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APRIL 2021






Yes, I know. You're tired. We all are. Covid has changed the way we live in a big way. At first, there was the hope that things would quickly get back to normal, but as time went by, and things only seem to get worse, some of us lost hope and decided to throw in the towel. The problem is, they threw civility out the window as well. Reports that our poor contact tracers are being verbally abused have surfaced recently. If you think you are tired of Covid, can you imagine how they feel? Every time they pick up the phone to call a potentially exposed person, they anticipate that people will yell, curse, tell them about a million conspiracy theories about trying to control them. The amount of stress they are under must be almost too much to bear. But they aren't the only ones who have to deal with short tempers and tantrums.

We can see on social media how much of a low tolerance people have. They rip each other apart for trivial reasons. I would like you to keep in mind that a lot of damage can come to an individual from posts you make on Social Media, especially if that person owns a business. Attacking them or their business on social media might not be the best course of action in these trying times. As a matter of fact, it may just make things worse. Case in point: restaurant owners have had a hell of a year and while I believe in accountability, and feel honest reviews do just that, people are quick to rip restaurants apart when their poutine doesn't have the exact amount of gravy they want or their pizza crust is too thin.

3 listing why the food did not meet your standards, why not contact the restaurant itself and see if the owner will offer an apology or a solution? And if you do, and the owner doesn't respond the way you anticipate, maybe be understanding a little? It's been a hell of a year. For everybody. Yes, I'm fully aware that we work hard and pay good money for what we buy, and so we should get what we pay for. But I also think that we could show more compassion and could follow a little more the "THINK" method before opening our mouths. Not every single experience you have has to be criticized for the world to see.

As Margaret Atwood said: ?If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.?

A personal preference is just that, personal. Why give a bad review that may keep people away from the business because you like a mountain of sauce on your fries? Sometimes, the complaint is legitimate. The food may not have been well cooked, the items are skimpy, the presentation is sloppy. It happens. And it doesn't necessarily mean it's the standard. Maybe they're just having a bad day. Before writing a book and posting chapters 1, 2 and


APRIL 2021




APRIL 2021




w i t h Se e ke r Chi ck

M AI- LIIS So what did I do dur ingthe monthof M a r ch?So once again w e ar e still dealing

w ith the Covid-19 Pandem ic w hich m eans that I am still not OUT and ABOUT as I used to be but I did go to a couple of events in the past m onth. Tw o tr ips w er e to the Cailuan Galler y at 225 Pitt Str eet w her e our new ly m ade fr iends Yafa Goaw ily and Kaiser M oussa (both bor n in Egypt but in M ar ch of 2020 m oved to Cor nw all fr om M ontr eal) and until Apr il 6th have a show at the galler y called "Pow er Shine"- Body Painting and Photogr aphy Exhibition. This couple have m ade quite the im pact on the Ar ts Com m unity in Cor nw all and tw ice in M ar ch Yafa show ed us how she uses a hum an body as a m oving canvas, fir st painting on Cor nw all m odel Cailan Davies and then using a m ale m odel, this tim e local ar tist Jason Sauve. W hen I asked Yafa how this all star ted she told m e that w hen she w as studying fine ar t in Egypt she found painting a bow l of fr uit ver y bor ing so she star ted painting on her hand and I guess the r est is histor y ... I asked both Cailan and Jason how they felt w hen Yafa w as painting on them , they both said that at fir st the paint felt cold and the br ush tickled and then they felt a ver y str ong ener gy sur r ounding them and m aking them "shine" - and yes they w er e both sad w hen it cam e tim e to w ash this beautiful ar tw or k off them but like Cailan said ther e ar e lots of photos taken as m em or ies and that is exactly w hat Kaiser does - he captur es Yafa's w onder ful body ar t in photos so it is never lost! a nd yes I havema dema nytr ipsto M oise'sFeed & Seed to keepmy fur r y fr iendsfed so that they ca n enter ta in my cat Loveywhileshe watches Squir r elTV!!!



ut f act s ab o

fr omLisaDupr auExecutive Dir ector w w w .agapecentr e.ca

Fo r t h e m o n t h o f Feb r u ar y, 2 0 2 1 t h e Agape Cen t r e pr ovided t h e f ollow in g: Take-outMeals - 704 Food Hampers- 693 New Referrals- 33 Individualsserved - 1416 Th i s m on t h w e i n t r odu ced a n ew i n i t i at i vecal l ed t h e Gar den Box Pr ogr am . People cur r ently using the ser vicesat the Agape Centr e ar e eligible to r eceive a fr ee gar den box, soil, plants and seeds. The r esponseto this pr ogr am has been over w helm ingw ith 110 fam ilies expr essinginter est. Our goal is to give people the m eans to gr ow their ow n vegetablesand r educe m onthly food expenses. We ar e pr oud to be par tner ingw ith the City of Cor nw all and Cor ner stoneOr ganicsto pr ovide fam ilies w ith this am azingoppor tunity. Th e New For You t h r i f t sh oppe r e-open ed on Febr u ar y 22n d and w e have r esum ed acceptingdonationsof clothing,household item s and som e fur nitur e. Our loyal custom er sw er e happy to see the door s open again and w e w elcom ethem back! I n par t n er sh i p w i t h Respect Rx Ph ar m acy ow n er M ar k Bar n es an d ph ar m aci st Ken t Gu i n don , w e coor di n at ed Nar can tr aining for 25 people includingthe Agape Centr e staff and studentsenr olled in the Social Ser vice Wor ker and Par am edicpr ogr am sat St. Law r enceCollege. ?In Canada in 2019, 3800 people died fr om opioid use w ith over 1500 being fr om Ontar io alone.?

ca ll 613-938-9297OR stop in at 40 Fifth Str eet West if you need help - no oneshouldever haveto go hungr y!


APRIL 2021




Pi n k Ri b b o n s By Sylvie O?Rou r k e I knew there was something going on in Guindon Park. I had glimpsed bits and pieces of a wavy trail with small wooden bridges off to the side of the ski trails. I assumed it was a ?Fat Bikes Only? trail and, since I don?t own one, I stayed away, mostly. Then the City of Cornwall launched a new map of the park and I realized, much to my delight, that the trail was a shared bike and snowshoe path. This new bit of information was like coming across a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. It was the permission slip I needed to go running through the woods. By comparison to the classic ski trail depicted on the trail map, the new Pink Trail looks positively wild! It zigzags every which way like an extended coiled ribbon making the most of the park?s five hundred acres. The volunteers who worked countless hours in creating this are nothing short of amazing and I hear they are not done yet! I couldn?t wait to strap on my snowshoes to check out this trail. It took numerous trips to explore various segments on my own, with my husband, or with the occasional friend from the Cornwall Outdoor Club. I am, dare I say it, tickled ?pink? to have a dedicated trail to snowshoe through the bush. I have never spent more time in Guindon Park as I did this past winter, and the best news of all is that the park is only a stone?s throw away from home. It makes it so much easier to squeeze an excursion or two into my week. The pink ribbon through the forest is extensive and fun to follow as it


APRIL 2021

twists under arched trees, undulates over motes, dips through steep ditches, and even skirts a small 1950-ish car graveyard. The narrow trail pierces through pine groves, birches and cedar stands peppered with deer footprints. Occasionally interlaced with optional loops it intersects with the ski trails, providing turn-around points or alternate routes. Seeing the more familiar established trails is a plus for map-challenged people like me. To snowshoe here is to understand that the purpose is not so much the destination as the journey. This lovely trail seems to mimic life itself as it loops around, switches back seemingly full of indecisions, forks at crossroads forcing its traveler to choose the right path, and occasionally throws in something unexpected such as a chance encounter with a fat bike rider. The Pink Trail demands to be experienced not rushed. So go ahead, breathe in that fresh air as you watch nature unfold, listen for the sounds of wildlife over the crunch of the snow, and feel the wind or sun on your face. Someday soon, I hope, we will be chasing pink ribbons through the forest together. For more information about the Cornwall Outdoor Club, visit our website at www.cornwalloutdoorclub.ca or like us on Facebook.




Be t t y


For gi ven ess

I have noticed that these tim es w e live in have given m e m or e r easonsto be angr y and judgm ental of other s. M uch of this stem s fr om choices people m ake w hether that has to do w ith not w ear ing m asks, not getting vaccinesor not being r espectful of social distancing.W hile I am not par ticular ly fear ful, I sim ply see these behaviour sas disr espectful.Its one thing to put your ow n health at r isk but another to cr eate health r isks for other s. Of cour se, anger and judgm ent is not a place I w ant to live in and as a r esult I have been explor ingthe them e of for giveness.Som ehow this seem s even m or e im por tant,especially as w e begin to em er ge fr om the r estr ictionsof the pandem ic and define w hat life is going to look like as w e m ove for w ar d. Having said that, for givenessis a confusingthing. W hen I w as young I believed that to w ithhold for givenessfr om another per son w as to keep them ?on the hook?for som e dastar dly deed they had com m itted and w hich they needed to be accountablefor. The thing is, I w as the one that held onto that ener gy w hile the other per son sailed thr ough life w ith little or no aw ar enessof the deed that I felt so offended by. Now that just seem s cr azy, doesn?t it? The sam e appliestoday. Can you r elate? Then I found this little book on for givenessby Dr. Jer r y Jam polsky. This book contained a seed of w isdom that has fed m e thr ough the year s. The author sim ply suggested that for givingsom eonedoes not m ean that you agr ee w ith w hat they did or condonetheir behavior. To for give som eoneis to r elease you fr om the bur den of car r ying this judgm ent,allow ingyou to heal. That said, w hy is for givenessso im por tant.Psychologicalr esear ch suggeststhat for givenesspr om oteshealing, w hether that is physical, em otional of spir itual. Lynn Woodw ar d states the follow ing,?True forgivenessis not somethingwe do for another person. I often hear people speak forgivenessas somethingwe give to someoneelse, somethingthat must be deservedor earned, and sometimesneedsto be withheld. The spiritual purposeof forgivenessis self-healing?. I have given gr eat thought to for givenessthr ough the year s and have spent countlesshour s under standinghow to for give cer tain people in my life. A few year s ago, as I str uggled in w hat I saw as another layer of for givenessw ith my father ,I sought advice fr om one of my coaches,Alan. In listening to m e and offer ing m e som e feedback,Alan suggested that m aybe the str uggle w as over , that the w or k w as done and that m aybe the per son I m ost needed to for give w as M E. Now that hit the m ar k . I allow ed it to sink in and as I did I began to r ealize once again that the high standar dsI w as holding myself to w er e im possibleto attain and how w hen I achieved less than w hat I had im agined,I could not for give myself. Yet again another w ay to cr iticize myself. To m ake m atter sw or se, I w as setting im possible standar dsfor myself in ter m s of for givingother s. This is cr azy m aking. Since Alan?s w ise w or ds to m e and Jer r y?s advice r egar dingw hat for givenessis and is not, I have m oved for w ar d w ith new under standing.You can as w ell. Begin by for givingyour self. W hen you star t w ith you, w hen you cultivateself-com passion,you w ill not only feel better about your self,you w ill also find your self able to for give other s w ith gr eater ease. W her e do you begin?W hen self-judgm entr ear s its head, ask your self a couple of questions:


APRIL 2021

1) Do I know this judgm ent to be tr ue? 2) W hat evidenceis ther e to suppor t this judgm ent? 3) Is this sim ply my cr itic voicing his/her opinion? 4) How does this judgm ent ser ve m e? 5) How can I r elease this judgm ent and clear the path to for giveness? I r ecognizethese questionsm ay not lead to an actual solution,they sim ply highlight the im por tanceof not acceptingever ythingyour cr itic has to say. Do not m ake your self w r ong. Lear n fr om events and under stand how this w ill change your actionsin the futur e. Know that you w ill act differ ently and do better. For give, m ove on. In ter m s of for givingother s, one of the exer cisesJer r y Jam polsky r ecom m endedin his book w as to m ake a list of all those people w hom you have not for given. I r em em ber distinctly filling out this list. I w as on a tr ain fr om Tor onto to M ontr eal,thinking this w on?t take long until I dove in. The list w as an entir e page, tw o colum ns. This shocked even m e and I had to r eflect on w hat holding on to all these per ceived w r ongsw as doing to m e. The infr actionsI car r ied w er e ever ythingfr om super ficial scr atchesto gaping w ounds; r egar dlessthey needed to be healed. Em br acinghis advice, that for givenessdid not im ply agr eem ent,one by one I visited each nam e, consider ed the action, appr aised it for w hat it w as, and r eleased it. Can I say it ? OM G, I felt so m uch lighter. Then ther e w er e all the sins I felt I had com m itted to w hich I exer cised the sam e pr inciples.I disagr eed w ith m any actions, I r ecognized that these w er e m istakesfr om w hich I lear ned. I em br aced the lesson and m oved on. Lighter still. As par t of any healing jour ney,w hether this is r ecover y fr om an actual illness or a sim ple desir e for im pr oved em otional and spir itual health, give your self the oppor tunityto explor e for giveness.As Car olyn M yss w r ites,?Self-lovemeanscaring for ourselvesenough to forgivepeople in our past so that the woundscan no longer damageus ? for our woundsdo not hurt the peoplewho hurt us, they hurt only us?. For givenessclear s the space em otionally and spir itually cr eating m or e oppor tunity for m or e love, love for other s and self-love. And love is the gr eat healer. Until next time, Betty Hea ley,M Ed., CAPP Your thoughtsand str ategiesar e alw ays w elcom eand if you car e to shar e you can r each m e at: betty@r oadsigns.ca



f rom


Hel ena-Al exis Seymour - anot herCornwal lGirl - GoneBIG! StorybyMai-LiisRenaud Congratulations goesout to Helena-Alexis Seymourfor not onlywinningthe"Best Actress at theLasVegasMovieAwards"but for becomingthesuccessful35 yearold younglady whoislivingher dreamon a dailybasis. I actuallyrememberwhenHelenawasbornas my oldestson and her arethesameageand I workedwithher father,Lou Seymour,many moonsagowhenhewasa pressoperatorhere at AstroPrintingand I wasa GraphicDesigner.I rememberwhenher motherAngie Sakla-Seymourstarted"Angie'sModelsand Images"right herein Cornwalland isnowin Ottawa,AMTI- Angie'sModelsand TalentINC.a companyhighlyregardedin theworldof modelingand actingwithnameslikeRyan Goslingemergingfromit'sdoors. It wasactuallyAngiewhoenteredHelenainto theSunburstPageantsheldat theRamadaInn and somehowconvincedmeto entermy oldest son Kristian(then5) intothecompetition.I still can picturehimin hislittle3-piecegreysuit and asexcitingasthisventurewas,I knewthat modelingand acting wasn'thisdestiny, howeverit wasdefinitelythestart of a modelingand actingcareerfor Helena. I wasfortunateto havecaughtup withHelena and eventhoughsheisa verybusyladythese daysshetooksometimeout of her busyacting scheduleto answersomequestionsfor me. Usuallyweconducta 5 Questioninterviewbut withHelenaI had manymorequestionsto ask so hereit is...Enjoy!

TheSeekerMORETHAN5 Questions withHelena-Alexis Seymour- a LocalGirlwhohasmadeit BIG... 1. Tell usa bit aboutyourself:yourbackground,growingup right herein Cornwall,familylife,school,friendsetc.Onethingour readersmaynot knowaboutyou is - what is yourfirst language?and whythis? I am a Greek& Caribbean(Turks& CaicosIsland)mix,bornand raisedin Cornwall,OntarioCanada.I wasbulliedgrowingup in schoolbecauseof my skincolour,flat noseand curlyhair.It wasn?teasygrowingup in a predominatelywhitecity.All I wantedto do wasblendin and go unnoticed.Luckily,in thethirdgradeI switchedschoolsand thechildren thereweremorediverse.Therewerethreeotherethnicchildrenin my grade,and theracistbullyingwasveryminimalat thisschool. Lookingback,I am gratefulfor thoseexperiencesastheyshapedmeand empoweredmeasa black/mixedracewoman.I lovewhoI am on the insideand outsideand I haveno problemstandingout in a crowd. My first languageisGreek.I grewup withmy parentsand Yiayia(Greek Grandmother)speakingGreekto me.I remembermy parentstellingthat theyusedto leaveflashcardsfor mybabysitterwithGreek/English translationwordsthat I mightsay.Gala= Milk.It wasn?tuntilI went to schoolthat I beganto learnEnglish.I am gratefulthat I wastaughtGreek froma youngage.It connectsmeevenmoreto myGreekbackground


APRIL 2021

and comesin handywhenvisitingmyrelativesin Greece!I am fluentin Frenchaswell. 2. Howdid youractingcareerbeginand what was yourfirst ever actingpart and afterthat what did you act in asa Teen? I wasa veryintrovertedand shychildgrowingup but I cameout of myshynesswhenI wasperformingon stage.I startedout in competitivedanceand beauty pageants.Thebeautypageantsthenled meto modelingand modelingleadintoacting. My actingcareerbeganat theageof nine.I went out on auditionsfor aboutonewholeyearuntilI finallybooked my first nationaltelevisioncommercialfor - Post Golden RaisinCrispcerealat ten yearsold. AfterI bookedthecommercialat ten yearsold I had a growthspurtand didn?tlookquitemyageanymore.I didn?tbookmynext job untilI wasfifteenyearsof age.I playedtheyoungVanessaWilliamsin ?A Divas ChristmasCarole?whichplayseveryyearto thisdayon VH1and BET.Asa teenI alsobookeda recurring principalroleon theHBOCanadaseries- ?TheLine?. 3. Whois yourAgentand whois yourManager,what is thedifferencebetweenthetwo,what aretheirjobs and howdo theygo aboutgettingrolesfor you? Angie?sAMTIin Canadaaremy agentsand get me auditionsin LosAngelesaswell asToronto,Montreal, and Ottawa.All of mysuccessisbecauseof themas amazingagentsand Dimitrioswhoworksthereasmy Managerand guidesmycareer.I alsohavea Manager herein LosAngeles.Themangerguidesthetalents career- providesfeedbackon headshots,setsup interviews,and alsoget thetalentauditions.Whena role comesin that fitsmydescriptiontheagentsubmitsmy headshot,resumeand demoreel to seeif thecasting believesI am a right fit for theroleand therefore,give mean audition. 4. What aresomeof thefilmsthat you haveactedin and whoaresomeof themorefamous actors/actresses that you haveworkedwithand I haveto ask - how wasit workingwith"thehunk",Vin Diesel? I haveactedin themulti-AcademyAwardwinningfilm - Birdman,starring MichaelKeaton.Aswell asLoveOn A Limb,Zombieat 17,TheLast Casino,Rulersof Darkness,MoreThanHeKnows,and XXX3:TheReturn of XanderCage,starringVin Dieselto namea few.WorkingwithVin Dieselwasa dreamcometrue.I had a crushon himwhenhefirst came out and so to meethimin personwassurreal.Heisa beautifulhuman being,insideand out.Wehad a greattimeon set. 5. You recentlywonan awardfor youractingthetitleroleasJessica Wu,a femalesuperheroon theAutismspectrum,in Season2 of the "Chroniclesof JessicaWu".What is thisseriesall aboutand howdo you feel it madean impacton individualsdealingwithAutism?How did you feel whenyou foundout abouttheaward?Wherecan we watchthisseries? TheChroniclesof JessicaWu isa storyabouta youngwomanon the Autismspectrumwhohasmasteredmartialarts.Shebecomesa Hero in her cityand takesdownsomeof themost ruthlessvillainsin Los Angeles. I feel it madea verypositiveimpacton individualson theAutism spectrum.I receivedmanybeautifulmessagesfromparentsof children on thespectrumand howit hasinspiredand empoweredthem,that theycan do anything.Andtheycan!






