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Whispers of the Heart

Julia d’Arcy

The graphite drawing, Whispers of the Heart, was selected for the cover art for the highly acclaimed book, Ghosts of the Holocaust: An Anthology of Poetry by the Second Generation (Hardcover) by Stewart J. Florsheim (Editor); foreword by Gerald Stern. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989. © Julia d’Arcy. All Rights Reserved.

Whispers of the Heart

graphite & digital composition on paper limited edition of 85, APs 2, S/N, artist chop 30x22.5” (76.2x57.2 cm) Bavarian Stone lithograph limited edition of 40, APs 2, printers chop 30 x 22.5” (76.2 x 57.2 cm)

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The Chalice

Dissection of a Drawing

Ms. d’Arcy began drawing at a very early age. With the encouragement of her school principal, Ms. d’Arcy’s parents enrolled her to study painting and classical sculpture at the former Pasadena Museum Art School, where she exhibited her first ‘cubistic-style’ painting at age 7. She went on to earn a B.A. degree in Art, a multi-disciplinary major in Drawing and Sculpture, from the University of California at Santa Cruz; and continued commercial design professionally for international corporations and Postgraduate Art studies at the University of California at Berkeley and Michigan State University, respectively. During her career, Ms. d’Arcy has been selected to exhibit in museums and international foundations which include: Crocker Art Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, La Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, Fundación Rodríguez-Amat, Historic Santa Fe Foundation; and prominent galleries, art centers: Palo Cultural Art Center, Delta Center for the Arts - LH Horton Jr Gallery, and the in Grand Galleries, Grand Theatre Center for the Arts. Ms. d’Arcy has also received major awards and international recognization for her surrealistic work from eminent jurors of museums and art institutions, and has participated in international workshops which include: Tallers Grafics de Joan Miró Workshop, and the El curs-taller “Glitch” & Prospecciones Binaries Conference, University of Barcelona.

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She is currently living and working as a professional artist in Ireland, and will be participating in upcoming Artist-in-Residence (A.I.R.) programs in Europe.She continues to explore the duality of mixed techniques by using the experimental traditional and technical palette ‘the pencil and pixel,’ integrating drawing and state-of-art technologies to create new innovative art forms, taking the art of drawing to a new plane of expression and experience.

The Poet drawing (graphite 74 x 42.5”) & digital composition on paper 74 x 42.5” (185.4 x 108 cm)

Julia d’Arcy

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Drawing to Digital Serieses

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the journey within

N e w M ys t ics

The traditional Currach or Curach, an Irish boat with a wicker frame, over which animal skins were stretched, was used by the the fishermen of Aran until the 1900s. Fishing was essential to the daily survival of a fiercely independent Gaelic culture off the coast of Western Ireland. It has been reported that the fishermen would not learn to swim, since they would never survive any storm that overcame a Currach and it would be better to drown swiftly.

Song of the Owl (Amhrán na Ulchabhán)



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The work brings to life a revelation of a world within the spiritual psyche beyond the epitaphs inscribed, and the established postulations of reality. A metaphoric representation of a harmonious ether where the immortality of the spirit dwells.” — Julia d’A rcy


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New Mystics Series


Farraige de bhrionglóidí (Sea of Dreams) graphite & color pencil on paper 36 x 36”

The drawing is centered around the ancient Tearmann cross (boundary cross), a cross-inscribed “holed stone” at the Monastery, with a small hole near its top. The cross was used by the monks as a sun-dial. It has been alleged to possess curative properties when women are sick their linen clothes are sometimes pulled through the hole. It is a tradition for islanders to draw a handkerchief or scarf through the hole for luck or fertility.


“The drawing’s inspiration was derived from a visitation to Mainistir Chiaráin the sacred monastic grounds of St Ciarán’s Monastery, Mainistir,Árainn (Mhór)/ Inis Mór, Aran Islands. The Monastery dates back to the mid-6th century.


Amhrán na Ulchabhán (Song of the Owl) graphite & color pencil on paper 30 x 22.5”


Drawing to Digital Series

graphite & digital composition on paper 23 x 18.25” (58.4 x 46.4 cm)

Missionaries, Bahia de Los Angeles

Ancient Rose of Aran

(ársa eirigh Árainn)

Within this silence a mystical cosmos transforms the shrouded void. Undulatory forms evolve in vivid colorations radiating within in this universe: a storyteller espousing a new testment of glory and radiance of the mind and spirit of the Golden Age. Behold them, the weathered and scattered ‘Warriors of the Holy Grail’ – they remain, as an indelible eulogy to the ancient Mystics, and their sacred belief in the soul’s journey.” — Julia d’A rcy

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graphite & color pencil on paper 30x22.5” (76.2x57.2 cm)


Tá iascairí na Árann (The Fishermen of Aran)

The Island’s ancient inhabitants – bound by the land and the spiritual – believed in an Otherworld where souls were taken over the ocean to Tir na nOg, (old Irish Tír inna n-Óc, meaning “Land of Youth”) a mythical land where nobody grows old.

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Looking down at the broken slabs, heavily cloaked in lichen, one is haunted by the relics enshrining the legendry Saints and Scholars of Ireland and with the desire to unlock their histories. Failing to be an archealogist or a theologist, one must surrender to the silence that surrounds you – to see.


— The Saints and Scholars of Ireland — (Na Naomh agus Scoláirí na hÉireann)

New Mystics

“Off the coast of Éire on Árainn (Mhór)/Inis Mór, an island also known as Aran—na—naomh (Aran of the Saints), covered in mist, pilgrims of the ‘new faith’ have lain cloistered since the 5th century. Stone effigies, with worn christeled cryptic Christian and pre-Christian symbologies lie scattered and deeply hidden in centuries of drifts blanketing the island’s limestone fields. Their stories of Saints and of plunder from afar, stay mute. One gazes at the grayish iridescent-like clouds carpeting the Irish sky and the unrelenting sea, seeking the keys to their belief in this Island and its holy sacraments: the salvation of the soul and scholarship of the universe.

The Fishermen of Aran

Preview of a New Series

graphite & color pencil on paper 30 x 22.5” (76.2 x 57.2 cm)

Sea of Dreams (Farraige de bhrionglóidí)

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Julia d'Arcy Brochure  

Announcing the New Mystics Series