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Practical training: 2006 - 2007: 1998 - 1999:

Seven-month internship at the design agency «Red Design», Κηφισιά Internship in a large printing plant, «Druckerei Jungfer» in Herzberg

Practical education: 2000 - 2002: Company-based practical training program, apprenticeship involving vocational school (one day per week) and part-time on-the-job training (4 days per week) Final examination and certification as «Designer for Digital- and Printmedia» by Chamber of Commerce & Industry, June 2002. apprenticing company: TPM-Werbeagentur, Hannover vocational school: Multimedia BBS der Region Hannover Education: 1998 - 2000: 1994 - 1998:

Specialized Secondary School (design), Göttingen Secondary School, Northeim

Languages: German: native speaker English: good Greek: 2006 - 2010: Participation at diverse language courses in Hanover and Athens Juni - Juli 2010: Participation at the «summer intensive course» at the university Ζωγράφου since 02/2009: Learning of the greek language byevery day life in Athens

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