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WE KICKED OFF THE SEASON! NOW, WHY NOT TAKE DAD TO THE SPEEDWAY for Fa ther's Da y! Yan Bussierre won the Canadian Nationals Headline Event which happened on opening night. He is seen here with Cornwall Motor Speedway promotor Raymond Lavergne

Races happening every Sunday Night at 6:30pm 16981 Cornwall Centre Rd. Photo Credit:

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Julia LUCIO She gave $4,153.80 t oo much, damn it ! In April, Cornwallites were made aware that mayor Bernadette Clement over contributed to her campaign funds by thousands of dollar. In a facebook post, the Mayor addressed the situation in an extensive manner. It did not excuse her wrongdoings, but it did offer a logical, and in my mind, sincere, explanation of what had happened and why. The mayor's main opponents were satisfied with the explanation and did not attribute malicious intent to her actions; instead, they seemed to agreed that the City Clerk and new regulations were partly at fault for the


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The matter would have been put to rest had it not been for one citizen, and one mayoral candidate lodging a formal complaint. Side note: the mayoral candidate who did put in said complaint finished last with 238 votes and spent $6000 total on her campaign. This is a lot less than what she was entitled to. She chose not to spend or contribute more, so why complain? The end result would have been the same, for Ms. Spahich. To win more votes, she would have had to have a completely different campaign platform. Money is irrelevant.

Would $4,153.80 in personal contributions have affected the results for the other candidates? Perhaps. One can only speculate. I doubt it would have changed the tally enough to alter the outcome of the election, though. Clement came in ahead by over 3,000 votes. Would $4,153.80 less in the budget mean 3,000 less votes? Meh. But I digress. A committee was formed to hear the complaints and determine if the mayor acted knowingly. If so, she potentially could face severe penalties, including having to forfeit her office. However, the law is clear. Section 92 subsection (2) of the Municipal Elections Act states that "an exception to the rule is made if the candidate has acted in good faith, inadvertently committing the offense or having an error in judgment." I'm pretty sure the committee's findings will point to the latter. Mayor Clement, and the council as a whole, has done an impressive job since they were sworn in. They tackled the budget effectively and in record time. How about we don't spend time, resources and money misdirecting their attention on stuff that, quite frankly, is a benign non-issue. By the time this magazine gets in your hands, we will already know the outcome of the investigation. I hope and pray the committee was wise, had sound logic and didn't give into the demand of, as Etienne St.Aubin, Mayor Clement's Campaign Manager so eloquently described, "career complainants". We don't need to spend tax payers money playing petty politics. There are enough real issues to deal with. Let's tackle those.

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SETNYK Teachers ral l y t o prot est Ford educat ion Cut s On May 10th, 175 education workers, parents, students, and concerned community members gathered in front of MPP Jim McDonell?s office in an appeal to protect what matters most ? our students?education. The rally is part of a campaign to convince Ford to reconsider his government?s recent budget, which included decimating cuts to Ontario?s world-class public education system. Cornwall and area high schools face losing a potential 25 teachers, that equates to a devastating loss of 150 courses. ?Students in our schools, their parents, teachers, and our communities depend on the high-quality services from the people who make our schools work,? said Carole Airhart, president of Local 5678 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). ?The Ford government?s cuts to education will hurt children with special needs who need support from EAs. The cuts will affect students?health when there aren?t enough custodians to keep Ontario schools clean. Our students deserve better than that; they deserve the quality and levels of services that will help them succeed.? Beyond 21 Raising Funds t o Renovat e New Home - Beyond 21 has begun renovations on their new home at 1924 Pitt Street and has launched a capital campaign to complete the project. The new building will be unique in that it will be designed to address both the sensory and physical needs of adults who have a developmental disability. At 8,000 sq.ft. the new space is significantly larger than the organization?s current home. The building will be fully accessible and will include a teaching kitchen, great room/ gathering area, dining area, creative arts room, fitness room, and adult sensory room. ?We will be much more visible on Pitt Street and we are excited to create a hub that invites the community to connect with our participants,? says Jane McLaren, Executive Director for Beyond 21. ?We have secured the keys to our new building, and, with the help of our


Com plet e St or ies on ou r Websit e: w w w.t h eseek er .ca

community, are preparing to open the doors to welcome our participants and the community to our new home!? Beyond 21 is looking to raise $750,000 to pay for renovations as well as outfitting the building with furniture, appliances, and other necessary supplies. The campaign has already raised over $157,000. (Source: Gl engarry Teacher Awarded f or Excel l ence in Teaching Lindsey Howes, an intermediate teacher at Glengarry District High School, was presented with the Excellence in Teaching ? Elementary Award from the Ontario Council for Technology Education (OCTE) on Friday, May 10 at the council?s annual awards banquet. Howes was nominated for the award by a colleague and was recognized for her innovation, collaboration, and promotion of science and technology education both in and outside of her classroom. Along with the recognition, Howes received a $500 bursary to be used for personal professional development and teaching resources. Last year, Howes and her colleagues collaborated with Tagwi Secondary School and introduced the Skills Ontario challenge. In this challenge, teams of students from both schools designed and built model wind turbines. ?The connections that my students are making to and between curriculum expectations without even realizing it is worth all the extra planning and organizing,? Howes explained. ?They are passionate about learning these skills because they are making the connection to why these skills are important outside of school. I hope that this will help keep some of our at-risk youth in school until graduation and encourage them to find a job they are passionate about.? Ford cut s af f ect Cornwal l Publ ic Library - Cornwall Public Library has been directly affected by last week?s announcement about the provincial budget cut to Ontario Library Services. The immediate consequence is that interlibrary loan delivery service permanently ceased to operate, effective April 26th, 2019. The entire Interlibrary loan program has been suspended until further notice as the Southern Ontario Library Service grapples with which services it


can continue to offer with a budget that was cut in half without notice, from $3 Million to $1.5 million, after the operating year had started. ?The last courier out left this morning?, said library CEO Dawn Kiddell, ?next week will be one final return delivery and the Summer Reading Club materials. And then, who knows?? 24 courier delivery drivers have lost their jobs. The province stated that no public libraries would be directly affected by the budget cut. Cornwall Public Library has 5,444 library members registered for Interlibrary loan service. The library borrowed 3,575 items from other libraries and lent 3,230 items to other libraries in 2018. Demand for this service was increasing. Large print books and audiobooks for seniors and homebound patrons were a major component of Cornwall?s Interlibrary loan service. ?We have a homebound patron who is a voracious reader and borrows heavily from Interlibrary loan. She is deeply disappointed that she has lost this service, ?says Kiddell. Local Boxer Tony Luis eyes WBC Tit l e Cornwall's Tony 'Lightning' Luis returns to the ring on Friday, June 21 to take on Adrian Estrella for the WBC Continental Americas Lightweight Title at the Civic Complex. Come cheer on the hometown hero in this major title fight! "I will be looking to capture the World Boxing Council's Continental Americas championship for the 3rd time in my career," Tony Luis said on social media. "Life is moments. June 21 will be another moment. My moment," Tony Luis added. Tickets are on sale now. Renovat ions Compl et e at The SDG Hist oric Jail - he United Counties of SDG is pleased to announce that after several months of work, the exterior portion of the Historic SDG Jail?s, Warden?s Residence, which is attached to the Counties Administration building has been completed. The work was done by Porter?s Historical Restorations. The work on the Warden?s Residence brings to an end almost 3 years of interior and exterior renovations to the historic SDG Counties Administration building, located in downtown Cornwall. The Warden?s Residence was originally clad in brick and covered decades ago with stucco. The County investigated removing the stucco to bring back the brickwork however after investigation, the original brick was too deteriorated to restore. The building was renovated to closely match the original look. ?With the removal of the 1960?s era concrete entrance and small windows, the brickwork restores the building to its former glory,? said Jamie MacDonald, Warden. ?This, along with the extensive landscaping that was completed last summer, completely revitalizes our corporate headquarters. This is certainly a showpiece and is among the finest properties in Cornwall?.




TO DAD WITH LOVE Gif t ideas f or a f ant ast ic Fat her's Day (Family Features) Dads can be notorious as the hardest family members to shop for, but come Father's Day, there's little doubt you'll need a gift that shows dad just how much he means. Truth be told, your company is probably all dad really needs, but you can help deliver a little something he wants with these diverse ideas for all different kinds of dads. Remember, the secret to great gifting is giving something that shows you know and care about his personal interests. Find more ideas for all your gifting occasions at A Sizzl ing Gif t Gift dad everything he needs to throw an impressive cookout any time he wants with the Father's Day Gift Package from Omaha Steaks. He'll be set for summer barbecues with steaks and more on-hand, including two tender filet mignons; two rich and indulgent ribeyes; four robust, juicy burgers and more. The package also includes German Chocolate Cake for a sweet way to end a backyard meal. Find more information and gift packages for dad at Keep Him Connect ed For the dad who's always tuned in, there's a way to provide him with entertainment and connectivity while protecting his hearing all at once. Whether he's using a power saw or mowing the day away, dad can stream his favorite music with the 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth wireless technology to make his day both enjoyable and comfortable. With built-in features like high-fidelity audio, comfortable ear cushions and a low-pressure headband, he can even make and take phone calls without missing a beat. Find more information at WorkTunes. Content courtesy of 3M


Subscribe t o St yl e Keep dad in style with all the latest looks with a clothing subscription. You can choose from services that coordinate complete outfits, options for accessories only or providers that select a handful of garments for each shipment. It's a simple solution for a dad who takes pride in his appearance but never has time to shop or dislikes the shopping experience itself. Pricing varies quite a bit; in some cases dad will need to pay a styling fee while with other services he'll pay only for the items he keeps. A Cut Above Practical tools can be the perfect gift, and a pocket knife is such a useful choice that it's hard to go wrong. For a more sentimental approach, consider a knife with a laser-cut personal message, or go ultra-functional with a multi-tool design. Keep in mind that lesser quality blades may require more frequent sharpening, but they'll generally do the job just as well as pricier models. Also be conscious of the weight and features like safety catches that may affect comfort and usability.