Yes,I did plentyof researchon theAutismspectrumpriorto myaudition. It openedup my eyesasto howthoseon thespectrumlive- and theyare all different. I actuallyjust wona secondaward!Themost recentawardwasBest Actressat theTorontoFilmChannelAwardsand aswell Best Actressat theVegasMovieAwards.Receivingthenewsfor both,I wasshockedand completedelated!I feel so honoredthat I waschosento portrayJessica Wu and bringmoreawarenessto autism.Thefact that I wasblessedwith multipleawardsmakesmy heartveryhappy,it?sa reminderfromthe Universethat I am on thecorrectpath.I am alsoincrediblyhappythat my awardbroughtevenmoreawarenessto theAutismspectrum. In Canada,theseriesisonlyavailableon YouTube.It?san AmazonPrime Americanseries. 6. What is on thehorizonfor you?What areyou workingon right nowand arethereany rolesthat you haven'tyet playedbut have dreamedof playing? CurrentlyI am preppingfor anotherrolewhichwill requiremanystunts, so I am lookingforwardto filmingthat.I cannotgivedetailson thename quiteyet.A dreamroleof minewouldto playtwins..oneevil and one angelicsister.TheGeminiin mereallywantsto playingtwodifferent charactersin onefilm. 7. Contraryto peoplebelievingthat thelifeof an actressis all glamour- what can you tell usabouta typicalday on theset and is it all glamourous? Beingon set isnot that glamorousat all.Yes,wehavemakeupartistand hairstylistthat makeuslooknicebut thenit?shoursand hoursof work and waitingaroundasthesetsget changed.A 14 hourdayiscompletely normal. What wordsof advicewouldyou havefor anyonelookingat entering intoan actingcareer? If thisissomethingthat yourhearttrulywantsto do,thengo for it! Finda reputableagent,get yourheadshots,someget actingworkshopsand put yourselfout there!Alwaysfollowyourdreams,wehavethemfor a reason. 8. What do you do for relaxationin yoursparetime?Tell meabout your"HealingCrystalJewellery"- especiallythecrownsand tiaras. What is thebackstoryto these? In my sparetimeI liketo studyastrology,practiceyoga,go for a run,play withmy dogZeus,read,and manifest. My HealingCrystalJewelrylineiscalled- EternalLightby Helena-Alexis.I makecrownsand tiarasfromhealingcrystals.It beganwhenmymom had breastcancerand borrowedoneof my beautypageantcrownsto wearin thehospitalto empowerherselfand remindherselfthat sheisa Queen.I decidedwhydon?tI makeher a crownmadefromhealing crystals,thiswayshecan still feel empoweredwearinga crownbut also receivethehealingpowersof thecrystals.All thanksto mymom.Who did beat breastcancer! 9. I haveto sayI LOVEyour"Eclectic,newageactorsDiary"- just watchingthisI feelthepositiveenergyflowingfromyouandI amloving theFengShuipointers.Howdidyouget interestedin FengShui? I believethat weneedto heal ourselvesfromtheinside,out if wewantto livea highvibrationallife.On myjourneyof self-healingI stumbledupon a FengShuibookandbecameveryobsessedwithit all.I learnedhowto healmy environmentand basicallycreatea high vibrationalvortexin my space.I havemycandles placedin a certainarea,myplantsin a certain area,everythingflowsand peoplealwayssayhow goodit feelswhentheyarein myapartment. 10.Howcan peoplereachyou? Instagram:@helenaalexis,Twitter:@helenaalexis, Facebook:Helena-Alexis Or my agencyAngie?sAMTIdimitrios@amtimanagement.com


APRIL 2021

Happytears. M y BestActressTrophy & Certificate just camein themail! M yheartis overflowing with gratitudefor the BestActresswinat theVegasM ovie Awards,for myrole asJessicaWuin the TV Show"Chronicles of JessicaWu".I thinkI staredat the trophy(andthesymbolism of thedesign- sheswearinga Crown,Superhero Cape,Heels,& holdinga SpikedLightbulb?! Dope!)for aboutan hour,taking it in andreflectingon myjourneyto get to thisplace. Theletterthatcamewithit, isa completeViiibe& explainsexactlyhowI'm feelingrightnow...brbstillcrying.... "DearHelena-Alexis, Weat theVegasM ovieAw ar dsar epleasedto giveyou boththeStatuette andtheOfficialCer tificate as'BestActr ess'for them onthof October2020. It hasbeena hugehonorfor usto r eview evaluate , andeventuallyr ew ar d yourbeautifulpr oject. ThisBox Set is of im m ensevalue.Especiallyfor thedeepm eaningbehind it. IT REPRESENTS THECOURAGE TOCREATESOM ETHING EXTRAORDINARY ANDYOURDETERM INATION TOACHIEVEIT. Par ticular ly in unpr ecedented tim eslikethis w her ecr eativityandAr t ar e beingput to a sever etest. W heneveryou holdtheStatuetteandtheCer tificate in yourhands, r em em berthatYOUAREHOLDING THESUMOFYOURGENIUS,YOUR PERSEVERANCE, ASW ELLASA SYM BOLOFYOURHARDWORKAND THATOFTHOSEW HOHAVETAKENPARTOFYOURWONDERFUL PROJECT. A REM INDER OFW HOYOUREALLYARE,ANDW HATYOU'VEBEENABLE TOACCOM PLISH. In a cityof a thousandlightslikeLasVegas,w ew antedthesubjectof our Statuetteto be a gor geous,elegant,andsinuousm use,w hosym bolically holdsin her handsa Spar klingIdea. Thatsam eideathatguidedyou w ithitsshinylightfor aslongasit tookto m ake'Chr onicles of JessicaWu '. An ideathathasgr ow n,hastr ansfor m ed, andthathastur nedinto som ething thatyou consider ed w or thyof visionandcr iticismw ithinthe film festivalcir cuit. Dealingw ithdifficulties, som etim es insur m ountable, m isunder standings, dissatisfaction, uncer tainties. TRYINGTODOSOM ETHING THATPEOPLE AROUNDYOUDIDN'TBELIEVEWASPOSSIBLE, UNTILYOUPROVEDTHEM W RONG. ThisuniqueBoxCelebr ates yourPr ofessional-and aboveall per sonal-; gr ow th.Wehopeyou exper ienced andem otionalenr ichm ent in beinga contestantof our Festival,andhopeto havebeena sour ceof joy in your life. TheVegasM ovieAw ar dsStatuette& Cer tificate w antto be a solidtr ack thatshow stheConcr eteness of yourTalent,a constantsour ceof Inspir ationw henyou lookfor ideas,anda gr eatW ishfor theFutur e. Ever ytim eyou'lllookat themin your officeor in yourlivingenvir onm ent, theyw ill alw aysr em indyou thatYOUAREON THERIGHTPATHTOWARDS YOURSELF-REALIZATION ANDHAPPINESS. In w hatevercontextyou ar elookingat it, w heneverit r elatesto your per sonalpr efer ence pr ofessional am bitions, w ehopeyou nevergiveup on yourDr eam s. Thew om enandm enof theVegasM ovieAw ar dsw ishyou 100of these aw ar ds. 100im por tantm ilestones in yourlife,of w hichour car ingLasVegas-based Festivalis thefir stpr estigious, andw ell-w ishing piece. Sincer elyYour s,VegasM ovieAw ar ds."



A m u lt i-t alen t edexecu t ive dir ect or w it h a car in g h ear t . by Neil M acm illan Ingleside-bornLisa Duprau,the current executive director of the Agapè Centre, Cornwall?sflagship food bank and soup kitchen (celebratingits 50th anniversarythis year), is a woman of many talents.

soup kitchen. The Seeker recently caught up with Lisa for a suitably-distanced backgroundchat in her second-floor office at Agapè, which was followed with our usual five-questioninterview and a bonus question.

