r etur ned to Tor onto the follow ing August w ith differ ent ideas. She w as a m atur e w om an w ho?d m ar ched at Par liam ent and Philip?s Squar e, yet on a visit to Cor nw all to see a fr iend, felt r ight at hom e. The slow er pace of sm all tow n life, ease of w alking the dow ntow n and our beautiful w ater fr ont w as only par t of her inspir ation for m aking the big m ove. M eeting Rachel Fox w hile w or king at the C.R.A.G. helped Lor na see the connections w ithin her w or k . Rachel had m ade her self a br ow n coat w ith a little r ed squar e on the bottom hem and it w as this tiny r ed block that spoke for the piece-an ar tist?s inter pr etation. In 1991 w hile w or king at the C.R.A.G. Lor na r eceived a fax fr om David w ho w as w or king in the Car ibbean island of Nevis doing constr uction at the Four Seasons Hotel. He called M ar tintow n hom e, but by the end of the m onth both he and Lor na w ould m ake a life-long com m itm ent to each other... M ar r ied on a 42?sailboat, Lor na and David said their ?I do?s? to a sm all cheer ing cr ow d and chr istened the sea w ith their love by jum ping ship and sw im m ing to shor e at sunset. Wear ing a tur quoise-blue Batik sundr ess over her bathing suit, Lor na w as in the pr im e of her life. Anyone w ho know s can attest that Lor na has yet to lose that island char m .

Lor na m oved to Tor onto in 1966 finding w or k at secr etar ial jobs in assor ted agencies. In her tim e at the Royal Ontar io M useum , she w ound up one day cleaning out the r eptile cages. Spor ting long black hair , she w as once given a boa constr ictor and per used it at par ties ar ound her neck like a scar f. M onty python lived six year s and dr ew people to Lor na like nothing ever w ould.

M oving to Tr eehaven Road, Lor na and David pur chased Jack Delaney?s pub, cooking up chow for the folk in South Glengar r y for tw o year s. David?s passing after only for 11 year s together , sent Lor na into a slum p. W ith good fr iends and tim e-Lor na slow ly m ade the clim b out of her gr ief one day at a tim e by keeping her m ind open to new ideas.

Thr ough the gener ation that w as, Lor na becam e a fem inist. Ther e w as a tim e w hen r efusing to r elinquish your given last nam e in m ar r iage w as unhear d of, yet it w as com m on pr actice to be r efused a Sim psons-Sear s car d because your husband?s nam e w asn?t on the application.

Anyone noticing the tiny gr een dr agonfly bopping ar ound tow n m ight be am iss to know that Lor na is a co-founder of Focus Ar t, w ho also w or ked 7 year s w r iting for the Glengar r y New s and steer ed the Cor nw all Wr iter ?s Gr oup for another 8.

Lor na had been w or king w ith stained glass befor e deciding to pur sue a gener al ar ts diplom a at Centr al-Tech on Bathur st St, and becam e passionate about designing w ear able ar t and selling it.

W hen inspir ation hits, this off the w all ar tist/hum or ist is happiest w hen blending talent and cr eativity. Descr ibing the r ecent east coast tr ip on the back of a m otor cycle is r eason enough to be inspir ed.... ...that a tiny island no longer than 26 m iles of r ich diver se cultur e, could dr aw its natur al beauty into this lovely gir l som e 28 year s later is akin to paint on canvas...soup, pie and fr ies on the side!

Fr om 1982 to the pr esent day, Lor na?s cr eations of w ear able ar t have been sold in Tor onto, Ottaw a, Kingston, Chicago, the W innipeg Ar t Galler y in-house shop...topping off w ith a one-w om an-show in New Yor k City. In 1988 Lor na?s childhood fr iend fr om Lachine, just happened to be sailing dow n the inland w ater w ays to Flor ida on his boat-the Sar asota Unity. Their m other ?s had r em ained fr iends thr ough the year s and this is how David Tuck asked Lor na to spend a year on the w ater as his navigator. The invitation w as too exciting to pass up as David w aited for Lor na?s


Lisa Gr ay,Copyr ight@ 2019 I w ould love to have feedback fr om my stor ies...Pleaseem ail m e: ver legr ace4062@gm Lisa is a m em ber of the Cor nw all Wr iter Society,a gr oup that m eets at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y,on the 3r d M onday of each m onth fr om 6:15 to 8:15pm . For m or e info. about this or any pr ogr am at the Libr ar y please call 613-932-4796.





flow er , in M ar ch or Apr il signals the star t of Spr ing for the Japanese. 6.The Sphinx is built to point dir ectly tow ar d the r ising sun on the Spr ing Equinox. 7."The Retur n of the Sun Ser pent m ar ked the fir st day of spr ing for the M ayan." The sun cr eates a shadow in the shape of a tr iangle on the pyr am id that looks like a descending snake, or the feather ser pent god, Kukulkan. 8. People in Poland gather ever y year on the fir st day of Spr ing, to bur n an effigy and then they thr ow it into the r iver to bid W inter , goodbye. 9.Childr en actually gr ow faster in the Spr ingtim e than dur ing any other tim e of the year. 10. The w or d "Season" is fr om the Latin "sationem " m eaning "sow ing" or "seed tim e."

M a rle ne

LISTER Hello to ever yone of you that is r eading The Seeker 's m agazine this m onth. I do hope that you w ill all continue to enjoy this colum n along w ith all of the other w onder ful new s and neat infor m ation that fills each page that per tains to Cor nw all and the sur r ounding ar ea of the S.D. & G.

TI P OF THE M ONTH: As w e gr ow older and hopefully w iser w e have to lear n that. 1.It is not w hat w e have, but w ho w e have in our lives. 2.It is not the am ount of fr iends that w e can count, but the one or tw o fr iends that w e can alw ays count on. 3.It is not w hat w e have in our bank accounts, but w hat w e have tucked aw ay in our hear ts. 4.It is not how w e tr eat people, but but how w e m ade them feel, that counts. 5.It is not r eally w ho can inspir e us, but m or e so of w hom w e can inspir e in our lives that m atter s the ver y m ost of all. I TEM OF THE M ONTH: I am choosing a beautiful pair of blingy, pink high-heels that Johnny bought for m e fr om Cor nw all's ~Val u e Vi l l age~. I just happened to be ther e picking a few things up for my gr andson, W illiam 's bir thday and ther e they w er e sitting on the shelf calling my nam e. "M ar lene...M ar elene." But, I had pr om ised w hilst enter ing the stor e that I w asn't getting anything for myself. After all, I w as just LOOKING in the "shoe aisle!" But, my dear Johnny cam e along and saw these pair of shoes and asked, "How m uch?" To our GREAT SURPRISE they w er e ONLY $5.99!!! He said to m e,"They ar e your s, Sw eety." Isn't He Just The Best? Now , I have to figur e out w hat to w ear w ith these pair of pink pr etties. FUN FACTS ABOUT SPRI NG: 1.Spr ing alm ost alw ays ar r ives on M ar ch 20th or 21st, but som etim es on the 19th. The r eason the Equinoxes and Solstices do not alw ays com e on the sam e day is that the Ear th does not alw ays cir cle the sun in exactly 365 days. 2.The fir st day of spr ing in the Souther n Hem ispher e is the fir st day of Autum n in the Nor ther n Hem ispher e. 3.The holidays that HAPPEN in the m onths of Spr ing include Easter , Passover , Apr il Fool?s Day, Ear th Day, Ar bor Day, M other ?s Day, Father ?s Day, Cinco De M ayo, and Holi (a festival of color s in India.) 4.Easter alw ays falls on the fir st Sunday after the fir st full m oon after the Spr ing Equinox. 5.The opening of the cher r y blossom s, Japan?s national


