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St art ing in t he April issue, The Seeker wil l be SPOTLIGHTING our "Kernel s" ... Photo by Mai-Liis

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MARCH 2022




Mignault -The ?Big Lie? is an extreme distortion of the truth used for the purpose of spreading propaganda. The original description of the ?Big Lie? appeared in Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. We?ve gotten to where we are by listening to statements that aren?t true. Principled thinkers bend over backwards to defend free speech by protecting lies that masquerade as ?opinions?. Used by Hitler and revived by Trump, the Big Lie has permeated our societies throughout the two years of Covid. It has been used to tell us that public health measures impinge upon our personal freedoms and that vaccines and health mandates are medically unsound and dangerous. It has been used to upend facts with complete and utter hogwash. It has been used to radicalize a portion of society based on these untruths. Pat King and his pals are adept users of the Big Lie. Almost everything broadcasted to their supporters about what?s legal and what?s not ? has been a fabrication. Their ?facts? are ?alternate facts? as per Kellyanne Conway and King arrogantly assumes that his followers are too stupid to see the lies. And given what we have seen, we would agree with him.

A Memorandum Of Understanding that anybody with half a brain would know is a farce was released to convince the completely naive that the terms of ?due process? had been met. I don?t think King and friends ever believed that Trudeau and the senate would actually meet with them. But hey? it looks impressive if you don?t understand it. King et al have asserted that they are fighting for everybody?s freedoms. And their apostles loudly proclaim that even unbelievers like myself will benefit from this fight. What?s worse to behold are the political jackals who grab this one as a talking point. A ?legal peaceful protest? has been on constant repeat for the benefit of watchers. But it?s not King & friends who have the legal authority to decide. Nonetheless, these assertions convinced a ton of losers to leave home and follow him to Ottawa on a hero?s quest modeled after the Braveheart movie. In simple English: just because Pat King says something does not make it true. The "protesters" at ground zero in Ottawa acted like zombies. Despite living on the city?s streets for almost 3 weeks, they always maintained that this was a legal protest. They still don?t know the difference between a protest and an occupation. They still don?t believe that a movement to overthrow a sitting government is legally wrong by the standards of democracy. The concept of law enforcement has been totally upended. I?ve watched in jaw-dropping awe as protesters took part in ?deputization? ceremonies led by ?someone?. I?ve seen videos of them later telling the police, with pride, that they were ?deputies?.



w i t hSe e ke rChi ck

M AI- LIIS and w hat did I do dur ing the m onth of Febr uar y? Well, I did do som e "OUT and ABOUTING" but I w ant to star t off by checking to see if ever yone had a Gr eat Fam ily Day. On Fam ily Day I posted an OUT and ABOUT stor y on the Seeker Website talking about how Fam ily Day w as cr eated. Do you k n ow h ow i t w as cr eat ed? To answ er that question, her e is a snippet fr om the stor y:

I was wondering though, how and why this day was created, so I went onto my computer to my friend ?Google?and this is what I found. - During the Provincial election in 2007, Dalton McGuinty promised that if re-elected as Premier of Ontario, he would establish a Provincial holiday in February. Up until that time, in Ontario, we had ?New Year?s Day?with the next holiday being ?Good Friday?which was 3 months away with no day off in between. Dalton did in fact get re-elected, kept his promise and on October 12, 2007, the Provincial Government established Family Day in Ontario, on the 3rd Monday in February. I w as pleasantly sur pr ised w hen I r eceived the follow ing Em ail w ith the subject line "A n ot e f r on Dal t on M cGu i n t y" . This m ade m e r ealize that my OUT and ABOUT colum n gets r ead by m or e people than I thought: Please see the attached note from Dalton McGuinty, below. Best, Alexandra Dear Mai-Liis, A friend sent me your Family Day column published in The Seeker. I very much enjoyed your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your story of the tragic loss of your son and for urging us to cherish every moment with our family. Sure, we can get on each other's nerves, but I have never forgotten my mother's advice, "whatever happens, keep talking." Best wishes to you and your family, Dalton Alexandra Knowles (she/her) Assistant to Dalton McGuinty 416-402-3800 As I m entioned at the star t of this colum n, Febr uar y did see m e doing som e "OUT and ABOUTING" and I checked out 2 events that took place at the Cor nw all Squar e. The M all has been thr ough a bit of a r ough patch but it seem s that the new ow ner s, Weaving Basket Gr oup, w ho pur chased the M all in October 2021, ar e ver y com m unity m inded As the stor y on page 10 says, Tom Hughes, the Gr oup's Vice-Pr esident states "they plan to once again tur n it into a Landm ar k Destination". A Paw sf or t h e Cl aw sEdu cat i on al "Ar t Hi ve- Ar t 4 Al l " even t Fu n dr ai seran d Ven dor sM ar k et - Roya ndCher 'sRescue Fa r m

The people involved in organizing this protest have been manipulating their followers into believing that they are a law unto themselves. That because they are protesting, this somehow magically protects them from the law and repercussions. Why is nobody asking the protesters where they get the idea that they (or Pat King) have the authority to decide what is legal and what is not? CHECKOUT t h e n ex t "Ar t Hi ve- Ar t 4 Al l " even t - M ARCH 19th 1-3pm


MARCH 2022




of Jess Pettipas "I met Jess Pettipas in the dollar store. It had been one of those days and it was hot, and I was down. Without thinking about it too much, I asked her for a hug, and she standing there in her finest - offered her arms to me. At the time we barely knew each other, and that has made all the difference."

Dif f erent is Amazing In Tewksbury Massachusetts, a life sized memorial sculpture surrounded by Hosta, rests outside an almshouse. The seated figures of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller make up the small circle of teacher-companion and friend. A bronze plaque imbedded at the base, reads Water, as Anne Sullivan makes the life-changing sign into Helen?s palm; awakening forever, the light and freedom that hope endures.

bring an injured crow back to life. Her natural affinity for the underdog coupled with the belief in life after death, made for a series of fascinating events. At age 5, her parents gave her a set of Fisher Price roller skates and like the ad said, the no buckles or laces philosophy, set Jess up to become more confident and sure-footed - all by herself. During Jess?youth into adulthood, change echoed its vibration for purchase in everything from goulash dinners, to D.O.G. therapists and thrash/ trash rock n roll. For several years, Jess was self-medicating to

Known as the city of gardens, Victoria, British Columbia in the 80s had a small-town feel for most Gen Xers. Its motto of always free didn?t come easy for people like Jess Pettipas, who came into this world with her own message to share.

In 2018 Jess reached out to CAPSA (Community Addictions Peer Support Association) https:/ / located in Ottawa, Ontario. Established in peer support for a substance use disorder, Jess learned that her words could make a difference and she found kinship with Helen Keller, who after overcoming insurmountable obstacles, was accused of being a fraud when finding the courage to make something of her life. Through countless supportive efforts of area sponsors, Jess was instrumental in helping found Cornwall, Ontario?s first CAPSA Recovery Day in the summer on 2021; teaching us that if we want to keep our recovery, we must give it away. https:/ / TinFoilMouth-Peace-1987553041567931 Jess?transformation teaches us that words matter. The first step in removing stigma is learning how to lift others up when we speak. A tragic side-effect expressed by those suffering from substance use disorders, is humanity?s nature of seeing only the dis-ease and not the person. As a contributor for the book, Beautiful Minds, https:/ / beautiful-minds/ Jess and others like her were told not to smile in their photographs because it forces readers to see that differently.

A passionately childlike creative; Jess wore her insides on the outsides most of the time. Breaking fashion trends with fake-popular styles from grade school onward created a ripple amongst her peers. Jess?mom is a Navy wife. A giving-loving person, she learned what the power of music and dance in the home could mean to a person's soul. As Jess?first teacher, she taught with passion, those core domestic life skills which many of us take for granted. A balanced dose of empathy and patience came to the every-day when Jess?mom ran a day-care for developmentally disabled individuals. That experience, perhaps more than any other, empowered an attitude of gratitude that carries to present day. Jess?dad is a retired engineer. The Ying to his wife?s Yang, his life in the military gave strong moral structure. As a project leader with an eye for detail, the neighborhood kids idolized him, for he could build anything. He had a knack for challenging Jess to think and figure things out for herself. From Igloos to privacy walls, Jess learned that weekends are for kids and despite the passing of time, her dad?s role in her life, burns with the brightness, of a thousand suns.

And despite sprains, bruising and maybe a broken bone or two, her absolute passion for roller-derby is alive and well!

cope with an undiagnosed chemical imbalance in her brain. After acquiring a dissociative disorder from trauma, she was admitted to the Royal Ottawa Hospital under doctors?care and began the road to wellness.

