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Familiar faces Tracy-Lynn and Emily are back at the Cline House Gallery Photo by: Mai-Liis

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JUNE 2022




Another merciless racially motivated mass shooting My heart broke when I saw the pictures on the news. I've been analyzing the state of my "White Fragility" lately, and have been re-reading the book. It's a brilliant social commentary that every white person should gobble up. It really opens your eyes on how deep white privilege runs through our veins, and snows how oblivious most of us are when it comes to racism. We think we're doing well, we think we're making progress as a society, then something like Buffalo happens. With a heavy heart, I did the only thing I can do in face of such tragedy. Write.

FADE TO WHITE APoem By Julia Lucio My color is not a color, and yet, it isthe loudest of all colors

Everywhere I go, all I see is white pride But white is the color of war and genocide Slavery, mass murders, hate crimes and divide The shame of white actions makes me wanna hide White is the colour of unfair advantage It cares for white only, disregards other lives Pretends to want equality but keeps you in bondage They say "your life matters" while holding all the knives. White men will do everything in their power To keep all minorities from getting their hour of fame, or fairness, or whatever you wanna call it we keep them all down; they can't reach up and grab it White Replacement Theory travels around fast in; the White Supremacist world, fueling a massive fire openly embraced by dumb people like Tucker Carlson ARhetoric against the utter browning of the squire On the dark web, young white guys get radicalized Faster than black mothers give birth to their child They lack common sense and they can't empathize We live in a gray world that is totally wild. I hate my skin so much I wish I could rip it or at least wash away its privilege coating So others could stand a chance in life and make it So my brothers could stand on similar ground, starting But I don't even know where to begin to fix it Blatant racism is not the problem; that you can call The biggest stumbling block is those who wont' admit That when it comes to racism, we're guilty of it, all My white privilege is constantly showing Worst than that, it's preventing me from growing


JUNE 2022



w i t hSe e ke rChi ck

M AI- LIIS So w hatdid I do dur ingthem onthof M AY?I w enton a M OODWALK. I hearyou asking,w hatis that.Well,Readon... On Wednesday, M ay4th,dur ingM entalHealth Week,I w asexcitedto be a par tof thelaunchof som ething new and excitingin our ar ea- nam elythe?M oodWalkPr ogr am ?.Thisis a FREEeventthatis hostedby CM HACham plainEastandasthe descr iptionon theirposter sstated,?M oodWalksis an eight-w eek w alkingpr ogr amthatpr om otes bothphysicalandm entalw ellness. Walkingcom bines physicalactivityw ithexposur eto natur eandhas pr ovenbenefitsfor m entalandphysicalhealth.Join usdur ingm ental healthw eekandexper ience thehealingeffectsof natur ein your com m unity.?

On Apr il25th,JuliaandI hadAngeleD?Alessio, CM HACham plainEast M entalHealthPr om otorandStephenDour is,a ver ybusyvolunteer andM entalHealthAdvocate,alsoCor nw allCham berof Com m er ce?s 2020Citizenof theYear asguestson our ?M ondayM or ningM otivationw ith theSeekerChicksShow ?.Wediscussedhow M entalHealthhasbeen,m or e thanever ,a bigsubjectandhasaffectedpeopleof all w alksof lifeover thepast 2 year sdur ingtheCovidPandem ic. AngeleandStephentalkedaboutthisnew activityfor M entalHealthw eekandit cer tainlypeakedour inter estasw etoo havefelt disconnected fr ompeoplein our SeekerWor ldanda M oodWalk soundslikea gr eatw ayto r e-connect, especiallyw ithour SeekerTeamof w r iter s. So backto M ay4th - Afterattendinga m eetingw iththefacilitator of s this Launchw her ew ew er etoldaboutthem anybenefitsof thepr ogr am mw e hich hasbeencr eatedby CanadianM entalHealthAssociation (Ontar ioDivision), w eheadedover to theGr aysCr eekM ar inaw her ea schoolbusloadof people r eadyto go on thesam plew alkar r ived.Altogetherw ew er ea gr oupof over 50 people. Wew er eall askedto choosean em ojistickerthatdescr ibedour m oodat the beginning of theday.Thesew er ew or nby all asa w ayto spar kconver sation as thew alkis a w ayto encour age peopleto talk abouthow theyfeel andw hy theyar efeelingthatw ay.Thethem eof theseM oodWalksis Em pathy.We w er eencour aged to r eallypr acticelisteningto eachotherandtr yingto under stand how eachof usfeelsandw hy. Yesit w asdr izzlingw ithr ainbut I couldn?have t beenhappiergoingfor a br iskw alktodaysur r ounded by thew oodsysm ellof natur eandthetw ir ping of thebir ds.Weevenstoppedto checkout theinter esting plantssur r ounding us. It seem edlikethetim epassedso quicklyandbefor eI knewit w ew er eback anddoinga cooldow n.I knowI spenda lot of tim eindoor sbehindmy com puterso todayw asa w onder fulw ayto r e-connectsocially? chattingand w alkingw ithpeopleI hadn?tseenfor year sandalsom eetingnew people,as w ellasconnecting w ithnatur e.W henI got up thism or ningI r eallydidn?tfeel likegoingfor a w alkin ther ainbut I am so gladthatI did asit definitely boostedmy m oodandener gylevels. I knowI haveto w alkm or ebut latelyI am lackingm otivationI haver egister ed Juliaandmyselffor theM oodWalkPr ogr am mw e hichis beginning on June 2ndfor 8 w eeksin Lam our eux Par k andam r eallylookingfor w ar dto this.As theysay cr eatinga habittakes21 daysandincor por ating thehabitintoyour lifestyletakes90 days(3 m onths).Thisw ill cer tainlybe a goodstar tfor m e. AsI w asleavingthew alkI m etup w itha gr oupfr omHolyTr inityw hohad cr ossedsom em uddyar easto join usat theM oodWalkandw er eso happythat theydid.HonestlyI thinktheseM oodWalkscouldbecom ea nextPandem ic? a M entalHealthim pr oving Pandem ic!!! It is ver yim por tantto connectw ithpeopleandnatur eandbackaw ayfr om thosecom puterkeyboar ds, tabletsandcell phonesto im pr oveour ow nM ental Health. Checkout w w w.m oodw al k andandalsoaw w h a-east .onand .c on Facebookvisit:https://w w w.facebook .com /cm haeast Please,if you needhelp, r eachout! NOWGOTOPAGE27 for someM OODWALKpics...Enjoy!



by Leland Katz, about the loss of his wife Judy. She knew she was dying. I was unable to admit the truth. To her or to myself. But she had a goal. Having seen our granddaughter become a Bat Mitzvah, she desperately wanted to see our grandson achieve his Bar Mitzvah. She fought. For six months as the cancer ate her up inside. Through round after round of debilitating chemotherapy. Through excruciating pain, her mantra mumbled under her breath became, ?Gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it.? Over and over and over again. For the first month we convinced ourselves we might get two or three more years. By the third month we knew that was not to be. I wrote the letter to our grandchildren about the trusts we?d set up for them. I?d been afraid to write that letter in fear she?d consider her last task done. She signed it in a halting hand. Through hospital Covid lockdown and personal Covid isolation, she fought on. Our son and daughter and I visited when we could. I kissed her and told her I loved her every evening and for as long as she could, she kissed me back and told me she loved me with a fervor that only increased as the weeks passed. February came. She knew, as I did not, that the end was near. Released from the hospital back to our rehab facility, she could have visitors again. Our grandchildren came and our grandson chanted as much of his Bar Mitzvah portion as he then knew. She squeezed his hand. The love palpable. The oncologist wanted to schedule her for another test, a follow up appointment, and another round of chemotherapy. She refused. She was awake for Valentine?s Day on the 14th. I had arranged for two dozen roses. She loved them as much as she had loved the single rose I had given her on our first Valentine?s Day 62 years earlier. We signed the hospice papers. Over the next six days she faded rapidly. By the 17th, on heavy pain meds, she slept most of the time and by the 19th, eyes closed, mouth open, her breathing was labored and loud. The nursing staff described it as a death rattle. On Sunday, the 20th as I left at 5:00, I kissed her on the forehead. Her flesh was firm. She was still there. I told her I?d see her in the morning. She was unable to respond. As I left, the nursing staff told me that they would clean her up so she would be neat for the funeral home people. I couldn?t accept that. I was scheduled to eat with John and Janet. Only John showed. Janet was ill. At 6:00 we were looking at the menu when my cell phone rang. The nurse said she was gone. I left and drove back to her hospice. I walked into her room. She looked the same except her mouth was closed and she was silent. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. Her flesh sunk in under my lips. There was no resistance. She was no longer there. I didn?t cry. That would come later. I called my daughter and asked her to call my son. I called the local funeral


JUNE 2022

home and was told to call the Massachusetts facility. I did. On Monday my son came and we collected her things from her hospice room and brought them to the apartment. I spoke to the funeral home and relayed her wishes as best I could. I overdid the newspaper distribution of her obituary which I wrote only too aware that she had wanted to do it with me. I sent it to my son and daughter for comment. My son sent some suggested edits and I sent it to the funeral home together with her engagement picture which she?d wanted. On Wednesday we drove to Massachusetts and met with the rabbi who would conduct her funeral service from the bimah of the temple, the original buildings of which had been constructed by her father and grandfather. The funeral service went as expected. Our son and daughter spoke of their mother with love. Later, at the cemetery, watching her casket lowered into into the ground next to her beloved Grandma Goldie and seeing the dirt fall off the back of the shovel in my hands onto her coffin impacted me as much or more than had that last kiss to her forehead. The next day we drove back to New York and New Jersey through a blinding snowstorm. It seemed appropriate. My daughter stayed with me in the apartment and, together, we went through her things. When she left hardly anything remained. I ordered prints of my photography and replaced the Winnie the Pooh sericels I had bought for her for a special birthday. Among the prints I had made and framed was one of my favorite pictures of her which I hung above where she sat on the sofa so I could say goodnight to her at bedtime. Then I had four more of my photographs printed for my office and took her original wedding portrait to be reframed to serve as the centerpiece of the grouping. Over six plus decades, we grew old together. Just not as old as we had hoped. And now, in my mind at least, she is forever young.



