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Ja so n JULY 2019

SETNYK Bar st ool Pr oph et s t o h eadlin e Cor n w all Can ada Day - (Cornwall Tourism) Lamoureux Park will be rocking this Canada Day when a pair of local performers headline the community?s annual July 1st celebrations. Beloved Cornwall rockers Barstool Prophets will headline the Canada Day celebration in Lamoureux Park along with talented Cornwall songstress Melanie BrulĂŠe. ?We?re extremely excited about this year ?s entertainment line-up,?says Lorne Taillon of the City of Cornwall, a member of the Canada Day Committee. ?Having these two big-name local performers on our stage is a perfect way to celebrate Canada?s birthday and our community.? A Rar e an d Fan t ast ic Com ic ? You never know what you will see at Fantasy Realm! Comic book collector Stephen Workman brought in his copy of Fantastic Four #1 to show Randy Sauve. This was purchased off the rack in Winchester, Ontario in November of 1961. What's next for Fantasy Realm and CAPE? Halloween Comicfest is on October 26th and is presented by CAPE and Fantasy Realm. The event runs from 10 am to 5 pm and also features guest like Noelle Hannibal, Pat Patenalide, James Lapierre, and Aero Cosplay. There will also be exhibitors, free comic books, treats, prizes, and more. Admission is $3, and children 12 and under can attend for free. On e M illion Ter r y Fox Fu n dr aisin g M ilest on e After receiving the 2018 Terry Fox Run results, the Terry Fox Foundation has informed the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) that their family of schools has surpassed the


Com plet e St or ies on ou r Websit e: w w w.t h eseek er .ca

million-dollar fundraising goal at $1,437,006 to date. For over 30 years, the Terry Fox Foundation has worked to achieve Terry?s vision ? a world without cancer. Terry Fox Runs are events that happen annually in early fall at UCDSB schools. Staff and students fundraise individually to raise money to support this initiative. With a focused goal and collaborative spirit of generosity and determination, UCDSB has been participating in the run for almost 30 years. Viscount Alexander Public School is one of the longest-participating elementary schools in our district, with 25 years of runs. This school, which currently has 450 students, has raised $32,625 over the years. ?Not only do these events bring our school together for a great cause to raise money for cancer research?, explains Scott Strachan, a teacher at Carleton Place High School. ?It allows our community to know that we are involved and care.? M P Gu y Lau zon Ret ir em en t Din n er ? Here is a snapshot from MP Guy Lauzon?s Retirement Dinner. Over 300 people were in attendance including Cornwall Mayor Bernadette Clement. Guy Lauzon was honored with this painting, and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave a video message in celebration of Guy?s 15 years of service as a Member of Parliament for SDSG. Guy Lauzon was also given an honourary diploma from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall. "I was honoured and humbled to be recognized by St. Lawrence College this past weekend with an honourary diploma. We are blessed to have a top-notch post-secondary institution right in our backyard," said Lauzon on social media. Ladou ceu r Ph ot o Open s New St u dio - (Business Enterprise Center) The arts movement in downtown Cornwall has grown with the opening of LadouceurPhoto Studio & Gallery. The newly renovated 340 square-foot downtown studio opened in early April and is located at 11 ½ Second Street West, between Gordon?s Jewelers and Fairy Sweet Gourmet Bakery & Chocolatier. Lee Ladouceur, owner of LadoucerPhoto Studio & Gallery has been honing his photography skills for over 20 years with a focus on portraiture, business headshots and pet photography. ?I have


been a photographer all my life and felt it was time to fully pursue it as my career,?says Mr. Ladouceur. ?Having a space to help create new work will allow me to expand my offering to clients.?Future plans for the studio include a photo gallery for group and solo exhibits, sales of his personal art prints and a unique offering that pet owners will have an interest in. Habit at ch allen gin g t h e com m u n it y t o give - Building a home is an expensive business. For that reason, Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties participated in a contest this july to try to bring $10,000 into our community for local, hard-working families. Every $1 that was donated to Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties in the month of july through the online donation page Can adaHelps.or g gave Habitat Cornwall an entry ballot and chance to win the grand prize. The grand prize draw is on Canada Day and one lucky charity will be announced on July 1st, 2019. Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties does not receive annual government funding. The organization has built safe, decent and affordable homes to 13 local families and 31 children in Cornwall and SDG. The Great Canadian Giving Challenge experienced great success in 2018, with 89,899 Canadians participating in the contest, and donating over $11 million to more than 11,000 charities. Celebr at in g St u den t Ar t at t h e Libr ar y - The CCVS Student Art Show was hosted at the Cornwall Public Library. Over 250 pieces of art from students in grades 7 to 12 were on display in a variety of media. Group of Seven inspired paintings, abstract ceramic faces, African inspired masks, mixed-media works and intricate beadwork by the Mohawk language class was also available to view. Visitors also had the opportunity to vote for their favorite work in the show by filling out a People?s Choice ballot. The Opening Reception was held on May 22nd. ?It is so important that students have the opportunity to see their work exhibited out in the community for the public to enjoy. It gives them confidence and a sense of pride in their accomplishments,?said Betty Carter-Edwards, a Visual Arts teacher at CCVS.






Jo hn

Member of t he Sal t Therapy Associat ion

LISTER Gr at i t u de

Gr atitudew or ksin a str ange w ay,at least it is str angeto our egos. Our ego says, give m e som ethingand I'll natur allyfeel gr ateful.Thisseem snor m al,and to our ego, it is. But to our eter nal spir it,our authentic self, the r eal par t of us that w ill live for ever , gr atitudew or ksin r ever se.We begin by being gr atefulfor w hateverw e desir e,BEFOREw e have it. That is also how faith w or ks.We don't need to have a plan,no idea of how w e w ill get it, yet w e can feel gr atefulas though it is alr eadyour s. I often or der item son eBay,an onlinesalesoutlet.I w ill find the item ,pay for it, and w ait. It is alr eady m ine.I feel gr atefulfor findingit and beingable to get it. But it is not yet in my hand.It is the sam ew ith gr atitude.If ther eis som ethingin life I desir e,I begin by m akingsur e it is not my ego gr eedilyw antingm or epossessions.Sincemy ego is som ew hattam ed,I can pr etty w ell r est know ingit is my authenticself desir ingthe thing. As another exam ple,M ar leneand I w ould have been happy gettingm ar r iedat City Hall, but m ost of her childr enlive in Ottaw a.Last year ,w e w er eadvisedof a contest w her ew inner sw ould have an all-expensepaid w edding,com pletew ith venue,flow er s,photogr apher , officiant,w eddingcake and m uch m or e.We had w aited a long tim e until w e could be m ar r ied,and w hen w e hear d about the contest,it felt as though it w as the Univer se's gear sin m otion.All w e neededto do w as play along.So w e enter edand thr eedayslater found out w e had w on this fair ytalew eddingpackage.M y next w or r y w as dr ivingto Ottaw ain Febr uar y,as I don't enjoy w inter dr ivingand don't even have snow tir es. But again,I didn't w or r y about it, I just felt the gr atitudeand excitem entabout our upcom ingw edding.Sur e enough,the day w as sunny and not too cold, as w as the follow ingday as w ell, for our dr ive hom e.It w as our gr atitude,excitem entand joy that caused all of this to m ater ialize- r ight dow n to the good w eather. A m or edifficulttim e to pr acticegr atitudeis w hen som ethingseem sto have gone w r ong.For exam ple,a custom erdoesn't show up, w e get a flat tir e or a dead batter y.The fir st thingthe ego w antsto do is r eact,often w ith anger.But w hat if w e w er egr atefulfor such events? We don't see the big pictur e.W hat if that custom ernot show ingup allow edus to w or k on a differ entcustom er 's pr oject,and that flat tir e or dead batter yspar ed us fr om dr ivinginto a m ulti-carpileup on the highw ay?Som etim es w e don't know the facts,but if w e r em ain gr ateful thr oughoutall situations,the Univer se,or God, can use thosesituationsto our benefit.The tir e that w as flat m ay have blow n on the highw ay,or per hapsw e sim ply should have bought new tir es. At any r ate, beinggr atefulw ill open door s.A fr iend m ay have hear d our stor y and offer new tir esin our size. You just never know how the Univer sew ill answ er ,and the 'how ' is not even our sto w or r y about. For mor einfor mation, plea sevisit: w w w.thehigher


Cor n w all's Fir stSaltRoom Hoorayfor Summer... I think. Well summeris finallyhere,and with it comesthe dreaded"Air Quality Advisories". We all knowthisareahaslongbeenknownfor poor air quality,and while thingshaveimproved,they are still far fromperfect.Thisproblemis multipliedwhenhot humidair trapsthe pollution,so breathingbecomes moredifficultevenfor perfectlyhealthypeople.Thiswasevidencedlast summerby the clientswho neededto visit our saltroom. I wouldlike to sharesomethingthat manymay be unawareof. Whenwe ourselvesor a lovedone is havingdifficultybreathingin the heat,we tend to retreatto the safetyof our air conditionedhome.While it may be morecomfortable,thereis a downsideto this.

