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Up for Our Healt hcare:Why Vot ing'No'

t o Privat izat ionin t he May 26-27Referendum is Crucial - And a non-part isanissue.

AstheMay26-27people-ledreferendumon healthcare privatizationapproaches,thestakesfor our societycouldnot be higher.At a timewhenaccessto qualityhealthcareismorecritical thanever,privatizationthreatensto dismantleour cherished publichealthcaresystem Thisisnot a partisanissue,it isan everybodyissue And beforeit istoo late,weneedto act,get out and vote'No'to privatization,regardlessof our partyaffiliations

The Im port anceof PublicHealt hcare


Akeytenetof publichealthcareistheguaranteeof universal accessto essentialmedicalservices,regardlessof one'sfinancial circumstancesIn contrast,privatizationriskscreatinga two-tier systemwhereonlythosewhocan affordprivatecarereceive timelyand qualityservices Thiscouldleadto increasedhealth disparities,exacerbatingsocialinequalitiesand underminingour collectivewell-being.

Cost Efficiency

Contraryto theclaimsof privatizationproponents,public healthcaresystemshavedemonstratedgreatercost efficiencyin manycountries Administrativeoverheadsand marketing expensesarelowerin publicsystems,and thefocuson preventive careand earlyinterventionoftenresultsin long-termcost savings

Privatization,on theotherhand,can introduceprofit-seeking motivesinto healthcareprovision,drivingup costsand ultimately burdeningbothpatientsand taxpayers

Fair Dist ribut ionof Resources

In a publichealthcaresystem,resourcesareallocatedbasedon needand communitypriorities,not income Thisapproach ensuresthat everyone,includingthemostvulnerablemembersof society,hasaccessto essentialservices Privatization,however, risksskewingresourceallocationtowardmoreprofitable proceduresand treatments,potentiallyleavingbehindthosein greatestneed

Qualit yof Care

Publichealthcaresystemsaredesignedto prioritizetheneedsof patientsover profits Thisfocuson patientwelfareensuresthat careisdrivenbyevidence-basedbest practicesratherthanthe financialinterestsof privatecorporationsPrivatizationcould compromisethequalityof carebyincentivizingserviceproviders to cut corners,overprescribingmedications,performunnecessary proceduresand tests,or avoidtreatinglessprofitableconditions


Vot ingMat t ers

Thereferendumon healthcareprivatizationisa criticalturning pointfor our society Byvoting'No'to privatization,wecan senda clear messagethat our healthcaresystemisnot for sale Wemust standunitedin defendingour publichealthcaresystem,whichhas serveduswellfor decadesand isa cornerstoneof our social fabric

AstheMay26-27referendumapproaches,let usnot forgetthe importanceof our publichealthcaresystemand themanybenefits it provides Voting'No'to privatizationisnot just a voteagainst corporateinterests;it isa votefor a healthier,moreequitable society It isour responsibilityto ensurethat futuregenerations can relyon a strongpublichealthcaresystem,and that beginswith makingour voicesheardin thereferendum Standup for our healthcare,and vote'No' to privatizationon May26-27.

So what did I do dur ingthe monthof Mar ch?

Well firstly,Juliaand I wouldliketo congratulateJason Setnyk,our esteemed main contributor,on the milestoneof writinghis 1000tharticleon theseeker.caThisisan impressiveachievement that highlightshis dedication,passion,and commitmentto providing qualitycontentfor our readers

Jason Setnykhasbeen an integralpart of our team since2011, consistentlydeliveringinformativeand engagingarticleson a wide rangeof topicswhichhavebeen readand sharedby thousandsof people,makinghim a significantcontributorto thesuccessof The Seeker.

Throughouthis1000articles,Jason hasdemonstratedan unwaveringcommitmentto journalisticintegrity,ensuringthat each articlehewritesisaccurate,informative,and well-researched Hehasshownan exceptionalabilityto delvedeepintoa story, providingreaderswith insightsand perspectivesthat areboth uniqueand valuable

In additionto hiscontributionsto theseeker ca,Jason isan fantastic photographerand an avid communityadvocate Weareproudto haveJason Setnykasour main contributorand look forwardto seeinghiscontinuedsuccessin theyearsto come Congratulations, Jason,on thisimpressiveachievement,and thankyou for your unwaveringdedicationto theseeker.caand thecommunityat large! We couldn'tdo it withoutyou Jason,Thankyou again!

as for my OUT and ABOUTING

I did a lot of it asyou can seeby following meon TheSeeker FacebookPagebut on Saturday,March18th I got to visit oneof my all timefavouriteevents,formerlyknown asSeedySaturday,now with a new name "TransitionintoSpring"hostedby TransitionCornwall+and theSocial DevelopmentCouncilof Cornwalland Area

Oneof theorganizersKat Rendek,told me that over 1,000peoplevisitedthe 27 vendorsand exhibitors and the18activity and swaptables Therewereso many familiarfacesand Recycleand Reusewere 2 wordswidelyusedthroughouttheshow

Oneboothin particular"Bonville Garden"demonstratedtheword "Reuse"exceptionallywell and I will tell you why.OwnersDoug and Deb wereexcitedto explain Doug'slatest"Reuseproject" Doug built a simplestandwhichhe placesat areagaragesso that customerscan leavetheir empty windshieldwasher containersfor him to pick up and hereusesthese fillingthem with their soil amendmentblendsthat havebeen thesecretingredientfor their fresh,bountifulproduce These arenow availablefor sale, packagednicelyin thesereused containersand thesemineral mixescan helpany gardenerimproveplanthealthand production


denis locatedat 17353McPhailRd St Andr ewsW and for mor einfo visit www.bonvillegar 613-330-2411

Inter viewand photoby: Jason

Cornwall,Ontario?Get your capeon! The2023editionof the Cornwalland AreaPop Event (CAPE)takesplaceon Saturday, April 22nd(10am-6pm)and Sunday,April 23rd(10am-5pm).

CAPEisan annualcomicbook and pop cultureconventionheld in Cornwall,Ontario,Canada

First launchedin 2015by Carol and RandySauve,theeventhas quicklybecomea popular gatheringfor fansof comic books,sci-fi,fantasymovies,TV shows,and games

Each year,theCAPEevent featuresa widerangeof special guests,artists,cosplayers, vendors,and exhibitors,makingit an excitingand engaging experiencefor attendeesof all ages.In addition,theeventalso featuresa varietyof interactiveexperiences,includingspecial panelsand Q&Asessions Ed theSock will join Cooper Andrews, MargotBingham,HarleyQuinnSmith,Scott Schiaffo,and Andrew Thomasascelebrityguestsat CAPE2023 Also,attendeesare encouragedto dressup astheir favoritecharacters



3 - Can you tell us about som e special guestsand events attendeescan look for war dto at thisyear 'sconvention?

"Fanscan meet Cooper Andrews from thehit movieShazam!He playedJerryon TheWalkingDead and will bejoinedby Margot BinghamwhoplayedMax For KevinSmithfans,hisdaughter HarleyQuinnSmithwill join us with Scott Schiaffofrom Clerks fandom CAPEwill throwbackto the'90sasEDtheSOCKjoinsus Hewill alsoheadlinetheevening's After PartyComedyShow with host Dan Allaire Guestartist AndrewThomasroundsout the guestlineup "

4 - What do you think sets this com icconventionapar t fr om other sim ilar events,and what do you hopeattendeesw ill take away fr om their ex per ience?

Carol and Randystriveto bringaffordablefamilyentertainmentto theCity of Cornwalloneweekendeveryyear and showcase celebrityguests,exhibitors,artists,cosplayers,and manyother featuresat everyshow Randyisthefrontlineof CAPE,but Carol doesmuchof thework behindthescenes Togetherthey arethe superherocouplebehindCAPE


1 - What inspir edyou to or ganizethiscom icconvention,and how has it gr ow n?

"WhileRandyhasbeen at theforefrontof thecomicrealm for almost40years,theinspirationcamefrom Carol initially Seeing how manyfansenjoyedcomicconventionsaroundtheworldand never havingbeen to one,shethoughtit wouldbea great addition to theCity of Cornwallto host a show Asinterestin pop culture continuesto grow,so doesCAPE Growthin theshow isfueledby growthin theindustry."

2 - What ar e som eof the biggest challengesyou face when or ganizinga conventionof this size and scale?

"Ashowof thissizeandscaledefinitelyinvolvesmanychallenges Keepingtheinterestof fans,changingandadaptingtocurrent trends,anddealingwithpandemicissuesareall factorsMostpeople justshowuptoCAPE,andit'sall prettyandorganizedandends there,buttheydon'tseeall of thelogisticsbehindthescenesthatget ustothatpoint,suchasbookingthetalent,flights,hotels,supplies, equipment,marketing,advertising,volunteers,andsoon "

"CAPEisset apartfrom other such eventsby offeringan affordable familyeventwith freeadmissionto children12and under Most of CAPE'sguestsoffer personableexperiencesand no "cookiecutter" photoops Crowdstendto besmaller and not asoverwhelmingas thehugeconventionsManyvendors,exhibitors,and cosplayers arelocal,and a local couplerunsCAPE,so theshow offersa "Mom & Pop"mentality,creatinga pleasantexperiencefor attendees "

5 - Finally,what ar e som eof your favor item om entsand m em or iesfr om pr eviousconventionsyou have or ganized,and why do they stand out to you?