Game f or Gol f An avid golfer never tires of golfing gear, so it's usually a safe bet for gifting. If you're knowledgeable enough about his preferences, you can always add a new club to his collection. However, there are plenty of other useful gifts a golfer can appreciate, from a sleeve of quality balls to a book about a legendary player. A new set of gloves can improve his grip (and his game) while a new hat or shirt can give him something he can sport on the course. Photos of family, clothing, pocket knife and golf gear courtesy of Getty Images




TAKE DAD ON A HIKE! There are endless opportunities to get outside and step into nature in Cornwall and surrounding area of SDG! The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) maintains a network of local natural spaces, providing ample opportunities for family and group adventures. Charl ot t enburgh Park, located on the St. Lawrence River just 19 km east of Cornwall along County Road 2, is now open for the season. The Park offers a beach, playground, nature trails, camping sites, and more! Surrounded by trees and wildlife, un-serviced and serviced lots along with a camping cabin offer campers an opportunity to relax and connect with nature. Seasonal campers also enjoy the Park?s serenity all summer long. Bookings can be made online at Cooper Marsh Conservat ion Area, also located east of Cornwall along County Road 2, is open year-round, but is a popular destination come spring as it comes to life with frogs, birds, and turtles that can be found along the nature trails and boardwalks. Closer to Cornwall is Gray?s Creek Conservat ion Area located at the corner of Highway # 2 and Boundary Road. It is a hub for boating, cycling, and hiking and is a popular destination for large group gatherings at the picnic area and shelter.

Do nm 't i ss o uo t nt h e... "DADDY'S BASKET OFGOODIES" d r aw

Visit to reserve a campsite or boat slips, and for more information on RRCA parks. For more information or to book a group event, contact Lisa Van De Ligt, Communications Specialist, (613) 938-3611 ext. 223, Lisa.VanDeLigt


St ar t i n g M ONDAY, JU NE 1 0 t h

w i lrleceiave Bal l ofot ra M ENONLY Dad dBask y's oetfGo o d i e t ob ed r awn at1 p m Fat h er Day 's-Su n dJu ay,n1e6 t h

850 Boundary Rd. Unit 1 Sout h Gl engarry, ON - 613-933-9055 Open: 7am Mon. t o Wed. 6am Thurs. t o Sun.





Member of t he Sal t Therapy Associat ion

JU NE Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

Cor n w all's Fir stSaltRoom Hello from HALO Salt Therapy! Just as we focused last month on Mothers Day, we want to focus on Fathers Day this month. After more than a year in business there is something that is glaringly apparent. Men do not represent 50% of our clients, and we see a problem with that. Traditionally, Men often do the bulk of the physically challenging jobs, I'm thinking of construction, warehousing, farming, etc. Basically, jobs where the air quality is less than ideal, or downright hazardous. My take on this is that Men are more reluctant to take their health seriously. That's a shame because their families rely on them just as much as they do their Mothers. It's frustrating seeing the ones most at risk not getting the help that is readily available. But after a year of seeing amazing results, we have experienced how HALO salt therapy can help make a difference.

"I suffer from Asthma, COPD, Allergies, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and leg medication was no longer helping me. I decided to try salt therapy. This has changed my life. My lung capacity was measured and has gone from 20% to 50% . Thank you so much." Mark L.

To that end end we are asking you to



Just go on our Facebook page HALO sal t t herapy to nominate him.

This Father's Day we will be making a draw. FIRST PRIZE is a one mont h pass ($190 val ue) SECOND PRIZE is a 3 pack pass ($75 val ue) THIRD PRIZE is a singl e session pass ($35 val ue) If the man in your life has a breathing problem, allergies, asthma, COPD let us know so we can help. Even if he doesn't currently have any issues he will benefit from a visit to our Salt Room. Everyone can benefit from the all natural respiratory cleansing that a session will give you. Also if he works in a stressful environment, or has high levels of anxiety, sleep &snoring problems, or has psoriasis or eczema, we can help. The best part, as anyone who has been here knows is that it's a very pleasant, restful, rejuvenating experience. I have to admit that it is very gratifying to receive a letter like this one from Sara, who wrote" Thank you for being one of the major contributing factors that saved my dad! His breathing was absolutely terrible, and this changed his life completely!

La m ou r e u x pa r k c or n w a l l EN T ERTA I N M EN T


All we can say to Sara is - "You're very welcome, we love to see life changing results like his!"

THURSDA Y 25 4:30

That's what we're here for!

Ribfest Idol 5:30 Opening Ceremonies 6:00 Bordertown Catz 7:30 Symply Skynyrd (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 9:30 Just Heart Heart Tribute

Happy Fathers Day ! f rom Terry & Al dea

Breat he in Wel l ness.

Cal l us t oday!

613-662-9933 17349 Cornwal l Cent re Rd., Cornwal l ON

d o n 't m iss t h e n e w a r t isa n a l l e y !


1:00 TBA 2:30 TBA 4:00 The Everlongs (Foo Fighters) 5:30 The Outlandos (The Police) 7:30 Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood) 9:30 Abbamania (ABBA)

HALO sal t t herapy THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP



12:30 TBA 2:00 Bird King (Classic 70?s) 3:30 Stacey?s Mom 5:30 Lost Boyz (80?s) 7:30 Parallel Universe (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) 9:30 Epic Journey with Roy Nichol (Journey)

FREE EV ENT Br in g y ou r l a w n c h a ir s a n d e n j oy t h e m u sic !

SUNDA Y 12:00 TBA 28 1:30 The Hallions (Celtic Rock) 3:30 Double Vision (Foreigner) 5:30 Epic Eagles (Eagles)


Cal l : 613-525GOOD SEED

mor ning of this Lisa "The inter view I 'd just r ea d


a bout Tish Humphr ies in the pa per . Ha r d-wood tr ees becoming hea r twood led me to elder ber r ies a nd folklor e, which a r e ver y impor ta nt to indigenous cultur es a s a hea r twood exists in ever y tr ee-it is the ha r dest pa r t of the tr ee, pr otecting until the la st insect or fungi chews the ma r r ow withsta nds, a nd tower s in the for est cr eating sha de a nd food for wildlife below."

Yet still a m other ?s love never w aver ed on that cold slipper y day as Eliane hear d her daughter ?s pr ayer and stepped betw eaking the 5th w heel of the sem i-saving her daughter ?s life. As the heavens exalted a r eply, the car im pacted into chest deep snow w ith an explosion of paper , bindings and bookm ar ks flying car elessly and pur posely into view. Fir st on site, Robin Thom son?s str ong ar m s lifted Pier r ette up off the seat-r elieving the pr essur e fr om her legs. Tish Hum phr ies w ho w as on her w ay hom e fr om w or k pushed thr ough the snow , sidling into the car to hold Pier r ette?s hand and assess her injur ies. Fighting off the fr eezing tem per atur es Robin and Tish kept Pier r ette w ar m and conscious for over 2 hour s. Their easy w ay and calm dem eanor s for m ed a kind of hear tw ood ar ound them w hich the fir efighter s cam e to know as unbr eakable. In this tim eline, neighbor s-shopkeeper s and str anger s cam e together w ith hot coffee and blankets.

A Sacr ed Tr ee One Thur sday after noon at the end of Januar y in 2002, a tr ailer hauling shingles w aver ed on County Rd # 34 nor th of Lancaster. The dr iver w as an older m an yet exper ienced but not 20 yar ds behind, w as a ?Class of ?99?fifth w heel sem i, car r ying 65,000 pounds of tw o-by-four s acr oss the icy r oad. As the tw o m anoeuvr ed, the second flatbed jackknifed spilling lum ber acr oss the r oad w hile the lone occupant of a Gr and-Am behind it w atched helplessly as her car w as sw ept under neath, com pacting the fr ont end-r ight to the w indshield. Having m ade W illiam stow n her hom e since 1992, Pier r ette Veillette w as one of the lucky few w hose house in the countr y r an on Cor nw all Electr ic and natur al gas. Her father Alfr ed loved w atching things gr ow. He w as a plastic sur geon w hose pr ide and joy w as the r eveal day for scor es of childr en bor n w ith cauliflow er ear s, cleft palates and har e lips. No am ount of m oney, accolades or aw ar ds could m ar his expr ession of pr ide at changing for ever so m any lives. Pier r ette?s m other Eliane w as bor n into a m usical fam ily and sang as a child. She w as a gr eat m om and car egiver w ho loved to gar den and shar e stor ies ar ound the table, including the fam iliar Fr ench Canadian tale of the or ange at Chr istm as. In Pier r ette?s fir st year nur sing she m et her futur e Anglophone. Her pr oudest m om ent as a m other w as to place her son Stephane in his gr andfather ?s ar m s. That day he?d gifted her w ith a book about m other hood and M adonnas w hich Pier r ette gave to her ow n daughter sever al year s later , encom passing the cir cle of tender m om ents betw een par ent and child thr ough the year s. Instilling these beliefs in pr esent day, one can aw aken a soul in a sim ple countr y house w hose m antels ar e laden w ith photogr aphs and paintings. Clocks and soap stone loons, house-plants, w ild beetles and or dinar y folk . Its soup on the stove, donuts, hom e baked cookies and fr idges w allpaper ed in philosophy and life. Br oader still is the w ide open space of tall beam s and high w indow s. Bir ds and song, fir eplaces and w r ap ar ound por ches. Cr ossw or ds, m odel tr ains and cats-tickling the ivor ies on lazy after noons.


