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CLARITY “Psychic or Psychotic” Dr Makin explains why the gifted aren’t mad

Celebrity Speaker Kimberly Jones giving TOP TIPS to becoming a Lightworker

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psychic or psychotic Maureen Makin




psychic or Psychotic

It is becoming more and more evidential that many people whom display psychiatric disorders are being influenced by energy beyond the normal field of perceptual range. So they are seeing, hearing, feeling and being programmed by non physical entities plus thoughts and feelings transmitted by other people.

Labeled Depressive Mental illness is labeled in many ways and can take many forms from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder,phobias, self harming, manic depression and Schizophrenia. Sometimes leading on to escapism through drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide. A psychic (sensitive) person who consciously trains their ability to link into other realms is generally considered to have special gifts, whereas a person with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia is sensitive and often labeled mentally ill and prescribed medication.

Sensitivity Shut Down Medicating the psychic effects the psychic by shutting down their ability and sensitivity. This treatment if continued goes further to also restrict their psychic senses. However, I ask “is there really any difference�?


“The prescription of Psychiatric drugs has increased by 50%.” The medical professiona is based mostly on the study of physical sciences. Maybe it is now time for the medical profession to open their minds to beyond what can be explained and measured beyond empirical sciences and consider alternatives to medication. Prescriptions for psychiatric drugs increased 50 percent with children in the US, and 73 percent among adults, from 1996 to 2006, according to a study in the May/June 2009 issue of the journal Health Affairs.

Health Care Spending Up 30% Another study in the same issue found spending for

mental health care grew more Some interesting opinions: than 30 percent over the same ten-year period, with Psychiatrists such as William almost all of the increase due Sargant say: . to psychiatric drug costs.

“Jesus Christ might

On April 22, 2009, the simply have reUS Agency for Healthcare turned to his carResearch and Quality reportpentry following ed in 2006, more money was the use of modern spent on treating mental treatments.”? disorders in children aged 0 to 17 than any other Did you know other psychimedical condition. Spend- atrists such as Dr. William ing totalled $8.9 billion. Hirsch agrees with that conclusion, adding other remarks about Jesus, saying: Less spent on injuries “everything we know about than mental health him conforms so perfectly to the clinical picture By comparison, the cost of paranoia. It is hardly of treating trauma-related conceivable that people disorders, including frac- can even question the actures, sprains, burns, and curacy of this diagnosis.” other physical injuries, was only $6.1 billion. So are we Charles Binet-Sangle said in as a society benefitting or his book, La Folie de Jesus, that is it the drug companies?

“In short, the nature of the hallucinations of Jesus, as they are described in the orthodox Gospels, permits us to conclude that the founder of the Christian religion was afflicted with religious paranoia.”

Even Jesus’ family members despised him? (John 7:5; Luke 8:19-21; Mark 3:31-34; Matt 12:46-50)

Saints such as St. Joan of Arc and St. Francis of Assisi also heard multiple voices in their heads? And did you know that the Church originally attacked them for demon possession?

channel to the paranormal world? So what about teaching transcendental meditation, personal empowerment and psychic awareness and/or protection to children and adults instead of drugging them up? .

Did you know Jesus Christ was also allegedly accused, by clergymen and people of his time, of being demon-possessed? (Mark 3:21-22; John 7:20, 8:52)

schools and adults in mental health units being taught to integrate a routine of just ten minutes quiet time daily for breathing exercises, Some mystics and people visualisation techniques and believe that schizophrenia is stating positive affirmations. a form of spirit possession, or a close encounter of the This would serve as a link third kind, or even a mystical

Meditation and psychic awareness could reduce psychosis in children back towards their real self, positivity and creativity, perhaps helping hold the mind in a steady place. As an empowered positive person attracts positivity back to themselves. .

I have no doubt in my mind, that were school children Ten minutes daily taught these proposed techquiet time niques from a very early age, it would half the amount of mental illness so prevalent I would like to see children in in our society today. .


