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Public swimming pools on Okinawa by Jun Ikemura

Okinawa is a resort island that brings into most people’s mind images like the blue ocean, blue sky, tropical scenery with colorful flowers and palm trees and such. But water activities on the island are not limited to beaches, and resort hotels. There are many public swimming pools here that offer fun activities at reasonable prices. Public swimming pools are not meant only for competitive swimming, but are fun for all kids from

infants up. Here we introduce some of the size of the pool is 20,850 square meters. public pools on Okinawa, and hope you It has two 100-meter-long water slides (must be over 120cm tall to enter), 2,510would enjoy them with locals. meter-long flowing pool, 75-meter mounRecreation Pool in the Okinawa tain stream (must be over 120cm tall to Prefectural Comprehensive Park enter), kids’ pool and an area for infants. The pool is open every day in August The Recreation Pool in the Okinawa from 9:30 to 18:30. In September its open Prefectural Comprehensive Park is fa- from 9:30 to 18:00 Saturdays, Sundays mous among locals, because of its size, and Japanese holidays. The cost is ¥860 and many fun play equipment. The total for persons over 18 years of age. Those

Water Garden Pool

Chatan Public Pool Nishizaki Recreation Pool

Recreation Pool in the Comprehensive Park

are hidden fun spots for locals! over 65 pay ¥430. Tickets for children from 6 to 18 years old are ¥310, and ¥100 for children from 3 to 5. Admission is free for infants under two. For regulations regarding play, please check the details on the official website of the park at

in the Nishizaki district of Itoman City. The large outdoor pool has a total area of 6,234 square meters, including a 795meter flowing pool, 120-square meter regular pool, flowing pools for kids, two 70-meter-long water slides (must over 120cm tall to enter) and 70-meter river rafter (must over 120cm tall to enter). Nishizaki Recreation Pool Nishizaki Recreation Pool also has indoor pools for extra charge that also has a Nishizaki Recreation Pool is located kids’ area. Open 9:00~19:00 every day

through August 31st. Closed on Mondays in September. Admission is ¥750 for persons over 18, ¥500 for children 6 to 18 years old and ¥250 for children under 6.

Chatan Public Swimming Pool

Chatan Town Public Swimming Pool was renovated this May with fun water play gear installed. Kids can play with water guns, enjoy a water slider, giant

Public swimming pool in Okinawa Comprehensive park is huge in size and an oasis for locals.

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Seaside Refle Mu knows how to make customers relax

Contributed by Junko Yamada

Seaside Refle Mu is an esthetic salon specializing in aroma oil massages. It’s located right next to Chatan Sunset Beach on the first floor of Chura-yu bathing facility in Mihama, Chatan. The salon is popular among both domestic and overseas tourists. People staying in nearby Hotel Hilton and Laguna Garden Hotel in Ginowan, often come after visiting the salon’s website. The interior is mostly in brown hues and decoration in the treatment space is Asian with comfortable chairs for foot massages and stylish, dimmedlight private spaces for other treatments. The treatments are based on gentle massages using aroma oils, and are quite different from strong and hard massages, such as Thai and lymphatic massages or Shiatsu finger-pressure treatment. Although many people

Individual treatments including facial and foot massages are also available.


like a strong massage, one should at least try an aroma massage, as it’s very effective. Of course, the strong treatment is available to customers who like it. According to Seaside Refle Mu Store Manager Tomoko Mekaru, “Aromatherapy is basically explained as the effect of essential oils reaching into the brain through the nose and skin, which effectively triggers a physiological and mental response in you.” Mu offers two special course treatments of 60 and 90 minutes that cover the whole body and cost ¥6,500 and ¥9,500 respectively. The treatment starts with filling out an interview sheet (English version available) to determine your specific needs. Using Mu’s original blended aroma oil, and blended carrier oil together with sweet almond and jojoba oils, a

It’s an enjoyment in itself when a well-trained therapist spreads the oils on your body from toes to neck slowly and gently.

