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Th e ul ti mate summer party of th e year i s back , w i th al l saf ety measures i n pl ace!

Look out f or det ail s on how t o reserve your spot l at er t his mont h. See inside...

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JUNE 2021




I'm now what t hey cal l a woman of a cert ain age...


Yes. And it sucks. According to my doctor, I've entered "perimenopause", and that news has taken a toll on my mental health. "What? ME! Perimenopausal? What do you mean? I'm still 19 in my mind!!! How can this be!?" I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I didn't take too kindly to this new normal. There was enough new normal happening already with the pandemic, I really didn't need more changes. And it's the type of change that sucks! So now, there are the irregular periods and constant spotting. My breasts are permanently tender and I have a lot more hormonal headaches. Then, there's the fact that have more pimples than my 16 year old. My face is in a constant breakout state that no amount of Clearasil seem to impact. Every day, I have a few new zits that I have to fight the urge of popping.

My focus is not all there and I forget things. A lot. I like to think it's just because my head is so full of ideas that I can't fit anymore, but realistically, it's just that I'm getting older. I have to keep the AC at 67, which creates a lot of conflict with the rest of the household members, who usually like their home to be at around 72.



w i t h Se e ke r Chi ck

M AI- LIIS and w hat did I do dur ing the m onth of June? I visited a new stor e that spr eads CHRISTM ASHAPPPINESSall year r ound! I can hear you asking - w her e in Cor nw all can w e find such a place? r ight her e on 3r d Str eet.

It is called 3 Bel l e's Ch r i st m as Fan t asy and w as star ted as a college fund for a 10 year old gir l nam ed Tamya w ho w as w or r ied that ther e m ight not be m oney to send her to college ... so her Gr andpar entsM ar y and Edgar had an idea. "We all love Chr istm asso a Chr istm asstor e w as the logical idea". Tamya is the ow ner of the stor e and w e ar e the M anager s- all m oney m ade fr om the stor e goes to the college fund of Tamya, her sister s, br other and cousins. Join: Thr ee Bellles Chr istm asFantasy on Facebook Visit the stor e to see all the handm adeChr istm asdecor ations,plus collectableChr istm asitem s as w ell. Call 289-930-0103for info.

My eyesight, or lack thereof, just doesn't quite cut it anymore. I was told a few years back that I should move to progressive lenses, but my pride got in the way. I refuse to do that. It would be acknowledging that years are catching up to me. At least the gray hair, I can hide. I guess the upside of my poor eyesight is that I don't see how bad my wrinkles are getting.


These minor annoyances, I can tolerate. For me, the hardest pill to swallow is to know that my child bearing days are over. It feels like my body is betraying me. I feel "less than".

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr e.ca 613-938-9297

I was blessed beyond words to be able to carry to term 5 beautiful children. I'm also thankful that medicine is so advanced that it allowed me to do so, even if it meant having 5 c-sections. I wish I could have more. Instead, I am witnessing the slow death of my womb. I don't know how I will survive this. Well, theoretically, I won't as old age always ultimately leads to death, but if I have to live in the mean time, how do I do it? I constantly see older women who embrace their seasoned selves and seem happy. They enjoy this period in their lives where they slow down and relax. Why do I have such a hard time accepting it? Maybe it's because my mind IS full of ideas and I feel like I've done but a fraction of what I am meant to do? I guess I will just have to change my mindset and stop referring to it as getting older. I'll see it as getting Better.

?If you?re not getting older, you?re dead.?? Tom Petty


JUNE 2021


ut f act s ab o

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f M AY, 2 0 2 1 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-outMeals - 1633 Food Hampers- 680 New Referrals - 22 Individualsserved - 1245 Spr ing2021hasbeen focusedon our Gar denBox pr ogr am .This m onthw e deliver ed100 gar denboxesalongw ith soil,fer tilizer ,seeds and plants. Thishasbeen a such a positiveexper iencefor the both the centr eand the peoplethat use our ser vices. We look for w ar dto expandingthispopularpr ogr amin 2022w ith the suppor tof our com m unitypar tner s. Our fir st pet food bank,Th e Ki bbl eKu pboar dis officiallyopen for business. In our fir st w eek w e pr ovidedpet food and suppliesfor 31 individuals.We ar e super pr oudof thisinitiativeand the suppor tit w ill pr ovidefor fam ilies. As alw ays,w e ar e so gr atefulfor our gener ouscom m unity.Your continuedsuppor tof the w or k w e do helpsto keep our shelvesstocked and our door sopen. TheAgapeCentr eis planningsom efun activitiesand new pr ogr am s for the upcom ingm onths. St ay t u n ed




Be t t y Gear Down, Power Up


In June of 2020, my husband Jim and I picked up our new bicycles. Our nephew Graeme, owner of Frontenac Cycle in Kingston, took care of all the details for us. We arrived and within a matter of minutes were fully outfitted with bikes and the appropriate gear. After a hiatus of 30+ years we were ready to hit the bike paths. Now these were not ordinary bikes. They were PAB?s, Power Assisted Bikes, and may I say they are ?kick ass?! Most folks misunderstand PABs believing that the bike does all the work. Let me clarify what really happens. First the bike is a regular 10 speed bike with power assist. You have to pedal. You cannot sit and let the bike do the work for you. AND you have three levels or power assist, low, medium and high, which you use for hills, going against the wind or simply when you are pooped. For someone like myself who had bilateral knee replacements in 2018, these bikes are ideal as I use the low or ECO setting at all times as it allows me to bike in comfort. We are now biking 3-4 times per week, travelling anywhere from 25 to 70 km per outing. Distance is not a deterrent as when you get tired you simply power up. Now you might say that is cheating, yet studies completed over the last few years examining the difference in fitness levels for cyclists on regular bikes versus PAB?s have shown that the PAB users have similar to better fitness results, largely because they bike more frequently and longer distances. Good news for us! Last Sunday, while out on a 40 km ride, I began to study how I was using the bike. I noticed that when I approached a hill I first geared down, as you do with most bikes and only then, when the hill was too steep, did I power up. I kept thinking about this, first gear down, then power up. I reflected on the sequence and realized what a great metaphor of life, work, responsibility and more. What if, when faced with situations which have become too busy, too overwhelming, or simply too? we geared down. That would imply slowing down a bit, taking a deep breath, perhaps simplifying or letting go of something. That would be a great start. And what if we still needed help and we chose to power up by asking for help, discussing a situation with a colleague or family member, sharing our concerns, or collaborating. Hummm, a second great step. Imagine that, lessons from a bike, a PAB: First Gear Down, then Power Up. Simple and Effective.

approach and asks different questions, which interestingly can lead to different answers. For example, some questions that my colleague and I looked at: ·What is in this moment? ·In what ways can I shift/change future moments? ·What do I need? ·What am I doing right? What can I do differently? ·What is the deeper meaning of what is and has been happening? ·How is this changing me? ·How can I put this new learning into action/ into practice? ·In what ways has my world shifted? ·What do I like/love about this? What do I want to retain? ·What will I release that no longer serves me? ·What has shifted within me? ·How does this influence what I value? ·What is truly important to me? Yes, I could continue AND are these not great questions to consider, especially as we all begin to emerge from our cocoons. Yes, we want to resume life. Yes, we want things to return to normal (or do we?). And as our new wings dry in the sun, we have choices to make based on answers to the questions posed above. You can fly in new directions and set a new course; the decision is up to us. I encourage you to exercise a little radical curiosity and have a truthful moment with yourself asking, what do you want your ?new normal?to look like? What are your new boundaries? What will you say YES to, NO to? What will you drop? What will you adopt? As we have all experienced over the last 15 months, life can change radically from one moment to the next. Let?s choose to pause and look before we leap. Until next time, Betty Healey, MEd, CAPPBettyHealey,MEd., CAPP Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcomeand if you care to share you can reach me at: betty@roadsigns.ca

Radical Curiosity I am by nature a curious person, so when my colleague Aileen spoke to me regarding radical curiosity, yes, my curiosity was peaked! Of course, this conversation came after a period of significant reflection for me where I had been wondering what I was missing, what lessons had I failed to learn as a result of the world events over the past few months. I wrote about this and lessons learned in last month?s column and found myself wondering, ?now what?? Radical curiosity is simply deeper than let?s say idle curiosity. It takes the ?no stone unturned?


JUNE 2021



RIBFEST: IT'S BAAAAAAACK! The most cherished festival of the summer is coming back to Cornwall in 2021, and although it may look a bit different, it will be just as epic as ever! The organizers have been working really hard with the Health Unit to make sure they create an event that will adhere to the safety measures in place, while giving people the entertaining event full of food, drinks and live music they've come to expect from Ribfest. The Optimist Club of Cornwall, who brought innovative solutions to the otherwise canceled happenings of 2020--think drive through Ribfest, Halloween Trunk or Treat and the Service Club Council's Santa Claus Reverse Parade--are once again powering this festival, and they are sparing no effort! "It's been a tough year. Everybody needs this," said Terry Muir, President of the Optimist Club. "We want to give the people a good party while still being safe. Masks will be mandatory and people will have to reserve their spots, as space will be limited. It will look different this year, but it will be equally awesome."


VersaCore Tech Designs, the firm behind Ribfest's marketing plans, is working on a reservation system that will allow patrons to select their spot online and pay for it. "Because we won't have the revenue we usually have in a normal year to pay for the entertainment, and because the spots will be very limited, we have opted to make the spots available for a fee," said Julia Lucio, media coordinator. "A 6 person circle will be $30, a 4 person one will be $20 and a 2 person one will set you off $10. Of course, you will have to stick to the people in your circle as social distancing is still in place, but hey, it's better than driving through, picking up your ribs and eating them in front of your TV while watching Netflix!" "We are aiming at helping the local bands. This is another different thing this year" continued Terry. The local live music industry has completely died out. We need to help our own first and foremost. We also want to limit the influx of people living in hotspots and a lot of the bigger tribute bands come from Toronto, so it's our small way to make sure we stop the spread."

JUNE 2021

Sponsorships are available and made to accommodate small businesses who have had a really hard time surviving. "We're adding a "Pay-what-you-can" option to this year's sponsorship packages," continued Julia. We know how small businesses have suffered throughout the pandemic. Owners can give any amount they wish to have their logo on our website and a link to their own site or Facebook page. We won't refuse any amount. We just want to give back." And speaking of giving back, like last year, leading up the the main week-end of festivities, Ribfest will be hosting its Community Cookout, a full week of special BBQ offerings taking place at various local restaurants and giving people the opportunity to taste new things and win money! Information on how to obtain a spot will be advertised on Ribfest's Website in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on https:/ / cornwallribfest.com and on Ribfest's Facebook page for details when they become availabe.



Burtie aka Haliburton "My dad loved being off in the summer. Projects big and small, gatherings and family trips were commonplace. How many of us can elaborate on how a single event could make us want to be young & innocent just once more?"

crazy. It?s good. It?s enough.

Burt ie

Next morning, my uncle Art is skinny dipping with the loons. His wife calls down in a short, quick chortle as the man streaks up, and behind closed doors. The steam from my father?s bath rolls off the walls, as the women head out for day shopping. The air is electric from one shop to the next. My aunt Marguerite is determined to pay her way anyway she can, and buys me an air mattress without telling anyone.