"Carol& Randy'sweddingat CAPE2016certainlytopsthelist of favouritemomentsfrom previousconventionsThat sameyear alsoboastedthefirst Canadianappearancefrom Clerksguests,the 50th Anniversaryof Star Trek featuringa reunionof Trek stars and Sally Kellermanno longer with us Degrassiguestsvisited, GilmoreGirlscast wasfeatured,celebrityartistswereshowcased, epiccosplaygroupshad their humbledebuts,countless friendshipswereformed,and incredible memoriesweremade throughouttheyears "

In conclusion,theCornwalland AreaPop Eventisa fun and excitingcelebrationof comicbooksand pop culture,and a great way for fansto connectwith oneanotherand thebroader community With itsfocuson local talentand community engagement,theeventhasbecomea belovedfixturein the Cornwallareaand a must-attendeventfor fansof all thingsgeeky and nerdy

AdvanceTicketsareonsalenowat FantasyRealm(227PittStreet, downtownCornwall,Ontario) Paymentcanbemadebycash,Debit, Visa,or Mastercardat thestore)or purchasedonlinethroughthe websiteat www.cornwallpopevent.comTicketsfor Saturdayare$15 each,ticketsfor Sundayare$10each,andchildren12andunderare FREEwhenaccompaniedbya payingadult.

FanSavesCEOShannonFergusonm eet s PresidentJoeBiden

Art icle by Jason Set nyk | Subm it t ed Phot os

On Friday, March 24th, Shannon Ferguson, Co-founder and CEO of FanSaves, attended the dinner for President Joe Biden's visit to Canada in Ottawa at the Canadian Aviation Museum. It was an incredible, surreal, and memorable night packed with Canada's finest!

The guest list included United States President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen, Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress Catherine O'Hara, NDPleader Jagmeet Singh, journalist Lisa Laflamme, musician Alan Doyle, entrepreneur, television personality and venture capitalist Manjit Minhaus, and more. Shannon is still feeling the excitement of this unforgettable event!


five quest ions for

1 What inspired you to start a floatation therapy spa business?

To answer that,wecan go backto theearly90?s,when float therapywasin itsinfancy Oneof our owners,Marie-Pier, tried floating for thefirst time Afterthoroughlyenjoying her experience,shetossed around theideaof opening a float spaof her own,but with so littleknown about the industryat that time,shedecided to passon theidea Fast-forward to 2015 Whilebrowsing through thingsto do in Sedonaon Groupon,aTrueRESTFloat Spapopped up Remembering Marie-Pier having talked about thebenefitsof floating,whiledoubtful,I(Tim,Owner) reserved aspot for us What an experience!After adayof horsebackriding and ATVing,asimpleonehour float treatment,allowed usto recover fully Myobsession with floating began For thenext 4years,Ifloated at every opportunity,whiletraveling for business Whileplanning our movetothe Cornwall areain 2019,I asked Marie-Pier,?What are wegoing todo for work?? , then Isaid,?Would you ever consider opening afloat spa??Marie-Pier had been diagnosed with severe anxiety/depression and during our research into opening an independent float spaversusafranchise, wediscovered that it wasa veryeffectivetreatment for anxiety,depression,PTSD, anorexianervosa,chronic pain,etc,pushing usto investigatemore Shortlythereafter,wedecided to open aTrueRESTFloat Spa,theworld?slargest and fastest growing chain of float spas In August 2019,wesigned thefranchiseagreement

Initially,wewereopening thespato providerelief from the aforementioned illnessesfor thesocietywewereliving in at thetime Little did werealizethat thenext 3-4yearswould makethistreatment an even greater necessity Duetotheeffectsthepandemichad on thehospitality industry,wesearched out apartner to strengthen our financial position with thebank Fortunately,wefound DonnaBenoit,aPSWfor thepast 20 yearsin Cornwall to partner with Her partnership enabled ustosecure funding in thesedifficult timesand start construction March 13,2023

2 Can you explain the benefits of floating for those unfamiliar with it?

Wheredo westart?Manystudieshaveproven thebenefitsof floatation therapyfor thetreatment of anxiety,depression,stress,sleep disorders, anorexianervosa,addiction recovery,chronicpain,arthritis,osteoarthritis, eczema,athleticrecovery,etc. Floating weightlesslyin 1200lbsof Epsom Saltsand Magnesium,allowsthebodyand mind to reset,recover and relax Somepeoplehavecompared theexperiencein thefloat pod aslike being in thecomfort and securityof thewomb. Afteran hour or more, you exit thepod suiterefreshed and renewed With thewater of thepod kept at normal bodytemperature,whilefloating,you can? t tell whereyour bodyends,and thewater begins

3.Can you walk usthrough the typical first-time experience for a customer at your Float Spa?

Your journeybeginswith being greeted byoneof our Float Consultants After changing into spasandals,you enter our video room to view ashort 5minutevideo,explaining what to expect whilefloating and somedos and don?ts From there,your float consultant will direct you to your pod suiteand provideinstruction on useof all theitemsin thesuite After

locking your suitedoor,you takeabody-temperatureshower to rid yourself of bodyoilsprior to entering thepristinewater of thepod Once in thepod,you layback,relax,and let thecaresof theworld ?float?away Asyour float comesto an end,soft musicwill fill thepod to let you know it istime Upon exiting,you takeanother shower to rinseof thesalt that has accumulated on your body Aftergetting dressed,you exit your suiteand enter theOasisRoom to continueyour experience,with an aromatherapy oxygen treatment After theOasisRoom,you passbythereception area, makeyour next appointment with your float consultant,then step out the front door relaxed,refreshed,rejuvenated and readytofacetheworld again!

4 What kind of clientele are you targeting and do you offer any specialized programs or discountsfor specific groups?

Our focusison anyonethat suffersfrom anyof theaforementioned illnesses, however it isbeneficial to each and everyperson Weall need sometimeto ourselvesto reset Onegroup that we will beproviding aspecialized program for areour frontlineworkers,who worked tirelesslyfor thelast 3plus years Wewill beproviding special pricing for them for thefirst 3yearsof our opening to match the3yearsthat weweren? t abletobeopen and provide them with somerelief Additionally,we will havecorporatepackagesavailable for businessto purchasemultiplefloats at adiscounted ratefor their employee?swell-being

5.What is your vision for the future growth and expansion of your Float Spa business?

Wearebuilding thespawith spacefor installing a5th pod,if required We alreadyhaveconsiderationsof opening 1or 2morelocations,either in Ontario orQuebec Much will depend on thesuccessof our float spa,thefirst TrueRESTFloat Spain Canada,however,honestly,based on the1000+ followerswehaveon Facebookand theincredibleresponsereceived on social mediaover thepast 3years,wehaveno doubt that our decision to open aTrueRESTherein Cornwall,wastheright one.

For info visit www truerest com

Tim Tremblay?418-957-8521-Marie-Pier Mathieu ?418-957-4765

DonnaBenoit ?613-362-3090

1400 Vincent-Massey Dr Unit 1B

(To the left of Value Village)

Cornwall, ON

Facebook ? TRFSCornwall Instagram ? truerestcornwall

t a r get ed gr a n d open i n g - j ul y 2023

The Quiet Leader

As a facilitator,business consultant and coach over the past thirty years, I have studied leadership I have read the leadership books, followed the leadership gurus, and at times become dizzy on the many theories that surround this topic I have followed the lives of business leaders, community leaders, political leaders, team leaders and more With all this study,coupled with my observations, I am of the belief that most of us do not understand what leadership truly is Leader ship 101

There is an assumption that leadership is power,that leaders assume huge responsibility for people and projects, the leaders stand at the front of the pack and others follow This is one interpretation

Maybe leadership is something completely different; what if what I have described above is management or administration? One of the most compelling books I read in my leadership studies was a book called Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf As the name implies, leadership is a call to serve, a desire to have an impact on your family,friends, community,the world It is not head driven; it is heart inspired To be a servant leader,one needs to know oneself, to listen to their heart, to lead for the sheer purpose of making a difference versus fame or accolades It is in this sense a way of life; a choice each of us can make

The Quiet Leader s

We are surrounded by leaders; they are the unsung heroes who go unnoticed because they are ordinary people like you and I Look around you Two of my heroes are Ron and Dorothy Healey,my in-laws, two people who have been in my life since I was 17 years old At the ages of 93 and 94, and a marriage of 73 years, they are shadows of their former selves and yet their legacy lives on in the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren You might say that they were just regular people, going to work, raising a family,attending church, doing all the things people are supposed to do All of this is true And when you take a closer look at their lives your find out the following things:

They lost a five-year-old child during a medical procedure. They grieved and moved on raising their five other children to adulthood All their children went on to college of university and had successful careers As for themselves, Ron had grade four education; Dorothy grade ten, yet they valued education and created the circumstances and desire for their children to have more.

Ron dedicated what additional time he had to coaching, mostly baseball and hockey. For years he was head referee for minor hockey in Cornwall When he retired, he dedicated his time to organizing and managing the food bank at St Francis Church His granddaughter Megan called it Poppa?s Store He was always in his car visiting schools and picking up donations Dorothy,having a love for learning, returned to school to complete her high school diploma once the older children had moved on She then attended St Lawrence College and became a draftsman, and worked in this profession for several years She went on to work at Sears in the hardware department, organizing inventory and smoothing out the internal operations of the department

For years, Dorothy and Ron taught marriage preparation courses in their parish Three years ago, while visiting them, a women approached me and asked if the couple I was with were Ron and Dorothy Healey When I confirmed that it was, she smiled and shared that she had studied with them in a marriage preparation course 25 years earlier and then shared proudly that she was still married ?They were an inspiration?she said ?They are an inspiration?, I replied Dorothy was a founding member of the Catholic Women?s League in her community and held several executive positions including president She was recently honored by CWL as she is now the only founding member still living I am sure there is much more to say about these two humans They are not LEADERSand they are leaders They will not be celebrated in the headlines, yet their lives had a significant impact on their children and their community They,and others like them, are the essential threads holding together the fabric of a community

Ack nowledging Your Leader

You have leaders all around you as well Take a moment and consider who have been the influential people in your life: parents, neighbors, teachers, pastors, coaches, friends Consider the impact they have, from their quiet lives, on you, others, and the community around you

Take a further moment to examine and acknowledge the leader within you I do believe each of us is a leader,we simply do not see it because for so long we have attributed leadership to the LEADERSversus the leaders. Where is it you serve? It may be through your work, it may be as a parent, a friend, a sister,or a son. It may be through an organization or an activity It does not need to

be LARGE Leadership is about the small everyday acts of service that each of us engage in that simply make the world a better place.