skilled and well-trained aroma therapist gently spread the oil on your skin over your whole body from toes to head taking her time. Although the therapist’s finger pressure is not very strong, her hands move in steady lapping and returning waves, almost as if you might feel floating away in the deep of the sea. Mu also has a deluxe plan of 120 minutes for ¥13,000, which includes body, facial and foot treatments. Mentioning to staff that you read OkinaWanderer, will get you a ¥1,000 discount for the body treatment, and a ¥2,000 discount for the deluxe plan. Mekaru says “We have a lot of distinctive herbs, agricultural and marine products in Okinawa, such as Shiquasa (Okinawan citrus) and Getto leaves (shell ginger) from Ogimi Village, seaweed and

Chairs for foot massages are extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Okinawan clay, which have proven good for the health and beauty. We want many people to enjoy special treatments only available in Okinawa. Mekaru says that male customers are very welcome, and increasing. “Why not give a treatment gift coupon to one’s boyfriend, husband or father as a present?” she suggests. “And for moms, aroma oil is the best treatment for sun-damaged skin, while the husband and children spend time on the beach next door,” she concludes. There is plenty of free parking in front of Chura-yu and the salon. Their website in English is at http://www.okin a w a The salon is open every day from 13:00 to 21:00 with the last appointment at 20:30. The phone number is 098-926-2657.

Seaside Refle Mu is located in the Chura-yu bathhouse next to Beach Tower Hotel.


Agu no Kakurega has special deal for big eaters!

by Jun Ikemura

Immerse the meat in boiling water and the oily parts will melt away.

Agu no Kakurega is located across from Camp Lester Main Gate.

The OkinaWanderer Special is made for big eaters!

“Shabu Shabu” is a way if cooking and eating meat Japanese style. Diners just immerse thin slices of meat of flank steak, loin beef or pork flank into water boiling on the table in front of them and then dipping the meat in a thin sauce while eating. The meat must be very fresh and, as diners do the cooking by themselves, they can enjoy their meal cooked just to the degree they want. As oily parts of the meat will be melted off by the boiling water, Shabu Shabu is a very healthy way to eat. It’s also very famous and popular dish in Japan. Agu no Kakurega, a restaurant specializing in Japanese beef and Okinawan pork located in the American Village area of Chatan Town, serves Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku and meals made in bamboo steamers. Especially their Shabu Shabu meals are very popular and famous, and there are many fans of the restaurant from foreign countries, too. Because customers cook


their own meals, everyone shitting at the same table must first agree what kind of meal they are going to have. In other words, it’s not possible for one to have Shabu Shabu, and another person on the same table to choose Yakiniku, because each way of cooking requires different cookware on the table. But no matter which way you choose, you won’t be disappointed at Agu no Kakurega. As the restaurant name implies, the specialty of the house is Aguu, Okinawan brand name pork, which is famously tender and delicious. It suits very well for Shabu Shabu that we introduce this time. “There is no exactly correct way to cook Shabu Shabu,” says Kashiwabuchi, the owner of the restaurant, “but if you have no idea how to cook, here’s one way to follow. Boil the vegetables first, because they take more time to heat through than meats, and while preparing the meats,

the vegetables are getting tender.” The dipping sauces for Shabu Shabu the restaurant serves are “Ponzu” that has a light flavor, and “Goma” which is sesame-based and has a rich flavor. Both taste very good by themselves, but some people add welsh onion and “Momiji-oroshi,” grated radish and chili, to add accent to the dipping sauce. While boiling ingredients, foam appears on the surface that must be skimmed off from time to time by a scoop. Customers can choose a set, or order each dish separately. Seafood for Shabu Shabu is available to order one by one. And here is the OkinaWanderer special!! Agu no Kakurega owner Kashiwabuchi says, “I know the Aguu brand pork or Japanese brand beef are kind of expensive. I have noticed some people to give up entering the restaurant after checking the menu out in front of the

restaurant, or share a dish. That’s how I got an idea to make a special menu especially for big eaters. The meats in the special menu are not Aguu or Japanese brand-name beef, but is definitely good tasting and very safe and good quality. We created a meal that costs only ¥3,000 that includes a full one pound of beef and pork and the vegetables, rice and a 30oz soft drink! Also, meals for ¥2,500 with 3/4 pound and ¥2,000 with ½ pound of beef and pork are available. Of course, one can order an additional plate with this menu, so why not order a small piece of genuine Aguu or Japanese brand beef to taste with the special menu. Aguu no Kakurega is located at 2-2-2 Mihama, Chatan, just across from the main gate of Camp Lester. Open 17:00~23:00 every day, last order is 22:00. For reservations, call 098-926-1121.



