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Just l ike a Duracel l Bat t ery - t his 70 year ol d keeps on going and going and going! Bob Hardy - t he Wal ker-Runner, just won't st op... Read interview on pages 4-6 Photo by Jeff Poissant - Bob and his wif e Vickie

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JUNE 2021




LUCIO Throughout my entire existence, I have had a strange fascination with death. I'm not unique; I'm sure most of us contemplate the issue on our journey to the end.What is it? How does it feel like passing on? Is there a light at the end of a long tunnel? Do we go on? Growing up catholic, I never really questioned the concept of "eternal life", although somewhere, in the back of my mind, it didn't add up. Why would WE go on eternally when all other creatures stop existing?

There were periods in my life where the mere thought of ceasing to exist would freeze the blood in my veins, literally. It would throw me into severe panic attacks where I couldn't breathe. This was when I was much younger, and I managed to get a grip on these episodes and kept them at bay for most of my adulthood. Cue Covid-19. With the sudden possibility of my days being cut short by an invisible enemy, my fear of death resurfaced. It was never gone, just there, dormant, waiting for the perfect trigger to show its ugly face. It didn't help that in the midst of this pandemic, my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and passed a way in October, making my own mortality that much more real. It's been a rough winter. But after spending weeks worrying about something I can't control, I've decided to live. I've decided that I won't let the future ruin my todays. I will focus on what's around me, one day at a time, and if bad thoughts enter my mind, I will chase them away with gratitude. I will count my many blessings and thank God for them. Yes, God. I've come to the conclusion that even if he (she) isn't real, my life is better with God in it. Even if it is ultimately a delusion, speaking to him (her) everyday gives me something to hold on too. It's reassuring to me to think there is something out there looking out for me. I speak to my mom too. She helps me appreciate just how short life is.

?Life goes by fast. Enjoy it. Calm down. It?s all funny.? ? Joan Rivers




w i t h Se e ke r Chi ck and w hat did I do


dur ing the m onth of M ay?

Even though I have an acute fear of needles, on M ay 6th I got the ?jab? (the Covid-19 Vaccine) I also have been staying aw ay fr om lar ge cr ow dsof people as I am a car egiver for my par entsw ho ar e in their late 80?s and do not w ant to br ing anythingto them . So w alking into the Benson Centr e w ith people ar ound m e w as a lot differ ent fr om w or kingfr om my hom e office. This is another r eason w hy I had the vaccine (the fir st dose) to not only pr otect myself, my par entsbut also anyone else in the com m unity w ho I com e into contact w ith. I w as gr eeted at the door by the Secur ity Guar d w ho instr ucted m e w her e to go to r egister. Another guy w as ther e to m ake sur e that ever yonew as social distanced and w hen I m entioned to him that I w as ner voushe pr oceeded to assur e m e that it w as just like a m osquito bite and that I w ould be fine ? and if I w asn?t I could com e back at give him a piece of my m ind!!! So w ith Health Car d in hand the gir l at the desk checked m e in and then I w ent dow n to the r oom w her e the vaccinationsw er e taking place.

M y nur se?snam e w as Nicole M cCabe (fr om the or ganization Nur se Next Door ) She told m e that ever yoneadm inister ingthe vaccine w as either a nur se or a par am edic.We have to under standthat getting the Vaccine w on?t stop you fr om getting Covid but if you do get it the sym ptom sw on?t be as sever e and you w ill hopefully not have to be adm itted into the hospital. By getting the Vaccine w e ar e tr ying to keep the health car e system fr om getting over loaded - so keep on w ear ingm asks, social distancingand hand w ashing! So getting back to the ?jab?itself? it felt like a m osquito bite (just like the guy in the initial check in ar ea had told m e it w ould)!!! Then she put a bandaid on my ar m and a sticker w ith the tim e of the vaccination on it and instr ucted m e to go to the ar ea w her e I had to w ait for 15 m inutesto m ake sur e that I didn?t have any r eaction to the ?jab?. I sat myself dow n and checked the clock on the w all. 4:30 ? so I had to w ait til 4:45pm . Now I do have to say that w hen I enter ed this ar ea it bought m e back to my days back in high school in England and exam tim e. This w as a tim e w hen I had stom ach ache for days befor e exam day ? as on the day of the exam , you filed into the gym and sat at a desk . You w er e allow ed to take in only a pencil and an er aser and then the teacher w ould w alk up and dow n the aisles, place a sheet of paper face dow n on the desk in fr ont of you and then w ould say, ?tur n the paper over and you have til ?such and such a tim e?to com pletethe exam . Ther e w as com plete silence w ith the teacher sitting in fr ont keeping an eye on things and you hoped that you had done enough r evision to answ er the questionsand pass. ? you had to r em em ber a w hole year s w or th of lear ning. Anyw ay 15 m inutespassed by fast, I got a piece of paper saying that I had r eceived the fir st dose of my Vaccine and w as fr ee to go. Easy peasy - nothing at all, to w or r y about!!! Now I just have to com e back on August 26th for a r epeat per for m ance- Jab #2.

*ATTENTION* The EasternOntario HealthUnit is advising residentsof the following: ALERT:Bew ar eof Vaccin ePh on eScam m er s The EasternOntarioHealth Unit has receiveda reportof a phonescam in the area about the COVID-19vaccine. Pleasenotethat t h e COVID-19vaccin eis f r ee.If you receivea call requesting financialinformationto receivethe vaccine,please hangup immediatelyand do not provideany personal informationsuch as your healthcard or credit card number.Never allow anyone insideyour homeoffering the vaccinein returnfor a fee. Aler t t h e police. Thankyou.

JUNE 2021

Th i s m o n t h at

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Ju n e 12 2021 Come check out t h ese exclu sive r eleases that are only available at pledging Indie record stores. St r ict ly f ir st com e f ir st ser ve f or t h ese It em s! Don't miss out!!

Budsrecords@gmx.com 613-936-BUDS (2837) Budsrecords.ca 375 11t h St . E. Cornwal l ON We buy and sel l records, CDs and rock memorabil ia



SENIORS IN THE the first few yearsI wasa nervouswreck and scared of my own shadow.

Many Quest ionswit h Maest ro Robert Wil l iam,Bob Hardy, t he Wal ker-Runner.

Born in poverty,which wasgood for me. I learned to OvercomeObstacles.

Articleby Mai-LiisRenaudwith Bob interviewing himself! I wasveryfortunateto havetrackeddownthe individualwhowill beintroducedto youin thisarticle andwhoalsograces,alongwithhislovelywifeVicky, thismonth'sfront coverof theJuneSeeker.

During WW2 my dad wasat Coventrythe morning after the fire bombingHe wastossing the charred bits(bodies)into totes.Cleaningup. The event disturbedhim for the rest of his life. We moved a lot. About every two months.Mostly lived in the countrywithout a car. Learned to walk, run and bike at an early age. Slowly developinginto the Walker Runner.

ThepersonwhoI amtalkingaboutisBobHardy- a feisty70 yearoldblokefromthecountrywhereI am from,England. Thefirst timeI met Bobwasat a CornwallChamberof Commerce'sPubNite(that we usedto havebeforethePandemicof course.)andwe hada great conversationreminiscingabout humourthat onlyBritishpeoplewould understand.

Obstacles.Being bullied in the early years.Then I learned to fight back and never stopped. Biggest obstacle.Being evicted from our house.Sitting on the grasswith all our belongingsaround us. We did find temporaryaccommodation.Thecause?My dad?spost war problems

BobandI runintoeachothereverynowagain andat theweirdesttimesI tendto get a phone call fromhimtellingmeof an idea that he has...

Wheredid I acquiremy self esteem and craziness.HIGHSchool.How?

JuneisSenior'smonthandtherearemany SeniorswhoI admire(myMumandDadof coursebeingnumber1 on mylist) but hereisa manthat trulymotivatesme. Hehashad manymedicalsetbacksbut insteadof complaining,usesthemasa steppingstoneto hisnext adventure.Bob,I think,runson DuracellBatteriesasyeshegets"knackered"but thenhasa napandsetsof runningagain... andI meanrunningbecausemanyyearsagohewas trainingfor oneof hisMarathonswithhiswalker hereat theCivicComplexandI couldn'tevenkeep up withhimdoingroundsof thewalkingarea. (Seefirst pic.)

Sports:Rugby,track and field and cross countryrunning.Wasa really good athlete at the best school in Berkshire.Park House SecondaryModern School for Boys Music. Learned to play clarinet.Played in clarinet quartet,jazz band and solo. 1964 attendedDuke Ellingtonconcert in Bournemouth.Paid for by school funds.The jazz band played paid gigsto support the fund

andthereasonwhyI hadBobconducthisown interviewwasbecausehehasa certainstyleof humourandI certainlycouldn'thavecomeup withquestionsto askthismanwhohasdoneso muchoverthepast 70 years.So heregoes...Enjoy getting to know Bob Hardy...

Formedmyownbandat age14.Sobranie Sound.At 17 most of my incomewasmusic income.All highpayinggigs.My dayjob was apprenticemotormechanic.Had expensive booksto payfor and supportmy mumand dad What was my worst time at High School? Living at Seven Barrows, near Lambourn. Anothercrazy moveby my dad

#1 - What will I do when I ?m dead?Re-useand re-cycle.Use my body for science,if I can. I have signed the paper work.There?sprobablya few good bitsleft

Getting to school - A seven mile bicycleride to Lambournfollowedby a 14 mile busride to Newburyand a 2 mile run up the hill to finish.