Indoorair qualitystudieshaveshownthat in the averageNorthAmericanhome, the air is 5-15 timesmorepollutedthat the air outside.I knowthissounds outrageous,but let me tell you why. If your housewasbuilt after 1988,buildingcodesrequirethat the housecannot haveair leakagegreaterthan 7.83 squareinches.Thatsaboutthe size of my fist. No air leakagemeansno air escapingand no freshair entering.Onlyabout 5% of homeshavea properair exchangerinstalledbecausethey are expensive.The result is that anythingthatsbad for your breathingthat entersthe houseis trappedinside. Couplethat with all the cleaningchemicalswe use to makecleaningfasterand easier,especiallyaerosols,includingair freshenersand what you haveis a toxic cocktail. Now,if you havea centralheatingsystem,whichmost of us do,we can do somethingabout thisproblem.Simplypurchasea high performanceair filterfor your furnaceas a startingpoint.If your presentfiltercannotcapturemicronsize particulateit's not goodenough! To summarize,a modernhouseis a big plasticbag behindthe drywall.The furnaceis recirculatingthe air and pollutantsthat the furnacefilter doesn't captureand deliveringthemto everyroomin your house.Hereinliesthe problem. The peoplebreathingin the housenow becomethe filter for all of thoseairborne irritants.Becausethey are so small,our bodieshaveno defenceto themand they end up in our lungs.Now you knowwhy so manymorepeoplehavebreathing problemsthan in previousgenerations.So upgradeyour furnacefilter,consider gettingand air exchangeror a Hepafilterand openyour windowsmoreoften. Aboveall try to eliminateas manychemicalsfromyour life as possible. As I've said beforeHalotherapyis knownto help, alleviateor eliminatejust about any breathingproblemyou may sufferfrom,but if the homeenvironment is toxic,I'm goingto see you backfor morevisits,it's just a matterof time!Take careof yourselvesout there,but if you needus,HALOsalt therapyis hereto help! fromTerry& Aldea

850 Boundary Rd. Unit 1 Breat he in Wel l ness. Cal l us t oday! Sout h Gl engarry, ON - 613-933-9055


Open: 7am Mon. t o Wed. 6am Thurs. 17349 Cornwal l Cent re Rd., Cornwal l ON t o Sun.

HALO sal t t herapy JULY-AUGUST 2019




in the



Ar ticle by Neil M a cmilla n

Nex t Ch apt er s? W hen one obser ves Cor nw all Public Libr ar y CEO and Chief Libr ar ian Daw n Kiddell pr ofessionally in action, one gets the im pr ession that she is a ?class act,? and w hen one m eets her in per son to inter view her about her upcom ing r etir em ent at the end of July, one r ealizes that she is also som eone w ho can be fair ly descr ibed as ?a beautiful per son inside and out.? After a 30-year car eer in the libr ar y sector , she?s taking ear ly r etir em ent at the r elatively young age of 57 to m ove closer to M ontr eal w her e her husband Andy w or ks. Or iginally fr om Alber ta, Daw n settled in this ar ea after her m ar r iage to Andy, w hom she m et in M ontr eal w hile she w as studying at M cGill Univer sity. Since Andy still w or ks in M ontr eal and has been m aking the longer com m ute dur ing alm ost all of their m ar r iage and now that her tw o daughter s have begun their pr ofessional car eer s (one a law yer and one an engineer ), Daw n feels that she can take ear ly r etir em ent and pur sue new hor izons, possibly as a w r iter. Her e ar e f i ve qu est i on s t h at sh e gr aci ou sl y an sw er ed f or Th e Seek er an d i t s r eader s: W hat inter ested you in becoming a libr a r ia n? Reading w as alw ays a lar ge par t of my life, m odeled by my m other. Even living in r em ote com m unities w ithout a libr ar y, she m ade sur e that w e w er e enr olled w ith the Extension Libr ar y books-by-m ail ser vice r un by the Univer sity of Alber ta. She becam e a Libr ar y technician and w or ked in our high school libr ar y for 20 year s. M y m other is my inspir ation and r ole m odel. In fact, she just r etir ed fr om w or king par t-tim e at Cam r ose Public Libr ar y in Januar y this year ? at the age of 83! M y fir st jobs w er e as a student page in the public libr ar y in Westlock, Alber ta, then at M cGill Univer sity (the Under gr aduate and M cLennan Libr ar ies dur ing my student year s). After my BA, I w or ked and tr avelled for a year , and then enr olled in the M aster of Libr ar y and Infor m ation Studies pr ogr am at M cGill. It

www.djshel l THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP


w as a natur al evolution. How long have you wor ked at the Cor nwa ll Public Libr a r y? For the past 23 year s ? since july 1996. I cam e on boar d as Head of Refer ence w hen the libr ar y w as still located on the Cline House pr oper ty on Second Str eet West, just befor e its m ove into its cur r ent pr em ises a few hundr ed m etr es w est in the for m er Post Office building. I w as nam ed CEO and Chief Libr ar ian seven year s later in 2003. W hat cha nges have you seen over the yea r s? I can sum up the changes in thr ee w or ds: INTERNET, AUTOM ATION AND DIGITAL. W hen I fir st star ted at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y, w e had a car d catalogue and no public com puter s. In those days, w e even had a vinyl r ecor d collection, and one thir d of our book collection w as stor ed in the stacks (the Cline House)! In other w or ds, w e?r e still dealing in infor m ation ? or to use the m or e m oder n expr ession ?content,? but the volum e of content has expanded exponentially over the past 30 year s, as has the infor m ation and com m unication technology to handle it. These days, all of us can now potentially access ever ything w e need ? or w ant to ? know. W hat a r e the new featur es that we ca n expect to see a nd use when visiting the Libr a r y? 路 Our custom er ser vices have been str eam lined w ith im pr ovem ents such as self checkout or em ail, phone or text notifications about item s for pickup or over due item s for r etur n (including autom atic r enew al of over dues); 路 Libr ar y m em ber s can now use the libr ar y w ebsite to r eser ve their ow n item s, and update or r enew their accounts. 路 W ith a str ong em phasis on an expanded definition of liter acy to include not only r eading and w r iting but digital and technological liter acy as w ell, especially in the four STEM subjects (science, technology engineer ing and m ath), the libr ar y now pr ovides access to m ajor str eam ing ser vices (such as Hoopla and Kanopy) and to ebooks, audio books and digital m agazines (Flipster ). 路 The libr ar y?s Inter net connectivity has been im pr oved, and other ser vices such as pr inting fr om sm ar tphones w ill soon be available. I t?s sa id that once a per son r etir es, they have less time tha n when they wer e wor king! So, now that you?ll soon be r etir ed, how will you be spending your time? I plan to do m or e of w hat I alr eady do ? w ith m or e tim e to do it thanks to a less dem anding schedule! I plan to tr avel, visit fam ily in Alber ta, r un (including m ar athons!), cycle and volunteer. I?m par ticular ly inter ested in doing m or e w r iting. I also ver y m uch look for w ar d to r etur ning to Cor nw all next year in 2020 w hen w e?ll be celebr ating the 125th anniver sar y of public libr ar y ser vices in the City of Cor nw all! Tha nk you Dawn for your time a nd the Seeker Tea m wish you a ll the Best for your Retir ement!

www.invit at




JU LY Pr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

In t er vi ew wi t h Bl ack Fl ag si n g er , sk at eb o ar d er , an d Th e Han g o ver m o vi e act o r M i k e Val l el y Ar ticle by Ja son Setnyk Photo by Rob Wa lla ce

M ike Vallely becam e the lead singer of Black Flag a few w eeks after the r elease of the 2013 album titled ?W hat The? ?.

M ontebello,QuĂŠbec ? M ontebelloRock took pla ce on the weekend of july 14th. The outdoor festiva l featur ed 30 punk, r ock, a nd meta l ba nds, 2 sta ges, cr a ft beer , punk r ock ka r a oke, a nd ca mpfir es.Some of the hea dline ba nds wer e Bla ck Fla g, M xPx, 88 Finger sLouie, a nd Unwr itten Law. Black Flag is a Califor niapunk band that w as established in 1976 by Gr eg Ginn. The cur r ent line-up of the band featur es Gr eg Ginn (guitar ),M ike Vallely (vocals), Tyler Sm ith (bass), and Isaias Gil (dr um s). M ike Vallely is the lead singer of Black Flag. He has an intr iguingbackgr ound. He?s a pr ofessional skateboar der ,w ho appear ed on the cover of Thr asher m agazine,and also appear ed in var ious Tony Haw k video gam es. He?s also an actor , and his IM Db cr edits include The Hangover and Paul Blar t: M all Cop. After a five-year hiatus since Black Flag?s last show , M ike Vallely is excited to be on the r oad again for the upcom ingw or ld tour.

d o n 't m iss t h e n e w a r t isa n a l l e y !

La m ou r e u x pa r k c or n w a l l EN T ERTA I N M EN T

L INEUP THURSDA Y 25 4:30 Ribfest Idol 5:30 Opening Ceremonies 6:00 Bordertown Catz 7:30 Symply Skynyrd (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 9:30 Just Heart Heart Tribute


1:00 TBA 2:30 TBA 4:00 The Everlongs (Foo Fighters) 5:30 The Outlandos (The Police) 7:30 Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood) 9:30 Abbamania (ABBA)


12:30 TBA 2:00 Bird King (Classic 70?s) 3:30 Stacey?s Mom 5:30 Lost Boyz (80?s) 7:30 Parallel Universe (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) 9:30 Epic Journey with Roy Nichol (Journey)

FREE EV ENT Br in g y ou r l a w n c h a ir s a n d e n j oy t h e m u sic !