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bucket turn over and much more pop-up fun stuff. The pool is located next to Sunset Beach, and the view from the pool is nothing short of amazing. The pool is open from May through the end of October every day 9:30~17:30, but stays open until 21:00 in July and August. Tickets are ¥200 for persons over 18, ¥150 for children 12~18 years old, and ¥100 for children under 12. The pool has a rule limiting the play to two hours, and those who want to continue playing longer, need to pay the entry fee again.

The Water Garden at Kaneku through Sep. 25th. It’s closed on MonSeaside Park in Kadena Town days, except when Monday is a Japanese

The Water Garden in Kadena Town is located near Kadena Marina, just behind the Navel Kadena Shopping Center. It’s not as big in size as the two giant water parks above, but all its water facilities are made for children, and very safe. In a matter of fact, adults are not allowed to swim in the pool at all, and are restricted to assisting the kids. The children must be under 12 years of age. The deepest point of the pool is just 60 cm, and that's why the pool is safe and good place to play. The Water Garden is open

holiday. The pool hours are from 10:00 to18:00, with 12:00 to 13:00 lunch break. Admission is ¥200 for adults, and ¥300 for kids. The entrance is free to Kadena Town residents who must show a picture ID when entering.

There are several other public pools on Okinawa, which are not so well known even for locals. The summer vacation is a dream time for kids, and visiting the pools would add to the great memories of their time on Okinawa.

tion Pool Nishizaki Recrea

Kadena Water Garden is very safe for small kids and infants.



Event Schedule

GODAC located in Henoko, Nago city. Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Until Sep. 18 – Learn & Play! with the last entry at 4:30 p.m. exteamLab Future Park at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and cept on Mondays. Free to take. Art Museum. 9:00~18:00 Until Aug. 20 – Cardboard Di(9:00~20:00 on Sat. and Sun.). nosaur Kids’ Park at Makeman Closed on Mondays except 7/17 Home Center, Urasoe Main and 9/18. Adults ¥1,100 in ad- Branch. 10:00~18:00 Every vance, ¥1,300 at door. Children day, ¥300 in advance, weekdays 13~18 yrs ¥800 in advance, ¥400 at door, weekends ¥500 at ¥1,000 at door; children under door. Children under 2 are free. 12 ¥500 in advance, ¥600 at Win OkiWan Raffle tickets, door. Pair tickets ¥2,000 in ad- apply from Facebook Page vance only. Win OkiWan Raffle "OkinaWanderer". tickets, apply from Facebook Until Aug. 20 – Water Pool AdPage "OkinaWanderer". venture at AEON Mall Okinawa Until Sep. 10 - Aqua Jewelry Art Rycom. 11:00~18:00. ¥1,500 for Exhibition at Okinawa Outlet 90 minutes, ¥2,000 for free time. Mall Ashibinaa in Tomigusuku Jumbo water slide, boat riding, City. 11:00~20:00 (last entry kids’ pool, bubble pool and more. 19:30). Adults over 15 of age ¥600 in advance, ¥700 at door. Aug. 11 – The Mountain Day Children under 15 ¥400 in ad- (Japanese National Holiday) vance, ¥500 at door. Children Aug. 5~26 – Hiyamikachi under 3 are free to enter. Haunted House at the Until Sep. 3 - Mitsuaki Iwago Hiyamikachi Machigwa Kan in Photo Exhibition “Cat” at Urasoe Makishi Public Market, Naha. City Museum. 9:30~17:00 except 13:00~17:00. Admission free. Mondays (open 7/17 Japanese Closed on Aug. 8th. holiday). Adults ¥650 in advance, ¥800 at door; children 6~16 of Aug. 12~13 – Camp Courtney age ¥300 in advance, ¥400 at Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary Area, Uruma City. door. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Until Aug. 31 – Insect Festival at Neo Park Okinawa, Nago Aug. 12~13 – Ogimi Summer FesCity. Beetles and stag beetles tival at Shioya Fishing Port, from world-wide. 9:00~17:30 Ogimi Village. 11:00~21:00. every day. Aug. 12~13 – Total Beauty Fair at Jul. 15~Aug. 19 - GODAC Ocean Okinawa Convention Center. themed classes for kids at 11:00~19:00. Admission free.