Crematethe rest, put it in a pot and stand it on the mantlepieceto annoy my family

Basic training for my 2019 100-km walker race

Finally.a going away party.First. Thank the tax payersof Canadafor paying for all my procedures.

When I got there all the sportstraining and other stuff. Best memoryat High School

Finally.My pre-arranged?Meaningof Life Celebration?

My surnameis Hardy,which in a naval family,like mine,can be a curse.. At all sportsarenasduring my eventsmy friendswould shout ?Go kiss Me. go?The kissme came from BattleOf Trafalgarand Nelson

And what happenedin the beginning?Had a terribletime.Born the son of a coal miner.Soundslike a song. My dad wastrapped on the coal face around the time I wasborn.For

1965.Rugby.High School versusthe Grammarschool snobs.My winningtry in front of all the young ladiesfrom both Grammarschool and high school.Notthat we could socialise.The big annual outing for


JUNE 2021



all Newburyschools

Phiharmonic.Premiered2010 by Toronto Philharmonia,conductedby the late Kerry Stratton

My winning try. I found some spaceon the right side and dodged throughmany tacklesheading toward the right upright and dived while being tackled by a prop forward (big guy).My head cracked on the post.No paddingin thosedays.The rest wasa blurr until I came round to the sound of Mr. Eggbeer,my coach.Bloody good job Hardy.KISSME.

2010 met with NAXOSand HMV.Chosea new road with Sound and Light.Fifth Day Suite,Son et Lumi?re ISCawards2016 and 2020.Asterial Planeand Anger. I wroteAnger during my fight with leukemia.Won the battleand a musicaward.

High School mademe what I am today.Feeling lucky to be alive.Trained inovercomingobstaclesand achieving goals.Don?t expect it to be easy. It wasn?t.I often told myself and still have to:Stop the whining,get off your arse and get on with life.

ParticipationMusicHall Productions2013-2016. Lotsof fun but too much for the old guy Had problemswith dexterityafter the blood clotsin 2012. 2016-2021.

How successfulwas my musiccareer?Very, but I didn?t make a fortuneyet.

2019.Re-orchestratedFifth day Suite,son et Lumièrefor 35 musicians.Reducecost and add NASA images.

In 1968 I left hometo move to London with my tenor saxophone,which I had swappedfor my clarinet.Had two poundsin my pocket,found some basic accommodationand temporaryjob to buy some food. Found a band,played some gigsand quicklygot a passport.

2020 COVIDobstacle.Tosafe distanceI reduced size of orchestrato 11 pieces..The sound worksfor me.Completedseven of the original Fifth Day themesand wrotea new work.ClockworkMouses. Sciencefriction.Parts1 and 2 finished.Part 3 well underway

1969.First tour of Germanywith New Look Soul Band Late 1969 2nd tour of Europewith re-namedFine China.

2021/22recordingand performingwith the new L?Orchestreplumemoderne.Ireally like the new sound.Includestimpani,tubular bellsand a new organ sound created by my former writing partner. Willard Riley.Willard died April 10th2021

1970.Tour of Italy with Paul and Paulashow band 1971.Tour of U.Kwith Fernhill 1972.WembleyRock ?n Roll Show 1972.Wembley StadiumScreamingLord Sutch.Also there:Chuck Berry. Gerry Lee Lewis.Little Richard and more.Still have a copy of the movie.

My health problems Asthma1988.Severe.Lotsof hospital visits.The cure.Stop smoking,start jiu-jitsu and acupuncture

Toured with Sutch for the rest of 1972 1973.Moved away from Rock

1996.Leukemiaand bone marrow transplant with lotsof complications

Played Ballroomswith bigger bands. 1974.Summerseason Isle of Wight.1975.Hotel residencePortsmouth.1976.Summerseason Haley Island.

2000 Anal fissures.The most painful complication

1977 Cruiseships.SSIthace.MediterraneanCruise8 months

2009.Total hip replacement.

1978.SSVera Cruz.4 monthsCaribbeanCruise.

2012.Blood clotsand 3 monthsin hospital.One on the intestineand one on the neck.Lost my balance.No more biking.

2004 about.Chronichic-cups.Longest session 10 days.Continuestoday.

1979.Studied harmonyand Orchestration.Focused on writing.

2016.Canceroustumorson my kidneys.Keeping an eye on them.

1980 moved to Canadato develop an animatedfilm project which did not work out

2021 sciaticaalmost stopped my walker racing.Cure seems to be Oriental Medical Care and stretching.Have a problem with a flappy left foot for now. Should have it fixed soon.

1980.L?orchestreSymphonique Rock du Quebec.22 musicians. A 22 piece symphonicRock band. My first. 1981.Wrotemy first award winning work ?Asterial Plane?.Semi finalist InternationalSong Writing Competition2016

Bob has even appeared on buses in Ottawa

Writing the first themesfor Fifth Day Suite. 1984.PerformedFifth Day Suite.Four partswith four musicians. Stopped to have kidssucceed in a second career and then get stopped by health. 1996.Leukemiaand a never-endingbucket list which included Fifth Day Suite for SymphonyOrchestrarecorded2008 by Czech


JUNE 2021

My most memorablesports momentspost leukemia

1997.With leukemia.My black belt jiu-Jitsu.100-km fund raising bicycleride, the day beforeI wasadmittedto hospital for my bone marrow transplant 2001 Rideau LakesBicycletour, 354-km bicycleride from Ottawato Kingstonand back.I wastrained by nurse from Bone Marrow Transplantunit. We rode together.Completed7 of them. 01,02,03,04,05,07.08 canceled.Needed a new hip



GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...

2001 Terry Fox 120-km bicycle challenges.7 of them. 01,02,03,04,05,06,07.08 cancelledhip. 2003.World Transplant GamesNancy France.Bicycleracing in the extreme heat.Diablo.Around 45c at race times. One of the British athletesdied in the heat.35,000died in Europe,most of them in France.Globalwarming. 2004.1,000-kmbicyclefund raiser Averagespeed 26.6 kmh. 2005.World Transplant Games,London, Ontario in the heat again.4thin time trial and 6thin race. OOray 2009 hip replacementstopped the bike marathons. 2010,11 and 12. 50-km Terry Fox Challenge.Post hip replacement 2013.Post blood clotsand lossof balance.Terry Fox. First Wobbly Walker-walk-a-thon.20-km racing walker.Sponsoredby HUGOMOBILITY. No balance.No more bicycle Bob Hardy,the Walker Runner.Seven years,12,000-kmand 33 finishing medals. Highlights1 x100-kmultra-marathon. One 59.2-km LumberjackMarathon.Six full, (42,2-km)marathon.Eleven half (21.1-km)marathons.After seven years of learning how to race a walker my racing timesare continuously improving.Half marathontime by 30 minutes.Fastest time 2.20. Marathon time by 65 minutes.Fastest time 5.23.


VARNAVA Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I manage your local Harvest Garden Centre on the corner of Vincent Massey and Powerdam road in Cornwall and I'm here to answer you're Gardening Questions. This month we have two great questions! For the first question we have ?How do I keep m y soil m oist ? I f in d I'm alw ays h avin g t o w at er it .? The first thing is to grab a clump of soil and squeeze. If it's not keeping its shape I'd recommend digging the soil up and loosening it. This will allow the water to penetrate easier. At this point, it's a good idea to add some compost and work it in. A layer of Shredded cedar mulch on top can keep the moisture down and save you water. You're also lowering the temperature of the soil and the earthworms love it too. Increasing the life in the soil will make those plants happy. Weeds are suppressed by not letting the light get to the soil. This won't allow the weed seeds to germinate. The water evaporates slower allowing the plants to not dry up so fast.

The second question is ?How do I t r im an d car e f r om m y Dipladen ia / M an devilla t h at is n ow alm ost 10 f eet t all?? If your Mandevilla is almost 10 feet tall, congratulations that's a huge plant!

2021,Retiring the HUGOELITE ROLLATORafter seven years.Mynew mid-lifecrisisat 70 racing machine,The Trionicnator.Firstobstacle.Sciatica stopped my first 50-km walker race. Overcomingobstacleby walker strolling a 10-km combinedGlengarryTrailsand road walk.

You're going to want to trim where the branching is green. You don't want to be cutting it too far back where the stems are brown. It will be hard on the plant if it's cut back that much. Also, when you bring it out give it some fertilizer through the water.

FortunatelyI have until late 2022 to qualify for the Boston Marathon Qualifyingtime 4.20. It won?t be easy. The peoplewho inspireme. Steven Hawkins. GretaThumberg Terry Fox. Red Roses.English National Women?s Rugby Team.Best women?srugby team in the world. So the Moral of this story - nomatterwhat mountaincropsup beforeyou,nevergive up, just climboverit andcarryon. Just likeBobHardy.,whosaysthat there'sneverbeena daythat he'sfelt sorryfor himself. "I'veovercomecountlessobstaclesandjumpedover hurdlesandamreallyquitehappywithmylife. I'm reallyveryhappy." On May23rd, Bob did a 10km-racing-stroll-with-achy back on the GlengarryTrails in Alexandria.He wasfundraisingfor the OttawaHospitalaspart of OttawaRace Weekend and you can tell that he ispushinghimselfasalways. For moreinfo visit:www.bobhardythewalkerrunner.com


JUNE 2021

If you would like me to answer one of your questions next month you can send your question to me at info@theseeker.ca attention Ask Anna. I hope everyone has a fantastic month and be sure to stop by and say hi!