When Jess was young, some key imprints were set in motion. Without understanding the tenets of here, and gone, she tried to

An objective to anyone?s recovery is finding something we?re passionate about and doing it. With persistence, Jess found someone local who?d worked in taxidermy and set out to meet him. In the symbolic memory of the once beautiful crow, Jess followed her calling of preserving natural creatures, restoring hope doing pet memorials.


MARCH 2022

In 2020, Jess lost everything in a house fire. With her mother?s family ring still on her finger, she sat in the backyard with a slew of salvaged items and watched it burn. With friends both in and out of the doors, Jess?timely meeting of a fellow member in an alleyway, resonates to this day. Her mom called, a little frantic wanting to know about the ring-but that?s what mother?s do, eh? They deflect the obvious because family pieces like rings and charms symbolize more than monetary value. Ideals like trust, love & family aren?t created overnight. At times messy, tragic or beautiful, and for today - it?s enough. Lisa Gray - Copyright © 2021 I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at




GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...

VARNAVA Helloeveryone!My nameis Annaand I manageyour local Harvest GardenCentreon the corner of Vincent Masseyand Powerdam Drivein Cornwalland I'm here to answer you'requestionsabout Gardening. Thismonth'squestionis ?I want to start a few vegetableplantsinsideby seed, where do I begin??Let'sstart with what to plant.I recommend vegetablesthat take longerto start producinglike tomatoes, peppers,and eggplant.You'll need to makesure the seedsare getting4-6 hoursof direct light to give them the best environmentfor photosynthesisand to avoid them growing long and stringy.Makesure the seed is near a windowor a growing light so it'scloseto the light source. Rootedvegetables,like carrots, beets,and radishes,should be starteddirectlyoutsidein the soil in early spring.Maybetheseare plantsto avoid startinginside. attentionAsk Anna. I hopeeveryonehasa fantasticmonthand be sure to stop by and say hi. ALSOremember,you can pick up your copy of The Seekereach monthat Harvest (on Vincent Massey)ORyou can subscribeto it (at get it deliveredto your home...

You can havefun with the containerthat you use for the seeds.It can be a metal can,an egg carton,a plasticcontainer,or anythingreallyas long as it has properdrainage.Be sure to label and track what is going into each containeras it can be hard to rememberexactlywhat is whereif you'redoing a lot at once.As for soil, pottingsoil mix is my go-to. Makesure you read the seed packet for the informationon how deep to plant the seed.Thiscan vary on the varietyand type of vegetable,so it'simportantyou're followingthe directions.Be sure to keep an eye on the soil and be sure to keep it evenly moist.I also recommendhavinga thermometernear the level of the seedlings to ensurethe seed is gettingbetween 20-24degreesCelsius. For someextrainformation,when you've used the seedsyou need from a package, you don't need to throw the rest away.A commonmisconceptionis that thoseseeds are no good,but you can storethem in a cool dry placeand they will be fine for next year,so don't throw them out! If you give thisseed growingproject a try, comeland et me know how it turned out! ...andif youwouldlikeme to answerone of your questionsnext monthyoucan sendyour questionto me at:


MARCH 2022



Before long, my efforts to go up the steeper inclines take their toll on me. I can?t feel my nose anymore, my layers of clothing are constricting me, and I struggle for breath. I am finding out that fat biking is a rugged sport that I am physically unprepared for, despite leading an active lifestyle. Several times, I find myself walking my bike as I labour to bring my breath under control. Phew! And this, I was told, was one of the easiest trails to ride. When we reach the intersection, hubby and I take a break before the return trip. As we are standing there a chickadee lands on my handlebar to pay me a visit. I

THE CROSSOVER By Sylvie O'Rou r k e They call me a packer, a trail packer that is. It?s not a bad thing. A trail packer is someone who snowshoes on the shared fat bike trails to compact the snow for the bikes. It is something snowshoers are thanked for even though we are truly snowshoeing for the love of it. If you tell them that, though, I will deny it. Today, however, I intend to cross over to the other side. I am participating in a Fat-Bike Clinic hosted by Summerstown Trails. This is what got me outside at 9 a.m. at minus thirty degrees Celsius. It?s cold enough to freeze one?s nostrils shut. As the group attempts to stay warm by the mobile firepit that is conveniently set on skis, a Total Cyclery representative teaches us the basics of fat biking such as how to dress, use proper tire pressure, and maneuver the bikes. At last, it is time to get our blood circulating. I am fortunate to have been assigned a rental bike as they were in high demand for this event. A volunteer leads our group through the woods. The trail we start out on is interspersed with knolls appearing somewhat like solidified waves on a still sea. I learn quickly why it is important to stay on the trail as a slight deviation catches my front tire and causes me to skid sideways in the softer snow. I manage to avert a wipeout and get back on track vowing to focus better on my control, a feat considering all the bends around forest trees. I get caught in the same predicament thrice more, proving that I am not a fast learner.


MARCH 2022

am surprised that it sticks around for a while before flying off, especially since I have no treats for it. I choose to take this as a sign of encouragement.?I can do this!? I tell myself as I hop back on my ?fatty? (a biker term of endearment, I feel I?ve earned the right to use). We are now on what we were told is the easiest trail of all. It really is. Not only am I finally warm from my nostrils down to my toes, but this trail seems like such a breeze in comparison. It is much flatter and requires less exertion.I am cruising back to the finish line with a smile on my lips. What appeared difficult in the first trail is already but a hazy memory. Oh, how fickle is the mind! This really is a lot of fun. I am tired and my legs feel like jelly, but I am happy to be here. Helmets off to the fat-biking community! They are a resilient bunch. I will surely be back to try this again on a warmer winter day, but for now, I am ready to cross back to my role as a packer and to respectfully move aside to let the fat bikes through as I openly admire their riders?stamina. I am a trail packer and proud to be of service. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at or like us on Facebook.




Th eUn i ver se


Jo hn

Wesom etim es talk about'TheUniver se' but not in thesenseof planets,galaxies, etc.BasicallytheUniver sein thiscolum n andother s,r efer sto God,but thew or d 'God'usuallybr ingsup a lot of pr e-defined thoughtsastaughtby r eligions,or in school,or at thefam ily table.It is lim iting,becauseit usually depictsa single,m ale-or iented r uling deityw how eshouldw or shipandm ake sacr ificesto. So in an effor tnot to evoke thosepr econceptions of theter m'God', w esim plyusethew or d'Univer se'. But it is not just a differ entw or d- ther ear e otherdiffer ences I'd liketo talk about.


For star ter s,all lifeis a par tof the Univer se.Yourcat,a planton thetable, ever yr aindr op, theobnoxious neighboryou've com eto dislike- thesear eall m adeof 'god-stuff '. Evenr ocksanddir t,thesoil in your gar den,all of thism akesup 'TheUniver se'.Som eof you m ay alsohavehear dof the'Lawof Attr action', w hich w ediscussher e,thoughw ithoutr efer r ingto it by thatnam e.I usedto think r ockshaveno spir itualener gy,but considerw her etheycam efr om .They w er eusuallym adefr omextr em epr essur eandoftenheat,com pacting ancient decayedfor estsintovar iousthingssuchascoal,lim estone, etc.- all of w hich or iginatedfr omplantlifeat som epointin tim e.Andw hatis plantlifem ade of?A tr eeis not m adeof thesoil it gr ow sin,it is an extr am assaddedto the w eightof theplanetandcr eatedentir elyby thesun.Thisis w hyall plantscan bebur nedto 'let thesun'sener gy'backout again.So a gr eatersour ceof life hasshar editselfw ithall thingson our ear th,andespeciallyw ithall people. Now thinkof a for est.Eachtr eebr anchtouchesthebr anchesof thetr ees ar oundit. Ther ootsconnectandinter tw ine asw ell.Sciencehasr ecently discover edthattheyfor ma netw or kof ener gy- r atherthansim plybeing isolatedfor m sof life.Wecan takethatconceptfar therin definingthe Univer seandhow w einter actw ithit. In onecase,it m ayonlybe necessar yto ask or desir esom ething w iththe beliefthatit w ill com eto us,andw ithina shor ttim e,it w ill happen.I have hadsuccesssim plyby thr ow ingmy handsin theair andsaying'br ingit on', r efer r ingto m or em oneyandbusiness,andsom etim es thephoner ingsw ithin thehourw itha ser iousinquir yfr omsom eonew ishingto spendtheirm oney w ithm e.In thiscase,my gr atitudeandexpectantintentionis tr ansm itted outw ar ds andsom ehowr eachesthosew how er eper hapsconsider ing a ser vicethatI pr ovide.Theym aysay theyhada feelingtheyshouldcall,and oftenw esendthesefeelingsout to oneanother.Everthinkof an old acquaintance andsuddenlytheyphoneyou?It'sbecauseof thisuniver sal ener gyw ear eeachm adeup of. In othercases,our intentionis shar edw ithother sanda str angerhear sabout it. Thestr anger'justhappened' to belookingfor w hatw ehaveto offeranda connectionis m ade.Yes,thiscan happenr andom lyin life,but w henthe positiveem otionandgr atitudeis com binedw iththethingw ear ew anting,it r eachesotherpeoplem or eeasilyandcausesthemto r espond. Som etim es w ehaveno ideaw hattheuniver seis doing.Per hapsw eplanto m eetsom eoneat a par k,but theday tur nsr ainyandw edon'tgo.M aybethis keptusfr oma car accident,or theper sonw em ayhavem etcouldhave inspir edusto m akea w r ongchoicew ithsom ething im por tant. W hatseem s likea badsituationis actuallya goodone,asit savedusfr omsom ething w or se. But gener allyspeaking,w henw ethinka thought,it affectsthem olecules ar oundus,andif thatthoughtis coupledw ithpositivegr atitudeandjoy,those m olecules w ill alignin or derto m akeour thoughtr eal.Theym aybe r aindr ops, or people,but theyw ill alw aysr espondto our vibr ations. So keep thegoodvibesflow ingandnevergiveup on yourdr eam s. For mor einfor mation, plea sevisitw w w.thehigher


