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George Floyd?s Uncle has a lot of work to do... - Int erview wit h Selwyn Jones

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Maybe it 's t ime t o t hrow in t he t owel . We are fast approaching the one year anniversary since WHO declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic. One year. Can you believe it? And while we've learned plenty about Covid-19 and how it behaves, we're still in the dark as to how to contain it. I mean, we KNOW how to stop it, we're just not doing it. Numbers in our region are on the rise, despite all the measures in place, again because not enough of us adhere to them, leaving me to wonder: is it time to move on? We've come up with a vaccine in record time, which is amazing, but getting that vaccine to the masses has been challenging. Availability is limited, willingness to get it, not shared by all. How effective or lasting the effects of the vaccine will be actually remains to be determined. Will we need it every year? If so, how do we navigate this? Even if we vaccinated 1 million people daily, it would take the United States a full year to get its entire population inoculated. Hard to achieve herd immunity in those circumstances, especially if immunity is short lived.

The virus is here to stay. Then what? What is the solution? how do we continue living without constantly risking dying? We can't be on lockdown forever... We can't stay away from people for the rest of our lives... We need to shift. I believe that we need to mourn the life we once had, accept the fact that it is not going to return to the exact same way it was before, and redirect our efforts and energies into figuring out ways to keep some semblance of the old "normal" while adapting to the new. We've been shown. When the world scientists work together towards a common goal, there is no limit to what can be achieved. When all governments are united and invest money towards that goal, we end up getting vaccines at warp speed. You take greed out of the equation and you achieve greatness. We've made such unbelievable technological discoveries over the last hundred years, what stops us from finding a solution? Maybe it's inventing a mask that kills viruses or a personal bubble that protects us? Maybe it's a helmet that filters the air going in and out... Maybe it's a UV light that obliterates every living virus in a room. Yes, it sounds right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but hey, the future is NOW and we need new ideas, innovative concepts. It's time to get our heads outside of the box.



w i t hSe e ke rChi ck SowhatdidI

doin thepa st monthof Ja nua r y?


Her e w e ar e...alr eady in Febr uar y and as w e have been in Lockdow n since Boxing Day, I have been staying hom e m or e like w e have been r equested to do so and haven't r eally been doing a lot of "OUT and ABOUTING" as I usually do... It w as M onday, Januar y 11th, so after our M onday M or ning M otivation Show I needed som e extr a m otivation so I took a r ide out to Alexandr ia w her e a m ovie cr ew fr om Fir eside Pictur es w as shooting a segm ent for their upcom ing m ovie ?Ice Hotel Holiday 2?, using The Pr iest?s M ill Ar ts Centr e as a set. This shoot had been booked for M ar ch 2020 but due to COVID-19 got cancelled. So today w as the big day!

Of cour se COVID-19 pr otocols w er e all in place, w ith ever yone m asked and socially distanced and m em ber s of the m edia got to chat w ith the Location M anager outside w hile the actor s and cr ew w er e busy inside. One of the questions I had w as, w hy The Pr iest?s M ill and the answ er w as, w hen they decide on a m ovie the dir ector s com e up w ith a list of w hat they w ant and need for the pr oduction and The Pr iest?s M ill Ar ts Centr e fitted in per fectly for the glass blow ing com ponent and Alexandr ia and the sur r ounding ar ea w as per fect for snow y far m and field scenes. Ar tist, Er ic Covington (in the photo r ight) told m e that the centr e had been com m issioned to m ake a glass sculptur e for the set and fr om w hat I hear ?ever yone had fun m aking glass and m ovie m agic at the Ar ts Centr e today? w hile film ing scenes of glassblow ing in the hot shop w ith the help of Er ic, the Glass Blow ing Exper t. Pr esently the Centr e is closed w hile w e ar e in this lockdow n but once things change I am planning to com e and have a pr oper visit as I w as told by Natasha Walton, ther e ar e pr esently 15 ar tists exhibiting and selling their ar t at the Centr e. Th e Cen t r e i s l ocat ed at 16 M i l l St r eet Al ex an dr i a, ON. Ph on e 613-703-9430. Vi si t t h ei r w ebsi t e at : pr i est sm i l l .com and for m or e infor m ation visit the Pr iest?s M ill Ar ts Centr e Facebook Page and w atch the video w ith Er ic ? Glassblow ing seem s to be an am azing w or ld w hich one day I plan to check out. I do have to say though that just getting out of the office and aw ay fr om the com puter for a few hour s today plus the dr ive out to Alexandr ia helped m e a lot w ith w hat feels like ?COVID Fatigue?. Walking and fr esh air also m akes a big differ ence for our m ental as w ell as physical health ? but w hat I r eally enjoy is w atching the bir ds that com e daily to eat out of my bir dfeeder s in the back yar d at my house! Her e ar e som e pics of the bir ds and also som e fur y fr iends as w ell...plus one bir d w ho scar ed the other s aw ay at one point and I think you know w hich one that w as!

The last pandemic died on its own. But the last pandemic happened when there was barely 1 billion people on the planet and cities like New York, Shanghai or Mumbai weren't so overcrowded yet. Still, it infected one third of the world population and killed between 20 to 50 million people in two years. But at least, those who got it developed lasting immunity. And people obeyed the regulations put in place. In situations with no solutions, there is a need--no, a necessity-- to find new ways out. As William Blake said, "Great things are done when men and mountains meet". Well folks, we're in front of a hell of a mountain. Let's get climbing.









(a) My first mission is to assist in getting the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act passed.

