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Lisa Duprau



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Oh Boy! What a year! Before writing this, I re-read the farewell note to 2018 I had penned last year. It made me nostalgic. I had not idea back then that our world was about to change so drastically. If I had known then what I know now, I would have basked in the spirit of the Holidays a little while longer... I would have made Christmas Morning extra, extra special and would have invited more people to my Christmas Dinner. I would have gone to that New Year's Eve Party. I would have savoured every little moment spent in Texas with my Family back in January. I would have had longer conversations, hugged them a little longer. 2020 looked promising! We were getting ready to celebrate our 10th year anniversary here at the Seeker, which is no small accomplishment for a print publication in this day and age. We were going to throw the celebration of the decade and party like it was 1999! Well, as we all know, that party, along with all other events, was canceled and our 10th year went unnoticed, overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which took over the entire world.

On a personal level, it's been a hard year too. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer this year. She suffered alone, died alone, her situation made significantly worst by the pandemic. I'm not sure just how much things would have been different had covid not hit, but I know that at the very least, I would have spent a lot more time visiting with her, hugging her and holding her hand. So my mental health, like that of many others, took a beating this year. I am thankful for the fact that I am fortunate enough not to have to stress about money beyond normal worries. My husband's job is essential, so we didn't take a cut in pay the way many others have. Sure, my business diminished, but we make due. I am also thankful that our situation allowed me to keep our children home for remote learning. That gave me peace of mind. But I am also angry. I am angry because while every legitimate health expert out there is begging us to do the right thing and hunker down--it was after all Ontario's doctors who called for another lockdown-- science deniers are doing the exact opposite. Our ICU's are getting filled up, which means that if not contained, at some point, some people won't get the care they need, whether it's covid related or not. And I am tired. I am tired of hearing that there is no pandemic or that this virus has a 99.9% recovery rate. Throwing this false statistic is a slap in the face to whomever has lost someone to covid, and totally disregards the fact that "recovered" does not mean "healed". The worst part is, there is an easy fix. The virus doesn't move, WE move it. So all we have to do is stay put, limit our outings, wash our hands and wear a mask a little while longer. 2021 is now here. I really hope it brings some sort of return to normalcy. One thing is certain, it will be what we make of it. You reap what you sow. We are collectively in this together and as long as we resist recommendations given by those who know better, this thing will not be going away. So my wish for the new year is this. May you get the wisdom required to see the truth, and adjust your ways to keep everybody safe. And health. I wish you lots of health. We all need it.


doin thepa st monthof December ?


Wella sSeekerChickJuliasays,2020definitely wa squitetheyea r a ndI 'm sur ewea r ea ll lookingfor wa r dto 2021a ndwonder ing what kindof a jour neyit will be - HAPPYNEWYEAR! I usually star t my colum n talking about my OUT and ABOUT adventur es and of cour se m ost of them pivoted ar ound Chr istm as shopping locally.

M y 3 childr en ar e gr ow n up and live in Calgar y so packages w er e sent out to each of them ear ly in Decem ber. Unfor tunately w ith the Chr istm as r ush and the fact that Canada Post is backed up w ith a lot m or e m ail than usual, due to people staying at hom e (as they ar e supposed to) and m ailing out gifts and ver sus visiting and deliver ing Chr istm as pr esents them selves, the 3 packages ar e som ew her e in postal lim bo and w ill hopefully r each their destinations soon. M y 2 gr andchildr en w ill r eceive their pr esents a bit late but it w ill just extend their celebr ations and I look for w ar d to w atching them opening their pr esents on the com puter scr een as w e did w ith Sheldon's (my life par tner s) childr en as w ell. They did get their pr esents on tim e via "cur bside deliver y"!!! I am so thankful for technology though as w e ar e all able to connect to each other via com puter scr een and stay safe in our ow n hom es. This year w as a differ ent kind of celebr ation due to COVID but if w e all stay diligent w ith our ma sk wea r ing, socia l dista ncing a nd ha nd sa nitizing, next year w ill hopefully be back to w hat w e ar e m or e accustom ed to, w ith fam ily and fr iends! Talking about shopping local, one of my favour ite places for gr ocer ies is Har vest M ar k et w ith locations at 75 Cor nw all Centr e Road and also on Vincent M assey Dr ive and Pow er Dam . Har vest, a fam ily ow ned and oper ated business, cer tainly pivoted w hen COVID hit us. (in photo below r ight is co-ow ner Linda holding the Decem ber Seeker - she is the cover gir l!!!) They closed the r estaur ant and tr ansfor m ed that ar ea into a gift stor e and the r est of the building is now a com plete gr ocer y stor e w ith fr esh veggies, fr uits, all kinds of canned goods, a fr esh baker y (w ith aw esom e pum per nickle br ead), r otisser ie chickens and even cleaning supplies.


Continued on nextpa ge.



OUT an d ABOUT w i t h Seek er Ch i ck M ai -Li i s cont. Har vest M ar ket is a com plete "one stop shop" and now that w e ar e in a Lockdow n it is a ver y safe place to go to do our gr ocer ies, especially for the elder ly w ith Cur bside pickup available. Cal l Har vest at 613-938-2112.

Lockdown Du r in g t h e Jan u ar y lock dow n , in door r ecr eat ion f acilit ies, So I alr eady m entioned how Chr istm as w as differ ent this year as w e w er e asked to only have in per son get together s w ith the people that ar e in our im m ediate households. Of cour se now Cor nw all is in a Gr ey pr ovince-w ide lockdow n that began on Decem ber 26th at 12:01 am and w ill last for 28 days. I'm sur e w e ar e all w onder ing w hat w ill be open, closed, m odified etc. Hopefully the follow ing info w ill help: City Council a nd sta ff ur ge r esidents to follow r estr ictions. The lockdown continues until Satur day, Ja nua r y 23.

in clu din g t h e Ben son Cen t r e an d t h e Aqu at ic Cen t r e ar e closed . www.Cornwall.ca/coronavirus

M unicipal ser vices and facilities w ill be affected. Please see the list below. OPEN W I TH PRECAUTI ONS: Par am edics, police officer s, and fir efighter s w ill continue to r espond to 911 calls. Please keep your distance w hile COVID-19 scr eening takes place, and w ear your m ask . Calls to 911 should be lim ited to em er gencies. Cor nw all Tr ansit continues to oper ate. Please take the bus only for essential tr ips (such as w or k, gr ocer ies, and tr ips to the phar m acy). Wear your m ask, sanitize your hands, keep your distance ? and do not take the bus if you ar e feeling unw ell. M eals on W heels ser vice w ill not be disr upted. Child car e centr es w ill r em ain open. The Cor nw all Public Libr ar y w ill r eopen for cur bside ser vice on Januar y 4.