Aug. 12 – Wake Up Ryukyu by Eisa Team Buten at Ashibina Theater, Korinza. 14:30. ¥1,500 for adults, ¥1,000 for children under 15.

Aug. 12 – Eisa Night at Koza Music Town, 17:30~ Admission free.

Aug. 13 – Torii Beach Open Gate. 11:00~19:00 Admission free. Picture ID required, Japanese nationals only.

Aug. 13 –Okinawa Summer Bull Fighting Tournament at Ishikawa Dome, Uruma City. 13:00~ ¥3,000.

Aug. 13 – Eisa Festival in Chatan, at Kuwae Sports Field (467-1, Kuwae, Chatan Town). 17:30~ Admission free.

Aug. 13 – YIP Entertainment Presents AMERICAN GAME SHOW at Koza Music Town Sound Market 3F. 18:00, ¥2,500 in advance, ¥3,000 at door. ¥,1000 for kids under 12, and free for under 5. 080-3369-4977

Aug. 13 – Eisa Night at the Okinawa City Agricultural Field. 19:00~

Aug. 19~20 – Kunigami Village Festival at Kunigami Junior High School grounds (1463 Hentona, Kunigami Village).

Aug. 19~20 – Yonabaru Tug-ofWar Festival at Udunyama Youth Field, Yonabaru Town (832 Yonabaru, Yonabaru Town). The tug

of war is held on Aug. 20.

Aug. 19~20 – Itoman Summer Festival at Itoman Fishing Port, Itoman City (603-1 Itoman, Itoman City) Aug. 19 – Zamami Island Festival in Zamami Village. 18:00~

Aug. 19 – Eisa Night at Koza Music Town, 17:30~ Admission free.

Aug. 20 – The World Cafe & Open School at Okinawa Prefecture Museum and Art Museum in Naha (9:50 ~ 12:30a.m., registration at 9:30). A free mini lesson of Okinawan History & Culture in English is open for both Japanese and English speakers. For reservations, please contact Okinawa Language Center via e-mail ( by Aug. 18th!

Aug. 20 – Kitanakagusuku Eisa Festival at the Nakagusuku Castle Site Park, Kitanakagusuku Village. 15:00~21:00. Admission free.

Aug. 20 – Brazil x Okinawa Festival in Ginoza, at Garaman Hall, Ginoza Village. 16:30~ Tickets ¥3,800 for adults, ¥2,800 for children under 18 in advance. Additional ¥500 at door.

Aug. 20 – Eisa Night at Okinawa City Hall. 19:00~ Admission free

Every Sudays - Kokusai Street Transit Mall


Horoscope Aug. 10th ~ Aug. 24th Your desire of love could have been dreams but not a reality until now. Now you finally could have a chance to have your dreams turned into sweet happiness. Maybe it all begins with a party at your workplace. However, don’t expect everything to happen by itself. You must do your part and be active. Take the weekend just the way it comes, and you won’t be disappointed.

Something that has to do with your finances is going to give you a little trouble, but you should not take it too seriously. It’s only a matter of time before everything will settle down. You should concentrate on enjoying this summer that is likely to become one of your happiest times. You should leave any thoughts of problems to next week and concentrate on you love life instead.

As you know your situation best, it would not help you this time to listen to your friends too much. Although people say that it’s only the winners who are remembered in the long run, you will discover over the weekend that participation is also important. This is the peak time for every summer fun activity, and you should enjoy your part in it. No reason to worry about small details now.


