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Lecture Lecture Lecture on onon the the the Conservation Conservation Conservation ofofofPaintings Paintings Paintings

The The The talk talktalk comprises comprises comprises a practical, a practical, a practical, step-by-step step-by-step step-by-step guide guide guide totothe to thethe conservation conservation of paintings. paintings. Julia Julia includes includes various various case case studies studies conservation ofofpaintings. Julia includes various case studies ofof of pictures pictures conserved conserved in herstudio her studio studio West in West London. London. pictures conserved ininher inin West London. The The lecture lecture starts starts with with a brief a brief history history of thepreparation the preparation preparation of panels panels The lecture starts with a brief history ofofthe ofofpanels andand canvases canvases andand illustrates illustrates the different different approaches approaches andand techniques techniques and canvases and illustrates thethedifferent approaches and techniques involved involved in their their conservation. conservation. Various Various ‘before’, ‘before’, ‘during’ ‘during’ and‘after’ and ‘after’ ‘after’ involved inintheir conservation. Various ‘before’, ‘during’ and photographs photographs show show the pictures pictures undergoing undergoing conservation conservation andand photographs show thethepictures undergoing conservation and thethethe processes processes used. used. processes used.

Lecture Lecture Lecture on onon the the the Beauty Beauty Beauty &&& History History History ofofofFrames Frames Frames

The The The lecture lecture lecture includes includes includes a brief a brief a brief history history history ofofframes of frames frames and andand focuses focuses focuses onontheir on their their design design design and andand construction. construction. Julia Julia also also discusses discusses thetheconservation the conservation ofofframes, of frames, and how how toto to construction. Julia also discusses conservation frames, andand how choose choose thetheright the right one tototransform to transform a painting a painting and display display it ittoto ititsto its best choose right oneone transform a painting andand display itsbest best advantage. advantage. advantage.

❖❖ The ❖ The The History History History ofofFrames of Frames Frames – –including including – including how how how frames frames frames have have have developed developed developed inin in Europe, Europe, Europe, influenced influenced influenced often often often bybyprevailing by prevailing prevailing architectural architectural architectural styles. styles. styles. ❖❖ The ❖ The Design Design Design &&Making & Making Making ofofFrames of Frames Frames – –anan –insight an insight insight into into into their their their design design design && & The selection; selection; gilding gilding techniques techniques over over time, time, together together with with thethematerials the materials used used inin in selection; gilding techniques over time, together with materials used thetheworkshop the workshop workshop (The (The two subjects subjects may may bebecombined be combined orormore or more focused—on focused—on request) request) (The twotwo subjects may combined more focused—on request)

AllAlltalks All talks talks are arebespoke are bespoke bespoke totothe to thecommissioning the commissioning commissioning society/museum society/museum society/museum and andand are aretailored are tailored tailored totosuit. to suit. suit. AllAlllectures All lectures lectures are areavailable are available available totobeto becombined be combined combined ininStudy in Study Study Days Days Days overleaf. overleaf. overleaf.

Lecture Lecture Lecture on onon the the the Art Art Art ofofofFraming Framing Framing

A Amore more A more specialised specialised specialised choice choice choice ofoflectures of lectures lectures including including including some some some history history history &&practical & practical practical construction construction ofofframes, frames, including including thethefollowing following subjects: subjects: construction of frames, including the following subjects: ❖❖Paintings ❖Paintings Paintings ininframes in frames frames from from from contrasting contrasting contrasting eras, eras, eras, juxtaposing juxtaposing juxtaposing styles styles styles ❖❖Symbolism ❖Symbolism Symbolism ininframes in frames frames – –insights insights – insights into into into trophy trophy trophy frames frames frames (often (often (often inin in relation relation totoold oldmasters) masters) and andand how how they they enhance enhance thethepaintings paintings forforfor relation to old masters) how they enhance the paintings which which they they were were designed. designed. which they were designed. ❖❖The role role role ofofartists of artists artists through through through history history history designing designing designing their their their own own own frames frames frames –– – ❖The The thethetalk talktalk ranges ranges from from Michelangelo Michelangelo through through totothe thework work ofofthe thethe the ranges from Michelangelo through to the work of th 20 th th century 2020 century century artists, artists, artists, and andand includes includes includes thetheFrench the French French impressionists, impressionists, impressionists, and andand thethePre-Raphaelites Pre-Raphaelites along along thetheway. way. the Pre-Raphaelites along the way.

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COMING COMING COMINGSOON SOON SOON AAALecture Lecture Lectureonon onthe the theForgotten Forgotten ForgottenPaintings Paintings Paintingsofof ofthe the theArt Art Art World, World,known known knownasas as‘sleepers’ ‘sleepers’ ‘sleepers’–––our our ourvery very veryown own own World, ‘Fake Fakeoror orFortune’ Fortune’ Fortune’ ‘‘Fake

Julia Julia JuliaKorNEr KorNEr KorNEr Fine Fine Fine Art Art Art Consultant; Consultant; Consultant; Paintings Paintings Paintings Conservator Conservator Conservator && & Frame Frame Frame Specialist Specialist Specialist

Information Information InformationBrochure: Brochure: Brochure: Lectures Lectures Lectures&&&Study Study StudyDays Days Days