for m ore info

CLOSED: M unicipal offices ar e closed fr om Thur sday, Decem ber 24 at noon. Offices w ill r e-open for essential business on M onday, Januar y 4 at 9 a.m . All indoor r ecr eation facilities, including the Benson Centr e and Aquatic Centr e, ar e closed until Januar y 23. Only one essential car egiver per r esident is per m itted to visit the Glen Stor Dun Lodge. Essential car egiver s m ust have been assessed by the Dir ector of Car e, taken the Lodge?s IPAC cour se and have a r ecent negative COVID-19 test (w ithin the last 7 days). To lear n m or e, call our Fam ily Ser vices Super visor at 613-933-3384 ext. 4219. No visits ar e per m itted (inside or outside) and r esidents ar e not able to leave pr em ises unless it is for a m edical appointm ent. To book a vir tual call, please contact the r ecr eation team at 613-933-3384 ext. 4248. RESTAURANTS: Open for takeout, deliver y or cur bside pickup only. No eating in. RETAI L: Liquor and beer stor es r em ain open w ith 25 per cent capacity Phar m acies r em ain open w ith 50 per cent capacity Convenience stor es and super m ar kets r em ain open w ith 25 per cent capacity. The Cor nw all Squar e w ill only have cur bside pickup but ther e w ill be access the Shopper s Dr ug M ar t. Cur bside pickup only at pet food, clothing, com puter and har dw ar e stor es. Gar den Centr es and Cannadis stor es - cur bside or deliver y only. Car sales ar e open by appointm ent only Big box stor es selling gr ocer ies ar e open w ith 25 per cent capacity. FI TNESS an d EVENTS: Gym s w ill be closed - m any gym s & yoga studios offer vir tual classes. NO INDOOR public events and only gather w ith people you live w ith. Outdoor or ganized public events only 10 people allow ed. Par ks and tr ails w ill r em ain open. Big Ben is closed. W EAR YOUR M ASKS, SOCI AL DI STANCE& WASH HANDSOFTEN

East ernOnt arioHeal t hUnit - 1-800-267-7120Localhel p- 211 www.ont ario.ca





JimMcDonell, MPP Jim McDonell has always been a staunch advocate for Eastern Ontario, and during this pandemic, Jim has been working with Federal and Municipal levels of government to ensure that our area receives the attention it needs.

Dr. Paul Roumel iot is As he sits on the Provincial Public Health Measures Table, that's the folks who provide recommendations to the chief medical officer of health, who then creates formal recommendations for cabinet, Dr. Paul has been making sure, among other thing, that our area is handling the pandemic in a proper way, that strong measures are implemented and enforced, and that testing & contact tracing are done in a timely fashion.

Maureen Adams The Chief Administrative Officer of the City led Cornwall's emergency pandemic response with efficiency, and coordinated resources both internally and externally to make sure the residents were kept informed and that administrative functions kept running smoothly.

Eric Duncan, MP

Bernadet t e Cl ement Our mayor was thrown in the Covid Mix early. It was back in February, when the Federal Government chose Cornwall's NAV Centre as the quarantine spot for repatriated cruise ship passengers that Clement got a taste of things to come. She has shown strong leadership, compassion and decisiveness in her dealings with the pandemic.

Eric is a powerful voice as a representative for the area. As an active volunteer himself, Eric has been involved with nearly 50 organizations, groups and events, raising millions of dollars for charity and important causes in the area. During the pandemic, he has been working to advocate for all people of this riding.


John Lucio

We just love what we've been seeing coming out of the Cornwall Chamber since Greg has taken over as Executive Director. Whether it is the weekly council meeting wrap-ups,the awesome videos featuring our downtown core, or the new "Shop Local" website,we are totally impressed. No, we weren't able to have pub nights this year, but you know what? The chamber found different ways to keep everybody connected. Ant that's awesome!

When Covid hit and the community was told to hunker down, John saw a need arise. He knew people at risk, quarantining and/ or their caregivers, would need a way to get groceries without leaving the house. GOFEEDME was born. In partnership with the United Way and the Optimist Club of Cornwall, John built a network of volunteers to shop for the most vulnerable, and did a lot of the shopping and delivering himself. Thank you John! www.gofeedme.ca

TerryMuir Do we really have to say anything about Mr. Muir? Recipient of the Chamber Awards' Citizen of the Year, the man who saved this year's Ribfest, gave us a Drive Through Halloween and made the Santa Reverse Parade happen, Terry didn't let Covid ruin 2020. Instead, he and his team found new innovative ways to adapt, ways that landed Cornwall on national news more than once over the past 10 months. Kudos!

LisaDuprau The Agape Centre's new executive director, as well as the whole team there! Lisa started shortly before the pandemic and was able to pivot to make sure we kept feeding people even during scary and uncertain times. She continues to develop partnerships and work creatively to ensure our clients are fed with dignity.

The # 1 Spot goes t o... And t he dishonourabl e ment ion goes t o... Phot o by: MAI-LIIS

Al l Front l ine Workers

From doctors to PSW, from cashiers to truckers to warehouse workers, from journalists to teachers, without forgetting police officers and politicians, our thanks go to you, the true heroes of the pandemic. You kept us fed, healthy, informed, safe, often sacrificing your own well-being for the greater good of society. Many of you went to work scared, but did it anyway because we needed you. Words cannot express how appreciated you are, how needed you are, how ESSENTIAL you are.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!



Covid aka "inf amous" 19 Shame on you. You know, Covid, you really wanted your 15 minutes of fame and wouldn't stop at anything to get it, even if it meant that the entire wold was going to suffer. You've killed almost 2 million people in your short 9 months of existence, making you a destructive, vindictive little being, with no morals. But we're on to you, Covid. We've studied how you operate. We know your weak spots. And we're coming for you. 2021 won't be good to you. We're got vaccines and therapeutics.

We don't like you, Covid. We don't like you one bit. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid...



By I an Bower ing

Can adian s h ave u sed a vast ar r ay of m ater ial s to stan d in for gover n m en t issu ed cu r r en cy , r an gin g fr om pl ayin g car ds du r in g th e Fr en ch er a to bitcoin .

devel opm en t of Cor n wal l ?s fin an cial l ife, an d m oved fr equ en tl y th r ou gh ou t th e down town cor e, u n til it con str u ctedit?s distin ctiveBeau x-Ar ts styl e offices

Th e r ecen t with dr awal of on e an d two dol l ar bil l s as l egal ten der ,r egu l ates th em to th e r eal m of col l ectibl e ban k n otes th at in cl u des 25 cen t ?sh in pl aster s, $3, $4, $25 an d $40 bil l s, al l on ce in cir cu l ation .

As odd as it m ay sou n d today,th e Ban k of Can ada was n ot ch ar ter ed u n til 1934, an d on l y star ted pr in tin g ban k n otes a year l ater.

