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St art t he New Year wit h Bet t er Masks Back in January 2020, I was keeping a close eye on the Coronavirus Situation in China. Being in the media, I had a somewhat of an inside view of things to come. As I sat in WHO press briefings, I began to foresee what was coming and implemented taking precautions. My family thought I was crazy and paranoid, and my kids were not happy when a week before spring break, the official time when the government decided to shut down everything, I locked everybody down myself. No more basketball practices, no more movie theaters, no more restaurants, no more schools.

Before people were even considering wearing masks, and before a shortage of supplies was even a thing, I bought a bunch of N95s and a few apocalyptic-looking respirators. That is mainly what my husband and I have been wearing throughout the pandemic. Despite the fact that every scientist claimed COVID wasn't airborne, a stance they now seem to be divided on, I couldn't wrap my head around the concept that a respiratory illness did not somehow transmit through air. One look at cruise ship outbreaks was enough for me to come to a cautious conclusion. So I did my own thing. Yes, I know that without going through a complete fit-test, n95s are not completely effective, but still, in my mind, if I did the seal check recommended, it would keep us somewhat safer than an unsealed surgical mask or a cloth mask. Here we are, two years later. More and more scientists are now stating that COVID is, in fact, airborne, and calling for the population to ditch the cloth mask and # MaskUpBetter. In the face of Omicron, some epidemiologists also say it is time to rethink our measures, and for as long as I can remember, Ryan Imgrund, Biostatistician and Science Advisory Board Member, has been telling everybody with an ear to hear to upgrade their masks. Yes, Omicron seems to be leading to less severe disease, and that's great news. But the mere fact it is so transmissible has the potential to create a more dreadful outcome not only for our health system but across all industries.


For illustration purposes, let's say Delta has a hospitalization rate of 4% and Omicron 0.5% , but Delta yields about 600 infections daily compared to 10,000 daily for Omicron--and doubling every 2-3 days. This means 24 hospitalizations for Delta and 50 with Omicron. Add to this the thousands and thousands of people who will be in COVID protocol at any given time, crippling everything from the transit system--a thing that already happened last week--to warehouses and hospitals, and you have yourself a society in shambles. Already, thousands have seen their holiday plans disrupted when so many flights were canceled over the Christmas weekend because of staff shortages. Governments are rethinking isolation protocols for health workers who fall ill with COVID to avoid similar shortages. We don't want to reach the point where people can't get the care they need because COVID is hijacking every resource available. To me, perhaps the most worrisome news, and one of the reasons why it would be cautious to move schools online after the holiday break, is about the hospitalization rate of children under Omicron. Despite cases being mild, the UK, South Africa and New York State are all reporting an increase in pediatric hospitalizations and monitoring the situation vigilantly. In a Twitter post, California State Epidemiologist, Dr Erica Pan, wrote ?Unfortunately NY is seeing an increase in pediatric hospitalizations (primarily amongst the unvaccinated).? According to the NY state health dept, "none of the 5-11 year-old patients" hospitalized with COVID were "fully vaccinated and only one-quarter of 12-17 year-old patients were fully vaccinated," a strong reminder of the importance to get our kids protected as soon as possible. Hold on tight people, we're in for a rough month of January. Omicron will bring us to our knees, unless we limit our movement, social distance, vaccinate and especially, wear better masks. It's an easy step that can really make a world of difference. And please, remember to wear your mask properly!




Throughout 2021, one story has repeatedly been in the forefront of the news: vaccines. With millions of people receiving as many as three doses of the newly developed Covid-19 vaccines, questions obviously arose.

Vaccines work Scientific and medical evidence show that vaccination can help protect you against COVID-19. Studies are also showing that vaccinated people may have less severe illness if they do become ill from COVID-19.

Vaccines are safe

The fact s about COVID-19 vaccines Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect your health. Vaccines work with the body's natural defences to develop protection against a disease. COVID-19 vaccines provide instructions to your body's immune system to recognize and fight off the virus that causes COVID-19. Free vaccines are available to everyone who lives in Canada.

Why get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Only vaccines that are proven to be safe, effective and of high quality are authorized for use in Canada. The COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested during their development and then carefully reviewed by Health Canada. The vaccines cannot give you COVID-19 because they don't contain the virus that causes it. The vaccines also cannot change your DNA. mRNA vaccines provide instructions to your cells for how to make a coronavirus protein. This protein will trigger an immune response that will help to protect you against COVID-19. Viral vector vaccines use a virus that's



been made harmless to produce coronavirus proteins in your body without causing disease. Similar to mRNA vaccines, this protein will trigger an immune response that will help to protect you against COVID-19.

Cont inue to follow public healt h measures COVID-19 vaccines are important tools to help us stop this pandemic. Right now, we still need tofollow public health measuresto reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. Federal, provincial and territorial governments will continue to assess the risk of COVID-19 spread in communities. Measures will be adjusted over time as more people are vaccinated, and we learn more about the science. Everyone is looking forward to a future when we can be together. Until then, we need to protect each other, especially those who are still vulnerable to severe disease from COVID-19. Get the facts. Visit to learn more.




w i t hSe e ke rChi ck

and hear his voiceor videochat w ith him as he putsfunnyfaceson him selffr om his favour itephonefilter app but I know that he is w ith m e in my hear t,finallyat Peaceand his Lovesur r oundsm e ever y day.

M AI- LIIS and w hat did I do dur ingthe m onthof Decem ber ? Well,I 'm sur ea ny of you whor ea d my columnla st month,r ea lizedthat it wa sn'twr ittenby me but instea dby Seeker ChickJulia ...

The m onthsof October and Novem ber cer tainly,as Julia w r ote,testedmy w ay of lookingat life. As m ost of you know ,I live by the saying"Ever ything Me and my handsome boys, (l ef t ) happens Krist of er and (right ) Krist ian. for a r eason" and also "Ever ythinghappensthe w ay it is m eantto" but even thoughI still believein thosesayings,it w ashar d for m e to acceptthe passingof my dad thispast October and even har der to acceptw asthe passingof my oldest son Kr istianon Novem ber24th. M y dad had been ill w ith cancer for the past few year s and in Septem berhe had a secondar ydiagnosisof colon cancer so w e knew his tim ew aslim itedand w e had a chanceto get pr epar edfor his passingBUT my 33 year old son had a m assivehear t attack .I w asjust talkingto him on the M ondayevening(the 22nd)and dur ingthe ear ly hour sof Wednesdaythe 24th,he w assuddenlyand unexpectedlygone...

We sent him on the next stageof his jour neyw ith beautifulw or dssaid by his cousinCar olineand it w asnot a "Goodbye"but "a see you again soon". I know that Kr istianis safew ith my dad,his M am er eand Paper e,Sheldon'sm um and dad and all fr iendsand fam ilyw ho have taken thisjour neybefor ehim . I flew back fr om Calgar yon Decem ber21st and boughtKr istianhom e to Cor nw allw her ehe w ill stay safew ith Sheldonand I and w her eI can talk to him ever y day as he is still and alw aysw ill be a hugepar t of our lives. I finallygot to see the big city of Calgar yand visit w ith my 3 childr en even thoughit w asn'tquitea tr aditionalvisit and as Katr inaand Kr istoferkeep saying,they feel Kr istianar oundthem ever y day. It is str angethat Katr inaand Kr istofer alw ayslookedout for Kr istianfor the past few year sand he is now their guar dianangel and is pr otecting and lookingafter them ! Pleaser em em berthat no one know s how longany of us haveon this ear th so tr easur eever y m inuteof ever yday and let fam ilyand fr iends know w ho im por tantthey ar e to you and say the w or ds"I loveyou" often. "I loveyou m um "ar e the last w or ds that I hear dfr om Kr istianand I w ill tr easur ethosew or dsfor everas ever yconver sationI havew ith my childr en(seen in photoabove) alw aysendsin thoseexact w or ds!!! Also r em em berto be kind to str anger sand all thoseyou m eet along your path as an act of kindnessand a sm ilecan m akea big differ encein som eone'slife as w ell as givingyou a w ar m feelinginsideas w ell know ingthat you havehelpedbr ightenup som eone'slife!