Forever Young


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JUNE 2022




of Chantal Gilmour "When I was a kid, my mom would say 'how everyone was related, so you'd better watch what you say..', but from where I'm sitting, six degrees of separation looks pretty good".

Something just clicked right then and there. In accepting John?s invitation to come meet his parents, Chantal?s life changed forever.

Buil d t he Mount ain During his lifetime, Conway Twitty earned more # 1 Hits than any artist in history. Known for holding a soft spot for helping those around him, Conway would tell people, ?If you do what you love and you?re able to take care of the people you love, it doesn?t matter what you do.? Born into the 80s Latchkey Generation, it?s hard to believe Chantal Gilmour was once an introvert. Her parents - both from the outlying areas of northern Ontario & Quebec - knew the value of a hard day?s work. Chantal?s father Yvon was the youngest in a long line of general tradesmen. Of the Silent Generation, he had a way of bringing people together with just a banjo, a steel guitar and a couple of spoons. Born with a stutter that disappeared each time he sang, one might just believe that classic country heals everything. Chantal?s mother Pauline worked as a janitor for the school board. Observed by her daughter as a very strong woman, Pauline was born with a compacted spine that did little to deter her personal determination or pious nature. With confident assuredness, she was known for helping elderly neighbors in Cornwall?s east end, keep their own houses clean. A self defined daredevil, Chantal?s escapades zooming up & down bike ramps with scraped knees became a catalyst for good times, tree hugging rituals and the midnight ramblings of a future do-gooder. She always wanted a cat, but for practical reasons her mom could not allow it. Split between her mother?s or father?s residence, Chantal ran away at 15 and dropped out of school. It wasn?t easy with settings as they were, until a chance meeting at the old CB radio club with John Gilmour. One night at a local coffee shop, John offered Chantal his last cigarette.


It was the tipping point. The ladies of Tri-Country were so impressed by her determination to learn, they suggested Chantal keep following their course outlines to better her life skills. In the next big step for what was to come, Chantal taught herself to knit by watching an online video. A suggested remedy for anyone living with fibromyalgia is to make good use of the energy you have. Like her musical hero, heard every Sunday morning on CKON, Chantal?s quiet ambition helped both she and John create Warm-Up Cornwall, an initiative of knitting scarves and mittens for this town?s marginalized. Word travelled fast, as strangers began donating yarn, both personally and privately. Insert smile here. https:/ / 2015/ 01/ keeping-cornwall-warm-one-scarf-time/ . A few years in, the Red Cross reached out and donated all of their stores. To date,Crazy Knitter Creations have donated over three hundred sets of winter gear since January of 2015.

Photo Credit: Kevin Lajoie Serving as a mentor for several years, John?s mother Norma Shearer, brought her future daughter-in-law through many hardships. From offering Chantal a place to stay, and time to appreciate how far she?d come, Chantal learned what the values of a good education could mean. With laughter in her heart, Norma taught Chantal her way around the kitchen by keeping her man healthy and happy. Chantal believes that when she takes care of John, he can then, take care of her. Anyone with fibromyalgia knows that trying to do too much can trigger a flare. Most commonly affecting women, fibro is often linked to psychological stress or even traffic collisions. And just like that, Chantal was hit by a car. In her fight for ODSP, Chantal approached Tri-County Literacy, and got her GED once and for all as a mature student of 25. https:/ / tricountyliteracycouncil.

JUNE 2022

Five years ago, the Gilmour?s joined the Optimist Club of Cornwall. Like Cornwall?s OCOT (Our Children of Tomorrow) of yesteryear, today?s Optimists raise funds to support many local organizations in the Seaway Valley. From either end of the spectrum, mentoring & volunteerism hold equal merit for young and old. This year?s in-person return of Ribfest is perhaps the Optimists largest opportunity to support Cornwall?s youth programs, but for Chantal it?s like coming home again. Since bringing their children into the fold of the Junior Optimists, Chantal & John have come full circle. Holding tremendous respect for the women who have supported her, Chantal can now do for those Optimist kids, what she could not do for herself, when she was young. With as much love & spark as a plate of Chinese food builds itself, Chantal?s mountain of mentors have kept this earth-child?s daredevil spirit, alive and well. I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at



Ar e You Ready For An Em er gen cy?

Ther e m ay be little to no w ar ning befor e an em er gency, so it is im por tant to be pr epar ed ahead of tim e. Know the types of em er gencies your ar ea is at r isk for , have an em er gency plan and keep em er gency kits in accessible ar eas. ?Often, in the event of an em er gency, ther e isn?t tim e to gather things, or discuss w hat to do next. Having kits and plans in place saves valuable tim e.? says Dr. Paul Roum eliotis, M edical Officer of Health at the EOHU. ?Situations can go fr om nor m al to danger ous ver y quickly and being pr epar ed and know ing w hat to do can pr event injur y and even save lives? Em er gencies m ay r equir e you to evacuate your hom e quickly, or shelter in place, depending on the situation. Ever yone in your household should know the em er gency plans, including evacuation r outes fr om your hom e and neighbour hood, em er gency contact infor m ation, and m eeting points if you becom e separ ated.

OW? N K U O Y t DID f a ct s ab ou fr om Lisa Dupr auExecutiveDir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297x127

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f APRIL, 2 0 2 2 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: This m onth w e had the pr ivilege of having tw o com m unity gr oup par tner s ser ving lunch. Knox St. Paul ser ved lunch on Good Fr iday and the Kinettes w er e in to ser ve on Apr il 30th. We ar e so gr ateful for these gr oups w ho volunteer their tim e to m ake hot m eals w hen the Centr e is closed. M any thanks to our dedicated volunteer s Dan Belanger and Chr is Quenville, w ho distr ibute these delicious m eals. Have you seen our new lending libr ar ies? These Book Nooks ar e placed at the Agape Centr e and at Fur nitur e Par tner s. Take a book, leave a book w ith this oppor tunity to pr ovide fr ee r eading m ater ial for childr en and adults. A huge shout out once again to the students at La Citadelle for building these beautiful boxes. Another gr eat com m unity initiative! The w eek of Apr il 18th w as Give a Shir t w eek in the City of Cor nw all. We w er e the


Take-ou tLu n ch es - 1777 Food Ham per s- 1000 New Ref er r als- 47 (89 people) In dividu alsser ved- 1733

r ecipient of m any bags of clothing for the New For You thr ift shoppe, our social enter pr ise and m ain sour ce of r evenue. Thank you to all com m unity m em ber s w ho par ticipated in this event! The new door s w er e finally installed in our dining r oom ! This br ight and inviting space w ill soon be open for folks to take advantage of year r ound for hot m eals and to dr op in for a coffee. We ar e str ategically planning on how to tr ansition our ser vices to better m eet the needs of people. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for r egular updates on w hat is happening at the Agape Centr e. We love our com m unity!

Depending on the em er gency, you m ay not have access to food, fr esh w ater , and other am enities like electr icity. Fir st r esponder s m ay not be able to assist you r ight aw ay. Em er gency kits stocked w ith sur vival essentials pr epar e you to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hour s, and should be stor ed in easy to access ar eas, in both your hom e and your car. Som e item s all em er gency kits should contain include: Photocopies of im por tant docum ents (gover nm ent ID, insur ance, bank r ecor ds etc.) 4 litr es of w ater per per son, per day, for dr inking, cleaning, and hygiene Non-per ishable foods Fir st aid kit Batter y-oper ated or w ind-up flashlight Batter y-oper ated r adio Be sur e to check your kits annually and r otate out the food and w ater to ensur e nothing is past its expir y date. M or e infor m ation on how to pr epar e for em er gencies can be found at

Nooneshouldevergohungr y - I f youneedhelp- conta ctusat 613-938-9297 w w w.getpr epar and https://w w w.ontar ORcometothecentr eat: page/be-pr epar ed-em er gency. 40FifthStr eetWest,Cor nwa ll, Onta r io

JUNE 2022



Ya f a

G O AW ILY I am w r iting to you today about a special kind of ar t: the ar t of dr aw ing on w alls.

1.Reduces Your St ress? A Mortgage Broker can complete the full application process online and with phone and text so there is no need to leave your home or stand in a separated line up at your branch.We can collect your paperwork via email and fax and text.We keep in good communication with you (often even late nights and weekends!) so that there are no surprises on closing day. 2.Saves You Time and Gives You More Opt ions? Mortgage Brokers have relationships with many lenders. We work with lenders you have heard of and some you probably haven?t. Mortgage Brokers already know most of the products that are out there to choose from so you don?t have to spend the time researching them yourself and wondering if there is something better somewhere else. Also, mortgage payments can come from any of your existing accounts so there is no need to change your regular banking habits no matter which lender you decide to work with. 3.Finds a Lender That Wil l Consider Your Current Income -Not all lenders will accept income that is not guaranteed during COVID-19 restrictions, so your branch may not be able to approve you until your income is back to normal. A Mortgage Broker has access to lenders that will accept your pre- and postCOVID-19 income. 4.Saves You Money? Mortgage Brokers often have access to rate discounts because of a high volume.In many cases, a Mortgage Broker can get you a better rate at your branch than you can. 5.Services Are Free and Your Opinion Mat t ers? Mortgage Brokers are paid by the lender and not by you. If you, as a client, are happy, you will tell your friends about the service. Mortgage Brokers rely on referrals to succeed in their business so your opinion of their service will always matter. 6.St udies Mort gages and are Regul at ed? When you visit your local bank branch, you meet with someone that is well versed in all of the products available to you from that branch.Their training includes a broad spectrum of products so that they can offer you the best product for your needs.When you work with a Mortgage Broker, you are working with someone that has studied only mortgages and has completed annual mandated courses that are required to maintain a license to sell mortgages.