Pr in ted on ver y th in paper ,th ese gr een an d bl ack ban k n otes depict Qu een Victor ia in th e r igh t h an d cor n er ,?Cer es, ? th e goddess of agr icu l tu r e in th e l eft cor n er an d th e ban k ?s cr est in th e m iddl e.Th e r ever se sh ows St. Geor ge sl ayin g th e dr agon . Th e Ban k of M on tr eal con tin u ed to pr in t th eir own cu r r en cy u p u n til 1942. As Cor n wal l ?s fir st ban k , th e Ban k of M on trSEEKER eal pl ayed cen1trFLIP al r ol e in THE 2 aIN

W h il e ban k s n o l on ger issu ed l egal ten der ,m er ch an ts, ser vice cl u bs an d ch ar ities fou n d a way ar ou n d it by pr odu cin g ?tr ade tok en s? or cou pon s.Ju st th in k of Can adian Tir e m on ey,th at at on e tim e was accepted by m an y Cor n wal l bu sin esses as val id ten der.Th e m ost n otor iou s pl ace in town to accept it was th e Ol d For t Taver n , wh ich took Can adian Tir e M on ey at par for a pin t of beer. Can adian Tir e, h owever ,was n ot al on e in issu in g cou pon s.In 1992, th e Cor n wal l H otel , M otel an d Restau r an t Association , in cooper ation with th e Caisse Popu l air e an d th e Cor n wal l Gas Station Assoc., l au n ch ed th e ?Cor n wal l Dol l ar s? pr om otion , to stem th e fl ow of peopl e goin g to M assen a for ch eap gas by offer in g Cor n wal l dol l ar s to bu y gas.

Can ada did n ot h ave its own cu r r en cy u n til 1858, wh en th e decim al system r epl aced En gl ish pou n ds an d sh il l in gs.Th e pr in tin g an d m in tin g of m on ey, h owever ,was n ot in itial l y th e pr eser ve of th e gover n m en t,an d Can adian ch ar ter ed ban k s wer epr in ted th eir own ban k n otes u n til 1944.

Cor n wal l ?s fir st ban k , th e Ban k of M on tr eal open ed its door s in Cor n wal l in 1857.Two year s l ater ,it issu ed its own decim al cu r r en cy, an d al l owed Cor n wal l al on g with oth er 16 s acr oss Can ada W est to stam p th e n am e of th e com m u n ity each br an ch was l ocated in , on th eir dol l ar bil l s.

an d sol d it ?you wou l d be sm il in g al l th e way to th e ban k !

on Pitt Str eetin 1911 ,wh ich ar e n ow sl ated to becom e h om e to th e Cor n wal l Ar ts Cen tr e.Th e Ban k expan ded to Cor n wal l Town sh ip wh er e it open ed a br an ch on M on tr eal Road in 1925 an d th en m oved in to th e Lefebvr e Bu il din g seven year s l ater. Th e Ban k was com petition fr ee in Cor n wal l u n til th e On tar io Ban k open ed a br an ch h er e in 1882.Th is Ban k cl osed an d was r epl aced by th e Royal Ban k in 1906 after its pr esiden t was fou n d em bezzl in g fu n ds. As for th e val u e of th e Cor n wal l

In th is sch em e, m er ch an t?s pu r ch ased ads in th e Stan dar d-Fr eeh ol der ,? an d r eceived cou pon s val u ed at 50 cen ts an d a dol l ar th at th ey th en gave to th eir cl ien ts to pu r ch ase gas at a Cor n wal l station for 30 cen ts a l iter. Un for tu n atel y for th e col l ector ,th ese cou pon s did n ot appr eciate in val u e, wh il e th e pr ice of gas did. Sim il ar l y,n u m er ou s or gan ization s h ave issu ed special tok en s fr om th e 5 cen t wooden tok en issu ed to com m em or ate th e open in gof th e Seaway to th e ?m in in g? of 30,000 sil ver coated $2Cor n wal l Bicen ten n ial $2 tr ade tok en s, by Cor n wal l ?s cr edit u n ion s, wh ich to pu t it m il dl y fail ed to gen er ate an y in ter est.Even today th e 200 ster l in g tok en s, wh ich in itial l y sol d for $20, sel l far bel ow par.

dol l ar bil l2021 , - l et?s say if you h ad on e PAGE 6 JANUARY


5 Qu est i on sw i t h Tom M an l ey

both of them teach popularballr oomdancingclassesat the Benson Centr ein Cor nw all,as w ell as in Cr ysler and Russell.

TheCornwallSeeker,throughouttheyear is alwayspromoting Shop.Eat.Spend.Enjoy. Local,especiallyat Christmaswithour "Santa BallotDraw"whichwe havefeaturedfor the past few yearsand seemsto be verypopularwithshoppersin our area and beyond.It wasbecauseof our ShopLocalfeaturesthat Neil approachedus andasked"whatabout promotinglocal foodproducersin the area and encouragingpeopleto not onlysupportthembut alsohavea chanceof joiningthemif theyare local foodproducersthemselves?"

As they say,?you can?t keep a good m an dow n?and Tom M anleyseem s to be ver y m uch back in business,w ith plansto be a ?builder ,not a m aintainer ?for m anym or eyear sto com e! Qu est i on#1: You seem t o h avea r em ar k abl yposi t i vean d r esi l i en t at t i t u dedespi t eper son al ,pol i t i calan d bu si n essset back s.Do you h avean y secr et st h at you cou l d sh ar e?

