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Seeker Chick Mai-Liis at Modern Primitive, Cornwall Square
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Is 800 t oo m uch?

The recent announcementabout the sale of the RamadaInn to becomean asylum seeker processingcentrehassparked a great deal of debateand controversy While some have expressed support for thisdecision,othersbelieve that it is simplytoo many peopleto handlefor a small communitysuch as ours

First and foremost,it is important to recognizethat welcoming and supportingasylum seekersis an essent ial part of any compassionateand just society These are individualswho have fled their home countriesdue to persecution,violence,and other formsof hardship,and they deserveour help and support as they begin to rebuild their lives However,it is also important to recognizethat there are limitsto what any communitycan handle in termsof resources,infrastructure,and social cohesion

For a communityof 47,000 people,800 asylum seekers representsa significant demographicshift To be clear,800 representsan increaseof 1 7%to the population Thisinflux of new residentswill place a strain on local resources,including housing,schools,healthcare,and social services Additional resourcesshould be added to accommodate But in a world alreadyshort on everything;doctors,nurses,teachers...How do we do that?

The sudden arrival of a large number of refugeesmay also create social tensionsand lead to feelingsof resentment and division amongcommunitymembers One critiqueI've been consistently hearingis "How can they justify payingto house 800 refugees when they can't even providehousingfor current residents?" However untrue,I can see how the question would be brought up

While some may argue that this influx of new residentswill create jobsand stimulateeconomicgrowth,othersmay point to the potential for increased competitionfor jobsand resources,as well as the strain that providingfor the needsof so many people could place on local businessesand organizations For example, our mayor wasrecentlyinterviewedon City NewsEverywhere and mentioned that the city is currentlyat risk of loosingsome of the conventionsthat have been hosted here for yearsbecauseof the high volumeof hotel roomsrepurposedto house the asylum seekers

Although I think that extending a warm welcome and providing assistance to individuals who are seeking refuge from their home countries in pursuit of a better life is a crucial aspect of any compassionate and equitable society, I hold the belief that accommodating 800 asylum seekers is too overwhelming for a community of 47,000 people to manage It's imperative to thoughtfully evaluate the requirements of both the asylum seekers and the existing community when determining the number of individuals to accept into a particular region. Additionally, the Federal government, which bears responsibility for immigration, should assume the financial burden that has been shifted to the city

So what did I do dur ing the month of Febr uar y?

I haveto say,February hasbeen a bit of a rough month for me On Saturday,February 11th I visited the Senior ActiveLiving Fair at the Seaway Senior CitizensClub

I wassupposed to be visitingthisevent with my mother sinceI found out that at the ageof 50 you can join the Centre(and beingjust a tad over that ageLOL !!!) I thought takingpart in someof the Centre'sactivitieswould be somethingthat my mother and I could do together and "Chill at the sametime" but alasour visit together didn't takeplaceasmy mother (89 years young)fell on Thursday the 8th and fractured her hip, requiringsurgery and possibly a 3 week (or more) "vacation" in the hospital,(Cornwall Community Hospital)whereI haveto say she isreceivingexemplary carefrom the doctors,nurses, Psws,rehab staff and of coursestartingwith the surgeon,Dr ReinaYao,who fortunately wasable to operateon her at 6pm on the day that she wasadmitted

Anyway,assoon asmy mother isbetter we will be checkingout the Centrebut I wasso happy that I attended the Senior Active LivingFair astherewereso many great exhibitorssharingso much information on their wonderful services We are truly blessed to haveso many Senior-relatedbusinessesand services herein Cornwall and I knew it wasgoingto be a well attended event when I had a hard timefindinga parkingspot anywhere near the Seaway Senior CitizensClub which islocated at 506 Pitt Street,Cornwall Ontario - 613-932-4969 For moreinfo visit: www seawayseniors ca

To complement the many exhibitors,therewerealso some great workshopsto attend and I really enjoyed the Gardening Presentation at the end of the day titled,"Can you dig it?Get ready to garden" by Fred and Freda Deschamps I had been so busy visitingall the boothsthat timeflew by and I only had timeto attend that onepresentation which wasreally informative Fred and Freda will be at Seedy Saturday on Saturday,March 18th at the Benson Centrefrom 10:30 am to 2pm. (another event that I am so looking forward to and hopefully my mother,also an avid gardener,will be ableto attend with medependingon how swiftly her recovery progresses)

and we even got to singHappy Birthday to a member of the Senior'sCentrewho turned 90 yearsyoungthat day,(lady in the bluecoat) showingushow easy it isto stay youngwhen you aresurrounded by such great people!!!

Check out all the pics of my visit on The Seeker the Seeker Facebook Page

I want to say a " BIGTHANKYOU" to Seeker Chick Julia who prettywell put theMarchSeeker layouttogetherherselfas Sheldonand I havebeen crazilypackingup 10yearsof stuff from our houseon FourthStreetto moveout to theTiny House that you seeabove Pic1 isthephotothat Sheldonshowedme2 yearsagoand askedmeif I wouldlikethishouseand pic2 iswhat hehasbuilt for me- still somework to do but wearenearlythere!



How Reinvent ing Myself Led t o a Dream Job and Lifelong Friendships


arriveson the heelsof one of the lowest pointsof life I reinvented myself on the heelsof one of those moments It wasspring 2020,and the world had changed due to Covid My marriage of almost 36 years wasin serious trouble After many weeksof questions, my spouse walked in to tell me he wasleaving me Heart broken in a million pieces,I cried for afew weeks And then I picked myself up and returned to my hometown of Cornwall,(we had been living in Quebec),and to the supportive arms of family and friends I went to Jobzone to see how they could help me in my first week I wascollecting unemployment because I had worked right up until I left the province I wasput into Second Careers,aprogram for people who are returning to school who can? t find another way to do it I moved into an apartment,the first time I had ever lived on my own because I married out of high school at the age of 19 For the first time,I felt my life could be different I had been dreaming of returning to school for 20 years,and I wasnot going to waste thisopportunity

We were the classof 2020 The first classto graduate aspart of the Cohort impacted by Covid and the quick pivot education had to do I was55 yearsold,and just asexcited asthe generation fresh out of high school

Joining astudy group in October,I made my first real friend, Melanie Avon Mel wasaPSW for 14 years,while managing her own businessasaSpiritual healer since 2015 Her dream wasalwaysabout helping others Growing within the broken foster care system,Mel wasateen mom to 2 children,dreaming of helping kidslike herself

Mel and I joined forces Through the highsand lowsof 2 years,we stuck with each other More than afriend,she often wasthe voice of reason in my turbulent personal life, asI washers All done through technology,because of the restrictionsof Covid,we burned up Teams,going from course to course and term to term We were the best cheerleaderswe could be for each other

Monthsinto the first year,we added Angelato our circle

In April of 2022 we all graduated together We worried, pushed,stressed,and dared to dream through our college days,and both graduated with 4 0 Angelaalso graduated with distinction

It wasagood time to be aSocial Service Worker

Mel got ajob asaChild Protection Worker in Prescott-Russell and is certified with the province of Ontario.