I still r em em berthe phonecall fr om my ex, Steve,fr om Calgar yw her e my thr eechildr enlive. I had m anyconver sationsw ith Kr istianat 2 in the m or ningas he often he often for gotabout the 2 hour tim e differ encebut thistim eit w as20 to 4 in the m or ningand Kr istian's nam edidn't appearon the phone.Insteadit said Calgar y,Alber taand I alm ostdidn't answ er... but did and hear dSteve'svoicesaying"Kr istian is dead.Those3 w or dscut thr oughm e like a knifeand m adem e feel com pletelynum b!He continuedto say that the policeknockedon his door to let him know and he w ason his w ay to Kr istian's housea few m inutes dow n the r oad to see w hat w asgoingon. The passingof a child, no m atter w hat age, hasto be a par ent's w or st nightm ar e.(photoleft - Katr ina,Kr istofer Kr , istian,Steveand I) I im m ediatelym adear r angem entsto fly out to Calgar y(som ethingI hadn'tof cour seplannedon doingdur ingthispandem ic)but like Kr istianhad done2 year sago,I had to step out of my com for tzone,and boar da planeon my ow n...Just to let you all know I am petr ifiedof flyingbut had to over com ethisfear ver y fast! Kr istian'spassinghasleft an enor m ousholein all our livesand after my youngestson Kr istoferand daughterKatr inapostedabout their br other spassingon Facebook,so m anypr ivatem essagesand phone callscam ein to m e fr om fam ilyand fr iendsw ho w er ein com plete shock and disbeliefthat som eoneso youngcould be goneso suddenly. Wr itingher ein my colum nhasbeen the fir st tim ethat I havebeen able to expr essmy feelingsabout the lossof my son and I think w r iting about him is good ther apyfor m e as w asspendingm ost of the m onthof Decem berin Calgar yw ith Katr inaand Zack,Kr istoferand Car oline,my gr andsonsGr aysonand Row anand Steve,Linaand Lina'sboys,Jam es and John.We shar edm any m em or iesabout Kr istianand w atched endlessvideosw ith him spendingtim eexplor ingCalgar yw ith his Ta keCa r e,Stay Sa fea nd Stay Positivea nd I wish you a ll the best for fam ily.It is still har d to believethat I can't just dial his phonenum ber the New Yea r with whateversur pr ises2022may br ing...










Jo hn

LISTER Being Content There are mixed thoughtsconcerning being content with what we have. Some feel it is an attitude of modesty and spirituality to live with little, or even to live in poverty. Othersfeel that contentment showsa lack of motivation to become better, wealthier,more successful and therefore a flaw.

But being content is actually neither of those. Many poor people are far from content, and want very much to have more, just as many of the richest people are not content with what they have, but want more and more. So contentment is not about wealth at all. It is an attitude that we choose to develop,regardlessof our financial state in life. Some are content to be single, while othersare not. Some are content to be an unknown person, while other seek fame. So it is also not about relationship statusor being known for anything. This meansthat anyone can learn to be content in whatever situation they may find themselvesin. There is a common response when tragedy occurs, where some people aren't as upset as they thought they should be, and even see it as a new start. For example, someone loses their home to fire, and all of their memoriesand photographsare gone forever. A strange thing happensto a fairly high number of these disaster survivors,in that they feel an unexpected sense of peacefulness.They will start again, they have a sense of hope and optimism and even joy, despite the huge loss. It's hard to know why this happens,but they seem to be content with their lives, with beginning again, and not filled with all of the negative emotion one might expect. The shock of the loss wears off and they are left with an odd sense of contentment.

this world are not the absolute essentialsof our existence.We can all be content knowing this, and when we do, the smaller thingsof our earthly lives don't really rock our boat too much. So think of that, and keep noticing all of the thingsto be grateful for. Life is good. For mor e infor mation, plea se visit w w w.thehigher

We certainly don't need a major loss to experiencecontentment. There are eveningswhen a sunset can fill us with joy and wonder and a sense of contentment with our lives. We can choose to be content with a loved one, or a job, or an older car or house. Gratitude plays a part in this, but the contentment seemsto happen by itself. Let's suppose someone is facing a job loss, and it could result in them losing their house, and the company car will be taken away. Despite this looming over them, they feel an odd sense of contentment,a feeling that everything will somehow be all right. In another situation,a cancer diagnosisis given, and the patient beginsto feel a contentment in life, a thankfulnessfor each day they still have. The cancer gets treated and they get checkups,never knowing for certain if it might return. Despite this uncertainty,they feel that odd contentment,being glad for every day they get to be alive. I can attest to this, as I was diagnosed with a stage T4 cancer, yet not worrying about it. As a result of my outlook,I have done quite well so far. You would think a solid future working for a well established company would give contentment,or a clean bill of health after every checkup,but although these can make us feel secure, that security could pop like a bubble at any time. The contentment lies deeper than that, and isn't so easily shaken. Perhapscontentment comesfrom a deeper consciousnessthat our spirit is eternal and only lives in this body for awhile, so the thingsof





"As we move into the coldest season of the year, my partner & I lost a beloved pet. At the same time, we were given an incredible opportunity to participate in another's rescue through the most amazing network of neighbors, so I dug around and found this story written for the Writers Group in 2019 about our Casey."

enough straw insulation for Canada?s coldest winter. Another neighbor moved in and together, we kept Casey warm through

In all, there have been four black kissies in our house. Our Casey, Merlin, Henry and Clifford, yet none compares to the first rough and tumble, wherever he may be.

Kissy Face In the springtime of life, Casey was one cool dude. Curled up on the screened in wrap-around porch next door, our neighbor set out a saucer of warm milk with kibbles everyday at noon and four. Catnip flourished in the deep grass along the brownstone, where often times in the night, deep growls were heard amongst rivaling felines. Sunday mornings he?d be there at the window to greet us. If we had eggs, Casey shared the bacon. Perched on the ledge is where he?d sit. In his dusky coat of short black hair that begged to be brushed, I could see the years roll away in his eyes of golden pearls. Into the summer of his eighth year, I suppose Casey chose to walk with me. We?d often meet in the shade that lay between, before or after work. Back from shopping or catching the bus there he was - back from another scrap. Torn ears and a little bit of deafness couldn?t stop the little motor running from the slightest chest rubbing. Tough on the outside, Casey was jelly pudding with the heart of a kitten on the inside. As cooler weather approached, we watched for him. He?d be gone a week or more, and back with some other injury. Out in the chill, the old neighbor moved away so we turned the microwave box into a cozy bedroom with side entrance, equipped with


We stood together under the streetlights and lightly falling snow and in my sing song voice of open windows and colored dreams, I promised Casey I?d remember him in the face of every black kitten to grace my door. In a moment that felt like forever, he shivered from one end to the other with a purring that follows me still.