I r etainedthe ser vicesof a per sonalcoach for m anyyear sto help w ith Duringthispast year,withthe pandemicuponus, it seemedthat more difficultdecisionsand per sonalpr ior ities.Follow ingthe bankr uptcy,I peoplehavestartedgrowingtheir ownfood,not onlyto becomemoreself consulteda social w or ker to talk in a safespace,get thr oughthe cr isis, sufficient,but alsoto be awareof eating and m anagethe str ess.I havesincegiven tw o public healthyandthat is exactlyoneof the benefits Manl ey f arm aerial view circa 1970 pr esentationson m entalhealthin businessusingmy ow n of supportinglocal foodproducersand eating exper ienceas the casestudy. local produce.Of coursetherearemanyother Qu est i on#2: Th e EOANh as been i n ex i st en cef or over benefitswhichcan be discoveredthroughthe n i n eyear sn ow.W h at m ak esi t di f f er en tf r om ot h er EasternOntarioAgri-FoodNetwork(EOAN) si m i l ar gr assr oot sor gan i zat i on st h at h avecom ean d andthemanto contact,if you haveany gon eover t h e year s? questionsaboutEOAN,wouldbe Tom M anley. TheEOANsur vivedfor one r easonand tw o consequences. Hereis Neil M acmillan'sinterviewwithTom TheNetw or kselectspr ogr am sand activitiesthat ar e M anleyin the"CornwallSeeker's5 Question intendedto deliver dir ect benefitto its m em beragr i-food Interviewstyle",accompaniedby a few enter pr ises:far m tour s,netw or kingevents,tr aining,food M anleyfamilyphotos.Enjoythe r ea d ... m aps,onlinem ar ketingand so on. As a r esult,the m em ber ssaw that the Netw or kser vestheir ow n business Tom M an l ey'sback ! inter estsand haver em ainedengaged.Second,the United Countiesof Pr escott-Russellsaw the Netw or k?sbeneficial For m erGr een Par ty of CanadaDeputy im pactin their ar ea and continueeach year to fund the Netw or k?s Leader and Hom esteadOr ganicsCEOTom cor estaff r equir em ents. M anleyis back again on the local agr i-foodscene as the r ecently-appointed ExecutiveDir ectorof Qu est i on#3: You w er ever y m u ch i n vol vedi n bot h l ocal an d the Easter nOntar ioAgr i-FoodNetw or k(EOAN). n at i on alpol i t i csf or m an y year s.Do h avean y par t i cu l ar agr i -f oodcon cer nt h at ,as an act i v i st ,you w ou l dl i k e t o Tom is a ?m an of m anypar ts?w ith far m or ethan h i gh l i gh tf or gover n m en tat t h e m u n i ci pal pr , ov i n ci alor just far m ingin his veins.In fact,althoughthe f eder all evel ? eldestof M ur r ayand Car olineM anley?ssix childr en,it w ashis br otherStephenw ho took Yes, agr icultur eis too often seen at all politicallevelsas over the m ulti-gener ationfam ilyfar m in agr i-business,m ainstr eamagr icultur e,com m odities,supply Ber w ick,Nor th Stor m ont.For his par t,Tom took m anagem ent,lar gefar m setc. That?sbecausem ainstr eamfar m er s advantageof beingeducatedin Fr enchdur ing ar e the m ost visible,the m ost capitalizedand the m ost or ganized the heydayof Pier r eTr udeau-pr om oted w ith feder ationsand com m odityassociations.Theinvisible bilingualismin the 1970sto study at the ?CM R,? far m er sar e the 17% of SDGfar m er sw ho ar e sm all oper ator sor the Royal M ilitar yCollegein par t-tim efar m er sthat sell dir ectlyto consum er s.In fact,it is Saint-Jean-de-Richelieu, Quebec,w her ehe thisgr oupthat giveslocal food its m eaningand identity. gr aduatedw ith a Bachelor ?sdegr eein com puter sciencein 1983. Qu est i on#4: How w i l l l ocal r esi den t sben ef i tf r om t h e act i v i t i esof t h e East er nOn t ar i oAgr i -FoodNet w or kan d can After doinghis r equir edfour year sof m ilitar yser vicein an yon ej oi n t h e gr ou p? exchangefor his education,subsistence,and pay w hile tr ainingat the CM R,Tom w or kedfor a few year sas a Yes,anyonecan use the onlineser vicessuch as the food m ap to netw or kengineerfor Loto-QuĂŠbec.He then m ovedto Bell find local food and local supplier s.And,yes,anyonecan join the Canadaw her ehe playeda leadingr olein launchingits EOANas a pr oducer consum , eror suppor ter(see Sym paticoInter netser vice.Then in 1997,he r etur nedto ht t ps:/ / www.agro-on.ca/ pages/ join-us). Ontar ioto takeover his father ?snine-year -oldor ganicfeed Qu est i on#5: W h er edo you an d I sabel l ebu y you r f ood f r om and supplybusiness,Hom esteadOr ganicsin Ber w ick . an d w h at k i n d of f ood do you l i k e? Under Tom ?sdir ection,the fir m w aspar t of the upsur gein Our fr eezer stocksbeef,lam b,por k,chickenand tur key or ganicfar m ingat the tim e,eventuallyr eachingpeak sales pur chaseddir ectlyfr om local far m er s.Abouthalf of our of $17 m illionin 2015,w ith thr eeoutletsin Ontar io: consum ptionis cer tifiedor ganic.SinceI am a vendor at the Ber w ick,M or r isbur gand Sebr ingville.Unfor tunately, the VankleekHill Far m er sM ar ket,I spendmy ear ningsw ith other com panyover extendeditself,becam evulner ableto fier ce vendor sto takehom esausages,salad gr eens,and other item s.We gr ow com petitionfr om bigger and m or epow er fulfir m sand eventually a sm all per sonalgar denso w e ar e eatingour ow n car r ots,beets,and collapsedinto bankr uptcy,takingTom ?sper sonalsolvencyalongw ith potatoes,plussom etom atoesand beansin season. it. So, at the age of 58 w hen m ost peoplear e enjoyingor looking for w ar dto r etir em ent,Tom w asleft w ith just his houseand his car to Bon u squ est i on :How di d you an d I sabel l ebecom ebal l r oomdan ce build him selfback up again,alongsidehis par tnerIsabelle. t each er san d w h at i s t h e f avou r i t edan cet h at you l i k e t o do And that?sexactlyw hat the tw o of them seem to be doing.in additionto you r sel ves? his r oleas the new EOANexecutivedir ector ,Tom hasbecom ean Isabelleand I had alw aysliked dancing,even fr eestyle,befor ew e took accom plishedbaker of sour doughbr eadand other sim ilar pr oducts lessons.We w ouldoften go to par tiesand dancebar sfor dancingto live (see www.t omspant ry.ca) and also offer shis ser vicesas a business m usic.Then w e saw an adver tisem entfor dancelessonsin Cor nw all consultant.Isabellenow w or ksas the secr etar yto a pr incipalin the about 20 year sago. We signedup and r eally enjoyedit. Sincethen Fr ench-language Catholicschoolboar din Easter nOntar io,and together w e?vem adedancea m ajor par t of our life and havenever lookedback!









Tr u l y Can ad i an By Sylvie O?Rou r k e

I am about to do something that is as Canadian as the pure maple syrup drenching my pancakes. My skates are coming out of hibernation, the same pair of skates that have been hanging on a nail in my basement for years accumulating dust and cobwebs. To my recollection, I have used them only once before to perform a single lap around the Benson Centre arena while holding on shamefully to the rink boards the entire time. So why now? There are two reasons really: The first is curiosity to explore the ice trails in the woods that have become so popular in the last few years; The second is the fact that Countryside Adventures in Moosecreek have adult size ?skating aids? which provide the means to make it happen. I am glad we are a small group today because there will be fewer witnesses to my glorious debut and possible finale as an ice queen. It?s not so much the embarrassment of being seen crawling around on the frozen ground that has been holding me back, but the fear of injury. Let?s face it, ice is not fluffy white snow and when you fall, it hurts. Also, for the same reason I don?t wear stilettos, I don?t fancy blades on my feet. Both seem like intimidating weapons that can amount to no good. Inside the cabin, feeling slightly on edge, I lace-up my old-fashion figure skates preparing myself for the ultimate Canadian experience. I eventually emerge on wobbly legs making my way down the stairs slowly towards the walker-like contraption, hoping it will do its job of keeping me upright. A modest audience consisting of my husband wielding a camera and a friend warming herself by the fire pit are there to encourage my efforts. My first reaction is one of surprise as I start to glide much faster than I expected. This is apparently due to a slight decline in the path itself. I circle around a few times to test my stability and feel good enough to proceed.Although my movements are far from smooth and rhythmic, I feel the fear melting away. Now I can appreciate my surroundings. I love how the ribbon-shaped trail winds its way through the trees, the pristine landscape calming me as I glide along with care. Memories of my childhood resurface as I recall my father spending countless hours flooding our backyard rink at night. Alas, my brother and I never really took to it. Dad may not have made skaters out of us, but his effort and dedication were appreciated more than he will ever know.