Angelaapplied and got ajob working asa counsellor at St DenisHouse,where we did our last project of the year before we graduated.

I never made it back into geriatrics,where I did my placements Under ateacher?s recommendation,I began my dream job asan Intensive Case Manager with the Canadian Mental Health Association My job isto help people like my mother,who struggle with mental illnessand concurrent addictions.

Sometimesyou get asecond chance Don? t waste yours


ZipGrow: Changing the Future of Food




that workswell for him.?Embrace change and make it work,?he sayswith confidence ?I like opportunitiesand I will find away to make them work When I?m in,I give 100% ?Eric speaksfrom experience having started and sold four successful businesses in the past,including an international brokerage for recycled plasticsand aplastic recycling business?the first of itskind

Hiscurrent businessZipGrow Inc came about unexpectedly when alocal farmer approached him for aloan to set up a container farm (an indoor vertical farm that operatesinside of arepurposed shipping container) Container farmsare capable of yielding produce efficiently within a compact space using hydroponic systems and artificial lighting in acontrolled environment Having grown up on alarge farm that used traditional farming methods, Eric saw an opportunity to change the future of food for the better through agricultural technical advancementsand education

Two of the biggest problems farmersface in cold weather regionsisthe short growing season and their dependency on the weather Container farming would allow them to take farming indoors Eric thought it wasagreat idea! Being the visionary that he is,Eric saw how indoor farming could potentially change the quality and accessibility of the food supply system

Sometime around 2016-17, ZipGrow Inc took shape Today, the facility at 650 Cumberland Street in Cornwall manufactures and installs vertical hydroponic indoor farming systems for large commercial farms as well as hobby farms ?We assemble and ship ourZipGrow? Towers around the world,? says Eric who readily admits to loving the travel perks of his job ?The next farm I?ll visit is in Halifax; I?ve been to Egypt, and next month Thailand ?

Food security isan issue that affectspeople all over the world ?In many cases,COVID wasthe instigator,?saysEric ?Consumers were seeing empty shelvesin some stores asdeliveriesslowed and gaspricesrose

When you consider that produce travels an average of 3000 kilometersor more to reach consumersin North America,and by then it is10 daysold,it becomesareality that food priceswill continue to increase as fresh produce becomesscarcer We have to find abetter way to do this?

One solution isto grow food closer to stores In-home growing isanother way We also have to educate our children for the future Eric speaksproudly of the program ZipGrow offersthrough the Upper Canada School Board that teacheskidshow to grow food year round in the classroom ?We also created Upstart University online for studentswho want to become skilled

hydroponic growerson their own time It givesthem online accessto comprehensive guides,e-booksand PDF Courses We also offer a week of training at our facility to anyone who wantsto start their own farm ?

There are many advantagesto indoor hydroponic farming. Essentially,it allows outdoor farming to come indoorswhere plantscan be grown year round in a controlled environment ?Growersare not limited to leafy greens,? Eric says,?they can get into different produce like strawberries,and foods typically grown in other countries,aswell aspeppers, tomatoes,and eggplant to name a few The hydroponic grow system allows usto create whatever climate the plant requires,for example,humidity

We use LED lights, which are adjustable to fit the needsof the plant

We often hear consumerscomplain that produce like lettuce and tomatoes isbred specifically to withstand distance and travel time Because of this,they end up being tasteless Those same consumersare pleasantly surprised to find the produce grown by local farmersistastier and more nutritious Thisisnot public newsyet,but at ZipGrow,we plan to start selling our own produce locally Consumerswill get to judge for themselvesthe difference in taste ?

Asked what ZipGrow?sbiggest concern is right now,Eric wasquick to respond ?Our financial institutionsdo not understand hydroponic farming Standardsare very important to them and our concept doesnot fit the mold Our method involvesplanting without soil and thisraisesquestionsin their mindsabout taste and value This makesit very difficult for our customersto get financing ?

ZipGrow?smission isto design and manufacture the most economically viable, resource efficient and productive hydroponic equipment possible,while educating and supporting the ZipGrow farming community ?Unfortunately,we don? t alwaysget the reception we?d like from the general population who think our company isacannabisstore I would like the community to know that our company is world renowned and that ZipGrow hasbecome the main company in the hydroponic field ?Thisisno small feat for abusiness tucked away in acorner of Eastern Ontario!

It will take time and perhaps more involvement for ZipGrow to earn the respect and recognition the company deservesfrom the community ?Sometimeswe get so busy running a businessthat we forget how important it is to develop a relationship with the community,?Eric admits In the meantime,he and his dedicated team will continue to work towardsbuilding abetter food system where everyone hasequal accessto the highest quality,environmentally and economically sustainable produce possible

If you would like to learn more about ZipGrow Inc and their complete line of products,visit wwwzipgrow com or call 855-947-4769 to arrange atour of the facility




Poetry Corner...

featuring a Poem

At a r ec center

the glowing embers stoked by a sleepy sun a sunburn from the day before I sit on the bench out front huddled in a coat and toque this is february in canada

have I died and gone to arizona ?

up close the telephone poles are tall cactus stiff branches of bare trees scratch at the closed eyelids of sky,cracked caws off in the distance it?s sunday seven a m the early day still empty what?s there to crow about as the maintenance man unlocks the sliding doors I pick up my lunch kit and enter

If you have ART-RELATED NEWS, email us: info@theseeker ca T H U R S D A Y M A R C H 9 T H 7 P MW W W . C A T H U B . T H E S E E K E R . C A A r e w o m e n s t i l l l i v i n g i n a m a n ? s w o r l d i n 2 0 2 3 ?

Mental health disorders

Unfortunately, we still encounter stigma against mental illnesses in our surrounding Stigma happens when we see someone in a negative way because of a particular characteristic or attribute. One kind of stigma happens when someone is defined by their illness rather than by who they are as an individual. For example, they might be labelled ?psychotic?rather than ?a person experiencing psychosis?When people are treated in a negative way because of their mental illness, this is discrimination. Stigma and discrimination are often the result of a lack of understanding or fear Inaccurate or misleading media representations of mental illness contribute to both those factors

Experiencing social stigma and discrimination can make problems worse, making it harder for people living with mental health conditions to recover Indeed, stigma can have harmful effects on people, which can include: - Feelings of shame, hopelessness and isolation

- Reluctance to seek help or treatment and less likely to stay with treatment

- Lack of understanding by family, friends, coworkers, or others

- Fewer opportunities for employment, social interaction and trouble finding housing

- Bullying, physical violence or harassment

- The belief that you'll never overcome your illness, accomplish what you want in life or that you can't improve your situation

So what can we do to help reduce mental health stigma?One excellent way is to start by changing the language we use when we talk about mental health conditions In the table are a few suggestions for you to consider (source: CMHA Ontario):

The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA, please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site at www cmha-east on ca

If you are t hinking of suicide, please call 1-833-456-4566 t oll free in Canada or dial 911.