Of Special Not e:

the worst of it with more food than he?d seen in a lifetime. Once spring rolled around again, Casey spent more and more time away from ?home?. At the end of summer in ?86, we got ourselves a little ginger tabby from the pet store. Coming home in a box straight out of the circus, Hodgie found his way amongst the neighborhood cats. Bonding with as many strays as possible, it wasn?t uncommon to hear messages on the machine, that someone had found our ?lost cat?. Imagine our surprise to find Hodge and Casey atop the neighbors shed. It took till the end of the summer to figure out how they did it. Jumping up the usual way wasn?t as much fun as climbing up the clothesline pole and vaulting across the 12 foot expanse to wait for their silly humans to come figure it out. Over Christmas, Casey grew slow and lethargic, striking a lopsided pose with missing teeth and fur. Late from work, he wandered over and growled for the first time. It wouldn?t be long now as I warmed up a plate of moist. At 7 that night I walked down the laneway for my ride to Christmas dinner, when along came Casey in his shuffling, warbling manner. Reaching to pick him up, I buried him in the folds of my new down-filled jacket.


Neighbourhood Cats Network is a collective of colony caretakers & neighbors in the Adolphus & Fifth Street region in Cornwall, who help each other, help feral and stray cats independently and/ or in collaboration with rescues. The group shares traps, recovery kennels, TNR knowledge/ contacts and transportation, whose purpose and origin lies in collaborative work with local rescues & trap-neuter-return initiatives. Working towards reducing the number of kittens being born outside and breaking the cycle of feral / stray cat reproduction and neglect, connected the neighbors like no block party ever could. In the two years since its inception, the collective of colony caretakers became more friends than neighbors. Bonding over insulated heated shelters, buying food and fundraising through individual donations for an out-of-province vet in Quebec who understands their mission, and for creating a fostering system inside of their homes has helped to make Kissy Faces out of some of the most feral street cats. Special thanks for small co-incidences on two legs I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at Lisa Gray, Copyright © August 2019 | Story for Writers 2019




Be t t y


Word of the Year

Step Four: Review and refine your list and narrow it down to your three favorite words. How do you decide?What words jump out at you?Make you feel happy, sad, excited?Go? My three:adventure,joy, gratitude How do you decide?First read the list and highlight what pops out, triggers a feeling, engages you. Next ask what precedesothers, for example joy, love and compassion? If am joyful does love and compassion naturally follow?Have fun. And guess what, there are no poor choices.

2022 has arrived and as with the arrival of any new year, most of us open the doors of this new year with hope and anticipation.And given the past two years, I believe most of us also have a dream for an end to this global pandemic and a return to a more normal existence, albeit a new ?normal? . And finally, it is a time to check in with ourselvesto understand what it is we want to attract to us, create in our lives, begin or end, achieve, explore and more.

Step Five: Ask yourself, ?which word can you say you are 100% committed to? Now choose.

While I no longer believe in setting New Year?s Resolutionsor goals, I do appreciate time to take inventory, consider what is next and mindfully engage the energy that I want for myself, my loved ones and the planet. This year, in an effort to change it up somewhat, I have a new strategy: identifying my Word for the Year.

Step Six: Live your WORD.

The concept is not new to me. I have been asked many times in the past, by colleagues, what my word is. Honestly, I had never given it any consideration.This past year a colleague of mine, Dimple Mukherjee, wrote a book Word of the Year- True Storiesabout Intentional Living Using the Power of a SingleWord. While this remains on my reading list, I do understand what she means. Choosing a word, and endeavoring to live it daily, holding it in your consciousness,is the same as setting and living an intention. This I know to be powerful from my own experience. Great! So how do I choose one word to live by? As intention would have it, I attracted an exercise which would help me choose and now, I offer this to you. Here we go? . Step One: reflect on the last year and ask yourself, what could I use more or less of in my life?What would be a game changer for me? Okay, WOW! What a year it hasbeen. I attractedamazingnew work with women, learnedmore about self-compassionand divinefeminine energy, built new relationships(on ZOOM), settled fully into my new life in Cornwall. I feel excited, engaged, lit up, inspired, compassionateand so much more. What wasmissing:travel, adventure,face to face time with familyand friends, freedom, exploringnew places. What would be a game changer for me? I am reflectingon this.

My word of the year:Adventure I have to admit this choice leaves me a little breathlessas it feels like it opens new doors that I have yet to explore. At the same time, it feels like a natural progression to being engaged and inspired. Suffice it to say, this may be the most difficult step as it really does require calling in the word every day, seeing it, feeling it, intending it. A few intentional examples: My life isan adventure. My work isrevealingnew adventuresand opportunities. I am attractingadventurein the manyaspectsof my life. I am mindfullynoticingthe adventurein my life and expressing gratitudefor those moments. I see adventureeasilyand effortlessly. Adventurefuelsmy other life experiences. As with any intention, you will need to pay attention to how your WORD shows up, changes your life, invited you to change or respond. And when life offers you, opportunitiesrelated to your WORD, you will also need to be curious and explore the possibilities. Thanks to Rashita Jones and her SKETCHNOTEfor Finding your Word of the Year. I hope you have some fun with this, play, imagine and then live your ?word intention? . Blessingsfor a fulfilling 2022. Betty Healey, MEd. CAPP Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcome and if you care to share you can reach me at:

Step Two: Visualize how you want to feel at work, throughout the day and when you go to bed. Meditate or sit in silence and ask yourself, what do I want to focus on in 2022? What immediatelycomesup for me isan intentionI set for my ?retirement?? I want to feel excited, lit-up, inspiredand engaged. I want to feel that my actions make a differencefor othersand the planet. I want to exercisemy creativejuicesand my curiosity. I do not see any of these thingschangingin the monthsand yearsto come. I also want to feel increasingly curious, have opportunitiesto exercisemy learning and accruedwisdom, and open up to new possibilities. Step Three: Create a List of words that come to mind. Let them flow, do not edit or stop yourself. Do not doubt that you can have anything you want, now write? . Here ismy short list:beauty, adventure,inspiration, joy, compassion,love, freedom, courage, grace, abundance,gratitude,community,opportunity, travel, meaning, engagement,divine, wisdom, hope, bounty, being, caring, fortitude, health, wholeness, spirit, connection,? .





TheG randO ldmanof cornwall DUNCAN


By I a n Bower i ng

Eachyear in the Januaryissueof the Cornwall Seeker,we havehighlighted10 Top Citizensfromthe previousyear.Citizenswhohaveput our community beforethemselvesandwho,the SeekerTeamand our readers,believeshouldbe acknowledged.

Monroebecameone of Cornwall?slargest propertydevelopers,and the ?Laird?of 5thStreetEast betweenSydneyand Pitt Streets,wherehe built a row of four apartmentbuildingsthat are still standing acrossfrom his home,CedarBrae.

Well,onceagain2021hasbeena strangeyear due to the ongoingpandemicandwe felt that there wereso many individualsaswell as organizations that neededto be highlightedthat consequently, evena wholemagazinewouldnot giveenough pagesto thankeveryone.

His obituarynotedthat ?he wasone of those that guidedCornwallthrough75 yearsof steadyprogress.?Hewasa volunteer miliatmanduringthe ?Trent?affair and both Fenianthreats.Whenhe wastoo old to volunteerhe donatedmoneytowardsthe kilts and accoutrements of the 59th Battalion?s CadetCorpswhenit wasformedin 1907.