Final Wor d

Here is what each of us can begin doing

1 Know that you are a leader Ask yourself in what ways you can make the world a better place and step into it. Acknowledge the difference you already make and build on it

2 See, really SEE, the people around you Begin to acknowledge the leadership of others by observing the different acts of service you witness Acknowledge others when you appreciate what they are doing or who they are being

3 Be in gratitude for the teachers, the health care workers, the restaurant servers and the shop keepers, the writers, the community workers, and the guardians

4 Appreciate the LEADERS, those who step into the headlines Service of this nature comes at a price, often a rewarding one, sometimes not It is not always easy to elevate your leadership in this way

5 Not everyone had parents like Ron and Dorothy I am fortunate to be their daughter-in-law and have them as role models For those of you who have parents like them, celebrate them, share their stories, see their contributions and most importantly,their leadership

Until next time,

Betty Healey,MEd, CAPP

Your thoughtsand str ategiesar ealways welcomeand if you car eto shar eyou can r each me at: betty@r oadsigns ca

APRILProgram m ing Highlights


Happy April everyone!

This month we are answering the question ?How and w hen do I st art m y seeds indoors??

This is a great question and actually much easier than you may think!

You don't need any of these expensive grow lights or heat mats to grow your own food if you are just starting out All you need is some good-quality seed soil, a dome, seeds, and plant tags.

When you start will depend on what seeds you have chosen to grow Things that take 80 to 100 days to harvest, like tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, and anything in the nightshade family (peppers & eggplant), you want to be starting at the end of February, into March Anything 75 days or less to harvest can be started at the end of March, into April Any of the quicker crops like root vegetables can be sowed directly into the ground in Spring and do continuous sowing throughout the growing season

When choosing your seeds, you really need to consider where they are starting indoors as well as where they will go once you plant them outside You want to be aware of how much light they will be getting, and whether you have a nice and bright spot that

will be getting a lot of sun or if they will be spending a lot of time in the shade.

Good ones for the full sun are tomatoes and cucumbers If you have more of a partial shade garden, any leafy crop will love it, including spinach, lettuce, radishes, and beets Just be aware of the sun that you have in the spots in your garden and how you can grow what suits these spots best

To start your seeds, you're going to take a container and fill it with the seed soil Place your seeds inside the soil according to the back of the package Cover the container with saran wrap or a dome to help with the germination of the seed Place the container in a warm location between 18C- 24C

Once the seedlings pop up, remove the dome and place the container in a bright location that provides 12-14 hours of sunlight per day.

Once the true leaves start appearing, that's the second set of leaves, it's important to start watering from the bottom to prevent stem rot at the base of the plant and causing it to collapse where it meets the soil Watering from underneath will encourage the plants to have better root systems. Following these instructions will give your seedlings the best chance at survival when they are ready to be planted outdoors

If you would like me to answer one of your questions next month you can send your question to me at: info@t heseeker ca attention Ask Anna

I hope everyone has a fantastic month and be sure to stop by Harvest on the corner of Vincent Massey and Powerdam to pick up your copy of The Seeker and say hi!


DID YOU KNOW? factsabout

www agapecentreca613-938-9297x127

Forthem onthofFEBRUARY2023

t he Agape Cent re provided t he follow ing:

Com m unit yKit chenMeals - 1442

Com m unit yMarketAppoint m ent s- 1332

New Referrals- 76 (193individuals)

Individualsserved- 2918(1039children)

Thanks to a grant through Foodbanks Canada, the Agape Centre is the proud owner of a new walk-in cooler This increased capacity enables us to safely store up to six pallets of perishable food which is a great boost for our Community Market! A huge shout out to our friends at Marleau Mechanical who always ensure that we have the right equipment to meet the needs of our ever-expanding organization

We?re pleased to announce a new partnership with our local Cornw all Art Hive On the second Friday of every month, the Art Hive will be meeting in the Community Kitchen at the Agape Centre and welcoming anyone who would like to join and enjoy an hour of creating art This opportunity is free of charge and all materials are provided ?An inspiring collaborat ion of nourishing t he soul and nourishing t he body?. We hope t o see you at t he next m eet ing on April 14t h from 1:30-2:30.

Our biggest news is the March 1st opening of our lottery kiosk located at the Cornwall Square. The Feeding Our Community lotto booth is a huge opportunity for the Agape Centre to raise funds to meet the increasing demand for the services and supports that we provide for our most vulnerable citizens As a non-profit with no sustainable funding, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to create a dependable stream of revenue. We?re confident that this new initiative will be one way to generate consistent funds to keep our shelves stocked This new adventure also created three new jobs for people in our city Drop by the kiosk for all your lottery purchases and help feed your community one ticket at a time!

We love our community!

No one should ever go hungry ...

- If you need help - contact usat 613-938-9297

ORcome to the centre at: 40 Fifth Street West, Cornwall, Ontario

Here are some pics from the past "Cornwall Art Hive at the Agape Centre Event" formorepicsandeventscheckouttheCornwallArtHive FacebookPage.

The next 2 Art Hive Events at the Agape Centre are on Friday, April 14th at 1:30 pm and Friday May 12th at 1:30 pm

Aninspiringcollaboration betweennourishingthesoul andnourishingthebody. Joinusatthesespecial events.Let'smake handicraftsandarts togetherEveryoneis welcome.Theeventisfree andalltheartmaterialsare supplied


In mylast article(Howto Fight Mental HealthStigma,part 1),I providedsomesuggestionson how to changethelanguageweusewhenwetalkaboutmental healthconditions

In thissecondpart,I talkaboutwaysto fight stigmaif you arelivingwitha mentalillness I also sharestrategiesyou can useif you don?tlivewith a mentalillnessbut stillwant to makea positivedifference

If you are a person w it h lived experienceof m ent al illness,therearenumerouswaysyou can standup to stigma Herearea few suggestions:

- Educat eot hers:If you feelready,you can shareyour personalstoryand struggleswith mentalillnessaroundyou Thiscan bedoneon socialmediaor in personwith peoplein your surrounding If you over-heara conversationabout mentalillness,you can usethisasan opportunityto share your knowledgeand experience If someoneismaking disrespectfulcomments,you can gentlyexpresshow it makesyou feeland how it isimportantto stopthisbehaviourasit addsto thestigma

- Encourageequalit ybet w eenphysicaland m ent al illness:When peoplerealizethat a mentalillnessisalso a disease,just likecancer and diabetes,theyarelessinclinedto makefun of someoneliving with a mentalhealthcondition

- Be honest about your t reat m ent :Don?tbeafraidto saythat you areseeinga therapistor a psychiatrist Peopledon?tfear being judgedbysayingtheyhavean appointmentwith their familydoctor Wecan encouragethesameopennesswith mentalhealthsupport

- Let t he m edia know w hen t hey are beingst igm at izing:If you watcha TVshowthat portraysa negativepictureof peoplewhohave a mentalillness,you can writea messageto thebroadcasting companyor theshowitself Thesamestrategycan beappliedwhen you readstorieson socialmediain whichnegativeor ignorant commentsaboutmentalhealtharemade

- Don? t harbor self-st igm a:Asmuchasyou can,bea productive memberin your communitybyshowingothersthat it ispossibleto

livea meaningfullifeevenwhenlivingwith a mentalillness.

If you are not livingw it h m ent al healt h issuesand w ant t o fight st igm a,here are a few suggest ionsfor you t o t ry:

- Educat eyourself and ot hers:learnaboutmentalillnessincluding substanceusedisordersand shareyour knowledgewith people aroundyou You can passon factsand challengemythsand stereotypes

- Be aw are of your at t it udes,behaviourand t he w ordsyou use whentalkingaboutmentalillnesses Examinejudgementalthinking you mayhavecomingfrom societyor you upbringing

- Support people:Offer supportand encouragementto individuals strugglingwith mentalhealthissues Makeit a pointto treat everyonewith dignityand respect.

- Focuson t he posit ive:Passon positiveattitudesand focuson people?sstrengths Mentalillness,includingaddictions,areonlyone part of someone?slifestoryor largerpicture


https://www camh ca/en/driving-change/addressing-stigma https://www nami org/Blogs/NAMI-Blog/October-2017/9-Ways -to-Fight-Mental-Health-Stigma



Contacta communityorganizationliketheCanadianMentalHealth Associationto learnmoreaboutsupportand resourcesin your area

The informationprovidedisnot a substitutefor professionaladvice. If you needadvice,pleaseconsult a qualifiedhealthcare professional For furtherinformationor if you want to accessour servicesat CMHA,pleasecall 1-800-493-8271or visit our web site at www cmha-east on ca

If you are t hinkingof suicide,pleasecall 1-833-456-4566t oll free in Canadaor dial 911

How t o fight m ent al healt h st igm a (part 2)
M E N T A L H E A L T H M A T T E R S Jason Pollick MONDAY, APRIL 17@10 am Mental Health Issues and m ore



If you have ART-RELATED NEWS, email us: info@theseeker ca


Cornwall City Council approved the tender for the reconstruction of the future Arts and Culture Centre at its February 27 meeting

The tender was awarded to Laurin and Co. (152610 Canada Inc ) from Nepean, Ontario, at a net cost of $9,356,516 54 Construction is to begin this spring.

