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ViBella Jewelry   Design  inspira1on   Spring  2014  

Make the  long  beads  paper  beads.  Make  this  either  1   necklace  or  2  separate  necklaces.      

Miranda Priestley’s  long  chain  classic  necklace.  There  are  2-­‐3  separate   necklaces.  

Miranda Priestley  necklaces.  3  separate  necklaces.  This  could  be  merchandised   together  to  encourage  people  to  buy  all  3.   1)  A  short  chain  (I  see  ViBella  making  this  with  paper  beads     2)  2)  a  pendant     3)  3)  long  chain.       Because  there  are  so  many  necklaces,  keep  the  color  simple.    

Jade with  crystal  is  not  overpowering.  It   is  a  very  elegant  silhoueMe.    

Vintage inspira1on   The  following  pieces  are  vintage  inspira1on   pieces.  

1.  Large pearls   2.  Coins  

This is  very  “statement  necklace”  but  perhaps  ViBella   designers  could  draw  some  inspira1on  from  it.  

Statement necklaces  for   inspira1on.  

This would  be  very   beau1ful  with  paper   beads.  It  would  make  it   more  understated.  

Triple chain  with   monochroma1c   stones  with  tassel  

A classic  necklace.  I  could   see  this  in  the  ViBella   catalog  for  years  to  come  

Delicate jade  circular  crystal  with  pearls.  Double  strand.  

Andi wore  something   similar  to  this  in  The   Devil  Wears  Prada   movie.    

Vibella inspiration marapr14  
Vibella inspiration marapr14