So we decidedto call on our residenthistorian,Mr. Ian Bowering,to researchsomeonefromour "Blast Fromthe Past"whowe couldhighlightinsteadand hereis whohe cameup with... Enjoy! Cornwallhasalwayshad men and womenwho have put their communitybeforethemselves. Now largelyforgotten,DuncanMonroewasfor more than half a centuryone of thesepeople In 1901it wasreportedthat,?Mr.Monroehas frequentlybeen solicitedto accepthonoursat the handsof his fellowcitizens,and werehe to offer for the highestofficein the gift of the townspeople seriousoppositionwouldnot be thoughtof.He prefers,however,to lead a peacefulprivatelife,and seeksno rewardsavethat whichcomesfrom a consciousness of dutywell performed.? Born in Charlottenburg Township(SouthGlengarry), his father,a blacksmith,arrivedin Canadafrom Scotlandin 1832and two yearslater married CatherineMcMillanfrom LochielTownship(North Glengarry).Monroe attendedschoolsthroughout Glengarry,wherehelearnedto speakGaelic.After finishingschoolhe movedto Buckingham,Quebec, to workas a generalstoreclerkfor sevenyears, learnedFrenchand joinedthe OrangeLodge.

Duncan Monroe, (1842 - 1936) in full regalia as a Highland Laird.

Duncan Monroe's home, Cedar Brae, 5th St. E.

He cameto Cornwallin 1864to workin William Mattice?slargeretailemporium.After 13 years Monroechangedcareersand becamethe agentfor RoyalFire InsuranceCompanyand for a whilewent into partnershipwith GarfieldH. Cottrellto form Monroand Cottrell. Makinginsurance?hislife work,?Monroewas creditedwith representing?onlythe verybest companies,? and by 1906,his reputationwassuch that he wasthe onlyfire insuranceagentin Canada HighlandAvenue - Monroebuilt this grantedthe authorityto adjustall lossesin his "splendidrow of dwellings,'on the south district. side of 5th St. E, whichservedas Monroesaw the opportunitiesCornwalloffered entrepreneurs and joineda local consortiumto financeStormontElectricwhilebranchingout into otherlinesof the insurancebusiness.


Keenlyinterestedin education,Monroeacted as secretary-treasurer for the Boardof Trusteesof the CornwallPublicSchoolfor 62 years,and held the samepositionfor the CornwallHigh SchoolBoard.(CCVS).For many yearshe donateda medalto the studentwho achievedthe higheststandingin Canadianand Britishhistory. Monroeservedseveraltermson TownCouncil; as Presidentof the CornwallCheeseand ButterBoard;Secretaryof the Boardof Traded (Chamberof Commerce);in variouscapacities in the St. Andrew?sSociety,Sonsof Scotland, CornwallClub,CornwallLacrosseClub, CornwallCurlingClub,hockeyand football clubs.He wasalso ?a most enthusiasticgolfer, and great admirerof Highlanddancingand the skirl o?the bagpipes.? An Elder of St. John?sPresbyterian Churchand loyalOrangeman,he servedas GrandMaster of OntarioEast.Locallyhe wasinstrumentalin the revivalof LodgeNo. 880,?and had the honourof havingthe lodge? namedafter him.?Youcan still see his nameon the Lodge?s buildingaboveMelodyMusicon Pitt Street. Whilethe lodgehas oftenbeenviewedas a racistorganizationMonroedid not fit that stereotype. Monroe?sobituaryrelatedthat ?Hisaffiliationto the OrangeLodgedid not in any way tend to affecthis toleranceor friendshipwith othercreeds,?and he had the ?warmestpersonalfriends,?with membersof St. Columban?sParish.

From everythingI read aboutMonroe,I thoughthe wasa bachelor,until I uncovered one lonenewsstoryabouthis 50th wedding "monumentsto hisfaithin Cornwall's anniversary,typicallyhowever,the storydid future." Ever the lover of "TheLandof the not givehis wife?snameand even his lengthy Gael,"he took great delightin callingthis obituaryfailsto mentionher!

sectionof 5th St.E.,betweenSydneyand Pitt Streets,HighlandAvenue.




vegetableson sever al city pr oper ties,such as the fir ehall,w hich w ould pr ovidevegetablesfr ee for picking.This year ,at the ninth annual festival,this popular event has gr ow n to w her e w e gave aw ay 2800 plantsto encour agethe steps tow ar d food secur ity and thus build local r esilience.


from By Joh n Tow n dr ow AlthoughTr ansitionCor nw all+has been ar ound for over tw elveyear s,I still r un into peoplew ho have never hear d of us. I?m not sur e if that?sa failur eon our par t for not gettingour m essageout or because the clim atecr isissim pledoesn?t show up on som e folks?r adar.

Other Tr ansitionCor nw all+achievem ents includedr aftingthe City?sTr ee Canopy Policy, w or kingw ith the City to achieveits ?Silver ? statusas a ?BicycleFr iendlyCom m unity?, holdingan annual ?Seedy Satur day?event to get gar dener sstar ted for each gr ow ing season;plantinga tiny ur ban for est adjacent to the libr ar y as an oasisand an educational tool; and advocatingfor clim atefr iendly policiesin all m unicipalofficial plansand str ategicplanningexer cises.Hundr edsof other film s,eventsand ar ticleshave incr easedthe public know ledgeand aw ar enessof the need for ur gent clim ate action.

Begi n n i n gs. Seeingthe need to tr ansitionaw ay fr om our dependenceon car bon-basedfuels, a sm all gr oup of citizenskicked off clim ateaction at an event on October 24, 2009 at the libr ar y called The Show of Handsfor 350! It waspar t of the Inter nationalDay of Clim ateAction. The intent w as to aler t peopleto the need to keep the car bon in our atm ospher ebelow 350 ppm .

The Cor nw allCar bon ReductionInitiativew as alr eady under w ayin the City and an ar ticlein Or ion M agazineabout the Tr ansitionTow n M ovem entpr oved to be a r oad m ap for how to continuethe tr ansitionw or k in the City and sur r oundingar eas,(the ?+?in our nam e).Tr ansition Cor nw all+w as officiallylaunchedAugust 18, 2010, at the Com m unityGar denson Water Str eet. The ear ly year sw er e spent buildingaw ar enessthr ough m ovies,pr esentationsand discussion cir clesto m unicipalitiesand com m unitygr oups. In 2011, Tr ansitionCor nw all+m et the cr iter iato becom ean official ?Tr ansitionTow n?,w hich m eant the w e becam eone of hundr edsof like-m indedcom m unitiesall over the w or ld,w ho w er e?? dedicatedto buildingresilienceand sustainabilitythroughlocal actionsin response to climatechange,resourcedepletionand economicuncertainty?. We w er e officiallyendor sedby the city on Apr il 13, 2013 w hen Cor nw allCity Council passed a r esolutionto ?collabor atew ith Tr ansitionCor nw all+?and w e w er e invited to have for m al r epr esentationon the M unicipalEnvir onm entalAdvisor yCom m ittee. Now ,tw elveyear slater ,it w as ver y encour agingto have Cor nw all City Council vote on Decem ber 13, 2021, to declar ea clim ate em er gencyand to com m it to r educegr eenhousegas em issionsin the city to 40% - 50% below their 2005 levelsby 2030. This is a huge positivestep by the city since Tr ansitionCor nw all+began to advocate for r educingour dependencyon fossil fuels.