Qu est ion #1: It is w on der f u l t h at t h e Agapè gen er at esover $350,000 an n u ally f r om it s Th r if t St or e, w h ich com bin ed w it h don at ion sof f ood, m on ey, clot h in g an d h ou seh old it em s f r om t h e com m u n it y,su ppor t st h e en t ir et y of it s oper at ion s.Can you give Prior to joining Agapè, not only was she a longtime manager with u s a m or e specif ic br eak dow n of t h e var iou s sou r ces of su ppor t in CommunityLiving Stormont County, she also has a diploma in t er m s of f ood an d m on ey?For in st an ce,you r pr edecessor massage therapy from Elegance College in Cornwall,worked as a Joh an n e Cou t u r e on ce said t h at WalM ar t is a t r em en dou sly school bus driver with RoxboroughBus Lines and is a practicing im por t an t bu t lar gely u n su n g con t r ibu t or t o Agapè. Is t h at t r u e licensed real estate agent with an d do you r eceive an y su ppor t f r om Royal LePage PerformanceRealty, t h e pr ovin cial gover n m en t or all while shoulderingconsiderable m u n icipal gover n m en t s? family responsibilitiesas the The Agape Centre receives no funding mother of three daughters, through the federal, provincial or stepmother of three sons, municipal governments.We rely solely on grandmotherto three grandsons the revenue generated through our and one granddaughterand social enterprise,New For You thrift partner for the past 12 years to her shoppe,fundraising,donationsand second husband Junior Walker. She partnershipswith businessesin our is also the devoted eldest child of community.Our local grocery stores ? longtime Ingleside-areadairy Baxtrom?sYour IndependentGrocer, No farmers George and Sharon Frills, Food Basics and Freshco ? are Duprau,to whom she gives much extremelygenerousin their support of credit for her strong work ethic and the food bank. Walmart has a huge The daughters (L to R) in the photo are Shanyn, Sarah caring personality. and Hannah (Sarah and Hannah are twins). impact on our food bank as well, When Lisa was appointed Agapè?s providingregular donationsof fresh executive director in November 2019, Board produce and non-perishableitems. We could not survive Chair Maurice Dupelle cited her past experience without the continued support of these local businesses. in counsellingand in managingfundraisers, Qu est ion #2: You ?d on ly been Execu t ive Dir ect or f or a residential support staff and a thrift store. This f ew m on t h s, w h en t h e COVID-19 pan dem ich it , experiencewas also reflected in Lisa?s vision for af f ect in g bot h Agapè an d it s clien t s. Wh at h ave been Agapè as expressed in a written statement to the t h e m ain copin g st r at egiesyou ?ve adopt ed over t h e SeawayNews: ?My vision for the Agape Centre is last year t o m eet t h ese n ew ch allen ges? to secure sustainablefunding,expand on the It certainly has been a challengingyear dealing with the current success of the New For You thrift store restrictionsimposed by the pandemic.As a team, our and create more programsthat support people first response was to ensure the health and safety of the in our communitywho struggle with food staff and volunteersso we could continue to successfully insecurity.We have an exceptionalteam at the meet the needs of people using our services. For months Centre who are all dedicated to providingpeople we operated with the same five staff and five volunteers, with the best services possible.I am looking no one missing a day. Assemblylines to pack hampers forward to working with all the staff, volunteers were set up and an organized distributionsystem for and the Board of Directorsas we move forward people to pick up their food. Flexibility was key to into 2020.? ensuringthat those most vulnerablewere supported However,little did she ? or anyone else ? know and not at risk of being hungry. Referralswere that 2020 would be the year of the global Lisa with grandson Cannen, processed immediatelyand no one left the building Shanyn's oldest child. COVID-19 pandemicthat is still raging worldwide without food. The commitmentand flexibility of our more than a year later. team is second to none. Even in the best of times, managingAgapè is a big challengeinvolving Qu est ion #3: If I w er e on e of t h e h u n dr edsof people livin g below 17 staff, countlessdonors and volunteers,an approximately$850,000 t h e pover t y lin e in Cor n w all an d ar ea, w h at ser vices does Agapè per year budget, all of which is used to serve the food-insecure of f er t o som eon e in m y sit u at ion an d is t h er e a n u m ber I can call residentsof Cornwall and the surroundingarea ? approximately1,200 t o speak t o you dir ect ly? food bank clients, and around 160 people under normal times in the


APRIL 2021



Qu est ion #4: On t h e gover n an ce f r on t , Agapè h as a 10-per son Boar d of Dir ect or s, t h r ee of w h om ? Gabr iel Rivièr e-Reid, Br en da Der u ch ia an d Em m a M eldr u m ? ar e w ell-k n ow n m em ber s of t h e local m edia scen e, w h ile t h e Boar d ch air , M au r ice Du pelle, is also w ell-k n ow n as t h e M an ager of Com m u n it y Livin g Glen gar r y an d as a lon gt im e Cor n w all Cit y Cou n cillor . So, can you t ell u s m or e abou t t h e ot h er dir ect or s an d t o w h at ext en t t h e Boar d su per vises you r w or k as t h e Agapè execu t ive dir ect or ? Our Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis. The role of the board is to ensure that the organization has the resources to operate and that the funds are managed properly. The board speaks as one voice to the Executive Director, who oversees the administration of the organization. The remainder of our board consists of Bernadine McEvoy-Robertson, Wade Dorland, Louise Gagnon, Rebecca Sorrell, Sharon Nicholson and Katie Blackadder. These directors bring a variety of expertise including finance, human resources and healthcare experience. Qu est ion #5: You r ecen t ly in t r odu ced a Pet Food Ban k at Agapè. How ?s t h at goin g an d w h at ar e som e of t h e ot h er ch an ges an d im pr ovem en t s you an d t h e Boar d en vision f or Agapè in t h e m on t h s an d year s ah ead? I am so excited about the new Pet Food Bank program that we will be introducing. We were one of eight organizations in Canada that were successful in receiving a grant through Humane Canada. This will provide us with one-time funding to purchase pet food and supplies to alleviate some financial strain for people. We recognize the important role that pets play in all of our lives. We are currently in preliminary talks to create a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Our vision is to open a store which sells furniture that may need some refinishing, repair or upcycling. The idea behind this initiative is to make use of potentially good furniture, alleviate the buildup at the landfill and raise funds for both organizations. We?ll keep you posted as this new adventure progresses! Bon u s qu est ion : A t u r n in g poin t in you r lif e occu r r ed in 2017 w h en you an d you r h u sban d Ju n ior volu n t eer ed t o ser ve Ch r ist m as lu n ch at t h e Agapè Cen t r e, an d in w alk ed an old sch ool f r ien d. Th at en cou n t er st r u ck su ch a cor d in you t h at you volu n t eer ed sh or t ly af t er w ar ds t o ser ve on t h e Agapè Boar d an d t h en lat er applied t o be it s execu t ive dir ect or . Do you t h in k t h at you an d som e ot h er f am ily m em ber s w ill be volu n t eer in g at t h e Agapè Ch r ist m as lu n ch t h is year ? I would love to have my family with me at the Agape Centre on Christmas Day and any other day they would like to volunteer. Poverty and hunger is year-round. It?s essential to educate people on real struggles in our community like food and housing insecurity. That is one of our goals at the Agape Centre and it is my goal as a mother and grandmother to ensure that my family is aware and is proactive in helping to address these issues.

The saying is taken from Lisa's Facebook page. Please visit : www.agapecentre.ca or call 613-938-9297 for more info and if you need our services.


APRIL 2021


We do our best to help everyone that walks through our door. Our food bank program provides food hampers to individuals and families on a monthly basis and the soup kitchen is currently providing hot takeout meals each weekday. The New For You thrift shoppe has quality used clothing, household items and some furniture at very reasonable prices. Anyone can contact me at 613-938-9297 ext. 127.

Jo hn

Trust LISTER Tr ust is at the hear t of any r elationship,but the one w e often for get is the r elationshipw e have w ith our selves.Let's fine-tunethat to say it's the r elationshipour m ind or per sonality has w ith our authenticself, or spir it. For exam ple,let's say w e planned to go shopping,but that sm all inner voice says instead,w hat about checkingin on an elder ly r elative. We fight a little w ith our self, using logic to dism issthe little voice. But the voice w ins out and w e check up on our r elative. It tur ns out her heat w as just tur ned off, or m aybe her electr icity.That little voice alw ays know s best. So, if you haven't caught on by now , the little voice is our eter nal spir it that know s all, and the logical ar gum ent cam e fr om our m ind, a physical entity. So the fir st lesson in tr ust is to tr ust our inner voice. But w hat about tr ust in a r elationship?

In a r elationship,if it is built on love, both people do w hat is best for the other ,and also for them selves.The idea of cheating w ould be devastatingto our par tner ,and m aybe our logical m ind, par t of our ego, thinks w e can get aw ay w ith it and nobody w ill get hur t. We w ould not only be hur ting our par tner ,but our self. Losing tr ust in oneself is big. The w hole discussion sim ply boils dow n once m or e to ego ver sus spir it. Our m ind, our habits, our per sonality,these ar e all com ponentsof our ego. Per hapssom ethingin our m akeup w ants us to cheat, or in som e other w ay br eak tr ust. Per haps w e think, w hy not, other s do it? Or w e have it in som e kind of bucket list of things w e think w e should do at least once. M eanw hile,our authenticself, our spir it, know s better. That is our r eal self, and deep dow n, w e know tr ust is of the utm ost im por tance.W ho w ins this battle dependsupon our actions. We have the fr ee w ill to decide either w ay, but the r eper cussionson br oken tr ust r un deep. Let's invent a per son nam ed Bob. Bob plays in a band and is a nightow l,w hile his w ife doesn't car e for the nightlifeand stays hom e. As Bob continuesto enjoy his late night w ith lights, m usic and alcohol, he notices the w om en w ho som etim es notice him . On br eaks, he m ay str ike up innocent conver sationsw ith som e of them , but then one night, he feels a connection w ith one in par ticular ,and they w ind up r epeating this connection r egular ly.Eventually Bob goes back to her place on his w ay hom e, and cheats on his w ife. He feels ter r ible. He never m eant for it to happen. His w ife doesn't deser ve it. Filled w ith guilt, his w ife senses that som ethingis w r ong. Bob's ego m ade the affair possible,and now it w or ks to excuse his ow n behavior. M y w ife ought to have been com ing w ith m e. The gir l I cheated w ith is at fault. Fate m ade this happen. Excusesgo on and on, but Bob has br oken the tr ust of his m ar r iage,and even w or se, br oken the tr ust betw een his ego and his ow n spir it. The m ar r iagecannot last w ithout tr ust, and tr ust is now gone. But tr ust is involved in a lot m or e than m ar ital fidelity. W hat about sneakingand hiding a little m oney aw ay for selfish r easons?Secr etly dr inkingm or e than you should?Keeping any secr et fr om another w ho tr usts us, r isks destr oyingthat tr ust. Tr ust is str ong as an oak tr ee, yet as delicate as a flow er. Nur tur e it. Keep it. Never betr ay it. It is som ethingw or th fighting for by choosingthe r ight path. The higher path. For mor e infor mation,plea se visit w w w.thehigher path.ca



Beatrice Dumbreck "Over Christmas during our second lockdown, I struggled to find inspiration for continuing to write the stories and so I reached out to a couple of artist friends for help. The story you're about to read couldn't have come at a better time for its far reaching invitation to Scottish folklore, ancient castles and mystical faeries. Many thanks to Michael Cartwright for introducing me to his neighbor, Beatrice Dumbreck. Here's to another year to Sunflower gardens!"