Fr om my exper ience at Wor k Developm ent and Developm ent Thr ough Ar t, a per sonal goal, I saw each City take on a unique skin and cr eate a collective m em or y that belongs to the com m unity and the ar ea.

I see that as giving people a sense of beauty and aesthetics, and linking their belonging to the place they live in-- their sur r ounding envir onm ent -- thr ough a collective ar tistic pr ocess that is suitable for ever yone. It ignites a desir e to contr ibute in people, w ho w ant to par take in m aking a m aster piece not only on their ow n pr oper ty but collectively as par t of a bigger pictur e. It is a m agical thing that connects us all to one another. I had the honour to cr eate m or e than one pr oject for w all painting.


Here are some reasons that my clients would recommend using the services of a Mortgage Broker:

It am azes m e how , thr oughout the w or ld, people tr ansfor m the w alls of their hom es and cities into beautiful m ur als to gather ar ound.


Going to your Bank is a hard to break a habit. We are used to going to our bank for all things mortgage, but is this really the best option when you are searching for a mortgage?


Why Use a Mort gage Broker During COVID-19 Rest rict ions?

Her e in our local com m unity, the initiative star ted fr om individuals concer ned w ith the com m unity and team w or k . Her e, I give special thanks to Ryan and Celine M ar telle. Of cour se, it is essential to m ention that our City, the City of Cor nw all, w ill include this pr oject under its car e and build a place that allow s r esidents to expr ess them selves thr ough ar t on city w alls. It's a beautiful initiative - Let's colour the skin of our City! Yaf f a Goaw i l y| Ar t Specialist Yaf a Ar t s & Cr af t s https://w w

7.Have Access To Privat e Lender Opt ions ?There are specific situations (especially to get through the COVID-19 restrictions) where a short term private mortgage may be needed to get through. Mortgage Brokers have access to Private Lenders that will accept less stringent documentation than a Bank will to approve a mortgage. 8.Considers Al l Sit uat ions? As Mortgage Brokers, we see every scenario out there. Damaged credit, low household income, low net worth might be a deterrent for the bank, but a Mortgage Broker knows lenders that consider all types of unique situations.A plan and strategy are usually suggested to make sure there is a mortgage option available in the future. Rather than travelling to your Bank, why not try a Mortgage Broker now? Jenni MacDonal d (www.jmacdonal has been an award-winning Mort gage Broker wit h Dominion Lending Cent res f or over 12 years and has many years of experience in t he banking worl d.She works wit h over 40 l enders incl uding banks, credit unions, and privat e l enders t o f ind t he best mort gage f or each cl ient .You can cont act her by phone or t ext at 613-551-0639 or via email at jmacdonal d@dominionl


JUNE 2022




JUNE 2022



The ART SEEKER EVENTS & HAPPENINGS from the Cornwall and Area Arts Community ... OUT an d ABOUT w it h Seek er Ch ick M ai-Liis: This girl was at the re-openingof her favourite Art Gallery, Cline House Gallery, (204 Second Street East, Cornwall,Ontario)on May 19th and is super happy to see artists Emily and Tracy-Lynn (in photo right) back where they belong. The Gallery is hosting the show 'Vantage Points', showcasingthe landscapeart of Cynthia Gatien, Sylvie Labrecque,Kathleen Morin, Michelle Reid, Barbel Smith and Adele Webster.This beautiful Gallery is open from 10am-4pm Thursday,Friday and Saturday and the current exhibition will be hanging until July 2nd. Easels in the back workshop are all ready for Art Workshopsand Candice Nixon of Melting Pot Studio will be also hosting unique glass art workshopsthere as well. In addition to the workshops,the Cline House will also be offering local artists the chance to book an easel in the Open Studio Sessions.Artists bring their own materials and work at their own pace on their own projects. Open studio sessionsare booked in 3 hour blocks. Registration:Woorkshopsand Open Studio Sessionsvia the City of Cornwall'sPerfect Mind booking portal: This new initiative is funded through the generosityand support of an anonymousdonation in partnershipwith the City of Cornwall. For more info about the Gallery and workshops,visit: www.clinehousegallery.comor call 613-932-1823 Email:

Jef f Brunet of Al kal ineEnt ert ainment after 2 LongYears,is excitedto be back at the RoyalCanadianLegion with 3 NEWSHOWSand can't wait to partywith you all. Sat u r day,Ju n e 25 Paulyand the Goodfellas.

On Saturday, May 21st, author Katalin Kennedy had a book launch at Cline House Gallery for her 5th book, the "Tree of Knowledge". The gallery was filled for a discussion, reading and signing. Congratulations Katalin!

Fr iday,Ju ly 22n d Tributeto WillieNelsonand a Saluteto Merl Haggardfeaturing Brian Moon.

WIN TICKETS f or June 25 & Jul y 29 - email : inf o@t and t el l us why you shoul d win t he t icket s. DRAW - June 20t h

Fr iday,Ju ly 29 A Tributeto GeorgeStrait featuring NelsonColt.

All showsstart at 8pm.Doorsopen at 6:30 pm. Tickets$25 advanceor $30 at the door,availableat MelodyMusic,Val'sDiner,The Royal CanadianLegionand GrooveCanabisor call 613-933-5882for moreinfo.


JUNE 2022



The ART SEEKER If you have ART-RELATED NEWS, email us:inf o@t



settingnear our local M useumw asthe focusof the eventssur r ounding Cor nw all1784or ganizedby SDGHistor icalSociety,


To those w ho think ther eis nothing goingon, I?d like to convince you other w ise.Her eis a sam pleof local events. Cor nw allis r eadyto r etur nto live enter tainm ent. M AY: The m onthof M ay w asexciting. At the beginningof the m onth l?Am algam e,a local Fr enchtheatr e gr ouppr esented?Alber tineen cinq tem ps?to packedaudiencesat the Seaw ayValleyTheatr e,30 Sixth Str eet east.Thisw asfollow edby sold-out pr oductionsof ?Ther eGoesThe Br ide? by the Seaw ayValley Theatr eCom pany(SVTC).

featuring a Poem by KEN SMITH

and a Childr en?sPow Wow DanceWor kshopw asheld at The NativeNor th Am er icanTr avelling College. StayinAlive,a Bee GeesTr ibutew as per for m edat the Por t Theatr ew hile Dan Allair eCom edybr oughtlaughter to La M aison. ?Sw eetAlibi?folk m usicw asthe hit at StoneCr op Acr esW iner yand Vineyar d. Thesear e just a few of the happenings in our ar ea and I apologizefor m issing som eof them .So to all w ho say nothingis goingon, I r est my case. If you havem issedtheseevents,keep your eyeson June. Cor nw allis buzzingw ith events.

JU NE: FocusAr t held its spr ing exhibitionby 33 ar tists TheCor nw allConcer t and thr eehigh schoolsat Ser iespr esentsthe ballet, the Cor nw allSquar e.The ?Anneof Gr eenGables? ClineHouseGaller y,at on June29 at the 204 SecondStr eet East, AultsvilleHall. r eopenedits door sw ith a Ar t Walk r etur nson June stunningshow by six 24 w ith ar tists, talentedvisual ar tisansand ar tistsunder the ABOVE - Seaway Valley Theatre per for m er s Company and BELOW Cornwall heading?Vantage Centennial Choir tr ansfor m ing Points?and dow ntow n KatalinKennedy Cor nw allinto an launchedher ar t happening. latest novel,?Tr ee of Know ledge?. The Centennial Choir of Cor nw all Cor nw allAr t Hive w ill per for malong continuedto w ith other sat the r each out to Band shell in Lam our euxPar k on June fam iliesand ar t lover sby offer ing 2 for the Queen?sJubilee. spaceto explor eall for m sof ar t. It happenedat the Cor nw allSquar e,the Upper CanadaPlayhouseoffer s?Dor is m unicipalLibr ar yand pop up and Ivy in the Hom eland?and Seaw ay gather ingsin Lam our euxPar k . ValleyTheatr epr esents?Off Your The Cor nw allConcer tser ieshostedtw o Rocker w ith Jeff Leeson. excellentm usicalper for m ancesat To top it off, SVTCpr esents?Par donM y Aultsville:Django,Felix and Fr iends Fr ench?w ith NicolasDoyonand and Beethovenon Recor dIII. Jean-M ar cLalondeon June25 at the Seaw ayValleyTheatr e. The Alexandr iaPublicLibr ar y pr esentedan exhibitionby Lesley Thesear e just a few of the upcom ing M cVicarand CanadaPlayhouse pr esented?Rockin?All Night?a tr ibute sum m erevents.You can alw aysget to BuddyHolly,RitchieValensand the updatesby sear ching?TheSpectacle? an onlinecalendarby Your Ar ts Big Bopper. Council.En j o y. Celebr atingFr iendshipin a histor ical


Poet r y Cor ner ...