MARCH 2022



ut f act s ab o

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f JANU ARY, 2 0 2 2 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-ou tLu n ch es - 1309 Food Ham per s- 1012 New Ref er r als- 127 In dividu alsser ved- 1920 After the hustleand bustleof theChr istm asseasonand our busiest tim eof year ,theAgapeCentr etook advantageof thepr ovincial r etur nto m odifiedr estr ictionsfor them onthof Januar yto pr epar e for thenew year. New for You w asclosedbut our dedicatedteam of staff and volunteer sw ason handto r eor ganize,r estockand r efr eshour thr iftshoppe.Welcom eback to our loyal custom er sand w e invitenew custom er sto stop in and seew hatw e haveto offer. Thecolderm onthsar ealw ayschallengingto keepfr eshpr oducein stockfor thefood bankand soupkitchen.Until our com m unity gar densar eplanted,w e w ill be tar getinga specificvegetableeach m onthfor a food dr ive. Januar y2022w astheofficiallaunchof Car r otM onth. 206 lbsof car r otsw er ecollectedthanksto our gener ousand alw ayssuppor tivecom m unity. TheHungerHer oespr ogr amw ill also be expandeduponin 2022. Thisgivestheoppor tunityfor fam ilies,gr oupsor businessesto sponsora m eal in thesoupkitchen.A donationof $200w ill pr ovide a hot lunchfor 100 people.Anothergr eatw ay to suppor ttheAgape Centr e! Thanksto a gr antthr oughIntactInsur anceand R. Paquette Insur anceBr oker sw e w er eableto fill food ham per sw ith school snacksfor all fam iliesw ith schoolagedchildr en.An excellentw ay to helpfam iliesw ith gr ocer yexpenses. Followour socialm ediafor r egularupdatesfor thegr andopening of our new stor e,Fur nitur ePar tner s.Thisnew par tner shipw ith Habitatfor Hum anityis anotherw ay for both or ganizations to feed and houseour m ostvulner ablecitizens. No one shouldever go hungr y - I f you need help - conta ctus at 613-938-9297 OR cometo the centr eat: 40 Fifth Str eetWest,Cor nwa ll,Onta r io





De re k

Poet r y Cor ner ... M ASO N featuring a Poem by KEN SMITH

This chilli recipe is a super simple, flavourful, and aromatic dish. We served this same chilli at our food truck, being used on our chilli dogs and chilli cheese fries.The signature seasonings play a huge role in this meal. Martian Dust gives a sweet and smokey flavour that helps build a solid foundation. Next Flavourous Maximus brings all the aromatics in to play. Finally Dirty Cayenna brings the heat and fire, for those who want that kick in their chilli. All of the seasonings are available on our website. Awesome Chil l i (12 servings)

Ingredient s: - 3 lbs medium ground beef - 2 large onions diced - 2 cans red kidney beans - 2 cans black beans - 2 cans diced tomatoes - 2 cans crushed tomatoes - 2 tbsp Flavourous Maximus * - 2 tbsp Martian Dust * - 1 tbsp Dirty Cayenna * (optional for an extra kick) - 1 tbsp chopped garlic - 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Descendingthe high back stair s of the bacon factor y on patr ol in the secur ity coat of m any color s toque, latex gloves to the cor ner of docks and tr anspor t tr ailer s i saw

* Available on our website 1. First start by chopping the onions into a medium dice. Then mince up about 2-3 cloves of garlic (1 tbsp). Next open, drain and rinse the black beans and red kidney beans in a colander. 2. In a large pot on medium high heat, add your olive oil, and cook the onions until tender and transparent. About 5 minutes. 3. In the same pot add the ground beef and cook until almost fully cooked. Next add the garlic, Flavourous Maximus and Martian Dust. Stir and cook for a few more minutes until very aromatic. If you want to add an extra kick of spice then also add Dirty Cayenna. 4. Once the beef is smelling amazing, add the black beans, red kidney beans, diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes. Mix until well combined and simmer for about 20 minutes (simmer longer for a thicker chilli, or add beef stock to make a thinner chilli). Now that you have achieved the desired thickness of chilli, grab yourself a bowl and enjoy!

an open snow field w ith blonde cattails, on a dar k br anch of a shr ub tr ee a bir d bigger heavier than a cr ow it spr ead gr eat w ings their under sideand the body blended in the w hite landscape shar p eye cur ved beak a haw k, that r ose and took the m or ningw ith it

" LEARNTOREADTAROTCARDS" Starting March 7 at The Cornwall Public Library - 5:30pm, Bride Rose, will be teaching a 6 week FREE course on "HOW




Register online at: HURRY - First Come, First Served!


MARCH 2022



RRCA Rem i n ds Resi den t s t o Pr epar e f or Spr i n g Th aw The r ecent thaw and r ainfall exper ienced on Febr uar y 17 w ithin the Raisin Region Conser vation Author ity (RRCA)?s jur isdiction pr ovided ar ea r esidents w ith a r em inder that spr ing is ar ound the cor ner. W hile the RRCA?s bi-m onthly snow m onitor ing at sam pling stations in New ington and Apple Hill r eveals that cur r ent snow w ater equivalent levels ar e w ithin the nor m al histor ical r ange for those sam pling locations, the Conser vation Author ity is encour aging pr oper ty ow ner s to pr epar e for the upcom ing spr ing thaw.

m onitor s w ater levels and w eather for ecasts thr oughout the year and m aintains a four -tier ed flood status indicator for the r egion. The RRCA notifies its par tner m unicipalities and the gener al public w henever w ater levels ar e expected to r ise beyond a nor m al level.

RRCA Fiel d Operat ions Team Lead, Pet e Sabourin, weighs a snowpack sampl e t o f ind out t he snow wat er equival ent during a rout ine survey.

?Checking eavestr oughs for any ice or debr is blockages, and m aking sur e dow nspouts extend aw ay fr om hom es and buildings can help pr event basem ent flooding,? says RRCA Resour ce Specialist, Halya Petzold. ?Shoveling snow aw ay fr om your hom e?s foundation and m aking sur e your sum p pum p is in good w or king or der ar e also helpful r outine pr eventative m easur es.? Caution should gener ally also be exer cised near w ater bodies in the spr ing due to potential incr eases in w ater flow s. Par ents should infor m their childr en of the r isks and pr ovide appr opr iate super vision. As par t of its Flood For ecasting and War ning pr ogr am , the RRCA


MARCH 2022

?In the w inter m onths, r egular snow sur veys pr ovide us w ith valuable data about snow w ater equivalent, w hich is the am ount of w ater held w ithin the snow pack,? says Petzold. ?Anyone w ho?s ever shoveled a dr ivew ay know s that the density ? or w ater equivalent ? of snow w ill var y r egar dless of how m any centim etr es of it ar e on the gr ound.?