For the r ecover y pr ocess took m any year s, open hear ts and sever al choice w or ds like hope, cour age and one day at a tim e. In the m any lives Pier r ette touched being a good neighbor , thr ough nur sing or dr iving senior s to day-aw ays, ever y single one acr oss Glengar r y offer ed their suppor t dur ing the healing tim e. W ith m ultiple br eaks and sur ger ies, Pier r ette w as for ced to 3 ½ m onths bed-r est and stayed w ith fr iends w ho ow ned a bungalow. A hom ecar e aid gave her som e booklets w ith stor ies about angels. Unim pr essed and feeling dow n, Pier r ette w as questioned by w hat m anner she felt her life w as spar ed because the 5th w heel r ar ely br eaks in r oad accidents...and thus began a life-long study on angels. After ten year s of celebr ating her sur vival, Pier r ette decided it w as tim e to live-choosing the color RED in ever ything fr om car s to Kayak s. W ith the help of long standing fr iends and neighbor s she gr ew a new appr eciation for oaks gr ow ing str ong in contr ar y w inds. In folklor e, the elder ber r y tr ee is inhabited by a spir it or elder m other that pr otects the tr ee fr om har m , tur ning the flow er s, ber r ies and w ood into blessings. And so it w ent that for the last tw o year s Pier r ette and her gar dener have planted over 120 fr uit and nut saplings along the bor der s of her pr oper ty. Lessons lear ned fr om those old far m er s w ho planted a few tr ees ever y year , Pier r ette hopes to r estor e the balance fr om clear cutting-gr ow ing a for est she m ay never see...It?s a legacy w hose star t w ould never be-but for tw o str anger s, a sim ple r ed cane and the ability to finally thank her angels for the abundance.

Li sa Gr ay, Copyr i gh t @ Apr i l 2019 I w ould love to have feedback fr om my stor ies...Pleaseem ail m e: ver legr ace4062@gm Lisa is a m em ber of the Cor nw all Wr iter Society,a gr oup that m eets at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y,on the 3r d M onday of each m onth fr om 6:15 to 8:15pm . For m or e info. about this or any pr ogr am at the Libr ar y please call 613-932-4796.




M cIsaac, Tr ium ph, Glass Tiger , Nazar eth, Styx, Saga and Ir on M aiden. The nam e Stor m Enter tainm ent w as sold to "Big M am a Pr oductions" and I becam e Alkaline Enter tainm ent.


in the

Over the year s I w or ked w ith nam es like Alice Cooper , Kr is Kr istoffer son, M eatloaf, Blue Rodeo, and the Judds plus other nam es too num er ous to m ention.


W h at h ave you been u p t o i n t h e past year ? Well, I have booked m any Tr ibute Bands at the Royal Canadian Legion her e in Cor nw all and have quite the follow ing of countr y m usic fans, keeping my pr om ise about m aking sur e Cor nw all w ould not be lacking in m usical enter tainm ent. I w or ked w ith Ian Bentley at NAV Centr e on the Beer , Bour bon, BBQ and Blues Festival.

Article by Mai-Liis Renaud "Cor nwa ll will not la ck in M usica l Enter ta inment while I 'm a r ound" I seem to r em em ber hear ing this phr ase befor e - actually to be pr ecise, it w as this tim e last year w hen I inter view ed a local per sonality know n by m ost in the m usic w or ld of Cor nw all. I am r efer r ing to none other than Jeff Br unet, ow ner of Alkaline Enter tainm ent. Jeff has cer tainly kept that pr om ise dur ing the last year... I have w or ked w ith him as his Gr aphic Designer for m any year s, designing his poster s, flyer s, tickets, banner s etc. and helping him w ith m ar keting the m any ar tists and bands that he br ings to Cor nw all and ar ea and this past year he has kept m e super busy. Jeff 's favour ite saying is "I have a lot m or e events up my sleeve" ... and pr esently he is at it again ... At w hat you ask, w ell ... Jeff took som e tim e out of his busy schedule to chat w ith m e and this is w hat I found out. For t h ose w h o don 't k n ow you , can you t el l u s h ow you r col ou r f u l car eer as a con cer t pr om ot er began ? Well, it all began w hen I w as in my teens (only a few year s ago) he joked ... but ser iously, bands w ould com e to the Civic Com plex and I w ould hang out to w atch the set up and see how things w er e done. In my ear ly tw enties I becam e a r oadie and w or ked w ith ar tists like Liber ace, Br yan Adam s, The Judds, Neil Young and my all tim e favour ites, Kiss. It w as an exci ting tim e. I spent m any year s hitting the r oad w ith bands like Har lequin and Honeym oon Suite. I studied how concer t pr om oter s oper ated and thought, "I could do this ..." In 1996 I star ted the com pany Stor m Enter tainm ent and booked bands like Kim M itchell, The Cult, Sm ashing Pum pkins, Lace, Ashley

I r ecently bought the Fr ench singing star Guylaine Tanguay to the Bonnie Glen and w ill be hosting the Second Annual Par king Lot Live Sum m er Bash at the Seaw ay Roadhouse on June 15th. I w or k w ith bar s up and dow n the 401 fr om Peter bor ough to the Quebec Bor der and am now w or king w ith the M ohaw k Casino to br ing enter tainm ent to them as w ell. I volunteer ed my tim e at last year 's Childr ens Tr eatm ent Centr e Boxing m atch and w ill be doing it again this year on June 1st w her e I w ill be co-or dinating sound pr oduction once again. Another char ity ver y close to my hear t is Cor nw all Hospice w ho w ill once again be benefitting fr om my Countr y Tr ibute Band Jam bor ee. Last year this event w as held in Sum m er stow n w her e it pr oved to be so successful that this year the "m obile event" w ill be gr acing the stage at the Bonnie Glen in Alexandr ia. Tel l m e a bi t abou t t h i s year 's u pcom i n g BI G Su m m er even t. Jeff w as m or e than happy to do so and judging by the passion in his face, he w ill definitely m ake the COUNTRY TRIBUTE BAND Jam bor ee #2 just as successful and Jam bor ee #1 and w ho know s w her e the event w ill pop up next year !!! "This year the event w ill take place on Satur day, June 29th w ith a 3pm star t, like I said, at the Bonnie Glen in Alexandr ia. 5 gr eat per for m er s w ill take the stage including, Br ian M oon and Rar ebr eed w ith a Tr ibute to M er le Haggar d, Guy M elanson w ith his tr ibute to W illie Nelson, a Tr ibute to Dw ight Yoakham , a Tr ibute to Johnny and June Cash plus a Jason Aldean Tr ibute. Tickets ar e on sale now , only $40 each, and par tial pr oceeds fr om this event w ill be going to Hospice. W hy don't you tr eat Da d for Father 's Day a nd buy him tickets to the Ja mbor ee. Better still come spend the day with him a nd enjoy some gr eat ta lent, food a nd dr inks - a ll for a gr eat cause!