SUNDA Y 12:00 TBA 28 1:30 The Hallions (Celtic Rock) 3:30 Double Vision (Foreigner) 5:30 Epic Eagles (Eagles)

The album ?W hat The? ?r epr esenteda new er a of Black Flag m usic post-Henr y Rollins. The ar tw or k w as consider ably differ ent too. In r etr ospect,ar e ther e any r egr etsnot going w ith Raym ond Pettibon w ho designed their ear lier album cover s? ?I think that the w or k on ?W hat The? ? w as set in m otion w ith a lot of optim ism by Gr eg, but it w as unfor tunately dr ow ned by a lot of cynicism by his collabor ator ? it?s r eally too bad,?M ike Vallely stated. Ther e ar e no plans for a new Black Flag album ? at least not yet. ?Ther e ar e no talks or plans at this point for a new album . We have so m uch tour ing ahead of us, that is our focus r ight now ,?M ike Vallely disclosed. Fans ar e looking for w ar d to hear ing their favor ite Black Flag songs live once again. Also, fans ar e looking for w ar d to w atchingGr eg Ginn do his thing.

Black Flag guitar ist Gr eg Ginn has r eceived a lot of cr itical acclaim s. For exam ple,he w as included in Rolling Stone m agazine?s?The 100 Gr eatest Guitar istsof All Tim e?. Also, m any m usiciansinclude guitar istsfr om Rise The Califor niapunk band has num er ous Against, The M elvins,and Alice in Chains all state that Gr eg Ginn w as an fan favor ite songs such as ?Six Pack,? ?Ner vousBr eakdow n,??JealousAgain,? influence. ?Dam aged,??TV Par ty,?and ?M y War ?. ?I don?t think Gr eg values being on lists. Cer tainly,it?s nice to be cr edited as an M ike Vallely explainsthat these songs influenceor inspir ation by other ar e still r elevant today, and even after m usicians,and he is alw ays ver y m oved 40 year s, fans still connect w ith them . by other m usiciansthankinghim and com plim entinghim and his w or k,?M ike ?I look for w ar d to playing all of them . Vallely acknow ledged. The songs r em ain as vibr ant and r elatableas w hen they w er e w r itten and Befor e the show m em ber sof Black Flag r ecor ded.These ar en?t songs tr apped in said they w er e happy to be r etur ningto tim e but instead continueto live and Canada; how ever ,the M ontebelloRock have som ethingto offer w ith ever y show is their only Canadian date in listen or per for m ance,?M ike Vallely 2019. explained. ?It m eans a lot of fun. The tim e felt r ight for us to get back out ther e, and w e look for w ar d to shar ing and exper iencing this m usic w ith m usic lover s all over the w or ld,?M ike Vallely said.

On a scale of Keith M or r is to Henr y Rollins, M ike Vallely?ssinging falls m uch closer to the Henr y Rollins vocal r ange. He absolutely nails Rollins er a songs like ?Can?t Decide,?w hile old school Black Flag songs like ?TV Par ty?sound m or e r em iniscent of the ?Live ?84? album .



?We ar e happy to be r etur ningto Canada and to be playing M ontebello Rock, and yes, w e w ould love to get back in 2020 for club dates, but w e don?t have any im m ediateplans for that just yet,? M ike Vallely concluded.


Cal l : 613-525OUT & ABOUT

w ith Se e ke Chick r

M AI-LIIS CONQU ER THE CANVAS Fu n d r ai ser -a g r eat su ccess!

Despite the r ainy w eather , the Benson Centr e w as buzzing w ith excitem ent on Satur day,June 15th as suppor ter sof the ar ts in Cor nw all attended the fir st Conquer the Canvas Fundr aiser.This w as a fundr aiser ,or ganized by YAC (Your Ar ts Council) to help r aise funds for our new Ar ts and Cultur e Centr e w hich w ill be located in the for m er BM O building on Pitt Str eet. 36 ar tists (includingcelebr ity ar tists) took par t in the 3 r oundsof com petition and w er e given 20 m inutesto paint w hatever they w anted. Halfw ay thr ough the r ound - to m ake things m or e inter esting,each ar tist had to open an envelope w hich contained an item that they had to w or k into their painting. M Cs (photo left) w er e Kolor the M agnificent (Br ett Desr osier s)and Wedgew or thT. Quilp Esq. (Paul Aubin) w ho kept tim e and or der and celebr ity ar tists w er e Ber nadetteClem ent,Sue Stew ar t,Justin Tow ndale,Andr ĂŠ Pom m ier ,The Panda, Dave M ur phy and Fr ank Pr evost. After each r ound the paintingsw er e put on show and the audiencegot to choose the w inner s. The w inner s,2 fr om each of the 3 r ounds, then w ent on to the final r ound w her e 6 (3 adult painter s- Sylvie Labr ecque,Er yn Doher ty and Car r ie Keller ,2 student painter s- Olivia Ler oux and Car lotta Rosa and 1 Celebr ity Painter ,Sue Stew ar t aka Bob Ross) battled it out and 3 final w inner sConquer ed the Canvas! The 3 w inner sw er e: Fi r st Pl ace - Car lotta Rosado,Secon d Pl ace - Car r ie Keller and Th i r d Pl ace - Er yn Doher ty. Congr atulationsto all w ho took par t, w hether painting,or ganizing,volunteer ingand visiting! For m or e info about YAC please visit: w w r ar t scou n ci l .caor visit Facebook:Your Ar ts Council,Cor nw all & The Counties

Bo n Jo vi Tr i b u t e k ep t ever yo n e Ro ck i n g Cor nw all is alw aysbusy on w eekendsand at the sam e tim e ther e w as another event going on close by at the Seaw ay Roadhouse.An event that w as supposed to be held outside in the par king to (hence the title "Second Annual Par king Lot Live" Sum m er Bash) but because of the w eather it w as m oved inside w her e at 8:30 the Seaw ay Roadhousew as r ocking to the tunes of Bon Jovi and sound and lights by Sheldon Gr ant Pr ofessional Sound and Lighting. This w as another event pow er ed by Jeff Br unet, ow ner of Alkaline Enter tainm ent.The band "Bon Jovi For ever " cam e fr om Oshaw a and definitely had "The Look The m oves, The Voice, The Tr ibute" as the poster s (designed by Invitationsand m or e by M ai-Liis(m e) stated. Being a lover of r ock m usic I w as happy to be at this event even though it included r olling w ir es w ith Sheldon til 1 am (as I do ever y Satur day night w hen w e DJ events!!!)...but as the saying goes, "W hen you love w hat you do you never have to w or k a day in your life." Visit Fa cebook:Alka lineEnter ta inmentto see what Jeff ha s comingup next.






M a rle ne

Hello ther e to each and ever yone of you w ho have decided to pick up one of Cor nw all's leading m agazines to "Catch up" on all of the "Positive New s & Happenings" In & Ar ound the Cor nw all, and the S.D. & G ar ea this m onth. M other Natur e tr uly m ust be off of her m eds... The w eather thr oughout the m onth of M ay and even into july w as just cr azy. I w ould never know on how to dr ess due to the extr em e differ ences in tem per atur es each day. I r eally do hope that she (M N) w ill be kinder to us fellow Canadians w ho w ait all W inter for w ar m er and sunnier w eather in the beautiful m onth of JULY!


Dow n" those CELL PHONES and "Pick Up" a conver sation w ith som eone that you know , like a fam ily m em ber a fr iend or even your next door neighbour. Even if you both ar en't "Good Conver sationalists" just star t talking about anything that you both m ay be inter ested in. GET TO TALKING INSTEAD OF TEXTING!!!