JU NE Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

Ar t i cl e by Jason Set n yk | Ph ot o by NASA (Pu bl i c Dom ai n )

The hum an population living on Ear th today is near ly 8 billion. On a m icr oscopic level, just one hum an being consists of 100 tr illion cells. In com par ison, four hum an beings have about as m any cells as the M ilky Way galaxy has star s.

The Univer se is 13.8 billion year s old and spans 93 billion light-year s in diam eter. The M ilky Way galaxy has over 400 billion star s, including our Sun. Our galaxy is one of an estim ated 2 tr illion galaxies in the know n Univer se. So, our star is just one of 70 billion tr illion star s in the obser vable Univer se. The Univer se ar ound us seem s infinitely lar ge, w hile at the m icr oscopic level, it seem s infinitely sm all.

" We ar e bu t a spec on a pale blu e dot "

W hen you com par e a hum an being to the size of planet Ear th and com par e a hum an being to the size of an atom , w e ar e closer in size to our planet in or der s of m agnitude. To help visualize how sm all w e ar e com par ed to our planet, consider this: Ear th's cir cum fer ence is about 25,000 m iles. If a per son could w alk acr oss the entir e equator , it w ould take alm ost a year (w ithout stopping to r est or sleep). How sm all is the Ear th com par ed to our Sun? One m illion Ear th-sized planets could fit inside our Sun. How ever , our Sun is m uch closer in size to the Ear th than the lar gest know n star in our Univer se by or der s of m agnitude. About 3.7 billion (Ear th) Suns could fit inside UY Scuti (the lar gest know n star ). Venus, the second planet in our solar


system , is 25 m illion m iles closer to the Sun than the Ear th. W hile M ar s, the four th planet in our solar system , is about 140 m illion m iles fur ther aw ay fr om the Sun. Our Ear th is in the Goldilocks zone (suitable for life). The Ear th is about 4.5 billion year s old, and hum ans ar e just one of about 8.7 m illion species cur r ently living on the Ear th. M or e than 99 per cent of all species that ever lived on Ear th ar e extinct. That is an estim ated 5 billion species! Ar chaeological evidence suggests Hom o sapiens have been ar ound for about 6 m illion year s and evolved into Hom o er ectus about 300,000 year s ago. Civilization as w e know it is r elatively r ecent. Hum ans star ting far m ing about 12,000 year s ago and star ted living in cities about 4000 year s ago.

JUNE 2021

The global fer tility r ate for hum ans is appr oxim ately 2.4 childr en per w om an. Dur ing hum an copulation, typically, only one sper m (out of 40 m illion to 150 m illion sper m r eleased) w ins the r ace to fer tilize an egg. In com par ison, one hum an m ale pr oduces about 400 billion sper m (or 50x the entir e hum an population of Ear th) thr oughout a lifetim e.

The odds of us existing r ight now at this m om ent ar e genuinely astr onom ical and astounding. The Univer se is vast and ancient, and com par ed to Ear th, our tim e her e is m inuscule. For an analogy, if w e condensed 4.5 billion year s of Ear th histor y to a single Ear th year , hum anity has been ar ound for less than half an hour. By that sam e com par ison, the lifespan of a single hum an w ould be a fr action of a second on that scale. Our under standing of the Univer se is still in its infancy. Still, w e had com e a long w ay since 1633, w hen Galileo w as accused of her esy for suggesting the Ear th r evolves ar ound the Sun. I t is humblinga nd inspir ingto know that we a r e but a spec on a pa le blue dot.



Be t t y

Lessons Learned

up the tracks?


We are now faced with a perfect opportunity.Rather than life returningto ?normal?as we all keep wishing for, let?sreflect on what we As we see really want in our lives, for our familiesand communityand for the glimpsesof M Ed., CAPP world/ What is our new normal?What have the last many months what life might taught us that we want to keep in our lives: a slower pace,shared be like Post-Pandemic,do you find family time,high quality dialogue,living from what lightsus up, yourself wonderingwhat thisworld event rememberingand integratingthe really important thingsin our daily and crisishasreally been about.Now life. You know it will be easy to jump right back in and in a coupleof granted,I am the type of person who believesthere is a reason yearslook back and wonder to yourself,?what wasthat about??and for everything.Over the yearsI have grown to understandthat recognizethat what you learned wasquickly forgotten.Let?snot do thisstrategyallowsme to moveon easily and not brood about that. Let?sbegin to live more mindfully.Let?sbegin living today and the past. making healthychoicesfor thismoment.Let?sstop postponingall the Taking thisapproach,I find myself looking at the last 14+ monthsand thingswe want until tomorrow.I have learned from thisworld event is that tomorrowreally never doescomeand that all the thingsI have examiningwhat I and othershave learned,checkingin with my put on hold,may no longer be possible.Lesson learned. observations.Here is a little of what I have witnessed. My pandemicexperiencehasbeen somewhat unusual and thismay Friends/colleagueswho were unhappilypursuinga businessidea, a also serve as a filter for how I view the experiences.In Feb. 2020 we businesswhich whileprofitablehad long since becomechallenging, sold our countryhomethen left for Portugal for two months.Yes, we had to close the business.Sometimesit takesa significant event,like were abroad when the world closed down and yes, we were not able COVID,to give peoplepermissionto make a decisionthat waslong to stay. For the first time in my life, I experiencedreal anxietyas we overdue.In that samevein, colleaguesof mine who were business endeavoredto cope with the adviceand warningsfrom friendsand partnerswherethe partnershipwasnot working very well and where they were unableto have the important conversations,were forced to family to ?RETURNHOMENOW?and deal with our reality abroad.I have alwaystrusted that my higher power has my back and I really learned face one anotherand be truthful.When the ball dropsas we say, to trust that belief.When my anxietyescalated,I would meditateon everythingis laid bare. the intention?I am attractingall that is in my highest good?.In the end, Family memberswhereboth parentswere working and commuting, we returnedhomesafely,there were plenty of signsthat my back was wheretheir two teenagedaughterswere involvedin a bevy of covered,and I re-learnedthat trust. extracurricularactivitiesand wherelife wasbreathless(my judgment), My friends,I write all of thisas an invitationto each of us to wonder were stopped in their tracks.Their jobs, while preserved,became and reflect about the last few monthsand evaluatewhat we have homebased,their daughtershome-schooledand all activitiesthat could be went on-line.Yes, it wasdrastic,a huge shift in how they were learned and the lessonswe wish to incorporatein our new normal.My fervent wish,my vision,is that we heal,that Mother Earth heals,that living their life. However,they all have had a chanceto catch their we cometogetheragain in love, respect and compassion,and that we breath.They have started to preparemealstogetherand have family rememberwhat we have experiencedin a meaningfulway. nightsof playing gamesand creating special family events.The pace of their life allowsthen to appreciateone another in a much more Until Next Time mindful way. The qualityof their family life hasimprovedimmensely. BettyHealey,MEd., CAPP That is not to deny there is a down side, of thisI am fully aware.I understandthat depressionand anxietyhave skyrocketed,especially Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcomeand if you care to for children.Mental health is at a crisislevel and there will be plenty of share you can reach me at: betty@roadsigns.ca fall-out post pandemic.And, mental health has been at a crisislevel for years,riding just below the surfaceof life, ignored and allowed.As a former health care professional,I have witnessedthe erosion of healthcareservices,particularlyfor mental health,dwindle.As a family memberof niecesand nephewsrequiringmental health and addictionservices,I can attest to the challengesof finding appropriatecounsellingservicesand addictionplacements.So again,has the pandemic helped us here by forcing the issue,making it clear that there are elementsof care that can no longer be underfundedand swept under the carpet. I am on my soap box but beforeI step off, I encourageall of us examinethe lessonswe are taking away from all of this. A coupleweeksago in my journal I wasmusing on meaningand wrote the followingquestion:?What if the Pandemicis a time-out,contrivedby the Universe,to allow humanityto shift consciousness?What if the pandemic,at its core,simply representsthe ?breath of life?,a sign that Mother Earth needsto breatheagain??I have given these two questionsa great deal of thought,in fact I rememberwriting somethingsimilar when this first began.How do you stop an out-of-controltrain without pulling



JUNE 2021




JUNE 2021



Betty Ann Villeneuve "Part of the process of interviewing people for stories starts with our childhood reflections of where we stood and what we believed. It?s interesting to note how a ten year olds perspective could so direct the course of one?s life towards service to others. In this, Betty Ann & I could be sisters".