New York, New York ? CJ Ramone has released his 4th studio album titled ?The Holy Spell? on Fat Wreck Chords. CJ Ramone?s band members are Dan Root (Adolescents), Nate Sander (The Early November), and Pete Sosa (Street Dogs). CJ Ramone worked with producer Paul Miner on the new album. A notable song is ?Rock On? - a farewell tribute to Steve Soto of the Adolescents. Steve Soto worked toured and recorded with CJ Ramone, and more importantly, he was a close friend. ?My best memories of Steve are the laughs we had more than anything else. He was a really talented guy. Check out his last solo album ?Songs about Girls and Earthquakes?. He did his best to help his friends any way he could. I?m glad we got to do records and tour together. I would?ve liked to have another 20 years playing with him,? CJ Ramone reminisced. Growing up, CJ Ramone became a fan of heavy metal thanks to Black Sabbath, and later became a fan of punk rock thanks to the Ramones. ?I got into heavy-metal before I got into anything else on my own. Black Sabbath was the first band I have a really got into on my own. When the British metal bands came out like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the rest, that became my world. The Scorpions from Germany too! Everything I listened to before that was my parent?s influence. I found punk rock through the Ramones! The Clash, The Damned, The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Vibrators, followed soon after. Metal appealed to me because of the heavy, aggressiveness of it and the imagery that went along with the lyrics,? CJ Ramone elaborated. ?The Ramones had the heavy guitar sound and speed, with pop melodies and lyrics about being an



So far we'velearnedthat we can want something, feel gratefulabout it, and it will cometo us. So what if I want a milliondollarsand a beautifulpartner?First of all, it is necessaryto ask ourselveswherethe desireis comingfrom.A beautifulpartnermay be plain on the outsidebut very beautifulon the inside.Anothermay be beautifulall around.But are we ready for such a relationship?As for a milliondollars,would this be somethingthat wouldbenefit our growthas an authenticperson,or wouldit just feed our ego,with little additionalbenefit?I'm not sayingmoneyis counter-productiveto spiritual outcast, love and horror films. health,but somemay not yet be ready to handlea Instantly, I identified with it,? CJ large amountat one time.As for partnersin life,there Ramone went on. is a lot involved.If you feel you need someonein On the Ramones album ?Brain your life,it may be your ego,whichworksout of Drain? they recorded the song ?Pet need.But if you believesomeoneis out there,and Sematary? which was featured in you feel patienceand a sensethat it will happenone the 1989 Stephen King horror film day,you are probablyworkingfrom your authentic based on the book of the same name. Soon after, CJ Ramone joined self.

CJ Ram o n e Article and photo by Jason Setnyk

Jo hn


In t er vi ew wi t h fo r m er Ram o n es b assi st

the Ramones and played the song regularly. Furthermore, CJ Ramone could be heard playing bass on it on the Ramones live albums ?Loco Live? and ?Great Hits Live?. The Starcrawler?s covered the Ramones ?Pet Sematary? for the 2019 re-make of the classic horror movie. ?I dig Starcrawler?s version, it has a haunting sound to it. Hearing it, I can?t help thinking about the first tour I did with the Ramones as it was for the ?Brain Drain? record that this song was on. We played ?Pet Sematary? every night and it was one of the highlights of the set,? CJ Ramone disclosed.

Here is a little story.I had alwaysbeen in relationshipsand marriagesthat didn't seem to last. It seemedmy partnerswere alwaysshallow,or unable to love deeply.I beganto believein a strongerlove, that someoneout therewouldalso believein this strongerlove.Once I acceptedthis,I stopped 'wanting'and it changedmore to 'anticipating'the day when this wouldhappen.Then it did happen,ten yearsago,and she is now my wife.And guesswhat? Therereally ISa deeperlove than either of us had knownbefore.The relationshipis not basedon ego, but on who we each are authentically.It is amazing, becauseit wasn't our egosthat broughtus together, but our authenticselves,or if you will,God.

Did I also becomea millionaire?Not yet,But I feel like one.We have gone from a basementapartment to owningour own centuryhome.Our characteris reflectedin the characterof the home,and as before, we didn't need to look long to find it. The timingwas ?The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is right for us to begin lookingand to have this house always fun. My best Joey memory is on the market at a reducedprice.It was only the sitting in his apartment listening to music and talking. I appreciated his secondhousewe had lookedat. Even the down friendship and miss him every day,? paymentcamefrom an unexpectedsource.Again,it CJ Ramone replied. wasa dreamof oursthat cametrue,and our desire camefrom our authenticselves,or spirit.As we CJ Ramone returned to Canada on continueto evolveas humans,our desiresevolve June 1st. ?I will be in Vancouver June 1st at the Wise Hall, with a with us, and we may need to wait a bit for answers. few more dates later on this But answerswill surelycome,if we are desiringthe summer. Reminiscent of the song right thing,and puttingour faith into it, feeling ?Touring? off the Ramones album ?Mondo Bizarro?, CJ Ramone states gratefulthat it will come,then it will.It may well be it?s the best job in the world. differentor better than what we had envisioned,but it will come.But how do we feel gratitudefor things ?It?s the best job in the world, and with the best fans in the world. The we haven't yet received?I'll tell you in the next Ramones legacy gets passed from installment. In addition to the new album, CJ Ramone is still touring and playing shows. He played the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in New York City on May 19th.

one generation to the next, and it?s an awesome thing to watch,? CJ Ramone concluded.


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in the

LOUPE Article by Mai-Liis Renaud

At t h e Seek er , w e ar e of t en ask ed, w h y ar e you called t h e Seeker ? Well t h er e is a good r eason w h y... It is becau se on e of t h e Seeker 's m ission s is t o " Seek ou t all t h e Gem s" t h at w e h ave h er e in Cor n w all. Even t s, Happen in gs an d also t h e people t h at m ake ou r Com m u n it y w h at it is. I was fortunate to be able to Seek out one of these Gems, by the name of Gary Watson. Born and raised in Cornwall, Gary now works as a movie producer in L.A., along with his very talented son, Brandon. (Gary and Brandon are seen in the Loupe above working on one of their many movie productions together.) In his younger days, Gary lived for a while with Wilfred and Angeline Leroux and was a talented musician who played in and around Cornwall but embarked on a very interesting journey, many years ago. I was fortunate to have been able to spend an afternoon with him while he was here in Cornwall stopping by to visit with Wilfred and Angeline's grandson, and my life partner, Sheldon Grant. Here are a few Seeker-style questions I asked him and You can definitely see how being in the right place at the right time and meeting up with the right people helps us on our journey in life... You st ar t ed of f playin g m u sic in sever al bar s an d clu bs in an d ar ou n d Cor n w all, h ow did you get in t o t h e f ilm bu sin ess? We moved to Calgary in early 2000 and in 2013 American Academy Award nominee actor Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon, Under Siege) discovered my younger son Brandon on Twitter. Brandon was eventually signed by Gary's manager/father-in-lawRon Sampson and Los Angeles agent April Lim (Global Artist). We became friends with the Busey and the Sampson families eventually forming a production company in L.A. I'm now officially a talent manager with Ron's L.A. management company. Did you r son do an y t h eat er act in g in sch ool?

We shot around two dozen short films, two TV pilots, one in Canada called 'No Place Like Home', dealing with homelessnessand 'Redefining 70' shot in Los Angeles, CA, which deals with anti-aging and stem-cell therapy. We produced a feature film (Supposition)in 2018 with and starring Tahmoh Penikett. (seen here with Brandon) Tahmoh played Gadreel on Supernatural, Dimitri in Altered Carbon, was in Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Man Of Steel, and has 79 IMDb acting credits thus far and a large following. It's in post-production and I'm scoring the film. You 'r e n ow in Cor n w all so w h at ar e you r f u t u r e plan s? I'm focusing on our latest project which I would like to submit to the major film festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Sundance and Cannes. Brandon really deserves recognition for his achievements and talent at such a young age which a festival award would bring him. There's no doubt in my mind and in the mind of everyone who has met and worked with Brandon that he has a very bright future ahead of him and will be a major force in the film industry. I'm thrilled that this is no longer the opinion of a proud parent but the view of others in the biz. I have talked with Upper Canada Village about shooting there and I think it would be a wonderful shooting location. It would be great to cast locals and Ottawa has a great film crew community so it could make good sense. I'm also collaborating with Nashville producer/publisher and A.C.M. (American Country Music) award winner David Kastle on a western film based on a novel he wrote and Brandon turned into a screenplay. Nashville is also looking at my son Robbie. He's a brilliant songwriter and I have the same conviction for him as I had for his younger brother. Wh at advice w ou ld you give t o par en t s or an yon e abou t t h e m ovie bu sin ess? Do your due diligence when it comes to acting classes, agents, and managers. When in doubt go to Rippoff Report. Check the ACTRA union site in your province to see if any agents or managers are on their naughty list or even listed at all. Becoming an actor and making it in Hollywood requires a lot of knowledge on how Hollywood really works as well as what the Open1 requirements are.

No. Theater, or stage acting, and film acting are different acting styles. And finally yes you can You have to pick one because it's very difficult to go from theater to film make a living in Canada as acting and only a handful of Hollywood actors can do it. Brandon an actor. Just go for it! You wanted film acting training to help make him a better film director. He never know where your studied film acting and auditioning with Calgary based actor/coach journey will take you...The above photo is Brandon and I in Palm Peter Skagen (Hell On Wheels) at 11 years old and eventually with Cindy Springs! Christensen a certified Toronto Miesner coach, and Los Angeles Questions?Email Gary at actress/acting coach Amy Lyndon who has trained a lot of kids for Nickelodeon and Disney, and being a minor I took every class with him. He went on to write, direct, edit, and star in his debut 2014 feature film 'Calico', a period western.'Calico' opened up major Hollywood doors for him. He's a natural when it comes to acting writing and directing but writing and directing is where his heart is. He retired from acting at 17. You an d you r son pr odu ced sever al Call Sheldon and Mai-Liis TODAY! pr oject s as a t eam , can you t ell u s abou t t h em ? www.djshel l - www.invit at