?The approval of the tender is the final step in the decade long process to establish a community-based hub for Arts and Culture in the City of Cornwall?, said Mayor Justin Towndale ?I would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous supporters who have made this project a reality,and to recognize their dedication to this project, and our community ?

With new donations in 2022, including a $250,000 donation from BMO for naming rights, a total of $1,382,664 70 has been raised to date through community fundraising for the Arts and Culture Centre, which will be located at 159 Pitt Street

The approval of this tender will also assist the community fundraising campaign (Be the Link) as several potential donors were waiting for the tender to be approved. Check out the website: w w w.bethelink .net

?Thank you for your patience, your generosity,and your support for this very important development in our community,?said Katie Burke, referring to donors ?Monday evening was an important moment in the evolution of the Cornwall Arts and Culture Centre ?

The flexible proposed Arts and Culture Centre with a ?black box? performance venue and reception and exhibition spaces for artists will support the arts; improve the quality of life in Cornwall and bring people together; help revitalize downtown Cornwall; promote tourism; and attract new businesses and employment It is the missing link that will make Cornwall a full-service, all-amenities community

In the post-pandemic, we need the Arts & Culture Centre and its programming more than ever for our mental health and well-being The Arts of music, dance, art, theatre, literature in many forms are the essential elements that help maintain the balance in our lives.

Once the construction work is completed, donors at the following recognition levels- $500+, $1,000+, $5,000+, $10,000+, $25,000+, $50,000+, $100,000+, and $250,000+ will be formally and permanently recognized in the Arts Centre

NOTE FROM THE SEEKER: The photo is of the first donation of $2,500 made to the Arts Centre by The Seeker from one of our Awards Night Fundraisers in 2015

Poetry Corner...

featuring a Poem

for Dane Lanken

not so long ago a prof for journalism at the college, you brought the countryside with you

that speaker on the nor?westers museum at williamstown of beaver pelts and a stuffed lynx

a man of personal principal you refused to interview donovan in concert in montreal because he requested a glass of warm milk

you were determined to play pickup hockey no longer a young man and with a bad leg

I remember you watering the dry plants at the college you always had a garden in you




If you have ART-RELATED NEWS, email us: info@theseeker ca

A PECULIARCASE-a novelby GinetteGuyMayer

Storyand familyphotoby Ian Bowering, Photoof Ginette with her book by Dianne Poirier

On SaturdayMarch25th,dozensof people crowdedintoCarrotN?Dateson Pitt St for thebook signingreleaseof GinetteGuy Mayer?snewestwork ?A PeculiarCase,?a novel basedin Cornwall, The Book

Whatdoesa 1548

Prayer Book reputedto havebelongedto Mary Queenof Scotsand a shoot-outon Water Streetwith Fenians haveto do with Cornwall?A lot once FrancoisLefebvre

PrivateInvestigator (akaElizabethGrant)becomesinvolvedin thecase

Local historianand author GinetteGuy Mayer,observedthat ?womenhavebeen understatedin our historicalnarrative ? Neatlyunderminingthisoversight,Mayer makesboth theheroine, ElizabethGrant,and theprotagonistJosephineSmiththecentral charactersin this1930smystery

Looselybasedon an actualcasetriedin Morrisburg,Mayer makes thisunsolvedcasethecentreof thismystery A windingtalethat takesthereader from Cornwallto Ottawa,Philadelphiaand London,with a final stop at Fullerton?sTeaRoom,whereElizabeth and her friendMaryarefounddiscussingthecaseand thecreation of an artsassociation (couldthisbeMaryMack,thesubjectof the author?sfirst book?)

Thebook isan engagingreadfor anyonewholikesa mysteryand local history Asa bonus,thereader istreatedto twelve photographsand mapsof historicdowntownCornwallfrom ElizabethGrant?sPhotoAlbum

Thebook isavailablefor $10at Red Cart Books,812Pitt St;may be downloadedor purchasedby loggingontoAmazonand keyingin theauthor?nameor emailing:ginetteg2004@gmail comor visit: www ginetteguymayer com

Focus Ar t Association is a wonder ful community or ganization that seeks to connect and wor k together with ar tists in the r egion.

Membership is open to both high school students and adults, we are very much hoping to attract a younger demographic to carry on the work

Focus Art is run by a Board of nine that meets at least ten times a year to plan exhibitions in the Spring and Fall plus talks and workshops for members gatherings each month It is a lovely way to stay connected with the many talented artists in the area

Their Spring Art Exhibition is coming up in April so we hope to see many returning artist members plus some new members!!

WHERE: Cornwall Square Mall (upstairs)

WHEN: April 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 and 30th .

HOURS: Thus/Fri:10am ?6pm;Sat:9:3-amto 5:30pm and Sun:11am ?3pm

Ver nissage / Opening Reception: April 20 from 5 ? 6 pm

S A V E T H I S D A T E F o r m o r e i n f o v i s i t : B u s i n e s s E n t e r p r i s e C e n t r e . c o m
The authorsurroundedbyfamilyand friends- left to right:FannyThibault, GinettePaquetteauthorGinetteGuyMayer NathalieBarriaultand MaximeDion Photo:DianePoirier

The Whale: How Art Makes Philosophy Accessible

Thispast month,Brendan Fraser won the Oscar for best actor in a2022 movie with hisperformance in 'The Whale.' And even though many criticshad issueswith the film asawhole,they all agreed that the cast'sperformance,specifically Fraser's,vastly improved the film

Prior to the recently generated hype around the film,though,I hadn't even heard of it. After hearing over and over again about how mind-blowing Fraser'sperformance was,I had to sit down and watch the movie

The psych-dramafilm,directed by esteemed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky followsamorbidly obese man named Charlie (Brendan Fraser) ashe triesto rebuild hisrelationship with his teenage daughter Ellie (Sadie Sink) who he abandoned when she wasjust eight yearsold After hispartner passed away,Charlie continuously and habitually ate hisway to hisimmobile status. Throughout the movie,Charlie,who realizes that he'sdying,is attempting to convince himself that he'ssucceeded with Ellie as ameansof proving that humanity is good - despite the fact that hislife isclearly beyond miserable

Charlie'slife isan intricate study of depression,addiction, rationality,and regret And in that regard,the film knocksit out of the ballpark

For the rest of thisarticle though,I don't even want to discuss how I feel about the movie itself It wasabsolutely phenomenal, and yes,Fraser gave aperformance deserving of the "best-of-the-year" title The movie'sbeen out for monthsnow though,and I can't really add anything new to that discussion

Just,if you haven't yet watched it,please do

The title of thisarticle addressesphilosophy specifically,but can really apply to all of the different fieldsof study - and regardlessof how important thisattribute isin media,it'snever talked about enough

I absolutely LOVEphilosophy,and the joy that I get in seeing otherstalk about it in relation to the filmsthat they've watched isimmeasurable

Do these young teenagersin TikTok commentsreally understand all of the intricaciesof the displayed battle between nihilism,hope,existentialism,and all of these other complex topics?Well,for the most part,probably not But it'sthiskind of digestible mediathat sparksthisinterest for people And that,in itself,isenough reason for mediato be crucial for humanity.

When I was14,I watched the social justice film 'Just Mercy,' and from that point on,I knew I wanted to be apublic defender - so that I could help those who need legal representation the most And the portrayalsof thisnoble career in that movie have subconsciously pushed me to pursue that dream every day since

Movies,and storytelling in abroader sense,are not just entertainment They're not just art These formsof media are the visualizationsof our dreamsand ambitions In sparking these discussionsand interests,mediawill push people to succeed in field that we desperately need successin

'The Whale' wasan emotional masterpiece that told astory of conflicting philosophies,leaving it up to the viewer to interpret how humanity should be viewed Itscompelling message has already dragged me back into the fascinating world of philosophy

I have no doubt in my mind that thisfilm will spark new interestsin philosophy for young people everywhere,and that is the value of agood film Visualizing the wildest of ambitionsof random individualseverywhere

When the next SocratescitesThe Whale asan early memory in their own philosophical journey,you all can come back to this article Thanksfor reading - I'll get back to non-tangential movie reviewsnext month


Five Questionswith ...


Inter viewby Jason

Submitted photo

Dan Allaire,a belovedradioDJ from Cornwall, Ontario,has been makingwavesin thecomedysceneacrossOntario, Quebec,and NovaScotiafor thepast six years Dan hashad regular performancesat Yuk Yuk'sin Ottawa,aswell astheir clubsin Torontoand Halifax Also,Dan hastakenthestageat various"On Tour"shows Last summer,heentertainedat HumourFestin QuebecCity and thePortlandMaineComedy Festival

Thereisexcitingnewsfor fansof Dan Allaire;heisset to open for Ed theSock at theCornwall& AreaPop EventAfter Party on Saturday,April 22nd,at theBest Western But that'snot allDan will alsobeopeningfor Mark Vincent'shighlyanticipated recordingof hisfirst comedyalbum at theSeawayValley TheatreCompanyfor twonights,on April 28th and 29th in Cornwall Don'tmissyour chanceto seethistalented comedianlivein action!



1 - Can you tell us about your com edicbackgr oundand how you got star ted in com edy?

"It wasa "bucketlist" item to do at least oncein my life I got theopportunityin 2017and only did oneshow with the QuestionableComediansat Esca Thesecondyear wedid more shows,and then I washooked In 2019I enteredtheSummer ComedyCompetitionYuk Yuk'sin Ottawaand finished3rd out of 100comics That'swhen I realizedthat maybethiswas somethingI couldmaybedo,and never lookedback The encouragementfrom my local peerslikeMikeBaird,Jamie Carr,SimonMcLinden,and Mark Vincentwashuge Also, ShawnFowler of theCornwallComedyFestival "

2 - How would you descr ibeyour com edicstyle,and what sets it apar t fr om other s?