George Fl oyd?s Uncl e has a l ot of work t o do ? Int erview wit h Sel wyn Jones

Photo Facebook

(b) We want to assist and support all families of any and all unjust actions against them, ?color? is not a thing, humanitarian is our focus.

by Jul ia Lucio & Louis Mignaul t ?Hi. I?m George Floyd?s uncle. I would love to chat with you.? I got the message on a Sunday morning while scrolling through my social media feeds. I laughed and closed the message box. It had to be a fake. The real Selwyn Jones was just featured in an interview in the December issue of GQ Magazine. But what if?? I researched his Facebook profile. It seemed legit so I reopened the chat and typed: ?Hi Selwyn, what can I do for you?? He proceeded to ask me what the Seeker was. I explained what we do adding that we are very small; a tiny little fish in an ocean filled with sharks and whales, doing the best we can to raise awareness of racial injustice. ?Yes, but it?s changing the world,? he said. ?Would you like to interview me?? Would I indeed!! I teamed up with my good friend Louise to come up with questions that would help Mr. Jones tell his story. Here are the questions and his answers. 1. How was your nephew?s deat h dif f erent f rom ot hers? And why do you t hink it sparked of f such a huge react ion worl d-wide? To use the word different in my opinion is incorrect, however; murder of a loved one is always devastating to their families, friends, and supporters. I fell that the reason it sparked such a huge reaction world-wide is that people witness his murder, it is one thing to hear about something, however it is quite different when we witness such a heinous happening. 2. In your opinion, how does President Trump?s rhet oric af f ect t he current racial cl imat e in t he Unit ed St at es? President Trump?s rhetoric affects the current racial climate in a dangerous and destructive manner. Violence of any kind encouraged and/ or carried out against humanity is shameful. 3. You say in your GQ int erview t hat you have a l ot t o do. What are your pl ans? What woul d you l ike t o t ackl e? What woul d hel p you accompl ish your goal s? How can ot hers hel p?


f riendships pl ay any part in dif f erent races l earning t o t rust each ot her? (The idea behind t his quest ion is t hat it is hard t o maint ain st rong prejudices when you get t o know and underst and peopl e f rom ot her races and cul t ures)

(c) We would like to tackle all of the false, misleading and inaccurate information that is being taught to our children within these history books. (d) Others can help by realizing that no one is in charge of this place called earth and ALL people really should be treated equal. They can encourage others to support the passing of; George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. 4. Speaking of t he BLM movement , is it one and t he same as what you are doing wit h # Just iceForGeorge846? In what way is it t he same? In what way is it dif f erent ? Yes and no, the push is to bring the focus to the injustices that are being perpetrated by those that are hired to protect and to serve ALL of its citizens. It is the same because every statistic that is available to us unequivocally shows the disproportionate number of Black men/ women die at the hands of the police. To add insult to injury they were unarmed. 5. What do you t hink cont ribut es t o racism? I think that because individuals and groups of individuals choose to close their eyes, hearts and understanding to blatant hatred and disenfranchisement against people solely because of ?skin-color,? and refuses to actually seek the truth and refuse to correct the lies that they have been told by their elders. 6. We hear t hat t he syst em is broken. How do we go about f ixing it in your opinion? What are some of t he key ingredient s t o f ixing it ? How does t he bl ack communit y cont ribut e t o t he f ix? How does t he non-bl ack communit y cont ribut e t o t he f ix? When you say we hear that the system is broken it concerns me, are you not aware of what is happening around you? (a) As I stated in question five (5) we must debunk the lies and hateful rhetoric that is constantly being shared. (b) Key ingredients to fix ?it? is to first start with you, secondly do not empower those that support and push hatred, refuse to be ?bullied? by those that knowingly and or unknowingly continue to push a lying narrative about people that do not ?look? like them. (c) The black community contribute to the fix is to understand that they do not need validation from ?white-people?, that they have a responsibility to educate themselves and to dismiss the ideas that they must place themselves in a box to be ?accepted,? to do their own research and find out who they are both individually and communally. 7. In your opinion do int er-racial


Most definitely, inter-racial relationship is an extraordinarily strong catalyst in assisting individuals in seeing life from different points of view. These relationships beg to question the lies, distortions and myths that permeate our landscape as it relates to ?race? and ?race? relations. 8. On a more personal l evel , what did George want t o do wit h his l if e? What worked against him? What coul d have hel ped him? George, like everyone dreamed of achieving that elusive American dream, he wanted to be a great father, brother, son, friend and supportive of people, one of his regularly uttered sayings in matters of positivity and forward progress is ?um?fo? you.? (b) As with most imperfect people he listened to individuals that did not have his best interest at heart, he made some unhealthy decisions, he like millions of others had difficulties from time to time correcting their flaws and move to a place of consistency as it relates to staying focused on achieving his goals in life. (c) What worked against him was, again, as previously stated; often listening to the wrong voices, making unwise decisions, trusting untrustworthy people, and not seeing his full potential, in summation, he, like millions of disenfranchised, stereo-typed individuals became a victim of a not so flattering environment that was created to subvert that much sought-after American dream. 9. Are t here any quest ions you woul d l ike t o answer t hat we (or ot hers) have not asked? Yes. I would like to know why so many ?Gods? fearing Americans feel that it is OK to murder someone for $19.99+.01, simply because they wore blue uniforms and a badge? Why so many Americans are still trying to ignore the fact that George was murdered? Why so many Americans attempt to justify a black man being murdered as a fault of his own? Really guys, I have too many unanswered questions to list? And we agree with Mr. Jones. There are many questions that remain unanswered but asking them is a crucial step to starting and maintaining a dialogue that will help us move forward united and strong. ?Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter?Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To l earn more about Sel wyn Jones, or t he cause # just icef orgeorge846 Fol l ow Just ice4george846 on Inst agram Find Sel wyn Jones on Facebook