In the year 1976, my father made a deal with his brother to meet him half enjoy! way. Well, that?s what I ?The way we talk to our was told children becomes their when we inner voice.? started out, ? Peggy O'Mara and despite my incessant questioning, there were no answers from the front row. At 14, patience was not my virtue. I don?t know how we survived in that hot car, while skirting into the belly of highway 41. Sandwiched between two rolled up sleeping bags and my aunt Marguerite?s heavy purse, my mother calls back to ask if we want a piece of fruit. Resourcefulness is my mother?s middle name, as she hands us the old paring knife with the broken tip. While his family sits noshing away, my father rolls down the window to enjoy a smoke. The sky grows misty as the road narrows into the rift. Known as one of the higher points of the Canadian Shield, Haliburton, Ontario, is a cottagers dream.

It was my father?s idea - to bring us all together - I learned, as we went up the crowded street. Somehow my father meeting his brother half way, meant so much more than the air mattress that I happen to still own. And the love my father felt for his siblings was so strong and good, that I?m proud to know those moments will live forever in this story.

Visibly exhausted, the four passengers roll out of the car at our final destination. The lake of long and winding waters, called Kashagawigamog, awaits our 2 pm arrival, at Chateau Woodlands. Our cabin in the woods nestled in the Haliburton Highlands, holds the best memories. I?m not sure how we locate our lodgings, but the cool water and great out-doors beckons me. The nine hours between us matter not, as my aunt Sylvia & uncle Art slap our backs in hugs of greeting. Our shining, smiling faces grow warm from laughter as our legs come back to life. The men set to work understanding the lay of the land, while the women make the cabins their own, with familiar linens and blankets from home. With so many activities at our fingertips, it?s overwhelming, and difficult to absorb so much good in one place. The very best home cooked meals, three times a day on perfectly spotless dinnerware, are shadowed by the one good eye of a very old woman, dressed in black. After dinner, my dad and I follow a trail along the rocky outcroppings till almost dark. He buys me a red sweatshirt that I?m glad for, as the cool nights & spiders of cottage country, come to life at dusk. As we rounded the trees, my uncle calls us in for a game of pass the ace. The cabins glow draws us into the warmth of belonging, with wild laughter I?ve never heard from either relative. It?s the height of summer. The moon is bright on the water. Life is full. My family is


JUNE 2021

I?ve tried to locate the family behind the operation, but this too has passed. In my childhood home, the adults played cards into the wee hours of my mother?s kitchen. I?ll admit to hearing those same warblings in the minutes before sleep, in all the homes I?ve lived since. The voices of assuredness, of ?don?t worry I?ve got you?- feels the same today as those years ago. Last month we had a chipmunk zipping across the yard here and it brought me back to Haliburton, the shuffleboard games, and that long walk with dad. So, out came the peanuts and tonight when I looked down at the feeder, little Burtie was noshing away. That summer was my introduction to the powers of red. Knowing that a tiny part of the cottage had followed me here, would?ve made them all so happy. And you can be sure that the spirit of family is alive and well amongst the cousins, who beat down the door to send me these photos of their folks and keep the home fires burning. Story for Writers ??How I survived the Covid?Copyright © June 2021 - I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at verlegrace4062@gmail.com



GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...


VARNAVA Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I manage your local Harvest Garden Centre on the corner of Vincent Massey and Powerdam Road in Cornwall and I'm here to answer your Gardening questions. We have another two great questions from you guys this month so let's get started! The first question is ?What is eating my marigolds?? I've had this happen to my marigolds myself, so this is a great question! It can be two things: Earwigs or slugs. You will definitely know it's slugs if the leaves have a slime residue on them. If this is the case with yours, I'd recommend using dried and crushed eggshells around each plant. The slugs hate going over the sharp eggshells. As an added bonus the shells give calcium to the soil over time!

If you notice bites out of the leaves, you have earwigs eating your marigolds. We're going to need food-grade diatomaceous earth (photo right) and some homemade traps. Spread some powder on the plant and around the base. Make sure you're looking ahead at the weather forecast to make sure it's not going to rain for a couple of days as water will make the powder ineffective. This includes your own watering. Now we're going to make a homemade trap! You'll need a sealable container, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, and 1/4 cup soy sauce. Make some holes in the lid big enough for the earwigs to go in. Bury them near the plant leaving the lid exposed so the earwigs can walk in and trap themselves.The soy sauce is going to attract the earwigs and the oil won't let them escape so make sure you check them every day.

plant needs more water. Prune out any leaves and branches that are dry and brittle. I find it best to take your time pruning and not sheering them. Once cleaned up, add bone meal to the dripline of the plant, not directly to the root ball. Make sure you water it well afterwards, and in a month you'll notice a big difference. The shrub will appear thicker looking and less on the twiggy side. If you would like me to answer one of your questions next month you can send your question to me at info@theseeker.ca attention Ask Anna. I hope everyone has a fantastic month and be sure to stop by Harvest Market and Garden Centre on the corner of Vincent Massey and Powerdam, say hi and pick up your July copy of the Cornwall Seeker!!

The second question is ?My Spirea shrub looks like more sticks than a plant. It's about 3 years old. What am I doing wrong?? The first thing you want to check is if the plant is going through water stress. Too much or too little water can stress plants. Spirea can tolerate dry sites, but it grows best in consistently moist soil that drains well. Too much water can cause leaves to turn yellow or entire stems to die, which may give you a false signal your


JUNE 2021



Angie Sakla-Seymourfounder of Angie'sModelsand Images.

Tel l u s a l i t t l e bi t abou t you r sel f . How , w h en an d w h er e di d you deci de t o open t h i s bu si n ess? Pl ease t el l u s abou t you r ear l y days an d h i gh l i gh t som e of t h e even t s t h at h appen ed.

school she took par t in sever al local show s for stor es like Eaton?s. Still believing it w as not the car eer for her daughter ,Angie w as never allow ed to tr avel and so her m odeling car eer w as lim ited to that.

Formerlylivingin Cornwalland now LIVINGTHEDREAMin Ottawa and beyond... a true inspirationto all women,provingthat thereisnothing we can't overcomewith a positive attitude- even CANCER!

W ith a str ong faith, optim ism and belief in myself, I built a successful business and car eer fr om the gr ound up. I r aised a confident and cr eative fam ily and conquer ed the m ost daunting opponent of my life Cancer. Br east Cancer. Being told you have br east cancer is som ethingI can never for get. I felt my life w as over for a m om ent. I felt that once people knew I had cancer they w ould see m e w eak and not as a business w om an. But I decided to speak about it and help other w om an and em pow er w om an. I

Eventually she m ar r ied Lou Seym our ,a for m er heavy w eight lifter , and together they had tw o beautiful childr en, Helena-Alexis and Dim itr ios. Angie w ent to w or k for the gover nm ent and led a fair ly typical life of w or k, m ar r iage and fam ily, until fashion show s cr ept back into her life. ?I star ted putting on fashion show s for the people I w or ked w ith as fundr aiser sfor local childr en?shospital pr ogr am s. All the m odels w er e people w e w or ked w ith or the kids of people w e w or ked w ith. The r esponse w as gr eat, both fr om the people w ho attended and the people w ho m odeled. They loved how they felt getting glam m ed up and show ing off for a bit.?

Ar ticle by M a i-Liis Renaud I'm sur e ther e ar e m any people w ho r em em ber w ay back, w hen this lady began her dr eam r ight her e in Cor nw all as she opened "Angie's M odels and Im ages" but do you know how her stor y has pr ogr essed? Well, back in Apr il I did an inter view w ith Angie's daughter Helena-AlexisSeym our w ho had just w on an aw ar d at the Las Vegas M ovie Aw ar ds for her acting as Jessica Wu in the TV Ser ies "The Chr oniclesof Jessica Wu". Helena began her car eer at an ear ly age at "Angie's M odels and Im ages" r ight her e in Cor nw all, and w ith the sam e deter m ination as her m other (and father ), she is now living her dr eam in Las Vegas. For m any year s, I w as alw ays excited to be in the Welcom e Wagon Wedding Show , show casingthe custom m ade Wedding Invitationsthat I still m ake, as Angie w ould com e fr om Ottaw a w ith her m odels and put on a ver y pr ofessional fashion show w hich the Br ides looked for w ar d to each year. W hen Welcom e Wagon stopped doing their show , Sheldon (my life par tner ) and I began the "Wedding Expo Cor nw all" (pr e-Covid of cour se.) Hopefully soon w e w ill again be able to have our show and Angie and I have alr eady discussed her com ing her e to do a Fashion Show once again for our br ides! I am happy that I caught up w ith this ver y busy lady to congr atulateher on ANGIE'S AM TI M ANAGEM ENTINC. being pr esented w ith the Aw ar d for the Best Talent Agency at the 2021 Ottaw a Aw ar ds and I do a pologize in a dva nce for the length of this stor y but it shows what you ca n do with deter minationa nd ha r d wor k to over come even ma jor hea lth obsta cles a nd get to "LI VE YOUR DREAM "... so her e we go ...


had num er oussur ger iesfr om 2011 to 2017. I alm ost did lose my life but I kept faith over fear and I knew that my life w as not over I w as put on this ear ths for a pur pose and that w as to cr eate m or e star s and m ake m or e dr eam s com e tr ue to people that never even thought they had a chance. M y husband Lou, my kids, Helena-Alexis& Dim itr iosr ight by side and all my m odels and actor s kept m e m otivated and kept inspir ing m e ever y day to just keep fighting. Decem ber 5 2017, I decided to have a double m astectomy and I have never felt m or e beautiful and pow er ful in my life. Br easts do not define a w om an, it?s your inner beauty that defines a w om an. Her e is my little somethinga bout me a nd how it a ll sta r ted: Angie began m odeling at the age of 13 w hen r epr esentativesfr om Vogue Butter ick and the Audr ey M or r is Agency visited her M ontr eal high school looking for local talent. A designer and sam ple m odel, her m other w as set against the idea of her daughter m odeling,per haps because of the har sh r ealities of the business, per haps for other r easons. Angie her self believed m odeling w as not for her but agr eed to do the show. One led to another and thr oughout high

JUNE 2021

Angie and her fam ily lived in Cor nw all at the tim e and as she w ent about her business she noticed som ething distur bingin the teens she saw. Lacking confidenceand self-esteem ,she w as looking at a gener ation of people she saw as being lost. ?I looked at these kids and believed all they needed w as confidence and a chance to feel good about them selves. Kids r eally need a connection to their fam ilies; to their par ents. They need to know their par ents ador e them and ar e pr oud of them and m any don?t have that.? Angie appr oached a local studio, Top Hat Dance, and offer ed to teach a cour se in poise and etiquette. Her pr ogr am w as a success, and one of the par tner s encour aged her to get out on her ow n. Her fir st char m and etiquette school w as a dow ntow n studio she r ented for $100 a m onth. Offer ing classes for $75 for a six m onth pr ogr am , Angie thought she could get enough students thr ough her Tuesday and Satur day classes to cover the r ent. She had 75 students enr oll. ?Clear ly this w as som ethingthe kids, and their par ents, w er e desper ate to have.? Angie r ecalls one m other w ho sent all of her daughter sthr ough Angie?s pr ogr am . ?I r an into this m other a few year s ago and her daughter ,the one w ho w as the shyest and m ost r eser ved, w as w or king as a spokesper son for Akw esasne?sw ater pr ogr am . Her tr ansfor m ation w as incr edible.? Angie?s students did a lot of show s in local m alls and in M assena. At a confer encein New Yor k, she w on top school of the year.