Individuals ?struggling? or ?suffering from? or having a m ent al illness, m ent al healt h condit ion or issue

Committed Suicide, ?suicided?, or successful / unsuccessful suicide

Ment al illnesses

Mental health issues, condit ions or illnesses

Individuals living w it h m ent al illnesses, m ent al healt h condit ion or issue

Died by suicide

Attempted suicide

Mentally ill person

Som eone w ho is bipolar

Patient / Client

A mental illness (or specify specific disorder, rather than generalize by using the term ?mental illness?to capture all mental illnesses )

Someone who has a mental illness

Someone who is living with bipolar disorder

People with lived experience or individuals we serve

Addict / Substance abuser

He/she has a substance use condition

He/she has lived experience of substance use

m ent al healt h st igm a (part 1)
Com m on / out dat ed t erm s Person-first language

Claiming your Inner Writer

They say that everyone hasabook inside them,astory to be told,alesson to be taught or simply wisdom to be shared I actually believe that.Each of usisunique and each of usexperienceslife differently Whether your life hasbeen challenging or not (I will leave you to define challenging), there isalwayssomething unique about what you see and experience and which begsto be recorded

I began my journey as awriter 25 years ago,shortly after opening my company and beginning my entrepreneurial adventures I can honestly say that on both counts,asa writer and entrepreneur,I had no real idea what I wasdoing,how to get started or where the journey would take me It was something I simply knew I had to do

The first step in becoming a writer is reading,prolifically Well that was something I had alwaysdone To begin my writer?sjourney,I picked up abook called The ArtistsWay by JuliaCameron In fact, thisbook isactually acourse designed for those who are creatively inclined While the course isdesigned to unfold over a few weeks,my personal journey unfolded over several months

One of the important componentsof the ArtistsWay is?morning pages?,a practice which requiresthat you write everyday, three full pages,non-stop,in free flow thinking That meansyou give little or no attention to grammar or punctuation,you simply download the wordson paper This wasmy first foray into writing on aregular and dedicated basis I wrote those pages for more monthsthan I can remember, three 8x10?size pages,filling several binders Alot of it wasdrivel,some of it wasnot There were many poemsand memoriesand more The important thing wasand isthe practice of putting words on the page AsJuliasays:

? ?the pagesare apathway to astrong and clear sense of self ?

Through JuliaCameron I discovered Natalie Goldberg,who teaches?free flow writing? In fact it wasNatalie?swork that inspired the ideaof morning pages

During thissame time,I had been playing with the ideaof writing abook by the title of roadSIGNS,based on a monthly newsletter I had begun sharing with afew close friends The ideasprung to life of a remote road on the Isle of Skye in Scotland when Jim and I happened upon asign which said ROAD LIABLETO SUBSIDENCEWe had no clue what the sign wastelling us Wasit a warning or what? We also recognized that we are always driving roadsand that rarely do we even

see the signs,especially on routesthat are familiar I began to wonder,if life isa road,what signsam I missing?And roadSIGNS wasborn And by the way, that sign on the isle of Skye meansthe road is prone to collapsing into the sea below Oops!

Back to Natalie Goldberg I could see the potential for abook in what I had begun to write and had no ideawhat stepsto take to see thisthrough I signed up to study with Natalie and headed to Taos,New Mexico for aweek long writing retreat with her Natalie wasashock to my system I thought she wasgoing to teach me how to be abetter writer and that when I signed up for thisprogram,I would come away with a litany of helpful ideason getting a book out there Nope! First class: ?Ladiesand gentlemen you are here to write I am not here to teach you to write The colour yellow,five minutes,go ?

Everyone bent their headsand pensbegan moving acrosspages Thiswent on for five days?a prompt wasgiven (the colour yellow),atime wasassigned,anywhere from 5-30 minutes,in avariety of settings, in small and large groups.It wasan intense soul baring week culminating with an invitation to read something you had written during the last evening And while I did not learn how to write a book per se,I learned to be honest,authentic and to move beyond that inner voice that criticized my writing. I had the opportunity to listen to what otherswrote,how they experienced the same prompt differently than me,their use of language Truly an education,albeit adifferent experience than I had anticipated

Returning home I wasinspired and humbled,I continued writing my monthly newsletter The number of subscribers grew I wasfacilitating many programs Participantsasked me if I had a book they could read to continue their learning and personal journey. The impetusto bring my teachingsand storiesto life grew And finally,I decided I need to dedicate time to pull together my wordsbringing to life two volumes,roadSIGNS- Travel Tipsfor Authentic Living and roadSIGNS2 -Travel Tipsto Higher Ground

Back to where I began,I believe everyone hasa book inside them

It may be memoir, biography,short stories,fiction or non-fiction The fact is,the book representsyour story It need not be shared with anyone or it may reach awide audience and have more influence

than you can imagine It may be both Natalie taught usthat some writing is personal,some isprivate The distinction is that the personal,your experiencesin life, can be shared should you choose to. Private belongsto you and you alone I have plenty of both typesof writing

Claiming Your Inner Writer

I share my experience as awriter to encourage you AsNatalie said,?the only way to become awriter isto write?I facilitate writing programsfor our local library People arrive with the same expectationsI had in New Mexico To my surprise they often arrive without pen and paper I shake my head and using Natalie?s wordsexplain that ?you are here to write?I explain the principlesof writing practice: a prompt,atime frame,pen to paper, non-stop,no grammar or punctuation checking,simply wordson the page Read your words aloud Share them Repeat Canadian author DonnaMorrissey shared: ?My grandfather alwayssaid,a life untold isalife unlived?

I believe she meant that if we die with all our stories,memoriesand experiences inside of us,it isasif we did not exist

All that to say,claim your writer. Express yourself If you do not like to write,record your thoughtsand perspectives That is another writing tool Most importantly,if you want to be awriter begin by dedicating time to writing on a daily basis Morning pages,three pagesaday,takes about 20 minutes Turn off your devices and begin reading again. Savour a turn of phrase Allow the wordsof othersto inspire you Use aphrase from abook asa writing prompt Find others who wish to write and start awriter?sgroup Use ?Writing Down the Bones?by Natalie Goldberg as amanual to get started

Most importantly know that your words are important; they are an authentic expression of who you are

Until next time

Yourthoughtsandstrategiesarealways welcomeandif youcaretoshareyoucan reachmeat:


Happy March everyone! This month we are answering one of your great questions ?What's happening w ith my banana plant??