Nominated by Rosemary Wells, Ian is an extraordinary teacher, dedicated runner, community supporter, awesome young man who goes way out of his way to support the military, Terry Fox and numerous charities in the area. In a recent post titled "Making Lemonade out of a Lemon of a Year", Ian details his 2020 his accomplishments. Here they are. He ran over 4500 km in 2020, many by himself because of the pandemic. He ran EVERY STREET in Cornwall. He participated in the virtual ?Patriots Day? Boston Marathon in April and in the official Virtual Boston Marathon in September. He did the virtual 2190 mile Appalachian Trail Run and the virtual Smith Falls to Sudbury 580km ultra-marathon, where he took 1st place. On a personal note, he beat many of his personal bests, helped friends complete their first marathon, raised money for many organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club, Beyond 21, Terry Fox, CHEO, and witnessed many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the process, reminding him that "beauty will always exist even when the world seems ugly."

phot o:f acebook

C o n g r a t s o n b ein g o u r ver y f ir s t Un s u n g Her o , I a n !


DO YOU KNOW AN "UNSUNGHERO"?- if so, to nominatethem go to: theseeker .ca click on the ba nner a nd fill out the info.

f r om t h e On t ar io SPCA an d Hu m an e Societ y: NATIONAL The annual fundraiser for animalsin need will take on a new format during COVID-19

Cornwall,ON ? Cupcakesaren?t cancelled,but National Cupcake Day? will look different this year as the nation-widefundraiser goes virtual in support of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, as well as participating SPCAs, humane societiesand rescue groups across Canada. To keep people safe during COVID-19,the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & GlengarryAnimal Centre is asking supportersto raise funds for animals in need in their communityby baking a differenceat home with the National Cupcake Day DecoratingContest,presented by Milk-BoneÂŽ and Robin HoodÂŽ. ?National Cupcake Day is the sweetest day of the year, and we need your help to support vulnerableanimals across Canada,?says Carol




goes vir t u al

Link, Manager,Ontario SPCA Stormont,Dundas & GlengarryAnimal Centre. ?We?re challengingyou to a bake off, so pre-heat those ovens and get ready to show off your cupcake decoratingtalents.? The cupcake with the most votes in each of the four categorieswins, so ask your family and friends to visit the National Cupcake Day website before Feb. 22 to vote for your creation and make a donation to your online personal fundraisingpage. The Ontario SPCA and participatingSPCAs, humane societiesand rescue groups are charitableorganizations that rely on the generosityof donors to change the lives of vulnerableanimals. By taking part in National Cupcake Day and raising funds for the participatinganimal organizationof your choice, you are providingurgently needed care and shelter for homelessanimals. To t ak e par t in Nat ion al Cu pcak e Day, visit n at ion alcu pcak eday.cat o r egist er , f u n dr aise an d su bm it a ph ot o of you r cu pcake cr eat ion f or a ch an ce t o w in som e gr eat pr izes.




Be t t y


St ayi n g Gr ou n ded

Ar e you fed-up yet? Feeling a little im patient w ith all the r estr ictions? Bom bar ded by m edia that seem s laden w ith BAD new s? Yep, that sum s it up for m ost of us. So how do w e keep our head above w ater and not dr ow n in all the over w helm ing things that occupy the space ar ound us. This is the question of the day. And her e it is, I am just like you. I get tir ed, im patient, bor ed and r estless. I w ant to get on w ith it, r etur n to a life w hich m ay not be as I once knew it, but at least one that r esem bles w hat I used to have. Fr eedom ! And, I r ecognize that com plaining and bitching w ill not help m e, nor w ill I feel better par ticipating in a ?whine and jeez?session, except for per haps a shor t one to sim ply clear the air. M oving on, w hat steps can w e take to keep our selves level headed, calm , and in the thr oes of patience? Her e ar e a few Sanity Suggestions to put into pr actice for the next few w eeks. 1. One Day at a Time: I am a ver y visual per son, one w ho alw ays has her eye on the futur e. I can tell you, this is not cur r ently helpful, par tly because the futur e is being constantly r e-w r itten. Tr y this ? w hen you w ake up, sim ple say to your self, ?today in Januar y ---, 2021, I bless this day, I look for w ar d to it unfolding. Br eathe deeply 3-4 tim es and feel your self gr ounded in the day. 2. Set intentions: each day ask your self w hat you w ant to exper ience dur ing the day and w ho you w ant to be. W ith all the detr im ental ener gy ar ound you choose to be som ething uplifting. ?I am love, com passion and kindness today. I am fun and joyful.? 3. Go ea sy on your self: dur ing tim es of isolation and str ess m ost of us tur n inw ar d. W hen w e do, w e see all the flaw s and faults. Stop that. W ith the tim e you have now tur n your attention to celebr ating all the accom plishm ents, gr eat and sm all, of your lifetim e. Tur n your cr itical self into a voice that celebr ates the best of w ho you ar e. Tr eat your self w ith the sam e love and com passion you w ould give a fr iend or fam ily m em ber. 4. Rea d: tur n off the devices and find a good book . Fiction or non-fiction, books ar e an oppor tunity to get lost in a landscape of w or ds, to have an adventur e, to lear n fr om som e one else?s exper iences, or to par ticipate in self-developm ent. 5. Go Outside: even the ?stay at hom e or der ?states that exer cise is per m issible. Par ticipate in the 100-day challenge, going outside for a m inim um of 30 m inutes ever y day. It m akes a differ ence. Fr esh air is good for your health and ther e is nothing like a change of scener y. 6. Pla n a Da ily Date: stop texting and m essaging ever yone and pick up the phone or plan a confer ence call. We ar e hum ans,