I n t er v i ew w i t h Hal l ow een m ov i e act r ess Scou t Taylor -Compton Ar ticle a nd photo by Ja son Setnyk Cor nw all, Ontar io ? Actr ess Scout Taylor -Com pton, best know n for her r oles in Rob Zom bie?s Hallow een m ovies, plus The Sleepover , and Gilm or e Gir ls, w as one of the special celebr ity guests at the 2019 Cor nw all Ar ea Pop Event. At the age of 17, Scout Taylor -Com pton w as cast as Laur ie Str ode in the r em ake of John Car penter ?s Hallow een dir ected by Rob Zom bie. The r ole of Laur ie Str ode w as fir st

includes r oles in the m ovies 13 Going on 30, The Runaw ays, and Am er ica Cr im e. Her television cr edits include appear ances on Nashville, Gr ey?s Anatomy, CSI, Bones, That?s So Raven, Cold Case, ER, Char m ed, and Ally M cBeal. Scout Taylor Com pton has also appear ed in sever al hor r or film s and has ear ned the label of a scr eam queen. ?I love that title, and I think it?s cool. It?s r ad that people like my scr eam . The fir st tim e I hear d it, my scr eam , I w as like this is a f-cking good scr eam . I liked it too,? Scout Taylor -Com pton said w ith a laugh. Scout Taylor Com pton enjoyed her tim e in Cor nw all at CAPE. ?I love it at CAPE. I?m having so m uch fun. Ever yone is so sw eet. Ther e ar e so m any kids her e, and I love kids. Seeing them all in costum es, and the par ents letting the kids use their im aginations and cr eating all these r eally cool outfits ar e gr eat. The guests ar e aw esom e. I gr ew up w atching Degr assi, plus I love tr aveling w ith Lew. I?m having a gr eat tim e,? Scout Taylor -Com pton concluded. It w as announced that CAPE 2020 takes place Apr il 25th and Apr il 26th at the Benson Centr e.

m ade fam ous by actr ess Jam ie Lee Cur tis w ho star r ed in the or iginal m ovie ser ies. ?I w as 17 w hen I w as cast. I think because I w as so young it didn?t hit m e that I w as given such an iconic r ole for such an iconic fr anchise. I think that helped m e in not com par ing myself to Jam ie Lee Cur tis and m ake Laur ie Str ode as I saw her ,? Scout Taylor -Com pton disclosed. At a young age, Scout Taylor -Com pton dem onstr ated that she w as an accom plished actr ess. In 2004, Scout Taylor -Com pton w as nom inated for a Young Ar tist Aw ar d for her w or k on Gilm or e Gir ls, and she w as nom inated again in 2005 for her r ole in the m ovie Sleepover. ?I w as 15 w hen I did Sleepover. That w hole set w as so m uch fun. I think the m annequin scene w as fun w ith Steve Car ell, Alexa Vega, and M ika Boor em . We film ed in this m all, dr essed up this m annequin, and hid fr om Steve Car ell?s char acter w hich w as a lot of fun. We also got to shoot in the Univer sal Studios backlot w hich I thought w as the m ost am azing thing w hen I w as that young,? Scout Taylor -Com pton r ecollected.

I n t er v i ew w i t h Beast o Bl an co m em ber s Ch u ck Gar r i c an d Cal i co Cooper Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk | Submitted Photo Ottaw a, Ontar io ? Beasto Blanco, fr onted by longtim e Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Gar r ic and Alice Cooper ?s daughter Calico Cooper , played the Br ass M onkey in Ottaw a on M ay 14th. Beasto Blanco also has a new album com ing out titled ?We Ar e.? It?s the band?s thir d studio album , and it?s to be r eleased via Rat Pak Recor ds on M ay 24th. Chuck Gar r ic has been a bassist w ith Alice Cooper since 2002 and loves w or king w ith the m usic legend. How ever , Beasto Blanco is an oppor tunity for Chuck Gar r ic to be a songw r iter , and to take ow ner ship of songs that ar e his ow n.

?M y gir lfr iends didn?t r eally car e that I w as on TV or in scenes w ith Jar ed (Padalecki). I did have a cr ush on him w hen I w as younger. I love being a par t of iconic show s like Gilm or e Gir ls and Char m ed. Those ar e show s I?m going to show kids,? Scout Taylor -Com pton r eplied.

?Absolutely, ther e is that desir e. I?ve been a bass player in som e of the best bands in the w or ld. I still play w ith a legend, and it?s an honour , and I?ve lear ned so m uch, and I am still lear ning. I?m also a songw r iter and cr eator. I have my ow n vision and Beasto Blanco has given m e that fr eedom to expr ess myself and let Calico and I act out the things w e?ve w anted to do for so m any year s. It?s given us the fr eedom to expr ess our selves w ithout answ er ing to anybody. This is our thing, and it?s done our w ay, and w e love it,? Chuck Gar r ic said.

In addition to Hallow een and Sleepover , Scout Taylor Com pton?s film ogr aphy also

Calico Cooper becam e know n for his stage per for m ance theatr ics

On Gilm or e Gir ls, Scout Taylor -Com pton had a r ecur r ing r ole as Dean?s little sister Clar a For ester. Wer e her fr iends jealous that she w as on television w ith actor Jar ed Padalecki?



w ith Alice Cooper w ith the char acter of the sadistic nur se. Now , Calico is m aking a nam e for her self and br eaking aw ay fr om her father ?s shadow. This idea is expr essed in the lyr ics to ?Per ception of M e.? ?W hen w e w er e talking about w r iting the song, I am Alice Cooper ?s daughter , so stepping out and doing Beasto Blanco, I w anted to tell the stor y of som ebody w ho stepped out fr om under that shadow. I stepped out fr om under those coattails, so the song is about how I am m or e than your per ception of m e. It doesn?t m atter the costum es, the lights, and so on. W hen I say the lyr ics ?let m e hear you say my nam e?, I?m not talking about Cooper , I?m talking about Calico,? Calico Cooper r eplied. The gifted singer has found an outlet to expr ess her self, not just as a vocalist, but as a pr oducer. She w r ote, dir ected, and pr oduced her fir st ever m usic video for the song ?The Seeker.? In the m usic video, ther e is a w om an in a gow n, r unning bar efoot in the deser t, seeking r efuge in a chur ch fr om w ould-be assailants. ?Im ager y w ise I got the idea for the video w hile dr iving thr ough the deser t fr om Phoenix to L.A. I kept listening to the song know ing w e w er e going to do a video, and for som e r eason, I kept im agining this w om an just r unning bar efoot in this nightgow n in the deser t ? alm ost like a m ir age. Next, I asked myself w hy is she r unning, and w ho is she r unning fr om ? I cr eated this old w ester n scenar io w her e this w om an had just r un out of a tow n w her e she had been attacked. She?s r unning for safety to the near est chur ch to hide in ther e. I thought of the im ager y of her seeking r efuge, and w hen she?s cor ner ed, she?s not afr aid anym or e. She w alks up to the biggest one of them , looks him in the eyes, and says do your w or st. You can br eak my body, but you can?t br eak my spir it,? Calico Cooper explained. New fans w ho ar e seeing Beasto Blanco for the fir st tim e ar e in for a tr eat! ?Com e w ith an open m ind; I alw ays like seeing som ething for the fir st tim e and exper iencing it, and not having any expectations, and becom ing involved in it. Ther e is som ething m ir aculous about going into som ething and not sur e w hat it is or if you?r e going to like it. After a couple of songs, you r ealize, it?s am azing, and I?m going to becom e a par t of this,? Chuck Gar r ic concluded.



45 SecondStreet E. 613-932-4796


I TEM OF THE M ONTH: This is a r ather unusual item , because it is alive. This m onth I am choosing the little tr ee Johnny planted her e as w e fir st m oved in last June. The pink petals give off a w onder ful ar om a, and it looks just lovely. Thank you, Johnny! FUN FACTS: How can you get str ess r elief, som e healthy exer cise w ithout joining a gym , healthy or ganic food, fr ee anti-depr essants, br ain health, including a r educed r isk of dem entia, and fr ee Vitam in D, to boost your im m une system ? Gar den. M aintaining a sim ple gar den pr ovides all of these benefits and m or e.

LIBRARY... @ the MONTH This

TI P OF THE M ONTH: Don't think of yar d w or k as w or k . Instead, think of it as beautifying your little patch of natur e, tr im m ing gr ass, pulling w eeds, and planting new life in the for m of vegetable gar dens or flow er beds. It is extr em ely ther apeutic and has been pr oven to have a num ber of health benefits, so get your feet and hands dir ty, and head outside to enjoy the sights and sm ells, and of cour se, all of the fr ee oxygen.

w w w.libr ar ycor n w all.on .ca Facebook : libr ar ycor n w allon t ar io

Libr ar y Ser vices on You r Pr ef er r ed Device! Available at libr ar y.cor n w all.on .ca/ en / er esou r ces ASK US HOW YOU CAN ENJOY OUR FREE HOOPLA AND KANOPY STREAM ING SERVICES! With our HOOPLA streaming service, you can instantly borrow movies, music, eBooks, comics, audiobooks and more.