FAM I LY NEW S: I have som e ver y happy and ver y sad new s to shar e w ith you fr om the m onth of M ay. I had m ade contact w ith my eldest niece, Natalie (my tw in's fir st daughter ) last year and w as unable to visit her as you all know that I had quite the busy year last year w ith getting m ar r ied and m oving into our hom e and all. So, w hen it w as near ing her bir thday this year (M ay 20th) she had invited m e to com e to her bd par ty. I told her that I w ould tr y to m ake it. M y sw eethear t of a husby sur pr ised us, both by getting tr ain tickets for m e to go dow n to Sm ithville(near Niagar a Falls) to be w ith her for her bd. You see I hadn't seen Natalie in over 30 year s so this w as so w onder ful for us to m eet up after so long. I enjoyed a w onder ful 4 hour tr ain r ide..(my fir st in m any year s.) I ar r ived at ~Union W hen a fr iend of m ine asked m e the other day," W hat do I Station~ on tim e in Tor onto to find Natalie w aiting for m e at the end tr easur e the m ost?" I sim ply r eplied back, "You, M y Fr iend. of the escalator. We hugged and kissed and cr ied together for You Inspir e M e Each and Ever y Day To Be Str onger and sever al m om ents. W hat a joy to see one another after so m any W iser." I feel that ther e isn't anything m or e valuable then year s. We then dr ove for another hour to her hom e in Sm ithville honest and sincer e fr iendships. I feel, I am a M illionair e.. A chitting and chatting along our m er r y w ay. After a few hour s of Billionair e w ith a "Pir ate's Chest's" w or th of close and loving being ther e I got a call fr om John. This is w her e the ver y sad new s FRIENDS, such as ALL of YOU! com es in... He sadly had to tell m e that my tw in sister , Dar lene had passed aw ay the night befor e in her sleep.. M y hear t w as br oken and FUN FACTS: Did you know that BLEACH w as invented in I w as ver y sad, but I decided to keep this unhappy new s to myself the late 1940s? That Tur ns Out To Be CHLORINE! Sadly, It w as used until after Natalie's bd w eekend. W hen it w as tim e to tell her.. I just to cause deadly har m to the tr oops back then. But, thankfully dur ing couldn't br ing myself to do it. Thankfully her husband, Br odie br oke W W I PEROXIDE w as invented. It w as used to save and help cleanse the new s to his w ife for m e. She w as saddened by this new s and w as the w ounds and needs of the tr oops and the m any hospitals. Her e gr ateful that I did w ait until then to tell her. I then had another ar e som e am azing facts about PEROXIDE, har dshp to bear..You see my dear 81 year old M other w as just about to leave for a 15 hour plane tr ip back to Ottaw a fr om Yellow knife M any of our doctor s w ill not tell you about Per oxide. Can you even NW T.. I had to patiently w ait until Fr iday after noon to br eak the sad say that you ever sm elt any Bleach in your doctor 's offices? (other new s of Dar lene's passing. I didn't w ant her to be upset or have than, if the floor or ar ea w as being cleaned.) NO! W hy? Because It anything go w r ong on her w ay hom e. She took it w ell enough for a Sm ells Hor r ible, and it is ver y unhealthy for us to br eath in! Next m other to lose one of their childr en. We cr ied and talked a lot about tim e you ar e at your doctor 's, enquir e w ith the nur ses if they use Dar lene and her ver y ow n sister , Sheila that had passed aw ay alm ost Bleach at hom e? I am sur e they w ill tell you NO as they ar e w iser one year to the day. I w as so sad and hear t br oken thr oughout the and know w hat's best to use. w eek but I did com e to ter m s w ith Dar lene's passing as she had m any m edical pr oblem s as she didn't live such a healthy life style. TI P OF THE M ONTH: The M any Uses Of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE(HP): RIP Dear Dar lene Love Alw ays Your w om b- m ate, M ar lene 1. Soak your toothbr ushes into a cup of HP to keep them fr ee of ger m s. 2. Take one capful of HP daily and hold in your m outh for COM M UNI TY NEW S: ~Th e Cor n w al l Ow n Cu ddl e Cot Team ~, about 10 m inutes.. then spit it out. You w on't have any m or e canker Penny Br ow n, Rem ington Pecor e sor es, and your teeth w ill be w hiter w ithout buying expensive and Shannon Dugas have r eached w hitening toothpastes. 3. Even after r insing off your w ooden their goal to br ing a "Cuddle Cot" cutting boar ds, pour HP on it to kill salm onella and other bacter ia. to the ~Cor nw all Com m unity 4. I have even used HP to clean all of my m any m ir r or s. Ther e isn't Hospital~ after near ly a year of any sm ear ing and they com e out looking cr ystal clear. 5. It is also fundr aising her e in Cor nw all. I w onder ful to use in the bathr oom .. If "som eone" has been "car eless" am so excited and pr oud for this ar ound the toilet ar ea, and it sm ells of ur ine.. Just put som e HP in a unique tr io of lovely ladies to spr ay bottle and "in the w ink of an eye" all the sm ell w ill be gone pr esent the funds that w as r aised and the bacter ia ELIM INATED! 6. You can also use it instead of to the CCH! Way To Go Ladies, You m outhw ash. I could go on and on about this econom ical, little m ust be so pr oud of your selves br ow n bottle. But w ith the pr ices of m ost necessities skyr ocketing for achieving such a goal that is so w e should be happy that ther e is a w ay to save lots of $$ in such a needed for the par ents and sim ple and healthy w ay. No Hom e Should Be fam ilies of Cor nw all. John and I W ithout HP! If you w ant m or e infor m ation and w er e ver y happy to have helped or , m or e uses for HP just Google it. out by being judges for your differ ent them ed events. I TEM OF THE M ONTH: I have chosen a "living object" this m onth for a bit of a change. It is ~O'Nei l St u di os I n st r u ct or s Gr ou p~ her e in Cor nw all host an som ething that John bought for our Fir st year "Open M ic" that is open to the public and students once a m onth on Anniver sar y of living in our beautiful, For ever the last Fr iday of the m onth. Door s open at 6:00 p.m . and Hom e. He found it on sale at Walm ar t for per for m ances star t fr om 7:00 until 9:00. I look for w ar d to seeing $39.99 r educed fr om $69.99. M y item this som e of you talented people ther e over the sum m er m onths. M USIC m onth just happens to be an apple tr ee. The IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE THAT REACHES OUT TO ALL AGES!!! nam e of this type of apple is called the CHECK THEM OUT ON FB FOR M ORE INFO. "Jonagold." It is an all pur pose var iety apple w ith a cr isp textur e, and a tar ty flavour. The FAM I LY NEW S: Ther e ar e som e bir thdays in th m onth of July. M y "Jonigold" is a blend of the "Jonathon" and the sister , Donna-Lynn's is on the 18th and my bir thday on the 3oth. I "Golden Delicious" apples. Funnily enough, this can har dly believe that this is the end of my 50'.. Age is just a apple w as developed in the year John w as bor n, num ber..Right? 1953. it is juicy and ar om atic apple that has a unique sw eet/ sour taste. We can har dly w ait to UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: Don't think about w hat can happen in a taste one of these apples in the Autum n. M onth. DonĂ­t think about w hat can happen in a Year. Just FOCUS on the 24 hour s in fr ont of you and do w hat you can to get closer to W HAT W OULD YOU CHOOSE? Standing in the w her e you w ant to be. r ain naked? or Singing in fr ont of a full house of people that you know ? This is just to get Y'All M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister & of talking to one another , again. Please "Put w w w.fa shionogr a






It?s w hat her kids r em em ber Lisa guidance. the m ost and w hat they str ive for today, Review : Ban ds M ak e Th eir in their ow n lives.


M ar k in Ch ar it able Sh ow

Easily r ecognizablein big box stor es or coffee shops w her e Canada?s youth "This yea r thr ives, Debbie is sur e to be chased, ma r ks the em br aced and ser enaded. In her year s of tenth healing hear ts, Debbie?s gift of the gab a nniver sa r yof continuesto live and br eathe into Debbie bookshops,ar t studios and vacation Pa ger ie'slife r esor ts. in Cor nwa ll. M a r king the occa sion with Som e year s ago Debbie and M ar ek took signatur e gr a ce, this a r tist with their fir st tr ip to Law r ence Beach in Nova the hea r t of a wa r r ior ser ves Scotia w her e the fr esh w ater m eets the per sona lity plus wher ever she ocean. goes. I f you'r e lucky you'll see