This looks like the bigger Cavendish banana plant, it's beautiful! They come big like this and sometimes can reach the ceiling or they can be really small in size It could look like this due to stress, so we will talk about what are the best conditions and what pests to look for in a banana plant that is grown indoors

The banana plant can grow in whatever type of soil you throw at it. I would recommend soil mixed with a handful of vermiculite (helps to aerate the soil while simultaneously retaining water and nutrients) and a handful of bone meal (to fertilize and give it nutrients) The environment in which you have your banana plant indoors should be around 20 degrees Celsius, or a little bit above that all year round If it goes to about 15 degrees Celsius, it will not grow and might start to struggle A good way to keep an eye on the temp is to get a thermometer placed near the plant Avoid watering it with very cold water Banana plants are heavy enough drinkers of water but you can't have them sitting in water. For lighting, you want to give it as many hours as you can from a south-facing window

Organic or inorganic fertilizer with high nitrogen is great for growing any green plants, like this banana plant. Pot size can go up to 40 to 44 cm pot, but I would only transplant it if it needs to be A good way to know if it needs to be transplanted is to check the drainage holes under the pot If the roots are growing out, they should be re-potted But this type of plant can be put into a larger pot and manage without any issues

Pests to look for in this plant are mealy bugs (white cotton ball-like on the stems), spider mites (webbing on the plant feed on young growth), thrips, fungus gnats (very small fruit fly like- usually seen around the soil) Now in the photo where you see the leaf browning and it has a yellow trim to it; it's a sign you are not giving the banana plant enough water To fix it just be sure not to let it go dry again and your new leaves will look beautiful and green, which is what I see here with your new leaves. It's nothing to worry about, it looks like it's doing better! This brown leaf will drop eventually with time Now if the leaf turned all yellow,it would mean it was getting too much water, showing mostly in the lower leaves of the plant

If you would like me to answer one of your questions next month you can send your question to me at info@theseeker ca attention Ask Anna

I hope ever yone has a fantastic month and be sur e to stop by Har vest and say hi!

Recently ,I have participated on a committee that isabout setting up aWellnessroom for the studentsat ahigh school and junior high; thisroom isto help them cope with their anxiety ,stressand depressive moods I can? t help wondering what if What if thiswaslike 1962?

That era,had sock hops,(like dancing at Arnoldsrestaurant) By the way,there are no more school dancesand my guess isthat there'sprobably too much liability to hold one at a business Boomersand Gen Xalso had Hot Rods (too much car insurance for those of the male gender),wore no seatbeltsand souped up cars?Girlsbecame cheerleaders and seemed to have fun doing it (too sexist for our time). They hung out at the Arcade,well that got a bad rep,became banned from Cornwall'sStreets How about anight at the drive-in?Well,that wasjust too much fun and might lead to promiscuity and asthe song goes«pave paradise put up a parking lot ?or a Mall (Seaway drive-in on Pitt Street North) Now,kidsjust stay at home with their X-box or other similar device

Those in the suburbscould swim in alake,or quarry--oh how I remember those days! Now,no trespassing! They would get together and hang out at the beach Now,it'stoo expensive and I know in some placesyou have to pre-book How?sthat for spontaneousfun! They hung out at Arnold?s (What?Fast food ???The surgeon general statesthat it will kill you!) They got together and played football or frisbee (Without acoach?Oh and you might touch someone!). Back then,they even got together to listen to records,under a black light and psychedelic postersbut why?We have ear podsnow!

We all hung out at the mall Some of our friendsprobably had jobsat an Orange Juliusor something like that. Well Amazon isthe new wave shopping,where are the part time jobsfor studentsgoing?For some of the teensback then, there wasasecond phone line put in,because there was that need to connect even when your friendswere not around

BYesthe phone,now that we have removed everything else, they can alwayshave the cell phone I see them walking, side by side,on their phones,an extension of their bodies Perhapstalking with other friends And if they forget or lose their phone,their anxiety sky rockets The need for human contact isreal (bring back the dances) the need to develop social skillsisreal,the need to develop life skillsis real ,like taking a city busor letting them walk home instead driving them everywhere Then at 18 send them off to college in a foreign city and hope for the best Well at least with Cell phoneswe can track where they are right ? Phew we can all sleep better now.I?m pretty sure being a teen in 1962 wasmore fun.

If you agree,swipe to the right

American Graffiti, Happy Days and Arnold?s; the times, they are a changing.

?Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania?Review The Direction of the MCU?s Phase Five


With thereleaseof ?BlackPanther:WakandaForever?in November of last year,phasefour of theMarvel Cinematic Universeconcluded,and with it,theend of amixed-bag year of MCUmovies WhileBlackPanther wasgreat,thenew Doctor Strangewasjust alright,and thenew Thor Movie wasprettybad

Did AMATWQ(Ant-Man and TheWasp Quantumania)seea return to thenormalcyof great output from theMCUgoing into 2023though?Well,manycriticsdon? t thinkso Fortunatelyfor theaudience,though,most criticsarewrong on thisone

Without going intotoo much depth explaining theplot of thisnew movie,I?ll giveaverysimplified synopsis

Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)and TheWasp (EvangelineLilly)aswell asmembersof their familiesfind themselvestrapped in thequantum realm,auniverseoutsideof space and time.In thisrealm,which TheWasp?smother Janet (MichellePfeiffer)wasalready trapped in,existsan evil tyrant known asKang theConqueror (Johnathan Majors)

ThemoviefollowsKang?shunt to trytoescapethequantum realm,Janet?shunt to prevent that from happening,and Ant-Man?smission toprotect hisdaughter

Theworld-building of thisfilm isphenomenal Thevisualsof thequantum realm are so encapsulating;it almost feelslikeyou?reexploring thiswholenew world with the protagonists Thecreativealien characterswho exist in theworld onlyadd to this feeling

There?sVeb (David Dastmalchian),astrangeslimecreaturewho possessestheability to get humansto understand thequantum realm?slanguage,Jentorra(KatyO?Brian)a rebel warrior to Kang?styranny,and Quaz(William Jackson Harper),Veb?sfriend who hastheabilityto read minds And despitethesecharactershaving limited screentime, theyweregood comicrelief and compelling side-stories

Thisisn? t even to mention theaward-worthyperformancesfrom themain characters of themovie.Paul Rudd perfectlyplaysaconflicted post-Endgameavenger.He?s begun writing booksand doesn? t want to faceanychallenges Onlyafter his daughter?s(Kathryn Newton)lifeisin danger doesherealizethat hestill needsto bea hero.For thethird movieof thefranchise,Iwasthoroughlyimpressed with how much character growth Ant-Man exhibited throughout the2-hour film