Har d to believe that it is alr eady June. We've sur vived the spr ing that bar ely w as. Now it's on to w ar m er and hopefully sunnier days ahead. June is a special m onth, a m onth of new beginnings w ith tr ees leafing out, blossom s bloom ing, and m or e im por tantly, love is in the air. Besides the June w eddings, and sping bouquets, ther e is a distinct feeling of r om ance w ith str eet cafes open again, and people planning picnics and w alks in the par k . For m e, June is the anniver sar y of Johnny and I m oving into our new hom e. We bought it in M ar ch, the deal closed in Apr il, and w e painted and pr epar ed so our new hom e w ould be r eady for us to com e hom e to. Johnny bought m e a sm all flow er ing tr ee at that tim e, and I'm glad to announce that it not only sur vived the w inter , but is a little bigger now , and cer tainly has m or e blossom s than last year. We plan to continue im pr oving our hom e this sum m er , and w e'll spend a bit m or e attention to the outside. We just love being hom eow ner s! A fr iend is donating an apple tr ee for our yar d, and w e'r e looking at doing som ething nice w ith the back ar ea, r ather than just gr ass w ith a patio stone w alkw ay. Ther e ar e m any things that a per son can do w ithout spending a for tune, by adding little flow er beds, r ecycled str uctur es, etc. W ho know s w hat w e m ight com e up w ith?

M a rle ne

W HAT W OULD YOU DO?: It's a hot sum m er day and you have to cr oss a far m er 's m uddy field. Would you put on heavy and hot r ubber boots, or slog acr oss bar efoot? This idea her e is to get som e discussion going w ith other s, as it's a fun w ay to see w hat your fr iends or fam ily m ight choose and w hy. A gr eat conver sation star ter.

Even more streaming with KANOPY, a service that showcases more than 30,000 of the world?s best films, including award-winning documentaries, rare and hard-to-find titles, film festival favorites, indie and classic films, and world cinema. KEVIN SYLVESTER ? AUTHOR, ILLUSTRATOR, BROADCASTER, TO VISIT LIBRARY Kevin Sylvester Author Illustrator Broadcaster will visit library on June 5 for the launch of the library?s Kid?s Summer Reading Club. Reserve the date for this epic visit from 6 to 7 p.m. and get ready for an exciting evening. WE?RE GOING HOLLYWOOD - SUM M ER M OVIES AT THE LIBRARY Enjoy blockbuster movies for free at the library all summer long. Every Tuesday afternoon and evening, beginning June 4 we present a movie geared to a mature audience, and on Monday afternoons in July and August, we have free family movies. No library card required. QUILT of BELONGING SPECIAL 20t h ANNIVERSARY PRESENTATION - Ju n e 14 @ 10:30 am . Revisit the rich 20-year history of the Quilt of Belonging, its worldly travels and its future. Presented by artist Esther Bryan, originator of the Quilt of Belonging. Reserve your spot by calling the library at 613-932-4796. Free program SUM M ER OPENING HOURS Th e libr ar y w ill be closed Su n days u n t il Sept em ber 8t h . Th e open in g h ou r s r em ain t h e sam e f or t h e r est of t h e w eek .

FAM I LY NEW S: For M other 's Day, my eldest son Clyde cam e and spent the day w ith us, and the follow ing day, my youngest son M ar cus cam e to see our house for the fir st tim e. This m ade for a



ver y happy M other 's Day w eekend for m e, for w hich I am ver y gr ateful. On both occasions, w e visited near by Cor nw all BBQ to enjoy their fabulous and affor dable chicken and other dishes. UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: Get out ther e into the gar den, or if you don't have one, buy a flow er box and gr ow a few flow er s or per haps som e her bs and spices. You'll be happier and healthier for it, and r eap the benefits that com e w ith gar dening. W ishing a ll Father s, Gr a ndfather s a nd Stepfather s a Ver y Ha ppy Father 's Day! M ar l en e Li st er of w w w.l i st er ph ot an d w w w.f ash i on ogr




1 sat

Mud Hero Ottawa Sat & Sun 2019 @ Commando Action Centre · Ottawa, Ontario all-day

Walleye Classic @ Lamoureux Park @ 7:00 am The Big Give / / Serve Day 2019 @ Harvest Christian Fellowship @ 8:00 am Bikes & Badges 2019 @ St. Lawrence College, Cornwall @ 10:00 am

W ho sa y s The re 's To Do in Co rnw a ll

No thing ???

Spring Vendor Market @ Cornerstone Organics @ 12:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm Sunset Community Cycle for Ice Cream @ Archie's Family Golf Centre @ 6:30 pm Cornwall Celtics Lacrosse @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm an Evening of Amateur Boxing @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 8:00 pm ? 9:00 pm Fully Completely Hip @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 8:00 pm Tribute To AC/ DC, Ruffedge @ The Port Theatre @ 8:00 pm

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2 su n

Mud Hero Ottawa Sat & Sun 2019 @ Commando Action Centre · Ottawa, Ontario all-day

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwal @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30

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m on

South Stormont Township Hall @ South Stormont Community Hall @ 10:00 am

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4 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Basic Serging Course @ Giroux Sewing Centre@ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 ? 7:00 pm Cornwall and Area Bird Club Meeting @ St Lawrence River Institute @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 ? 8:00 pm

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G Theatre play. Les Papillons de Nuit Theatre l'Amalgame starts today.

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Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area ? AGM @ Benson Center @ 9:00 am

48th Annual Chamber Golf Tournament @ Summerheights Golf Links @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am 48th Annual Chamber Golf Tournament @ Summerheights Golf Links @ 10:30 am ? 8:00 pm

Relay For Life @ Maxville Fair Grounds all-day 4th Annual Knights Of Columbus Charity Golf Tournament @ Cornwall Golf & Country Club @ 8:00 am Yoga & Donuts @ Salvation Army @ 6:00 pm Bowie Lives in Cornwall @ The Port Theatre @ 8:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre@ 5:00 pm

Classic Soul @ Remington's @ 8:00 pm

Guy Lauzon Tribute Dinner @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 5:30 pm

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Kevin Sylvester?s epic visit @ Cornwall Public Library @ 6:00 pm SEEKER CHICKS WILL BE ON "I BEG YOUR PARDON" TODAY!

ju n e

6 thur

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm

Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

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7fr i

Free Dent al Day @ Seaway Dent al al l -day

ju n e

8 sat

Long Sault Hydroplane Regatta @ 15805 Long Sault Parkway Long Sault all-day

RACHEL?S KIDS 15th Annual Garden Party & Charity Auction @ Cornwall Golf & Country Club @ 12:00 pm ? 5:00 pm Teatime with The Wolf @ Optimist Club House @ 1:00 pm Wildcats OFC Home Opener @ Joe St.Denis Field @ 4:00 pm 75th Anniversary ? 325 Cornwall Air Cadets Squadron @ RCAFA Wing 424 @ 6:00 pm



Event s subject t o change - pl ease see Current Event s or pl ace your own event f or incl usion on our websit e at www.t

The Everlongs break Lola?s @ Lola's pub and grub8 @ 10:00 pm

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su n

Long Sault Hydroplane Regatta @ 15805 Long Sault Parkway Long Sault all-day

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm Project Ryan Day At Mama Bear?s @ Mama Bear's Chip Stand @ 11:00 am

1 0 m on

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11 tue

Boys 3 Pitch Tournament @ Cornwall Legion Baseball Park @ 8:00 am

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

100 Kids Who Care ? Cornwall & Area @ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

Loyalist Plaque Unveiling ? Trinity Church @ Trinity Anglican Church @ 7:00 pm

Make your AD st an d o u t ! Add

a different font, COLOUR or BOLD FOR ONLY


Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

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12 wed

Dreamcatcher Bluegrass @ Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard @ 5:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church@ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

ju n e

13 thur

2nd Annual 100+ Women Who Care ? Cornwall & Area @ Best Western Parkway Inn & all-day

EOAT Summit ? create walkable and bikeable rural communities @ 8:30 am Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm Wine Dinner @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 6:00 pm Community Drum Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju n e

14 fr i


@ Cornwall Public Library @ 10:30 am ? 11:30am Murder Mystery Dinner ? Hari-Karaoke @ Best Western Parkway Inn @ 6:00 pm Gender Illusion @ Royal Canadian Legion Br 297 @ 7:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's@ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm Playback live at Vinos! @ Vino Vidi Vici @ 9:00 pm

15 sat

21st Annual Maxville Sidewalk Sale @ Main Street, Maxvilleall-day

7th Annual Music for Malcolm @ Maxville Arena Hall @ 12:46 am Purple Colour Run @ Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A @ 8:30 am All Car Show & Shine @ Highway 2 & Stormont, Ingleside @ 10:00 am Brewery Bike Tour @ Cornwall Aquatic Centre @ 10:00 am 1st Annual Prowlers Sr. A Team Golf Tournament @ Heritage Golf Club @ 11:00 am Send a Kid to Camp Golf Tournament @ Glengarry Golf & Country Club @ 11:00 am Summerfest @ Sunset Cove Retirement Living @ 12:00 pm Seaway Seniors Dinner and Dance @ Royal Canadian Legion Br 297@ 4:00 pm Conquer The Canvas @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm Elvis Extravaganza @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 6:00 pm Tribute To Eric Clapton, Slowhand @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm Second Annual Parking Lot Live @ Seaway Roadhouse @ 8:00 pm ju n e

16 su n

Father?s day fly-in breakfast @ Cornwall Aviation @ 8:00 am

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am


La Gira Azul. Humanitarian Event @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 8:00 pm

Singing bowl sound healing & Karma Talk @ Cornerstone Organics @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm


Tribute To Foreigner, Double Vision @ The Port Theatre@ 7:00 pm

ju n e

ju n e

CALL 6 1 3 -9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 fo r info o n ho w to p la ce a PAID EVENT AD.