THI S TI M E LAST YEAR, I had becom e the ow ner of a hom e, but I w as still packing and pr epar ing until w e m oved in June. I m issed the ear ly stages of gar dening and enjoying the outdoor s because of this. But, this year is ver y differ ent as I've alr eady begun cleaning up in the gar dens and pr epar ing for a better planned yar d. So w hile on this topic, Did you know ther e ar e m any benefits of gar dening? For star ter s, "Cor tisol," know n as the "Str ess Hor m one," is know n to contr ibute to ever ything fr om obesity, im m une function, hear t disease and and even the r isk of having a str oke. Studies have pr oven that gar dening r educes cor tisol levels and im pr oves self esteem at the sam e tim e. How about r educing r isk of dem entia by a w hopping 36%? Yes, daily gar dening w ill do that. A fr iendly soil bacter ia that w e inhale or ingest w hile gar dening alleviates sym ptom s of psor iasis, aller gies and asthm a. It also alleviates depr ession! We also benefit fr om vitam in D, w hich w e absor b thr ough exposur e to sunlight, w hich also helps boost the im m une system and r educes r isk of hear t disease and a var iety of other cancer s! Last but not least w hilst w e ar e in contact w ith the ear th, w e ar e "Gr ounded", w hich m eans w e benefit fr om the vast supply of electr ons found on the ear th's sur face. Better sleep and r educed pain ar e just tw o of the m any benefits of being gr ounded. So this Spr ing and Sum m er , kick of your shoesies, get your hands and knees dir ty, and im pr ove your health all at the sam e tim e. Happy Gar dening Ever yone.


W HAT W OULD YOU CHOOSE? Would you r ather live in the w ilder ness far aw ay fr om all civilization? OR Would you live on the str eets of a city as a hom eless per son? These ar e inter esting questions to ask your fam ily or fr iends. But, This is only one w ay of actually TALKING to one another. It doesn't have to be these questions...just m ake up your ow n and keep the "Ar t of Conver sation" ALIVE! Rem em ber w hen ther e w er e NO CELL PHONES? PLEASE STOP TEXTING & START TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER! IT COULD AND CAN BE FUN! FAM I LY NEW S: M y niece, Natalie's 41st bir thday and my BIG, little br other Br yan's 56th bir thday ar e on the 20th. I do w ish that you both have a FUNtastic kind of bir thday by celebr ating it w ith the fam ily m em ber s that you love and the aw esom e fr iends that you cher ish. All the ver y best in the upcom ing year.. M ay you both have m any, m or e exciting and w onder ful adventur es m aking m em or ies that w ill last a Life Tim e. Love Auntie/Sissy M ar lene COM M UNI TY NEW S: M y dear fr iend, Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon of M z. Liz's Tea Par ties and an author of one of the top selling novels in Nor th Am er ica, "Sacr ed Hear ts" w ill be attending a sym posium on M ay 4th at the Best Wester n Inn and Suites in Stony Plain, Alber ta. John and I ar e w or king on som ething special for her unique pr esentation. We could be able to attend and to hear m any of these am azing m en and w om en in this book by shar ing their w or ds of cour age, under standing, for esight and w isdom they have all gained by shar ing their tr ue stor ies per taining to their lives. We can join them at the 2nd Annual ~Sacr ed Hear ts Rising~ Sum m it w her e they honor all of their stor ies fr om the past and #cr eatethechange for a better tom or r ow. Details at https://w w w.sacr edhear tsr / sacr ed-hear ts-r ising-sum m it-2019. #sacr edhear tsr ising #cr eatethechangeyouseek ? w ith Car olyn Block, M ar tina Soder quist, Sher yl Rist. Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, and 18 other s in Stony Plain, Alber ta. UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: An ar r ow can only be shot by pulling it backw ar ds. So, W hen our lives seem to be dr agging us back w ith tr oubles and or difficulties, it just m eans that it is going to launch us into som ething m uch m or e better and r ew ar ding. So keep on focusing and of cour se, keep on aim ing. Please Pay It For w ar d In Som e Sm all Way Even If It Is By Shar ing a Laugh or a Sm ile. M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister & of w w w.fa shionogr a



Where WoulYou d LikeToSpend YourSummer? Im agine going to sleep in a cabin, full of bunkbeds of new fr iends, looking out the w indow to the natur al nightlight of the m oon and star s. Sm elling the gr ass, the tr ees and a cam pfir e settling dow n for the night. Im agine w aking up to the dew on the gr ass and a view of the sun r eflecting off the cool w ater s of the St Law r ence River. Im agine the feeling of anticipation for the fun that is to fill the in-betw een. Cam p Kagam a is a longstanding childr en?s cam p that foster s a safe envir onm ent w her e kids can be kids. To br ing the cam ping exper ience to m any w hile leaving the hustle and bustle of the technology dr iven day to day behind. Kagam a encour ages im agination, nur tur es cr eativity, helps gr ow the expr ession of individuality, and cr eates a space w her e you ar e accepted for w ho you ar e and feel valued. Cam p Kagam a?s stor y began in 1936 on Sheik?s Island w hen thr ee United Chur ch m inister s founded a cam p w er e young people of any r ace, r eligion or cultur e could com e together and cam p am ongst natur e. In the latter par t of the 1950?s, Cam p Kagam a?s hom e on Sheiks Island w as lost to the flooding of the Seaw ay Pr oject. In the sum m er of 1958 and ever y sum m er ther e after , Kagam a w elcom es cam per s to our pr esent site on M or r ison Island near the Bir d Sanctuar y. The cam p offer s a var iety of affor dable cam ping oppor tunities for childr en ages 7-13; cam ps for just boys, or just gir ls, and coed. Ther e is leader ship cam p for ages 14+ w her e cam per s lear n Fir st Aid, par ticipate in leader ship tr aining and have the oppor tunity to achieve lifeguar ding skills and cer tifications. Som e of the activities offer ed at cam p include a var iety of spor ts and gam es w ith cr eative nam es such as M onkey Island, the VERY popular gam es of ?Stuff ? and ?Apple Str udel?, ?Jackpot? (a w ater gam e), a cam p w ide ?hide and seek?, and the tr aditional end of w eek Olym pics just to nam e a few. Ther e is a pr ivate beach, a NEW volleyball cour t w ith soft sand, canoeing, sw im m ing, natur e hikes and so m uch m or e. Come a nd tour Ca mp Ka ga ma at our OPEN HOUSE on Sunday June 30, 2019 fr om 12pm ? 2pm wher e you ca n meet the summer sta ff, explor e the fa cilities, play ga mes, a nd meet some pr evious ca mper s. We also encour age you to visit our w ebsite: Cam pKagam for r egistr ation details for the 2019 cam ps, testim onials fr om cam per s, the stor y of Cam p Kagam a and VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. Leader sh i p Cam p Sen i or Gi r l s?Cam p Ju n i or CoEd Cam p I n t er m edi at e CoEd A Cam p Ju n i or Gi r l s?Cam p I n t er m edi at e CoEd B Cam p I n t er m edi at e Gi r l s?Cam p Sen i or Boys?Cam p

June 30 - July 5 (ages 14+) July 7 - July 12 (ages 11-13) July 14 - July 18 (ages 7-10) July 21 - July 26 (ages 9-12) July 28 - August 1 (ages 7-10) August 4 ? August 9 (ages 9-12) August 11 ? August 16 (ages 9-12) August 18 ? August 23 (ages 7-13)

Come esca pe a nd spend a week in natur e with us!