Stand Tall To the ancient Celts, the daisy is a symbol of innocence and purity. Synonymous with spring and found everywhere, one could liken a daisy to a slender girl with long fine hair. In a generations struggle with bullying, the daisies bear witness, bringing both light and life to darkened corners and whose countless mentors step forward and inward. Appearing stoic, their smiling faces belie the truth and quiet strength of their predecessors. At a home that exists only in the memory of her mother?s kitchen table, the youthful spirit of Betty Ann Villeneuve stems a daisy-chain of everlasting love. Her mother Carol was a fierce go- getter, having originated from the small town of Sullivan, Quebec, where she served in the Canadian Air Force as a Radar Specialist, during the Cold War.

and respecting one?s instructors and seniors, to never misuse Taekwondo and be a champion of freedom and justice while building a peaceful world. The co-ordination of social skills needed to envelope a learning path, is life-long. Feeling her instructors had their hearts in the right place Betty Ann approached her own students with courage and respect. In groups from ages 4 ? 61, one?s ability to gain a student?s trust was garnered in letting them know they were not alone. With light hearted teasing and gentle smiles, Betty Ann taught her kids to be thankful for their parent?s sacrifices. Guided by the support of her original Taekwondo instructors in Ottawa, Betty Ann moved back to Cornwall and transformed her garage on Hoople Avenue into her very own Dojang. She named her school Freedom Taekwondo, as it would symbolize that one could be free from fear and stand tall. Even the family pet, a Norwegian Behund, was renamed Freedom. Along with her parent?s ideals and values, Betty Ann set about changing lives. https:/ / www.facebook.com/ CornwallFreedomTKD Chances are if you?ve had school aged children, they?ve participated in Taekwon-Do. Everywhere you turn it?s inevitable that someone knows of or went to school with Betty Ann. Maybe you were a neighbour on Eleventh Street, or a grandmother who felt their confidence and soul renewed while acquiring a black belt under her tutelage. Of the many hundreds of young adults touched by Betty Ann?s guidance today, the truest honours grow from the benevolence of good seed and full sun. Although Betty Ann?s dad never got the chance to watch her footprints run scatterings across his heart, the warmth and love from his energy was surely felt through the years. For when he passed, Carol got a job working nights, making tape on Rosemount Avenue with her sister Maggie and best friend Doreen. Thick as thieves, the women were known for their great work ethics, belly laughs and weekend game nights in a tradition that?s followed into second and third generations. And it gives us peace that although we can?t undo what came before, people like Betty Ann Villeneuve are out there in the garden, empowering kids young and old to revel in their weirdness and believe in themselves again.

Betty Ann?s father Claude was from Dalkeith, Ontario. As a young father, he taught his children their time had value, while living by his motto ?You?re only as good as your handshake.?That honest wisdom may well be rare today, but as the family worked together in their home-based grocery delivery business, the cornerstone of strong family bonds was impenetrable. When she was almost 15, Betty Ann joined the Sea Cadets. Excelling in First Aid, her superiors recognized an instructional leader and suggested she follow a career in nursing, so at 19, Betty Ann applied for the Licensed Practical Nursing Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. While raising her children, Betty Ann worked for the Community Nurses Registry of Ottawa when out of the blue she received a flyer in the mail offering children?s Taekwondo classes with flexible hours. She?d just turned 35 so the idea to keep everyone active was a simple one. With her mother?s guidance of believing in one?s own power, Betty Ann set her intentions to bloom. Walking into her first Dojang, Betty Ann was struck by the familiar themes of a lifetime ago. As a newcomer to Martial Arts, she took the Student Oath to heart. The tenets of Taekwondo include the practice of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit


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Jo hn


Society of Appraisers (ASA). Another aspect of a qualified appraiser is that he or she does not buy or sell in any capacity because that would be a conflict of interest.

Most Common Terms of Val uat ion

Val uat ion Expl ained ? Personal Propert y by John H. Grow (CAN)

It is very common, once people know that I?m an appraiser, for a list of questions to follow. The most common is, ?I have this item, can you tell me what it is worth? I don?t need a 100% accurate price, an estimate will do.? My response is always the same. I cannot give any verbal opinion regarding the value of any item, unless I have done my research and created a work file. This is because my errors and omission liability insurance forbids me from doing anything on a verbal basis; there must be a written report with a work file. This disappoints many people. They refer to some popular TV program, being under the false impression that all appraisers operate in the same manner. When entrusted with items ranging from thousands to millions of dollars in value, professional standards require research, documentation, valuation methodology, comparable research, and a current work file. In addition, the professional appraiser must also maintain current educational requirements, USPAP compliance and qualification, and current membership in an appraisal society such as the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) or the American


Fair market val ue:This is the price that would be paid when the property changed hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts. (In Canada, fair market value generally means the highest price, expressed in dollars, that a property would bring in an open and unrestricted market between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are both knowledgeable, informed, and prudent, and who are acting independently of each other.) In cases of divorce or an estate, we have to use Fair Market Value. Auct ion val ue:This is the estimated gross amount, expressed in terms of dollars, that could be typically realized from a property advertised and conducted at a public auction. In this case, the seller is being compelled to sell with a sense of immediacy, on an as is/ where is basis, and as of a specific date. Usually a range from a lower to high estimated value would be given. With the reason, the bid will start at the lower amount, and it should generate a sale within the range given. There are cases, where an item is in great demand, and the winning bid far exceeds the given range.

Val uat ion Expl ained Repl acement cost new:A professional written opinion of the cost, in dollars, to purchase a new item of like quality and specifications. If such an item is unavailable, the appraiser will use his or her best judgment in estimating a value as of the effective date of the appraisal, as long as there are comparable items researched. This is sometimes referred to as

JUNE 2021

insurance replacement cost new. Repl acement cost used:A professional written opinion of the cost, in dollars, to purchase a used replacement item of like quality and specifications. It is important for appraisers to have similar items researched in their list of comparable items. This is sometimes referred to as insurance replacement cost used. Sal vage val ue:The estimated amount, in dollars, that may be expected for the whole property or a component of the whole property which is not working, has issues, may or may not be repairable. Some non working timepieces, have value as a source of much need parts to make another timepiece whole. Scrap val ue:The estimated amount, in dollars, that may be expected for the whole property or a component of the whole property which is not working, has issues, is not repairable at the time of inspection, and contains a component that has value. An example of this would be a gold-case pocket watch with an unrepairable movement. The gold case would be sold at its scrap gold weight.

What Is Not an Accept abl e Val uat ion Many places advertise that they will do an appraisal and then pay the highest amount. This is not an appraisal but an offer to purchase. No matter who you ask for an opinion verbal or written on an item for an appraisal, qualifications of the appraiser becomes issue number 1.So, it is buyer and seller beware. It is important to perform your own due diligence on any of your treasures.

About t he Aut hor John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the full-service appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antique jewelry, jewelry antiquities, watches, clocks, fine art, and antiques in general. John works with clients worldwide and have been featured on radio and television shows as well as charity appraisal fairs. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found athttp://prestigeevaluations.com and Grow?s email is prestigeevaluation@gmail.com.



Be An got prettygoodat portrayingto theoutsideworldI was somethingdifferentthanthepersonI wasinside.WhenI was youngerI woulddrinkin socialsettingsand consumemore thanalmosteveryoneat theparty,I thoughtI wasstrongfor that,that'swhat I told myselfbut againtheexcessive consumptionwasjust a wayof dealingwithdeepinsecurity. Astimewenton I drankmoreand more.I got married,raised2 boysand lifeseemedto be prettygood,and in a lot of ways,it was,exceptthat I neverdealt withmy issuesand I was increasinglymoreand morefearfuland insecureuntilall of that culminatedin thedestructionof my marriage,my family, my work,everything.

My Int erview wit h Canadian born Singer & Songwrit er Bobby Parent about his f ormer l if e of addict ionand his journey t o sobriet y. Articleby Mai-LiisRenaud Lastmonthwhenwewerelayingout theMay Seeker,a veryinterestingemailcamein froma lady calledAprilSilvania.It wastellingusabouther partner,BobbyParent,a Canadiansinger& songwriterwhoisa recoveredalcoholic.Bobbyhas beensoberfor4 yearsandduringhisjourneyto sobrietyheusedhismusicaltalenttohelphimfight theaddictionandwin.Bobbyisnowin theprocess of releasinghisalbumtitled"RealLove"(3 out of his 10 songshavebeenreleasedalready.