JUNE 2022

As t h o a god had cupped its hands and low er ed them like a bow l to for m the basin of the m ar ina, betw een the br eaker s in the r iver and the clim bing bank of gr ass up to the bike path, a sunken myster ious pool They?r e taking the boar ds off the w indow s of its stor e its sleepy w inter eyes ar e opening the fisher m an w ho sits on an upside dow n plastic bucket a stick w ith a str ing low er ed in an ice hole has depar ted, w or ker s place new planks in the w ooden docks soon the m iniatur e lighthouse w ill be blinking gr een at nite befor e daw n?s spr ead of str eaks of pastel pink and peach above the easter n tail of the m isty w ater




Be t t y

With the assistanceof one of my colleaguesShari,I wouldlike to offer the followingideasfor guidingyou to a respectfulrelationshipwith yourself, usingRESPECTas an acronym.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T Hey w h at do you w an t ?

This songby ArethaFranklin,RESPECT, has been a subjectof manycoaching conversationboth past and present. The conversationusuallybeginslike this: Client:I do not get the respectI deservefrom others(Colleagues,clients,patients,family members). Coach (Me):That is unfortunate.Can you share with me howyou showrespectfor yourself? Client:I am not surewhatyou meanby that. Coach:Do you respectyourself?Do you acknowledgeyour strengthsand gifts?Do you knowwhat you want and haveclear boundaries aboutwhat you sayyesand no to?Do you treat yourselfwith respector do you get buriedin self-criticism? And then the conversationbegins. Fact :You cannotdemandrespectfrom others if you disrespectyourself.How you treat yourselfis how otherswill treat you. Respectis earnedwhen YOU self-respect. Darn and doubledarn!Realitycheck? this is how the Law of Attractionworks,that is ?like attractslike?. Your insideworld will be reflected in your outsideworld.Example:when you are disrespectfulof yourself,you will often disrespectothersand they you. Again,like attractslike. St r at egiesf or Bu ildin gSelf -Respect : I use the word ?building? deliberately. Self-respectis not a switchthat you can turn on and off like a light.It is a journeyof beginning to see yourself,exploringyour strengthsand gifts and how you offer theseto the world, acknowledgingyour uniquenessand convertingyour inner-criticinto your inner coach.

R ? Respon dan d Rest r ain Developyour awarenesson how you respondto yourselfin differentcircumstances.When you stumbleor makea mistake,do you immediately fall into the trap of self-criticismor are you able to shift to a placewhereyou exerciserestraint and rememberthat you are human?Humans can makemistakesand from theseyou learn. Respectmeansholdingthe spacefor failureand leveragingtheseas learningopportunities. E ? Em ot ion Emotionsneed to be embraced,not denied.Feel what you feel,whetherthat is happinessor sadness,elationof grief,peaceor anger.Many of us, especiallywomen,are socializedto never expressanger.New researchshowsthat when womendo this, it feedsthe inner criticand, whetheryou are angrywith someoneor something,you turn it on yourself.That is unfair self-punishment.Respectdictatesthat you allow yourselfto experienceand expressyour true feelings,livingthem throughand ultimately enablingyou to releasethem S ? St an d in You r Pow er In our world,power is generallyinterpretedas power over somethingor someone.Standingin your power is different.It meanscultivatingyour inner resources,recognizingwho you are and embracingyour strengths.Finally,it means knowingyou are enough,just as you are, a uniquegifted humanbeing.Thereis only one you. Acknowledgingyourselfand appreciating who you are is the height of respect.First thing everymorning,stand,feet slightlyapart,armsat your side and slightlyawayfrom your sides,and pushingthe armsback allow your power to fill you and ultimately,fuel you. P ? Peace Find waysto bringpeaceinto your life. Given the fear driven societyyou live in, this is more importantthan ever.I recommenda minimum of 15 minutesper day, sittingquietly,breathing, exploringwhat you are gratefulfor and sittingin a placeof peace.Most importantly,makepeace

www.d j sh el l sh o ck .ca


with yourself,be okay with you, then radiate that peaceinto the world.I personallylove to chant peace,peace,peaceor Shanti,Shanti, Shanti. E ? Em pat h y Be understanding.You are an imperfecthuman being,we all are. By the way,perfectionis a myth.When you makea mistakeor are less than perfect,take a walk in your own shoes and understandthat circumstancesbeget actions.You respondto situationsand people in waysthat you may not like. Empathyallows you to understandthat you did the best you could given what you knew in that moment and that you are alwaysimproving.Respect yourselfenoughto be less than perfect. C- Com passion Compassionand empathyare twin sisters. With compassionyou continuethe work of empathysoothingyourselfwith kindness, reassuringyourselfand recognizingthat you, like everyoneelse,occasionallyscrew up. Secondlycompassionis fierce,the energyof standingup for yourselfand takingyour rightfulplacein the world.Fierce self-compassionsays,?thisis not goingto happenon mywatch.I respectmyselftoo much to standdownfromwhat is rightfullymine?. T ? Tr u st you r Tr u t h It is unfortunatethat the voice of the inner criticis rarelytruthful.It is guidedby fear, messagesfrom the past,and biasedby the opinionsof others.Truth lies in your heart and if you learn to trust that,you are enteringthe realm of respect.When you hear the critic?s voicein your ear, remindher/himthat she/he is out of date.Checkin with your heart,see the truth of who you are and trust it. Then switch gearsand offer yourselfsomethingyour best friend would say to you,somethinguplifting and respectful. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Until next time, BettyHealey,MEd.CAPP Yourthoughtsandstrategiesarealways welcomeandif youcareto shareyoucanreach meat:

Em ai l : t h eg r ap h i cd esi g n er 1 3 @g m ai l .co m

JUNE 2022



Mama Sue and her st af f wish you a

HappyFather's Day! and Mamahassomet hingSPECIAL f or THE M ENwhocomein o n SU NDAY, JU NE 1 9 t h Pl us FOR M EN ONLY... FILLA BALLOTf or a chanceTO WIN

1 o f 4 Gi ft Cer t i fi cat es Breakf ast & Lunch served Wednesday t o Sunday - 7am t o 1 pm 850 BoundaryRd. Unit 1, Sout h Gl engarry ON 613-933-9055

Jo hn




than you,yet per hapsthey ar e not as w ell em ployed,or w or kingas har d,yet they alw ays seem to havem or e?Is your senseof justice offendedby w hat they have,com par edto w hat you have?Lastly,do you just w ant m or e?Ther e is nothingw r ongw ith w antingm or efor the A Tool cal l ed r ight r easons,but do you w ant m or ebecause you w ant to havebetter than other s?You w ant Gr eed to live better ,dr essbetter ,dr ivea better car and takebetter vacationsbecauseyou w ant to Yes,you r ead that r ight.Gr eedis not a good thing,as it causesus to desir ethe BE better but know no other w ay?Gr eedm ay w r ongthingsand hoar dthem oncew e be w hat'sdr ivingyou,and it is alw ays havethem .It stopsus fr om shar ingand destr uctive. fr om giving.It m ay even causeus to steal or to w ant w hat isn't our sto have. How do you feel about givingto som eonew ho hasm or ethan you,just to be kind?How do you It w ill fr ustr ateus at its best,and feel about keepingthat older car w hichhas destr oyus at its w or st. nothingw r ongw ith it, r ather than show ingoff in a new er m odel?It seem sthat the w or ldhas So how on ear th can w e use it for anythinggood,let aloneas a tool?Easy. tw o typesof people.Ther ear e thosew ho live beyondtheir m eansbecausethey havean We view it as a gauge,sor t of like a im agethey feel they need to m aintain,and pr essur egaugeor a gas gauge.W hen thosew ho havem eans,but chooseto live far the gastank near sem pty,w hat do w e beneaththem ,becausethey use som eof their do?We fill it up again.It costsus m oney,yet w e do it anyw aybecauseour m oneyto help other s.We tend to either think one w ay or the other ,and to var yingdegr ees. car w on't r un w ithoutit. W hat about a Usually,the happierpeoplear e thoseNOT pr essur egauge?If too m uch pr essur ebuilds follow inggr eed,but choosinggener osityand up, it m ust be r educedor a destr uctive explosioncouldtakeplace.We see the gaugeas kindnessinstead.Thosetr yingto buy happinessthr oughthe thingsthey ow n,ar e a r em inderto r eleasethe pr essur e,ensur ing never happy.They just keep needingm or eand our safety. m or e. Even som eonew ith lim itedr esour ces m ay hoar dthingsthat they don't r eallyneed, Gr eedm ay also be used as a tool in our ow n and you m ightnot think of thisas gr eed,but it lives.Do w e see our neighborw ith a new car is r elatedto it. Ther eis a feelingof w ealthand and feel envy?Envy and gr eedar e close secur itythat com esfr om having'stuff ',even if r elatives.Do peoplear oundyou havem or e


JUNE 2022

the stuff is w or thlittle.But thisfeelingnever getssatisfied,and m or eand m or estuff m ust be obtainedto keep the feelingat bay. But w hat about the feelingyou w ouldhaveif that stuff w er egone?W hat if you r ealizedthat you don't need it? W hat if you began givingm or eaw ay, or even savingit for a r ainy day? Her eliesthe big question- how do w e discer n desir efr om gr eed?Is all desir ebad?Of cour se not. Per hapsyou r eallyneed a vacationand shouldtakeone. For som eoneelse,per haps they shouldfor egothe vacationthisyear and givem or eto their r etir em entfund,or their childr en,or pay off som edebts.Healthydesir e is a good thing,and w e can haveanythingw e think of and takestepstow ar dsm anifesting. Gr eed,though,is a hungr yanim althat is never satisfied.So keep it in your toolbox,not to give into,but to use as a guageto check your w ants and desir es.Ask your self,am I beinggr eedy,or just w antingsom ethingthat w ill be good for m e and thoseI love?Gr eedw ill tr y and tell you it's good for you,but gr eedis a liar. If you see it as a tool though,you'll soon be ableto see the differ ence.A life fr eeof gr eedw ill becom ea m or ejoyousand fulfillinglife. You can have and tr uly enjoy anythingyou w ant,w hen the r easonyou w ant it is a positiveone. Lear n to r ecognizegr eedin the w or ldar oundyou,but avoid it in your ow n.It m ay be easier than you think,and you'll be m uch happieronceyou do. For mor einfor mation,plea sevisit w w w.thehigher




from Trees: Our natural allies for living longer, healthier and happier lives By Susan Towndrow In some ways, trees are just like people. Some are tall and skinny like Poplars, while others are short and wide like Crab-apples. And unlike some people who get to live to a ripe old age, no one gets to be as old as trees do, with some of the oldest living trees being over 4,000 years old!