Still just a par t-tim ebusiness,Angiefelt tor n betw eenher gover nm entjob and the tim eshe spent w ith the school.?I spokew ith my boss about quittingand he didn?tw ant m e to leave so I becam ethe fir st gover nm enttelew or ker and I w or kedfr om hom eas an em ploym ent counselor.?

took on the diseasehead on and conquer edit w ith the sam epositiveappr oachshe hasfor ever ythingin her life. Her stor y beginsin 2010w hen she w ent to her doctor becauseof a har dnessin her br east.A m am m ogr amw asor der edw hichcam eup negativeand so the technologistdeclinedto do the ultr asoundthat had also been or der ed.A year later ,Angiew ent for her annual m am m ogr amw , hichagain cam eup clean but thistim ethe nur senoticedthe har deningand askedabout it. W hen she hear dAngie?sstor y she m adecallsim m ediatelyfor follow -upand the r oller coasterr idebegan ther e.?That nur se savedm e.?

Eventuallyshe even becam etoo busy for that, so she left her gover nm entcar eer behindand began w or kingfull-tim eat her school.That w as 32-year sago now and she?snever lookedback . ?Wehad peoplecom ingto us fr om Ottaw a, M ontr eal,M assena,Platsbur gh,Ver m ont,and Kingston.Peoplekept encour agingm e to m ove to Ottaw abecausether ew asnothinglike w hat I w asdoingther e.?

Angiephonedher ow n doctor to infor mthem of the r esultsand that she w asbeingaskedto w ait six w eeksfor a biopsy.?But I said,sinceI fir st noticedthislast year ,haven?tI alr eady been w aitinga year ??

For tw o year sshe com m utedback and for th betw eenCor nw alland Ottaw abefor eher fam ilym adethe m oveto Ottaw a,and Angie and her husbandopenedther eper m anently, not as a schoolof etiquette,but as an agency. ?Poiseand etiquettew asstill ver y m uch my focusbut insteadof teachingit, I w aslooking for peoplew ho had it.? Angiebelievesm odelinghelpspeople,and helpedher developm or econfidenceand self-assur ance.And w hilesom esay m odelingis all about a look,Angiesaysit is m or eabout per sonality.?You can havethe ?look?? full lips, beautifuleyes,gr eat hair ? but if the per sonalityisn?t ther e- if ther eisn?t that inner shine- it isn?t ther e.? Angiebr ingsin about 30 new m odelsever y year and saysthe industr yis alw ayslookingto her for fr esh faces.?I speak w ith a lot of people ever y year ,lookingfor that per sonalityw e w ant to see. The industr yw antsfacesthey haven?tseen befor eand I w ant peopleI can w or k w ith;peoplew ho havew hat it takesto succeed.? Holdingopen calls,Angiegetsm odelsfr om all over the countr ylookingto get into the business.W hileit is the potentialm odelAngie w or ksw ith,it is also the fam ily.?Thew hole fam ilym ust be pr epar edfor the changeand the w or k that can com e.It m ay m ean tr avel and sum m erschoolor tutor ingto keep up w ith schoolw or k .All of the m odelsI w or k w ith m ust be 70 plusstudents.I expectthem to finish high schooland look aheadto continuededucation in the futur eso they m ust be br ightto m aintain that level of com m itm entto their education.? Angielooksat all of her m odelsas an extension of her fam ily.?I look out for them ;becom ea secondm om to them .I still get M other ?sDay car dsfr om m anyof my gir ls.W hen they tr avel they ar e assigneda guar dianw ho w ill follow them and guidethem until they ar e r eadyto be on their ow n.?

view the w or ld.You m eet new peopleand have new exper iencesand you becom em or e r ounded,m or eexper ienced.? Angiesayssom eof her m odelsand talentsstay in the businessand other sleaveto continue schoolor havefam ilies.?I?m now r epr esenting the childr enof peoplew ho w or kedw ith m e over the year s.I guessthat?sw hat they call full cir cle.? Other talentsstay in the businessand m akeit a full-tim ecar eer.?I fir st m et Ryan Goslingat Top Hat Danceschooland told him he shouldbe acting.That w ashis star t and he took it fr om ther e.? Angie?sow n childr enar e involvedw ith the businessto som edegr eebut havesuccessful livesand car eer son their ow n as w ell.?M y daughterHelena-Alexisis a successfulactr ess now livingin LosAngeles,photogr apher , m ake-upar tist and stylist.M y son Dim itr iosis r unningour agencyin Tor ontofor the last 8 year s." Lookingat Angienow and absor bingher confidence,one w ouldassum eAngiealw ays knew she w ouldsom edaybe w her eshe is today but she saysthat w asnot the case.?I w ent to a psychiconcew ho said she saw m e dow n the r oad w ith my nam eon a door.I w asw or king for the gover nm entat the tim eso im agined myselfas a depar tm enthead or som ething.I am pleasedand gr atefulever y day to be w her e I am today but I never could havepictur ed this.?

BesidesGosling,Angiehasw or kedw ith som e fam ousfacesover her car eer includingBr ianna Lookingback on her daysin Cor nw all,she Bar nesw ho w alkedinto Angie?sCor nw alloffice insistsher m odels?fam iliesar e suppor tiveand at the age of 14 and w ho Angiebookedfor her involved.?W henthe kidsar e littleof cour se, m om and dad and gr andm aand gr andpacom e fir st m ovieand is now a w or kingm odelliving out to w atchand cheer but as the kidsget older , betw eenLA/ NY; M elindaShankar ,star of How to be Indie& Degr assi;and m odelHer iethPaul par entsm ay think it?s ok not to be ar oundas m uch.I insist that at least one par entis ther eto w ho is the M aybellinegir l,gr aced s Elle M agazine,Vogue, be suppor tiveand w atchw hat the child is doing num er ouscoverof Dr essed To Kill, Flar e,plusso m any other s and so they havethat suppor tand fam ily the CK1,Tom For d,Sephor a,Polo cam paign connection.? plusso m anym or e. W ith tr avel and exposur e,m odelsnot only Pr ofessionalsuccessaside,Angieis a w om an advancetheir car eer sbut gr ow as people. like any other and thispast year she w as ?Thinkof it. W hen you havethe chanceto tr avel and see the w or ld,it changesthe w ay you challengedw ith the gr eatestbattleof her life; br eastcancer.But,in her ow n uniquew ay,she


JUNE 2021

Her doctor ,and a m ir acle,got her in m or e quickly.?I?vealw aysfelt som eonew asw atching over m e dur ingall of this. I had to go for an M RI and I w asver y ner vousw aiting.They told m e to be still but I just couldn?tand all of a suddenI felt a touch on my foot and it calm ed m e. W hen the test w asdoneand I w asout of the m achineI askedw ho had been ther eto com for tm e and they said I had been alonethe w holetim e.? Thisw asall in Januar yof 2011and by Apr il, Angiehad under gonea full m astectomy.?Along w ith the tum or I had felt,the doctor salso found .5m m of an invasivecancer.That sm all an am ountw ouldhavebeen har d to detecton its ow n and they got to it befor eit had a chanceto spr ead.Thedoctor said I w asver y lucky and that I m ust havesom eonew atchingover m e.? Angie?sm otherunder w enther ow n battlew ith pancr eaticcancer ;a battleshe lost som eyear s ago. ?I r em em berit all so w ell.M y m om decidedto live ever y day and not let her selfbe definedby her illness.Thedoctor had given her six m onthsbut she decidedto live and she had tw o and a half year sm or ew ith us. I took m om to all of her tr eatm ents,includingto a hom eopath.I believethe hom eopathhelped extendher life.? Rem em ber ingher m other ?sstr ength,Angie decidedshe w ouldnot let her cancer contr ol her. Rather ,she decidedto takecontr olof it. ?I w asnever afr aid;even after they fir st told m e. I just decidedI w ouldbe fine;decidedI w ouldn?t let it into my m ind;and fr om the fir st day to now I?ve felt good.I?m sur emy m otherhas been an angel by my sideguidingm e thr ough all of this.? Fr om the fir st day she w astold the new s,Angie decideda positiveoutlookw asstr ongm edicine. ?I used hom eopathyas my m otherhad;ate or ganically;took flax seed....I decidedI needed to be positive.I saw myselfas a Gr eek goddess w ar r iorqueenfightinga battleI w asgoingto w in.? Angiebelievespar t of the r easonfor her outlookon life hasbeen the car eer she?s chosen.?Thisindustr y? thisdisease? you have no contr ol.You haveto appr eciateever y day and don?t sw eatthe littlethingsbecausether e ar e so m any var iablesand so m anythingsthat can change.? A per sonof faith and of inner str ength,Angie believesin God and her self.?I believeGod does



not giveyou m or ethan you can handle.I believeI am a str ongper sonand havingcancer hasnot m adem e lessthan w hoI am ;losingmy br easthasnot changedm e. I m ay be a little quickerto speakmy m indnow.I feel m or e pow er fulthan I did befor e.I havebeatenthis diseaseand sinceI havea platfor mto speak, w ill tell ever yw om anI can w hat I know :that w e can w in;that ther eis str engthw ithinever y oneof us; that cancerdoesnot changeus for the w or sebut can m akeus str onger.? W h at i s you r M i ssi onSt at em en t ?Abou t An gi e'sM odel s& Tal en tI n c. (AM TI ) Establishedin 1990,Angie'sM odels& Talent Inc. (AM TI)hashelpedcountlessyoungm en and w om ensucceedin the w or ldof fashion, theatr eand film .Headquar ter ed in Ottaw a& Tor onto,our m odelsand actor str avelacr osstop fashion& enter tainm entm ar ketssuch as London,Tokyo,M ilan,Par is,New Yor k,Los Angeles,HongKong,etc. Foundedby AngieSakla-Seym our(CEO)and Lou Seym our(CFO),AM TIis a fam ily-r unagency w ith an over w helm ingly positivecultur ethat tr eatsever yonew how alksthr oughour door s likeextendedfam ily.We'r ea pr estigiousagency w ith over tw o successfuldecadesof industr y exper ienceand pr ovideinter national r epr esentationto a boutiquer oster of m odels& actor sw how e ar e passionateaboutpr om oting w or ldw ide. W h at i s u n i qu eabou t you r bu si n ess?I myself w ill answ erall em ails. I also tr avelw ith our m odelsor go on set w ith our actor s. W ith over 32 year sof tr ust & r elationships, AM TI is affiliated& r ecognizedw or ldw ideby top agents,fashionagencies,per sonalm anager s, and com m er cialclients& castingdir ector s. Know nfor m anagingsom eof the industr y's br ighteststar s,AM TI hasgr ow nto becom ea m ajor pow er housenot only in Canada,but inter nationallyand haveclientelethat includes m agazineeditor ial,cataloguehouses, adver tisingfir m s,com m er cialpr int,television& film . How doesyou r bu si n essi m pr oveor ch an ge t h e com m u n i t yat l ar ge?We havem or efilm s com ingin to Ottaw aand w e havethe m ost diver ser oster. CastingDir ector sand clientslove thisbecausethey haveso m uchto choosefr om . Def i n eSu ccess:Successis beinghappyand contentin w hat you ar e doingis m akinga differ encein peoplelives.Givem or ethan you take. And never tell anyonethat you ar e buildingan em pir elet them see it! How h ast h e Cov i d-19pan dem i caf f ect edyou r bu si n ess?Covid-19haschangedour industr y for the better ! We ar e busier than ever befor e. We havefoundthe best m odelsand actor s dur ingthispandem ic.As they say: takea negativeand tur n it into a positive. You r com pan yi s def i n i t el ya su ccessst or yas i s ever ym odelan d act r ess/act orcom i n g t h r ou ghyou r door s. Cou l dyou pl easet el l u s abou t som eof t h e bi gger n am esan d w h er e t h ey h aveen dedu p. Al so pl easeh i gh l i gh t som eof t h e aw ar dst h at you h aver ecei ved an d som eof t h e f am ou speopl ew h o you h ave cr ossedpat h sw i t h . Angie?sAM TI hasdiscover edsom eof Canada's m ost notablefaces,includingRyan Gosl i n g (GoldenGlobeW inner Oscar , Nom inatedActor , TheNotebook,Dr ive,TheBig Shor t)and M el i n daSh an k ar(Degr assithe Next Gener ation,How To Be Indie).Our talentcan be seen on the big and sm all scr een,including:Sam