Ar ticle by Tina Pa ine, Adver tising Officer for Ca mp Ka ga ma

Jo hn


A lot of peoplepray.They comefrom just about every religion,becauseall tend to believein a God who answers prayer,yet the world is filled with Cancerpatients,wars, hatred,poverty,and many other thingswhich millionshave prayedabout.Pleasereviewthe last articleto understandfaith,and who you are putting your faith in, and whetherit is a blind faith,or a specificone. Supposeyou need a new car. (or a newer one than the one you currentlyown)Sit quietlyand imagineyourselfin that new car. Imaginedriving,the soft hum of the engine, perhapsa great sound systemwith great music playing.Do it often,and do it with an attitudeof gratefulness,not one of need.If you are in a state of want, you may continuewantingand not having.But if you are in a state of enjoyingand feelinggratefulfor whateverit is you desire,you will open unseendoors. So if you have faith that you will be drivinga bettercar, and you are confidentenoughto tell peopleyou'relooking for a better car,doorswill open.Thisis becauseGod,as far as the all-knowing,all-wisebestowerof giftsand kindness, livesin othersas well as in ourselves.God even livesin the ungodly.They may not even realizethey are helpingto answeryour needsby their involvement,but when you visualizethat whichyou want,and take a little actionby tellinga few people,you'veturneda hugekey. All of a sudden,a strangermight contactyou saying,'I heard you need a good car and I was about to sell mine cheap - just to get rid of it'. What just happened?First,you listenedto your authenticself and felt the time was right for a new car. Next,you enjoyedthe sensationof havingit and even felt gratefulfor it, way beforeanythinghappened.Next, you told a few peopleabout it, or madesomeinquiries. Finally,the answercamefrom somewhereusually unexpected.Here it is in spiritualterms:You sensedit was time for a car,you meditatedon it and felt the joy of havingit. Your emotionaljoy and communicationto others transmittedto the world that you were expectinga car,and lastly,God or the Universe,or whatevernameyou like, imposedupon the right personto contactyou,or they put the right car in the lot down the street whereyou felt you shouldlook.At any rate,a few peoplewere used in making all the detailscometogetherso that your desirecould be fulfilledor answered. I can vouchfor this working,as I have personally experiencedit in several areasof my life. Somepeople know it as the 'Law of Attraction'but whatevernameyou give it, or none at all, it works.We are energy,just living temporarilyin a humanform.The energycommunicates with similarenergyand thingshappen.Thisis far more powerfulthan workingtowardsour goalsand tryingto figureout just how they will comeabout.Leavethe hows out of the equation,and put your faith in your inner voice. That whichyou want will cometo you. For more information,pleasevisit



45 SecondStreet E. 613-932-4796

Ga r dening hmm? A bit off topic but? I thought I could ta lk a bit a bout Gr owth a nd Development in Denta l Pr evention ter ms. As a Register ed Denta l Hygienist a nd Qua lified Or ofa cia l M yology Ther a pist what better to discuss tha n Or ofa cia l M yology. W h at i s Or of aci al M yol ogy? ?Or ofacial M yology is defined as the study and tr eatm ent of or al and facial m uscles as they r elate to speech, dentition, chew ing/bolus collection, sw allow ing, and over all m ental and physical health,? by S. R. Holzm an.

Another definition is that or ofacial myofunctional disor der s (OM D), som etim es called ?or al myofunctional disor der ? and ?tongue thr ust,? ar e disor der s of the face, m outh, lips or jaw. OM D?s m ay affect, dir ectly and/or indir ectly, br eastfeeding, facial skeletal gr ow th and developm ent, chew ing, sw allow ing, speech, occlusion, tem por om andibular joint (TM J) m ovem ent, or al hygiene, stability of or thodontic tr eatm ent, facial aesthetics and m or e. Nor m al Devel opm en t All of us begin life w ith a tongue thr ust sw allow , by 6 to 8 year s of age, tr ansitioning out of tongue thr usting into cor r ect r esting tongue postur e and sw allow ing patter n. W hen an issue or disor der begins, w e can develop an OM D. W h at cau ses an OM D? An OM D includes abnor m al r epetitive habits such as nail biting, thum b, lip, tongue and finger sucking, pacifier s, or functional activities and postur es like tongue tie, m outh open lips apar t postur e, teeth clenching/gr inding, a for w ar d inter dental r est postur e of the tongue and thr usting of the tongue in speaking and sw allow ing w hich can open the dental bite beyond nor m al r est position.



@ the LIBRARY...



Warmlywith Smiles


w w w.libr ar ycor n w all.on .ca Facebook : libr ar ycor n w allon t ar io

Library Servicesin the Comfort of Your Home! Our Free St reaming Services! HOOPLA: With our HOOPLA streaming service, you can instantly borrow movies, music, eBooks, comics, audiobooks and more. KANOPY & KANOPY KIDS: More streaming with KANOPY, a service that showcases more than 30,000 of the world?s best films, including award-winning documentaries,rare and hard-to-find titles, film festival favorites, indie and classic films, and world cinema. Library members enjoy 5 downloads per month for each free Hoopla & Kanopy subscription, brought to you by Cornwall Public Library. Access these services and much more on our website?s eResources section at w w w.libr ar y.cor n w all.on .ca M ANGO LANGUAGES: A fun-infused way to learn a new language. Mango prepares learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 world languages, including French, Spanish & English. M ANY M ORE ONLINERESOURCESat libr ar y.cor n w all.on .ca/ en / er esou r ces VICTORIA DAY: library will be closed May 20th for Victoria Day. SUM M ER OPENING HOURS We are open Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 8:30 pm, Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am to 5 pm. The library will be closed Sundays beginning May 12 (Mother ?s Day). Sunday opening resumes on September 8th, 1 pm to 5 pm.