"It'snot an originalstyle,but I liketo tell stories Most come from placesof truth,and then I just exaggeratethedetailsto add theright colour to makethem morefun "

3 - Can you walk us thr ough your cr eativepr ocessfor w r iting new m ater ial?

"I'm alwaysassessingasI go throughmy day-to-dayand makenotes in my smartphonewhen somethingstrikesmeasa possible"bit " Then I usuallywritethebit out on paper and start to test it on stage to seeif it hasmeritto keepin my act From there,it'sabout performingit over and over at open micsand pub showswhile editingand improvingit until I feel it'sreadyto add to my club sets "

4 - Can you talk about a par ticular lym em or ableper for m ance you'vehad and what m adeit special?

"Therehavebeen a few,but a highlightiswhen Yuk Yuk'sfounder Mark Breslinsaw mein front of only 14peoplein Ottawaand was impressedenoughto invitemeto Torontoto featurefor him at his club That happenedlast June,and afterward,wesat down,and he likedthematerialand stagepresenceand gavemehisstampof approvalto work hisclubsacrossthecountry "

5 - Can you talk about your ex per iencew ith usingsocial m edia to r each your audienceand pr om oteyour com edy?

"Socialmediahasbeen key to my earlysuccess I wasluckyenough to havea followingfrom my morningradiogig,and asI startedto promotecomedyshowsI wason,or even theonesI producehas provenso usefulto helpsell ticketsand get peopleout to seeme It alsomakesmeeasy to find when bookersareinterestedin putting meon their shows "

SAVETHISDATE for SAVE THIS DATE ... F r i d a y , J u n e 1 6 VOTENOWfor theWINNERSat www theseeker ca

Crystal Magic - Why UseSelenite?

At thistimeof year,when cleaningthe houseisa priority,thefirst crystalinthe witch?stoolbox tobeusedis oftenselenite

Ofallthecrystalsavailable,feware betterforclearingenergythanselenite.

Seleniteisavarietyofthemineral gypsum,namedafterSelene,the GoddessofthemooninGreek mythology

Inthepast,thinsheetsofselenitewere usedforwindowpanes,andsmaller pieceswereusedforglasses

Angelwingselenite(orfishtail selenite),hasafeatherykindof appearanceandisusedforconnecting withguidesandangels

Seleniteisahigh-vibrationalstone,soit raisestheenergyoftheenvironmentin whichit resides Put piecesofselenite onwindowledges;yourhouseisbeing chargedasthesunpassesthroughthe crystal

Anotherbenefitofseleniteisthat it can enhanceone'sspiritualityor meditationpractice Sinceit helpsto clearenergy,incorporatingthiscrystal intoyourpracticesandritualscanhelp youclearyourmind

Selenitecanbeusedtochargeand clearothercrystals

Tocleanyourbodyofunwanted energies,sweepthebodyfromhandto toewiththiscrystal Simplysweepand holdtheintentiontoremoveany energythat'snot foryourhighestgood

Pleasenotetonot useselenitewith waterasit dissolvesinliquid

Otherusesinclude:puttingselenite underyourpillowforagoodnight?s sleep,balancingyourchakras,and protectingthehome

Selenitecomesinallshapesandsizes, fromcrystalstoholdinyourhandto piecesshapedlikeawandoraneedle

Asyoucansee,selenitehasamyriadof usesandbenefits,withenergyclearing

beingitsmost importantproperty

Tarot ?TheMoon

TheMooncardisthe 18thcardoftheMajor Arcana TheMoon cardshowsafullmooninthenight?s sky,positionedbetweentwolarge towers Inthe foregroundisasmall pool,representingthe watery,subconscious mind Asmallcrayfish crawlsout ofthepool, symbolizingtheearly stagesofconsciousness unfolding. Adoganda wolfstandinthegrassy field,howlingat the moon,representing boththetamedandthewildaspectsof themind

Areyouprojectingfearintoyour presentandyourfuture,basedonyour past experiences?Thiscardreminds youthat youhavememoriespushed downinyourunconscious It istimeto releasewhateverhasbeenholdingyou backusinghypnosis,therapy,ora shamanichealing Nothingisasit seems,somoreinformationisneeded beforeyoutakeaction Nowisthetime tolistenandtrustyourintuition Feel ratherthanthink.Releaseyourmental blocksornegativeselftalk Beguided byyourintuition Checkyourlunar cyclesandconnectwithyourdivine feminine

Untilnext time,MayBrigid?smantle enfoldyouandkeepyouwarm NewsFlash!

Everymonththereisafullmoon healingritual Contactmeat theemail belowif interested

InMay,at thelibrarythereisafree courseonhowtousethependulum

SeetheLibraryHomePageorcontact meat brideerose6000@gmail com aboutthiscourseoranythingelsethat youmighthavequestionsabout.


"Cornwall'sauthenticwitch store with the best pricesin town"

235GUYST,CORNWALLON - 613 209 3370 WEDNESDAYto SATURDAY:10am- 6pm

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Refinancing Your Home

Whether it?sfor some new furniture,some house upgradesor to cover some monthly costs,the mortgage rulesallow amaximum amount of up to 80% of the appraised value of your home to be available for arefinance

R T G A G E T I P S Jenni MacDonal


If you qualify,the rate will not be the advertised rate that you see from major lenders.Typically,the rate for arefinance mortgage isabout 0 3 - 0 4% higher than the advertised rate on a5-year fixed term You also have the option of getting an extended amortization of 30-35 yearsto help offset the higher monthly payments


If you are refinancing your first mortgage and it isnot time to renew yet,there will probably be apenalty The amount of the penalty will vary,so before you sign a final refinance commitment with alender,your mortgage broker will have you call your current lender and ask what the penalty would be to payout the current mortgage The other possible costswith refinancing a first mortgage are an appraisal (cost around $350),and legal feesto discharge the current mortgage and register the new mortgage (cost around $1,500)



If the penalty and new mortgage rate are too high to fully refinance your home,your mortgage broker can often negotiate with your current lender to ?top up?your current mortgage If you qualify and if your current lender offersthisoption,it will save you from paying the penalty and losing your current lower rate In rare cases, you may need to consider looking at aprivate mortgage in anew first mortgage position or getting aprivate second mortgage Private mortgagesin first position are usually at higher rates(around 10% plusfees) Private mortgagesin second position are even higher at 12%15% interest plusfees


If you are over 55 yearsof age,have limited income and owe lessthan 50% of the value of your home,you may want to consider aCHIPReverse Mortgage Please contact me for detailsregarding your specific situation to make sure it isthe best option for you

While I don? t alwaysrecommend arefinance,in specific casesit may be your best financial option Getting good advice from amortgage broker isthe best first step to make when you are considering the refinance option

Jenni MacDonald (www jmacdonald ca) isan award-winning mortgage broker with Dominion Lending CentresThe Mortgage Source (Lic # 10145) She hasover 12 yearsof experience in the Mortgage Industry and workswith at least 40 lendersincluding banks, credit unions, and private lendersto find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at



Today,I am sharing with you some ideas that make spring more beautiful - such as art and community events that bring us together

I personally enjoyed participating in an event which took place on Saturday,March 18th at the Benson Centre in Cornwall, called Transition into spring with Transition Cornwall+ Check out their Facebook page here: https://www facebook com/TransitionCornwall through a workshop called Recycling Art Check it out at: https://www facebook com/theartofrecyclingcornwall

This event focused on encouraging imagination and recycling the simple materials in our environment to turn them into something beautiful and artsy I see that the possibility of transforming everything we touch into something artistic is something magical in itself, as is making the practice of art simple and inexpensive through recycling

It is very important that we improve our surrounding environment by recycling All of this makes recycling to create art a very beautiful thing

Today I share with you some pictures of what we made in the workshop

101's New Spring Line: A Breath of Fresh Air for Fashion Enthusiasts

Asthe daysgrow longer and the first bloomsof spring make their appearance, fashion enthusiastsare eagerly awaiting the arrival of fresh, new trendsto grace their wardrobes Studio 101 hasjust unveiled Kar-ma'slatest spring line, and it'snothing short of stunning With a focus on vibrant colors, sustainable materials, and inclusive sizing, Studio 101'snew collection aimsto inspire and delight every customers

Inc lusive Sizing

Inclusivity isat the heart of Kar-ma'sbrand values, and thisisevident in the new spring collection The line featuresitemscatering to individualsof all body shapes and sizes Studio 101 aimsto make fashion accessible and enjoyable for everyone, so customerscan look and feel their best in stylish and comfortable clothing Kar-ma by Studio 101 hasmade it their mission to design clothes that truly fit and flatter every body type shop now at www studio101c ornwall c om


I also invite you to participate on Saturday the 22nd of April - in THE ECO DAY,which takes place in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall from 10am to 2pm Bring your creativity and come join the recycling workshop and create with us. Let us make our gathering together something meaningful and stronger as we CREATE joy - we CREATE art and recycle the materials surrounding us We love our environment, we love ourselves and others through community practices aware of the importance of: love - environment - art and society

WATCH the video : https://www facebook com/watch/live/?ref=watch permalink&v=1302408033482161

Yafa Goaw ily,Ar t Specialist

Ar t Advisor - Com m unityDevelopm entthr ough Ar t Yafa Ar tsand Cr afts w w Follow Yafa Ar ts& Cr aftson Facebook


PassiveHousing ?thefutur eisher e

(Articleadapted fromJuly8,2022 articlein Passive HouseCanada)

JeremiahPoint PEng ,LEEDAP,is theownerofPoint Engineering, a companybasedin theTerritoryof Akwesasne.Asa proud Akwesasro:non, Pointincorporates newtechnologywithtraditionalvaluesA PassiveHousecertifieddesignerandDirector onthePassiveHouseBoardsince2020,heis committedtopromotingthePassiveHouse Standardtoallhisclients.