Ash eAr n ol d- Lead r olesin NETFLIX,TV Ser ies, Ar eYou Afr aidof TheDar k,Best Wor stWeekend Ever , Tr ansplant,Br other hood,TheAdventur e Club,Odd Squad:TheM ovie,W interHym ns, Blindfir e,Joh n -Al anSl ach t a-M akeIt Pop: Season1 & 2; Nickelodeon& Hel en a-Al ex i s Seym ou rBirdman:TheUnexpectedVirtueof Innocence,XxX:Returnof XanderCage, GirlfriendsGuideTo Divorce,Chroniclesof Jessica Wu,ExceptionalBeings,Handmaid?sTale,Zombie at 17, TheDissapearance, HighlyFunctional,M y WorstNightmareProofSheet,ThePerfectStalker, BeautyandtheBeast,TheBest LaidPlans,Love on a Limb,Diva?sChristmasCarol,TheRonJames Show,BlueM ountainState,;M i k aelCon de-The Exchange,QueenOf Spades,Tr ansplant,Fatm an, Par tyof Five,M idw ay,Str eetLegal,19-2,Tw o for TheW in,On the r unw ay& in m ajor cam paigns w or ldw ide,including:Jam esHi ck s- M i dw ay, Th e Det ect i ves,Lon gSh ot ,Ju pi t er ?sLegacy, Th e Boys,Bu t ch er s,Her i et Pau h l (A Victor ia Secr etsM odel,M aybelline GlobalAmbassador, SephoraGlobalCampaign,GAP,Polo, TomFord),Ar i elHi m beau l t(Shopper sDr ug M ar t,Holt Renfr ew ),W i l l i am Jar del l(Am er ica's Next Top M odelCycle21: Runner -Up),M at t h ew St eph enSm i t h(Am er ica'sNext Top M odelCycle 21, M 8W Am bassador ); and on the field, including:M au r i ce Legget t(W innipegBlue Bom ber s;CFL),Car l i n eM u i r (2xCanadian Olym pian;400m ). I havew on the BESTTALENTAGENCYin Ottaw a thisyear and since2011,Best BusinessWom an, Wom anWor kingAw ar d,TheNelsonM andela Aw ar d. I bel i evet h at you r com pan yh asbeen bu sy w or k i n gw i t h Opr ah .How doest h i sk i n d of t h i n gh appenan d ar e t h er ean y i n t er est i n g st or i est h at com ew i t h t h i sex per i en ce?Yes Ow n Netw or k/Har po hasbeen aw esom e!They ar e seeingnew actor sand seasonedactor s. They ar e seeingw hois out ther ebecausem or e and m or efilm sw ill be shootingher ein Ottaw a. W ish I can tell you m or ebut w e havesignedan NDA. W hichm eansw e can?tsay m or ethan this. We al l t h i n k t h at t h e l i f e of a m odel , act or /act r ess i s gl am or ou sbu t I 'm su r et h er e i s a l ot of w or k t h at com esw i t h t h i scar eer ch oi ce.W h at adv i cedo you h avef or som eon e l ook i n gi n t o t h i sdr eam ,h ow ol d sh ou l dt h ey be t o st ar t an d h ow do t h ey go abou t con t act i n gyou r agen cy.Thisindustr yis not for ever yone.M akinga livingout of m odelingand actingcan be gr eat and fulfilling,but building up a successfulcar eer ,can be a bit of a tough pr ocess. You spendm or etim elookingfor w or k than actuallyw or king.Beingr ejectedover and over.But don?tlet r ejectionder ailyour car eer. For som eonestar tingoff youngit helpsto build char acterand r ealizethat life is full of upsand dow nsand r ejection.Thisis som ethingthat

JUNE 2021

nobodyever tellsyou befor egettinginto this industr y.Beinga goodm odelor scor er isn?t just abouthow goodlookingyou ar e and how talentedyou ar e in deliver ingyour linesor aboutyour am azinggenetics.Ther e?sa lot of beautifuland talentedpeoplein the w or ld. If you ar e ser iousaboutgettinginto the industr y it?s im por tantto builda r esilientper sonality. Stay focused.Never taker ejectionper sonally. Be com for tablew ith w hoyou ar e. Be your self. Be confident.And tr eat thisas a businessand w or k har d ever yday do som ethingthat br ings you closer to your dr eam . Par entslet the childr endecidethat they w ant to do it and not the par entslivingtheir dr eam s thoughtheir childr en. Anyonew hois inter estedcan em ailus an gi es@am t i m an agem en t .com Visit our w ebsite: h t t ps://w w w.am t i m an agem en t .com / Instagr am@angiesm odelsor @am ticom We r epr esentchildr enages3 to adult I al so k n ow t h at even t h ou ghyou h avea bu sy w or k sch edu l e(event h ou ghI 'm su r e,l i k e m e, you l ovew h at you do so h opef u l l ym ost of t h e t i m ei t doesn 'tf eel l i k e w or k ) w h en evert h er ei s a n at u r aldi sast eror i f som eon en eedsh el p you ar e t h er er al l yi n g t h e t r oopst o get su ppl i esan d h el p w h er ever i t i s n eeded.Pl easet el l u s abou t som eof t h eseex per i en cesw h er eyou h aver each ed ou t a h el pi n gh an d. Lou is fr om the beautifulIslandof the Baham as and w hen the islandw ashit by the Hur r icane. Our agencym odels& actor sdonatedtheir checks,clothing,food and w e r enteda Uhaul and dr oveto Flor idaw ith all the donationsand then took the fer r y acr ossto per sonally distr ibutefood,m oney,clothingto the victim sof the Hur r icane.We did thisthistw iceall befor e COVID.We sur pr ised150 childr enw ith bicycles for Chr istm as.Lou w asM r. Clausand I w asM r s. Claus.We sur pr isedsinglem om ?sw ith m oney, food and clothing.We sur pr isedcashier s,stock boysw ith m oney. To giveand help is the m ost r ew ar ding.On Decem ber19th Lou w asSanta Clausagainand w ent to Vanierand held a par ty and passedout Chr istm astoys,food to the fam ilies. An yt h i n gel se you 'dl i k e t o l eaveu s w i t h ? - I w ant to say that w henyou giveyou get back ten tim esm or e. - Beingkind and gr atefulfor ever ysingleday w ill changeyour life. - M anifestyour dr eam s. - Don?tw ait for a better day to star t som ething. Star t now. - Avoidcom par ingyour selfto other s. - Keepyour faith lar ger than your fear s.Faith over Fear r em em berthat! - Don?tdo anythingthat doesn?tfeel r ight. - Don?tbe afr aidto spendtim ealone. - Avoidgossipand bashingother s. - Speakkindlyto your selfand to other people. - Pleaseyour selfbefor etr yingto pleaseother s. - Stay aw ayfr om peoplew hodr ain your ener gy. - Ignor eany opinionsthat don?tenhanceyour life. - Star t your day w ith this: I w ill be pr esentin ever ym om ent.I am sm ar t.I am kind. I am br ave.I am beautiful.I am talented.Todayis an am azinggr eat day. Th an kyou An gi e- you ar e a t r u ei n spi r at i on t o al l u s l adi esx o





M a rl e ne


Wearenowhalf waythroughtheyearand I am realizingwe haveto do a bit betterand try to enjoyour families,friendsand thetruebeautythat surroundsusin our lives.Ratherthanjust simplysurvivingthedayslikewehavebeendoingthispast year, perhapsweshouldtry to enjoythe"littlethings"in lifelike.. enjoyingthesoundof a baby'slaughter,or a songbird'stweetles and chirps,or lookingfor "Newgrowth"of flowersor bloomsin our gardensand backyards,by perhapstakinga walkto simply enjoyall of thedifferentsightsand soundsalongtheSt. LawrenceRiveror bicyclepathsin yourownareas.Thereistruly so muchto makeand keepushappy.Wejust haveto go out to lookto find it sometimes.