The RRCA has been conducting snow sur veys at sam pling stations in New ington and Apple Hill since 1978, pr oviding staff w ith year s of data against w hich they can com par e this year ?s m easur em ents. The snow sur vey data taken on Febr uar y 15 of this year had an aver age w ater equivalent of 77 m illim eter s, w hich is 15 per cent above the histor ical nor m al for this tim e of year. For m or e infor m ation on the Flood For ecasting and War ning pr ogr am , please visit the RRCA?s w ebsite atr r, or contact (613) 938-3611 or info@r r



HISTO RYO FCO RNW ALL SQ UARE: Between 20,000 and 25,000 people jammed the Cornwall Square when it opened to much fanfare on October 3, 1979. Boasting the first escalators in the Untied Counties, management even stationed guides to instruct people how to ride them safely. Home to 49 stores, in 250,000 square feet of retail space, the Square was anchored by Steinberg?s grocery to the east and Sears Canada to the west. When the parking lots are included, the whole complex covered nine acres of former retail, hotel, industrial, park and religious space. Viewed at the time as a dynamic way to retain shoppers in Cornwall, and make the downtown vibrant in the face the expanding Brookdale and Eastcourt Malls, M.P.P. George Samis added that the Square was ?Designed to keep in Cornwall much of the estimated $25,000,000 being spent annually in shopping centres in Montreal and Ottawa (and) is part of Cornwall?s new progressive image.?

Jewellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and Tim Hortons still call it home with Canada Trust now reduced to an ATM machine and Hickory Farms to a Christmas kiosk. The Square started as the launching pad for Rob McIntosh China, now in Lancaster while Reitmans and Algonquin travel moved. Technology made some stores such as Astral Photo and Flipside Records obsolete. Changing buying habits reduced the five shoe stores to one and impacted on successful businesses like Godard? Stationery, which once had three Cornwall locations and now has none. St . Pau l's Un it ed Ch u r ch st ood on t h e sou t h w est cor n er of Sydn ey an d 1st St r eet East f r om 1875 - 1978.

Over time, Steinberg left to be replaced by a discount grocery store which in turn became a Dollarama. Cornwall lost a little bit of England when Marks and Spencer closed.

The City?s goal to change the aging face of lower Pitt, Sydney and Water Streets was, to some minds, too successful.

Sneaky Pete Restaurant on the first floor was replaced in 1989 when the Square was modernised with the second floor food court.

To make the parking garage, it was necessary to demolish St. Paul?s United Church, which had stood at the corner of 1st East and Sydney streets from 1875 to 1978. A plaque, now gone, was placed on the garage commemorating the church, while the steeple adorns the extended covered entrance way at the Best Western Hotel.

While other retailers such as Tip Top, Penningtons, Stokes and Orange Julius left, the largest change occurred when Sears closed on October 3, 2017, after exactly 38 years of operation. The loss of this anchor was a casualty of the chain?s bankruptcy, which saw dozens of its stores close across Canada.

St . Pau l's st eeple w as m oved t o t h e en t r an ce w ay t o t h e Best West er n Hot el.

Horovitz Park was truncated, spelling the end of the band shell and swimming pool along with the closure of Halliwell Tire, which had been on Sydney Street since 1919.

I am sure everyone has fond memories of Sears; I can still conjure the taste and aroma of their cafeteria?s chicken pot pie, enjoyed while viewing Lamoureux Park from their picture window.

The face of Water Street was changed forever when Cornwall Street Railway?s car barns were removed to make way for the Square?s southern parking lot and entrances.


The East side of south Pitt saw the demolition of such established businesses as Moffat Printing (Astro), Bringloe?s Furniture, Pearson?s Dance Hall, and the venerable, if somewhat seedy Lloyd George Hotel, which had opened around 1888 as the Clifton and then the Duquette. And this an incomplete list of the buildings lost. Remarkably of the 49 businesses and services that started out in the Square Coles Books, Laura Secord, Peoples


Th e ban dsh ell in Hor ovit z Par k w as r em oved w h en t h e Par k w as r edu ced in size t o m ak e w ay f or t h e Cor n w all Squ ar e's par k in g lot .

The years had not been kind to the Square and in October, 2021, the locally owned Weaving Basket Group purchased the facility that originally cost $21 million, for $8.4. Aware of the significant role the Square has played in the development of the downtown core, Tom Hughes, the Group?s Vice-President said that they plan to once again turn it into a ?landmark destination".

Halliw ell Tir e on Sydn ey St r eet sin ce 1919 w as r em oved w h en Sydn ey St r eet w as r ealign ed f or t h e Cor n w all Squ ar e.

MARCH 2022

Stay Tuned: More to come on the present and future of ... CORNWALL SQUARE



return toALANDMARK DESTINATIO N By I a n Bower i ng

Th e sou t h side of low er Pit t St r eet w as h om e t o a n u m ber of local bu sin esses bef or e dem olit ion .

Cor n w all St r eet Railw ay 's car bar n s w er e r eplaced by t h e Wat er St r eet f ace of t h e Cor n w all Squ ar e.

Th e Lloyd Geor ge Hot el an d t h e som ew h at seedy " Wh ar f " lou n ge f ell vict im t o t h e w r eck er 's ball t o m ak e w ay f or t h e Pit t St r eet side of Sear s.

Body text

Th e dem olit ion of low er Pit t St r eet , t h e 19t h cen t u r y m an sar d r oof ed Lloyd Geor ge dat in g t o t h e 1880s is seen in t h e m iddle of t h e ph ot ogr aph .

Secon d f loor of t h e Cor n w all Squ ar e, m id 1990s.

PHOTO LEFT: Low er Pit t St r eet t oday. You can m ak e ou t t h e sh adow of t he " Sear s" sign in t h e br ick w or k t o t h e lef t .

We hope you have enjoyed Dollar am a n ow t ak es u p h alf t h e space t h at this trip St ein ber g's Gr ocer y did w h en it open ed in 1979. down the "Memory Lane" of Cornwall Square and if you have any suggestions for other places in Cornwall that you would like Ian Bowering to discover, Please email us at: ALSO - if anyonehasa photoof "SneakyPete's"pleaseemail it over as we can't find any photosof that restaurant- thanks!


MARCH 2022




from We m u st act n ow ? Cl i m at e Ch an ge By M odesto Romer o-Va r ga s Ar e w e aw ar e of the health-r elated consequences of clim ate change? Last year , Canada suffer ed extr em e w eather changes that im pacted people?s lives in m any w ays. The pr ovince of Br itish Colum bia faced sever e w ildfir es and heat w aves dur ing the sum m er , as w ell as catastr ophic floods at the end of the year. Ever y year Canada?s envir onm ent is exper iencing significant im pacts, and now w e can see the dam age in a m or e dir ect w ay to hum ans. People ar e not just losing their hom es, far m land, or anim als, but m any ar e suffer ing the long-ter m consequences of clim ate change.

How can Can ada pr ot ect i t sel f f r om cl i m at e ch an ge i n f u t u r e year s? Leader s in the health field acknow ledge that ther e m ust be a quick adaptation in m any social and envir onm ental ar eas; Innovation in technological, social, and scientific fields m ust em ploy a w hole r ange of m easur es to pr otect the m ost vulner able sector s in the countr y. M any effective ecological actions can have a positive im pact on our envir onm ent. We can all contr ibute to stopping clim ate change and global w ar m ing, but w e m ust fir st r ecognize our par ticipation and r esponsibility to cease the cr isis.

l ongside t he Cornwal l Canal , which is a very rich wil dl if e habit at , t here are a number of But t ernut t rees which are a prot ect ed species in Ont ario. individuals, and childr en. Ther e is no denying that global w ar m ing is a dir ect consequence of hum an activity. We have been obnoxious w ith the m anagem ent of natur al r esour ces and w aste and m any other hum an m istr eatm ents of the envir onm ent; Canada in a Changing Clim ate 2022 focuses on how Canada needs to adapt to the im m inent global w ar m ing and its health-r elated effects on its people. It is im por tant to be aw ar e of Climate Change, its effects and how to contr ibute to m ake our planet a better place. For m or e infor m ation visit: https://changingclim Note: M odesto Romer o-Va r ga s is a fir st-yea r student in the Envir onmenta l Technicia n Pr ogr a m at St. Lawr ence College | Cor nwa ll Ca mpus.