Howdidyoubecom eawar eof PassiveHouse?

I wenttotheBuildEXin Torontoin 2017andPassiveHouseCanadawas doingafewdifferenttalksright nexttoourbooth I didn?treallypay muchattentiontoit atthetime,but afterward, I lookedintoit alittle moreThat?swhatgotmestarted

Theevolutionof buildingsisgoing togetustothePassivhaus-level eventuallyIt?sjustamatterof time I saw Passivhausasthenatural progressionof buildings,andI neededtobeinformedand involvedandeducatedonwhat?s tocomenext?it?s ?future-proofing?mycareer.

Howsuccessfulhaveyoubeen at convincingpeoplethatPassiveHouseisthe futur eof building?

It?sbeenalmostfouryearsnowthatI?vebeenpushing PassiveHousein mycommunityandtoeveryone I meetin thebuildingindustryAnyprojectthatI?mon, I?mtalkingtothegeneralcontractors,thearchitects, thebuildersandI keeppushingthem

AtmyrecentpresentationtotheOntarioArchitects Association(OAA),oneof thediscussionswasabout energymodeling,whichhasalwaysbeenaquestion forthemechanicalengineersafterthebuildingwas designedOneof thequestionsthatI hadin the presentationwas,howdoweshiftthatbackto architects?Becauseit reallyneedstostartfrom?day one ?

Wealsoneedtostopusingtheexcuseofafewpercent pointsonthecapitalbudgetcoststospendtheother90 percentonoperatingandheatingandcoolingcosts Whenyoulookatthetotalcostof thebuildingover time,PassiveHouseisgoingtobecheapereverysingle time

There?sashiftthat?shappening,andwe?rein this

transitionperiodBuildingshavebeen evolvingTodaywelookatbuildings fromonly50yearsagoandwe?relike, thatwasinsaneWhatwerewe thinking?

Oneor twogenerationsfromnow,when welookat thebuildingstodaythatmeetbuildingcode, theyaregoingtobesayingthesamething?thatwe wereinsaneAndwealreadyknowit?sinsanityI don? t wanttobeapersonwhobuildsabuildingand25 yearsfromnow, someonelooksatit andsays,?that?s garbage I?don?twant tobeassociatedwith that It?sthepeoplewho aren?tconvincedwho needtobereached Wehaveawhole PassiveHouse communitythat?s growingexponentially, especiallyin Ontario They?realready convincedWeneedtobepreachingmoretobuilding codeofficials,topeoplewhoareestablishingthe budgets,especiallymunicipalitieswherethey?re lookingatoperatingbudgets

I wasconnectedwiththeHousing Departmentherein Cornwallfor low-incomerentalhousingWhenI introducedthemtoPassiveHouse,I told themif youbuildit Passivhaus,youcould makeit profitableThefirstone[they build]willnotbePassive,butthenext one,theywantit tobePassiveEvery municipalityisgoingthroughthatsame awakeningAndif wecan?tgetthe provincialbuildingcodetodoit,thenwe needtojustgetpeopletoexceedthe buildingcodes

In thepast,youhavem adestatem ents com par ingtr aditional Indigenousdwellingsand PassiveHouseCanyou elabor ateon that?

EveryIndigenousPeoples aroundtheworldfounda waytolivein theirclimates withouttheneedforenergyTheyallfoundaway,and that?swhytheirhousingstylesaresodifferent

That?swhatresonatedwithmewhenI tookthePassive HousetrainingI wasshownapictureofahigh-rise multi-unitdwelling, I thought:It?saverticallonghouse Myancestorslivedin longhouseswith200-300people underonebarkstructureandtheywerewarmall winterlong,justfromthebodyheat It works,andit workedforthousandsof yearsNowwejustneedto recreatethat

Everypartof thebuildingsectorneedstobe bombardedwiththisknowledgeWealreadyseeit on thewestcoast,in VancouverandVictoriawherethe marketissaturatedAndnowit?sshiftingtoOntario, wheretheyaregoingthroughthesamegrowingpains thatBCdid

Weneededtodoit 30yearsago PassiveHouseshould havehappenedalongtimeago Theysaythebesttime toplantatreeis20yearsago.Well,thesecond-best timeistoday

Sidenotefr omtheSeeker : Wehear dthata Passive Houseissoener gyefficientitcanbeheatedbya hair dr yer-justimaginether eductioninheatingcosts!!!


T H E L A T E S T N E W S f r o m
PittStreetPassiveHouse10unitapartmentproposalby WilsonArchitecturalDesign,Cornwall,ON
Takenat apassivehousein GlenWalter ON Withthetemperatureat -25Coutside, therehasbeenZEROheat in thispassive housefor thelast twodays Indoor temperature17C Thisisthefuture!

Hum ans!What filt hy anim als! Part 1

I recentlyattendeda humantrafficking conference,and I wasappalledto learnthat thisheinouscrimeisoccurringin our region Childrenand vulnerableadultsare beinggroomed,coerced,manipulated, threatened,and exploitedfor profit One speakeremphasizedthat whiledrugscan onlybesold and consumedonce,humans can besold multipletimes,makingthem a profitablecommodity Throughouthistory, variouscultures,tribes,and nationshave enslavedothers,whetherthroughslavery, serfdom,or castesystems

Earlyin mycareer,mybosstold methat peoplearealwaysmotivatedbythree things:money,power,and sex

Unfortunately,thisringstruewhenit comes to humantrafficking Youngpeopleare

particularlyat riskof beinggroomedover theinternetwith promisesof a better job,a new friend,or a senseof self-worth,onlyto belater exploited and trafficked

Traffickersusetacticssuchasguilt, coercion,shame,manipulation,threats,and physicalabuseto controltheir victims They mayinitiallytreat their victimslikeroyalty, buyingthem giftsand makingpromises. However,thisissimply a meansto breakthem downso that theywill accepttheir dire situation.Thesevictims aretraffickedalongthe 401corridor,typically travelingbyrentalcar Youngladiesmaybe seatedin thebackand appear undernourishedOften,thepimpsget them addictedto drugs,addingto their control over them It'simportantto notethat the word"addict"means"slave "

Therearetwo typesof humantrafficking:

sextraffickingand labourtrafficking Labourtraffickinginvolvesforcingsomeone to workand buyfrom a specificstoreto remainin debt Thethreatof calling immigration,hurtingtheir family,or withholdingtheir identitypapersisoften usedto maintaincontrol Sextrafficking, whilesimilarin someways,involvesstages of exploitation,includingluringwith promises,groomingduringthehoneymoon stage,coercionand manipulationwith mind gamesand emotionalmanipulation, entrenchedexploitation,and recruitment into the"wifey"stage (paraphrasedfrom "TheMemoirsofa Survivor")

It'scrucialto raiseawarenessof humantraffickingand to take actionto stop thishorrendous crime.Wemust all do our part to protectvulnerableindividuals from exploitationand abuse

On Monday,March27th,armed withinfofreshfromthe Human TraffickingConference,I joined SeekerChicksJulia andMai-Liisand Stephen Dourison theMondayMorningMotivation Showto discussthisheinouscrimethat is happeningright on our doorstep.You can watchthe replayon TheSeekerFacebook page or theCornwallSeekerYou Tube.


NEW STOREHOURS: Thursday & Friday 9-5

and Saturday 9-3


Suck It Up

Growingup,wheneverwewouldget hurt,wewere told SUCKITUP? andwedid AsI got older,I found that somethingsI just couldnot SUCKUP For example,duringa timewhen I sustained1st and 2nd degreeburnsto my leg I wastold ''suck it up! You'renot dying!'',and anothertime,after a breakup,to ''suck it up and moveon ''

Thethingis,I know weareall differentand weall suffer in differentways.For myself,I may beableto takea punch and walk away,but to another,it'sjust thethingto put them over theedge

In my time,boysweretold to SUCKITUPmorethan girlsever were;back then,therewasno equalityfor men or women Not everyoneisstrongenough,not everyoneisalwaysstrong,and not everyonehasthestrengthto carryon Beforewetell someoneto suck it up,maybeweshouldwalk in their shoes

Wehaveabout150peoplein our areathat weknow of that are livingwith homelessness;maybethey couldnot SUCKITUPat homeanymore,or copewith a spousewhoabusedthem or were just pushed?over theedge?becauseof bad choicesor bad luck

Thesepeoplearesleepingon park benches,in their cars,or even on friend?scouches Isit right,that weshouldtell them to SUCKIT UP?Can theyeven go back to thelifetheyhad before?Do they want to??SUCKITUP! HELLNO!!!? Weshouldbedoing everythingwecan to helpthesepeople!

I do not believeanyoneever choosesto behomeless,but yet they are.I wasoneof them once,not by choicebut by circumstances out of my controlat thetime I wasgiven a handup over 30years ago Sincethen,I haveaccomplishedthingsI couldnever have imaginedpossibleat that time,for example,writingthiscolumn, alongwith startinga men?ssupportgroup, MentalK-K?Hommeunique,havinga TVshow,"Man to Man"on Cogeco,beingrecognizedwith theCMHAMentalHealthAward with my communitypartnerand friendIvan Labelle,being namedCitizenof theYear 2020,and BigBrotherof theYear 2020

I do not say thisto brag,but to say that if wegiveour homelessa handup,wecan makea change;wemay behelpingthenext Citizenof theYear! If you comeacrossoneof our homeless,buy them a coffeeif you can,but at thevery least givethem a Hello! and a smile!Acknowledgethem aspeople,peoplewhohavefallen on hardtimes!It will makeyour day,but will reallylift theirs!



