Barry Berude

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The lip smacking, gum snapping, bubble blowing Guy.


Julene Hunter

There was once a young boy named Barry Berude. He blew chewing gum bubbles. He chomped, cracked and chewed.


He started the habit on one sunny morn, exactly three years from the day he was born. His mother had taken him down to the beach, when Barry saw something gooey-pink within reach.

He picked it up with little or no trouble, stuck it in his mouth and blew a large bubble.


so large

He blew one that he started to rise. When his mother looked up,

what a surprize!

She saw little Barry floating around. She yelped, and she hollered,

“BARRY! Come down!”

From that day to now Barry sealed his fate! He’s become quite addicted, and that’s not too great. Now Barry wins contests for blowing bubbles the best. But after those end,

he’s really a pest.

He never stops blowing those bubbles.

Too bad. So he never has time to make friends,

and ... that’s sad.

He’s not too much fun.

Really dull.

He doesn’t talk. But how can he help it? His mouth’s

always full.

I’m sorry to say that It’s not polite - I see now, but he’ll never have friends if he chews

like a cow.

Not to be rude, but Barry it’s true! It’s rude to be constantly chewing your


Take a lesson from this, all you smackers out there. If you’re being rude ...

others will care!

So poor Barry Berude never learned what He just grew up alone with not much to show.

You know.

But what’s this? Up there in the sky? Higher and higher. Now higher than high!

Why look -

It’s Barry!

Barry Berude! He’s floating around with a new attitude. He was carried away by the wind and the clouds. He’s gathered some followers gathered some crowds.

But he drifted along and in time in his bubble he found a nice place with

hardly a trouble.

And now he’s forgotten by all except me. I know he’s still flying.

Happy, carefree.

Is there a moral to be had in all this hot air? Have you learned any lessons Content so you may now take withcare? flying and chewing gum bubbles, Mind all yourthat manners. the bubbles lead him to Don’t smack your food. nothing butall troubles. Be polite and considerate. Don’t be a

-Barry Berude.

That’s All.