The Circl e is Smal l The Hawthorn hedge is one of the most sacred trees of Celtic mythology. Standing at the threshold of the Otherworld, this humble abode where fairies live, symbolizes gentleness, love and protection.Cropping up in thickets upon hilly areas, its sweet blossoms have brought young lovers together for centuries. Edging the Pollock housing development, at the foot of a lush green lane at Glasgow?s Crookston Castle, a young girl tucked the violin case behind her as the clod of grass hit right between her eyes. With a bit of the Fae coursing through her veins, the girl looked upon the soul of her attacker and fell in LOVE. Separated by just a year, Beatrice Carroll and Bill Dumbreck knew each other inside out by the time their parents would allow them to date. Beatrice?s parents believed in learning a trade. Her father John was a barber whose training involved more than just using a pair of scissors. Whether mixing hair dyes, stocking shelves or learning how to talk to people, his skills as a fully developed raconteur were borne of throwing cèilidhs on the week-ends. A warm and humorous man, he built his reputation on high spirits and tall tales. Her mother ? also Beatrice, was born into the Pediani family of hairdressers. She was a nurse who taught her daughters to value their own lives as equals to men. She was articulate, never swore and as a young mother, survived three bouts of Rheumatic fever through the steadfast Scottish belief of earning your place in life. While the young Beatrice apprenticed at her uncle?s salon, she found her voice and lost her childlike shyness. By the time she and Bill had married, he had graduated university with an aeronautics degree with plans to start their new life in Canada. The two agreed to stick it out for five years and get the Full-Canadian-Experience. How could they know when the ink had barely dried, how living next to the railroad tracks would so unfurl the many brilliant colors of life? While Bill worked his way up the ladder at Pratt & Whitney, Beatrice worried less and less about homesickness while


APRIL 2021

being rocked to sleep each night by the rail cars that jangled along the dales. In 1967, an original song trilled out the back garden windows of their residential street. Using a 12 string Gibson, Gordon Lightfoot?s inspiration forSong for a Winters Nightwas borne of a 30 minute experience during a hot summer night. Sending Bill on a fool?s errand searching for the elusive album, Beatrice set her sights on making Gordon an icon in her own right. For the easy way he introduced the country?s beauty in song, so filled Beatrice?s lonely spaces and pensive thoughts toward confidence and optimism, as she followed her heart on its journey to light. Asked to volunteer at theFleurs de Soleilday-care for children with developmental disabilities in Saint Bruno, Quebec, Beatrice found the song of life. In lessons learned from her Victorian parents, Beatrice made hundreds of life-long connections in her forthright manner, where the children in her care changed, grew and moved on to next levels. On the suggestion of colleagues, Beatrice took correspondence courses through Humber College towards a 20 year career in Early Childhood Education. Seen as the most inspiring experience of her life, Beatrice has stayed in contact with several of the children in her care, holding them as close as she is able. So like her father?s 1846 replica Stradivarius along the footpath of yesterday, as it lay tucked and protected between her small shoulders, and through her mother?s perseverance to push her girl towards the future - the circle is small. Tending life-long friendships across 3,000 miles is easily done when you?re not afraid to talk. Spending any amount of time with Beatrice, whether in person or on the phone ? is more than just time spent ? it?s a gift. Just before retirement, Bill transferred to Georgetown, Ontario. Beatrice went back to her roots, retracing her youthful love of the arts by joining two artisan groups and spread her fairy dust far and wide without hesitation. For those within the circle - like the Fae of olden tales - are whisked away for good in the fairy world of one sparkling vision. A bringer of blessings, of sunflower gardeners and foundling puppies, the world bears witness that what is for you, has definitely not gone past you. Copyright © February 2021 - I would love to get feedback from my stories. Please email me at verlegrace4062@gmail.com To friendship! "Whit?s fur ye?ll no go by ye!" ~ ?What?s for you will not go by you? #7



Mortgage Matters

Jenni MacDonald

The Cornwall and Area real estate market has been hot for over 10 months now and by the looks of the current trend, it will just get hotter for the spring market.Prices are increasing at an unprecedented rate.Whether you are getting ready to purchase your first home or considering selling your current house to purchase a new one, there are some basic steps that every borrower can follow in order to prepare for finding the perfect mortgage.We will look at Pre-approval s, Down Payment s, and Credit Scores. PRE-APPROVALS You have probably heard the term ?pre-approval?. Real Estate agents will often ask home buyers if they are pre-approved.This term is deceiving.In most cases, a home buyer actually has a ?rate hold? instead of a ?pre-approval?.The only way to be sure if you have a pre-approval is if your Mortgage Broker has collected,

examined, and verified all of the required income and down payment documentation (and current mortgage information in the case of a sale and purchase). In our current market, many properties are receiving multiple offers significantly higher than the listing price.You may hear your real estate agent refer to ?cash? offers.This refers to an offer or Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) that has been submitted on a property that has no conditions.Even with a pre-approval, a lender will still have to approve the property that you choose so a ?Condition of Financing? will be necessary on your offer.In addition, if you have a property to sell in order to have enough money for your down payment, your real estate agent will also include a condition on your offer that states your offer is conditional on the sale of your current property.Putting in an offer with no conditions is very risky if you are counting on being approved for a mortgage.There are ways to make it possible but you must make sure you have the options in writing from your Mortgage Broker before you take this drastic step.

It is wise to see a Mortgage Broker at l east 6 mont hs bef ore t he dat e that you would like your mortgage to close.Usually, if there are any issues that need to be tidied up, 6 months will allow the time needed to collect the correct documentation and make a mortgage application stronger.Once all of your documentation is verified, a Mortgage Broker can advise you on the appropriate purchase price that you would realistically qualify for. A good Mortgage Broker will make sure you understand the monthly mortgage payment amounts.You will be made aware of other monthly costs, such as Property Taxes, Water taxes, Insurance, and Utilities, to get a more accurate picture of the true cost of owning a home.It?s better to be prepared than surprised when it comes to owning a home!! JenniMacDonald(www.jmacdonald.ca) has beenan award-winning MortgageBroker withDominionLendingCentresfor over9 yearsandhasmanyyearsof experiencein thebankingworld. Sheworkswithover40 lendersincludingbanks,creditunions,and privatelendersto findthebest mortgagefor eachclient. Youcancontacther by phoneor text at 613-551-0639or via emailat jmacdonald@dominionlending.ca.

Gr iep, w ho led the study,told the CBC. Fur ther m or e, because volunteer w or k often involves physical activity, volunteer s tend to have healthy blood pr essur e, a low er r isk of hear t disease and less chr onic pain.

By h el pi n g ot h er s, vol u n t eer s h el p t h em sel ves Subm itted by: Angele D?Alessio, M ental Health Pr om oter Sour ce:w w w.ontar io.cm ha.ca Pedi at r i ci an Li el a Den m ar k pr act i ced m edi ci n e i n At l an t a f or 73 year s. Sh e r et i r ed at t h e age of 103 an d l i ved f or an ot h er 11 year s. I n addi t i on t o t r eat i n g you n g pat i en t s i n h er of f i ce, sh e vol u n t eer ed at a m edi cal cl i n i c, w h er e sh e h el ped som e of t h e ci t y?s poor est ch i l dr en , f or m or e t h an 50 year s. W h en sh e di ed i n 2012, peopl e cel ebr at ed h er dedi cat i on t o h el pi n g ot h er s. Th ey bel i eved i t h ad con t r i bu t ed t o h er l on gev i t y --an d ev i den ce su ggest s t h ey w er e r i gh t .

volunteer ing, especially am ong older adults. Her r esear ch has show n that older volunteer s have a 25 per cent decr ease in the r isk of ear ly death com par ed to people w ho don?t volunteer. It?s not clear w hy volunteer ing helps people live longer , but Br ow n and other s believeso-called helping behaviour leads to feelings of usefulness and com petence as w ell as pr oviding social integr ation and suppor t. This im pr oves volunteer s? ability to r egulate str ess w hich, in tur n, helps them r esist disease.

Resear ch show s that by helping other s, volunteer s ar e helping them selves.

Not only do volunteer s live longer than other s, they ar e also healthier. In a five-year study conducted by r esear cher s fr om the Univer sity of Calgar y and sever al other institutions, senior s w ho volunteer ed for at least one hour a w eek w er e 2.4 tim es less likely to develop dem entia than those w ho didn?t.

Stephanie Br ow n, an associate pr ofessor of psychiatr y and psychology at Stony Br ook Univer sity?s Renaissance School of M edicine, has done extensive r esear ch on the psychosocial benefits of

"It tur ns out that getting ever ything but the paycheque is actually w hat m akes you m or e healthy and m akes you m or e happy about your life," Univer sity of Calgar y psychology pr ofessor Yannick


APRIL 2021

Ther e ar e m any options available to individuals inter ested in volunteer ing. M ost or ganizations w elcom e the help of volunteer s, and that includes Canadian M ental Health Association Cham plain East, w hich is dedicated to enhancing and pr om oting m ental health thr ough advocacy, education and var ious ser vices. ?Volunteer s play an im por tant r ole in our or ganization,? said Angela War r en, M anager , Public Education w ith CM HA Cham plain East.?Their contr ibutions ar e invaluable.? Should you be inter ested in volunteer oppor tunities w ith CM HA Cham plain East, please contact Angela War r en at w ar r ena@cm ha-east.on.ca. The infor mation pr ovided is not a substitute for pr ofessiona l a dvice. I f you need a dvice, plea se consult a qua lified hea lth ca r e pr ofessiona l. For fur ther infor mation or if you wa nt to a ccess our ser vices at CM HA, plea se ca ll 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site atw w w.cmha -ea st.on.ca .