Rest post u r e t h er apy cor r ect s t h e f ol l ow i n g: Cor r ecting lips-open m outh apar t postur e Wor king to achieve lip com petence, r esting lip seal Recaptur ing nor m al dental fr eew ay space Cor r ect m uscle im balance w ith tongue r est and functional patter ns

W h at h appen s an d w hy be con cer n ed? OM D disor der s lead to disr uption of dental developm ent in childr en and over -er uption of selected teeth in adults. In tim e, dental m alocclusion, cosm etic pr oblem s and changes in jaw gr ow th, developm ent and position, as w ell as, im pair ed speech is noted in clients w ith OM D. For exam ple: Chr onic open m outh r est postur e leads to incr eased ver tical height of the face, r etr ognathic (r etr uded) chin, dow nw ar d and backw ar d gr ow th of the low er face and flaccid lips. Ther e also m ay be disfunction w ithin the nasal air w ays, adenoids and tonsils or aller gies w hich exacer bate the disor der. W h at di st i n gu i sh es den t al t r eat m en t f r om or of aci al m yol ogy t r eat m en t ? Dentist and Or thodontists ar e concer ned w ith teeth together r elationships, w hile or ofacial myofunctional ther apists ar e concer ned w ith teeth apar t postur es, behaviour s and m uscle r etr aining w or k of ther apy. The goal is ther apy to cr eate and r estor e nor m al pr ocesses of dental developm ent in the or al envir onm ent. Tr eatm ent of OM D is called r est postur e ther apy and is effective, consistent and successful.


W h o sh ou l d t r eat OM D?s? Speech pathologists, dentists and r egister ed dental hygienists seek additional tr aining in this specialty ar ea. They ar e specifically tr ained and/or cer tified as an Or ofacial M yologist w ith the cr edentials COM or QOM . I s t r eat m en t ef f ect i ve? Studies show an im pr ovem ent of OM D?s can be 80-90% effective. M any factor s contr ibute to success. Or al myofunctional ther apy cor r ects m uscle function pr oblem s w hich influence dental occlusion, facial shape, chew ing, sw allow ing and tongue lip and jaw r esting postur e. Team effor t, cooper ation and com m unication is essential for long ter m successful ther apy. Conta ct us today at The Polished Tooth for your Or ofa cia l Consultation or Denta l Hygiene Ca r e! CORNWALL Of f ice- 613-932-5501 #3 17305CornwallCenterRoad Cornwall,ON K6K1K5 ALEXANDRIA Of f ice- 613-525-9900 24 Main Street South, Alexandria,ON K0C1A0



w w w.polish edt oot h .ca


It h as been r epeated th at it tak es a com m u n ity to bu il d a H om e for th e Ar ts. Th e on goin g pr oject for an Ar t Cen tr e is a com m u n ity effor t to do ju st th at. Th e Cen tr e is on e m or e possibil ity for peopl e to be active an d en ter tain ed in ou r city. It is an exam pl e of wh at we val u e as qu al ity of l ife. Cor n wal l cl aim s to be a pl ace to r etir e, to gr ow, to pl ay an d to r aise ch il dr en . Gettin g an Aqu atic Cen tr e, th e state-of-th e-ar t Ben son Cen tr e, a M u seu m , a su per b Libr ar y an d m il es of bik e path s r equ ir ed h ar d wor k by team s of deter m in ed vol u n teer s, wh o bel ieved str on gl y th at su ch com pon en ts wer e fu n dam en tal to th e wel l bein g of al l citizen s r egar dl ess of age, sk il l s, an d in ter ests. Now it?s u p to th e com m u n ity to r aise $1,000,000. as its sh ar e of th e five to six m il l ion dol l ar s n eeded to r eal ize th e pr oject.

To give to th e Ar t Cen tr e, situ ated at 159 Pitt Str eet, is to in vest in th e fu tu r e.

watercolour by Jacquie Milner

Visit www.beth el in k .n et for m or e in for m ation or dr op off you r don ation at th e Fin an cial Depar tm en t at th e Civic Com pl ex, m ak in g you r ch equ e payabl e to Cen tr e for th e Ar ts Tr u st Fu n d. A r eceipt for tax pu r poses wil l be issu ed to don ation s of m or e th an $20.00. Th e Fu n dr aisin g Com m ittee for an Ar t Cen tr e





Th is can on l y be don e if th e peopl e of Cor n wal l do th eir par t by don atin g.


Th e city wil l gain a sm al l th eater of 175 to 200 h u n dr ed seats, an exh ibition space an d stu dio space for r eh ear sal s, m u sic an d ar t l esson s. It wil l m ak e Cor n wal l m or e attr active to visitor s an d fam il ies l ook in g to settl e in a safe, active, ver satil e pl ace.


Ar t Ex h i bi t i on at t h e Cor n w al l Li br ar y by Rose Desnoyer s Association Focus Ar t Association held its 15th Annual Jur ied Show on Satur day Apr il 6th at the Cor nw all Libr ar y. This year ar t w or ks w er e judged in categor ies of subject m atter r ather than by m edium as it has been in the past. Reaction to the new w ay of gr ouping the ar tw or k w as m ixed, but m ost agr eed that it w as an inter esting exper im ent that evoked differ ent genr e of com m ents fr om the judge Gisèle LaPalm e of the Hudson Ar t Gr oup. Aw ar ds w er e pr esented on Wednesday Apr il 10th. Her e ar e the w inner s for 2019.

M i x ed Cat egor y: Peopl e/Fi gu r es an d Scu l pt u r e/Th r ee Di m en si on al 1st Raoul Johnson Looking For Adventur e 2nd Debr a Pager ie Lady M ur iel

5 Star food, from scratch

3r d Linda Lou Phillips Br other ly Love 3r d Kevin J. M acDonald The Bachelor in Shanghai

Brunch availableevery day!

Lan dscapes/Seascapes/Ci t yscapes 1st Helen Jam es Bateau de la Seine 2nd Alan Bain Kingscote Tr ail 3r d M ar lene M cW illiam Ear th On Fir e

W i l dl i f e/An i m al s/Bi r ds 1st M ar lene M cW illiam The Egr et 2nd Car ole Caissy Best Fr iends 3r d Libby Cam er on A Tasty Tr eat 3r d Linda Lou Phillips Did Som eone Say Walkies 3r d Shaw n Thom pson Tr ee Sw allow Pointillism St i l l -l i f e Su bj ect s/Fl ow er s 1st Linda Nor ton For ever Lilac 2nd Suzanne M ayer Les Cer ises

Check out this special !

3r d Robin Patter son A Quiet Place To Rest 3r d Lois Flem ing Par r ot Tulips Abst r act : a) Der i vat i ve-m or ph ed an d I m agi n at i ve

Wednesdays and Thursdays

1st Audr ey Bain The Secr et

Any Pizza and Salad for $12

2nd Bar bar a Dar ling Fir st Attem pt 3r d Betty Rer r ie Peter Peter Pum pkin Eater

I t 's Ti m e To Nom i n at e t o t h e HALL OF FAM E FOR THE ARTS By Ela ineM a cDona ld,Centr e for the Ar tsCollective

The Hall of Fam e for the Ar ts w ill hold its second gala cer em ony on Fr iday, October 18, 2019 at the Best Wester n Inn and Confer ence Centr e. The them e is Bir ds of a Feather and attendees ar e w elcom e to incor por ate that m otif into their par ty in any w ay they choose, and or iginality w ill be r ecognized. The Hall of Fam e is a digital r epositor y of past and cur r ent ar tists, pr om oter s, sponsor s and suppor ter s w hich is displayed at w w w.cor nw allar tshalloffam . The Hall of Fam e is adm inister ed by the Centr e for the Ar ts Collective and they ar e cur r ently seeking nom inations for induction in October. The gener al public is encour aged to help populate the hall, by or ganizing a nom ination. Th e deadl i n e f or n om i n at i on s i s Ju l y 1, 2019 and after that, a panel w ill r eview the nom inations and select 10 to go for w ar d.