I lovethoseFridayblizzards,and,no,I?mnot talkingabouta triptoDairyQueen!I?mreferringthewhitefluffystuff outside. Despitepoordrivingconditionsandshoveling chores,I knowthat adumpof snowwill resultin loadsof weekendfun Just thinkingof this treatmakesmepositivelygiddy Hooray!

OnthisSaturday,weareat CharlottenburghParkto snowshoeon thelovelytrail system. Westart off followingthestepsof alone snowshoerthroughtheblackspotted bircheswhichalwaysmakemefeel likeI havewanderedontotheset of Disney?s?OneHundredandOne Dalmatians?Wecannothelpbut look up at thetreetopsbecausetheyare eerilyboweddown,theiruppermost branchesclumpedtogetherbythe densesnow.

Thepineforestismyfavourite,with itsscentdispersingaroundmein the freshair,andthebeautyof the evergreensholdingsnowconeswith theirneedles At aforkin thetrail,we veertotheright,leavingthemystery snowshoer?stracesto forgeanew pathontheunmarredtrail Wecan feel achill in theair asweapproach themoreopenwaterfront Wefollow theshoreto thebeachwherewe decideto pauseforanearlylunch

Wefindanuprightpicnictablethat hasnot beenstoredfor the winterandbrushoff thesnowto sit Wechucklewhenwespot anearbysignwithaQRcodeinvitingustoscanforcurrent beachconditions Unlessanyof usareeagerfor apolarbear dip,it isamootpoint Munchingonthesnackswehave broughttoppedoff withhomemadechocolateturtlesthat someonehasgenerouslyprovided,wetalkaboutnothingand anything


recommendationwearekeentofollow Beforelongwediscoverthat thisnewpathis quiteobstructedby theeffectsof theheavy snowfall Thebranchesof someof thetrees aresoweigheddownthat wemustcrouch underthem Abruptly,wecometoastandstill astheheadof ourlineupattemptstoknock thesnowoff thebrancheswithherpole, hopingthebrancheswill popbackup. The exercisemeetswithlittlesuccess Oddly,we all decideto takeout ourphonesat thesame timetorecordthismomentin time Webreak intolaughteraswetakephotosof eachother takingphotos It just goestoshowhoweasily weareentertained

Despiteourbest effortstoclearthepathway, wemustpushourwaythroughbranchesor squatundertightspotstoget by Ourouting leader,whoisat thispointat thetail of the line,isstill makinghiswaythrough. Wecan? t seehimyet,but wecanhearhimmuttering ?whoseideawasthis?? Morelaughterensues asheemergesholdinghispolesupsidedownwhilestepping onahandlestrap Neveradull moment! Afterall thisexertion, therest of thewayback,literally,will beawalkinthepark Fridayblizzardsbringweekendjoy,at leastforthewinter sportsdevotees.I couldn?taskfor abetterday,exceptmaybe endingit withanicecreamtreatat DQ,but theLancastereatery isclosedfor theseason I wonderif thereisanotherblizzard in thelong-termforecast Onecanonlyhope Mysnowboots will beleft by thedoor?justin case.

FormoreinformationabouttheCornwallOutdoorClub, visit ourwebsiteat www.cornwalloutdoorclub.caor followusonFacebook


Since 2015,the Cornwall and AreaArtsHall of Fame hasshowcased the significant achievementsof artists,supportersand buildersin all the arts So far,59 amazing citizenshave been inducted into The Cornwall and AreaArtsHall of Fame

YOU ARENOW INVITED to nominate someone you would like to see in the ArtsHall of Fame Nomination guidelinesare at:www cornwallartshalloffame com

The closing date for nominationsisJuly 1, 2023


"Last year at thistime we were reading the Jess Pettipasstory, "Different is Amazing" Once the final draft wasaccepted, Jess recommended I speak with a friend of hers, who also had a story to share thisisthat story"

Steady & True

Originally invented by frontiersmen asameansof staying awake during lookouts,the campfire story istoday?svenerable rite of passage No matter where you are in the world, everyone hasastory

In universal language,good storytellersspeak asclose to the truth asthey can Setting atmosphere with eye contact and just enough pause,themesthat scatter & bump make for perfect reactionsfrom the littlest campers

Taught that material things don? t matter,Madison Bennett came into thisworld (possibly) smiling Born from love, Madison wasalevel-headed fun-loving kid whose parents were high-school sweethearts Said to be aconfident,social, open-minded family man, Madison?sfather Todd came from simple roots Hisbelief in open-air education included freestyle summersand eating hot-dogsoff sticks

Madison?smom Sheri lovesto make people smile With her husband,apassion for motorcyclesisshared Madison seesher mom asan understanding,nurturing soul who more than any accolade, exudespeace of mind Virtues of thisnature are not something we go out and get, but are an inner reward for being at one with ourselves

From an early age,Madison suffered from anxiety To compensate,she would force herself to laugh and act out, sing musicalsor try to make otherslaugh Her parent?s maintained good structure through tripsto Disney,and long drivesto the Lakeof Two Riverswhere they camped in little tentsor trailers,talking around the campfire Anything that got you outdoorsinto physical activity,won the day

When she turned 15,Madison worked to earn herself a cell-phone Once she got her driver?slicense,everything changed asher mental health

issuesreached acritical point.

During her 2nd year into the Social Service Program at Saint LawrenceCollege,Madison at 18,started hanging around with the wrong people and began using substanceslike speed, ecstasy and alcohol asameans of ?fun?with friends.

One day the classwatched ?Thirteen?- afilm loosely based on the actressNikki Reed's childhood Aslife imitated Art, Madison got pregnant,left school and could not complete the semester Although her creditswere lost,Madison stayed clean while her son grew inside her; returning to work when he wasfour monthsold.

Five yearslater,Madison began partying again After birthing her second child,she acquired post-partum depression and kept it asecret Living asort of denial,she stopped attending family functions; made excuses, would eat and leave,lose and gain weight. Before her daughter turned 1,Madison was arrested for possession of tobacco Everything changed for the worst after that

When Madison was26,she hit her bottom The stead of how she wasraised could never convey the parallel of shame and guilt she felt in facing her parents.From the secret desire to make a difference in the world and live agood life,Madison found acounsellor through the CanadianMental Health Associationwho gave good toolsfor living asober life https://cmha-east on ca/ index.php/en/ Just astalesaround the campfire; Madison practiced mindfulnessand spoke from the heart -steady and true.Getting back to nature,the kidsfelt the difference in their mother and were drawn to the change.

In 2021 Madison attended some recovery groups within the Cornwall areaand found a spiritual connection with peers, like JessP.

Firsthand experience of people sharing their life-storieswith otherscan? t be recommended enough Being acknowledged in thisway without judgment is but one of the many giftsof recovery From that meeting, Madison wasjoined by two friendsin the creation of HELP Addiction& Mental Health RecoveryServicesCornwall https://www facebook com/


Inclusive to youth,single adults, families,parentsand people of different ethnicities,the centre will serve asaresource and peer support for anyone needing to speak with someone with lived experience For those who feel they are beyond help, having apeer walk usthrough appointmentsislife changing

For those new to the program, addictionsin Cornwall overwhelm speculation A highly synthetic opiod,fentanyl isadangeroussubstance currently circulating,and it is very important to understand how to protect yourself in case you've came into contact or witnessan overdose.Narcan kitscan be found at any pharmacy for free in Cornwall, and should be stored with your first aid kit Training isalso available through Recovery Care.

https://recovery care/ location-cornwall-clinic/

Once Madison began paying closer attention to her mental health,she made the choice to change Inspired by her example of keeping her eye on people and making sure everyone issafe,Madison steadiesusall

Through her addictions, Madison found her voice Sharing her journey with her parentsfor the first time without shame,at last summer?s Recovery Day Cornwall event wasthe best thing she?sever done for herself and her family

So glad to have you back ~ ?Happy Joyous& Free,that?s me?

LisaGray 2023 © -- Copyright © February 2023

For tickets, email: cornw all healt h coalit ion@gm ail com

Cornwall andthe Easter Bonnet

Easter and fanciful bonnets go hand-hand in the Western World Unlike many Christian traditions, the bonnet is relatively new,and may owe its popularity to Irwin Berlin?s 1933 song ?The Easter Parade,?and the first line ?In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it ? Fifteen years later,the musical ?Easter Parade?, starring Judy Garland (born Frances Gumm) and Fred Astaire (born Frederic Austerlitz) made the Easter Bonnet a staple of American culture

Both the song and the movie picked up on a trend that appears to have started in New York City in 1870 when the female parishioners of St Patrick?s Cathedral staged a parade down 5th Ave., in all of their finery,after Easter Mass

By the 1890s, bright, highly decorative and often impractical bonnets began to dominate the lady?s heads By 1902, the fashion had spread to all corners of North America One censorious reporter for the ?San Francisco Chronicle,?opined that Easter hats, might be ?too bright for good taste ?

It was too late, women were having too much fun and exuberant hats ruled the day

Cornwall was not immune to this sartorial trend for both sexes as the following photographs show


Cornwall General Hospital Women?s Auxiliary member,Mrs Colin McDonald admiring her Easter Bonnet, April, 1963


Rene Brunet in his Easter hat hugging the Easter Bunny,1961


Left to right: Future Cornwall Councillor Mrs E (Pat) Armstrong, commentator,looks at some Easter Bonnets with Mrs John McIntosh and Mrs Nick Kaneb, March, 1966


Members of the Cornwall General Hospital Auxiliary displaying their Easter Bonnets in preparation for the 1963 Easter Parade (All photos courtesy of ?Standard-Freeholder ?)