Act i on s. To focuson the cr itical ar eas,w e have establishedfour ?Action Gr oups?- Food, ActiveTr anspor tation,WasteReductionand Tr ee Action Ar br e.Wear e also a WorkingGroupof the Social Developm ent Council of Cor nw alland Ar ea as w e each have over lappinggoals. Our fir st lar ge publicevent in 2012, called ?W intr y Am usem ents? w as held at the Libr ar y.It?s goal w as to pr ovidean alter nativeChr istm as par ty,show inghow w e can com e together as a com m unityto celebr ateand have fun, w ithout the usual consum er ism ,w hen w e involvecr aftspeople,stor yteller s,m usicians,gam esand lear ning fr om our indigenousneighbor s. Our second lar ge publicevent in 2013, called the ?Incr edible EdiblePlant Festival,?br ought together par tner sto show how anyonecan gr ow a little of their ow n food. The fam ily-fr iendlyevent included gar deningadviceon gr ow ing food, m usic,costum es,and gam esalong w ith givingaw ay about 150 potted vegetable plantsthat peoplecould gr ow in their gar den or even on a sm all ver andah.We also planted


W h at can I do? M any peoplear e now fully aw ar eof the need for ur gent clim ateaction.In a r ecent CBCpr ogr am ,The Cur r ent,ther e w er e m any ideaspr esentedon how each of us can be par t of the solution,how ever ther e is still the feelingthat our individual actions,w hether that?sdr ivingless, flying less, shar ing,bar ter ing,hom e insulation,or changingour eatinghabits,ar e too sm all and insignificant.Still, the peopleinter view edby M att Gallow ayconfir m edthat individual actionshave a huge cum ulativeim pact and that w e m ust all do just ?do somethingand not nothing?!In the pr ogr am ,som e of the m ost em pow er ingideascam e fr om sm all and m edium sized businesses. Businessow ner son the pr ogr am encour agedother em ployer sto take sm all stepslike cr eatingClimateSquadsto w elcom ein their em ployeesto look at r educingthe top sour cesof ener gy use. It could be in tr anspor tation, w aster eduction, r efr iger ation,heating or lighting. Em pow er ingem ployees to br ing ideas, enthusiasmand solutionscan be ver y pr oductiveand of cour se,is just as valid at the m unicipal gover nm entlevel as it is w ith businesses. Som e businesseshave taken the step to achieve?Clim ateSm ar t Cer tification?,w hich is an aw ar d-w inningtr ainingpr ogr am that helpssm all and m edium businessesin ever y industr yto cr eatea gr eenhousegas inventor y,then devisea GHGem issionsr eduction plan to take action and m ake change.Other com paniestackled these stepsto r educetheir ener gy and car bon use on their ow n, m aking use of tools such as Pr oject Dr aw dow n. M unicipalitieslike Cor nw all w ill join gr oupslike BuildingAdaptive and ResilientCom m unities(BARC)and Local Gover nm entsFor Sustainability(ICLEI)to gain exper t know ledgeon how m unicipalitiescan fight clim atechange. W hen em ployeesw or k together in a ClimateSquad,they get a better idea of w hat?sinvolvedin the har d task of m akingchanges.All of us can take individualactionsbut w hen peoplew or k in a gr oup they can be m or e effectivein advocatingfor ur gent policy changesat a gover nm entlevel. So talk to your em ployer or your fr iendsand neighbor sabout for m inga ClimateSquadand r am p up your effor ts to not only take effectiveclim ateaction but save your self and your com panysom e m oney too. Tr ansitionCor nw all+is alw ayslookingfor ideasand to engagenew par ticipantsso pleaseconnect w ith us at w w ansitioncor nw





Win t er Par k in g Rest r ict ion s in t h e Cit y of Cor n w all ar e on Un t il M ar ch 1st Parking on any roadway between the hours of 1am and 7am is prohibited regardless of weather forecast. The fine for violating the winter parking restrictions is $30 For info on parking restrictions please call 613-932-5354 or visit On January 22nd join aut hor Kat herine Vrast ak at t he Cornwal l Publ ic Library where she wil l be signing copies of her newest books " Ignit e Possibil it ies" & "Ignit e

t he Hunger in You"!!

It ' s c o l d o u t ... s o w a r m u p w it h s o m e in d o o r p u z z l es SUDOKU SOLUTION ...







DOWN 1. Shortens pants 2. Like fair share 3. Short for memorandum 4. Antebellum 5. Polynesian kingdom 6. Ten-pin establishment 7. Bucolic poem 8. *Ride on runners 9. *Winter building material 10. Tolstoy's Karenina 11. R&B Charles 13. *Glittery decor 14. Condescend


1. Rope fiber 5. Mai ____ 8. Russia's Terrible one, e.g. 12. "What ____ Happened to Baby Jane?" 13. Tattled 14. Actress Reed 15. Internet share-able 16. Inwardly 17. Black tropical hardwood 18. *Winged impression in winter 20. Home of the Hawkeyes 21. Investigative report 22. Chicken or this? 23. Not dense 26. Early-day supercontinent 30. Afternoon shut-eye 31. Even though 34. Picture on a coat 35. Anti-seniors sentiment 37. Jean of Dadaism 38. Crewneck alternative 39. Half-man, half-goat 40. Arm cover 42. Victoria Beckham ____ Adams 43. Lacking sense of moral standards 45. Flying high 47. Often part of disguise 48. Queen-like 50. Wood file 52. *____ ____ Plunge 56. Secret stash 57. Damien's prediction 58. Not at work 59. Opposite of cation 60. Abbreviated seconds 61. Precedes stated rank 62. Moon pull 63. *Like toddy or cocoa 64. Trans-Siberian Railroad city

19. Indian black tea 22. Nibble 23. Big mess 24. Like a Druid, e.g. 25. Celery, technically 26. *Snowman's corn cob accessory 27. Are not 28. Wedding singer, e.g. 29. Questioned 32. *Snow____, ammunition 33. *"But I heard him exclaim, ____ he drove out of sight..." 36. *Winter walking aid 38. Type of consonant


40. Actors' grp. 41. a.k.a. strict vegetarians 44. Mature, as in fruit 46. Like Silas of "The Da Vinci Code" 48. Young Montague 49. Decide at the polls 50. Jasmine of "Aladdin" 51. Turns blue litmus red 52. # 42 Across, once 53. Cheese from Netherlands 54. Contributions to the poor 55. Stink to high heaven 56. *Arctic ____, snowmobile brand



M a rl e ne


Hi thereto everyonewho hastakenthe timeto pickup a Seekerthis month!Welcometo a NewYear!I had a wonderfulholidayseasonwithmy familythisChristmas,goinga bit West to Osgood,thenEast to Alexandriato enjoytheseasonwithtwodaughters and fivegrandsons!Manyof uswere hopefulthat thetwentiesmightbea reflectionof theroaringtwenties,but it'smorelikea reflectionof the SpanishFlu so far.Thispandemic showsno signof slowingdown,but wecan all do our part in keepingup withvaccinationsand continuingto followsafe measuressuchasmask-wearingand social distancing.Havinggottenthat out of theway, wecan lookforwardto 2022withhopeand optimism.Nowthat thedaysaregetting longeragain,wecan lookforwardto spring and moredaylight.In themeantime,get out there,try to enjoythewinter.Perhapstry cross-countryskiingor show-shoeing.Manyof therecreationtrailsareflattenedby enough feet so that wecan go for a walkjust wearing warmbootson our feet.Thereareso many advantagesof freshair,we'llsleepbetter,the exercisewill do usgood,and it'sa verysafe environmentasfar asCOVIDisconcerned. (unlessyou'rein a tightlypackedgroup)You mightevenbringsomesunflowerseedsto feedto thechickadees,astheywill eat right out of yourhandif youarepatient. TIPOFTHEMONTH:Start thedayby appreciatingyourselfin themirror.Do you see littlelinesyounevernoticedbefore,or perhaps a greyhairor two?Appreciatethem,because theyaretellingyouyou'velivedthislongand havea longwayyet to go.Lookin youreyes. Seeyoursoul.Areyouhappywithwhoyou are?If not,changeit. You aretheonlyperson alivein theuniversewiththepowerto do that. Do it. Lovewhoyouare.Did you do wrongto someone?Ownup and apologizeto them. Tomorrow'sgazein themirrorwill benicer.Did youignorean urgeto contactsomeone?Call them.Thenext gazein themirrorwill alsobe better.Onlyyou can do whatmakesyoua morefulfilledand happyperson.Thenew year can't do it, but youcan. ITEMOFTHEMONTH:Onceagain,wehave anotheroriginalpieceof artworkby thevery