Push and glide, push and glide? The skating aid has helped to enhance my venture into frozen territory by greatly reducing my fear of falling but I am tiring quickly from the foreign footwork. I take the short loop back to the starting point. I am feeling proud to have risen to the occasion and perhaps even a little bit more Canadian. I think there might even be a next time. To find out more about the Cornwall Outdoor Club visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.

W ishing H appy

you a 2021

Stay Pr otected!




Jo hn Th e Ot h er LISTER Side


We're here on vacation. It's relatively short. We came from the other side and we'll be returning there before we know it. We see loved ones go there. We hear of some of our favorite actors and singers going there. But where is 'there'? Some people talk of a veil between this world and that one. Sometimes a child will say something about meeting Great Grandma before coming here, or remembering parts of another person's life here that already took place. Sometimes, a dying person will open their eyes wide and speak of someone only they can see, as they slip through the veil to the other side. Other people will have near-death-experiences and 'see' their body from the viewpoint of their spirit, often hovering overhead. The bottom line is that we are made of spirit. We are eternal. But we came to earth to live in a fragile body with a very limited memory of the other side. Yet, we all know it's there. Countless generations and cultures have created religions and superstitions based on it. Ghost stories are told. Scary movies are produced. Deep down, we know there is more than just this physical life that runs out before we are ready. So what if we, as eternal and perfected spirits, were a bit bored over there, and created earth so that we could come in human form to re-discover who we really are? What if things like love, compassion and caring help us to remember the other side, while anger, selfishness and hatred pull us farther from it? Can you not sense the eternal life in yourself, in others? What about in a flock of birds returning south for the winter, or flowers opening again in the spring? But all that lives is doomed to die, or is death just a return from vacation?



ut f act s ab o

fr om Lisa Dupr au Executive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr e.ca NOVEM BER NUM BERS: Lunches to go - 1077 Food Hampers - 666 Adults served - 806 Children served - 359 November is the start of our busiest time of year for the Agape Centre. Food drives were in full swing leading up the Christmas season. The annual Stuff the Cruiser event was held at Foodland in Ingleside raising 1783 pounds of food and $1000 in donations. Tickets for the Help Us End Hunger $10,000 lottery draw were available throughout the city and in high demand. The winning ticket was drawn on December 18th - Congratulations to Betty McIntosh who was the winner of $10,000. We were fortunate to be part of the 7th Annual Peanut Butter challenge spearheaded by Royal LePage Performance Realty. Over 400 jars of peanut butter were collected for the food bank. Despite the restrictions of Covid-19, this event was still a huge success! We are so grateful for the ongoing support we receive from our community and we look forward to working together in the New Year 2021 to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens have the ongoing assistance that they need as no-one should ever have to go hungry! Call us at 613-938-9297 if you need help...

JANU ARYPr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

The autumn leaves go out in a blaze of crimson glory, but the thing that pushed each leaf off of the branch, is the new bud containing next year 's unopened leaf. There is no death, only re-birth. A beloved pet passes on. It's spirit is no longer in the body, but is very much still alive. More so with humans, yet everything alive is made of 'spirit-stuff ' - that miracle breath of life, that energy that is within all things living. It comes and goes to and from the other side. The veil is just a veil. Sometimes we 'see' through it, perhaps a loving woman who seems to be watching over her beloved kitchen, or many eyes that are seeking our protection as we venture over a dangerous area. We are not alone, and needn't be fearful of this. One day, our own vacation will come to an end, and we'll be escorted down that tunnel, welcomed by loved ones, filled with intense joy and love as we regain our full spiritual nature. This life will have seemed short, and perhaps we'll turn to someone nearby and say, 'Let's go do it all again!' with a twinkle in our eye. For more information, please visit www.thehigherpath.ca





5 Quest ions wit h Gl en Rowe f ounder of t he f acebook group Ontario Landlord Experiences

Facebook group allows the true reality of what it means to be a landlord to be expressed in their own voice without any media or other twists being put on it.

1. Tel l us a l it t l e bit about yoursel f . How and when did you decide t o open t his business?

Success in this endeavour would be realized if when the general public reads the experiences of the landlords, they develop a greater understanding of what it means to wear the shoes of a landlord and the challenges that come with putting them on.

Here at Next Level Property Management we are constantly looking for ways to service both the landlords we serve and the tenants they house. The Facebook group being highlighted (Ontario Landlord Experiences) is just one of the little things we can do to help.

5. Def ine success.

Bonus quest ion: How has t he Covid-19 pandemic af f ect ed your business?

There has been a huge misunderstanding regarding legislation and COVID-19 and how it relates to residential housing. Both Tenants The goal of the Facebook page is to and Landlords have had to struggle through provide a medium for landlords to understanding correct processes to follow. publicly let others know what it is like to Both Tenants and Landlords have experienced be a landlord in Ontario. Landlords get exponentially increased delays in having to author brief posts about their own issues resolved before the Landlord Tenant experiences. Board. The LTB was a very broken system 3. What is unique about your group? prior to the pandemic and now it is exponentially worse. The issues with the LTB The Facebook group allows landlords to are so numerous that it would take a use their own voice to express their own multi-volume book series to just begin experiences. We get to hear first hand Submitted Photo documenting the problems. Both Tenants and from the landlord community. Landlords pay the price of the broken system. 4. How does your business improve or change t he COVID-19 is the straw that broke the camels back so to communit y at l arge ? speak and is why a lot of landlords have decided to sell and get out of the business. Landlords often feel unheard and misunderstood. The 2. What is your purpose ?

www.masksoverprot est s.com f or det ail s THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP





M a rl e ne

For ever hom e, the Seeker 's Choice Aw ar ds, the sad closur e of DCN Radio, and w ith it, The Couch, of w hich I w as an on-cam er a contr ibutor. Feb 2019 - A year befor e this, I w as m ar r ied to John and tell the stor y again. The or igin of Valentine Car ds, online auctions and assor ted advice and w isdom . M ar 2020 - Spr ing is a tim e of r enew al, appr oaching the big 60, being happily m ar r ied, dr eam s com ing tr ue if you believe, our 'Valever sar y' at the Best Wester n. As I look for w ar d to another

LISTER Wecom e t o t h e New Year ever yon e. M ay 2021 be a m u ch bet t er an d br i gh t er year f or ever yon e. M ay i t al so be a m or e posi t i ve & pr odu ct i ve year ! ! !