BLUEMO NDA Y- what doesit m ean? by Ian Bowering

You m ight think that the expr ession Blue M onday cam e about because M onday is the star t of the w or k w eek . If so, you ar e only par tially cor r ect. Tr aditionally M onday w as laundr y day. Because all w hite clothing, including fine linens, w er e boiled to som e degr ee and then r insed in w ater w hich had a bag of indigo passed thr ough it, the expr ession Blue M onday enter ed the language. As people believed that the odour s fr om fr ying, r oasting and baking im pr egnated clothing, boiled dinner s also becam e the r ule for M ondays. Along w ith boiled dinner s, and befor e the invention of electr ical appliances indigo, stir r ing for ks, w ooden w ashtubs and w ashboar ds - the house-keeper used a sad or heavy ir on to pr ess new ly w ashed laundr y. Befor e these ir ons could be used, they w er e placed upr ight on the hear th, next to hot coals. Once the ir on w as w ar m enough, the ashes w er e r em oved and it w as r eady for use. To avoid scor ching fabr ics took a gr eat deal of skill and dexter ity, and as a r esult the 19th centur y saw num er ous im pr ovem ents on the sim ple, single piece ir on. By the 1850s, they had been r eplaced w ith elabor ate ir on w ar m ing stoves, given w ooden handles and outfitted w ith w ater r eser voir s.

fabr ics and clothing; of cleaning and r em oving spots and stains; cleaning, cur ling and dying ostr ich plum es in all shades. Clothing is cleaned and dyed w ithout being taken apar t, and dr esses, shaw ls, lace cur tains, fr inges, br aids, silks and the finest fabr ics ar e m ade to look equal to new after going thr ough the new im pr oved pr ocess intr oduced at this establishm ent. All ar ticles fr om the coar sest to the finest ar e cleaned w ithout injur y, and finished to give them the appear ance of new goods at the m ost r easonable pr ices.? Com petition in cleanliness cam e fr om Em pir e Laundr y opened in the still standing Standar d Block on 2nd St. E., in 1891. Fr equently changing hands, in 1901 W illiam and Geor ge Guy pur chased the business and m oved to Pitt St., w her e it w as ?fitted up w ith the m ost

up-to-date m achiner y.?W ithin six year s they added car pet cleaning to their por tfolio. They closed in the 1920s to be r eplaced by Quality Fir st Steam Laundr y and four Chinese laundr ies. One of the m ost endur ing w as oper ated by M ar k Sing and David King at 41 Pitt St. until the 1950s. The East End w as ser ved by Paul Denis and J.M . Daigneualt. Daigneault opened his Baldw in Ave. haber dasher y and cleaning business in 1929 and subsequently m oved to M ontr eal Road, w her e the Daigneault fam ily r em ained in business for thr ee gener ations until closing ar ound 2011. For tunately tim e, styles and technical innovation have not elim inated the need for dr y cleaner s, and Cor nw all still has m any, w ith M ontr eal Road?s Betty Br ite, opened in 1965 by Rheal M ar tel the oldest.

For tunately for Cor nw all?s housekeeper s by the last decades of the 19th centur y, those w ho could affor d it, could take their laundr y to the cleaner s. One of the fir st r ecor ded laundr y?s w as the Cor nw all Steam Dying and Cleaning w or ks founded by T. W hite in 1899. In 1901 a local r epor ter enthused that the laundr y now oper ated by E.W.D. Oliver and Son and located on East Water St., possessed adm ir able? dye-w or ks?, w hich is ?r eplete w ith ever y facility and appliance? Em ploym ent is given to sever al hands and m otive pow er for the steam pr esses and cylinder s is supplied by a six hor se-pow er engine. A special business car r ied on is the dying of all kinds of


APRIL 2021




whenwearegoingthrough"Tough Times":1. EverythingCanand Will change.2. Wehaveovercomemany Challengesbefore.3. Thisisa LearningExperiencefor us.4. Not gettingwhatwewant can be a Blessingin disguise.5. Allowourselvesto haveFUN!6. Beingkindto ourselvesisthe Best Medicine.7. Otherpeople'snegativity isnot worthworryingabout.8. And ThereIs Always,AlwaysSomethingTo BeThankful For. DEALOFTHEMONTH:I havechosen somethinga littledifferentthismonth.It is somethingthat I wonfrom an auction.You see,I havealwayshavebeena bit "musicallyinclined," but asa younggirl I wasneverencouragedto playan instrumentby myfamily.I had triedto playa clarinetand a celloin grade7, but to my despairand dismaytheydidn't likethesoundof me practicing..So,sadly I gaveup.So,Now over45 yearslaterI wentand got myself a modernviolinso I can get myJohnny to teachme.I got thiswhiteviolinfor a "Stealof a Deal"for ONLY $101.00.Yes,$101.00iswaswhat I wonit for.I lookedit up to seewhatpriceit wouldbeand it isworthover$450.00.NowThat IsWhatI Call A DEAL!Oh,JohnnyMusicPants. DIDYOUKNOW?APRILcomesfromtheword" Aperire"whichmeans"To Open".So duringthis month..OPENYOUREYES,YOURMINDS,YOUR HEARTS,ANDYOURSOULSTO ENJOYLIFETOTHEVERYFULLEST! FAMILYNEWS:Therearemany birthdaysto celebratethismonth, William,my3rd grandsonwill be turning10 on the10th.Lincoln,his brother,and myeldestgrandsonwill be23 on the22nd.Hismother, Melinda,my eldestdaughteris turning41 on the28th.My 3rd daughter,EllaRoseison the24thand shewill be38.Mayyouall have wonderfullyfun birthdaysthisyear. All theverybest in theupcoming year.LoveAlwaysMom/Nana.I also want to sharewithyou that I will be havingtwomoregrandchildren

M a rl e ne

LISTER HelloThereto all of you reading~ TheSeeker~this monthand every monththat

passesusby. Welcometo theNewMonthof April, everybody.Thisisthemonthwhere everythingseemsto awakenand come alive.Just takea lookat themany gardens,treesand shrubsand you will seethe"NewGrowth"that ismagically happeningright beforeour eyes.I love thistimeof yearseeing everythingchange fromdull whites, brownsand greysto babygreensand all of themany coloursof therainbowfromthe manydifferentbudsand flowerspeekingtheirsleepy headsout fromthedampened earth.I lovehearingand seeing our Canadiangeesereturning fromtheirWintervacations downSouth.I lovebreathingin thefresh,but sometimeschillymorningair to start my day. My dearJohnnyison themendand isdoing quitewell despitegoingthrough7 weeksof radiationand chemotherapy. Heisableto eat some"RealFood"nowand hisenergylevelsare comingback.Heisableto do somelittlejobs aroundthehouseand heisableto driveto pick up a few groceriesand things.Thismakesmeso happyand it hascertainlychangedmy somber and negativemoodto a happyone,nowthat I can seetheend of theroadthat oncewastoo foggyto see.I havebeengivenbackmy confidenceand positiveattitudeto liveon for manyyearsto come.I havewaytoo muchLifeto liveand to witnessto be down,sad or negative. So,I am so gladto tell you all that ~Positively MarleneISBACK!!! Springisa timeof rebirthand renewal.It isa timewhenall that lookeddeadand goneisnow aliveand reawakening.Theflowerbulbswe plantedin thefall looklikedead,withered things,and theseedsarebrownand dry.All seemsdeadafterbeinga part of a plant's life-cycle,but thena verymagicalthingbegins to happen.Thewarmthof thesun reachesintothe earthand givesnewlifeto what seemeddead.Seeds beginto sprout,and bulbs burstopenwithnewgrowth. Thecycleof lifecontinuesfor yet anotherseason,of which I am so gladto bealiveand a part of. TIPSOFTHEMONTH:Here are(8) thingsto remember


(frommydaughtersEllaRose& Victoria)and 1 moregreat-grandchild,(Abigail) in the upcomingmonths.I havebeenso Blessedwith beautifuland healthychildren,grandchildren, and now,greatgrandchildren. COMMUNITYNEWS:If youwant or need anythingdonewithyour hair..CorrineSullivanMcGimpsey of TheSecretSalonherein Cornwallcan do it for you.Shehas beenmy "personalhairdresser"for manyyearsand shehasnever disappointedJohnor I. WhatI reallylikeabout Corrineisshelistensand doeswhatYOUwant her to do.Shehasover35 yearsof experienceso sheknowswhat sheisdoing.You can find Corrineon facebookto makeyournext hair appt.Myprofilepicismynewhaircutand colour for Springof 2021. UNTILNEXTMONTH:Appreciatewhereyou are in yourjourneys,even,if it isnot whereyou want to be.EverySeasonServesA Purpose. MarleneListerof www.listerphotos.ca & www.fasionography.ca

DO YOU KNOW abou t 211 ? It is a helplineto assist m em ber sof the com m unityin navigatingthe num er oussocial, health,and r elatedgover nm entser vices availableto them . SI M PLYcal l 211 an d you w i l l be con n ect ed w i t h a k n ow l edgeabl e st af f m em berw h o w i l l h el p you f i n d an y ser v i cesf or you r si t u at i on . In thesedifficultand changingtim es,w e w ant to m akesur eever yoneis r eceivingthe help they need or w ant.No one shouldhaveto go thr oughthisalone.