You have been very busy through the whole month of July, so it would be high time to take it a little easier. You know yourself that your pace has been too hectic, so try to relax. Someone is going to say some words that could affect your deeply, and that’s a fantastic feeling that would stay with you for a long time. There’s one person whom you have neglected and should give more of your time.

It would be best to tread carefully, even if the prize at the end of the path looks very attractive. It would be very easy to get your feet wet. Someone is encouraging you to take new risks and embark on an adventure. You should pay attention to this person, as many of the ideas could be great fun. You could even discover a new love interest through this person as planet Venus is strong just now.

Something that you have considered to be very strange is going to need new thinking after one of your friends presents you with a completely new angle into the matter. You are going to have to face a challenge, but you should think about that over the weekend to ensure a calmer atmosphere prevail before acting. Enjoy the nice weather, and don’t hesitate to party when a chance arises.

Someone seems to have a strange attitude, especially when you discuss matters related to you. Maybe there’s some envy behind this attitude, but it’s difficult to say for sure. Another person is intruding into your life, and although you could understand the feelings, you should find a way to tell this person the virtues of being discrete. Maybe some straight talk would be in order.

This is the weekend to keep your barbecue hot, gather your friends around and party to your heart’s content. That would give you plenty of extra energy to face challenges of the rest of the summer. Your heart is yearning something that you can’t exactly put your finger on, but you should nurture that feeling and preferably in the company of someone dear to you to make most of it.

Sometimes life is funny, as you will discover this weekend. Beware of an old trap that keeps repeating itself, although your experience should help you to get through it all. Even if you could doubt the attitude of a close friend and think he is all out there, you would do well to listen to him carefully. With his insights you could soon discover something enjoyable in your life.

You have wondered behavior of one of your friends, but you are going to find an explanation to that over the weekend. And that explanation could be quite a surprise to you. Your attention to details is not going to be at its top, so it would be better to relax and charge your batteries. You have been on an overdrive for so long that many of your friends are worried that you would burn out.

Success is the best way to grow your self-confidence, and that would lead to new successes that would in turn bury any small setbacks. There is a get-together over the weekend that you would very much like to attend, but for some reason it does not seem to be possible. Whatever you think, you have no reason to avoid this occasion because some of your old friends would be there.

As far as romance and money go, this weekend is one to remember. Betting just a little could bring you a jackpot in either of those. You must agree with a colleague at your work although you don’t understand what actually is going on. A little bit of humor is a good way to get through the problem. Although you should be careful with your money, things will look up in the future.


STOP LOOKING! PIT STOP USED CAR SALES has what you need, high quality at low prices. We give cash credit for junk vehicles, all refunds are yours. TRADE-IN VALUE UP TO $ 1,500. Every vehicle comes with a 2-Years JCI, Current Road Taxes, Preventative Maintenance, Recycle, Registration with warranty up to one year. We provide the BEST FINANCING PROGRAM on island at 0% INTEREST with NO MONEY DOWN REQUIRED, we match down payment up to $ 1,000. CASH DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. BEST PRICE for JCI INSPECTION AND REPAIR. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE and FREE LOANER VEHICLES available. Call Us! 098-898-4061 or 090-3328-7341 and ask for TOM. Email View our web-site,

Child Care

Kiddie Castle International Preschool Phone/Fax:098936-4713, Cell/ 080-33719173 Antonette Teacher,

編集後記 読者の皆さまこんにちは!暑 い日が続きますね〜(><; ほんとにこの厳しい暑さ、熱 中症は他人事ではありませ ん、しっかり我が事として意 識しての水分補給、日差しに 長時間さらされないように気 をつけていきましょう。とい

090-6856-7582 Harumi Sensei. We are now accepting student applications from ages 18 months~5 years old. Open hours:7am~7pm, Monday through Friday. We provide a safe and fun environment for the children to learn and grow. The children can learn both Japanese and English languages through daily conversations. Every Thursday: Obento Day and we go out for a walk at the park or play at the playground. Every Monday: Swimming class(for ages 3 and up) Once a month: We cerebrate birthdays, height&weight check-up, and emergency drills. Once a year: Sports day, Field trips (zoo, sweet potato digging) , and celebrate Japanese and American culture events.