I knowon theshowI askedthisquestion.If I'vehad a bad day I havea glassof wineand it relaxesme.If onedoes thiseveryday is that how onecan get addictedor is there moreto it? Anothergreatquestion.I havea friendthat putsit thisway. Onecan drinkeverydayof theirlifeand not be an alcoholic and someonecan drink2 timesa yearand be one.I think addictionsaredefinednot by howmanytimesyou takea WeprintedthisemailinourMaySeekerasBobby's substancebut ratherdoesyourlifebecomeout of control storyisverypositiveandinspiring- justthekindof storiesthatTheSeeker because of the substance. In otherwords,if youdrinkeverydaybut nothing lovesto"SeekOut". substantiallynegativeeverhappensand you arehappyand contentwithlife, thenyouareprobablynot an addictor an alcoholicbut if youabusea WeweresoinspiredbyBobby'sstorythatwehadhimasa guestonour substanceonlyoncea yearand eachtimesomethinghorriblehappensthen MondayMorningMotivationshow onMonday,May3rdtotalkabouthis youlikelyhavean issuethat needsto be addressed.Thereisan expression journey.Youcancheckit outontheSeekerFacebookpage.Thatwasalso thedaythathis4thsingle"Always"got releasedandwegot tolistentoit on that isusedoftenin therecoverycommunity."Onedrinkistoo manyand a theshow.Bobby'istellinghisstorytohelpraiseawarenessaboutaddictions thousandisnot enough.So if you can managea glassof winewithdinner everydaythangreatbut if that oneglassof winealwaysturnsinto10 then hopingthatit willhavea positiveimpactforsomeone.Duringtheshow that'slikelya problem. BobbysharedsomuchgreatinfothatI dida followupinterviewwithhim andwanttoshareit withyouall here...Ibelievethisinfoisevenmore 3. Doesaddictionrun in families.Is it in thegenesor is it an individual importantaswedealwiththeCovidPandemicwithmorepeopledealing thing?Howdo you knowthat you havean addictionor doesoneeven withtheeffectsof AddictionsandMentalHealthissues. realizethat theyhavea problemor do you thinkit is a normalway to be? I thinkwhetheror not addictionsaregeneticor not isbest answeredby 1. Pleasetell usa littleaboutyourself. scientists,doctorsand otherprofessionals.Therearecertainlyexamplesof it You arenowlivingin Summerstownbut wherewereyou bornand what runningin familiesand in othercasesit isverymuchan individualthing. broughtyou hereto thiscommunity? Chancesareif youhavea dispositiontowardaddictionsand yourenvironment I grewup in LaGaspesie,a peninsulaon theveryEasternpart of Quebec.I (family,friends)haveaddictivetendenciesthentheaddictionwill be spentmost of my lifetheremovingonlyfor collegeand Universityand spenta accelerated. few yearsoutsidetheregiontravelingand working.In 2015I separatedwith Knowingyou havea problemand acceptingyouhaveoneare2 different my ex-wifeand shortlyafterthat I soldmy house,gaveup my smallIT thingsI believe.Pride,self preservation,our egosall go againstuseasily companyand movedto Gatineau.Hopingto start a new lifeI gaveup my IT admittingwehavemayhavesubstanceabuseproblems.Thesocialstigmas careerand startedworkingin theRVindustryin Ottawa.In 2019I was that areembeddedin our societyaboutaddictionsserveto makeit more transferredfromOttawato Alexandriaand I havebeenlivingin theareaever difficultfor usto want to admitthat wemayhavea problemaswell.Thereisa since.It'sa greatcommunitywithwonderfulpeople,weloveit here. greatsayingI heard"Wearenot embarrassedto be seenat a liquorstore 2. You havebeensoberfor 4 yearsnow,Congratulations. YourjourneyI'm buyingseveralbottlesof alcohol,but weshouldhideour faceif weareseen leavingan AAmeetingor a treatmentcenter. surehad manybumps. Thebottomlineisthat thenatureof an addictcombinedwithour personal Howand whendid youraddictionbegin,what triggeredit? Wereyou and socialbeliefsaboutaddictionsmakeit verydifficultto everwant to admit alonethroughoutyourperiodof addiction? to havinga problem.For myselfit wasa greatthreatto havemy best friend So thisisa greatquestion.Howand whenaddictionbeginsisa not so easy (alcohol)takenawayfrommeevenif I longknewI had a real problem.I questionto answer.WhenI realizedI wasan alcoholicor at least whenI could thoughtthat alcoholwastheonlywayI couldeasemypain,anxietyand fear finallyadmitto havinga problemwithalcoholwasyearsaftertheproblems so I manipulatedeveryscenarioI couldto makesurethat I wouldn'tloseit. had begun.AfterI becamesoberand startedthehardworkof recovery,I workedwithotherpeople,otheralcoholicswhohad beenthroughthe 4. Theysay that onceyou areaddicted(to whateverit maybe)the processfromaddictionto recovery.It wasthat workand goingthroughthat arduousand difficultprocessthat I realizedmy problemshad probablybegun addictionconsumesyourlifeand no matterwhat anyonesaysyou won't veryearlyon,maybeevenbeforeI everhad a drink.I knowthat mightbe hard listenor changeuntilyou areready. to understand,'howcan onebe an addictbeforeeverusingthesubstance?My What happenedto makeyou want to change?Theysay oftenyou haveto hit rock bottom- what is rockbottom,what wasyourrock bottom? beliefisthat substanceabuseisbut a symptomof otherunderlyingissues.It tookmemost of my adultlifeto understandsomethingdeeperaboutmyself, In my case,my alcoholismeventuallybecameall consuming.Fromsocial that I wasveryinsecure,waslivingwithfear,I felt I wasnot goodenough,not eventsto celebrationsto sad timesto happytimesuntilit wasjust all thetime. strongenoughto just livelifeon itsownterms.I chosealcoholasa wayof AndI did not want to hearaboutsuggestionsof slowingdownor quitting.I chasingthoseinsecuritiesawayand I got prettygoodat it for a time.At least I wouldbe offendedby thosesuggestions.Unfortunatelyaddictionisa very


JUNE 2021



powerfulforcethat takestheaddictalmosthostage.Again,for meto losethat substancewouldmeanto livea lifein completefear,full of anxietyand stress.I meanwhowantsto livelikethat whenthereisa solutionor seeminglya solutionhowevermisguidedthat solutionis. That'swhat makesit hardfor an addictand theirfamilyand friends,youneedto convincethemsomehowthat theyshouldstopusingtheonlycuretheyhave.So unlessthepersoncomesto someepiphany,somekindof lifealteringrealizationthat theyneedto dramaticallychangetheirlife,it'sveryhardto convincethemto let go of the onlycuretheyknow.

I alsodevelopeda prettyrigorousprogramfor myselfthat involvesmeditation and mindfulness,goingto thegymand usingmusicand songwritingastools to helpmeheal and grow.In my first yearof recoveryI wrotea bunchof songs to helpmeheal,a formof therapythat helpedmea lot in sortingthingsout psychologicallyand spiritually.I met KevinCooke,an engineerand producer whohad heardoneof my songsat a jam sessionand invitedmeto hisstudio wherewewenton to record10 songsfor my album'RealLove'!Kevinwasvery generouswithhistime,talentand expertiseand anothergreatexampleof the beautifulpeoplewhohelpedmeout greatlyin recovery.

So maybehitting'rockbottom',losingyourjob,losingyourlicenseor family can convincean addictto stopusingbut it wasn'tin my caseand for a lot of peopleI knowwhat shouldbe 'rockbottom'isn't what startsrecovery.If 'rock bottom'werethecureto addictionthentherewouldbe a lot lesspeople abusingsubstances,becauseonefact that can be almostguaranteedisthat an addictor alcoholicwill havedisasterstriketheirlife.Abusedrugsor alcohol longenoughand somewherealongtheway bad thingswill happen.

What doesyour lifelooklikenow? So my lifenowisverydifferentthanit was4 yearsago.It'slikenightand day. Afterlosingeverythingto addictionsI wasableto rebuilda beautifullifein recovery.I am a generalmanagerof an RVdealership,a professionalartist with a newalbumand a newDadto my beautifullittle'chunkymonkey'babyboy Dylanand Miguell,April's11 yearold son,whoI mightadd isthebest big brotherDylancouldeverhaveand a tremendoushelpin our verybusylives.I havea beautifulpartnerwhoisamazingin her support of my sobriety,my recovery,my music,and my missionto tell my storyof recovery.I have amazingfriendswhoall givemegreatsupport.I am surroundednowby peoplewhoareloving and kindand I am verygratefulfor it. And I have all of thisnowbecauseonedayI just decidedto 'let go' to 'surrender'That's . whyI decided to tell my story,to bringasmuchawarenessas possibleaboutaddictionand alcoholism.I want to showthat recoveryisverypossibleand the resultsof recoveryfor theaddictand their familiesareso positive.So evenif my storyhelps onlyonepersonto get soberthenit'sworth while.Addictioncausesso muchchaos,so much muchdramaand that negativebehaviourgoes well beyondtheaddictand intothefamilies, friendsand societyat large.However,that ripple effectisjust aspowerfulin recovery,so helping onepersonrecovercan actuallyhelpmany peopleheal.