JU NE CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

Event s subject t o change pl ease see Current Event s at www.t

in Co rnw a ll


JU NE CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o see i n Co r n w a lal n d SD& G Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Derek Falls Trio Returns to Lola?s Patio! @ Lola's pub and grub @ 3:00 pm Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm



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17 m on

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W ho sa y s The re 's

No thing

ju n e

18 tue

Les petits entrepreneurs de Sainte-Lucie @ École Sainte-Lucie @ 9:00 am

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Women Empowered Meeting @ RCAFA Wing 424 @ 6:30 pm Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

ju n e

19 wed

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm

Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

ju n e

20 thur

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm

25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner @ St. Lawrence River Institute@ 5:30 pm 18 The Awakening Angels Wellness Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju n e

21 fr i

Maxville Fair @ Maxville Fair Grounds Jun 21 ? Jun 23 all-day

Spring into Summer Art Exhibit @ Cailuan Gallery from Jun 21 ? Aug 6 @ The Jersey Seasons: Frankie Valli @ Akwasasne Mohawk Casino @ 8:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm Damon Johnson at La Maison! @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju n e

22 sat

Martintown Mill Strawberry Festival @ Martintown Mill all-day OSPCA Yard Sale @ OSPCA Cornwall @

9:00 am Walk at Cooper?s Marsh @ Cooper


Th e Seek er


Marsh Conservation Area @ 10:00 am ALPHA Day in the Park BBQ @ Lamoureux Park @ 11:00 am Trans and Non-Binary Swim @ Cornwall Aquatic Centre @ 1:00 pm

sect i o n

1 -g r ab i t 2 -p u l l i t 3 -p i n i t

Spaghetti Supper for SVTC @ Cornwall Collegiate Vocational School @ 5:00 pm 2019 Cornwall Stroll for Liver @ St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre @ 7:30 pm InSpirations Ensemble @ Cocathédrale de la Nativité de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie @ 7:30 pm ABBA Magic @ Aultsville Theatre @ 8:00 pm Will E. Works Wonders Tour Cornwall @ La Maison Tavern / The House@ 8:00 pm Massena Downtown Movie Night ? Ralph Breaks the Internet @ Massena City Hall@ 8:45 pm

ju n e

23 su n

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

Kinsmen Farmers? Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm Circus Spectacular @ Cornwall Civic Complex @ 1:00 pm Frozen in Time, the musical @ Aultsville Theatre @ 1:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

ju n e

24 m on

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25 tue

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Nerf Bat t l es 10-14 years ol d @ Benson Cent re @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Highl ight your event s by pl acing t hem in a col our bl ock! $10

DoyouhaveanEV ENT or HA PPENI NG comingup? if the answer is


placing an EVENT AD is SIMPLE - Email your Event Poster to: for subject put EVENT ad - ONLY $65 plus hst (Reg. 80 +hst) - 4"x2.25" - We will make it fit to the ad size - Poster MUST BE IN by t he 15t h of t he mont h to be included in the FOLLOWING MONTH'S ISSUE

NEED MORE INFO ... call Mai-Liis at 613-935-3763 ext 102 ju n e

26 wed

Cornwall Job Fair @ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre @ 1:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Cruise in Lamoureux PARK @ Lamoureux Park@ 5:30 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

ju n e

27 thur

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm

Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju n e

28 fr i

Cornwall Art Walk @ Downtown Cornwall @ 4:00 pm

Optimist Game Night @ Optimist Clubhouse @ 6:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm Rock of All Ages ? Cornwall Cuddle Cot Fundraising Event @ Royal Canadian Legion Br 297 @ 8:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm 30 Barstool Prophets ? Pre-Canada Day Bash! @ Overflow Brewing Company @ 8:30 pm




ju n e




The SEEKER needstoknow...


Su n d ay,Oct o b er


email: Brides & Grooms register forFREEinvite

Cornwal l Rocks Canada Day

Highl and Games

June 30 - Jul y 1 - Lamoureux Park

August 2-3 - Maxvil l e Fairgrounds

Cornwal l Pride Fest ival

Pout ine Feast

Jul y 7 - Lamoureux Park

August 8-11 - Lamoureux Park

Beer, Bourbon, BBQ & Bl ues

Wil l iamst own Fair

Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm

Jul y 13 - Nav Cent re

August 9-11 - Wil l iamst own

Avonmore Fair

Cornwal l Wat erf est

School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

Jul y 19-21 - Avonmore Fairgrounds

August 10 - Cornwal l Canal

Caribbean by Cornwall @ Spinners Diner @ 4:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Cornwal l Ribf est

Cornwal l Foodf est

Jul y 25-28 - Lamoureux Park

August 17- Downt own Cornwal l

ju n e


Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

5 Star food, from scratch

Befo r e Gr ap esSh r the

A blooming case of spring fever is the reason for our April paddling event today. We have nine participants eager to come out of hibernation and paddle on the Raisin River. We choose to launch at Avonmore Road and head towards St. Andrews, a distance of about eleven kilometers, finishing where tomorrow?s canoe race will begin, thus avoiding the rapids. No one is ready for a polar bear dip just yet. The Raisin River got its name from the French word meaning ?grape? because of the wild fruit that grows along its shore, and not from the English word referring to dehydrated grapes. This river, swollen from thawed snow and ice, shows no sign of dehydration today, but we must seize the opportunity. Engorged waterways such as this one are often only navigable in early spring. Despite the warmth of the sun we have fifty kilometer winds to contend with and very swift currents. We should not have to exert ourselves too much as we are flowing with the current and have decided, rather wisely as it turns out, to shuttle vehicles so that we don?t have to paddle against the current. The kayaks are launched one at a time followed by a solitary canoe. Each paddler finds a spot to either ground his vessel or grab onto a vine to wait for the others. The fast-moving floodwater whisks us away through floating corn husks from nearby submerged fields. Feeling relaxed, we let the current carry us and make the odd adjustments to stay centered. However, before we get too comfortable an unexpected gust of wind propels us sideways motivating us to paddle strongly to avoid a tree. Mother Nature proves a great adversary in forcing us to duck under branches and in generating enough velocity to disrupt our intended course.


Brunch available every day!

By Sylvie O?Rou r k e

iv e l

This personification of nature, who undoubtedly has been tracking our progress, strikes again by startling us with her sudden outburst. I swing around abruptly to look over my left shoulder just in time to spot a tree come crashing down. My heart in my throat, I spend the next little while glancing at swaying treetops with apprehension. Fortunately it is an isolated incident. We are surprised once again when our passage starts to narrow and the river becomes turbulent. We are greeted by choppy waves. My imagination is working overtime picturing rocky rapids emerging to overturn us, Devil?s-Chute-style. As the water rages and we struggle to avoid neighboring bushes, my canoe-partner is impelling me to paddle harder. We wind our way through rock-less churning water wondering at the fate of the others behind us. A nearby voice exclaiming ?That was fun!? confirms that we all made it through safely.

Wednesdays and Thursdays Any Pizza and Salad for $12 35 Second St reet East

The river widens and smooths out, slowing down just a tad. We breathe a collective sigh of relief, but just as we let down our guard a cry from one of the kayakers behind us alerts us that our day?s excitement is not yet over. A kayak has flipped sending its rider on an unanticipated swim. We reverse course to come to the kayaker?s aid. In doing so we must paddle madly against the strong current. By the time we reach the others, the situation is under control; the kayak has been emptied and its paddler refreshed. The First-Dip-of-the-Season Award has been won and we will have yet another tale for the campfire as we share a bottle of wine. I am sure glad we got to do this before the grape shrivels back into a raisin or the river runs dry. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at or like us on Facebook To learn more about the Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air, visit our website at or like us on Facebook.




Cor nw all,Ontar io ? FormerAlice CooperguitaristDamonJohnson is visitingthreeCanadiancities on hisupcomingtour includinga stopin Cornwallon June21st, 2019.

r eplied. W hilestill guitar ingfor Alice Cooper ,Dam onJohnsongot the call fr om Thin Lizzy guitar ist Scott Gor hamto w or k w ith them .Johnson,w ho w asalr eady a hugefan of Thin Lizzy,and he did a cover of the song ?Bor der line?on his debut solo album titled Dust,w elcom edthe oppor tunity.

In additionto his solo car eer and playingguitar for AliceCooper , Dam onJohnsonhasalso played w ith Br otherCane,Thin Lizzy, and Black Star Rider s. Dam onJohnson?snew solo album ?M em oir sof an Upr ising? hasr eceiveda w ar m and positiver eceptionfr om m usic fans.On thisalbum ,Johnsonhas r etur nedto lead vocals. ?It?sbeen gr eat to feel the positiver eactionfr om my fanbasethat I?ve decidedto get back behindthe lead vocal m ic again,?Dam onJohnsonnoted.

