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julia richert-lebon as julia dagood

a young french girl, graduated from fresco and mosaic in 2012 student today in fashion design and textile innovation love colors, patterns, textures and affecting all: photography, travel book, illustration, video, painting, textile ...

welcome !! with this portfolio, you will find a zip file with videos and my curicullum vitae


dead flowers tea time everyday barcelona bridal week bears x beers chicken runs 50% food 50% art


amsterdam venice re island reunion island landscapes marocco


manon dubois let’s rock butoh orange rockcorps with the material ephemeral travel dangerously marie sienna mosaica rythme and blue with animals love duets and other illustrations parrup

dead flowers

fresh flowers embroidered on textile 2013


teatime everyday 2011 - 2013

chinatown’s tea

video on Youtube/zip joined

barcelona bridal week juana martin’s show 2014

carla ruiz’s show juana martin’s show 2014

bears x beers 2013

collaboration with quinze metre carré video:quinze metre carré

sound:jeune karn

Vidéo on youtube/zip joined

chicken runs

textile illustration 2013

food 50% art collaboration with frenchement bon 50%

culinary website 100% french photo: frenchement bon illustration: julia dagood 2013


travel book - 2012


travel book - 2011

re island

travel book - 2012

reunion island

travel book - 2010


mosaic on wood - 2013


travel book - 2010 ourika - marrakech



collaboration with manon dubois young french photographer 2013

let’s rock

dominique lebon 2014


japanese dance 2014

models: julie peyramaure x alexia sellem

orange rockcorps

painter assistant of the street artist 2shy on two events (paris and rouen) 2013


mixed media - 2011

ephemeral travel

fresco including mosaic 2.50 x 3 meters 2012

dangerously marie

breastplate mosaic and interleavings of yarn 2012

model: marie richert-lebon

sienna mosaica

mosaic restoration on a building in paris 2012

rythme and blue

mosaic on wood - 2012

love duets

and other illustrations 2013


graffiti for a concept store in barcelona 2014

this is a overview - you can find all my work on my blog or my facebook page

julia richert-lebon


Portfolio de Julia Richert-Lebon / Julia Dagood