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Custom Jewelry Something gold, something new‌ Julia Failey will gladly work with you to create memorable gifts for your special occasion. Custom jewelry is available to anyone with access to the internet and a desire for unique jewelry. I am happy to meet with clients in my studio and frequently communicate via e-mail and phone. Contact us and we will assist you in creating a custom piece or personalized package to commemorate your celebration.

Personalized Pendants

Pricing Starts @ $395 in Silver With Three Diamonds

Pricing Starts @ $275 in Silver With One Diamond

Pricing Starts @ $250 in Silver

Custom Mother’s Ring

When I first met with Louise, she presented me with ideas she had sketched for her custom Mother's Ring. She wanted to incorporate her children's birthstones, diamonds and emeralds, into a silver ring. We narrowed down her her ideas into a single concept ~ solid discs sized 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm with diamonds and emeralds interspersed. Louise will have the ability to replace the solid metal circles with additional bezel set stones over time.

Custom Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement Ring Darren wanted to use diamonds from his mother’s ring set to create a custom Engagement Ring for his girlfriend. I designed a new ring in CAD and, upon his approval, I cast the model in Platinum. I removed the 1.25 ct round brilliant and four, 2.4mm diamond side stones from the 14kt white gold set and reset them in the new ring!

Custom Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

Custom Gold Pendant With Tiger’s Eye My friend's mother requested a custom necklace using the Tiger's eye set in a piece that her mother used to wear. The original necklace was fabricated in a base metal, and she thought a new pendant in 14kt gold would best complement the colors in the stone. We discussed design ideas and, with her consent, I removed the stone from her mother's necklace. Once the Tiger's Eye was removed from the original setting, I created an open-back bezel in jeweler's wax to fit the stone. I cast the bezel in reclaimed 14kt yellow gold, re-set the stone and attached a gold chain to finish the new necklace.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Design Process

Consultation We begin the process with a consultation session, either by visiting my studio or through the web site. Both methods offer top notch service and creative insight from artistic professionals. Design After looking over examples of what you like, your own personal sketches, idea book or any other source of inspiration, I will sketch or create CAD concept renderings of one or more designs for your approval. Casting, Setting & Finishing Once all designs have been approved, the jewelry is now set for casting. The final stage of the production process includes setting stones, if requested, and polishing. I double and triple check all details of the design to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed and all craftsmanship is top notch. Time Line Most projects are in process for 3 to 7 weeks from consultation to completion.

Julia Failey Custom Jewelry  
Julia Failey Custom Jewelry  

Something gold, something new… Julia Failey will gladly work with you to create memorable gifts for your special occasion. Contact us and...