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DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat Review

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Design? Some Photos

Design Verdict The design of the DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat is really beautiful. Worth? I must say, yes!

Length to Weight Ratio

ď‚š This 13 ratio bat is a great deal, and offers a perfect balance swing weight for small players. ď‚š It is therefore easier to use and more comfortable to hold in your hand.

ION V End Cap

 Your young player won’t be inconvenienced with unnecessary vibrations during every hit since the bat is designed with an Ion V end cap.

Detailed Specifications

 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter  Paradox Composite, D-Fusion FT Handle  -13 Length to Weight Ratio  X12ATM Alloy Barrel

The Positives

 It looks pretty and the painting is eye catching  Compared to other youth baseball bats, this one is cheaper  Comfortable firm grip for total control  Ion V end cap ensures comfortable use without vibrations  Perfect design and bombs the ball away with a lot of power

The Negatives

 The paintings chips off after a couple of uses  Can only be used for little leagues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ď‚š Â How long will it take to break-in this baseball bat? - You do not have to worry about break-in process since it is not required because it is an alloy barrel.

What Customers Say About It?

ď‚š Used for a 7 year old. It has a noticable pop off the bat versus a cheaper louisville slugger tpx. Noticable difference in distance and power, I am well pleased with this purchase. ď‚š This is a gift for my grandson so I can't review playing time with it as the season hasn't started yet for his league it will be next year. I have no doubt he will love it.

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Detailed Review?

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Demarini 2015 voodoo overlord youth baseball bat review  

he length of bat your player should use would be based on his size rather than age. We would recommend sticking with that 29 inch length as...

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