Help Wanted

急 募 ! 北 谷 セ ガ 2階 、 神 鮨 で は ス タ ッ フ 募 集 中 。 18歳 以 上 な らどなたでも応募可能です。勤 務 時 間 ラ ン チ 11:30か ら 15:00 ま た は デ ィ ナ ー 17: 00か ら 22:00。 ユ ニ フ ォ ー ム 支 給 有 り。電話連絡からの面接となり ま す 。 090-3790-6482 担 当 者 神谷 コザ自動車ではフルタイムの販 売スタッフを募集中!日本人へ はもちろん、外国人への販売も 可能なスタッフを募集していま す。日常的な英会話力、接客販 売ができる程度で構いません。 フルコミッション、基本給+コ ミッション、どちらの体制でも 可能。外国人も沖縄に滞在する 際には今や車が必須となってい

うのも、今回メインで取り上 げているのが『沖縄の市民プ ール』なのですが、取材も兼ね ていろいろなプールを訪ねて きたんです(^^) するとこ の暑さの中、プール遊びに夢 中になってる小さい子供た ち!水遊びは楽しいですか ら、親が気をつけて休憩を挟

Ryukyu Press Publication

President Editing Sales Translation Accountant

ます。立地的にも車種揃え的に も外国人をターゲットにしやす い環境ですので、すぐに結果が 出せます!英会話スキルをアッ プさせながら働いてみません か? ご応募お待ちしていま す 。 Te l: 098- 938-8651 E m a i l : k oz a5 3 5 3 @ a b e am . o c n . n e. j p h tt p:/ /www.ok is ty l us e dca rs /k o za /

ARCHITECT WANTED: Environmental Science Corp needs an Architect at Okinawa Branch. Must have Japan or foreign prof license; 5 yrs min design experience in US MILCON & BCP projects; CAD proficient; Written & oral English; Annual salary \ 4.2M ~ 6.2M. Email to: l.sabado@kankyoscience.c om

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times.

1. Director of Design (Architectural & Civil) 2. Construction Manager (Requires Japanese 1st Class or equivalent USPE) 3. Proposal Manager 4. Design Coordinator 5. Project Man-

ager 6. Civil Engineer 7. Architect 8. CAD 9. QCM 10. SSHO We are looking for experienced engineers and staff willing to be part of a team in the global constructions project network. Applicants must be competent and knowledgeable in their respective fields, ability to work well in a team setting and have excellent communication skills in English. U.S. Military Base experiences required. For queries and submission of RESUME, send e-mail to Looking for housing properties for sale! We can find a buyer for purchasing your extra properties, and pay cash! If interested in, please contact us.

んであげないといつまでも遊 (^^) さて、その『市民プ び続けて、気がついた時には ール』 、皆さんどれくらいのプ 意識が・・なんてこともある ールをご存知ですか?今回特 かもしれないとさえ思ったん 集を組むにあたっていろいろ です。市民プールはその点、し 調べてみたら、結構あるもん っかりプール自体が休憩時間 なんですね〜!しかも、今回 を定めていたり、入れ替え制 取り上げた北谷の町営プール にしていたりと対策もしっか や嘉手納のウォーターガーデ りされてるな〜と思えました ンなどは、よもやするとリゾ

Jun Ikemura Team O-Wanderers Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

Real Estate

ートホテルに遜色無いほど楽 しめるのにあまり知られてな いプールじゃないかな〜と。 正直リゾート感はありはしな いですが、手軽に行けて夏を 楽しめるいいスポットだなと ♪ そういう部分から外国人 にも教えてあげようと思い立 った企画でした♪サマー!

Published by (株) Ryukyu Press 2-6-10 Mashiki, Ginowan city, Okinawa 901-2224 Tel: 098-943-6180 Fax: 098-943-6181 Also visit: Mail: 広告の御用命はこちらまでご連絡下さい。

Tel: 098-943-6180 Fax: 098-943-6181 Mail:


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