On top of Rudd?sperformance,Johnathan MajorsasKang playsabrilliantlysinister antagonist in thefilm Even from theopening scene,beforewerealizethat he?sevil, there?ssomething soinexplicablyoff-putting about hischaracter.Through hisalmost cartoonish but still eeriemonologuesand thescenesdisplaying just how powerful he reallyis,Icould arguethat Kang isthebest villain that theMCUhashad sinceThanos And comicreadersknow that thisisjust thebeginning for Kang Without going into too much detail,apart of mewaswondering if Kang wasreallyevil in intention or if, in asimilar vain to Thanos,hethought hewasdoing what wasbest for theuniverse

Perhapswhat isthemost redeeming qualityof thisfilm compared totheMCU?s recent output isthat it?sactuallyreallyfunny Acommon gripewith theMCUnow is that itshumour isoverdone,but thismoviedidn? t havethat vibe Outsideof Modok (CoreyStoll)seeming overlygoofyat times,thehumour alwaysfit thetoneof the film,which actuallyfelt darker than alot of theMCU?srecent output Ithinkthisled to thisbeing themost hilariousMCUfilm in possiblyall of theMCU

Thisfilm could,and probablywill beagreat tone-setter for thefifth phaseof the MCU;it introducesoneof thephase?sprimaryvillains,bringsthequantum realm toa fascinating vibrant life,and expandson theever-growing sci-fi worldbuilding of the recent MCUcatalogue

I?m still puzzled asto what thegripesof most criticsarewith thismovietobehonest It?seasilythebest Ant-Man movieand areturn to form for theMCUafter averymixed 2022calendar year 9/10

MateoLucioisan18 year oldpolitical activist/freelancemedia reviewer who residesinCornwall andstudiessociologyat theUniversityof Ottawa Heenjoys discussingall formsof media Music, movies, videogames;younameit, he probablygeeksout about it. For reviewsnot publishedon TheSeeker, visit

Arecent article in the Investment Planning Counsel stated that "Only 31% of women feel confident in their financial knowledge",despite being responsible for 90% of family spending Women must understand finance,including building strong credit scores,which are crucial for obtaining financing



With all the recent mortgage changes,your credit score ismore important than ever Most Lendersrely on the ?Equifax?score Equifax calculatesacredit ?risk?score out of a maximum score of 900 Ascore of 700 or higher isconsidered an excellent score and opensthe doorsto better interest ratesand bank approvals If you have used Creditkarma ca or the free credit score report from your bank to find out your score,you are accessing aTransUnion client score based on 6 monthsof history.While that version of your credit score isnot currently used by lenders; it will give you an ideaif the statusof the accountsshowing on your credit bureau are accurate

Let?slook at the factorsthat determine your credit score

1 PAYMENT HISTORY determinesabout one-third of your score Even aone-day late payment can negatively influence your score and showson your bureau for 6 years.It?smore important to pay the minimum payment on time than to pay alarger amount late.Setting up all your accountson pre-authorized paymentsfor the minimum amount will ensure that you will never have a late payment

The MOSTimportant credit advice isto avoid having anything sent to COLLECTIONS No lender will provide a mortgage to someone with an unpaid collection Each one decreasesyour score by about 80 pointsIf you are having adispute with your cell phone or internet provider,pay the bill and then argue about it later!!!

2 AMOUNT OFCREDIT USED is another large factor in determining your credit score The more of the credit you have used,the lower your score will be Keeping your balance under 30% of the total available amount will help your score increase If you are in ahurry to improve your score,consider calling your credit companiesfor a limit increase The secret to thistrick isto NOTuse the increase once it isapplied!!

3 AGEOFYOURACCOUNTSismore important than you may be aware Lenderswill want to see at least 2 different kindsof credit established for at least 2 years for atotal limit of at least $2,500 If you are considering closing any of your current credit,make sure you never close your oldest credit card. Be aware that if you close an account,your score could drop by almost 100 points!!

4 TYPEOFCREDIT you have affectsyour score A combination of credit cards,loans,and linesof credit are desirable Since Linesof Credit are the most difficult typesof credit to acquire and usually offer the lowest interest rate,you may want to make sure you always keep one open for future emergencies

5 NUMBEROFENQUIRIESon your credit in the last 36 monthswill affect your score Numerouscallslooking for credit from different companiesare ared flag for lenders and will lower your score.

Jenni MacDonald ( isan award-winning Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending CentresThe Mortgage Source (Lic # 10145) She hasover 12 yearsof experience in the Mortgage Industry and workswith at least 40 lendersincluding banks, credit unions, and private lendersto find the best mortgage for each client You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at jmacdonald@dominionlending ca

R T G A G E T I P S Jenni MacDonal

Let Your Inner Child Play Wit h Wint er Magic

Withlittletimeleftinthiswinterit is timetoaddalittlemagictotherestof thisseason Insteadofstayinginside andgrabbingextrablankets,whynot embracethelittletimeofcoldleft?Let yourinnerchildplaywithsomewinter magic

Insteadofmakingsnowangels,make snowGoddesses InvoketheGoddess andherenergy Layontheground andmoveyourarmsandlegs When youhavefinishedyourGoddesstakea deepbreathandasktheGoddessto wrapyouinloveandhealth Then makeawish Beforeyougetup,close youreyesandenjoythecrispnessof theday Listentothequiet,meditate andgivethankstotheGoddessfor aidingyou

Ifyouwanttobringloveinyourlife, makeasnowmanorwoman Asyou makeit,thinkaboutthequalitiesyou wantinyournewlove Becareful Don?tgivehimapipeifyoudon?twant asmoker Onlybringinpositive qualities Ifmoney,putalooneyinhis pocket Addreddyetotheareaofhis heart Beascreative asyouwish The moredetailsyouadd, thefasteryourlove willappear Writea lettertohimonpaper thatwillquickly disintegrateandput it inthesnowman

Thenlookat your creation,givethanks andwait

Ifyouwanttorelease orbanishthings, snowballsareagreat waytodothismagically Asyouare makingthesnowball,thinkwhatyou nolongerwantinyourlife Think abouthowgreatit wouldbeifthis issuenolongerexisted Whenready, justthrowthesnowballawayfromyou asfarasyoucan

HotDrinkAndTeasWithMagical Properties

Whenit istimetowarmup,give yourinnerchildahotdrink Set yourintentionsbeforeyou brewthedrink Thishelps withhealingaswellasany metaphysicalpropertiesyou wanttodrawtoyou

Hotcacaoina decorative mugwith sweet additivesisa greatwayto warmup,sit onthesofa, relaxandallowyourselftocomeback tothisreality Teaswithherbshave medicinalbenefits(antioxidants, antibacterialandantifungal)aswellas magicalones

Appleswithcinnamonlowers inflammation It alsohelpswithPMS andcrampsMetaphysically,thistea inspiressuccess,fostersfeelingsoflove andcontentment

