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Sky Living Ident: This ident marketed by Sky uses the persuasive strategy of conformity to stereotype a typical night of its target audience – gathering and socializing with friends maybe on a Friday night or a night after work. This ident immediately offers an opportunity to appeal to its audience effectively as it was able to captivate and also demonstrates full understanding of its target audience as it mirrors what the target audience would be used to. In addition to this, another opportunity this ident creates is to include all races off the target audience and avoids any chance of being accused of racial prejudice. The implication of the women – (looking like 3 women from different racial backgrounds) also subliminally promotes the concept of equality as these women look like they are all enjoying their topic of discussion equally Limitations of this ident are due to the blatant targeting of females shuts out any chance of men appealing to this channel – known as narrowcasting. The use of this, also results in crippling the channels view, which stops any ambition, this channel may want to show in the future of broadening the channel

Analysis of Sky Living Ident  

quick analysis of sky living ident

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