social beings and w e need to connect. Hear ing the hum an voice is an essential ingr edient in our health. And, and this im por tant, m ake the connection m atter. Ask questions, listen, shar e, lift one another up, encour age and appr eciate. 7. M indful M oments: w hen you feel over w helm ed, as m any of us do at the m om ent,STOP.Step awayfr om ever ything.Tune into your br eathingand be quiet.Obser veyou, your body, your feelings, your thoughts.Ponder and r eflect on your day, and take the oppor tunity to r elease any negative feelings, r eplacing them w ith som ething m or e uplifting. Reassur e your self. 8. Cha nge a Ha bit: if anything, w e all have a bit m or e of these days, it is tim e. I appr eciate you m ay be w or king fr om hom e, super vising hom e schooling and m or e, yet on the flip side m any of your daily activities have been cur tailed. This gives you the option of per sonal developm ent, an oppor tunity to change a habit w hich m ay no longer ser ve you. For exam ple, you m ay spend too m uch tim e on social m edia, and w hile it passes the tim e, it m ight not feed your spir it. Decide to put a tim er on it and w hen the alar m goes off, shut off your devices. Yes, tur n them off, as the tem ptation is too gr eat to r espond to ever y ping. Then take 15 m inutes str ictly for your self ? a hot bath, jour naling, a m indful m om ent, a w alk, w hatever feeds your spir it. Do this for 21 days. It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. These ar e a few pr actices to incor por ate in your day. Ther e is no need to incor por ate all eight. Find the one(s) that m ost attr act you and w hich you feel w ill im pr ove the quality of your daily life exper ience. Together w e shall m ove beyond the cur r ent cir cum stances. Love ya, Betty Healey, M Ed, CAPP Your thoughts a nd str ategies a r e a lways welcome a nd if your ca r e to sha r e you ca n r ea ch me at betty@r oa dsigns.ca

Starteachweek@10am withM ONDA M Y ORNI NG see the Seeker Facebook Page M OTI V A TI ON with the SeekerChicksfor link to get in or watch THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP




Ho m et o wn Refl ect i o n s By Sylvie O?Rou r k e I?m a Cornwallite, born and raised, a resident of this lovely city for all but five years. To some extent it is true that when you live somewhere and see the same scenery regularly you become somewhat desensitized to its beauty. Case in point, I would not realize how much the St. Lawrence River was a part of my life until I moved to Bramalea, Ontario where the only body of water I saw regularly was a pond in the park across the street.On visits home, I would satisfy my longing by riding along Montreal Road just to glimpse the river. Fast forward to 2020-21 in the time of pandemic where travelling becomes inadvisable but the need for distraction surges stronger than ever. As I sit here, my wanderlust forcibly paused, I feel grateful for living in a community surrounded by opportunities for outdoorsy experiences. At Cornwall?s northern perimeter lies the entrance to the South Stormont Recreational trail which can be walked or cycled as far as St Andrews West. To the east the beautiful Gray?s Creek Conservation trails beckon to be snowshoed or hiked. The southern boundary is graced by the Waterfront trail, the vivacious Lamoureux Park, and of course the colossal St. Lawrence River, ideal for fishermen or water sport enthusiasts. Finally, to the west Guindon Park welcomes us to its arteries of cross-country ski and fat bike trails.If our movements must be restricted, then I would have to admit that it is a pretty good place to be. Some of the best memories of Outdoor Club events took place right here. There was the day at Guindon park where a skier amongst us wiped-out in the deep snow and couldn?t get up.The more he tried, the deeper he sank. We were laughing so hard that all we could do was watch helplessly. There was the time at Gray?s Creek just following a



snowstorm where the trees were so laden with snow that we amused ourselves knocking it off onto our companions?heads. And how could anyone forget all those intense dragon boat training sessions on the river!My muscles ache just thinking about it.So many simple yet significant memories were created just moments away from home. Although restrained by circumstances, it is important more than ever to get out, exercise, and breathe the fresh air. Not only does it aid mental health but it has been shown to boost the immune system, and help reduce stress among other things. Let?s face it; we could all use some of that!For me the best defence for winter blues is to jump in with both feet, into the snow that is and to laugh in the face of coldness. Whether it?s building a snowman in the yard, taking a walk with a friend, or pulling out that old pair of skis for a glide through the forest, all you need to do is bundle up and go for it. Once you open that door and feel the glacial blast on your face, there is no turning back. Disclosure: Side effects may include rosy cheeks, a better disposition, a few lost calories, and a good night?s sleep. Are you willing to risk it? Let home be that place that you long to come back to, the river you need to glimpse, and the memories that you will keep in your heart forever. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.ITo find out more about the Cornwall Outdoor Club visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.



3. What is unique about your business? The fact that the comic book stories allow you to escape into whole new worlds of adventure, fantasy and science-fiction.

5 Quest ions wit h Randy Sauve owner of Fant asy Real m Cel ebrat ing 36 years in business on February 4t h, 2021!

4. How does your business improve or change t he communit y at l arge? The many themes of the store have a way of bringing people together in sharing the same interests.

Article by Mai-Liis Renaud Before I start my interview I would just like to say a few words. Firstly, Congratulations Randy on 36 years in business. This is quite an accomplishment and secondly, thank you for making me feel old because I remember coming to the Comic Shop with my son Kristian, when he was a little boy who collected PokĂŠmon and late Magic Cards. This little boy is now 32 so need I say more about my age ...except that 29 plus will always be my chosen age to be no matter what... anyway with that said, lets continue and firstly Randy, 1. Tel l us a l it t l e bit about yoursel f . How and when did you decide t o open t his business? My name is Randy Sauve, born and raised in Cornwall. I have been a comic book reader for fifty years and dreamed of opening a store since I was a teenager so I could share my love for comic books with others. 2. What is your Mission St at ement ? Fantasy Realm was established in 1985 in downtown Cornwall and I take pride in promoting comic books and graphic novels as a form of entertainment and I am also a proponent for literacy to help improve reading skills for people young and old.


