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                       November  2013  

HEY YOU!   Yes,  YOU!  If  you  are  reading  this  letter,  then  you  are  one  of  the  30  people  hand  picked  by   the  AIESEC  Peru  sales  leaders  to  be  part  of  a  global  movement  to  change  the  world  one   business  at  a  time.   AIESEC  is  the  world’s  largest  youth-­‐run  organization.  Present  in  over  124  countries  and   with   more   than   86,000   members   across   the   world,   AIESEC   is   the   international   platform   for   young   people   to   explore   and   develop   their   leadership   potential   in   order   to   have   a   positive  impact  in  society.   From  January-­March  2014,  AIESEC  Peru  will  select,  train  and  develop  5  high-­‐potential,   young   individuals.   These   5   individuals   will   be   part   of   an   international   corporate   sales   team   geared   towards   opening   professional   leadership   experiences   in   various   corporations  around  Lima  for  foreign  talent.   These  5  selected  individuals  will  enjoy  the  following  benefits  through  AIESEC  Peru:          

Improve oral  and  written  communication  in  English   Professional  network   Sales  training  from  multinationals  and  Peruvian  corporations   Sales  certification  from  AIESEC  Peru   Skills  and  competencies  development   Opportunity  to  attend  national  and  international  conferences   Recommendation  to  work  with  any  of  our  national  partners   AIESEC  membership  

The deadline  for  applications  will  be  on  November  24,  2013  at  11:59pm,  GMT-­‐5.  You   may  sign  up  for  the  team  at  this  link:   On  behalf  of  AIESEC  Peru,  I  look  forward  to  receiving  your  application.     AIESECly  yours,     Julia  Alexandra  Chu   National  Vice  President  for  Incoming  Exchange   Global  Internship  Program   956.368.740  |   “We  envision  transformational  leadership  based  on  ethics  and  service”  

The Calling: Change the World One Business at a Time  

The Calling is an AIESEC Peru initiative to recruit a specific profile of people to conduct national sales.