APRILPr o g r am m i n g Hi g h l i g h t s

I an APRIL 2021by Bow er i n g



PART4-DOtheresidential waLk Th is wal k star ts at M ar l bor ou gh St., Cor n wal l ?s h istor ic easter n bou n dar y an d goes for a m il e th r ou gh th e ol d r esiden tial par t of town to Cu m ber l an d, th e for m er wester n bou n dar y. W h en th e var iou s detou r s ar e added it, th e com pl ete tou s is appr oxim atel y 4.5 k m l on g.

Cen tr e.Th e Cen tr e cl osed an d th e bu il din g was con ver ted to m ixed r esiden tial / spor tin g u se. CONTINUE W EST TO TH E CORNER OF 5TH ST. E. an d GLOUCESTER.

P.S. Pl ease excu se th e sn ow in th e ph otos, th ey h ad to be tak en wh il e it was stil l on th e gr ou n d to m eet th e pr in tin g deadl in e!


3. 5t h St r eet an d Gl ou cest er , n or t h east si d e, Gal l ow s?H i l l , 1821.

1. 505 4t h St . E., Cor n w al l Ar m ou r i es, 1938. Th e cor n er ston e for th is Tu dor Revival Bar on ial styl e ar m ou r y was l aid on Sept.15, 1938. M .P. Lion el Ch evr ier said h e h oped th e ?Bu il din g of th e ar m ou r y was syn on ym ou s with peace.?On Sept. 10, 1939 Can ada decl ar ed W ar on Nazi Ger m an y.

Befor e th e con str u ction of th e Cor n wal l Jail , fou r m en wer e pu bl icl y h u n g h er e for m u r der ,in fr on t of a cr owd of spectator s. CONTINUEW EST TO TH E NORTH EAST SIDE OF SYDNEY. 6. 5 Th i r d St . E., H ART H OUSE, ca. 1890. On ce M il dr ed Cl ear y?s boar din g h ou se th is Ital ian ate styl e bu il din g is m issin g its two fl an k in g ch im n eys, or igin al en tr an ce ver an dah , secon d fl oor por ch , an d win dow sh u tter s. If you ign or e th e 20th cen tu r y addition on th e east side, it stil l h as its sym m etr y,dou bl e fr on t door , r oof br ack ets an d ston e fou n dation .



4. 105 Fi f t h St . E., ca. 1884. Th is h ou se with its r ear ser van t?s qu ar ter s, gin ger br ead tr im , two stor y bay, dou bl e fr on t door (n ot sh own ) an d decor ative win dow h oods, is a typical Victor ian m iddl e-cl ass h om e.Th e h ou se was on ce own ed by Cor n wal l M ayor Dr. J.A. Ph il l ips. 2. 412 Fi f t h St . E., t h e f or m er YM CA , 1962.


Th e YM -W YCA open ed in th is m oder n l ook in g bu il din g, equ ipped with an in door swim m in g pool th at wou l d br ou gh t th e ?ol ?swim m in g h ol e r igh t in to th e h ear t of th e city for 12 m on th s a year ,?in 1962. In 1976 th e City with th e assistan ce of th e Kin sm en Cl u b took over an d r en am ed it th e Kin sm en

5. 240 Sy d n ey St ., M cDon n el l H om e, 1891-95

7. 101Secon d St . W ., Tr i -Cou n t yL i t er acy Cou n ci l ,bu i l t i n 1904 f or $5,000.

Th e asym m etr ical sh ape, ir r egu l ar r oof l in e, sm al l bal con y an d tower defin es th is str u ctu r e as?Ital ian Vil l a? r evival .Th e styl e differ s fr om Ital ian ate wh ich is sym m etr ical an d tower -l ess.

Bu il t as Tr in ity?s Ch u r ch ?s M an se, th e asym m etr ical an d ir r egu l ar sh ape, al on g with th e textu r ed su r faces, decor ated gabl es, bay win dow an d pitch ed r oofs iden tifies th is as a l ate Qu een An n e


APRIL 2021




anddiscover historicCornwall styl e bu il din g.Th e cover ed en tr an ce is gon e.Th e fin e cr aftsm an sh ip con tin u es in side.

door way for esh adows Ar tDeco.Th e secon d fl oor sh oppin g gal l er y is typical of stor e?s fr om th is er a.



By I an Bower i ng

12. 425 2n d St . E., bu i l t 1932.

8. 219 2N D ST. W ., 1900. M ayor Aar on an d H el en H or ovitz, m oved in to th is h ou se in 1943. Note th e or igin al el ectr ical l y h eated wooden dr iveway. Th e fam il y don ated th e l an d to th e west to cr eate M em or ial Par k . CONTINUE W EST TO CUM BERLAND.

10. 121- 125 Ad ol p h u s St ., bu i l t bet w een 1860 an d 1886. Local l or e r el ates th at th e tower on th is Victor ian Goth ic str u ctu r e is par t of th e steepl e fr om St.Joh n ?s Pr esbyter ian Ch u r ch , an d was pl aced h er e after th e Ch u r ch m oved fr om Pitt St., an d r ebu il t on its pr esen t site.

Th is str u ctu r e with its steepl y pitch ed r oof, h igh en d wal l s, r ecessed en tr an ce fl an k ed by sidel igh ts an d u n even pl acem en t of cou r se ston e over al l , is sim il ar to Qu ebec styl e town h om es, m ak in g it a Fr en ch Col on ial Revival str u ctu r e. It was pu r ch ased by fu tu r e Cor n wal l M ayor Dr. El zear Em ar d, wh o was su bsequ en tl y ch ar ged for sel l in g n ar cotics to th e RCM P. CONTINUE EAST TO M ARLBOROUGH an d TURN LEFT,CONTINUE NORTH .


13. Cor n w al l At h l et i c Gr ou n d s, p r e W or d W ar 1. 9. 400 Secon d St . W ., 1925, Rook ez-Ed ge Sp or t s. Located ju st ou tside of Cor n wal l ?s h istor ic wester n bou n dar y,th is str u ctu r e was con str u cted to h ou se th e Fawth r op Br oth er ?s west en d depar tm en t stor e in bu sin ess fr om 1925 to 1931.Th e sim pl e bal an ced design h in ts at Edwar dian Cl assicism , wh il e th e façade?s decor ative br ick squ ar es an d fin e cr aftsm an sh ip of th e scu l ptu r ed date ston e above th e

11. 340 2n d St . E., W m . M ack , 1867. Th is pol ych r om e br ick h ou se with its decor ative br ick wor k an d exu ber an t u se of m ou l din g is an excel l en t exam pl e of ver n acu l ar Victor ian ar ch itectu r e. It was bu il t for in du str ial ist an d pol itician W il l iam M ack . CONTINUE EAST.

In 1937, n ear l y 10,000 peopl e jam m ed th e gr ou n ds an d th e fu l l y il l u m in ated, m u l ti-stor ied r oofed gr an dstan d to m ar k th e cor on ation of Kin g Geor ge VI.Th ir teen year s l ater a win ter win dstor m tor e th e r oof off th e bu il din g r edu cin g it ?? to a h eap of twisted gir der s, sh atter ed wooden beam s an d spl in ter ed boar ds.? H ope you ha d fun wa lki ng a nd Di scover i ng.

Starteachweek@10am withM ONDA M Y ORNI NG see the Seeker Facebook Page M OTI V A TI ON with the SeekerChicksfor link to get in or watch THE SEEKER 2 IN 1 FLIP

APRIL 2021



nature.Any residentialor commercialpropertythat featuresone or moretrees can benefitfrom professionaltreeservices. Thoseservicescan include tree planting,removaland everythingin between.We sometimestakeour trees for grantedand don?t realizethat they can offer so muchmorebeautyand benefitsthan they do already.

5 Quest ionswit hNick Bil l ings,ownerof Up & DownTreeService. Articleby Mai-LiisRenaud 1. Tel l us a l it t l ebit about yoursel f . How and whendid you decidet o opent his business? My nameis Nick Billingsand I am 32 yearsof age.For as longas I can rememberI havehad a loveand passion for mothernature.I've workedfor differentlocal treecompaniesfor about 10 yearsnow.For the last 4 yearsI partneredwith a gentlemanin a business that wasa great successbut that has sadlycometo an end.As they say though, whenone door closesanotherone opens and with the experienceI havegained and my lovefor nature I havedecidedto followmy childhooddreamof owningmy BEFORE own successfulbusiness,called"Up & DownTreeService".

5. Def inesuccess? The favorableor prosperousterminationof attemptsor endeavorsand the accomplishmentof one'sgoals. How hast he COVID-19pandemic af f ect edyour business? Covid-19tooka hugetoll on a lot of treebusinesses.We wereall stuck on one serviceonly - Emergency trees.Treebusinessescan not surviveon only one serviceand manyof us werestuckat homefor dayswith no work.Thisforceda lot of companiesto go underor move locationsdue to no moneycoming in. Right now is the beginningof a new seasonwith homeowners needingis most. We can be in full functionbut due to the pandemic that couldchangeat any time.

2. What is your MissionSt at ement ? Our missionis to providequality, professional,first ratetreecarefor our customersand local community.We takepridein our work,provide exceptionalservice,and are empoweredto driveresultsthat achievesuperiorvalueand quality; makingus the first choicein treecare providers.We are committedto doing the right thing,the right way,for the right reasons. 3. What is uniqueabout your business? My businessis uniquebecausetrees are not all I'm dealingwith.I do tree planting, trimming& removal,spring AFTER and fall yard cleanup,trimmingshrubs and cedarhedges,plantinggardens, sod and turf installation,fencing,in groundfire pitsand who knows whereelsethiswill takeus. 4. How doesyour businessimproveor changet he communit yat l arge? I'm not hereto just removeany old tree- treesgivelife to mother

I want to givemy honestexpert adviceon everyjob and for every treeI removeI will be plantinga new treesomewherein our local community.I want to be involved moreand morewith my local communityand givebackfromwhat I take. What is your cont actinf o? Up & DownTreeService (343)370-2844email:upanddownts@hotmail.com FacebookPage:up & downtreeservice- comingsoon

LOOKING FORMORE EXPOSURE?Getacompl imentfary eat ure in"LOCALS int heLOUPE" IT'S EASY - SIMPLY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How and when did you decide to open this business? 2. What is your Mission Statement ? 3. What is unique about your business? 4. How does your business improve the community at large? 5. Define Success. BONUS QUESTION: How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your business? What's your contact info?