FUNFacts:On July1st,1867theBritishNorthAmericanAct unitedthe Britishcoloniesof NorthAmericaintoonefederationcalled"Canada". Laterthat act wouldberenamedto the"ConstitutionAct"Thisistheday that a lot of Canadiansmarkedasthebirthof theircountry.At first this daywasn'tthat widelycelebratedasmanyCanadiansstill considered themselvesto beBritish.But,in 1879thedaybecamea nationalholiday called"DominionDay."Thiswasbecausethecountrywascalleditsown "dominion"in theConstitutionAct.However,it still wasn'ta widely celebratedholiday.Overtimethoughthedaybecamemuchmore popularin Canada,especiallyduringthe"100YearCelebration"in 1967. Therewasactuallystill a lot of debateoverthisnamebecausesome peoplewantedto staywiththeold name,but eventuallythenamewas changed.In 1982thedaywasofficiallyrenamed"CanadaDay." HAPPYCANADADAYTOALLCANADIANSOLD& YOUNG!!! ThisisthemonthwhereI get to enjoythelast of my"Old Age"and welcomemy"New Age"of 61!"My!I am getting older,but a bit morewiser and a lot happierwithmylife withmyJohnny.I feel I will enjoythese"Silver Years"of mylife, welcomingnot one,but twomoregrandsons, alongwithanother great-grandchild lateron thismonth.I havebeensurelyBlessedto havesuchbeautiful,handsomeand healthychildren,grandchildren and nowgreat-grandchildren. Thispast Spring,I'vebeenenjoyingmy flowergardens,includingseveralnewraisedcedarboxesoverflowing witha rainbowof colours.Johnnyhasbeenbusy(althoughhealing fromhiscancertreatmentsearlierthisyear)withsuchthingsas removingour old walkway,creatinga newfront mini-patioand workingon thefront of our house. I feel that stayingbusyand productivearegreatwaysto feel and keepus,bothyoung,evenif we get moreachesand painsasa result.I will continueenjoyingLife.. OneDayAt A Time..Becausethat istruly all wehaveand knowfor sure.

seeyourprogress.6. Sit backand enjoyyourdeclutteredspacewitha glassof whatever. DEALOFTHEMONTH:ThismonthI havechosensomethingthat I won off an auction,and what Johnboughtand redesignedfor our front door. It isa combinationof a woodendoorthat I wonfor $7.00,and a screen doorthat he paid$36for (comparedto $200).I am awe-inspiredwith Johnny'shandiworkto makesucha unique,custom-madescreendoor that suitsour uniquelifestyle. FAMILYNEWS:I wantto wishmyyoungersister,DonnaLynn,a Happy 57thBirthday,alongwitha HeavenlyHappy61st Birthdayto my dear, twinsister,Darlene.I alsowill bewelcominga newgrandson,#9(frommy youngestdaughter, Victoria/Paul)and my2nd great-grandchildduringthis monthto myeldest granddaughter, Abigail.I Wish TheBest of LuckTo BothThe New-Mothers-To-Be. Love Marlene/Mom/Nana COMMUNITYNEWS:I would liketo mentiona localCornwall artist,JasonSauve.Heisan amazingartistand painterthat sometimespaintson vintagemusic sheets.Heisknownfor hissemi-realisticpaintingand illustrations featuringdramaticwomen,whoaresexy,edgyand stylish.(Mykindof woman.)JasonattendedtheSchoolof Animationand Designin Ottawa, On.in 1994.Healsoattendedand studiedGraphicDesignin Cornwall, On.in 1993.Jasonstarteddrawingat an earlyageand tookan interestin "LifeDrawing"and in strongfigures.Hecreateda graphicnovelin high schoolfor seniorart.Jasonhasdisplayedhisfineartworkin galleriesin Canadaand at severaleventsthroughoutOntario.I am so happyto tell you that oneoriginalwill bedisplayedin my ownhome,soon.Shhh..I boughtonefor John'smusicstudiofor hisbirthdayin September.Check out JasonSauve'sArt at https://www.saatchiart.com/jasonsauve if you wouldlikea print or evenyourveryownoriginal. UNTILNEXTMONTH:HAPPINESSIs Not Just AboutGettingAll WeWant. HAPPINESSisEnjoyingWhateverWeAlreadyHave.PleasePayIt Forward In SomeSmallWay..Evenif it isby SharingYourHandsome& Pretty SMILESThisMonth! MarleneListerof www.listerphotos.ca & www.fashionography.ca

TIPOFTHEMONTH:Hereare(6) Tipsto help"DeclutterYour Homes":1. Firstly,lookat yourhomes,asif youwereseeingit for the first time.3. Donateanyclothes,shoes,bags..etc.that youdo not wearanylongerto yourlocalthriftstores.4. Put on somecatchy musicto get intothezone.5. Takea few beforeand afterphotosto


JUNE 2021




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G RO W What t o do wit h Unwant ed or Unused Jewel ry ? Personal Propert y The art and practice of bartering items for items or for money dates back to the earliest times of our human civilization. What is received for our item is the complicated part of the transaction. And how we decide what is being offered for our item is fair and in line with what the general market would pay.

Due to many issues that we are all facing, some of our own making, and other situations forced upon us, we can be in a need where we have to try and sell everything not nailed down. The tendency is to look for the highest value item in a household. And that is usually jewelry. Today?s high market price per ounce of gold and silver in jewelry can provide some financial relief. Before running out to the first Gold & Silver buyer, finding a qualified independent source to tell you what you have is the first step. This is where a qualified jeweler who has an ongoing business can provide valuable information. A engagement gold ring of 10K or 14K (carat) might have 6 or 7 grams of gold. A diamond of a certain size and quality. A person who is just interested in the gold & silver might not offer you a current market value for the diamond or gemstone. And if the stone is removed by someone who is not a qualified jeweler / gemologist, damage might occur. If you are looking for an idea of current market value or replacement cost for insurance, a local jeweler would be able to provide specific written details on the complete ring. The purity & weight of the gold, the color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight of the diamond. Suzanne Charlebois, Registered Gemologist with Prestige Evaluation Inc. who specializes in Diamonds & Gemstones, cut and uncut, states, ?that the local Jeweler should be one of the first persons to see when there is any question on Jewelry. The qualifications and experience he or she can offer might save the person hundreds of dollars and depending on the piece(s), thousands?. Or if the piece is of great age. We have seen a few pieces from the 15th and 16th century, that had far more value than the weight of just the gold and silver content. As always, the due diligence is on the owners side and should to be done. Unlike other items of value, where photos might be useful in determining value, Jewelry has to be seen in person by the gemologist. There are measurements, weights, inspection via a microscope and


other gemological tools used in the process. Here are some websites to help you in your search.

If you want to sell your jewelry for the gold & silver content, these are the steps to take before you look for a buyer. 1. Obtain a jeweler?s loop or if you have a magnifier to examine the markings. You are looking for 10K, 14K, 18K or 24K in gold and .800 or .925 (Sterling) for silver. If you see hallmarks, these can also be researched. Prepare sealable baggies with labels of the different carats of gold / silver that you have. 2. Obtain a digital scale (amazon.ca) or use a pre-owned digital kitchen scale with grams, that will give a close indication of the weight of the jewelry. 3. After examining each piece, to see what the purity of the gold is, weigh the piece and make a note of the weight & description and place it in the labeled baggie of the same purity. 4. Repeat each process for each piece. Your end result will be sorted gold or silver and an inventory of jewelry with each weight. With your list in hand, you can refer to the websites below for the current scrape value of the gold and silver. Then you can decide if you wish to go ahead and sell it. Please note, Jewelry with gemstones will be the total weight of the piece. A qualified person would have to remove the stone(s) to properly weight the ring or other piece of jewelry.Disclaimer:T here are many variables when calculating the scrape value of gold or silver. When there is a question on the purity, the gold has to be tested via an acid test or via a X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer. This is why we suggest visiting a local jeweler for the total weight and purity of the gold & silver.Please note: most jewelers will charge you for their time & expertise. But knowing what you have and the potential value should outweigh the cost of the service provided.

Heather from the SDG area, with a American Waltham Watch Company, Pocket Watch, sub second dial at 6:00 position. gold rolled plated case. Est imat ed val ue $ 200.00 t o $ 225.00 Stephen from the SDG area with a 18th century painting of a British coat of arms on wood. -It is stated that it was a gift from King George III to Joseph Brant for fighting in the war against the American Colonists. Possibl e t imef rame of gif t : November 1775 Comment :Joseph Brant is a noted Mohawk warrior, translator, statesman & First Nations Indigenous rights advocate. This painting has historical value and might be of interest to a museum. If a donation was made, a taxable donation receipt would be offered. Further research is currently underway. No value given at this time. JA from the SDG area with a decorative figurine, of a chimney sweeper of the 19th century. Mid 1960?s craft article usually sold in craft & gift shops. Est imat ed val ue $ 35.00 t o $ 45.00

5. If you see 18K HSE (Heavy Gold Electroplate), the gold is a very thin gold plating. Just enough to give the appearance of gold. The Gold plating is so thin, you can scratch it off easily. There is no salvageable gold.

Don't forget! If you have something you would like John to have a look at, send a picture of the item and details to appraisal@theseeker.ca

Last Mont h?s appraisal inquiry email s t o ?The Cornwal l Seeker?were

John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the full-service appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectables in general. John works with clients worldwide and has been featured on radio and television shows as well as charity appraisal fairs. He is also a public speaker. Suzanne Charlebois, gemologist, specializing in cut & uncut diamonds, gemstones, minerals & meteorites. She also does grading and identification of gemstone from mines. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http://prestigeevaluations.com and Grow?s email is prestigeevaluation@gmail.com.

Brigitte from the SDG area, with an Antique Oar found in the Basement of a 120 Year old house. Comment : A 19th. Century Long Oar, modified with metal plate on paddle, secured with nails. Market Value is more decorative than historical. Est imat ed val ue $ 125.00 t o $ 200.00

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Come check out t h ese exclu sive r eleases that are only available at pledging Indie record stores. St r ict ly f ir st com e f ir st ser ve f or t h ese It em s! Don't miss out!!

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Ju ly 17, 2021 Budsrecords@gmx.com 613-936-BUDS (2837) Budsrecords.ca 375 11t h St . E. Cornwal l ON

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A Quick and Easy Paper Rainbow


I cannot stop thinkingabout the rainbow colors- their meaningand how they spread joy, love and hope - today I share with you the meaningof the rainbow and how to makeit at home- simplecraftsto add joy to your houseand soul. What do the stripeson the rainbow flag mean?The most commonlyused flag, created in 1979,has six stripes.Accordingto Baker'sestate,each stripe hasa different meaning: Red representslife; orangeis for healing;yellow is for sunlight; green is for nature;blue is for harmonyand purpleis for spirit



And to createyour own rainbow at home- you will need the materials shown in the picture. Cut the shapeof the cloud and the colored paper into long strips.Then put it all togetheras shown in the last picture.I you want to see a video of the required steps- use thislink https://fb.watch/6d8g36hFyj/ It's easy and I promise,it will get joy to your heart. Yaffa Goawily| Art Specialist/ BodyPainting+ Movement MTLYafaArts& CraftsYAFA.ME Join us in YAFA art & craftsonlinesessions- open to all agesGroup activities- CreatingARTsand Crafts.To reserveyour spot, contact:yafaartscrafta@gmail.comand check out our Facebook page Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/yafacrafts instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/yafaartscrafts www.yaffa.ca Hopefullywe will be able to see each other for in-person workshopssoon - Check updateson Facebook!