5. Def ine success and what do you t hink have been t he biggest changes t hat have occurred in your business and t he business worl d over t he past 36 years? Adapting to customer interests is a constant in order to maintain success. The internet has allowed Fantasy Realm to be much more visible locally and worldwide. Bonus Quest ion: How has t he COVID-19 pandemic af f ect ed your business? The pandemic allowed me to connect with my customers more closely, making it much easier when ordering product. What is your cont act inf o? 227 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON - phone... 613 933-7997 email...fantasyrealm@cogeco.ca and facbook...https:/ / www.facebook.com/ fantasyrealmcornwall

Congratulations Randy, on your 36th Anniversary. Wishing you many more to come...

Mai-Liis and Julia, TheSeeker Chicks

Get f eat ured in LOCALS in t he LOUPE ...

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How and when did you decide to open this business? 2. What is your Mission Statement ? 3. What is unique about your business? 4. How does your business improve the community at large? 5. Define Success. BONUS QUESTION: How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your business? What's your ontact info? Email your answers, some business pics and a pic of you t o: inf o@t heseeker.ca






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Th is Side LISTER Last time, I wrote about the other side. The place we go to when we leave this physical world. Now I'd like to discuss this side, the life we get to live here and now. First of all, let's take religion out of the equation. We know there is a loving force that most call 'God' while others may use other titles. It doesn't matter if you call it The Universe, or even The Force. (from Star Wars) It also doesn't matter if you believe it is a persona 'out there' or a part of yourself, as a creator who is a piece of divinity.

What matters is this. You were born. Now, babies don't magically get the breath of life from their mother. All they get are the cells. The DNA. The stuff of physical life. The rest is a miracle, just as an opening acorn turning into a mighty oak tree is a miracle. Consider that the acorn weighs 4 or 5 grams and in time, the Oak tree will weigh up to 15 tons, and consist of 13 to 20 cubic meters of wood. Did the little acorn make all of this wood? Did 15 cubic meters of soil get converted to the wood that makes up the tree? The answer to both questions is no. The wood was added to the earth's mass without depleting the soil or the air. Another miracle. Humankind has not been able to create life. We can transplant, inseminate, and even clone life, but we can't make it. Life itself must come from the other side.

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fr om Lisa Dupr au Executive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr e.ca

For t h e m on t h of Decem ber 2020, t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Lunches to go - 948 New Referrals - 22

Food Hampers - 550 Individuals served - 1183

Decem ber w as a ver y busy m onth for the Agape Centr e. Our com m unity once again over w helm ed us w ith gener osity. Countless businesses held food dr ives, fam ilies donated Chr istm as m eals and toys for those in need and people w er e calling to volunteer their tim e over the holidays. The $10,000 lotter y dr aw w inner w as chosen on Decem ber 18th. The lucky w inner w as Betty M acIntosh of M ar tintow n. Congr atulations Betty! Thanks to ever yone w ho pur chased tickets and suppor ted our 1stAnnual Lotter y! Another fir st for the Agape Centr e, w as the Stuff the Stocking event. This w as a dr ive thr ough Chr istm as event adher ing to all social distancing pr otocols and spr eading a little Chr istm as cheer to childr en and fam ilies. Hot chocolate, candy canes, ginger br ead cookies and stockings full of candy and toys w er e given to each fam ily passing thr ough. Santa w as on hand, Spar ky fr om the Cor nw all Fir e Ser vices and live DJ m usic. A huge success w hich even r eached our local CTV new s!

No-one should ever have to go hungr y! Ca ll us at 613-938-9297 if you need help...



So an unborn baby gets its life from the other side, and often, very young children can remember events from a past life, right down to some very uncanny details. People who have near-death-experiences may have been pronouced dead for an hour, yet can remember things that happened during that hour when their spirit floated above their body, before it was drawn back in when they were resuscitated. Now, some people believe life ends when a physical life ends. The majority of people believe in some form of life after death though. Over time, we have read about some horrendous beliefs, such as sacrificing people to appease the volcano god, or similar horrors. Bottom line which I think most of us can agree on: Life continues after physical death. So, finally getting to 'this side'. What can we do to ensure we are on the right path, the higher path if you will? It's pretty simple really. Follow your quiet inner voice. Be aware that your ego is real and will talk to you. When you get angry, jealous or anything else that seems ego-driven, just say to yourself, 'oh, that's only my ego, not me' and it will silence the negativity. You are spirit. You are driving around in a human body for a time. You, as a spirit, will live on. You are eternal. This side may look like the wrong side of a tapestry, but once you are on the other side, you will see the beautiful work of art your life is. With a little effort, you might see that while on this side. God is spirit, and so are you and everything that lives. Take comfort in that. For more information, please visit www.thehigherpath.ca



"Speaking of friendships, we all have certain people in our lives that round us out. People we can relax and just be ourselves with and even though apart, their energy and impression upon our hearts is evergreen"

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At the end of July in 2018 myself and two girlfriends visited some mutual friends in Elgin, Québec. I supplied the cooler and cold drinks for the car ride, and a pasta salad for the table. One of the girls made her legendary homemade macaroni salad while another had a veggie tray with dip. Our driver had really hoped to take the long way around through Québec, but that would have cut into our visit by at least an hour so we took the short way through the States. With the AC cranked up, we chortled up Adolphus St. singing along to Reba MacIntyre on car the radio. I am not a good traveller so once at the toll booth, I was overcome with nausea worrying about being pulled over, or being charged with some unforeseen crime but in the end we were just three mature women taking a drive in the country. The ride was easy peasy down Route 37 towards the Trout River border crossing, which you may well know looks like something out ofThe Sound of Musicwith the façade of an old European chalet. At this point the car is practically stopped as we maneuver around the sharp corners of the entrance, that I wondered must happen a lot because of the look on the patrol agents face as he comes out to greet us was like someone?s late for dinner.