5. Howdid thingschangefor you? So thegoodnewsis, addictionscan be managed,recoveryisverypossible,it wasfor meand for millionsof otherpeopleaswell.By thetimeI cameto an epiphanythat I neededto changemy lifeI had lost everything,my family, my friends,my job,my car,my self respect,my dignity,everything.I had gonefrombeinga husbandand a fatherwitha homeand people aroundthat lovedme,to someonewhowas completelyisolated,livingin a roominghouse withnothingto my namebut maybea pairof pants,a t-shirtand my guitar.I can tell you, that'sa painfulfall fromgrace.AndI lost all of thisfor alcohol?Well,thetruthisI lost all of it becauseI couldneverbetotallyhonestabout myselfto myselfor otherpeople.That'swhen somethingchangedfor me.I spentmy whole lifedenyingwhoI reallywas. I had all of theseinsecuritiesand vulnerabilities that I wasdenyingand avoidingand I put myselfand othersthroughhell becauseI just couldn'tcometo termswiththem.Then,oneday, somethingstruckmeveryprofoundly.SomehowI began to believethat theremightbe anotherway.I thoughtto myself, 'whatif I Am all thethingsthat peoplesaid I was. Whatif I am an alcoholic,imperfect,insecure,vulnerable and whoactedmy wholelifein a selfish,self-servingand manipulativeway?Whatif I causedall thischaosfor myselfand others?Andalso,what if I couldjust stop feelingsorryfor myselfand admitall that to betrueand thenjust 'Let Go'! On November8th 2017I begana journeyin sobriety becauseon that dayI just 'Surrendered'I.gaveup every notionI everhad of myself.I tooka longwalkto a church,wheretherewasa meditationmeetingI had heardabout.I walkedintothat roombeaten,emptyand broken.In thereI wasgreetedby people,strangers,who gavemea hugand mademefeel welcome.I did a 30 minutesilent meditationwitha groupof strangersand there,in that room,I begana newjourney.That'swhat's trickyaboutaddictions,hittingrockbottomdidn't changethingsor I wouldhavebeensoberyearsbefore that. Andthenoneday,I felt an overwhelmingdesperationto besoberand livea differentlife.I got lucky,luckyto be desperateand totallyvulnerable.That'swhat changed thingsfor me. What wasthefirst step?What kindof thingshelped you in yourjourney?Yourmusicetcand pleasetell usaboutthis songwriting,singing,albumproducingjourney,withwhoetc. Thefirst stepfor mewassimplyadmittingthat I wasan alcoholicand that most of my failuresin lifewerecausedby addiction.So that wastheveryfirst step.Beyondthat it wasreallythegraceand generosityof otherpeoplethat helpedmethemost.WhenI finallydecidedto takeactionand start a recovery programit wasamazingthepeoplethat all of suddenstartedcomingintomy life.Peoplewhojust wantedto helpand supportme.Fromfriendsto family and colleagues.I am veryblessedto havehad a secondchanceat lifeand developall thesenewrelationshipswithpeople.


JUNE 2021

Do you drinkat all?I havebeentold that onceyou havebeenaddictedand have becomesoberit is verydangerousto eventoucha dropof alcoholasit can easilybegintheaddictionagain.Is this true? I don'tdrinkat all now.I don'tseea wayfor myselfto drinkor usedrugsthat couldbecompatiblewitha healthyrecovery. Theimportantpart for meisnot necessarilyto stopdrinking though.It'sabouttakingcareof all theissuesthat causedme to usethemin thefirst place.It'saboutdevelopinga program that allowsmeto be contentand happywithoutdrugsor alcohol.Recoveryfor meisnot aboutstoppingsomethingI want to do,it'saboutlivinga lifefreefromcravingit in the first place.Therearemanykindsof programsout therefor addicts,differenttreatmentsand someareaboutteachingan addictto be moremoderatewiththeirconsumption.Maybe that can workfor somepeoplebut not for me.I don'tlookat it anymoreasquittingsomethingbut ratherasembracing somethingnew.I am verygratefulto not bechasingthat feelinganymore. I knowthat Juliaand I wereso happyto haveyou on our "MondayMorningMotivationShow"to talk aboutyour journeyto sobriety.Westartedthisshowover60 weeks agowhenCovidemergedto helpuswithmotivation duringthepandemicand at thesametimeit has introducedto somespecialguests.Tell meaboutyour Sundaynight show.Whendid you and Aprilstart thisand how doesit helpyou on your journey? It wasreallyniceto chat withthebothof youand I thinkin our ownwaybothour showsaim to try and accomplishthe samething.Webothwant to try and bringaboutpositivechange,to offer hope,especiallyin thesecrazytimes.Apriland I startedour Sundaynight showduringthepandemicaswell.I had a brandnewalbumbut wehad no wayto promoteby traditionalmeans.Wecouldn'tand for themomentstill can't do anylivetours.So westarteddoingour Facebookliveshowjust about a yearago.Wedevelopedtheshowwiththehelpof TaraShannonand Willow SoundRecords.It startedwithsometrial and errorand hasdevelopedintoa fun weeklyepisodefor us.Aprildoesmostof theproductionfor theshowand I talkand playsomesongs.It'sreallybeena lot of fun meetingpeoplefromall Continued on next page



overtheworld,stayingconnectedwithour friendsand asloreconnectingfriendsand also reconnectingwithpeopleI knewbackhome. Aprilalsogetsto connectwithher friendsand familybackin thePhilippineswheresheis from.Wejust try and bringa positivevibeand try to havefun.Theshowisat 8pmonthe BobbyParentFacebookpage. 2 BONUSQUESTIONS:What wordsof advicewouldyou giveto someonewhois dealingwithaddiction? Wellit'stoughto offeradviceuntilsomeoneis readyto takethat advice.Unfortunatelythat isthenatureof addictions.WhatI can sayfor certainisthat thereisa greatlife on theothersidein recovery.An amazingand beautifullifeisthereand there areplentyof peoplethat will lenda handand helpyouget there.Oneof the effectsof addictionsisto isolateand hidefromtheworldin a way,but I can sayto anyonestrugglingout there,whomayfeel aloneand hopelessthat therearemanypeoplewhowouldgladlyhelpyou to a betterplace.People whowill helpand not askanythingin return,peoplewhowill listenand never judge,onlytry and helpyoumoveforwardto a betterplace,no matterwhat yourstoryis. Youjust haveto reachout!I did and it changedeverything. Familyand friendsand peoplefromtheoutsidecan seewhat the addictedindividualis doingto themselvesand feel that if theycould breaktheaddictionlifewouldbe so muchbetterfor thembut the addictedpersoncan't usuallyseethisORmaynot evenfeel that they needto change.Insteadtheirbehaviourpushespeopleawayand they don't understandwhypeopledon't want to "hangout" withthemwhen theyaredrunk.Oftenif you evenmentionquittingtheaddictionthe addictdoesn'tevenwant to talk aboutit - doesthat meanthat theyare not readyto quit? Pushingpeopleaway,feelingsorryfor yourself,denial,refusingto acknowledgetherealityof theirdiseaseareall prettycommonsymptomsof addiction.I wasan expertin all of that.I developedgreatskillsin theart of manipulation,evasivenessand gettingpeopleto feel sorryfor me.When peoplewerefinallyfed up enoughand no longerfelt sorryfor meI would isolateand takepityon myself.I knowthissoundsharshbut it'stherealityfor

most alcoholicsand addicts.It'spart of thedisorder,disease, howeveryouwant to describeit. I thinkthoughthat all addicts want a wayout,theyjust don'tknowhowto get there.It'sa lot of work,exhaustingworkto overcomeaddiction.That'swhyI believeawarenessisso important,showingthemthat thereis hopeon theothersideof recovery.Put in theworkand the rewardswill follow. What wordsof advicewouldyou havefor familyand friends whoarewatchingsomeonewhois dealingwithaddiction? It'sso hardfor families,friendsand colleaguesto watch someonetheylovefall apartfromaddictionsand alcoholism. Especiallyfor familiesto watchthechaosthenhearthedenials. Theaddictby natureisin a prettyselfishstate.I knowI was.It's verydifficultfor spouses,children,mothers,fathersto dealwithpeoplethey loveput theiraddictionsaheadof them.Youcan alwaysoffersupport.seek information,try and understandaddictionsbetter,knowand understand possibletreatments,offerloveand be readyto help. At theend of thedayan addictisresponsiblefor theirownhealth,theirownwell beingand it'svery hardto makethemdo somethingtheydon'twant to do.Ultimately,weareall responsiblefor our ownwell beingand therearemanygreatsupportgroups that exist for thefamiliesof addicts.AL-ANONisan amazing12 stepprogram specificallyintendedfor familymembersof addictsand alcoholicsand there areothersupportgroupsout there.I wishtherewasan easyanswerto addictions.I wishI couldsaythereisan easyroadto recovery.Unfortunately thereareno easyanswersbut I thinkraisingawarenessasmuchaspossibleis a goodstart.Raisingawarenessfor thepersonsufferingwithaddictionsand raisingawarenessfor familiesand friendswholivewithit. Therearegreat resourcesout therefor bothsidesof theequation,manypeoplewhoare willingto help.For theaddictand for thefamiliesof addicts,I justthinkit's superimportanttoknowthatyouarenot alone. Pleaseadd any contactinfo:Website,Facebooketc.that you wouldliketo givepeople. www.bobbyparent.com https://www.facebook.com/bobbyparentmusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTx654tBbGFUzRr2S5SRb-g https://www.instagram.com/bobbyparentmusic/ rather than one-on-one talk sessions but these kinds of services are not readily available, especially in small communities.

Men f ace unique chal l enges in bat t l ing ment al heal t h probl ems Submitted by: Angele D?Alessio, Mental Health Promoter Source:www.ontario.cmha.ca

Experts believe untreated depression can lead men to lash out at others and engage in self-destructive behaviour ? and statistics bear that out. Canadian men are about three times more likely to experience addiction and substance abuse ? including alcohol, cannabis and opioids? than women. Men also account for more than 75 percent of suicides in this country.

Men?s mental health advocates say more resources are needed. ?Men want to fix problems, not just talk about them,? says Ivan Labelle, who runs the men?s support group with Douris. ?So if a man seeks help and is told he has to wait seven months, what is he going to do? Is he going to wait or is he going to take matters into his own hands??