Maureen Makin. Email: Facebook:


Kimberley May Jones

entirety, they do not forget. These Lightworkers would be what are now called ‘Indigo’ or ‘Crystal’ children & are often seen as ‘problem’ children, often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as well as other conditions. In fact it is simply that these souls have not forgotten who they really are, they remember that they Remember to fill are unlimited, that our manthis box with either made society bears little recontact details or semblance to the fullest exarticle summary pression of the human soul. Many do forget & that is part of the plan. Many Lightworkers are here to forget so that they might consciously experience the remembering. This remembering is the awakening or emergence. It occurs on every level of the being rity, compassion & creativity. in varying degrees of intenWhat do you mean sity. Eventually all humans by ‘emerge’? will remember & live awake. Every Lightworker is encodThis will be possible as more ed with a blueprint for their & more Lightworkers awakpurpose & contribution in en & raise the collective huthis lifetime, it is their poman vibration. Not because tential. Much like a seed is they are better but because encoded with the potential they are first. That is all. to become a particular plant 10 Signs that you may be or flower. When the time is emerging as a Lightworker right the seed sprout starts • A strong feelto emerge. There is no right ing of mission & purpose or wrong time, no right or wrong way, it just awakens & Many Lightworkers secretly starts to sprout. Eventually feel they were born to do everyone will be what is now something really valuable termed a ‘Lightworker’. Light& important in the world workers are simply those but are afraid to tell anyone at the forefront of the wave for fear that it may sound of awakening consciouslike delusional egomania! ness at any point in history. Whilst resting in the space The big secret is that ALL between lives & before a Lightworkers feel the same Lightworker is born into way. It is because they are the physical realm the soul programmed with the sigchooses its path of learning nificance of their role at this & experience. Some Lighttime on Earth. It is not to do workers are born rememwith being better than othbering their mission in its

10 Signs YOU are an emerging Lightworker

What is a Lightworker? A Lightworker is someone who represents the future potential for all humans on Earth; they are the early waves of change towards a world where people value the inner world as much as the outer world. Lightworkers are here to help facilitate the evolution of human consciousness simply by being themselves. Lightworkers live from the heart & intuition; they are driven by a sense of purpose to help others reconnect to their inner beauty & power. Lightworkers are not people who live inside the box, they see past the illusion of a man-made society into what is real beyond the veils. They find it very hard to fit into what is expected in society which is appropriate as they are here to help society advance, grow & transform into one based on collaboration, transparency, integ-

ers or being the new saviour, it is quite simply that the work has great value & that Lightworkers are hardwired for global transformation. One Lightworker will not transform the planet, but together they can & will.

The same goes for family. You may have never felt like you quite fitted in to your own family. As you start to awaken it is common to feel that your blood family are not your ‘true’ family. This is because • Issues with you are awakening to your family & friends soul group, those people One of the early signs that with a similar vibrational sigyour soul purpose as a Light- nature to you that pledged worker may be starting to to help you on your path. awaken is that you feel like you don’t fit into your circle • S e e k i n g work of friends anymore, you may meaningful have always felt a little like the Lightworkers find it very hard odd one out. You may never to fit into a workplace where have seen the world as they authority is wielded for its do & are no longer willing to own sake. If you are starting pretend or compromise your to rebel or lose respect for own truth in order to fit in. your boss & feel dissatisfied

with your work it is sometimes a sign of Lightworker Emergence. You may find it hard to play by the rules when the rules don’t make sense. Lightworkers also get very frustrated if they cannot have any creative input into their role, job or working environment. Is this you? If it is then you may be one of the many Lightworkers who are much happier working for themselves, letting go of the desire for wealth for its own sake & enjoying a creative life of true abundance.


• Vivid dreams & other-worldly experiences During ‘awakening’ there are

many changes to your chakra system, the series of energy centres following the line of your spine that help keep all your systems (physical, mental & emotional) in balance. The Chakra that often starts to change or open first is the ‘3rd Eye’ in the middle of your forehead. When this chakra starts to open you may start to have very vivid dreams & ‘other worldly’/ psychic experiences. You are safe & this is normal. Keep a dream journal by your bed & write down your dreams & experiences, this helps to ground them, settle them, make sense of them & can take any fear out of the experiences.

Some of these experiences may feel like you are being guided by some invisible force or beings. Your intuition may get stronger; you may start to experience strong synchronicities/ meaningful coincidences in your life. You may start to become aware of your guides or loved ones in spirit. This is normal for an awakening Lightworker. Keep a journal, talk to someone if it helps. It is all part of returning to a natural way of being interconnected with world around you & the energy that makes up the universe.

body, heat or tingles up & down your spine, heat in your hands. The sensations can feel unusual & quite strong at times. Some Lightworkers get aches & pains in their body but they are nothing to worry about & are part of the deep Detox related to awakening. Of course if you are concerned about anything happening then go to speak to a professional, get the support you need. Breathe deeply & walk in nature, this will help to keep your energy grounded. When you start to emerge as a Lightworker it is a bit like plugging a piece of electrical equipment into the mains supply, you need to ‘earth’ the current or the circuits & the equipment will short out .