35 Second St reet East Nom inations over and above the chosen 10 w ill be banked for up to 3 year s. In that case, nom inator s w ill be notified that their subject w as not chosen for the cur r ent year ?s induction but that the nom ination is still active and w ill be consider ed w ith those that ar e subm itted in the follow ing year. The pr ocess is r elatively sim ple, w ith m ost of the necessar y infor m ation given thr ough a filling in of blanks in the nom ination fr om . The for m can be dow nloaded fr om the Hall of Fam e w ebsite or com pleted and subm itted online. Since the Hall of Fam e w as established in 2015, 17 people have taken their place as m em ber s; som e had passed aw ay year s befor e their nom ination, som e had r etir ed fr om active engagem ent and m any ar e cur r ently w or king as ar tists and pr om oter s. This r ange r eflects the intention of the Collective, w hich w as to honour contem por ar y ar tists and at the sam e tim e, to building a br idge into the histor y of ar tistic achievem ent in SD&G and


Akw esasne. For this r eason, ther e is no defined tim e fr am e fr om w hich nom inations m ust be dr aw n. Cur r ently, the state of the ar ts is ver y str ong in the r egion. W hile m any ar tists w or k on a solo basis, m any other s com e together in for m al or ganizations like Focus Ar t to collabor ate and shar e their ideas and skills and m ount com m unal show s. Theatr ical com panies ar e entir ely social in their activity and thanks to their w or k, the public can enjoy a steady succession of per for m ances by The Seaw ay Valley Theatr e Com pany, Vagabond Theatr e and L?Am algam e all year long. Or ganizations like these ar e eligible for induction into the Hall of Fam e too. Cur r ently the Hall of Fam e exists only online at w w w.cor nw allar tshalloffam but som eday, w hen the vacant bank at 159 Pitt Str eet is r epur posed, the Hall w ill take its place in the new hom e for the ar ts.




W e nd y

works best for them:

HUDSO N D.Div., C.A.E.H., C.D.W., C.S.H.

Being Mindf ul l y Grounded

With spring in the air and the snow finally disappearing, I can?t wait to get outside, take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the earth. This is how I like to ground and unfortunately, the cold, winter months that I dislike tend to make me feel very disconnected from the aliveness of Mother Earth. The term grounding means being mindfully in your body and is an important step for many things including reducing depression, anxiety, improving memory, focus and mental processing. It also helps your ability to adapt to stressful situations, reduces repetitive negative thoughts, and brings us into the NOW moment instead of the past or the future. Being grounded is also a very important first step when doing any kind of healing work since it will help you become aware of what?s happening to you in the present moment and what your thoughts, feelings, senses and your body is telling you. Being ungrounded can feel like being in ?outer space? as if you?re not in your body. You may be clumsy, dropping or walking into things. It can sound like constant negative self-talk relating to past events. It can also look like the inability to control emotions or concentrate. There are several techniques for learning how to ground yourself and everyone finds one that





Meditation- try calming music, a nice environment and focusing on your breath to help you reconnect and become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Body Scan- pay close attention to each part of your body and notice any physical sensations or discomfort that you feel. This can indicate stuck emotion or energy. Mindful Walking- also referred to as a ?walking meditation? where you notice how your body moves and feels with each step. Then expand your awareness to your surroundings and notice what you see, hear, smell and feel. Five Senses- if you have anxiety or panic attacks, you can ground yourself back into your body by making a conscious effort to notice the present moment through your senses: 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 4 things you hear, one thing you smell and one thing you taste. Tree of Life- see yourself as a tree with your roots anchored deep into the earth or you can also visualize yourself as a rock, heavy on the earth.

Being mindfully grounded to the earth and in your body can help you stay focused, calm and able to think in any situation, allowing you to draw upon your inner strength during challenging times. Enjoy the spring and warmer weather and if you see me in the park in bare feet, I invite you to join me as we ground together.

To find out more about what we do, who we are, what we teach and any upcoming workshops and classes, please visit our website at

Your video was in violation of Ste ve notice. Article 13. Your video gets taken down.

YouTube gets sued, you get sued. Yeah, fun times. YouTube won't be the only sharing platform affected. Any social networking service that allows for the re-posting of images, videos, or music could be made liable. Now, with the huge volume of content that is being shared and uploaded to dozens of services, it would be close to impossible to prevent some sort of copyrighted content from being uploaded, even inadvertently. So what's the best defense for these services?


BURKE Art icl e 13 Wil l Become Law What is Article 13 and why should you be concerned?

Article 13 is a controversial European copyright protection law that will make 3rd party hosting service liable for any infringement for the rebroadcasting of copyrighted content. Another provision within Article 13 states that search engines and social media providers will have to pay news publishers to feature snippets of their content. Although this is set to become a European law, Canadians should be very concerned if something like Article 13 is adopted here. Here's a scenario to illustrate why Article 13 is going to be a "bad" law. You are at a carnival with your kids and decide to record them while they are on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Music is playing, maybe a Guns & Roses song. You inadvertently record that song along with the video of your kids on the ride. You upload it to YouTube. BAM! You get a take down


Well, if I were them, I'd shut down my European operations. And that, folks, amounts to censorship on truly a global scale. While I certainly agree that copyright holders need to be protected, making the 3rd party hosting service liable for content that they can?t effectively police is ridiculous. Any reasonable and sane individual can see that the European law makers have not thought through the ramifications of Article 13. I would love to see ALL European social media services and the servers that host them shut down for a month. It would effectively be a blackout of European online content. If the various services, and related hosting companies, did that, I would predict that the law would be repealed. Canadians must ensure that we don?t adopt an ?Article 13?. The Internet needs less, not more, censorship.





Int er view wit h Of Mice & Men

dr ummer

Val ent ino Ar t eaga Art icl e by Jason Set nyk | Submit t ed Phot o

Ottaw a, Ontar io ? Califor nia m etalcor e band Of M ice & M en ar e tour ing w ith Bear tooth, and both bands played The Br onson Centr e Theatr e in Ottaw a on Apr il 16th. Of M ice & M en have enjoyed num er ous accolades as a band since for m ing in 2009. For exam ple, Of M ice & M en have r eached the top of the Billboar d char ts, they also had over 150 m illion str eam s on Spotify and over 20 m illion view s on Youtube. Of M ice & M en have tour ed ar ound the w or ld and have shar ed the stage w ith bands like M etallica, Linkin Par k, and Queens of the Stone Age. This past autum n Of M ice & M en w er e in the studio r ecor ding new m ater ial w ith r enow ned m usic pr oducer Josh W ilbur. Last m onth fans got to hear a new single called ?How To Sur vive?. The new song is m uch heavier than the r ecor dings fr om their pr evious album titled Defy. ?How To Sur vive? has alr eady been played over 1 m illion tim es on YouTube! ?After tour ing on Defy w e w anted to go for a heavier sound. Yes, it w as intentional. We looked at our upcom ing tour s in 2019, and this is the sound w e w anted. We w or ked w ith pr oducer Josh W ilbur w ho has w or ked on a ton of incr edible m etal album s. He has an incr edible r esum e and he?s w or ked w ith bands like Lam b of God and Tr ivium . It w as cool to w or k w ith him because w e got som ebody w ho know s w hen a r ift is sick and w hen a r ift is w ack . We com pleted the new m ater ial and have som ething that ever yone is r eally pr oud of and w e dived into a new level of heavy. People w ill be able to hear that com ing soon. The song ?How To Sur vive? is the star t, just w ait,? said Of M ice & M en dr um m er Valentino Ar teaga (also know n as Tino). The lyr ics of ?How To Sur vive?, w r itten by Of M ice & M en fr ontm an Aar on Pauley explor es the them es of isolationism and sur viving w hile being an outsider. The lyr ics r esonate closely w ith Tino and the other m em ber s of the band.