the tall grass on the other side of the river. It was one long beautiful day of languishing in the sunshine of dear friends. Somehow, the night grew short and it was time to go. Once on the road we somehow, took the corner too sharp again at the border office and started giggling together in the car. We tried to get the car straight but it was no use, so out came the border patrol officer dressed in his bullet proof vest with side arm revolver and only the crickets for company. Whether or not hebelievedour story of a picnic in the country, we were all invited into the customs office for further questioning and fact checking. Once inside I grabbed the first swivel chair and turned completely inside out from nerves. The guy was gone for such a long time that I had a chance to check the place out and noticed way up on a ceiling ledge, two little red Pez dispensers of Santa & Mrs. Claus. Just then the Patrol officer comes back with our ID, giving us the ok to leave and doesn?t our driver out of nerves of her own offermymacaroni salad to the men in the office!! As I usually do in times like this, I made a joke and nervously asked why the Pez dispensers were up near the ceiling and the reply was similar to what you?d hear when people are bored and want to prank each other. Back in the car, we made quick time to our home and native land. After about ten minutes I tried to break the spell and shouted to my friends - ?when we?re back home again, let?s go for an ice cream?. We all cheered like giddy children but it wasn?t half past ten that we rounded the corner at Glengarry Blvd and got into an accident with another car.

Back on the road we?re out of the car within minutes embracing our friends and one very excitable Shih Tsu named Quilla. Finding a shady spot, I pulled out the interview questions and got to know some new/ old friends all over again. The BBQ was heating up when David?s wife Cheryl, brought out her secret marinade recipe for steak. Everything was delicious and cooked to perfection when we dug into the macaroni salad made with LOVE, just for me.

Luckily, there were several witnesses to prove whose fault it was, but the waiting went on for several hours as the car and its contents were shuffled between tow trucks and taxicabs. It was many weeks before the three of us could get into a car again andfinallyenjoy our ice cream. Looking back, I thank God for giving us a sense of humor about the day, well seeded friendships and macaroni salad to die for.

After dinner, the torches were lit around the property to keep the bugs down while we watched the sun set through

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M a rl e ne

pr esent that I gave Johnny in 2010. You see, I didn't Hello ther e to have m uch m oney all of you that happen to have back then, but, I w as com pelled to picked up this pur chase this sw eet fabulous, little hear t-shaped m onthly m agazine to r ead all w indow fascinator about w hat is going on in the Cor nw all, and the S.D.& G. ar ea. As for our ver y fir st Valentine's. I believe I only paid $3.00 for it at The Salvation w ell as to r ead all of the positive Ar my Thr ift Stor e her e in and infor m ative new s in and Cor nw all. This hear t now hangs in ar ound our beautiful city of our "For ever Hom e" r em inding us Cor nw all. Ont. of our hum ble beginnings. This m onth happens to be Johnny's and my 3r d Wedding Anniver sar y. Seeng that this is the M onth of Love, I have som e im ter esting facts WOW ! I can har dly believe that 3 about VALENTI NE'S DAY: The year s have gone by ever since w e or igins of St. Valentine's Day ar e a WON a w r iting contest in Ottaw a. It w as to tell them w hy they should little hazy, but one w idely-held theor y is that it w as nam ed for an choose us to be a par t of a w edding event that the ancient Rom ans celebr ation that m any businesses and or iginated. In the 3r d Centur y A.D., people volunteer ed their tim e to have 10 Em per or Claudius II executed tw o m en couples all get m ar r ied on the sam e day. on differ ent year s, both on Febr uar y 14th, This w as a unique kind of fund r aiser for and both nam ed 'Valentine'. The CHEO on Catholic Chur ch her alded them Feb. 12th as m ar tyr s, and so cr eated "St. 2018. We Valentine's Day." By the 5th ONLY had 3 centur y, Pope Gelasius I m ixed w eeks to get Valentine's Day w ith pagan and have r ituals, know n as "Luber calia." ever ything M eanw hile, the Nor m ans r eady for celebr ated "Galatin's Day", our "Special w hich m eant, "Lover of Day!" W E Wom en." Since "Galatin's Day" DID IT w ith and "Valentine's Day" sounded the gr acious alike, it seem s that the tw o w er e help of com bined, per haps fam ily and unintentionally. Valentine's Day fr iends. M y w as thought to have or iginated w edding fr om a Rom an festival in w hich dr ess w as they called, "Luper calia" in the donated by a lovely lady, Rem ington, and it w as m ade m iddle of Feb. w hich officially is the star t of their Spr ingtim e. This is a holiday over to m ake it m or e per sonal for m e, by w hen lover s expr ess their affection w ith my dear fr iend, Patr icia. All of the beautiful decor ations w er e hand m ade by special gr eetings and gifts. This festival, w hich celebr ated the com ing of Spr ing, myself and a good fr iend of our s, Kar en. includes fer tility r ites and the pair ing off Ken, Kar en, and M Clair e helped pay for our food fr om Cold Platter Cater ing at our of w om en w ith m en by lotter y. I am glad that w e don't have to do this, today. r eception. It w as held at The Ar my & Navy Club her e in Cor nw all. Our TI P OF THE M ONTH: Her e is som e beautiful cake w as handm ade by the ever Relationship Advice. 1. Slow Dow n and so talented Sue Anne of Fair y Sw eet. Our Take It Easy. 2. Give 100%! 3. You ar e aw esom e DJ for the evening w as Jam ie r esponsible for your OW N HAPPINESS. 4. Gibeau. But, the best par t of all of this STOP Waiting and LIVE Your Lives. 5. w as the tur n out of near ly 30 fam ily and LOVE YOUr selves. 6. DO NOT put fr iends at our w edding in Ottaw a. Then 3 BOUNDARIES on one other. 7. RESPECT days later near ly 80 people cam e to our one another. 8. TRUST each other. 9. Put w edding r eception. We cer tainly felt all of in a lot of EFFORT! 10. LOVE.. LOVE.. the love and suppor t fr om ever yone. LOVE ONE ANOTHER EVERY DAY.. Now , all w e have to do is to LIVE HAPPILY ESPECIALLY ON THE BAD DAYS! EVER AFTER! THI NGS TO PONDER UPON: W hy do w e I TEM OF THE M ONTH: I have chosen an Dr ive on the Par kw ay and Par k on the item that is close to my hear t. It is a Dr ivew ay? OR W hen Fr ench people sim ple, but m eaningful Valentine's sw ear.. Do they say, "Par don M y English?"