Natur al Resour ces Canada (NRCan) just published its Canada in a Changing Clim ate 2022 r epor t, and the r esults dem onstr ate that the consequences of clim ate change ar e dir ectly r elated to Canadian society. It states that ?Climate change is already affecting the health of Canadians and, without taking concerted action, will continue to result in injury, illness, and death ? with greater warming comes greater health risks.? This r epor t explor es m any health-r elated ar eas such as air and w ater quality, infectious diseases, m ental health, and r isks to food safety and secur ity. This r esear ch exposes the r elationship betw een the social and envir onm ental scope and how differ ent factor s such as geogr aphy, economy, and cultur e m ight influence the effects of clim ate change. Exper ts affir m that the w hole countr y w ill suffer the r eper cussions of the clim ate em er gency, but som e m inor ities w ill exper ience consider ably m or e im pact, including senior s, people w ith chr onic diseases, low -incom e


MARCH 2022




MARCH 2022



By Mai-Liis Renaud Not only do I have the store but also participatein antique shows across Ontario. And for those who can't make it into the store I also sell online and ship anywherein North America.

Chat t ingwit h DOUGKUHN of DD Ant iques... One of the jobs of The Cornwall Seeker is to "Seek out t he Gems" in our community and recently I came across a shop that fits this descriprionperfectly,namely DD Antiques,located at 1203 Second Street West, beside Cowan'sDairy and Captain George'sFish & Chips.

4 - How does your businessimproveor change t he communit yat l arge? My store is the only nostalgia store from Brockvilleto Montreal which draws people from other cities to Cornwall

I have driven by many times in the evening when of course the shop has been closed but finally I stopped by during the day and it was open ... and what a wonderful surprise I got when I walked in the door.

I carry as much Cornwall memorabiliaas I can it which helps preserve Cornwall's past

It may be a small space BUT it is packed full with something to check out in every nook and cranny ... position. and if you are a I have always had a passion for local collector of old history and will talk for hours about Gramophones, the history of Cornwall. you definitely Decided to move back to my need to stop in hometownwhich I always BUT make sure consideredhome and opened my you have at own store. least an hour to spare as you will be in there 2 - What is your mission st at ement ? for that long if "When a customer enters my store they not more. rememberan object from their childhoodor Here is my chat grandparentshouse".

with my experienceof the past and history of Cornwall,people can come in to learn about the history of their hometownand objectsthey have that have been passed down to them. 5. - Def ine success. To me personally,successis working every day doing what you love and it never feels like a job. It is being proud of what you have accomplishedin your life. Bonus quest ion:How has t he Covid-19 pandemicaf f ect ed your business? After the first of many lockdownsI put my store online which was the only alternativeas the store was not able to be open. -

It set me back a bit like every other small business. But as I have often done, I didn't give up and will continueto move forward.

with owner Doug Kuhn and I hope you enjoy the photosthat I took of just some of the itemsin the shop.

I also like to share my knowledgeand experienceof 40 years of dealing with antiques 3 - What is unique about your business?

What is your cont act inf o and how peopl e can f ind you?

1 - Tel l us a l it t l e bit about yoursel f .How and when did you decide t o open t his business?

When you enter my store its like being transportedback into the past.

People can find me at 1203 Second St W.

I bought my first phonograghwhen i was 18 and started repairingthem. -



People come in not only to buy but to sell or have their treasures evaluated.

I have alwaysloved history as a kid, the story behind objectsand have alwaysfelt a connection to the past. I started selling antiques at McHaffie'sand Stittsvilleflea markets. I was a member of the lost village society and helped relocate the church from Sandtown Rd. to its present


MARCH 2022

OR call me at: 613-559-0229 email: https:/ / AntiquesDD



Ya f a




G O AW ILY Today I am w r itingto you about the im por tanceof the diver sityof ar ts and the im por tanceof havingplacesthat allow the pr acticeof ar ts and ar tistictr aining.As w e all go thr ough difficult days, ar t of all kindshas pr oven to be a cur e for the soul. The pr acticeof ar t has a m agical effect on calm inganxiety.Ar tisticactivitiesw or k on buildinga uniquehum an com m unicationthat is diver se,inclusiveand r eceptiveto all. I consider dance, especiallyBelly Dance, (know n as the or iental dance),as a distinct type of expr essionof a special state of happinessand joy. So it w as im por tantto find a safe space that w elcom esthis type of ar t - An ar t w hich contains differ entinfor m ationand m ovem entsand includes tales and legendsabout the East - m akingthis an ar t for m w hich is full of ener gy and im agination.

At this point,I w ould like to m ention A Lil' Pole Fitnessand my fr iend Shan,w ho opened her place and w elcom edm e and my belly dancew or kshops.Shan believesthat diver sityis im por tantand m akesour society r icher ,br oader and m or e inclusive- a lovingplace full of positiveener gy to m ake us m or e connected.I hope that w e can establishar tisticm eetingsthat includediffer entand m or e than one type of dance. This w ill help us to get to know each other ,as w e ar e all differ entbut w e can connect,com m unicateand dance together ,thr ough ar t! invader sof or iental dance,as they per for m edinconsistentm ovem ents that did not m atch the m usic and r hythm .?Al-Alam ?tr ied to pr ove their ability to dancein har m ony w ith the tonesand m elody in the face of the ?Ghaw azi?,w hosepr esence r em ainedconfinedto the popular bir thdays,especiallyin the Delta and Upper Egypt. Their pr esencew as a sour ceof inter est to Eur opean or ientalists.Or ientalistsw ho cam e to Egypt in the eighteenthand nineteenthcentur iesw er e inter estedin descr ibingthe folk or gypsy dance that they saw on differ entoccasions,and this appear edin the paintingsof som e of them .

W h at i s Th e h i st or y of bel l y dan ce? It is r um or edthat in the ancient civilizationsof Ir aq, Per sia,India, Gr eece,and cer tainlyEgypt,w om en w ould per for m dancem ovesas a w ay to get closer to the Gods. This is by show ingthe abdom enor the place of the stom ach. On the w allsof the Phar aonic tem plesin Egypt,the dr aw ingsr efer to gir ls per for m ingdance m ovem ents in fr ont of m ale or fem aleplayer son the flute or har p. Thesear e thought o be the beginningof Egypt?s leader shipin or iental dance. Over the year sthat follow edthe Phar aoniccivilization,ancient Egypt clashed w ith other civilizationsthat took fr om it and added to it. The or iental dancew as only a w ay to enter tainkingsand r uler s,and w ith the end of the eighteenthcentur y and the beginningof the nineteenth centur y, becauseof the conditionsexper iencedby the countr iesof Eur ope,m any w om en w ho w er e descr ibedas "Gypsies"fled their countr iesand m igr atedto the East. In Egypt,the Eur opeanGypsies danced pr ofessionally,and their nam ebecam e"Al-Ghaw azi". At that tim e, society consider edthat the non-nationaldancer sw er e


MARCH 2022

Now adays,belly dancingr em ainsone of the happiesttr aditions. Callingfor this type of dance becam ew ell know n in the w eddingsand happy gather ings,theatr eshow sand per for m ances- it also has special com petitionsand has becom ean ar t that is taught independently. I per sonallythink that it is a special kind of dance- that m akesthe soul, hear t and body in a spir itual state full and r adiant w ith joy, as if it's a celebr ationfor life. Ya fa Ar ts & Cr a fts

w w w.ya ffa .ca




Be t t y

loyalty and faithfulness?.

W hile this adequately descr ibes love in the context of r elationships, w e ar e tr uly m issing the boat if w e believe M Ed., CAPP that this is the lim itation of love. It is only, in my view , a par tial Qu i ver definition of w hat love is.

HEALEY A Fu l l of Love

This column wa s wr itten a few weeks a go a s the Fr eedom Convoy cr ossed Ca na da . I t wa s tr uly wr itten fr om my hea r t, a s I consider ed my own effor ts a nd those of my fr iends to keep our hea ds a bove water . A fr iend and I w er e sitting in my car yester day w ith the w inter sun str eam ing in, enjoying a Star buck?s Latte, w ar m ing up fr om our w alk on a -32C w inter m or ning and discussing the state of the w or ld. In fact, w e w er e bem oaning the gr ow ing anim osity am ong fam ily m em ber s and colleagues, the r esult of a too long pandem ic, political upheaval and individual decision-m aking r egar ding vaccination. We have evolved into a w or ld of opinion holder s and intoler ance, a w or ld w her e hatr ed and fear ar e pr opagated by a m anipulative few w ith ver y loud voices and gr ow ing audiences. As w e discussed our concer ns r egar ding w her e all of this w ill lead, I r em em ber ed som ething that M ar ianne W illiam son said in a talk w e attended m any year s ago. Sim ply said, she stated that ?love talk is not loud enough, that is w hy hate speech takes over ?. Isn?t this tr uer than ever ? I do not believe for a m om ent that the hater s and the fear m onger s outnum ber the lover s and the peace m aker s. I think they just have louder voices. Their voices in fact have becom e so loud that som etim es it is har d to think for oneself. As I ponder ed this today in my m or ning m editation, I began to w onder if ther e is som ething each of us can do and be differ ently. How can w e elevate the loving and kind actions occur r ing ar ound us daily? How can w e build a str onger platfor m for peace? How can w e gr ow com passion and kindness? And m ost im por tantly, how do w e r aise our voices so that w e becom e LOUD?