?I?ve alw ays played m usic. The fir st instr um ent I lear ned w as the violin and I w as four. I w ent fr om violin to piano, then fr om piano to guitar , then I lear ned saxophone and flute. It w asn?t until I star ted a punk band in my par ents living r oom w hen I w as a teenager that I got a dr um kit. The dr um m er didn?t have a dr um kit. I r eally w anted to have band pr actice at my house. I w as playing guitar at the tim e, but saved up my m oney and bought a Pear l Expor t kit off Cr aiglist for our dr um m er , so he could play dr um s at my house, and if w e had a show he could play the dr um s because he didn?t have a dr um kit. Our band br oke up, and I had a dr um kit at my house, and I thought I should lear n how to play it. I w as 15 at the tim e, and I?ve been playing dr um s for over half my life now. It?s funny how that all cam e about. The dr um s ar e fun, and they?r e ther apeutic too. I?m definitely not an angr y per son, but m usic, and m etal, and the dar k side of m usic has alw ays spoken to myself and my dr um m ing. Being able to cr eate that m usic, but know it?s not only ther apy for myself but for our audience and listener s, it?s r eally cool. The dr um m er is the only one in the band doing the ver y pr im al r hythm and dr um s. It?s a pr im al thing that dates back to befor e civilization. Now I?m playing the best dr um s on the planet,? Tino r ecollected. Tino and the r est of the band Of M ice & M en w er e looking for w ar d to r etur ning to the nation?s capital. ?We?r e r eally excited to be com ing thr ough, w e?r e br inging heavy tunes, and w e?r e com ing thr ough w ith Bear tooth, so it?s going to be gnar ly. Dr ink lots of w ater , stay hydr ated, because this is going to be a night to r em em ber ,?Tito concluded. The concer t w as pr esented by Spectr asonic Sound. Rea d the full inter view on theseeker .ca .

?We can r elate to it r ight now. W hen w e w r ite m usic a lot of it is r eflective and intr ospective to our selves. At any point in life, you can feel m ar ginalized. You can be headlining ar enas ar ound the w or ld or tour ing festivals, and still, feel like ther e ar e people against you. Or ther e ar e pr oblem s in your life that ar e out of your contr ol. That?s r elative to anybody?s life, and w e all feel that w ay at som e point. It?s a battle cr y not only to our selves but to our audience that w e know w hat that?s like and feel that. It?s a r eal feeling. You can com e out on top, you can over com e those feelings, and over com e that isolation and m ar ginalization that other people put on you. It star ts w ith you. You push your ow n boundar ies and cr eate the r eality ar ound you. If people ar e going to judge you, you have to find a w ay to let it not affect you as m uch as it w ould nor m ally. W ith our m usic, w e w r ite it about our selves, and how w e feel. W hen w e put out to the w or ld, w e r ealize it?s not just us, w e find out ever yone feels this w ay at one point. Ever yone needs that kick to the next level to r ealize w hat?s im por tant or w hat needs to be done,? Tino stated. Tino has been a m usician since he w as just four year s old, and he picked up his fir st dr um kit at the age of 15. It w as a decision that w ould change the cour se of his life. It w ould eventually lead to him dr um m ing for Of M ice & M en.






1 wed

Buried in Treasures Workshop @ CMHA Champlain East / ACSM Champlain Est @ 1:30 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Campaign Nomination Rally for Eric Duncan @ Ramada Inn @ 7:00 pm

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No thing ???

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Meet the Team! An evening of chatter with The Kovinich Group! @ 46 2nd Street W. @ 5:00 pm

Canadian Flag Paddle Workshop @ Simply Rewritten @ 5:30 pm Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 6:30 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

Stayin Alive, Tribute To The Bee Gees, 2nd Show Added @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's3 @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

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4 sat

READY, SET, SHOP AT THE RELAY RUMMAGE SALE. @ Fine's Home Hardware all-day

2nd Annual Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walkathon @ Cornwall Civic Complex Bandshell @ 5:30 am Garage and Bake Sale @ St. Therese Church Hall @ 8:00 am ? 1:00 pm IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer?s ? Cornwall @ Benson Centre @ 9:00 am Spring Craft & Vendor Sale @ Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School Cornwall @ 10:00 am Calligraphy class for adults @ 1:00 pm ? 2:30 pm

m ay

3fr i

secondaire catholique La Citadelle @ 6:30 pm ? 9:30 pm

Bring on the SASS @ Nights of Columbus all-day

Opening Day at the Village @ Upper Canada Village @ 9:30 am

An Italian Evening @ Cornwall Curling Centre @ 6:00 pm Seaway Winds ? Showtime! @ Aultsville Theatre @ 7:30 pm

Book Signing: Author Colin Knight @ Coles Cornwall @ 10:30 am

Spring Bus Trip @ St. Laurent Shopping Centre @ 8:30 pm ? 8:30 pm

Grade 7&8 Dance @ École

Lions leading Sheep, Chris Benton

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G

@ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

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su n

Mother?s day Craft show and High Tea @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 10:00 am

Scrubs & Uniform sale @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 10:00 am Krispy Kreme Spring Fundraiser @ Canadian Tire @ 11:00 am Warmup Western Games and Obstacle Race @ williamstown fairgrounds @ 11:00 am Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day @ Knox ? St. Paul?s United Church @ 2:00 pm ? 4:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 5:49 pm ? 6:49 pm



South Stormont Township Hall @ Community Hall @ 10:00 am

Elements of Wicca @ The Purple Broomstick @ 6:30 pm Theology on Tap @ Boston Pizza @ 7:00 pm

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Cornwall and Area Bird Club Meeting @ St Lawrence River Institute @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm

m ay



Buried in Treasures Workshop @ CMHA Champlain East / ACSM Champlain Est · Cornwall, Ontario @

1:30 pm Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

m ay



m ay

6 m on

m ay

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 6:30 pm

Community Drum Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Gordon Belsher & Richard Wood From PEI @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm



Event s subject t o change - pl ease see Current Event s or pl ace your own event f or incl usion on our websit e at www.t

Historic SDG Jail?s Paranormal Lock Up hosted by Phantoms of Yore @ Cornwall Historical Jail @ 7:00 pm