FAM I LY NEW S: Ther e is one anniver sar y and tw o bir thdays to celebr ate this m onth: M y dear , loving m other is tur ning 84 on the 11th, and my youngest son, M ar cus w ill be 29 on the 28th. M ay you both have a w onder ful year ahead of you. M ay this be a m uch better and br ighter year for you both. Love Alw ays M ar lene/M om . A HAPPY 3r d ANNIVERSARY TO JOHN & I, Valentine's Day m ay only com e, but once a year , but, ever y day you fill my Life w ith so m uch Happiness and Joy, Johnny. No m atter w her e I go, the w ar m est place w ill alw ays be in your str ong and loving ar m s. I cannot even im agine having a Life w ithout you in it, my dear , sw eet and oh, so w onder ful husband. I love you, John, for all that you ar e, all that you have been, and all that you ar e yet to be. I look for w ar d to m any, m any m or e year s of celebr ating all that w e w ill do and shar e in our lives together , my love of all loves. COM M UNI TY NEW S: W hat star ted as a hobby in 2016 for ow ner s, Br enda and Gilles Legault has gr ow n into a successful full-tim e, full-ser vice cater ing business. Cold Platter Cater ing is an aw esom e place w her e the food is m ade fr om scr atch and is alw ays fr esh. They ser ve cold foods on platter s as w ell as hom em ade salads of all differ ent kinds. "M y fr esh, hom em ade foods com e r ight out of the oven and into the w ar m er boxes, theyĂ­ ar e deliver ed into w ar m er chafer s w ith your plate being the final destination! I w ouldnĂ­t have it any other w ay," says Br enda. They cater ed for our w edding r eception and they did a phenom inal job of having the food ther e on tim e. It w as all beautifully ar r anged and the delicious looking food w as so fr esh and tasty. Please contact them for any of your foody needs and w ants: Phone 613-662-6270 OR w w w.facebook .com /Br endascold platter cater ing/ UNTI L NEXT M ONTH: One of the m ost im por tant lessons w e can take into this New Year is: If, We cannot do anything about it, THEN .. W E Ar e To Let It Go! Do Not be a Pr isoner To Things That We Cannot Change. M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister photos.ca & w w w.fa shionogr a phy.ca W i sh i n g you bot h a Happy 3r d Weddi n g An n i ver sar y, Love f r om Seek er Ch i ck s, M ai -Li i s an d Ju l i a



We are Excit ed t o announce t hat we are NOW OPEN f or

T a k e- o u t & Del i v er y

ofMama's Healthy Home Cooking.. Breakf ast - Lunch - Supper Check out our Menus on Facebook CALL: 613-933-9055

Up d a t e s . . .

Ar t s an d Cu l t u r e Cen t r e u pdat e ? Jan . 25, 2021


850 Boundary Rd. Unit 1, Sout h Gl engarry ON Open: 8am t o 5pm Thursday t o Sunday

The donation/pledge total is continuing to gr ow : w e now stand at $831,137.30? only $168,863 to go! The excellent new s on this fr ont is that 66% of the big total is alr eady in the bank . This is outstanding! Our donor s ar e not only gener ous but ensur e that their pledges ar e honour ed. A special ?thank you?to Ontar io Pow er Gener ation for their r ecent $15,000 donation to the cause!

W h o w i l l be THE NEXT I NDUCTEES i n t o THE ARTS HALL OF FAM E?

Th i n gs ar e m ov i n g al on g! W ithin the last tw o w eeks, ther e w as a m eeting w ith the r epr esentative com m unity com m ittee m em ber s r e: the pr elim inar y design; the ar chitects took note of the ideas/suggestions r e: the design as it stood on that date. Those pr esent w er e ver y pleased w ith the pr esentation and the ar chitects w er e going to tw eak the pr oposal w ith the view to pr esenting to City Council at a Febr uar y Council m eeting. Council w ill deter m ine the tim etable for public consultations, the call for tender s, and the star t date for constr uction. Ther e has alr eady been testing done in and ar ound the building and ther e ar e no unanticipated issues.

Cur r ently, w e ar e planning another on-line ar t auction. This tim e ther e w ill be a var iety of w or ks up for bidding including som e QuĂŠbecois pieces by Fer nand Labelle (w ho, by the w ay, w as bor n in Cor nw all !!). These w or ks com e to us thanks to the gener osity of Suzanne M ayer w ho r ecently r elocated to M ontr eal and has donated the w or ks for auction to benefit the Ar ts and Cultur e Centr e. M or e details w ill com e in the Febr uar y update. M eanw hile, please continue to spr ead the w or d and solicit donations ? . We ar e so close to our goal and it w ould be r eally gr eat to get ther e befor e the sum m er !