The custom of wearing something bright and decorative at Easter can be traced to its origins to Christian Rome under the rule of Constantine the Great, when Romans marked the end of Lent and celebrated renewal, rebirth and resurrection on Easter Sunday with a new set of clothes after 40 days of drab, winter apparel

Over the centuries it was viewed as a sign of bad luck not to wear new clothes on Easter Sunday In 1597, William Shakespeare?s play ?Romeo and Juliet,?talks about new clothes for Easter,followed by English diarist Samuel Pepys in 1662 in mentioning new clothes for Easter The bonnet, however,is not singled out

TheSeeker Team would liketo wish you all a HappyEaster and aSuper Springtime!

Firearms & Weapons

Thisgun isliberty; hold for certain that the day when you no longer have it, you will be returned to slavery. -Toussaint Louverture

Asapersonal property appraiser,I get calls from individualshandling estatesor for familiesthat come in procession of a firearm collection Many times,the family membersdo not have the knowledge or licensing requirement for aPAL(Possession and Acquisition License) In some rarer cases,we have come acrossriflesor handgunsthat were loaded So can you imagine the danger of aweapon being handled by someone who wasnot trained? The SDGcountieshave awealth of historical firearmsand weapons The earliest settlersfrom the old world brought their rifles,axesand knivesalong with hand farm tools Thisarticle looksat the past from early 1700sto early 1800s,and the 1800sto the 1900s,then the 1900'sto present

The early years of Upper & Lower Canada, 1700s to the early 1800s Early settlers brought over firearmswith namesof ?Blunderbuss?(early shotgun) muzzle loaded ?Ferguson Rifle?muzzle-loaded,the ?British Land Pattern Musket?both from Great Britain. The ?Charleville?musket from France Travelersfrom the Coloniesdown south had the Muzzle-loading Long Rifle

The most common pistol wasthe Flintlock. These were purchased by noblemen and military officers The majority of Flintlock pistolswere highly decorated with silver and gold inlaid It wasreported by the older generationsthat their grandfatherswere still using these riflesup to 1910 or so. When the depression affected most Canadians,many of these firearmswere sold.The riflesthat were not sold,were kept in familiesuntil someone questioned why they were keeping something that they were not using and wasobsolete The second wave of familiesselling off these riflesoccurred in the 1950sto 1960s Hunting or carving kniveswere made by local blacksmithsor sword makers These kniveswere not massproduced,so styles, shapes,and handlesare all different Unless adate wasstamped on the blade or carved in the handle,determining the age wasvery difficult Many kniveswere kept asuseful tools,and found their way in a Grandfather'stool box Swordswere mostly from the United Kingdom,France,Germany / Austriaor from the Prussian empire There were blacksmithswho crafted swordsin Upper Canada These swordsare very rare if stamped with adate and name of the maker

The middle years of 1800s to 1900s The industrial revolution wasaboom for gunsmithsaround the world With advancesin metal working,designers were able to introduce new featuresin cartridge ammunition The countries which exported the most weaponsinto Canadawere the British Empire,France, and Germany Exportsfrom the United Statesstarted to appear in greater numbersaround 1850,and continue to thisday The most popular design was the ?Cap lock?rifle or revolver

(consisting of ahammer,ahollow cone,alip for the placement of a percussion cap The hammer strikesthe percussion cap which ignitesthe powder charge to propel aspherical bullet) Many of the earlier muzzle-loaded rifleswere converted to a?Cap lock?mechanism Most of the riflesfound in Upper Canadian homeswere ?Cap lock?or ?Percussion cap?rifles Cap lock pistols were available,asthey were easier to load, not affected by weather and more reliable Most Upper Canadian familieswould have a ?Cap lock?rifle for hunting Many have been handed down through the generations or sold later asfamily memberspassed away Thiserasaw the development of the centerfire & rimfire cartridge The cap lock rifleswere converted to accept the new bullets They installed afiring pin in place of the hollow cone,and abreech to accept the bullets Many cap lock pistolswere also converted with areplacement cylinder The breech loading metal cartridgesmade the cap lock system obsolete around the 1860s ?1870s It wasin thiserathat most of the advancesthat are still in use today were perfected The gun that won the west, ?Winchester?,had the repeating rifle,which the design for isstill in use today The 'Martin-Enfield',abreech loading rifle,was common in the British Empire It was manufactured for 30 yearsand wasa popular surplusrifle chambered for the 303 cartridge,followed by the 'Lee-Enfield' which saw itsmanufacturing production of nearly 60 years

The most notable sword maker in Canada wasand still is,William Scully,based in Montreal,founded in 1877 Early swords from the 1870sfetch high valuationswhen they are listed in an auction Knife makers were mostly regional blacksmithswith a side trade in hunting and skinning knives A date and name on the blade might provide some historical information Examplesare hard to find in the secondary market of today

1900s to Present World WarsI and II provided avery large source of surplus rifles In addition to returning veteranswho brought back variouspistols,thiserasaw the largest participation in hunting clubs, shooting ranges,and everything related to the outdoors Firearm manufacturers responded to thisgrowing market Firearm collectors,looking for unique piecesor company produced riflescommemorating some event of history are very popular Some of these limited editionscost thousandsof dollars Another point isthat firearmshave ahistorical place in our history If you have family memberswho have passed,and you no longer want to have the firearms,your first step should be to contact the ?Chief FirearmsOfficer?for Ontario Call 800-731-4000

The Canadian Issue,Valuationsbased on Fair Market Value,asdefined by the

Canadian Revenue Agency states,?Fair market value isnormally the highest price, expressed in dollars, that property would bring in an open and unrestricted market, between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are both knowledgeable, informed, and prudent, and who are acting independently of each other.? Examining comparable(s) to determine afair market value,we have to take in consideration what an item hassold for in the open and free market Our market search for comparable(s) should be North America. Reason for thisconsideration isthat a firearm hasthe same value and use throughout North America.Right now the Canadian market is closed due the current gun law ban on almost every firearm The Canadian Government hasnot provided a list of proposed amountsoffered for each model of firearm Whatever model they ban, there are associated accessoriesthat are matched to the firearm It makesthese accessoriesuselessand at afinancial lossto the owner If they cannot come up with the fair market value for each firearm,then what they offer equatesto pure theft by the government

Important Links:

https://www rcmp-grc gc ca/en/firearms


Prestige Evaluation Inc doesnot engage in any buying or selling of any personal property Prestige Evaluation Inc cannot do any verbal appraising without awork file and consultation It'simportant for the seller / buyer to do hisor her own due diligence,before accepting an offer to purchase or in selling your personal property If you are not familiar or experienced with firearms,consult with someone who is Please note: there are legal implicationsand responsibility issues one hasto take into consideration asa responsible gun owner Safety considerationsshould be your primary concern Questionsshould be directed to the ?Chief FirearmsOfficer?for Ontario Call 800-731-4000

Any company referred or named in this document,there isno financial consideration or relationship between Prestige Evaluation Inc and/or John Grow

Next Article: Canadian Coins & Monies

About the Author

John H Grow,ISA-AM,isapartner in the appraisal firm of Prestige Evaluation Inc The firm specializesin antiquities,watches, clocks,jewelry,fine art,and collectablesin general John workswith clientsworldwide, museums,corporate,foundations,financial / Insurance firmsand government agencies and on radio and television showsand charity appraisal fairs Along time member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Prestige Evaluation Inc can be found at http://prestigeevaluationscom and Grow?semail is prestigeevaluation@gmail com


Welcom e t o SPRING everyone choosing t o read t he m ost posit ive and inform at ive m agazine in Cornw all and t he S D & G areas The longer days are back bringing the warmth of the sun and the growth of the many kinds of flora and fauna I love this time of year, where we no longer have to dress-up in over-sized clothing from head-to-foot to face the outdoors Now, we can wear colourful outfits that put a bit of SPRING in our footsteps

SPRING is the time of year where we want to dress-up to look our very best. It?s time for some exercising WAIT! Don? t they mean ACCESSORIZING?This month I am going to talk about that very thing BLING, RINGS, AND SILVERYTHINGS! I feel that adding some accessories to our outfits is like placing the cherry atop a parfait It just adds to our look making us feel and look better.

ACCESSORIESplay an important part in fashion, having the power to make or break a look They go a long way in making our outfits stand out To me, an outfit is not complete without wearing at least some ACCESSORIES! The ?TOP ACCESSORY?that is classic and seems to never go out of style is HOOP earrings They always look chic and complete any outfit LARGE& In CHARGEcan really

elevate your look, along with wearing multiple hoops at the same time. Ladies & Gents, SILVERjewelry is the trend, so go to yours or your mother?s jewelry boxes to get out the many rings and things to help you be in fashion this year Even if you like wearing gold, silver is a nice alternative that goes with both casual and dressed-up looks

For the S/S2023 season, easy to carry BIG & BOLD bags that bring softness with colorful plush textures are in, with the help from local artisans using natural and recyclable materials. HATS, HATS, HATSare all that this year I am known as the ?Hat Lady?and love to finish off my different looks by topping it off with a HAT! Not only do they do that, but they also protect us from the harmful UVrays that damage our skin, making us look older over the many years of exposure. All sizes and types are in, but the umbrella-like brims (like the bucket hat) and elongated shaped hats are the BIG HIT(Hat) this S/S CUFFSare IN, like Flynn and by wearing BIG silver or gold bracelets it will elevate your look and make quite the statement If you aren? t into wearing too much jewelry, then this trend is for you Classic PEARLSare back with a more modern edge, and they are to be worn in so many ways Not only for earrings, but purses, belts, necklaces, and PEARLSare even being embellished on different types of clothing

So these are some ACCESSORIESthat are a must this season Until next month Keep Being Fashionable!

What a difference!

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