By Alex Sta cey The Ever longsgave a pa ssionateper for ma nce befor e a pa cked cr owd at Lola ?s la st weekend. Satur day,June 8 ? it?s hum id, the cr ow d is elbow to elbow packed, and going w ild as a thum pingbass line shakes the gr ound. The Hum an Car nival ar e halfw ay thr ough their debut set and ar e in fine for m . Head bangingand thr ashingar ound the stage. It?s an electr ifying,m em or ableper for m ance. beyond the one tr ue golden Sitting along the jetty, she felt the ocean?s And tucked aw ay in the hallw ay entr anceof Lola?s Pub and Gr ub thr ea d, of life itself ". ener gy m ove w ithin her and began to cr y w itnessingall of this ar e sister s, Chantal Amyotteand Amy Cr ow e. as her soul aw akened in this m agical Reser ved yet fr iendly,the tw o w om en sit behind a sm all table of place. As a bor n em path, Debbie took a ser ies of healing w or kshopsafter m oving br aceletsand m ints and ar e an odd sight to see am ongst the punk r ocker s, m etal heads and gr it gr inder sthat cr ow d the bar. Yet they Debbie Pager ie, spr ange fr om the ham let to Cor nw all in ?09 and becam e a Reiki show no hesitation as they affably gr eet people at the door , asking of LaSalle Quebec in the spr ing of 1957. m aster. for donations. Dur ing the Beatles cr aze, she r an the A chance m eeting at a cr aft show str eets m ischievously playing w ith Their cause: the Canadian M ental Health Association. intr oduced her to new fr iends and an tadpoles and gr asshopper sdow n at the Their r eason: because a year ago they lost their br other ,Steve, to w ater ?s edge. This inquisitivenessgot her untapped potential for cr eating ar t. suicide. into tr ouble now and then but her Since then the tw o have m ade it their m andateto m ake sur e their gr andm a Jeanne?s love and br other ?sdeath w as not in vain, and have gone on to r aise over encour agem entshone thr ough m uch of four thousand dollar sfor the CM HA ? thr ee thousand m or e than Debbie?s life-thr ough the bir th of her son their or iginal goal. and w hen attending Hum ber College. Hear ing the sister s w er e doing this, Gr aduatingw ith a degr ee as a Youth Ever longsfr ont m an, Tom my Heatley Suppor t Wor ker ,didn?t com e w ithout its stepped up and offer ed to help put har dshipsas Debbie str uggled to find her on a char ity show for their cause. w ay. Keeping her head above w ater w as And m an did he ever deliver on the leavened w ith the help of sever al angels lineup. in apar tm ent buildingsand w elfar e Fir st up, Feeling Hom esick (A Day To officer s w ho cover ed the bases of Rem em ber tr ibute) ? they?r e r eckless suppor tinga single m other and child. abandon m eets top tier m usicianship. Once w hile applying for an office job, Jum ping ar ound the stage, flipping off the cam er am an (I have Debbie w as inter view ed and hir ed based feelings!),and deliver inga note for note authenticA Day To solely on her per sonality and spunk . Rem em ber per for m ancethat blow s you aw ay,this band is Each w om an m ade a connection that day tr em endous. that?s evolved thr ough the year s into a And m an can they get a m osh pit going like it?s no one?s business. beautiful fr iendship. So m uch alike yet differ ent and thr ough this open w indow M aking sculptur es,fashioned together Next up, post alt band, Th e Hu m an Car n i val . w ith w ir e, m ater ial and paint is w her e it seem ed m or e and m or e good people Debbie found passion in the next chapter If the Sex Pistols and Fugazi had a enter ed their lives. love child, it w ould be these guys. of her jour ney. Joining her Tr ibe at OBO Studios, she r ecently took 2nd place for This bond of loyalty, under standingand A heavy dose of r ock, r age, and angst Lady M ur iel in the Focus Ar t show held com passion car r ied into Debbie?s ear ly this thr ee piece is all kinds of car eer in par ole youth ser vices, in gr oup at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y. aw esom e. hom es, pr ivate hom es and after school The r hythm section is m ade up of As Debbie?s ener gy and love of life pr ogr am s. In her 31 year car eer Debbie dr um m er ,Shane Levac, and bassist, inspir es us along the path, she r em ains taught life-skills, using em pathy and Dane Dallinger.Together ,the duo busy w or king w ith her differ ent suppor t thr ough kindnessand tough-love pack a sonic punch that w allopsyou m edium s and color s. So like the to over 3,000 of Canada?syouth. To hear in the face. It?s pr ecise, calm , yet pow er ful and unr eal to hear live. countless individuals out ther e in the Debbie tell it w ith such hear tfelt w or ld today w ith their ow n stor ies. You On vocals and lead guitar is the hum ble yet char ism atic,Br aunson innocence br ings us back to that sm all Lalonde. If ther e w as adm ission he?d have been w or th the pr ice tow n in Quebec and the little gir l w hose can be sur e that a good por tion, shar e the sam e dir ectness-thesam e openness alone. Each song is an em otional r ide for Br aunson w ho leaves it biggest inspir ation w as only 5?2?. and honesty. A place w her e connection all out ther e, sw inginghis guitar ,banging his head, and singing to som ething good and str ong and W hen star ting a new job at St Ger ar d his hear t out. som etim esr ar e that goldens w ith tim e-is Their songs w er e out of this w or ld, their r iffs w er e killer ,and their Elem entar y in M ississauga,Debbie w as Debbie?s belief in her kids... intr oduced to a tall w hite hair ed fella per for m ancew as ?you had to be ther e?w or thy. nam ed M ar ek Plachecki. A few m onths ....the m usic is loud and clear , for those These guys ar e the next local act on the r ise. later she w as invited to a social event for Last up, Th e Ever l on gs (Foo Fighter s tr ibute) ? fr ont m an, teacher s but upon ar r ival-M ar ek w as the still young enough to hear it. Tom my Heatley, is Dave Gr ohl?s only per son ther e-standingoff to the Lisa Gr ay, Copyr ight @ July 2019 spir it anim al. The passion, the side. His face r ed fr om blushing-how ener gy, the vocal gr ow l. It?s could she know this w ell r ounded, funny I w ould love to have feedback fr om my fantastic, and thr ow in the w ild stor ies...Pleaseem ail m e: per son w ith the glint in his eye w ould flailing ar m s of dr um m er Rob ver legr ace4062@gm one day becom e her husband? Upper and the r ich tones of Nick Tr ying to give the kids as m uch fr eedom Lisa is a m em ber of the Cor nw all Wr iter Kalil?s bass playing and you have and life exper ienceas possible, she once Society, a gr oup that m eets at the your self one hell of a live show. took them to an all-nighter at the Cor nw all Public Libr ar y,on the 3r d Phenom enal tr ibute act. dr ive-in. Pur chasingpop and candy out M onday of each m onth fr om 6:15 to of pocket, ther e w er en?t too m any aw ake 8:15pm . For m or e info. about this or any All in all it w as a gr eat night for a gr eat cause. by 7am the next m or ning. Tr ying to level pr ogr am at the Libr ar y please call Concer ts like this ar e im por tant and show w hat m akes the the playing field of r esponsibility and Cor nw all scene so gr eat; it?s not just about the m usic, it?s about 613-932-4796. fr eedom w as at the hear t of Debbie?s the com m unity.

St ay Gol den





Ever yone deser ves a SPOTLIGHT! Everyone deserves to shine like a star. No matter what, everyone has a special something to share with others. As promised, year after year 3Angels Power Film Production INC delivers, and fulfills the task of producing a family community film project where everyone has the chance to live on screen for generations to come. With every film project, this local film production company builds solid bridges between people, and brings the community together. It also marks Cornwall as a location for filming. In summer 2019, ?Chi Ann Blaze of Fury? (5th feature presentation) will be filmed in Cornwall, Ontario with the help of volunteer actors, stars in the making side by side with professionals. The main objective is to work together, and build a better tomorrow. Our aim is to show that together we can make a difference in order to feel a significant change. You may consider this a message to care, and love each other unconditionally. Once we take the first step, things will change for the better. With your support, and care 3Angels Power will reach, and accomplish the goal to fulfill someone?s wish or dream to step in the spotlight and shine. Therefore, 3Angels Power Film Production INC is asking Cornwall to take a step forward, and help in encouraging the local film/music scene by attending and participating. This local company booked the Bandshell (Lamoureux Park) August 3rd from 3:00pm till 11:00pm offering the young, and old a day to remember.

BackStage Pass fundraiser event is an open invitation to show how much we really care. Two of the local organizations will benefit from this event as well. A percentage of the tickets will go to Habitat for Humanity, and Diversity Cornwall. The remaining will go towards funding ?Chi Ann Blaze of Fury?. Tickets are only $10 each, and on sale now. Kids 12 yrs and under enter FREE. The program will consist of a wonderful bouquet of professional entertainers, and true talents who are coming from 3 different cities (Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall) to perform. Two bands ?The Leftovers?, and ?King Swan? as well as a few solo singers such as; Dan Molson, THEFREAKBOY, Steven Oakes, Pierre Jobin, Faysal Budayr , and Simon will rock the souls of Cornwall with their music. This event will have more entertainment with HAUS of Manhattan DJservices along with a special MC. Ms. Dynasty Starr, and Co- host LuLu Belle. The event will also have remarkable guest speakers (a Canadian author Nataly Restokian, and radio Moyen Orient 1450 AM host Victor Diab). Cornwallians will have a chance to meet, and greet with Tony Stallone, a Colombian Hollywood star, and a professional/independent wrestler. So, bring your foldable chairs, and snacks. Don?t miss out on door prizes, silent auction, and kid?s talent contest. Be the first to attend an unforgettable first annual event called the BackStage Pass, a family picnic with entertainment and more surprises. Gladys Karam, 3Angels Power Film Production INC

Lic. 702828

Call211w h enyoudon'tk n oww h er et o t u r n... Since 2015, the City of Cor nw all has par tner ed w ith 211 - a fr ee, m ultilingual helpline available 24/7 to connect people w ith com m unity, social, health, and gover nm ent ser vices. To use the ser vice, simply dia l 211 or visit w w w.211onta r The City of Cor nw all's par tner ship w ith 211 m eans that in an em er gency, infor m ation w ill be easily available to r esidents. In 2018, near ly 400 people in Stor m ont, Dundas and


Glengar r y ar ea called 211 for assistance. Caller s sought infor m ation about issues like health, housing, tr anspor tation, and financial assistance.


W hat kinds of questions can 211 assist w ith? W her e is the near est w alk-in clinic that is open tonight? -

Does my elder ly father qualify for dental assistance? I am being abused and I need a shelter. W her e can I go? I am looking after my


husband w ho has dem entia. I am exhausted. W her e can I get r elief? I have an appointm ent in Ottaw a and I am afr aid to dr ive in the w inter. Can you help m e? I cannot pay my Hydr o bill. W hat can I do?

Rem em ber : in em er gency situations, dial 911. W hen you'r e not sur e wher e to tur n, dia l 211.



Aug. 6 $155

1000 Island Tour Billy Joel & Elton John tribute on board

Aug. 28 ROCKIN?ALL NIGHT Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens $139 & Big Bopper - tribute Hudson VIllage Theater

Sept . 7 JOHNNY CASH RINGOF FIRE 1000 Island Playhouse $165

Escort ed out of Cornwal l by Bev. Roy 613-360-4248



What Is An Angel Card Reading? By Wendy Hudson, D.Div., C.A.E.H., C.D.W., C.S.H.


Of course, you are always free to ask something else but these give you a good idea of where to start. Angel Card Readings are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions and depending on the time available, more than one question and card spread can be done per session. Readings are available in person or via Skype or Facebook Live. Intuitive Energy Healings in person are also available for those who want to engage in shifting and clearing of personal issues. Your Angels and Guides are waiting to connect with you. To find out more about what we do, who we are, what we teach and any upcoming workshops and classes, please visit our website at To book a session with Wendy, you can email or call 613-933-6718.



what can I learn from this situation? how can I release this? how can I love myself more? how can I deepen my connection to my own guidance system? what do I need to know in order to grow and evolve easier? how can I tap into my soul purpose? where should I put my focus right now? how can I break this negative cycle I?m in? what do I need to know right now? where is this present path leading me to? what step should I take next in my career? what can I do to increase my abundance? how can I help myself heal from this? where is this relationship heading? what would the angels like to tell me about this upcoming situation/ event? what is my next, highest vibrational step?