Nom i n at i onf or s 2021ar en owopen . Since 2015, the Ar ts Hall of Fam e show cased the significant achievem ents of ar tists, suppor ter s and builder s in all the ar ts and r ecaptur ed the br illiant histor y and accom plishm ents of the ar tistic and cultur al m ovem ents of the past; it has illustr ated the gr eat contem por ar y w or k our citizens ar e contr ibuting locally, nationally and inter nationally. To date for ty am azing citizens have been r ecognized for their contr ibution. Am ong the inductees ther e ar e per for m er s in theatr e, visual ar tists, m usicians, w r iter s, dancer s, an association and a business. In 2020, 11 citizens w er e inducted into the Ar ts Hall of Fam e but Covid r estr ictions pr evented a public cer em ony. This year ly gala is the pr ide of the Centr e for the Ar ts Collective (Collectif pour le centr e des ar ts) and if the situation per m its it, ther e w ill be a gala for the inductees of 2020 and 2021 in late fall. Ever yone is invited to subm it the nam e of som eone alive or deceased w hose contr ibution in ar ts and cultur e is notew or thy. Nom inating is a sim ple pr ocess r equir ing a biogr aphy of the nom inee and 3 suppor ter s of the nom ination. The com pleted for m can be m ailed to or dr opped off at the Benson Centr e. The closing date for nom inations is July 1, 2021.The nom ination for m and infor m ation ar e available at: w w w.cor nw allar tshalloffam e.com





Fl ashbacks

In Lamoureux Park The Cornwal l Communit y Museum 613-936-0280

DUETOCOVID-19 TheMuseum ispresent lcl y osedt ot hepubl ic FORANYRESEARCH REQUESTS - pl easeemail :

The Cor nw all Woolco opened at the Br ookdale M all, on August 28, 1968 and gr ew into one of the chain?s m ost successful stor es.It w as acquir ed by WalM ar t in 1994. At one tim e the Br ookdale M all w as the lar gest shopping centr e in Cor nw all com plete w ith r estaur ants and m ovie theatr es.The M all opened in 1969. In Decem ber of 1979 the City issued a building per m it valued at $3,107,000 to the Nor th Am er ican Life Assur ance Com pany for a pr oposed 175,000 squar e foot expansion of the m all, then occupying 14.5 acr es. In 1979/80 the m all?s expansion saw the num ber of tenants double fr om 20 to 40 w ith a pr ojected 100 new per m anent jobs to be cr eated on the enlar ged 24 acr e site. Par king incr eased fr om 1,000 to 1,450 stalls. Thr ee of the tenants had to be r elocated elsew her e in the str uctur e. Woolco expanded by m or e than 25% and Dom inion Stor e expanded by m or e than 50%. Edgecom be Pr oper ties m anaged the pr oper ty. The final nail in the pr over bial coffin for the Br ookdale M all cam e about w hen Walm ar t convinced the pr oper ty ow ner to allow them to build a stand-alone Walm ar t stor e on the pr oper ty and then tear dow n the or iginal adjoining stor e.This led to a decision to conver t the m all into a ?pow er centr e.? All that r em ains of the or iginal 1968 m all is the super m ar ket; the stor es still connected to it w er e built dur ing the 1979 m all expansion. A hugely popular annual event that began in 1981 and saw it?s finale in 1999, w as the Jelly Jum p. M all custom er s and visitor s could obtain sealed car ds fr om m er chants. A per centage of the car ds w er e ?w inner s? m eaning that the r ecipient could ?Jelly Jum p? into a sw im m ing pool full of r efr iger ated gelatin in sear ch of a num ber ed puck w hich cor r esponded to one of sever al pr izes. Doesn?t that sound like fun! Take a look at these tw o collages and see if you spot anyone that you know. Am ong the par ticipants in these Standar d-Fr eeholder photogr aphs ar e m all m anager Doe Dube, our for m er pr ovincial M .L.A. Jim Br ow nell, Linda W ilson and the late Lionel Tessier.





5 Quest ions wit h Lindsey Jane Sl at er owner of Bat h Saf et y Sol ut ions - a business bravel y st art ed during t he current pandemic! 1. Tell u s a lit t le bit abou t you r self . I'm Lindsey and the owner & founder of Bath Safety Solutions. I have many years of experience in the bathroom remodeling industry as the former owner of a local bathroom renovation business.

Bef ore

2. Wh at is you r M ission St at em en t ? Our mission is to create an accessible bathroom and give independence to those who value self-sufficiency while offering peace of mind with added safety, comfort and accessibility. 3. Wh at is u n iqu e abou t you r bu sin ess an d w h y did you decide t o open t h is bu sin ess du r in g t h e pan dem ic? The business is unique in that we focus solely on bathroom safety for seniors. Our specialty is our unique tub to shower conversion that involves cutting a section out of the wall of your existing bathtub to create a safe & accessible bathtub and walk-in shower. Why start this business during the pandemic? Why not. It seemed like a good time as any to me...



4. How does you r bu sin ess im pr ove or ch an ge t h e com m u n it y at lar ge? As our population ages, most seniors would prefer to remain in their own homes if possible. Falls are a leading cause of hospitilizations among seniors and the bathroom represents a particularly dangerous environment with hard, wet and slippery surfaces. Af t er Creating this unique tub to shower conversion gives seniors a safer environment with less chance of falling which means they can feel a lot more independent and stay in their homes a lot longer.

5. Def in e su ccess. Success would be defined as getting the word out and letting seniors and their families know that there are affordable solutions to provide bathroom safety and ultimately peace of mind. Bon u s Qu est ion : Wh at is you r con t act in f o? 613-861-2284 FB@bat h saf et ysolu t ion s w w w.bat h saf et ysolu t ion s.ca



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