W hen I w r ote the w or ds, ?A Quiver Full Of Love?, I w as im agining a quiver full of ar r ow s, each ar r ow r epr esenting one of the m any for m s that love em bodies. Love is no sm all thing; it is a univer sal ener gy that binds us together , that is divinely guided, that r epr esents God, the Univer se, M other Ear th. Love is com m union in the tr uest sense, a place w her e all beings can m eet fr ee of any fear. It is peace, com passion, kindness, under standing, com m unity, r ever ence, authenticity and m or e. It is sanctuar y, a safe place to land and be em br aced. It is, I believe, som ething w e all cr ave. Love conquer s all; love tr um ps hate, God is love. This is w hat w e ar e taught and, in my case, w hat I w ant to believe. And yet I am left w ith the question, if these quotes ar e tr ue, w her e is love these days? Cu l t i vat i n g a Cu l t u r e of Love W her e to begin? I have lear ned that w hen a pr oblem seem s too big to solve because I am only one per son, a per son w ho feels ver y sm all, that the answ er is to go w ithin. We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect kindness and affection. Br ene Br ow n So, w hat does that m ean? Essentially to cultivate a cultur e of love w ithin myself. You cannot give to other s or r adiate love w ithout loving your self. Dam n, I know , w e land her e once again.

We need more r ea l love. Gritty, , dangerous, wild-eyed, justice seeking love. Br ene Br ow n, Atlas of the Hear t

And by love, I m ean the unconditional var iety, not the type that is pr edicated upon you lear ning or achieving cer tain things. This is the love that accepts you as you ar e, w ith your im per fections and flaw s, and w hich exer cises self-com passion w hen you fall, scr ew -up or do som ething you do not appr ove of. That kind of love is r ar e and if you ar e honest w ith your self, takes a lifetim e to develop. I know , I em bar ked on this jour ney at least 40 year s ago and I continue to w or k on unconditional self-love ever yday.

Positive Psychology r esear cher Bar bar a Fr edr ickson descr ibes love as?the preoccupying and strong desire for further connection, the powerful bonds people hold with a select few, and the intimacy that grows between them, the commitments of

I have often said that this w or k, w hich I call M E FIRST, is the only tr ue w or k of this lifetim e. It is the WORK that gives you pow er , an authentic and bold voice, that allow s you to be seen by other s, and w hich r adiates an ener gy field that can influence

your w or ld. And it is the w or k that then allow s us to cultivate a cultur e of love. M ak i n g l ove LOUD: Li vel y, Open , Un di spu t ed, Det er m i n ed Back to LOUD Love. As I w r ite this, I am w onder ing w hat it w ould take for a gr oup of tr ucker s, and other pr otester s, to have a LOVE Convoy, a r ide that celebr ates the fr eedom s that alr eady exist, that cr osses the countr y per for m ing r andom acts of kindness for health car e w or ker s or the hom eless. Can you im agine how m uch m or e m eaningful and uplifting that m ight be com par ed to w hat has evolved in Ottaw a. So how do w e becom e LOUD w ith our love, to am plify love to the sam e volum e as all the hate and fear speak . Per haps w e need to be LOUD: Li vel y? Jazz LOVE up, m ake it com pelling and desir able, star t a m ovem ent Open , Ou t spok en even Ou t r ageou s in our expr ession of LOVE Un di spu t ed an d Un der st ood? that LOVE is the answ er to healing, com m unity building, m oving for w ar d Det er m i n ed? that LOVE does tr um p fear and hate, conquer s all! W her e to begin? Today, in this m om ent by 1. Doing your ow n w or k daily and speaking fr om a platfor m of love. 2.Be m indful of your com m unication w ith other s and w hat you post on social m edia. 3.Do not engage in disputes over COVID, vaccinations and other such dilem m as; sim ply bless people w ho see things differ ently than you. 4.Envision love expanding in the w or ld and br inging us to healing and m oving for w ar d together as one 5.Speak of love (com passion, kindness, or w hatever w or d you pr efer ) openly and often. 6.Be LOUD Fi n al Wor d I r eally am talking out LOUD her e w ith my r eader s and endeavor ing to under stand how to shift my ow n feelings to a m or e positive thought field and outcom e. Please join in, suggestions and action ideas ar e m ost appr eciated! Until Next Tim e, Bet t y Heal ey, M Ed. CAPP You r t h ou gh t s an d st r at egi es ar e al w ays w el com e an d i f you car e t o sh ar e you can r each m e at : bet t y@r oadsi gn

Starteachweek@10am withM ONDA M Y ORNI NG the Seeker Facebook Page for link to get in or watch ... M OTI V A TI ON withtheSeekerChickssee check out the M ONDA Y M UNCHI E TA STE TEST the segment! THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP

MARCH 2022




Experiment al Mont h f or Indie-Pop Art ist s


Hello fellow music-heads! I?ve always been into Mitski?s music. I?m a big indie/ alternative music fan, and so naturally I?d be into the music of one of the most acclaimed indie artists of this decade. On an unrelated note, I?ve always been intrigued by the goofy antics and indie-pop music of Oliver Tree. What these artists both have in common is that this month, they?ve both released heavily experimental projects that see them trying very new things with very new influences. And while their stories are entirely different, I am equally intrigued with both. Let?s review!

Ol iver Tree ? Cowboy Tears

Oliver tree is one of the most eccentric figures in music right now. Between his weird interview personality and the wild way he dresses and presents himself, a large part of the Oliver Tree brand is being a comedic figure. I feel as though this was put too much at the forefront of this project, and the music itself was not focused on nearly enough. During the project, Tree enunciates words strangely in an attempt at being comical, just one example of the artist prioritizing the comedy over the music. Within the album, it?s obvious that Tree cared more about being funny than making good music. If you?re anything like me, this leaves a sour taste in your mouth and makes the music harder to enjoy.

This was certainly a mixed bag. A lot of the songs such as?Everyone? lack basic song structure which pretty greatly sacrifices the album?s synergy and flow. On the contrary, tracks like?Stay Soft? and ?The Only Heartbreaker? feature clearer song structure and catchy choruses. The tracklist, as well as other more nuanced aspects of the LP, is really a hit-or-miss thing. The production on some of the songs seems lazy and very generic, whereas on other songs, the production is a highlight and a perfect balance between fresh experimentalism and Mitski?s signature sound. One thing that I think was consistently good throughout the project was Mitski?s deep-cutting lyrics and sincere storytelling. We see this on full effect in the song ?Working for the Knife?, a song about being forced to work with or for opposing forces in your life. This beautiful and consistent lyricism paired with the mostly authentic and heart striking vocals, makes for a very solid album theme and dynamic. While the experimentalism can be hard on the ears at times, those times are few and far between.The other occurrences, occurrences of sincere emotion, could make a grown man cry. And those occurrences are far more plentiful. Mitski is clearly a generationally talented songwriter, and yet another example that an artist trying a new thing isn?t inherently bad. 4/ 5

Throughout the duration of the 34-minute LP, it becomes glaringly apparent that Tree was either not giving this album his all, or that doesn?t have much talent in terms of making original music. At the start of the album, I was actually very optimistic about the direction it was going in. Sure, the lyrics were corny and the production was simple, but the music was pretty enjoyable. After track three, I understood the gist of the record. Very simple production and repetitive instrumentals. The songs alone may be enjoyable, but altogether in an album, they get old and stale very quickly. Some songs I feel were just straight up reusing melodies from older Oliver Tree songs. An example of this are the songs ?Suitcase Full of Cash? and ?Balloon Boy?, which have nearly identical vocal melodies to his 2020 songs ?Hurt? and ?Life Goes On? , respectively. This album lacks originality, and while enjoyable at times, it is mostly stale and boring. It?s clear that Tree knows how to make catchy hooks, but until he makes unique catchy hooks, he?s stuck in mediocre artist purgatory. 2/ 5

Mit ski ? Laurel Hel l I?m a huge Mitski fan. I love indie rock, and "Be the Cowboy" was one of my favourite albums of the 2010s. Naturally, when I heard about this new wave/ synthpop record that she was releasing, I was intrigued, excited and anxious. I know that when artists try new things, they?re often unfairly crucified. I also know that they?re sometimes fairly crucified.