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w it h Kash en n iiost h aM ae

Like m any other s ar ound the countr y the new s of the Kam loops Indian Residential School r em ainshave saddened m e. W hy w ould I not be shocked at the new s of the hor r ific findingsthat star ted the chain r eaction of other Indian Residential School gr oundsbeing investigatedfor unm ar ked gr aves?I am not shocked because this is not new to m e. I have lear ned about this befor e and about the day school initiativew hich a lot of people talk about on my r eser vation. The Kam loops215 spar ked a m ovem ent and after the m em or ial w alk held in Cor nw all on June 5, 2021, I felt that m or e needed to be done. M or e aw ar enessof the hor r ific histor y needs to be taught and the countr y of Canada needs to be r eady for the num ber of r em ains discover ed to hit the thousands? in5 w eeks alone w e have sur passed the 1,000 m ar k . Kam l oopsI n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool , BC ? 215 r em ai n s. Br an don I n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool , M B ? 104 r em ai n s. M u scow equ anI n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool , SK ? 35 r em ai n s. Regi n a I n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool , SK ? 38 r em ai n s. M er i val I n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool , SK ? 751 r em ai n s As w e aw ait the investigationsof the 17 know n Ontar io Indian Residential Schools, I have decided to initiate a t-shir t fundr aiser to donate all pr oceedsto the M useum that oper atesout of the M ohaw k InstituteIndian Residential School, located at Br antfor d,ON. The m useum is cur r ently under goinga r estor ation pr ocessas a flood has destr oyed m uch of the building. The M useum hopes to r eopen to the public in 2022 w her e they w ill continueto host tour s of the gr ounds and buildingw her e they educate you on the hor r or sthat the Fir st Nationschildr en w ho w ould have been sent ther e by the law to be assim ilated into the m oder n w ester n cultur e. If anyone w ould like to pur chasea t-shir t you can do so by com m entingon the thr ead on the Cor nw all,Ontar io Facebook page (you w ould need to go to the gr oup and sear ch the nam e KashenniiosthaM ae and you w ill see the pictur e of my black shir t and the descr iption of the fundr aiser )or by e-m ailingm e at k ash en n i i ost h a@gm ai l .comand I w ill confir m your or der as w ell as paym ent thr ough em ail. I w ill take EM T and cash. And once w e have all the or der s paid for and distr ibuted,I w ill announcethe am ount of the donation that the M useum at the M IIRSw ill be r eceivingon behalf of the City of Cor nw all and Com m unity of Akw esasne. Si zes an d pr i ces: New bor n ? 24 m on t h s $10 2t - 5t $10 You t h x s ? x l $10 M en x s ? x l $20 2x l - 3x l $25 Wom an sx s ? x l $20 2x l - 3x l $25 Here are some helplinesfor assistancewith dealingwith the emotions and trauma related to the ResidentialSchool initiative. 24- Hour Nationa l Residentia l School Cr isis Line:1-866-925-4419. The I n di an Resi den t i al Sch ool Su r v i vor sSoci et y (IRSSS) ca n be conta cted toll-fr eeat 1-800-721-0066.



kids who were fighting for their lives while I was throwing mine away,? she says. ?I thought, ?I need to try harder to get better.??

Sel f -care is essent ial f or pandemic -weary Canadians Submitted by: CMHA Champlain East Source: www.ontario.cmha.ca The Canadian Mental Health Association and the University of British Columbia recently released a national survey in which 77 per cent of adults reported feeling negative emotions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. ?The pandemic has caused significant loss? of loved ones, of connection, of feelings of security,? said lead researcher Emily Jenkins, a professor of nursing at UBC who studies mental health and substance use. ?This can contribute to very challenging emotions that are important to acknowledge and process.? After more than a year of lockdowns, testing, contact tracing and vaccinations, many Canadians are at their wits?end ? and self-care is more important than ever. In the CMHA-UBC survey, respondents reported experiencing a variety of negative emotions ranging from stress and sadness to loneliness and boredom. They also recorded an increase in eating, drinking, screen time and even shopping online for items they didn?t need. Because these behaviours make people

feel better in the moment, they?re often mistaken for self-care, but that isn?t the case. ?Self-care is something that, when you do it, you wake up the next morning feeling better,? says self-care coach Gracy Obuchowicz. ?Numbing is something that, when you wake up the next day, you think, ?Maybe I didn?t need that extra glass of wine or dessert.'? A study in BMC Palliative Care, an open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed research articles, defines self-care as ?the self-initiated behavior that people choose to incorporate to promote good health and general well-being.? The study went on to say that self-care encompasses coping strategies to deal with stressors. Few people are more convinced of the merit of coping strategies than Ashley Roy-Davies, a 23-year-old college student in Kingston, Ont. A troubled home life and mental health challenges ? Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder ? contributed to a sense of despair that was so intense, she attempted suicide several times. After one of those attempts she met several cancer patients in the hospital, and it changed her life. ?I saw

Roy-Davies is thriving today thanks to medication, counselling and coping strategies, ranging from eating something cold, which slows her heart rate, to paced breathing and muscle relaxation. She often visits high school classrooms, where she shares her experience with students and emphasizes the importance of coping with stressors by using her techniques or others, such as exercising, writing in a journal, reaching out to a friend, getting a massage and practicing mindful meditation or yoga. With International Self-Care Day approaching ? it will be observed on July 24 ? Roy-Davies is driving her point home: ?Self-care means putting yourself first. It means asking yourself, ?Have I eaten today??Have I exercised recently?? It?s about taking a moment to celebrate your accomplishments,? she says. ?It just takes a little spark to light up the darkness.? The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA, please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site at www.cmha-east.on.ca

Cor nw all,Ontar io ? This sum m er ,the Take the W heel m obile r ecr uitm ent centr e w ill be hitting the r oad. The next stop happensthe m or ningof Satur day,July 10th, 2021, at the Food Basics par king lot located acr oss the str eet fr om M cDonald?sRestaur ant in the east-end of Cor nw all,Ontar io.

addr essthis labour shor tage,? Eva explained.?We?ve had an oppor tunityto study this sector , and now w e?r e w or king on the im plem entationof solutionsand str ategy-basedeffor ts that w ill lead m or e people into a car eer in tr anspor tation,?Eva continued.

Ther e w ill be a tr anspor t tr uck par ked in the lot near the Second Str eet sidew alk . Also, ther e w ill be a booth set up, w her e people can lear n m or e about tr uckingjob oppor tunitiesand w in aw esom e pr izes and sw ag, includinghoodies, baseball caps, shir ts, and m or e.

Take the W heel aim s to educate people about how to enter the tr uckingindustr y and the var ioustypes of jobs r elated to the sector ,includingdispatch, m echanics,loader s, and m or e.

?Get your keys and get on the Tak e t h e Wh eel m o b i l e r ecr u i t m en t cen t r e's r oad to financial secur ity,?says Take the W heel Ontar io is a r egional n ex t st o p i s Ju l y 1 0 t h par tner shippr oject led by Tr i-County Pr oject Planner Jason Setnyk . at Fo o d Basi cs i n Co r n wal l 's east -en d Liter acy Council and is r espondingto ?The tr ucking industr y offer s the ur gent shor tageof tr uck dr iver s flexible w or k schedules,the by pr om otingtr uckingcar eer oppor tunitiesto w om en and youth in oppor tunityto tr avel, and good-payingjobs. After a 6-w eek tr aining Stor m ont,Dundas,and Glengar r y,and in Pr escott and Russell. cour se, m ost dr iver sstar t out m aking $50,000,and m any students ?Fr om food, consum er good, supplies,and m or e ? the tr ucking ar e offer ed jobs befor e they finish tr aining,?Setnyk added. industr y keeps the engine of the economy r oar ing. A shor tageof Take the W heel w ill be hitting the r oad thr oughout the sum m er. The tr uck dr iver scould put the br akes on econom icgr ow th,?says Pr oject next stop is Satur day,July 10th, 2021, at No Fr ills. The gr ocer y stor e Coor dinator Car olyn Eva. is located at 315 2nd Str eet East in Cor nw all,Ontar io. Accor dingto statisticsfr om the Easter n Ontar io Tr ainingBoar d, 55% The m obile r ecr uitm ent centr e w ill be set up fr om 9 am to Noon. of em ployeesar e over the age of 45. Also, StatisticsCanada data show s the num ber of dr iver saged 25 to 34 has decr eased fr om 18% Take the W heel is an Em ploym entOntar io pr oject of Tr i-County to below 15%. Fur ther m or e,accor dingto Tr uckingHR Canada only Liter acy Council funded by the M inistr y of Labour ,Tr ainingand 3% of Canada?sTr uck Dr iver s, m echanics,technicians,and car go Skills Developm ent.For m or e infor m ation about Take the W heel, w or ker sar e w om en. follow them on Facebook and Instagr am (takethew heelontar io). Also, visit their w ebsite and sign-up for the new sletter : ?M or e w om en and youth enter ingthe tr uckingindustr y w ill help h t t ps://t ak et h ew h eel on t ar i o.ca


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A Wh o l e New Wo r l d By Sylvie O?Rou r k e Exploringthe city takeson a wholenew perspectivewhen travellingby water rather than land.As we launchour canoenear the entranceto Gray?sCreek,we are about to discoverold landscapeswith new eyes. We start paddlingwest againstthe wind and current.In this directionwe are battling naturalwavesas well as thosecreatedby boatersenjoyingthe beautifulday.We must paddlehard and steer carefully.Now is not the timefor an impromptuswim.We see the propertiesalongthe water we havenormally only spied from up abovewith a senseof newnessand discovery.Thereis a wholeother worlddown here.Familiesare unwindingon their shadedpatiosby the river while individualsare recliningon loungechairs havinga cold drinkand watchingthe boatsgo by. Theyare the epitomeof the St. Lawrence River lifestyle.We see the old Marimac buildingtoweringup on the hill, the tiki bar on someone?sdock,and the publicgazebonear the bicycletrail.Everythinglooksa little differentfrom hereand it takesme a whileto recognizesomeof the landmarks. We veer awayfrom the shoreto circlearound the First Nationland knownas Pilon Island. Threequartersof its surfaceis farmlandwith the waterfrontperimetersto the east and north beinglined with smallsummercottages.

As we approachthe island,I see cowsgrazing abovethe steep embankmentand we stareat each other curiously.If you haveever wanderedeast alongMontrealRoad towards BoundaryRoad,you might havenoticedthese bovinecreaturesstandingon a strip of land in the middleof the river.It is odd to see cowsat only a stone?sthrowawayfrom the city. As we roundthe island,the farmlandlessens and we begin to see a few cottages,someof them quitetiny.On the St. Lawrenceto the south,we spot a coupleof campingtrailerson the tiniestof islands.That is clearlya space designedfor solitude!The furthereast we go, the morePilon Islandspringsto life with cottagers.A tiny dog,perhapsa LhasaApso,comesrunningdowna dock to greet us as we float by, its ownerwavingour way.Life certainlyis sweet on river time.

we spot a tiny turtlebaskingon a rock,a heron in the tall grass,and an egret in the background.Followingthe twistsand turnsof the creek,we are suddenlystartledby two pairsof eyesstaringat us from the sludge.We paddleas closeas we dareto examinea coupleof formidablesnappingturtles none-too-pleased by our invasion.We leave them aloneand continuearoundthe next bend whereI spot a bright-plumedoriole flyinginto a tree.We reach the beaverdam muchtoo soon.From herewe can see how high the water is on the other side.The beavershavebeen quiteindustriousin buildingthis.Unfortunately,they havecreated a dead end ultimatelyforcingan end to our excursion. It has been a pleasantoutingon the river.I especiallyenjoyedobservingmy surroundings from a differentpoint of view.I doubt I will ever see this little cornerof the worldin quite the sameway again. For moreinformationabout the Cornwall OutdoorClub,visit www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook

We head towardsGray?sCreek Conservationareanow to visit the creekitself whichwe normallyglimpse from the woodedtrails.We passthe marinaand head into the marsh beyondit.Weknow we will not get any furtherthan the largebeaverdam but who knowswhat we might find along the way?We are not disappointed. Wildlifeaboundshere.Simultaneously,

Just a SNEAK PEEK... we will keep you updated as to when this latest YAFA arts & crafts & Seeker special publication is back from the printers and ready for sale ...