Congratulations Helena - yet another




w w w.libr ar ycor n w all.on .ca Facebook : libr ar ycor n w allon t ar io

D.Div., C.A.E.H., C.D.W., C.S.H.

We all have the ability at any moment to connect with our own higher guidance. Many people call this our intuition which is a part of you that just knows the answers to any question you have to ask. When you?re going through difficult times however, it can be hard to distinguish between true messages from Spirit and our own, internal self-talk which is often made up of negative, limiting beliefs, all our fears and multiple sub-personalities. These parts of us can tell us what we want to hear to keep us in our comfort zone which will prevent us from inner growth and evolution. Sometimes we need clarity, encouragement or someone to help us gain a different perspective to help sort it all out. An Angel Card Reading is a fun yet powerful way to receive messages from Spirit, Angels, Guides and gain insightful solutions to just about any situation. These sessions are meant as a healing tool to gently guide you in your personal growth. Many people don?t know what to ask during a session so here are a few questions that might be helpful: -

45 SecondStreet E. 613-932-4796

TD SUM M ER READING CLUB IS ON Our TD Summer Reading Club is on! The popular club for kids up to 13 years of age runs from July 2 to August 15 with great Reading Activities, Steam programs, Boredom Busters, Movies and more. Club members ride Cornwall Transit buses for free in July and August. Call the library for more details.

WE?RE GOING HOLLYWOOD SUM M ER M OVIES AT THE LIBRARY Enjoy blockbuster movies for free at the library every Tuesday afternoon and evening until September 10. Tu esdays ar e m ovies gear ed t o a m at u r e au dien ce, and on M on day af t er n oon s in Ju ly an d Au gu st , w e h ave f r ee f am ily m ovies. No library card required. Check our website for titles.

STREAM M OVIES AND M ORE TO YOUR PREFERRED DEVICE! With our HOOPLA streaming service, you can instantly borrow movies, music, eBooks, comics, audiobooks and more. Even more streaming with KANOPY, a service that showcases more than 30,000 of the world?s best films, including award-winning documentaries, rare and hard-to-find titles, film festival favorites, indie and classic films, and world cinema.

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Cornwal l nat ive making a name f or hersel f !


W e nd y




In t er vi ew wi t h Co m ed i an an d Hai r sp r ay an d Fever Pi t ch m o vi e act o r

Dar r en Fr o st Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Alexandria, Ontario ? ?The Rank & Vile? comedy show with Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson took place at The Atlantic Pub & Eatery in Alexandria, Ontario on June 6th. The very adult standup tour features Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson. The two comedians have over 50 years of combined experience and an impressive resume from Hollywood blockbuster films to sharing the stage with comedy legends. Darren Frost?s style of comedy has been described as having ?the quality of a satanic revival meeting? and is ?among the most daring comedians in Canada? by The Toronto Star. Profanity and social commentary are a dynamite combination that works well for Darren Frost on stage. ?It is one of the last bastions of free speech, so that is why they go hand in hand. We live in such a pc world that a dark nightclub is the one last places people are less judgemental. Times are hard, people are scared, they need a dark club to let go of their fears and laugh at the world and ourselves?, explains Frost. Darren Frost was in the Hollywood blockbuster Hairspray with John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christopher Walken. Darren Frost also has

Ron James Show.

many movies to his credit including Assault On Precinct 13 with Ethan Hawke, Fever Pitch featuring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, and Don?t Say A Word with Michael Douglas. Darren is also best-known for his appearances in over 50 commercials including ?The Cash For Life Fairy? and ?Listerine?s Action Hero Bottle.? Most recently Darren Frost worked with Nicolas Cage in his new movie Pay The Ghost and appeared in season 2 of the hit show Mr. D on CBC playing as an angry French teacher. Darren has also appeared at the Halifax Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and The

Who is the funniest person Darren Frost has ever worked with?

5 Star food, from scratch Brunch available every day!

?As a comic Otto and George (RIP) who was a great act out of New York, I did the nasty show at Just For Laughs in 2005. Working with Jimmy Fallon on Fever Pitch was great cause he really is that nice loveable guy and funny as well. I also really enjoyed my season on Mr. D as the whole cast was very funny and giving every episode?, says Frost. The other half of this double headlining tour features Kenny Robinson, one of the few comedians that can be called a Canadian Comedy legend. For over 30 years Kenny Robinson has been touring across North America winning both audiences and critical acclaim. Most recently appearing in the Russell Peters Xmas Special and the Now Magazine Top Ten Comic Moments. Over his career, Kenny Robinson has shared the stage with such comedians as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carrey, Norm McDonald, Russell Peters, Robert Schimmel, Tommy Davidson, Tommy Chong, Margaret Cho, Paul Mooney, Lenny Clark, Phyllis Diller, and the late, great, Sam Kinison.

Wednesdays and Thursdays Any Pizza and Salad for $12 35 Second St reet East

?Kenny is a legend and a trailblazer that paved the way for many comics in this country. There are very few comics to look up to who continually push themselves by writing such great material, both dirty and with a point of view. It is a hard line to walk, and Kenny does it every time. There is a reason Russell Peters mentions only Kenny by name as one of his mentors?, conveys Frost. Kenny Robinson has appeared at the renowned Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Laffapalooza Urban Comedy Festival in Atlanta, The CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Zanies, L.A.?s Comedy Store and Improv, has had his own CBC television special of ?Comics.? Kenny Robinson has also co-hosted The Gemini Awards, as well being twice nominated for his groundbreaking CBC television special ?Thick and Thin?. He is also the creator, writer, and host of the Comedy Networks edgy show After Hours. The event waspresentedby The Cornwall ComedyFestival and hosted by radiopersonalityDan Allaire.





HERE IS YO UR No thing ???


1 m on

Canada Day Beach Party at Charlottenburgh Park @ 11:00 am ? 4:00 pm Canada Day Strawberry Social @ Lost Villages Museum @ 11:00 am ?

4:00 pm

Arts in the Pa rk, Moe Lem ieux Qua rtet @La m oureux Pa rk Jul 2 @7:00 p m Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

ju ly

Cornwal l Canada Day @ Lamoureux Park @ 11:00 am. Free Kids Zone, Free ent ert ainment incl uding Cornwal l 's Own Barst ool Prophet s and Mel anie Brul ée!

3 wed

Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm

Canada Day 2019 @ O?Neill?s @ O'neil's pub @ 2:00 pm

Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

O?CANADA DAY AT THE PARK @ Glen Walter Regional Park @ 3:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS @ 6:45 pm @ St Lawrence College room M3520

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Sea wa y Wind s @ La m oureux Pa rk3 @7:00 p m

ju ly



ju ly Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery@ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Cornwall and Area Bird Club Meeting @ St Lawrence River Institute @ 6:30 pm ? 8:30 pm



Spring into Summer @ Cailuan Gallery @ 10:00 am Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @

3:00 pm THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm One Year Celebration of The Baby Blue Group of NA @ Knights of Columbus @ 8:00 pm 4th of July Jam with Jamie Heath @

Wh at t o do, w h er e t o go, an d w h at t o see in Cor n w all an d SD&G

La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju ly

5fr i

Family Fishing Day @ Gray's Creek Conservation Area all-day

Harry Potter Summertime Movie Series @ SDG Library · Cornwall, Ontario @ 2:00 pm Historic SDG Jail?s Paranormal Lockup @ SDG Historic Jail @ 7:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

ju ly

6 sat

Gl engarry Art ist s Art Show @ 1645 Count y Rd 30, Dunvegan Jul 6 t o Jul 14 al l -day

Prowler Golf Tournament @ Heritage Golf Club all-day Multisport Kids Run @ Cornwall Civic Complex - Bandshell @ 10:00 am Artisans in the Park @ Lost Villages Museum @ 11:00 am ? 4:00 pm Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

Speakeasy @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 10:00 pm

ju ly


su n

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

2019 Cornwall Pride Parade & Festival @ Lamoureux Park @ 11:00 am Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes@ 2:00 pm Joel Sauvé Duo on Lola?s Patio! @ Lola's pub and grub @ 3:00 pm Vicious Varieties Power Wheel Races and Adult Car Meet @ Guindon Park @ 6:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

ju ly


m on

ROAR / / 2019 kid?s camp @ Harvest Christian Fellowship @ 6:00 pm Call for details

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church@ 6:30 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Mike Mc Ana ny & Intrep id @ La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m


W ho sa y s The re 's To Do in Co rnw a ll

Event s subject t o change - pl ease see Current Event s or pl ace your own event f or incl usion on our websit e at www.t

9 tue

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm Arts in the Pa rk - Bruc e Cic c a relli @ La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre@ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

ju ly


Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm


st an d o u t ! Add

a different font, COLOUR or BOLD FOR ONLY


Arts in the Pa rk - Reviva l a nd Cruise Nig ht @La m oureux Pa rk @ 7:00 p m

ju ly

11 thu

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm

THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Switc hg ea r @ La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m Community Drum Circle @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju ly

12 fr i

Arts in the Pa rk Movie in the Pa rk @ La m oureux Pa rk @ 9:00 p m

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

ju ly

13 sat

Beer, Bourbon, BBQ and Blues Festival @ Nav Centre all-day

Slow Pitch for Autism @ Optimist Park @ 8:00 am Josie?s Joy Ride 13th annual poker run @ Lola's pub and grub @ 10:00 am Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

The Good Fight ? Live pro wrestling @ Initiation à la vie @ 2:00 pm

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

Bordertown Catz at Lola?s Pub & Grub @ Lola's pub and grub @ 7:00 pm

Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Memorial Show @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 8:00 pm

ju ly

14 su n

War of 1812 Re-Enactment @ Upper Canada Village Jul 14 ? Jul 15 all-day

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am Kinsmen Farmers?Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Cla rp ia n-Duo @La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m

Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures @ Ramada Inn @ 8:00 am

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

ju ly

16 tue

Arts in the Park @ Lamoureux Park @ 7:00 pm Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Roxa nne Dela g e Trio @La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m ju ly

17 wed

Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

ju ly

15 m on

W om en Em pow er ed M e e t in g - P r e R ib f e s t B B Q C o o ko u t @ R C A F A W in g 4 2 4 @ 6 :3 0 p m

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Nocturnal Creatures @ OPG Visitor Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 9:00 pm SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS @ 6:45 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Sea wa y Wind s Conc ert Ba nd @La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m

BeBold! usea different font to make your event stand out!