When we plant a tree, we hope that it will live its best life and mature to a grand specimen, all the while providing us humans with clean fresh oxygen that we need to breathe on this beautiful planet of ours. And we desperately need trees! We are projected to lose 30% of our tree cover in the area just to the Emerald Ash Borer alone. Since trees absorb carbon dioxide, they are really important in the fight of our lives - the Climate Crisis. Plus they not only make our city beautiful but help to lower summer temperatures in urban areas. Recent research show that they make us happier - mental health is better in areas of higher tree canopy. It has been shown that a tree filled street can positively influence depression!

Tak e t h e Wh eel On t ar io visit s Ch ar -Lan Dist r ict High Sch ool Williamstown,Ontario? Approximately50 students takingCivicsand Careersat Char-LanDistrictHigh Schoollearnedabout jobsand trainingin the truckingand transportationindustry.

Beautiful tr eeshowing it's inher ent sha pe

"We wish to extendour gratitudeto Ms. Campbell for invitingus to presenttodayat Char-LanDistrict High Schoolto discussTake the Wheeland encourageyouthand womeninto truckingand relatedjobs,"said the ProjectPlanner.

Sadly, some tree practices that are prevalent in this area and likely done with good intentions, are very harmful to trees and ensure that the tree will die an early death. It is the practice of ?topping trees?, in the hope that a taller tree will become or remain small. Perhaps you have noticed this. It is especially visible in the winter months when the leaves are off and one can see the A lega cytr eethat'sbeen structure of the trees clearly. You can observe that trees a llowed toa chieve itsdestiny mostly have a leader that reaches straight up from the trunk and all the other branches create the shape of the tree depending on the variety. ?Topping ?trees are like an amputation that leaves tree limbs disfigured and open to disease and rot. People actually pay a tree company to carry out this harmful practice. This is not like pruning fruit trees or trimming shrubs and hedges, which are done carefully and with a purpose of increasing fruit yields or revitalizing old growth.

Takethe WheelOntariois promotingthe careerof truckdrivingto youngpeopleand women.Trucking is a high-demandcareerthat offersgood wagesand a chanceto explorethroughtravel. After the presentation,studentsweregifteda Take the Wheelswagbag,includinga hat and water bottle. For moreinformationon the Take the Wheelproject, visit their website: Live music photos taken by Jason Setnyk at the Downtown Spring Festival at Pommier Square on Saturday,May 21st

Did you know that the Parks and Landscape Department of the City of Cornwall will plant a tree free for you, at your request on your Tr eesthathavebeentoppeda ndper ma nently boulevard. They have a list of suitable trees, with descriptions and disfigur ed - sa dlya common sight photos, for you to choose from. They also have a Commemorative Tree Planting program whereby, for a fee, they will plant a tree on public land in memory of someone or for a special celebration or occasion. For more info on this, visit and for more information about Transition Cornwall+ visit So stop all the topping and get planting!


JUNE 2022




De re k

One of our signature grilled cheese sandwiches, The Supreme. This creative pizza grilled cheese makes your taste buds go wild. One small thing we played with was smoking and roasting our garlic for the mayo to step up the flavour profile.


The Supreme


(2-4 servings) Ingredients: - Sourdough bread - Butter - 1/ 2 cup pepperoni - 1/ 2 cup cooked bacon - 1/ 4 cup garlic mayonnaise (or any flavour) - 1/ 2 cup cheddar cheese - 1/ 2 cup mozzarella cheese - 1/ 8 cup marinara sauce

1. Butter 2 slices of bread on one side each. Start with a layer of cheddar cheese on the dry side of a slice, buttered underneath. Next, place cheddar cheese and pepperoni, drizzle with garlic mayonnaise onto the pepperoni. Sprinkle the cooked bacon as you continue to build the sandwich. Finally, add a layer of mozzarella cheese before closing with the other piece of buttered bread, buttered side facing outward.

JU NE Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

2. Heat the frying pan/ panini press/ flattop to a medium-high heat. Grill the sandwich evenly on both sides until golden brown, crispy and the cheese has melted.


3. Enjoy with a nice marinara dipping sauce! Continue to build sandwiches until the mixture runs out, it should make 2-4 in total.

cr o sswo r d i n Seaway St aycat i o n


JUNE 2022




Jo hn

The death of vinyl was announced with the introduction of the Compact Disc, On-line music stores and streaming services. But the love of vinyl records due to the sound, holding a piece of music and accompanying artwork outperformed compact disc sales in 2019. Some of the most expensive vinyl records sold were, 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by the Beatles and signed by all the Beatles. $ 290,500.00 US, or Miles Davis, 'Kind of Blue' 1959 ~ $ 1,000.00 US.

G RO W Records ? 33 ½ , 45 & 78 Personal Propert y Appraising© Our focus is records (Vinyl's) of all speeds. A moment to have a laugh: Give a young teenager a record, and ask them what it's used for?

78 RPM The idea of vinyl records started from shellac and metal discs that were played on early gramophones. The early 1900's to the start of World War 2 saw 78 rpm discs grow in popularity in the market. They held 3 to 5 minutes of music per side. Many households with elderly family members might have a few of these. There are many collectors for all types of music. The early blues and jazz artists are the most sought after. The most expensive 78 record sold for $37,100.00 US funds. It was a Tommy Johnson's 1930 and Jake Bl ues'. If you are not a collector and just want to sell them, I have provided some links below. Please remember to do your own due diligence on the value of what you have. Maybe you have a Willie Brow ?M&O Blues?/ ?Future Blues? Shellac disk from 1931 hiding in a cabinet. 33 1/ 3 RPM First introduced by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA Victor), they used a closer

45 RPM First introduced by RCA Victor in 1949, the 7? inch 45 RPM was very small, and depending on the music had its own color of vinyl. The first commercially released 45 was ?Texarkana Baby' by Eddy Arnold. The 45's were a boon to phonograph manufacturers who were able to make smaller transportable players. The cost of the 45's were around 40 cents to 75 cents in the 1960's to early 1970. They held 1 popular song, and the other side a lesser song from the same artist. This format was very popular with teenagers of the time. The 45 RPM had a popularity from 1952 to 1973. The market dropped with the introduction of the cassette tape. Most valuable 45 rpm; Elvis Presley, 'My Happiness' his first recording session at the Memphis Recording Service., (Sun Studio) $ 300,000.00 US. Or a Frank Wilson, ?Do I Love you (Indeed I do) which sold for $ 37,000 in 2009. Many artists used the 45 RPM as gifts or promotional material. CONDITION In any collection, the condition of the vinyl is everything and affects its value. When you hold up a record, it should have a clear sheen in the reflection of the light. No sheen

collection to see its value on a site. Ideally, you are going to be further ahead if you create an inventory. A sample heading to catalog your collection will save time in the long run. Here is one possible heading of a list. Art ist -Al bum Name-Record Label -GenreYear-Cat al og # -Pressing # -Est imat ed Val ue There are many spreadsheets and applications to inventory your collection. Or you can create your own, using a spreadsheet. I personally use a spreadsheet for my small vinyl collection. Once you have an inventory list assembled. The next step is looking at sites which would give you an indication of the record's value. The most popular sites are: Discogs-https:/ / Val ue Your Music-https:/ / vinyl Popsike- Ebay?

Sold listings are all that matters. It may be listed at $ 50.00, but if it sells regularly at $ 12.00, that's what its approximate value is. Depending on the size of your collection, this process of noting down all the information is time consuming. Once done, it will be easy to update the information. Like all items in a free market, values of everything are changing depending on many factors. There is a large pool of vinyl collectors always on the hunt for good vinyl.