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com post ? it attr acts cr itter s! We?ll have to w ait for the cur bside pickup for that. Also don?t add any tw igs or w oody m ater ial ? it w ill not br eak dow n and w ill m ake the com post har d to use later M OISTURE: Your com post pile should be dam p but not soaked. Layer ing gr eens and br ow ns helps to keep the r ight m oistur e balance.


from Th e M i r acl e of Com post By John Towndr ow All the talk of r ecycling or ganic w aste to incr ease the life of the landfill has people thinking about com posting. It m ay be a few year s befor e w e see the gr een bins at the cur b and in the m eantim e w e can all get a little pr actice at diver ting som e of our or ganic w aste and to exper ience the m agic of pr oducing fr ee or ganic gar den fer tilizer. It?s also fun to get sm all childr en involved. So ? w her e to star t?

AERATI ON: The m or e active com post m aker w ill tur n it ever y few w eeks so the or ganic m ater ial br eaks dow n m or e quickly but even if you don?t, after a w hole season I find that it still pr oduces nice com post at the bottom of the bin. USE OF COM POST: Gar dener s alw ays say you can never have enough com post! Luckily, if you don?t pr oduce enough your self, com post is available fr ee fr om the City of Cor nw all. It?s m ade in m uch the sam e w ay, using the leaves and yar d w aste. Visit the landfill site and see how they do it. Ther e ar e piles of yar d w aste bags that get tur ned sever al tim es and over the cour se of a year ? pr esto - chango - it tur ns into nice black com post.

CONTAI NER: Ther e ar e all shapes and sizes to fit sm all or lar ge spaces. You can pur chase one fr om a gar den center , or you can m ake one using an online tutor ial. Container s can be m ade fr om plastic stor age tubs, w ooden pallets, old gar bage cans or even a section of chicken w ir e for m ed into a cir cle or squar e ar ea. I also know som eone w ho is super casual and just tosses the w aste into a pile at the back of his pr oper ty and cover s it w ith leaves. GREENS AND BROW NS: Layer ing fr esh gr een kitchen and gar den w aste (think fr uit and vegetable peelings, coffee gr ounds, tea leaves, eggshells, gr ass clippings, and vegetable plant r em ains) w ith dr y, br ow n m atter (like dead leaves, dead plants and w eeds, and hay) is best. The gr een w aste is nitr ogen-r ich and the br ow n w aste is car bon-r ich ? both ar e ideal for developing good com post. I keep a bag of leaves beside my com post bin and sim ply thr ow a handful of leaves over each pail of kitchen w aste. DON?TS: Don?t put any m eat, bones, fat or dair y pr oducts in your

To fer tilize tr ees, shr ubs, flow er s, vegetables spr ead a 3-inch layer over the soil. Over tim e, w or m s and r ain w ater w ill push the com post into the soil, feeding your law n and gar den in the pr ocess. For m or e infor m ation on Tr ansition Cor nw all+ go to w w w.t r an si t i on cor n w al l .com

Ar ticle edited by Ja son Setnyk Submitted Photo

?That?sw her e Pip w as bor n.? Pip w as a char acter that Car r ier er ecalls cam e to him in a bur st of inspir ation and he has been dr aw ing him ever since.

Cor nw all,Ontar io - Neil Car r ier e, w ho is a teacher at St Joseph?s Secondar y School, w ear s m any hats. He has been an actor , stand-up com ic, author ,and has becom e involved in the ar t com m unity w ith his dr aw ingsand paintings.Also, he has been a com m unity volunteer at CAPE. Now , he has added a new item to his r esum e by fulfillinga lifelong dr eam of publishinghis fir st com ic book, Pip the Goblin. ?I?ve loved com ics since I w as old enough to r ead,?says Car r ier e. ?Ever y w eek, I w ould beg my par entsso I could buy the latest issue of w hatever caught my eye. I?ve alw ays w anted to w r ite for com ics but never thought I?d end up dr aw ingone.?

?If you follow m e on Facebook or Instagr am ,you?ll see Pip all the tim e. After a w hile I had accum ulatedenough dr aw ings to m ake a com ic,?Car r ier e r em inisces. ?Finally sitting dow n and cr afting a com ic tur ned out to be m or e w or k than I thought; but now that I?ve done it once look out, because Pip?s adventur esw ill continue.?

Lo calar t i stNei lCar r i er ep u b l i sh es d eb u tco m i cb o o k

Car r ier equickly sold out his fir st lim ited r un pr inting and had to or der m or e.

Car r ier eexplainshe only got ser ious about doing ar t r ecently w hen he joined som e classes at Cailuan Ar t Galler y.

Com ic book fans can or der dir ectly fr om the ar tist or fans can pick up copies at Fantasy Realm .

?The ar t com m unity in Cor nw all is fantastic,?he said. ?They w elcom ed m e, and I?ve been cr eating ever since.?

Pip?s dr aw ingscan be found on Neil Car r ier e?sInstagr am page, or a copy can be or der ed by em ail at n ei l .car r i er e@gm ai l .comFor m or e infor m ation on Pip The Goblin, join the Facebook gr oup.

Eager to tr y new ar t challengesCar r ier ew ould seek out inspir ation at events that w ould encour agehim to do a dr aw ing a day.


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Jo hn

LISTER Li f e Af t er Deat h We don't have an absolute guide as to w hat happensto us w hen w e finish this ear thly life. Som e believe that's the end - w e die in ever y w ay and our life is extinguished.Som e other s believe w e ar e r ew ar ded or punished based on our lives, and w ill spend eter nity either in heaven or hell. Still other s believe that w e ar e r eincar natedand com e back to continue being per fected until w e finally no longer need to r etur n. Of cour se, nobody know s for sur e, because nobody has exper iencedlife after death and com e back to tell us about it - or have they?

Ther e ar e quite a num ber of r epor tsabout r eincar nation.Usually it is a young child w ho 'r em em ber s'things fr om a past life. It m ay be a place, people, or even things, but they have too m uch know ledgefor it to be m ade up. W hen taken to the place they descr ibe,or to m eet the people they claim to have know n, such facts usually ar e pr oven to be accur ate,even though the child w ould have had no w ay to know this infor m ation. Ther e ar e also r epor tsabout people having near -death-exper iencesw ho 'see' things w hile dead, then ar e r esuscitated.Som e of these things w ould have been im possibleto m ake up, as they w er e seen and r em em ber edw hile the per son w as clinically dead. An exam pleof this is a w om an w ho w as declar ed deceased w hile in the E.R. of a hospital. The m edical staff pr onouncedher dead and the body w as w heeled aw ay to a r oom on a differ ent floor of the hospital, aw aitingthe cor oner. Her belongingsw er e placed in a locker in that r oom . But after sever al hour s, she opened her eyes, and w hen they w heeled her to the m or gue,she spoke to the per son m oving her. They m ade sur e she w as stable and br ought her to a r oom and then pr epar ed to dischar geher , as she w as in good health. Her belongingsw er e in the r oom they had m oved her to. But she shocked ever yonew hen she said her pur se w as still in the locker on the thir d floor. She knew the r oom num ber and even the nam e-tagon the per son w heelingher ther e after she had been pr onounced dead. She explained that she had floated above her body, and w as seeing ever ything. M any other accountsof people w ho passed out of life, then back in again, have sim ilar stor ies. One m an saw his cr um pled car on the highw ay and looked at his br oken and bleedingbody behind the w heel. He w as standingat the side of the r oad and r ealized he w as dead. Yet, his consciousness hadn't changed. He w atched his body being loaded into an am bulance,and w as able to float above it as it sped to the hospital. W hen they w er e able to r evive him , he felt him self being dr aw n back into his body again. W hile out of the body, m any people shar e a ver y sim ilar exper iencew ith light at the end of a tunnel, and a sense of peace and love, r egar dless of r eligion or lack of one. So to m e, these ar e as close to fir st-hand-accountsas w e have, and I believe this is w hat aw aits us - a passage into a loving place w her e w e m ay be sent back or given a choice to r etur n - just as leaves die and fall fr om tr ees, only to be alive again the follow ingyear. For mor e infor mation,plea se visit w w w.thehigher path.ca

J - f or Jack Fundraiser

Come Join JACK & The Whit e Knuckl erz RC on Sat urday, Jul y 10, 2021 in the 527A Parking Lot - corner of 6th and Pitt all proceeds will help purchase Jack's "1" WOW item call (613) 870-0917 for pledge form & details


JUNE 2021



TRAINS-Cornwall's DoorTOTHEW O RLD By I a n Bower i ng

It is har d to believe, but a centur y ago it w as possible to take one of Cor nw all Str eet Railw ay?s str eetcar s up to ?Paper M ill Hill,? (Dom tar ), and buy a tr ain ticket to Ottaw a, New Yor k City or Boston. If you w anted to go to Tor onto or M ontr eal, you could go to the Gr and Tr unk Station, at the nor th end of Sydney Str eet. Ser ved by thr ee r ail lines and the str eet r ailw ay, industr ialists could ship their pr oducts to anyw her e in Nor th Am er ica. The ability to tr avel to Boston has long vanished, and the r ecent pr oposals pr esented to Cor nw all City Council by a VIA r epr esentative last m onth, hint at the possibility that Cor nw all w ill lose passenger ser vice and its last link to inter city tr anspor tation.

Photo - 1

Cor nw all has alw ays had to fight for r ail ser vice. Intent on taking the shor test r oute possible betw een M ontr eal and Tor onto, the pr om oter s of the Gr and Tr unk Railw ay Photo - 2 initially planned to build Cor nw all?s station near ly 6.5 km nor th of the r iver (appr ox. Eam er ?s Cor ner s.) Disgr untled Tow n Councillor s along w ith pr om inent citizens ar gued that the pr oposed site w ould be ?? ver y injur ious to the inter ests of the tow n,? leading the r ailw ay to build its station at the ver y end of Sydney Str eet on the south side of 10th. Photo- 1 Cor nwa ll?sseven bay,Cla ssA, Gr a nd Tr unk/CNRa ilwaystation,late 1960s.(PhotoCour tesy, ?Sta nda r d-Fr eeholder .?)

Photo - 3

Quickly becom ing a com m unity focal point, the Station r eceived Royal Visitor s, w itnessed local m en and w om en going off to and com ing hom e fr om War , along w ith num er ous activities associated w ith com m unity r ail ser vice. The building of the Seaw ay led to the r elocation of a little m or e than 64 km of the CNR?s m ainline betw een Cor nw all and Car dinal, leading to the constr uction of the pr esent station. One m inute after m idnight on July 21, 1957, the fir st passenger tr ain ar r ived, intr oducing r egular ?cor r idor ? ser vice betw een M ontr eal and Tor onto.

Photo -3 New Yor k a nd Ottawa Ra ilway Station, 2ndSt. W.