Spicedteassuchasginger,cinnamon, cloves,andpepperareexcellentfor boostingyourimmunityTheyare excellentforupsetstomachsand metaphysicallytheyaddprotection, courageandstrength

MintorOrangeGingerTeahelpwith digestiveproblemsorfluwithVitamin AandC Theydrawprosperity, protection,andhealing,luckand success

LemonHoneyEchinaceaTeaisgreat whenyoufeelacoldcomingonand metaphysicallybringsuccesstonew ventures

Thiscolumndoesnotallowmethe spacetogiveyoutherecipesforthese teasIfyouwouldliketherecipes,send meanemailandIwillforwardthemto you

Tarot ?10 of Cups


?havingit all?Thisiswhereall yourdreams,wants,needsand wisheshavebeenfulfilled,and youfeelacompletesenseof satisfactionTakeamoment andbreathe,lookaroundyou andbethankfulforallyour blessingsNomoreadjustments orshiftingisneeded,youarein theright,justrelaxandenjoy yourmoment TheTenofCups couldalsoindicateafamily holidaywhereyoucanrelax andspendtimewithfamily

Anyquestions,emailmeat: brideerose6000@gmail com


3370 WEDNESDAYto SATURDAY:10am- 6pm
"Cornwall'sauthenticwitch store with the best pricesin town"

Whydo we wear greenon St. Patrick'sDay?

Leprechaunsareactuallyonereasonyou'resupposedto wear greenon St.Patrick'sDay- or riskgettingpinched!

Thetraditionistied to folklorethat sayswearinggreenmakes you invisibleto leprechauns,wholiketo pinchanyonethey can see

So todaywewill workon makingan easyand simplecraft that wecan maketogetherat homefrom simplematerials

MATERIALSREQUIRED: Scissors- greenpaper- a wooden popsiclestickif possible

STEPS:Cut out thedrawnshapes(seetheattachedpictures). Gluethewoodenstickto theshape Let'screatesimpleshapes to celebratethisdayon Friday,March17th Shapessuchas thefour leaf cloverand thehat of theLeprechaunswhichwe can placeasdecorationsaroundusso that theLeprechauns can't pinchusbecausehavinggreenaroundusmakesus invisibleto theLeprechauns


Wecan alsousereusablepaperplates Drawfour connected hearts Cut out theshapeand colourit Green

Neverstopcreating! CreatingArts and Craftskeepsushappyso make sureto savethisdatefor thenext Art Hive Get Toget her:Saturday,March 11that 12 noonat theCornwallPublic Library HappySt PatrickDayeveryone!

Yafa Goaw ily,Art Specialist w it h Yafa Art s and Craft s Follow Yafa Art s & Craft son Facebook


Save The Dat e for Seedy Sat urday

The8th Annual SeedySaturdayis coming to theCityof Cornwall on March 18,from 10:30to 2:00pm at theBenson Centre Acelebration for thecommunity to participatein hands-on garden activities,attend beginnerworkshops, swap out seedsand garden tools,or purchaseseedsand saplingsfrom local vendors Thisyear,theCornwall Kinsmen Children?sSeed Market returnswith afree seed market for youth to gather seedsfortheir garden Seedy Saturdaycomesfrom anational campaign with anon-profit,Seedsof Diversity,that aimsto protect biodiversitybysaving and exchanging seedsto keep thevarietyalive.Biodiversityin urban environments such ascitiesislimited byavailablegreenspace;however,vibrant ecosystemsarecreated in anysmall yard Trees,shrubs,vegetable, perennial and annual plantsattract adiversityof microorganisms, insects,and animals Thegardener'ssecret to growing ishealthysoil with compost!At SeedySaturday,you can learn how to compost with aworkshop delivered byKaren Cooper on vermiculture?composting with worms

Theoriginal seedySaturdaystarted in 2013 Sincethen,theevent has becomean education-focused event with amixof local organicseed and food vendors,garden suppliers,and communitygroups organizing thecommunitygardens Thereisagrowing themeto encouragethenext generation that gardening isthebest wayto promoteregional food sufficiency Growing your fruitsand vegetables can behelpful when grocerystorefood pricesarerising You can grow anywhere:indoors,in abackyard garden,oron an apartment balcony, and benefit immediatelybyavoiding costsfor fresh food.Buying and sharing seedsfrom independent growersprioritizelong-term resiliencein thelocal economy Moreover,growing food addsthe experienceof connectednessand appreciation to enjoywhat?seaten Other health and well-being benefitsof gardening areexposureto fresh air,sunshine,nature,physical exercise,and mindfulnesswith self-reflection.

TheCityof Cornwall hasafruitful communityof gardenersthat loveto engageand talkabout growing!

Kat Rendek,from Cornwall Transition+ shared aseed story: Wheneverpeopletalkaboutseedsaving andorseedlibraries,Iamalwaysreminded ofthefirstconversationIhadwithmy friendJacob,anorganicfarmerandseed producerthatImetover10yearsago. He waspartofthegroupofstudentsatthe UniversityofTorontowhoestablishedthe TorontoSeedLibrary Hehadawealthof knowledgeandofferedmemyfirst communitylibraryseedpacket.Atthat pointtheconceptofsharingandswapping seedsbetweengardenerswasnewtome, butIrememberaskingtopayforit somehowbecausefreeseedsseemedreally generous Hisanswerwasperfect"Ionly askforyoutogrowtheseseeds,savesome ofthenewseeds,andaddthemtothe swappilenextyear."Asimpleconcept,but verycounter-intuitiveuntilthatmoment.

Savethedatefor March 18,2023,and comeout to SeedySaturdayto share your seed storyor to experienceone with Cornwall?scommunityof gardeners Stayconnected with Transition Cornwall+,byfollowing on Facebook, visiting thewebsite orsend an email to transitioncornwallarea@gmail com


"Anewyear,anewyou"isaphraseoftenheard duringthecoldestwintermonthsHowever,itcan bechallengingtostaymotivatedindrearyweather Forexample,asstatedinthebook?AnotherWinter StormisComing,Here?sHowitCanAffectYourMental Health? ,snowstormsencourage'hibernationmode' atatimewhenmostwanttobeoutsideMoreover, extremeweathereventstriggeranxietyfromthe feelingofbeingunpreparedSelf-careisasolution tohelpimprovephysicalandmentalhealthfor overallwell-beingHowaboutenvironmental self-care?Environmentalself-careinvolvessmall actionstoimprovelivingorworkspaceStaying insideduringwinterweathercanbetolerableby caringforpersonalsurroundings.