In t er vi ew wi t h fo r m er Al i ce Co o p er g u i t ar i st Dam o n Jo h n so n Ar t i cl e b y Jaso n Set n yk | Su b m i t t ed Ph o t o

Dam onJohnson?sbig br eak cam ew hen he joinedthe band Br otherCane.Their song?And FoolsShineOn?w asfeatur edin the hor r or film ?Hallow een:The Cur seof M ichaelM yer s?.It w as a hugethr ill for Johnsonto hear their songused on the iconichor r or film . ?That w asa pr ettybig thr ill to haveour songin any film ,especiallya hor r or flick that so m any of our fr iendsand fam ilyw er eplanningon seeinganyw ay.I did indeedsee it in a theaterin its fir st m onthof r elease,so my fr iendsthat I saw it w ith m adea big deal out of it w hen the end cr editsstar tedand ?And FoolsShineOn? com esblastingout of the speaker s,?Dam on Johnsonr ecalled.

Warmlywith Smiles

After Br otherCane,Johnsonw or kedalongside Sam myHagar ,Faith Hill,Ted Nugent,and

Last year ,w hileDam onJohnson w asplayingw ith Black Star Rider s,the band w as on tour w ith JudasPr iest.

Fleetw oodM ac fr ontm anStevieNicks. In 2004,Dam onJohnsonjoinedAliceCooper. For five year sDam onJohnsonw asthe guitar ist for AliceCooper ,tour ingand r ecor dingw ith the m aster per for m er.Johnsonalso shar ed songw r itingcr editsw ith AliceCooper on the song?Wom anof M assDistr action?. ?I?vealw ayssaid joiningAlice?sband w aslike joiningthe cir cus.Ther e?sno other gig like that on the planet.Aliceis a m aster per for m er so , it gr ew my confidenceas an enter tainerstanding next to him for thosefive year s.And the entir e pr ocessof m akingthat ?Dir tyDiam onds? album in 2005w asa m ind blow er for m e. It w as anothercar eer thr ill to sit next to Alicew ith a pen and paper and w atchhim tur n into Alice Cooper :legendar ysongw r iter ,? Dam onJohnson


?JudasPr iest ar e like fam ilyto m e and to all in Black Star Rider s,so w e knew it w ouldbe a gr eat hangto tour Am er icaw ith them .But I?ll alw ays look back on that tour as beingthe tim eper iod that I decidedto ?go it alone?and char t my ow n cour se,w hichI?m ver y gr atefulfor ,?Dam on Johnsonconcluded. See Dam onJohnsonat La M aisonTaver nin Cor nw all,Ontar ioon June21st.Theshow is 19+, door sar e at 9 pm , and ticketsar e $20. Advanced ticketsar e availableat the bar ,BudsRecor ds, M elodyM usic,and the LottoKiosk in the Cor nw allSquar eShoppingM all.

appar ent or even visible to the naked eye.

FO NTAINE Gr eetings Reader s. Cather ine (Niki) Fontaine her e again. I am so happy to see the beautiful sun shining and dar e I say spr ing has spr ung. This m onth, as it is all about our senior s, let us take a look at M outh Health and Or al Cancer. Or al can cer scr een i n g is an i n t r a-or al ex am i n at i on per for m ed by a dentist, r egister ed dental hygienist, doctor , nur se pr actitioner or specialist to look for signs of can cer or pr ecancer ous conditions in your m outh. The goal of or al can cer scr een i n g is to identify m ou t h can cer ear l y, w hen ther e is a gr eater chance for a cur e.

A w hite or r eddish patch on the inside of your m outh.

?The VELscope is m ost w idely used adjunctive device for the enhanced visualization of or al m ucosal abnor m alities, such as or al cancer or pr e-m alignant dysplasia.? https://ledapter /velscope/

*Loose teeth.

At h om e, h ow can you ch eck f or or al can cer ?

* Difficult or painful sw allow ing.

Place your index finger on the inside of your cheek and your thum b on the outside. Gently squeeze and r oll both sides of your cheeks betw een your finger s to check for any lum ps or ar eas of tender ness. Please contact a pr ofessional if any ar eas of concer n ar e noted.

* A gr ow th or lum p inside your m outh. * M outh pain. * Ear pain. All of these sym ptom s should be looked into by a health pr ofessional to ver ify the r oot cause. Do Not Delay! Visit Us Today at The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Car e for your or al cancer scr eening and dental hygiene car e pr eventive m aintenance.

W h at ar e t h e si gn s an d sym pt om s of or al can cer ?

How of t en sh ou l d you get or al can cer scr een i n g?

Si gn s an d sym pt om s of m ou t h can cer m ay i n cl u de:

Ever yone should see a dental health pr ofessional at least once a year to keep their m ouths healthy and check for signs of or al can cer .

A lip or m outh sor e that doesn't heal.

w w w.polish edt oot h .ca

At The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Car e, w e do a com pr ehensive head and neck assessm ent and use the VELscope for our or al cancer scr eenings. It is a w ir eless, handheld scope that uses natur al tissue fluor escence to enhance how clinicians visualize or al m ucosal abnor m alities, including or al can cer , that m ay not be


?Obviouslyit?s a m assivecar eer highlightfor m e. Them usicof Thin Lizzy had alr eadyim pacted my ow n car eer in a m ultitudeof w ays,so it w asnothingI had ever even consider eda possibilitythat I w ouldbe asked to play guitar w ith them .I still enjoy playingthosesongsto this day,?Dam onJohnsondisclosed.

r ecept ion .t h epolish edt oot h @gm ALEXANDRIA Of f ice- 613-525-9900 24 Main Street South, Alexandria,ON K0C1A0 CORNWALL Of f ice- 613-932-5501 #3 17305CornwallCenterRoad Cornwall,ON K6K1K5




A couple of weeks ago, my friend and fellow foodie Stephen McMenamin e-mailed me this recipe saying how delicious these biscuits were. Well, getting home after work on Saturday afternoon, I made them for our supper. I am telling you that they are absolutely wonderful and so delicious! You have to try them too! They are a very close second to or maybe even better than the famous Red Lobster biscuits. One recipe made 11 good sized biscuits. We just had them with some baked beans for a simple supper. I want to wish all Fathers a very happy Fathers Day hopefully spent getting spoiled by your loving family. Try these biscuits to go along with that special meal you will make for your husband, father, grandfather and be sure to tell him how very important he is to you.



-Gr ate the cheddar cheese.

-Bake the biscuitsfor 10 to 12 -In a lar ge m easur ingcup, w hisk m inutesor until just golden br ow n on top. to com binethe butter m ilk (or kefir ) and the m elted butter -Once out of the oven, br ush the until com bined.Pour this tops of the hot biscuitsw ith the m ixtur e over the dr y

STEPHEN'S RED LOBSTER CHEDDA R BAY BI SCUI TS Sharyn Thompson, Owner of Sharyn's Pantry 812 Pitt St. Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 - family owned for 38 yrs


Fol l ow t he Seeker

M a i -L i i


Ju l i a

VERY IMPORTANT The Seeker isinprint mont hl but y youcangot o

St a y Pos it

i ve!

t he DEADLINE f or Seeker submissions is

www.t to get your Daily Dose of Events, Happenings and much needed dose of Positive news!



t he 15t h of each mont h - Art icl es,Ads & Event s ...



FOR THE TOPPI NG: (to br ush on top of the biscuits) 3 to 4 tbsp. unsalted butter ,m elted (I used r egular salted butter ) 1 tbsp. chopped fr esh par sley 1/2 tsp. gr anulated gar lic pow der

Fol l ow t he Seeker



-Using a biscuit cutter or glass, cut your biscuits. Place them on the par chm ent lined baking sheet or silpat silicone baking m at. Allow a space betw een each biscuit.



-In a lar ge bow l, com binethe flour , sugar ,baking pow der , gr anulated gar lic pow der , kosher salt and cayennepepper. W hisk to m ix w ell.

ri d Feo F r


-Lightly flour your counter top and tur n out the biscuit dough. Ver y lightly flour the top of the biscuit dough and your r olling pin. Ever so gently r oll out the dough to about 1- 1/2 " thickness.



-Line your baking sheet w ith par chm ent or a Silpat silicone baking m at. Set this aside w hile you pr epar e your biscuits. (We sell silicone baking m ats at Shar yn'sPantr y. Just w ipe clean after use, nothing sticks to them ever.)



-Pr eheat your oven to 450 degr eesF. Have you oven r ack placed in the m iddle position.

m elted butter ,gr anulated gar lic pow der and chopped fr esh par sley. Ser ve im m ediatelyand ENJOY!!! THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!



ingr edientsand add the gr ated cheese. Using a r ubber spatula, stir only just to com bine ever ything.Do not over -m ix or your biscuitsw ill be tough.


eO th


FOR THE BI SCUI TS: 2 cups of unbleached all-pur poseflour 1 tbsp. w hite sugar 1 tbsp. baking pow der (slightly r ounded not level) 2 tsp. gr anulated gar lic pow der 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional but I used it) 1 cup of butter m ilk (I used 1 cup of plain or ganic kefir w hich w e sell at Shar yn's Pantr y as I had no butter m ilk available.) 1/2 cup unsalted butter ,m elted (I used r egular salted butter ) 1- 1/2 cups shr edded extr a old yellow cheddar cheese



TI M S Se E e




Profile for The Seeker

Seeker June - July 2019  

Seeker June - July 2019