•Feeling or seeing energy As these enhanced sensory abilities emerge you may start to see the aura around people or trees for example. Just •Synchronicities, guides watch, observe & breathe, •Empathy & increased sen& heightened intuition you are safe. Enjoy it, watch sitivity As mentioned above, your & learn from what you see. As you awaken & your senses Chakras may start to open become heightened, things & stream more of your life You may start to feel ener- that didn’t used to bother force & you may start to gy surging inside your own you may now be felt strongly have unusual experiences.

through your system, things such as traffic, loud music, crowds, excessive vibration or physical movement. Things you used to do may no longer be possible. This in itself can be a difficult adjustment. There may be a period of grieving for your old life, how things used to be. For example, you may not physically be able to cope with going to a nightclub with your friends anymore & they may not understand why. You may also start to feel the emotions & thought forms of people around you or even people many miles from you. •Spinning in your stomach or solar plexus The sensation of tightening, nausea or spinning in your Solar Plexus is to do with the changing nature of your relationships with other people & the world. The Solar Plexus is the chakra in your upper abdomen that relates to your personal power & how that power flows & moves between you & the world & between you & other people.

in a hot air balloon but not releasing the ropes pegged into the earth, great tension is placed on the ropes until they snap or come unstuck.

•Feeling the pain of the world As your heart starts to open & heal your own personal wounds, you may as an awakening Lightworker start to feel a deep empathy with Essentially, letting go of these the pain & sadness of the old chords & ties is letting world. This can be very ingo of the old way of relating tense & is part of your perto other people & the world sonal heart linking up to the & setting up new boundaries global heart. This is an im& relationships based on a portant step, just be aware healthier energy dynamic. of the feelings & breathe. •Intimate relationship issues It is in your intimate relationships that you may see most clearly how you are changing. At first you may not realise you are changing; you may think your partner is changing & look to blame them or the relationship for increased friction or a lack of closeness.

It is not necessary for you to continue to feel everything going on in order to be of use to the world but it is an important phase you may go through.

A final note: One of the most common feelings a Lightworker may experience is isolation & loneliness. Feeling odd, One of the biggest things to strange & outnumbered happen inside you as part of by the rest of the world. your emergence is that your This is normal & YOU ARE heart chakra will be opening. NOT ALONE. Join the netIn the process of opening, works listed here & start to any old unhealed wounds find your ‘resonant family’. will come to the surface & it’s easy to project those feelings that are arising onto your present day relationship. Stay with how you There is a new power flowing are feeling inside your body through you & it is the power as feelings arise, breathe & that comes from the ‘mains the feelings will pass havsupply’ you’ve been plugged ing cleared like a cloud into as part of your awaken- passing across the sun. ing. Many friends & relatives feed off your energy via this As you get to this stage you Solar Plexus centre as a nor- may start to meet members mal part of human interac- of your soul group, this tion. This dynamic changes is where many Lightworkas you awaken. You need ers find themselves in ‘soul to let go of these energetic mate’ relationships that can chords & ties or it puts a turn their lives upside down. strain on your system. It’s a It is part of the emergence. It bit like lighting the burner is part of the remembering.


Rapheal Ravenscroft

“ The ‘S’ Factor “

World renowned saxophonist, Raphael Ravenscroft, is recruiting budding film makers in and around Exeter. He was inspired to compose an album after reading and following the trail of Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s bestselling book ‘The Alchemist’.

The first track was recorded by members of an Exeter school. The choir will be travelling with Raphael to Westminster Abbey, on the 28th of this month, where they will perform ‘And a Little Child Shall Lead’ in a live appearance to Gordon Brown and many other celebrities.

Keen to work with and give undiscovered talent a chance to join the crew, Raphael’s team requires volunteers for three projects. A saxophone masterclass, will be hosting 140 participants, at the Phoenix, Gandy Street in late November. Volunteers are also required for the production of a new book and DVD, ‘How to play the Saxophone like a St☆r’

If you feel you would like to get involved please email, by October 26th a CV or competent skills to

Raphael is a renowned composer and saxophonist who is possibly remembered best for his long moody vignette on Gerry Rafferty’s late seventies mega-hit ‘Baker Street’. He has also worked with other legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye. He modestly said, “There were times when I was in the right place at the right time and I’m keen to pass that good fortune and knowledge on to others”.