MARCH 2022



Jo hn

Condition is everything. Some of the companies produced 14K Gold cases & straps. Which has a greater value. If a vintage watch is not working after years of not being used, It's important to decide to repair a watch or not. The cost of repair might be greater than the watch value. You also have to weight the sentimental value. Is this something that was handed down to you as a family keepsake?


G RO W Time Pieces ? Wat ches In the last issue, I stated that this topic would be about timepieces, watches, pocket watches and clocks. When I started writing, I ended up with more pages, than space allowed. So this month will focus on watches.

The idea of the wrist watch came as a requirement for precise and accessible viewing to see minutes. Artillery officers mounted their pocket watches on a wrist strap, to time when the artillery shelling will stop and at the precise time, attack the enemy position. Pocket watches ruled the day almost until World War II. The Swiss watch makers who controlled the mechanical watch market were heavy competitors. The game changer was the quartz watch introduction, and the entrance of Japanese watch makers like Seiko and Casio. This almost destroyed the Swiss watch industry based on mechanical watch movements. Old established watch companies were faced with a environment that they could not compete in. The Swatch Group started to produce an inexpensive Swiss watch with style and with a completely different marketing approach. They were successful in selling millions of watches all over the world. They purchased most of the old established mechanical watch movement companies and updated their products. Presently, they own the largest group of watch movement companies in the world. Watch companies around the world use their movements

Swiss Made Wat ches, names like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Zenith, Tag Heuer, Tissot and Omega are the most common. Whichever brand you might have, the common factor upon examining a vintage Swiss Watch is perfection. You will not see wear & tear on the case, The colors of dial will remain crisp and clear over time. The mechanical movements are repairable. These watches were made to be passed on to the next generation in the family. At the same time, they did some higher volume sales of base models for retail outlets. There is no best Swiss or American watch, its more of what is suitable to the wearer and his style. Here are some of the steps to take to determine value. What to look for. 1.Condition, is the watch case beat up, scratched heavily, not working, the strap or bracelet broke, or visible missing parts? 2.Is the watch dial readable, hour, minute and seconds hands present. Is the lettering clear? Is the crystal lens scratched, or chipped. 3.Is the watch case gold plated, gold rolled (thin gold plate pressed between a copper / steel / brass sheet) or is it marked, 14K Gold. Or Silver, 925% . Or Stainless Steel from the 1970's onward to present. 4. Do you have any history of the watch, its owner(s), repair history, paperwork associated with the watch. 5.Record any markings, inscriptions, and other watch details, you can find on the casing and dial.

Wat ch Lover's Dangers: The past few years has seen an increased demand for watches. As a fashion statement, accessory to a suit, or that its different from what everyone is wearing. This has been a boon for persons dealing in vintage watches. It has also opened the doors for a lot of misrepresentation and potential fraudulent behaviors. -Watches that have been repaired with other watch parts, called Franken Watches. Sometimes it could be non-standard hour & minute hands, or a new dial which is not original to the watch when made. -Watches that have been repaired over and over. The back case has initials of watchmakers and repaired dates so numerous, you would think the whole team signed it. -Watches with the internal movement replaced by a similar Chinese made mechanical movement. The original movement could be sold or used in another watch that accepts that model. Some original watch movements can sell for hundreds of dollars. -Super Fake Watches, yes they expertly reproduce many watches of known companies, usually the higher end models. A fake watch can sell for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting buyers. Not only very high end watches end up being copied, but Seiko and Casio have found copies of their popular and more expensive lines. There are companies in undisclosed locations, that have craft watchmakers reproducing Swiss watches. To the untrained and uneducated consumer, this practice is successful and growing. The buyer believes that he or she is getting a good deal. I always hear that it came with the original box and papers. It's only when I point out all the difference and comparisons to an original model of the same type that they understand. But it's too late. There is no recourse. And this is very common today. Due diligence is required on the buyers side. -Its important to enjoy wearing a watch for how it makes you feel. Not because it has some label or name. Next Art icl e: Pocket Wat ches About t he Aut hor

today. Many of the high end Swiss watch makers also produce their own movements in-house. Vint age American Wat ches,Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova, Benrus, Illinois and Gruen were the most popular and well-known. Even Timex was American made. You might have one or a few from your father or grandfather. Many can still be in a operating condition with just a cleaning and oiling by a qualified watchmaker. Many of these watches are sought by collectors.


If you feel that a watch is in good condition, was working at one time and is complete, then take the best one and do a search for completed sales on eBay. Just looking at what others are asking, is not realistic to determine value. Researching takes time, but you will find something comparable to what you have. If a watch is known as not working, or is missing a crown winder or lens, then this piece can be sold as a parts piece at a reduced value.

MARCH 2022

John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectibles in general. John works with clients worldwide, museums, corporate, foundations and government agencies and on radio and television shows and charity appraisal fairs. Suzanne Charlebois, gemologist, specializing in jewelry, cut & uncut diamonds, gemstones, minerals & meteorites. She also does grading and identification of gemstones from mines and large collections. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s email is



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A Column dedicated to Witchcraft and Tarot.


A Good News St ory f rom OHA




The altar is one of the m ost im por tant and vital par ts of one?s m agic r eper toir e. Her e is ?sacr ed space?. A pr ivate place w her e the bustle of daily life disappear s. It is a place to be gr ounded, safe, sit and unw ind, cast spells and show your cr eative side. Altar for The Sabbat ?Lu gh n asadh ? Your altar can be a table (if you have r oom ) or just a book shelf if you have toddler s or not m uch space. W itchcr aft w or ks w ith cor r espondences (objects that go together.) The East end of an altar is m or ning, the elem ent of air , (bell, feather or incense.) The south is noon, elem ent of fir e (candle.) The w est is evening, elem ent of w ater , (goblet or sea shell.) The nor th is m idnight, the elem ent is ear th (plant, salt or cr ystal.) The center is Spir it, Goddess (on the left) and God (on r ight.) An altar cloth is optional. Decor ating a special place used for m agical pur poses is a beautiful exper ience that r efr eshes im m ensely. The decor ations can change as often as you w ish, depending on the day, festival, m oon tim e or season. The Pur ple Br oomstick ha s ma ny items that help cr eate beautiful a lta r .

February 18, 2022 will go down in the books as a day to remember at the Ontario Hockey Academy. Many of our teams were getting ready to get back to Hockey after many covid restrictions were lifted, but it seemed like Mother Nature had other plans. A winter storm dumped 35 centimeters of snow in the city of Cornwall, and this resulted in all games being canceled. There were many disappointed hockey players and sad faces all around the school. With the city trying to keep up with the snow fall, and many cars being stuck in the OHA parking lot, our students rallied and grabbed shovels and started to clear the lot. This is the spirit and comradery of The Ontario Hockey Academy. No matter what, they come together and work as a team to help each other out. Despite the weather, and the cancellations of games, the students and the staff quickly shook off their slump and made a difference. Way to go Team!!!

Logan Car t er an d h i s al t ar

Han n a Car t er an d h er al t ar

Written by one very proud Teacher. Kelly DeJong

Today, as in pagan tim es, w itches celebr ate the Sabbat of Im bolc (Feb. 1) dedicated to the Goddess Br igit. Goddess of dom estic anim als, healing, poetr y, cr aft and for ge w or k, m idw ifer y, and the kitchen hear th to nam e a few. If you know som eone (include your self ) w ho needs healing, take a candle and put it in your hands. Gr ound your self by br eathing deeply and think of this per son. Let your good intentions tow ar d this per son fill the candle. Then light the candle and say, ?Goddess Br igit, gener ous la dy of hea ling, pea ce weaver , gold-bender , keeper of the fla me I invoke your na me for the hea ling of (na me). M ay his/her hea lth impr ove fr om this moment on. Blessed be.? W hen finished give thanks to Br igit.

Tar ot : No one know s w her e Tar ot com es fr om . One theor y is: w hen the Rom ani people w er e for ced to leave the M iddle East they br ought Tar ot to Eur ope. We know Tar ot in the 14th centur y w as a playing car d deck . The 18th centur y saw the car ds evolve into w hat they ar e now. Anyone can lear n to r ead Tar ot car ds. It just takes patience and a w illingness to lear n. One activity you can do is shuffle the car ds ever y m or ning and pick one car d. Don?t look at it until bedtim e. Keep a jour nal of how the car d descr ibed your day. Doing this, gives you exper iences w ith all the car ds w hich you can apply to r eadings. Happy Im bolc. M ay Br igit?s M antle enfold you and keep you w ar m . Blessed be until next time.