Herearesomewaystohaveaself-care environment:

- Organizeit!-Changeaspacetoreflecta desiredemotion

- Workvs.Home-Separateworkandhome lifetobefullypresent

- EmbracetheinnerGoldilocks-Findthe rightlevelofcomfort

- AJeNeSaisQuoi-Addapersonaltouch toreflectpersonality

Aself-careenvironmentcanhavea positiveimpactwhendonewith intentionIncludeeco-friendly elementsinaself-careenvironmentto honeinonthebenefitsImplementing sustainabilityatworkandhome focusesonsolutionsratherthan problemsWhenorganizing,recycle insteadofwaste,chooseproducts madefromrenewablematerials,and repurposeolditems!Thisyeardoesn't havetostartwitha'newyou'butwith findingnewwaystocultivate happinessinaself-careenvironment

FormoreinformationonTransition Cornwall+andtokeepuptodate pleasecheckoutourwebsite.

T H E L A T E S T N E W S f r o m

Ribbon Tracking

The blizzard arrivesjust in time to coat the great outdoorswith snow for the weekend Our snowshoe outing will have the extrachallenge of breaking trail We are going where no man hasgone before,or at least where no one hasbeen since the freshly fallen snow haserased the trail Our intent is to make a loop through the forest to return to our starting point

Bright pink ribbonsclearly mark the trailhead Perfect! This should be easy The unmarred snow concealshazardous branches,holes,and rocks,and we must scrutinize every suspiciousformation prior to stepping forward The forest is resplendent; what isnot swathed in snow iscrystallized with ice For the most part the trail weavesitsway in an obvious way,but sometimesour attention waversand we lose sight of the markers. We must then double back to retrace our stepsor go off on atangent to reach adifferent one

At aset of waterfront cottages,we turn left towardsthe next marker and come upon an unploughed maintenance road From here our direction isunclear but going to the right seemsthe sensible choice Apink ribbon sighting directsme back into the forest,but doubt beginsto surface when we are soon surrounded by amultitude of sap linesgoing every which way,to say nothing of the bright ribbonsbeckoning usfrom not one,but three different directions Somehow,we have gone from searching for elusive ribbonsto being overwhelmed by their sheer number

Colour-me confused!It seemsimplausible that the trail would have ushigh jumping or ducking under sap lines It is more likely that we have wandered into amaple bush that just happensto have identical ribbonsto those of the snowshoe trail

We have acouple of choicesat thispoint:retrace our stepsto pinpoint where we went astray or aim for the cottagesand follow the shore to locate the next section of trail We choose the latter, the shorter of the options We follow afence line until we come to

another snowy road

I become convinced that our inadvertent escapade is now taking a turn for the better; although still not on the trail,we seem to be on the right track Eureka! I have spotted alone ribbon on atree,and it lookspromising Joyfully,I inform the othersof my discovery Despite the absence of markers,the wider smoother areaisaclear pathway asconfirmed by the footbridge ashort distance away Now,we can relax alittle,breathe in the crisp air,and enjoy our final leg

Voicesand whiffsof smoke alert usof our arrival before we emerge from the forest into aclearing,where we find other outdoor enthusiastswarming themselvesby the firepit Our trail-breaking abilitiesmay be flawed,but in the end,we found our way and had ablast while doing it We will be ready to tackle the next snowstorm aftermath with polished ribbon-tracking skills Formoreinformationabout theCornwall Outdoor Club,visit our websiteat orfollow usonFacebook.

m ing

DID YOU KNOW? facts about

www agapecentreca613-938-9297x127

Forthem onthsofDecem ber2022 &January2023

t he Agape Cent re provided t he follow ing: Com m unit yKit chenLunches- 1449 -1428

FoodHam pers/ Appoint m ent s- 1063-1257

New Referrals- 46-86 (299individuals)

Individualsserved- 2289-2717(1714children)

We are experiencing an unprecedented rise in numberseach month with no end in sight Far too many people in our community are struggling to keep food on their tables Choicesare being made asto whether the electric bill ispaid,groceriesare purchased or rent ispaid Can you imagine choosing to either feed or house your child? Thanksto our generouscommunity and our local

partnerships,we are managing to meet the increased demand for our programsand services.

15,959 lbsof food was collected thispast holiday season,up from last year?s total of 10,000 lbs. A donation of $17,569 from our local Food Basics storesthrough their Out of Reach initiative will go along way to stock our shelves

Our local OttawaCTV newscovered the opening of the new Community Market,our updated Community Kitchen and the Sharing Shelves,our outdoor refrigerator. We also received recognition from Feed Ontario for our new renovationsand return to in person shopping We continue to receive positive feedback about the new Community Market.The opportunity to once again choose their own grocery itemsmakesahuge difference


- Afree hair cut day with First Choice Haircutters provided 77 free haircuts

- Our first community supper served close to 100 people!

- Stuff the Stocking children?s event

- Free art classwith Yafa


- Giving Tree isnow in the place in the Community Kitchen with free coats,hats,scarvesand mittsfor anyone in need

- Holiday Star campaign with Children?sAid Society

None of our accomplishments are possible without our community. We are truly overwhelmed and grateful for the support we receive

We love our community!

No one should ever go hungry ...

- If youneedhelp- contactusat 613-938-9297

ORcometothecentreat: 40FifthStreetWest,Cornwall,Ontario


The Scams, Counterfeits, The Hidden Lies

"Fraud and deceit have been practiced since the beginning of history... Brasshasbeen called gold: glasshasbeen sold as diamonds; and poison hasbeen hawked as excellent food The story of fraud throughout the agesformsan ugly chapter of human history "

Every person in the world hasbeen avictim of some sort of fraud,deceit or theft Asa child,seeing adsselling atank or a submarine on the back pagesof comic books,turned out to be nothing more than a fancy box I was5 or 6 yearsold and I was devastated I thought I wasgetting atank The reason I did not choose the submarine wasthat I wasnot living anywhere near the water

Jewelry,thisiswhere we have seen the greatest misrepresentation of what apiece of jewelry isand what itstrue value is Plated gold jewelry marked with 10Kor 14K,diamonds& gemstonesof questionable quality and grading We have even seen costume jewelry passed off as real jewelry Any appraisal report issued by ajewelry store isnot an accurate representation of what the fair market value is,but of what isthe replacement cost of the piece for insurance purposes (Please check your insurance coverage for jewelry, asmany companieshave alimit of what they will pay ) In many casesthe true fair market value,if you wanted to sell the jewelry piece,might easily be 50% to 60% lessthan the stated replacement cost The only way of knowing the true market value isthrough agemological report by a gemologist who specializesin appraisals

Watches, every known watch manufacturer hasitscounterfeits,even Seiko and Casio watchesare targeted.There are sites everywhere that are selling used watches, and many look to be bargains It'samajor buyer beware In most casesyou are buying online and not in person Even in person, are you knowledgeable enough to even inspect the watch?How to determine,if it's the real thing or asuper fake,or one that hasbeen repaired,and different watch partsused to make aworking watch