Cor nw all M .P. Dar by Ber gin and M .P.P. Joseph Ker r believed that Cor nw all could becom e an inter national tr anspor tation hub w ith the constr uction of the only br idge betw een M ontr eal and the Niagar a Peninsula.In 1887 w or k star ted on the New Yor k and Ottaw a Railw ay, w hich w as officially opened in 1898, even after the br idge collapsed on Septem ber 6, 1898 claim ing 15 lives. Counting a dozen or m or e stops on its w ay thr ough Stor m ont County to Ottaw a, the Line?s econom ic im pact on these pr eviously unser viced far m com m unities w as im m ediate, and people w onder ed how they had ever got along w ithout it.The Line helped m ake cheese pr oduction, SD & G?s leading industr y. Affor ding dir ect access to Ottaw a, the Line allow ed pr eviously isolated r ur al students to take the tr ain fr om Nor thfield Station and points in betw een to attend High School in Finch, for the fir st tim e on a daily basis.W ith the Ottaw a ter m inus just south of the Univer sity of Ottaw a, students could now r eadily obtain a bilingual univer sity education.W hile adults could com m ute betw een Ottaw a and Cor nw all to w or k in the Civil Ser vice. The Line could not com pete econom ically w ith tr anspor t tr uck ser vices and the fam ily car , and by the ear ly 1950s passenger fees had dr opped by 75%. ?It w as said by m any that you could jum p out and r un along beside the coach? On a hot sum m er day, one could even jum p fr om the tr ain, snatch a handful of pr etty flow er s and r eboar d w ithout difficulty.?

Photo - 4

Passenger ser vice ter m inated in 1954 r aising ?only a slight pr otest,? and the Line closed in 1957. Photo- 4 The CPR oper ated the Pea nut Line.The station wa s located on the nor thea st cor ner of 6thSt. E. a nd Pitt, now pa r t of Gia nt Tiger ?s pa r king lot. (Photo cour tesy,M useum Science & Tech., Ca n.)

Tim es had changed, how ever , and on August 9, 1958, the slow , but m uch loved M occasin tr ain,that tr avelled betw een Br ockville and M ontr eal for 103 year s w as discontinued due to declining r evenues.

Photo - 5 Photo - 2 Cor nwa ll?s ver y ?60?s minima list gla ss enca sed VI A station, sur r ounded by a pay a s you use pa r king lot, that some Councillor s believe pr events people fr om ta king the tr a in. In 1976 CN?s passenger ser vice w as taken over by VIA.This ser vice w as thr eatened in the late 1980s, pr om pting local politicians, business, labour and tr aveller s to r ally to save the tr ain that car r ied betw een 6,500 and 7,800 passenger s m onthly. The m essage is clear : If r ail ser vice is im por tant to Cor nw all, the com m unity has to for cefully m ake its position know n.


Along w ith the Gr and Tr unk/CNR, Cor nw all w as ser ved by tw o additional r ailw ays.

JUNE 2021

The Peanut Line, aka Glengar r y & Stor m ont Railw ay w as the last r ail line to be constr ucted.Opened in 1915, the 40 km s long line linked Cor nw all and South Glengar r y w ith the CPR m ainline in Quebec.Car r ying passenger s, far m pr oduce, industr ial pr oducts and m ilk, im pr oved tr uck tr anspor tation and the pr ivate autom obile m ade it unpr ofitable and passenger ser vice ended in 1952.The closur e of Cour tauld?s Canada, its last m ajor custom er , ended all ser vice in 1995. Photo - 5 Cor nwa ll Str eetRa ilway?sLocomotive 17 is a ll that r ema ins of Cor nwa ll?s once vibr a nt r a il ser vice.The engine wa s used to haul pr oducts fr om Cor nwa ll?s industr ies to the City?s va r ious inter city a nd inter nationa l r a il ca r r ier s.The line r a n fr om 1885 until fr eight oper ations cea sed in 1971.



Th e Cor n w al lWat er f r on tFar m er s' M ar k et(CW FM )is a com m unityand pr oducerdr iveninitiativebeingled by Kozr ootsCom m unity Em pow er m entPr ojects(KCEP),the pr oducer sof the Easter nOntar io Gar licFestival,and suppor ting par tnerthe Easter nOntar ioAgr i-food Netw or k(EOAN).

·15 to 50 vendor sover the seasonw ith local healthyfr esh pr oduces, tasty,pr epar edm eals,ar t, uniquew ar es,and m or e!

Thesetim eshaveinvitedus all to collabor ateto contr ibuteto developingr esour cesand activityfor the com m ongood.We ar e gr atefulto all stakeholder sw ho haveinvested r esour cesin m akingthe CW FMcom e to life.

Com eout and exper iencew hat the over 3000visitor sto datear e saying.

Fr om the City of Cor nw all,TheUnited Countiesof PR & SDG,and Akw esasne the CW FMhasgr ow er s,food pr oducer s,ar tistsand ar tisans r epr esentingthe r egion.Likew ise, thesem unicipalitieshaveinvestedin local agr i-foodar e key par tner sin establishingthe CW FM .

The CW FMor ganizingteam w ith the CW FMSteer ingCom m itteew ill host them eddayseach m onthbeginningw ith Gr een Explosionon July 31st,Tom atoTor nadoon August29th,TheEaster nOntar ioGar lic M ar keton Septem ber26, and Har vestHar m onyon October31st.

"TheCor nw allWater fr ontFar m er s? M ar ketis a w elcom edadditionto the agr i-tour ismassetsin and ar oundthe com m unity.It is im por tantto pr ovider esidents and visitor salike,accessto local pr oduceand pr epar ed foodsto tr uly exper iencethe flavour sof Cor nw all,SDGand PR". Amy M alyon,Cor nw allTour ism .

·Com m unityor ganizationsand Non-Pr ofitsvolunteer ismand outr each. ·We a sk a ll visitor sto use the entr a ncea nd exit, wea r a ma ska nd continueto pr a cticephysica ldista ncingonsiteat the ma r ket.


?Thisis so r efr eshing?, ?So aw esom e,w e can not believethe diver sityof foodsw e foundher e today?,and ?them ar ketis m or ethan w e expectedit to be, w e w ill be back w eekly?

Lear n w ho ar e vendor sar e and m or eby follow ingus on Facebookand Instagr am or , at cor nw allw ater fr ontfar m er sm ar ket.ca Ar ticleWr ittenby Br endaNor ma n,ExecutiveDir ectorof Kozr oots CommunityEmpower mentPr ojects& Pr ojectM a na gerof the Cor nwa llWater fr ontFr a mer s? M a r ket I n Ph ot o:DebbieFor tier , ExecutiveDir ectorof Baldw in House,joinsBr endaNor m an, Pr ojectDeveloperand M anager of the CW FM ,and Ber nadette Clem ent,w ho enjoyedher tim e at the m ar ketin one of her last outingsas the M ayor of Cor nw all on the openingday. Baldw in Housevolunteer sw ill w elcom e visitor seach w eek at the entr anceof the Cor nw all Water fr ontFar m er s?M ar ket.

Her e?sw h at you n eed t o k n ow f or n ow : ·TheCW FMr unsever y Sundaythr oughto October31, 2021. ·Open 10 am to 2pm (entr anceon the w est sideof the flags). ·100 Water Str eet,in the par kinglot in fr ont of the Civic Centr e.

Happy Can ada Day! Joyeu se f êt e du Can ada!


JUNE 2021

JU LY Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s



Sharyn's Pant ry


JUNE 2021



A Shave


a Hair


In Lamoureux Park The Cornwal l Communit y Museum 613-936-0280

DUETOCOVID-19 TheMuseum remains cl osedt o t hepubl icunt ilt heSt ayat HomeOrderisl if t ed FORANYRESEARCH REQUESTS - pl easeemail :

By the tim e that this publication is online and at the new s stands, hopefully the pr ovince w ill have enter ed Step 2 of the COVID r ecover y. If not, entr y into Step 2 should be im m inent and that m eans that those of us w ho don?t happen to live w ith a bar ber or hair stylist can book an appointm ent for a m uch over due hair cut. Thank the Lor d! How ever , histor ically ther e have been som e folks w ho, due to the cold of w inter or just plain fr ugality, w ould w illingly choose to skip the m onthly visit to tend to pr ofessional gr oom ing. For exam ple, back in June of 1954, the Standar d-Fr eeholder , then know n for its cover age of m uch m or e than just the m ajor new s item s, r epor ted an account of a St. Andr ew s West m an w ho paid a visit to bar ber M ar k M ontr oy for w hat the new spaper r efer r ed to as his annual shave and hair cut. John M acPhail, a r etir ed Osgood Station cheese m aker , had not shaven since the pr evious October. W hen M acPhail r ose fr om the bar ber ?s chair , w ithout the 6? bear d gr ow th and now spor ting a near -bald look in place of the long scalp hair , he looked like a m uch younger and m or e genteel m an. Star ting to feel little bit like M acPhail, I?ve had my bar ber appointm ent booked for sever al w eeks and can har dly w ait. Of cour se now adays a shave and a hair cut cost consider ably m or e than tw o bits (fr om the lyr ics of the Johnny Appleseed song.) M useum s ar e scheduled to r e-open in Step 3 of the r ecover y. If you com e to the M useum for a socially distanced guided visit in Step 3, you m ay catch a glim pse of my ?COVID look? (bear d) befor e it disappear s. Be sur e to w atch our w ebsite and Facebook page for updates. Don



from the Seeker


We are sure that Don isn't the only one excited to get his haircut...here is a PHOTO OP!!! Julia and Mai-Liis want you to email us your BEFORE and AFTER Haircut Pics to: info@theseeker.ca before JULY 20th and we will put them in the August Seeker ... We can't wait to so your NEW Hair Dos!

NOM INATIONTO THE 2021 CORNWALLARTSHALL OF FAM EIS NOW OPEN Since 2015, the Ar ts Hall of Fam e show cased the significant achievem ents of ar tists, suppor ter s and builder s in all the ar ts the br illiant histor y and accom plishm ents of the ar tistic and cultur al m ovem ents of the past; it has illustr ated the gr eat contem por ar y w or k our citizens ar e contr ibuting locally, nationally and inter nationally. To date for ty am azing citizens have been r ecognized for their contr ibution. Am ong the inductees ther e ar e per for m er s in theatr e, visual ar tists, m usicians, w r iter s,


dancer s, an association and a business. In 2020, 11 citizens w er e inducted into the Ar ts Hall of Fam e but Covid r estr ictions pr evented a public cer em ony. This year ly gala is the pr ide of the Centr e for the Ar ts Collective and if the situation per m its, ther e w ill be a gr eat gala for the inductees of 2020 and 2021 in the late fall. Ever yon e i s i n v i t ed t o su bm i t t h e n am e of som eon e al i ve or deceased w h ose con t r i bu t i on i n ar t s an d cu l t u r e i s n ot ew or t hy. Gu i del i n es: -

No per son can nom inate him self

JUNE 2021


or her self. M em ber s of the public, m em ber s of the Com m ittee for the Hall of fam e, and com m unity or ganisations m ay nom inate an individual and/or or ganisations.

Nom inating is a sim ple pr ocess r equir ing a biogr aphy of the nom inee and 3 suppor ter s of the nom ination. The com pleted for m can be m ailed to or dr opped off at the Benson Centr e. The closing date for nom inations is Sept em ber 1, 2021. Th e n om i n at i on f or m an d i n f or m at i on ar e avai l abl e at : w w w.cor n w al l ar t sh al l of f am e.com






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