Email your answers, some business pics and a pic of you t o: inf o@t heseeker.ca


APRIL 2021



If you see any sm all w eeds star ting, be sur e to r em ove them r ight aw ay as they can becom e an issue dow n the r oad. Once ever ything is all clear ed its a good idea to add som e soil and com post for those m uch-needed nutr ients. If you don't have access to com post, a gr eat substitute is bone m eal as it w ill pr ovide a solid boost. Now w e'r e going to tr im and cut back all of our per ennials, sm all tr ees, and shr ubs. Per ennials, for exam ple, hostas w ill have a lot of dr y leaves and tw igs fr om last year s gr ow th so be sur e to r em ove all of that. The new shoots ar e at the cr ow n of the plant (See photo r ight) and it is ver y im por tant not to dam age them as they w ill be this year 's gr ow th.

Now tim e to get your favour ite pr uner s out! For the sm all tr ees and shr ubs, I like to cut them back tw o-thir ds of last year s gr ow th to m ake the plant look tighter and give it m or e shape. Once you star t seeing leaves em er ge, I tr im out any dead br anches that I m ay have m issed. Now that ever ything is r eady its tim e for the fun par t! Figur e out w her e you w ant to add plants and keep in m ind how m uch space you have, the type of lighting and the type of soil.

... & CRAFTS

Now that the w ar m w eather is her e, its the per fect tim e to star t r aking the beds of any debr is. W hile r aking be sur e that you'r e being car eful not to r ake up any of your fall bulbs.



Hello everyone! My name is Yafa and I am an artist, having studied arts at Alexandria University in Egypt, where I am from. In March, of 2020 I moved to Cornwall and then the pandemic started. I am enjoying sharing my love of art with everyone mostly virtually at this time but hopefully in the very near future we will be able to meet in person!

Ya f a


GardeningQuestions?ASK ANNA ...

Hello ever yone! M y nam e is Anna and I m anage your local Har vest Gar den Centr e on the cor ner of Vincent M assey and Pow er dam Road in Cor nw all. In this colum n, I'm going to be answ er ing your ever yday gar dening questions. To kick things off w e'r e going to talk about how to pr oper ly pr epar e your established flow er beds for the spr ing.



Art is a gif t that is given to humanity to strengthen its continuity. Art creates windows for imagination and innovation. It strengthens the soul and makes each of us distinct and different yet at the same time connected with each other. I offer you a simple idea for innovation - I use things around me to transform them into art - working on reusing available materials and drawing on them. And to make things simpler for you - do not judge or evaluate your artwork - but enjoy the process of doing the art itself. Today, in our first article, we will work on making a simple craft - It could be wooden (can be purchased) or plastic like a lid (recycling) Our st eps : 1- Make sure the lids are clean 2 - Color the cover with your favorite color - as the background of your drawings

3 - Start drawing (shapes - ideas or words) If possible, add a string to be able to display your artwork in your home or room Here are a few examples:. Snap a pic of your creation and email it to: info@theseeker.ca

I hope this has helped you get your flow er bed pr epped and r eady to go for the spr ing! I f you would like me to a nswer one of your questions next month you ca n send your question to me at: info@theseeker .ca attention Ask Anna .

I h ope you al l h ave a gr eat m on t h an d be su r e t o st op by an d say h i an d sen d me you r ask s...




APRIL 2021

Join us in "YAFA art s & craf t s onl ine sessions - open t o al l ages - everybody is wel come! Group act ivit ies - Creat ing ARTs and Craf t s - Sharing Joy and Happiness and creat ing t oget her wit h recycl ed art icl es t hat you have around your house! Art is a Great Gif t f or yoursel f and somet hing f or you and your kids t o do t oget her. To reserve your spot . Cont act : yaf aart scraf t a@gmail .com Facebook : ht t ps:/ / www.f acebook.com/ yaf acraf t s inst agram : ht t ps:/ / www.inst agram.com/ yaf aart scraf t s/



Vint age

Visit or

Cent re


In Lamoureux Park The Cornwal l Communit y Museum 613-936-0280

DUETOCOVID-19 TheMuseum ispresent lcl y osedt ot hepubl ic FORANYRESEARCH REQUESTS - pl easeemail :

Most of us love to get out and enjoy ?the sights.? PRE-SEAWAY Thanks to the Seaway and Power Project excitement, the 1959 tourist ?season?was record-setting both in terms of numbers of visitors and duration of stay. They came from across the U.S.A., Canada and oversees. In early August, Lillian Ross, supervisor of Cornwall?s Ontario Government Tourist Information Bureau, reported that during May, June and July, 24,677 tourists sought information. July alone brought 16,305 visitors contrasted with 8,950 during the same period in 1958. July 28thwas their peak day with 798 visitors. Six weeks remained in the season. Five students helped to staff the Second Street West bureau, along the Old #2 highway. [B&W photos courtesy the Standard-Freeholder.]

POST-SEAWAY During the 1963 construction of a $70,000 permanent bureau at 903 Brookdale Avenue just north of the traffic circle at the north end of the high-level Seaway International Bridge, this tent served as temporary quarters. Attendant Ann Fournier interacts with the signage. In September of 1963, the new building construction was progressing under contractor John Entwistle Construction; the center was planned to open the following Spring. In early July of 1966, staff were receiving as many as 750 visitors per day. 82,000 visitors benefited from their service the prior year, which peaked at 1,864 on their busiest day. 1972 witnessed an expansion to the south end of the building to accommodate increased traffic. In March of 2012, news came that this travel centre and six others from among the province?s 18 would soon close. The province was re-configuring its delivery and moving more of its content online. The building is now re-fashioned as a restaurant.

Please wear face covering and social distance so that we can all get back to being tourists sooner than later!


APRIL 2021



happensspontaneouslyas custom er sshar e infor m ation am ong them selvesand w ith us.

5 Quest ions wit h Derek Morl ey, owner of Modern Primit ive.

We love em pow er ingour ar tisan fr iendslocally and all over the w or ld by giving them a suppor tive, fair tr ade space to deliver their goods and their m essageto the w or ld 3. W h at i s u n i qu e abou t you r bu si n ess? We ar e a businessthat pr ior itizes com m unity. We w ant to m eet you and connect over w hat?s happening. We w ant to pr om oteyour events and pr ojects. We w ant to m ake ar t together.

Article by Mai-Liis Renaud

5. Def i n e su ccess? Successfor m e per sonally,m eans having a healthy balance in my ner voussystem . W hen I?m in balance I can r espond to ever ythingin my envir onm entto the best of my ability. The deep connectednessof all life is r ight befor e our eyes. But w hen I?m str essed I don?t notice it as m uch. I?m so m uch happier w hen I?m w itnessinggr and unity of life; that?s success. How h as t h e COVI D-19pan dem i caf f ect ed you r bu si n ess? The pandem ichas been r eally challengingto ever y aspect or out pr oject, fr om supply line inter r uptionsto existential m alaise. M aking sense of all the im plicationsof the vir us and the r esponseto the vir us is a full tim e job!! W h at i s you r con t act i n f o? M oder n Pr im itive- Cor nw all Squar e - 1 Water Str eet East w w w.m oder npr im itive.ca- visit them on Facebook

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APRIL 2021

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TI M to E th

1. Tel l u s a l i t t l e bi t abou t you r sel f . How an d w h en di d you deci de t o open t h i s bu si n ess? I decided to open up shop in Cor nw all w hen I got a phone call last August fr om my fr iend Leo Doucet infor m ingm e that he had r ecently stepped into m anagem entat the Cor nw all Squar e and that ther e w ould be a space availableto m e as a Chr istm as pop-up shop should I w ish to set up. I decided to stay on after the Chr istm asseason after only one w eek of businessw hen w e w itnessed the excitem ent fr om the com m unity. 2. W h at i s you r M i ssi on St at em en t ? Our m ission is to cr eate r eal w or ld spaces w her e people can connect w ith one another and shar e stor ies that br ing m eaning to life. We ar e happiest w hen w e hear the soundsof m any languagesspoken in the stor e, and w hen w e w itnesslear ningin r eal-tim e,about w hat the var iousobjects ar e, w hat the sym bols m ean, w ho m akes them and w hy it m atter s. Som etim esthat

4. How does you r bu si n ess i m pr ove or ch an ge t h e com m u n i t y at l ar ge? In our space ther e ar e never any pr essur esales. Folks ar e w elcom eto com e in and enjoy the vibes. We have a com fy places to sit and take a load off. It?s a judgem ent fr ee space, and that?s som ethingw e can r eally use m or e of these days. :)

Seeyoua llnextmonth ... mea nwhile, StayPositive!

Their Facebook page descr iption r eads: ?M oder n Pr im itive is a cultur ally diver se and spir itually inspir ed gift shop! Her e you w ill find clothing fr om acr oss the globe, locally m ade tr easur es, vinyl fr om back in tim e, inspir ation fr om a Tar ot r eader , and a laugh w ith our staff.? A gr eat descr iption but to tr uly appr eciate it you have to w alk thr ough the door s. The only pr oblem is that w hen you do w alk in ther e you need to m ake sur e that you have lots of tim e to explor e. I w as happy to tr ack dow n the stor e's ow ner , Der ek M or ely and have a little chat w ith him .

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APRIL 2021



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The Seeker - April 2021  

The Seeker - April 2021  


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