Mother?s Day Seaglass Art Workshop @ Havenside Designs @ 6:00 pm Historic SDG Jail?s Paranormal Lock Up hosted by Phantoms of Yore @ Cornwall Historical Jail @ 7:00 pm

Rhapsody @ Aultsville Theatre @ 7:30 pm ? 8:30 pm

Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, SRV Experience @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm

SVTC Presents ?A Comedy of Tenors? @ 7:30 pm

SVTC Presents ?A Comedy of Tenors? @ 7:30 pm

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's@ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

Cornwall Concert Series ? Beethoven on Record @ Aultsville Theatre@ 8:00 pm

Eagles Tribute @ Bonnie Glen Pavillion @ 9:00 pm

m ay

11 sat

Char-Lan Spring Market @ Char-lan high school @ 10:00 am

International Boys Day @ St.Lawrence College @ 12:00 pm ? 1:00 pm The Vicious Varieties Pie In The Face Fundraiser @ Cooper Marsh Conservation@ 1:00 pm Charity Chili Challenge @ pin Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District @ 4:00 pm

m ay

12 su n

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

Mother?s day Dinner and Dance @ Royal Canadian Legion @ 3:00 pm ? 7:02 pm Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

m ay

13 m on

Elements of Wicca @ The Purple Broomstick @ 6:30 pm

m ay

14 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall@ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

Cornwal l Jail and Bail @ Cornwal l Square Al l Day m ay

15 wed

Buried in Treasures Workshop @ CMHA Champlain East / ACSM Champlain Est · Cornwall, Ontario

@ 1:30 pm Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm m ay

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16 thur

Karaoke Night @ Seaway Senior Citizens Club @ 5:00 pm ? 6:00 pm

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 6:30 pm

The Awakening Angels Wellness Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm m ay

17 fr i

SVTC Presents ?A Comedy of Tenors? @ 7:30 pm

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm m ay

18 sat

COPA for Kids ? Free Flights @ Cornwall Regional Airport in Summerstown. @ 9:00 am

4th Annual SD&G Small Business Trade Show @ South Stormont @ 10:00 am SVTC Presents ?A Comedy of Tenors?@ 7:30 pm CCR Tribute with Swamp @ Lancaster Park Outdoor Resort @ 8:00 pm Sandman Live in Cornwall @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm m ay

19 su n

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4pm to 7pm

CALL 6 1 3 -9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 fo r info o n ho w to p la ce a PAID EVENT AD.

1fr i0

Music Trivia Mania 2019 @ pin 1160 South Branch Road, Cornwall, @ 6:30 pm

ABGC Mad Hatters Tea party @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 6:00 pm


m ay


M AY CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

Event s subject t o change pl ease see Current Event s at www.t

in Co rnw a ll


M AY CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o see i n Co r n w a lal n d SD& G @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

24 fr i

SVTC Presents ?A Comedy of Tenors?@ matinée Elements of Wicca @ The Purple Broomstick @ 6:30 pm

Do To No thing W ho sa y s The re 's

PU LL-OU T sect i o n

1 -g r ab i t 2 -p u l l i t 3 -p i n i t

Tribute To George Strait @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 8:00 pm

m ay

27 m on

Elements of Wicca @ The Purple Broomstick 6:30 pm

m ay

m ay

25 sat

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Incredible Edible Plant Festival @ Justice Building @ 12:00 pm

Women Empowered Meeting @ RCAFA Wing 424 @ 6:30 pm

m ay

1:30 pm

SD&G Animal Centre Open House @ SPCA su n Ontario Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Animal Centre @ 10:00 am


m ay Buried in Treasures Workshop @ CMHA Champlain East / ACSM Champlain Est · Cornwall, Ontario @

Children?s Treatment Center Charity Ride @ St.Lawrence College @ 8:45 am

Singing our hearts out for hospice @ Agora centre @ 11:00 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

22 wed

Art Walk @ Downtown Cornwall @ 4:00 pm

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

m ay

21 tue

Th e Seek er

m ay

Cornwall Speedway Season Opener @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

20 m on


m ay

23 thu

Nicholas Seguin @ Summerheights Golf Links @ 5:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm

Beers and Gears Dinner @ Stomping Grounds @ 6:30 pm

Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 6:30 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

m ay

28 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am

? 11:30 am Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm m ay


Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm

Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church@ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

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Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 6:30 pm

Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm m ay


Grade 7&8 @ École secondaire catholique La Citadelle @ 5:30 pm ? 9:30 pm

Optimist Game Night @ Optimist Clubhouse @ 6:00 pm Ryan Lalonde @ NAV Centre @ 7:30 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm


The SEEKER needstoknow...

We have moved t o a bigger l ocat ion! Please join us for our

Grand Opening

Saturday May 11th, 9-5 812 Pitt St., Unit 52, Cornwall, ON

Prizes, free workshops, refreshments. For Grand Opening details, visit Used Books, Art, Crafts, Artisanal Products, and more...

YOGIFORA DAY By Sylvie O?Rou r k e

Somewhere in the deep snow a bell tolls. It is 5:30 a.m., the beginning of the daily routine at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Val-Morin, Quebec. It is the signal to rise and get ready because by the next bell in twenty minutes?time, we need to be outside making our way to the temple by the light of the moon for Satsang. This is a gathering where we will meditate and chant. For people attending camp for the first time this is a bit of a culture shock. I have been here before and know what to expect, but we have a few Outdoor Club members with us this time to share the experience. We take a seat cross-legged on a mat in the darkened room filled with images and statues of deities of all denominations. We are asked to close our eyes, be still, and chase out the thoughts entering our minds with a mantra. I am far from skilled at quieting my mind. In fact, my meditative thoughts tend to go something like this: "Om? what to write for the next Seeker magazine? Om? add bananas to the grocery list. Om? must? move? leg,??and so on. By the time I finally open my eyes, the sun has risen. Next comes the rhythmic chanting to the beat of drums and tambourines. The songs remind me a little of French ?chansons Ă rĂŠpondre?, where someone sings a few lines and everyone else repeats them. The major difference is that these songs are in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language somewhat equivalent to Latin for us. I try my best to follow along and it really doesn?t matter that I don?t understand the words because I feel uplifted by the rhythm. The chanting ends and after a short lecture we



head back to our rooms for a few minutes. The 8 a.m. bell rings announcing the start of the two-hour yoga classes. I opt for a gentle class as I know all too well that my abdomen muscles will be protesting in the morning. I am happy to hear the next bell. Yes! It is finally time for brunch, the first of two daily meals prepared here. The delicious food is vegetarian and consumed yogi-style, that is while sitting on the floor. The meal is followed by Karma yoga, the practice of selfless service. This is the guests' opportunity to give back to the centre by washing dishes, sweeping the floor, folding towels, or shoveling snow, for there is no maid service here. Most of the afternoon is free-time but this weekend my husband, Kevin, is volunteering to lead a snowshoeing event. First we take the beginners on a flatter trail, and then we go up the mountain with the more advanced group. Because we are breaking trail in deep snow, I am content to have the task of sweeping the group to keep an eye out for stragglers because this means that I don?t have to work nearly as hard as the people up front. Tonight we will meet for a third time to snowshoe by moonlight, but first there is another yoga class to get through. By the end of the day I do not need a bell to tell me it is time for bed. I am exhausted and fully aware that dawn will come soon enough with it daily routine. There certainly is more to a yogi?s life than rest and relaxation. To learn more about the Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air, visit our website at



m id-M ar cht o m id-Apr ilr esu lt s 4 Scr abble

session s

communicate withVivianne Panizzon:

Toinquireaboutor tojointheCornwall Scrabble Clubat theCornwall PublicLibrary,

By Vivianne Panizzon,Club Director

Get t i n g M ar r i ed ? Needa DJ- Vi d eo g r ap-hInervi t at i o n s? Visitdjshel : l orcal l Mai-Liis : & Shel don @613-932-481


21 REASONS WHY WE LOVE CORNWALL & AREA By Jenni MacDonal d and Michael Vander Meer

Why do we love Cornwall? Why would someone want to live here? This month, here are the next 7 reasons... # 15 TRAVEL - if you do a lot of travelling for business or pleasure, Cornwall is a great place to be. We are located within one hour from two major airports offering flights all over the world. For those who often travel to the United States, there is a commuter airport in Ogdensburg offering cheaper flights to American destinations. There is also the Cornwall Regional Airport for recreational flying as well as smaller private airports scattered throughout the 3 United Counties of S.D.&G. We are also a stop on the VIA railway line that connects Montreal with Toronto. Taxis and a local bus system make getting around the City easy and convenient as well. # 16 FAIRS AND ANNUAL EVENTS ? There is a lot to do in the 3 United Counties. The Williamstown Fair is the oldest annual fair in Canada. The Maxville Highland Games is an international attraction that has been attended by several Prime Ministers over the years. The Stormont Fair (Newington) offers a demolition derby which is a big attraction. We have great local seasonal events such as Alight at Night and Pumpkinferno at Upper Canada Village and Ribfest at Lamoureux Park. You will never be bored in the 3 United Counties and Cornwall sits in the middle of all the action. # 17 WINTER ACTIVITIES - If you love winter, you will love Cornwall & Area for its many winter activities. Cornwall has great activities such as curling, skating, hockey, ice fishing and if you like to ski many great slopes within driving distance. You can also enjoy miles of groomed trails throughout S.D&G if you like to snowmobile or 4Wheel. If you are an NHL fan, a short one hour drive gets you to a live game in Montreal or Ottawa. # 18 PIZZA, POUTINE, CURDS & PERCH ROLLS Cornwall is reputed to have the best pizza in the



Country. Some people have been known to actually buy half cooked pizzas and bring them home after visiting Cornwall. Our poutine is also 2nd to none and is often made with St Alberts Cheese curds - which is another Cornwall & area treat. And let's not forget the world-famous Lancaster Perch Rolls which are only available around Cornwall and area. # 19 SHOPPING - Cornwall has lots of shopping and offers everything from big box stores to smaller locally owned stores. You can usually find everything you need in Cornwall but if you can't find it here, Ottawa & Montreal are just an hour away. Or there are even more shopping options available a short ride over the bridge in the United States? although we always recommend shopping local when possible. # 20 NO MORE SMELL - Cornwall used to be a mill town and had a bad reputation for its smell. In fact, it was jokingly referred to as the ?armpit of Ontario? and a place to pass through because of the smell. Cornwall was even mentioned in a Just for Laughs comedy special in which the comedian made some snide remarks about driving through Cornwall ?the stinky place?. Over the years, the nasal offending companies have shut down or moved on. Cornwall is now smell free and a great place to live. Although it was hard losing those good paying jobs, Cornwall rebounded well and we have a very prosperous future ahead of us. # 21 THE PEOPLE - there are lots of friendly people in Cornwall and area and we have social activities for all ages. Some of these people have gone on to become celebrities such as Ryan Gosling - the Mouseketeer that became a big screen star - or Roy Nichols who ended up being the drummer for April Wine and is now on an Epic Journey (some of you will get this). Cornwall was also home to the Barstool Prophets that went on to record a couple of albums. There is also Peter Gatien that started out in the bar



To all Mother's reading my column to-day, I wish you will be surounded with your families' tenderness, caring and love all year, not just to-day. A Mother's love must be cherished forever. Whether a young Mom, or a Grandma or Great Grandma, you are so important in your family. You must set an example for your children and grandchildren, showing your patience, wisdom and constant love. I wish my beloved Mum was here to-day with me. It will be 25 years this June since her passing. Gary's Mum is 35 years this year. Both our Mum's shared all of our families special occasions with us. That is so important to make the time to simply talk to all of your loved ones. Enjoy a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!



1 - 4 bone standing pr im e r ib r oast 10 lb. or m or e (I used a 2 bone standing pr im e r ib r oast w eighing4-1/2 lb. See below for the differ ent tim ing I used for the sm aller sized r oast.) 1 cup of flour lots of Kosher salt and Butcher 's choice coar sely gr ound pepper (fr om Shar yn's pantr y of cour se)nutmeg

-You m ust allow the r oast to be out of the r efr iger ator for at least a m inim um of 3 hour s. -M ake sur e that your oven is quite clean as you m ust set the tem per atur eto 500 degr eesF. If it isn't, your sm oke alar m w ill be going off! So set the tem per atur eof your oven at 500 Degr eesF. -If you have an oven ther m om eter ,check to see that your oven is r egister ingthe pr oper tem p. -Lay a piece of w axed paper or plastic w r ap on you counter top. Place the flour , Kosher salt and Butcher 's choice coar sely gr ound pepper. Stir this w ith your finger s to

com bine.

the oven, it w ill be a per fect m edium r ar e r oast to enjoy!

-Place the r oast on the flour m ixtur e and r ub it w ith the m ixtur e to com pletely coat top, bottom and sides w ith it.

HERE IS THE TIM INGFOR A 2-BONEROAST: -Roast the beef in the r oast pan, uncover ed,in the 500 degr ee oven for just 30 m inutes,then tur n off the heat, leave the r oast undistur bedfor the sam e 2 hour s. Do not open the oven door dur ing this tim e.

-Place the r oast in a suitable sized r oast pan, fat side up. Place the r oast and pan, uncover ed into the pr e-heated 500 degr ee F. oven. -Fr om now on DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR FOR ANY REASON.


-Roast the m eat for exactly 1 hour. Then w ithout opening the oven door , tur n off the heat of the oven and allow the r oast to continueto cook, undistur bed w ith the heat still in the oven for exactly 2 m or e hour s. No peeking and no checking. Leave it alone.

-Roast the beef in the r oast pan, uncover ed,in the 500 degr ee oven for 45 m inutes,then tur n off the heat, leave the r oast undistur bedfor the sam e 2 hour s. Do not open the oven door dur ing this tim e.

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-That's it. After the 2 hour s in

See recipe for really good oven baked potatoeson our websiteat


an d r eal l y g ood ov en b ak ed p ot at oes Sharyn Thompson, Owner of Sharyn's Pantry 812 Pitt St. Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 - family owned for 38 yrs

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The Seeker 2 in 1 flip - May / June 2019  

The Seeker 2 in 1 flip - May / June 2019