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NEW Tucked away in the most unassuming of places is an exciting trend oozing a musty smell. Whether it's the infamous streets of SoHo or the backstreet warehouses of Williamsburg, there is one word on everybody's lips; vintage. With fancy boutiques stocking extraordinary priced vintage Chanel, alongside affordable handme-down's in an overwhelming selection of sizes and colours, New York is brimming with the old competing with the new.


Contemporary street art and retail environments are an innovative and popular trend within NYC. 'One size fits all' store, Brandy Melville, is known for adopting the witty tagline, "Bad Luck New York". Whereas a "Cold Pressed Babe Juice" noticeboard, situated in the heart of SoHo, is almost certain to divert your attention. Visual merchandising, fixtures and fittings are not just favoured in the artistic capital of Williamsburg/Brooklyn, but Midtown Manhattan and Chelsea are also known to immerse themselves in this visually appealing experience.

Littered with independent boutiques and idealistic cafĂŠs, Williamsburg is overflowing with a relaxed atmosphere and bohemian nature that Manhattan lacks. The city is full of cultured personality, with citizens echoing a friendly and radiant nature. The creative capital of the art world doesn't shy away from its name, with a variety of impressive and imaginative artistic pieces greeting you from every street wall. You're left feeling inspired and in awe by the phenomenal imagery.

Imaginative, poetic and playful, The Brooklyn Museum displays Jean Paul Gaultier's first international exhibition. A timeline of Gaultier's most influential and credible career points is featured, alongside a huge range of the designer's exquisitely crafted and detailed garments. Visually, the interactive, multi-media exhibition echoes the beauty and diversity of global cultures that Jean Paul is so greatly influenced by,

The perfume industry is a marketing phenomena, and what better way to celebrate its success than launching "I Hate Perfume", that ironically, only sells perfumes. Award-winning perfumer, Christopher Brosius, realistically recreates genius and surprisingly pleasant aromas such as tobacco and the ocean, leaving you feeling astonished and, at times, slightly nostalgic.

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