CALL 6 1 3 -9 3 5 3 7 6 3 e xt 1 fo r info o n ho w to p la ce a PAID EVENT AD.

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Trivia Fundraiser for Bob Ray?s Racing Team @ Boston Pizza @ 6:30 pm


ju ly


JU LY CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

Event s subject t o change pl ease see Current Event s at www.t

W ho sa y s The re 's

No thing



in Co rnw a ll


JU LY CALENDAR OF EVENTS W h a tt o d o - w h er et o go - w h a tt o see i n Co r n w a lal n d SD& G ju ly

ju ly

18 thu

Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm

THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm

21 su n

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

Kinsmen Farmers? Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm

Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

Paolo Stante @ Lola?s!!! @ Lola's pub and grub @ 3:00 pm

19 fr i

Avonmore Fair @ Avonmore Fairgrounds Jul 19 ? Jul 21 all-day

Harry Potter Summertime Movie Series @ SDG Library · Cornwall, Ontario @ 2:00 pm Nicholas Seguin @ Jet Set Pub @ 7:00 pm Avonmore Fair @ Avonmore Fair Grounds @ 8:00 pm ? Jul 21 @ 11:00 pm Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's @ 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm

ju ly

20 sat

K9 Sport Fest @ 35 Fair St, Maxville, ON Maxville, Ontario all-day

D & D 17th annual mens ?summer sizzler? @ Benson Centre @ 9:00 am Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Motown Gold @ Aultsville Theatre @ 8:00 pm

Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Sha kesp ea re in the Pa rk @La m oureux Pa rk @ 7:00 p m ju ly

22 m on

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

ju ly

23 tue

Th e Seek er


ju ly

Arts in the Park - Bordertowne Boys @ Lamoureux Park @ 7:00 pm

ju ly


Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, Cornwall @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

24 wed

sect i o n

1 -g r ab i t 2 -p u l l i t 3 -p i n i t

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre@ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

ju ly

25 thu

Downtown Summer Celebration @ Downtown Cornwall Jul 25 ? Jul 27 all-day

Cor nw al l Ri bf est @ Lam our eux Par k Jul 25 @ 11:00 am t o Jul 28 @ 7:00 pm Reiki Healing Circle @ Healing Wishes @ 3:00 pm THE CORNWALL NAVY CLUB Dinner @ Cornwall Navy Club @ 5:00 pm Jam Night at La Maison @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 9:00 pm

ju ly

26 fr i

Harry Potter Summertime Movie Series @ SDG Library · Cornwall, Ontario @ 2:00 pm

Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

Art Walk @ Pitt Street @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm


Optimist Game Night @ Optimist Clubhouse @ 6:00 pm

bring at t ent ion t o your event by adding col our or dif f erent s size f ont s! $5

Live Music Every Friday 8-11 @ Shoeless Joe's

T-Rex Marathon & The Fly Downs @ La Maison Tavern / The House @ 8:00 pm Downtown Summer Celebration @ Downtown Cornwall Jul 25 ? Jul 27 all-day Cornwall Ribfest @ Lamoureux Park Jul 25 @ 11:00 am ? Jul 28 @ 7:00 pm

ju ly

27 sat

Celtic Fair @ Glengarry Pioneer Museum @ 10:00 am ? Jul 28 @ 5:00 pm

Cornwall Prowlers Mixed 3 Pitch Softball Tournament @ Optimist Park @ 10:00 am Amazing Science Center @ Amazing Science Centre @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm Paranormal Evening @ Lost Villages Museum @ 8:00 pm Downtown Summer Celebration @ Downtown Cornwall all-day Cornwall Ribfest @ Lamoureux Park

Highl ight your event s by pl acing t hem in a col our bl ock! $10

DoyouhaveanEV ENT or HA PPENI NG comingup? if the answer is







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NEED MORE INFO ... call Mai-Liis at 613-935-3763 ext 102 ju ly

28 su n

Healing Meditation & Reiki @ Healing Wishes @ 10:30 am ? 11:30 am

Kinsmen Farmers? Market Cornwall @ 11:00 am ? 3:00 pm School For The Gifted @ Healing Wishes @ 2:00 pm Race Night at the Speedway @ Cornwall Motor Speedway @ 6:30 pm Cornwall Ribfest @ Lamoureux Park

ju ly

2m o9n

OA meetings @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church @ 6:30 pm

ju ly

3t u0e

Mentalk Mens Support Group Weekly Meetings @ 841 Sydney St, @ 9:30 am ? 11:30 am

Glengarry Curling Club @ Cailuan Gallery @ 1:00 pm ? 4:00 pm

SAVE t he dat e

Nerf Battles 6-9 years old @ Benson Centre @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Mr. C & The Hom etown Horns @La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m Nerf Battles 10-14 years old @ Benson Centre @ 7:00 pm ? 8:00 pm

ju ly


Weekly Wizarding Wonders! @ Wizards Workshops @ 4:00 pm ? 9:00 pm

Wednesday Wing Night $7.00 per pound @ Nav Centre @ 5:00 pm Family nights Wednesday @ Cornwall Wesleyan Church1 @ 6:00 pm ? 7:00 pm

Arts in the Pa rk - Sea wa y Wind s @La m oureux Pa rk @7:00 p m


t his got your at t ent ion! You've just proved changing f ont works! Get yours f or $5

for TRASHto TREASU REWeekend A communit y-wide yard sale on Sat u r day, Au gu st 24 And t he annual giveaway day on Su n day, Au gu st 25 7am to 7pm Wh at is Tr ash t o Tr easu r e Day? A free event for the whole community! An

opportunityfor residentsto sharetheir gentlyused,unwantedhouseholditems with treasurehunters.The goal is to reuse itemsratherthan sendingthem to the landfill. Let everyoneknowt hat t heseare FREETreasuresfor t hemt o t akeaway!

Highl and Games

Sout h Mount ain Fair

August 2-3 - Maxvil l e Fairgrounds

August 15-16-17-18 Cornwal l Cornwal l Foodf est August 17- Downt own Cornwal l

Pout ine Feast August 8-11 - Lamoureux Park

Wil l iamst own Fair August 9-11 - Wil l iamst own

Cornwal l Wat erf est August 10 - Cornwal l Canal

Chest ervil l e Fair August 23-25

St ormont Count y Fair August 30-31 Sept ember 1-2


The SEEKER needstoknow...

Th e Seaw ay & Cor n w al l Heal t h Car e Our com m unity is celebr ating a few m ilestones this year , such as the 60th Anniver sar y of the official opening of the St. Law r ence Seaw ay and the 50th Anniver sar y of the final gr aduating class of the schools of nur sing fr om both of Cor nw all?s fir st per m anent hospitals. Ear lier this Spr ing m or e than 50 jour nalism students fr om the Univer sity of Syr acuse descended upon our com m unity and other s, seeking to under stand us and then cr eate a per m anent online r esour ce w hich com par es and contr asts histor ic Canada/U.S. neighbour ing com m unities over tim e, Cor nw all and M assena being one instance.

St an d i n g Tal l By Sylvie O?Rou r k e I hear the low grumbling of dragons, at least in my imagination, because today is an important day for Waterfest. We are privileged to have Coach Matthew Robert from Montreal?s 22Dragons come to Cornwall to give a crash course on steering a dragon boat to four members of our community. A three-time medallist for coaching the Canadian Open Premier National Team at the Dragon Boat World Championships and the recipient of five world titles for his stint on the Canadian National Dragon Boat team, Matt is taking the time to help us out. August 10, 2019 will mark Cornwall Waterfest?s tenth anniversary and up until now we had only one trained steersperson for our City. After tonight we will have four additional ones. This is exciting news as it will allow us to schedule more practices and make our teams stronger. In the end all of our community teams will benefit. This training cannot happen without paddlers. We have therefore recruited a couple of people from the Outdoor Club along with paddlers from various community teams to assist us. Wearing our life jackets and armed with our paddles, we are ready to go! The boat is loaded a little differently this time as the four trainees are instructed to sit facing the steering platform looking where the dragon?s tail should be. With their backs to us, they can focus on their training but they cannot join in the paddling. With no assistance from these strong men, we will have a rough introduction to our first paddle of the season. We learn that the steersperson standing tall behind us has an important role. Besides directing the boat with his oar, he is watching the traffic at all times, reading the wind direction and the conditions of the water. He is ultimately responsible for the safety of the crew.


