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Julia Hartz

Creative Brief  for  Caroline’s  Boutique       Background/Overview:     Caroline’s  Boutique  is  owned  and  was  founded  by  Dale  Augenstein.  He  began  with   the  first  Caroline’s  Boutique,  which  is  located  in  Hilton  Head,  South  Carolina.  He   owns  a  restaurant  as  well,  Steamer’s  Seafood,  also  in  Hilton  Head.  The  idea  for   Caroline’s  came  from  the  inspiration  of  his  niece,  Caroline.  The  boutiques  reflect   Caroline’s  favorite  color,  purple,  and  the  atmosphere  of  the  Bowling  Green  locations   differ  from  the  store  in  Hilton  Head.       Objective:     The  objective  is  to  integrate  an  effective  advertising  campaign,  by  the  creation  of  a   more  relatable  and  appealing  design  scheme  to  the  target  market.  Maintaining  a   weekly  updated  blog,  a  Facebook  page,  and  Twitter  account,  as  well  as  other  outlets   such  as  newspaper  and  print,  would  further  educate  the  public  on  the  existence  of   this  boutique.       The  main  goal  to  focus  on  with  Caroline’s  Boutique  is  awareness.  Both  stores  are   located  on  the  square  in  downtown  Bowling  Green,  and  not  much  advertising  has   been  done  to  get  the  word  out  that  Caroline’s  has  arrived.  Promotions  and   merchandise  are  a  definite  part  of  the  advertising  plan.       There  are  two  locations  of  Caroline’s  Boutique  in  Bowling  Green.  One  location,  at   916  State  Street;  the  one  that  is  focused  on  in  this  project,  has  a  much  younger   target  market  than  the  other.  The  other  store  on  the  corner  of  the  square,  at  900   State  Street,  has  a  target  market  directed  at  mostly  the  missy  and  motherly  ages   with  a  much  higher  price  point.  An  advertising  campaign  that  catches  the  attention   of  a  young  target  market  as  well  as  an  old  one  would  be  ideal  so  that  both  age   groups  would  be  interested  in  shopping  at  both  locations;  however,  for  this  project,   the  younger  target  market  store  will  be  focused  on.         1.  Target  Audience:   a)  The  age  group  focused  on  for  the  target  market  of  the  916  boutique  is  a   range  from  ages  16-­‐35.   b)  The  scheme  of  this  design  will  be  directed  at  this  younger  age  group  with   popular  designs  such  as  the  chevron  pattern  seen  in  the  logo.    

2. Merchandise       a)  Merchandise  will  be  available  for  purchase  at  the  store,  as  well  as  given   away  freely  on  certain  occasions  to  promote  the  brand.  This  merchandise  will   include:   -­‐Tote  bags   -­‐Beach  towels     -­‐Buttons     b)  Reasoning    -­‐The  tote  bags  were  selected  as  an  effective  merchandising  tool  because  they   are  popular  with  the  targeted  age  group,  especially  those  college  students  shopping   at  the  boutique.     -­‐The  beach  towels  will  be  sold  especially  right  around  high  school  and  college   spring  break  season,  as  well  as  the  spring  and  summertime  seasons.  This  will  be  an   effective  form  of  advertising  because  of  the  appealing  design  of  the  towels  and  the   idea  that  beach  towels  are  a  necessity  during  vacation  season.     -­‐The  buttons  were  selected  as  a  merchandising  tool  because  of  the  popularity   of  these  mostly  among  college  girls.  For  this  particular  item,  two  variations  were   designed.  One  is  the  simple  “Caroline’s  Boutique”  logo,  which  would  be  typically   worn  on  backpacks,  tote  bags,  and  other  items.  The  other  is  the    “Caroline’s  loves  the   Tops”  button.  This  has  a  red  chevron  background  and  will  be  popular  to  wear  at   Western  Kentucky  University  sporting  events,  as  well  as  for   everyday  items  such  as   backpacks  and  tote  bags.  Many  sororities  make  these  buttons  for  WKU  games  and   events,  so  it  is  an  effective  way  to  advertise.       3.  Brand  Extension     a)  Although  there  are  two  separate  Caroline’s  Boutiques  in  Bowling  Green,   for  the  brand  extension,  a  different  route  was  decided  on.  This  extension  will  be   known  as  “Caroline’s  for  Kids,”  and  will  be  an  extension  of  the  company.       b)  “Caroline’s  for  Kids”  will  feature  high-­‐end  children’s  clothing,  and  will   further  continue  to  expand  the  target  market.  This  boutique  will  be  a  separate  store,   but  will  also  be  located  in  Fountain  Square  in  downtown  Bowling  Green.       c)  The  thought  behind  “Caroline’s  for  Kids”  is  that  the  company  of  Caroline’s   Boutiques  will  have  something  for  everyone.  Teens  and  college  students  can  shop  at   the  916  store,  while  their  mothers  shop  at  the  more  mature  and  high-­‐end  900  store,   as  well  as  “Caroline’s  for  Kids”  for  their  younger  children.  Although  there  will  be   three  separate  locations,  it  will  benefit  the  customer  because  it  will  still  be  viewed   as  a  “one-­‐stop  shop”  since  all  the  locations  will  be  in  the  same  square.

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Caroline’s Boutique

Caroline’s is Boutique is now has two locations in Fountain Square in downtown Bowling Green, Ky!

now open!

Caroline's Boutique Booklet  
Caroline's Boutique Booklet  

Booklet designed to illustrate a new advertising plan for a local boutique.