I have been happily w r iting for The Seeker for near ly 10 year s, ever since June 2013. W hen I w as asked to w r ite a colum n that year , I nam ed it - Passion for Fashion. In June of 2013, I w r ote about skin car e and Vitam in D, as it w as the star t of sum m er y w eather. I had also enter ed a Retr o Pinup Contest in Ottaw a. I have gone thr ough som e of my old new spaper s to find and shar e som e of the highlights. Her e they ar e for you to enjoy and to per haps r er ead: Ju l y 2013 - Passi on f or Fash i on : M or e fashion advice, including hitting up the local thr ift shops, a cool 80's-them ed w edding w e photogr aphed and m or e. Oct 2014 - Autum n leaves, a baby show er , the Led Zeppelin tr ibute band, 'M other ship' at the Por t, John's r ecent bir thday and Hallow een pr epar ations. This w as also the year I unexpectedly w on Contr ibutor of the Year at The Seeker Choice Aw ar ds at Cor nw all's Golf and Countr y Club. M ar ch 2015 - Ph ot o on cover ! Repor t of a St. Patr ick's Day par ty w e attended, histor y of St. Patr ick's Day, taking spr ing clothes out of stor age, Daylight Savings Tim e. Sept 2016 - Back t o sch ool , uses for Vicks Vapour Rub, colour ed leaves, w edding of my 3r d daughter , Ella Rose to Steven Slack . Nov 2016 - The benefits of dr inking lots of w ater , being the M C at the fifth annual Jam m ing 4 Hospice for Patty Edw ar ds, advice about looking for m or e of the light w ithin, and less of the dar k . Jan 2017 - Discussing DCN's 'The Couch' online r adio show , m any assor ted w or ds of w isdom and a fundr aiser for a local cancer patient. M ay 2018 - Obser vations on Spr ing - tips on staying positive - fam ily new s (bir th of 7th gr andson, Aydin) - Fun facts about the dandelion plant. Ju n e 2018 - Our big m ove into our ow n


year of w r iting for this aw esom e m agazine I am over joyed and excited to see w hat this year has in stor e for not only Johnny and I, but for You, You, and even You, over ther e hiding in the cor ner. It is the tim e of year to think about r enew ing fr iendships, per haps looking into getting a new job, or doing som ething that you have alw ays w anted to do... like taking up dr aw ing, painting or sculpting, or m aybe just r eading m or e books and ar ticles this year. W hatever you choose... M ay you all have FUN doing so. CHEERS TO THE HAPPIEST OF ALL YEARS, THIS YEAR!!! TI P OF THE M ONTH: The "Five W 's" Of Life: 1. W HO w e ar e is w hat m akes us, Special and Unique. Please do not change for anyone. 2. W HAT lies ahead of us w ill alw ays be a M yster y. Do not be afr aid to Explor e. 3. W HEN life pushes us over , w e m ust push back har der. 4. W HERE ther e ar e Choices to m ake, do m ake sur e to m ake the ones that w e w on't r egr et in the end. 5. W HY things happen to us w ill never be cer tain. Take it in Str ide and M ove For w ar d. I TEM OF THE M ONTH: I am choosing this unique item that I r eceived fr om a dear fr iend of m ine, Cather ine. She know s (like m ost ever yone else) that I have a love for footw ear. Well, she gifted this pr ettily decor ated boot bank to m e. She said it w as to save up


m oney in or der to buy som e m or e footw ear. Oh Johnny! Star t The CAR! FUN FACTS: The fir st New Year 's celebr ation dates back 4,000 year s ago. The em per or of Rom e, Julius Caesar w as the fir st to declar e Januar y 1st a "National Holiday". He nam ed the m onth after Janus, the Rom an god of door s and gates. Janus had tw o faces, one looking for w ar d and one looking back . Caesar felt that a m onth nam ed after this god w ould be fitting. Do You? Do m ake sur e to be sur r ounded by your fam ilies or loved ones on New Year 's Eve. The fir st per son you com e acr oss in the New Year could set the tone for the next 12 m onths. This applies to couples, as w ell. If a couple celebr ating New Year 's together does not kiss, the futur e of the r elationship m ight be splitsville, so be sur e to lay a "Nice Kiss" on your significant other 's lips. M UUUAAAH! FAM I LY NEW S: Ther e ar e thr ee bir thdays this m onth. It is my youngest daughter , Victor ia's on the 12th and my tw in's youngest daughter , M ir anda's on the 21st. M ay you both have a Fabulous and Funfilled day, gir ls. I also have to m ention my gr eat- gr andson, W ilder 's Fir st bir thday on Jan. 9th. You ar e such a cute and sm ar t boy and I w ish you all the joy, love and happiness in the w or ld. All the ver y best in 2021. Love Alw ays M om /Auntie M ar lene/ G` Nana COM M UNI TY NEW S: This m onth I am choosing my ow n business of Fashionogr aphy. You see 2020 w asn't a ver y good year for my business. So, I w ould love to star t afr esh this year and invite you, or anyone you know that w ould love to do a "photo shoot" w ith John and I. A "Pin Up" or "Boudoir " session is alw ays fun for the ladies to do for their significant other s. Fashionogr aphy specalizes in taking w om ens' photos. I w ill gladly help w ith your m ake- up, w ar dr obe and even your hair. For an hour long photo shoot... you w ould r eceive 6 or m or e edited photos for the ver y low pr ice of $125.00. Please contact m e w henever you ar e r eady to get shot and to show off your "Pr etty" OR "Sexy Side." Please visit w w w.fashionogr aphy.ca to see w hat w e have done and can do for YOU!!! UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: Do ONE act of KINDNESS each Day of this Year , and it w ill change 365 lives and can and w ill change YOU, too. Please Pay It For w ar d In Som e Sm all Way, Even, If, It Is By Shar ing Your Pr etty & Handsom e SM ILES. Do Ta ke Ca r e & Stay Sa fe. PLEASE W EAR YOUR M ASKS!!! M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister photos.ca & w w w.fa shionogr a phy.ca



"At a Writers meeting one of the challenges had us write a story about a show-and-tell object from our past. When it came to Roger Sauvé's turn, he produced a blast from the past from Expo '67 and being a child of the 60s all I could say was 'Wow'".

beautiful, playful smile and saw everyone as equals, loving everyone the same. A great cook, her homemade donuts are still talked about with the recipe passed down to the next generation of mothers, daughters and sons. When Roger chose to pursue a career in economics at the University of Ottawa his father had to sell a few cattle to pay his tuition. Feeling his father?s sacrifice, Roger learned the value of being thankful.

Raised near and around the tiny hamlet of Fassifern, Ontario, Roger Sauvé is a Glengarrian through and through. His father Adélard was an open minded person who instilled in his children the great vastness of the human experience, promising them a good life through common sense and a hard day?s work.

Whether showing Holsteins at county fairs or receiving a schoolboy?s lowly allowance while making choices on how to spend it? Roger realized the basis to a good life. With his parents help and blessing Roger?s sense of self, shifted under the guidance of Professor OJ (Jack) Firestone. Very much like his own father, Jack Firestone challenged Roger to think for himself to form his own opinions. Although a tough instructor, Firestone was Roger?s mentor while completing his thesis.

