The Story of Christmas Cheer

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by Julene Hunter

One Christmas long ago...

In the Prefect of Perfect lived many fine folk who made “A Most Special Something� and that is no joke. For months every year the town toiled over pies. They were perfectly perfect in shape, taste and size.

And for months before Christmas the towns’ only sport was making the tastiest Christmas-time torte. In fact, so important was this Christmas time faire, it took 12 months of the year to fret and prepare.

Was it fun? Were they happy? What nonsense indeed. I have told you, no joke, the Torte’s were decreed. In fact in small Perfect, it was REQUIRED to bake. No defect was tolerated. Not even one small mistake.

The Mayor, The Judge, and The Chief of Police enforced the great baking to keep Perfect at peace. “ Idle hands are the devil’s playground!” He cried. “We know” droaned the townsfolk “We’re baking…” they sighed.

“We must be ready! No torte must be late!” And they baked and they baked to get Torte’s to the plate. And when they had finished, Tortes were set out on trays in perfect straight rows as far as one gazed.

While waiting for morning to share the fine meal they awoke to some news and a startling squeal. For there in a dish that had once held a torte, sat a small big eyed creature round, fat and short.

“Oh my stomach,” it groaned, “I’m a silly old thing! I ate too much torte for a small Christmas Ping.”

“A Ping?” they all quizzled, of that they’d not heard. “NO such thing! That’s impossible!” The Mayor assured. “Oh no, I am not, and a Ping’s great to be! and if Ping’s were impossible, then explain Me to me!”

“Well, you Think you exist! But there’s no proof to say, there’s such a thing as a Ping!” The crowd gasped in dismay. For the double-talk proved one most obvious thing, that the Mayor knew nothing,

a Ping was a Ping.

“You’re under arrest!” bellowed the Mayor and Chief. “You stole Christmas Torte. You’re a torte snitching thief!”

“Oh please!” moaned the Ping “I know I ate quite a lot.

which a small Ping, one of my size, should not! But if we Pings don’t hurry, then Christmas I fear, will be lacking that merry, Christmassy cheer!”

“More Pings?” cried the people. “More Pings can be found?” “Oh yes!” said the small ping, as 12 more gathered round. And as everyone witnessed a remarkable thing there stood in the round, 13 Christmas Pings.

“We’re here now,” said the small one “To spread Christmas Cheer all today. But we have to get going. We can’t afford another delay!”

And every Prefector in Perfect then listened with care to learn what the Pings had to do with them there. With a jingle and sparkle, smile brighter than sun, each Ping turned in unison and then became One.

One glowing circle that grew in its light spinning above them, shining so bright.

As each townsperson watched, their eyes growing wide, the magic grew brighter and like a wave in a tide, the dust and the sparkle washed over them all and the warmth was now felt from the magic free fall.

And the whole Prefect was smiling, and dancing with glee. They were hugging and crying and as free as can be! And as the dust settled a most beautiful thing the sparkle regathered into 13 Christmas Pings.

“Well, we’ve done it” they sang “spreading Christmassy Cheer! And Christmas will never be the same here.” And above giggles and laughter all the bells in town rang. Christmas Cheer was now Perfect. “Thank you!” they sang.

And never again did they work through the year to make Christmas Torte’s perfect it became perfectly clear that Christmas was not about anything Perfect. Not about baking, or being correct.

Not about toiling for months to prepare, but to enjoy friends and neighbors, to show them you care.

From that moment to now making tortes was a gift. Folks made them with love and that one simple shift, changed the Prefect of Perfect forever - for good. And the Pings travelled on to the next neighborhood.

Now knowing the secret that you have just read, keep it close to your heart so cheer can be spread. Knowing, when you awake on that new Christmas Day with a tingle and smile, Pings brought some magic your way.

Give thanks for your blessings, and gather your cheer, because now You may spread it throughout the whole year.