Today'ssuper fake watchesof high end modelshave all the packaging,boxes, holographic cards,invoicesfrom large jewelry stores,etc I'm not afan of buying online,since you can not personally inspect the watch It'sbetter to be able to examine the watch in person,and ideally at a jewelry store that sellsthe same watch company Pay for the jeweler's experience,if he iswilling to look at the watch with the seller present It's better to pay for the advice & knowledge,than to lose potentially thousandson aworthless watch

Silver & Gold coins & bars,are all targeted by counterfeiters.It isreported that many Asian sourcesare minting counterfeit coins,barsof both silver and gold Many of these itemsare sold online,where it lookslike it'sagood deal.I have personally seen 10 Oz gold bars properly melted at agold assayer / refiner to reveal foreign metal exposed over the gold If you wish to purchase Silver or gold contact Canada'slargest bullion dealer ?Kitco? www kitco com If you are interested in collectable coins,it'sbest to deal with a reputable coin shop

Purses,all high end brandsof pursesare copied,and sold to the unaware buyer. Spotting acounterfeit ishard,if the potential buyer hasno previousexperience with the maker.I have seen many counterfeit purses,where the buyer thought she wasgetting agreat deal,only to find that it wasafake. Experience handling the real high end purses,visiting the manufacturer boutique,and talking to industry contacts helpsto build the experience to determine if it'sreal or not

Fashion, shoes, & everything else iscopied today Dresses,jeansfrom high fashion houses,shoes,women accessories,belts, sunglasses,are all being copied.Many are sold at mall booths,fleamarkets,or even stores Imagine seeing rowsof fake Louis Vuitton handbagson astore shelf.

Electronics,mostly for vintage audio equipment,these unitsare not copied,but sometimeshighly modified,or with questionable repairsare found in the marketplace. Acommon phase that is heard ?It wasworking the last time I plugged it in? Or the photosshow anice unit online,only when received,the interior of the electronicswere removed,and all you have received isthe case Or major componentsare removed In those cases you would have very little recourse against the seller It'sbest to examine the item(s) in person,and see it working

Exotic & Sport Cars & parts are copied

Have you ever heard of a?Chinese Ferrari? Many of the high end popular car manufacturershave copies Asdo the major car part makers Partslike engines, alternatorsor body panelsare copied and sold asan original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

The Victims,almost every adult Canadian hashad the opportunity to purchase something that they knew wasnot an original Then there are the Canadianswho purchased an item thinking they got the bargain of their life Only to find out later that they were misled,(insert your own wording asyou feel appropriate) Many losing thousandsof dollarsin the process There isno protection for the buyer The

due diligence isthe responsibility of the buyer.

The Other Victims, namely the designers, manufacturersand their dealers It can damage acompany'sbrand,revenue and even safety of the customers They lose the sale of their product which in turn,creates limitsand problemsfor the company,which can lead to unemployment for itsworkers Some would say,what harm doesit do if I buy afake If you know it'safake piece and are happy with your purchase,fine,no further comment. But if you bought apiece thinking it'sareal luxury item and paid a large sum of money for it,then there isa victim,who potentially lost alarge amount of money With no recourse,to be able to recover the funds Counterfeit productsare also aproblem in industrial applications. Imagine,acorporate buyer buysboltsused on buses to secure the wheel assembly, thinking that itsan original part,only to find it wasacopy made from different material and not for use in ahigh vibration, speed and weight application.If an accident happens,livesare lost because of the counterfeit part The implicationsare real and sadly,buyersare not doing their due diligence and investigating

Canada's Combating Counterfeit Products Act, Bill C-8 passed December 2014,with the goal of stopping counterfeit itemsfrom entering Canada. It isestimated that the world wide trade in counterfeit goodsis around 397 Billion dollars For many personscounterfeit goodsare deceiving, robbing Canadiansof their hard earned money


Prestige Evaluation Inc doesnot engage in any buying or selling of any personal property Prestige Evaluation Inc can not do any verbal appraising without awork file and consultation It'simportant for the seller to do hisor her own due diligence, before accepting an offer to purchase Any company referred or named in this document,there is no financial consideration or relationship between Prestige Evaluation Inc and or John Grow Next Article: Firearmsand Weapons

About the Author

John H Grow,ISA-AM,is apartner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc The firm specializesin antiquities,watches, clocks,jewelry,fine art,and collectablesin general John workswith clientsworldwide, museums,corporate,foundations,financial / Insurance firmsand government agencies and on radio and television showsand charity appraisal fairs Along time member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Prestige Evaluation Inc can be found at http://prestigeevaluationscom and Grow?semail is prestigeevaluation@gmail com


Welcome to another month of enjoying The Seeker,magazine filled with lotsof Positive and Informative Newsfor the Cornwall area.

MARCH isfinally here which meansthat SPRINGISINTHEAIR! I am so excited to welcome aNew SEASONThisisthe time of year where we Canadiansstart thinking of the New Spring & Summer Fashions It'stime to buy,and or bring out some colourful and patterned items from our closets In the beginning of March it isstill abit chilly so I went to ~The Village~and purchased a multi-coloured scarf for $4 99 along with apretty,purple full-length,lightweight 100% virgin wool coat for ONLY$29 99! I absolutely love it asit fitsme like a

glove The name brand is~London Fog~ They sell only high-quality women'strench coatsand raincoats The retail price for a similar one was between $135 OO to $155.OO. WHATASTEALOF ADEALto help keep me nice and warm and looking quite Fashionable for SPRING!

Some "New Trends" that are making acomeback in a major way thisSpring are SLIM/SKINNY PANTS.CARGOPANTSare also back,but with a different look by coming out with a rainbow of colours. JEANSare alwaysa go to, but thisyear they have abit of a twist I don't really like wearing jeans,but I may just get me a pair asthey are introducing "EMBELLISHED JEANS" that can be Fun & Fashionable by adding some rhinestones,floral printsand other appliques

POCKETS,POCKETS, POCKETSARE"THEIN THING" THISSPRING! They are more practical and colourful than ever before POLKADOTSare popping up for thisyear Step aside STRIPESand welcome this classic and timeless versatile print instead of

the usual floralsfor thistime of year If you haven't used Polka Dotsin your wardrobe then thisyear isthe time to do it


The "In Colour" thisSpring is*Sunshine Yellow*,which happensto be my favorite colour If you need some sunshine in your lives then add thissunny colour to your wardrobes But,if it istoo much for some of your tastes,then just add some "Yellow Accessories" such as apurse,shoesand or even abelt Yellow isagreat colour and isgoing to be everywhere thisSpring

METALLICSare bringing back some *Bling* thisSpring They are BIGGERthan ever before, something that helpsusto "Spruce up" our outfits,if we feel it ismissing something.By carrying a metallic purse,wearing ahat or even a pair of metallic boots,it will give you that *POP* that you were looking for You will certainly have headsturning this season


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