As an entrepreneur, Adélard was once a buckwheat husker, a miner, a metal scrap dealer and a farmer raising hogs and cattle. He once took over a failing registered herd and turned it over for fun and profit. On top of all that, he ran a small country store before starting his own real estate business, working hard into old age. From the bones of a nurturing generation, Roger learned a good sense of himself by working on the farm while dreaming of a higher education of which his dad did not have. Even though Adélard didn?t know how to skate, it didn?t stop him from building an outdoor rink for all the neighbors to enjoy. Strung with two light bulbs the glowing emotions of all he held dear, shone a rich luminosity into those cold winter nights. Roger?s mother Rosabelle was the mirror image of her husband. One of 17 children, her greatest joy in life was being together with her family. Rosabelle had a



Encouraged to become the commissioner of publications at University, a perk saw Roger receive a free press-pass to Expo ?67. Getting in the side door of all the exhibits was pretty cool for a junior economics major, along with free beer and snacks. This was living. In a career spanning over 40 years, Roger has served as an economist and demographer for such corporations as Imperial Oil, the CIBC, the Vanier Institute of the Family, International Nickel (INCO) plus private consulting. Following in his father?s stead of being open to change, Roger has enjoyed a bird?s eye view of living in over 16 picturesque locations across Canada, as well as authoring over 70 works listed in over 162 library publications from 1985 through 2004. When Roger turned 50 he wanted to do something different and bought himself a small 250 cc motorcycle and travelled over 12,000 kilometers across Canada and the US in just 33 days. Like the two men before him, Roger has remained active through the decades by attending several writing and spiritual workshops headed by such authors as Sharon Butala and Natalie Goldberg. Roger?s Joie de Vivre is the dream of the steadfast. It?s especially important in times like these that we surround ourselves with a harvest of loyalty and friendship. Holding special honor towards those in need makes Roger one of the best persons to know. When he invites us around the table sharing his adventures we are all there with him - along with some really good cake. Roger?s journey inspires those who have called him brother, father, grandpa and friend. An often visited sacred place while travelling through the seasons is Batchawana Bay in northern On-tarry-arry-arry-oh, where a stone of roundest oval came up and found the authors hand. An artisan smoothed away a crevasse for a simple leather tie and like a totem is worn nearest to the heart of this man, and his world. Copyright Lisa Gray © November 2020 I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at verlegrace4062@gmail.com








Be t t y

2021: Her e We Com e!


At this time of year most years, we find ourselvesmusing about the year behind us and wonderingwhere the time went. This year, 2020, most of us are eager to kick the year to the curb and get on with new energy, new adventuresand a sense of things returningto normal. While there is no assurancethat ?normal?will return, at least immediately,we are still faced with a new year and all the opportunitythe next twelve months will offer us. So here we are and don?t you wonder whether of not New Year ?s Resolutionsare even appropriateany more. I know I do. In fact, many years ago I decided resolutionswere meant to be broken so why bother. That does not suggest that I do not think about my life and wonder about what is ahead and what I want. I do. So as this new year launches,I would like to offer you a practice for harnessing your desires and expectationsfor the upcomingyear. It begins with a bit of a Lif e Review ; not a review designed to pick your life apart and find fault with, rather one that acknowledgesthe many things you have accomplished(despite circumstances)and acknowledgingyourself for your successeswhether big or small. I recommendthis as there is no point of building your life of the future on your faults. This is a weak foundation.Your accomplishmentsfor a solid place to continue building. Having completed that, ask yourself what it is you w an t next in life, career, whatever.Now you may say, I have no idea and if I challenge you and ask you what you don?t want, I bet you will be able to tell me. So, let?s begin there. Make a list of five things you do not want. Example:I do not want any negative,complainingpeople in my life. Now convert this to a positive: I want to surroundmyself with uplifting positivepeople. Finally take this one step further, as if it already is: I am surroundedby upliftingpositivepeople. ?I AM ?really nails it!

That brings us to setting In t en t ion s.Once you know what you want and convert these to I AM statements,you are entering the field of intentionality.Unlike goals or resolutions,intentionsdo not have a specific outcome attached to them. They are designed to allow options that you may not be aware of. Followingon the example above, I am surroundedby upliftingpositivepeople,noticethat you are not identifyingwho those people are or that you want your current friends to be uplifting and optimistic.What you are creating is an opportunityfor new people to enter your life and specifying that, if by chance they are ?negative nellies?,they need not bother. Here is another example. A typical New Year ?s Resolution usually involves health. For example:I plan to lose 10 lbs., walk 4 timesper week for at least 30 minutes,stop eatingchocolatebefore the end of March. If you switch this to an intention you might say,?Iam attracting perfect health and all the optionsto support this.?Here is the difference,you don?t know what the options might be or what perfect health looks like. In the resolutionsyou limit yourself to physical health. In the intention you leave the possibilityopen for physical,emotional,or spiritual health. What?s next?Two additional steps. Having set your intentions,then you need to pay At t en t ion .That means being mindful and being aware of what crosses your path moving forward. What signs are there that your intention is actually happening?Be curious. Finally, be in No Ten sion. Sometimesyou set intentionsand you get answersyou may want to resist as they are not what you are expecting.For example,having set intention a few years ago for perfect health, I was offered the opportunityto take an art course. My initial reaction was to say NO yet it was exactly what I needed for my emotional health and creative soul. I said YES. Lif e Review ? Wan t s ? In t en t ion s? At t en t ion ? No Ten sion .A perfect recipe for the new year. Enjoy the process,don?t hesitate to ask for what you want and have fun! Happy New Year Everyone! Your thoughtsand strategiesare alwayswelcome and if your care to share you can reach me at betty@roadsigns.ca

Did you know t his about Bird Feeders? by Seeker Chick Mai-Liis I love to feed the birds in the winter and can spend hours watchingthem in their feedersbut did you know that if you don't keep your feedersclean, the poor birds can catch a contagiousviral infection called avian pox which causes swellingsaround the beak and on the feet. Unfortunatelyany little wild bird that catches this disease will die of starvation. You need to clean bird feedersregularly.Do this by soaking them overnight in a bucket of water containinga squirt of washing up liquid. Next day, scrub the feederswith a bottle brush, rinse them thoroughlyand let them dry naturally. Once a week put out clean feeders.Bird baths and water drinkersshould also be drained, scrubbed & refilled on a very regular basis and hopefully we can help our little feathered friendsavoid this awful virus.....