accurate.In 1582,PopeGregoryVIIIhad the errorfixedby creatinga 'leapyear'everyfourth year.Thisbroughtthe calendarperfectlyin line withthe solarchangesand we areusingthisversion today. FAMILYNEWS:January 12 ismy daughter Victoria'sbirthdayand Jan 21 ismylatetwin Darlene's2nd daughter Miranda'sbirthday. Victoriaenjoysbeinga newmomto her fivemonthold babyboy Hudson. BUSINESSNEWS:TheSeekeritselfhasa great deal on advertising,withlotsof choicesin ad sizeand placement.Reachtheright people withyourmessageby takingan ad in the Seeker. UNTILNEXTMONTH:Start thenew yearwith courage.You mayhavebeenstuckin a dead-endjob,or a dead-endrelationship,or someothersituationthat hasn'tbeen beneficialfor you.Get out!Arrangea new job, or taketrainingso you can earnmore.Leave that cheating,abusiveor disinterestedpartner. Thesedays,peoplestayin relationships becausetheycan't affordto liveon theirown, but therearewaysto makethishappen.Rent witha friendor two,or find a smaller apartment,or earnmoremoney.Thereare alwayssolutionsthat aremuchbetterthan stayingstuck.Make2022theyearyou break freefromthemundaneand makelifeexciting again! MarleneListerof &



talentedJasonSauve. Thiswas a Christmas Gift for Johnnyafterhe likedthefirst oneso much! What will thenew year bring? It bringswhatyou bring.Sittingbackand expectingthingsto happenisnot theway to approachit, but makeplansand see themthrough. Whetheryou'redoing majorindoor renovations,or just reorganizingyour underweardrawer, you can do somethingproductiveto improve yourdailylife.I alwaysstart my dayby making thebed,that wayI'vealreadyaccomplished somethingof valuebeforeI evenget downstairs.If weeachdo a few smallpositive improvements, it will add up.Thiscan encompassphysicalexercise,changesto our diet,quittingsmokingor alcohol,or any numberof things.It mightevenbeonecookie withyourcoffeeinsteadof two,or oneglassof wineinsteadof two.It couldmeanadding thingstoo,new foods,perhapsnewclothes, haircolor,tattoos,whateveryou chooseto add. But I can guaranteethat sittingaroundwaiting for thenewyearto giveyounew thingsnever works.Theyearisn't a thingthat can give. Whatwill theyearbringyou?Exactlywhatyou put intoit for yourself.Let it bringyou better health,a bit morewealth,morefriends,more joy,thelist islimitless,but it'sup to you to makeit happen.A list of resolutionsseldom works,but goingaheadand tryingnew thingsmightbea betterapproach.I planon gettingoutsideand walking,cycling, kayakingand more.I alsoplanon downsizinglotsof my 'stuff'that I've collectedovertheyears,by givingto charitiesand thosein need.Johnnyand I alsoplanto spendmoretimetogether.It's so easyfor long-termcouplesto fall intoa routinewherethey'forget'to really communicate,and wedon'twantthat to everhappenwithus. FUNFACTS: Did youknowthat the astronomerSosigeneswasresponsiblefor creatingthecalendar?It consistedof 365 days,dividedintomonthsof 30 or 31 days. Sosigeneshad beencommissionedby Julius Caesarto createit. But asyearswent by,the calendarslowlyslippedaheadof thesun's movementsand no longerremained

Starteachweek@10am withM ONDA M Y ORNI NG see the Seeker Facebook Page M OTI V A TI ON with the SeekerChicksfor link to get in or watch THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP




ar eas, our balance is put to the test by w alking car efully acr oss logs to get acr oss to fir m er gr ound. Success! We all get thr ough w ithout incident. I enjoy m eander ing tr ails such as these, not only because they m axim ize the space, or because they m ake the exper ience feel m or e like a jour ney than a destination, but because fr om my position at the r ear , I can often catch glim pses of those ahead as they tr avel tow ar ds m e on a section of the sam e tr ail r unning par allel to m e. The longer the pr ocession, the m or e com ical it seem s. Beasley show s no sign of fatigue and r em ains ver y attentive to his sur r oundings, detecting scents by the side of the tr ail, his ear s pr icking at the occasional sound. Per haps ther e is a deer cam ouflaged in the br ush a distance aw ay that only he can sense. I am sur e he is as disappointed as I am to r each the end of our hike. The tim e has gone by far too quickly, but ther e w ill be other outings to look for w ar d to this w inter. M y w ish on this fir st snow day is that sever al billion m or e flakes w ill unite to cr eate a thick gr ound cover so that other outdoor enthusiasts such as I, can choose to glide thr ough the w oods on cr oss-countr y skis next tim e. M y finger s ar e cr ossed in the hope that this w ish w ill not be jinxed by publicly shar ing these w r itten w or ds. Only tim e w ill tell.

M AKE A WISH By Sylvie O'Rou r k e An ear ly-m or ning glim pse out my w indow br ings m e joy. The pr om ised for ecast has been deliver ed. The cool w hite landscape outside is enticing m e to pull on my boots. Ther e is som ething m agical about the fir st snow fall of the season. Som e believe that if you m ake a w ish on the fir st snow day, it w ill com e tr ue. All I know for sur e is that the br ow n after m ath that follow s the m ost colour ful season of the year has been r eplaced w ith cotton ball fluff, and that for m e, br ings the pr om ise of good things to com e. Even the sun is happy today, cheer fully illum inating the fr osty cr ystals for our benefit. This is especially significant as w e have planned a for est w alk today. We m eet at the entr ance to Sum m er stow n For est, five adults, and an Austr alian Shepher d nam ed Beasley. Our four -legged fr iend is full of ener gy, bar king, and getting his legs tangled in his leash in his excitem ent to get going. Beasley?s joyful im patience m akes us laugh, and after choosing our r oute, w e indulge him . Tr uth be told, w e ar e just as anxious as he is to w alk the tr ails, but it w ould not do to expr ess our selves in a sim ilar fashion.

(I n m em or y of Jean Bu sh an d Gor don Hew ar d, bot h ch er i sh ed m em ber s, w h o passed aw ay i n 2021.) For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at or like us on Facebook.

M esm er ized by the beauty ar ound m e, I captur e a half dozen photos befor e w e even r each the tr ailhead. I enjoy the fr eshness of new ly fallen snow still clinging to bushes and br anches, and I take a few still shots befor e hur r ying to catch up w ith the gr oup. It is not unusual for m e to str ay fr om the other s because som ething dr aw s my inter est elsew her e. The photogr apher in m e is for ever aler t. I am happy to be a follow er today r ather than a leader as I am paying no attention to our r oute, fully confident that I am being led in the r ight dir ection. I am sur e that Beasley senses my w ander ing episodes because occasionally, I catch him stopping to glance back, as if to m ake sur e I am still w ithin sight. He needs not be concer ned as I am alw ays w ithin ear shot of the lively chats ahead. The sunshine slanting thr ough the fr agr ant ever gr eens casts elongated shadow s acr oss the for est, highlighting the discar ded pine needles on the for est floor and the tiny cr isscr ossed tr acks of for aging cr itter s. As w e appr oach low er gr ound, w e encounter a few par tially fr ozen w ater hazar ds. The ice is thin and not to be tr usted. W hen w e cannot easily cir cumvent these



W ishing H appy

you a 2022

Stay Pr otected!