Three decades later, he shares his story often as an advocate for men?s mental health. ?If you?re suffering from mental illness you?re not alone,? Douris tells others in a men?s support group he runs in Cornwall, Ont. ?When you leave a room, look behind you. Two out of 20 people in there are suffering, too.?

?The consequences of masked depression can be devastating,?says Dr. Michael Myers, a psychiatrist and professor at the University of British Columbia. ?Too many men out there are suffering. They?re acting out the depression.?

In working to ensure men don?t continue to suffer in silence, Douris faces a big challenge; evidence indicates that, while men and women suffer from mental health issues equally, men are less likely to get the help they need.

Why are men less likely than women to get help dealing with mental health problems? Experts say societal pressure is a big factor. ?We have inculcated a culture in our society that men have to be tough, men have to be strong,?says Dr. Don McCreary, co-chair of Toronto Men?s Health Network. ?Our society is very good at punishing gender deviation in men. Weakness is not considered to be masculine.?

Men?s mental health advocates say it?s essential to create awareness of the challenges men face ? and some progress is being made. For example, this year?sCanadian Men?s Health Month will focus on mental health. A young man in British Columbia can hardly wait. On June 1,Skylar Roth-MacDonald will start a cross-country run to raise awareness of mental health issues.?I?ve lost two really good friends to suicide and I see the impact that leaves on a community. I know sometimes it?s a bit easier to open up when you see others do it.?

When his businesses collapsed, Stephen Douris was devastated. He spent entire days sitting in the dark, chain smoking and drinking coffee. Convinced he was a failure, and unable to see a way out of the darkness that enveloped him, he attempted suicide.

?Masked depression?can be devastating Relatively few men facing mental health challenges recognize the problem and seek help. Experts believe many physical ailments in men, including migraines, back pain and gastric problems, are actually rooted in depression.


Weakness isn?t considered ?masculine?

Furthermore, when men do look for help, they have a hard time finding the right kind of therapy. Men tend to prefer informal, action-based or group-based services

JUNE 2021

The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA, please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site atwww.cmha-east.on.ca.



Ya f a


Th e Qu est fo r t h e Ho l y Gr ai l By Sylvie O?Rou r k e This is not a review of a Monty Python movie nor am I speaking of a chalice. I am referring to a rare type of flower known as a double trillium or ?holy grail. ?It is a rare trillium that does not produce seeds thus reducing its chances of propagation. According to an article I read recently, it has so far only been discovered in the Ottawa Valley in such places as Shawville, Quebec. That is not to say that it doesn?t exist elsewhere, it just means that no one has found it yet. The reason I am bringing this up is because I have trilliums on my mind. Early May is the prime time to go traipsing through the forest to see them. What a thrill it would be to spot one of the rare ones! We recognize the more common white trillium as our provincial floral emblem. It is a welcome sight because it heralds spring. What more cheerful sight than to see these fragile wildflowers proliferating through the woods and creating a splash of white ground cover amongst the mostly still-barren trees! One of the best places to enjoy them is at Summerstown Forest, and that is what brings me here today on a weekday afternoon. Judging by the number of cars in the parking lot, the secret is out. Although the forest is immense and there is plenty of room for everyone, I am conscious of the lockdown and try to choose the path less travelled. Deep down, I am in the mood to cherish the solitude of the forest and immerse myself in its beauty. For the most part I am successful with only the occasional human voice or drone of a plane piercing through the tranquility of my surroundings.


I make a point of scanning the forest floor in a half-hearted attempt to spot any unusual flora, while not honestly believing I will find what no one before me has yet discovered. The main objective of my solo walk is to leave behind my everyday worries and take in a little scenery. In this forest today, I can see that any budding photographer would have no lack of models. These beautiful three-petaled beauties abound gracing the forest like a tapestry. I am careful to stick to the main road and trails so as not to crush or otherwise disturb them. I want them to continue to flourish for years to come and maybe some day other endangered varieties such as the nodding trillium, another rarity, will appear to delight us. Amongst all the white, an occasional red trillium patch pops out. It is not nearly as photogenic, in my opinion, and has a reputation for its not-so-pleasant ?wet-dog? odor. But that aside, it is a striking contrast to its milky counterpart. I spot several other wildflowers such as bloodroots, trout lilies, hepaticas, and marsh marigolds, but the holy grail eludes me. I guess it is just not meant to be, at least not today. I know it?s a long shot, but wouldn?t it be special if we could add Summerstown, Ontario to that list of rare-sighting locations? I know, I will keep my eyes open for this elusive much-sought anomaly because you never really know, do you? For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.

JUNE 2021




W h at i s Col l age Ar t ? The ter m ?collage? com es fr om the Fr ench w or d coller , or ?to glue.? The m ovem ent itself em er ged under a pair of ar tists, w ho began w or king w ith var ious m edium s to cr eate avant-gar de assem blages ar ound 1910 The m ost im por tant char acter istic of this type of ar t in my per sonal opinion is its pr actice - the pr ocess itself - in collecting and building ideas, as w ell as pr oviding an oppor tunity for the flow of ideas and building a com pr ehensive gener al idea to w or k gr adually in a cr eative tim e and space sufficient to accom m odate that the painting gr adually gr ow s. And in this tim e that w e ar e all going thr ough - a tim e that invites us to contem plation and to take ar t as a m eans of spir itual healing - I invite you to take the tim e and tr y this kind of ar t - sim ple - but m indful!

- all w e need is old paper s pictur es and Glue - keep you spir it open to play and tr y. - be happy in the exper ience itself. - and w hatever you cr eate w ill be a happy pr oject.

Joi n u s i n YAFA ar t & cr af t son l i n esessi on s - open t o al l ages- Gr ou pact i v i t i esCr eat i n gARTsan d Cr af t s Con t act: yaf aar t scr af t a@gm ai l .com to r eser veyou r spot w w w.yaf f a.ca Facebook h t t ps://w w w.f acebook .com /yaf acr af t s i n st agr am h t t ps://w w w.i n st agr am .com /yaf aar t scr af t s



4. TYPE OF CREDIT you have affects your score.A combination of credit cards, loans, and lines of credit are desirable.Since Lines of Credit are the most difficult types of credit to acquire and usually offer the lowest interest rate, you may want to make sure you always keep one open for future emergencies.

Mortgage Matters YOUR CREDIT SCORE IS YOUR POWER WHEN APPLYING FOR A MORTGAGE With all the recent mortgage changes, your credit score is more important than ever.Most Lenders rely on the ?Equifax? score.Equifax calculates a credit ?risk? score out of a maximum score of 900.A score of 700 or higher is considered an excellent score and opens the doors to better interest rates and bank approvals.If you have used Creditkarma.ca to find out your score, you are accessing a TransUnion score based on 6 months of history which is not currently used by many lenders but it will give you an idea of the status of the accounts showing on your credit bureau are accurate.

5. NUMBER OF ENQUIRIES on your credit in the last 36 months will affect your score.Numerous calls looking for credit from different companies are a red flag for lenders and will lower your score. JenniMacDonald(www.jmacdonald.ca) hasbeenan award-winning MortgageBrokerwithDominionLendingCentresfor over9 yearsandhas manyyearsof experiencein thebankingworld. Sheworkswithover40 lendersincludingbanks,creditunions,andprivatelendersto findthe best mortgagefor eachclient. Youcancontacther by phoneor text at 613-551-0639or via emailat jmacdonald@dominionlending.ca.

Let?s look at the factors that determine your credit score. 1. PAYMENT HISTORY determines about one-third of your score.Even a one-day late payment can negatively influence your score and shows on your bureau for 6 years.It?s more important to pay the minimum payment on time than to pay a larger amount late.Setting up all your accounts on pre-authorized payments for the minimum amount will ensure that you will never have a late payment. The MOST important credit advice is to avoid having anything sent to COLLECTIONS. No lender will provide a mortgage to someone with an unpaid collection.Each one decreases your score by about 80 points.If you are having a dispute with your cell phone or internet provider, pay the bill and then argue about it later!!! 2. AMOUNT OF CREDIT USED is another large factor in determining your credit score.The more of the credit you have used, the lower your score will be.Keeping your balance under 30% of the total available amount will help your score increase.If you are in a hurry to improve your score, consider calling your credit companies for a limit increase.The secret to this trick is to NOT use the increase once it is applied!! 3. AGE OF YOUR ACCOUNTS is more important than you may be aware.Lenders will want to see at least 2 different kinds of credit established for at least 2 years for a total limit of at least $2,500.If you are considering closing any of your current credit, make sure you never close your oldest credit card.Be aware that if you close an account, your score could drop by almost 100 points!!

LOOKING FORMORE EXPOSURE?Getacompl imentfary eat ure in"LOCALS int heLOUPE" IT'SEASY- SIMPLYANSWERTHESEQUESTIONS:1. Tell us a littlebit about yourself.How and whendid you decideto openthisbusiness?2. What is your MissionStatement? 3. What is uniqueabout your business?4. How doesyour businessimprovethe communityat large?5. DefineSuccess.BONUS QUESTION:How hasthe Covid-19Pandemicaffectedyour business?What'syour contactinfo? Email t o: inf o@t heseeker.ca wit h pics.


