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An Art Portfolio

Julia Zyzanska

By Julia Zyzanska

Painting of a cloth, also by Julia Zyzanska

January 2012 May 2012

“Heartless” my Surrealism Painting

Making of my Surrealism Painting First of all, I had to sketch out some things in order to get an idea of what I wanted to draw or paint (I hadn’t decided at that time). After about 5 different sketches, I came up with this one. I sketched out the outlines first, and then it was easy to add details. Along the way (before I started shading) I added some things, like the dwarf-creature at the trunk of one of the trees. After that, I shaded everything, except for the colored bits, which I just colored with colored pencils. However, it was kind of hard to see the trees apart from the background, so I added a darker “glow” to the trees and other objects. And lastly, I glued my picture onto the black paper. No, I didn’t exactly learn a new skill. But, I did get a lot of

practice with skills that we made his so popular, because have learned so far (such as he could be himself. That’s shading, cloth, water, etc.) Some of the key concepts “The role of Salvador about Surrealism are that you have many different Dali, his life and work, in objects that don’t go my opinion, is to show together normally, but somehow, on the picture, people that you can be they manage to be natural instead of just yourself.” floating in space. Another concept is that the picture has a deeper meaning, something that’s what I think people liked about important to you, but no one him so much, and he became needs to know what it is. their inspiration. I’m sure that The role of Salvador Dali and even now, people are still his life and work encouraged by him and his The role of Salvador Dali, his life. life and work, in my opinion, is I chose the picture with to show people that you can butterflies as the main object be yourself. Dali didn’t care (I believe it’s called Butterfly about what people thought Landscape 2). To me, it shows about him: and that’s what

Landscape with Butterflies 2 Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do you want to know more about me?

by Salvador Dali

Landscape with Butterflies 2 by Salvador Dali. Unlike his other works, it doesn’t have so much abstract.

Click this to find out more about me, Salvador Dali!

that there are always possibilities in life (represented by the two butterflies in flight). However, their shadows are still there. To me, shadows definitely represent evil or some kind of misery. So it shows that even the best things in life are trailed by some kind of sadness. However, the shadows are cut off, and they are still behind the butterflies. I think that it means that whatever can happen, as long as we aim high (represented by flight), we can achieve our goals and “escape” from the misery. If I had to do this assignment again, then I would change the topic of my picture. The one I made has more of a grim glow to it, but I would very much like to make something nice as well. Also, I would like to have some paint/colors. I’d say that I mostly got a lot of practice, and learned how to make things stand out (when the background and the items are a similar shade).

I was happy while doing this. I was surrounded by my friends, I was listening to music and I could draw out my emotions onto a piece of paper. That’s really not something that you can do everyday. I’m not exactly sure if I started noticing new things. Honestly, I kind of let my hands do whatever they needed to do. It was very natural to me, and I’m not sure if I increased my observation. Yes, I did add things to my picture later on. At first, the picture was really simple: and later on, I wanted to add something happy to it as well. So I added some happy things. Yes, I am happy with my project. And I am also happy because it stands out from other projects, simply because it is in black and white.

From the Eyes of a Robot

“Beautiful Butterfly Painting”

I’m doing my best to understand what this means. Humans are so strange, trying to give us messages through absurd pictures. At first glance, this looks like someone was reading a book outside and left it there, open. A butterfly must’ve rested on the book, probably fallen asleep. The human reading the book hadn’t noticed the butterfly, and closed the book. The butterfly died, cradling her child in her arms for the last time. But there is something that baffles me. Why does the butterfly look human? Is it a fairy? What is the fairy doing there? Judging from the other wing sticking out of the book, I suppose that the book is a trap to lure in winged creatures. And why does the mother prefer to be with her child? Is this another scene of “love”? I wouldn’t understand that, then. Only humans know about “love”. But maybe one day, I’ll understand as well. Maybe then, I could finally understand why that woman or butterfly-like-thing is spending her last moments with a newborn.

Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion by Salvador Dali Always out of time, the white rabbit has left In fear for losing off his head, he left behind young Alice Time has changed, it is now gone And everyone is rushed No one stays, no one prays, Soft Watch at the moment of First Explosion by Salvador Dali

Except for young Alice.

Hand Painting (above) In this project, were were supposed to draw our hands without letting our pen off the paper (until we finished). There was also an option to draw our hand without looking at the paper, but that didn’t go too well for me... Shapes and Shading (below) For this project, we had to shade some simple shapes in order to make them look 3D. Then, we used charcoal to make the background, made to fill up the background.

Masterpiece (above) We had to recreate a famous Van Gogh painting, but by only using a sharpie to shade. It was king of hard, and we had to use a few types of shading (i.e. stippling) Stippling took a really long time, because I had to make a lot of little dots. Color Wheel (below) I added either a bit of black or a bit of white in order to make different shades or tints on this painting. We used this to learn about mixing colors together.

As you know, we had to make an abstract painting of some kind of conflict. Abstract is hard to do (in my opinion), simply because there are always so many ways to interpret it, so it’s really hard to make sure that the audience sees it as conflict. Anyway, a conflict that I had experienced lately was with my brother. It was very silly, actually, and his fault. So, this was happening at PIM (Pondok Indah Mall), and my mom, my brother and I were at Zara. Our shoes were worn out and falling apart, so we were supposed to buy some new shoes at Zara. And because my brother is younger than me, we went to the children’s section first. He picked out some shoes, and then my mom also helped him pick out a new pair of pants. They paid for the things (because you have to pay for the children’s clothes in the children’s section). The total equaled up to about Rp. 650,000. After that, we went over to my section. I looked at all the sandals, but no shoes caught my eye. However, when we exited, my mom found some nice shoes. They fit me, and they were pretty. When I looked at their price, however, I put them down immediately. I mean, who would pay Rp. 700,000 for a pair of shoes? It costs more than Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (a new game that I really want)! So, I didn’t end up buying anything. But I did comment on the shop. “Geez, the shoes here are so expensive!” I said. My brother looked at me. “Well, you stepped on a snail in Singapore!” My brother yelled at me. My eyes started to water. That was a subject that I was very touchy about. In Singapore, I had accidentally stepped on a snail and killed it. I did my best to forget it. We didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the mall trip, car trip, and dinner. Finally, my brother came up to me and said, “Did I flip your switch?” (which means making me angry). I nodded. He replied, “Well, it was your own fault. You said that I spent too much money!” I looked at him in confusion. “What? That never happened! I just said that the shoes in Zara are expensive... in general!” My brother looked at me as well, slightly embarrassed, “Sorry... I thought you said that I used up too much money today...” He replied guiltily. I laughed, and after that, we were friends again.

Abstract Conflict Painting, “Axel”

Van Gogh

This painting is calming to me. It reminds me of the time we were in France, and all the apple blossoms were in bloom. It was very pretty, almost like snow, but not cold or gray. This painting brings me back to that happy time.

This is one of Van Gogh’s notso-known paintings. It simply portrays a rather large house in a field. However, to me, it looks like a haunted house, or, at least, a saddened house. By that, I mean that there was a death in that house. Perhaps a widow lives there now.

This is, perhaps, Van Gogh’s most famous painting, Starry Night. It has been parodied many times already, in movies and cartoons. Because of that, many young children are already familiar with Van Gogh, or, at least, with one of his paintings.

Julia Z's Art Portfolio  

My art portfolio for the year 2012.