The book, The Alchemist, is currently being turned into a film of the same name, directed by Laurence Fishburne and produced by The Weinstein Company. The new album ‘Santiago and the Soul of the World’ is hoped to be included in the musical accompaniment.

Raphael’s accolades are long and include working with Marvyn Gaye, but most people remember him for the long moody vignette, which sent Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’ into the top ten. He also composed, played and produced the featured song ‘Feel it in the Air’ on Beanie Sigle’s album, The Coming, consequently becoming the defining

hip hop album of the genre.

If you would like to be part of this venture Raphael is looking for new talent in Devon and Cornwall to assist in the making of the DVD. Interested parties should email a CV or a paragraph about their current skills to:

hit conferen

nce Alike Minds Conf 16/10/09

SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE ‘HITS’ EXETER A coffee in Starbucks, Exeter last August sparked two friends to hold the first social media conference in the South West. The conference was advertised using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and email only. The cost of the advertising and marketing was nil and attracted 180 delegates from all over the UK, with a ticket price of between £5 and £35 each. The main theme was based on the ability to make an investment into social media and gain a return. Local businesses and charities sent representatives. Public relations officer, Sarah Parkhouse from the Red Cross said, “We are using twitter already to communicate between offices, but I’m hoping to pick up tips to utilise it further”. The event, streamed live around the world via, also allowed delegates from the internet community to participate and started with a controversial video from Scott Gould, who introduced himself as ‘nobody’. He prepared participants for some straight talking from speakers


ial, Media”

and panellists who included a local solicitor James Barisic and Carl Haggerty from Devon County Council. Trey Pennington, author and Social Media Manager for the Jones Group, informed everyone, hits on social media sites have taken over the number of visits to pornographic sites. James Barisic, from Every’s Solicitors in Exeter spoke candidly about his experiences as co-founder of their PhotoLegal podcast. Olivier Alain Blanchard, manager of, gave a demonstration regarding ‘Social Media: Return on Investment’ and was met with mixed reactions. Some felt the social media concept was not a new idea and others spoke out to say they did not feel they, “Had learnt anything new’, but only one person has requested a refund. These questions pre-empted outrage from the internet community following the conference and comments such as, “Without social media you people wouldn’t even be there!” and “How do you think this conference was organised?” were two comments projected regularly onto the large screen behind the panellists. Most delegates showed more en-

thusiasm in almost revolutionary tone, one predicting, “National newspapers will disintegrate and we are not going to be led by the nose, by the media anymore”. Rich Waghorn, creator of twitterbased ‘OutWithABang’, was asked whether he felt social media was partially responsible for the deterioration of the print industry. He replied, “Businesses wishing to thrive in the future can not stop this phenomenon”, then reiterated a recent comment by The Guardian’s Emily Bell, “We are entering the age of participation and journalists must engage”. Apart from the controversial questions all seemed glued to their seats until realising the Guildhall car park shut at 6pm. The conference finished at 6:30pm, but through the power of new media all were able to recap the nuggets from Sky’s, Maz Nadjm’s final spot on Ustream. com. LINKS:


INSPIRATION Section 30 Disperses Delinquents From this weekend the Countess Wear area is permanently covered by a Section 30 dispersal order under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. Groups of up to thirty children and young adults have in the past terrorized the estate. The order will ensure that groups of children cannot loiter in the area. More than two unaccompanied children will be, “literally put in the back of a Police car and taken home”, says Liz Fisher, Housing Officer for Exeter City Council who has been involved in various neighbourhood initiatives to stop youth crime and vandalism around the city. “Things have calmed down and the vandalism has reduced since the large groups of teenagers have been moved on”, says Ros of Glasshouse Lane. A Section 30 was issued covering the Burnt House Lane a week ago and it is hoped this will be as effective as it has been in other areas of the country. Word Count 158 (No time to contact Police for a response yet – story still needs a response from the teenagers, a local parent who is against it?) Follow up articles on Burnt House Lane and Countess Wear – any crime and fear of crime reduction?

Pete, I haven’t had time to do this yet, but this is the plan. Feature from article –


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