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Colors & Fonts

Logo & Tagline C 36 R 171 M 12 G 192 K 56 B 137 Y0


Fourth Deminsion


C 33 M 50 K 44 Y4

Corbel Bold italic

R 171 G 130 B 126

Truck Design

Truck Design



Print Ads

Print Ads

Creative Brief

Creative Brief



To create a hip, fun food truck and company design for a never before seen food truck that puts a unique spin on healthy lunch meal


Hype up a grand opening event page that will have consistent advertising through website/ads Start letting media outlets know that Avoca-toast Food Truck is coming a month before opening The Facebook event page will use digital ads and pay for promotion on Facebook Invite local business owners to the grand opening


Primary- health nuts and avocado lovers in South Louisiana Seondary- people who’ve never tried or liked avocados

Any other lunchtime restaurants in Baton Rouge Difference - it’s the only business that solely focuses on the many variations of avocado toast for vegetarians, vegans, gluten frees, and carnivores



To create a brand for Avocatoast that is hip, fun, and inviting To create a truck design, website, digital ads, push cards, and menu The audience needs to experience the many variations Avocatoast offers in making a new alternative to healthy eating


Website & email marketing all telling where the next Avocatoast stop will be Digital ads in local magazines and newspapers such as 225, DIG, InRegister, The Reveille and The Advocate Push cards distributed to local grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart

People are required to post a picture on Facebook if they enjoyed their experience at the opening event They can use the hashtags #AvocatoastFoodTruck and #KeepItToasty for future promotions

EXTENSIONS Customer loyalty punch card- After 10 punches on your card (10 visits) you get a free toast


Grand opening event with outdoor seating, twinkle lights, and local band If customers prove they made a post, they get an additional punch on their customer card

Julia Hebert

Julia Hebert - Avocatoast  
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