Appraisal Request s t hat were sent t o t he 'Seeker' Marie Christ ine, in t he Ot t awa area, wit h a 17t h cent ury buf f et , Port ugal , l ineage f rom t he royal f amil y of Port uguese monarch. 'House of Habsburg' (1581 ? 1640) Provenance & research is proven . Market Val ue ~ $ 60,000.00 US Funds. (no permission given f or use of phot os)

Next Art icl e: Furnit ure & Househol d it ems. Keep it , Sel l it or Donat e. Aboutt heAut hor grove spacing and lower speed to provide 21 minutes per side of playing time. It was later adopted by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) which is known as Columbia Records. The longer playing times and marketed as Hi-fidelity, were a great success. Portable players and console stereo's flew off the store's sales rooms. It also gave birth to the audio industry, as consumers were looking for the most natural reproducible sound possible. Most used vinyl records date from the mid 1950's to mid 1980's. Demand dropped, with the introduction of the cassette tape.


or dull sheen indicates a very worn well played record. Is the record sleeve present, is there an inner sleeve? Are the corners of the album bent and looks like your cat nibbled on it. Is the edges of the album sleeve split open? Is there any water damage? Is the surface of the record warped? Is the record scratched, has grim baked on? A very good article on Vinyl Grading System is located at:https:/ / vinyl-grading-system-shop-used-records/ WHERE TO FIND INFORMATION ON VALUES It's very tempting to pick an album from your

JUNE 2022

JohnH. Grow,ISA-AM,is a partnerin the appraisalfirm of PrestigeEvaluationInc.The firm specializesin antiquities,watches,clocks, jewelry,fine art,and collectablesin general.John workswith clientsworldwide,museums, corporate,foundationsand governmentagencies and on radioand televisionshowsand charity appraisalfairs.A longtimememberof the InternationalSocietyof Appraisers.Suzanne Charlebois,gemologist,specializingin jewelry, cut & uncutdiamonds,gemstones,minerals& meteorites.She also doesgradingand identificationof gemstonesfromminesand large collections.PrestigeEvaluationInc.can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s email is



ByBr endaNor ma n The Cor nw all Water fr ont Far m er s' M ar ket w as happy to oper ate the indoor m ar ket in par tner ship w ith Cor nw all Squar e on Thur sdays over the w inter and spr ing season. The indoor m ar ket is now closed and plans to r etur n to Cor nw all Squar e for the fall, w inter , and spr ing seasons and possibly the sum m er in October 2022 on Thur sday after noons. In the m eantim e w e invite our patr ons and new folks to connect dir ectly w ith vendor s at other local far m er s?m ar kets opening up for the sum m er in and ar ound the City of Cor nw all. You can find the list of the 45+ am azing far m er s, food ar tisans, and ar tisanal vendor s at w w f m .ca w ho par ticipated in the Cor nw all Water fr ont Far m er s?M ar ket in 2021 and 2022. Thank you to all of you w ho cam e dow n to suppor t our local ar tisans, com m unity gr oups, and our agr ifood her oes, Far m er s! M ar k you r cal en dar s f or t w o Cor n w al l Wat er f r on t Far m er s? M ar k et even t s i n Lam ou r eu x Par k .

ON SATURDAY,SEPTEM BER17TH w e w ill host the 8th Annual East er n On t ar i o Gar l i c M ar k et event. On this day w e ar e r ecr uiting bands, busker s, and ar tists to com e cr eate and play live.To par ticipate em ail us at m ar k et on t h ew at er f r on t @gm ai l .com We w ill be show casing gar lic gr ow er s, local far m er s, chefs and ar tisans on the w ater fr ont and ar ound the bandshell. We w ill also highlight local cr aft br ew er ies, distiller ies, cider ies, and w iner ies w ho w ill be ser ving their thir st quenching pr oducts to the patr ons onsite and to pur chase to take hom e. A selection of gar lic based m eals w ill be available to eat onsite as you enjoy the enter tainm ent in the com pany of fr iends! Local r estaur ants w ill also featur e gar licky specials that w eekend. Registr ation for these events w ill be posted on our Facebook Page and w ebsite k ozr oot and cw f m .ca in late June. Finally Kozr oots Com m unity Em pow er m ent Pr ojects and The Easter n Ontar io Agr i-food Netw or k w ant to thank the adm inistr ation and ow ner s of the Cor nw all Squar e m all for being innovative and pr oviding a space for a far m er s?m ar ket for the vendor s to m eet w ith the public and have access to ever ything local. Watch for our colum n in July w hen w e w ill announce other pr ojects and how to get involved as a Non Pr ofit or Com m unity Or ganization in the activity w e ar e planning for the upcom ing year.

The advent ur es of Capt ain Mar bl e... by Ezekiel Lucio

ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH w e ar e w or king on a m ulticultur al day ?Root ed i n Cu l t u r e'' w her e w e w ill featur e m usic, dance, and food r eflecting the diver sity that sur r ounds us. We w ill dem onstr ate

how far m er s and ethinic food ar tisans can w or k together to ser ve up som e delicious and unique dishes. M or e details com ing in June. To get involved em ail us at m ar k et on t h ew at er f r on t @gm ai l .com


JUNE 2022




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Mr.Moraleand the Big Steppers-

someonewhois, himself,a parent.In songslike'UnitedInGrief',wecan see Kendrickrevisitingthemesthat hehasdiscussedin thepast withan olderand wiserviewpoint.On top of this,thiswiserand olderKendricknowdiscussesnew issues,includingLGBTQprejudicein thecontroversial?Auntie Diaries?,and some verypersonaltrauma,especiallyin thesomber?Mother I Sober?. Songslike?FatherTime?and?Mother I Sober?aresomeof the sincerestsongsI'veeverheardand arethetypeof songthat instantlygo downasclassicsin a rapper?sdiscography.They showthat Kendrickhasgottento thepointwhereheis comfortablediscussingreallytouchysubjectsand add onto thealbum'soverarchingthemeof Kendrick'sgrowthasa person.


KendrickLamar Hello,FellowMusic-Heads!If you?rereallybig intothemusic scene,youprobablyalreadyknowwhat I?m going to bereviewingtoday.Afterfiveyearsof radio silencesincehislast project,?DAMN?,Kendrick Lamarhasjust droppedhislatestLP,?Mr.Morale and theBig Steppers?.

Thisgrowthreallyhelpsmeto enjoythealbum.It givesme somebodyto root for and givesKendricka reasonablepoint to retireand a reasonableclosingalbumaftera successful 10+ yearcareer(wereheto retire).

Asoneof thebiggestinfluencesand greatest rappersin modernmusic,thisalbumcamewitha ton of anticipationand expectations.Did he live up to thehype?Let?sdiscuss! A balancebetweenthedigestibilityof 'DAMN', and thebrilliantsocialcommentaries of 'To Pimp a Butterfly'& 'GoodKid,M.A.A.DCity',Mr.Morale & TheBig Steppershasno shortageof hard-hittingemotionallyraw songsand touchingpianoinstrumentals. Sincethereleaseof theproject,everysonghasgrownon me.?Father Time?iseasilymy favouritesongof 2022now,and?N95?&?Saviour?were not instanthitsfor me,but thecatchinessand throwbackKung-FuKenny soundsof thosesongsgrewon meovertime.Essentially,most of my originalissueswiththeprojecthavefadedawayasI listenedmore.

Thefeaturesin thisalbum,withtheodd exception,areall verystrong,and veryapparentlycautiouslypicked.Baby Keemthrivedon hisinterlude,andthenagainon the chorusof ?Saviour? .SummerWalkerand Samphaprovided beautifulR&Bvocalson theirperformances,and Taylor Paigedid a flawlessjob asthegirlfriendon thesongabout toxicrelationships,'WeCryTogether'These . aremy personalhighlights,but nearly everyfeatureon thisrecordis worthyof considerationfor thebest featureof the album.

Overall,thisalbumisnearlyperfect.It showsthegrowthand maturityof a rapper whohasshowedbothintrospectionandimmaturityoverthepast ten years.It?sa perfectbalancebetweenexperimentalityandenjoyability.It bringsnew viewpointsto deepsubjectsand showsKendricktrulyopeningup abouthis Betweentheheartstring-pulling productionin songslike'PurpleHearts'and 'United long-termtrauma. InGrief',and theincrediblypersonableintrospectionin thesongsaboutKendrick's Theprojectisnot a victory-lap.That wouldimplythat Kendrickismuchmore parents('FatherTime'and 'MotherI sober'), Kendrickdisplaysthat hestill hasall the materialisticthanhe reallyis. Thisprojectis Kendrickshowingtruegrowthand talenthe'severhad. showingthat Kendrickisstill thegreatestrapperof the21st century.Verycloseto On top of all hisproventalent,Kendricknowhasthewisdomand introspectionof beinga perfect5, to me,thisalbumisa 4.5/5.

Soci al Su ppor t Su bm i t by: t edCan adiM anen tHeal al tAssoci h atCh i onam plEast ai n Sou r ce:w w h

The past tw o year shavebeen har d for ever yone due to the pandem ic.Oppor tunitiesfor social gather ingshavebeen r estr icted,w hichhasbeen difficultfor m any. Thelack of social suppor tthat thishascausedhasbeen gr eatlyfelt. We all need to feel like w e belongand that other s car eabout our w ell-being.Social suppor tis exactly that:the belongingand car ew e r eceivefr om other people. Now that publichealthm easur eshavebecom eless r estr ictive,oppor tunitiesto put in placesituations that pr om otesocial suppor tar e beingfacilitated and it is a good idea to takeadvantageof this. W HYI S I T I M PORTANT? Peopleneed other people.It?s com m onfor people to under estim atehow m uch they m ight benefit fr om the suppor tof people.Social suppor tcan help us copew ith setbacks,solvepr oblem s, im pr oveself-esteemand even m anagehealth pr oblem sand str ess.Peoplew ho feel like they havethe social suppor tthey need tend to have low er str esslevels.

you just need to talk about a pr oblemand shar e your thoughtsand feelings - Know ledgeable advice? som eoneyou talk to w hen you need m or einfor m ation. - New per spectives? som eoneyou call w hen you need to look at a pr oblemfr om differ entpointsof view - Pr acticalhelp ? som eoneyou can call w hen your childcar epr ovidercallsin sick,som eonew ho dr opsoff a m eal w hen you ar e sick,or som eone w ho can help w ith your w or kload. HOW CAN I BUI LDM Y OW N SOCI ALSUPPORT NETW ORKS? Bu i l di n gex i st i n gn et w or k s: - Connectw ith your netw or ksand ask for help. Rem em berthat r eachingout takesstr ength! - Takecar eof im por tantr elationshipsyou alr eady have.You need to contr ibuteto r elationships, too? youcan?t only ask for help or assistance. Offer suppor tto other sin your netw or ks. - Be clear aboutthe kind of help you need.Tell peoplew hat you need? theym ay be ableto offer better help w hen they know w hat you?r elooking for.