O nce upon a winter


By I a n Bower i ng

Winter weather conditionsmake good headlines,here are a few from our past.

McConnell.In the morning,one of the residentslooked into his basement to see how bad it was, and spotted a large pickerel. He now baited his fishing pole and reeled the fish in. Before he fried his catch for breakfast though, he contacted the ?Standard-Freeholder, who sent a photographerover to capture the moment for posterity.

Cornwall was often subject to flooding,caused by ice-jams in the St. Lawrence,beforewater levels were controlled by the InternationalPower Dam. On January 30, 1929, one of the two local newspapersheadlined:?The River on a Rampage,Streets in East Cornwall Flooded.? ?The St. Lawrence River passing the south end of Alice and Louisa streets? wenton a rampage? andas a result residentsof these streets for a distance of 150 feet (45.72 metres) from the usual summer edge of the river were marooned in their homes by the on-rush of ice and water almost as quickly as it takes to relate it.? ?People in the locality were preparing for the evening meal at the time and operativeswere returning home? whenthey heard a roar and rush of water as the ice shoved and in a twinkling water washed over the banks? and into gardensand cellars and homes were surroundedby a raging torrent before?anyone knew what had happened. Families rushed to save each other and headed to the highest points in their homes. ?The news of the flood spread through the town like wildfire and in a short time streetcars,?taxis andprivatecars were carrying people to safety in front of several hundred on-lookers. ?Huge cakes of ice, many of them as large as small homes, were hurtled along by the rush of water, one immense block landing squarely in the centre?of Louisa Street. My favourite story about flooding caused by ice-jams happened in the 1950s. One night the river ?s banks overflowed inundatinghomes south of Montreal Road on South


Louisa Street flooded, 1929. Note the huge ice-block in front of the porch.

While the ice-storm of ?98 looms large, the most memorable snowstormwasthe ?Big Blow?of March 4, 1971, which dumped 52 cms of snow over a 29 hour period, making it the largest recorded snowstorm in Cornwall?shistory.The storm was so severe Highway 401, just east of the Brookdaleoverpass was closed for two days, stranding 500 trucks. The snow prevented almost everyone but a few hardy reporters at the ?Standard-Freeholder ?and essential workers from getting to work.To keep the hospitalsopen (Cornwall had two at the time), nurses and staff were carried in on snowmobiles,while helicopters delivered emergencycases to the Hotel Dieu.

1971 was a record breaking year for snow across Ontario.Asa student in residenceat London?sWestern A flooded riverside structure and ice blocks along the University,I was trapped in my room for three days, along with river, west of Cornwall, late 1940s. everyone else during the Great Blizzard of January 26. This storm dropped 60 cms of snow and paralyzed southwesternOntario for six days, causing 160,000 traffic accidents.Due to a fortunatequirk of fate I was prepared,and while other studentshad to wait for snowmobilersto bring sustenance to the residence,I had a case of beer in the fridge, a selection of cold cuts and crackers,and a copy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn?sOne Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich,a grim depiction of an inmate?sday in the Soviet Gulag, to assure me that as bad as the blizzard was, there was An ice-jam bordering Cornwall's East End before water always somethingmuch worse!

levels were controlled by the RH Saunders Dam.




GardeningQuestions- ASK ANNA...




Hello everyone!My name is Anna and I manageyour local Harvest Garden Centreon the corner of Vincent Masseyand Powerdam Road in Cornwalland I'm here to answer your garden related questions. To start thingsoff, I'd just like to wish a Happy New Year to all my plant people!Now that we are stuck inside for the winter months,one thing we can do is add some plantsinside to boost our mood and clean the air of toxins,as plantscan removeup to 10% of carbon dioxidein your home.Here are my top 3 low-maintenanceindoor plants.

In third place we have Aloe Ver a. I try to keep some on hand year-roundfor accessto quick relief of insect bites, burns,or blisters.To use this plant just break an older leaf off and squeezethe jelly out and apply directlyto the area. Aloe Vera also has the neat ability to releasea lot of oxygen into the air at night, so it is a great idea to sleep with Aloe Vera in your bedroom.All you need is accessto bright,indirect sunlight,usuallya southernor western window,and allow the soil to dry in-between watering. My second pick is the Sn ake Plan t .This one is for the people who forget to water sometimes. The Snake Plant is a much more forgivingplant than other plants becauseit prefersto be dryer. All you need is some medium to low sunlight and allow the soil to dry betweenwatering. Easy-peasy.


ut f act s ab o

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr 613-938-9297

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f NOVEM BER, 2 0 2 1 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-ou Lu t n ch es- 1801 FoodHam per s- 856 NewRef er r als- 103 In dividu als ser ved- 1642(530Children- 1112Adults) The 8th Annual Peanut Butter Challenge w as a huge success this year. Each year this event is spear headed by Royal LePage Per for m ance Realty. Thanks to the challenges put out to the com m unity, 1537 jar s of peanut butter now stock the shelves of our foodbank! St. Andr ew ?s Fir e Depar tm ent ? South Stor m ont Station 4 collected 638 jar s! Thank you to ever yone w ho accepted the challenge to m ake 2021 the best year yet! Novem ber has been packed w ith schools, businesses and fam ilies or ganizing food dr ives. These effor ts have a huge im pact on our food bank and soup kitchen. Som e food dr ives can br ing in 500 lbs and m or e of non-per ishable item s. This m onth w e held our annual Hunger Aw ar eness Challenge w ith thr ee par ticipants.This challenge helps to cr eate aw ar eness about the im por tant issue of hunger faced by so m any in our com m unity. Each Hunger Aw ar eness Cham pion eats fr om a lim ited supply of food item s for 5 days. Pledges ar e collected fr om fam ily and fr iends as they r epor t their exper ience by answ er ing daily questions and pr oviding feedback about their thoughts, challenges and cr eative m eal plans. This year our par ticipants r aised close to $2500! A w ar m hear ted thank you to each of our Hunger Aw ar eness Cham pions for their dedication to the ser vices w e pr ovide for those m ost vulner able in our com m unity. We ar e so for tunate to be par t of this am azing city. A hear tfelt thank you goes out to ever y individual, fam ily or business w ho suppor ts the ser vices w e pr ovide for those in need. We love our com m unity! No one shouldever go hungr yI f you need help - conta ctus at 613-938-9297OR cometo the centr eat: 40 Fifth Str eet West,Cor nwa ll,Onta r io

And my favoritelow-maintenanceindoor plant is the Spider Plan t ! These guys are a very tough plant makingthem great for anyone.Simplygive them bright to moderatelight and water once a week in warm weather and let the soil dry a bit more in the cold months.I like to prune any brown leavesthat show up to allow the new growth to flourish.This is one of my favoritesright now becauseof the newer variety?Bonnie?,It's similar to the original but the leavesare curled in giving it a different look. If you wouldlike me to answerone of your questionsnext month,you can send your question to me at info@theseeker.caattentionAsk Anna. I hope everyonehas a fantasticmonth and be sure to stop by Harvest and say hi!






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G RO W Donat ing a Treasured It em t o a Regist ered Charit y f or a Taxabl e Donat ion Receipt . Personal Propert y Appraising by John H. Grow December 21st . 2021 We are coming to a new year, new opportunities and sometimes looking back to all the stuff that we have kept over the years. It could be Upper Canada furniture from the 1700's, a classic car that has been sitting in the garage for the past 35 years, or something else.