Study Study Study Days Days Days combine combine combine lectures lectures lectures with with with practical practical practical demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations and and and have have have been been very very generously generously received received byThe The Arts Arts Society Society groups groups up and and down down been very generously received byby The Arts Society groups upup and down thethe the country. country. country. The The The dayday day is is tailor-made istailor-made tailor-made forfor for thethe the respective respective respective commissioning commissioning commissioning society, society, society, created created from from the following following options: options: created from thethe following options: ❖❖ The lecture: ‘The ❖ The The lecture: lecture: ‘The ‘The Conservation Conservation Conservation ofof of Paintings, Paintings, Paintings, Frames Frames Frames and and and Polychrome Polychrome Sculpture’ Sculpture’ Sculpture’ Polychrome -- -followed --followed followed byby by practical practical practical demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations onon on how how how paintings paintings paintings areare are conserved conserved conserved ❖❖ ❖ The The The lecture: lecture: lecture: ‘The ‘The ‘The Beauty Beauty Beauty && History &History History ofof of Frames’ Frames’ Frames’ looks looks looks at at their attheir their history history and and their their design design history and their design --followed followed by practical practical demonstrations demonstrations showing showing the making making -- -followed byby practical demonstrations showing thethe making ofofof specialist specialist gold gold leaf leaf and and gesso gesso frames frames specialist gold leaf and gesso frames ❖ ‘Pictures ‘Pictures && Frames &Frames Frames Roadshow’: Roadshow’: Roadshow’: where where where members members members ofofof thethe the public public public bring bring bring ❖❖ ‘Pictures along along their their pictures pictures and and /or /or their their frames. frames. Their Their combined combined condition condition along their pictures and /or their frames. Their combined condition isdiscussed discussed indetail detail together together with with how how they they may may be enhanced. enhanced. is is discussed in in detail together with how they may bebe enhanced. Julia Julia isable able totravel travel with with her studio studio toconduct conduct Study Study Days Days but also also Julia is is able toto travel with herher studio toto conduct Study Days butbut also offers offers smaller, smaller, private private sessions sessions inher her West West London London workshop. workshop. offers smaller, private sessions in in her West London workshop.

This This This talk talk talk looks looks looks at at forgotten atforgotten forgotten and and and misattributed misattributed misattributed pictures pictures pictures found found found in in the inthe the artart art world world world which which which Julia Julia Julia and and and herher her colleagues colleagues colleagues take take take pride pride pride in in revealing. inrevealing. revealing. The The The lecture lecture lecture provides provides clues clues as as to asto how tohow how professionals professionals gogo go about about discovering discovering hidden hidden gems gems provides clues professionals about discovering hidden gems which which have have long long since since lost lost their their dignity dignity oror fallen orfallen fallen into into anonymity. anonymity. The The talk talk which have long since lost their dignity into anonymity. The talk guides guides you you through through thethe the research research and and examination examination ofofof pictures pictures and and is is rich isrich rich in inin guides you through research and examination pictures and detail detail about about thethe the ageage age ofofof pigment, pigment, panels, panels, canvases canvases and and frames. frames. detail about pigment, panels, canvases and frames. Join Join Julia Julia onon on a journey journey through through thethe the mists mists ofofof time, time, working working with with colleagues colleagues Join Julia aajourney through mists time, working with colleagues toto uncover touncover uncover those those pictures pictures that that have have become become soso neglected. soneglected. neglected. Doubtless, Doubtless, you you those pictures that have become Doubtless, you tootoo too will will find find such such hidden hidden treasures treasures along along thethe the way. way. will find such hidden treasures along way. Julia Julia Julia Korner Korner Korner – Fine ––Fine Fine ArtArt Art Consultant; Consultant; Consultant; Paintings Paintings Paintings Conservator Conservator Conservator & Frame &&Frame Frame Specialist Specialist Specialist

E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: julia@juliakorner.com; julia@juliakorner.com; julia@juliakorner.com; Website: Website: Website: www.juliakorner.com; www.juliakorner.com; www.juliakorner.com; Mobile: Mobile: Mobile: 07771 07771 07771 713 713 713 980 980 980

Julia Julia Julia is is aisspecialist aaspecialist specialist and and and lecturer lecturer lecturer in in fine infine fine artart art conservation conservation conservation and and and in in the inthe the restoration restoration ofofof paintings, paintings, sculptures sculptures and and frames. frames. She She is is also a valuer, aavaluer, having having restoration paintings, sculptures and frames. She isalso also valuer, having spent spent nearly nearly twenty twenty years years at at Christie’s. spent nearly twenty years atChristie’s. Christie’s. She She She trained trained trained as as an asan an artart art historian, historian, historian, conservator conservator conservator and and and gilder gilder gilder and and and runs runs runs a busy aabusy busy conservation conservation conservation studio studio studio in in West inWest West London. London. London. She She She acts acts acts also also also as as an asan an advisor, advisor, advisor, valuer valuer valuer and exhibition curator for public and private collections. and and exhibition exhibition curator curator forfor public public and and private private collections. collections. She She is is aispassionate aapassionate collector collector ofofof paintings paintings and and works works ofofof art.art. She passionate collector paintings and works art. Email: Email: Email: julia@juliakorner.com julia@juliakorner.com julia@juliakorner.com Website: Website: Website: www.juliakorner.com www.juliakorner.com www.juliakorner.com Mobile: Mobile: Mobile: +44 +44 +44 (0)7771 (0)7771 (0)7771 713 713 713 980 980 980

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Julia Korner Lecture Brochure 2019  

A comprehensive brochure of the lectures and study days provided by Julia Korner (Julia@juliakorner.com).

Julia Korner Lecture Brochure 2019  

A comprehensive brochure of the lectures and study days provided by Julia Korner (Julia@juliakorner.com).