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Jo hn

LISTER Love as a t r an sact i on Aw hile back, I w r ote about love. Last tim e, I w r ote about m oney. Both ar e m ade of ener gy,and both ar e tr ansacted.In other w or ds, love itself is a tr ansaction,given fr eely and hopefully given fr eely back . This is the ultim atetr ansaction,because w e ar e paying w ith our life, our m oney,and our ver y ow n life for ce ener gy. And, unlike r eal-estate,ther e is no guar anteeof being paid back .

This is w hy w e m ust be car eful w hen giving our love aw ay. W hy do w e feel w e love som eone?Let's hope it is not an egoic need, the need to feel loved, the need to not be alone, the need to not look like the loser w ithout a par tner ,etc. M any people do not choose a par tner and ar e anythingbut loser s. But our egos ar e liar s, and w ill convinceus of anythingthat w ill get them fed. So w e r ush into a w r ong r elationship,believingit is love, hoping it is, w ishing it to be so, only to be hur t in the end. Again. And again. This is because our ego can never lead us into tr ue love, and it w ill alw ays r esult in failed r elationships. But ther e is a better w ay. A tr uer w ay. Our tr ue self, our life for ce, our spir it, w hatever nam e you choose for it, it w ill lead us to love if that is w hat w e desir e. But w e can't need it, or long for it, w e m ust sim ply and patiently know it w ill com e w hen the tim ing is r ight. Ther e is no r oom for ego, for that w ill blind us to our spir it. Our 'feelings' and our 'gut instinct' w ill becom e confused.Fir st, w e m ust let go of ego w her e love is concer ned.It w ill com e to us w hen w e ar e r eady,and w hen the best par tner for us is also r eady at the sam e tim e. We w ill m eet, and it m ay seem to be by accident. So now that w e've m et and fallen in love, how does love w or k? How is it a tr ansaction?Relationshipsar e full of tr ansactions.The m an m ow s the law n, and the w om an em ptiesthe dishw asher ,or per hapsits the other w ay ar ound. W hat m atter sis each contr ibutes.It's like a joint bank account,but using the ener gy of giving, r ather than the ener gy of m oney. But this is not yet love, w e ar e only scr atchingthe sur face of w hat a r elationshipis. W hen w e love another per son, fully, fr om our hear t and soul, w e give of our selvesin a w ay that is incom par ableto any other for m of giving. We m ight even be w illing to give our ver y life if it w er e necessar y.Ideally,our par tner feels the sam e. In fact, the m or e w e can r ecognizetr ue love being given to us, the m or e w e w ant to give it back in gr eater m easur e. This is r ar e, but it is the tr ansaction I am talking about. Each gives 100% to one another ,yet they r eceive m or e. They becom e m or e than the 100% they w er e befor e loving this w ay. They ar e investingtheir ver y life for ce into HAPPY FATHER'S DAY From one another ,and it m akes each gr ow as an individual spir it, filled w ith even m or e love, m or e w isdom ,m or e kindness,and m or e of ever y other good thing a per son can be. In a r elationshipor m ar r iage,w e can exchangeshallow kindness,m oney,a hom e, intim acy,a fam ily and yet m iss out on this. Or w e can exchangeour ver y selves, choosingto give and take, in a tr ansaction of love that r eachesour ver y cor e. For mor e infor mation, plea se visit w w w.thehigher path.ca


JUNE 2021




Ancest ors'

Dirt y


In Lamoureux Park The Cornwal l Communit y Museum 613-936-0280

DUETOCOVID-19 TheMuseum remains cl osedt o t hepubl icunt ilt heSt ayat HomeOrderisl if t ed FORANYRESEARCH REQUESTS - pl easeemail : TheEm pi r e Lau n dr yw as founded in 1892 in the Second Str eet West Standar d Block as Cor nw all?s fir st steam laundr y. The business changed ow ner ship five tim es dur ing its fir st thr ee year s of oper ation.Th e Gu y Br ot h er s(Geor ge and W illiam ) took over in 1895, eventually r e-locating to 148 Pitt Str eet. M id-July of 1911,Ri v i er ?s Hi gh Cl ass Lau n dr yhad succeeded Guy Br os., but closed w ithin tw o year s. That building has been r eplaced. In 1906Qu al i t y Fi r st St eam Lau n dr yopened shop at 16 Four th Str eet East. Tim O?Br ien shar ed this photo fr om the ear ly days. Accor ding to a 1912 ad, A. Bousquet w as ow ner at that tim e. By 1933 it w as under the ow ner ship of R. Ram sey. By the 1940s, Floyd Sher idan had taken over the r eigns. A 1963 photogr aph r eveals changes to the exter ior of the or iginal tw o stor ey building as w ell a single stor ey extension at the fr ont. By 1971 the business spor ted a contem por ar y stor e fr ont and w as offer ing ?electr onic dr y cleaning? under new ow ner ship. In 1989, the business closed and the fr ont shop disappear ed fr om the str eetscape, w hile the back of the building functioned as an autom obile r epair shop for a tim e. In 2018 the r em aining str uctur es w er e dem olished. Beginning in the 1930, 323 Pitt Str eet w as hom e to ser ies of laundr ies:Won g Br os., W h i t e St ar , Ser v i ce Cl ean er sand finallyRoss Ser v i ce Cl ean er s. The building no longer stands. In the 1930s thr ough 1950s, 41 Pitt w as hom e toM ar k Si n g Lau n dr y(H. Hughes) thenDav i d?s (Ki n g) Lau n dr y. Cor nw all Squar e par king gar age is on that site now. Near by 51 Pitt Str eet also saw a ser ies of cleaner s betw een the 1930s and 1970s:Gar eau , Pyr am i dand finallyDai gn eau l t Cl ean er s. In addition to their 441 Water Str eet East plant, for a tim eBet t y Br i t ealso had a br anch stor e at 609 then 616 Pitt, w hich also included a self-ser ve laundr om at. Pau l Den i s Dr y Cl ean er got its star t at 340 Alice Str eet; the building is still standing, now a w ar ehouse for a near by fur nitur e chain. Other s includedGal l i n ger Cl ean er sat 3 3r dStr eet West,Bi r k ?s Cl ean er sat 16 3r dStr eet West,J.C. M cDon al dsteam cleaner s at 13 1stStr eet East,Lan gl ey / Fan t ast i c Cl ean er sat 18 3r dStr eet East,Cor n w al l Cl ean er sat 3 M ar lbor ough Str eet South / 444 Water Str eet East,M ar t i n ?s St eam Lau n dr yat 29 Law r ence Avenue,Al ber t ?s / Fash i on Cl ean er sat 113 Louisa Str eet,Dai gn eau l t M en ?s Wear & Cl ean er sat 213 M ontr eal Road,Nor t h w ay Cl ean er sat 1542 Pitt, andBel -Cl ai r e Cl ean er sat 459 2ndStr eet West. Histor y often r epeats itself and that is the case w ith the steam laundr y, except that today it?s available via dom estic clothes w asher s.

The tr ees and other plants w er e chosen w ith car e to com plem ent each other and successfully gr ow in this location. A bench donated by Her itage Cor nw all Patr im oine and natur al log seats offer places to r est, m eet and contem plate.



M ost im por tantly, as the for est m atur es, it w ill be a living exam ple of how tr ees ar e invaluable to the health of the local envir onm ent. Benefits of tr ees include cooling of tem per atur es, expanding w ildlife habitat, offer ing shade, buffer ing noise, captur ing air pollutants, pr oviding beauty, and im pr oving m ental w ell-being.

A Gr een Oasi s Dow n t ow n By Lynn M a cdonell The Tiny For est @ Libr ar y W hat is that you say, a for est at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y? Indeed, on the nor th w est cor ner of Sydney and Second str eets you m ay enjoy an ar ea of land dom inated by tr ees; the Tiny For est is w onder fully beautifying. Tr ee Action Ar br e action gr oup of Tr ansition Cor nw all+, the City of Cor nw all, the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y, and Cor nw all Collegiate and Vocational School par tner ed to cr eate a m odel for natur alization w hile pr oviding a habitat for w ildlife. New ly planted in the spr ing of 2020, it m ostly contains var ieties of native tr ees and shr ubs, m any pr oviding edible fr uit, along w ith w ild flow er s, fer ns and bulbs. As the plants gr ow , it w ill becom e a sanctuar y for w ildlife and a dim inutive natur al haven for people in Cor nw all?s dow ntow n cor e.


JUNE 2021

The location of the Tiny For est also m akes it ideal for offer ing educational oppor tunities such as its incor por ation locally into the educational cur r iculum . Alr eady, students of Cor nw all Collegiate and Vocational School have been involved in the planting of som e tr ees and the cr eation of the Tiny For est?s sign. As of the w r iting of this ar ticle, due to Covid r estr ictions, the w ood w or king students have not been pr esent in the shop to com plete the w ooden sign to be er ected on the back r ailing for all to enjoy. The vision of Tr ee Action Ar br e is a sm all com m unity for est w her e w e can appr eciate tr ees and incr ease our per sonal engagem ent in the natur al w or ld. All ar e w elcom e, please do pay the Tiny For est a visit. For m or e infor m ation on Tr ee Action Ar br e action gr oup, please visit: h t t ps://t r an si t i on cor n w al l .com






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