As we paddle along we can hear bits of quiet conversation behind us as Matt explains the technicalities of steering one or two handed and turning. We feel the boat rock as each trainee shuffles to the platform to take his turn. The temptation to turn around to look is great, especially when we feel a sudden jolt as one of the trainees loses his balance. Fortunately for all of us, he quickly recovers. Matt tells the trainees that the harder the paddling, the harder it is to steer. To demonstrate this he makes us do the first part of the race, paddling increasingly harder while focusing to remain in sync. We do this repeatedly so that each steersperson can experience the momentum and its effects. At long last we are given instructions to ?let it run?, which basically means we can stop paddling and take a break. The steersperson, however, must never relax, according to Matt. He has to remain alert to his surroundings. Finally, it is time for the docking lesson. It is important to ensure the boat is not damaged by learning to come in smoothly using the paddlers to slow the boat and move in more closely. We cheer our steersperson as we successfully make it to our dock, but it is not over yet. We must repeat this several more time before we can be relieved from the thin strip of wood referred to as a seat. The rumbling sounds of the dragons may have ceased for now, but be forewarned they are still lurking nearby. You will come to recognize the thunderous sounds of paddles slicing through the mighty St. Lawrence this summer as our home teams prepare to unleash their dragons?fiery breaths in preparation for race day. To learn how to be a part of the action visit the Waterfest website at http:/ / home.html


Ghael Fobes cam e for a r esear ch visit at the Cor nw all Com m unity M useum and spent the day her e lear ning about our ongoing ties to the St. Law r ence River , histor ic industr ies, dem ogr aphics and m or e. He exhibited a par ticular inter est in the Lost Villages, so he w as also connected w ith som e local fam ilies affected by the 1958 Inundation. Other s of his pier s w ent to Akw esasne and other near by locales. Our ow n M ayor Clem ent w as likew ise inter view ed. The photo her e suggests that not all of the Lost Villages houses w er e successfully r elocated. This volunteer collabor ative effor t r ecently culm inated w ith the launch of a ser ies of blog posts shar ing local fam ilies?stor ies and per spectives, illustr ated w ith photos fr om the SD&G Histor ical Society ar chives and fr om elsew her e. The pr oject can be view ed online at the follow ing link: https://bor der lines.thenew .

In 1969 the St. Joseph (Hotel Dieu Hospital) and Cor nw all Gener al Hospital Schools of Nur sing closed due to changing pr ovincial r egulations. This Spr ing those nur ses m ar k their 50th Anniver sar y of Gr aduation. To coincide w ith that m ilestone, a volunteer com m ittee is w r apping up tw o year s of w or k cr eating a lasting tr ibute to the Cor nw all Gener al Hospital and its schools of nur sing on the for m er hospital site (now the Car e Centr e pictur ed her e); a gr and opening of the M em or y Lane is anticipated in October.



Ottawa, Ontario Three-time Grammy nominated saxophonist Donny McCaslin, who collaborated extensively with David Bowie on his final studio album "Blackstar," played the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival on June 28th at the NAC.

Bowie?s final album.

In t e r vie w w it h D avid Bo w ie sax ap h o n ist

D o n n y M c Ca s l i n

Donny McCaslin will be touring with Canada's own Ryan Dahle best known for his work in Limblifter and Age of Electric. "The touring band Article by Jason Setnyk Photo by Jimmy Fontaine consists of Tim Lefebvre on bass, Zach Danzinger on drums, Jason Lindner on keyboards, and Ryan Dahle singing and playing guitar. I met Ryan when I was preparing material to record from my latest record Blow. I remember hearing his music upon recommendation and immediately being drawn to it and how strong the melodies were,? McCaslin said. In 2018, Donny McCaslin released the critically acclaimed album Blow produced by Steve Wall. McCaslin collaborated with several musicians on the new album such as Mark Kozelek, Gail Ann Dorsey, Jeff Taylor, and of course Ryan Dahle. "On the vocal side, Jeff Taylor and I had started to perform live and workshop some of this material in New York City. With Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon, I reached out to him because I was a fan of Sun Kil Moon. I played with him about a year before that at a festival in Australia, and we hit it off. While Gail Ann Dorsey, who sings on "Eye of the Beholder," is somebody I met through the David Bowie world? McCaslin explained. Prior to ?Blow? Donny McCaslin collaborated extensively with David Bowie, on his final album ?Blackstar ? released in 2016. How did this collaboration happen? For years, Donny McCaslin worked with composer Maria Schneider. When she had the opportunity to work with David Bowie, she recommended that Bowie should collaborate with McCaslin. One-night David Bowie attended a Donny McCaslin gig with Maria at the 55 Bar, a small club in the West Village of Manhattan.

the first week of January that year,? McCaslin recalled. After more sessions and recordings in the coming months "Blackstar " was released, David Bowie passed away two days later. The album topped the Billboard 200 charts in the United States and became the 5th best selling album of that year selling approximately 2 million copies. It was a turbulent time for McCaslin after Bowie passed away.

"Blackstar is an album I feel very proud to be a part of and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I think it's a great record, and I think it will stand the test of time. The artistic integrity of it is high. From what Bowie?s singing about, to how he sings, and the way we play together. The thing I also bear in mind is he was planning on recording again. He was working on new music. Even being quite sick, he was still very creative and talking about the next record and going back into the studio. Of course, it ended up being his final record, but I think he was still very engaged with creativity and planning on more music,? McCaslin added. Donny McCaslin has been nominated for three Grammy awards, in 2004, 2013, and 2015 respectively for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo.

"It was intense when he passed away. It was intensely sad. I felt for the people closest to him because I got to know some of them during this time of working with him. I saw a deep love, those in his inner circle had for him. They'd been with him for years and decades. That spoke to the kind of person he was. Those who were around him all the time had a deep affection for him. I felt for him, and of course, his family. My heart just went out to them. I thought how hard and how unimaginable it was, and the grief they must have been feeling. It was intense for me too, because I loved him and it was a transformative experience working with him,? McCaslin disclosed.

"I've attended the Grammy Award Ceremony four times. The three times I was nominated for solo. I also attended the year Blackstar was nominated. I was asked to represent David Bowie. If I were to point to one memory, it would be the memory of accepting the award for "Blackstar " and being able to go up on the stage with my bandmates all together and to talk about David Bowie. I used some of his own words to illustrate his wit, and just how smart and funny he was. I had a chance to acknowledge those people around him that I have gotten to know and played an integral part in his career, my bandmates and all. That was a great memory, that felt emotional and special to be able to that. I was honoured to be asked to be there in that capacity and accept it on his behalf,? McCaslin replied.

McCaslin is proud to have worked on David

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?About a week later, there was the first rehearsal for the Maria Schneider and David Bowie collaboration, and I was part of that, and that's when I met him for the first time. David Bowie came in along with David Visconti. We talked, and at one point he asked me for my contact info, and the next day, he sent me an email. It went from two or three songs to six or seven songs that we recorded





FromMy Pantryby SharynThompson


FRIENDS SHARING Looking back on past columns I have written for you, I came across Judy Butter's Taco Salad recipe. Back in the summer of 1994, we went on a short vacation with our friends Judy and Ken Butters and Brenda and Gordie Forrest near Peterborough. We all brought along or made our meals while there. Judy's Taco Salad was a real hit! I am sharing the recipe with you to-day. Brenda's Buttertarts will be a whole other column for you to look forward to. I realize that a recipe once used brings back many happy memories of old and dear friends and all their fun escapades enjoyed while together. Thanks Judy for a perfect summer salad meal all in one bowl. I was just telling my daughter Tammy about this recipe and she told me that she makes it often during the hot summer months. Thanks Judy for sharing and caring! Get ready for INGREDIENTS: Brenda's Buttertarts in next months column. - 1 lb. of lean gr ou n d beef (Use Sh ar yn's Pan t r y locally r aised lean gr ou n d beef . This is great served as is or add some warm garlic bread - 1 lar ge h ead of along with it. This easily serves 4 to 6. iceber g let t u ce, w ash ed, dr ied an d cu t METHOD: or t or n in t o bit e-sized - Cook the ground beef until no pink remains. If pieces. necessary, drain off any fat. Season the meat with the - 2 r ipe t om at oes taco seasoning. Taste as you add it in. Remember that ch opped this will flavour all of your salad, so don't be shy using - 2 r ibs of celer y the seasoning. Allow the meat to cool to room ch opped. temperature. - 1 lar ge sw eet on ion - Prepare all of the vegetables. The lettuce, tomatoes, diced, celery, onion, sweet pepper. Place all of the vegetables - 1 gr een or r ed or in a very large serving bowl along with the cooled yellow or or an ge seasoned ground beef. pepper , seeded an d ch opped, - Shred the cheese and crumble the tortilla chips. - 1/ 2 t o 3/ 4 of a pk g of Just when you are ready to serve, toss everything with t aco season in g or u se Sh ar yn's Pan t r y 2 t o 3 the salad dressing and add in the cheese and crumbled t bsp. or so bu lk t aco chips. Serve immediately and ENJOY!!! season in g - 1 cu p of sh r edded sh ar p ch eddar ch eese, - 12 t aco or t or t illa ch ips cr u m ble (or Sharyn Thompson, Owner of Sharyn's Pantry m or e if you w ish ) 812 Pitt St. Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998 - family owned for 38 yrs 1- 250 m l. bot t le of Cat alin a or Calif or n ia salad dr essin g.

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