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on Sat urday, March 26t h Join t h e Cor n w all Pu blic Libr ar y an d t h e Cor n w all Ar t Hive in t h is self explor at ion an d discover y w it h in t h e ar t s! The Cornwall Art Hive is generouslyprovidingsome art supplies for everyone to use! Dr op in on t h e 2n d f loor of t h e Libr ar y bet w een 12 pm an d 1 pm and ride without fear in in this artistic journey!





Hello there to all of you who have decided to pick up thisFabulouslyFun & InformativeNewsMagazine here in the Cornwall,and the S. D. & G. area. SPRINGis on it's way. YAY! So, we had better get our mindsthinkingof all of the "Special Projects"and many other thingsthat we would like to be doing thisyear.Perhapsstart READINGagain.Pick up a book to get yourselvesnestled in to enjoy an adventure,or perhapsa biography of one of your favoritemoviestars,or one of your favoritesingers,bandsor maybeeven a well known poet or artist etc. SPRINGis the time of RENEWALand REBIRTHof the many typesof flowers,birds,and animalsthat have their babiesduring thistime of year. Even we humansare having SPRINGbabiesafter such a long year during thisCovid crisis. We can also think of venturingout to enjoy the fresh air, the different sightsand soundsthat SPRINGbringsus at thistime of year. As well as the ever so welcomedsunshine.May SPRINGbring you happinessand joy. INTERESTINGFACTS:How is a Horseshoe related to St. Patrick'sday you may ask? Well, Saint Dunstanwasrequestedto shoe the devil'shorse.But, instead,he nailed the horseshoeto the devil'sfoot and he would only agreeto removeit if the devil promised to never enter a householdthat had a horseshoeon the door.Therefore, horseshoeshave cometo symbolizeLuck and Securityfrom evil. How did the Shamrockbecomeassociatedwith St. Patrick? Well, the 3-leafed clover which is a type of trefoil plant,hasbeen consideredthe unofficialnational flower of Ireland for many centuries.The Irish legend saysthat Saint Patrick used the Shamrockas an educational symbol to explain the Holy Trinity to non-believersas he convertedthe Irish to Christianityin the 4th century. STEALOF A DEAL: Thismonth I have chosen a unique item that I had wanted for a very long time.Johnny and I went into the SalvationArmy Thrift Store during Christmasand he spotted it from acrossthe store.It is

an antiquetypewritermadein Canadafrom the now defunct, Eaton'sdepartmentstore.They were asking $50.00,but it got reduced to $25.00that day. YAY, LUCKYFORME! I plan to start using it and have the nostalgic feeling of of my youth by typing on a "REAL TYPEWRITER" Oh, Johnny.. Where'sthe typewriter paper? MOREFACTSON ST PATRICK'SDAY... Daewyn Succat wasborn in England and was kidnappedat the age of 16 by Irish Pirates. He then wastaken to be sold into slavery.He escaped six yearslater, and returnedto England wherehe planned to return to Ireland to convert the peopleto Christianity, whilst abolishingslavery and human sacrifices.Daewynwasnever canonizedby the CatholicChurch as a Saint,he wasn't even Irish. His namewasn't Patrick.Saint Patrick of Ireland never existed...Yet, we still honor him to thisday, mostly by wearing shamrocksand green clothingalong with drinking green beer and other spirits. Irish Proverb:Here'sto a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl (or handsomeboy) and an honest one. A cold pint and another one! TIP OF THEMONTH:Here are Four Important Lawsof Growth:(1) SPEAKLESS! Just let your RESULTS speak for you. (2) LISTENMORE!We can not LEARN,if we do not LISTEN!We can not GROW,if we do not LEARN!(3) REACTLESS! The lesswe REACT, the better we can RESPOND!(4) OBSERVE MORE! The more we OBSERVE,the CLEARER the situation.The CLEARERthe situation,the better our RESULTS.The better our REACTIONS,the better for our RESULTS!If we want to GROWwe cannot stay in the same place,or situationand expect to grow. GOODLUCK! FAMILYNEWS: My neice,Amanda'sbirthday is on the 21st. May you have an awesome birthdaywith your family. All the very best

M a rl e ne

www.d j sh el l sh o ck .ca


in the upcomingyear with all that you decideto do in 2022.I also have a wonderful announcementto share with you. My youngest son, Marcusand his lovely wife, Dakotaare expectingtheir second child at the end of July..early August.Thiswill be my 13th grandchild.I have been surely Blessed. Love Aunt Marlene/Mom/Nana COMMUNITYNEWS: Thismonth I have chosen to give a mentionto a very good friend of mine for over 10 years.She is a fabulous, licensed hairdresser with over 35 yearsexperience.She studied Hairdressing/Cosmetologyat the ~ Art Institute~in Montreal,Quebec.She specializesin color,highlights,low lights, cuts, and blow outs..and has the Best Prices in town! I have been one of her happy clients for many yearsnow and she alwayscan makeme feel and look like a Queen or even a moviestar at times.Her name is Corrine Sullivan McGimpsey.She ownsand operates ~ The Secret Salon~ right here in Cornwall, Ont. Corrineis availablethroughoutthe week,and she even workson weekendsto help you with all of your Hair Needs& Wants. Pleaseget in touch with her on FB. She acceptsappointmentsfrom Mondayto Saturday.Corrinealso offersHomeHair Care services.If you cannot cometo her, she will go to you (at a small extrafee of course.) Now what to do with my hair or What colour to choosefor Spring???Decisions..Decisions. UNTILNEXTMONTH: We alwaysseem to work for a better TOMORROW.But, when TOMORROWcomes,instead of enjoyingit, we once again think of a better TOMORROW. Why not just let us FOCUSon a better TODAY? HAPPYST. PATRICKSDAY to all of my Irish family members& friendsfrom near and far. Irish Proverb:Successconsistsof getting up just one more time..than you fall. MarleneLister of &

Em ai l : t h eg r ap h i cd esi g n er 1 3 @g m ai l .co m

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In Lamoureux Park The Cornwall Community Museum 613-936-0280 Public Visitation Wed. - Fri. 9am to 4pm FOR ANY RESEARCH REQUESTS - please email:

Cornwal l Hist ory@out l

A.F. Mulhern & Co. Cor nw all native Am br ose Fitzger ald M ulher n w as bor n on Febr uar y 20, 1860, son of Patr ick G. M ulher n and Ann Snetsinger. Ann w as a sister of John G. Snetsinger , a for m er M .P. After r esiding in Cleveland for a few year s, he star ted in business in Cor nw all in 1883 selling footw ear. (PHOTO TOP LEFT) This w as his footw ear stor e at 36 Pitt Str eet, w hich he sold to L.H. Clar k in 1896 w hen he enter ed feder al politics. Clar k at som e point r elocated to 145 Pitt. ?In 1896 ? in Stor m ont, John M cLaughlin, Conser vative, defeated A.F. M ulher n, Liber al, and John Bennett, Patr on. Had M r. M ulher n r eceived the w hole-hear ted suppor t of the Liber als, he w ould in all likelihood have been elected, but he had alw ays been a Conser vative until just pr ior to the Dom inion election of 1896, and his candidatur e w as not appr oved by som e of the leading Liber als? Although M r. M ulher n like M r. Leitch w as unsuccessful in his par liam entar y am bitions, it w as cer tainly not thr ough lack of ability as he is one of the outstanding m en of the County of Stor m ont.? (Har kness) M ulher n ser ved four ter m s as Cor nw all?s m ayor (1895, 1897, 1898 and 1911) as w ell as m any year s on Tow n Council. Ca. 1898, M ulher n pur chased the coal business of W illiam Gr ant and Bob Conr oy, w hich he oper ated under his pr evious business nam e of A.F. M ulher n & Co. The coal yar ds w er e on the canal bank . The business also sold fir e insur ance.

Later M ulher n conducted business fr om his uncle?s 1885 Snetsinger Block, w hich w as dem olished after a 1972 fir e. (PHOTO TOP RI GHT) (PHOTO BOTTOM LEFT) 1944, 36/38 Pitt becam e hom e to the Standar d-Fr eeholder ?s r adio station, CKSF.

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36/38 w as dem olished in 1961. (PHOTO BOTTOM RI GHT)