- Seek specializedsuppor t,like counselling,w hen it?s needed.M akesur ethat you?r easkingfor help in the r ight places.

Peoplecan offer m anydiffer entkindsof suppor t:

Bu i l di n gn ew n et w or k s:

- Em otionalsuppor t? som eoneyou contactw hen

- M akeoppor tunitiesto m eet new people.Join


JUNE 2022

social activities,takeclassesor cour ses,volunteer , or get involvedin an or ganizationor gr oup.You can also ask fr iendsto intr oduceyou to other people. - Giver elationshipstim e.It takesa bit of w or k to build r elationships.You w on?tbe fr iendsw ith ever yoneyou m eet,and w hen you do m akea new fr iend,it w ill taketim eto str engthenyour r elationship. - Reachout in per son.If you?r edealingw ith a specificpr oblemlike an illness,join a suppor t gr oupor tr y one-on-onepeer suppor t.A suppor t gr oupor peer suppor tw or kercan be a gr eat w ay to connectw ith other sw ho can under standsom e of your exper iencesand can shar ehope,good infor m ation,and r esour ces. - Look online.If you don?t havea lot of oppor tunitiesto find peoplein per son,consider lookingonlinefor a com m unityto join. (Just use your good judgem entto chooseoptionsthat ar e safeand helpful. DO YOU NEEDM OREHELP? Contacta com m unityor ganizationlike the CanadianM entalHealthAssociationto lear n m or e about suppor tand r esour cesin your ar ea. Theinfor mationpr ovidedis not a substitute for pr ofessiona a l dvice.I f you need a dvice, plea seconsulta qua lifiedhea lthca r e pr ofessiona l.For fur therinfor mationor if you wa nt to a ccessour ser vicesat CM HA,plea se ca ll 1-800-493-8271or visit our web siteat w w w.cmha -ea




M a rl e ne

Daisy Day", myself. THI S M ONTH'S TI P: Evey year on June 8th, National "Upsy Daisy Day" is put aside to encour age us to face the day Positively and to get up Glor iously, Gr atefully and Gleefully each m or ning. Ever y day is a GIFT.. and so, if w e r em em ber that w hen w e r ise ever y m or ning, it w ill help us car r y a "Good Attitude" the w hole day long. That is for w hatever the day m ay br ing us. Life is cer tainly full of challenges and r uts along our pathw ays. It is only by our Positive Attitude that w ill and can help us over these r uts and thr ough these challenges to be able to m ove for w ar d w ith a sm ile on our faces and a skip in our steps. Please give it a tr y. Be Thankful and Gr ateful for w hat w e have, r ight now. For instance, for having hom es to live in, food to eat, clean w ater to dr ink and to bathe in, w ar m beds to sleep in, and of cour se w e ar e to be so thankful and gr ateful for the love of our fam ilies and close fr iends. W hy not go ahead and sm ile to see how it feels? It m ay even sur pr ise you that it m akes us feel good on the inside, too. As w ell as w e w ill r eceive the "Positive Effect" that it has on other s.. that they w ill cer tainly SM ILE Back Atcha! You just m ight "Br ighten up their day! "Upsy Daisy!" (I am sm iling fr om ear r ing to ear r ing.)

LISTER W ELCOM E, W ELCOM E, W ELCOM E TO THIS NEW M ONTH OF JUNE! Thanks to EVERYONE for picking up or choosing ~ The Seeker ~ m agazine to find out w hat is happening in the Cor nw all, and the S.D.& G. ar eas. Do m ake sur e to r ead thr oughout this m onth's w hole issue to find out m or e infor m ation and positive new s fr om the m any other aw esom e contr ibutor , including John's colum n, The Higher Path.

June 2nd, 2018 m ar ks the day that Johnny and I m oved into our For ever Hom e. I can har dly believe that this m any year s have gone by so quickly. We love our hom e and continue to m ake im pr ovem ents each and ever y year. Last year , after John's cancer tr eatm ents he built an 8 x 16 ft.deck in the back yar d for us to enjoy the sunshine and bir ds in the m or nings and evenings together over hot tea and coffee or som e cold dr inks. It is also per fect for w hen our fam ily and fr iends com e over for BBQ's and for a Fam ily Thanksgiving dinner or for bir thdays.(We do have m any of them to celebr ate!) John also built 2 fences w ith easy open gates to affor d us m or e pr ivacy. Dur ing the m onth of M ay, he has alr eady added 4 ft. on either side of the deck as w e found it a bit too shor t w ith so m any fam ily m em ber s. This m onth, he w ill be w or king on building a BBQ Hut and housing for the hot-tub he got m e for my bir thday last year. He is calling it a "Spazebo." This has been a w onder ful w ay of helping John w ith his r ecover y in w hich the doctor s ar e am azed at and have said that it looks like he has com pletely been cur ed and ther e is no sign of any cancer r etur ning. Of this I am so Thankful and Gr ateful to The Ottaw a Cancer Clinic doctor s and staff for taking such aw esom e car e and for cur ing my dear husband. FUN FACTS: The m onth of June w as nam ed for the Rom an Goddess, Juno, w ho w as Patr oness of M ar r iage and for the Well-being of All Wom en. This, I suppose is the r eason w hy so m any couples have decided to get m ar r ied dur ing the m onth of June. "Just for Fun Days" Her e ar e som e m or e FUN things to celebr ate dur ing this m onth: June 1st: Say Som ething Nice Day. June 3r d: Chim bor azo Day. June 6th: National Yo-Yo Day. June 8th: Upsy Daisy Day. June 21st: Go Skateboar ding Day, and last, but not least, June 30th: Aster oid Day! Check these days out and see w hich one you all w ould be best at. I like the "Upsy


I TEM OF THE M ONTH: I have chosen som ething that m akes m e sm ile and is a decor ation for my flow er bed. Johnny or der ed this for m e on E- bay for M other 's Day, but it only cam e in this m onth. I don't m ind. It is a pr ettily painted, m etal teapot that has solar - pow er ed lights. In the evening, the lights m agically com e on fr om the "pow er of the sun" to give the m oving im age of tea com ing out of it's spout. It is so cute. I Love It! Thank you kindly, Johnny. FAM I LY NEW S: M y 2nd son, Luke's 33r d bir thday is on June 2nd. M Y! He cer tainly has com e along w ay. Luke has been w or king har d for m any year s at a r oof tr uss com pany in M etcalfe Ont. He is a car ing husband to his lovely w ife, Tonya, a loving and fun father to a son, Odin, and to a pr etty, w ee daughter , nam ed Ruby. I am so pr oud of the young m an that you have gr ow n up to be, Luke. M ay your "Special Day" be filled w ith lots and lots of FUN celebr ating w ith m any of us fam ily

JUNE 2022

m em ber s this year. M ay you have an aw esom e and adventur ous year ahead of you, my dear son. Love Alw ays, M om BUSI NESS NEW S: M y eldest daughter , M elinda is a self taught cr ocheter. She is am azing at w hat she can cr eate fr om just balls of colour ed w ool/yar n. In or der to m ke these cr eatons com e to life she uses m any differ ent colour ed bow s, along w ith "r eal looking" eyes and nam e- tagged collar s, for the anim als, bir ds, and even people etc.. that she m akes for her clients. M elinda can cr eate w hatever per son, or any char acter fr om com ic books or m ovies that you like or love. This is a "Per fect Pr esent" to give to som eone that m ay be har d to buy for. Over the past 2 year s she has been cr eating fur babies that have gone over the Rainbow Br idge. This has been a loving com for t for the people that have lost their fur r y loved ones. M elinda has attended CAPE her e in Cor nw all for m any year s selling her "yar n w ar es" and has been quite the HIT selling dozens of r eady- m ade cr eations that w er e pr e-m ade for the show at discount Cape pr ices. To contact M elinda, just go to w w w.happyyar to place your or der for w hatever your hear ts desir e. Or you can place your or der thr ough her Etsy page https://w w /ca/shop/HappyYar nCanada I pr om ise that any cr eation that you decide to get w ill br ing a SM ILE to you or your dear fam ily or fr iend's faces. UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: I THINK THAT JUNE IS THE M ONTH THAT M AKES US, CANADIANSTHE HAPPIEST! TIS, W HEN OUR "CANADIAN SUM M ER SEASON" FINALLY BEGINS, AFTER OH, SO LONG OF A W INTER AND SPRING! THERE IS SO M UCH "OUTDOOR FUN" TO BE HAD BY ALL! W HICH CAN BE ACCOM PLISHED BY GOING CAM PING, SW IM M ING, HIKING, PICNIKING, BY HAVING BON & OR CAM PFIRES(ROASTINGHOTDOGS & M ARSHM ALLOWSON STICKS ARE THE YUM M IEST.) W E ARE TO "UPSY DAISY" OURSELVESAND W EAR A SM ILE EACH & EVERY DAY BECAUSE OUR SM ILES ARE THE REASON FOR M ANY OTHERS TO SM ILE.. BACK ATCHA! I WANT TO W ISH A "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" TO ALL OF THE M ANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF "FATHERS FIGURES" FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD! I ALSO WANT TO ESPECIALLY W ISH THE "STEP FATHERS" THAT HAVE STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE TO LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF THE M ANY CHILDREN THAT AREN'T THEIR BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN! LIKE M Y DEAR JOHN! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE LOVING, CARING AND OH, SO FUNNY FATHER THAT M Y SEVEN CHILDREN & 12 GRANDCHILDREN HAVE COM E TO LOVE AND CARE FOR OVER THESE PAST 13 YEARS! YOU ROCK, BRO! I M EAN, JOHN! UNTIL NEXT M ONTH. STAY POSITIVE BY BEING EVER, SO HAPPY W ITH YOURSELVESAND THE ONES THAT SURROUND YOUR LIVES! M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister AND w w w.fa shionogr a For all your Photo Needs & Wants !



