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Julia Janku Design Portfolio

Julia Janku designer graphic _ packaging _ product _ interior I am an Albanian designer based in Tirana. I have spent a childhood filled with traveling and learning about new cultures and art, therefor I have always been a creative person. I have acquirements in different fiedls of arts and design and experience in professional writing. I am thought to be hard working and pragmatic. I like new experiences and I am up for challenges.



2007 - 2011 Kostandin Kristoforidhi High School

2011 - 2014 BA in Art & Design POLIS University

2014 - 2016 MSc. in Applied Design POLIS University

Design Skills

Modeling Skills

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator

3D Studio Max

Adobe InDesign Adobe Muse

Rhinocerous Autocad





Tr aveling


Jan. - Oct. 2013 _ Junior Graphic Designer _ Tirana Design Week Jan. - Oct. 2014 _ Graphic Designer _ Tirana Architecture Week Jun. 2014 - Sept. 2015 _ Graphic Designer _ The Menu Designers Jan. - Oct. 2015 _ Co-Curator + Designer _ Tirana Design Week Mar. - Jul. 2015 _ Art History Assistant Lecturer _ POLIS University, Tirana, Al Sep. 2015 - Sep. 2016 _ Graphic Designer + Printing Office Assistent _ POLIS University,

interior design 01

Bed & Bunker Bunker transformed into a hostel

Bed & Bunker is an international project conducted as a cooperation between FH Mainz (University of Applied Sciences) in Mainz, Germany and POLIS University (International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies) in Tirana, Albania. The project was realized during the summer of 2012 in Albania near the village of Tale in Lezha, where a mushroom bunker was transformed into a hostel for travelers and backpackers. 2012

product design 02

Lego Table Modular work table

Lego table is a modular working table which can be placed in houses, ofices or libraries. It can have different configurations based on how the pieces are put together, as well as different size, ranging from a small table with less pieces to a bigger/continous table with many pieces, The table offers a special place for books and bags, in order to help keeping the work space neat and clean.


product design 03

Stool N01 Easily assembling furniture

Winner of 1st prize, “Design by Dutch” Competition, 2014 The main goal was to create a product that was simple and functional; its form minimalistic and immediately understandable – a sitting stool with a clear structure, which suggests its function by making use of the user`s intuition, or simply being self – explanatory. An object which is useful; simple – being able to both stand out between the other furniture in a room, but also blend enough so it can be a perfect choice for everyone`s taste; multi-functional – being able to be used as a stool, side table; and further more being assembled and stored easily.


magazine design 04

M.A.D Magazine Vol. 03 Video Killed the Radio Star

Layout design for M.A.D Magazine Vol. 03, focusing in the lecture titled “Video Killed the Radio Star�; an issue concentrated on the timeline and milestones of music videos through history. The publication is available on and bookstores in Tirana, Albania.


exhibition design 05

Video Killed the Radio Star Bachelor Dissertation Design

My Bachelor dissertation, the project finalising 3 years of Art & Design study focused on the study of the visual language used in music videos. It concluded in a research essay based on the initial study “Video Killed the Radio Star� by Dr. B. Aliaj and an exhibition design which translated the study into graphics. The design is in display at POLIS University (Tirana, Albania) as part of the permanent exhibitions.


watchtower design 06

Watchtower located in Durrës National Coastal Agency

Winner of “Watchtower Competition” organised by the National Coastal Agency, Albania in 2014. The watchtower is designed for the coastal city of Durrës and the first watchtower was built in June 2014. The tower has got a calculated hight which corresponds to the shallow shore and it facilitates 2 floors - a closed space for the baywatchers to have a private space and store objects and a balcony space from which watching the beach is made possible.


magazine design 07

Go Ahead, Indulge! Traveling and cooking magazine

Graphic design and content editing for “Go Ahead, Indulge� Magazine sponsored by Vlore Bakery, USA; a combination of interests such as cooking and traveling.


campaign branding 08

Election Campaign 2015 Central Election Committee

The design of the Local Elections Campaign of 2015 for the state of Albania, participating as a team. The work included logo design, cards, flyers, posters, city lights and banners.


website design 09

TDW 2015 Tirana Design Week

Web-design for Tirana Design Week biennale, 2nd edition, organised in September 2015, Tirana, Albania.


personal branding 10

Crescendo Financials Stationary Design

The client, a women`s finance coach and certified cash flow specialist, wanted complete stationary design for her financial advising company, targeted to women.


interior design 11

Loft Interior Design Loft for Designer on the Road

The loft design is based on the idea that a traveler at heart, although being always on the move, has got a place where he can rest time after time; so this is Cagri Cankaya`s rest nest, right in the middle of messy but lively Tirana.



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outdoor design 12

Kinostudio Park of Arts Public Space Design

Competition for the Adaptation of ex-Kinostudio area in a Park of Arts / Ministry of Culture, Albania The aim of this project is the creation of a temporary and permanent exhibiting spaces for the works of artists. The project concept focuses on a large common space for recreation, exhibiting and performing. The design respects the elements of existing territory and context, enhancing its cultural values, but also making the space friendly to a new spirit of contemporary art and culture. The project is based on the rehabilitation of the area and making it multifunctional – adding galleries, workshop spaces, museums, exhibiting and performing spaces, urban furnishing, etc. The Park of Arts is a meeting point for the artists, the youngsters and the people of Tirana city. Group project.


logo design 13

Logo Design Different clients

A set of different logos I have designed for different clients during the span of the last couple of years.


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product design 14

Stool N02 Easily assembling furniture

An easily assembling piece of furniture which can be mantled and dismantle in the most simplest way by everyone, even children. Made solely by wood, it can be easily stored or transported inside a fabric bag.


robotic design 15

Mik, Robot for Autism Master Dissertation Design

There has been a lot of investigating on whether robots can help children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder have more meaningful human interactions and as a result, several robots are used today specifically for autism treatments and studies. Mik is a friendly therapist designed with a focus on autistic children aged 4-7 years old and their therapists. Mik`s main functions include helping both the therapists and children have a better therapy/learning session, with a concentration on communication skills and treatment of light and sound sensitivity.








Central Processing Unit 310

915 536


325 468


157 332

Sensors 345



235 27

25 389 430

Material: ABS Plastic


Material: Silicone

interior design 16

Luga e Argjendtë Fresh Pasta & Sauces Shop

A soft industrial feeling combined with a warm sense of rusticity characterises “Luga e Argjendtë” shop, located in the Albanian capital, Tirana. The high windows lighting the bricked walls and metalic and wooden shelves are an important element in the design and concept of the interior. The focal element of the space is the counter where all the fresh prepared plates are in complete view and tasting food is also made possible as costumers can come, sit and enjoy dishes. The entire space is divided in food storing, cooking and serving areas, making for an eficient and delightful process.


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Julia janku Design Portfolio