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Hi, I’m Jules and I’m going to set sail to four different places around the world. I’m going to start from Seoul, Korea and travel to: Bali, Indonesia; Male, Maldives; Salvador, Brazil; and Vancouver, Canada. I’ll be sailing with Ashley (my best friend) and Milky (my dog) on a yacht. My yacht’s name is Cheeky Milky.

On the way to Bali from Seoul, the first sea I will cross is the Yellow Sea. Then I will have to cross the East China Sea, pass through the Taiwan Strait, and sail past the South China Sea. After that I will follow the Balabac Strait into the Celebes Sea. Then I will sail through the Makassar Strait and finally sail between the Java Sea and the Flores Sea to get to Bali!

Reasons Why I Want To Visit Bali • There are many religions and statues. • The delicious Indonesian food. • The beach is beautiful and the traditional clothes are nice.

From Bali to Male there is only one ocean I’ll have to cross which is the Indian Ocean.

Reasons why I want to go to Maldives • There is a beautiful beach with turquoise water and coral gardens. • Rare and special water creatures such as a Whale shark. • I could enjoy water sports like scuba diving.

The first ocean I have to sail across is the Indian Ocean. Then I’ll have to go around the southern tip of Africa to get to the Atlantic ocean. After I sail across the Atlantic Ocean I will reach Brazil.

Reasons why I want to visit Salvador • • •

I want to visit my relative who lives there. Brazil is famous for its carnivals and a dance called Samba. Some of the buildings in Salvador are painted in pastel colour.

To go to Vancouver from Salvador, I will first sail down south of the Atlantic Ocean. Next I’ll sail around the tip of the South American continent, then sail the Pacific Ocean all the way north to Vancouver.

Reasons why I want to visit Vancouver • The next 2010 Winter Olympics is held in Vancouver and I want to go watch the figure skating competition. • Vancouver is beautiful with both mountains and the sea nearby. • Vancouver has one of the best skiing resorts in the world.

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Flashlight Tinned food Raincoat Knife Bottled Water Match box Fishing rod Dog food Waterproof clothing's Towels Toothbrush/toothpaste First aid Passport Money Salt Fresh water Horn with loud blast

The Trip Of A Liftime  

Sailing to 4 countries.

The Trip Of A Liftime  

Sailing to 4 countries.