The decision to sell it or to donate it to a charitable organization is up to you. A taxable donation receipt may offset the taxes you would have to pay. Plus the charity / organization will benefit from the donation. Its important to verify that the charity is registered and its status current with the Canadian Revenue Agency. This can be done, by searching the name of the charity / organization. https:/ / ebci/ hacc/ srch / pub/ dsplyBscSrch?request_locale=en Many organizations will have an idea of value what what is being donated. If the receiver organization is requesting an appraisal report from a qualified professional appraiser, its because the value of the item being donated is of a high value and the organization is responsible to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for the value written on the taxable donation receipt. This is to


prevent the possibility of an item being overvalued or in cases of potential misuse of the nature of the taxable donation receipt.

A number of museums across Canada do accept certain items depending on their speciality and if they have space and a desire to acquire the item in question. Just because a museum is interested in a item, does not mean you are home free. Many museums do not have a budget to acquire an item, nor the funds for the transportation & insurance. Many museums will ask for an appraisal report, and funds to cover the transportation & insurance. It all goes back to what interest the item holds of interest to the museum. IE: Certain Military items would be of interest to the Canadian War Museum. It's worth noting that contacting and dealing with donation staff can take weeks to months. There are many cases where the museum is not at all interested in your item. Asking the staff if there anyone else you can talk talk to at another organization might be helpful. Sometimes you might not be sure as to what you have exactly, and if it has real value, or if it's worth the effort to donate it. A museum staffer would never try to buy the item that you have and if someone offers you an amount without the taxable donation receipt, walk away. Same goes for if someone tries to buy the item from you. Their job is not to educate you, but to turn a profit quickly. Do not be afraid to ask questions concerning why a museum / foundation or other charity wants the item you have. And if it will be displayed, or put into storage. Ask how this piece would fit into their organization. When donating an item to a foundation


or other charity, it's worth noting that auction houses can donate their time from which the item that you are donating is assigned a value. So you are issued an taxable donation reciept and the auction house is also valued one for the equivalent of their listed commission / fees. -Request s f or Appraisal s f rom Seeker Readers, last month generated many inquiries. Due to space limitations, we could not list all the items. All those who sent emails will be responded to personally. Discl aimer: We can not list any source where you might be able to donate an item. Doing so, without knowing what you have without exact detailed information would be an implied referral. Doing your own due diligence and research on your treasure is the donor's responsibility. The issuer of the charitable tax receipt has to be a registered charity / corporation.Please check with a accounting professional for taxation advice. Remember an offer to purchase an item from you is not a appraisal, but an offer to buy. Regardless of what the true value might be. About t he Aut hor John H. Grow, ISA-AM, is a partner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc. The firm specializes in antiquities, watches, clocks, jewelry, fine art, and collectables in general. John works with clients worldwide, museums, corporate and government agencies and has been featured on radio and television shows as well as charity appraisal fairs. He is also a public speaker. Suzanne Charlebois, gemologist, specializing in cut & uncut diamonds, gemstones, minerals & meteorites. She also does grading and identification of gemstones from mines. Prestige Evaluation Inc. can be found at http:/ / and Grow?s email is



This month, from Rick Ross to Lil Pump to Chief Keef and to Trippie Redd, it seems like a lot of big-name rappers dropped projects. In this article, I?ll be reviewing the two that I found to be the most interesting: ?Magic? by Nas, and ?Fighting Demons,? Juice Wrld?s second posthumous album. Nas - Magic In terms of Nas music, Magic is very much formulaic. Fortunately for the New York legend, however, his formula is one that has produced some of the best hip-hop albums of all time, including my personal favourite, Illmatic.

In this record, we hear tracks such as"40-16 Building" and "The Truth", which if I hadn't known better, I could mistake for Illmatic B-sides. Because of this, the LP isn't super memorable. It's just an easy to enjoy, sub-30-minute boom-bap record. It doesn't have a deep message to convey or a profound point to make, it's just a digestible album from an already acclaimed and beloved New York rapper. It is for this reason that the album wouldn?t be among my favourites for the year of 2021. Sure, it?s one of the most enjoyable, but when thinking about classic rap albums, all my personal favourites have rich themes. For example, ?Illmatic? is Nas?first studio album, and it is my favourite rap album ever because he successfully dives into deep thought about his love for his city, social issues, and his upbringing. In Magic, Nas just raps over old-school beats in a chill manner.

While this was not as apparent in Legends Never Die, it was a glaring weak point in Fighting Demons. Between features Juice would?ve never signed off on, such as Justin Bieber in ?Wandered to LA?, and weird production quirks such as a strange experimental beat that meshes terribly with Juice?s voice in the opening song ?Burn?, it is ridiculously clear that this album was a cash-grab that was not made with the intention of improving Juice?s legacy. With the ?Juice Wrld Speaks? interludes, some effort was made in making the LP seem authentic, but it mostly just came across as a last-ditch effort, probably after realizing this project comes across as a more disconnected cash-grab than the Emoji Movie. What saves this album from being a complete dumpster fire is the fact that Juice is just a really talented rapper and singer. Despite the record?s overarching flaws, songs like?Not Enough? and ?From My Window? are redeeming and feature sounds reminiscent of prime Juice Wrld truly working on what he loves to do in a studio. In these high-point songs, the production is strong, and the instrumentals don?t take away from Juice?s voice.

If I was able to speak to Juice?s team, I?d tell them to stop trying to milk his talent for a few extra bucks. I?m sure Juice Wrld fans would be happy to hear very generic Juice Wrld trap music. But I know from speaking to some of the biggest Juice Wrld fans, not many people were happy to hear Juice Wrld collab with Justin Bieber The production quality is a high, the or Suga ofCou the K-Pop CitNas, y of nw all n cil band BTS. This lyricism is on par with prime andCoralbum is all over the place, I can?t the features in?Wave Gods?are strong. recommend listening to it.2/ 5 But without a clear thematic Find more reviews approach, Magic f rom me at cannot be a l inkt mat eoskrrt special record. Not an all-time great, but very enjoyable. 3.5/ 5



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G O AW IL We are at the beginning of a New Year!



December?s Most Int riguing Hip-Hop project s

Since ?Legends Never Die? came out in the summer of 2020, I?ve been saying that Juice Wrld?s team needs to stop releasing posthumous music and let the man rest in peace. I believe that his two pre-death albums (?Goodbye & Good Riddance? and ?Death Race for Love?) were overall good projects. With Juice not having any executive say in the posthumous releases, they come off as disconnected and inauthentic.



Juice Wrl d ? Fight ing Demons

I meditate and look wisely on all the events that we have gone through together in the past 12 months. I meditate on the wisdom of life and I begin to imagine a bag full of events, feelings and dreams. A bag that was full to the brim at the end of the year.

Now is the time to rearrange things. To receive new events, feelings and dreams. In my bag I put all the gratitude for the friends and the kind souls I've met and all the happy moments we've created together. I put all the feelings that made me happy and even the ones that made me sad or worried. I've learned to grow by accepting all feelings. What takes the most space in my bag is an abundance of Love ... Love for Art, for life and for the light.



I feel the need to share this Love with everyone! Let's open our hearts and our bags and share stories, dreams and feelings. Only together can we carry on into the New Year and deal with whatever 2022 may bring! Sending you many successive waves of Love and always remember "Love is the way and Love is the answer " and "Kindness goes a long way"! Yaf a Ar t s & Cr af t s w w w.yaf f



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