Fr om Hock ey t o Fash ion - Local Sist er s Lau n ch On lin e Bou t iqu e Article edited by Jason Setnyk | Submitted Photo Sisters Michaela and Rebecca Dow launched their online clothing boutique - KAD & BEC, just a few weeks ago. The girls grew up back and forth between Ottawa and Cornwall and have decided to put their passion for clothing into a business. Michaela and Rebecca have always been part of a tight-knit family that did everything together while they were growing up. They both attended the Ontario Hockey Academy here in Cornwall and went on to play varsity hockey together at Carleton University. Michaela, who oversees operations, now lives permanently in Ottawa, has always loved clothing, and has had a flair for fashion since she was little. Michaela's long-time goal is to share her passion for apparel and style with others. "Our focus at KAD & BEC is to stay true to our style and integrity. We want to make sure that our products are things that we would wear ourselves and pieces that we love. The vibe is comfy and stylish; we want to make sure our shoppers can get versatility out of our products that can be worn to dress up or dress down," Michaela explains. When Rebecca, who lives in Cornwall, is not (too) busy raising twins and working with children's aid, she oversees local partnerships and social media. Her one-and-a-half-year-old twins, Finn and Leif, are also in charge of inventory management (unpacking boxes). It's a family business, and Rebecca enjoys the opportunity to work with her younger sister Michaela. "Working with my sister has been great. Although we are sisters and we do still have disagreements, it's been a pleasure. Even though Michaela is younger, she has always been my fashion inspiration, so it has been fun to see us put our skills and passion together to work towards our goals. As a big sister, I am so proud of the drive and dedication my sister has shown during this process," said Rebecca Michaela and Rebecca have dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs, and now their passion is becoming a reality. They were inspired by local boutique Love and Lee Bridal, owned by Kelsey Lee. "Michaela and I have always had dreams and aspirations of being girl bosses and putting our passion out there. When we visited Love & Lee for the first time, at my appointment to try on wedding dresses, we fell in love with her boutique. It is so aesthetically pleasing and inviting so



obviously it became one of our favourite places to shop. We had been brainstorming for some time how we were going to put our dreams into action and after another stop at Love & Lee, we were so inspired by what she had built that we started on our plan," Rebecca explained. "We had some hesitations, but after reading one of Kelsey's blog posts where she encouraged young women and entrepreneurs to go for it, that's what we did. Full steam ahead. And I did in fact purchase my wedding dress at Love & Lee. I one hundred percent suggest making an appointment there to start your wedding dress hunt as it will most likely end there," Rebecca continued. For now, the girls are focused on selling their favourite clothing online. They plan to expand into home good offerings that allow shoppers to interchange their interior decorations without breaking the bank. "Our goal has always been to bring our love for fashion to others. Longer-term, we want to expand by offering more of a variety of clothing, accessories, and home goods," Michaela added. The clothing boutique, offering comfortable and stylish casual and loungewear, (a few examples seen on the left) is currently available online at w w w.k adan dbec.com Also, the girls have plans to open a brick-and-mortar location in the near future. The response since opening the store online has been terrific. "We have had an overwhelming response from our shoppers. We had a giveaway for our launch week, and our shoppers showed up for us with their comments and shares. We're continuously trying to make improvements for all shoppers to have a great experience on our website," Michaela responded. There is an option for free pickup weekly for those living in Cornwall or for a modest fee to have it delivered. "Currently, we are offering free pickup in Cornwall once a week or a $3 delivery fee within the city limits," Rebecca concluded. To learn more about Michaela, Rebecca, and their boutique KAD & BEC, visit them at: w w w.k adan dbec.com on Instagram @kadandbec, or reach out to them directly at: in f o@k adan dbec.com A NOTE FROM SEEKER CHICK M AI-LIIS: I just visited the girls' website and read something very important about them that I think our readers should know. They are both very passionate about mental health advocacy because 10 years ago they lost a close friend to suicide and since her passing a foundation in her name was created - Do It For Daron. (DIFD) to encourage people to talk about their mental health and ask for help if needed. Their online shop features Purple Angels Awareness merchandise (samples to left)and all profits from the sales of DIFD gear will be donated to the cause. Visit: w w w.dif d.com to learn more. KUDOS to you both!!!




Je nni 4. TYPE OF CREDIT you have effects your score. A combination of credit cards, loans and lines of credit are desirable. Since Lines of Credit are the most difficult types of credit to acquire and usually offer the lowest interest rate, you may want to make sure you always keep one open for future emergencies.

M ACDO NALD Your Credit Score Is Your Power When You Are Appl ying For A Mort gage With all the recent mortgage changes, your credit score is more important than ever. Most Lenders rely on the ?Equifax? score. Equifax calculates a credit ?risk? score out of a maximum score of 900. A score of 700 or higher is considered an excellent score and opens the doors to the better interest rates and bank approvals. If you have used Creditkarma.ca to find out your score, you are accessing a TransUnion score which is not used by many lenders but it will give you an idea if the status of the accounts showing on your credit bureau are accurate. Let?s look at the factors that determine your credit score.

1. PAYMENT HISTORY determines about one third of your score. Even a one-day late payment can negatively influence your score and shows on your bureau for 6 years. It?s more important to pay the minimum payment on time than to pay a larger amount late. Setting up all your accounts on pre-authorized payments for the minimum amount will ensure that you will never have a late payment.

5. NUMBER OF ENQUIRIES on your credit in the last 36 months will effect your score. Numerous calls looking for credit from different companies is a red flag for lenders and will lower your score.

How Is Your Credit Score Cal cul at ed? Here are a few tricks to help you improve your credit: 1. Keep your balances at less than half the available credit (30% or less is perfect) 2. Call to have your limit increased (and then don?t use the new amounts available!!) 3. Set up your payments on pre-authorized payment (either full amount or minimum payment) so you will NEVER have a late payment 4. Get a copy of your credit report at least once a year and make sure it is accurate 5. Pay down your credit cards before you pay off loans 6. Make sure you have at least one revolving credit and one loan

The MOST important credit advice is to avoid having anything sent to COLLECTIONS. No lender will provide a mortgage to someone with an unpaid collection. Each one decreases your score by about 80 points. If you are having a dispute with your cell phone or internet provider, pay the bill and then argue about it later!!!

7. Make extra credit card payments just before the statement date

2. AMOUNT OF CREDIT USED is another large factor in determining your credit score. The more of the credit you have used, the lower your score will be. Keeping your balance under 30% of the total available amount will help your score increase. If you are in a hurry to improve your score, consider calling your credit companies for a limit increase. The secret to t his t rick is NOT t o use t he increase once it is appl ied!!

To have a closer look at your credit situation, feel free to make an appointment or apply online at jmacdonald.ca.

9. Pay your phone, cable and utility bills on time. You can argue later!

Jenni MacDonald (www.jmacdonald.ca) has been an award-winning Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres for over 8 years and has many years of experience in the banking world. She works with over 40 lenders including banks, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at jmacdonald@dominionlending.ca.


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3. AGE OF YOUR ACCOUNTS is more important that you may be aware. Lenders will want to see at least 2 different kinds of credit established for at least 2 years for a total limit of at least $2,500. If you are considering closing any of your current credit, make sure you never close your oldest credit card. Be aware that if you close an account, your score could drop by almost 100 points!!

8. Use your oldest credit cards consistently

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