Photos taken by Jason Setnyk on Saturday,May 21st at The Cornwall 1784 Celebration which took place at LamoureuxPark. A great 3 day event commemorating how Ontario began in 1784. .


JUNE 2022




JUNE 2022






Bri d e e

A Column dedicated to Witchcraft and Tarot.


An yon e u p f or a gam eof Qu i ddi t ch ?

W hile JK Row ling got som e things r ight about w itchcr aft in her Har r y Potter ser ies, her ideas about br oom s ar e quite fictional and funny. Real w itches tr eat their br oom s (also called besom s) w ith m uch m or e r espect. In m edieval tim es, the chur ch killed thousands of healer s for w itchcr aft. So, how did a w itch-healer adver tise in those per ilous tim es? She w ould put an upside-dow n br oom near her fr ont door. Since ever yone ow ned and used br oom s, this w as a safe m ethod to let people know you w er e open for business. Besom s sw eep out negative ener gy and pur ify as w ell. M any w itches collect br oom s. The tr aditional m agical for m ula for m aking a br oom is as follow s: the staff of the br oom should be oak or ash. The br ushing par t ar e tw igs of bir ch and the binding is m ade of w illow vines. W hen m ade, the w itch cr eates a r itual and puts her m agic intention into the br oom . W hen w itches m ar r y, they have a hand-fasting cer em ony w her e the couple jum ps over a br oom .

In Eur ope, w itches r ode their br oom s to br ing fer tility to the field. They w ould jum p up as high as they could, and that w as how high the gr ain w ould gr ow. The handle w as coated w ith a flying ointm ent. (Yes, I know how to m ake this ointm ent.) Hence the Hallow e?en decor ation of w itches flying on br oom sticks. In 1324 C.E. a w ealthy Ir ish w om an, Lady Alice Kyteler w as tr ied for sor cer y and her esy. Investigator s found her br oom and ointm ent am ong other item s. Befor e they could kill her , she fled to England. Her ser vant w as flogged and bur nt in her place. Tar ot ? Th e M aj or Ar can a

With the price of gas today, thank goodness we have other means of getting around. Julie Charbonneau with her besom at The Purple Broomstick.

A tar ot deck is divided into 3 sections: the m ajor ar cana (22 car ds fr om 0 to 21), m inor ar cana (40 car ds w ith 4 suits.) Cour t car ds (16 car ds: Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.) The m ajor ar cana is the m ost im por tant section of the deck . It r epr esents univer sal them es. If you lay out the car ds in or der fr om 0 to 22 you can see how w e develop fr om childr en to adults. 0 The Fool (toddler ,) #1 the M agician (child of 4 w ho is lear ning to m anipulate his w or ld,) #2 The High Pr iestess (m aking connections.) #3 The Em pr ess, #4 The Em per or (his r elationship w ith his par ents, etc.) Act i v i t y: Lay the M ajor ar cana out fr om 0 to 21, W hat connections to your ow n spir itual path do you see in each of the m ajor ar cana car ds? Ar e they positive or negative? Until next tim e. M ay Br ighid?s M antle enfold you and COLUMN SPONSORkeep you w ar n. Blessed be! I f you have a ny questionsor comments, wr ite me at: br ideer ose6000@gma

"Cornwall's authentic witch store with the best prices in town"

If you are interested in becoming a "COLUMN SPONSOR" please contact us at:

235 GUY ST, CORNWALLON - 613.209.3370 ONLY $25 a month!!! WEDNESDAYto SATURDAY:10am - 6pm


JUNE 2022

Gu est speak er sv i si t TCLCDaycar eCl ass Cor nw all,Ontar io- Tr i-CountyLiter acyCounciloffer sa var ietyof pr ogr am s,includingoccupationaltr aining cour ses.Onew ay that they enr ichtheir pr ogr am m ingis thr oughthe gener osityof guest speaker sw ho shar etheir exper tiseand know ledge. On Apr il 27th,2022,Yafa Goaw ily,founderof the Cor nw all Ar t Hive,visitedthe Daycar eWor kerTr ainingcour se.She facilitatedan ar t sessionthat illustr atedthe im por tanceof ar t, connection,and com m unityin child developm ent. Yafa,an ar tist w ith Egyptianr oots,studiedPer for m ing Ar tsand FineAr tsat Alexandr iaUniver sity. TheAr t Hiveis a w elcom ingplacethat allow sconnection thr oughar t, m usic,m ovem ent,and stor ytelling.The pr ogr amis availableat the Cor nw allSquar eand Cor nw all PublicLibr ar y. Next,on M ay 5th,2022,lear ner sin the Daycar eWor ker Tr ainingcour sew er efor tunateto haveConstableDan Cloutierand ConstablePatr ickHuygenfr om the Cor nw all PoliceSer vicesshar einfor m ationon keepingchildr en safe. To lear n m or eabout TCLCpr ogr am m ingand upcom ing cour ses,visit their w ebsiteat w w icountyliter or call 613-932-7161.




GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...

VARNAVA Happy June everyone! I'm getting asked what annuals to put in the shade or sunny spots. So this month we're going to talk about "my top 3 annuals for shade" and "my top 3 annuals for the sun".


My t op 3 f or t he sun: Nast urt ium is a sun-loving plant that makes a beautiful vine in any planter or window box. Their leaves and intensely bright colored flowers are edible and often used in cake decorating. The taste is kind of like a radish. When the seeds are still young and green you can pickle them or even use them like capers. Hel iot rope can go sun or part shade. Smells

HELIOTROPEamazingly sweet & butterflies love them.

They can grow 1-2 feet high. I love planting this near where we sit outside so we can enjoy its beautiful smell. Gazania / Af rican daisies: This plant loves the heat. The flowers are big as my palm and open during the day and close at night. They put on a nice bright show. Comes in two-tone, pinks, oranges, and yellows. Definitely a show stopper in the sun!

all theseflowerscan be boughtat all 3 locationsof HARVEST Gardens.See page5 for info.


My t op 3 f or t he shade: Fushia comes in a trailing form which is best for baskets or planters and upright form. Best if kept out of windy areas due to the fact that the blooms might fly right off in the wind. Hummingbirds love these flowers.

Torenia / wishbone f l ower is great for containers or flower beds. This vine will flower even in the shade. Loves the heat and humidity. Mostly seen in purple-bluish colors. Bridal veil is ideal for baskets in the shade! No deadheading is required and be sure FU SHIA you don't allow the soil to go dry.They have a sweet fragrance and can also be a house plant in very bright light. If it gets too long just give it a trim.

If you would like me to answer one of your questions next month you can send your 2 PICSOF BRIDALVEIL question to me at attention Ask Anna. I hope everyone has a fantastic month and be sure to stop by and say hi!


JUNE 2022


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mak e shop p ing at int o an event ... It ' s mor e t han a STORE - it ' s a w ond er f ul and UN IQ UE EXPERIEN CE f or t he BODY, M IN D & SOUL! 1 Water Street East, Cornwall , Ontario 2nd Floor - Cornwall Square 613-286-5581 Follow us on Facebook

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In Lamoureux Park The Cornwall Community Museum 613-936-0280




Public Visitation Hours Will Resume Soon FOR ANY RESEARCH REQUESTS - please email:

Cornwal l Hist ory@out l The Victoria Day long weekend saw the first of what is hoped to be a bi-annual celebration of Cornwall's rich and diverse history (see the photo sequence). The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society called together a few dozen groups, representing Indigenous people as well as the Europeans and others who have come to call Cornwall and SD&G home. The City's Lamoureux Park in the general area of the bowl and bandshell, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, welcomed hundreds of locals and visitors to partake of concerts, historic re-enactments, demonstrations and, of, course, tasty food at the" Cornwall 1784" friendship celebration. While foul weather did contribute to a few delays and an early wrap up on Sunday, for the most part the event went on rain or shine. The Society wishes to acknowledge the invaluable support of our media partners, the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of SD&G, participants, organizational and on-site volunteers, service clubs, corporate sponsors and all who attended any of the activities. Together we made the weekend a success. Learning from our strengths as well as from areas of opportunity, we hope to be back bigger and better in 2024. After a protracted period of intermittent renovations, the Cornwall Communit y Museum officially resumed offering guided public visitation the same weekend. Guided visitation is available daily except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting on the hour (first daily tour at 9 a.m. and final daily tour at 3 p.m.) Guided research is available by appointment with the Associate Curator. The United Empire Loyalist Associat ion of Canada (UELAC) Dominion office and library recently began the process of integrating into shared space in the Museum and Archives' evolving Research Centre below the Cornwall Community Museum. UELAC also has secured off-site storage for parts of their collection that is too large for our existing footprint. Their integration continues and they hope to hire a local a part-time clerk in the near future. They can be reached via the phone and e-mail addresses listed on their website, not via the Museum: ht t ps:// /contact /


JUNE 2022




Ju l i a TheSeekerChicks wish you al l a Happy Fat her's Day!

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JU NE N ow

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Seeyoua llnextmonth ... mea nwhile, StayPositive!

See you all at the MOODWALKon June2nd in LamoureuxPark @ 6:30pm